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FEED MILL PROCESS ENGINEERING Our focus is on innovation and keeping up with new technological

AMANDUS KAHL AMANDUS KAHL HAMBURG today looks back on 140 years of

developments. We always strive to provide our customers with the newest

machine and plant construction. In 1920, the first pelleting press

technologies that will ensure better and more efficient production, mini­

designed as a worm extruder was produced. Since that time the range

mizing operation costs, maximizing energy efficiency and environmental

of products is advanced permanently.

protection, and giving our customers a competitive ad­vantage. When choosing products and solutions from ANDRITZ Feed

KAHL Services Process technology, engineering, machines, plants, turnkey factories.

& Biofuel Technolo­gies, you will have a qualified and experi­enced

Worldwide branch offices and agencies and worldwide service.

partner with the ability to assist you all the way from the start to the

KAHL Plants

finished product. We want to be a complete partner and supplier for our

Turn-key feed mills and plants for compound feed, shrimp and fishfeed,

customers and there­fore offer a simple and efficient “one-stop-shop”

pet food, premix / concentrate, roughage, straw, green forage, dried

concept, which means we cover the entire process and supply all the

beet pulp, wood and biomass, recycling plants for waste tyres,

machines for the line. Our products and solutions are tailor-made to

household and industrial waste and composting plants.

meet the specific requirements and needs of our customers. ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel Technologies provides processing machines and equipment from raw material intake to finished feed bagging. Our pelleting and extrusion plants are designed with special attention to food safety and traceability, and in addition, hygiene and regulations requirements are also in high focus. Animal feed processing, Industrially produced animal feed is under­going continuous processing and quality improvement to keep up with the effective­ness of the agricultural industry as well as the continuously increasing focus on food safety and traceability. ANDRITZ animal feed processing technologies appeal to both

Illustration of a feed mill recently put into operation by Amandus Kahl

commercial feed mill­ers and farmers. Our pelleting technologies enable our customers to create their own unique recipes and

KAHL Machines

combinations of ingre­dients – making sure that the animals have the

Proportioning and weighing equipment, mixers, hammer mills, liquid

right amount of vitamins and protein.

proportioning units, continuous mixers, conditioners, hydrothermal

For further information, contact us on: Phone: +45 72 160 300, E-mail:

reactors, sterilizers, annular gap expanders, extruders, vacuum coaters,, Website:

pelleting presses, driers/coolers, crumblers, Rotospray , control and ®

process visualisation systems.

Croston Engineering


Croston Engineering, since its formation


in 1976, has specialised in the design

ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel Technologies ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel Technologies is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologies, systems and services for advanced industrial equipment for the animal feed, aqua feed and pet food industrys, and for the biofuel pelleting industry. We are strongly committed to excellent performance and quality of our products and to being a strong partner for our cus­tomers. We have delivered products and plant solutions since the 1960s and have gained extensive knowledge and insight into the demands of the specific feed and biofuel markets.

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and building of plants for the animal feed and many other associated industries throughout the UK. These include pet food, grain storage and handling, the human food and drinks industries, plus other sectors that require the handling and processing of materials. The company’s expertise covers the whole range of animal feed production activities from the intake and bulk storage of raw materials onward through blending, grinding, mixing, pelleting, extrusion, cooling, etc., to the final outloading of finished products. As an adjunct to new developments, the Company carries out improvements or extensions to existing production plants in compliance

with the requirements of DSEAR/ATEX Explosion Regulations when applicable. Croston Engineering is an Approved Safecontractor which is a recognised standard of competence throughout industry in complying with the requirements of safety legislation and procedures. Tarvin Mill, Barrow Lane, Tarvin, Chester CH3 8JF Tel: 01829 741119 Fax: 01829 741169 E-mail: Web:

Dinnissen Process Technology Premix production in the feed plant The production of

alone machinery, such as the most hygienic Pegasus® Mixer for quick

premixes is being

and efficient mixing results and the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater which

focussed on more and

adds additives in coated layers, but also complete solutions including

more lately. The premix is an essential part of any feed-recipe,

pneumatic transport and Big-Bag emptying. Many of our premix-lines

containing the essential additives that give the end-product the desired

are built around a vertical concept; vertical discharge gives less

taste and nutritional qualities. A production area where recipes are

contamination and saves energy due to gravitation forces. The raw

changed often, to accommodate the various products processed in

materials are transported to a higher level, discharged into a mixer, and

one plant. To ensure product quality, hygiene standards are of upmost

after mixing put into bags on the lower level. With 70 years of experience


we have become experts in designing, producing and installing hygienic

Dinnissen Process Technology specialises in the development

processes in those areas where contamination is unacceptable.

and production of process technologies and equipment for the feed

and aquafeed, food and pharma, pet food and chemical industries. One

Contact person: Perry Konings

of the fields we are a specialist in, is the Premix industry. Dinnissen

Address: Horsterweg 66, 5975 NB, Sevenum (the Netherlands)

offers an extensive range of products for the Premix producer. Stand-

Telephone: +31 (0)77 467 3555

Fax: +31 (0)77 467 3785


& TECHNOLOGY materials, From From the the intake intake of of raw raw materials, processing, and through processing, and on to the through processing, andon onto tothe the outloading products outloading of offinished finishedproducts productsour 25 practical experience is ouryes’ 42 practical experience 40 years’ years’ practical experience available to to you. is available to you you CROSTON ENGINEERING LTD. TARVIN MILL, BARROW LANE, TARVIN, CHESTER CH3 8JF Telephone: (01829) 741119 Fax: (01829) 741169 E.Mail: Web:

Finished Products Distribution System incorporating elevators, conveyors and pellet screening.


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GAME Engineering

Site Management

Since our humble beginnings

Project Management

in 1986, we are proud to

For further information contact us on:

have grown to a team of over

Phone - +44 (0) 1522 868021

70 experienced engineers, fabricators and project managers. Working

Email -

around your existing production, we implement cost-effective solutions as

Website -

quoted, resulting in you being fully operational with minimal downtime. Regarded as one of the UK’s leading materials processing and handling engineering companies within the animal feed sector, we offer a unique and proven ability to deliver innovative and imaginative processing, packaging, storage and handling solutions, and pride ourselves on providing a specialist bespoke service on time and in budget. Past projects have included: •

Pellet Press and Conditioning Installation

Micro-Ingredients Additives Systems

New Production Plants

Liquid Coating Systems

Raw Material Storage Systems

Cooling Systems

Screening Systems

Upgrading Pellet Lines Process Design Engineering

Site Installation & Commissioning

Bespoke Machinery Manufacture

Turnkey Process Solutions

Ottevanger Milling Engineers, established in 1909, is one of the leading European companies who have specialised in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete plants for the grain processing and compound feed industry. Our expertise based on many years of experience and know how make Ottevanger the ideal partner for realisation of your project. From basic design through to turn-key delivery. Ottevanger Milling Engineers, specialist in conventional and containerised mills for:

Key services we offer include: •

Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V.

Feed mills

Pet Food plants

Aqua feed mills

Premix & concentrate plants

Cereal Processing plants

Oil seed processing

The containerized feed mill which can be put together in a matter of weeks at a production site. The containerized mills can be supplied in the range of 1 to 45 tonnes per hour. The equipment is installed 20foot container which can be handled as separate modules. At the plant location the containers are stacked to form a complete mill. Feeds for different species can be produced. Separate units have been designed for production of pet food and treatment of raw materials, such as soybeans. The concept has also been developed for flour production.

Game Engineering is a designer, manufacturer and installer of process systems for the animal feeds, grain and food industries. We also modify existing systems to provide greater performance and handle servicing and maintenance programmes. GAME Engineering Ltd Camp Road Witham St Hughs Business Park Witham St Hughs, Lincoln LN6 9TW

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mills, conditioners, extruders, driers/coolers, crumblers, crushers, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, chain conveyors, weighing, liquid dosing systems, storage silos for grain and feed, spare parts, electric control and fully process automation, after sales service worldwide. T +31 79 593 22 21 E

F +31 79 593 11 47 W

Van Aarsen International

The vital link to your feed chain The better the animal feed, the better the food on the table! It’s as

Telephone: +44 (0)1522 868 021 Email: www.

game 11.indd Page1 50

Our product range also includes i.a. mixers, hammer mills, pellet

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simple as that. Van Aarsen is developer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art machines and complete feed mill solutions for the production of compound feed and premixes worldwide. We take our crucial role in the ‘agro-feed’ chain seriously, helping

dosing systems, hammer mills, batch mixers, liquid mixers, conditioners, pellet mills, counter-flow coolers, crumblers, transport equipment and storage silos. Long lifetime, low operating costs and high performance are distinctive features applying to all Van Aarsen machines.

van Mourik group At van Mourik Process Optimisation is our way of thinking. The



group focusses with a very experienced team on: consulting, design and realisations of feed milling projects. Our long standing service and maintenance activities is the backbone of the company and forms the foundation of experiential knowledge which gives van Mourik its distinctive skill set that enables the optimizing of your processes and development of capital improvement plans. you to achieve optimal solutions. Our innovative machines and complete

Van Mourik started in 1990 as a mechanical installation company.

feed mill solutions are designed and constructed to increase production

By strategic take-overs and natural growth the company has become

and lower operational costs; with minimum energy consumption and

a unique specialized neutral integrator employing 150 FTE with its

maximum benefit to feed safety and ease of operation. Since 1949.

focus on feed milling and premix process. The clients value our neutral

From concept to completion Van Aarsen thinks and acts with you from initial idea to final completion. Our way of doing business is focusing on your objectives. We want to know how you do your business. We take the time to understand all the subtleties underlying the different aspects of your feed mill or premix plant. Dozens of projects all over the world are the convincing evidence that we know how to offer the certainty of an investment that provides maximum added value. High performance Our machines are the heart of many compound feed factories. Weighing and

position in the engineering studies and process advice. An example of the approach is a recent request of an independent client that needs to study an increase of its production by 25%. A dedicated team from van Mourik consisting of process specialists that have their own expertise in mechanical and electro technical control scanned the process of the client. Combined with the clients goal Van Mourik makes a future process plan with a neutral advice on the equipment. This time it resulted to a concept change from an additional grinding/mixing tower to an upgrade proposal for an existing production line. Of course this approach can be the backbone of a bigger

Boylestraat 34, 6718 XM Ede The Netherlands +31 318 64 11 44 UK Contact +44 795 293 8252

it is our way of thinking Feed Compounder July/August 2018 Page 51

investment in a complete new production line to become future proof.

knowledge and experience to deliver the optimum, often highly

The van Mourik group offers to help clients in the UK and Ireland with

innovative, technological solution. That’s why our company motto is:

this approach to achieve efficiently and effectively their future goals.

‘Versatility in feed processing’.

Delivery program:

Wynveen International

Storage silos for raw materials and finished products


Transport systems:

Versatility in feed processing


Wynveen International

Chain conveyors

B.V. is a leading Dutch

Screw conveyors

company, specialising in

Intake weighing equipment

the design, manufacture

Outloading weighing equipment

and installation of

Hammer mills

complete mills for the animal feed industry.


With a knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic team, the

Coaters for liquids

company focuses on the development and construction of high-quality

Pellet sifters

innovative equipment and installations for animal feed, aqua feed and

Loading and unloading systems:

pet food manufacture. In addition to turnkey projects, our core products

Pneumatic ship unloading systems

are hammer mills, ribbon and paddle mixers, double-shaft paddle

Hydraulic driven lifting truck-platforms

mixers, rotary sifters and coaters for liquids (vacuum and atmospheric).

Truck dumping hoppers

Approximately 80% of our products are exported.

Dust free bulk loading pipes

Bagging-off lines

In order to guarantee its high quality standards, Wynveen assembles and tests all its key equipment in-house. Wynveen always aims to fully understand customer requirements, working in partnership with customers and using all our accumulated

Filter equipment


PELLET MILLS: Single motor, V-belt drive: 15 to 355kW Robust, well-engineered, simple design High inertia, smooth operation, efficient No service requirement except lubrication Four year no service cost guarantee Options available to tailor to application Complete range of process equipment Consultancy, design and installation Our experience ensures satisfaction Contact Condex (UK) Ltd for a quote: Telephone: 01524 61601 E-mail: Web site:

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