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Products Influencing Feed Characteristics Performance,PSURYHG)&5DQGFRVWUHGXFWLRQ Flexibility (IĂ€FDFLRXVDFURVVDOOGLHWW\SHV


A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which Influence Feed Characteristics Including: (FRQDVH ÂŽ;7IURP$%9LVWDWKHOHDGHUVLQHQ]\PHLQQRYDWLRQ Mycotoxin Absorbents/Binders, Acidifiers, Preservatives, Acidity Regulators, Pellet Binders, Salmonella/Mould/Ammonia Control, Antioxidants etc.

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pellet quality and prevents valuable nutrients being lost as fines. Maxi-

Ultrasorb is a range of mycotoxin de-

Mil contains a surfactant to reduce surface tension, allowing for better

activators that are uniquely species-

penetration of moisture through feed particles, reducing shrinkage

specific, having been formulated to more

during cooling and therefore the need to add compensatory moisture

accurately target the differing mycotoxin

into the ration. Maxi-Mil is applied using robust, reliable application technology

threats and digestive physiology in

installed and maintained by a dedicated global engineering team at

poultry, swine and ruminants.

Anitox. Maxi-Mil is backed by the research and development, service

Ultrasorb P (poultry), Ultrasorb S (swine) and Ultrasorb R (ruminants) are all based on the highly effective

and support of global pathogen control specialist Anitox. As well as

original Ultrasorb mycotoxin de-activator, and were developed following

improving mill efficiency, the blend of organic acids, surfactants and

extensive research into the differing mycotoxin loads and challenges

natural terpenes in Maxi-Mil products helps inhibit mould growth,

faced by individual species, as well as the conditions under which

resulting in increased shelf life and optimising product performance

mycotoxin de-activator activity is optimised.

and value. In addition to engineering support, Maxi-Mil installations are

For example, a study of UK silage samples (taken from the clamp face) detected mycotoxins in 90% of maize silages (more than half

supported by Anitox’s expert team of milling technologists, ensuring the benefits of Maxi-Mil are felt continuously post-installation.

containing multiple mycotoxins), 66% of wholecrop cereal silages and

Maxi-Mil can save an average 100,000t feed mill ÂŁ90,000/â‚Ź110,000*pa.

71% of total mixed rations (TMR). No mycotoxins were found in the

To find out how Maxi-Mil can improve the efficiency of your mill and the

grass silage samples tested.

quality of your pellets go to

Analysis of feeds and feed ingredients from across Europe, the

*Based on research by the International Research Institute of Feed

Middle East and Russia has highlighted the presence of mycotoxins

Technology (IFF) in Braunschweig, Germany. Publication by IFF

in more than 90% of samples tested, some at levels in excess of 900


ppb (parts per billion).

Further information about Maxi-Mil:

The Ultrasorb range acts to render these mycotoxins inactive or +44 1604 811228

unavailable, resulting in benefits that can include: increased feed intake, feed efficiency and livestock performance, as well as better immune function and improved fertility. Ultrasorb can be included during compound feed and blend manufacture, incorporated in ruminant TMRs, added to wet feed systems for swine, supplied as part of a mineral / vitamin premix or even applied as a top-dressing onto feed.

Tel: 02894 473478

Anpario Anpario is an international producer and distributor of high performance natural feed additives for animal health, hygiene and nutrition. Anpario supplies


its customers with quality assured products manufactured in the

AnitoxŽ Maxi-MilŽ – Making

United Kingdom and has an established global sales and distribution

better quality feeds more

network in over 70 countries, which includes a number of wholly owned


subsidiaries in the key markets around the world. Anpario’s expertise is

Results from large-scale

focused on intestinal health and nutrition and utilizing this understanding

European pellet mill trials in 2017 show consistently improved

to improve animal performance and producer profitability.

production efficiency with Maxi-Mil. Results from Italy and Hungary

Anpario’s organic acid, phytogenic and mineral-based additives

showed throughput improvements of up to 25% with improved or

are proven to improve feed quality, intestinal and animal health and

maintained pellet quality.

thus performance. The portfolio is divided into four product categories:

The unique formula of Maxi-Mil can reduce process loss and drive increased throughput, in turn cutting energy costs. It also improves

Eubiotics, Feed Security, Feed Quality and Nutritional.   The Eubiotic category includes a range of products that utilize

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forward thinking technologies that will naturally support and maintain

BASF plc

animal gut health. Eubiotics make use of such ingredients as unique

BASF Organic Acids

carrier based carboxylic acids and natural plant extracts. The Feed


Quality category ensures optimum feed quality performance and contains products such as Enzymes, Anti-Oxidants & Pellet Binders. Strategies to counteract internal and external factors of feed that impact animal performance, the Feed Security category contains products such as Mycotoxin Binders, Insect Control, Water Sanitation and Hygiene. Finally, the Nutritional category contains dietary supplements formulated to support healthy animals and includes the Omega Fatty Acids range. For more information, please contact



production, the combination of organic acids and thermal feed treatment (pelleting, expanding etc), has proved successful in controlling salmonella and other pathogenic micro-organisms present in raw materials. Organic acids also ensure feed preservation (incl mould control), and provide protection from reinfection with Salmonella. BASF Organic Acids provide effective solutions for compound feed hygiene and preservation requirements. BASF produce Formic & Proprionic Acid. We offer these as single

AZELIS UK Ltd We offer a growing range of cost effective organic acid combinations and mycotoxin binders, expertly formulated to deliver highly effective solutions for influencing quality of feed and livestock health. Daamould® - prevents the growth of moulds in raw materials and processed feed. It also reduces the amount of free water by binding it, making the moisture inaccessible for moulds. Long term activity ensured even after heating. Dosage level per tonne is in the range of 0.5-4kg depending on moisture content. Daasal® - controls Entero bacteria in raw materials and processed feed for pigs and poultry. Very effective at both lowering the pH

acids and as blends formulated to ensure cost effective Salmonella protection and feed preservation. The full BASF organic acid range is available in both pure acid and buffered form. BASF Organic Acid Portfolio Pure Acid

Buffered Acid

Amasil 85

Amasil NA


Lupro-Cid NA


Lupro-Mix NA



Further support for customers is offered by BASF field engineers, who can provide installation, calibration & servicing expertise for mill application systems.

level and attacking gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella in raw

Novasil Plus

material and processed feeds. Long term activity is ensured even after

Of the known mycotoxins, for dairy cattle, aflatoxin B1 is particularly

heating and is therefore suited to addition during the feed production

relevant, as it passes to the cow’s milk in its modified form, aflatoxin M1.

process. Dosage level per tonne is in the range of 1-3kg for finished feed and 1-4kg for raw materials.

Both these aflatoxins are carcinogenic. In the EU there are therefore, maximum limits for these aflatoxins in feed and milk.

Daacid® - a safe, non-corrosive acidifier that can be used in feed

An aflatoxin binder such as Novasil Plus can greatly reduce the

for piglets to support digestion. Reduces the buffer capacity of the

absorption of aflatoxin B1. Novasil Plus is an indigestible calcium

feed, thus maintains its acidifying abilities in the stomach. This supports

bentonite clay that has excellent binding properties. Compared to

an increased availability of digestive enzymes, improves digestion of

other types of aflatoxin binder, the binding activity of Novasil Plus is

nutrients and hence less substrate for pathogenic bacteria growth like Salmonella and E.coli. Dosage levels per tonne of feed is in the range of 1-5kg depending on growth stage and whether liquid or dry dosage.

very reliable and independent of the pH value in the digestive tract, with the added advantage that it does not bind valuable nutrients, thus preserving the nutritional value of the feed.

andSORB – Range of Mycotoxin binders to reduce the negative effects

BASF plc,

of Mycotoxins in feed. Azelis offer a range of Mycotoxin binders for

PO Box 4,

different species.

Earl Road,

Contact us to find out more about these products and our growing

Cheadle Hulme,

range of acids and mycotoxin binders.


Contact: Ruth Carter

Cheshire SK8 6QG

Tel: 01928 793084

Tel : 01772 603119


e-mail :

web :

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on Escherichia coli show how effective benzoic acid is at regulating


intestinal microflora.

mycotoxin binding For more than 30 years, the

additives, including mycotoxin binders, for animal nutrition. Following extensive laboratory tests, Biochem has advanced the formulation of its B.I.O.Tox® product range to significantly increase its effectiveness. To avoid risks for the animal, the use of a high-quality toxin binder is recommended, because toxic metabolites of fungi have a high potential to impair animal performance. As animals are not exposed to only one

0.96 growth

has been developing feed


C ontrol

80 Formic ac 60

% of Escherichia coli

German company Biochem

M alic ac Lactic ac Phos phoric ac C itric ac


Fumaric ac

20 0

mycotoxin, but to several toxins at the same time, the risk of negative

B enzoic ac S orbic ac 0








Time ( min)

impacts can be increased due to multiplying effects. For this reason, a high quality mycotoxin binder should be able to deal with a multi-toxin contamination - not just with one or two mycotoxins. A broad spectrum

Pig producers face many challenges in producing the optimal

of mycotoxin binding is a key characteristic of Biochem’s B.I.O.Tox®

finished pig efficiently whilst meeting the ever increasing regulatory

range. B.I.O.Tox enters the digestive tract of animals through feed

and environmental demands placed upon them. These factors, together

intake, where it irreversibly binds the various mycotoxins and reduces

with the pressure to reduce the use of medicinal products, has led to

or prevents resorption. Polar and non-polar mycotoxins accumulate

the increased use of alternative products to improve or maintain feed

on the surface of the toxin binder (adsorption) and are eliminated as

quality. The most important factor when choosing an alternative is that

a complex (adsorbate) in the excreta. Recent studies demonstrated

it has proven effects and is able to deliver consistent cost-effective

that B.I.O.Tox® products have a very high binding affinity to various




polar and less polar mycotoxins. Depending on the level of mycotoxin

VevoVitall contains 99.9% technically

contamination in the feed, Biochem mycotoxin binders can reduce the

pure benzoic acid and is authorised as a

harmful effects of toxins and prevent performance loss. Biochem offers

zootechnical feed additive for pigs from weaning

needs based products for the animal feed industry (B.I.O.Tox® Z) as

to slaughter and for sows. This authorisation

well as for farm level (B.I.O.Tox® Farm).

proves the efficacy and safety of the product and


provides confidence that the user can expect a

Oliver Caiger-Smith Technical Sales Manager

consistent cost effective benefit.


DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd

Mobile: +447722 019727

Tel: 01773 536500 E-mail:

DSM Nutritional Products (UK) Ltd VevoVitall VevoVitall


Kaesler Nutrition GmbH


The powerful antimicrobial ®

effects of VevoVitall can help to improve feed quality leading to improved intakes and superior performance. Lowering the pathogenic bacteria loading in both the feed and the animal will increase the amount of nutrients available for growth and performance as well as reducing the incidence of digestive upsets and the need for medication. ®

VevoVitall is the active form of sodium benzoate, a widely used preservative in human food applications. It acts to regulate the growth of yeast and bacteria by effectively reducing pH in the gastrointestinal tract and cytoplasm of pathogenic micro-organisms. This results in death of the micro-organism due to disruption of their internal metabolism and external environment. Trials comparing the antimicrobial activities of organic acids

Loxidan: Premium feedstuffs deserve the best possible protection There are many valuable nutrients in compound feeds



carotenoids, vitamins and many more) that react spontaneously to oxygen by forming free radicals. Fats turn rancid and vitamins lose their activity. Protecting feed components is thus vital for maintaining the quality of the feed. Successfully ward off free radicals: Loxidan provides targeted protection of lipids and other nutrients sensitive to oxidation. 50 years of know-how in research and development behind Loxidan blends has led to the selection of finely balanced ingredients. Higher levels of efficacy are achieved than with comparable individual substances. This synergistic effect is also available on a 100% natural basis!

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Oxidation occurs unnoticed everywhere and all the time. The


storability of compound feed is decreased and the nutritional value

Superior feed quality

reduced. Using Loxidan right from the start supports compound feed

is an essential milestone

quality and ensures a long product shelf life. Not every antioxidant is

towards optimised animal

equally effective in every feed matrix, but has its own field of activity.

performance. The choice of

This need is met through an extensive portfolio of Loxidan products for

raw materials and especially

different fields of application. Liquid Loxidan products protect valuable fats

their chemical and microbiological quality are key to produce safe and

of vegetable and animal origin and offal. Powder formulations are added

high-quality feed. NUTRIAD developed a no nonsense anti-oxidant and

to premixes or directly to compound feed. All formulations are ready to

anti-microbial portfolio to protect sensitive raw materials and essential

use and available from 25 kg units up to bulk units (barrels, IBC, big bags).

nutrients from autoxidation or (re)contamination with pathogenic

The manufacturing of antioxidant blends is subject to the controls of the

bacteria, yeasts and/or molds.

strict quality criteria ISO 9001:2015, FamiQS, and GMP+.

Chemical degradation


OXY-NIL® covers a complete antioxidant program to prevent losses

• 50 years of experience in effective antioxidant blends • Individual solutions for different feed matrices • Natural & synthetic blends available

due to autoxidation of raw materials and final products. Microbial contamination EVACIDE®, BACTI-NIL® and SALMO-NIL® prevent the horizontal

Our Sales Team is available at all times to provide you with further

transmission of foodborne pathogens through the feed-food chain by


acidifying drinking water, liquid feed preparations and salmonella critical

Kaesler Nutrition GmbH

feeds and feed materials.

Zeppelinstr. 3, 27472 Cuxhaven, Germany Phone: +49 (0)4721 - 5904 0 E-Mail:

MOLD-NIL® inhibits the growth of molds and yeast and stabilizes mycotoxin levels during storage.


Being in close contact with our customers around the world and working with many diverse species, in livestock as well as in


aquaculture, our technical team encounters specific nutritional and

Sal CURB® – A Proven Alternative to Formaldehyde

functional issues that require a practical and efficient solution. Our

As we all know, the European

nutritionists developed a broad range of species-specific nutritional and

decision to ban the use of

functional additives. Products that improve and fill the nutritional and

formaldehyde based products

functional gap in our customers’ formulations. One of these products

in animal feed came into

is NUTRI-BIND® which are low inclusion pellet binders.

force late last year. Given the ubiquitous presence and hardy nature of Salmoenlla, Producers are now forced to look for an alternative solution for feed safety and hygiene. The antimicrobial Sal CURB® range of products from Kemin – based on a synergistic blend of powerful compounds, surfactants, and corrosion inhibitors well known for their ability to kill Salmonella – are

Want to find out more about our Preservation & Functional Ingredients product range and applications? Read the various articles on our website,, or contact our product specialists directly. Our local team will gladly provide you with the latest updates and detailed information on product availability in your country.

a proven alternative to formaldehyde. Even before the ban, alternative Sal CURB solutions were being


applied successfully to high profile feed producers throughout the UK

Benchmark study of 19 commercial mycotoxin binders

and Europe, with consistent and effective results.

Since 2010, Orffa has been working on a

The range also includes options designed for whole wheat

complete mycotoxin management preparation,

treatment, helping producers stay in line with the new Red Tractor

tailored to the co-occurrence of multiple

guidelines. Other Kemin solutions are available to help control

mycotoxins in feedstuffs, and reducing the

Salmonella on farm and in the animal.

negative impact on the health status of

Supported by a wide technical and engineering team, Sal CURB

production animals. Multiple in vitro trials were

can be applied directly to feed as a straight product, or mixed into water

performed to assess the binding capacity

to create a solution. The surfactant technology within Sal CURB breaks

of single ingredients which formed the basis for the development

down the surface area of liquids, allowing the active ingredients to be

of a commercial preparation, Excential Toxin Plus, consisting of

distributed very evenly throughout the feed, ensuring a homogenous

5 synergistically working ingredients. Excential Toxin Plus was

spread of Sal CURB and even protection.

subsequently benchmarked against 19 commercially available

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

mycotoxin binders (including 6 premium global brands) for binding

34 Botanic Road, Churchtown, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 7NG

capacity and biotransformation of 12 most pronounced mycotoxins.

Page 56 July/August 2018 Feed Compounder

The experiments were designed in close collaboration with MYTOX

improve feed safety through our 5 point action plan.

and executed by the Laboratory of Food Analysis (Ghent University,

1. Mill – Identifying critical control points throughout the whole mill can

Belgium). Results indicate clear differences between commercially

help to determine key areas where feed safety can be improved

available mycotoxin binders and that Excential Toxin Plus matches

whether it be raw material or finished feed.

results of the best products in the market. Moreover, some mycotoxins

2. Audit – Taking samples from key points throughout the process

are difficult to bind (e.g. trichothecenes) and other defence mechanisms

will give a wider picture of the company’s overall microbial blueprint

should be considered. DON affects the small intestine by reducing villus

and moisture profile.

height and increasing permeability, resulting in decreased nutrient

3. Laboratory – Analysis of both audit and routine samples to

uptake. Betaine counters negative impacts of several stressors on

determine moisture profile, microbial and mycotoxin levels in feed

villi height and gut permeability and should be considered as an active

is carried out at the Trouw Nutrition laboratories.

component in the fight against mycotoxins. Propionate compounds can act as a preventive measure by suppressing growth of fungi and

4. Solutions – Trouw Nutrition offer a range of solutions depending on the needs of the customer.

further mycotoxin production. Excential Toxin Plus, manufactured

Fylax® – An organic acid blend specifically developed to

by Orffa, is sold and marketed on a global level, and combines three

compensate moisture loss during processing and improve feed

binders with the activity of betaine and propionate compounds to offer

mill efficiency while reducing the risk of moulds.

a complete solution.

Fysal® – An organic acid blend specifically developed to

Contact details

reduce Salmonella (re) contamination risk in vegetable and

Please contact one of our specialists for more information about the

protein meals.

benchmark study or visit our website.

TOXO® - A broad-spectrum smectite clay mycotoxin binder

Company name: Orffa Additives, Vierlinghstraat 51, 4251 LC

that binds mycotoxins and mitigates animal performance

Werkendam, The Netherlands

impairment caused by exposure to mycotoxins.


5. Equipment – Our dedicated feed additives engineer can offer

Telephone number: +32 3 369 02 23

advice and installation of automated dosing equipment, for in mill

Website Orffa:

moisture management and the treatment of raw materials and

finished feed.


Trouw Nutrition

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Feed

Trouw Nutrition’s feed safety programme is designed to ensure feed

Additives Team.

safety for a profitable business looking at the whole production chain.

Trouw Nutrition, Blenheim House, Blenheim Road

As public awareness for feed and food safety increases so does the

Ashbourne DE6 1HA

consumer demand for safe products. Trouw Nutrition can help you

+44(0)1335 341102

BTSA Respect for the environment and against the use of transgenic

explains BTSA’s CEO, Ana Victoria Ugidos. In addition, in its production processes, BTSA does not use

BTSA, a leading European

solvents or chemical products. The extraction is carried out only by

company in the manufacture

physical procedures, varying temperature and pressure.

of Natural Antioxidants,

In addition, the company is against the use of transgenic

Natural Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids. They export from

products and raw materials and since 1999 it has defined a

Spain to all of Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America,

production policy in which it dispenses with genetically modified

South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Australia, New Zealand, South

products, a pioneer initiative in the sector.

Africa, among others.


Respectful with the environment, the main raw material used by


BTSA is a by-product that is obtained during the refining of sunflower

Contact name: Joaquin Pinochet

and soybean oils. “We process it by separating Tocopherols and

Address: Calle Arroba 4, 28805. Alcalá de Henares, Madrid,

Natural Vitamin E, and the rest is neutralized to produce biodiesel.


We start from a waste product and we generate zero waste”,

Telephone number: +34 91 830 58 60

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Products Influencing Feed Characteristics  

A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which Influence Feed Characteristics Including: Mycotoxin Absorbents/Binders, Acidifiers, Pre...

Products Influencing Feed Characteristics  

A Round-up of Products Available in the Market Which Influence Feed Characteristics Including: Mycotoxin Absorbents/Binders, Acidifiers, Pre...