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feeds manufacturer. The key requirement was the need to remove the time consuming hand-weighing element of the production while, at the same time, speeding up the delivery of ingredients and improving accuracy. This was over ten years ago and, with normal routine Left: Fischbein palletizer

maintenance the system is still working perfectly well. Since that first installation Game Engineering has delivered and installed a number of Micro-Ingredient Weighments systems and because these are machines that are manufactured to order, each one has been tailored to the customers’ specific requirement. The system consists of between six and ten mezzanine mounted ingredient bins. The bins can vary in capacity depending on the ingredient, however

palletizing solutions. With finance available at cost effective rates,

two bins with a capacity of 1,000kg and the remaining at 250/300kg is

companies can invest in technology now, enabling them to produce

a configuration that customers seem to prefer.

their products faster, neater and with lower labour costs, within minimal initial financial outlay.

The contents of each bin are automatically discharged into the weigher until the correct weight is reached and then transferred down

Manufactured right here in the UK, as well as Europe and the

into a central weigh hopper which is mounted on load-cells. Once all the

US, we’re always here for you. The most important thing we build is

bins are discharged and the contents of the weigh hopper pneumatically

relationships. We do that by listening first. When you pick up the phone,

conveyed onwards, the entire process is repeated automatically. A

we answer. When there’s a challenge, we meet it. When there’s a

bucket filter fitted with a reverse jet minimises any dust during the

problem, we solve it. Not just before the sale, but also for years after

filling process.

installation. Should you wish to discuss the solutions available for your business, call us today to see how we can assist with your company’s

The real benefit of the Micro-Ingredient Weighments system is its repeatability and complete control of ingredient delivery. All structural steelwork can be offered in painted or galvanised

growth plans.

mild steel and 304 stainless steel. The ingredient bins, feeders and

Fischbein Saxon

weigh hopper are 304 stainless steel.

Tel: 08443722877 E:

For more information please contact Game Engineering on 01522

868021 or

Game Engineering Taking the hard work out of ingredient additions.

KSE Process Technology

Game Engineering has delivered

KSE Process Technology is a

a further micro-ingredient

family business that has grown

weighments system to a pet-

steadily over the last 40 years to

foods manufacturer who is

become a worldwide concern.

already seeing considerable improvements in product consistency.

We supply everything your

The first Micro-Ingredient Weighments system was originally

factory needs to dose, weigh

designed in-house as part of a much larger project for a major animal

and transport your materials. Besides dosing and weighing systems themselves, we provide automation solutions and services for producers of powders, pellets and granulates for the animal feed and related industries. The portfolio of KSE dosing and weighing solutions covers everything from micro up to macro components, with dose rates from 1 gram to above 6,000 kg. Next to this, KSE’s future-proof PROMAS ST process control system completely automates animal feed and food industry factories. Remote support with on-line diagnostics and a 24hour helpdesk are available to customers around the world. Although many of our products are standard, all our systems can be optimized to your requirements with different options and modifications. To find out more visit

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Materials Handling  

Materials handling in the feed industry

Materials Handling  

Materials handling in the feed industry