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Aliphos feed phosphates


Nutritional Products A Round-up of Nutritional Products Available in the Market Including:

Vitamins & Vitamin-like Substances, Minerals & Trace Elements, Amino Acids.

Adisseo Adisseo



worldwide producer

of powder methionine


of both powder (‘Rhodimet® NP99’) and liquid types (‘Rhodimet® AT88’). The company also markets a complete range of vitamins under the ‘Microvit®’ label.

Adisseo also has in its products range an organic selenium

product, ‘Selisseo® 2% Se’, the first of a new generation of organic selenium products. The big advantage of ‘Selisseo ’ over the more ®



Aliphos® DCP

Dicalcium phosphate with a high P-digestibility for use in compound feed as well in mineral feed

Aliphos® Modical

Monodicalcium phosphate that fits all species and all purposes

Aliphos® Monocal

Monocalcium phosphate known to have the highest P-digestibility especially for pigs

Windmill Dicalphos®

Dicalcium phosphate with a high mineral content, to be used in cattle mixtures, lick blocks

Windmill Monamphos®

A feed grade monoammonium phosphate with the highest P-content, for ruminants (NPN). Because of the high P-solubility and P-digestibility especially recommended for use in aquaculture

Windmill® Aquaphos

Because of the high P-solubility and P-digestibility especially recommended for use in aquaculture

Windmill Magnumphos®

Highly soluble and thus available magnesium, for ruminants

conventional yeast-based organic selenium products is that it contains a guaranteed 98% seleno-methionine analogue compared to yeast products whose content of seleno-methionine is only approximately 60% and very variable. The advantages of ‘Selisseo®’ in counteracting the harmful effects

® of oxidative damage on animal health and performance have been liphos® Windmill


shown in numerous peer-reviewed published trials. With ‘Selisseo®’, more selenium can be stored in the animals’

SolidaCal, based on sea shells, is a natural slow release Ca source for laying hens. SolidaCal Buf is a cost effective natural rumen

For healthy, high performance animals, you need

buffer. tissue, to be used as a reserve when needed. ‘Selisseo®’ is now feed ingredients youbeing can trust. used in poultry and pig breeder diets to improve fertility and increase

Exal - sepiolite clay- registered as a pellet binder, it is also used as

Aliphos is the reference for feed phosphates. Our range of high quality an inert carrier for premixes and mineral feed, due to its low reactivity. the number of healthy offspring. It is also frequently used in Selenium/ feed phosphates, marketed under the Aliphos® and Windmill® brand Also used because it’sto high moisture Vitamin E booster nutritional packs for young growing animals, names, brings precise and consistent nutritional values any feed absorption capacity to keep litter product offers: drier to reduce breast blisters and hock burn. SPLF is a further refined particularly if they are showing formulation. symptoms of Each poor performance or disease. It also has big potential in ruminant, fish and pet nutrition.

form of sepiolite that is used to improve the flow characteristics of

• A pure, highly digestible source of phosphorus

‘Selisseo ’ is stable in premixes and through pelleting and ®


liquid pig feeds.

• The lowest possible environmental impact

Aliphos also offers micro-encapsulated nutrients for ruminants,

• Complete control and traceability. oonstraat 130 like very efficient rumen protected selenium (Se). Microencapsulated A liquid version of ‘Selisseo® 2% Se’ is also available for liquid 1050 Brussels, Belgium el: +32 2 639 1858 Our experienced local sales teams and technical supportoils service organic acid, essential and will plants extracts are available for nutrition solutions. ax: +32 2 639 1713 guide you to the product that best suits your needs. monogastrics.

For more information contact Andrew McInerney on Aliphos Rotterdam B.V., Zevenmanshaven Oost 139, 3133 CA andrew.mcinerney@adisseo.comContact us now at:

A4 EN.indd 2


Vlaardingen, The Netherlands Tel : +31 10 4452777 Fax : +31 10 4452738

Aliphos Aliphos, part of EcoPhos

Website: e-mail: David Mills,, tel; +44 (0) 7508955559, email:

group, offers a range of mineral products for animal feeds. • Feed Phosphates


• Micro-encapsulated (trace) minerals

S.A.S. (AEL) is the leading

• Exal – Sepiolite Clay

European producer of 4 amino

• Sea shells products

acids used in animal nutrition:

• Free flowing Sodium (bi)-carbonate

L-Lysine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan, and L-Valine. With L-Valine

• Glycinates

whose production started in 2009, AEL reinforces its position of pioneer

The well-established Aliphos ® and Windmill ® brands are

on the animal nutrition market, playing a key role in the production

manufactured by Aliphos in its plant in The Netherlands.

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12/09/13 14:47

and development of the use of amino acids in feeds. By implementing leading technologies and production capacities, AEL contributes towards satisfying the increasing demand for amino acids around the world. Through our ongoing investment in improving knowledge on animal nutrition, we provide our customers, feed manufacturers and all the actors in the sector with cutting edge technical information. This enables them to optimize and develop their feed formulas with significant contribution towards improving technico-economic results in animal productions, whilst minimizing the impact on the environment and making better use of the planet’s limited food resources.

Alltech Managing mineral nutrition is no longer just a matter

chambers, was significantly improved by HiZox supplied at the same

of addressing deficiencies. Improper mineral supply can have major

level than the Negative Control (110 mg/kg : legal dosage in the EU).

consequences for health and productivity and, as a result, come at a


high cost. Alltech has been a pioneer in redefining trace mineral nutrition through research and innovation. Modern management of mineral nutrition can be carried out by the inclusion of organic trace minerals at significantly lower levels than inorganics, while improving performance, delivering a cost-effective return and alleviating environmental concerns. We call this innovation Total Replacement Technology™ (TRT), developed in response to the evolution of modern production and the mineral requirements that are now demanded by the animal. Email address: Website:

Azelis Animal Nutrition Azelis Animal Nutrition has supplied the Phytobiotics “Plexomin” range of chelated minerals in the UK and Ireland for a number of years. As one of the leading suppliers of glycinates in Europe, Phytobiotics have a top quality product range that is characterised by their snowball technology that ensures consistent particle size of the Plexomin product leading to a better flowability and hence a more practical product in mill that allows


for an improved particle distribution within a mineral blend.

Animine, the France

Bioavailability is also another important aspect that the Plexomin

based supplier of value-

range covers. The smaller molecule size compared to peptide

added sources of trace

and protein chelates not only improves the solubility but also the

minerals for animal nutrition, recently communicated how dietary zinc

bioavailability due to the gut wall being able to absorb intact molecules.

source and dose can affect intestinal integrity.

Despite their superior bioavailability, these products have also shown

HiZox®, manufactured by a patented technology, shows unique

to have improved protection against attacks from reactive substances

chemical and physical properties compared to standard zinc oxide

both in the diet and the gut including a wide pH range due to the

products. Its effect on improved gut health is backed up with scientific

snowball technology.

results from well-known research organisations. Supplemented in piglet

The competitively priced range is comprehensive with a Zinc 26%,

and poultry feeds at nutritional levels, HiZox® improves animal growth

Copper 24%, Manganese 22% and Iron 20%. This higher mineral

performance, compared to other sources of zinc (oxide and sulphate)

content facilitates an easier cost effective formulation.

A recent study compared for the first time the effect of zinc source

Also within the range is an organic selenium product, Plexomin

at iso-dose on gut integrity. This experiment, supervised by Dr Joris

Selenium, in the form of selenised yeast with a minimum selenium

Michiels from Ghent University (Belgium), evaluated the effect of HiZox®

content of 2000mg/kg. Characterised by consistent particle size,

and of the conventional zinc oxide on intestinal bacterial populations and

this product offers a cost effective alternative for organic selenium

gut permeability of weaned piglets. Supplementation at pharmacological


dosage with 3000 mg/kg (Positive Control : PC) of the standard zinc

To find out more please

oxide or with lower dosages of HiZox® (110 mg/kg and 220 mg/kg),

contact Azelis Animal Nutrition

gave similar reduction in E.coli and coliforms in the small intestine. Gut

on or

integrity, measured by Transepithelial Electrical Resistance in Ussing

call 01928 793000

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BASF plc

Sodium molybdate – We supply a European product from stock.

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. For animal nutrition BASF offers the feed and petfood industries, one of the broadest ranges of feed additives. The BASF product portfolio includes a range of water soluble and fat soluble vitamins. These are offered in a variety of physical forms to match customer requirements. Vitamins are organic substances which are necessary for maintaining all body functions, including growth, health, fertility and performance. As a rule the animals body cannot synthesise these natural biologically active substances itself, which is why they must be supplied via the feed. Product safety and efficacy are at the centre of all BASF activities. Using our extensive research facilities, we constantly develop and improve our vitamin product range and formulations to meet the needs of the animal feed industry.

Cobalt and Selenium Premixes – Our cobalt 5% premix is 3b304 compliant. Selenium premixes are available as 1% and 4.5% Se and are all produced in the EU. Iodine Premix – We can supply a 10% grade. Please ask for more details. Cobalt Carbonate – Our 52% grade meets current 3b303 EU regulation requirements. Cobalt acetate is also available. Sodium Butyrate – We can supply European produced pure and 70% coated grades. We are also regular suppliers of BHT feed grade, selenium compounds and butyric acid. We can supply in any quantity from a 25kg bag to a 20MT load or direct FCL. Please contact Lawrence Green for prices and further information. Chemox Pound Ltd, Sussex House, The Pines, Broad Street, Guildford GU3 3BH Tel: 01483 450660. Fax: 01483 450770 Email: Web site:

Glycinates BASF Organically bound trace elements By using glycine, the smallest amino acid occurring in nature, it

DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd

is possible to form the smallest amino acid trace element complex,

Profitability in pig production depends on optimizing the lifetime

with the highest mineral content. The BASF Glycinate range includes

output per breeding place. Considerable improvements have been

Copper, Iron, Manganese & Zinc Glycinates.

made in reproductive performance, litter size and feed conversion

BASF plc, PO Box 4, Earl Road,

efficiency, however significant improvement can still be made in

Cheadle Hulme , Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 6QG

lifetime productivity per sow. Optimum sow and gilt performance

Tel/Fax : 01772 603119

can only be achieved when she is at her healthiest. Achieving high

e-mail :

web :

productive merit requires the supplementation of certain nutrients, including vitamin D3. Hy-D®, a source of 25-OH-

Chemox Pound Ltd Chemox Pound is part of the Hobart Group and is certified under the FEMAS Intermediate Standard as a supplier of high quality competitive products to the animal feed premix industry. We supply customers throughout the UK and Irish Republic with a comprehensive range of trace elements and related products. Particularly competitive prices can be offered for combined collections or deliveries from our Rugby warehouse. We are committed to offering

D3 is an enhanced formulation


utilizing patented spray-dried Copper Carbonate

. Copper Sulphate Organic Acids . BHT . Sodium Molybdate provides a uniform, free flowing product with good mixability. The Sodium Selenite . Cobalt Carbonate Zinc Oxide

beadlet technology Zinc Sulphate Mono . which Sodium Butyrate Cobalt and Selenium Premixes

‘fast-track’ form of vitamin D3 is absorbed more efficiently than For further information Lawrence Green conventional sources andcontact results in increased circulating levels of T (+44) 1483 450 660

(+44) 1483 450 770 25-OH-D3, the precursor ofFactive vitamin D3 (1,25-OH2-D3). This Web:

allows more rapid production of active vitamin D3 when required by the animal. Recent results from a Danish study on highly prolific sows

quality assured products and work with FAMI QS certified producers. product. Copper Sulphate – We supply a, highly dried, free flowing, low nickel product, which contains no silica anticaking agent. Potassium Iodide Feed and Pharma Grades– As well as the stabilized product we can now supply a pure grade from stock. Zinc Oxide – We stock an EU produced 72% grade. Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate – We supply competitive product from stock.

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Litter weight kg

Copper Carbonate – We supply from stock a German origin

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0





Litter weight at 24 hours Vit D3

Litter weight at weaning Hy-D®

have demonstrated significant improvements in 24 hour (+ 1kg) and weaning weight (+ 3.6kg), as shown in the graph below. Heavier weaning weight potentially results in improved lifetime performance

Kemin Formulating diets for modern dairy cows in an effective,

and increased unit profitability. Would you be happy with less?

proven and measurable way with rumen protected Lysine &

Expect the best Methionine source with of Hy-D represents 100 % quality and backed by decades a r e v o l u t i o n i n t hreliability, e of experience. And Dmore profit in your pocket. provision of Vitamin

Kemin has spent the last 5 years conducting intense research,

The development ®

Methionine development and implementation of a unique protected Amino Acid rationing programme for dairy cows. This has included collaboration

to pigs and poultry. With

You know what really counts. reduced replacement costs and increased lifetime performance Hy-D


offers a significant contribution to greater producer returns. DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd Tel: 01773 536500 E-mail:


with global experts in order to identify ™ and pioneer this revolutionary technology. This is delivered through the patented protection of the

essential amino acids Lysine (LysiGem) and Methionine (MetaSmart)

and incorporating them into diverse rationing and formulation software.

With a unique equation, which for thetrusted first time removes need the digesti For years, animal nutritionists have Kemzyme tothe maximize for a fixed metabolisble protein number, Kemin can deliver a robust

That’s even more critical today when high and volatile feed costs make fl

and recognised improvement in cow performance and production

cost-effective feed formulation. When you use Kemzyme, you know you ha complex substrates that ensures cost and performance fit together. reactions to feed raw material volatility and fluctuating dairy markets, efficiency – whilst also saving money. There are many short term

Evonik Industries Evonik Industries the creative industrial group

however Kemin has developed this with the long term view of

To learn more about our complete solutions for complex Thissales technology is ideally placed exploit the full genetic local representative or tovisit

progressing robust dairy nutrition based on scientific research.

from Germany, is one

potential of today’s modern dairy cow whilst at the same time

of the world leaders in

improving the overall sustainability of dairy production by improving

specialty chemicals. Its activities focus on the key mega trends health,

the efficiency of use of feed ingredients. Kemin has also developed an

nutrition, resource efficiency and globalisation. Profitable growth and

online formulation programme to allow customers unique support.

a sustained increase in the value of the company form the heart of Evonik benefits specifically from its innovative process and integrated technology platforms. Evonik translates over 60 years of experience in manufacturing essential amino acids for animal nutrition into solutions that meet the

For further details please contact © Kemin Industries, Inc. and its group of companies 2012. All rights reserved. ® ™ Trademarks of Kemin Industries, Inc., U.S.A.

evolving needs of its customers in over one hundred countries. As we

Novus International, Inc.

advert_Kemzyme_2013_Feed compounder.indd now expand our scope to innovative nutritional feed additive solutions

beyond amino acids, our customers can continue to count on us to take nutrient effectiveness ever further and keep delivering value along with consistent quality. Around the planet, our products and services are and will be key to producing healthy, affordable food with fewer natural resources and a smaller environmental footprint. We deliver reliable quality backed by decades of experience and continuous innovation of our products and services. At Evonik, our


ALIMET® feed supplement is a 100% effective, liquid source of 88 % active methionine, based on 2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio) butanoic acid (HMTBa). ALIMET results in better animal performance, especially during times of stress. In addition, ALIMET also delivers an organic acid effect, reduces nitrogen excretions and offers superior handling properties.

focus is on maximising the nutritional value of our feed additives by

MHA® feed supplement is a 100% effective, dry source of 84 %

putting the essential building blocks of protein better to work for you.

active methionine. MHA is the reference solution for HMTBa inclusion

We believe that with competence comes responsibility – to you and

in premixes and farm feed mills. It delivers organic calcium, reduces

your bottom line. That’s why you get more than improved nutritional

nitrogen excretions and supports performance, especially during

value. You get the added value of decades of expertise that makes

heat stress.

your processes more efficient, your quality more consistent, and

MINTREX® chelated trace minerals combine HMTBa (hydroxyl

your operation more environmentally sustainable. We understand

analog of methionine) with an essential trace mineral in a two-to-

that your reputation is built on reliability, too. That is why ensuring

one chelated molecule. In all animal species, the result is greater

consistency and reliability in both the quality and the supply of our

bioavailability, digestive tract stability and a residual methionine effect

products is at the centre of the way we do things at Evonik. It comes

that can reduce the required level of supplemental methionine per ton

from a longstanding tradition of delivering on a promise.

of feed. When using MINTREX, levels of minerals in the diets can be

Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

reduced, while still achieving more in terms of animal performances;

as a result, mineral excretion in the environment is reduced. In swine

production, supplementing sow diets with MINTREX Zn, Cu and Mn

Feed Compounder November/December 2016 Page 67

chelated trace minerals

criteria for feed and premix producers around the world. The main focus

demonstrated increased

is on safety (dust control, smell), cross-contamination in production

fertility, piglet birth weight

facilities (caking, free-flowing characteristics) and distribution in

and performance. In

premix and feed (homogeneity of particle size). B-TRAXIM®2C

commercial poultry production, improvements in bone strength

products are produced using a specific spray granulation process,

and skin integrity as a result of MINTREX use can improve flock

providing a very homogenous, dust-free, odourless, stable and free-

homogeneity and reduce condemnations during slaughter. In layers

flowing micro-granulate, perfect for premix and feed production.

and breeders, MINTREX helps supporting layer performance,


breeders and their developing chicks.

Mieke Zoon, Product manager – B-TRAXIM® minerals range

MAAC® chelated trace minerals were the first chelates recognized by the European Commission. These minerals are highly bioavailable

Voie des Traz, 6, 1218 le Grand Saconnex – Switzerland Phone : +41 22 929 84 20

E-mail :

due to their combination with a glycine ligand. This allows the mineral to survive the harsh gut environment to be properly absorbed in the small intestine. MAAC chelated trace minerals combine glycine as


unique and specific amino acid ligand, with an essential trace mineral

Thomson & Joseph “The Mineral Specialists” provide effective

(Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe) in a chelated molecule.

nutritional solutions to


resolving mineral related

or contact us at

metabolic disorders and



of Novus International, Inc. and are registered in the United States and other countries.

diseases in livestock, including: MAAC - Metal Amino Acid Chelates, the bioavailable range of minerals from Novus, the world’s premier supplier of chelates for farm


animals. The MAAC range uses Glycine as the chelating ligand in a di-peptide heterocyclic molecular structure. Glycine has the lowest

B-TRAXIM®2C: efficient mineral supplementation

molecular weight of all amino acids and consequently this feature

Growing scrutiny over

introduces a smaller molecular size to the MAAC chelate range to

the excretion of minerals

the benefit of mineral absorption and utilisation. Published trials

and their effect on the

demonstrate the ability of the MAAC range to improve dairy cow

environment, worker’s

productivity and fertility.

health and possible

The use of Glycine as the chelating agent has enabled a

bacterial resistance, has resulted in decreasing supplementation

quantitative method of analysis to be developed based on Infrared

levels in animal feed. Reduced supplementation of minerals, but

Spectroscopy which is capable of directly measuring the key chemical

also growing knowledge about the essential function of minerals

bonds which determine whether a product is truly chelated. Novus

to support high producing farm animals, are reasons that choosing

has also obtained EU Feed Additive registrations for their range of

mineral sources is becoming increasingly important.

Copper, Iron, Manganese and Zinc Glycine chelates; this being a

Organic trace minerals have been shown to reduce excretion and

prerequisite to their use in feed and supplements.

at least maintain animal performance, which provides the possibility to

SoyChlor – a new generation partial anionic dietetic feed for

reduce mineral supplementation without compromising performance.

minimising hypocalcaemia in dairy cattle at calving. Developed

However, not all sources of minerals, organic or inorganic, have the

by Professor Jesse Goff and Dr Ron Horst of the University of

same impact on bioavailability.

Iowa, it incorporates all the latest research findings on resolving

Pancosma SA has developed a range of metal glycinates (iron, copper, zinc and manganese bound to the amino acid glycine),

hypocalcaemia, which is the single most significant cause of economic loss in dairy cattle.

B-TRAXIM®2C. Protected by patents, these products are unique,

Mineral Analysis – T&J also offers a comprehensive mineral

both for their composition and production process. Research and

analysis service covering forages, soils, slurry/manure, water, milk

development have proved the chemical structure, the stability of

and feed materials.

the organic bond and most importantly the improved bioavailability


in all the main species. Using glycine as a ligand, together with

Unit 2, Tilia Business Park, Tunstead Road,

the production process of B-TRAXIM ®2C, ensures pure metal

Hoveton, Norwich NR12 8QN

glycinates (without carriers and free-flowing agents) and high metal

Tel: 01603 781217



Product characteristics of mineral sources are important selection

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Fax: 01603 781149



may be exhausted after some decades. In addition to this we must prevent oversupply of P leading to excretion and consequently pollution

Phosphorus sources in monogastrics feed formulation

of the environment.

Yara Feed phosphates are marketed under the Bolifor ® trade

On request of CEFIC IFP, calcium and phosphorus pre caecal

name. Yara offers a comprehensive range of high purity, high-

digestibility of different phosphate sources in broilers were tested at

digestibility and low level of heavy metals minerals suitable for all

Wageningen University (2015):

feed production. Bolifor MCP, MGP and MSP are highly digestible sources of phosphate. Granule









Phosphorus digestibility (precaecal digestibility phosphates)


Size (mm) MCP-F



Product description

Difference Method

P contrast to MCP













Phosphate MCP-N




















Phosphate MGP

Monocalcium Phosphate


Monocalcium Phosphate


Monocalcium Phosphate














source of P and that diets should be always formulated based on

Phosphate Mag33


We can confirm from this trial that MCP was the most digestible

0.71 0.2-1.5


digestibility rather than availability to 1.7%


decrease P excretion and maximize


efficiency of the phosphorus source.

Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient in animal nutrition, it has a

for available P in animals since easily exploitable phosphate deposits
































key role in animal metabolism. Nowadays there is an increased need

Contacts: • C. RIZZO: +33 612 953 535 • E. NADAL: +33 620 969 346




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A Round-up of Nutritional Products Available in the Market Including: Vitamins & Vitamin-like Substances, Minerals & Trace Elements, Amino...

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