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Feed Production Machinery, Pelleting & Extruding Andritz

and oils) post pelleting can be a challenge. Another factor that affects

Pelleting vs. Extrusion for

pellet quality is control of pellet size and length which poses additional

shrimp feed manufacturing


For shrimp feed to have the desired effect, that is to provide optimal

While there may be some challenges with producing a high quality

energy for maximum growth, it must meet the following characteristics:

shrimp feed pellet on a pellet mill, the process is a long standing industry

Shrimp feed pellets must achieve 100% sinkablility and have a water

technique making hiring and training accessible.

stability greater than 2 hours. However, the starch used to hold pellets together has no real nutritional value for shrimp. Therefore a process that allows for starches to be replaced by protein can further support the goal of optimized feed conversion ratio. Nevertheless, there are quite a few additional factors to consider when determining the best process solution for your shrimp feed manufacturing facility. Shrimp feed can be produced either by pelleting or extrusion and each of these processing technique has its pros and cons. Here we make a side by side comparison to help processors determine the best course of action for their individual facility and circumstances:

Extrusion Intensive pre-conditioning is a decisive stage of the extrusion process. To prevent expansion of pellets out of extruder the meal ingredients must be kept at a precise temperature. Additionally, because of all the excess moisture added during both preconditioning and extrusion, drying is also mandatory so moisture stability can be maintained in the finished pellets. However, post conditioning can be eliminated from the extrusion process all together. Several benefits of extrusion include precise control over pellet Pelleting

length, a factor that is important in starter feed where pellets should be

When pelleting, grind quality is very important. When oversized or

as small as Ø0,6mm. This process is not possible on a pellet mill without

inconsistent particles are encountered in the feed ingredients, pellet

the addition of a crumbler. Additionally control over pellet porosity

durability is adversely affected. While both processes will benefit from

means they can be easily coated with palatents and oils.

the addition of grinders or pulverisers, when choosing the pelleting

The extrusion technique also allows for substitution of functional

process for your shrimp feed production, consider the addition of

starch with nutritional proteins and the expansion control system

classifiers for the processing of recycling oversized particles.

allows the user to precisely adjust the pellet expansion obtaining full

The pelleting process is highly sensitive to excessive moisture content, high moisture causes rollers to slip and consequently creates


and complete sinkablity, the two primary factors for production of high quality shrimp feed.

machine blockages. Therefore, post conditioning is a necessary in the

So, whether it’s sink or swim, ANDRITZ pellet mills and extruders

pelleting line, in order to achieve a suitable level of starch cooking, and

will keep your shrimp feed production afloat. For more information on

to meet the requirement for water stability.

ANDRITZ extruders or any of their state of the art feed technology visit

Pelleted feed is a densification process by nature and therefore, coating feed with liquid palatants or wet nutritional ingredients (fats

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our website ( feed-biofuel/extruders-aqua-feed)

When continuous production and the lowest operational costs are key, you can rely on CPM and reliability of its state-of-the-art equipment, guarantees the very best CFE Group

product and value on cost-of-ownership to its customers. This year, CFE Group is 24 years

CFE has developed, won and expanded its business through

in business. The company has

excellence of service and provision of tailor-made and sustainable

grown to become market leaders Partnership

in in the pelleting “after-market” sector of the pelleting industry’s compound feed

solutions to customers while ever mindful of the value of trust-based partnership with its customers. CFE looks forward to the continued growth of its partnership with its stakeholders i.e. customers,

milling business. CFE Group are

employees, suppliers, institutional providers and neighbours. also U.K. and Irish Agents for CPM, global leaders in the manufacture of pelleting process equipment whose

DSL Systems

function is to condition, pasteurise

Maximise your pellet press line’s utilisation and quality using

and densify raw material in pellet

DSL’s AutoPilot4Feed

form. Employing 14 staff in the U.K. and 12 in Ireland, CFE has a revenue stream of €10m and an overall market share of 40%. The company has targets to grow this revenue stream to €20m over the next four years. Having sold over 30 machines to market in the past 5 years, CFE has increased CPM’s footprint and market share year on year, replacing belt motor machines in the main with direct drive, high capacity pellet mills. CEO, Con Lynch, plans to increase this number by a further 30 machines over the next four years. CPM’s Direct Drive Conditioners with T Shaped Paddles boast a high fill rate, steam injection at the rear of tube and an emphasis on mixing rather than transportation. These are the features which make CPM Conditioners the machines of choice in this neglected part of the pellet manufacturing process. Targeted as growth area, CPM’s heat treatment hygienic equipment is becoming the benchmark for poultry and pig, with signature installations across Ireland and the UK.

DSL Systems’ AutoPilot4Feed feed and grain mill control system is proven to provide the following benefits for pelleting and extruding systems: • Improve throughput and quality • Reduce energy • Minimise down-time and mistakes • Simple and intuitive operation • Comprehensive reporting and KPIs The system can control all aspects of a pellet press or extruder line; including BOAs, HFCs, long term conditioners, coolers, fats coaters and finished product bin routing. The pellet press and extruder control has been developed over many years and includes facilities to minimise (and sometimes eliminate) change-over times, self-learning temperature control, optimised start-ups, die life recording and advanced blockage detection. The system may be installed to control pellet press lines only or could be extended to control the entire mill including intake, blending, outloading and packing. Additional options include Plan4Feed which is a visual production planning tool that can help plan more efficient pellet press runs and

Picture shows refurbishment work being undertaken at CFE’s engineering plant at Haydock CFE’s engineering plant at Haydock is a centre of excellence

OEE4Feed which provides a web-based platform to report back KPIs on the plant performance. DSL Systems provides 24 hours / 7-day support for all their systems worldwide.

for Die and Roll Refurbishing and is regarded as one the foremost

For further information, please

facilities in Europe for refurbishing pelleting consumables. There is

contact: Matthew Swallow, DSL

an open invitation to all CFE’s colleagues and customers to come

Systems Ltd, Adbolton Hall, Adbolton

and see its innovative water-pressurised cleaning, washing, grinding

Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham,

and countersinking system, a service which adds greater accuracy,

NG2 5AS, England. Tel: + 44 (0)115

efficiency and sustainability across the whole die and roll refurbishing

981 3700, Fax: + 44 (0)115 981 3702,

process, without the requirement to heat water or use chemical


additives. CFE’s wealth of expertise in this area, coupled with the quality


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       

Datastor Systems Limited

INTEGRATED CONTROL SOLUTIONS Datastor Systems has worked in partnership with an array of industry leading independent, co-operative and corporate producers for 40 years and has gained significant experience within the Animal, Aqua and Pet Food market place. Our press and extrusion controllers, based on the latest hardware platform; they automatically adjust to ensure compliance with recipe inclusion targets, strict temperature control, maximise throughput (recently installed system gave 15% throughput increase with no reduction in Pellet quality) and can include quality testing feedback. Ensuring your product integrity, quality, temperature, throughput and energy consumption are treated within closed loop controls, as each may have an impact on the other. Some key-standard features include: Automatic roller and knife adjustment. Roller slippage detection, mitigating time consuming blockages. Real time graphical representation of energy consumption. With additional elements actual energy consumption per batch can be produced. As solution providers, our aim is to listen to existing and prospective clients’ requirements and expectations, working together to formulate a cost-effective solution whilst delivering a quality focused product in a timely manner. Please visit our website at Datastor Systems Limited, Manchester Road, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2HT Tel +44 (0) 1260 277025 Fax +44 (0) 1260 270334 mail:

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Condex (UK) Ltd

Our La Meccanica pellet mills carry a 5 year, no major service guarantee. This means that as long as the machines are maintained and greased in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines there will be no servicing costs for the first five years; no seals, no bearings and most importantly no down-time. With the roller design having the optimum angle of nip and the main rotor having a high inertia, the La Meccanica pellet mills are one of the most efficient machines on the market, outperforming larger machines as a result of the design and main motor being utilised to its full potential. No gearbox so no oil leaks around the pellet mill or into the feed. Condex also supply an extensive range of grinding, conditioning and ancillary equipment, ensuring our clients are able to meet the high demands of the industry with equipment designed and manufactured to the same high standards as our pellet mills. Our in-house design and installation services means we are able to tailor equipment and process lines bespoke to a client’s requirements.

This means our clients have the confidence of knowing all aspects of the process are taken into consideration whether this is upgrading a single machine or a complete production line. With a single point of contact the end user can be reassured there are no surprises, no hidden costs and no delays as a result of miscommunication between contractors.

free from undesired pathogens. The natural way to sterilise a product is by means of heat treatment. When making pelletized feed, the heat treatment step takes place during the pelleting process. Mash feed however is

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; achieved with a

usually produced in a cold

comprehensive UK based stock facility and service engineers, around-

process, so the absence

the-clock aftersales support for all our equipment and a die and roll

of undesired pathogens in

refurbishment service second to none.

conventionally produced

Peace of mind at competitive prices

mash feed cannot be

Condex (UK) Ltd, White Cross, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4XQ


Tel: 01524 61601, Fax: 01524 381515

ThermidorÂŽ the


Dinnissen system for

Website /

sanitation of mash feed is the answer to those challenges.

Dinnissen Process Technology

The first step in the process takes place in a special PegasusÂŽ mixer. By means of direct steam injection the mash feed is heated in a very efficient way. The mixing action breaks up concentrations of microbes

Dinnissen Thermidor process:

and tests have validated moist heat to be most effective at killing

Things are changing rapidly in meat production and the animal feed


industry. Feed producers are challenged to deliver a healthy feed that is

In this way a uniform treatment of the entire batch is achieved. After the heat treatment, the product is dried and cooled in the

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second Pegasus® mixer. The fluidised bed that is generated inside the Pegasus® mixer enables a quick and efficient drying/cooling process. Here it is also possible to add heat sensitive ingredients and liquids.

but also reduces the operating costs. During the design process, our engineers focused on developing a user-friendly machine. For example, a double-joint connection

Besides the sanitation effect, this process agglomerates the fine

ensures fast tool and knife change. The frame-mounted touch panel

particles with the bigger particles, which results in a dust-free and easy

provides access to all relevant operating data and settings during

to handle mash feed.

commissioning and also during operation.

The Dinnissen Thermidor process: your tool to produce healthy ®

Extensive tests carried out in our pilot plant in Reinbek near


Hamburg provided good results with regard to product quality,

For more information:

capacity and process stability for the production of sinking and

Dinnissen Process Technology, Netherlands

floating feed.

Plant Properties:

- Fast knife and die change

Kahl - Extruder OEE 25 NG for fish food and pet food First presented at Victam 2019! The extruder OEE 25 NG (New Generation) comes in four

- Distance between knife and die adjustable during operation - Drive of up to 450 kW - Sinking fish feed up to 10 t/h - Floating fish feed up to 8 t/h Web:


different machine sizes covering an output range of up to 10 t/h in large-scale industrial applications.


All sizes are available as individual machines or as turnkey extrusion

Almost 50 years… Doing what we do

lines. They include all process steps such as grinding, mixing, steam

best, designing and manufacturing

conditioning, extrusion, drying, coating, cooling and packaging.

ring dies, roller shells and rollers for

The barrel section of the new extruder generation features the

the animal feed and biomass pelleting

AMANDUS KAHL stop bolt technology. Thus, homogeneous product

industry, using only the best raw

mixing and de-aeration are ensured right from the start. Special

materials, technology and equipment

process sections for compaction, cooking and kneading provide

to ensure optimum results.

a high flexibility and a wide range of setting options. Thanks to

Our core strengths:

the exchangeable screw elements, they also ensure an optimum

- Quality,

adaptation to variable formulae and quality parameters.

- Reliability, - and being able to offer the shortest delivery times in the industry. Because we know what matters to you Trust 50 years of experience Trust Matricir, your reliable partner for dies and rollers Contact: Daniel Steinhauser E-mail: Mobile: +34 656 74 53 79 Web:

Sevale Engineering The extruder OEE 25 NG is equipped with efficient fine control

For the category of work encompassed

elements such as the adjustment of the screw speed, the steam or

by this heading, Sevale Engineering is

water addition to the extruder barrel, and individually controllable

set up to meet all of your needs.

heating or cooling jackets. All these elements can be adjusted

We are the sole distributor and agents in the U.K. for Ottevanger

during operation to ensure a high product quality. Thanks to this

Milling Engineers and Almex. These companies trade on a world-wide

combination of individually adjustable screw elements and the fine

basis and have excellent reputations for producing first class products.

control elements described above, the customers’ demands can be

We hold parts stocks in Gloucester to support all the above

met with a high degree of flexibility. Extensive and expensive additional equipment for controlling the expansion properties is not necessary with the new generation of our extruder. This not only saves our customers further investment,

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company’s equipment and provide, in our opinion, the most comprehensive seven days per week service cover that is available in the U.K. today. One of the Company’s principal activities continues to be the

supply and refurbishing of dies and the complete refurbishment of roll

capabilities – perfect for the busy, quality conscious mill

assemblies - for whatever make of pellet mill. We maintain a huge


range of stock to support this service and hence can offer a very rapid

For further info contact: Tekpro Ltd, Norfolk, UK

‘turn-around’ when this is requested.

Tel: +44 (0) 1692 403403 E-mail:

So, to summarise the equipment and services offered by the


Company: - Feeder conditioner systems including the CPM Hygieniser

Van Aarsen

- Pellet mills from 100Kw to 450Kw

Speed up your production process with the Hot Start Steam Mixer

- Pellet coolers

Winner of the innovation award Animal Feed & Nutrition at Victam

- Pellet coaters

International 2019

- Grinders and hammermills - Horizontal and liquids addition mixers etc. - Almex extruders and expanders - New and refurbished die service

The Hot Start Steam Mixer is a Van Aarsen innovation that

- New and refurbished roll assembly service

helps improve your conditioning process by ensuring a guaranteed

- Seven day a week maintenance cover

and accurate heat treatment. All the product exiting the Hot Start

- Refurbished and secondhand milling machinery

Steam Mixer has reached the set temperature within ± 3°C tolerance.

For further information on the services offered by Sevale Engineering,

Combined with its extremely short start-up time, the Hot Start Steam

please contact us on :

Mixer prevents wastage at batch start-up, shortens the batch time,

tel. 01452 303180 fax 01452 306250,

reduces contamination risks and speeds up your production process.


TekPro Ltd Introducing the Holmen Range of Pellet Durability Testers exclusively British manufactured by TekPro Ltd. TekPro recently introduced the new Holmen NHP200 Series 2, the latest development of their popular benchmark setting pellet durability tester, used worldwide for quickly and easily calculating, and recording the Pellet Durability Index (PDI) of feed pellets by simulating the pellet transportation environment from mill to animal. Once a sample of pellets is loaded into the NHP200, it automatically removes any fines, weighs the sample, tests the pellets by agitating them with air, weighs the remaining sample, and calculates and displays the PDI on a colour LCD screen. This autonomous solution removes the risk of human error, creating an accurate and reliable test methodology. The reduction in human input also allows other tasks to be completed by the operator, while the test is carried out. On average, tests last around 4 minutes, with the duration automatically set by the pellet diameter selected. Suitable for pellets 3mm-12mm diameter. Features include:

Optimizing feed safety and minimizing spoilage The Hot Start Steam Mixer helps to optimize the feed safety while minimizing spoilage. Safe feed forms the basis for safe food. The Hot Start Steam Mixer helps to optimize the production of safe feed by preventing contamination of further processes by untreated product. As all product exiting the Hot Start Steam Mixer has reached the required temperature, wastage at batch start-up is prevented. Saving not only money. Also from a sustainable perspective it has become ever more important to make sure spoilage of raw materials is minimized. Save time and money in your feed conditioning process The first step in the process of conditioning is heat treatment of the meal

• Alpha numeric batch name input

by the addition of steam in the steam mixer. The uniquely short batch

• Simple selection of pellet size by the operator

start-up time of the Hot Start Steam Mixer helps to maximize capacity

• Reproducible accuracy of +/- 0.1%

while ensuring the desired feed quality, thus keeping feed costs low.

• PDI results stored and displayed on colour LCD touch-screen,

Van Aarsen International

or can be printed or sent to other software via Ethernet


• Now featuring Web Interface and automatic email reporting

Tel +31475579444

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Feed Production Machinery, Pelleting & Extruding  

Feed Production Machinery, Pelleting & Extruding