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We’re Better Together.

This is an exciting time for healthcare in the Midcoast. On December 1, 2015, the two healthcare systems known as Pen Bay Healthcare and Waldo County Healthcare began operating as one system. We have created one volunteer board with representatives from both Pen Bay and Waldo and one executive administrative team under the leadership of Mark Biscone, President and CEO. Under this model, we are successfully collaborating in nearly 50 administrative and clinical areas. These collaborative programs allow us to increase access to specialty services across Knox and Waldo Counties while improving quality and decreasing our operational costs. In the spirit of collaboration, we are creating one foundation. The Pen Bay Waldo Healthcare Foundation will have volunteer representation from both hospitals and raise money for use across the entire health system. For more than 40 years, donors like you have made Pen Bay Medical Center a trusted source for care. As we transition to this new partnership, your gifts will continue to

Mark Biscone, President and CEO Pen Bay Medical Center, Waldo County General Hospital Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation Board of Trustees

Joanne Billington, Rockland Ann Bresnahan, Hope Mark Breton, Rockport Micki Colquhoun, Camden Jane Conrad, Tenants Harbor

Dr. Mark Eggena, Rockport Jane Merrill, Camden Caroline Morong, Camden Nathan Perkins, Camden Dale Kuhnert, Belfast

Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation Staff

be designated to the hospital and programs you choose. Your support will enhance our ability to provide the best quality care to your family, friends, and neighbors in Midcoast Maine and ensure that we are truly better together. Thank you. Erik Frederick Chief Operating Officer

Ellie Willmann, Vice President of Development Dorothy Freeman, Director of Leadership Gifts Sherry Gagne, Manager of Annual Giving and Research Jamie Geretz, Development Officer Jody Herbert, Development Information Specialist Jacob McCarthy, Director of Development Communications Deborah Schilder, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations Design by Pica

We’re Better Together.

Employees Give More than $60,000 in Annual Drive Employees donated $60,338 in the 2015 Employee Annual Campaign, more than three times the initial fundraising goal. The effort kicked off at the Employee Chili-cookoff held on Sept. 18 and the success was announced at the Pen Bay Medical Center Holiday Party on Dec. 11. Gifts continued to roll in through the end of the year, showing just how strongly our colleagues believe in helping family, friends and neighbors be healthy and well.

Tree Lighting Celebrates Sussman House Anniversary

Focus Group Offers Contemporary Insights

In December 2015, dozens of trees along Anchor Drive on the Pen Bay Medical Center campus were illuminated and more than 100 people attended the inaugural Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. The event honored patients, families, donors and businesses who have made the Sussman House a success. Paid for entirely with gifts from the community, the Sussman House is the first and only stand-alone hospice care facility in Midcoast Maine.

Looking to learn more about the millennial generation’s thoughts on healthcare, the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation and approximately 30 community leaders born since 1980 formed the New Leadership Council. The Council meets monthly and is currently raising funds to expand and improve the walking trail system at Pen Bay Medical Center. The project will add more trails, an observation deck and ten outdoor exercise stations for staff and community use.


“Most of the people here could be any of us any day.” — Laura Bickford, RN


Laura Bickford tackles mental health and substance abuse every day. Registered Nurse Laura Bickford has helped patients overcome addiction and psychiatric challenges at the Psychiatric and Addiction Recovery Center (PARC) at Pen Bay Medical Center for 18 years. She says the shame of those diseases means patients aren’t always visible in the community, but their struggles are more common than many people think.

Tell me a bit about the history of PARC. When this unit was built 22-23 years ago, the hospital had a six bed, unsecured mental health unit and patients were admitted for extended periods of time. An assessment was completed that determined our community needed both psychiatric care and substance abuse, so PARC was born. For most of the time I’ve been here we treated mostly psychiatric patients and some patients with alcohol detox. That’s changed. What used to be mainly alcohol detox is now mostly patients who are abusing multiple substances.

In 18 years, PARC must have helped a lot of people get better. Do any stick out in your mind? Therapy options at PARC were recently expanded with the addition of a new outdoor seating area overlooking Penobscot Bay. Patients and staff can now head outside for meetings, counseling, or just to relax. The project, which cost approximately $35,000, was funded entirely by donors.

Just recently we had a young woman come in. She was probably in her late 20s, 30 weeks pregnant with her second child with no prenatal care. She was severely addicted to opiates, an IV heroin user. I’m not sure our community even realizes how often we see pregnant women who are addicted and they hide it because it’s shameful. But it’s real.

 Laura Bickford, RN at the Psychiatric and Addiction

So our success story for this woman was providing her with prenatal care and getting her an intake to a rehab facility that prioritizes women who are pregnant or have children.

Recovery Center.

We’re Better Together.

That was recently, so her story’s still going, but she called and told us she was very thankful for all we did. She sounded wonderful.

How has working in PARC changed your view of psychiatric and addiction medicine? Even though I’d experienced it in nursing school, I think my perception of a psychiatric unit was very different from reality. It’s not like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Any of us could become depressed because of an imbalance in our hormones or chemicals in our brain, or because we just go through life events that are very difficult. Most of the people here could be any of us any day.

What does the PARC team look like? We’re a multi-disciplinary treatment team. We have two full-time psychiatrists who each manage a treatment team. We also have nurse practitioners who help us treat the patients and provide psychological consults for patients in the emergency department or medical surgery. Each team member from the psychiatrist to the housekeeper is highly respected. We consider everybody’s input which is really the best thing for the patient. That team atmosphere is great.



After bicyclist Madelyn Rockwell was hit by a car, Pen Bay Outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy gave her the courage to ride again.

We’re Better Together.

At first, Madelyn Rockwell didn’t know she’d been hit. She was on her bicycle, enjoying a ride along winding Knox County roads that provide beautiful scenery but little in the way of protection from traffic. Headed towards her home in Port Clyde, she felt something nudge her rear wheel. A moment later, she was on the ground, watching the car that knocked her down continue on its way. The driver hadn’t even seen her. “The scary thing is not being in control,” Madelyn said. “I’m wearing hot pink and bright yellow, a helmet and staying in the perfect lane and doing the right things but you know, they’re only going to see you if they’re looking.” Someone who did see the accident tracked down the driver while another driver helped Madelyn and called for an ambulance. When she got to Pen Bay Medical Center, she learned she’d fractured her pelvis, hurt her left shoulder and suffered a lot of bumps and bruises. And then the hard work of recovery started. Madelyn soon realized that getting better would be as much about believing in herself as healing her bones. She spent months undergoing physical therapy at Pen Bay Medical Center, multiple times each week and said because the


staff there helped her emotionally as much as physically, she was able to recover quickly. “I was so fragile in that I was scared. I’ve never been injured like that, and I needed somebody to physically be my therapist and emotionally hold my hand and tell me I could do it,” Madelyn said. “My physical therapist showed me I could walk and yeah, it hurt and I had limitations, but she showed me I could.” Shortly after completing her physical therapy sessions, Madelyn found a friend and took a short ride. She did it on a quiet side street and then, once she overcame the initial fear of being hit again, worked up to riding alone, on the hills in western Knox County that provide both the physical challenge and beautiful scenery she loves. Now, a year and a half later, Madelyn said she would be out on 40-mile-long rides every day of the week if the weather would cooperate. “I just really love being outdoors. I really love these beautiful backroads.”

“I needed somebody…to hold my hand and tell me I could do it.” — Madelyn Rockwell

Grateful Patient Madelyn and her family have chosen to support Pen Bay Medical Center as an investment in their community. They hosted a Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation event in Port Clyde last summer and contribute to the annual fund. “We believe in having a local hospital that you can count on and that you know has quality care,” Madelyn said.


The Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation began 2015 by concluding the Better Together capital campaign, for which donors gave nearly $14 million. The campaign powered expansions to the Picker Family Resource Center, The Bob Gagnon Cancer Suite, Ann Bresnahan Center for Excellence, Physicians Fund for Clinical Excellence, and the Birth Center. Meanwhile, donors like you provided more than $500,000 for the Annual Fund, much of which was dedicated to providing charity care to those in need in our community. This kind of support not only eases the operating budget, it allows Pen Bay Medical Center to be more responsive to the needs of our changing community, and lets donors like you play a role in helping your friends, family and neighbors stay healthy.

“Our donors make a huge difference in the lives of people we know and love, right here in Midcoast Maine.” — Joanne Billington Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation Chair, Board of Trustees


We’re Better Together.

Fiscal Year Highlights ·· Completed the nearly $14 million Better Together capital campaign ·· Raised $547,228 for the annual fund, exceeding the goal by 36 percent ·· Expanded the overall donor pool by 33 percent ·· Established the New Leadership Council (see more on page 2) ·· Raised more than $60,000 in the annual employee appeal

Number of Gifts

Number of Donors

Total Raised

∙ General




∙ Restricted




Total Annual Support




Campaign Revenue



 1,049

 $589,534

Annual Support

Total Production

Fiscal year 2015 began Oct. 1, 2014 and concluded Sept. 30, 2015.


Quarry Hill residents living with dementia and Alzheimer’s are finding ways to connect with treasured life experiences thanks to the Music and Memory project.

“The hidden gem here is that music can reduce the need for pain and anti-psychotic medications.” — Kristine Lerner

How does it work? Donated iPods are loaded with personalized music playlists that tap residents’ deep memories and provide stimulation and comfort. Spearheaded by volunteer Kristine Lerner and Quarry Hill Retirement Community Executive Director Mary Sargent, this project has been entirely supported by community gifts of iPods, music, cash donations and volunteer time.


2015 DONORS A healthy Midcoast community depends on philanthropic contributions.

Legacy Society

Wellspring Society

The Legacy Society celebrates donors who have named the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts might include bequests, charitable gift annuities, retirement plan assets or gifts of life insurance.

The Wellspring Society is a committed group of donors who supported health and wellness in Midcoast Maine by making cumulative annual gifts totaling $1,000 or more to Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation between Oct. 1, 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015.

Generous gifts to the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation help us provide exceptional care to every patient, every day.

Barbara Anderson Louise Bedell Christopher and Charlotte Beebe John and Mary Alice Bird Frederic and Mary Alice Carey Dorothy Collins Peter and Sally Enggass Ryan Fendler Samuel and Donna Glover Grethe Goodwin Beniah Harding Lewis and Ida Haskell Maynard and Joyce Ingraham James and Anne Jenkins Michael Jones and Kitty Maynard Rendle and Patricia Jones Louise Knowlton Kennedy and Susan Crane, III Edward and Nancy Ludwig Martha Martens Philip and Deborah McKean Joseph Messler, Jr. Howard Miller Ann Montgomery Pearl Nickless William Oberholtzer Thomas O’Connor, III and Mary Smyth Alan and Margaret Pease Helen Popp Diana Rigg Sarah Ruef-Lindquist Wickham Skinner Susan St. John Richard and Leonor Vent Arthur and Robin Watson, Jr.

Philip and Elisabeth Allen Charles and Isa Babb Vernon Baker Scot Berkeley The Bertuzzi Family Foundation John and Mary Alice Bird Mark and Barbara Biscone Estate of Mary H. Blum Thomas and Alvera Bosica, Jr. The Carole J. Brand Fund of Ayco Charitable Foundation Ann and Richard Bresnahan Galen and Hathaway Brewster Estate of Virginia C. Brooks John W. Burns Trust Edward and Mary Cady Rose M. Clark Trust Olive Coates Jeff and Micki Colquhoun Horatio Cowan, Jr. Trudy Crane John B. Crockett Trust The Dakota Fund of Maine Community Foundation Kevin and Jane Davey Paula and Patrick Delahanty Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust Carol Dodge Geoffrey Duyk and Ulrike Wolter Ruth A. Elmore Trust Peter and Sally Enggass Ryan Fendler H. Allen and Sally Fernald Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Richard Franklin M. Alton French Charitable Fund Michael and Muriel Galgano Susan Gilmont Thomas Girard and Deborah Howard Thomas and Anne Godfrey Merril and Dolores Halpern Stephen and Loie Hanscom Anne Harmon Fear Teresa and Bruce Harrington

Gifts allow Pen Bay to make good on our commitment to patient care by offering the very best facilities, technology, resources and skilled caregivers possible. When people like you—our patients, caregivers, corporate partners, friends, and neighbors—give, you make a difference. The Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation would like to thank its generous donors for their contributions in the past year. Together, the donors listed on these pages raised $546,228 for the annual fund to help keep their neighbors, friends and family in Midcoast Maine well. Thank you for being our partner in health. Please call 207-921-6713 or visit to learn more about these giving options and how you can support health in the Midcoast.


Doris E. Hodson Trust Jeanne and William Johnson, Jr. Maura Kelly Paul and Jeanne Klainer Tammy Kolmosky and Lisa Sojka William Lambie Michael and Lorrie Landsberg Edward K. Leighton Trust Thomas Lloyd and Wickham Taylor Maine Community Foundation William and Lena Master Richard and Christine Mellon Chris and Lauren Michalakes Harry and Kristin Mikkelsen Edward and Carol Miller Ann Montgomery Caroline and Wayne Morong E. Roger and Rose Morse Frank Muddle Dorothy R. Norton Estate Oceanside High School Girls Lacrosse Estate of Eletha B. O’Reilly Alan and Margaret Pease James and Wendy Rapaport Catherine Rayner Diana Rigg James and Marilyn Rockefeller, Jr. Rockland Savings Bank, FSB Rick and Madelyn Rockwell Martha and Paul Rogers, III Bidu Sayao Memorial Children’s Trust David and Lori Beth Schwartz Virginia Smyth Judy Stein Robert and Sarah Stein William and Elizabeth Stephenson Enid W. Stone Howard A. Tribou Trust United Mid-Coast Charities, Inc. Harold Van Lonkhuyzen and Kirsten Staples Estate of Suzanne B. Voorhies Joseph and Amy Wall Peter Warren Lucinda Watson Lee Webb Grace H. Westerfield Trust Henry and Marian White Barton and Priscilla Wood Suzannne Wyatt Trust Art and Hilje ZurMuhlen

We’re Better Together.

Annual Donors The Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation acknowledges the generosity of all donors who made gifts between Oct. 1, 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015. Through their support, these donors ensure we will continue to have the facilities, technology, resources and skilled caregivers our community needs to be healthy and well. Veronica Abbott-Wheat Jeanette Achorn Carol Achterhof Jefferson and Susan Ackor Joe and Arlene Adams AFMOA/SGAL AFMOA/SGALW Lance and Elizabeth Ahearn AHFC Reginald and Eileen Albert Louise Ames William and Cynthia Anderson Janet Anderson Robert Anderson Roberta and David Andrus Anixter OEM Solutions Theodore and Irene Antoniou Charles and Rose Arnett Rodney and Carol Artz Patricia Ashton Alan and Norma Athearn Ruth Athearn Athena Point Lookout LLC Margaret Avener Wayne and Peggy Averill Harold and Wanda Axtell William and Carol Bachofner Lillian N. Baker Trust Fund Michael and Joanne Bander Jenny Barrett-Hibl Bank of America United Way Campaign Bar Harbor Bank and Trust Barley Joe Farm Greenhouse LLC David and Sheri Barlett Kathleen and George Bartlett Francis Bates John and Brenda Batty Jon and Katherine Bauer Frank and Rosemary Beane Andrea Beane Maxine Beckett Rachel Belanger Leroy and Jeanne Bennett

LeRoy Bennett Wayne and Marie Berry Rebecca Bickmore Bruce Bicknell Joanne and Glenn Billington William and Elaine Bisbee Stephen and Jane Bishop Mary Blum Daniel Bookham and Jessie Davis Mary and Richard Boss, Jr. Martha Bouchard H.O. Bouchard Adolfine Bowen Boynton Engraving Service Robbie and Jay Bradford James W. Brannan, Attorney at Law Mark Breton and Gwendolyn Hudson Emil Brisson Lisa Brooks Brooks, Inc David and Allison Brown Robert and Cynthia Brown Jean Brown Carol and Christopher Brownawell Jordan and Judith Bruni Ruth Bryant Robert and Jayne Bryant Kyle and Dayle Burke Nicholas and Claire Burke Susan Burnell Stephen and Joanne Burns Michelle Burtis Walter and Dorothy Cabot Jennifer Cabot Theo B Camisole & Co Levin and Eleanor Campbell Elsa Campbell Anthony and Esther Caran Patrick and Carol Cardon Joshua and Nancy Careskey Mary Carlson William and Susan Caron Joseph and Judith Carr Harriet Carroll Timothy and Mercedes Case Leo and Gail Casey Jeffrey and Cheryl Cash Francis and Lynda Cassidy Center for Maine Contemporary Art Carl and Susan Chadwick Richard and Jean Chadwick William Chapman and Helen Shaw Joyce Chapman Gary Chater and Kim Vareschi

Austin Childs Thomas and Carol Christie Class of 1977 Sandra Clement Earl and Claire Clifford Darlene and David Cocke Edward and Sallie Coffin Cathy and Bruce Cole Lawrence and Elaine Cole Huey and Gloria Collins Jane Conrad and Ken Payment C. W. Conway & Sons Builders, Inc. Daniel and Alice Cooney Country Inn at Camden/Rockport John and Eicka Couture John and Davilynn Cowperthwaite Kennedy and Susan Crane, III Kristy Crest Mildred Crocker Judith Cucinotta James and Gayle Curtis John and Mildred Curtis Nancy Curtis Douglas and Ferolyn Curtis James and Kathy Cuthbertson Cutting Edge Salon Daniel and Carol Daigneault William and Alice Dashiell Ethelyn Day Dead River Company Town of Dedham, Dedham School System Robert and Elizabeth Delano Tom DeMarco Mark and Cynthia Dermugrditchian Lisa and James Desmarteau Edmund and Ann Dewing William and Liana Dickey Robert Dietz Charles and Marylee Dodge Madonna Doheny Judith and Mark Doherty Edith Dondis Douglas Dynamics, LLC John Dow Down East Enterprise, Inc Virginia and Michael Doyle Donald and Barbara Drake Drinkwater Boat Transport Inc. Yvonne Drown Michael and Pamela Dufour Dunkin Donuts-Rockport Guy and Huguette Duquella Anne and John Eakin, Jr. Eastern Tire & Auto Service

Denyse Ebersole Mary Eddy Marilyn Edelson Mark Eggena and Cheryl Liechty Ralph Eldridge Elks Lodge No. 1008 Barbara Ellis Elmwood Franklin School Carol Elwell Kathleen Endriunas Carole Esley Jerry and Daniel Fales Farnsworth Art Museum Jean Faustini Kim and Raymond Felt Gilbert and Jeanne Fifield Andrew and Leetha Filderman Fiore Olive Oils and Vinegars First Congregational Church of Wiscasset First Congregational Church of Searsport The First, NA Joseph Fischer Lillian Fish Richard and Doree Fisher Estate of Jean Fisher Fitzy LLC Flagship Cinemas Maureen Flanagan and Mike Bridges Michael and Jeanne Flanders Edward and Ruth Fleischer Martha Fleming Roy Foreman Lucille and Donald Frechette Erik and Sonya Frederick Alan and Nancy Frey Fuller Chevrolet-GMC Robert and Barbara Furman Sherry Gagne Brenda Gagnon Bruce Gamage, Jr. Antiques Dean and Jane Gardner Edward and Marilyn Gaune William and Roberta Gay Diana Gay Martha Gellens Jamie and Jason Geretz Robert and Gail Ginsberg Glen Cove Dental Associates William and Diana Glover Larry and Marie Goldsmith Victor and Ellen Goldsmith Good Tern Natural Foods Goose River Women’s Association Leon and Lisa Gorman


George and Ruth Grafton Deirdre Gramas Bruce and Elizabeth Grant Marion and Harry Grant Grasshopper Shop Teresa Gray Deborah Green The Green Hill Foundation George and Patricia Greene Rae Gross Kenneth and Elizabeth Guiseley Kevin and Nancy Gunning Michael Gustin Martha Haining James and Joan Hall Ronald and Paige Hall Jamie Hall Wayne Hall George C. Hall & Sons, Inc. Hall Funeral Home Robert and Geneva Hall DC Hamlin & Son, Inc Alicia and Bruce Hammatt Florence Hammond Freda Hand Sharon Hanley Cathy Hannemann Elizabeth Harder Judith Harrington Paul and Elaine Harris Margaret Harris Peter and Diane Harrison John and Nellie Hart Priscilla Hart Grayson Hartley Charles and Janet Hartman Hazel’s Take-Out Walter and Mary Heathcote Robert and Sally Heavisides Warren and Nellie Hedstrom The Heidemann Revocable Trust Charles Henderson Marie Hendrickson Walter and Elizabeth Henry Jean Hewitt HGL Inc Lee and Dawne Hickey Eleanor Higgins Arthur and Margaret Hill Dean and Mary Beth Hill Arnold Hill Edward Hilpert Robert and Kathleen Hirsch Clayton Hoak Julie and Michael Hock Frances Holdgate Perry and Kathleen Hooper Barbara Hooper Kevin Hopkins Marjorie Hopkins


Horch Roofing, Inc Maureen Horne Hot Wax Auto Detailing George and June Hoyt Ann Hritz Rebekah Huckle Donald and Elizabeth Hunt Mary Hunter Karl and Alice Hurd Gary and Sandra Hyvarinen In Good Company IBM Corp. Matching Grants Program Maynard and Joyce Ingraham Robert and Jean Jacobs Robert and Ellen Jaffe Jan and Daniel James Dorothy Jameson Brian and Carol Jennings Laurie Jennings Jo Ellen Designs Beryl and Dorothy Johnson Martha Jones Charles and Mary Jordan Michael and Karen Jordan Asger and Sandra Jorgensen Journey’s End Marina Kenneth and Cheryl Kahn Jeffrey Kalish and Bonnie Sherman Bonnie Kane Theordore and Susan Kanellakis Eric and Kathy Kangas Marvin and Roberta Kanofsky John Kaznecki Frances Keene Frederic and Molly Kellogg Maura Kelly Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care Kenniston Machine Co. Robert and Lorraine Kerwin Doris Kilayko Mark Kilayko Paul and Elizabeth Killoran Maxine King Edward and Carlene King Edward King, Sr. Arnold and Eleanor Kinney Alice Kinney Louise Kinney Joseph and Nada Kirk Kenneth Klemmer Fred and Nancy Kneedler Caroline Knight and Mike Kerzee Leone Knowles Chester Knowles, Jr. Dorothy and Albert Knowlton Knox Machine Company Richard and Dawn Korzenowski Thomas and Janet Koszalka Jean Kulp Alan and Debbie Kunesch

Marcia and Bruce Kyle Gail Ladd Marvin and Rosalind Ladov Frances Lambrecht Edward Lamont, Sr. Sandra Laporte Allen and Jane Lariviere Kenneth and Patricia Latimer Benjamin Laukka and Heather Waldo Mitchell and Edith Lawrence Karen Leblanc Heinz Lehmann and Marianne Braun Linda Leonard Susan Letteney William and Allison Libby Robert and Dorothy Liberty Gad and Noreen Liebmann Gerald Linkin Kevin and Jan Lipson Mark and Alice Lipson Stephen and Ellen Little Bruce Lively and Ann Rutherford Diana Lothrop Kenneth and Diane Love Luther and Carol Luedtke M. Scott and Sheryl MacDonald Grace Machemer Katherine MacPherson Juanita Mahon Maine Sport Outfitters Stanley Makara, Sr. David Maki and Marguerite Cutroni Marie Malin Bruce and Barbara Malone Robert Maltais Samuel Manning Dorothy Marchant Nancy Marcille Alfred and Margery Margolis Maritime Energy Sally Marki Mildred Marowitz Megan Marshall Martha Martens Hugh and Susan Martin John Martyn Clara Mason Carol Mather Richard and Hilary Matlack Rosalie Matson Horace and Marjorie Maxcy Richard and Irene Maxcy Red and Ruth Maxfield David and Lori Maxwell Marian McAleenan Howard McCartney Eleanor McClelland Mary and John McCluskey Rachel and Ross McCormick Kiely McCrea

Bruce McCreedy Sharon and Kevin McDermott Paul and Sheila McFarland Philip and Deborah McKean Susan and Kenneth McKinley Charles and Janet McMahon Michael and Patricia McMahon Marsha McManus Alicia McWilliams Megan Medica Paul Merriam Robert and Jane Merrill Patricia Messler John and Alison Metcalfe Marion Metzger Chris and Lauren Michalakes Midcoast Endodontics, PA Midcoast Federal Credit Union Midcoast Recreation Center Katherine Migliorato Jerry and Joanne Milbourne Carolyn Miller Holly Miller Howard Miller Sarah Miller Christopher Milton-Hall Carolyn Minvielle Zareen Mirza Archie and Maryann Mitchell Richard Mitchell Richard and Carol Moody Robert and Katrina Morehouse A. Perry and Elisabeth Morgan Deborah and Steve Morrison Josiah and Patricia Morse Arthur and Patricia Mosher Edward Mosher, II Richard and Sharon Moskowitz Susan and Bill Most Mount Pleasant Dental Care Paul and Jennifer Murray Mystical Views Nature’s Offerings Needful Things and Services, Inc and Wen-U-Need-Us Storage Joseph and Terry Nelsen Charles and Cynthia Nelson Paul and Mary Neuhauser Antonio and Susan Neves Johanna Newcomb Maizie Newcomb Gerald and Claudette Newhall Charlotte Newhall H. Gilman and Ellen Nichols Jeffrey and Elizabeth Nims Barbara Nims Rachel Nixon Theresa Nizio Frank and Esther Nordlie Anson and Carmen Norton

Norton & Masters, CPAs Oceanside East Food Service Offshore Restaurant Paul and Ann O’Hara Lennart and Mona Lisa Olsson Lincoln and Janice Orff Mary Orne Claudette Ouellette Owls Head Central School Town of Owls Head Owls Head Transportation Museum Arthur L. Oxton Trust Rodney and D. Kathleen Painter Joseph and Jamie Palladino Keith and Priscilla Patten PBH Management Company Frederick and Margie Peabody Arthur and Marie Pease Virginia Pecco Suzanne Pedretti Marianne Pellicani Pen Bay Medicine and Infectious Disease David and Bonnie Percival Nathan Perkins James and Carol Peter Terri Peterson-George Abby and William Pettee David and La Neta Phaneuf Ruth Phillips Erika Pilver Judith Pinney Plants Unlimited Robert Plato Jill Plotkin Helen and Armand Plourd Raymond and June Pokoski Joseph and Angela Pomerleau Woodbury and Judith Post Audrey Post Prock Marine Company Thomas and Barbara Putnam James Pyne and Jane Surran Rivington Pyne Joseph and Christina Pyne Frank Rankin May Raucher Realty Resources Hospitality, LLC Christopher and Betsy Rector Redzone Wireless Debora Reed Shirley Rego Catherine Rezak and Raymond Green Michael and Wendy Rich Robert and Christie Richards Eleanor Richmond David and Nancy Rickert Jonathan Rigg George and Irene Rizkalla Thomas and Elaine Roberts Edgar and Cynthia Robinson Michael and Dawna Robinson

Denise Robitaille Ronda Robotham Nancy Roby John D. Rockefeller 3rd Family Rockland Harbor YMCA Richard and Valera Rohrer Pauline Roscoe Thomas Roth John and Renee Roy Cornelius and Juliet Russell Salt Water Farm Samoset Resort Louise Sampson D. Laine and Mary Santa Maria Mary and Glen Sargent Dean and Terrie Sasek Walter and Penny Saxe Michael Scanlon Peter and Alison Scheib Eric and Melissa Schenk Joanna Schleif Marc Schnur Homer and Lynn Schoen John Scholz and Margaret Barclay Susan and Marshall Schorin Warren and Melody Schubert Carol Schulte and Richard Nixon Edward Schultz Carl and Nancy Schwab Joe and Sarah Scordino Richard Seaman Second Baptist Church Sewing Society Second Congregational Church-Warren Barbara Seid Randy and Nancy Shank Howard and Shelley Shapiro Jerry and Gloria Sharp George and Anna Shaw Richard Sheppe Keith and Kim Sherwood Mahra Shocket Ruth Shurman Jonathan and Suzanne Sibley Diana Siegal Charles and Arlene Siletti Silicon Valley Community Foundation Dennis and Judith Simmons Alice Smalley Peter and Laurie Smith Rita Smith John and Ann Snow Snowhill Strategies LLC Robert and Diana Sommers Samuel and Pamela Soule Janice and Frank Splaine Kathryn and Arthur Sprowl Spruce Head Old Goats Coffee Club St. Thomas Episcopal Church Mildred Stafford Jud Staller

Jane Staman Doreen Stanley Stephen and Jan Staples John Steele, Sr. John Steele, III Arlene Steen Robert Steinmetz and Patricia Ashton T. Douglas and Shirley Stenberg W. Jane Sternberg Barbara Stewart Douglas and Charlene Stone Ivan and Janis Stone Erika Stone Stone Coast Crossfit Pamela Stone Mark and Julie Strong Strout & Payson, P.A. Joseph and Nancy Strykiewicz Steven Sulzer Diane Swerling Roberta Swerling Tim Swigor and Carmela Mancini Swing and Sway Dancing Stuart and Janey Symington Katherine and Edward Tagai Frederick and Shirley Talbot Johnson Talbot, Jr. David Taylor Raymond Taylor William Taylor Patrick Theberge and Elaine Roccia Linda Theberge Theo B. Camisole and Co. Norman and Susan Thomas Steve Thomas and Evy Blum Tidewater Oil Company Lillian Till Albert and Christina Tilt Kathy Tilton Rufus and Jean Titus Paul and Florence Tolman Carlisle Towery and Susan Deutsch Robert and Nancy Trone TRUiST Louise Turan-George and William George United Way of Eastern Maine United Way of Greater Portland Peter Van Alstine Iva Vangel Dana and Donalene Verge Martyn and Margaret Vickers Victorian by the Sea Babs Vitale and John McGrath Anita Volpe Kermit and Michael Voncannon Elizabeth and Ken Von Felton Pearl Wadsworth Linda and Dan Waintrup Robert and Ruth Wall Wal-Mart

Richard and Pamela Walton Mark and Jane Waltz Langdon and Gloria Wardwell Henry and Alice Warren Amy Warrington Holly Watkins Monique Watts Andrea Weatherbee Donald and Laurel Weaver Robert and Elizabeth Webber Merle Webster John and Jamie Weeks Robert and Wendy Weiler Elizabeth Welch Connie Welt William and Patricia Welte Milton and Marion Wheaton Debby Wheelock and Charles Paine Edward and Daria White James and Dorothy White Jonathan and Wendy White Joan Whitlock Susan and Larry Wilcox Jocelyn Wilcox Walter Willey, IV Kenneth and Glenice Williams John and Edith Williams Neal and Paula Williamson Hannah Williamson Charles and Beverly Williamson Eleanor and Jeffrey Willmann Donni and Bert Witham Carol Witham Gloria Witham Russell and Annabell Wolfertz Dennis and Patsy Wood Beverly Worthington Scott Yakovenko Charlotte Young Gail Young James Young YourCause, LLC Trustee for JC Penney Robert and Elizabeth Zahm * deceased/italicized These lists recognize donors who are members of our Legacy Society and made annual fund gifts between Oct. 1, 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015. Donors who supported the Better Together campaign, which ended Dec. 31, 2014, were recognized separately in our Spring Donor Report, which was mailed to donors in May, 2015 and is also available online at



When you make a gift to the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation, you make a direct difference in the lives of people in your community. Your support ensures that Pen Bay Medical Center, the Knox Center for Long Term Care, Kno-Wal-Lin Home Care and Hospice, the Anderson Inn at Quarry Hill and Pen Bay Physicians and Associates have the facilities, technology resources and skilled caregivers that Midcoast Maine needs to be healthy and well. Please be a partner in health. Support the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation today.

We’re Better Together.



Annual gifts of all sizes are made to the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation throughout the year. Large and small, every donation counts toward creating a healthy community.

A planned gift allows you to leave a legacy in the form of a bequest or tax-deferred insurance annuity (consult your financial advisor for applicable tax benefits).



Securities, real estate, cash or other substantial donations can be made as major gifts to the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation. Generosity of this kind has significant impact.

Has a caregiver made a difference for you? Share your appreciation by making a grateful patient gift in their name.

MEMORIAL GIFT Remember a loved one by making a memorial gift in their name.

MAKE YOUR GIFT TODAY Call 207-921-6713 or visit today to learn more about these giving options and how your gift contributes to keeping your neighbors, friends and family in Midcoast Maine well. When you support the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation, we’ll thank you for your gift, tell you what you accomplished with it, and continue sending you this quarterly newsletter filled with inspiring stories about how you made a difference. It’s our way of saying, “thank you.” 13

The Brazilian Thrush Often called “The Brazilian Thrush” because of her soprano voice, Bidu Sayao performed in operas around the world and was a Metropolitan Opera leading artist. Born in Brazil, Bidu lived in Lincolnville for more than three decades before her death in 1999. Throughout that time, she supported health in Midcoast Maine. In 1971, Bidu hosted a fundraiser at her home to help build Pen Bay Medical Center and in 2015 her estate donated $2,000 to support children’s health.



For more information on how you can support health and wellness in our community, please contact the Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation Office at 207-921-6713 or visit Follow us on Facebook at

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Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation Winter 2016 Newsletter  
Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation Winter 2016 Newsletter