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Fats, Molasses & Sugars A showcase of fats and molasses/sugar products used in feed Advanced Liquid Feeds Ltd

eg TMR’s based on acidic silage and/or high starch content, spring

Advanced Liquid Feeds Ltd is

grazing etc. Energizer RP10 is also available in beaded form to facilitate

the UK market leader in blended

handling in the feed mill and inclusion in compound feed.

feed fats. From its inception, the

Azelis Animal Nutrition also offers a range of calcium soaps to

philosophy of Advanced Liquid

help increase energy density and subsequent animal performance.

Feeds Ltd (ALF) has been to drive

These can be added to both compound feed formulations or farm-

a feed fat business centred on high

prepared TMR’s.

quality, trusted products, top-level service and unrivalled technical

Monopropylene glycol (MPG), which is used as a readily

knowledge. Since joining the UM Group, our position as the UK market

absorbable energy source for pre- and post-partum ruminants, is also

leader has been strengthened even further by UM Group’s global

available. It can be supplied in both liquid (100%) and solid (60%)

logistics and market knowledge


We are committed to supplying the highest quality products at all

Azelis, Alexander House, Crown Gate, Runcorn, WA7 2UP, UK

times, in the most cost effective way. Our long established trading links

Tel: (+44) 07816 962409

and product expertise ensure Advanced Liquid Feeds is able to react


immediately to any change in customer and legislative requirements and the increasingly volatile fluctuations in vegetable oil markets. Our fully traceable feed fat blends, are all manufactured at our UM

ED&F Man Liquid Products

Group terminals in Hull under our FEMAS certification. Dedicated to

ED&F Man Liquid Products

serving the needs of our customers, Advanced Liquid Feeds continue

is the leading supplier of

to offer the complete package to suit feed manufacturers in all aspects

molasses based liquid

of their feed fat requirements.

p r o d u c t s t o the feed

Advanced Liquid Feeds Ltd

manufacturing industry,

Athel House

offering a range of product

167 Regent Road, Liverpool L20 8DD

options to suit individual

Tel 0151 955 4880 Fax 0151 955 4881

production needs. Whether you are looking for molasses as a raw


material ingredient of more specialist coating products, we can supply highly cost effective solutions to meet the ever increasing demands of our industry.


Molasses blends represent excellent value, especially as sugars Azelis Animal Nutrition

are now recognised as a key nutritional component of an effective

distributes the Energizer

ruminant ration, and are vital in producing good quality pellets. Recent

RP10 premium rumen

R&D work carried out by ED&F Man has highlighted the value of

protected fat produced

6-Carbon sugars in ruminant rations, especially in the area of improved

by IFFCO Malaysia from

fibre digestion. It is therefore important to look at maximising inclusions

refined, fully sustainable Malaysian palm oil sources and certified to the GMP+ quality assurance standard. Energizer RP10 is a pure 100% fat delivering both a high level of palmitic acid (C16, typically 88-92%) and the highest possible dietary

in compound feed formulations. The Millspec range offers cost effective options designed to supply high levels of nutrition with ease of handling to ensure high quality pellet production.

energy concentration. A white, free flowing flake, Energizer RP10

Molglo/Blendflo: The market leader in coating product

is both palatable and highly digestible, whilst its high melting point

technology, if one of our current range doesn’t fit the bill, we will work

ensures it remains rumen inert. It is therefore ideal for boosting both

together to produce a bespoke solution tailored to our customer’s

milk yield and butterfat concentration, helping farmers take advantage

specific needs.

of milk compositional quality premiums or avoid quality penalties. Its

ED&F Man can also offer bespoke products formulated to exactly

rumen stability means it is preferred over alternative protected fat

meet customers individual requirements.

sources where high levels of supplementation are required and in

dietary situations predisposing to low rumen pH or low milk fat content,

Page 48 March/April 2019 Feed Compounder

Trouw Nutrition

Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients (VWFI), a joint venture between Volac and Wilmar International Ltd, has introduced an extended range of feed fat supplements to complement the world-leading Megalac brand.

The Maxcare molassed mineral bucket range from Trouw Nutrition

Megalac has been manufactured for over 30 years in GB and is

has recently been reformulated. The Maxcare range of minerals is

the key brand in the ‘Mega’ range of feed fats from Volac and VWFI.

formulated to balance UK diets, using forage analysis averages from the

Megalac is a rumen-protected fat widely-proven to improve milk yield

Trouw Nutrition GB laboratory, ensuring that the mineral specifications

and cow fertility. It contains a good balance of both C16:0 and C18:1

are suitable for GB farmers. The Maxcare mineral buckets are suitable

fatty acids proven to aid milk production, fertility and maintain body

for all classes of livestock, especially suited to extensive systems

condition especially during early lactation.

where mineral buckets are a more convenient source of mineral supplementation compared to powdered minerals.

Introducing Mega-Max which was launched at Eurotier 2018. Mega-Max combines C16:0 & C18:1 fatty acids in the ratio determined

The cattle range includes: Cattle bucket for all cattle at grass –

to be most effective in the critical early lactation period to balance milk

Mag Phos for cows at grass, sucklers and heifers under extensive

production & body condition. In later lactation Mega-Max supplies 16:0

conditions – High Mag to reduce the risk of grass staggers in spring

to increase milk fat and can drive continued high milk yield. A one

and autumn – Dry cow (including Selko Optimin) to prepare cows for

product solution to fat supplementation for dairy farmers

the following lactation.

Additional key products within the range include the established

The sheep range includes: Sheep bucket for sheep all year round – Garlic for combatting fly pressure – High Mag Sheep to reduce the risk

novel high C16 products developed specifically by VWFI called MegaFat 88 and Mega-Fat Extra.

of grass staggers in spring and autumn – Protein Energy to support the

Mega-Fat 88 contains a high (88%) concentration of the active

ewe through critical stages – Breeding Ewe (including Selko Optimin)

C16 raw material known to increase milk fat %. The minimal proportion

to support immune status and breeding performance – Super Boost

of the lower melting point (‘softer’) fatty acids in the formulation,

Ewe (including Selko Optimin) to balance the ewe’s requirements pre-

produce a highly rumen-bypass product which can help improve

tupping and around lambing.

quality of compound feeds compared with other typical high-C16

Selko Optimin optimises the trace element delivery in the diet. For more details visit:

products.   Mega-Fat Extra is a further extension of the high-C16 range, containing a very high concentration (97%) of C16 to deliver the maximum proportion of the active fatty acid to stimulate milk fat

United Molasses United Molasses offers a range of molasses products developed

production and improved quality of high fat concentrate pellets.    Mega-Energy is an energy supplement with both C16:0 to increase milk fat and C18:0 as an energy source.

specifically to meet

For monogastrics, VWFI have introduced Mega-One, a solid

the diverse needs of

fat source of digestible triglycerides providing energy, together with

compound animal feed manufacturers. Our range consists of high

lecithin to promote better fat digestibility. High melting point fatty acids

energy liquids such as Feed Cane in addition to products with modified

improve meat quality.

flow characteristics such as Millflow to help ease any potential handling issues. We believe our product range allows us to offer a liquid that will fit every mill situation. At United Molasses we have also developed an extensive range of specialist coating products that includes our Molablend range which caters to the diverse needs of coarse mixes and blended feeds. These products supply all the nutritional benefits of molasses while also significantly enhancing the physical appearance of the finished mix. United Molasses GB Ltd

Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients Limited,

48 Gracechurch Street

50 Fishers Lane, Orwell,

London EC3V 0EJ

Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5XQ.

Tel +44 (0)151 955 4850


Fax +44 (0) 151 955 4860

T: 01223 208021


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Fats molasses & sugars  

Fats, molasses & sugar products used in animal feed

Fats molasses & sugars  

Fats, molasses & sugar products used in animal feed