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Products Influencing Feed Characteristics A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which Influence Feed Characteristics Including: Mycotoxin Absorbents/Binders, Acidifiers, Preservatives, Acidity Regulators, Pellet Binders, Salmonella/Mould/Ammonia Control, Antioxidants etc.



Adisseo Mycotoxin Management

Finio™ is unique; the only

Nutritionists are good at

pathogen control solution

creating the best possible

available to EU feed

diet, using only the best

producers to provide the

raw materials. However,

highest level of pathogen

what they can’t control is

control and protection against recontamination for 14 days post-

what happened before receiving the raw materials. What were the

application. That’s long enough to ensure rations can be fed with

conditions out in the field or during storage? Mycotoxins can be present

confidence, free from harmful pathogens including Salmonella spp., E.

and have a huge impact on the health and development of animals.

coli, Clostridium spp., Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp. and

Adisseo is a leading expert in controlling molds and mycotoxins in

moulds at the point of consumption.

animal feed and raw materials. Adisseo offers a complete range of

Ensuring feed is free from pathogens at the point of consumption

EU-approved and hands-on solutions for a diversity of animal species

works to protect the salmonella-free status of flocks and outgoing food

and situations. These include UNIKE® PLUS, TOXY-NIL® and MOLD-

products for human consumption. And because pathogen load control is

NIL . These solutions have been tested extensively and have proven

key to feed efficiency, Finio helps maximize the nutritional value of diets

their reliability. Additionally, Adisseo supports its customers with

to improve feed conversion rates and decrease mortality, especially in

mycotoxin analytical services, providing accurate information on field

early life stages.


status which - in combination with the MYCOMAN app - means that

With feed so critical to production efficiency, feed producers across

you can make the right choice of product and product dosage quickly

the globe turn to Anitox for support with milling efficiency and feed form

and effectively, supporting customers in protecting their animals and

quality. Anitox’s Maxi-Mil solution cuts the cost of producing feed by

achieving higher performance.

reducing process loss and driving-up throughput, in turn cutting energy


Good health and proper functioning of the organ systems is key for profitable animal production. This is especially critical for breeding animals, which are affected more severely by mycotoxins in feed, compared to finishing animals. With UNIKE®PLUS good health and maximum performance,

costs. It also improves pellet quality and protects the nutritional value of feed. Both Finio and Maxi-Mil are applied using robust, reliable application technology specified and installed by a dedicated global engineering team, and backed by analytics driven through its innovative Anitox

even of the most sensitive animals, is assured.

INSIGHT™ portal.

UNIKE® PLUS benefits:

To learn more about how Anitox partners with the world’s food producers

 Best solution against broad-spectrum mycotoxin contamination in feed

to develop & deliver innovative programs that efficiently produce safer food, please call 01604 811228 or visit www.anitox.com

 Supports optimal functioning of the immune, reproductive, antioxidant, and digestive systems under commercial



The primary objective in

 Allows liver, GIT, kidneys, and other organs to function without interference from toxins  Sustains high levels of poultry fertility and overall performance Contact: John Dunne - john.dunne@adisseo.com Mob: +44 7794 579 447 Websites: www.adisseo.com

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feed mill manufacturing is to produce pellets of high nutritional and physical quality - efficiently. Mastercube, produced by Anpario, is a low inclusion, urea-free pellet binder formulated from Polysaccharide gums and Calcium Sulfate. • Multipurpose pellet improver - enhances pellet quality and thus

supports livestock feed intake and performance. • Polysaccharide gums are natural plant extracts which - rapidly

Azelis can also offer the option to test antioxidants in the customer matrix to optimise performance vs cost.

bind feed mix into a flexible matrix to reduce die friction and allow

E-mail Azelis Animal Nutrition at: nutrition@azelis.co.uk


or call +44 1928 793090 for further information.

• Calcium sulphate improves pellet durability, helps to reduce fines and ensures pellets are capable of withstanding pressures exerted in feed delivery and auger systems. • Reducing fines protects against nutrient losses throughout the production process, particularly of valuable vitamins and minerals. It also ensures conditioners and pellet coolers remain biosecure and reduces dust migration throughout the feed mill. • Trials show that Mastercube is more effective compared to synthetic gums in terms of improved energy usage, reduced fines and increased pellet durability. What makes Mastercube different to other pellet binders? Whilst many pellet binders and improvers share similar benefits when used during feed manufacture and these are well understood, Mastercube provides a unique difference. Due to its innovative formulation, these benefits are seen even at a low inclusion. This not only makes Mastercube a highly cost effective pellet improver but it also provides more flexibility in terms of the feed formulation by releasing nutritional space. For more information on Mastercube, please visit www.anpario.com or email sales@anpario.com.

Biochem B.I.O.Tox Activ8® – it’s time to detox Successfully binding the mycotoxin DON is a challenge due to the special molecular properties of the mycotoxin. This is particularly difficult in high pH environments, such as that of the small intestine, where mycotoxin damage can result in cytotoxic effects on cells and result in reductions in growth performance or fertility issues. B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 is the result of a careful selection of different raw materials, their further processing, extensive testing and the perfect ratio of the single ingredients. The well-balanced composition of mineral binding agents is able to bind all currently relevant mycotoxins, including DON. Like all the other members of the B.I.O.Tox® family B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 starts to work immediately after uptake; important for DON as first serum levels are seen 20 minutes after ingestion. B.I.O.Tox® Activ8 contains additional phytogenic components to support metabolism and


oxidative stress caused by mycotoxin damage. Altogether B.I.O.Tox®

Azelis continues to increase its “Naturals”

Activ8 is a valuable building block in a smart mycotoxin management,

portfolio range.

which is one essential point in stabilizing gut integrity and animal health.

This includes the Oxabiol range of ®

Contact: Oliver Caiger-Smith Technical Sales Manager

natural and semi-natural antioxidants.

Email: Caiger-Smith@biochem.net

In presence of light, heat and humidity, finished product or raw materials containing fatty acid compounds can

Mobile: +447722 019727

react to form peroxides. This leads to loss of quality and organoleptic alterations, which can cause nutritional issues and decrease shelf life. Antioxidants therefore play a crucial role in limiting these problems. There is increasing demand for sustainable, safe and natural alternatives because legislative issues mean certain traditional synthetic antioxidants are being withdrawn from use. The Oxabiol® range includes 100% natural mixed tocopherols, which are derived from soybean oil and contain alpha, beta, gamma and delta-tocopherol antioxidant forms. It is the delta-tocopherol form that has the greatest antioxidant effect. The products contain a minimum of 18% delta -tocopherol, 55% of gamma and beta-tocopherol and a minimum 5% alpha. As a result these products are highly effective at protecting fatty compounds against oxidation.

DSM Nutritional Products Ltd ®


The powerful antimicrobial effects of VevoVitall® can help to improve feed quality leading to improved intakes and superior performance. Lowering the pathogenic bacteria loading in both the feed and the animal will increase the amount of nutrients available for growth and performance as well as reducing the incidence of digestive upsets and the need for medication. VevoVitall® is the active form of sodium benzoate, a widely used preservative in human food applications. It acts to regulate the growth of yeast and bacteria by effectively reducing pH in the gastrointestinal tract and cytoplasm of pathogenic micro-organisms. This results in death of the micro-organism due to disruption of their internal

The product range also includes Oxabiol blends, which can be ®

100% natural or semi-natural blends.

metabolism and external environment. Trials comparing the antimicrobial activities of organic acids

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on Escherichia coli show how effective benzoic acid is at regulating intestinal microflora.

and Europe, with consistent and effective results. The range also includes options designed for whole wheat treatment, helping producers stay in line with the new Red Tractor guidelines. Other Kemin solutions are available to help control

0.96 growth


C ontrol

Supported by a wide technical and engineering team, Sal CURB

80 Formic ac

% of Escherichia coli


M alic ac Lactic ac Phos phoric ac C itric ac


Fumaric ac

20 0

Salmonella on farm and in the animal.

B enzoic ac S orbic ac 0








Time ( min)

can be applied directly to feed as a straight product, or mixed into water to create a solution. The surfactant technology within Sal CURB breaks down the surface area of liquids, allowing the active ingredients to be distributed very evenly throughout the feed, ensuring a homogenous spread of Sal CURB and even protection. 34 Botanic Road, Churchtown, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 7NG

Pig producers face many challenges in producing the optimal

Mobile: +44 7487555764

finished pig efficiently whilst meeting the ever increasing regulatory

Email: Jody.Shaw@kemin.com

and environmental demands placed upon them. These factors,

Website: www.kemin.com

together with the pressure to reduce the use of medicinal products, has led to the increased use of alternative products to improve or maintain feed quality. The most important factor when choosing an alternative is that it has proven effects and is able to deliver consistent cost-effective benefit. VevoVitall® contains 99.9% technically pure benzoic acid and is authorised as a zootechnical feed additive for pigs from weaning to slaughter and for sows. This authorisation proves the efficacy and safety of the product and provides confidence that the user can expect a consistent cost effective benefit.

protection There are many valuable nutrients in compound feeds (feed fats, carotenoids, vitamins and many more) that react spontaneously to oxygen by forming free radicals. Fats turn rancid and vitamins lose their activity. Protecting feed components is thus vital for maintaining the quality of the Successfully ward off free radicals: Loxidan provides targeted


Loxidan: Premium feedstuffs deserve the best possible


DSM Nutritional Products Ltd Stay connected:

Kaesler Nutrition GmbH

Please visit our online magazine – Dsm-feedback.dk/en/

protection of lipids and other nutrients sensitive to oxidation. 50 years of know-how in research and development behind Loxidan blends has led to the selection of finely balanced ingredients. Higher levels of efficacy are achieved than with comparable individual substances. This synergistic effect is also available on a 100% natural basis!


Oxidation occurs unnoticed everywhere and all the time. The

Sal CURB® – A Proven Alternative to Formaldehyde

storability of compound feed is decreased and the nutritional value

As we all know, the

reduced. Using Loxidan right from the start supports compound feed

European decision to ban

quality and ensures a long product shelf life. Not every antioxidant is

the use of formaldehyde

equally effective in every feed matrix, but has its own field of activity.

based products in animal

This need is met through an extensive portfolio of Loxidan products for

feed came into force late 2017. Given the ubiquitous presence and

different fields of application. Liquid Loxidan products protect valuable

hardy nature of Salmoenlla, Producers are now forced to look for an

fats of vegetable and animal origin and offal. Powder formulations are

alternative solution for feed safety and hygiene.

added to premixes or directly to compound feed. All formulations are

The antimicrobial Sal CURB® range of products from Kemin –

ready to use and available from 25 kg units up to bulk units (barrels,

based on a synergistic blend of powerful compounds, surfactants, and

IBC, big bags). The manufacturing of antioxidant blends is subject

corrosion inhibitors well known for their ability to kill Salmonella – are

to the controls of the strict quality criteria ISO 9001:2015, FamiQS,

a proven alternative to formaldehyde.

and GMP+.

Even before the ban, alternative Sal CURB solutions were being applied successfully to high profile feed producers throughout the UK

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Loxidan: • 50 years of experience in effective antioxidant blends

• Individual solutions for different feed matrices

Please contact one of our specialists for more information about the

• Natural & synthetic blends available

benchmark study or visit our website.

Our Sales Team is available at all times to provide you with further

Orffa Additives, Vierlinghstraat 51, 4251 LC Werkendam, The



Kaesler Nutrition GmbH

Telephone number: +32 3 369 02 23

Zeppelinstr. 3, 27472 Cuxhaven, Germany

E-mail: rijsselaere@orffa.com

Phone: +49 (0)4721 - 5904 0

Website Orffa: https://www.orffa.com/

E-Mail: press@kaesler.de


Web: https://www.kaesler.de


Orffa Benchmark study of 30 commercial mycotoxin binders & in vivo validation of Orffa’s best binding mycotoxin mixture, Excential

Trouw Nutrition

Toxin Plus For more than 10 years, Orffa has been working on a complete mycotoxin management system, tailored to the co-occurrence of multiple mycotoxins in feedstuffs, and reducing the negative impact on the health status of production animals such as ruminants, poultry and pigs. Multiple in vitro trials were performed to assess the binding capacity of single ingredients which formed the basis for the development of a commercial preparation, Excential Toxin Plus, consisting of 5 synergistically working ingredients. Excential Toxin Plus was subsequently benchmarked against 30 commercially available mycotoxin binders (including 8 premium global brands) for binding capacity and biotransformation of 12 most pronounced mycotoxins. The in vitro experiments were designed in close collaboration with MYTOX and executed by the Centre of Excellence in Mycotoxicology and Public Health (Ghent University, Belgium). Results indicated that there are clear differences between commercially available mycotoxin binders and that Excential Toxin

Trouw Nutrition’s feed safety programme is designed to ensure feed safety for a profitable business looking at the whole production chain. As public awareness for feed and food safety increases so does the consumer demand for safe products. Trouw Nutrition can help you improve feed safety through our 5 point action plan. 1. Mill – Identifying critical control points throughout the whole mill can help to determine key areas where feed safety can be improved whether it be raw material or finished feed. 2. Audit – Taking samples from key points throughout the process will give a wider picture of the company’s overall microbial blueprint and moisture profile. 3. Laboratory – Analysis of both audit and routine samples to determine moisture profile, microbial and mycotoxin levels in feed is carried out at the Trouw Nutrition laboratories. 4. Solutions – Trouw Nutrition offer a range of solutions depending on the needs of the customer.

Plus could match the results of the best products in the market.

Fylax® – An organic acid blend specifically developed to

Moreover, some mycotoxins are difficult to bind (e.g. trichothecenes)

compensate moisture loss during processing and improve

and other defence mechanisms should be considered such as intestinal

feed mill efficiency while reducing the risk of moulds.

integrity support and mould inhibition. DON has been reported to affect

Fysal® – An organic acid blend specifically developed to

the small intestine by reducing the villus height and increasing the

reduce Salmonella (re) contamination risk in vegetable and

permeability resulting in decreased nutrient uptake.

protein meals.

Excential Toxin Plus was recently tested in vivo in broilers and

TOXO® - A broad-spectrum smectite clay mycotoxin binder

laying hens in the African countries Senegal and Togo, respectively.

that binds mycotoxins and mitigates animal performance

The incorporation of the additive at standard preventive dosage in the

impairment caused by exposure to mycotoxins.

broiler diet resulted in a beneficial effect on performance. In the laying

5. Equipment – Our dedicated feed additives engineer can offer

hens, the additive was able to positively influence the feed conversion

advice and installation of automated dosing equipment, for in mill

rate, the egg production rate and support the egg weight and this

moisture management and the treatment of raw materials and

was in a mycotoxin contaminated diet. The positive effect was more

finished feed.

pronounced in older birds. Excential Toxin Plus, manufactured by Orffa, is being sold and

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Feed Additives Team.

marketed on a global level, and combines three binders with the activity

Trouw Nutrition, Blenheim House, Blenheim Road

of an intestinal integrity support component and a mould inhibitor to

Ashbourne DE6 1HA

offer a complete solution.


+44(0)1335 341102

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Products Influencing Feed Characteristics  

A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which Influence Feed Characteristics Including: Mycotoxin Absorbents/Binders, Acidifiers, Pre...

Products Influencing Feed Characteristics  

A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which Influence Feed Characteristics Including: Mycotoxin Absorbents/Binders, Acidifiers, Pre...