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Feed Additives …


When Rovabio® Advance Phy was used on top, the cost of feed

Extracting the maximum

/ kg of broiler was decreased by 1.7%. However, the lowest cost of

value out of feed becomes

feed /kg of broiler was achieved by reducing diet specification and

a real priority to deal with

adding Rovabio® Advance Phy. In this case, the savings were reduced

when ingredient costs are

by 3.3% compared to a diet at optimal level without enzyme.

high. In this regard, enzymes play an important role. You can save


a few cents per ton of feed by not using enzymes, but in doing this

Sarah Davies – Adisseo

lose many dollars per ton of meat production.

sarah.davies@adisseo.com Websites: https://feedase.com / www.adisseo.com

BASF plc Utilize the full potential of your feed with enzymes from BASF The best feed can only do half the job if pigs and poultry aren`t able to digest the nutrients properly. The pioneering research of BASF animal nutrition can help: our thoroughly tested enzyme products support your animals to get more vitality and productivity out of less feed – and help farmers save To achieve the best cost savings without sacrificing performance, Adisseo recommends using Rovabio® Advance Phy. This enzyme

resources and money. BASF as a leading manufacturer of phytase and NSP enzymes offers the solutions to optimally utilize feed.

solution consists of the combination of a cocktail of 19 different

Natuphos E: Efficiency and stability

carbohydrases and phytase, which together deliver an average energy

The new generation phytase Natuphos® E ensures a very fast and

and amino acid uplift of 5%, as well as an improvement in phosphorus

efficient release of phytate-bound phosphorous and other valuable

and calcium digestibility. The most cost-efficient strategy is to use

nutrients. By using innovative hybrid technology BASF has been able

Rovabio® Advance Phy with its full matrix. Economic results of Rovabio®

to provide a multi-faceted enzyme molecule. Our new Natuphos E

Advance Phy were evaluated in a broiler trial run at Schohorst Research

enzyme technology results in unprecedented enzyme stability. This

Center (more information is available upon request), using current raw

feature combined with the optimum enzyme activity of Natuphos E

material prices. The enzyme was either used on top of a positive control

in its targeted pH range, allows the highly efficient decomposition

or added to a negative control (where nutritional specifications were

of anti-nutritive phytate in the very beginning of the digestive tract

decreased according to our recommended matrix).

and thus maximises the time available for the animal to absorb the nutrients that would otherwise remain bound to and complexed with


Enzyme (Rovabio®

Cost of feed in $/

phytate. Natuphos E ensures a very fast and efficient release of

Advance Phy)

kg liveweight

phytate-bound phosphorous, thus making it readily digestible for pigs

Positive control



& poultry. As a consequence of the breakdown of vegetable phytate,

Positive control



important minerals and trace elements, as well as amino acids and

Negative control



energy are made available to the animal, in addition to phosphorus.

Negative control



In a nutshell, the new phytase Natuphos® E unlocks vital nutrients

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with an unprecedented overall stability resulting in convincing economic

Value-add enzyme services

and environmental benefits.

Our online Optimize Feed™ Service is an easy-to-use tool that enables

Natugrain TS: Improved nutritional value Natugrain® TS, the feed enzyme product from BASF, contains the highly purified NSP-splitting enzymes endo-1,4-beta-xylanase and endo-1,4beta-glucanase. Due to well-balanced enzyme activities, Natugrain® TS is well suited to counteract the anti-nutritional effects from pentosans and beta-glucans that constitute the major part of NSPs in commonly used feed-stuffs. Natugrain® TS improves the nutritive value of diets containing NSP-rich components such as wheat, barley, rye, triticale, oat, sunflower, and a number of milling by-products. Trials have shown that Natugrain® TS can also be effective in corn / soy diets by releasing additional energy. All in all, Natugrain® TS supports a more sustainable livestock production by improving the digestibility of cereals. And from a technical point of view Natugrain convinces with its broad application range as well as with its outstanding stability during feed processing. PO Box 4, Earl Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle Cheshire SK8 6QG

customers to calculate the optimum dose of phytase needed to achieve the strongest performance benefits and cost savings. It uses accurate and well-researched matrix values based on substrate levels, animal species, diet variation and the age of the animal to maximize: • uptake of phosphorus and reduce the need for costly inorganic phosphorus supplementation • release of energy and amino acids by rapidly reducing the antinutritional effects of phytate, using extensive global data on raw material substrates. • It also helps you to establish the right dose of phytase to balance calcium and phosphorus levels, avoiding costly bone and metabolic disorders. For more information on our feed enzymes solutions, visit www.animalnutrition.dupont.com or https://www.dupontnutritionandbiosciences.com/product-range/animalfeed-enzymes.html Danisco Animal Nutrition, part of IFF

Tel : 01772 603119 E-mail : liz.cookson@basf.com Web : www.animal-nutrition.basf.com

Danisco Animal Nutrition For almost 30 years, we have helped animal producers resolve challenges and maximize the return on their feed investment. We achieve this by collaborating with them to deliver healthy nutrition solutions that optimize the utilization of nutrients and modulates microbial populations for the animals on the farm. Today the evolution continues as we discover ever more about how to deliver greater value to industry producers, helping

DSM Animal Nutrition & Health

them meet the world’s growing demand for quality animal protein.

The RONOZYME ® feed

Phytase solution

enzyme range from DSM

Our advanced, highly bio-efficaceous phytase solution - Axtra® PHY -

offers a comprehensive

enables you to minimize feed costs and maximize performance through

spectrum of enzyme

flexible, evidence-based dosing that varies according to diet, species

activities to increase feed ingredient nutrient digestibility resulting in

and animal age. Axtra® PHY is also supported by our proprietary

improved utilisation of feed. This assists in reducing feed costs and the

ThermoProtection Technology (TPT) to ensure maximum performance

environmental impact of rearing animals for food.

and ease of use at up to 95° C (203°F). The TPT coating also allows

The RONOZYME products are produced as unique free flowing,

rapid release of phytase in the upper part of the gut to achieve optimum

virtually dust free, thermostable granular forms, ensuring superior


handling characteristics and stability during feed manufacture.

Carbohydrase and protease solutions

In addition, RONOZYME® LIQUID BLENDS are available direct

Our position as the industry leader in feed enzymes originated from a

from DSM Heanor to meet the market need for post-pellet addition of

differentiated carbohydrase and protease portfolio based on xylanase,


amylase and protease just over 25 years ago. Today, our Axtra® XAP, Axtra® XB, Danisco Xylanase, and Avizyme® solutions deliver superior cost savings and performance benefits by

RONOZYME® WX is an outstanding xylanase with high affinity for both soluble and insoluble arabinoxylans and is the ideal product for wheat-based diets.

optimizing feed formulations and reducing the impact of feed variability

RONOZYME ® MultiGrain is an innovative thermostable

across different monogastric diets. These solutions also support gut

multicomponent carbohydrase with principal activities of xylanase,

health, minimizing the negative impact of indigestible substrates.

β-glucanase and cellulase. It is the enzyme of choice for diets

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consisting of barley to reduce gut viscosity and improve feed utilisation.

The dry WSP enzymes are commercially available under the brand names OptiPhos® WSP and Hostazym® X WSP and are packed

RONOZYME ® VP is a multi-enzyme complex containing

in 5 or 10 kg aluminium sealed bags (shipped as a box of 20kg).

β-glucanase, hemicellulase and a high level of pectinase activity. It

The production of the water soluble enzyme powders (Hostazym®

breaks down pectic substances and other Non-Starch Polysaccharides

X WSP and OptiPhos® WSP) is part of Huvepharma’s know-how

(NSPs) in vegetable proteins, increasing the availability of amino acids

and part of its core business: fermentation and product formulation.

and energy.

The Huvematic® equipment is built by an external company, on the

RONOZYME® ProAct is a mono-component protease enzyme

directions and guidelines of Huvepharma.

which increases digestibility of a broad range of feed protein sources

The success of the Huvematic® and WSP enzymes has created

and complements the performance of other endogenous and

the new standard on accurate application of liquid enzymes to

exogenous enzyme to offer feed cost savings, whilst maintaining broiler



For further information on the Huvematic and our enzymes, please

RONOZYME® HiPhos is a superior, high-performance phytase


effective at releasing bound phosphorus from phytic acid. This product

Claudia Broadhead on +44 (0) 7413294945

offers a cost saving solution as well as a reduced environmental

or at Claudia.Broadhead@huvepharma.com


Huvepharma NV


Uitbreidingstraat 80


RumiStar™ is a pure

Antwerp, Belgium

amylase which provides

Website: www.huvepharma.com

more starch energy to the animal and increases forage digestion. This helps farmers to achieve increased feed efficiency as a result of cows making better use of their total diet.


DSM Animal Nutrition & Health

A multi-fermentation enzyme system for modern diets

Dsm.com/anh Stay connected:

Please visit our online magazine – Dsm-feedback.dk/en/

KEMZYME® Plus is a synergistic multi-enzyme product, the only one registered in the EU containing five declared and quantified enzyme activities, which offers a wide range of benefits to poultry nutritionists. It

Huvepharma Huvepharma ’s Huvematic concept consists of the combination of

shows high affinity for various feed substrates as it supplies 3 different

instant water soluble enzyme powders (WSP) and the provision of

NSP-ases, a protease and an alpha-amylase, to maximize valuable

equipment to dose this powder into water to produce batches of 5 –

nutrient release.



15 litres of fresh liquid enzyme.

The combination of both fungal and bacterial enzymes enables an optimal activity throughout the entire GIT, resulting in increased starch, amino acid and protein digestibility and extra release of energy. KEMZYME® Plus offers reliable and well researched matrix values on crude protein (CP), amino acids (AAs) and apparent metabolizable energy (AME), obtained from various trials in broilers, turkeys and laying hens, ensuring consistent feed efficiency while saving up to €12/tonne in diet costs. It allows the flexibility of introducing alternative

Huvepharma’s R&D department, together with the technical enzyme

raw materials with a lower nutritional value and higher fiber content

team, has developed an innovative concept for the use of liquid

into your diets, reducing the dependency on corn, soybean meal and

enzymes: highly concentrated dry enzyme powders which dissolve

vegetable oil.

instantly in cold water. With these instantly soluble enzyme powders,

KEMZYME® Plus adds value to your diet with a profitable return

liquid enzymes can be formulated at the feed mill in any desired

on investment. As every enzyme activity is derived from non-GMO

amount and concentration. This eliminates the use of IBC containers

fermentation, KEMZYME® Plus can also be used in organic farming.

filled with liquid enzymes, as production of the liquid enzyme can take

For more information on KEMZYME® Plus please visit:

place at the site of use.


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