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MONS 1914 As Europe slid into war in 1914, the UK Government mobilised the BEF and declared war on 4 August. In the following battle on 23 August in the area around Mons the professional soldiers of the BEF’s 3rd Division proved themselves to be more than the equal of the German Army. This film takes the viewer straight to the action to examine the weapons, tactics and heroism displayed by the troops.

5060247621111 • 90 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 THE FIRST WORLD WAR

LE CATEAU On the chalk hills above Le Cateau, General Smith-Dorrien had to turn and fight. A desperate battle resulted as more and more German troops came into action; but the BEF were able to escape. Torturous marches followed, testing even the sternest of constitutions. However, the German Schlieffen Plan was unravelling and the BHTV team examine this brave battle in impeccable detail.

5060247621135 • 85 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 THE FIRST WORLD WAR

NÉRY AND THE RETREAT FROM MONS Following the Battles of Mons and Le Cateau the already near exhausted BEF, who had been marching and fighting for six days without a break, embarked on a nine-day epic march across France. They headed back to the safety of the far side of the River Marne, south of Paris, rather than to the traditional haven of British Armies – the Channel Ports.

5060247621166 • 75 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 THE FIRST WORLD WAR

THE MARNE, THE AISNE AND THE RACE TO THE SEA While the Allied Generals were nearing panic, Marshal Foch realised that the Schlieffen Plan was unravelling. Foch halted the German advance towards Paris, driving them back behind the River Aisne. Here, the next Allied attack crossed the river and onto the ridges of the Chemin des Dames.


5060247621128 • 80 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

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TRACING GREAT WAR ANCESTORS FINDING UNCLE BILL Never before have so many resources been available to the family historian tracing Great War ancestors, both online and locally; but the past dearth of easily accessible material has now been replaced by a blizzard of information that needs its own skills to navigate. Expert genealogist Simon Fowler shows Richard Hone the ropes, with some surprising results. The film sets out with battlefield historian Tim Saunders to ‘Find Uncle Bill’ and trace his war on the Western Front to his death just weeks before the Armistice.

9781848843394 • 90 Mins • £19.99 • £9.99

SOMME - 1ST JULY 1916 NORTHERN BATTLEFIELDS This DVD covers the events of 1st July in the areas from the Somme Northern Sector. It contains a visual tour of each of the key areas, together with maps, archive film and contemporary stills. Key attacks are introduced and narrated and guidance is given for those visiting the battlefields today. Included are interactive then-and-now panoramic views from certain key points of the battlefield and a contemporary map of the whole front, which has not seen before.

9781844157099 • 70 Mins • 2 DVD Edition • £19.99 • £12.99

SOMME - 1ST JULY 1916 SOUTHERN BATTLEFIELDS This DVD covers the events of 1st July in the areas from Gommecourt, Serre and Beaumont Hamel to Thiepval and Ovillers. It contains a visual tour of each of the key areas in the southern sector, together with maps, archive film and contemporary stills. Key attacks are introduced and narrated and guidance is givenfor those visiting the battlefields today. Included are interactive then-andnow panoramic views from certain key points of the battlefield and a contemporary map of the whole front, never seen before.

9781844159925 • 70 Mins • 2 DVD Edition • £19.99 • £12.99


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Buy ANY 3 DVDs on pages 4-5 for £30... ASSAULT ON NORMANDY: GOLD BEACH

BATTLE FOR THE BEACHES In this first DVD from the Assault on Normandy series, the BHTV team analyse the British 50th Infantry Division's involvement on Gold Beach during the DDay landings. By the end of D-Day, 50th Division had enjoyed tremendous success and landed approximately 25,000 men with a casualty figure of only 400. The impact this had on the Normandy Landings and subsequent breakouts is explored here in detail.

5060247620367 • 85 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99


BATTLE FOR THE BEACHHEAD The second DVD covering this operation in detail, 69 Brigade had a highly successful landing and now had to fight its way through layers of German defence to its objectives eight miles away. Meanwhile 231 Brigade, whose landing had been badly disrupted, were attempting to recover the situation and were fighting through successive German positions towards Arromanches and the enemy held hills and villages.

5060247620916 • 80 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 ASSAULT ON NORMANDY:

6TH AIRBORNE Carrying on in the Assault on Normandy series, this DVD focuses on the history of the British 6th Airborne Division, their inception in 1943 and the build up to their eventual drop on D-Day where, commanded by Major John Howard, they successfully captured the river crossings at Orne and the Caen Canal. The BHTV team explore this auspicious division and the impact they had on the Normandy Landings.

5060247620435 • 100 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99


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...or buy ALL 6 for £50, saving up to £51.94! ASSAULT ON NORMANDY:

PEGASUS BRIDGE This film charts the development of British airborne forces and the directive given by Churchill to form the Parachute Regiment and the glider air landing brigades. We follow the plan to capture two bridges over the canal between Caen and the sea, from the germ of an idea to its delivery as one of the most successful small unit actions of all time. The DVD is split into four parts, each concentrating on a particular phase of the D-Day fighting.

5060247620824 • 80 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 ASSAULT ON NORMANDY:

SWORD BEACH 3rd British Division left Europe in 1940 for Dunkirk. Four years later under Montgomery’s command the Iron Division returned, leading the D-Day assault on Sword Beach. This film charts the preparations, orders and embarkation of the force and follows the Division’s progress from the attack across the beach through Hitler’s Atlantic Wall and into the Normandy country, overcoming enemy strong points before being halted just before Caen by the arrival of 21st Panzer Division.

5060247620213 • 110 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 ASSAULT ON NORMANDY:

POINTE DU HOC This film tells the story of this once heavily fortified German defensive position and the Allies’ attempts to capture it during the Second World War. The German battery of six 150mm guns established on Pointe du Hoc during the building of Hitler’s vaunted Atlantic Wall provided cover for both Omaha and Utah Beaches. On the morning of 6 June 1944 200 American 2nd Rangers attempted to scale the cliffs and capture the guns and this film analyses the successes and failures of that day.

5060247620411 • 90 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99


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Buy ANY 4 DVDs on pages 6-7 for £40... HELL’S HIGHWAY Montgomery’s brainchild, Operation Market Garden, was designed to end the war by Christmas 1944. Was it strategically sound to expect to hold open a single route across the north of Holland? Was the lack of number and transport on the ground the problem or was it having two nations fighting alongside each other? The BHTV team investigate the successes and failures of the plan.

5060247620121 • 100 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

NIJMEGEN This DVD explains the story of Nijmegen in impeccable detail and does not shirk from the controversy surrounding this famous battle. Problems with the US orders meant that US Airbourne divisions were denied the chance to use coup de main attacks to seize the bridges and then further orders were delayed, giving the Germans enough time to reinforce the garrison.

5060247620138 • 100 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

ARNHEM - THE BATTLE FOR THE BRIDGES One of the key aspects of Operation Market Garden, the Allies’ attempt to seize back Holland and the Rhine, was the 4th British Parachute Brigade’s drop close to Arnhem. They were unaware of how well (or not) the overall battle strategy was working. As it turned out they ended up clashing with SS troopers in the woods to the west of Arnhem. It was to be an unequal but heroic battle, the result of flawed planning.

5060247620145 • 130 Mins • 2 Disc Edition • £19.99 • £14.99

ARNHEM - BATTLE OF THE WOODS Jumping in to Drop Zones 8 to 10 miles from Arnhem on the second day of Operation Market Garden was always going to be difficult for Brigadier “Shan” Hackett’s 4th British Parachute Brigade. Author John Waddy and a team of some of the best Arnhem experts take the viewer to the ground where 4 Para Brigade tangled with the SS troopers of the Hohenstaufen Panzer Division in the woods to the west of Arnhem in what was to be an unequal but heroic battle.

5060247620282 • 80 Mins • £15.99 • £12.99


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...or buy ALL 8 for £70, saving up to £67.92! ARNHEM BATTLE FOR THE OOSTERBEEK PERIMETER With 2 Para isolated at the Arnhem Bridge and both 1 and 4 Para Brigades thwarted in their attempts to fight their way into Arnhem and falling back, what became the Oosterbeek Perimeter started to form around Divisional HQ at the Hartenstein Hotel. Veterans and experienced battlefield guides vividly relate their experiences and take the viewer to the scene of the action.

5060247620152 • 80 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

ARNHEM BATTLE FOR THE ISLAND AND EVACUATION This film covers the desperate fighting by the Guards Armoured and 43rd Wessex Division between Nijmegen and the Rhine as they struggled to reach the Poles at Driel and the banks of the Rhine opposite the Oosterbeek Perimeter. Experts in this often overlooked part of the battle link these events to those being played out north of the Rhine and bring a new clarity to what is often a one-sided view of events.

5060247620312 • 85 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 BATTLE OF THE BULGE:

PANZER MARCHE! This film examines the background to the Bulge campaign before following the advance of one of Hitler’s most successful Panzer Commanders, Hasso von Manteuffel. We travel in wintery conditions from the German border into the lightly held US front line. Groups of GIs did their best to delay the advance of the Panzers, buying time for the town of Bastogne to be reinforced by 101st US Airborne Division.

5060247620336 • 80 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 BATTLE OF THE BULGE:

SIEGE OF BASTOGNE With the Fifth Panzer Army fighting its way towards the River Meuse and Bastogne, 101st US Airborne Division rushed forward to defend it. Wearing only normal uniforms, the 101st fought not only the enemy’s Panzers but the freezing cold to hold the vital road junction. The film also examines Patton’s relief of Bastogne, concluding one of the great sieges of military history.

5060247620343 • 80 Mins £16.99 • £12.99


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Buy ANY 4 DVDs on pages 8-9 for £40... WITTMANN V EKINS - THE DEATH OF A PANZER ACE The story of two men destined to face each other on the battlefields of Normandy is told in this DVD. Michael Wittmann was a knight of the Nazi empire, a natural and accomplished soldier and highly decorated. Like Wittmann, Trooper Joe Ekins was a volunteer for military service, but there the similarities ended. Joe was a reluctant soldier in a county yeomanry armoured regiment, while Wittmann served in the Waffen SS’s elite Tiger Battalion.

9781848843424 • 80 Mins • £19.99 • £12.99

THE GLIDER PILOT REGIMENT This fascinating DVD charts the history of the famous Glider Pilot Regiment, from its inception in June 1940 through its extraordinary achievements during WWII. The film begins with veterans recalling their experiences before charting a selection of the Regiments’ most successful battles, including the attempt to destroy the German Heavy Water Plant in Norway to the near disastrous invasion of Sicily in July 1943.

5060247620015 • 120 Mins • £19.99 • £12.99

12TH HITLERJUGEND PANZER DIVISION Following the disaster of Stalingrad the German manpower crisis led to the call for volunteers from the Hitler Youth Movement to form a new SS Division. With officers and NCOs coming from the Leibstandarte it quickly emerged as an elite formation. Moving to Normandy in spring 1944, the Hitlerjugend Division was declared operational on 1 June. Just a few days later it was in action and did more to frustrate Monty’s plans than any other German division fighting in the west.

5060247620237 • 100 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

1ST LEIBSTANDARTE Possibly the most famous of Hitler’s SS Panzer divisions, the Leibstandarte, had proved itself to be highly effective in battle. However, constantly called back to the front, the division was much reduced in power through loss of men and a paucity of equipment. This film strips away layers of myth and takes the viewers to the places where the SS fought the Allies in one of the most costly battles of the Second World War.

5060247620176 • 110 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99


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...or buy ALL 8 for £70, saving up to £62.92! SAS OPERATION BULBASKET DAS REICH AND ORADOUR Bulbasket’s first phase culminated with the men on the ground calling in an airstrike by Mosquito fighter bombers that destroyed eleven vital German petrol trains. In finding the enemy fuel and directing the attack, a few men deep behind the enemy lines had a truly significant impact on German operations in Normandy.

5060247620923 • 70 Mins • £12.99

SAS OPERATION BULBASKET DESTRUCTION OF THE FRENCH RAILWAYS Continuing the story of Das Reich and Oradour the BHTV team follow the development of the attacks on the railways in order to delay the arrival of crucial German re-enforcements in Normandy. They find the clandestine drop zones where the main body of troops and jeeps dropped, look at the targets (railway bridges and junctions) and camps deep in isolated forests, before examining how it all started to unravel.

5060247620374 • 60 Mins • £12.99

BRUNEVAL RAID: OPERATION BITING In 1941 an enemy Würzburg system was located on the cliffs of Northern France at Bruneval and seizing it was top priority. A joint operation was planned by HQ Combined Ops that would involve all three services, including the barely parachutequalified C Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion. In the now established BHTV style, the team revisit the exact locations where the raid took place seventy years ago to explain this momentous operation’s successes and failures.

5060247620398 • 110 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

BLETCHLEY PARK AND THE ULTRA SECRET In this newly commissioned film, the BHTV team of historians explain the history of this legendary Second World War site. Filmed in collaboration with the Bletchley Park Trust, the team have been given complete access to the building and its official history. They also interview some of the surviving veterans who worked at Bletchley at the time.

5060247621142 • 105 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99


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LIGNY AND QUATRE BRAS This fascinating series of DVDs starts by analysing the Waterloo campaign background. The team look at the state of preparedness of the Allies and the French and examine their respective plans, before moving on to the Battle at Quatre Bras and the Prussian defeat at Ligny. With Wellington being famously ‘humbugged’ by Napoleon’s deception and with the Prince of Orange’s Chief of Staff ignoring Wellington’s instructions to fall back the battle of Quatre Bras built from a skirmish into a full scale battle.

5060247620022 • 90 Mins • £15.99 • £12.99

HOUGOUMONT & D’ERLON’S ATTACK This film starts by focusing on the concentration of the Allies on the ridge of Mont St. Jean and the plans of the opposing armies. While the guns of the Grand Battery thundered in the centre, French columns bore down on the Hougoumont château, which protected Wellington’s flank held by the Guards and their German allies. Thus began an epic ‘battle within a battle’ that sucked away valuable troops from Napoleon’s main attack, causing Wellington to declare that ‘the battle turned on the closing of the gates at Hougoumont.’

5060247620060 • 90 Mins • £15.99 • £12.99 10

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CAVALRY CHARGE The period from mid afternoon until early evening on that terrible Sunday was the time, as Wellington described it, of ‘hard pounding’. The three programmes on this disc cover the massed French cavalry attacks led by Marshal Ney, the battle fought by the King’s German Legion and the 95th Rifles to hold La Haie Sainte and the adjacent sand pit. The Prussian march to Plancenoit and the bloody battle fought in and around the village is the subject of the third programme.

5060247620077 • 90 Mins • £15.99 • £12.99

VICTORY AND PURSUIT The climax of the battle is covered in the fourth disc with programmes on the final attack and defeat of the Imperial Guard and the pursuit by the Prussians in the immediate aftermath of the battle and pursuit to Gennape. The final programme in the collection covers the last battle of the Napoleonic era fought at Wavre, the day after Waterloo and the Allied pursuit to Paris. This disc also contains programmes that detail the clothing and equipment of a Highlander and a soldier of the 95th Rifles.

5060247620084 • 90 Mins • £15.99 • £12.99 11

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SALAMANCA The BHTV team visit the unchanged ground where the highlights of Salamanca took place and use it as a canvas to explain the battle that, in July 2012, reached it’s bi-centenary. They are helped in their work by one of the greatest authorities on the battle: author and battlefield guide Julia Page. The whole production is lavishly illustrated by high quality maps that compliment the vivid explanation and reenactment footage. The sights and sounds of a Napoleonic battle make this an unmissable production that brings together the detail with fast moving illustration.

5060247620183 • 85 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

THE KEYS OF SPAIN SIEGE WARFARE 1812 Building on events described in the Salamanca DVD, the BHTV team explain the siege warfare tactics of the British and the French during the period and explore the build up and epic battles fought in Spain before the Battle of Salamanca in July 1812. This film explains the theory and practice of siege warfare in the Peninsula, both from the perspective of the defender and the attacker, before covering the speedily conducted siege of Ciudad Rodrigo and the far more severe test at Badajoz.

5060247620206 • 90 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 12

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95TH RIFLES 1800 TO CORUNNA 95th Rifles 1800 to Corunna explores the history of the 95th Rifles, who were masters of the battlefield and particularly skilled in skirmishing. Held in high esteem by the French and Allies alike, they played a momentous role in the outcome of the Peninsular. This film explains the years leading up to the Battle of Salamanca starting with Sir John Moore’s retreat to La Corunna in the winter of 1808/1809. The BHTV team experience first-hand the diversity of the Spanish weather in winter with snow and sub-zero conditions, giving the viewer an idea of what the troops had to endure.

5060247620190 • 105 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

95TH RIFLES 1809 TO SALAMANCA During the Corunna Campaign of 1808 the two battalions of 95th Rifles proved their metal and utility on the battlefield. Now in 1809 they were to return to the Peninsular as part of Wellington’s Army. With the Light Division they undertook the epic march to Talavera and over the following three years endured the hardships of freezing winters and scorching summers at Fuentes d’Oñoro as Wellington strove to maintain his army in Portugal. The film climaxes in 1812 with the Sieges of Cuidad Rodrigo and Badajoz.

5060247620381 • 105 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

95TH RIFLES 1812 TO WATERLOO In the final part of this trilogy of films charting the history of the 95th Rifles we follow the green clad soldiers armed with their Baker Rifles from the baking plains of Central Spain, across the misty Pyrenees Mountains into France itself. The film and the series ends with the demise of Napoleon at Waterloo and the Rifleman having earned a permanent place in the British Army’s order of battle.

5060247620404 • 100 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99


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All 3 DVDs on this page for £30 100 YEARS WAR – CRÉCY 1346 The Battle of Crécy saw a force of 15,000 English troops led by Edward III face a French force that outnumbered them approximately 2–1. Through a mixture of expert tactics and superior weaponry the English recorded a famous victory, killing thousands of French troops for a loss of only a few hundred Englishmen, paving the way for a succession of English victories and capture of Calais a year later. This DVD sees the BHTV team visit the ground where the highlights of the battle took place and use it as a canvas to explain the battle.

5060247620442 • 110 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

100 YEARS WAR – AGINCOURT 1415 The Battle of Agincourt saw a force of 6,000 English archers, led by Henry V, face a French force that outnumbered them 6–1. Through a mixture of expert tactics, superior weaponry and hazardous terrain, the English recorded a famous victory, killing thousands of French troops, allowing Henry to return to England as a conquering hero. In the now familiar and successful BHTV style the team visit the ground where the highlights of the battle took place and use it as a canvas to explain the battle that in 2015 reaches its 600th anniversary.

5060247620329 • 80 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99 100 YEARS WAR – POITIERS 1356 Ten Years after the English victory in Crécy an Anglo/Gascon Army led by Edward of Woodstock, The Prince of Wales, won a great victory at Poitiers on 19 September 1356. Once again a French Army was decimated by the English but what made this victory different was not only the capture of the French King, John II, but the fact that was a victory won by all arms, not just the longbow. In this DVD, the BHTV team use their experience as soldiers and guides to bring this iconic campaign to life.

5060247620459 • 90 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99


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Any 2 DVDs on this page for £18 THE VIKING INVASION OF WESSEX 878AD In the year 878 AD Alfred, King of Wessex, faced the fourth and most serious attempt by Viking chieftain Guthram to seize the last remaining Saxon kingdom. The Vikings ‘stole away’ from their base in Gloucester and descended on Alfred’s court. Alfred escaped but was driven into hiding in the Somerset Marshes. This film takes a fresh look at the campaign and its hotly debated locations.

5060247620091 • 90 Mins • £15.99 • £11.99

THE 1066 HASTINGS CAMPAIGN The Battle of Hastings in 1066 is without doubt one of the most significant events in English history. In the aftermath of the battle, King Harold’s Saxon England was brutally swept away by the Conqueror to be replaced by Norman Feudalism. With the decisive nature of the battle, it is often forgotten just how narrowly Duke William succeeded. This DVD identifies and examines those turning points in the 1066 Campaign and explains why Harold lost.

5060247620114 • 90 Mins • £15.99 • £11.99

ISANDLWANA ZULU BATTLEFIELD In 1879 the Colonial Government of Natal ordered a British army to invade the Zulu Kingdom. Contemptuous of his Zulu adversaries, Lord Chelmsford believed that his biggest problem would be in bringing the Zulus to battle. The outcome of the bloody battle that followed, and the Zulu pursuit of the British survivors, has been rated as one of the worst disasters ever inflected on a British army.

5060247621067 • 60 Mins • £14.99 • £11.99 IMAGES OF WAR: DAMBUSTERS 617 Squadron RAF Bomber Command is world-famous for its daring raids on the Möhne, Eder and Sorpe Dams, the Dortmund-Ems Canal and the attacks on the German ship Tirpitz. This DVD slideshow contains rarely seen photos of the squadron’s aircraft, crews and other operations. Each image is accompanied by a narrative that conveys the location and history surrounding the subject in question.

5060247620909 • 50 Mins • £9.99


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WALKING THE WESTERN FRONT SERIES Pen and Sword Digital has teamed up with Ed Skelding Productions to create a selection of high quality films on the First World War. Presented by well-known historian and acclaimed filmmaker Ed Skelding and with key guests such as Nigel Cave, series editor for the hugely popular Battleground series of books, these highly knowledgeable and professionally produced films put the viewers in the key locations of battles and help to explore the tragic events that happened there. Starting with two films on the history of Ypres, three films on the Somme and a further four films on battles in 1914-15, this is an ideal purchase for WWI historians.

YPRES THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS 1914-1915 Historian and film-maker Ed Skelding takes us on a chronological journey through the first two years of fighting in the Ypres Salient. Joined by military author Nigel Cave, this film features locations associated with the first two battles of Ypres, including Hooge Château, Langemark and Gheluvelt where the first encounters between the opposing armies took place. The story of the 1914 Christmas truce is explained by Nigel. The second part of this film then switches to the Second Battle of Ypres in April 1915.

5060247620046 • 70 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99

YPRES THE IMMORTAL SALIENT 1917-1918 Ed Skelding is joined by military author Nigel Cave to take us through the complexities of the final stages of the fighting for the Ypres Salient. This film starts with the story of the Battles of Messines Ridge and Third Ypres, battles destined to become some of the greatest victories achieved by the British Army. The second part of the film deals with the Battle of Passchendaele. The film is completed on top of the Cross of Sacrifice memorial at Tyne Cot, when Nigel explains the power behind The Immortal Salient.

5060247620053 • 75 Mins • £16.99 • £12.99


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5060247620268 90 Mins

5060247620251 80 Mins

THE FIRST OF JULY 1916 5060247620244 110 Mins


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£16.99 • £12.99

£16.99 • £12.99

£16.99 • £12.99

Following on from the success of the Ypres films, the Walking the Western Front series turns its attention to the infamous Battle of the Somme, where almost 60,000 British men were killed, wounded or classed as missing on the first day alone. Spread across three DVDs, Ed Skelding and Nigel Cave take us on a tour of the Somme battlefields as they exist today and explain the battles in their entirety, from the opening day offensive to the abandonment of the operation on 18 November. Relying on their combined knowledge of the battlefields, Ed and Nigel revisit famous places relating to the battle including: Delville Wood, High Wood, Fricourt, Mametz, Guillemont and many more to explain the history behind each offensive, as well as the successes and failures of the Allied armies. The pair also visit a selection of war graves, including the Thiepval Memorial to give the viewer an insight into the scale of loss that the allies suffered during the conflict. Ed Skelding


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The German Propaganda Kompanien (PK) captured the events of Hitler’s war on every front. Their footage was used to produce Die Deutsche Wochenschau, a weekly cinema newsreel. For the first time these unique primary source films have been collated and translated into English to produce a complete military history of the Third Reich drawn exclusively from German primary sources.

BLITZKRIEG This volume features translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from October 1939 to April 1940 and records the military events of the Phoney War in France as the Wehrmacht trained and prepared for the coming blitzkrieg campaigns. Also featured are the fall of Denmark and Norway, which are described by the Nazi commentator as Blitz Zeig or ‘lightning victories’.

5060247620503 • 60 Mins • £9.99

BALKANS, GREECE AND CRETE 1941 This volume features translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from January through to April 1941 and records the military events of the lightning campaigns which saw Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete fall to the Wehrmacht forces. These conquests represented the high water mark of Hitler’s military campaigns.

5060247620541 • 60 Mins • £9.99

THE FINNISH FRONT 1941–1944 This volume featuring translated Wochenschau newsreels records the story of Hitler’s forgotten armies in the north who carried on a long struggle against the Red Army and the unforgiving elements.

5060247621074 • 60 Mins • £9.99


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THE RUSSIAN FRONT LATE 1943 This volume records the events following the failure at Kursk. As the tide began to turn against Hitler, only the intervention of von Manstein and the victory at Kharkov slowed up the collapsing of the Russian Front.

5060247621036 • 60 Mins • £9.99

THE RUSSIAN FRONT CRIMEA 1941–1942 This volume records the battles for the Crimean Peninsula and the fall of the Fortress of Sevastopol.

5060247620390 • 60 Mins • 9.99

THE CAUCASUS BATTLES 1942–1943 The German drive into the Caucasus oil fields proved to be one of the high points of Hitler’s military adventures. This amazing range of films captures the events of World War II as they were presented to cinema audiences at the time.

5060247620947 • 60 Mins • £9.99

THE WAR IN ITALY 1943–1945 This DVD explores the Italian Campaign, fought from July 1943 until the end of the Second World War in 1945 where 60,000 Allied and 50,000 German troops lost their lives. Featuring the invasion of Sicily, the allied advance to Rome and the battles for Northern Italy, as well as air operations.

5060247620954 • 60 Mins • £9.99


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DANZIG AND POLAND This volume features translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from August to October 1939 and records the military events in Danzig and the fall of Poland.

5060247620497 • 60 Mins • £9.99

THE FALL OF FRANCE MAYJUNE 1940 This volume features translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from May and June 1940 and records the military events of the blitzkrieg campaign leading to the fall of France.

5060247620510 • 60 Mins • £9.99

HITLER TRIUMPHANT 1940 This volume features translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from June through to August 1940 and records the military events following the collapse of French resistance and the withdrawal of the BEF from France. Particular emphasis is placed on Hitler’s triumphal return to Munich and Berlin.

5060247620527 • 60 Mins • £9.99

AFRIKA KORPS 1941-1942 This volume features translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from 1941 into early 1942. It records the military events in the western desert from the arrival of the Afrika Korps through to the high water mark, which saw Rommel’s forces poised on the brink of victory.

5060247620534 • 55 Mins • £9.99


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AFRIKA KORPS 1942-1943 This volume features translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from 1942 into early 1943 and records the military events from Bir Hacheim to the to the retreat from the western desert and on to the final defeat in Tunisia.

5060247620558 • 60 Mins • £9.99

U-BOATS 1939-1942 This volume records the military events between 19391942 when the U-boat menace was at its height.

5060247620565 • 60 Mins • £9.99

U-BOATS 1942-1945 This volume records the military events surrounding the decline and defeat of the U-boat fleets from 1942 until the end of the war.

5060247620589 • 60 Mins • £9.99

THE SIEGE OF LENINGRAD This volume featuring translated Wochenschau newsreels dating from 1941 records the one thousand day siege of Leningrad - one of the decisive actions of World War II.

5060247621029 • 60 Mins • £9.99

STALINGRAD 1942–1943 This volume, featuring translated Wochenschau newsreels, records the titanic Battle of Stalingrad. The heavy losses sustained by the German army make it arguably the turning point of World War II.

5060247621012 • 60 Mins • £9.99


Catalogue new part 1 2014 coo



Page 22

ANY 2 DVDs for £15... BARBAROSSA This volume records the military events of the opening moves in Hitler’s greatest gamble - the invasion of the Soviet Union.

5060247620572 • 60 Mins • £9.99

SMASHING DOWN THE REICH This great war time documentary provides a powerful insight into the events of the air war over Germany and the bomber offensive in the West as seen by contemporary audiences.

5060247620718 • 90 Mins • £9.99

GERMAN ARMOUR 1939–1945 This is the definitive guide to the German tank and armoured vehicles of the war. From the brutally effective Blitzkrieg tactics to the German disaster at the Battle of Kursk, the greatest tank battle in history, this DVD covers the highs and lows of German armour in the field of battle.

5060247620725 • 60 Mins • £9.99

BURMA - THE FORGOTTEN ARMY The long and hard campaign waged between the British Indian XIVth Army and the Japanese Burma Area Army is often overlooked. This powerful film is a unique insight into the Burma campaign.

5060247620800 • 165 Mins • £9.99

THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS This harrowing film was produced in May 1945 at the personal insistence of US General Eisenhower. He was so shocked by what he saw that he commissioned this film as a lasting testament to the barbarism that had occurred.

5060247621005 • 60 Mins • £9.99


Catalogue new part 1 2014 coo



Page 23

...or ANY 5 DVDs for £30

5060247620756 • 60 Mins • £9.99

5060247620763 • 55 Mins • £9.99

5060247620770 • 85 Mins • £9.99

RAF WAR TIME OPERATIONS SERIES The “Gen” is the ultimate primary source for aviation enthusiasts everywhere. The “Gen” was the official series of films made to communicate RAF activities to all sections of the RAF personnel and the general public. These 3 DVDs contain a selection of “Gen” films made from 1943 until the end of 1944 and will appeal to all aviation enthusiasts.

TANK BATTLES EL ALAMEIN TO THE VOLGA During World War II the tank came into its own as the primary weapon on the battlefield. In the wake of the German successes in Poland, France, Greece and the opening phase of the invasion of Russia, the Allies at last began to develop their own response to the German armoured juggernaut. This is the record of the hard fought tank battles which raged from El Alamein to the Volga.

5060247620992 • 55 Mins • £9.99

DESERT RATS 1940-1942 The hard fought war in the Libyan Desert proved to be one of the toughest and closest run campaigns of WWII. These are the three official films which captured the events of the early desert battles for contemporary audiences. Using Allied newsreel footage shot along with captured Axis footage, these unique films provide a powerful record of World War II from primary sources.

5060247620787 • 60 Mins • £9.99


Catalogue new part 1 2014 coo



Page 24

ANY 2 DVDs for £15... HITLER: A JOURNEY THROUGH HIS WORLD This brilliant film provides incisive insight to the main factors that influenced Hitler. Many of the surviving Third Reich sites are revisited including Hitler’s birth place, family homes and beer halls. Incorporating historic interviews with Hitler’s sister Paula and other Third Reich figures, this is indispensible viewing for anyone who seeks fresh insight into the man and his world.

5060247621043 • 90 Mins • £9.99

THE SS & THE OCCULT Himmler was the creator of the Gestapo, the Waffen SS and the concentration camp network. Inspired by mystic visions, runes, horoscopes and a longing for a heroic German past, he developed official policy resting on his arcane set of beliefs. This film incorporates rare footage and photographs with visits to the surviving SS sites today including the Thingplatz at Heidelberg and includes a glimpse inside the mysterious inner sanctum of the SS castle at Wewelsburg.

5060247621050 • 50 Mins • £9.99

BLITZKRIEG - LIGHTING WAR Determined to avoid a repeat of the static warfare of the trenches, the Wehrmacht honed its new tactics and the result has become known as ‘Blitzkrieg’ or Lightning War. This new form of warfare was unleashed on Poland in September 1939 and quickly proved its worth. This powerful film incorporates rare footage from German and Allied sources to present a stunning portrait of the Blitzkrieg in action from the thirties to the fall of France.

5060247620978 • 60 Mins • £9.99

MEN AGAINST TANKS This war-time film was made in 1943 in order to motivate the hard pressed German infantry into resisting the increasing tide of Soviet armour. Made shortly before the introduction of the Panzerfaust, it features a dramatized and highly realistic record of a Soviet attack on the German lines by T-34 tanks.

5060247620985 • 45 Mins • £9.99


Catalogue new part 1 2014 coo



Page 25

...or ANY 4 DVDs for £25 THE HAWKER HURRICANE The Hawker Hurricane became renowned as a superb fighter during the Battle of Britain, playing a dominant role in the conflict and accounting for 60% of the RAF’s air victories. Almost 15,000 Hurricanes were built between 1937–44, serving in all the major theatres of the war. This DVD tells the story of this iconic aircraft through original British wartime footage and includes the fighter’s construction, test flights and the aircraft in action, combined with new aerial footage.

5060247620961 • 60 Mins • £9.99

THE AIR WAR IN COLOUR The Fighting Lady is an Academy Award winning documentary produced in 1944 by the US War Department and is presented here in full. Shot in colour, the film revolves around the life of seamen on board the second USS Yorktown (CV-10) - “the Fighting Lady”. The film includes footage of combat in the Marcus Islands, the attack on Truk in the Carolines, and the famous Marianas ‘turkey shoot’. Directed by Edward Stiechen and narrated by Charles Boyer and Robert Taylor.

5060247620701 • 100 Mins • £9.99

HEINKEL HE III Drawing on rare footage from the weekly newsreels this is the combat history of the He 111 on all fronts as witnessed by German cinema audiences during the Second World War. The Heinkel He 111 was the infamous Luftwaffe medium bomber which flew combat operations from 1939 through to 1944. Designed in secret in the early 1930s this aircraft was often described as the “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

5060247620695 • 50 Mins • £9.99

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN This DVD contains the fourth part in the series of films made by the US War Department during the Second World War and shows the British preparing for war, air raid precautions and home guard, before exploring the biblical dog fights above the British Isles during the Battle of Britain through original film footage.

5060247620749 • 55 Mins • £9.99


Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 26

WAFFEN SS IN FRANCE 1940 This is the ultimate primary source on the Waffen SS. The film includes footage from the front lines of the SS in action during the fierce fighting for Holland and France.

5060247620596 • 40 Mins • £9.99

HITLER’S EASTERN FRONT The three films on this DVD trace the fate of the three Army Groups that began the campaign, and follow the course of this vicious campaign as the optimism of Barbarossa inexorably rolled on towards to the disappointment of the final bitter surrender to the victorious Red Army.

5060247620688 • 180 Mins • £9.99

U-BOATS AT WAR This incisive DVD tells the story of the U-boat war from the perspective of the men who sailed in the U-boat fleet. Drawing on extensive newsreel footage and rare wartime photographs, this is the definitive story of the U-boat war.

5060247620602 • 180 Mins • £9.99

THE BATTLES FOR NORMANDY The Allied campaign in Normandy is one of the most spectacular military campaigns ever undertaken. This is the comprehensive review of the Normandy campaign from primary sources including extensive eyewitness accounts, Allied plans, intelligence reports, historical documents and combat reports.

5060247620619 • 100 Mins • £9.99


Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 27

D-DAY TO PARIS This is the comprehensive review of the Allied campaign in Normandy from primary sources, including extensive eyewitness accounts, Allied plans, intelligence reports, historical documents and combat reports.

5060247620626 • 50 Mins • £9.99

THE CAMPAIGN IN POLAND This is the powerful film record of the lightning campaign against Poland as documented by the Kriegsberichter. Originally released to cinemas in 1940 as “Der Felazug Am Polen” this is the ultimate primary source from the German perspective.

5060247620633 • 40 Mins • £9.99

SPITFIRE This is the ultimate primary source guide to the aircraft that saved the British Isles from Nazi domination. Included here are three fascinating public information and training films on the iconic aircraft.

5060247620640 • 70 Mins • £9.99

STUKA This DVD includes footage of the aircraft of the Luftwaffe on combat missions. Also featured are extensive extracts from captured newsreels depicting the actions of the Luftwaffe on all fronts from the campaigns in Poland and France through to the Battle of Britain and beyond.

5060247620732 • 60 Mins • £9.99


Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 28

ALLIED AIR POWER This DVD contains two of the most powerful films ever made on the subject of aerial combat in World War II: Smashing The Reich and Memphis Belle in their original forms.

5060247620657 • 80 Mins • £9.99

THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE This DVD contains a total of 5 short propaganda movies produced during the war by the Americans that document the Wochenschau, The Bulge, Enemy Strikes, Christmas 1944 and the March of Time.

5060247620664 • 55 Mins • £9.99

ARNHEM 1944 - ONE BRIDGE TOO FAR? Featuring extensive footage from the training films and newsreel cameras of both sides this is the powerful film account of an immortal episode in the history of warfare.

5060247620794 • 55 Mins • £9.99

THE NUREMBERG TRIALS The Nuremberg trials began in 1945 and the film cameras of the victorious Allies were there to record the proceedings. This was the first documentary film to emerge and is the Soviet account, which appeared as soon as the verdicts were given and before the full proceedings had even been completed.

5060247620671 • 60 Mins • £9.99


Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 29

4260110589949 • 55 Mins • £14.99

4260110589956 • 55 Mins • £14.99

4260110589970 • 55 Mins • £14.99

4260110589963 • 55 Mins • £14.99

4260110589987 • 55 Mins • £14.99

4260110589994 • 55 Mins • £14.99 29

Catalogue 20-32 2014




Page 30

4260110580663 • 50 Mins • £14.99

4260110580670 • 50 Mins • £14.99

4260110580687 • 50 Mins • £14.99

4260110580694 • 50 Mins • £14.99

4260110580700 • 50 Mins • £14.99

4260110580717 • 50 Mins • £14.99

Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 31

4260110580601 • 50 Mins • £12.99

4260110580618 • 50 Mins • £12.99

4260110580625 • 50 Mins • £12.99

4260110580632 • 50 Mins • £14.99

4260110580656 • 50 Mins • £14.99

4260110580649 • 50 Mins • £14.99 31

Catalogue 20-32 2014




Page 32

4260110582117 • 55 Mins • £14.99

4260110582124 • 55 Mins • £14.99

4260110582131 • 55 Mins • £14.99

4260110582148 • 85 Mins • £14.99

4260110582162 • 85 Mins • £14.99

4260110582155 • 75 Mins • £14.99

Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 33

4260110582179 • 70 Mins • £14.99

4260110582186 • 55 Mins • £14.99

5060247620008 • 90 Mins • £14.99

5060247620039 • 55 Mins • £16.99

5060247620220 • 60 Mins • £16.99

5060247620305 • 60 Mins • £16.99 33

Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 34

WOLF’S LAIR This DVD helps to reconstruct the story of this extremely secretive centre of Nazi operations, from its original construction in the early 40s to its continued use by Hitler and eventual demise as the war came to a close. For the first time on DVD, witnesses are interviewed and reveal their stories about Hitler.

4260110583220 • 80 Mins • £19.99 • £15.99

ADOLF HITLER’S 50TH BIRTHDAY This DVD shows Berlin preparing itself for Hitler’s birthday parade using a selection of rare archive footage, parts of which can now be presented in colour for the first time.

4260110582056 • 120 Mins • £19.99 • £15.99

WHAT HITLER'S BUTLER SAID Having the title of Hitler’s personal valet from 1934–43, Krause had unparalleled access inside the personal and military life of Hitler. This DVD lifts the lid on the personal life of Hitler from one of the men who knew him best.

4260110582087 • 90 Mins • £21.99 • £17.59

THE FÜHRER'S BIRTHDAYS 1933-1945 The Führer’s Birthday, on 20 April, became an outstanding major event. The culmination of all the birthday festivities was 20 April 1939, Adolf Hitler‘s 50th birthday. This DVD shows archive film footage of all the major parades conducted throughout Hitler's twelve-year leadership of the Reich before his death in 1945.

4260110582070 • 85 Mins • £21.99 • £17.59 34

Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 35

4260110581622 • 60 Mins • £14.99

4260110581646 • 60 Mins • £14.99

4260110581660 • 60 Mins • £14.99




4260110580397 • 58 Mins • £16.99

4260110580403 • 58 Mins • £16.99

4260110580410 • 58 Mins • £16.99



£13.49 35

Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 36

Any 2 DVDs for £20...Save up to £16.98


4260110580380 • 60 Mins • £16.99

4260110580373 • 60 Mins • £16.99

4260110581707 • 55 Mins • £16.99




4260110581493 • 136 Mins • £19.99

4260110581745 • 90 Mins • £16.99

4260110583404 • 58 Mins • £16.99




Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 37

We now accept GUDERIAN'S TANKS Heinz Guderian was the visionary creator and designer behind many of Germany’s most iconic tanks. This brilliant strategist developed the attack tactics of the German Tanks Divisions. He was highly respected by all sides for his expertise and this fascinating DVD shows his tank legacy using original German archive footage.

4260110581585 • 105 Mins • £21.99 • £17.59

HARD FOUGHT ROAD TO THE EAST This DVD shows the building of the units of the Wehrmacht for the campaigns in Poland, the West and the Balkans, as well as for the war in the East from 1933 to 1945.

4260110581608 • 60 Mins • £16.99 • £13.49

HELL RIDE OF THE LIBERATORS This DVD charts the American air mission – Operation Tidal Wave. 74 American B-24 Bombers targeted the Romanian oil fields at Ploiesti. The ensuing battle resulted in the worst loss of life ever suffered by the US airforce on a single mission, with 660 airmen killed.

4260110581561 • 60 Mins • £14.99 • £11.99

THE RED BARON This documentary tells the true story of Manfred von Richthofen, using sensational original footage shot during the First World War. It covers his life through its entirety, from his birth in Schlesien to his flying exploits, including the dogfights of June 1917 in Flanders.

4260110583350 • 70 Mins • £19.99 • £15.99 37

Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 38 MAJOR EVENTS IN THE THIRD REICH From 1933-45 there was a procession of mass rallies that drew crowds containing thousands of people. These powerful political demonstrations served a number of purposes but, most importantly, they were staged to indoctrinate and to exhibit Germany’s military strength to the world. This DVD explores these events using rare archive footage.

4260110583367 • 70 Mins • £19.99 • £15.99

PANZER BATTLES ON THE EASTERN FRONT 1944/45 This DVD shows the epic battles fought between the Germans and Russians between 1944/45. Original German archive footage demonstrates the awesome destructive power of the German Tigers, Panthers and 8.8 Flak gun, and the massive pitched battles between the two sides.

4260110581738 • 58 Mins • £16.99 • £13.49

DEFENSIVE BATTLES ON THE WESTERN FRONT This DVD begins by documenting Operation Cerberus; a spectacular operation by the German Kriegsmarine in a superb example of German planning and foresight. The DVD then switches to the Dieppe Raid which took place seven months later in August 1942, before switching to the Ardennes offensive.

4260110581721 • 58 Mins • £16.99 • £13.49

PANZER BATTLES ON THE WESTERN FRONT In May 1940 three German Army groups and ten tank divisions rolled out in a lightening fast campaign against Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and France, and later isolated the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk. This DVD explains the German Tank’s role on the Western Front from 1939-41.

4260110581714 • 58 Mins • £16.99 • £13.49 38

Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 39









Catalogue 20-32 2014



Page 40

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