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Materials Handling Concetti S.P.A

in the Italian food industry. The main requirement for Mignini & Petrini in the modernisation of


its packaging plants is to be increasingly competitive in the stockfeed

Concetti S.P.A, Bastia

market, not only providing retailers with improved packaging but also

Umbra, Italy, has supplied

giving the end user higher quality products whilst paying special

two full line bagging lines

attention to the environment with a reduced use of plastics. Concetti S.p.A has supplied the most innovative, efficient and

for animal feed to Mignini & Petrini, an established and famous name

cutting edge technologies available. Two fully automatic turnkey lines each consisting of duplex “high precision” belt fed net weighers, bag filling machines

Fully automatic turn-key solution for animal feed

model “IGF 1200”, our four column robot

The very best equipment for a smart factory

place, layer squaring and compression,

palletising machine featuring bag pick,

and innovative ring type, power prestretch wrapper to wrap pallets in a more sustainable way with minimal film. This type of high speed line, characterised with the ultimate flexibility, is the Concetti flagship feature, enabling customers to easily package – with just one plant – different kinds of animal feeds ranging from powders to cubes, as well as ground, flat, flaky and laminated products. The capacity of the bagging machine is up to 1,200 bag/h when handling free flowing products in 25kg bags. Stoppage time between products is reduced to a minimum by the Concetti fully automatic changeover feature taking just 60 seconds from the HMI

Features: Capacity 1200 bags/hour Automatic format change in 90 seconds Industry 4.0 ready

Advantages: Tailor made Flexible Affordable Easy cleaning

CONCETTI S.p.A. S.S. 75 Centrale Umbra km 4,190 Fraz. Ospedalicchio 06083 BASTIA UMBRA (Perugia) - Italy Tel. +39 075 801.561 Fax +39 075 800.0894

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keyboard. The neat, square shape of the finished pallets are a result of the layer squaring and compression feature of the Concetti four-column palletiser that guarantees this packaging system remains one step ahead. Email:

Croston Engineering

may be applicable. Crostons will advise and implement should action

From the time that the Company was

be required.

formed in 1976 Croston Engineering

In addition to its 41 years’ service and experience in serving the

has been closely involved in the design

industry the Company’s standing is enhanced by being an Approved

and building of process plants for the

SAFEContractor, a recognised standard of competence in the

animal feed, human food and associated


industries, that also include grain,

Tarvin Mill, Barrow Lane, Tarvin, Chester CH3 8JF

brewery, distillers, pet food, fertilisers

Tel: 01829 741119 Fax: 01829 741169

etc. for clients throughout the U.K.


A major part of this work relates to providing mechanical handling


equipment that is in accordance with the throughput requirement of production equipment such as mixers, grinders, pelleters, etc. The Company’s involvement begins at the mechanical intake of

Fischbein Your strategy to Invest by FISCHBEIN ?

raw materials via elevators, conveyors, rubble separators and magnets

Investing in machinery and

into storage bins, plus the pneumatic conveying of powdered ingredients

equipment should be on

into their designated additive storage bins which are fitted with correctly

top of every company’s

sized dust filter units.

priority list if it aims to boost



Bin hoppers and dischargers are designed to suit the materials

its productivity and production, and ultimately, positively contribute to

being handled and their associated weighers sized to maximise

the overall economy. The logic behind it is simple: by investing in the

weighing accuracy before being transferred to blending. Then on via

latest M&E, a company is able to save time and money as it doubles

transit bins and associated conveyors through the production cycle to

its manpower’s production efforts.

finished products storage prior to packing and bulk outloading.

If your business consists of ‘bagged products’, in any industry,

Many projects involve upgrading and extensions to existing

Fischbein has a solution to fulfil your needs. From low-cost Manual

plants which may, as a consequence, require reassessment to ensure

sealers, semi-automated Industrial bag sealers and sewing systems and

continued compliance with DSEAR/ATEX Explosion Regulations as

sewing consumables, to high speed fully automated bagging and


& TECHNOLOGY materials, From From the the intake intake of of raw raw materials, processing, and through processing, and on to the through processing, andon onto tothe the outloading products outloading of offinished finishedproducts productsour 25 practical experience is ouryes’ 41 practical experience 40 years’ years’ practical experience available to to you. is available to you you CROSTON ENGINEERING LTD. TARVIN MILL, BARROW LANE, TARVIN, CHESTER CH3 8JF Telephone: (01829) 741119 Fax: (01829) 741169 E.Mail: Web:

Finished Products Distribution System incorporating elevators, conveyors and pellet screening.


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feeds manufacturer. The key requirement was the need to remove the time consuming hand-weighing element of the production while, at the same time, speeding up the delivery of ingredients and improving accuracy. This was over ten years ago and, with normal routine Left: Fischbein palletizer

maintenance the system is still working perfectly well. Since that first installation Game Engineering has delivered and installed a number of Micro-Ingredient Weighments systems and because these are machines that are manufactured to order, each one has been tailored to the customers’ specific requirement. The system consists of between six and ten mezzanine mounted ingredient bins. The bins can vary in capacity depending on the ingredient, however

palletizing solutions. With finance available at cost effective rates,

two bins with a capacity of 1,000kg and the remaining at 250/300kg is

companies can invest in technology now, enabling them to produce

a configuration that customers seem to prefer.

their products faster, neater and with lower labour costs, within minimal initial financial outlay.

The contents of each bin are automatically discharged into the weigher until the correct weight is reached and then transferred down

Manufactured right here in the UK, as well as Europe and the

into a central weigh hopper which is mounted on load-cells. Once all the

US, we’re always here for you. The most important thing we build is

bins are discharged and the contents of the weigh hopper pneumatically

relationships. We do that by listening first. When you pick up the phone,

conveyed onwards, the entire process is repeated automatically. A

we answer. When there’s a challenge, we meet it. When there’s a

bucket filter fitted with a reverse jet minimises any dust during the

problem, we solve it. Not just before the sale, but also for years after

filling process.

installation. Should you wish to discuss the solutions available for your business, call us today to see how we can assist with your company’s

The real benefit of the Micro-Ingredient Weighments system is its repeatability and complete control of ingredient delivery. All structural steelwork can be offered in painted or galvanised

growth plans.

mild steel and 304 stainless steel. The ingredient bins, feeders and

Fischbein Saxon

weigh hopper are 304 stainless steel.

Tel: 08443722877 E:

For more information please contact Game Engineering on 01522

868021 or

Game Engineering Taking the hard work out of ingredient additions.

KSE Process Technology

Game Engineering has delivered

KSE Process Technology is a

a further micro-ingredient

family business that has grown

weighments system to a pet-

steadily over the last 40 years to

foods manufacturer who is

become a worldwide concern.

already seeing considerable improvements in product consistency.

We supply everything your

The first Micro-Ingredient Weighments system was originally

factory needs to dose, weigh

designed in-house as part of a much larger project for a major animal

and transport your materials. Besides dosing and weighing systems themselves, we provide automation solutions and services for producers of powders, pellets and granulates for the animal feed and related industries. The portfolio of KSE dosing and weighing solutions covers everything from micro up to macro components, with dose rates from 1 gram to above 6,000 kg. Next to this, KSE’s future-proof PROMAS ST process control system completely automates animal feed and food industry factories. Remote support with on-line diagnostics and a 24hour helpdesk are available to customers around the world. Although many of our products are standard, all our systems can be optimized to your requirements with different options and modifications. To find out more visit

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stocks one million buckets in 178 sizes manufactured in polyethylene,

Established since 1987 we are

nylon, and polyurethane. Aluminium, ductile iron and fabricated steel

a private family owned and

buckets are available by request. Typical agricultural bucket uses are

run business specialising in

grain, feed, fertilizer and seed. Popular styles include CC-HD (Heavy

the Agricultural sectors with a

Duty), CC-XD (Xtreme Duty) and Super EuroBucket. This vast array

particular emphasis in the Animal Feed Sector.

of product allows Tapco to provide customers with the right bucket for

Located in the South West of England we supply a large range

the application. State-of-the-art injection moulding machines assure

of bespoke paper/polythene sacks, FIBC’s, flexible polythene films for

the most consistent product in the industry. Tapco buckets are known

automated production and specialist laminated pouches.

worldwide for their strength and precise discharge characteristics.

We provide quality products at competitive rates by listening

Strong, thick walls “give” and “yield” to withstand hang-ups and return

to our clients specific requirements. We are interested in long term

to their original shape. The CC-XD is moulded with 35-50% MORE

relationships and this is reflected in our attitude.

resin than the classic CC-HD – to guarantee very dense, long wearing

So if you are looking to reinvigorate your packaging image, launch new products to your existing range or simply looking for advice, talk to us

surfaces. Super EuroBuckets replace steel buckets and provide equal or greater capacity for your elevator. Tapco maintains 15 million elevator bolts in 60 sizes in six styles:

today and allow us to transform the way you purchase your packaging. Contact Barrie or Jon: TEL 0117 9863791

No. 1 Flat Countersunk Head, No. 3 Slotted and Ribbed Head, Fanged,


Pointed Fanged, Western 3-Prong Head and Reference 70 Head w/


mating Oval Washer. Bolts are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless


Steel, 316 Stainless, 18-8 Stainless, Zinc Plate and Yellow Zinc.

Or visit our website:

Tapco also has a large inventory of abrasion resistant sheeting, hanger bearings, drag flights and belt splices.

Tapco Inc.

225 Rock Industrial Park Drive,

Tapco Inc. manufactures

St. Louis, Missouri 63044 U.S.A.

the most widely accepted

Tel: +1 314 739 9191

line of non-metallic elevator buckets (cups) in the industry. Tapco




To find out more visit

Fax: +1 314 739 5880 Website:


Materials Handling  

Materials handling in the feed industry

Materials Handling  

Materials handling in the feed industry