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Quantum® Blue is the proven solution Optimised for maximum phytate destruction, Quantum® Blue unlocks more value for your business than any other phytase.


Quantum® Blue offers a revolution in phytase performance

• Greater phosphorus release • Unrivalled intrinsic thermostability •3URYHQDGGLWLRQDOIH

Feed Additives … AB Vista

Find out more: E: T: +44 (0)1672 517664 W: a These enzymes works synergistically with different type of xylanases to efficiently degrade complex fiber structures in plant cell walls.

Quantum Blue superdosing and

Rovabio® Advance is now authorized in EU for broilers and turkeys

Econase XT to improve animal performance

and is available in different forms (powder at 50 g/t of feed or liquid at

Quantum Blue phytase superdosing has

100 to 200 ml/t) to fit various feed mill applications.

been in commercial use for several years.

With a potential to replace 3% of the AME, 3% of digestible amino

The goal of superdosing is to improve

acids and 3% of crude protein in feed, Rovabio® Advance offers the

animal performance by reducing the

possibility to decrease the feed cost by 12€ per ton of feed. In a feedmill

anti-nutritive effects of phytate through a

producing 100 000 t of broiler or turkey feed per year, Rovabio® Advance

higher dosage of Quantum Blue phytase than would be required for the

generates an extra margin of at least 30 000 € per year compared to old

expected mineral release.

generation NSP enzymes.

Superdosing can improve performance in both pigs and poultry,

Rovabio® Advance is now approved by E.U. for laying hens. With

and the majority of trials have been made with piglets and broilers.

this approval, the feedase is now authorized for all poultry species.

Subsequent trials have also shown performance improvements in

growing-finishing pigs.


More recently, positive results of Quantum Blue superdosing were seen under commercial conditions with broilers in the UK, corroborating


the international results in the scientific database. These commercial

Anpario’s enzyme solutions

results have shown improvements in animal performance (gain and FCR)

for feed cost saving  

and also better litter quality, leading to a reduction in pododermatitis.

Anpario has been providing

Enhancing nature through science™

A composite analysis of 10 broiler trials, performed in different

enzyme solutions for over 20

countries, testing the combination of Econase XT (an intrinsically

years with various products

thermostable xylanase product) and Quantum Blue superdosing,

available for different feed types

showed an improvement of 6 points in weight-corrected FCR when

and market requirements. The product range contains non starch

compared to birds that received diets with standard dose of phytase and

polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes and phytase, which constitute a unique

no xylanase. Improvements in litter quality and pododermatitis scores

combination of both carbohydrase and phytase to help degrade NSP and

seen under experimental conditions have subsequently been confirmed

phytate present in most plant based feed ingredients. Our combination

in commercial trials.

products allow the use of more economical or non-conventional feed

Both products can be applied either as dry products in the mixer or

ingredients at higher levels due to the enzymes action allowing more

as liquids after pelleting, and activity of each product in the feed can be

nutrients to be released. Degradation of dietary NSP and phytate, a

determined quickly by using ELISA technology.

known anti-nutritive factor, can allow significant improvements in gut

For further information, please contact: E:,

health and performance, reduce phosphorus and other nutrient excretion

T: +44 (0)1672 517664 W:

into the environment. Anpario’s enzymes takes into account the synergy between NSP enzymes and phytase and allow significant cost savings to be made on feed by improving gut health and nutrient availability in


the animal. Numerous trials at universities, private research sites and

Rovabio® Advance, the

commercial facilities world-wide have shown that using Anpario enzymes

only Feedase

and formulating the feed with the recommended matrix value, allowed

Thanks to an extensive

significant savings between on feed costs without impacting animal

program in enzyme


research and monogastric nutrition, Adisseo brings a revolution in feed

For further details on how Anpario enzyme products can help you save

digestibility with its new generation enzyme. Rovabio Advance improves

money in this difficult climate, contact us by email at

the digestibility of all nutrients in the feed whatever the type of diet, that’s

or call +44 (0)1909 537380 or see


why Adisseo experts present it as a ‘Feedase’. Robust testing across a variety of diets has shown that Rovabio®


Advance, the new enzyme launched by Adisseo, provides a 3 %

Azelis markets the proven

improvement of feed digestibility, leading to an increase of apparent

Amylofeed E1612 and

metabolizable energy (AME), digestible amino-acids (dAA) and all other

Endofeed DC E1601 fungal-

valuable nutrients, including phosphorus and calcium. These results

based enzymes from Andrés

are partly explained by the unique presence of arabinofuranosidases

Pintaluba S.A. to the pig and

(ABF), also known as disbranching enzymes, in Rovabio® Advance.

poultry feed trade in the UK.

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Amylofeed is a powdered concentrate for cereal-based piglet diets

BASF plc

incorporating ß-glucanase, ß-xylanase and α-amylase activity. It is unique

BASF is a leading manufacturer of phytase and NSP enzymes

within the EU as the only product registered for piglets containing high

Natugrain TS is the flexible NSP enzyme from BASF

amounts of amylase produced by fungal fermentation. Fungal enzymes

New approval for fattening pigs.

are compatible with the lower feed pH induced by the use or organic

High biological efficacy was one

acids in starter diets. Pintaluba trials demonstrate FCR improvements

of the most decisive factors in the

of up to 5% and piglet weight gain improvements of up to 10% following

development of Natugrain TS (TS =

inclusion of Amylofeed in the diet.

Thermo stable). Indeed its convincing

Endofeed DC is the dedicated enzyme product for broiler and layer

beneficial effects in the digestive tract

diets, where the dual β-glucanase and β-xylanase activities against

led to its two formulations, for 5 animal species groups being approved by

non-starch polysaccharides provide great flexibility in formulation as

the European Commission at one go.

cereal costs fluctuate. Endofeed promotes average daily liveweight gain

Available in both dry and liquid formulation Natugrain TS is approved

improvements of up to 15% in broilers and up to 10% higher egg weights

for broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks, piglets, fattening pigs & minor avian

in layers following enzyme inclusion.

species thus offering the feed producer greater flexibility and many

In addition to their core enzyme activities, both Amylofeed and Endofeed DC products have a range of ‘side activities’, including cellulases, hemicellulases, alpha-galactosidases and betamannanases.

advantages since one product can be used for almost all NSP – enzyme relevant diets. Natugrain TS contains the highly purified NSP – splitting enzymes endo-1,4-beta-xylanase and endo-1,4-beta-glucanase, thus allowing

Feed inclusion rate for Amylofeed is 500g/T of finished feed. Endofeed inclusion rate is 125g/T. Both products are packed in lined 25kg bags and have a 24-month shelf life. Azelis, Alexander House, Crown Gate, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 2UP Tel: +44 (0)1928 793090,,

the beneficial effects of NSP enzymes to be maximised across a broad range of cereal based diets. Natuphos: The proven Phytase with 20 years of experience Natuphos has never been satisfied with average. BASF has had excellent success in the exacting field of animal nutrition for 20 years. The ongoing


Dr. Rob ten Doeschate Technical Director EMEA, AB Vista

2(10%*#ˏ,$+/,$+.+1/ˏ!-1%2(!*5ˏ+"ˏ,$50/!/ˏ !/,%0!ˏ0$!.!ˏ!%*#ˏˏ#!*!.(ˏ +3*3. ˏ0.!* ˏ%*ˏ0$!ˏ#(+(ˏ,.%!ˏ+"ˏ,$+/,$0!ȑˏˏ.!!*0ˏ,.%!ˏ%*.!/!ˏ $/ˏ!),$/%/! ˏ0$!ˏ%),+.0*!ˏ+"ˏ!*/1.%*#ˏ0$0ˏ0$!ˏ,$+/,$+.+1/ˏ!-1%2(!*5ˏ+"ˏ,$50/!ˏ,.+ 10/ˏ%/ˏ +..!0(5ˏ,,(%! ˏ%*ˏ %!0ˏ"+.)1(0%+*/Ȑˏ ˏ $!*ˏ+),.%*#ˏ,$50/!ˏ,.+ 10/ˏ/! ˏ+*ˏ,1(%/$! ˏ*10.%!*0ˏ.!(!/!ˏ 0ˏ+.ˏ)0.%4ˏ%*"+.)0%+*ȑˏ%0ˏ%/ˏ 2!.5ˏ%),+.0*0ˏ0+ˏ+),.!ˏ(%'!ˏ"+.ˏ(%'!Ȑˏ$!ˏ-1!/0%+*ˏ%/ˏ$+3ˏ0+ˏ!*/1.!ˏ0$0ˏ5+1ˏ*ˏ"%.(5ˏ+),.!ˏ0$!ˏ ,$+/,$+.+1/ˏ!-1%2(!*5ˏ"+.ˏ!$ˏ#%2!*ˏ +/!ˏ+"ˏ %˚!.!*0ˏ,$50/!ˏ,.+ 10/ș The video is available to view by scanning this QR code or at


Feed Compounder May/June 2017 Page 39

further development of these products and their applications guarantees

Carbohydrase and protease solutions

their success.

Our position as the industry leader in feed enzymes originated from a

These developments in connection with Natuphos are • Additional phosphorus savings by means of increased new matrix

differentiated carbohydrase and protease portfolio based on xylanase, amylase and protease just over 25 years ago. Today, our Axtra® XAP, Axtra® XB, Danisco Xylanase, and Avizyme®

values • Improved utilization of organic zinc

solutions deliver superior cost savings and performance benefits by

• Enhanced protein and amino acid digestibility due to minimizing the

optimizing feed formulations and reducing the impact of feed variability across different monogastric diets. These solutions also support gut

anti-nutritive effects of phytate • New highly concentrated formulations As a consequence of the breakdown of vegetable phytate, important

health, minimizing the negative impact of indigestible substrates. Value-add enzyme services

minerals and trace elements, as well as protein and amino acids are made

Our online Optimize Feed™ Service is an easy-to-use tool that enables

available to the animal, in addition to phosphorus. Natuphos unlocks these

customers to calculate the optimum dose of phytase needed to achieve

natural resources and thus optimizes the profitability of feeds. Decades of practical experiences from around the world testify that the use of Natuphos accounts for numerous positive effects: • Natuphos is the most stable phytase product in premixes and basemixes • Natuphos unlocks additional nutritive reserves • Natuphos reduces the anti-nutritive effects of vegetable phytate • Natuphos helps to protect the environment due to reduced excretion of phosphorus • Natuphos is the most economical source of phosphorus Liquid enzyme application

the strongest performance benefits and cost savings. It uses accurate and well-researched matrix values based on substrate levels, animal species, diet variation and the age of the animal to maximize: • uptake of phosphorus and reduce the need for costly inorganic phosphorus supplementation • release of energy and amino acids by rapidly reducing the antinutritional effects of phytate, using extensive global data on raw material substrates. It also helps you to establish the right dose of phytase to balance calcium and phosphorus levels, avoiding costly bone and metabolic disorders. For more information on our feed enzymes solutions, visit

Natuphos 5000 Combi L - a cost efficient way to combine the benefits of or

Natuphos & Natugrain TS in a single product application

contact us on

In conjunction with its customers, BASF has developed a superior

Danisco Animal Nutrition is a business division of DuPont.

and reliable enzyme post pellet application approach for liquid enzymes. With the use of precise equipment, sophisticated process control and high quality installation, high dosing accuracy and minimal variation of enzyme is achieved in feed manufactured at high temperature. BASF plc, PO Box 4, Earl Road, Cheadle Hulme , Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 6QG

Tel: 01772 603119



Danisco Animal Nutrition

DSM Nutritional Products The RONOZYME ® feed enzyme range from DSM Nutritional Products offers a comprehensive spectrum of enzyme activities to increase feed ingredient nutrient digestibility resulting in improved utilisation of feed. This assists in reducing feed costs and the environmental impact of rearing animals for food.

For almost 30 years, we have helped

The RONOZYME products are produced as unique free flowing,

animal producers resolve challenges

virtually dust free, thermostable granular forms, ensuring superior

and maximize the return on their

handling characteristics and stability during feed manufacture.

feed investment. We achieve this by

In addition, RONOZYME® LIQUID BLENDS are available direct

collaborating with them to deliver healthy

from DSM Heanor to meet the market need for post-pellet addition of

nutrition solutions that optimize the


utilization of nutrients and modulates microbial populations for the animals on the farm. Today the evolution continues as we discover ever more about how to deliver greater value to industry producers, helping them meet

RONOZYME® WX is an outstanding xylanase with high affinity for both soluble and insoluble arabinoxylans and is the ideal product for wheatbased diets.

the world’s growing demand for quality animal protein.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain is an innovative thermostable multicomponent

Phytase solutions

carbohydrase with principal activities of xylanase, β-glucanase and

Our advanced, highly bio-efficaceous phytase solutions - Axtra® PHY

cellulase. It is the enzyme of choice for diets consisting of barley to

and Phyzyme® XP - enable you to minimize feed costs and maximize

reduce gut viscosity and improve feed utilisation.

performance through flexible, evidence-based dosing that varies according to diet, species and animal age. They are also supported by our proprietary ThermoProtection Technology (TPT) to ensure maximum performance and ease of use at up to 95° C (203°F). The TPT coating also allows rapid release of phytase in the upper part of the gut to achieve optimum bio-efficacy.

Page 40 May/June 2017 Feed Compounder

RONOZYME® VP is a multi-enzyme complex containing β-glucanase, hemicellulase and a high level of pectinase activity. It breaks down pectic substances and other Non-Starch Polysaccharides (NSPs) in vegetable proteins, increasing the availability of amino acids and energy. RONOZYME® ProAct is a mono-component protease enzyme which

For years, animal nutritionists have trusted Kemzyme to maximize the digesti That’s even more critical today when high and volatile feed costs make fl

cost-effective feed formulation. When you use Kemzyme, you know you ha complex substrates that ensures cost and performance fit together.

With DSM enzymes...

increases digestibility of a broad range of feed protein sources and

Tel: + 32 3 288 1849

complements the performance of other endogenous and exogenous

Fax: + 32 3 289 7845

enzyme to offer feed cost savings, whilst maintaining broiler



web: get more than you expect

RONOZYME® HiPhos is a superior, high-performance phytase effective at releasing bound phosphorus from phytic acid. This product offers a

To learn more about our complete solutions for complex local sales representative or visit

UK contact: Dr Angela Riemensperger Mobile: +353 87 104 2484

cost saving solution as well as a reduced environmental impact.



you wantwhich to increase digestibility of energy, protein or isWhether a pure amylase

phosphorus, there is a RONOZYME® enzyme to give you exceptional provides more starch energy


toperformance, the animal and backed increasesby the outstanding technical service and product

quality you can expect forage digestion. This helps from the world leaders in feed enzyme technology. Feed commonly added poultry diets counteract © Keminenzmyes Industries, Inc.are and its group of companies 2012. to All rights reserved. ® ™to Trademarks of Kemin the Industries, Inc., U.S.A. farmers to achieve increased feed efficiency as a result of cows making anti-nutritional effects caused by non-starch polysaccharides (NSP). better use of their total diet. KEMZYME® Plus dry is a multi-enzyme system with five declared

advert_Kemzyme_2013_Feed compounder.indd 1



Please visit our online magazine –

and quantified enzyme activities (four in the liquid version) that offers a wide range of benefits to poultry nutritionists. KEMZYME® Plus dry show high affinity for different feed substrates as it supplies both NSP-ases, protease and alpha-amylase to maximize valuable nutrients release. It contains fungal and bacterial enzymes which are active throughout the entire GIT. Every enzyme activity is derived from non-GMO fermentation


and can thus be used in organic farming. KEMZYME® Plus also has a

Fermentation specialists

reliable and well researched matrix value on crude protein (CP), amino

Huvepharma produce

acids (AAs) and apparent metabolisable energy (AME). This matrix was


obtained from different trials in broilers, turkeys and laying hens, so it



designated European-based manufacturing facility.

assures improved and consistent feed efficiency. The European Commission has published in their Official Journal

Hostazym X is predominantly an endo-1, 4-beta xylanase enzyme

(March 2017) the renewal of the authorisation of KEMZYME® Plus liquid

produced by solid state (surface) fermentation technology on wheat

which is valid for the next 10 years. The minimum activity of cellulase has

bran. As a result, Hostazym X also has significant side-chain activity

increased from 120 000 U/g to 310 000 U/g, which will result in a higher

from β-glucanase, cellulase, hemicellulase, protease and alpha-amylase

release of valuable nutrients entrapped by plant cell walls. KEMZYME®


Plus liquid is now authorised for all avian species.

The multiple enzyme activity means that Hostazym enzymes are not only suitable for wheat and barley based diets, but are also the enzymes

Figure 1. FCR and corresponding SEM for every treatment for the

of choice for diets which feature multiple NSP sources for inclusion in feed

starter period

for weaned and finishing pigs, broilers, turkeys and laying hens. OptiPhos is an E.coli 6 phytase enzyme which originated from Cornell University research. Since receiving European registration in early 2012, OptiPhos has been independently verified as the most effective phytase enzyme. The pH profile of OptiPhos makes it the most suitable for maximum activity in vivo (pH 2.0 - 4.5) as well as an extremely fast release of phytase phosphorus from feed. OptiPhos can be used in feeds for piglets, fattening pigs and sows, and broilers, turkeys, ducks, layers, other birds for fattening and other birds for laying (including game birds). Hostazym and OptiPhos enzymes are available in various concentrations, in both powder and liquid forms and at competitive

Values with different superscripts are significantly different (P < 0.05). Reported values are means of eight replicates.

prices. The recent introduction of water soluble formulations of Hostazym and OptiPhos mean that the powders can be used through Huvematic

SEM: standard error of the mean Kemin Internal Reference TL-17-00006

mixing equipment.

Tudor House, Hampton Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 6QD, UK

Liquid enzymes can be made fresh and to-order

on-site giving major savings on transport and disposal of IBCs, offering

Phone: +44 01704537702, Fax: +441704532401,

increased flexibility for the nutritionist/formulator.

Mobile: +44 7734108480

Huvepharma N.V.,


Uitbreidingstraat 80, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium


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Enzymes in animal feed

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