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Customized Fiduciary Outsourcing Solutions for

Full Fiduciary Outsourcing

Partial Outsourcing

• Maximum protection and reduction of fiduciary

• Pentegra can serve in any combination of roles: Named


Fiduciary, Plan Administrator, Directed Trustee,

• The employer outsources all three of the

Discretionary Trustee, or traditional Third Party

principal ERISA fiduciary roles: 402(a) Named

Administrator (TPA)

Fiduciary, 3(16)(A) Plan Administrator, and

• Highly customizable: available with a wide range


of industry recordkeeping partners or with

• The employer retains minimal fiduciary functions: make

Pentegra as recordkeeper

timely contributions, manage internal processes such

• Common arrangements:

as payroll, provide accurate data to Pentegra as

needed on a timely basis, and select and monitor

Trustee, and principal Named Fiduciary, for

Pentegra and other service providers

when the employer prefers to continue making

• An independent advisor or consultant can provide local

investment decisions but otherwise wants

assistance with checks and balances to help complete

maximum outsourcing

the circle of oversight



Pentegra as 3(16)(A) Administrator, Directed

Pentegra as Discretionary Trustee and TPA, for

• Investment decisions are made by a professional

when the employer wants to outsource the

investment fiduciary (can be Pentegra as Discretionary

investment decisions but not the Plan

Trustee, a local 3(38) Investment Manager, or a

Administrator and Named Fiduciary roles

separate bank Trustee)

Pentegra as TPA and Directed Trustee, the


• Pentegra and the chosen investment fiduciary are

lowest degree of outsourcing (asset custody only—

legally responsible for all fiduciary functions except as

the employer handles everything else) for when

noted above

the employer wants the lowest cost and doesn’t

mind the added fiduciary responsibility and liability

• Available in single and multiple employer plans and

group trusts (as are most of our solutions)

Our Difference: Fiduciary Outsourcing Your Advantage: Fewer burdens, more time to focus on what you do best.

Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Plans

Traditional Third Party Administration

• The lowest cost option in most cases • When acting solely as a TPA, Pentegra is not a

fiduciary but provides a wide range of actuarial,

administrative, and recordkeeping support services—

the traditional TPA role (traditional for the rest of the

industry, that is: Pentegra traditionally DOES serve in

some fiduciary capacity)

• Broad spectrum of choices in conjunction with

our many industry partners

• Breadth and depth of capability: DB, DC, 403(b),

457(b) and (f), 412(e)(3), BOLI, publicly and

non-publicly traded employer stock, ESOPs, KSOPs,

Section 79, cash balance, special consulting projects,

and more—Pentegra is highly specialized in retirement

plans but within that specialty has expertise in nearly

every type of retirement arrangement

Learn more about how the differences in our approach can make your retirement plan a success. Contact the Pentegra Solutions Center at 855-549-6689 or or visit us at

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Pentegra Fiduciary Outsourcing Insert