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Feed Production Machinery, Pelleting & Extruding CFE Group

tonnes produced and invoices issued monthly; eliminating the peaks and The past quarter of a century

troughs that can impact feed milling. The customer advises CFE of its

has seen many changes in the

tonnage on the final day of each month and the invoice is based on the

agricultural landscape of these

actual tonnage figure. We are proud to continue working alongside our

islands. Brexit, Global Warming

compound feed partners as we all strive to grow and support our most

and Covid 19 have all contributed to

important indigenous industry.

disruption in this market setting but


the Agri industry has demonstrated its resilience and has continued to power ahead in this changing environment. Our value creation strategy at CFE Group is focusing on our core business, where we serve our current market positions in the compound feed industry. In maintenance, we refurbish pellet mills, flakers and grinders at our Haydock facility and our team of eight engineers, across the UK and Ireland, concentrates on contract maintenance for customer equipment. We are maintenance and service specialists, competent,

Datastor Systems Limited INTEGRATED CONTROL SOLUTIONS Datastor Systems has worked in partnership with an array of industry leading independent, co-operative and corporate producers for 40 years and has gained significant experience within the Animal, Aqua and Pet Food market place.

highly experienced, and fully up to date with the technology and operating systems of the different brands of manufacturing equipment supplied to the feed and bio-mass markets. We are also growing our market share by increasing the footprint of CPM in the compound feed business. In the past year, we have sold 16 new pellet mills in the UK and Ireland (all CPM79 series). We have a strong pipeline for the next two years, where we plan to continue this growth. CPM’s Double Pelleting system is by far

Our press and extrusion controllers, based on the latest hardware platform; they automatically adjust to ensure compliance with recipe inclusion targets, strict temperature control, maximise throughput (recently installed system gave 15% throughput increase with no reduction in Pellet quality) and can include quality testing feedback. Ensuring your product integrity, quality, temperature, throughput and energy consumption are treated within closed loop controls, as each may have an impact on the other.

the preferred production practice for ruminant feed. While expanders

Some key-standard features include:

and high friction conditioners can give customers the edge for specific

Automatic roller and knife adjustment.

formulations, Double Pelleting is the best processing system for Irish

Roller slippage detection, mitigating time consuming blockages.

and UK ruminant formulations. It gives best quality, highest throughput

Real time graphical representation of energy consumption. With

and is an operator friendly system. It’s important to match horsepower

additional elements actual energy consumption per batch can be

as closely as possible on the top and primary presses and the working


width of dies must be in the range of 20%, i.e. the primary press being

As solution providers, our aim is to listen to existing and

no more than 20% more open than the pre-pellet machine. Direct drive

prospective clients’ requirements and expectations, working together

motors on a Double Pelleting stand reduce the installed motors from 4

to formulate a cost-effective solution whilst delivering a quality focused

to 2 and direct drives give more energy efficiency and torque required

product in a timely manner.

to keep the press running across a range of formulations. CFE’s Cost per Tonne (CPT) is an inclusive service for maintenance,

Please visit our website at www.datastorsystems.com Datastor Systems Limited, Manchester Road,

pelleting consumable supply and engineering support, that offers feed

Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2HT

compounders an insurance policy, guaranteed supply chain and working

Tel +44 (0) 1260 277025 Fax +44 (0) 1260 270334

partnership. The CPT is a 3-year contract that cost matches against

mail: sales@datastorsystems.com

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The history of FEEDTECH dates back to 1969, when the family owned company used to be a feed mill plant. In 2000, FEEDTECH started to manufacture turnkey projects & deliver bespoke installations. In 21 years, we have manufactured more than 50% of the petfood production lines in Turkey, we successfully provided more than 15 turnkey feed mill & premix plants in worldwide and all the main equipment in two factories in Europe. For the last 5 years we have been working as partners with Go Green Pelleting Solutions in the UK. In future we intend to preserve our place as one of the largest manufacturers in our field in Turkey, to increase our production worldwide, and to develop our technology, production techniques as well as our product range, always with a customer focused approach to finding sustainable ways to grow, while protecting the planet and the resources we have left.

Go Green Pelleting Solutions Ltd Main UK Agent for Feedtech equipment Go Green are suppliers of new and used feed mill and biomass pelleting equipment Can design, supply and install complete projects or supply only Feedtech supply a full range of equipment for the feed milling industry: presses, coolers , hammermills , conveyors etc etc Also supply complete turn key milling solutions. Unit 8A Brindley Road St Helens WA9 4HY Mick Swift Mobile – 07500887637 David Kelly Mobile- 07500335621 Office Number – 01744808600 www.gogreenpelletingsolutions.co.uk


DSL Systems

La Meccanica Pellet Mills since 1986

Maximise your pellet press line’s utilisation and quality using DSL’s AutoPilot4Feed DSL Systems’ AutoPilot4Feed feed and grain mill control system

La Meccanica pellet mills come with a 5 year, no major service

is proven to provide the following

guarantee. This means that as long as the machines are maintained

benefits for pelleting and extruding

and greased in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, there

systems: -

will be no major servicing costs for the first five years; no seals, no bearings and most importantly no down-time. With the large diameter, two roller design providing the optimum

• Improve throughput and quality • Reduce energy

angle of nip and the main rotor having a high inertia, the La Meccanica

• Minimise down-time and mistakes

pellet mills are one of the most efficient machines on the market,

• Simple and intuitive operation

outperforming larger machines as a result of the design and main motor

• Comprehensive reporting and KPIs

being utilised to its full potential. No gearbox so no oil leaks around the pellet mill or more significantly into the feed; a major consideration now that UFAS directive states that food safe lubricants need to be used. C o n d e x also supply an extensive range of mixing, grinding, conditioning and ancillary equipment, including being an official agent for Geelen Counterflow coolers. Ensuring our clients are

The system can control all aspects of a pellet press or extruder line; including BOAs, HFCs, long term conditioners, coolers, fats coaters and finished product bin routing. The pellet press and extruder control has been developed over many years and includes facilities to minimise (and sometimes eliminate) change-over times, self-learning temperature control, optimised start-ups, die life recording and advanced blockage detection. The system may be installed to control pellet press or extruder lines only or could be extended to control the entire mill including intake, blending, outloading and packing. Additional options include Plan4Feed which is a visual production planning tool that can help plan more efficient pellet press runs and OEE4Feed which provides a web-based platform to report back KPIs on the plant performance. The CMMS4Feed option can ensure all equipment is maintained in top condition.

able to meet the high demands of the industry with equipment designed and manufactured to the same high standards as our pellet mills. Our in-house design and installation services enable us to tailor equipment and process lines bespoke to a client’s requirements. This gives our clients the confidence of knowing all aspects of the process are taken into consideration, whether this is upgrading a single machine or a complete production line. With a single point of contact the end user can be reassured there are no surprises, no hidden costs and no delays as a result of miscommunication between contractors. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; we achieve this with UK based stock and service engineers, around-the-clock aftersales support and a die and roll refurbishment service second to none.

DSL Systems provides 24 hours / 7-day support for all their systems worldwide.

Peace of mind at competitive prices.

For further information, please contact: Matthew Swallow, DSL

Condex (UK) Ltd,

Systems Ltd, Adbolton Hall, Adbolton Lane, West Bridgford,

White Cross, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4XQ

Nottingham, NG2 5AS, England.

Tel: 01524 61601, Fax: 01524 381515,

Tel: + 44 (0)115 981 3700, Fax: + 44 (0)115 981 3702,

E-mail: info@condex.co.uk,

Email: mail@dsl-systems.com

Website www.condex.co.uk / www.pelletmills.com

Web: www.dsl-systems.com

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Van Aarsen Speed up your production process with the Hot Start Steam Mixer Winner of the innovation award Animal Feed & Nutrition at Victam International 2019

The Hot Start Steam Mixer is a Van Aarsen innovation that helps improve your conditioning process by ensuring a guaranteed and accurate heat treatment. All the product exiting the Hot Start Steam Mixer has reached the set temperature within ± 3°C tolerance. Combined with its extremely short start-up time, the Hot Start Steam Mixer prevents wastage at batch start-up, shortens the batch time, reduces contamination risks and speeds up your production process.

Save time and money in your feed conditioning process

Optimizing feed safety and minimizing spoilage

The first step in the process of conditioning is heat treatment of the

The Hot Start Steam Mixer helps to optimize the feed safety while

meal by the addition of steam in the steam mixer. The uniquely short

minimizing spoilage. Safe feed forms the basis for safe food. The

batch start-up time of the Hot Start Steam Mixer helps to maximize

Hot Start Steam Mixer helps to optimize the production of safe

capacity while ensuring the desired feed quality, thus keeping feed

feed by preventing contamination of further processes by untreated

costs low.

product. As all product exiting the Hot Start Steam Mixer has reached

For more information contact

the required temperature, wastage at batch start-up is prevented.

Van Aarsen International

Saving not only money. Also from a sustainable perspective it has

E-Mail: advice@aarsen.com

become ever more important to make sure spoilage of raw materials

Website: www.aarsen.com/machines/conditioners

is minimized.

Tel :+31475579444

A d v a n c e d

c o n t r o l

s y s t e m s

f o r

F e e d

a n d

G r a i n

p l a n t s

Mill efficiencies

through innovation DSL Systems has been automating feed mills since 1979 and is now recognised as the UK market leader. Over the years, the solutions have become increasingly comprehensive and sophisticated to improve mill efficiency. DSL’s latest AutoPilot4Feed system can control all areas of a mill and may also include production planning, lot traceability, maintenance, driver self-service, warehouse tracking and mill performance (OEE) options. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration and find out how we can improve your mill. DSL Systems Ltd, Adbolton Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5AS, England. T: +44 (0) 115 981 3700 I E: mail@dsl-systems.com

Hassle-Free changeover

Excellent 24 hour support

Good return on investment

For efficient innovation at your fingertips go to www.dsl-systems.com

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