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APRIL 2012


News for the Residents of Hidden Glen

NEWS FROM THE BOARD To better reflect the needs of our community, the Hidden Glen HOA Rules, Bylaws, and CCRs (deed restrictions) will be amended and submitted to residents for approval in the near future. WHY IS THIS NEEDED?

The developer used “cookie cutter” language that is not tailored to the community making it difficult for the Board and management company to clarify enforcement policies The state legislature has recently passed several laws that make the existing documents out of date, resulting in a patchwork of additional resolutions Recent complaints by residents regarding street parking and landscaping violations have highlighted the need for improvements WHAT IS BEING DONE?

The Board has retained Niemann & Heyer LLP, a law firm specializing in HOA representation to assist in drafting revisions to the HOA documents, consolidating and simplifying wherever possible Once completed, the revised documents (revised declaration) will be submitted to each lot owner for a vote, requiring the approval of at least 50% of lot owners in order to affect the changes HOW DID WE GET HERE? Because the developer simply borrowed the language for our CCRs, etc. from other neighborhoods, there are many instances where the documents themselves are dated or don’t even agree with one another. In other cases, the documents are either silent or non-specific on issues pertinent to Hidden Glen. This is why the ARC Guidelines were developed, for instance. In addition, the laws concerning HOAs recently passed by the state legislature required us to quickly adopt resolutions in order to be in compliance and preserve our existing rights, adding even more documents to the collection that govern the neighborhood. Additionally, some of the concerns that have come up recently Copyright © 2012 Peel, Inc.

have challenged the Board’s and Goodwin’s understanding of what the HOA’s obligations and rights of enforcement of the deed restrictions are – in other words, not only what can we enforce but what should we enforce. In particular, street parking has been an issue that caused much discussion both at the annual meeting and in subsequent emails. The Board had been previously advised that our enforcement ability in this area was limited by the fact that the violation was occurring on city streets and therefore on public property. However, Niemann & Heyer has advised the Board that the restriction is enforceable and fairly common in neighborhoods like ours. The legality of city street parking does not limit the enforceability of the private contract that is our deed restriction. Niemann & Heyer also advised the Board regarding our approach to enforcement of CCR provisions such as parking. WHAT WAS DECIDED?

The HOA is not required to actively “patrol” for noncompliance situations, though we do contract with Goodwin Management for a monthly drive-through. However, when properly informed of an issue, the HOA has full right of enforcement, including in public areas. This is because the deed restriction covenant is between and among the HOA and the lot owners and is a condition of ownership of property within the neighborhood. Additionally, the HOA is not required to build a case of nonconformance against a homeowner and may instead require the individual filing the complaint to provide evidence of the violation. VIOLATION REPORTING PROCESS

Violations observed by residents must be submitted to Goodwin Management in writing (letter or email) First notification of a violation will result in Goodwin sending the resident a courtesy letter reminding them of the neighborhood rules If notified that the violation has continued, Goodwin may require the resident submitting the complaint to provide evidence to support the claim, such as photos or a log indicating the dates, times, and duration of the violations With valid supporting documentation, Goodwin will then send the (Continued on Page 2) Hidden Glen Happenings - April 2012


HIDDEN GLEN HAPPENINGS News from the Board- (Continued from Cover Page)

BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Liaison to the Landscape and Pool Committees Paul Pulley................................ VICE PRESIDENT / SECRETARY Liaison to the Social Committee and ARC Michael Davolt.................................. TREASURER Liaison to the Communications and Safety Committees Eric Poortinga............................ COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE CHAIR Peggy LANDSCAPING COMMITTEE CHAIR Mark Gesch................................. POOL COMMITTEE CHAIR Michelle Quick SAFETY COMMITTEE CHAIR Doug SOCIAL COMMITTEE CHAIR Nicole

MANAGEMENT INFO Goodwin Management Inc 11149 Research Blvd., Suite 100 Austin TX 78759 Marilyn Childress.....................................Cell: 512-750-2883 512-346-4873

NEWSLETTER INFO PUBLISHER Peel, Inc........................, 512-263-9181 Article Submission..........Peggy Kyler, Advertising................................ ADVERTISING INFORMATION Please support the businesses that advertise in the Hidden Glen Happening. Their advertising dollars make it possible for all Hidden Glen residents to receive the monthly newsletter at no charge. If you would like to support the newsletter by advertising, please contact our sales office at 512-263-9181 or advertising@ The advertising deadline is the 8th of each month for the following month's newsletter. 2

Hidden Glen Happenings - April 2012

violator a formal warning letter with notification of a potential fine if not resolved. If the warning is not heeded, a fine will be assessed The HOA has retained Niemann & Heyer to ensure the fine is collected ANY OTHER CHANGES? The Board also recognizes that due to the size of the houses and families within the neighborhood, compliance with both the overnight street parking prohibition and the “no more than 2 cars visible at any time” limit may often be difficult. So while the HOA documents are being revised, the Board will be modifying the car limit to specify that the resident may park any number of cars in the driveway as long they can do so without encroaching on the sidewalk or yard. This will further facilitate compliance with the no overnight parking rule by allowing residents to fully utilize their properties to the extent they were built to accommodate additional vehicles. If you have questions about any of this, please contact any member of the Board. If we don’t already know the answer, we’ll find out. Thanks for your support of our efforts to enable a standardized and effective deed restriction enforcement process going forward.

YAHOO GROUP To subscribe to the Hidden Glen Yahoo Group allowing you to receive email communications from the Board, committees, and residents of the community, please go to http://groups. and request membership.

MEETING NOTICES In accordance with recent legislation, a website has been established where you can sign up to receive notification by email for upcoming Hidden Glen HOA Board meetings and other official Board correspondence. If you are interested, please go to and subscribe. You will still receive a written notice in the mail for the annual meeting or any additional called meeting where an association vote is to be taken. You may also un-subscribe at any time.

BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS Home ChildCare openings available from infants-preschool. Located in Hidden Glen, very close to Old Town Elementary School. F/T, P/T & Hourly drop ins available. For more information please contact @ 512-692-3788. Or email at Copyright © 2012 Peel, Inc.

HIDDEN GLEN HAPPENINGS VETERANS SERVICES EXPANDED By Williamson County Commissioner Lisa Birkman In October of last year, the local non-profit group, Heroes Night Out, opened the Green Zone Resource Center, which was envisioned as a one-stop-shop to address the needs of military veterans and their families. Located in Cedar Park on the campus of Twin Lakes Church at 1150 S. Bell Blvd. (also known as US 183) the Green Zone Resource Center provides veterans access to representatives providing services in a positive environment. Services include Williamson County Veterans Services, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) claims representation, education benefits, home loans, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder counseling, employment assistance and more. Williamson County Veterans Services has office space in the Green Zone and will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For further information on the center, call Veterans Services at 512-943-1900. The Green Zone Resource Center is the brain child of Wes and Judy Pierce, founders of Heroes Night Out. According to their website, “What began as one couple on a mission to provide wounded heroes with a ‘Heroes Night Out Appreciation Wallet’ containing six (6) $50.00 gift cards for dinners, a day or night at a sporting event, amusement park, or any other venue intended to give them a welldeserved break from their everyday routine turned into a far greater vision. While working with the wounded heroes, veterans, families and other organizations, HNO realized that there were needs that were far greater than a night out. Thus Heroes Night Out Green Zone Resource Center was created. The center provides services to all veterans and family members of the veteran. It is known as the “One Stop Shop” by the Heroes who frequent the facility.” For more info, go to or contact them, 986-7660 or If you need more information on this or any county issue, please contact me at 244-8610 or

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Dino Day


By Williamson County Commissioner Lisa Birkman The Williamson County Parks Department and I would like to invite you to attend the 4th Annual Dinosaur Day at Champion Park. The event will be held on Saturday, May 12, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The day’s events will include free hot dogs and chips, as well as live music, a moonwalk/bouncy house shaped like a dinosaur and other activities for the children. All the activities will be free and open to the public. Commemorative t-shirts will be sold for a reasonable price. Champion Park is a unique playground for children of all ages to have fun and make new discoveries. The park, which opened in the fall of 2007, features a covered children’s sand play area with stone casts of dinosaur bones, a large blue whale that spurts water, and specially designed boulders for climbing. Last year, we added a large play area with life-size replicas of dinosaur bones. It has a large picnic pavilion with built-in grills, a fishing area, and a scenic bridge across Brushy Creek. Funds for the parks came from bonds approved by Williamson County voters in 2000. Champion Park is named after the Champion family, whose cemetery is located near the park. John Champion, a former Williamson County sheriff, is buried on the site along with several relatives. The 33-acre park sits along the award winning Brushy Creek Regional Trail, approximately half way between the trailhead at Brushy Creek Road and Great Oaks Drive and the City of Cedar Park’s Brushy Creek Lake Park. Champion Park is open from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. For more information on this and other county parks and activities, go to or contact me at (512) 244-8610,

Hidden Glen Happenings - April 2012


HIDDEN GLEN HAPPENINGS Early Packing List: When To Get Travel Vaccinations PLANNING AHEAD IS THE KEY TO SAFE, HEALTHY GLOBE-TROTTING Submitted by Laura Guerrero, M.D.,medical director for The Austin Diagnostic Clinic’s Travel Clinic

There are just a few days to go before your big trip overseas. You’ve triple checked your itinerary, memorized important maps, and maybe even practiced speaking a bit of the local language. But unless you have taken the proper vaccination measures well in advance, your health may be at risk. One of the most overlooked to-dos on a busy pre-travel itinerary checklist is the need to get vaccines and other medical preparations taken care of weeks, sometimes even months, before a trip, says Laura Guerrero, M.D., an internal medicine physician and medical director of the Travel Clinic at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic (ADC). “Depending on where in the world you are going, you may be exposed to diseases and other pathogens that your body just hasn’t had to cope with here in the United States. Often, vaccines are the best preventative measure to protect your health,” says Dr. Guerrero. “But what people sometimes forget is that many vaccines have to be taken over an extended period of time before they can effectively prevent an illness.” ROUTINE, RECOMMENDED, & REQUIRED VACCINATIONS The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) divides travel vaccines into three categories: routine, recommended, and required. Dr. Guerrero says the number and type of vaccines you should receive will vary depending on what part of the world you are traveling to. “Your particular vaccination and health needs can be as different as the Amazon jungle is to the Sahara desert,” says Dr. Guerrero. “The only way to know what


Hidden Glen Happenings - April 2012

vaccinations are recommended for you is by consulting with your doctor at least one month before you plan on traveling abroad.” THE RIGHT VACCINE AT THE RIGHT TIME Routine vaccinations are designed to protect you from diseases that rarely occur in the United States, but are still common in many parts of the world. According to the CDC, routine vaccinations should be administered for things such as influenza, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, measles, chickenpox, and zoster (shingles). Exactly what routine vaccinations travelers should get will also depend mainly on your age and gender. And if you are traveling with children, they will likely require different vaccinations than an adult. Infants may need to have their vaccines administered over a period of several days or weeks, explains Dr. Guerrero. Recommended vaccinations will also depend on where you are traveling. The CDC lists vaccine information about specific destinations around the world on its website, list.htm. The site includes detailed health information about specific countries. “We will update your shot record so we know what vaccines you should be receiving,” says Dr. Guerrero. “And we will also counsel you about what diseases may be present in your destination, and how you can avoid exposure.” As far as required vaccinations go, international health regulations currently only require a vaccination for yellow fever for travelers visiting certain countries in subSaharan Africa and tropical South America. Meningococcal vaccination is also required

by the government of Saudi Arabia for annual travel during the Hajj—the term for the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which occurs sometime between November and January. “Even if you do not get your travel vaccines in time, it’s always a good idea to see your doctor before you travel abroad because you can still benefit from medications and other information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while on vacation in another country,” adds Dr. Guerrero. HEALTHY TIPS WHILE ABROAD

Once you have followed the vaccination schedule exactly, there are many other health considerations to take into account, Dr. Guerrero says. If you are taking prescription medications, for example, make sure you bring enough to last your entire trip and that you keep them stowed in their original containers. It’s also a good idea to bring medicine for diarrhea, and to be cautious about drinking from local water supplies or eating things like raw seafood or other uncooked items. “Part of ensuring a memorable travel experience abroad is making sure you are prepared for any potential health situations,” explains Dr. Guerrero. “For example, if you have a preexisting health condition, it’s always a good idea to know what your emergency care options are if something were to happen abroad. By taking the proper health planning measures, your trip of a lifetime can be filled with good memories instead of bad ones.”

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Colin’s Hope Upcoming Events Calendar

April - May: April 18: June 14: June 16:


Water Safety Walk - Packet Stuffing Distribution Colin’s Hope Classic Golf Tournament at Flintrock Falls World’s Largest Swim Lesson at Schlitterbahn Colin’s Hope Got2Swim the Pure Austin Quarry







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Ingredients • 2 lbs. carrot, sliced • 1/8 tsp. pepper • ½ Cup chopped onions • 1½ C milk • ¼ Cup oleo, divided

• 4 oz. processed • 3 T. flour • American cheese, cubed • ½ tsp. salt • 1 T. dried parsley

Cook carrots until tender crisp. Drain. In saucepan saute onions in 3 T butter. Stir in flour, salt, & pepper. Gradually add milk and bring to boil. Cook for 1 minute or until thickened. Stir in cheese until melted. Add carrots and parsley. Pour in greased 2 quart baking dish. Melt remaining butter and pour over carrots. Bake at 350º 20-25 minutes or until bubbly. (8-10 servings)


Nurturing early development, Nurturing early development, socialization, and exploration. socialization, and exploration. Otherwise Otherwise referred toreferred as, to as,



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Hidden Glen Happenings - April 2012

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Seton Care For Your Entire Family As the leading provider of health care services in Central Texas, the Seton Healthcare Family is proud to offer a full continuum of care for your family. Our primary care clinics provide a wide range of medical services to improve the health and wellness of infants, children and adults: • Primary family care • Physicals and sports exams • Well-woman annual exams • Diabetes care and prevention • Blood pressure and cholesterol management • Minor emergency care • Disease management For more information, please visit

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1. Seton Family of Doctors at Williamson Family Medicine • Phone: (512) 324-4813 Cardiovascular Care • Phone: (512) 324-4812 Seton Medical Plaza I, 301 Seton Parkway, Suite 302 Round Rock, TX 78665 2. Seton Family of Doctors at Forest Creek Internal Medicine Adults Only • Phone: (512) 324-4870 Forest Creek Medical Center, 4112 Links Lane, Suite 200 Round Rock, TX 78664 3. Seton Family of Doctors at Stone Hill Family Medicine • Phone: (512) 324-4875 Stone Hill Shopping Center 1512 Town Center Drive, Suite 100 Pflugerville, TX 78660

Williamson clinic offers comprehensive cardiac care by the specialists of

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Hidden Glen Happenings - April 2012


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Hidden Glen Happenings - April 2012

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