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Feed Production Machinery, Pelleting & Extruding ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel A/S

CFE Group

ANDRITZ is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologies,


systems, and services relating to advanced industrial equipment for

CFE Group is the exclusive agent

the feed industry. With an in-depth knowledge of each key process, we

for CPM equipment in the UK and

can supply a compatible and homogeneous solution from raw material

Ireland. The CPM footprint has grown

intake to finished feed bagging.

over the past three years in both of

Cleverly d and buil

these markets. Customer requirement Your experienced partner

for lower kilowatt hours per tonne and

We have been delivering products and plant solutions for the feed

higher throughput per hour has moved the Direct Drive and Lineator

industry since the 1930s and have thereby gained extensive knowledge

supported machines into a premier position in the marketplace.

and insight into the increasing demands of the specific feed markets. We put this knowledge into all our efforts to ensure that we have satisfied customers.

In the past 3 years, CFE/CPM have supplied 14 machines from the

7932 and 7936 series, equipment which producing throughput up located to Stonehenge is aisprehistoric monument on Sal 20 tonnes per hour in ruminant and up to 30 tonnes per hour on poultry feed. CPM is also a market leader in hygienic equipment, having sold 10

Advanced technologies We are strongly committed to excellent performance and the quality of our products, thus making us a strong partner for our customers. Our focus is on innovation and keeping up with the technological developments. We always strive to provide our customers with the newest technologies that will ensure:

When continuous production plants over the past 4 years. costs are key, you hygienic heat treatment lines into Irish and UK poultry feed manufacturing

CORE BUSINESS In 2017, CFE Group invested heavily in its core business. They purchased

Partne in pell

a new state-of-the-art, Danish •

Better and more efficient production

Minimizing operation cost

Maximizing energy efficiency

Environmental protection considerations

Complete plant solutions Our solutions are simple and effective. We strive to be a “one-stop” all-round supplier for all pelleting needs. Our packages are tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of our customers, whether it is knowhow, engineering, individual process machines, complete processing lines, or spare parts and service availability.

manufactured, high pressure water cleaning system to unblock pellet mill dies. Operating at pressures

of 15,000 p.s.i., the system, which is equipped with the latest CNC technology, is the first of its kind in Western Europe. This washer unit uses one nozzle to unblock holes, versus two in the older version, and is capable of handling the largest dies in the market. This progressive change has led to increased efficiency and reduction in washing time and water consumption. In refurbishing, CFE doesn’t heat dies as heat can damage die hardness and distort the die ring. To ensure continuation of CFE’s excellence in refurbishing processes, the company also invested in a new die grinder and CNC countersinking machine. To see how CFE’s jet wash system maintains die integrity for optimum pelleting efficiency, view the new machine online at www.

ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel A/S

Further development for increased quality and efficiency on roll

Glentevej 5–7, 705 Esbjerg, Denmark

refurbishing sees CFE’s added investment this year in a washing

Phone: +45 72 160 300

system for rolls. Efficient cleaning allows for better inspection of parts

and improves product quality of roll assemblies. CFE is commissioning a

bespoke single stage spray washer which is heavy duty, double skinned

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and insulated. The unit has twin power driven vertical doors to assist

Pellet Mill specialists, diverse range and machine options

in cleaning all roller parts in a corrosion resistant stainless wash pump,

FOUR YEARS no service cost guarantee on our NEW PELLET MILLS,

producing 800 litres per minute at 8 bar pressure. Using a spray bar and

24 month standard warranty

‘v’ spray jets, the wash will remove all oil/grease residues from the parts,

Ancillary equipment: Mixers, Grinders, Coolers, Sieves etc.

to assist in quality inspection prior to rebuilding the assembly.

Consultancy, design and installation services

Process fine tuning and analysis

Refurbished machinery

Added to its core business, CFE Group has 2 million tonnes of compound being serviced under its unique Cost per Tonne model. Covering all pellet mill station consumables and maintenance services,

We are also one of the country’s leading suppliers for: •

this innovative facility also includes on-site training, development of

extensive roll stocks

production solutions and process engineering audits. Efficient cleaning

allows for better inspection of parts and improves product quality of roll

In-house die and roll REFURBISHMENT with collection and delivery service


For further information please contact CFE on:

New dies and rolls; Dies guaranteed German origin,

The first company to offer refurbishment reports and feedback, giving detailed analysis to aid production


UK Tel No: 01942 728188

IRL Tel No: 00353 667 142655

BUY surplus equipment and consumables.

Additional products and services:

Condex UK Ltd

B.A.T. Odour control systems

Liquid addition systems

Moisture control monitoring

Knowledge, quality, reliability and peace of mind at competitive rates Condex (UK) Ltd, White Cross, Lancaster, Lancs. LA1 4XQ CONDEX have supplied equipment and services to the compounding industry for since 1980:

Tel: 01524 61601, Fax: 01524 381515, E-mail:, Website &

PELLET MILLS: Single motor, V-belt drive: 15 to 355kW Robust, well-engineered, simple design High inertia, smooth operation, efficient No service requirement except lubrication Four year no service cost guarantee Options available to tailor to application Complete range of process equipment Consultancy, design and installation Our experience ensures satisfaction Contact Condex (UK) Ltd for a quote: Telephone: 01524 61601 E-mail: Web site:

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Datastor Systems LTD

minimise (and sometimes eliminate) change-over times, self-learning


temperature control, optimised start-ups and advanced blockage

Datastor Systems having worked in partnership with an array of industry

detection. The system may be installed to control pellet press lines

leading independent, co-operative and corporate producers for nearly

only or could be extended to control the entire mill including intake,

40 years and has gained significant experience within the Animal, Aqua

blending, outloading and packing. Additional options include Plan4Feed which is a visual production

and Pet Food market place. Our press or extrusion controllers, based on the latest hardware

planning tool that can help plan more efficient pellet press runs and

platform; they automatically adjust to ensure compliance with recipe

OEE4Feed which provides a web based platform to report back KPIs

inclusion targets, strict temperature control, maximize throughput and can

on the plant performance.

include quality testing feedback. Ensuring your product integrity, quality, temperature, throughput and energy consumption are treated within closed loop controls, as each may have an impact on the other. Some key-standard features include: Automatic roller and knife adjustment. Roller slippage detection, mitigating time consuming blockages. Real time graphical representation of energy consumption. With additional elements actual energy consumption per batch can be produced. As solution providers, our aim is to listen to existing and prospective clients’ requirements and expectations, working together to formulate a cost-effective solution whilst delivering a quality focused product in a timely manner. DSL Systems provides 24 hours / 7-day support for all their systems worldwide. For further information, please contact: Matthew Swallow, DSL Systems Ltd, Adbolton Hall, Adbolton Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 Please visit our website at Datastor Systems Limited, Manchester Road,

5AS, England. Tel: + 44 (0)115 981 3700, Fax: + 44 (0)115 981 3702, Email:, Web:

Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2HT Tel +44 (0) 1260 277025 Fax +44 (0) 1260 270334 mail:

Game Engineering Ltd The Game Engineering Way Over the past thirty-one years – the company was formed in

DSL Systems Ltd

1986 – Game Engineering has

Maximise your pellet press

become one of the UK’s most

line’s utilisation using DSL’s

respected designers, manufacturers and suppliers of systems for


producing animal feeds. And the fact that many of the components that

DSL Systems’ AutoPilot4Feed feed

will be included in a Game Engineering processing system will have

and grain control system is proven

been manufactured by the company, rather than simply purchased

to provide the following benefits for

from another supplier, further enhances their reputation.

pelleting and extruding systems: •

Improve throughput and quality

Reduce energy

Minimise down-time and mistakes

Simple and intuitive operation

Comprehensive information stored for up to 7 years

While Game Engineering is involved in a number of different industry sectors, the animal feeds sector is by far the largest. In recent years, projects that have included the design and installation of pellet presses, grinders, ingredient additive systems, liquids coating and a whole range of silos and other ingredient or final product storage systems, have been supplied to some of the most important animal feed manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland.

The system can control all aspects of a pellet press or extruder

But Game Engineering isn’t just a supplier of new systems. Nothing

line; including BOAs, HFCs, long term conditioners, coolers, fats

lasts forever and an animal feed production facility is no exception.

coaters and finished product bin routing. The pellet press and extruder

Even with the best planned maintenance, components wear out and

control has been developed over many years and includes facilities to

when this happens, Game Engineering is there to help. Equipment can

Page 36 September/October 2017 Feed Compounder

either be replaced with new, partly refurbished on site or delivered to the company’s extensive factory for full refurbishment.

performance and development. The “long fibre” structure determines the feed intake, faecal

Darren Kirk, Project Sales Manager at Game Engineering: “As a

consistency and metabolic parameters of the acid-base balance. For

company over the years, we have developed a thorough understanding

example, short-chopped maize silage has a significant negative impact

– a knowledge resource – of how certain products react during

on the health of dairy cows compared to longer maize silage. In addition

processing. This knowledge is key when discussing with a customer

to an increase of abomasal displacements, a body cell destabilising

the best way to increase production at a sensible cost.”

effect could be demonstrated via the significantly higher activities of

For further information contact GAME Engineering Ltd. at:

AST (aspartate aminotransferase, a liver enzyme) in the blood serum

Camp Road, Witham St Hughs Business Park,

of cows fed on short maize silage. This corresponds to the experience

Witham St Hughs, Lincoln LN6 9TW

of the practical livestock management.

Tel: +44 (0) 1522 868021 Fax: +44 (0) 1522 868026 Email: Website:

Kahl KAHL flat die pelleting presses for the pelleting of roughage As well as energy and nutrients, the feed value of the ration for ruminants also comprises the structure effect “long fibre”, as the structure effect is to be ensured in the glandular stomach of the animals. For rearing and fattening it is important to provide an optimised feed, and here we have the advantage of flat die pelleting of bulky raw materials (such as straw, alfalfa, etc.), which maintains the physical structure of the raw components. Pathophysiologically the negative influence of a “short” maize silage is effected via a shift in the acid-base balance towards an acidotic metabolism. The preservation of the structure in the feed pelleted with the flat die press significantly contributes to an improvement of the animal performance and animal health. In the KAHL pilot plant customer-specified product tests are performed with customer-oriented process parameters. In recent decades, more than 10,000 products have been successfully pelleted in the pilot plant. Web: E-mail:

Sevale Engineering For the category of work encompassed by this heading, Sevale Engineering is set up to meet all of your needs. We are sole distributor and agents in the U.K. for Ottevanger Milling Engineers, Almex, and Bliss Industries. All these companies trade on a world-wide basis and have excellent reputations for producing first class products. We hold parts stocks in Gloucester to support all the above company’s equipment and provide, in our opinion, the most comprehensive seven days per week service cover that is available in the U.K. today. All service engineers are employed by Sevale The animals get a feed (Kahl pellets), which supports the rumen

Engineering – we do not use sub-contractors.

development due to its “coarse” structure and a high content of “long

One of the company’s principal activities continues to be the

fibres”. The percentage of the raw materials (energy, protein and

supply and refurbishing of dies and the complete refurbishment of roll

structure carriers) in the pellet is determined by the respective animal

assemblies – for whatever make of pellet mill. We maintain a huge

Feed Compounder September/October 2017 Page 37

range of stock to support this service and hence can offer a very rapid

Van Aarsen

‘turn-around’ when this is requested. Collection and re-delivery of all

Optimize your pelleting process with the CU Dynamic pellet mill

refurbishment work is FREE OF CHARGE. So, to summarise the equipment and services offered by the Company: Feeder conditioner systems; Pellet mills from 1OOKw to 450Kw; Pellet coolers; Pellet coaters; Grinders and hammermills; Horizontal and liquids addition mixers etc; Almex extruders and expanders; New and refurbished die service; Roll assembly refurbishing service; Seven day a week maintenance cover – provision of apprentice trained service engineers; Refurbished and secondhand milling machinery For further information on the services offered by Sevale Engineering, please contact us on tel. 01452 303180, fax. 01452306250, e-mail or mobile – 07778989200

TekPro Ltd TekPro Ltd are proud to present their UK Designed and Manufactured NHP200 & NHP300 Holmen Testers.

Van Aarsen introduces a new generation pellet mills with motor operated roller adjustment and active roller slip control. These functionalities provide you optimized feed quality and production efficiency. Easily choose the desired roller distance to the die The robust designed motor-operated roller adjustment enables the operator to easily choose the desired roller distance to the die, even

The Holmen NHP200 Pellet Durability Tester is the flagship of the New

when the pellet mill is in full operation. Together with the intelligent

Holmen pellet testing range.

software, this system offers recipe controlled pellet mill operation.

Once a sample of pellets is loaded into the machine it removes any fines, weighs the sample, tests the pellets by agitating them with air, weighs the remaining sample and calculates the PDI. This semi-automatic solution helps prevent the chance of human error, providing accurate and reliable results. The reduction in human input also allows other tasks to be completed while a test is being carried out. The average test lasts only 4 minutes and the test time is selected according to the pellet diameter entered. Suitable for pellets 3mm12mm diameter.

A trouble free pelleting process The active roller slip control is another intelligent system designed to optimize the pellet mill production efficiency. This system detects roller slip and activates the system to automatically resolve the slip if desired, reducing the downtime due to roller slip to nil. It also offers you the opportunity to experiment with the roller distance and steam addition for the recipes to boost the feed quality and production efficiency. Interested? Find out more at:

The Holmen NHP300 Pellet Durability Tester is perfectly suited to a

Van Aarsen International – The vital link to your feed chain

busy feed mill.

Van Aarsen is developer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the

Samples are automatically taken from the production line after the pellet press, before the cooler, tested, then returned to the line, and a PDI result provided to the NHP300 control software, or to your current mill management software if preferred. Taking a sample from the process line in this way enables changes

art machines and complete feed mill solutions for the production of compound feed. The better the animal feed, the better the food on the table! It’s as simple as that. Our innovative machines and feed mills are designed and constructed to increase production and lower operational costs; with

to be made at the point which will maximise production efficiency,

minimum energy consumption and maximum benefit to feed safety.

reduce cost, minimise waste, and maintain pellet quality.

Marco Theunissen

In addition to calculating the PDI, the amount of ‘dust’ (fines) can be calculated. Up to four pellet lines can be tested by one NHP300, with the option to return samples back to their original lines too. For more information, please visit their website at TekPro Ltd, Willow Park, North Walsham, NR28 0BD Tel: +44 (0)1692 403403, Fax: +44 (0)1692 404955, Email:

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Van Aarsen International Tel. +31 475 579 444

Feed Production Machinery, Pelleting & Extruding  
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