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COMPUTING Formulation, Process Control, Office/Mill Management Adifo Software


At Adifo, we believe that result-driven software solutions are the way

Allix Formulation Software

of the future. By combining our industry specific knowledge with a


relentless passion for innovation, we develop applications that transform

software editor

feed and food companies into profitable powerhouses. Our mission? To

specialising in

add value to nutrition industries. We do this by offering a unique range

the feed industry.

of industry-specific software tools for least cost formulation, quality data

Our solutions are mainly used by nutritionists, consultants, medium

management, ration calculation, cloud services and ERP.

and large feed producers, premixers and enzyme producers.



Allix Formulation Software adapts and understands each customer’s uniqueness and thus has been designed with various tools that adjust to your requirements. In order to make your formulation task as easy and comprehensible as possible, we offer multiple packages. Each package has been designed to adapt to the needs of your projects, so you can build your version of Allix by integrating the modules that you really need and thus have a 100% useful software. BESTMIX® Feed Formulation – created by Adifo software

Thanks to our Easy Switch Program we assist you in importing

– provides nutritionists in the feed, petfood, aquafeed and premix

your data from your former software into Allix, we reproduce the

industry with the ideal tool to create the best quality recipes at the

same export file that you have today and we provide full training and

lowest possible cost. The software makes it easy to manage accurate nutritional values, production parameters and recipe specifications, under any conditions and at any time. This means that you can instantly adapt to volatile material costs, ingredient stocks and purchasing positions. BESTMIX Feed Formulation effortlessly translates recipes into practical products, while always maintaining the highest standards in formulation, legal requirements and labelling. MILAS ® ERP – created by Adifo Software streamlines the purchasing, warehousing, sales and invoicing processes of companies active in the nutrition industry. Feed and food producing companies

support; that’s why our solutions are used nowadays in more than 70 countries around the world. For further information, please contact us. A-Systems Allix Formulation Software 143 bis, rue Yves le Coz 78000 Versailles France +33 (0)1 39 07 26 75 -

in particular can only thrive when their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is equipped to handle industry-specific tasks. Combining Adifo’s industry expertise with the immense power of Microsoft Dynamics, MILAS streamlines the complete organizational workflow of the nutritional supply chain: •

Procurement & Risk Management

Sales & Purchase Logistics

Advanced Sales Discounts & Charges

Purchase Landed Cost Calculation

Production Support

Recipe & Label Management

Binary Consultants The Deliberately Different Dynamics Partner

Binary Consultants are often described as a “Boutique Microsoft

Contact us for further information:

Dynamics Partner”, where “boutique” is a nice way of saying small!

It’s true that in the world of Tier 1 Enterprise Resource Planning

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Partners (that’s what we sell), we’d be one of the smallest with our team of 10!

At its heart CORE Mill uses innovative cost saving and process enhancing technology to meet the demands of doing business in the

You may know us as the authors of Feed Dynamics, a specialist

competitive environments of mill, feed, nutrition and Agri – trading

solution for the UK and Irish feed milling industry built on Microsoft

industries. Built for the industry, CORE Mill modules include full

Dynamics. But feed is just part of what we do. Binary is all about

ERP capability, financials, production control, formulation & labelling

delivering Microsoft Dynamics AX (now known as Dynamics 365 for

management, sales & procurement management, order prediction and

Finance and Operations). Our founders have fanatically delivered

batch traceability. The system interfaces with all primary production

Dynamics for our customers in diverse industries from FTSE-100

control systems and weighbridges. It handles multiple interfaces

Travel Companies to Specialist Greeting Card Manufactures; from

seamlessly, providing one system with one view for easy use with

Utility Infrastructure Providers to Wholesale FMCG Distributors. Why

performance measurement and management.

did any of them choose Binary someone as small as Binary?

Full live demo available by calling our teams

Simple: our honest and transparent approach to what are typically confusing and contractually complex projects. Our deep product

Ireland on +353 2541400 UK on 44 (0) 1473 744010.

knowledge combined with our practical “do it rather than talking about doing it” approach is something of an oddity in the enterprise software world but it’s an approach that has seen us secure projects with 10 customers, in 10 industries in the last 10 years. Several of these customers joined Binary after working with

Datastor Systems Limited Imperium PCS gives you the Power to Command & Control

another partner, deciding the “deliberately different” approach might be for them too. If you have or are considering Dynamics AX/Dynamics 365 then give us a call to see if we are different in the right way for you: +44 (0) 1423 223 511 or Chris Black ( or Andrew Birch (

Our latest Imperium PCS utilises the Microsoft SQL database environment thus all Process data is available to allow Downtime and OEE Dashboards along with KPI reporting, Die & Rolls Maintenance


plus a Comprehensive Audit Trail which surpasses the needs of the national guidelines for Feed Mills. Visualisation is a critical part of

CORE Mill: Cultura Technologies’ Next Generation Mill, Feed &

today’s Operational needs to allow the Mill staff and the Operation

Nutrition Management Software.

Manager to make informed decisions. Raw Material and finished product bag labelling a key part for today’s track & trace requirements. Easily configurable menus give you, the customer, the power at

CORE Mill is a suite of fully integrated modules and tools to help you to run an efficient and profitable Mill & Feed Business. CORE Mill ensures you can: 1.

Better understand, manage and service your customers and their needs.


Manage accuracy and traceability across your nutritional production processes

3. 4.

Control your stock, inventory & margins in real time Use cloud and mobile technology to improve your process flows and save both time and money


your fingertips to control what your Mill staff can view, modify, create, delete. We have built a strong reputation for software innovation, high quality system design and services, resulting in strengthening our offering to clients beyond control, with Business System solutions such as our MES/MOM layer. M.E.S Manufacturing Execution System M.O.M Manufacturing Operations Management and Finite Production planning with live progress of batching & Pelleting. Guardian 2 Preventative Maintenance Module.

Use your data model to make precise business decisions

Please call us or visit our new website at

in real time


Add new functionality as your business grows

Datastor Systems Limited,


Use role specific dashboards to ensure your internal KPI’s

Manchester Road,

and controls are effectively monitored

Congleton, Cheshire CW12 2HT

Run a multi-platform, multi-site operation on one single

Tel +44 (0) 1260 277025

source of data



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Fax +44 (0) 1260 270334

DSL Systems DSL System’s AutoPilot4Feed -The leading process control, planning and information system for feed mills, pet food plants and pre-mix plants AutoPilot4Feed is a control, planning and information system designed specifically for feed mills. AutoPilot4Feed is fully configurable and has modules for controlling all areas of a mill e.g. weighbridge, intake, blending, pellet pressing, extruder, out-loading, packing and warehouse. It may be used to control one area of a plant initially and then extended as circumstances permit. Alternatively, it can replace

AutoPilot4Feed runs on standard Windows PCs or Windows Server/Client architecture for larger systems. Hardware redundancy is built-in to minimise down time and provide maximum reliability. All data is stored in an open Microsoft SQL Server database for up to 7 years and integration is possible with many types of commercial systems. The intuitive user interface is designed for use on touch screens and works well on tablets. DSL Systems provides 24 hours / 7-day support for all its systems worldwide. For further information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Matthew Swallow. Tel: + 44 (0)115 981 3700 Email: Web:

an older control system software while retaining the existing electrical infrastructure due to its flexibility and modern architecture.

Feed Dynamics Microsoft Dynamic 365 ERP for Feed Mills

Feed Dynamics is system specifically built for (in fact born out of) a UK feed mill (it works in Ireland too!), built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Feed Dynamics is the bit built by Binary to take the extremely featureful but generic Dynamics 365 ERP and make it work for a feed mill. To do that we add features including: •

Raw Material Contracting & Position Analysis

Formulation Import (from all major formulation systems)

Screen shot of DSL’s OEE4Feed web-based mill performance

Raw Material Cost Sets and Advanced Margin Analysis

monitoring system

Full Product Labelling & Bulk Declaration Generation

Simplified Central Product Management

Graphical Map-based Transport Planning, Load Building

AutoPilot4Feed has many features built in to help optimise the mill and allow unmanned operation where possible. It also has advanced optional modules as follows: -

and Costing •

Plan4Feed – Visual production and truck scheduling system MRP4Feed – Material requirements planning and prediction system

Full Two-way Integration with Process Control Systems (DSL, Datastor & ICM)

Touch-screen Weighbridge module with integration to multiple brands of weigh head

with contract management OEE4Feed – Web based mill utilisation and performance


Feed Dynamics is more than just a software add-on to D365. It’s

Trace4Feed – Full lot traceability from raw material delivery to finished product to farm Preweigh4Feed – Supervised off line weighing of hand tip ingredients with barcode tracking for dispensaries

Mobile Apps for Sales Reps and Raw Material Buyers

the culmination of 16 years’ experience implementing and operating Microsoft Dynamics in the feed industry. Our customers have told us that when they buy Feed Dynamics from Binary, they are our buying our experience and understanding of the feed industry as much as they are buying the software. That’s why we’re proud that 3 feed mills went live

Assets4Feed – Mill maintenance scheduling and monitoring

with Feed Dynamics last year and another 3 have chosen us in 2020,


plus an upgrade for our oldest client, I’Anson Brothers.

Warehouse Stock Tracking – Barcode stock tracking system for

To find out a bit more about Feed Dynamics contact Chris Black (chris.

warehouses utilising tablets mounted on fork lift trucks and intelligent or Andrew Birch ( or call us on

wireless network

+44 (0) 1423 223 511.

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Primetics Ltd Striking a balance between making the best

large, to research, develop and practically apply the latest advances in smart manufacturing technology, industry best practice and production know-how. We directly help all sizes of companies become

use of mill production

more profitable through improvements to their ingredient handling

time, and the importance


of producing the exact

Process control and automation projects have now become an

(often custom), nutritional mix for customers, is one of the biggest

essential tool for implementing manufacturing process improvements.

challenges feed manufacturers face. In addition, complex legislation and

The better integrated your various production systems and departments

control, especially where feed is medicated, makes accurate recording

are, the smoother your business will run and the easier it will be to

and traceability essential. Software can support these challenges and

collect and analyse data for meaningful forecasting. Looking at your

others, to protect margins and provide the best value to customers.

business every day and assessing where you think it will be this time

Primetics (A Cultura Company), have been developing specialist

next year is vital to any companies strategic planning. Real-time data

feed management software solutions for over 20 years, and have a

is an essential tool to manage production, but only reliable, trustworthy

dedicated team to focus on feed sector specific challenges. Highly

historical data can give you confidence in the trends.

configurable, Gold Milling provides numerous productivity gains,

Partnering with Promtek for deeper integration of your various

streamlining processes across single and multiple sites. The end-to-end

production and financial systems will give you confidence and data to

management and control system ensures that all aspects of productivity

invest and drive efficient production of blends and formulas beyond

right through to distribution, as well as performance and improvements,

what a single control system can do on its own.

can be accurately monitored in real time.

We have a wealth of knowledge, experience and a deep

Gold Milling enables feed manufacturers to achieve total traceability

understanding of the specific challenges that Mill Managers have on

of all substances and easily track feed batches even after delivery.

a day to day basis. The Promtek team continue to innovate as we

Production down-time can be significantly reduced as feed orders can

take our existing customers and new customers on their unique smart

be broken down into individual ingredients and passed automatically to

manufacturing journeys.

the purchasing team. This also allows the effective management of long

Our customers say:

term purchasing and supply contracts as there is immediate visibility

“Promtek exceeded our expectations in the level of integration provided,

of recorded feed formulations for repeat production runs. Delivery of

this helped to analyse plant bottlenecks and make further changes to

raw materials can also be planned just-in-time to overcome storage

greatly improve the plant performance”


“We partnered with Promtek as they use the latest technology and are

Primetics feed software solutions ensure efficient stock control, contracting and purchasing processes, to enhance mill productivity and improve service to customers. Contact us to find out more. Contact details:

well known and long established” “We have a long-standing relationship with Promtek – they are our preferred supplier and their MES system has helped to optimise all aspects of our process”

Can Promtek Help You?

Rivington House, Drumhead Road,

• Deliver high returns on continuous performance improvements

Chorley Lancashire, PR6 7BX, UK

• Reduce your total annual cost of maintaining your production

+44 (0) 1257 279 811

systems • Increase throughput without increasing overheads or adding shifts • Increase productivity & efficiency with minimal operator

Promtek Limited


Smart Manufacturing - Contributing

Promtek Ltd,

value to any business

Fisher Street,

As we find ourselves with heightened

Brindley Ford,

market expectations, we believe this


will have a huge impact within the

Staffordshire, ST8 7QJ,

British and Irish feed and agricultural

United Kingdom

industries, but where there is change

t: +44 (0)1782 375600

there is opportunity.


Promtek work closely with feed mills on many projects, small or

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FARMER INSYLO allows you to control the level of the silos from your smartphone and alerts you when stocks are low.


25% reduction in CO2 emissions



100% reduction in manual labour

X !



Phone +44 (0) 1257 279811 ! Email Visit !

No more urgent orders.

Low cost device

Easy installation in 5 minutes

Zero maintenance !





25% reduction CO2 in logistics costs CO2



BeneďŹ ts

It also allowsCO2the sharing of information with customers about the stock levels and process the restocking orders automatically. CO2


No more inspection tasks.



Access your data anytime, anywhere with any device !

No risks of silo inspection



Instant warnings


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