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BUY 4 BookS and Get tHe 5tH Book Free 9781783461974 208 pages Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781848847767 272 pages 8pp plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473827554 320 pages 16 b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00



tHe madneSS oF aLexander tHe Great

BrUtUS: CaeSar’S aSSaSSin

tHe emPeror CommodUS

two deatHS at amPHiPoLiS

Dr Kirsty Corrigan

John S McHugh

Mike Roberts

Richard A Gabriel

although marcus Junius Brutus is one of the most famous, or infamous, conspirators of rome and the ancient world, if not of all time, most only know of this historical figure through the literary medium of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Julius Caesar. Furthermore, any interest in Brutus has tended to focus only on events surrounding Caesar’s murder. this biography instead considers Brutus in his historical context, gathering details from ancient evidence and piecing together, as far as possible, his whole life. as the first dedicated biography in over 30 years, this full and balanced reconsideration of this significant roman republican is long overdue.

Commodus is synonymous with debauchery and megalomania. ridiculed and maligned by historians since his own time, he was the loathsome villain of ridley Scott’s Gladiator. But is his infamy fully justified? John mcHugh reviews the evidence in the first full-length biography of Commodus in english.

this original book looks in detail at arguably the two most significant characters in the middle years of the great Peloponnesian war. the Spartan Brasidas was already a veteran of many campaigns when he headed north to capture strategically important amphipolis. Cleon was the key hawk in the athenian assembly. the Spartans were victorious but both commanders were killed, with far-reaching consequences for the course of the war.

over the years, some 20,000 books and articles have been written about alexander the Great, most hailing him as possibly the greatest general ever. However, richard Gabriel’s radical reappraisal concludes that the evidence does not support such claims. the author presents alexander as a misfit within his own warrior society, attempting to overcompensate. a thoroughly unstable character, he committed brutal atrocities that would today have him vilified as a monstrous psychopath.


9781783463787 288 pages 8pp plates, 4 maps and 6 diagrams Hardback £25.00 £20.00



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diSCoUntS avaiLaBLe on aLL titLeS 9781473827813 208 pages Hardback £19.99 £15.99


tHe roman ConqUeStS: itaLY the first volume in this exciting series detailing rome’s march to imperial glory.

9781844159376 • £19.99 £15.99

roman ConqUeStS: aSia minor, SYria and armenia explains how the roman war machine coped with formidable new foes.

9781844159710 • £19.99 £15.99

tHe roman warS in SPain Daniel Varga it took the romans two centuries to conquer the iberian Peninsula. daniel varga analyses the strategies and tactics of both sides, drawing on the traditional literary sources but also the latest archaeological research. He examines the problems faced by the roman army and the extent to which it was forced to adapt to meet these challenges. His findings show the Spanish armies as more sophisticated than often thought. the author concludes that the Spanish campaigns exerted a powerful influence on the organization, tactics and equipment of the roman army, helping to make it the supreme fighting machine it became.

tHe roman ConqUeStS: maCedonia and GreeCe Gives a clear narrative of the course of these wars.

roman ConqUeStS: GaUL Specially commissioned artworks show the main troop types.

9781848841444 • £19.99 £15.99

9781844159680 • £19.99 £15.99

roman ConqUeStS: nortH aFriCa describes how roman armies conquered their great rival, Cathage.

9781844159703 • £19.99 £15.99


roman ConqUeStS: eGYPt and JUdaea Shows how the roman war machine coped with the challenges of unfamiliar terrain and climate.

9781848848238 • £19.99 £15.99

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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473845701 208 pages 20 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99 PUBLISHED AUG

9781783831166 288 pages 8pp plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781783462759 240 pages 8pp b&w photos, maps Hardback £19.99 £15.99

FiGHtinG emPerorS oF BYzantiUm

dawn oF tHe HorSe warriorS

tHe SPartan armY

Julian Romane

John Carr

Duncan Noble

Byzantium triumphant describes in detail the wars of the Byzantine emperors nicephorus ii Phocas, his nephew and assassin John i tzimiskes, and Basil ii. the operations, battles and drama of their various bitter struggles unfold, depicting the new energy and improved methods of warfare developed in the late tenth century.

the eastern roman or ‘Byzantine’ empire had to fight for survival throughout its long history so military ability was a prime requisite for a successful emperor. John Carr concentrates on the personal and military histories of the more capable war fighters to occupy the imperial throne at Constantinople. Byzantium’s warrior emperors, and the military establishment they created and maintained, can be credited with preserving rome’s cultural legacy and, from the seventh century, forming a bulwark of Christendom against aggressive islamic expansion.

the domestication of the horse revolutionized warfare, granting unprecedented strategic and tactical mobility, allowing armies to strike with terrifying speed. duncan noble draws on all his vast experience as a horseman and experimental archaeologist to discuss with great authority the development of horsemanship, horse management and training and the significant developments in horse harness and saddles.

For at least two centuries the Spartan army was the most formidable war machine in Greece; the purpose of this book is to show the reasons for this. Professor Lazenby looks first at the composition, training and organization of the army, tracing its roots back to the eighth century BC. the second part analyses some of the main campaigns – thermopylai, Plataea, Sphakteria, mantineia, the nemea, koroneia, Lechaion and Leuktra. the final part continues the story to the end of Greek independence.

BYzantiUm triUmPHant



9781473828056 272 pages 13 b&w pics, 14 maps and plans Paperback £14.99 £12.00

J F Lazenby



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read extraCtS From oUr LateSt reLeaSeS onLine – over 100 titLeS to CHooSe From 9781783030538 256 pages 5 or 6 b&w maps Hardback £19.99 £15.99

tHe riSe oF tHe SeLeUkid emPire (323–223 BC) John D Grainger the Seleukid kingdom was the largest state in the world for a century and more between alexander's death and the rise of rome. in this first volume, John d Grainger relates the remarkable twists of fortune and daring that saw Seleukos, an officer in an elite guard unit, emerge from the wars of the diadochi (alexander's successors) in control of the largest and richest part of the empire of the late alexander the Great.

buy both for £30.00

9781783030507 240 pages 5 or 6 b&w maps Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473827820 272 pages 2 maps Hardback £19.99 £15.99

tHe SeLeUkid emPire an aLternative oF antioCHUS iii HiStorY oF Britain: (223–187 BC) tHe enGLiSH CiviL war John D Grainger the second volume in John d Grainger's history of the Seleukid empire is devoted to the reign of antiochus iii. often remembered only for losing the battle of magnesia, antiochus is here revealed as one of the most powerful rulers of the age. Having emerged victorious from civil war in 223, his campaigns gradually reunified and then extended the empire. then came intervention in Greece and the clash with rome, leading to the defeat at magnesia. despite this, antiochus remained ambitious to the end. when he died in 187 BC the empire was still one of the world’s most powerful states.


Timothy Venning timothy venning explores the turning points of the english Civil war and reveals how things might easily have been different. For example, what if Charles i had attacked London without delay after victory at edgehill? Could this have ended the war in 1642? or what if Parliament had won an earlier military victory? would the result have been a compromise with the king before the rise of Cromwell, such that the Commonwealth would never have happened? explore these scenarios and many more.

9781848847965 256 pages 37 b&w photos, 19 maps Hardback £25.00 £20.00

FieLdS oF BattLe Richard Evans


richard evans revisits the sites of a selection of Greek and roman battles and sieges to seek new insights. By combining the ancient sources and latest archaeological findings with his personal observations on the ground, richard evans brings new perspectives to the dramatic events of the distant past. the campaigns and battles selected for this volume are: ionian revolt (499-3BC), marathon (490 BC), thermopylai (480 BC), ilerda (49 BC) and Bedriacum (ad69). this makes a perfect companion to Fields of death by the same author.


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BUY 4 BookS and Get tHe 5tH Book Free 9781781592748 304 pages 300+ colour photos Hardback £30.00 £24.00

BattLeFieLdS in miniatUre Paul Davies


master terrain modeller Paul davies takes the reader through the process of creating a visually appealing yet practical terrain system. First the techniques of making the basic landscape are explained, then a series of projects show how this can be adapted to suit different periods or geographic locations (eg european farmland or Sudanese desert). there are then detailed chapters on adding vegetation, buildings, roadways, trench systems etc. the clear, step-bystep instructions are clearly illustrated by numerous speciallytaken photographs of the work in progress and Paul's inspirational finished pieces.


9781473823778 528 pages B/w and colour photos throughout Paperback £19.99 £15.99

9781473822900 176 pages 30 maps/set-up diagrams Paperback £12.99 £10.39

9781848841154 176 pages 15 b&w line drawings, 16pp colour photos Paperback £14.99 £12.00

tHe warGaminG ComPendiUm

one-HoUr warGameS

warGaminG on a BUdGet

Henry Hyde

Neil Thomas

Iain Dickie

this book gives a complete overview of the hobby of 'wargaming with miniatures, especially suitable for the newcomer but also containing sufficient depth and breadth of information to attract the more experienced gamer. Packed with colour photographs, maps and diagrams the book is a visual treat, but one built on the solid foundations of a highly literate and engaging text that does not ‘dumb down’ the hobby. every aspect is explained clearly and in a way that both informs and entertains, with plenty of personality, gentle humour and a lightness of touch.

one of the biggest problems facing wargamers is finding the time to actually play. most commercially available sets of rules require several hours to set up and play to a conclusion; some can easily swallow up a whole day or weekend. in onehour wargames, veteran gamer and rule-writer neil thomas has addressed both these problems. now it is practical to play a game in around an hour on a normal dining table or living room floor.

wargaming can be a very expensive hobby, but it needn't be. iain dickie, one of the best-known names in the hobby shares dozens of hints and tips on how to cut the cost of your gaming and get 'more bang for your buck'. He offers sound practical advice on buying and building your armies (should you opt for metal, plastic, or even card, and in which scale?), gaming tables, terrain, buildings and even storage solutions.


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The Frontline Napoleonic Library is an unparalleled collection of classic works on the Napoleonic Wars. Presenting some of the finest memoirs and studies of the period the collection brings together renowned contemporary accounts with more recent analytical publications.





deCLine and FaLL oF naPoLeon’S emPire

LiFe in naPoLeon’S armY

From CorUnna to waterLoo

on tHe FieLdS oF GLorY

Edited by Gareth Glover

Andrew Uffindell, Michael Corum

Elzéar Blaze

Digby Smith

‘Blaze was an acute observer of human nature … these memoirs have great charm, enhanced by the author's honesty and readiness to admit his true feelings … another fine addition to their outstanding napoleonic Library.’ British Army Review

this is a thoroughly researched and engaging history of the 15th Hussars throughout the wars. when you read this book, you will learn to care passionately for these gregarious young men, partake in their exertions, share their joy, but also feel their pain when one of them fails to come safely through the final great battle, waterloo.

‘a highly recommended work.’ Military Illustrated

9781848328228 • 216 pages Hardback • £19.99 £15.99

9781848328440 • 288 pages Hardback • £25.00 £20.00

9781848328204 • 344 pages Hardback • £25.00 £20.00

in this wide-ranging study of the napoleonic regime, digby Smith tracks napoleon’s rise to power, his stewardship of France from 1804–15, and his exile. He highlights his military mistakes and the decision to invade russia while the Spanish situation was spiralling out of control.

9781848328181 • 240 pages Hardback • £19.99 £15.99 FRONTLINE BOOKS 2015

‘as compelling and absorbing an account of the fighting that i have ever read.’ The Journal of The Royal Artillery


memoirS oF Baron von müFFLinG Carl von Müffling müffling's memoirs provide an exceptional first-hand account of the napoleonic wars by one of Prussia's finest general staff officers. müffling was one of the architects of the final victory over napoleon.

9781848328273 • 560 pages Hardback • £30.00 £24.00 7

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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781848328334 272 pages Illustrated Hardback £25.00 £20.00


9781848327443 256 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781783831999 368 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

waterLoo: tHe deFeat oF NEW naPoLeon’S imPeriaL GUard

voiCeS From tHe PaSt: waterLoo 1815


waterLoo LeCtUreS

waterLoo LetterS

Colonel Charles Chesney

H. T. Siborne, Introduction by Albert Nofi

‘one of the primary texts on waterloo. it deserves to be on the bookshelf of any student of the campaign’. Journal of The Royal United Services Institution

a total of 180 letters give first-hand accounts of all of the principal phases of the Battle of waterloo, from the receipt of intelligence from the allied outposts which sent a hasty concentration of troops towards the line of the French advance through all the stages of this momentous battle up to the final defeat of the French. the letters are from every branch of the British army including the General Staff, cavalry, artillery and infantry officers.

Charles Chesney's waterloo Lectures is one of the most outstanding of the many works written on the great battles of 1815. Colonel Chesney brilliantly realised his aim of presenting and analysing all the available facts in an impartial and accurate way, at a time when other historians were more concerned with painting the picture most flattering to national pride.


9781848328464 448 pages Illustrated Hardback £25.00 £20.00

Gareth Glover this is the most detailed account of the 2nd division at waterloo ever published. it is based on the papers of its commander Sir Henry Clinton and it reveals for the first time the previously unrecognised vital role this division made in the defeat of napoleon. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this book is the description of the defeat of napoleon’s imperial Guard.

John Grehan


the Battle of waterloo in 1815, as well as the waterloo campaign, told through the words of those men and women that lived and fought through the most dramatic event of the early nineteenth century. original eyewitness accounts and contemporary commentary. an unusual and often amusing look at one of history’s most famous battles, including newspaper reports and parliamentary debates..


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CaLL now on 01226 734222 9781848328198 304 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781848328341 320 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00


1815: tHe retUrn oF naPoLeon

naPoLeon 1814

Paul Britten Austin

in 1814, after two successive years of defeat in russia and central europe, napoleon was faced with the ultimate disaster – an allied invasion of France itself. the conduct of the intense, fast-moving campaign that followed has been widely hailed as one of his greatest feats as a commander, yet it has rarely been described fully and objectively. andrew Uffindell, in this gripping and original study, reconstructs the campaign, reassesses napoleon's military leadership and provides a masterly account of a campaign that helped shape modern europe.

CHarGe! Digby Smith

Cavalry was the queen of the napoleonic battlefield. Surging squadrons of dragoons, dashing hussars or the awesome might of heavy cuirassiers often snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and decided the fate of kingdoms. the scenarios have been carefully selected to reveal how leadership, training, weather, terrain and the condition of the horses could affect the success of a charge. replete with eyewitness accounts and tales of outstanding courage, this is a dramatic read as well as a fascinating insight into the role and performance of cavalry on the napoleonic field of battle.



there are few more dramatic stories in history than napoleon’s march back to power in 1815. this is the amazing account of his landing at antibes in the south of France with just 1,000 followers and how that tiny band grew as napoleon advanced towards Paris until it became an unstoppable army. after barely a year of Bourbon rule, and with thousands of napoleon’s former soldiers unemployed, France had turned against king Louis. the hope of the French nation rested on the shoulders of napoleon as he was carried on the shoulders of the French people into the tuileries – the emperor was back.

9781473842564 336 pages 30 Illustrations Paperback £16.99 £13.50

Andrew Uffindell

9781783462957 304 pages 20 illustrations b&w Hardback £25.00 £20.00

naPoLeon'S inFantrY HandBook T.E. Crowdy if not a field marshal’s baton, what did napoleon’s soldiers really carry in their backpacks? napoleon’s infantry Handbook is an essential reference guide, filled with fascinating detail on the training, tactics, equipment, service and administration of napoleon’s infantry regiments. there really is no better guide to the everyday life of napoleon’s infantry soldiers.


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:51 Page 10

For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781848327863 224 pages Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781848327740 224 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99



9781848328396 448 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00 PUBLISHED AUG

9781848325869 320 pages Illustrated Paperback £14.99 £12.00

witH weLLinGton in witH weLLinGton'S tHe PeninSULa oUtPoStS

on tHe road witH weLLinGton

weLLinGton at waterLoo

Edited by Paul Cowan

Andrew Bamford

A. L. F. Schaumann

Jac Weller

this remarkable account was controversial on its release in 1827 for its unvarnished and unsentimental portrayal of the grim war against the French in Spain, the netherlands, Portugal and France itself. a cynic with a highly developed sense of humour, the author was not afraid to criticise his superiors, be they thieving sergeants or officers who were far from gentlemen. editor Paul Cowan draws on little-known diaries and other accounts written by the author's contemporaries to corroborate and expand on this frank but all too long neglected first-hand picture of the war in the Peninsula as it was really fought.

John vandeleur’s letters home to his mother are a lively and engaging account of active service during the napoleonic wars, recounting everything from day-to-day life on campaign to the experience of pitched battle at vitoria and waterloo. the conditions that he endured, and the camaraderie that sustained him, are vividly recounted in this fascinating collection – previously only available in a private publication over a century ago. additional notes and commentary by historian andrew Bamford, as well as additional original documents, provide further detail and place the letters in context.



‘august Schaumann was a natural born storyteller. He describes his Peninsula adventures so vividly that you get the feeling that you are there, riding next to him dodging French cavalry patrols and conquering the hearts and bodies of Spanish and Portuguese ladies.’ Fons Libert, The Napoleonic Series

Jac weller studies every move and counter-move of the battle, recreating not only the actions and tactics of the two great leaders but the epic engagements and clashes between the troops themselves that were pivotal for the victory or defeat. the author also studies the related battles of quatre Bras and Ligny. He takes the reader with him onto the battlefield of waterloo, a terrain whose features are still recongnisable today, and which is bought to life for the reader by detailed maps and by the authors vivid and riveting descriptions of the progress of the fighting.


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diSCoUntS avaiLaBLe on aLL titLeS 9781783463633 288 pages 60 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781848847507 688 pages Hardback £60.00 £48.00


9781848328433 304 pages 16 pages b&w plates, maps and illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00


weLLinGton’S enGineerS

weLLinGton’S men rememBered

artiLLerY oF tHe naPoLeoniC warS

Mark S Thompson

Janet Bromley, David Bromley

Kevin F. Kiley

the role of the royal engineers in the Peninsular war has long been neglected and often misunderstood, and mark thompson’s history is the first full account of their work and of the contribution they made throughout the conflict. He draws on his unrivalled collection of the engineers’ letters and diaries in order to tell, in vivid detail, the story of the war as they experienced it. His deeply researched study will be fascinating reading for anyone who is interested in the history of military engineering and a vital text for readers who are keen to broaden their understanding of the Peninsular war.

wellington’s men remembered is a reference work which has been compiled on behalf of the association of Friends of the waterloo Committee and contains over 3,000 memorials to soldiers who fought in the Peninsular war and at waterloo between 1808 and 1815, together with 150 battlefield and regimental memorials in 24 countries worldwide. Photographs of memorials are included in a Cd rom inserted in each buy both volume. for £88.00

‘this must undoubtedly become the standard work for anyone interested in the artillery of the period.’ Waterloo Journal


voLUme 1 9781848846753 £60.00 £48.00

in this detailed study kevin kiley looks at artillery in use throughout the napoleonic period. He examines napoleon's own artillery as well as that employed by his enemies, and he evaluates the gunners' contribution to warfare in the period. By looking at particular battles in detail, kevin kiley shows just how the effective employment of artillery could tip the scales of victory.

9781848326378 320 pages 16 pages B/W plates Hardback £30.00 £24.00

artiLLerY oF tHe naPoLeoniC warS voL ii Kevin Kiley


napoleon was an artilleryman before he was an emperor. He understood the power and effectiveness of cannon and their ability to pulverise defences, reduce fortresses and destroy attacks. in return, the guns won napoleon battles. this impressive study chronicles the story of the guns and men during the twenty-three years of almost continuous warfare from 1792–1815: from the battlefields of continental europe to the almost primitive terrain of north america and of the seas, lakes and rivers that connected them.


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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781848327795 176 pages 150 colour photos, portraits, charts, and battle plans Hardback £25.00 £20.00

neLSon’S Band oF BrotHerS Peter Hore


while there is a perennial interest in the royal navy during the napoleonic wars and in nelson himself, there is no reference work that chronicles all the captains of his ships, their social origins, their characters and the achievements in their lives beyond their service under nelson. this new book, researched and written by distinguished historians, descendants of some of nelson’s officers, and members of the 1805 Club, presents concise biographies of those officers who fought with nelson in his three great battles, with superb colour illustration throughout.


9781848322325 192 pages 115 colour & b&w illustrations Hardback £30.00 £24.00

neLSon’S viCtorY Brian Lavery many books have been written about victory but none like this, which tells the full story of the ship since she first took to the waters in may 1765. the book also tells the story of Horatio nelson, who was born a few weeks before his most famous ship was ordered, and whose career paralleled hers in many ways. it does not ignore the battle of trafalgar, and indeed it offers new insights into the campaign which led up to it. it is simply a ‘must-have’ work for historians and enthusiasts, and a compelling new narrative for the general reader.

9781848322219 128 pages 200 colour photos, paintings and drawings Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781848322585 224 pages 250 illustrations Hardback £40.00 £32.00 PUBLISHED AUG

HmS trinComaLee 1817, FriGate

BeFore tHe ironCLad

Wynford Davies & Max Mudie

D K Brown


HmS trincomalee belonged to a class of 38-gun Fifth rates which can claim to have been the royal navy’s standard frigate type for the whole of the napoleonic wars. Built in india of teak, she is now beautifully restored at Hartlepool, and can justly claim to be the last of nelson’s frigates. as is the case for many historic ships, however, there is a surprising shortage of informative and well illustrated guides, for reference during a visit or for research by enthusiasts – ship modellers, naval buffs, historians or students. this new series redresses the gap.


in the massive revolution that affected warship design between waterloo and the warrior, the royal navy was traditionally depicted as fiercely resisting every change until it was almost too late, but these old assumptions were first challenged in this authoritative history of the transition from sail to steam. originally published in 1990, it began a process of revaluation which has produced a more positive assessment of the British contribution to the naval developments of the period. this classic work is here reprinted in an entirely new edition, with more extensive illustration.


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read extraCtS From oUr LateSt reLeaSeS onLine – over 100 titLeS to CHooSe From 9781848322318 288 pages 25 b&w photos Paperback £16.99 £13.50

9781848322523 320 pages 13 plates and 5 charts Paperback £16.99 £13.50

tHe navaL FLank oF From tHe tHe weStern Front dardaneLLeS to oran Mark Karau NEW this new book tells the story of the creation, purpose, operations and career of the marinekorps Flandern. the Flanders harbours should have allowed the German navy to strike dangerous blows at vital British traffic in the Channel and southern north Sea but the marinekorps was unable to fulfill the great expectations of von tirpitz. the author not only explains how the German conducted operations, but also explains how the opportunites presented by the Flemish occupation were wasted away. a significant and insightful book on an important theatre of the war.


9781848322134 320 pages 250 b&w photos, 150 drawings, 24 colour artworks Hardback £45.00 £36.00

9781848322288 320 pages 42 b&w photos and 3 maps Hardback £30.00 £24.00

German BattLeCrUiSerS oF worLd war one

From imPeriaL SPLendoUr to internment

Arthur Marder

Gary Staff

Nicolas Wolz

this collection of thought-provoking essays by arguably the 20th century’s greatest naval historian was first published in 1974, but their continuingrelevance fully justifies this reprint. it opens with a stimulating reappraisal of the naval attack on the dardanelles, the success of which would have made the disastrous Gallipoli land campaign that followed completely unnecessary. marder identifies a number of relatively minor issues that made a failure of what was in reality a great strategic opportunity to shorten the war.

this is the most comprehensive study yet in the english language of the German imperial navy’s battlecruisers that served in the First world war. this stunning book is a major new contribution to German naval history in this country and will become a ‘must-have’ volume on the shelves of historians, enthusiasts and modellers and indeed for anyone interested in the navies of the First world war and steel warships in general.

this important new work describes how the imperial German navy, which had expanded to become one of the great maritime forces in the world, second only to the royal navy, proved, with the exception of its submarines, to be largely ineffective throughout the years of conflict. this is a fascinating and perceptive analysis of a whole era, and it contributes substantially to our understanding of the war and its consequences – consequences, sadly, that helped pave the way for the third reich.


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BUY 4 BookS and Get tHe 5tH Book Free 9781848321533 288 pages 150 b&w photos Hardback £30.00 £24.00

BiG GUn BattLeS Robert C Stern the outcome of much of the maritime warfare in the Second world war was decided by the torpedo or the aerial bomb, making relatively recent warship types, the submarine and aircraft carrier, the new arbiters naval conflict. Yet despite this, there was a surprising number of traditional ship-to-ship engagements involving the big guns of battleships and cruisers. this book recounts some of the most important, technically interesting, or obscure of these gunfire duels in a narrative that combines pacy storytelling with an in-depth understanding of the factors influencing victory or defeat.


9781848322264 128 pages 200 colour and b&w photographs Paperback £14.99 £12.00

HmS CavaLier: deStroYer 1944 Richard Johnstone-Bryden



BritiSH and FrenCH deStroYerS CommonweaLtH John Jordan & Jean Moulin warSHiP Between the wars the French CamoUFLaGe oF wwii produced some of the largest, and

Containing more than 200 specially commissioned photographs, the book Malcolm George Wright NEW takes the reader on a superbly illustrated tour of the ship, from bow in this the second to stern and deck by deck. Significant volume by maritime artist mal wright, both the official and parts of the vessel – for example, the unofficial paint schemes that adorned gun turrets and engine rooms – are the capital ships of the royal navy given detailed coverage both in and Commonwealth are depicted in words and pictures, so that the reader has at hand the most complete detail, along with discussions on changes of armament and electronics visual record and explanation of the that effected the outward appearance ship that exists. in addition, the of each ship. importance of the ship, both in her own time and now as a museum PUBLISHED AUGUST vessel, is explained. no other book offers such superb visual impact nor 9781848322530 • 160 pages brings the ship so vividly to life. Hardback • £30.00 £24.00

certainly the fastest, destroyers in the world. known as Contre-torpilleurs, these striking and innovatory superdestroyers form the core of this book, but the more conventional torpilleurs d’escadre are also covered. this history combines the technical and service material published in French-language monographs over the past two decades with the authors’ own research from primary sources.

9781848321984 • 240 pages Hardback • £40.00 £32.00 SEAFORTH PUBLISHING 2015

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viSit oUr weBSite to view wHat’S CominG in tHe next tHree montHS 9781848328211 328 pages 8 b&w photos Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781473852730 352 pages 170 illustrations Paperback £16.99 £13.50





verY SPeCiaL inteLLiGenCe

warSHiPS aFter waSHinGton

JaPaneSe tHe BattLeCrUiSer BattLeSHiPS 1897–1945 HmS Hood

Patrick BeEsley

John Jordan

R A Burt

Bruce Taylor

this highly readable account tells the story of how the results of enigma decoding at Bletchley Park and other intelligence was used mainly in the titanic struggle against the U-boat menace. through the author’s experiences of this intelligence world his riveting story adds a new dimension to those dramatic episodes such as the hunt for the Bismarck, the tragedy of Convoy Pq17, and the long war against the U-boats in the wastes of the north atlantic, and other naval events that were critical to the outcome of the war.

the washington treaty of 1922, designed to head off a potentially dangerous arms race between the major naval powers, agreed to legally binding limits on the numbers and sizes of the principal warship types. now for the first time warship enthusiasts and historians can understand fully the rationale behind much of inter-war procurement. the washington treaty was a watershed, and this book provides an insight into its full significance.

this photographic archive contains some 125 stunning images of the battleships of the imperial Japanese navy, many unfamiliar, some very rare. they constitute an archive that is pretty much without equal in publications in the west. the period covered is from the launch of Japan’s first real contemporary battleship, Yashima, built by armstrong’s on the tyne, up the final destruction of her fleet in the Pacific in 1945.

the battlecruiser HmS Hood is one of the great warships of history. Unmatched for beauty and charisma, unequalled for size, for 20 years the she was the glory ship of the royal navy, flying the flag across the world in the twilight years of the British empire. Here, in words, photos and colour artwork, is the story of her life, her work and her people, from the laying of her keel on the Clyde in 1916 to her awful destruction at the hands of the Bismarck in 1941.

9781848322349 • 128 pages Hardback • £25.00 £20.00

9781848322486 • 272 pages Paperback • £19.99 £15.99

‘this is the best book so far, and likely to remain so, about British intelligence in world war ii.’ The Guardian



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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473845732 176 pages 40 illustrations Paperback £12.99 £10.39

9781473841833 336 pages 1x16 b&w plates Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781473827677 224 pages 18 B&W pics Paperback £12.99 £10.39

9781783030378 224 pages 8pp b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99



BattLe oF tHe river PLate


tHe road to rUSSia

arCtiC warriorS

Bernard Edwards

Richard Woodman

Robin Brodhurst

the Battle of the river Plate was the first major naval confrontation of the Second world war, and it is one of the most famous. the dramatic sea fight between the German pocket battleship admiral Graf Spee and the British cruisers exeter, ajax and achilles off the coast of South america caught the imagination in december 1939. over the last 60 years the episode has come to be seen as one of the classics of naval warfare. Yet the accepted interpretation of events has perhaps been taken for granted and is ripe for reassessment, and that is one of the aims of richard woodman's enthralling new study.

dudley Pound served for longer on the Chiefs of Staff Committee in wartime than any other serviceman in either of the two world wars. Churchill's anchor aims to put dudley Pound's achievements into context. He held a succession of key commands from a battleship at Jutland to the mediterranean fleet for four years, alternating with key appointments at the admiralty. He was at the centre of naval affairs from 1914 until his death in 1943.

Bernard edwards, the formidable naval historian, has researched the fate of Convoys Pq13 and Pq17 bound from iceland to northern russia as well as the westbound Convoy qP13. attacked relentlessly by aircraft and U-boats, the former lost a total of thirty ships while qP13 ran into a British minefield off iceland, losing seven vessels. the road to russia is an important addition to the bibliography of this bitterly fought campaign.

Alfred Grossmith Mason; Edited by Julie Grossmith Deltrice the author was navigation/Gunnery officer on SS empire Baffin, a 6,978 ton cargo ship. aged 31 years he compiled this remarkable diary of the dramas and disasters that befell Convoy Pq18 carrying essential war supplies from Great Britain to the Soviet Union. this story follows the movement of the cargo ships and their royal naval escorts from the mustering point at Loch ewe to their destination archangel.


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:52 Page 17

CaLL now on 01226 734222 9781473841857 184 pages 16 pages of plates Paperback £12.99 £10.39

9781473821767 256 pages 16pp b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473832701 208 pages Paperback £12.99 £10.39

tHe BattLe oF JUtLand

tHe LUSitania SaGa and mYtH

tHe LUSitania StorY

Geoffrey Bennett

David Ramsay

the Battle of Jutland was the greatest naval engagement of the ww1, if not any war. this is a fresh account of this historic naval engagement, offering fascinating insight into the events proceding the action, the tactics during the battle and the political and military fall-out. the book draws on released official records and includes personal accounts.

the SS Lusitania entered service with Cunard in 1907. She restored the British supremacy of the key north atlantic route which the Germans had seized. all this ended on 7 may 1915 when she was torpedoed by a German U-boat and sank 18 minutes later with the loss of 1,198 passengers and crew. the author concentrates not just on the disaster but its aftermath including the political recriminations and the inquiry. as a result of the loss of 128 american citizens the Germans signed an agreement not to attack US shipping. this is a fascinating study of a major shipping disaster with profound consequences.

the Lusitania Story is the complete story of this most famous ocean liner, told for the first time in a single volume. the Lusitania is today most remembered for controversy surrounding her loss by a German submarine attack in 1915, during the First world war. But this book also tells of her life before that cataclysmic event. it tells of the ground-breaking advances in maritime engineering that she represented, as well as a hitherto unheard of degree of opulence.



Peeke, Jones & Walsh-Johnson

Competition!!! For a chance to win a copy of Voyages from the Past by Simon wills please answer the following question:

On what date was RMS Lusitania launched? Answer: ______________________ Name: ________________________ Address: ______________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Email address: ________________ Please submit your answer to our postal address marked ‘competition entry’. Competition closes on the 30th august 2015.


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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781783376100 200 pages 250 colour & b&w images Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781783463077 144 pages Integrated b&w images Paperback £14.99 £12.00

airCraFt CarrierS oF tHe United StateS navY

United StateS navaL BattLeSHiPS: wwii aviation 1911–2014 evoLUtion oF tHe BiG GUnS Michael Green

Michael Green

From humble beginnings in 1911 with floatplanes, by the 1930s, the US navy possessed dirigibles and were introducing fighter planes. By the start of ww2, monoplane fighters were replacing bi-planes and a major aircraft carrier build was underway. all these and more are described in expert detail and illustrated in this fine book. Future projects are also covered.


Compiled and written by michael Green, aircraft Carriers of the United States navy contains superb images of all the different types of classes of carriers employed by the US navy since 1922. these and its highly informative text and captions give the reader a broad overview of this fascinating subject.


9781473822252 184 pages 160pp, 250 colour & b&w images Paperback £14.99 £12.00


Philip Kaplan

9781783463053 128 pages 150 b&w images approx Paperback £14.99 £12.00

merCHant SaiLorS at war 1943–1945 – BeatinG tHe U-Boat


Philip Kaplan

Beginning with a pictorial essay on battleship construction in the 1930s and 1940s, this new book looks at the various design facets of the last great capital ships of the world's navies. kaplan offers us a glimpse into those massive american and German navy yards and construction facilities that were put to use during this time, acquainting us with the arenas in which these final examples of battleship technology were laid down, built up, launched, fitted out, commissioned and taken out to sea.


Featured in this new volume from Philip kaplan are images of some of the most iconic and important merchant ships of the latter years of the Second world war, along with intriguing shots of the men who sailed and worked on them. the indomitable HmS Sackville, the only surviving corvette of the Second world war, is afforded particularly prominent coverage, alongside a host of lesser-known but equally formidable ships.


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:52 Page 19

diSCoUntS avaiLaBLe on aLL titLeS 9781473845565 176 pages 8pp b&w photos Paperback £12.99 £10.39

9781781592519 368 pages 50 illustrations, colour and b&w Hardback £25.00 £20.00

tHe SinkinG oF rmS taYLeUr

medievaL maritime warFare

Gill Hoffs

Charles D Stanton

'the wrecking of the rmS tayleur made headlines nearly 60 years before the titanic. Both were run by the white Star Line, both were heralded as the most splendid ships of their time – and both sank in tragic circumstances on their maiden voyages. Lost in the irish Sea, a storm swept the tayleur and the 650 people aboard towards a cliff, studded with rocks ‘black as death’. what happened next shocked the world.

Following the fall of rome, the sea is increasingly the stage upon which the human struggle of western civilization is played out. in a world of few roads and great disorder, the sea is the medium on which power is projected and wealth sought. Yet this confused period in the history of maritime warfare has rarely been studied – it is little known and even less understood. Charles Stanton uses an innovative and involving approach to describe this fascinating but neglected facet of european medieval history.



9781473825598 176 pages 70 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781781593929 208 pages 60 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99


earLY SHiPS and SeaFarinG: water tranSPort BeYond eUroPe

earLY SHiPS and SeaFarinG: eUroPean water tranSPort

Seán McGrail

Seán McGrail

in this volume Professor Seán mcGrail introduces the reader to a relatively new branch of archaeology – the study of water transport – how early rafts, boats and ships were built and used. Concepts, such as boatbuilding traditions, ship stability and navigation without instruments, are first described. archaeological research is then discussed, including sea levels in earlier times, how to distinguish the vestigial remains of a cargo vessel from those of a fighting craft; and the difference between a boat and a ship.

Seán mcGrail introduces the reader to this relatively new discipline through the theory and techniques used in the study of early boats as well as the many different types of evidence available to us, including archaeological, documentary, iconographic, experimental and ethnographic, and the natural, physical laws.

buy both for £30.00 19

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BUY 4 BookS and Get tHe 5tH Book Free 9781473823907 96 pages Paperback £16.99 £13.50

9781473823914 96 pages Paperback £16.99 £13.50

9781473834248 64 pages Illustrated Paperback £14.99 £12.00


FLiGHt CraFt 5: SUkHoi SU-15 Yefim Gordon this book describes the developmental and service history of the SukhoiSu-15, containing a comprehensive survey of all model-making kits currently available on the market.

FLiGHt CraFt 6: iL’YUSHin/BeriYev a-50 Yefim Gordon this book describes the a-50’s thrilling developmental history, taking in its many variants (including the a-50ei export model for india) and gives an extensive overview of the various scale model kits covering the subject currently available on the market.


FLiGHt CraFt 7: v BomBerS

FLiGHt CraFt 1: rUSSian GUnSHiP HeLiCoPterS

Martin W Bowman, Dave Windle the vickers valiant, vulcan and victor saw prolific and varied service during the course of their careers. this book contains fabulous colour profiles (created by dave windle) of all three types in different operational modes, configurations and colour schemes. martin Bowman has written detailed descriptions and photographs to create the perfect enthusiasts reference. this enhanced and revised edition (the book was initially published in 2009) comes complete with model-making content as well as a host of brand new design features, making for a lively new addition to our esteemed Flight Craft series.

9781781592823 • £16.99 £13.50

FLiGHt CraFt 2: Soviet SPYPLaneS oF tHe CoLd war 9781781592854 • £16.99 £13.50

FLiGHt CraFt 3: Hawker HUrriCane 9781473827257 • £16.99 £13.50

FLiGHt CraFt 4: avro LanCaSter 1945–1964 9781473827240 • £16.99 £13.50


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:52 Page 21

read extraCtS From oUr LateSt reLeaSeS onLine – over 100 titLeS to CHooSe From 9781473843882 240 pages Illustrated Hardback £19.99 £15.99 PUBLISHED AUG

9781473835054 336 pages 76 integrated illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

From SaPPer to SPitFire SPY NEW

From St vitH to viCtorY

Sally-Anne Greville Heygate

Stephen C Smith

david Greville-Heygate was one of the few men who served in both the army and the royal air Force during the Second world war, but it was in the sky that he really earned his stripes. His thrilling exploits in the sky and the part he played within the context of the wider war are enlivened here to great effect by his daughter, Sally-anne Greville Heygate, herself a professional photographer. Using snippets from diary entries, letters, logbooks, squadron records and other documents, she has managed to construct an engaging history of a talented photo-reconnaissance pilot and the war in which he fought.

Compiled from a variety of sources and first-hand accounts, this book is an authoritative record of the part played by just one squadron, no.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron during the bomber offensive of world war 2. the squadron’s activities are described in detail offering a unique insight into the lives of those involved and salutes the important role that no.3 Group and no.218 Squadron played in Bomber Command's ultimate victory.


9781473827516 272 pages 20 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781781593141 264 pages 50 b&w photos Hardback £19.99 £15.99


GroUP CaPtain JoHn SniPer oF tHe SkieS ‘Joe’ CoLLier dSo, Nick Thomas dFC and Bar this is the riveting biographical Simon Gooch Group Captain John 'Joe' Collier dSo, dFC and Bar was a key player during some of the most dynamic episodes of wwii history. Closely involved in the planning of the famed dambuster raid, as well as the attack on Peenemunde's v-weapons research station. By the end of wwii, Collier had been involved in most of the major initiatives of the bomber war. this riveting biography relays his life story for the very first time.

account of the life, times and airborne exploits of George Frederick 'Screwball' Beurling, dSo, dFC, dFm, the most successful Canadian fighter pilot of the Second world war and one of the greatest international fighter pilots of all time. this publication serves as a tribute to his career and legacy.


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:52 Page 22

For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781783831777 232 pages 32pp plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781783831753 240 pages 16pp b&w photos Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781783831944 232 pages 2 x 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781783831937 224 pages 2 x 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00



voiCeS in FLiGHt: voiCeS in FLiGHt: daYLiGHt BomBinG raF eSCaPerS and oPerationS 1939–1942 evaderS in wwii

voiCeS in FLiGHt: raF niGHt NEW oPerationS

voiCeS in FLiGHt: tHe HeavY BomBer oFFenSive oF wwii

Martin Bowman

Martin Bowman

Martin Bowman

Martin Bowman

there are no records of war more valuable than the first-hand accounts of the individuals who were actually there. From the outbreak of the Second world war to the eve of ve day, the medium bomber crews of 2 Group raF and 2nd tactical air Force flew vital operations over europe. Here their story is told, month by perilous month, often in the words of the airmen themselves, their accounts supported by meticulous research. these details are relayed in a series of poignant personal snapshots, highlighting the extraordinary valour of these ordinary men.

during the Second world war, 156 raF men successfully escaped from German Pow camps in western europe. a further 1,975 men evaded capture after having been shot down over this same territory. martin Bowman has drawn together tales of just a handful of these men, illustrating the bravery and resourcefulness that characterised their experiences. By bringing these stories together, Bowman is able to capture an authentic sense of the times at hand and the reality of life as an escaper/evader during this tumultuous and incredibly dangerous time.

wartime speeches alone cannot begin to describe the misery and fortitude, desperation and terror endured by the civilian population during the ‘Blitz nights’ in Coventry, the London docklands and the east end as night after night bombs and incendiaries rained down on them. their personal experiences are as vivid, poignant and descriptive as those of the bomber crews carrying the war to the enemy in the early night bomber offensive.

this book contains fourteen stirring accounts pieced together from interviews of what life flying as aircrew in world war two bombing operations was really like. it conveys the terror of being coned by German searchlights over the target, attacks by Luftwaffe night-fighters, often catastrophic damage to aircraft and the ensuing struggle to keep the machine airborne on the return trip to base. it is a fitting tribute to those that survived and the many thousands who died.



Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:53 Page 23

viSit oUr weBSite to view wHat’S CominG in tHe next tHree montHS 9781783831913 240 pages 2 x 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

voiCeS in FLiGHt: tHe niGHt air war Martin Bowman


of the 7,953 Bomber Command aircraft lost on night operations during the Second world war, an estimated 5,833 fell victim to Luftwaffe night fighters. in this detailed re-enactment of the air war over western europe and the raids flown by the men of raF Bomber Command, the author has pieced together official data and the words and memories of the pilots and air crew who participated in the proceedings.

9781783831760 240 pages 16pp b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473823549 400 pages 100 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473837959 192 pages Illustrated Paperback £12.99 £10.39


voiCeS in FLiGHt: tHe weLLinGton BomBer

BomBinG GermanY: tHe FinaL PHaSe

airwar normandY

Tony Redding

Martin Bowman

on the night of February 23/24 1945, a force of Lancaster bombers targeted 1,825 tonnes of bombs on the central area of the German city of Pforzheim. in just 22 minutes, 17,600 people were killed and 83 per cent of the city was destroyed. this is the story of that raid, set within the wider context of the war. the final months of Bomber Command activity are explored fully and the morality, efficacy, and sheer destructive force of their offensive strategy is surveyed in detail.

in this absorbing book, richard Bickers (who himself possesses firsthand experience of serving in Fighter and Coastal Commands and in the desert air Force) describes how that superiority was won and held after the landings. He describes in some detail how the vital necessity of air/land cooperation was brought home to the senior officers in north africa and emphasizes how valuable this lesson was to prove later in the war.

martin Bowman has drawn together a selection of first-hand pilot testimonies in an effort to record authentically the experience of flying the much-mythologised wellington during one of the most challenging eras of aviation history. the book is supplemented by two plate sections of stirring black and white images.


Richard Townshend Bickers


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BUY 4 BookS and Get tHe 5tH Book Free 9781783400584 328 pages 80 b&w integrated, 20 colour images Hardback £25.00 £20.00

a GoLdStar CentUrY


Ian Hall number 31 Squadron raF will celebrate its centenary in 2015; a pivotal milestone for a Squadron engaged at the forefront of military activity for the past 100 years. with a number of events lined up to celebrate this important anniversary, former Commanding officer of the Squadron, ian Hall, has set himself the ambitious task of penning the Squadron's entire history, from formation right up to current-day activities.


9781781593875 192 pages Illustrated Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473833791 424 pages Mono illustrations, plus 1x16pp plate section Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781783463398 256 pages 40 b&w images in plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

a HiStorY oF tHe BattLe oF Britain FiGHter aSSoCiation

aUStraLia'S Few and tHe BattLe oF Britain

tHe miLLionaireS’ SqUadron

Kristen Alexander

Geoff Simpson

during the summer and autumn of 1940, the Germans launched their Luftwaffe campaign to gain superiority over the raF, especially Fighter Command. they were not successful, and this defeat marked a turning point in the allies’ favour. this is the story of eight australian fighter pilots engaged in the Battle of Britain, the first major battle of world war ii (or any war) fought entirely in the air. Jack kennedy, Stuart walch, dick Glyde, ken Holland, Pat Hughes, Bill millington, John Crossman and des Sheen – all flew out in service but only one of them came home.

601 (auxiliary) Squadron of the raF is famed for a host of reasons. notable for the social calibre of its members, gleaned from the eccentric and elite membership of the exclusive white's Club, London, (upon inception in 1924) the unit came to be known as 'the millionaires’ Squadron', seeing real action in the Battles of Britain and malta, with many of its members securing distinguished victories. originally published in 1964 to great acclaim, this second edition features a wealth of brand new content in the form of newly uncovered documentation and photo illustrations.

in 1958 the Battle of Britain Fighter association (BBFa) was formed, with full membership only available to holders of the award. Lord dowding was the first President. Her majesty queen elizabeth the queen mother became Patron. that post is now held by HrH the Prince of wales.Geoff Simpson has now been invited by the association to use these archives as the basis of a book on the history of the organisation.

Tom Moulson


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CaLL now on 01226 734222 9781473823594 240 pages 50 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

From CoLoniaL warrior to weStern Front FLYer Carole McEntee-Taylor Sydney Herbert Bywater Harris was an adventurer, a man possessed of great courage and charm, who fulfilled every schoolboy fantasy and really did ‘live the dream’. a real ‘Boys own’ adventure detailing the five wars he was involved with. a remarkable life led in an era of endless possibilities...

9781783463381 248 pages 20 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473827851 224 pages Mono and colour images, integrated throughout Hardback £30.00 £24.00

tHe kinGS oF tHe air tHe zePPeLin Ian Sumner in comparison to their British and German counterparts, the French airmen of the Great war are not well known. Yet their aerial exploits were just as remarkable, and their contribution to the war effort on the western Front was equally important. that is why ian Sumner’s vivid history of the men of the French air force during the war is of such value. He tells their story using the words of the pioneering pilots and observers themselves, drawn from memoirs, diaries, letters, and contemporary newspapers, magazines and official documents.


Michael Belafi, Translated by Cordula Werschkun this new publication from michael Belafi offers some truly intriguing content. Photographs of the mighty zeppelin at all stages of development feature in a publication that aims to chart the entire course of the airship's history, exploring each facet of its history, and concludes by assessing the legacy of rigid airship development, still felt to this day.

9781473834125 224 pages 32 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99


air raidS on SoUtH weSt eSSex in tHe Great war Alan David Simpson Focussing in particular on Leyton and ilford, this is the first book to ever examine what happened before and after the raiders reached and bombarded the capital. the author has included a wide range of contemporary letters, diaries and newspaper reports from local sources, plus several previously unseen photographs. to set the story in its wider context, the book also contains a wealth of information about the defence of the London area generally and vivid reports from combatants on both sides.


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:53 Page 26

For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473828063 368 pages 150 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781783400546 320 pages 16pp mono plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99



doGFiGHt: tHe ComBat BiPLaneS oF SUPermarine worLd war ii SPitFire and tHe Peter C. Smith meSSerSCHmitt BF109 the era of the combat biplane is David Owen innumerable books have been published on the two most famous fighter aircraft of all time, the Supermarine Spitfire and the messerschmitt Bf109. But books setting out to tell the story of both aircraft are very much rarer. Here, david owen provides us with the full and engaging history of these two types, showing the extent to which their developmental histories entwined over the course of their careers and how each impacted on the other.


usually thought to have been between 1914 and 1938. By the outbreak of world war ii most of the advance air forces of the world had moved on to monoplane aircraft for their front-line battle forces. this book describes a selection of these gallant old warriors of all nations. they represent the author's own personal selection from a surprisingly large range of aircraft that, despite all predictions, fought hard and well in world war ii.

9781783400713 256 pages Approx 480 mono within text Paperback £12.99 £10.39

moSqUito Graham M. Simons

9781473823440 264 pages Hardback £25.00 £20.00


SeCret winGS oF wwii


during the course of aviation history, there have been very few aircraft that have achieved immediate success when entering front-line service. the arrival of the de Havilland mosquito brought with it a degree of instant success that set it apart from a host of other aircraft. Pilots loved it and the opportunities opened up to them as a result of the capabilities of this new and exciting aircraft.

Lance Cole there are many myths and legends surrounding the advanced German aeronautical technology of the Second world war. there are also facts and proven events. Yet within these stories and behind these facts lie conspiracy theories, mistaken assumptions and denials that seem to contradict the evidence. So what really happened? How far ahead were the German scientists? and, of even greater interest, why and how?


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:53 Page 27

diSCoUntS avaiLaBLe on aLL titLeS 9781473835665 144 pages 100 illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781783463046 144 pages 150 b&w images Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781783463022 144 pages 150 b&w images Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781783462872 128 pages 150 b&w images Paperback £14.99 £12.00


ameriCan eaGLeS Tony Holmes american eagles provides a photographic snapshot into the lives of the american fighter pilots who volunteered their services during world war ii, as well as the Spitfires and Hurricanes they flew. keen to help Britain stem the spread of Fascism, or perhaps seeking adventure in a foreign land, a number of american citizens defied the wishes of their government by crossing the border into Canada and subsequently sailing to Britain to join the royal air Force.

ComBined roUnd tHe CLoCk BomBinG oFFenSive

tHe Few: FiGHt For tHe SkieS

Philip Kaplan

in this new pictorial history from Philip kaplan, the perspectives of both raF and Luftwaffe airmen are considered within the wider context of one of the most iconic and pivotal conflicts of modern history. accounts and photographs of some of the most notable participants caught up in the proceedings include; al deere, Geoffrey Page, Brian kingcome, Peter townsend, Bob doe and Ginger Lacey.

First-hand accounts from both american and British bomber pilots feature. an account of the dramatic attack at Peenemunde is included as well as a host of accounts of the 3 december 1943 raF bombing raid on Berlin. they work to create a real sense of precisely what 'round the clock' actually meant, as these concentrated attacks drained pilots of every ounce of energy they possessed.


Philip Kaplan

tHe Few: PreParation For tHe BattLe oF Britain Philip Kaplan all these images serve to illustrate the times at hand, and the cooperative, resilient spirit of British pilots and civilians during this anticipatory period of uncertainty. military enthusiasts and historians of the Second world war will be intrigued by the new insights opened up by these images. all are accompanied by kaplan's illuminating prose, setting each image within context.


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:53 Page 28

For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473843660 408 pages 100 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473834361 240 pages 44 illustrations plate section Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781473845640 160 pages 60 b&ws plates Paperback £12.99 £10.39



notHinG iS imPoSSiBLe

Freedom in tHe air

a PaSSion For FLYinG PoLitiCaL winGS

Hamish Ross

Group Captain Tom Eeles

Alun Wyburn-Powell

Victor Miller

this biography tells of the life of a Czech airman who escapes from the nazi invasion, fights with the French and finally arrives in Britain to fly as an airgunner with the raF during wwii. He returns to his homeland after wwii but escapes back to the Uk again when the communists gained control. again he joined the raF and rose to the rank of wo. the unique part of this is that from his time in France, throughout wwii and until half way through his second tour with the raF he was inseparable from his alsatian dog, an animal that became famous and was awarded the dog equivalent of the vC.

Group Captain tom eeles served in the raF for 44 years and totaled over 8000 hours of flying in twenty-eight different aircraft types. in 1969 he joined 736 naval air Squadron which was responsible for training courses for raF aircrew converting to the Buccaneer. He moved to 12 Squadron based at raF Honington. their task was to provide a maritime strike/attack capability and a nuclear strike capability in support of the Uk national Plan. an exciting career story!

this is the first biography of rt. Hon. william wedgwood Benn dSo, dFC, first viscount Stansgate, cabinet minister under macdonald and attlee, air Commodore with active service in both world wars, defector from the Liberals to Labour over his dispute with Lloyd George, and father of tony Benn. Before his death, tony Benn gave extensive interviews for this book. alun wyburn-Powell has managed to construct a biographical study of real force, weaving together snippets from Benn's own private papers with insights from his family and colleagues in order to create an authentic impression of Benn and the times in which he lived.

this remarkable story, jotted down shortly after each operation when the events were still vivid in the author's mind, is an astonishing record of skill, bravery, comradeship and resourcefulness which represents a fitting tribute to many fallen friends and colleagues. the book was published initially in 1994, before the author's death. this posthumous edition comes with brand new supplementary content, drawn together by the author's sons and family.


9781473848146 256 pages 40 b&w illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00



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read extraCtS From oUr LateSt reLeaSeS onLine – over 100 titLeS to CHooSe From 9781783463336 256 pages 30 b&w images Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473845633 304 pages 60 mono in plates Paperback £12.99 £10.39



darinG raidS oF worLd war two: HeroiC Land, Sea and air attaCkS Peter Jacobs the Second world war saw a host of heroic raids enacted across the various theatres, all delivered valiantly in a variety of ways by British combatants; on land, by sea and from the air. this is an intriguing and insightful historical record of thirty of the most daring and strategic raids of military history and is sure to appeal to all enthusiasts of the genre.

SiSterS in armS Helena Page Schrader during world war ii, a few, carefully selected women in the US and the Uk were briefly given the unprecedented opportunity to fly military aircraft. throughout the war, the contribution of the women of the British ata to the war effort was recognized and praised both from official quarters and in the press. By contrast, the american waSPs were first glamorized and made into Hollywood stars – and then subjected to a slander campaign. the story these women have to tell is exciting and intriguing.


9781473828155 248 pages Integrated throughout Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781783030576 224 pages 50 illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00

air men BeHind tHe medaLS

traCinG YoUr air ForCe anCeStorS

Graham Pitchfork

Phil Tomaselli


of the many human characteristics, few evoke greater admiration and respect than gallantry in the service of one’s country. in this third volume of men Behind the medals, Graham Pitchfork has described the outstanding bravery of twenty-one men who served in the royal air Force and the Fleet air arm during the Second world war. these accounts encompass most theatres of operations, many aircraft types and aircrew categories. the individual chapters also include accounts of the gallantry of those who served on the ground in support of flying operations. all these experiences are narrated in relation to the wider war.

in this fully revised second edition of his best-selling tracing Your air Force ancestors Phil tomaselli explains which records survive, where they can be found and how they can help you in your research. whether you are interested in the career of an individual air-man or woman, researching medals awarded to a pilot or crew member or just want to know more about a particular squadron or operation, this handbook will point you in the right direction.


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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473834132 288 pages B&w illustrations throughout Hardback £25.00 £20.00

tornado over tHe tiGriS Michael John W Napier


written from the unique perspective of a fast jet cockpit, tornado over the tigris captures the essence of what it was really like to fly a tornado at the front-line of the Cold war in Germany and on operations over iraq in the aftermath of the Gulf war. michael napier narrates the story of his service career during some of the most dynamic and dangerous conflicts of air-combat history in a publication that is sure to appeal to other ex-servicemen as well as fans of action-packed memoirs.


9781473837942 320 pages 300 b&w and colour photos, colour profiles Paperback £16.99 £13.50

9781473827950 304 pages Illustrated in colour throughout Hardback £35.00 £28.00

9781473837768 320 pages 250 b&w & colour illustrations Hardback £35.00 £28.00 PUBLISHED AUG

voodoo warriorS

raF in Camera: 1950S raF in Camera: 1960S

Group Captain Nigel Walpole, OBE, BA, RAF (Ret'd)

Keith Wilson


during the mid-1950s the USaF was given its most powerful single-seat, two-engine fighter to date. the voodoo would be deployed before the end of that decade in the tactical nuclear bomber and tactical reconnaissance roles world-wide, and in homeland defence with the twoseat, all-weather variant. this book looks at the evolution of the original design and its introduction into service. Chapters cover operations in korea, vietnam, the Cuban Crisis and in europe during the Cold war years. many first-hand accounts from pilots are included as well as the author’s own experiences.

Keith Wilson


this photographic record of the raF during the 1950s looks set to appear widely. Featuring varied and dynamic visual representation throughout, the events of this important decade are enlivened to great effect. Shots of aircraft utilised during the course of the Cold war feature, as do highly intriguing photographs of the thor intermediate range Ballistic missiles, stored on Bomber Command bases towards the end of the decade. each chapter focusses on a specific year, relaying all the most fascinating highlights. this is a colourful, insightful and image-packed history, told with narrative flair and a clear passion for the subject matter at hand.


Here, keith wilson takes us on a richly illustrated journey through the decade, with each chapter focusing on a specific year and relaying all the fascinating events and highlights that characterized it. this is a colourful and insightful history, told with narrative flair and a clear passion for the subject matter at hand.

buy both for £52.00


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viSit oUr weBSite to view wHat’S CominG in tHe next tHree montHS 9781848327894 80 pages Illustrated throughout Hardback £12.99 £10.39

9781848328495 288 pages Illustrated throughout Paperback £16.99 £13.50 PUBLISHED AUG

LUFtwaFFe x-PLaneS x-PLaneS


Manfred Griehl

Manfred Griehl

From jet planes and high altitude aircraft to radar-equipped fighters configured to deliver chemical weapons, numerous Luftwaffe planes were designed and reached prototype stage but never made it into mass production or battle. in this revelatory guide, renowned German aviation expert manfred Greihl has painstakingly assembled a valuable selection of images which shows the remarkable range of projects dreamed up by the German designer. Had these innovative projects ever been realised the course of the world war ii could have been dramatically different.

in this superb illustrated guide, renowned German aviation specialist manfred Griehl has collected a unique and valuable selection of photographs of Luftwaffe projects that never made it into battle. much of this development work went on to have an important influence on aircraft design in both the east and the west after the Second world war, making this book an essential source not just for those interested in Hitler’s Luftwaffe but also in the history of military aviation in general.


9781848327818 208 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Paperback £12.99 £10.39

9781848328037 256 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Paperback £12.99 £10.39

German SeCret weaPonS oF worLd war ii

red Star aGainSt tHe SwaStika

Ian Hogg

‘a gripping insight into the war’s bloodiest campaign.’ Military Illustrated

the sheer magnitude of the German ‘top secret’ weapons programme in world war ii is revealed in this comprehensive study written by one of the world's great experts on weaponry. the book explores the various fields in which the Germans concentrated their weapon development from the bizarre and impractical to ground-breaking innovations that provided the inspiration for present-day rockets and missiles.

Vasily B. Emelianenko


emelianenko’s vivid memoirs provide a rare insight into the reality of fighting over the eastern Front and the tactics of the red army air Force. with remarkable clarity, he recalls what it was like to come face to face with a skilled, deadly and increasingly desperate enemy. Hairraising encounters with fighters, forced landings on enemy territory, and the death of friends are all brought dramatically and movingly to life in this rare first-hand account.


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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473847675 584 pages 1,200 illustrations Hardback £50.00 £40.00 PUBLISHED AUG

a FiGHter Command men oF tHe BattLe Station at war oF Britain

ve daY – a daY to rememBer

Mark Hillier

Craig Cabell, Allan Richard


Packed with the largest collection of photographs of this airfield ever compiled, this illustrated publication provides a detailed history of the fighting as seen through the eyes of many of the pilots and ground crew. raF westhampnett brings to life those exciting but dangerous days of the Second world war through the words and photographs of those who were there.

PUBLISHED AUGUST 9781473844681 • 192 pages Hardback • £25.00 £20.00 32

9781473845572 208 pages 16pp b&w Paperback £12.99 £10.39

Kenneth G. Wynn


the book records the service details of the airmen who took part in the Battle of Britain in considerable detail. where known, postings and their dates are included, as well as promotions, decorations and successes claimed flying against the enemy. there is also much personal detail, often including dates and places of birth, civilian occupations, dates of death and place of burial or, for those with no known grave, place of commemoration.

9781783831548 208 pages 150 colour & b&w illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

the authors have compiled a collection of memories and anecdotes from celebrities and members of the public covering their experiences of the Second world war and the day that victory over the nazis was declared. we hear from not only those in the armed Forces but civilians.the book catches the mood of jubilation and exhilaration yet also the great sadness of the huge waste of human life and resources. Hard times still lay ahead.

a GUide to war PUBLiCationS oF tHe FirSt & SeCond worLd war Arthur Ward in ww2 information leaflets and posters proliferated. Soldiers were bombarded with Field regulations, airmen with the latest updates about airborne early warning, bomb sights and radio navigation and sailors with material that helped them identify enemy aircraft and submarines and told them how to operate the new ship board weapons to destroy them. this book is concerned with the plethora of printed ephemera that was designed to educate, instruct, inform and entertain.


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Call now on 01226 734222 9781848327719 288 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

Hitler'S ParatrooPerS in norMandY Gilberto Vilahermosa


this gripping new account examines the exploits of Germany’s ii Parachute Corps and its commander, eugen Meindl from the allied invasion on 6 June to the end of august 1944. Meindl was the epitome of the senior German airborne commander in the Second world war. tough, experienced, and aggressive, he cared deeply for his troops. His Parachute Corps fought stubbornly for three weeks, before being forced to fall back. this is a story that deserves to be told.


9781848328402 256 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Paperback £12.99 £10.39

FiGHtinG tHe Breakout


Freiherr von Luttwitz, Freiherr von Beyerlein, Freiherr von Gersdorff et al ‘Fascinating and essential stuff.’ Gary Sheffield in Military illustrated this gripping volume charts the progress of the allied breakout of normandy through German eyes.this volume brings together a selection of these reports to provide a broad overview of German hopes balanced with the realisation that they could not hope to contain the allied efforts for long. with supplementary material by david C. isby, this is a fascinating glimpse into how a defeated army sought hard to turn the tide of defeat.

9781848326835 256 pages 16pp of plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781848328518 224 pages 60 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99


Blood and Steel

Blood and Steel 2

Donald E Graves

Donald E. Graves

ordered by Hitler ‘to hold, or to die’ and to fight ‘to the last grenade and round’, the German army was a formidable opponent during the 1944 normandy campaign. this book depicts the experience of that army in normandy through its own records and documentation. the wehrmacht archive is an informative and colourful collection of translated original orders, diaries, letters, after action reports, and even jokes, as well as allied technical evaluations of weapons, vehicles and equipment and transcripts of prisoner of war interrogations.

this book depicts the experience of the German army, as it withdrew, through its own records and documentation. the wehrmacht archive is an informative and colourful collection of translated diaries, letters, original orders, afteraction reports, and even jokes, as well as allied technical evaluations of weapons, vehicles and equipment and transcripts of prisoner of war interrogations. You will also learn from official documents about the Germans' efforts to cope with allied air and artillery superiority, create new tactical methods for all arms and maintain discipline in the face of superior numbers.

buy both for £30.00


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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781848327603 240 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99 PUBLISHED AUG

U-188 As told to Klaus Willmann by Anton Staller


anton Staller was a U-boat lookout, rising no higher than Leading Seaman and his account of the war from the lower ranks is unique. He served on the type ixc/40 boat, U-188 under kapitänleutnant Lüdden on three patrols witnessing the stark reality of convoy warfare from his lookout position on the conning tower of his submarine. His journal demonstrates how political thinking rarely entered the minds of the U-boat men, Staller was not a nazi and came from a Socialist Party background, yet he never questioned the cause he was fighting for. to Staller it was simply ‘Us or them to the death’.


9781848327481 256 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781848327832 304 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781848328372 208 pages 16 pages of b&w plates paperback £12.99 £10.39

LoSt HonoUr, BetraYed LoYaLtY

tHe BLoodY road to UP CLoSe and tUniS PerSonaL

Herbert Maeger

David Rolf

David Lee

this is an unrivalled account of one man’s service in the elite waffen-SS Liebstandarte division, principally on the eastern Front. the author, an 18year old Belgian, was blackmailed into volunteering for the waffen-SS in 1941 to save his mother from a concentration camp. in 1944 he was transferred out for training as an SS paramedic, but after two months was sent against his will for SS-officer training. overheard making a defeatist remark, he was sent to the notorious SS penal division dirlewanger on the oder front, where he survived the horror of the Halbe pocket.

the battle for tunisia was the culmination of the struggle for north africa in world war ii. it saw experienced German and italian troops, in superb defensive positions, pitted against well-equipped angloamerican units and, from first to last, was a battle of skill and determination. david rolf’s impressive and vivid account provides a blow-by-blow account of the campaign from both the axis and allied perspective.

in this gripping book, david Lee brings together the remarkable stories of soldiers involved in closequarter fighting during the Second world war. these first-person accounts take the reader directly to the heart of the battle and bring home the brutal reality of war, plain and simply, with no heightened colour or exaggerated emotion. these accounts provide a unique record of combat during Second world war and bear testament to the indomitable spirit of the men who fought there.


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diSCoUntS avaiLaBLe on aLL titLeS 9781473851597 256 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781848328020 304 pages Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781848326620 224 pages 16 pages of b&w and 8 pages of colour plates Paperback £12.99 £10.39

voiCeS From tHe PaSt: CHanneL iSLandS invaded

t e LawrenCe in war and PeaCe

SeCret daYS

Edited and Introduced by Malcolm Brown

Simon Hamon

this remarkable collection includes Lawrence’s wartime reports from the desert, along with later writings in which Lawrence attempts to cope with the consequences of war in the circumstances of peace. many of the pieces have previously only been issued in limited editions. this is an invaluable companion volume to the classic Seven Pillars of wisdom offering a self-portrait of its author long before he became an international celebrity.

‘Briggs is an engaging and amiable guide though the mysteries of wartime cryptography … a fascinating account of an outstanding young man and his time at a quite remarkable institution.’ Roger Moorhouse in BBC History magazine


to abandon British territory to the enemy was unthinkable, yet the defence of the Channel islands was impracticable, if not impossible. it was decided, therefore, to evacuate as many as wished to leave. this is the story of the muddled evacuation, of homes, animals and families left behind, of the German bombing of the islands, and of those first days of German occupation, told by the islanders themselves.


ASA Briggs


Packed with fascinating anecdotes, this is the gripping, revelatory story of an extraordinary young man in an extraordinary place.

9781848328242 208 pages integrated images Paperback £12.99 £10.39


SeCret teCHniqUeS oF tHe eLite ForCeS Leroy Thompson ‘offers key insight into the commando’s mind.’ Warfare this remarkable book not only shows what it takes to be one of the world’s fighting elite, it details the equipment he uses to carry out his missions and the actual techniques he employs.


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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781848329041 272 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

GaLLiPoLi SniPer John Hamilton

9781848329034 320 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

GaLLiPoLi viCtoria CroSS Hero

John Hamilton ‘this is a well-researched, detailed and compelling story.’ the son of a former Premier of Defender Magazine western australia, Hugo throssell, volunteered to join the imperial Billy Sing was a small, dark man – and australian Force which was shipped a deadly killer. when, as a member of to Gallipoli in 1915. He was a the australian imperial Force 5th member of the 10th australian Light Light Horse, he was thrust onto the Horse which fought in a dismounted narrow strip of land held by the role in Gallipoli. He was involved in australians on Gallipoli, he witnessed the famous charge of the 10th Light the terrible effects of the turkish Horse at the Battle of the nek and snipers and decided to fight fire with the Battle of Hill 60 where his actions fire. Using a simple Lee enfield .303 saw him being awarded the victoria rifle, Sing began to pick off unwary Cross. meticulously researched, and turks who exposed themselves. this a beautifully written, this is a moving vivid account of the merciless nature tale of heroism and patriotism which of the fighting in the Gallipoli ended in sad and disturbing Campaign from an award-winning circumstances. journalist and best-selling author.


9781848329027 304 PAges 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

FataL CHarGe at GaLLiPoLi John Hamilton Using the letters and diaries of those who fought and died in this famously futile action, awardwinning journalist and best-selling author, John Hamilton takes the reader on a journey from the rush to recruit in august 1914 when war was declared, through the training camps to the unforgiving terrain of Gallipoli and the unbending turkish defenders, and finally to that fateful morning and that fatal charge.

buy All 3 for £52.00

9781473827844 256 pages 8 or 16pp b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

a marine at GaLLiPoLi and on tHe weStern Front Harry Askin Harry askin was 22 when he enlisted at nottingham in September 1914 and was sent to train with the royal marines at Portsmouth. He set sail with the mediterranean expeditionary Force in late February 1915. in this diary he captures the atmosphere of danger and death. Harry was among the last to withdraw and his reward was to be sent to the western Front. again he was wounded. this is a stirring memoir which paints a vivid picture of the horrors of war.


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read extraCtS From oUr LateSt reLeaSeS onLine – over 100 titLeS to CHooSe From 9781473825611 208 pages 16 b&w illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

BrotHerS in armS Karen Farrington Hidden away in the back of an old desk drawer was a dusty pile of school-style exercise books. in them were the recollections of a young officer who had fought with the essex regiment in the First world war from the Battle of neuve Chapelle in 1915, through the mud and misery of Ypres, to see victory in 1918. the collection of memoirs, letters and personal photographs are woven together to produce a gripping and powerfully frank testimony – one that will come to be recognised as amongst the finest personal accounts of the First world war ever to be published.

9781473827509 208 pages 12 b&w photos Hardback £19.99 £15.99

JoHnnY Get YoUr GUn John F Tucker the author contrasts the beauties of the French countryside with the ugliness of widespread death and destruction, and paints a picture of French country life hardly less squalid than the soldiers’ own lot. But above all, he makes the reader realise what it was like to fight in the war to end all wars.these are the memoirs of one infantryman, but through his eyes a vivid canvas of the whole war gradually unfolds.


9781473827578 320 pages 10 b&w pics and illustrations and 1 map Hardback £25.00 £20.00

witHin FoUr waLLS Major M.C.C. Harrison & Captain H.A. Cartwright within Four walls tells the remarkable story of two British officers and their war effort, capture by the Germans, imprisonment and eventual escape to Holland.the authors were made to write a concise and accurate account of their incarceration in 1917 and 1918 for the war office, the basis of which forms the narrative for this book. although many points were censored while the war was still ongoing, the authors filled in the gaps before the book was published in 1930.

9781783461677 336 pages 1x8 pages of b&w plates Paperback £14.99 £12.00

Have YoU ForGotten Yet? John Blacker this book tells the story of an infantry officer on the western Front from 1915-1918, and differs from others of this genre by virtue of several features: the writer's introspective reflections on the traumatic events in which be was involved; his shrewd character sketches of his fellow officers; his strange mystical experience on the banks of the river Somme; the poignant juxtaposition of desolation wreaked by the war and his intense love of natural history, particularly birds and wild flowers. above all he believed that the whole war was a hideous mistake.


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PaSSCHendaeLe tHe BritiSH at PaSSCHendaeLe Bob Carruthers 1916-18 this powerful collection,

tHe BritiSH at YPreS 1914–1915

depicting the grim realities of the battle for Passchendeale, showcases the work of the contemporary combat artists and illustrators from the Great war era. included here are the works of serious artists, propagandists, illustrators and humourists. the result is a stunning and vivid graphic record of life and death in the infamous campaign of 1917.

rare photographs illustrating the optimistic men of the BeF in the act of mobilization and transport to France are contrasted with photographs from the battlefield during the opening phases of the campaign, which culminated in the four-year struggle for the Ypres salient.

PUBLISHED AUGUST 9781473837898 • 128 pages Paperback • £14.99 £12.00 38


Sir Philip Gibbs this book incorporates a wide range of images, encompassing the actions of the British infantry and their supporting artillery. also featured are images which depict the almost incomprehensible state of the waterlogged trenches.

9781473837799 • 128 pages Paperback • £14.99 £12.00

Bob Carruthers

9781473836075 • 128 pages Paperback • £14.99 £12.00



FirSt YPreS 1914 BattLeFieLd HiStorY tv Limited, BHtv

SeCond YPreS 1915 BattLeFieLd HiStorY tv Limited, BHtv

Continues the First world war series of dvds from BHtv and sees the team of Battlefield Guides visit the ground of the First Battle of Ypres and explain it’s significance and outcome during the First world war. over 80 minutes of new documentary footage with reenactment footage and specially commissioned maps.

Battlefield guides tim Saunders and andrew duff join a selection of historians on the ground to explore the actions of Second Ypres and analyse the significance of what was the first former colonial victory on european soil.

5060247621173 • 115 mins DVD • £16.99 £13.50

5060247621180 • 80 mins DVD • £16.99 £13.50

buy both for £25.00


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viSit oUr weBSite to view wHat’S CominG in tHe next tHree montHS 9781473841826 256 pages 16 pages b&w plates Paperback £14.99 £12.00

martin Leake: doUBLe vC Ann Clayton Surprisingly, this is the first biography of this most remarkable man, now printed in paperback format, for which ann Clayton has been given access to all the family papers. these include hundreds of his letters, but she has also unearthe eye-witness accounts of his bravery which, typically, he was at pains to gloss over. this is indeed a thrilling story of a life lived to the full by a man who sought little for himself, but having been blessed with a fortunate birthright, only wanted to repay the debt.

9781473827400 224 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473833548 224 pages Hardback £19.99 £15.99 PUBLISHED AUG


deSPatCH rider on tHe weStern Front 1915–18

in mY FatHer’S FootStePS

Edited David Venner

Seventy years on from the events, the wartime diary, the photographs of the guns and the photographs taken by the dead SS officer were the inspiration for the son of Capt. davies, television producer and writer Gwilym davies, to undertake an emotional return to the battlefields, which his father had described in his diary. the result of that pilgrimage is an important new book which builds upon the wartime diary and the photographs to produce a powerful record of one man’s war service with the guns of the 53rd welsh division. in my Father’s Footsteps is also a major tv documentary.

Sergeant albert Simpkin mm’s Great war diary is of unusual scope and exceptional interest. His wideranging role enabled him to witness much more than his fellow men who were restricted to the trenches. despatch rider on the western Front 1915–18 offers a unique opportunity for readers to immerse themselves in a well written and objective firsthand account of life and death on the western Front.


9781473825536 480 pages Integrated illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

Gwilym Davies

viCtoria CroSSeS on tHe weStern Front – aPriL 1915 to JUne 1916 Paul Oldfield


during visits to the First world war battlefields the author often wondered where various victoria Cross actions took place; he resolved to find out. research commenced in 1988 and numerous sources have been consulted in the meantime. the book is designed for the battlefield visitor as much as the armchair reader. a detailed account of each vC action is set within the wider strategic and tactical context.


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:56 Page 40

For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781783400393 288 pages 60 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781781590768 240 pages 16–20 b&w in 8pp plate section Hardback £19.99 £15.99

tHe GaLLiPoLi exPerienCe reConSidered

GaLLiPoLi: tHe HamiLton and ottoman CamPaiGn GaLLiPoLi Edward J Erickson

Evan McGilvray

Peter Liddle

‘many modern and contemporary military analysts assert that the [Gallipoli] campaign was ill-fated from the start. in this crisply drafted monograph. ed erickson helps us understand why.’ Stand to!‘this book is a must for every reader about Gallipoli…in order to see how the ottoman Fifth army fought a successful and prolonged campaign against an enemy with far greater resources.’ the Gallipolian

this is a reappraisal of Sir ian Hamilton’s controversial command of the Gallipoli campaign. Hamilton has often been criticized for this failure and seen as the stereotypical British general clinging to outdated thinking. this fresh assessment, drawing on original archival research, shows that Hamilton did display some progressive ideas and a realization that warfare was rapidly changing. Like all generals of this period he faced the challenge of unprecedented technological and tactical revolution as well as the political and media battle. it is as a case study of command in these circumstances that this book will be most valued.

the Gallipoli Campaign is generally viewed as a disastrous failure of the First world war, inadequately redeemed by the heroism of the soldiers and sailors who were involved in the fighting. a balanced evaluation of the Gallipoli gamble, and of the political and military leadership, are the challenging tasks which Peter Liddle sets himself in his new study of the campaign and the experience of the men who served in it.


9781783461660 288 pages 20 illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00

Competition!!! For a chance to win a copy of Gallipoli by nigel Steel please answer the following question:

In months, weeks and days; what was the exact duration of the Gallipoli campaign? Answer: ______________________ Name: ________________________ Address: ______________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Email address: ________________ Please submit your answer to our postal address marked ‘competition entry’. Competition closes on the 30th august 2015.


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CaLL now on 01226 734222 9781473837874 128 pages 100 illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00 PUBLISHED AUG

tHe BritiSH on tHe Somme Bob Carruthers


this powerful collection, depicting the grim realities of the Battle of the Somme, showcases the work of the contemporary combat artists and illustrators from the Great war era. included here are the works of serious artists, propagandists, illustrators and humourists. the result is a stunning and vivid graphic record of life and death in the infamous campaign of 1916, as reported to contemporary audiences at a time when the events of the Great war were still unfolding.

9781473837829 128 pages 250 illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781473837805 128 pages 250 illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00


9781848847705 544 pages B&w plate section Hardback £25.00 £20.00


tHe German armY on CamPaiGn 1914–1918

tHe GermanS at YPreS 1914–1915

SLaUGHter on tHe Somme: 1 JULY 1916

Otto Schwink

John Grehan and Martin Mace

Bob Carruthers

this new volume in the longrunning images of war series features the actions of the imperial German army at Ypres from 1914–15. this volume also features a chapter on adolf Hitler’s service during the Great war, which both began and ended in the Ypres salient, and includes a selection of rare photographs illustrating Hitler’s experience in the ranks of the Bavarian army in Flanders.

it was the first day of the Battle of the Somme. in this publication, the authors have drawn together, for the first time ever, all the war diary entries for 171 British regiments that went “over the top” that day – a day which even now still touches so many families both in the United kingdom and around the world.

this book incorporates a wide range of images that encompass the actions of the German infantry and their supporting artillery. also featured are images, which depict the almost incomprehensible condition of the battlefield and the trenches after more than one million shells had been poured into the German lines. Portraits of the German troops are contrasted with surviving images of captured British prisoners of war and the endless battle to get the supply columns through to the front.



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9781473837867 128 pages 100 illustrations £14.99 £12.00 PUBLISHED AUG

9781473837966 224 pages Paperback £12.99 £10.39




war in tHe air 1914–1916

war at Sea 1914–1915

Bob Carruthers

this powerful collection, depicting the events of the Great war at sea, showcases the work of the contemporary combat artists and illustrators from the Great war era. the result is a stunning and vivid graphic record of life and death on the high-seas from 1914–18, as reported to contemporary audiences at a time when the events of the Great war were still unfolding.

this powerful collection, depicting the first war in the air, showcases the work of the contemporary combat artists and illustrators from the Great war era. included here are the works of serious artists, propagandists, illustrators and humourists. the result is a stunning graphic record, which produces a powerful record of life and death in the skies above the trenches during the Great war, as reported to contemporary audiences at a time when the events of the Great war were still unfolding.


Bob Carruthers

tHe zeeBrUGGe & oStend raidS 1918

tHe raid on zeeBrUGGe

Deborah Lake

Carl Decaluwé and Tomas Termote

the unrestricted U-Boat war threatened the very survival of Britain, whose reliance on imported food and war materials was her achilles’ Heel. a significant element of the German submarine fleet operated from the occupied Belgian ports of zeebrugge and ostend. after careful planning the royal navy launched audacious attacks on these two ports on St George’s day 1918. Five obsolete cruisers and two mersey ferries supported by a flotilla of smaller vessels penetrated the near impregnable defences, while royal marines and naval storming parties battle ashore in a diversionary attack.

this book is the fruit of the chance discovery of a series of photographic plates belonging to alfred Carpenter, who commanded the lead ship, HmS vindictive, during the raid. these pictures provide us with a unique insight into this daring naval operation, which was to result in the most victoria crosses ever being awarded for a single action.


9781473854314 • 144 pages Hardback • £25.00 £20.00


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diSCoUntS avaiLaBLe on aLL titLeS 5060247621159 DVD £16.99 £13.50

5060247621197 DVD 60 mins £16.99 £13.50

9781473825567 336 pages 8 page picture section Hardback £25.00 £20.00


waLkinG tHe weStern Front 1914 – FirSt BattLe oF YPreS meSSineS and menin road

waLkinG tHe weStern Front 1914 – tHe BeF and tHe retreat

viSitinG tHe FaLLen – arraS nortH

Ed Skelding

Ed Skelding

Following on from the success of the walking the western Front series of dvds from ed Skelding and nigel Cave the duo now explore the opening phases of the First world war. Featuring location footage and tours around the battlefields as they exist today.

a 'who's who' of those buried in the Commonwealth war Graves Commission cemeteries located in and around arras, northern France. it will also cover the four memorials to the missing within that area. as such, it is a guide book rather than a chronological narrative of the war.the aim of the book is to take the reader/visitor to each cemetery or memorial in turn and to highlight many of the individuals buried or commemorated there.

the walking the western Front series turns its attention to the outbreak of the First world war and the key battles that were fought during the opening phases from august 1914 into 1915. accompanied by a selection of original photographs from the period and exclusive money off vouchers for related books from the Pen and Sword catalogue, these dvds are the perfect companion for fans of the Battleground series and students of the Great war alike.


buy both for £25.00

Peter Hughes


9781783030347 224 pages 100 b&w illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00

tHe niveLLe oFFenSive and tHe BattLe oF tHe aiSne 1917 Andrew Uffindell


For battlefield tourists, the Chemin des dames is among the most fascinating sites on the entire western Front, yet until now there has never been a detailed english guide to the actions that raged there in 1917. this new book by andrew Uffindell fills that gap: as well as demolishing the many myths about the nivelle offensive, it enables readers to explore the remarkable battlefield for themselves.


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READ ABOUT YOUR TOWN DURING THE GREAT WAR townS and CitieS in exeter in tHe Great BatH in tHe Great tHe Great war war war on 4 august 1914 Britain declared war on Germany. originally perceived as a short campaign to curtail Germanic imperialism, it developed into a four-year long war of attrition. the Great war is justifiably associated with the horrors of trench warfare and the death of a generation but history has overlooked the home fronts’ colossal contribution to victory. this is the fascinating, but forgotten story of how these towns and cities provided the sinews for war, and made a significant contribution to the comprehensive defeat of Germany.

Derek Tait

9781473823099 • 160 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

9781473823495 • 176 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

aLderSHot in tHe Great war

BerwiCk-UPontweed in tHe Great war

Murray Rowlands

9781783832026 • 216 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

Craig Armstrong

aSHton-Under-LYne in tHe Great war Glynis Cooper


9781473823136 • 112 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

Barrow-in-FUrneSS in tHe Great war Ruth Mansergh

9781783831111 • 192 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39 44


Derek Tait


9781473823082 • 176 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

CardiFF and tHe vaLLeYS in tHe Great war Gary Dobbs

9781783463558 • 128 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

CaStLe Point in tHe Great war Ken Porter and Stephen Wynn

Brentwood in tHe Great war

9781473823112 • 200 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

Stephen Wynn

CHeLmSFord in tHe Great war

PUBLISHED AUGUST 9781473822191 176 pages • Paperback £9.99 £8.00


Jonathan Swan

9781473821149 256 pages • Paperback £12.99 £10.39 PEN & SWORD MILITARY HISTORY 2015

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read extraCtS From oUr LateSt reLeaSeS onLine – over 100 titLeS to CHooSe From CHeSter in tHe Great war

HUdderSFieLd in tHe Great war

Susan Chambers

Vivien Teasdale

9781783463534 • 160 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

9781783463565 • 128 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

dUmFrieSSHire in tHe Great war

iSLe oF man in tHe Great war

Timothy McCracken

Caroline Smith

9781473823075 • 112 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

9781783831227 • 112 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

GLoSSoP in tHe Great war Glynis Cooper

iSLe oF wiGHt in tHe romFord in tHe Great war Great war Meirion Trow

9781473821712 • 96 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

9781783463015 • 96 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

HaLiFax in tHe Great war

LiverPooL in tHe Great war

David Millichope


9781783831210 • 288 pages Paperback • £14.99 £12.00

Stephen McGreal

9781473821613 • 160 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39


newCaStLe-UPontYne in tHe Great war

tYnemoUtH in tHe Great war

Craig Armstrong

PUBLISHED AUGUST 9781473822078 • 176 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

9781473822092 • 192 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

nottinGHam in tHe Great war Carol Lovejoy Edwards

9781783831906 • 144 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

Stephen Wynn

Craig Armstrong


watFord & SoUtH weSt HertS in tHe Great war Eugenia and Quentin Russell


9781783463749 • 168 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00


9781473822207 • 176 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00

torqUaY in tHe Great war Alex Potter

9781473822702 • 128 pages Paperback • £9.99 £8.00


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iriSHmen in tHe Great war

iriSHmen in tHe Great war

Tom Burnell

Tom Burnell


twenty-seven irish newspapers for the period covering the Great war have been trawled through to deliver the amazing stories of those years which changed the world for ever. these are the accounts of local men at the front; of torpedoed ships; drunken wives; final letters and requests from the trenches. also eyewitness accounts of the slaughter as it was happening; battle reports from officers serving in irish regiments; quirky snippets; chaplains' sympathetic letters; P.o.w reports of conditions and war poetry.


9781473823464 288 pages 8 page plate section Hardback £25.00 £20.00 PUBLISHED AUG


in a quest to to discover the forgotten irishmen in twenty-seven irish newspapers, many of which are now obsolete, the author uncovered unbelievable and forgotten newspaper articles, cast aside since the 1920s – until now. these rare and untapped stories, have finally been utilized for this book, to give a unique insight into life on the front line and on the home front during the First world war.

9781473833753 368 pages 16pp of b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473827455 376 pages Approx 120 b&w photographs Hardback £25.00 £20.00

tHe nortH iriSH HorSe in tHe Great war

BULLY BeeF and BiSCUitS – Food in tHe Great war

Phillip Tardif

John Hartley


Sent to France in august 1914 the north irish Horse (niH) were the first British reservist regiment to see action (at Le Cateau) before fighting as rearguard on the long retreat to the outskirts of Paris. the book not only describes the regiment’s actions by squadron but focusses on the officers and men; their background, motivation and courageous deeds and sacrifices. the author places the regiment’s achievement in the context of the overall war and also reflects on the effect that unfolding events (eg the easter rising) in northern ireland had on the regiment and its members.

napoleon Bonaparte is often credited with saying that ‘an army marches on its stomach’. a hundred years after his time, the soldiers of the Great war would do little marching. instead, they would fight their battles from cold, muddy trenches, looking out across no man’s Land towards another set of trenches that housed the enemy. it is one of the remarkable successes of the war that they rarely went hungry.


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9781473827547 240 pages 32 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473837843 128 pages 100 illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00



CaPoretto and tHe tHe BattLeS oF iSonzo CamPaiGn FrenCH FLanderS

tHe BLood tUB

trenCH warFare

Jonathan Walker

Bob Carruthers

John Macdonald, Željko Cimpric

this controversial and stirring account of one of the bloodiest battles of the Great war recounts a heroic but disastrous engagement which left a lasting rift between the British and australians. drawing from a wealth of unpublished sources and eyewitness accounts, Jonathan walker’s study of the Battle of Bullecourt is vital to an understanding of the difficulties that faced Great war commanders. Central to the Blood tub is a reassessment of Sir Hubert Gough, one of the Great war's most colourful generals.

this powerful collection, depicting the grim events of trench warfare, showcases the work of the contemporary combat artists and illustrators from the Great war era. included here are the works of serious artists, propagandists, illustrators and humourists. the result is a stunning and vivid graphic record of life and death in the trenches during the Great war, as reported to contemporary audiences at a time when the events of the Great war were still unfolding.

Jon Cooksey, Jerry Murland

‘Certainly this is one to add to the bookshelf for anyone who wants to add to their knowledge of the italian Front and for all those generally interested in the Great war. Highly recommended 10/10.’ Great War Magazine

the battles fought by the British army in 1915, in the second year of the First world war, are less well known than those fought immediately after the outbreak of war in 1914 and those that followed in 1916 which culminated in the Battle of the Somme. But the fighting ‘with its 130 or so excellent and at aubers ridge, Festubert, neuve previously unseen photographs gives Chapelle and Loos was just as severe a good description of the campaign – as was the 1916 battle at Fromelles based partly on the experience of – and the battlefields are just as individuals.’ interesting to explore today. this The Military History Society volume in the Battle Lines series is the perfect guide to them.



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9781473833586 144 pages 80 illustrations Paperback £12.99 £10.39 PUBLISHED AUG


CavaLrY CHarGeS


Bob Carruthers

G.H.F. Nichols

this powerful collection, depicting cavalry engagements on all fronts, showcases the work of contemporary combat artists and illustrators from the Great war era. included here are the works of serious artists, propagandists, illustrators and humourists. the result is a stunning graphic record of the horse in action during the Great war, as reported to contemporary audiences at a time when the events of the Great war were still unfolding.

9781783463008 256 pages 330 b&w illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

George nichols was an artillery officer serving with the 82nd Brigade, royal Field artillery. He was wounded in 1917, and returned to the guns in march 1918, just in time to experience the fury of the kaiserschlacht, the great German offensive designed to knock the British army out of the war. this wonderful primary source has long been out of print and it’s welcome return makes for essential reading for anyone with an interest in the Great war.

FiGHtinG tHe kaiSer’S war

tHe red Baron

Andrew Lucas, Jürgen Schmieschek

Beginning his wartime career on the western Front in august 1916, manfred von richthofen, or the red Baron as he became known, had shot down an impressive total of fifteen aircraft by January 1917, as well as being appointed commander of his own unit. By the time of his death in 1918, he had destroyed a staggering total of eighty allied aircraft. From the perspective of the allies, he was a deadly menace. For the Germans, he was a fighter pilot hero of legendary significance. this fascinating collection of rare images offers a fresh perspective on the Baron himself, as well as a number of his adversaries from the allied side of the line.

Barry Pickthall

Personal accounts of the Great war experiences of British soldiers are well known and plentiful, but similar accounts from the German side of no man’s land are rare. this highly original book vividly describes the wartime lives and ultimate fates of ten Saxon soldiers facing the British in Flanders, revealed through their intimate diaries and correspondence. this ground-breaking work is illustrated with over 300 mostly unseen wartime photographs and other images, recording the German experience of the war in human detail and giving a rounded picture of how the Saxons lived and died in Flanders.



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CaLL now on 01226 734222 9781783461998 304 pages Illustrated Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781783462100 272 pages No plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99


9781473845589 208 pages 250 b&w illustrations Paperback £14.99 £12.00


9781473843677 208 pages 16pp of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99 PUBLISHED AUG

tHe BattLe For BUrma 1943–1945

tHe FaLL oF BUrma 1941–1943

tHe FaLL oF maLaYa and SinGaPore

we FoUGHt at koHima

Compiled by John Grehan & Martin Mace

Compiled by John Grehan & Martin Mace

Jon Diamond

Raymond Street with Robert Street

despatches in this volume include that on operations in Burma and north-east india between november 1943 and June 1944, by General Sir George J. Giffard; the despatch on operations in assam and Burma between June 1944 June and november 1944, by General Sir George J. Giffard, and the despatch on operations in Burma between november 1944 and august 1945 by Lieutenant-General Sir oliver Leese. this unique collection of original documents will prove to be an invaluable resource for historians, students and all those interested in what was one of the most significant periods in British military history.

this unique collection of original documents will prove to be an invaluable resource for historians, students and all those interested in what was one of the most significant periods in British military history.

in just 10 weeks from 8 december 1941 to mid February 1942, British and imperial forces were utterly defeated by the numerically inferior Japanese under General Yamashita. once the allied troops withdrew to Singapore it was only a matter of time before surrender became inevitable. to make matters worse reinforcements arrived but only in time to be made Pows. the whole catastrophe is brilliantly described in this highly illustrated book.


buy both for £32.00



the Japanese advance through thailand, malaya and Burma appeared unstoppable and the fate of india looked utterly precarious. the garrison of the kohima outpost numbering some 1500 British and indian army soldiers faced over 13,000 fanatical and previously victorious Japanese troops. the following sixteen days marked the turning point of the war in the Far eas. raymond was a member of the 4th Battalion the queen’s west kent and as a company runner he was uniquely placed to witness the dreadful and dramatic events as they unfolded.


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BUY 4 BookS and Get tHe 5tH Book Free 9781783032969 160 pages 160 illustrations, colour and b&w Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781781590959 144 pages 200 illustrations plus colour profiles Paperback £14.99 £12.00

9781473833869 304 pages 20 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781781593967 176 pages 20 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99


Soviet CoLd war weaPonrY: tankS and armoUred veHiCLeS Anthony Tucker-Jones


in this companion volume to his photographic history of Soviet tanks and armoured vehicles, anthony tucker-Jones provides a visual guide to the vast array of aircraft, warships and missiles the Soviet armed forces deployed at the height of the Cold war. all these conflicts employed Soviet weaponry which has been captured in action in the colour and black-and-white photographs selected for this book.


t-34 Anthony Tucker-Jones anthony tucker-Jones’s photographic history of this exceptional armoured vehicle follows its story through the course of the war, from its debut against the wehrmacht during operation Barbarossa, through the tide-turning Soviet victories at Stalingrad and kursk and on to the final battle for Berlin. the continuing story of the t-34 during the conflicts of the Cold war is also covered. as well as a range of rare archive photographs and photographs of surviving examples of the t-34, the book features specially commissioned colour illustrations of the t-34 and the SU assault guns based on it.

witH PaULUS at StaLinGrad

a German GeneraL on tHe eaStern Front

Wilhelm Adam and Otto RühleTranslated by Tony Le Tissier Colonel wilhelm adam, senior adC to General Paulus, commander of the German 6th army at Stalingrad, wrote a compelling and controversial memoir describing the German defeat, his time as a prisoner of war with Paulus, and his conversion to communism. now, for the first time, his German text has been translated into english. His account gives an intimate insight into events at the 6th army headquarters during the advance to Stalingrad and the protracted and devastating battle for possession of the city.

Johannes Hurter, Translated by Christine Brocks the eastern Front, 1941, Hitler’s armies advance into the Soviet Union. among the corps commanders is General Gotthard Heinrici, a career soldier, a highly decorated First world war veteran. with remarkable candour he described his experiences at the front and the everyday lives of the troops under his command – and the appalling conditions in which the war was fought.


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diSCoUntS avaiLaBLe on aLL titLeS 9781473834217 192 pages 16pp of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

armoUred HorSeman


Peter Willett as well as satisfying the military enthusiast tanks and thoroughbreds will find a ready audience in the racing fraternity. Peter describes equestrian activities in post-war austria and goes on to summarise his career as a racing journalist, authority on breeding, membership of the Jockey Club and long association with Goodwood.

9781783462988 272 pages 16pp b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473828469 320 pages 30 b&w Images Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473827165 304 pages 16 pages b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00


viCtorY in itaLY

monte CaSSino

Richard Doherty

Rudolf Bohmler

while the main focus in early 1945 was on the advance to the Fatherland, 15 army Group’s 5th (US) and 8th (British) armies were achieving remarkable results in northern italy. Superb generalship, planning, preparation and training outweighed the diversion of major formations to nw europe, the appalling terrain, harsh climate and general battle fatigue. equipment was improvised and air/ground operations coordinated to a very high level. this is a masterly description and analysis of this victorious campaign.

as a German battalion commander rudolf Bohmler fought in the front line during the fierce battles at monte Cassino. after the war he wrote this remarkable history, one of the first accounts of this controversial episode in the struggle for italy. His pioneering work, which has long been out of print, gives a fascinating insight into the battle as it was perceived at the time and as it was portrayed immediately afterwards. the climax of his account, his description of the defence of the town of Cassino and the monte Cassino abbey by exhausted, outnumbered German troops, has rarely been equalled.


tHe men BeHind montY NEW Richard Mead

the men Behind monty examines the role played by the personal staff in the victorious campaigns of Field marshal viscount montgomery, Britain’s most successful field commander since the duke of wellington. this fascinating work focuses not only on the senior officers responsible for the various staff branches, and notably on monty’s outstanding Chief of Staff, Freddie de Guingand, but also on his personal staff, the adCs and personal liaison officers.


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9781473837782 240 pages Integrated illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

SaS – men in tHe makinG NEW

tHe SHeLBUrne eSCaPe Line NEW

tHe e-Boat tHreat

Neil Barber, Jeff Haward

Peter Davis MC, Edited by Paul Davis

Réanne HemingwayDouglass, Don Douglass

Fighting Hitler From dunkirk to dday is the compelling story of a man belonging to a group of which there are now very few survivors. Jeff Haward mm is a pre-war territorial army soldier who enlisted merely for something to do in the evenings. Consequently, he fought throughout the entirety of the Second world war. Jeff is a ‘die Hard’, the historic name given to men of the famous middlesex regiment. Jeff Haward’s experiences, those of a normal soldier, make fascinating reading and throw new light on the use of such vickers gun battalions during the war.

Peter davis was the youngest officer in the SaS during world war ii. in his autobiographical account, he reveals the naïve enthusiasm he felt when he joined the Unit, his fears and trepidation during training, and the horror at what he later experienced during his first operations in the liberation of Sicily and italy. this autobiographical account was written shortly after the end of the war, using diaries written at the time. it is possibly the last, untold, first-hand account of a time of chaos, of horror and of the camaraderie of the men of the SaS.

the Shelburne was one of the later escape lines that operated within nazi-occupied europe during wwii. Here, the author consolidates an array of pilot and civilian recollections in order to create an authentic sense of what it was like to be involved in this particular wartime arena.

the e-boat threat describes the development of these deadly little craft, the training of their crews who were usually volunteers and the gradual evolution of tactics in the light of wartime experience. methods of defence are also related, which included the use of aircraft and destroyers as well as motor gunboats, sometimes acting under a unified command.

FiGHtinG HitLer From dUnkirk to d-daY


9781473827837 144 pages 25 black and white illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

Bryan Cooper


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read extraCtS From oUr LateSt reLeaSeS onLine – over 100 titLeS to CHooSe From 9781783462322 192 pages Illustrated Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473827561 288 pages 16 pages of colour and b&w plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00


9781473838000 160 pages 16 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99


tHe BattLe For norwaY 1940–1942

tarGet CorintH CanaL 1940–1944

t e LawrenCe and tHe red Sea PatroL

Compiled by John Grehan & Martin Mace

Platon Alexiades

John Johnson Allen

this unique collection of original documents will prove to be an invaluable resource for historians, students and all those interested in what was one of the most significant periods in British military history.

during the Second world war the Corinth Canal assumed an importance disproportionate to its size. Target Corinth Canal unearths a treasure trove of facts on the little known operations by Soe and other special force units. Heroes such as mike Cumberlege emerge from the pages of this splendid work of military history.

this is the first book to be written about the navy’s role in the success of the arab revolt in the creation of the legendary figure of Lawrence of arabia. Following extensive and detailed research into the activities of the ships of the red Sea Patrol by the author, has become evident that, without the work of those ships, the arab revolt would have failed.Lawrence was aware of the importance and relevance of the royal navy’s operations in the red Sea and commented on it on many occasions. By doing this so comprehensively, this book gives a fresh dimension to the Lawrence of arabia legend.


9781848842663 160 pages Approx 20 mono in plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

LawrenCe oF araBia’S SeCret air ForCe James Patrick Hynes, MA this diary gives a clear insight into the conditions endured, the actions that took place and the many almost insurmountable problems that occurred as they followed Lawrence’s steady advance against the numerically superior turkish army and air Force. George personally encountered Lawrence on many occasions and maintained contact with him after the war.


Summer Catalogue 2015_Layout 1 08/06/2015 11:58 Page 54

For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473827981 136 pages 30 illustrations Paperback £12.99 £10.39

9781473833777 224 pages 60 Illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473845596 272 pages 120 photos Paperback £14.99 £12.00



aUSCHwitz – tHe nazi SoLUtion

FiGHtinG nazi oCCUPation

Andrew Rawson

Malcolm Atkin

this is the story of the development of auschwitz from a Polish prison camp into a concentration camp, and a thorough account of the building of Birkenau and the gas chambers, which grew into industrial killing machines. rawson relates what life was like for prisoners. there are instructions on how to get to nearby krakow – an ideal base – and auschwitz-Birkenau. information on how best to spend your time there is also included, making this an invaluable book that is both a vivid account of life in the concentration camps and an essential guide for visitors who want to explore the past of this notorious site.

when winston Churchill made his ‘we shall never surrender’ speech in 1940 he was speaking in the knowledge that Britain’s Secret intelligence Service had been planning a civilian British resistance movement that would become operational after the country had been occupied. malcolm atkin demonstrates these units were never intended to serve as a resistance organization. His conclusions will cause controversy among military historians and will change our understanding of the preparations made in Britain for nazi occupation.

9781473822818 272 pages 120 photos Paperback £14.99 £12.00


oPeration ePSom – over tHe BattLeFieLd

Goodwood – over tHe BattLeFieLd

Ian Daglish

For the first book in our new series over the Battlefield, we have chosen ian daglish to describe the events of operation Goodwood, July 1944, the dramatic attempted British armoured break-out from the normandy bridge-head. this was the greatest armoured battle undertaken by the British during the Second world war. what is so special about this book is the discovery and use of superb aerial photos taken during the fighting by the raF.

Ian Daglish

Before ePSom in late June 1944 there remained the chance that a German counterstroke might seriously threaten the bridgehead. after ePSom, the allies retained the strategic initiative through to the liberation of France and Belgium. this entirely new study brings together previously unseen evidence to present an important normandy battle in very great detail. the unfolding action is illustrated using superb aerial photography of the battlefield and period army maps.


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viSit oUr weBSite to view wHat’S CominG in tHe next tHree montHS 9781473833517 320 pages 16 pages of mono plates Hardback £25.00 £20.00

HitLer’S vioLent YoUtH Bob Carruthers


this is the fascinating story of how the events which befell Hitler between 1889 and 1924 influenced his political outlook and heralded the formation of the Sturm abteilung – the notorious Sa. drawing extensively on Hitler’s own biographical account in mein kampf, emmy award winning author and historian Bob Carruthers illustrates how a series of violent events transformed Hitler’s view of the world and led directly to the Beer Hall Putsch of 1924.

9781473833500 144 pages Integrated images throughout Paperback £14.99 £12.00

HitLer’S ProPaGanda PiLGrimaGe

tHe riSe oF HitLer NEW

Bob Carruthers the famous image of Hitler in Paris has become one of the most iconic images of the Second world war. However, Hitler only spent a few hours in Paris before heading to Flanders to re-visit the sites of the battlefields where he had served those photographs from 1940 have now been collected together for the first time and are reproduced here along with all of the most important surviving images of Hitler in the Great war.


9781473822184 176 pages 150 pictures Paperback £14.99 £12.00

Trevor Salisbury in 1945, amidst the ruins of a bombdamaged German home a tattered book, deutschland erwache, was recovered as a souvenir by a British soldier. this rare and invaluable primary resource now forms the basis of the rise of Hitler illustrated, which is a photographic record of Hitlers' rise to power from when he was born in 1889, as he took over the hearts and minds of the German people, and his eventual arrival at the top.

9781473833524 144 pages Over 200 b&w Images Paperback £12.99 £10.39

witH HitLer in tHe weSt Heinrich Hoffmann this is an invaluable photographic record of the events of Spring 1940, originally published as mit Hitler im westen, which was regarded as Heinrich Hoffman’s finest work. the striking images displayed within provide both an intimate view inside the life of the Führer, and present a chilling glimpse into one of history’s most vicious campaigns, and darkest hours. an important historic work, with Hitler in the west provides a fascinating insight into the events of 1940, that shook the world.


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BUY 4 BookS and Get tHe 5tH Book Free 9781473828230 256 pages 16 pages of b&w illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473843622 224 pages 16pp of b&w and 8pp of Colour Paperback £12.99 £10.39 PUBLISHED AUG

omar aL-BaSHir and witH tHe SaS and aFriCa’S LonGeSt otHer animaLS war Andrew Higgins Paul Moorcraft President omar al-Bashir is africa’s and arguably arabia’s most controversial leader. in power since 1989, he is the first sitting head of state to be issued with an arrest warrant, for war crimes, by international Criminal Court. no proper biography has been written on him before. the author draws on in-depth one-on-one interviews with Bashir himself and his family and close political, military and intelligence colleagues.



in 1970 at the height of the Cold war, the young Sandhursttrained Sultan qaboes of oman, with secret British military backing, took on the communist rebels in a fierce but little known war. along with regular British army and ‘contract’ officers, the SaS played a key role in this bitterly fought but ultimately successful campaign. in short, with the SaS and other animals is an unusual and potent mix of Special Forces action and veterinary experiences. readers may well conclude that it really shouldn’t have happened to a vet even in a desert war!

9781473831308 208 pages 8 pages of plates Paperback £12.99 £10.39

9781473833876 160 pages Illustrated Paperback £12.99 £10.39



tHe riGGer Jack Williams For most people, climbing a ladder to clear the gutters is a challenge. Jack williams and his colleagues in the specialist signals unit supporting the SaS in northern ireland had to climb towers and maintain vital communications – often in full view and under fire from terrorists. this is the gripping insider story of the tension, fear and comradeship of these specialists, who needed more than just a head for heights.

How to Undertake SUrveiLLanCe and reConnaiSSanCe Henry Prunckun How to Undertake Surveillance and reconnaissance offers you a systemic way to learn about these fascinating subjects – what they are and what they are not. this book steps you through the background to surveillance and reconnaissance, describe their use, and explain how they are conducted. it also looks at the essential pieces of equipment and training necessary to carry-out a successful mission.


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CaLL now on 01226 734222 9781781590126 256 pages 20 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781783462285 240 pages 60 colour and b&w illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

tHe Hammer oF tHe SCotS

tHe norman CommanderS

David Santiuste

Paul Hill

known to posterity as Scottorum malleus – the Hammer of the Scots – edward i was one of medieval england’s most formidable kings. this book offers a fresh interpretation of edward’s military career, within the context of his Scottish wars. david Santiuste also considers the wider impact of edward’s campaigns: he describes the effects on people at all levels of society, providing a compelling portrait of the British isles at war..

in a narrative packed with detail and insight, and with a wide-ranging understanding of the fighting methods and military ethos of the period, he traces the course of their conquests, focusing on them as individual commanders and on their achievements on the battlefield. the military context of their campaigns, and the conditions of warfare in France and england, in southern italy and Sicily, and in the near east, are vividly described, as are their decisive operations and sieges – among them Hastings, Brémule, tinchebrai, Civitate, misilmeri, dyrrhachium and the Siege of antioch.



9781473828223 224 pages 16 pages of b&w plates Hardback £19.99 £15.99

a HandFUL oF HeroeS, rorke’S driFt Katie Stossel


a Handful of Heroes is a riveting and fresh account of the famous defence of the small mission Station against hordes of zulus. thanks to newly discovered letters and documents the author reveals a number of myths that have distorted the truth of what actually happened. this is a must-read for all fascinated by the zulu war and uncaring historical facts.

9781473848184 224 pages 20 b&w Photographs Hardback £19.99 £15.99

tHe end oF emPire Martin Bell


martin Bell, the former BBC war reporter and independent mP, served as a soldier in Cyprus in the late 1950s during the rebellion against British rule, and recently he discovered the letters he had written home during the conflict. they describe road blocks and cordons and searches, murders and explosions and riots – and a strategy of armed repression that failed. He has used these letters to write a powerful personal account of the violent process of decolonization, of the character of the British army and the impact of national Service on young men who were not much more than ‘kids in uniform’.


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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473827592 176 pages 8 page plate section Hardback £19.99 £15.99

nUrSinG tHroUGH SHot and SHeLL Christine Smyth, Vivien Newman 'i never realized what the NEW word “duty” meant until this war. to stand at one’s post, never flinching and trying to keep the boys cheerful; all the time wondering when our time would come.' the memoir reveals the lighter side of wartime life, with entertainments, travel and enduring friendships. Beatrice also describes the practical realities of war in vivid detail – sleeping in dug outs, dodging bombs and avoiding rats 'as big as a good sized kitten'. a fascinating, close-up view of one women's life during wartime.


9781783462254 192 pages 15–30 Illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

we aLSo Served Vivien Newman we also Served is a social history of women’s involvement in the First world war. dr vivien newman disturbs myths and preconceptions surrounding women's war work and seeks to inform contemporary readers of countless acts of derringdo, determination, and quiet heroism by British women, that went on behind the scenes from 1914–1918. ignoring early war office advice to 'go home and sit still', by 1918 hundreds of thousands of women from all corners of the world had lent their individual wills and collective strength to the allied cause. this book lets these all but forgotten women speak directly to us of their war, their lives, and their stories.

9781473827059 160 pages Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781848841321 208 pages 20–30 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

mY eSCaPe From doninGton HaLL

GUntHer PLüSCHow

Gunther Plüschow

Gunther Plüschow of the German imperial navy holds a unique place in history – during the First world war he was the only German prisoner of war ever to escape from the British mainland and make it all the way back to the Fatherland. Yet, although his daring break for freedom in 1915 is astonishing in its own right, Plüschow was much more than simply an escaped Pow. He was also a fearless aviator who flew against the British and Japanese in the Far east, and he was an explorer. in Gunther Plüschow: airman, escaper, explorer, anton rippon tells this extraordinary tale in vivid detail.

Anton Rippon

it was an escape from a Pow camp as daring and fraught with danger as any immortalised by Hollywood. Yet the story is less familiar than most – as it concerns the only German prisoner of war to escape from captivity in mainland Britain and make it home during either world war. this extraordinary story is told in Gunther's own words for the first time in english.

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diSCoUntS avaiLaBLe on aLL titLeS traCinG YoUr Great traCinG YoUr Great traCinG YoUr war anCeStorS: tHe war anCeStorS: YPreS anCeStorS’ PariSH GaLLiPoLi CamPaiGn Simon Fowler reCordS Simon Fowler Simon Fowler outlines the course of the campaign and introduces the many historical resources that you can use to explore the history for yourself.

9781473823686 • 160 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

the book identifies the key sources for family historians, including at the national archives and the imperial war museum, together with the many resources online that researchers can turn to.

9781473823709 • 160 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

traCinG YoUr Great traCinG YoUr anCeStorS tHroUGH war anCeStorS: deatH reCordS – tHe Somme SeCond edition NEW Simon Fowler includes advice on the literature, archives, museums and monuments that may help you to gain an insight into your ancestor’s story.

PUBLISHED AUGUST 9781473823693 • 160 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

Stuart A. Raymond Parish records are essential sources for family and local historians, and Stuart raymond’s handbook is an invaluable guide to them.

9781783030446 • 192 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39

traCinG YoUr trade and CraFtSmen anCeStorS Adéle Emm almost all of us have a tradesman or craftsman – a butcher, baker or candlestick maker – somewhere in our ancestry, and adèle emm’s handbook is the perfect guide to finding out about them – about their lives, their work and the world they lived in.

9781473823624 • 224 pages Paperback • £14.99 £12.00

Celia Heritage ‘many family history books cover death records, but in chapters or sections within a larger whole. a book that deals exclusively with the subject in much more depth is therefore very welcome… ’who do You think You are? magazine

9781473834378 • 192 pages Paperback • £12.99 £10.39 PEN & SWORD MILITARY HISTORY 2015


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9781473825512 264 pages 60 illustrations including colour plate section Hardback £30.00 £24.00

9781781593103 280 pages 25–30 Illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99


a Year in tHe LiFe oF an arCHaeoLoGiCaL How ComPaSSion anCient eGYPt StUdY oF HUman made US HUman deCaPitation Ann Rosalie David Penny Spikins BUriaLS Based on years of prestigious our capacity to care about the academic work, Professor rosalie david cleverly presents every aspect of life in ancient egypt through the lives of various characters, all based on mummies from the manchester museum whom Professor rosalie david has led the study of. Characters hail from all walks of life, including royalty, nobles, officials, craftsmen and peasants, allowing us an insight into absolutely every aspect of everyday, ritual and religious life in ancient egypt. the mummies are currently on a tour of the US titled ‘mummies of the world 2’ and will return to manchester following this tour.


Katie Tucker


this is an in depth yet accessible study of human decapitation burials in roman Britain. dr katie tucker studied this subject for her doctorate and so is a leading expert in the area. in order to gain a full insight into the ways in which these burials were formed and the reasoning behind these practices, katie compares the decapitation burials to the burials of the wider romano-British cemetery population.

9781473823198 208 pages 60 illustrations Hardback £19.99 £15.99

PaSt CrimeS Julie Rosemary Wileman

wellbeing of others, whether they are close family or strangers, can appear to be unimportant in today’s competitive societies. However, in this volume Penny Spikins argues that compassion lies at the heart of what makes us human. She takes us on a journey from the earliest stone age societies two million years ago to the lives of neanderthals in ice age europe, using archaeological evidence to illustrate the central role that emotional connections had in human evolution.

archaeology can be considered a forensic science, and indeed many modern police and other judicial agencies use archaeologists and archaeological methods to solve crime in the modern world. this book uses both archaeological and historical information and techniques to identify the crimes and criminals of the past as well as the forces of law which attempt to catch, judge and punish the guilty. wileman explains how and where archaeologists find their information as well as why an understanding of social standing is key to appreciate what was considered a crime and what punishment was deemed appropriate.


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read extraCtS From oUr LateSt reLeaSeS onLine – over 100 titLeS to CHooSe From


LoComotive PortraitS Jonathan Clay railway art has existed as long as there have been railways. many famous names have included some aspect of railways in their paintings, notably Claude monet and J m w turner. this tradition has been kept alive by the formation in the Uk of the Guild of railway artists, which now consists of over 200 artists, of which Jonathan Clay is one. over the last few years, Jonathan has had many requests to produce his own book of pictures, and, having relented at last, this is the result.

9781783463886 • 176 pages Hardback • £25.00 £20.00


9781473827066 192 pages 200 b&w, including photos and memorabilia Hardback £25.00 £20.00

9781473823563 240 pages 150 illustrations Hardback £25.00 £20.00

tHe Great weStern eiGHt CoUPLed HeavY FreiGHt LoComotiveS

tHe LiGHt raiLwaYS oF Britain and ireLand NEW

BritiSH Steam Gwr CoLLett CaStLe CLaSS

Anthony Burton, John Scott-Morgan

Keith Langston

David Maidment

First published in 1985 by moorland Press, the Light railways of Britain & ireland has remained unavailable for more than twenty-five years, until now. re-released by Pen & Sword, this is a thorough and engaging book that covers, in depth, the fascinating story of Britain’s last railway development, the rural light railways, constructed as a result of the Light railways act 1896. authored by two highly acclaimed writers of transport history, this is a true testament to, and a timely reminder of, Britain's last railway development.

in this book, keith Langston provides a definitive chronological history of the iconic class together with archive photographic records of each Gwr ‘Castle’ locomotive. many of the 300 plus images are published for the first time. Collett CaStLe Class is a lavishly illustrated factual reference book which will delight steam railway enthusiasts in general and in particular those with a love of all things Great western!

'Great western eight-Coupled Heavy Freight Locomotives' is the first of a series of 'Locomotive Profiles' to be published by Pen & Sword. it will describe the conception, design, building and operation of the fleet of powerful locomotives built in the first half of the twentieth century to meet the demands of the growing South wales coal and steel industries and the west midlands area served by the Great western railway.

9781783831098 • 192 pages Hardback • £25.00 £20.00



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For more special offers visit www.pen-and-sword.co.uk 9781473843714 240 pages 24 b&w, 20 Drawings Hardback £19.99 £15.99

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9781473823808 216 pages Hardback £19.99 £15.99

9781473827325 144 pages 16 illustrations Paperback £12.99 £10.39


tHomaS teLFord Anthony Burton


thomas telford’s life was extraordinary: born in the Lowlands of Scotland, where his father worked as a shepherd, he ended his days as the most revered engineer in the world, known punningly as “the Colossus of roads”. there are few official monuments to this great man, but he has no need of them: the true monuments are the structures that he left behind that speak of a man who brought about a revolution in transport and civil engineering.


tHe qUintinSHiLL ConSPiraCY Adrian Searle, Jack Anthony Richards it was the railway's titanic. an horrific crash involving five trains in which 226 died and 246 were injured, it remains the worst disaster in the long history of Britain's rail network. Startling new evidence reveals that the failures which led to the disaster were far more complex and widereaching than signalling negligence. the quintinshill Conspiracy – the Shocking true Story Behind Britain’s worst rail disaster, exposes what really happened – and why.

tHe Great train tHe London roBBerY and tHe UnderGroUnd metroPoLitan SeriaL kiLLer PoLiCe FLYinG SqUad Geoff Platt Geoff Platt this book provides a detailed account of the men tasked with tracking down the most notorious thieves in British history. it examines the investigation in detail and asks how it would contrast with the methods used today should a similar incident take place. Geoff Platt examines what happened to these men after the investigation was closed and the effect it had on both their personal and professional lives.

Fred west. ian Brady. Harold Shipman. these names haunt the national consciousness and yet none was as prolific as the little-known ‘Underground killer’, kieran kelly. operating without motive or rationale he pushed sixteen souls to their deaths on the tracks of the London Underground, before vanishing back into the crowd. the officers story is equally compelling, involved as they were in extreme, unusual and certainly unorthodox tactics.


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Behind Enemy Lines

Famous Aircraft Combat Planes in WWII

War in the Pacific and the Far East

Family History on the Internet

Battlefields of Northern France

Fighter Aces Combat Pilots of the Great War

SAS The History of the Special Air Service

Dambusters The Raid 65 Years On

The Outbreak of WWII 70 Years On


Britain's Last Tommies

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