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Nutritional Products A Round-up of Nutritional Products including Vitamins & Vitamin-like Substances, Minerals & Trace Elements, Amino Acids


Break with tradition and feed your animals the modern way.

Microvit® A Supra: the

Alltech has proven that a 100% organic minerals diet, in the form

very stable and best-

of Bioplex and Sel-Plex can be included at significantly lower levels

in-class performance

while improving animal performance. This optimizes animal mineral

Vitamin A

requirements and reduces negative environmental impacts. We call

Vitamin A is necessary in animals for many functions: vision, bone

this innovation Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology™ (TRT).

growth, immunity and maintenance of epithelial tissue. However, due to

The Alltech Mineral Management program guarantees organic

their production process, all sources of vitamin A don’t have the same

minerals that are better absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal.

stability in premixes and in compound feed. The amount of degradation

This meets the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for growth,

depends on production technology, temperature during storage, time

reproductive performance and animal health.

of storage, exposure to air and sunlight, water content, pH, aggressive


trace elements and choline chloride.


Since ethoxyquin (ETX) has been banned in the EU, the main competitors use BHT or other antioxidants in their formula. Advanced vitamin A stability provides long-term stability for storage, excellent


anti-degradation ability and the protection from being impacted by the

ManGrin®: a new source of

pelleting process. For safety and precautionary reasons, BHT has been adopted by Adisseo as a stabilizer in the production of Microvit® A Supra 1000, Microvit® AD3 Supra 1000-200, Microvit® A Supra 1000 Ruminant for more than 20 years, and our production process is based on the unique Adisseo ‘double emulsion’ formulation technology. With years of production experiences and technology expertise with this antioxidant, Adisseo has developed a well-adapted manufacturing process with

purified Manganese Manganese is an essential trace mineral with an important role on skeleton and cartilage development and fertility. Manganese is also involved in reproductive performance and, in laying hens, it contributes to the quality of the eggshell. The supply of highly bioavailable source of manganese provides a proper supply of this mineral, ensuring an overall healthy animal, with a longer production lifespan.

very stable and best-in-class performance Vitamin A. Contacts: Simon Green: Matthieu Le Bris :

Alltech Less is More with Alltech Mineral Management Your livestock depend on you. Performance depends on the right mineral. Do it right with the Alltech® Mineral Management program for better absorption, less waste and optimum health. Mineral management is more than just preventing deficiencies.

MANGRIN® is a highly purified manganese source, obtained by

Incorrect mineral supplementation can have major consequences on

a unique process of manufacturing and offers the following range of

animal health and productivity. Traditional methods of supplementation

unique advantages:

have used inorganic minerals. However, inorganic minerals are poorly

- High concentration: the highest actually, ManGrin® provides a min.

absorbed by the animal. This has caused a shift to organic mineral

of 75% of Manganese when most others sources vary between

supplementation in many markets.

less than 10% to 60%

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- High flowability: a key parameter is the reduction of airborne particles when handling such neurotoxic compounds as Manganese

Active D contains the bioactive form of vitamin D calcitriol, which

- High safety standards: ManGrin® heavy metal (As, Cd. And Pb)

is the bio-available form that can

content is far below other sources’ an the accepted level in EU

be delivered directly to the small



- High stability: The characteristics of ManGrin® make it less reactive

In addition, the plant source from

to its environment, limiting interactions with other compounds from

which Active D is produced, contains secondary plant metabolites that

the premix in the upper part of the digestive tract.

catalyse a higher metabolization rate of vitamin D.

- High bioavailability: Tested in broilers, ManGrin revealed significant

This can help to significantly boost uptake of calcium and

higher liver content compared to other sources, which when

phosphorus, critical for example to skeletal development and egg shell

combined with previous advantages, guarantees sustainable high



Plexomin® Chelated Minerals


Animine is an independent supplier of precision minerals which is

Plexomin® Cu and Plexomin® Zn available in the UK & Ireland are two

completing its portfolio of speciality trace elements with the integration

highly bioavailable, highly stable and zero sulphur bis-glycinates each


containing a minimum of 29% copper and zinc.



Produced under a patented production process in a state of the


art facility in Germany, the production process is also environmentally sustainable as it is a dry process and the energy released is re-used within the production facility.

Azelis Animal Nutrition

SUMIMET-P® DL-Methionine

Azelis Animal Nutrition in UK & Ireland offers an increasing range of

Vital for pig and poultry diets, DL-Methionine powder from leading

nutritional solutions.

manufacturer Sumitomo Chemical is available from Azelis Animal

Active D

Nutrition in the UK. Powdered methionine is available in bulk, 25kg and

A new product in our range which is a botanical form of vitamin D, offering

1000kg big bags.

poultry producers and nutritionists a more targeted and flexible approach

E-mail Azelis Animal Nutrition at:

to vitamin D supplementation.

or call +44 1928 793090 for further information and trial data

Balancing the immune system and intestinal microbiome, for optimal performance. Increase production

Increase feed efficiency

Increase egg size and quality

Reduce mortality

70 years research. Diamond V XPC™ is a unique nutritional product composed of numerous functional metabolites proven to support animal health and performance. Contact David McBride for more information: T: 07976 120084 E:

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• Feed efficiency

BASF Glycinates - best

• Growth

choice for the supply of trace

• Fertility


• Egg production

Trace elements are essential

Developed over 70 years, DSM’s ROVIMIX® range is an extensive

micronutrients required by all

choice of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins world-wide, founded on

animals. They have important tasks, especially as components of

our history and experience in the field.

enzymes and hormones and are important for the normal course of many

Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVNTM) is about feeding animals high

biochemical processes. Insufficient amounts in the feed can have severe

quality vitamins in the right amounts and ratios appropriate to their life

consequences including lower feed intake, growth reduction, impaired

stage and growing conditions. To accomplish this, we are intensely

immune function, and reduced fertility in the animal.

engaged in research and development and we focus on partnering

The entire value chain from feed to farm faces different challenges

with all important stakeholders – leading scientists, universities,

regarding the optimal supply of trace elements. Premixers need an

genetics companies, independent research institutes, and customers.

easy processability in premix production. Feed millers expect an easy

This enables us to develop and produce a complete line of high

processability during in feed production as well as high feed quality and

quality vitamins and support the feed industry with the DSM Vitamin

stability. And for farmers it is critical how digestible and bioavailable

Supplementation Guidelines.

the trace elements in the feed are to ensure optimal performance of his animals.

DSM Nutritional Products is the leading supplier of vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes and direct fed microbials to the animal feed

BASF glycinates with the trace elements copper, iron, manganese

industry. With our extensive network of premix plants, DSM Nutritional

and zinc offer all of this. Due to their small molecule size and excellent

Products is optimally poised to deliver these essential micronutrients

solubility, BASF glycinates are easily absorbed in the intestine and are

either as straight ingredients or through ROVIMIX® premix.

optimally available in the animals’ metabolism. This is great progress

The Optimum Vitamin Nutrition hardback can be ordered on: http://www.

compared to the past, when trace elements in the form of inorganic salts

such as sulfates and oxides were added to the feed. At that time, only

DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd

a limited percentage was taken up by the animal - most of it ended up

Tel: 01773 536500

in the manure.

BASF glycinates are suitable for all types of premixes, mineral and mixed feeds. The flowability and mixing behavior of the product

Stay connected:


Please visit our online magazine –

are excellent and ease homogeneous distribution in all types of feed. Therefore, BASF glycinates are the best choice for the supply of trace elements to farm animals and pets. BASF plc., Liz Cookson Earl Road, Cheadle Hulme Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 6QG Tel. +44 744 3301960 Email: Web:

Evonik Operations Gmbh Evonik Animal Nutrition is a highly reliable, globally operating provider of sciencedriven products and services for sustainable and efficient production of meat, fish, eggs and milk. The organization is marked by scientific excellence and sensitivity to the needs of our customers and society.

DSM Nutritional Products Ltd

We translate over 60 years of experience in manufacturing essential

Check vitamin levels in animal

amino acids for animal nutrition into solutions that meet the evolving

feed. Always.

needs of its customers in over one hundred countries.

All ingredients in animal feed

MetAMINO® is the methionine source with the best quality,

are regularly evaluated and

handling and performance at 100% bioefficacy and 99% pure DL-

likewise vitamin levels and ratios require the same degree of attention.

methionine. Biolys® (lysine sulphate), ThreAMINO® (L-threonine),

DSM therefore encourage the feed industry and all other stakeholders

ValAMINO® (L-valine) and TrypAMINO® (L-tryptophan) complement

to check the vitamin levels in their animal feed. Always.

our amino acid portfolio to help support low protein diets and enhance

Vitamins are essential for wellbeing and good health. They play many crucial roles in farm animals, in areas including:

the sustainability of livestock production. Mepron®, a rumen protected methionine, and AQUAVI® Met-Met, designed especially for shrimp

• Bone formation

and prawns, are innovative DL-methionine sources for the dairy and

• Disease resistance

aqua industries.

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We share a deep commitment to global food security and safety

bioavailable trace mineral option, meaning it delivers the most product

through science. Because we are united by the goal of mastering

to the site of absorption. This allows for those lower inclusion levels

the pressing challenge of feeding growing world populations, our

to be met without sacrificing performance of the animal.

Animal Nutrition culture is marked by self-motivation, autonomy

The simplest way to explain the differences between organic

and teamwork. This spirit of trust and cooperation also means that

trace minerals (OTM) and inorganic trace minerals (ITMs) is by

we are very close to our customers and deliver individually tailored solutions and service. Please contact us or visit our website for more information regarding our innovative products and services.

understanding the bonds surrounding the mineral: in the case of ITMs, it is an ionic bond that creates the mineral salt through opposite charge attraction. In an OTM such as MINTREX®, a much stronger covalent bond binds the mineral to a ligand, improving its bond strength through


electron sharing. But even within OTMs, it is important to understand


that there are significant differences. What sets MINTREX® apart is two things: 1) the mineral is chelated, meaning there are four


coordinate covalent bonds surrounding each mineral; 2) the ligand

The expert’s choice in mineral nutrition

is HMTBa, which provides benefits in and of itself once it separates

Conventional feed ingredients

from the mineral in the small intestine and is absorbed. The neutral

may be marginal or deficient in

charge achieved with the structure of the MINTREX® molecule makes

specific trace elements such as

it less reactive to antagonists, ensuring that the mineral reaches the

zinc, copper and manganese.

site of absorption.

These basic nutritional elements are therefore usually added as an

Due to its properties, MINTREX® bis-chelate provides more

extra to monogastric diets to ensure adequate intake by the animal,

bioavailable zinc, copper or manganese for superior animal

and thus, its performance.

performance: reproduction, tissue integrity, immunity, meat quality

MINTREX® is the only worldwide commercially available bis-

and environmental footprint.

chelate on the market for use in animal feed that contains HMTBa

For further information, contact us at:

as the ligand, providing additional benefit. MINTREX is the most




total number and quality of weaning piglets per sow lifetime


MINTREX® Zn, Cu and Mn are bis-chelated organic trace minerals, meaning that one mineral atom bound by coordinate covalent bonds to two molecules of hydroxy analogue of methionine (HMTBa).

For further information contact us at ® Novus and MINTREX are trademarks of Novus International, Inc., and are registered in the United States and other countries. © 2021 Novus International, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Several studies have shown that L-Carnitine supplementation

Kemin Ruminant Essentialities

to the diet has a beneficial effect on the reproductive performance in


gestating sows by increasing piglet and litter weights. Suckling piglets

Amino Acid Balancing

also benefit from L-Carnitine supplementation by enhanced growth and

KESSENT™ - is a new Kemin developed and manufactured rumen-

increased survival up till weaning.

protected methionine range, one of the first two limiting essential amino

In laying hens, L-Carnitine is suggested to improve performance

acids for use in ruminant diets, which works in synergy with LysiGEM

under diet-induced stress or for older laying hens. Carcass

(lysine supplement), another Kemin ingredient to enable precision amino

characteristics improved for broilers that received diets supplemented

acid implementation.

with L-Carnitine. For pets, Elovital L-Carnitine 50% can play a role in

Kemin pioneered the entire amino acid balancing concept. Today,

weight loss by supporting muscle gain and breakdown of fat. In fish,

we are reaching and perfecting the next level in ruminant nutrition through

Elovital L-Carnitine 50% can stimulate the breakdown of fat, which

extensive services, solution offerings and technical expertise.

allows increased utilization of high fat levels that are present in the diet.

Ruminant Essentialities by Kemin consists of two pillars 1:

In addition, Carnitine allows protection of fish against toxic levels of

Amino Acid solutions - including the KESSENT methionine range

ammonia and stimulates adaptation of fish to temperature changes.

and LysiGEM (lysine supplement) 2: Improving Animal Health


solutions - including CholiGEM (encapsulated Choline Chloride - 60%) NutriCAB (encapsulated Calcium Chloride) KemTRACE (trace mineral supplementation) and Toxfin range (mycotoxin control).

Pancosma SA

According to the latest nutritional models, there is always a

Organic trace minerals have been

deficiency in methionine and lysine requirements in mid-range crude

shown to increase bioavailability

protein diets, which needs to meet in terms of both grams and ratio.

and thus performance in addition

Therefore, nutritionists require a reliable source of rumen-protected

to decreasing costs and reducing mineral excretion in to the environment.

amino acids, along with technical knowledge and experience for correct

However, not all sources of minerals, organic or inorganic, have the same


impact on bioavailability.

The new KESSENT range of methionine solutions include the following products: • KESSENT™ M - the best source of metabolisable methionine due to its unique encapsulation and core technology • KESSENT MF Liquid - a pellet-stable, rumen-protected liquid ™


by patents, these products are unique, both for their composition and production process. Research and development have proved the chemical structure, the stability of the organic bond and most importantly the improved bioavailability in all the main species.

methionine for ease of handling ™

Pancosma SA has developed a range of metal glycinates (iron, copper, zinc and manganese bound to the amino acid glycine). Protected

MF Dry - a pellet-stable, rumen-protected dry

As with all products of B-TRAXIM range, the use of glycine as a ligand associated with our unique manufacturing process called

methionine • KESSENT MF Arome Dry - a pellet-stable, rumen-protected dry

Iso-Fusion Technology (IFT) provides pure metal glycinates with high

methionine for improved palatability, smell and ease of handling

levels of trace elements, easy to handle, dust-free and with optimal

Please contact your Kemin sales representative for further information:

distribution in premixes and feed. These criteria are important for the

Mobile: +44 7538 461541

safety of operators and the optimization of product quality (limitation of



contamination, better homogeneity of trace elements). Part of the B-TRAXIM range, B-TRAXIM ALL-IN- is a combination of different organic trace minerals designed to offer a unique homogenous


product to the feed industry. Based on glycine and relying on a unique

Elovital L-Carnitine 50%

patented technology, our standard and customized B-TRAXIM ALL-IN-

Animal nutrition largely consists out of

products contain the same proportion of minerals in each particle.

plant-based ingredients which are usually

B-TRAXIM All-in- improves breeding and slaughter yields in

low in Carnitine. Although Carnitine can

poultry, promote immune response and milk quality in ruminants and

be synthesized in the body, it is advised to

ensure also a better bioavailability of metals in other species such as

supplement the diet with L-Carnitine, the only

fish and horses.

bioactive isomer, in order to meet the animal’s requirements at all times.

Pancosma offers standard B-TRAXIM All-in- products developed

As a high quality source of L-Carnitine, Elovital L-Carnitine 50% can

for specific species but also customized All-in- solutions.

contribute to the breakdown of fat and will support the energy metabolism

Mieke Zoon, Product manager – Minerals

similarly in all animal species. Carnitine contributes to the transport of long


chain fatty acids into the mitochondria which is the key step in enabling

Céline Robin, Product Manager - Minerals

fatty acids to turn into energy. When fat is used as an energy source,


glucose and protein reserves in the body remain intact.

A One Business Center, La pièce 3, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland

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