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On the Cover: Cheryl Finch, Coordinator with the Y Achievers college preparedness program, gets ready to tackle the confidence course at YMCA/ APYC Camp Kekoka. Here: Y Achievers participant Marshe Parker leads by example, taking on the rock wall and demonstrating that “comfort zone� is no longer in her vocabulary. PENINSULA METROPOLITAN YMCA | Annual Report 2017

Dear Friends, The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA has had a remarkable year of delivering extraordinary experiences and impacting lives. From advocacy to aquatics, child care to camps, family fun to fitness, mentoring to multicultural experiences, sports to safe places, and water safety Leigh Houghland President

to wellness, everything we do helps strengthen our neighborhoods. In 2017, we continued a 121-year tradition of positively impacting our community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. We know that when we work as one, we move people and our community forward. That’s why

the YMCA is committed to providing support to our neighbors and opportunities for young people and their families. In 2017, the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA, through our 17 branches, provided membership Danny Carroll Chief Executive Officer

and program subsidies for 98,352 families and individuals, totaling $2,973,143. We would like to thank you, our donors and volunteers, for joining with us in making this difference in our community. Your time, talent, and resources have enabled us to welcome everyone and empower people to be healthy, confident, and secure.

We are deeply grateful to all who have helped the YMCA and its success. Our partners have worked tirelessly beside us with our amazing staff, consistently exceeding our expectations. This year, with our community partners and 2,864 encouraging volunteers, our Y served 1,463,072 program participants of all ages, faiths, genders, and cultures. We invite you to join us in celebrating our Y Movement and how we are strengthening our community for a better you, for a better country, and for a better us.


STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA as of December 31, 2017

Revenues Contributions Grants & Foundation Gifts United Way Government Monies Membership Program Sales of Supplies and Services Investment Income Other Income Intra YMCA Allocations Total Income

2016 *2017 1,386,643 1,379,100 216,846 255,626 86,508 75,925 625,489 650,612 11,514,928 11,666,210 4,587,493 4,505,577 39,736 34,272 40,605 45,321 425,728 324,866 2,542,939 2,560,954 $21,466,915 21,498,463

Expenditures 2016 *2017 Salaries and Wages 9,583,317 9,452,584 Employee Benefits 1,026,167 955,950 Payroll Taxes 858,297 846,086 Purchased or Contract Service 1,205,945 1,244,137 Supplies 1,316,374 1,282,569 Telephone 105,857 108,217 Postage 17,069 12,119 Occupancy 1,465,400 1,531,649 Equipment 61,332 75,580 Promotion & PR 77,599 83,933 Travel & Transp Expenses 142,075 134,883 Conferences, Conv & Meetings 215,078 184,328 Dues 398,798 395,799 Financing 1,152,502 1,104,802 Other Expenses 569 11,214 Intra YMCA Alloc of Expense 1,659,615 1,669,788 Reserve Funds 2,126,354 2,353,020 Fixed Asset Purchases 54,567 51,805 Total Expense $21,466,915 21,498,463 *Unaudited



4 6

1 2 3 4 5 6

Membership - $11,666,210 (54.27%) Program Services - $4,505,577 (20.96%) Intra YMCA Allocations - $2,560,954 (11.91%) Contributed Income - $1,710,651 (7.96%) Government Monies - $650,612 (3.03%) Other Revenue - $404,459 (1.87%)




1 Operating - $1,710,651 (57.41%) 2 Capital - $1,071,005 (35.94%) 3 Endowment - $198,240 (6.65%)


Advancing Our




TO SERVE THROUGH PROGRAMS 1 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT - 220,436 (15.07%) Child Care - 137,479 (62.37%) Swim, Sports, & Play - 55,438 (25.14%) Camp - 17,036 (7.73%) Education & Leadership - 10,483 (4.76%)

2 2

2 HEALTHY LIVING - 1,226,841 (83.85%) Health, Well-Being & Fitness - 1,150,982 (93.82%) Sports & Recreation -66,279 (5.40%) Family Time - 6,071 (0.49% ) Group Interests - 3,509 (0.29%)

4 3

1 3

1 MEMBERSHIP - $2,195,062 (73.83%) Guardian Membership- $1,558,963 (71.02%) Membership For All - $456,461 (20.79%) Military Initiative - $130,868 (5.96%) 7th Grade Initiative - $33,606 (1.53%) Y Achievers - $15,164 (.70%)

3 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - 15,795 (1.08%) Activities & Events - 8,228 (52.09%) Social Services - 6,355 (40.24%) Volunteerism & Giving - 1,212 (7.67%)

2017 Metropolitan Board Leadership

2 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT - $611,850 (20.58%) Youth Development - $136,986 (22.39%) Child Care - $250,265 (40.90%) Day Camp - $147,077 (24.04%) Camp Kekoka - $64,391 (10.52%) Swim, Sports, & Play - $13,131 (2.15%) 3 HEALTHY LIVING - $36,564 (1.23%) Sports & Recreation - $18,086 (49.46%) LiveSTRONG -$16,605 (45.41%) Diabetes Prevention Program - $1,362 (3.72% ) Health, Well-Being & Fitness - $511 (1.41%) 4 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - $129,667 (4.36%) Social Responsibility - $99,987 (77.11%) Safety Around Water - $29,680 (22.89%)

Leigh Houghland President Chesapeake Bank Senior Vice President Regional Commercial Loan Officer

Don Buckless Vice President Old Point National Bank Senior Vice President Chief Lending Officer


Thomas Tingle Treasurer Guernsey Tingle Architects President

LaMonte Williams Secretary Christopher Newport University Foundations Assistant Controller

Robyn Hansen Past President Jones, Blechman, Woltz & Kelly PC Attorney at Law

2017 ANNUAL CAMPAIGN Donations to the YMCA Annual Campaign make it possible for children, teens, and adults to participate in Y programs regardless of their ability to pay. In 2017, the YMCA’s Annual Campaign raised $1,379,100 used to provide financial assistance for participation in YMCA membership and programs.

Campaign Chairmen Greater West Point . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jennifer Haynes Hampton and Fort Monroe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Garnell Scott Luter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Larry Spears Mathews and Gloucester . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christine Johnson Middlesex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .William Wills Northern Neck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Myrtle Phillips Northumberland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Denise Munns R. F. Wilkinson . . . . . . . . . . .Laura Kinsman and Tiffany Reaves Richmond County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hyte Smith Star Achievers Academy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hank Lewis Tom and Ann Hunnicutt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jessenia Smith The First Tee of the Virginia Peninsula . . . . . . . . . . John Snead Victory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Preston Ivey YMCA/APYC Camp Kekoka . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kelly McCaskill

2017 LEADERSHIP BOARD OF DIRECTORS Leigh Houghland, President Robyn Hansen, Past President Don Buckless, Vice President Thomas Tingle, Treasurer LaMonte Williams, Secretary Peter Diakun Len Fouch Fred Hagerman Bruce Hoogstraten Joy Jefferson Hank Lewis David Megel Matt Needy Ron Perry Renee Rountree Tracy Seitz Rob Shuford, Jr. Paul Szabo Robert Turbyfill Candice Wilson

Brian Dolan Stephen Friedrich Raymond Haynes John Hutcheson Laura Kinsman Angela McPherson Frank Miller Mark Ogle Janice Phillips Paul Sciacchitano Randy Shepley John Snead Stan Terhune Tricia White Nhu Yeargin

HAMPTON FAMILY YMCA Est. 1982 Pete Kovalcik, Branch Executive John Hutcheson, Chairman Garnell Scott, Vice Chairman MacKenzie Arbogust Denise Counce Hugh “Gip” Green Tiajuana Jackson Ray Montgomery Anne Shuford Bruce Sturk Donald Whipple

Wallace Arnold Martha Davis Rick Harman Jennifer Little Dorian Nicely Loren Smith Patricia Taylor

R. F. WILKINSON FAMILY YMCA Est. 1995 Sarah Sutton, Branch Executive Laura Kinsman, Chairman Tiffany Reaves, Vice Chairman

Your gifts to United Way help children and youth thrive, strengthen and support families, promote self-sufficiency for the disabled, create safe neighborhoods, and care for the needs of our aging populations. You may designate your United Way contribution to the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA by specifying the YMCA location name.

John Afzalirad Jim Cox Andy Franck Taylor Gossage David McCormick Nita Nelson James O’Neill Brad Sipes


Amanda Beringer John Flannigan Jenn Franks Jeff Jacobs Dr. Greg Merti Sherri Nelson Leslie Schultz Misty Spong

TOM & ANN HUNNICUTT FAMILY YMCA Est. 1896 Deb Staszewski, Branch Executive Brian Dolan, Chairman Cleder Jones, Past Chairman Melissa Waugh, Vice Chairman Charles “Tripp” Spencer, Treasurer Jim Hooker, Secretary Bill Black Berkley D. Foltz Nicole Jackson Robert J. Lange III Ann E. Mazzocca Michael Nichols Robert G. Saunders James Wells Karen Wilds

Rey Feliciano Jaime D. Harris Cleder Jones Brantlee Lemmink Eoghan “Owen” Miller Amy B. Ryan Richard Spencer Stacey White

NORTHERN NECK FAMILY YMCA Est. 1992 Mark Favazza, Branch Executive Frank Miller, Chairman Kathy M. Broderick, Secretary Becky Foster Martha Little Anita Mergener Myrtle Phillips Margie Redlin Ulysses Turner

Nicole Leona Joanna Marchetti Pauline (Pim) Montgomery Jean Poole Karen Sciacchitano

LUTER FAMILY YMCA Est. 1995 Kathy Peterson, Branch Executive Mark Ogle, Chairman Dr. Pete Carlson, Vice Chairman Art Allmond Jay Bluett David Cullen Julie Eng Scott Liebold Tom Orlowski Charlene Pierson-Lassiter Julie Strelow

Jeff Bird George Boomer Cristin Emrick Julian Evans Kerri Lindsay Marci Parrish Laurence Spears Allen Williams


73.32% STAR ACHIEVERS ACADEMY YMCA Est. 1995 Tina Banks-Gray, Branch Executive

RICHMOND COUNTY FAMILY YMCA Est. 1996 Liz Hansbury, Branch Executive

VICTORY FAMILY YMCA Est. 2000 Michael Bennett, Branch Executive

Hank Lewis, Chairman Ronnie Jefferson, Treasurer Jennifer Phillps, Secretary

Stan Terhune, Chairman Kimberly Lewis, Vice Chairman Libbie Franklin, Treasurer Larry Trible, Secretary Hyte Smith, Annual Support Chair

Paul Szabo, Chairman Preston Ivey, Past Chairman Shannon Ferguson, Vice Chairman Daniel Litton, Secretary

Tracie Albea Jean Braxton Chavis Harris Patricia Johnson Sandy Steward

Lorinda Beau Pam Croom Gary Hunter L. Richard Love Jackson Teresa

MATHEWS FAMILY YMCA Est. 2001 Sheila Pillath, Branch Executive Janice Phillips, Chairman Christine Johnson, Vice Chairman Stephanie Tiller, Treasurer Mindy Brown Joy Drummond Andy Hantwerker Angie Ingram Jack Kloke Stacey LaLand Bill Leary Eric Robinson Morris Thompson

Pete Clendenin Kati Hancock Jason Harczak Thomas Jenkins Brian Kramer Ron Lambert Martha Moss Carolyn Rowe Sandy Wilson

YMCA / APYC CAMP KEKOKA Est. 2007 Cassie Leichty, Branch Executive Len Fouch, Chairman Mat Terry, Past Chairman Kelly McCaskill, Treasurer Susan McFadden, Secretary Mike Antonio Raymond Britt, Jr. Pam Garrett Katie Horsley Dew Shawn Lasher Kevin McGrath Micah Pasquarell Greg Stevens Valarie Wright

John Mark Bergin Lindsy Gardner Don Helleu Timothy J. Kyburz Patrick McCranie Crystal Nosal Marshall Sebra Loren West

Dana Boyle Russell Brown David Gallagher Brian Hettinger Hillary Kent Shelley Pierson Carolyn White Clifton Wise

Sharon Brann Michael Gall Rob Gillions Arline Hinkson Joel Knight Meredith Smith Hutt Williams

Donald Booth, Jr. Kate Brinn Dr. Tom Butterfoss Joe Chiappazzi Bill LaMarsh Mary Lugo Jon Piché Tom Shepperd Michael Troutman Justin Wynings

Joe Borgese Mario Buffa Amber Callahan Richard “Dick” Curry Judy Layne-Wood Dr. Dennis Napier Steven Shaw Tom Tragle Scot Tully

NORTHUMBERLAND FAMILY YMCA Est. 2002 Liz Hansbury, Branch Executive

MIDDLESEX FAMILY YMCA Est. 2003 Rosabeth Kissman, Branch Executive

David Megel, Chairman Joey Allison, Treasurer Keana Walker, Secretary

Tracy Seitz, Chairman Claudia Soucek, Past Chairman Jose Valencia, Vice Chairman Will Wills, Treasurer Megan Howell, Secretary

Mason Brent Leslie Garland Lisa Haynie Eliot Levinson Denise Munns Harry Lee Self Caleb Smith

Ellen Cowart Betty Hall Sharon Hunt John Muller June Newton Kay Shirley

GREATER WEST POINT FAMILY YMCA Est. 2007 Sean Cogan, Branch Executive Candice Wilson, Chairman Mary Diggs, Past Chairman Britney Ball Amy Jo Duke Jennifer Haynes Sue Kurfees Sharon Post Elizabeth Rilee-Kelley Jordan Sligh Kathryn West Robert Wilson

Deanna Daniel Katie Hart Whitney Hixenbaugh Michelle Lovell Roberta Racioppi Kempton Shields Megan South Allen White

Lou Belcher Dieter Hoinkes R.D. Johnson Darren Lindsay Terry Rogers Richard Stearns

Kip Campbell Cindy Jessee Hunter Law Liz Perkins Marilyn South Kath Walker

THE FIRST TEE OF THE VIRGINIA PENINSULA YMCA Est. 2010 Tom Carnevale, Branch Executive John Snead, Chairman Joe Barto CJ Carder Steven Chando Dustin DeVore Luke Jensen Jason Messersmith Thomas Shirver David Uhrich

Mike Beacham Dan Carr Eric Claville Scott Hines JR Locke Lainy Noonan Jennifer Stevens


Member Engagement Includes Guardian Program, Sliding-Scale Community Benefit, 7th Grade Initiative, and Military


Child Care Scholarships Includes School-Age, Preschool, and Summer Day Camp


Youth Program Scholarships Includes Youth Sports, First Tee, Teens, Swim Lessons and Star Achievers


Overnight Camp Scholarships Includes scholarships and programs for YMCA/APYC Camp Kekoka


Community Engagement Includes scholarships for Bright Beginnings, Diabetes Prevention Program, and Community Wellness Programs

TEEN VOLUNTEER LEADERS OF THE YEAR 2017 Greater West Point Family YMCA. Jessica Lee is an enthusiastic leader. Jessica has been a member and program participant at the YMCA from an early age. While being an active member of the Leaders’ Club, Jessica volunteered to help with Summer Camp, Healthy Kids Day, Fall Festival, and any event or program where she could help others. Jessica volunteered over 300 hours in 2017; she was always willing to help with a smile on her face. Jessica’s positive attitude and enthusiasm were contagious—what a great thing to catch.

Middlesex Family YMCA. Lindsey Hudson is invaluable. Lindsey began volunteering during summer camp three years ago, and more recently in our after-school program. Lindsey has been an invaluable resource. She seamlessly moves among all age groups, helping our counselors with daily tasks, with a knack for being “cool” with the middle school students.

Hampton Family YMCA. Ashley Brown is a confident and dependable leader. This past year, Ashley has been busy at both the Hampton and Fort Monroe YMCAs. You can find her working and volunteering in nearly every department. Whether it is working Child Watch in the evenings or volunteering at the Welcome Center on weekends, Ashley works with a warm smile on her face and a desire to serve. Her enthusiasm to volunteer is contagious to coworkers, peers, and the teens in Leaders’ Club.

Middlesex Family YMCA. Lily Maydole is a natural leader. Lily has been part of our Summer Day Camp program for two years. Lily’s softspoken voice makes her a natural for our youngest campers. Lily is calm and, most importantly, patient when dealing with the campers, making the counselor’s job a little bit easier throughout the day. When she is not involved in school sports or activities, she can be found volunteering in our School-Age program helping with homework.

Luter Family YMCA. Carlin Lockwood sets the example. Through the years, Carlin has grown from a swimmer to a volunteer, and now a leader within her YMCA. As a longtime member of the swim team and Luter Family Y, Carlin’s love for children continues to grow as she volunteers within Child Watch, Youth Watch, Kid’s Night Out, assisting coaches with the swim team, and setting up for meets. We cannot wait to see how she continues to develop as a leader within her community, and here at the Y!

R. F. Wilkinson Family YMCA. Braelyn Creamer has influence. Braelyn served as the teen representative on our Board of Managers, participating in monthly board meetings, events, and Annual Campaign. A member of our Teen Leaders’ Club, Braelyn recruited several friends into the program and influenced her brother to join. Along with her fellow Teen Leaders, Braelyn took an active role designing our Winter Wonderland float in December, helping launch what will now be our YMCA’s annual participation in the Williamsburg Christmas Parade. We are grateful for Braelyn’s enthusiastic involvement at our YMCA, and we are excited to see all that she will accomplish as she continues to grow and develop as a leader.



RELATIONSHIPS Northern Neck Family YMCA. Pleajah Thompson believes in the Y. Pleajah promotes the Y’s core values every time she participates. She first volunteered by assisting children in our Bright Beginnings program to ensure they had a successful start to the new school year. Growing up attending programs in the Y, Pleajah has always wanted to give back to her community. She is currently attending Rappahannock Community College to pursue her career as a labor and delivery nurse. The Northern Neck Family YMCA is proud to have Pleajah on our team!

Victory Family YMCA. Signe Storhaug stands out. Signe has been involved with our Teen Leaders’ Club for the past four years. Throughout her time in the club, she has always stood out as a strong volunteer. Signe constantly attends events at our Y and volunteers her time whenever possible. She has made an impact on our Y community, and we are very grateful for all that Signe has done for the Victory Family YMCA!

The First Tee of the Virginia Peninsula YMCA. Nichole Trombetta steps up. Nichole has been a vital volunteer, helping to run classes for The First Tee of the Virginia Peninsula in 2017. She was one of the first participants in our inaugural session held in 2012, where she learned about the Nine Core Values and eventually earned her Birdie certificate. The core values and early fundamentals taught at The First Tee provided Nichole the foundation to pursue a goal of competing in tournament golf, and she is now being recruited by college coaches.

Westmoreland Family YMCA. Mykia Redmond is dedicated. Mykia is a wonderful help to the YMCA because of her hard work and dedication. She is dependable and professional in her work with the YMCA. She helped with various aspects of Summer Camp and supported many sports programs as well. It is with great happiness we honor Mykia for her achievements; we look forward to watching her grow and thrive at the YMCA.

Tom and Ann Hunnicutt Family YMCA. Mary Amelia Wells has a passion for teaching. Mary Amelia has found her passion—working with younger children in our programs. This past year, Mary Amelia worked with our swim instructors, assisting with teaching swim lessons. She connects with the kids and is trusted by their parents. She volunteers in our preschool during the summer and after school; Mary Amelia loves to read to the children their favorite books and stories.


YMCA / APYC Camp Kekoka. Joey Hoffman accepts a challenge. Joey is a huge asset to Camp Kekoka. He takes pictures and videos, helps fathers and sons build their rockets at our Father-Son Rocket Retreat weekend, teaches various groups how to fish and crab, and helps with our new challenge course. He is a true leader in his cabin, assisting others to understand the time, talents, and treasure that others give so that everyone has the opportunity to experience camp. We are looking forward to the day Joey will be a camp counselor. He will be an excellent role model of the character values that make up the camp culture.

Y Achievers pose for a group shot while visiting the campus of Old Dominion University. They toured the campuses of both ODU and HU, where they saw the dorms and athletic facilities, and met with the admissions teams. They were given tools to help understand classes and community service projects they should be taking/doing now to help with college entrance in the future. PENINSULA METROPOLITAN YMCA | Annual Report 2017

If you give a teen experience . . .

. . . they’ll make better choices. They’ll take healthy risks. Grow in maturity. Become more responsible. They’ll gain self-esteem and accomplish more. At the Y, positive peer pressure leads to successful adults.

Experience has the power to drive positive change. When high school students, with the support of their parents, sign up for Y Achievers, they know they’re going to be supported. Here, they know they won’t be judged, and we’re trying to help them as much as we can. It takes leadership and mentorship, and a whole community to help these teens. But we can do it. Experiences like overnight camping and climbing rock towers, which are almost always new and are completely out of their comfort zones, help our Y Achievers test their mental and physical limits. Team-building exercises like these build character and help develop a new and more positive sense of self. Research shows that teens are more motivated to succeed academically when encouraged and guided by adults who are accomplished community members who care. The Y Achievers program addresses this outcome by pairing students with tutors and mentors who are successful role models to provide academic and career-related support. Mentoring works on the foundation that youth benefit from close, enduring, and caring relationships with adults. Students enroll each fall and participate for an entire year. During the school year, students participate in weekly after-school sessions and monthly Saturday Summits. Students may also job shadow and attend college tours. During the summer, eligible rising juniors and seniors receive opportunities to work in paid summer internships.

Since 1967, the Y Achievers national program has had great success increasing college and career readiness for minority and under-served youth. Here on the Peninsula, Y Achievers operates through Phoebus High School. These same teens have the potential to be first-generation college-bound/trade school applicants if guidance and resources are available. Y Achievers is funded through 2018 with the “Moving The Needle Through Uniting Resources” grant provided by The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation. 100 Black Men of the Virginia Peninsula was chosen as our partner because of their great experience with a mentoring program. They actively participate in the Y Achievers program assessments and evaluations and act as mentors. They facilitate the Saturday Summit Workshops for teens and parents with topics including Positive Self-Identity and Personal Vision, Life Skills, Social and Emotional Skills, Moral Character, Work Ethic, Lifelong Learning, Stop Bullying, and A Template for Success.


“I love being a Y Achiever because it supports my road to college and it is fun. The leadership retreat was awesome. We got to hang out together and do things that were out of our comfort zones. Our bond was strengthened as a group and we learned how to be leaders in our community.”

The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA recognizes the following individuals for their vision and commitment to make our community a better place for all. Their actions exemplify the mission of the Y and our cause for strengthening the foundations of community.

Youth Development Award

Healthy Living Award

Social Responsibility Award

VOLUNTEER LEADERS OF 2017 The heritage of the YMCA is in the idea of service to others. Volunteers are our eyes and ears in the community and the hands and heart of the Y. These wonderful volunteers are being honored as Volunteers of the Year with deepest appreciation for their outstanding leadership and service to the mission of the YMCA. Greater West Point Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . .Dennis Christlieb Hampton Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Curtis Harris Luter Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Edward Hall

Mathews Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trey Sowers Middlesex Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Randall Kipp Northern Neck Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . Karen Sciacchitano Northumberland Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sharon Hunt R. F. Wilkinson Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Laura Kinsman Richmond County Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . William Kwedar Richmond County Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dick Phillips

Robyn Hansen

Douglas D. Monroe, Jr.

Paul Shrieves

Star Achievers Academy YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lorenda Beau The First Tee of The Virginia Peninsula YMCA . . . Jennifer Stevens Tom And Ann Hunnicutt Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . Cleder Jones Victory Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dick Curry Westmoreland Family YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Brooks YMCA/APYC Camp Kekoka . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ginger Houck


Heritage Club Donors Funding

ENDOWMENT Frances S. Cornwall Trust Child Development Fund of Northern Neck William F. & Catharine Owens Foundation of Mathews Joel R. Stubbs Trust Robinson Family Trust Phyllis F. Smith Trust Richard Abbitt* Reid & Michael Abell M.J. Anderson Paul Anderson Davena Andress William & Sally Andrews III Tina Banks-Gray Theresa Beal Terry Beatley Herman & Eska Beckstoffer Neva Beierle Philip & Donna Belfield Michael & Sondra Bennett Linda Berling Dale & Donna Blake Dewey & Teena Blyth Jennifer Boykin Mason Brent Kathleen & Michael Broderick Denley & Danetta Brown Donald & Kian Kaz Brown Robert & Debbie Brown, Sr. Leslie & Jim Bryant Guy & Wendy Buck Donald Buckless Mark & Paula Bunn Dr. Thomas “Tom” & Fran Butterfoss Betty Caldwell David & Marti Caldwell Tommy Caldwell* Tom & Diana Carnevale Danny & Ginny Carroll

The Heritage Club is composed of individuals who have made a gift of cash, appreciated assets, or a planned gift through life insurance, will, charitable trust, or annuity to the YMCA’s Endowment Fund. A commitment to Heritage Club membership is the strongest statement of support that a friend of the YMCA can make.

Sean & Polly Cogan Weston “Bitzie” Conley* Rusty Copland William & Connie* Cowardin, Jr. Ollie Creekmore Sandy Davoy Peter Diakun Frank & Ann Edgar, Jr. Leslie & Howard Effler Elizabeth Elam Melanie Erickson Bill & Karie Ermatinger Ed Ewen* Michele & Norm Faulkner Mark & Vicki Favazza Debra & Victor Flores Raymond Gordon* Lee Grandison Diane & Drew Hagemann Frank Haislip Robyn & Paul Hansen Jerry & Susie Haralson Bob Harper Ty & Debbie Harrison Rebecca Haynie Pete & Connie Henderson Dieter & Mary Elizabeth Hoinkes Thomas & Elizabeth Holland Mark & Patsy Hollingsworth Bruce Hoogstraten Jim & Cass Hooker Leigh & Laurie Houghland T. N. & Ann Hunnicutt III Caroline Hurt Wyndell Hussey* Kim & David Jamison Kim & Steve Jarrett Pete & Josephine Kovalcik

Buzz & Robin Lambert Dr. Robert & Judy Layne-Wood Cassie Leichty Clare Lorio Robert Lovell & Dr. Elizabeth Young Joe IV & Frances Luter James Maloney* Myron Mausteller* David & Judy McCormick Dave McInnis Ron & Joyce Melvin Angie Miller Debbie Mitchell Betsy Mitchem Pim & Red* Montgomery Thomas & Carolyn Morris, Jr. Kim & Carl Moser Denise Munns Matt Needy Dennis & Phyllis Neill Walter Cap* & Linda Neilson Reed Nelson Sharon Nichols Carolyn Packett Dave & Mary Patterson Ron & Diane Perry Kathy & Ron Peterson Robert & Karen Pfeifer Don & Myrtle Phillips Virginia Pickering James* & Suki Pierce Brianne & Michael Pietronicco Scott Pillath Sheila Pillath David Plummer Jean & Robert Poole Robert & Linda Powell Davetta & Bill Rinehart


Austin* & Barbara Roberts III Stacia Roeth Renee & Glenn Rountree Ken & Carolyn Schmalenberger Sandy Schuler James Sease Dr. Jim & Elisa Sharps Conway Sheild III Cristian & Kristen Shirilla Lisa & Gregg Shivers Geoff & Jennifer Shoemaker Robert & Lori Shuford, Jr. Robert Shuford, Sr. G. Bernard Smith, Jr.* Charles “Tripp” Spencer III Charles & Anne* Spencer, Jr. Deb Staszewski Robert Steele* Sarah Sutton Grietje H.J.A. Van Luyn* Patrick Walker Kathy Wall-Eskridge Tony & Kay Weiler Lisa & William Weinreich Dwight & Barbara West, III Donald Whipple Jeff Whitaker Greg & Carolyn White Mike & Tricia White Nicole White* LaMonte & Simone Williams Earl Withers* Don* & Evelyn Wolf Nhu & Kevin Yeargin Joe Ziglar *In Memory Of

Robert Oliver (left) shows his approval for Shaun Mann’s robot at the beginning stage of construction.


If you give a 7th grader inspiration . . .

. . . they’ll discover their passion. They’ll develop a healthy lifestyle and gain assets needed to avoid risky behaviors. They’ll succeed in school and their future. At the Y, time and attention lead to more confidence and self-esteem. Inspiration can lead us in new directions. 7th grade is a pivotal and transitional time for many teens. It’s a time when sports become more competitive and provide less opportunity for the average child to be involved in physical activity. It is also the time when teens are given more freedom to choose how they spend their free time. Research shows that habits beginning around the 7th grade are likely to continue into adulthood. The YMCA believes that support and encouragement, along with opportunities to discover new ways to be active, will help teens learn to make good decisions and form healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, we provide free membership to 7th graders. Each Y location implements the 7th Grade Initiative (7GI) differently, but all have common goals. They promote the values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith; increase physical and mental wellness; develop and support healthy exercise and eating habits; encourage parent involvement and input; provide a safe and secure atmosphere; and establish a sense of belonging. Most of all, have fun! The Northern Neck Family YMCA chose a unique path to accomplish all the goals of 7GI: robotics. The students each built individual robots but, when faced with all the complexities, they bonded together as a team and helped each other succeed. They each began with a LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox kit but upgraded the control board and designed their robots with specific purposes and tasks to perform. Most adults would cave at the first mention of C++ programming, electrical circuit theory, OSEPP Block programming, UNO R3 microcontrollers, or even just at having to master the specific math applications needed to provide for motor control, infrared light seeking, and ultrasonic range-finding directional commands for autonomous movement and object avoidance (think Roomba here). Patience, thoroughness, teamwork, and peer intercommunication were key to achievement. “There are no robot secrets; we win together,” was their instruction and the key to all of their robots’ successes. Casey Murray and Jamarria Arrington experiment with shapes for their robot, keeping in mind how it needs to function in the end.

At the end of the project, they demonstrated their robots at a School Board meeting and to their parents, Principal Jessica Davis, and financial supporters of STEM development: the River Counties Community Foundation, the Wiley Foundation, and the Northern Neck Family YMCA Board of Managers.



41 Old Oyster Point Road, Suite C, Newport News, VA 23602 757 223 7925

Chief Executive Officer Danny L. Carroll

Executive Assistant Erica Maynard

Chief Operations Officer Stacia Roeth

Creative & Digital Communications Director Kathy Baba

Chief Financial Officer Sandy Davoy Chief Human Resources Officer Davetta Rinehart Regional Operations Directors Michael Bennett Rosabeth Kissman Deb Staszewski Director of Association Advancement Leslie Bryant Director of Marketing & Communications Melanie Erickson Information Technology Director Louise Perreault

Administrative Specialist Sheila Branson Human Resources Payroll Administrator Jalene Breeger Association Director of Member Engagement Nancy Byrum Membership Technology Specialist Soyphet Dinse Human Resources Generalist Debbie Harrison Accounting Clerk LaChile Turner Culture and Engagement Director Lisa Weinreich Accounting Clerk Suzanne Wheeler Administrative Specialist Marla Wilson

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Facility Locations: FORT MONROE YMCA 8 Ruckman Road Fort Monroe, VA 23651

NORTHERN NECK FAMILY YMCA 39 William B. Graham Court Kilmarnock, VA 22482

GLOUCESTER FAMILY YMCA 6898 Main Street Gloucester, VA 23061

NORTHUMBERLAND FAMILY YMCA 6348 Northumberland Hwy. Heathsville, VA 22473

GREATER WEST POINT FAMILY YMCA R. F. WILKINSON FAMILY YMCA 3135 King William Avenue 301 Sentara Circle West Point, VA 23181 Williamsburg, VA 23188 HAMPTON FAMILY YMCA 1 YMCA Way Hampton, VA 23669

RICHMOND COUNTY FAMILY YMCA 45 George Brown Lane Warsaw, VA 22572

LUTER FAMILY YMCA 259 James Street Smithfield, VA 23430

TOM & ANN HUNNICUTT FAMILY YMCA 7827 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, VA 23607

MATHEWS FAMILY YMCA 10746 Buckley Hall Road Mathews, VA 23109

VICTORY FAMILY YMCA 101 Long Green Boulevard Yorktown, VA 23693

MIDDLESEX FAMILY YMCA 11487 General Puller Highway Hartfield, VA 23071

Program Locations: STAR ACHIEVERS ACADEMY YMCA P.O. Box 7593 Hampton, VA 23666

YMCA / APYC CAMP KEKOKA 1083 Boys Camp Road Kilmarnock, VA 22482

THE FIRST TEE OF THE VIRGINIA PENINSULA YMCA 1003 Brick Kiln Blvd. Newport News, VA 23602

YMCA WILEY CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER 458 Harris Road Kilmarnock, VA 22482

WESTMORELAND FAMILY YMCA 18849 Kings Highway Montross, VA 22520


Profile for YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas

2017 Annual Report - Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA  

Report includes stories and statistics about the impact we make in the communities we serve.

2017 Annual Report - Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA  

Report includes stories and statistics about the impact we make in the communities we serve.