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Products Influencing Feed Characteristics Performance,PSURYHG)&5DQGFRVWUHGXFWLRQ Flexibility (IĂ€FDFLRXVDFURVVDOOGLHWW\SHV


A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which Influence Feed Characteristics Including: (FRQDVH ÂŽ;7IURP$%9LVWDWKHOHDGHUVLQHQ]\PHLQQRYDWLRQ Mycotoxin Absorbents/Binders, Acidifiers, Preservatives, Acidity Regulators, Pellet Binders, Salmonella/Mould/Ammonia Control, Antioxidants etc.

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AB Vista

quality and protects the nutritional value of feed. Maxi-Mil solution

Ultrasorb R, S & P

contains a surfactant to reduce surface tension, allowing water to

The presence of mycotoxins in straights,

bind to feed particles, helping maintain moisture levels and reduce

manufactured feeds and forages has

shrinkage during cooling.

the potential to seriously effect on-farm

Maxi-Mil is applied using robust, reliable application technology

production. Yet within much of the

specified and installed by a dedicated global engineering team at

industry the threat is still overlooked,

Anitox. Maxi-Mil is backed by the R&D, service and support of global

and the role of mycotoxins in reducing

pathogen control specialist Anitox. As well as improving mill efficiency,

performance, health and fertility across all species continues to go

the complex blend of organic acids, surfactants and natural terpenes in

largely unrecognised.

Maxi-Mil mould control products helps inhibit mould growth, resulting in

Ultrasorb R (Ruminants), S (Swine) & P (Poultry) are the only

increased shelf life and optimising product performance and value. The

specie-specific in-feed mycotoxin solutions on the market, their

on-going benefits of Maxi-Mil are constantly supported by the Anitox

formulation is designed to be most effective at the pH typically found

expert team of milling technologists.

in each gastric tract of each different species.

Maxi-Mil can save an average 100,000t feed mill

In ruminants Ultrasorb R is formulated to target the main mycotoxins

ÂŁ90,000/â‚Ź110,000*pa. To find out how Maxi-Mil can improve the

of concern in dairy cows, by ‘opening up’ DON for deactivation in the

efficiency of your mill and the quality of your pellets go to www.anitox.

rumen. In contrast, Ultrasorb S & P for pigs and poultry respectively,


are formulated to operate in the highly acidic conditions of the stomach

*Based on research by the International Research Institute of

and tackle the particular mycotoxin threat faced by each species. As a

Feed Technology (IFF) in Braunschweig, Germany. Publication by

result, Ultrasorb has not only superseded the basic clay mineral-based


mycotoxin binders of the past, but also the older-style de-activators

For further information: Maria Walker, Anitox

formulated to work across all livestock species.

+44 1604 811228

With a low cost and suitable for inclusion during feed manufacture, in blends or even supplied as part of a mineral and vitamin premix, Ultrasorb makes it possible for many more livestock herds and flocks to be routinely protected against mycotoxin ingestion. With the threat from mycotoxin contamination of feeds unlikely to reduce any time soon, the benefits of a species-solution, in terms of improved livestock health and performance, are likely to be substantial.

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Anpario Anpario is an international producer and distributor of high performance natural feed additives for animal health, hygiene and nutrition. Anpario supplies its customers with quality assured products


manufactured in the United Kingdom and has an established global

AnitoxŽ Maxi-MilŽ – Making

sales and distribution network in over 70 countries, which includes a

better quality feeds more

number of wholly owned subsidiaries in the key markets around the


world. Anpario’s expertise is focused on intestinal health and nutrition

Latest Maxi-Mil results in

and utilizing this understanding to improve animal performance and

all its large-scale European mill trials in the first six months of 2017

producer profitability.

show consistently improved efficiency. Results from Italy and Hungary

Anpario’s organic acid, phytogenic and mineral-based additives

in particular showed throughput improvements of up to 25% while

are proven to improve feed quality, intestinal and animal health and

maintaining or improving PDI.

thus performance. The portfolio is divided into four product categories:

The unique formula of Maxi-Mil reduces process loss and drives up throughput, in turn cutting energy costs. It also improves pellet

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Eubiotics, Feed Security, Feed Quality and Nutritional.   The Eubiotic category includes a range of products that utilize

forward thinking technologies that will naturally support and maintain

BASF plc

animal gut health. Eubiotics make use of such ingredients as unique

BASF Organic Acids

carrier based carboxylic acids and natural plant extracts. The Feed


Quality category ensures optimum feed quality performance and contains products such as Enzymes, Anti-Oxidants & Pellet Binders. Strategies to counteract internal and external factors of feed that impact animal performance, the Feed Security category contains products such as Mycotoxin Binders, Insect Control, Water Sanitation and Hygiene. Finally, the Nutritional category contains dietary supplements formulated to support healthy animals and includes the Omega Fatty Acids range. For more information, please contact



production, the combination of organic acids and thermal feed treatment (pelleting, expanding etc), has proved successful in controlling salmonella and other pathogenic micro-organisms present in raw materials. Organic acids also ensure feed preservation (incl mould control), and provide protection from reinfection with Salmonella. BASF Organic Acids provide effective solutions for compound feed hygiene and preservation requirements. BASF produce Formic & Proprionic Acid. We offer these as single

AZELIS UK Ltd We offer a growing range of cost effective organic acid combinations and mycotoxin binders, expertly formulated to deliver highly effective solutions for influencing quality of feed and livestock health. Daamould® - prevents the growth of moulds in raw materials and processed feed. It also reduces the amount of free water by binding it, making the moisture inaccessible for moulds. Long term activity ensured even after heating. Dosage level per tonne is in the range of 0.5-4kg depending on moisture content. Daasal® - controls Entero bacteria in raw materials and processed feed for pigs and poultry. Very effective at both lowering the pH

acids and as blends formulated to ensure cost effective Salmonella protection and feed preservation. The full BASF organic acid range is available in both pure acid and buffered form. BASF Organic Acid Portfolio Pure Acid

Buffered Acid

Amasil 85

Amasil NA


Lupro-Cid NA


Lupro-Mix NA



Further support for customers is offered by BASF field engineers, who can provide installation, calibration & servicing expertise for mill application systems.

level and attacking gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella in raw

Novasil Plus

material and processed feeds. Long term activity is ensured even after

Of the known mycotoxins, for dairy cattle, aflatoxin B1 is particularly

heating and is therefore suited to addition during the feed production

relevant, as it passes to the cow’s milk in its modified form, aflatoxin M1.

process. Dosage level per tonne is in the range of 1-3kg for finished feed and 1-4kg for raw materials.

Both these aflatoxins are carcinogenic. In the EU there are therefore, maximum limits for these aflatoxins in feed and milk.

Daacid® - a safe, non-corrosive acidifier that can be used in feed

An aflatoxin binder such as Novasil Plus can greatly reduce the

for piglets to support digestion. Reduces the buffer capacity of the

absorption of aflatoxin B1. Novasil Plus is an indigestible calcium

feed, thus maintains its acidifying abilities in the stomach. This supports

bentonite clay that has excellent binding properties. Compared to

an increased availability of digestive enzymes, improves digestion of

other types of aflatoxin binder, the binding activity of Novasil Plus is

nutrients and hence less substrate for pathogenic bacteria growth like Salmonella and E.coli. Dosage levels per tonne of feed is in the range of 1-5kg depending on growth stage and whether liquid or dry dosage.

very reliable and independent of the pH value in the digestive tract, with the added advantage that it does not bind valuable nutrients, thus preserving the nutritional value of the feed.

andSORB – Range of Mycotoxin binders to reduce the negative effects

BASF plc,

of Mycotoxins in feed. Azelis offer a range of Mycotoxin binders for

PO Box 4,

different species.

Earl Road,

Contact us to find out more about these products and our growing

Cheadle Hulme,

range of acids and mycotoxin binders.


Contact: Ruth Carter

Cheshire SK8 6QG

Tel: 01928 793084

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DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd VevoVitall

Kaesler Nutrition GmbH


Tasty feed ensures constant feed intake

The powerful antimicrobial

Piglets experience a lot of stress in the time around weaning. The


effects of VevoVitall can

loss of the familiar environment, the change from milk to solid feed

help to improve feed quality

and a new group situation are inevitable. It is important to keep this

leading to improved intakes and superior performance. Lowering the pathogenic bacteria loading in the animal will increase the amount of nutrients available for growth and performance as well as reducing the incidence of digestive upsets and the need for medication.

stress to a minimum in order to avoid adverse effects upon further development. Using flavours can be helpful in this case as they ensure a high degree of palatability of the feed and stimulate feed intake.


VevoVitall is the active form of sodium benzoate, a widely used preservative in human food applications. It acts to regulate the growth of yeast and bacteria by effectively reducing pH in the gastro-intestinal tract and cytoplasm of pathogenic micro-organisms. This results in death of the micro-organism due to disruption in their internal metabolism and external environment. Trials comparing the antimicrobial activities of organic acids on Escherichia coli show how effective benzoic acid is at regulating intestinal microflora.

% of Escherichia coli 0.96 growth



80 Formic ac 60

Malic ac Lactic ac Phosphoric ac Citric ac


Fumaric ac

The right flavour for all ages Studies have shown that adding the same flavour to the feed pre- and post-weaning shortens the time before the piglets start eating the new feed. A further advantage in the

20 Benzoic ac Sorbic ac

0 0








Time (min)

administration of the same flavour before and after weaning is that the piglets suffer less stress on the day of weaning (Oostindjer, M. et al. (2011)).

Pig producers face many challenges in producing the optimal

Piglets react more sensitively to differences in feed than older

finished pig efficiently whilst meeting the ever increasing regulatory

pigs, meaning that feed quality and taste are of particular importance

and environmental demands placed upon them. These factors, together

during this stage of life. They prefer sweet and milky flavours that

with the pressure to reduce the use of medicinal products, has led to

remind them of mother’s milk.

the increased use of alternative products to improve or maintain feed quality. The most important factor when choosing an alternative is that it has proven effects and is able to deliver consistent cost effective benefit. Pressure to reduce copper levels in feed for piglets up to 12 weeks is a major issue. Trials have shown that Vevovitall is capable of significantly improving growth rates, feed intake and feed conversion in reduced copper diets.

However, with increasing age, the flavour preferences change. The preference for sweetness decreases and shifts to fruity flavours, corresponding to those they would find in nature. The older the animals get, the more they prefer spicy flavours. Cuxarom offers a wide range of specific flavour blends that cater for pigs of every age group and ensure a constant feed intake.


VevoVitall contains 99.9% technically pure benzoic acid and is authorised as a zootechnical feed additive for pigs from weaning


to slaughter. This authorisation proves the

Due to their negative impact on health and food safety, pathogenic

efficacy and safety of the product and provides

bacteria such as salmonella pose one of the most significant biological

confidence that the user can expect a consistent

hazards in the production of animal feed and raw materials. The

cost effective benefit.

hardy nature and ubiquitous presence of Salmonella means that it is

DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd Tel: 01773 536500


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a constant threat when preventing contamination and recontamination in animal feed. The bacteria can also produce disease and are liable

to cause infection if not controlled correctly. While utilising a heating process as a kill step is efficient at decontamination it does not prevent recontamination. Upon leaving the heat treatment process material begins to cool down and immediately


becomes vulnerable to recontamination further in the production ™

process. This recontamination can occur at any point from the feed mill to farm despite disinfection and cleaning practices that are put in place.

For years, animal havenew trusted KemzymeSalCurb to maximize To solves thisnutritionists issue; Kemin’s antimicrobial Ba the digestion of a wide variety of substrates. That’siseven more critical today when high and volatile feed costs make flexibility critical to maintaining a Liquid a powerful antimicrobial-preservative designed to prevent

APPROVED ZOOTECHNICAL To learn more about our complete solutions for complex substrates, contact your local sales representative or visit ADDITIVE, d/s>zddZ൶͊

cost-effectiveand feed formulation. When youfeed useand Kemzyme, you know you have chosen a complete solution for contamination recontamination in animal raw materials. SalCurb Liquid is athat synergistic blend preservatives, surfactants complexBasubstrates ensures costofand performance fit together. and corrosion inhibitors that have a broad spectrum of activity and high efficacy in the treatment of pathogenic bacteria.

SalCurb Ba Liquid can be applied as a straight product or it can be

diluted into water to create a solution. The surfactant based technology

within the product breaks down the surface area of liquids allowing the

organic acids to distribute freely throughout the feed material, ensuring a homogenous spread of SalCurb Ba Liquid to maximise efficacy.

For more information contact

© Kemin Industries, Inc. and its group of companies 2012. All rights reserved. ® ™ Trademarks of Kemin Industries, Inc., U.S.A.

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NUTRIAD Global climate change could drive increase mycotoxin challenges Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to have a permanent impact on the climate. It is believed that the average temperature on Earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 °C over the past 100 years. Favourable temperature and water activity are crucial for mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxin production. Fungi produce many mycotoxins in feed grains and their products. Mycotoxins are a group of highly toxic secondary metabolites of


the fungi produced under certain environmental conditions like floods or drought. The diseases or physiological abnormalities resulting, due to ingestion of mycotoxins, are known as “mycotoxicosis”. Nevertheless, mycotoxins can be neutralized by mycotoxin deactivators. These products are mixed into finished feeds and work strictly in vivo which means they will not counteract nor mask mycotoxin in stored feed or

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raw ingredients. These products deactivate the toxins directly in the

Trouw Nutrition GB

gastrointestinal tract of animals, based either on adsorption of those mycotoxins with suitably located polar functional groups, or biological degradation (bio-inactivation). UNIKE ® and TOXY-NIL ® product ranges produced and distributed by NUTRIAD, offer feed additives that protect animals from mycotoxicoses by adsorption, bio-inactivation, organ, immune

Quality, characteristics and nutritional value of manufactured feed are

and antioxidant system support and represent an optimal solution for

vulnerable. At Trouw Nutrition GB we provide effective solutions for

mycotoxin management for farm animals. It is highly recommended to

many problems which can lead to degradation of feed quality. Our

apply an effective mycotoxin deactivator which offers an opportunity

product range, which is supported by a team of dedicated technical

to significantly improve animal health, performance, productivity and

and sales specialists, includes the following:

profit that can be impaired by mycotoxins. Depending on the target performance, different mycotoxins will have different effects on the productivity. Therefore, using different products for different animal groups becomes a rational trend. Find out more at

THE FYLAX PORTFOLIO: contains organic acids which effectively eliminate moulds, maintain nutrient value and prolong the shelf life of feed and raw materials. Surfactants within Fylax allow for improved moisture optimisation and feed mill efficiency. There are a wide range of products within the mould control portfolio, most of which are non-corrosive buffered suitable for both raw materials and compound feed.

Orffa AmmoMIN to reduce footpad lesions and improve performance of broilers Orffa develops, customizes, sources and offers feed additives and feed additive concepts for the animal nutrition market. The unique combination of our brands Top Select and our speciality range Excentials, as well as the branded ingredient portfolio Elovitals, allows Orffa to create, select and deliver feed additive solutions to fit the customer’s individual requirements. One of the examples of the products in the Orffa Top Select range is AmmoMIN. This Clinoptilolite clay is used in broiler feeds to reduce footpad lesions. Footpad lesions are caused by wet litter and they reduce mobility of the birds, thereby affecting performance. Clinoptilolite reduces footpad lesions by binding water. This increases dry matter content of the faeces and in that way reduces wet litter. Next to this, clinoptilolite also binds surplus

THE FYSAL PORTFOLIO: contains organic acids and effectively targets enterobacteria, such as Salmonella, in raw materials and compound feed, helping to maintain hygienic conditions in feed mill production systems and farms. Fysal can be used to help with biosecurity as part of a feed safety programme. THE TOXO PORTFOLIO: these mycotoxin binders are composed of a smectite clay binder and inactive yeast cell wall components. The portfolio of products has a varying scope of action for both ruminant and monogastric species. SELKO BE+: aims to preserve and maintain the nutritional value of liquid feed. Both co-products and complete liquid feed can contain high numbers of microorganisms which can have a negative effect on animal performance. The mixture of organic acids and surfactants in Selko BE+ are formulated to control yeasts, moulds and enterobacteria. This provides optimal feed hygiene, not only extending shelf life but also preserving nutritional values and improving digestion and intestinal health.

ammonia in the gastro intestinal

PRESAN: the range contains Presan FX for pigs and Presan FY for

tract. This relieves the burden on the liver regarding detoxification of

poultry. Presan contains a blend of phenolic compounds, slow release

the ammonia. In trials with broilers, the positive effects of clinoptilolites

C12, butyrates, MCFA’s and organic acids which aim to stabilise gut

on better litter quality and fewer problems with footpad lesions are

microbiota and boost gut barrier function. This integrated approach

shown. In a practical trial, AmmoMIN (clinoptilolite of sedimentary

is designed to improve animal performance and maintain the health

origin) was dosed on top of a commercial diet to reduce problems with

status of animals.

wet litter and the risk for footpad lesions. The use of AmmoMIN and

For more information, please contact the Feed Additives Team at

the energy and nutrient dilution of the feed resulted in similar growth


parameters to the control group. Significantly fewer footpad lesions

Tim Carter, Feed Additives Manager, Trouw Nutrition GB

were observed by the supplementation of AmmoMIN.

Tel: 01335 341189 / 07831 166941

Engineering feed solutions – done by dedicated experts

Find your Orffa specialist at

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Products Influencing Feed Characteristics  

A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which Influence Feed Characteristics Including: Mycotoxin Absorbents/Binders, Acidifiers, Pre...

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