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Materials Handling CONCETTI

A major part of this work relates to providing mechanical handling

Concetti launches the

equipment that is in accordance with the throughput requirement of

IGF 1200 “Gemini”, two

production equipment such as mixers, grinders, pelleters etc.

systems in one – without

The Company’s involvement begins at the mechanical intake

product contamination

of raw materials via elevators, conveyors, rubble separators and

Concetti SpA, manufacturer of automatic systems for bagging and

magnets into storage bins, plus the pneumatic conveying of powdered

palletising bulk products, has designed a new packaging solution

ingredients into their designated additive storage bins, which are fitted

for animal feed supplements or similar applications to manage two

with correctly sized dust filter units.

different products (such as medicated and non-medicated, ruminant

Bin hoppers and dischargers are designed to suit the materials

and not ruminant, etc), within a single machine but still minimising

being handled and their associated weighers sized to maximise

the risk of cross-contamination between product batches. This is a

weighing accuracy before being transferred to blending. Then on via

highly regulated area requiring careful design to meet all the client and

transit bins and associated conveyors through the production cycle to

regulatory requirements.

finished products storage prior to packing and bulk out loading.

The filler is equipped with two separate weighing and filling

Many projects involve upgrading and extensions to existing

systems, which work alternately, thus reducing the risk of transmitting

plants which may, as a consequence, require reassessment to ensure

active substances between different products. In addition to physical

continued compliance with DSEAR/ATEX Explosion Regulations as

separation of products during weighing and filling, the machine can be

may be applicable. Crostons will advise and implement should action

equipped with a highly efficient cleaning system. The preformed bag,

be required.

once full, can then be stitched or heat-sealed, based on the needs of the manufacturer. The bags are then conveyed to the palletiser. The installation requires a much smaller physical space compared

In addition to its 43 years’ service and experience in serving the industry the Company’s standing is enhanced by being an Approved SAFEContractor, a recognised standard of competence

to two different packaging plants, a major economic advantage of the

in the industry.

new IGF “Gemini” system.

Tarvin Mill, Barrow Lane, Tarvin, Chester CH3 8JF

With the Concetti systems there is no limit to versatility. The

Tel: 01829 741119 Fax: 01829 741169

packaging system can manage a wide range of bag sizes, due to the

E-mail: admin@croston-engineering.co.uk

automatic bag holder with selectable geometric opening: pre-made

Web: www.croston-engineering.co.uk

open-mouth bags from 2.5 to 25 kg, flat or gusseted bags, of raffia, plastic raffia, paper and plastic. The machine can handle several types of granular and powdery products. Production rates up to 800 bags / hour (25 kg) and 1000 bags / hour (5 kg). Info at marketing@concetti.com Website: www.concetti.com

DINNISSEN PROCESS TECHNOLOGY Dinnissen Vacuum Coating Technology – 30 years of innovation The invention of the vacuum coating process, 30 years ago, was an evolution of the Dinnissen Pegasus®

Croston Engineering

Paddle Mixer. In this double-axle mixer the product is raised in

From the time that the Company was

a fluidized zone, giving a gentle, fast and energy efficient mixing

formed in 1976 Croston Engineering

process. In experiments carried out in a special mixer under vacuum

has been closely involved in the

conditions high concentrations of liquid were sprayed onto the feed

design and building of process plants

pellets. Upon removal of the vacuum the liquid was drawn deeply

for the animal feed, human food and

into the coated pellets.

associated industries, that also include

In this way Dinnissen succeeded in gradually increasing the

grain brewery, distillers, pet food,

fat content of pellets up to 42%. The vacuum coating process also

fertilisers etc. for clients throughout the U.K.

helps with retaining the taste and color of the product, and with

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preserving the action of functional additives, such as vitamins,

amounts of time.

minerals, ameliorators, yeast and enzymes. In a Pegasus® Vacuum

Nowadays the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater is used worldwide.

Coater, functional additives are introduced after the heating stage,

Available options such as oversized hatches, hot-air treatment and

which ensures that heat-sensitive substances remain active after

CIP cleaning make it suitable for many applications. With the latest

being added to the product. An additional advantage of vacuum

Pegasus® Vacuum Coater you can quickly switch between recipes while still complying with the strictest hygienic requirements. More information: Dinnissen Process Technology, Netherlands T: +31 (0)77 - 467 35 55 E: powtech@dinnissen.nl W: www.dinnissen.nl

Fischbein ®

At the PPMA Total coating is that pellets aren’t greasy on the outside anymore. This

Show, Fischbein-Saxon

increases the flow out of the silo, prevents pollution and reduces

demonstrated a range of its

contamination at farms.

bag closing options including a UK-first cost effective manual bagging


Dinnissen has perfected this vacuum technology over the

station, a Fischbein high speed sewing system, a Saxon band sealer

past years and made it suitable for many other applications. The

with zip lock closer, and the SH1000 hot air sealer, as well as its

Pegasus Lab Coater for example is a great addition to any research

newly improved, high speed air evacuation system with a three stage

department. With this compact and easy-to-clean machine, testing

conveyor. This improved Air-Evacuation system is called ‘airevac’ and

several recipes becomes a much easier task as adding different

can now be installed with all models of Saxon sealers to offer high speed

ingredients and mixing small batches is possible within relative short

production bag sealing, air evacuation, plus optional gas insertion. The



& TECHNOLOGY materials, From From the the intake intake of of raw raw materials, processing, and through processing, and on to the through processing, andon onto tothe the outloading products outloading of offinished finishedproducts productsour 25 practical experience is ouryes’ 43 practical experience 40 years’ years’ practical experience available to to you. is available to you you CROSTON ENGINEERING LTD. TARVIN MILL, BARROW LANE, TARVIN, CHESTER CH3 8JF Telephone: (01829) 741119 Fax: (01829) 741169 E.Mail: admin@croston-engineering.co.uk Web: www.croston-engineering.co.uk

Finished Products Distribution System incorporating elevators, conveyors and pellet screening.


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cost effective, flexible and well-made machines, designed around specific market needs,” says Barry Cox, sales director, at the company. Fischbein Saxon Tel: 020 8344 6600 E: sales@fischbein-Saxon.co.uk www.fischbein.com/eastern

KSE Process Technology KSE Process Technology is a family business that has grown steadily over the last 40 years to become a worldwide concern. We supply everything your Above: Fischein’s improved air evacuation system - Airevac

factory needs to dose, weigh and transport your materials.

improvements deliver more bags per hour, a higher fill rate, increases in air removal from the bags and enhanced shelf life for food stuffs. Also on the stand was the SEM30 manual bagging system which made its UK debut. Gaining phenomenal interest, This robust, gross weigher offers many benefits to users as it boasts integral hopper, three electronic weighers, accurate dosage, 500 product recipe spaces, easy to clean feeding screw and pneumatic bag clamp. Presented as an all-in-one bag filler and closing solution, the SEM30 will suit small to medium sized companies looking to speed up their packing process. Another machine on show was the Saxon band sealer with Zip lock closing. Saxon band sealers have been used across industries for years, but due to the growth in the sports nutrition and fine powders industry, and their common

Besides dosing and weighing systems themselves, we provide automation solutions and services for producers of powders, pellets and granulates for the animal feed and related industries. The portfolio of KSE dosing and weighing solutions covers everything from micro up to macro components, with dose rates from 1 gram to above 6,000 kg. Next to this, KSE’s future-proof PROMAS ST process control system completely automates animal feed and food industry factories. Remote support with on-line diagnostics and a 24hour helpdesk are available to customers around the world. Although many of our products are standard, all our systems can be optimized to your requirements with different options and modifications. To find out more visit www.kse.nl

zip lock bag, Saxon has developed the Band sealer to accommodate all zip lock bags. It seals the bag

ORCHARD PACKAGING Established since 1987 we are a private family owned and run business specialising in

Right: Fischbein’s all-in-

the Agricultural sectors with a

one bag filler and closing

particular emphasis in the Animal

solution - SEM30

Feed Sector. Located in the South West of England we supply a large range of bespoke paper/polythene sacks, FIBC’s, flexible polythene

surface and pushes shut all zip locks or sliders in one go. Fishbein-Saxon has

films for automated production and specialist laminated pouches. We provide quality products at competitive rates by listening to our clients specific requirements. We are interested in long term relationships and this is reflected in our attitude. So if you are looking to reinvigorate your packaging image, launch

been developing bag closing

new products to your existing range or simply looking for advice, talk to us

solutions for customers for

today and allow us to transform the way you purchase your packaging.

over 100 years and offers

Contact Barrie or Jon: Tel. 0117 9863791

standard and bespoke

Email barrie@orchard-packaging.co.uk

o p t i o n s for customers

Email jon@orchard-packaging.co.uk

around the world. “We are

Email sales@orchard-packaging.co.uk

excited to bring our new options to the exhibition and believe they are

Or visit our website: www.orchard-packaging.co.uk

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Advice | Design and Engineering Process optimisation | Real Time Sensor Data

Feed Mill Engineering

+ 31 (0) 318 64 11 44 vanmourik-group.com info@vanmourik-group.com

van Mourik group

focus on feed milling and premix process. The clients value our neutral

Often capacity issues are not

position in the engineering studies and process advice.

solved by just integrating new

An example of the approach is a recent request of an independent

bigger process equipment. At van

client that needs to study an increase of its production by 25%. A

Mourik, Process Optimisation is

dedicated team from van Mourik consisting of process specialists that

our way of thinking.

have their own expertise in mechanical and electro technical control

The van Mourik group focusses with a very experienced team on: consulting, design and realisations of feed milling projects. Our long-standing service and maintenance activities is the backbone of the company and forms the foundation of experiential

scanned the process of the client. Combined with the clients’ goal Van Mourik makes a future process plan with neutral advice on the equipment. This time it resulted to a concept change from an additional grinding/ mixing tower to an upgrade proposal for an existing production line.

knowledge which gives van Mourik its distinctive skill set that

Of course, this approach can be the backbone of a bigger

enables the optimising of your processes and development of capital

investment in a complete new production line to become future

improvement plans.

proof. The van Mourik group offers to help clients in the UK and

Van Mourik started in 1990 as a mechanical installation company.

Ireland with this approach to achieve efficiently and effectively their

By strategic take-overs and natural growth, the company has become

future goals.

a unique specialised neutral integrator employing 150 FTE with its


        Feed Compounder November/December 2019 Page 57

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Materials Handling  

Materials handling in the feed industry

Materials Handling  

Materials handling in the feed industry