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Nutritional Products A Round-up of Nutritional Products including Vitamins & Vitamin-like Substances, Minerals & Trace Elements, Amino Acids



OH-Methionine and

Aliphos offers a range of mineral

DL-Methionine: same

products for animal feeds.

efficacy to sustain growth

• Feed Phosphates

performance and feather

• Micro-encapsulated nutrients

development of Cherry Valley ducks

• Exal – Sepiolite Clay

A recent publication on methionine sources comparison in ducks: Zhao et al. 2018 (Poultry Science) has been presented by Dr. Dolores Batonon Alavo at the European Poultry Conference held in Dubrovnik, Croatia on the 20th September 2018. This study was performed on 630 Cherry Valley ducks reared

• Sea shells products • Free flowing Sodium bicarbonate and sodium sulphate • Glycinates The well-established Aliphos® and Windmill® brands are manufactured by Aliphos in its plant in The Netherlands, Bulgaria and in France.

from 1 to 42 days in China. Diets were based on corn, wheat and soybean meal and formulated according to NRC (1994) recommendations. Treatments consisted in a basal diet deficient in TSAA and eight supplemented treatments with either DL-Methionine or OH-Methionine. For the supplemented treatments, equimolar doses of methionine added to the basal diet from 0 to 21 d (0.04, 0.12, 0.16 and 0.20%) and from 21 to 42 d (0.0.2, 0.06, 0.10 and 0.14%). OH-Methionine was found as efficient as DL-Methionine to sustain Cherry Valley ducks’ growth performance concerning body, carcass, breast or feather weights. In addition, methionine efficacy determined as the extra methionine intake per extra weight gain shows similar values between DL-Met and OH-Met. The calculation of bio-efficacy on this criterion confirms that DL-Met and OH-Met have the same bio-efficacy on body weight gain. No significant difference of feather weight or yield was observed

Aliphos® Dical+

Crystalline dihydrate dicalcium phosphate, with a high chemical purity and proven P-digestibility

Aliphos® DCP

Dicalcium phosphate with a high P-digestibility for use in compound feed as well in mineral feed

Aliphos® Modical

Monodicalcium phosphate that fits all species and all purposes

Aliphos® Monocal

Monocalcium phosphate with a high P-digestibility and reverse Ca:P ratio

Windmill Dicalphos®

Dicalcium phosphate with a high mineral content, to be used in cattle mixtures, lick blocks

Windmill Monamphos®

A feed grade monoammonium phosphate with the highest P-content, for ruminants (NPN).

Windmill® Aquaphos

Because of the high P-solubility and P-digestibility especially recommended for use in aquaculture

Windmill Magnumphos®

Highly soluble and thus available magnesium, for ruminants

between DL-Met and OH-Met independently to the age. The two methionine sources promote feather growth in the same way. This study shows that OH-Methionine is 100% efficient to sustain growth performance and feather development of Cherry Valley ducks.

SolidaCal, based on sea shells, is a natural slow release calcium source for laying hens. SolidaCal Buf is a cost effective natural rumen buffer. Exal - sepiolite clay- registered as a pellet binder, it is also used as

Reference: Zhao L, Zhang N-Y, Pan Y-X, Zhu L-Y, Batonon-Alavo DI,

an inert carrier for premixes and mineral feed, due to its low reactivity.

Ma L-B, Khalil MM, Qi D-S, Sun L-H (2018). Efficacy of 2-hydroxy-

Also used because it’s high moisture absorption capacity to keep litter

4-methylthiobutanoic acid compared to DL-Methionine on growth

drier to reduce breast blisters and hock burn. SPLF is a further refined

performance, carcass traits, feather growth, and redox status of

form of sepiolite that is used to improve the flow characteristics of

Cherry Valley ducks. Poultry Science 0:1–10

liquid pig feeds.


Aliphos also offers micro-encapsulated nutrients for ruminants,

Simon Green - Adisseo

like very efficient rumen protected selenium (Se). Microencapsulated

organic acid, essential oils and plants extracts are available for



Page 46 November/December 2018 Feed Compounder

Glystar and Glystar Forte are the Aliphos ranges of pure metal (bis)-glycinates. These organically bound trace metals are highly


 stable, easily metabolized by animals with less interaction with other which can be incorporated in premixes at supra nutritional dosage. feed components. Tel : +31 10 4452777 Fax : +31 10 4452738

Renowned universities demonstrated  


Website: e-mail: 

its positive effects on piglet

gut integrity and growth performance when supplemented during the post-weaning phase, compared to standard sources of zinc (oxide


 Sam Phelps Sales Manager UK & ROI and    sulphate).            M.: +44 (0) 7761 758284, email:  The new source of copper, CoRouge®, also demonstrated its                 effectiveness. A study carried out at Wageningen University evaluated                 the influence of copper sources on piglet weight gain and showed that   CoRouge® maximises growth enhancement in comparison to copper  Alltech sulphate at 15, 80 and 160 mg/kg of supplemented copper (respectively                 Less is More with Alltech Mineral +6.4%, +3% and +3.5% of ADG). These results may be explained by a   Management stronger effect of CoRouge® on E.coli population in the piglet intestine  Your livestock depend on you. compared to copper sulphate.   Performance depends on the   right mineral.      Do it right with the Alltech® Mineral Management program for  better      absorption, less waste and optimum health.    Mineral management is more than just preventing deficiencies.    Incorrect mineral supplementation can have major consequences on    animal health and productivity. Traditional methods of supplementation   have used inorganic minerals. However, inorganic minerals are poorly    absorbed by the animal. This has caused a shift to organic mineral     supplementation in many markets.   Break with tradition and feed your animals the modern way.  Authorised in the EU in December 2016, this source of copper(I) Alltech has proven that organic trace minerals in the form of   oxide presents the same benefits as HiZox®: high flowability, high Bioplex® and Sel-Plex® can be included at significantly lower levels  concentration (75%) and high bioavailability.  while improving animal performance. This optimises animal mineral

requirements and reduces negative environmental impacts. We call


this innovation Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology™ (TRT). The

Alltech Mineral Management program guarantees organic minerals that are better absorbed, stored and utilised by the animal. This meets the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for growth, reproductive performance and animal health.

Azelis Animal Nutrition

Email address:

Azelis Animal Nutrition


investigates and sources proven, natural nutritional solutions for ruminants, pigs, poultry, horses and companion animals.


New for 2019 will be a highly bioavailable, natural source of Vitamin E derived from vegetable oil. Azelis Animal Nutrition has been appointed

After the European Commission

the UK and Ireland distributor for BTSA Natural Vitamin E sourced from

decision last year to ban the

Spain. This natural Vitamin E supplement has NOPS approval and is

pharmacological level of zinc

supplied in both powder and liquid form with 340IU, 500IU, 700IU and

oxide in piglet diets, the EU

1000IU concentrations available.

Regulation 2018/1039 on copper sources for animal nutrition has been

Azelis Animal Nutrition can also now supply a cost-effective alternative

finally published last July. Maximum copper supplementation levels

for organic selenium formulation. Plexomin Se2300 comes from proven

will be even more restricted in piglet feeds. Faced with these new

European natural nutritional solution provider Phytobiotics and is a

challenges, nutritionists will have to select the best zinc and copper

high-quality, consistent particle-size organic selenium product based

sources for optimal bioavailability and intestinal health.

on selenised yeast. Minimum selenium content is 2300 mg/kg.

With HiZox® and CoRouge® Animine offers two innovative sources of zinc and copper. HiZox® is already known as a potentiated zinc oxide

E-mail Azelis Animal Nutrition at: or call +44 1928 793090 for further information.

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Barentz Animal Nutrition Fulfilling protein and amino acid requirements Barentz Animal Nutrition

Novelty ingredient

fat soluble vitamins. These are offered in a variety of physical forms to match customer requirements.

is a global distributor of

Vitamins are organic Barentz substances are isnecessary for Animalwhich Nutrition a global distributor of techn

technical ingredients and

ingredients and additives for the feed and maintaining all body functions, including growth, health, fertility and pet food indu

additives for the feed and

ourbody website for our completethese product portfolio. performance. As a rule theCheck animals cannot synthesise

pet food industry. Barentz

natural biologically active substances itself, which is why they must

works together with our partners, like Forum Products, offering our

be supplied via the feed.

ingredients to the animal feed and pet food industry in UK and Ireland.

Product safety and efficacy are at the centre of all BASF activities.

We have a wide product portfolio, including amino acids, proteins,

Using our extensive research facilities, we constantly develop and

carbohydrates, yeasts, and novelty ingredients like seaweed. Our

improve our vitamin product range and formulations to meet the needs

strength is having commodities and specialty ingredients in our portfolio,

of the animal feed industry.

selling those products via trade or distribution. Our product portfolio brings solutions for feed efficiency, increased output and aligns with


market trends such as animal health and sustainability. From our amino

BASF Organically bound trace elements

acid product group we can offer lysine, lysine sulphate, methionine,

By using glycine, the smallest amino acid occurring in nature, it is

tryptophan, threonine, arginine, valine and taurine. In combination

possible to form the smallest amino acid trace element complex, with

with our protein products from vegetable or animal origin, we can

the highest mineral content. The BASF Glycinate range includes

offer you a complete ingredient portfolio to fulfil the protein and amino

Copper, Iron, Manganese & Zinc Glycinates.

acid requirements of all animals. We can offer sustainable proteins,

BASF plc, PO Box 4, Earl Road

like single cell protein for all animal species and insect protein or duck

Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 6QG

weed proteins for pet food applications. Beside those products we can

e-mail :

also offer all kinds of vitamins. We have strong positions in vitamins

web :

from Chinese origin, secured by our high quality controls within our Barentz quality system. More about Barentz

Chemox Pound

Barentz is a global distributor of ingredients in food & nutrition, animal

Chemox Pound is part of the

nutrition, pharmaceutical and personal care. Our ingredients experts

Hobart Group and is certified

support our customers in making the right ingredients choices for their

under the FEMAS as a supplier

new and existing products. We strongly believe that by acting as an

of high quality competitive

ingredients partner, rather than merely a distributor, we can provide

products to the animal feed premix industry. We have our own

our clients with complementary high quality products that add value to

warehouse in Rugby and offer next day delivery for most products.

their formulations or processes: from source to solution.

We supply customers throughout the UK and Irish Republic with

Check for our complete product

a comprehensive range of trace elements and related products. We

portfolio or send your questions to

are committed to offering quality assured products and work with FAMI

QS certified producers. BHT Feed Grade – An alternative antioxidant to ethoxyquin. Calcium Iodate – Now available from our UK stock Copper Carbonate – We supply a German origin product. Copper Sulphate – We supply highly quality product from UK stock. Potassium Iodide Feed and Pharma Grades – As well as the stabilized product we now also supply a pure grade from stock. Zinc Oxide – We stock EU produced 72% grade. Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate – We supply competitive product from



BASF is the world’s leading

Sodium molybdate – We stock European product.

chemical company.

Cobalt and Selenium Premixes – Our cobalt 5% premix is 3b304

For animal nutrition BASF

compliant. Selenium premixes are available as 1% and 4.5% Se and

offers the feed and petfood

all produced in the EU. We also supply selenium compounds.

industries, one of the broadest ranges of feed additives.

Iodine Premix – We can supply a 10% grade. Please ask for more

The BASF product portfolio includes a range of water soluble and

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Cobalt Carbonate – Our 52% grade meets current EU regulatory

Evonik Industries

requirements. We can also supply cobalt acetate and sulphate.

Evonik Animal Nutrition is a highly

We can supply in any quantity from a 25kg bag to a 20MT load

reliable, globally operating provider

or direct FCL.

of science-driven products and

Please contact Lawrence Green for prices and further information.

services for sustainable and

Unit 1, iO Centre, Swift Valley, Rugby CV21 1TW

efficient production of meat, fish,

Tel: 01483 450660

eggs and milk. The organization is marked by scientific excellence and


sensitivity to the needs of our customers and society. We translate

Web site:

over 60 years of experience in manufacturing essential amino acids for animal nutrition into solutions that meet the evolving needs of its

DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd

customers in over one hundred countries.

Profitability in swine production depends on optimising the lifetime

MetAMINO® is the methionine source with the best quality,

output per breeding place. Considerable improvements have been

handling and performance at 100% bioefficacy and 99% pure DL-

made in reproductive performance, litter size and feed conversion

methionine. Biolys® (lysine sulphate), ThreAMINO® (L-threonine),

efficiency, however significant improvement can still be made in lifetime

ValAMINO® (L-valine) and TrypAMINO® (L-tryptophan) complement

productivity per sow. Optimum sow and gilt performance can only be

our amino acid portfolio to help support low protein diets and enhance

achieved when she is at her healthiest. Achieving high productive

the sustainability of livestock production. Mepron®, a rumen protected

merit requires the supplementation of certain nutrients, including

methionine, and AQUAVI® Met-Met, designed especially for shrimp

vitamin D3.

and prawns, are innovative DL-methionine sources for the dairy and

The ‘fast-track’ form of vitamin D3 is absorbed more


aqua industries.

We share a deep commitment to global food security and safety

vitamin D3. Subsequently the conversion of Hy-D® to the active form is

For years, animal nutritionists have trusted Kemzyme to maximize the digesti That’s even more critical today when high and volatile feed costs make fl pressing challenge of feeding growing world populations, our Animal cost-effective feed formulation. When you use Kemzyme, you know you ha Nutrition culture is marked by self-motivation, autonomy and teamwork. complex substrates that ensures andthat performance together. This spirit of trust and cooperation alsocost means we are very fit close to

a one-step metabolic process that is fully responsive to and regulated

our customers and deliver individually tailored solutions and service.

efficiently than conventional sources and results in an increase in circulating levels of the precursor for production of active

by the requirement of the animal. The development of Hy-D® represents a revolution in the provision of Vitamin D to pigs and poultry. Hy-D® is an enhanced formulation utilising patented spray-dried beadlet technology which provides a more uniform, better flowing

through science. Because we are united by the goal of mastering the

or visit ourcomplete website for more information To Please learn contact more us about our solutions for complex local sales representative or visit

regarding our innovative products and services.

product with good mixability. It is a more bioactive form of Vitamin D3 to the animal containing 25-OH-D3. This is directly absorbable by the

Kemin GB & Ireland

animal and goes into the blood. Because Hy-D® bypasses the critical metabolic step in the liver, blood plasma can contain much higher levels of 25-OH-D3. With reduced replacement costs and increased lifetime performance Hy-D® offers a significant contribution to greater

Rumen Protected Lysine, an insight into one of the products within

producer returns.

our portfolio.

© Kemin Industries, Inc. and its group of companies 2012. All rights reserved. ® ™ Trademarks of Kemin Industries, Inc., U.S.A.

Vitamin D3 availability affects body utilisation of calcium and

Ruminants absorb amino acids and not crude protein. Balancing rations advert_Kemzyme_2013_Feed compounder.indd 1 phosphorus both of which are essential for bone health. Trial results for the individual amino acids rather than for crude protein alone will demonstrate that pigs fed Hy-D® have the basis for best bone health help fine-tune rations and improve feed efficiency. Rumen protected because they have higher blood levels of 25-OH-D3 than sows fed

amino acids ensure that amino acids are available to the cow in the

equivalent levels of vitamin D3. This results in an increase in bone

most effective and efficient way. The ratio of metabolizable lysine

mineral density in sows and gilts compared to control animals. This

to metabolizable methionine in balanced rations is 3.1:1. Balancing

promotes better gilt conformation and improves lifetime performance.

a ration for amino acids requires an effective source of highly bio-

As sows are stronger there are

available methionine (MetDI or digestible methionine). Kemin provides

also benefits in terms of litter

an effective solution in balancing amino acids by providing the two most

size and piglet weight at birth

essential amino acids to ruminants in a rumen protected form.

and at weaning.

LysiGEM™ is a rumen-protected lysine that results in the most

Tel: 01773 536500

cost-effective solution when formulating dairy diets based on amino


acid balance. LysiGEM™ combines rumen bypass and proven

intestinal digestible lysine. Lysine plays a significant role in milk and

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milk component production; however, particular amino acids such as

your entire production cycle, from rearing to slaughter.

lysine must be supplemented into a cow’s diet to achieve optimal levels.


By supplementing specific amino acids into a cow’s diet, her daily

requirement will be met and production will be positively impacted.

or contact us at

Rumen protected lysine inclusion positively influences milk production regardless of the stage of lactation, however the impact is


MINTREX is a trademark of Novus International, Inc , registered in

the United States and other countries.

greater in early lactation and in multiparous cows. Adding LysiGEM™ to lysine deficient diets will improve efficiency and give nutritionist more flexibility when choosing raw materials.

Orffa Additives BV

Kemin UK & Ireland

The new generation of trace minerals can be

Animal Nutrition & Health division, EMENA

found at Orffa. Excential Selenium4000 and the

34 Botanic Road, Churchtown, Southport,

Excential Smart range (hydroxy copper, zinc

Merseyside PR9 7NE, UK

and manganese) are highly bioavailable and

Tel: 01704 537702

optimise animal health and performance.


Excential Selenium4000 has the highest


concentration of L-selenomethionine and ensures the most efficient organic selenium supply to the animal.

MINTREX ® chelated trace

Additionally, Selenium4000 is the first and only organic selenium

minerals are highly stable,

source that complies with the latest dusting limit for selenium.

highly bio-available essential

Important to ensure workers safety. Organic selenium in the form of

trace minerals thanks to their

L-selenomethionine is able to increase deposition in animal tissue,

unique structure where the mineral is bound to 2 HMTBa (hydroxyl

milk and eggs. A good indicator of the selenium status of the animal.

analog of methionine) ligands. Well protected against antagonists

Selenium yeast products have a lower level and show more variation in

in the feed during digestion, maximum availability of these essential

the concentration of L-selenomethionine. Consequently, Selenium4000

minerals is ensured for your animals. When using MINTREX® Zn, Cu

shows the highest selenium deposition in scientific animal research.

and Mn in poultry diets, lower dosages can be applied compared to

Thereby, Selenium4000 is an efficient source for the selenium

inorganic trace minerals while improving production parameters, with

transfer to the offspring and health support (e.g. growth performance,

also a residual methionine effect allowing to additionally reduce the

reproduction, heat stress).

required level of supplemental methionine per ton of feed (Reduce

The Excential Smart range (hydroxy trace minerals Cu, Zn and Mn)

and Replace concept). Lower mineral levels in the feed lead also to

are all about higher bioavailability due to their smart stable bonds. The

less mineral excretion in the manure, thus reducing the environmental

unique crystal matrix structure ensures a slow release effect throughout

footprint of your production. The use of MINTREX minerals supports

the gastro-intestinal tract providing a clear benefit compared to other

bone strength, improves skin integrity and raises the bird’s defensive

sources. One advantage is less negative influence on surrounding

capacity to oxidative stress which results in more flock uniformity and

nutrients such as other minerals, enzymes and fat in the feed. Hydroxy

less condemnations during slaughter. Various research has shown

trace minerals scientifically improved bioavailability and have a positive

breeder hens fed with MINTREX® chelated minerals are healthier and

effect on animal health (e.g. claw health, fertility, rumen fermentation)

perform better as evidenced in higher laying rates, increased number

and performance. Smart farmers, choose Smart.

of hatchable eggs and improved offspring quality. MINTREX® benefits


The new generation of organic selenium

All se availa lenium is b most e le in the organ ffective ic form

Engineering your feed solutions Find your Orffa specialist at ORF16-0402 Adv Selenium 4000 Feed Compounder 178x61_v4.indd 1

Page 50 November/December 2018 Feed Compounder

12-04-16 10:11


productivity and fertility.

B-TRAXIM 2C: efficient mineral supplementation ®

The use of Glycine as the chelating agent has enabled a

Growing scrutiny over the

quantitative method of analysis to be developed based on Infrared

excretion of minerals and their

Spectroscopy which is capable of directly measuring the key chemical

effect on the environment,

bonds which determine whether a product is truly chelated. Novus has

worker’s health and possible

also obtained EU Feed Additive registrations for their range of Copper,

bacterial resistance, has resulted in decreasing supplementation levels

Iron, Manganese and Zinc Glycine chelates; this being a prerequisite

in animal feed. Reduced supplementation of minerals, but also growing

to their use in feed and supplements.

knowledge about the essential function of minerals to support high

SoyChlor – a new generation partial anionic dietetic feed for

producing farm animals, are reasons that choosing mineral sources is

minimising hypocalcaemia in dairy cattle at calving. Developed by

becoming increasingly important.

Professor Jesse Goff and Dr Ron Horst of the University of Iowa, it

Organic trace minerals have been shown to reduce excretion and

incorporates all the latest research findings on resolving hypocalcaemia,

at least maintain animal performance, which provides the possibility to

which is the single most significant cause of economic loss in dairy

reduce mineral supplementation without compromising performance.


However, not all sources of minerals, organic or inorganic, have the same impact on bioavailability. Pancosma SA has developed a range of metal glycinates (iron,

Mineral Analysis – T&J also offers a comprehensive mineral analysis service covering forages, soils, slurry/manure, water, milk and feed materials.

copper, zinc and manganese bound to the amino acid glycine),

Unit 2, Tilia Business Park, Tunstead Road,

B-TRAXIM 2C. Protected by patents, these products are unique,

Hoveton, Norwich NR12 8QN

both for their composition and production process. Research and

Tel: 01603 781217

development have proved the chemical structure, the stability of the



Fax: 01603 781149 Website:

organic bond and most importantly the improved bioavailability in all the main species. Using glycine as a ligand, together with the production process of B-TRAXIM®2C, ensures pure metal glycinates (without carriers and free-flowing agents) and high metal concentrations. Product characteristics of mineral sources are important selection criteria for feed and premix producers around the world. The main focus is on safety (dust control, smell), cross-contamination in production facilities (caking, free-flowing characteristics) and distribution in premix and feed (homogeneity of particle size). B-TRAXIM®2C products are produced using a specific spray granulation process, providing a very homogenous, dust-free, odourless, stable and free-flowing microgranulate, perfect for premix and feed production. Mieke Zoon, Product manager – Minerals Voie-des-Traz, 6, 1218 le Grand Saconnex – Switzerland Phone: +41 22 929 84 84


yara Superior phosphorus digestibility for sustainable animal production Phosphorus is an essential macromineral for all animals, but is the second most expensive nutrient in livestock diets. Make sure you choose high quality feed phosphates to support animal performance and wellbeing. Several aspects should drive this decision (1) phosphorus digestibility (2) phosphorus content (3) undesirable substances (4) product consistency. The purity of the phosphoric acid, of volcanic origin, and Yara’s integrated production process, according to GMP+ standards, ensure the consistency of all Bolifor® inorganic feed phosphates and a level of undesirable substances well below that stipulated by EU feed

Thomson & Joseph LTD

legislation. Phosphorus digestibility of Bolifor® MCP has proven to be

Thomson & Joseph “The Mineral

superior amongst other monocalcium feed phosphates available in the

Specialists” provide effective

market. Our exclusive Bolifor® MSP contains 24% of phosphorus with

nutritional solutions to resolve

a proven superior phosphorus digestibility among any other inorganic

mineral related metabolic

feed phosphate. This specialty contains 20% of sodium without chlorine,

disorders and diseases in livestock, including:

which helps to achieve an adequate dietary electrolytic balance, and

MAAC - Metal Amino Acid Chelates, the bioavailable range of

therefore, a proper acid-base balance in the animal’s body.

minerals from Novus, the world’s premier supplier of chelates for farm

Due to their high quality, our Bolifor® feed phosphate range require

animals. The MAAC range uses Glycine as the chelating ligand in a

lower inclusion rates than other feed phosphates in the market. Bolifor®

di-peptide heterocyclic molecular structure. Glycine has the lowest

feed phosphates will maximise phosphorus retention whilst minimising

molecular weight of all amino acids and consequently this feature

phosphorus excretion. Bolfor® will boost your business profitability while

introduces a smaller molecular size to the MAAC chelate range to

contributing to environmental sustainability.

the benefit of mineral absorption and utilisation. Published trials

demonstrate the ability of the MAAC range to improve dairy cow

Isabel Ruiz, Technical advisor:

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Nutritional Products  

A Round-up of Nutritional Products Available in the Market Including: Vitamins & Vitamin-like Substances, Minerals & Trace Elements, Amino...