Products Influencing Feed Characteristics

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Products Influencing Feed Characteristics ADISSEO

in feed and food, an effective bacterial decontaminating agent is

Adisseo Mycotoxin Management

fundamental for livestock feed production.

Nutritionists are good at

Salgard SW is a key product in Anpario’s Acid Based Eubiotic

creating the best possible

(ABE) range and is comprised of a unique blend of active ingredients

diet, using only the best

developed to help reduce the microbial load of raw materials

raw materials. However,

during feed processing, but also to help protect finished feed from

what they can’t control is what happened before receiving the raw

recontamination during delivery and storage on farm, thus helping to

materials. What were the conditions out in the field or during storage?

maintain shelf life and palatability. It supports biosecurity practises

Mycotoxins can be present and have a huge impact on the health and

throughout the whole of the supply chain, including at the feed mill

development of animals. Adisseo is a leading expert in controlling molds

where it can be incorporated into flush procedures and routine spot

and mycotoxins in animal feed and raw materials. Adisseo offers a

treatment to minimise presence of potentially pathogenic bacteria.

complete range of EU-approved and hands-on solutions for a diversity

Salgard SW helps to protect raw materials and finished feed

of animal species and situations. These include UNIKE PLUS, TOXY-

against contamination from bacteria which can post a serious hazard

NIL® and MOLD-NIL®. These solutions have been tested extensively and

and persist for long periods of time in a wide range of materials.

have proven their reliability. Additionally, Adisseo supports its customers

Primarily developed to protect against Salmonella contamination,

with mycotoxin analytical services, providing accurate information on field

Salgard SW has also been shown to be effective against E. coli,

status which - in combination with the MYCOMAN app - means that

Campylobacter and Shigella.



you can make the right choice of product and product dosage quickly

Salgard SW provides a superior, cost-effective, low inclusion tool

and effectively, supporting customers in protecting their animals and

for ensuring optimal raw material and feed biosecurity, offering both

achieving higher performance.

feed producers and farmers confidence in feed hygiene throughout

Good health and proper functioning of the organ systems is key

the supply chain.

for profitable animal production. This is especially critical for breeding

For more information please visit or email sales@

animals, which are affected more severely by mycotoxins in feed,

compared to finishing animals. With UNIKE®PLUS good health and maximum performance, even of the most sensitive animals, is assured.


UNIKE PLUS benefits:

Azelis Organic Acids Range


 Best solution against broad-spectrum mycotoxin contamination

The control of detrimental moulds and bacteria in the feed and

in feed  Supports optimal functioning of the immune, reproductive,

agricultural industry is critical as they

antioxidant, and digestive systems under commercial conditions

threaten not only livestock health,

 Allows liver, GIT, kidneys, and other organs to function without

performance and productivity but can also lead to contamination in the food chain threatening human

interference from toxins  Sustains high levels of poultry fertility and overall performance Contact: John Dunne or Sarah Davies Email:


health. The use of organic acids is well established and can play an important role in contributing to environmental hygiene by helping to protect feed and raw materials from microbial and fungal deterioration.


Azelis now offers a range of organic acid formulations for the GB

With mounting pressure

feed market on behalf of Swedish organic acid producer Perstorp,



whose expertise in this area has led to their innovative and highly

authorities, customers and

effective range of organic acid based products. Research and field

supermarkets to achieve

trials have shown their products to have a standout position across

hygiene standards similar

the areas of feed preservation, feed acidification and feed hygiene.

to human food production

The Perstorp range offered by Azelis includes:

and to impose a zero-tolerance policy on salmonella contamination

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• ProPhorce™ SA Range dedicated to pathogen mitigation in

feedstuffs, ingredients and finished feeds • ProPhorce™ PH & AC Ranges designed to improve animal welfare and performance.



• ProPhorce™ Water Solutions Range; using organic acids in water is an easy and well-established method to help preserve water quality and safeguard animal performance. • ProSid™ MI 700 maximum grain protection • ProMyr™ TMR protecting nutritional value of TMR on farm Azelis Natural Minerals Range Azelis offers a range of natural minerals for the UK and Irish feed sector on behalf of Imerys. The range includes: • SmectAgri®, a bentonite solution authorised for use as both pellet binder and mycotoxin (Aflatoxin) binder. • Diamol®, a unique diatomaceous earth type known as moler, used as a natural carrier and anticaking agent. It helps feed and premix producers improve flowability and homogeneity of ingredient inputs and formulations. Diatomaceous earth is a natural mineral and its physical characteristics offer high effective free flow as an anticaking agent and high absorption as a carrier for liquids, oils and fats. E-mail Azelis Animal Nutrition at: or call +44 1928 793090 for further information.

Biochem B.I.O.Tox Activ8® – it’s time to detox Successfully binding

Contact: KůŝǀĞƌ ĂŝŕĞƌͲ^ŵŝƚŚ dĞĐŚŶŝĐĂů ^ĂůĞƐ DĂŶĂŕĞƌ ĂŝŕĞƌͲ^ŵŝƚŚΛďŝŽĐŚĞŵ͘ŶĞƚ DŽďŝůĞ͗ нϰϰϳϳϮϮ ϬϭϵϳϮϳ

the mycotoxin DON is a challenge due to the special molecular properties of the mycotoxin. This is particularly difficult in high pH environments, such as that of the small intestine, where mycotoxin damage can result in cytotoxic effects on cells and result in reductions in growth performance or fertility issues. B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 is the result of a careful selection of different raw materials, their further processing, extensive testing and the


perfect ratio of the single ingredients. The well-balanced composition of mineral binding agents is able to bind all currently relevant

džĐĞůůĞŶƚ ďŝŽĂǀĂŝůĂďŝůŝƚLJ ĚƵĞ ƚŽ ƐŵĂƌƚ ĐŽŵďŝŶĂƟŽŶ

mycotoxins, including DON.

of metals and glycine

Like all the other members of the B.I.O.Tox® family B.I.O.Tox®

Safe trace mineral supply for high-performance animals

Activ8 starts to work immediately after uptake; important for DON


as first serum levels are seen 20 minutes after ingestion. B.I.O.Tox®

Successfully tested in various animal species

Activ8 contains additional phytogenic components to support metabolism and oxidative stress caused by mycotoxin damage. Altogether B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 is a valuable building block in a smart mycotoxin management, which is one essential point in stabilizing gut integrity and animal health. Contact: Oliver Caiger-Smith Technical Sales Manager Email:

Feed Safety for Food Safety®

Mobile: +447722 019727

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BIOMIN (part of DSM)



Know your Carbon footprint


Accelerating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide have created elevated concerns about the effects of climate change and The Mycofix® portfolio of feed additives represents the most state-of-

the impact of GHGs on the planet. In 2015, the United Nations (UN)

the-art solution for protecting animal health by deactivating mycotoxins

adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals aimed at restoring and

that contaminate farm animal feed. Its safety and efficacy are proven

promoting social, economic and environmental sustainability. Goal

by 7 EU authorizations for substances that deactivate mycotoxins,

13 – “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.”

this makes it completely unique in the market place.

– emphasizes that actions need to be integrated into national policies,

Mycofix® Plus 5.E unites three strategies to combat mycotoxins using patented proprietary technology, making it the most scientifically advanced mycotoxin protection available: • Adsorption – a blend of minerals selectively binds aflatoxins and other absorbable toxins

strategies and planning. Identifying measures to reduce on-farm emissions contributes to this goal. Kemin, Dow and Adesco jointly conducted a gate-to-gate life cycle assessment study to investigate the GHG emissions in CO2-eq of barley and wheat using three different methods of grain storage:

• Biotransformation - A unique combination of patented specific

aeration, drying and preservative addition. The results from this study

enzymes and biological components converts mycotoxins into

demonstrate that drying and aerating grain create a bigger carbon

non-toxic, environmentally-safe metabolites in the digestive

footprint than treating grains with Myco CURB ES Liquid. Offering the

tract of animals, before they are absorbed in the GIT, therefore

industry an immediate, significant and practical means to reduce the

preventing their deleterious effects on animal health and

carbon footprint of grain processing and feed production.


• Bioprotection - the Biomin® Bioprotection Mix in Mycofix® Plus 5.E supports proper liver and immune system function. It also prevents gut leakage, supporting the intestinal barrier function of the animal *Mycofix ® Plus 5.E contains the only EU authorized feed additives proven to adsorb or to biotransform mycotoxins into nontoxic metabolites. (Regulation No 1016/2013, No 1060/2013, No 1115/2014, No 2017/913 and No 2017/930) Furthermore, Mycofix® Plus 5.E protects against a weakened immune system and lower performance caused by endotoxins, even in the presence of adsorbable mycotoxins such as aflatoxins. Mycofix® can be incorporated into feed or premix and is available in a range of formulations to best support customers’ needs. For more information on Mycofix® in the UK and Ireland, please contact Dr Sarah Vermont:

Orffa Clay mineral with unique properties to bind ammonia in the gut Formulating a commercial animal diet with 100% protein digestibility is not practically possible as there is always an undigested part. Ammonia is produced when this undigested protein is fermented in the large intestine. Ammonia is an unwanted substance which is harmful for intestinal health. It can induce diarrhoea, footpad lesions and infections. As a result animal performance is reduced. When excreted in high concentrations, ammonia can also affect the health of staff, cause detrimental effects on environment such as acidification, eutrophication, and contribution to air pollution. Being a clay mineral, AmmoMIN can play a role in reducing the harmful effects of ammonia. This improves animal health and performance. AmmoMIN is a natural sedimentary clay mineral: clinoptilolite.


Clay minerals are inert raw materials that bind toxic substances in

Telephone +44(0)7889 627409

the intestinal tract. The crystalline honey comb structure with 3D

framework of clinoptilolite is negatively charged and bind positively


charged cations like ammonia (Figure 1). Due to small pores, the

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binding of large molecules such as vitamins and minerals, does not

Trouw Nutrition


Trouw Nutrition’s feed safety programme is designed to ensure feed safety for a profitable business looking at the whole production chain. As public awareness for feed and food safety increases so does the consumer demand for safe products. Trouw Nutrition can help you improve feed safety through our 5 point action plan. 1. Mill – Identifying critical control points throughout the whole mill can help to determine key areas where feed safety can be improved

Figure 1. Clinoptilolite structure – its high cation exchange capacity

whether it be raw material or finished feed.

bind ammonium By binding ammonia, negative effects on gut health may be

2. Audit – Taking samples from key points throughout the process will give a wider picture of the company’s overall microbial blueprint and

reduced, therefore the intestinal function is maintained and feed digestion is increased. Inclusion of 1% AmmoMIN in the diet resulted in improved health (reduced wet droppings and footpad lesions)

moisture profile. 3. Laboratory – Analysis of both audit and routine samples to determine moisture profile, microbial and mycotoxin levels in feed is carried out

and performance of broilers (Table 1). Similar responses in growth performance have been found in fattening pigs (reduced FCR by -0.9% (2.605 vs 2.581 kg/kg)) compared to a control.

at the Trouw Nutrition laboratories. 4. Solutions – Trouw Nutrition offer a range of solutions depending on the needs of the customer. Fylax® – An organic acid blend specifically developed to

Table 1. Zootechnical performance and footpad lesion score of

compensate moisture loss during processing and improve feed

broilers receiving AmmoMIN from 0-35 days

mill efficiency while reducing the risk of moulds.



Fysal® – An organic acid blend specifically developed to reduce

Final body weight, kg



Salmonella (re) contamination risk in vegetable and protein

Total feed intake, kg




Feed conversion ratio, kg/kg



TOXO® - A broad-spectrum smectite clay mycotoxin binder that



binds mycotoxins and mitigates animal performance impairment

Footpad lesion score*, day 35



caused by exposure to mycotoxins.

*score 0-3 (0 = no lesiosn, 3 = deep lesions, necrosis). Rows with superscripts (a,b) are significantly different (p<0.05).

5. Equipment – Our dedicated feed additives engineer can offer advice and installation of automated dosing equipment, for in mill moisture

Next to the positive effects on animal health and performance,

management and the treatment of raw materials and finished feed.

AmmoMIN is used as pellet binder, reducing electricity usage and

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Feed

improving pellet hardness, and as an inert carrier for premixes and

Additives Team. Trouw Nutrition, Blenheim House, Blenheim Road,


Ashbourne DE6 1HA



Tel: +44(0)1335 341102


Broad spectrum solution for mycotoxin management TOXIN PLUS

5 COMPONENT MYCOTOXIN PROTECTION Hepatoprotector/Intestinal integrity Preservative/mould reduction THREE BINDERS Wide spectrum absorption


Sam Phelps Technical Commercial Manager +44 7761 758284

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