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April-June 2014

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Metal detectors in the salmon trade

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NOT content with our status as “the fat man of Europe”, it would seem we’re now passing on our disastrous diets to our pets. The PDSA has announced in recent weeks that over 10 million UK pets are now obese. But it seems the hand that drops a well-intentioned chocolate biscuit from the arm of the couch on a Friday evening is the same one that should be raised in the air in answer to the question “Do you struggle to understand the labelling on food products?” Most of those tested to that effect by the CiM in recent months managed to score 4 out of 5 questions incorrectly, evidence that even the new improved traffic-light system of food labelling may fail to wake us up to what we’re eating (see page 4). Time for more extreme measures? It could only be a few years before supermarket aisles equipped with BMI sensors prompt on-package electronic displays to present far more graphic warnings to the weary shopper hesitating next to the family packs of crisps. Not so far-fetched in technology terms, it appears, the panel at the Big Print Debate at Packaging Innovations (page 5) nevertheless concluded there was still a lot of work to be done to justify the cost of intelligent and personalised packaging. But it seems that techniques like printed electronics and on-pack sensors are definitely coming, and they will transform the role of packaging over the next decade, according to a new report (see page 9). This issue attempts to give context to recent announcements in labelling and other areas.

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Labelling luminaries debate new print technology


News analysis: UK food industry warms up to robotics

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FOOD PET production boost at AG Barr


CODING & LABELLING Direct print for PET bottles


PHARMACEUTICALS The challenges of serialisation


GLASS 3D prototyping: Getting a feel for it


CHECKWEIGHERS Metal detectors in the salmon trade


SHRINK & STRETCH The true cost of wrapping pallets


INTERPACK PREVIEW A round-up of key announcements scheduled for the show in May


30 piracy countermeasures


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News in

Brief ■ A low alcohol lager has been launched by Tennent Caledonian. At 2.8% ABV, Lemon T – described as a “light lager with a refreshing lemon taste” - is intended to appeal to those after a fresh alternative. It takes inspiration from the “radler” category, which mixes beer with lemon soda and is popular in Europe. Tennent’s hopes to succeed in engaging drinkers where other low-alcohol brands have failed. ■ TETRA Pak has acquired Switzerland-based Miteco, a move said to position it as a world leader in production solutions for carbonated soft drinks, with an unrivalled product portfolio backed by strong technical support. Miteco is a leading provider of production solutions for soft drinks, fruit juices and liquid food, with a particular strength in carbonated soft drinks. ■ CHARAPAK Group has strengthened its contract packing operation with the acquisition of Derbybased Octopus Collation Solutions. Octopus offers contract packing and fulfilment services across a variety of markets, and will complement and further expand Charapak’s tailored packaging offering in sectors like retail, manufacturing, food and drink, and cosmetics & toiletries. ■ SPECIALIST industrial supply company Snapco has relocated its premises following a six-figure finance deal with the Bank of Scotland. Having previously rented premises in Hillington Industrial Estate, the BoS package has let Snapco purchase its own premises in Kinning Park, providing more than double the capacity of the previous location. Snapco distributes for strapping manufacturers Signode and Fromm, and cutting fluid maker Houghton.

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Consumers still confused about food labelling, says study DESPITE the introduction of a standardised traffic-light food labelling system (see Packaging Scotland, July 2013), consumers still want manufacturers, brand owners and retailers to provide more information on the food they’re selling. These are the findings of a study commissioned by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Although three quarters (76 per cent) of consumers claim to understand the traffic light food labelling system, the majority answered four out of five questions on the labelling system incorrectly. In addition to this, only 9 per cent said they found it “very easy” to find the information they needed on food products The research, carried out by YouGov and supported by The Marketing Trust, explores both consumer and industry attitudes towards food labelling, covering awareness, comprehension, association, expectations, purchase decision-making and trust. In a clear sign that more needs to be done to improve consumer information and enable informed decisions, 83 per cent of those working within the industry said they themselves have seen abuses of imagery or words on

Most consumers answered 4 out of 5 questions about the new labelling system incorrectly.

packaging to suggest a product is healthier than it is. In addition to this, more than a third (37 per cent) of industry representatives believe that brands and retailers make it difficult for consumers to find the information they need on food and drink products. Despite expecting the industry to provide clearer information, three quarters (77 per cent) of consumers believe following a healthy and balanced diet is the responsibility of the individual and do not want further government legislation. This sentiment seems to be echoed by industry professionals, with an overwhelming 85 per cent believing that healthy living and improved diets would be best achieved by investing in consumer education and information as

opposed to legislation. Positively, three quarters (75 per cent) of organisations said they have made healthy living and consumer behaviour change a clear and called-out marketing or corporate objective for 2014, and 43 per cent of industry practitioners reported that their investment in consumer education initiatives increased in the last 12 months, with a further 57 per cent stating that it would be increasing over the coming 12 months. However, many organisations are relying on traditional methods such as on-pack information and consumer-facing websites, despite the fact only one per cent of consumers reported to trust brand owner websites as a source for information on nutrition and healthy eating.

Food for Thought education programme THE Scottish Government’s Food for Thought programme has been attempting to equip schoolchildren with information about nutrition, with the assistance of professionals from the food and packaging industries. A response to the UK’s lamentable dietary lifestyles – recently declared “the fat man of Europe” by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation – the programme supports teaching staff in building on existing food education practices. “We wanted to make it enjoyable, creative and multidisciplinary”, says Vivian Maeda of Scottish Business in the Community, a contributor. Children were asked to not only prepare food but also to think about aspects of its possible marketing, including the design of

packaging. Maeda is grateful to businesses who have given up time to support the project so far, particularly Parkers Packaging and ESC Packaging. Schools so far covered include Biggar High School and St Mary’s Primary. If your compamy is interested in getting involved, please contact Vivian Maeda at

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Labelling luminaries debate print tech

“Truly inspiring”: Bluemarlin’s use of a Fresnel lens in the Sensodyne package was deemed successful rather than gimmicky.

“THE latest print technologies: Gimmick or sound ROI?” was the topic chewed over by representatives from the consumer goods and packaging worlds at the Big Print Debate at Packaging Innovations in February. Questions were addressed to a panel comprising Peter Aldhous of brand design consultancy Elmwood, Stefan Casey of the Faraday Centre for Retail Excellence, Andy Hewitson of packaging and print service provider Reproflex3, and Ian Schofield of Iceland Foods. “Just because it’s available doesn’t mean you should use it” was Aldhous’s take on the use of emerging technologies for packaging. RFID and electroluminescence were two he cited as having failed to live up to the hype. But at the same time, far simpler techniques have proven very effective. The Fresnel lens used on Sensodyne toothpaste packaging was, he said, “truly inspiring”. Who benefits from innovative packaging? Aldous said his own work was about adding value to the brand. It needs to be appropriate, he said, counselling against adding gold foil to an own-brand biscuit package. “If you start doing stuff outside the brand, it damages the brand.” Hewitson of Reproflex3 said it was increasingly possible to “transport the consumer to a fantastic place”, in terms of experience, but “the trick now is to extract value from that transportation.” One member of the panel suggested that “the UK as a culture is not open to technology”, but there was agreement that how consumers interact with packaging looks

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likely to change a great deal over the next 5 to 10 years. A shift needs to occur, suggested one audience member, in what is communicated via things like packaging. The questioner said he didn’t want to be bombarded with information, he just wanted stuff that was relevant. “I really get mad about all the information I’ve not asked for.” It needs to be transactional, sticking to the things people want, rather than simply drawing information out of a CRM database. Ian Schofield said that some retailers were already responding to such a demand. At Iceland, he said, “we communicate with our customers and they communicate with us.” As for cutting down the amount of information on packaging he added that he would love to take stuff off packaging, and make it available via thiings like iPhone instead. “But we’re constrained by legislation.” Not everyone is wired either. “We’ve still got Ethel in London buying a £1 ready meal because it’s all she can afford. And we’ve got to find a way to communicate with her about nutrition and so on.” No more oddly shaped packages? Another questioner raised the point that Tesco is now trying to dictate the size and shape of products going on its shelves. Does this spell the death of interestinglyshaped packages, like the Marmite jar? Is the structural element of a package now subordinate to the label? The panel seemed to agree that it probably was nearing the end for packages that couldn’t

satisfy shelf-ready requirements. On the up side, some brands seem able to rise above historical identifications with a package. “If you’d said two years ago that Heinz Beans wouldn’t come out in a can, you would have been shocked,” said Schoffield, praising the “brilliant” efforts that had been made in this case to move away from an iconic package. Personalised packaging The small label runs enabled by digital print hint at a possible future where packaging is far more personalised to the consumer. The panel were asked if they saw any more opportunities for this at the moment, either in-store or on-line. “Anything personalised to you is good news”, suggested Schofield, saying he had liked receiving an iPad with his own name on it. There seems scope for personalisation in other sectors. With food packaging, for example, you might choose to display recipe ingredients for someone on a gluten-free diet. Retailers have “got a lot of information about people, so could make it incredibly personal.” Efforts made so far in this direction include Coca-Cola’s massive personalised labels campaign last Summer. And on a smaller scale, the Famous Grouse recently offered customers an opportunity to create a personalised label to go with every 70cl bottle purchased, by logging onto a special website. In another spin on the personalisation issue, one panel member suggested that printed electronics could be used at present to provide labels that adapted their conContinued on p6 >>>

News in

Brief n PRINTED electronics company Thinfilm is to introduce low cost Near-Field Communication (NFC) time and temperature sensors that can be incorporated into the packaging of food products and other items, allowing consumers, distributors and merchants to use an NFC phone to check that a product has been kept at the required temperature all the way through the supply chain. n PROTECTIVE packaging from GWP Protective has donated to the team of wounded servicemen undertaking a trek across the South Pole with Prince Harry. The teams involved in Walking With The Wounded’s Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge received 30 Peli storm cases, able to protect electronic equipment from temperatures as low as -40°C, as well as waterproof and very difficult to break. n THE European Pallet Association (EPAL) is to begin an “EPAL Academy” to train licensees, suppliers and users on the use of pallets. It will cover things like material testing and sorting, recognising hidden damage, and the correct use of labeling. A launch is planned for June 2014. The modular programme will grow to cover other issues as it progresses. n COVERIS, the sixth largest global plastics packaging company, has announced the appointment of Gary Masse as CEO. Masse is described as a seasoned, results-driven leader with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, most recently as CEO of Precision Partners, a $500 million engineering and manufacturing company. During his tenure he implemented a culture of teamwork and accountability that resulted in revenue growth of 19 percent and record cash flow.

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Packaging stakeholders focus on anti-counterfeiting WHICH technologies can packaging manufacturers use to effectively help their customers fight product piracy? Recent months have seen a succession of relevant events and announcements. Members of the Global Packaging Alliance (GPA) discussed the issue at their annual meeting held in January in Dubai. According to the latest reports, EU customs officials confiscated nearly 40 million counterfeit products in 2012, said the GPA. With this in mind, the GPA annual meeting addressed new security technologies and track & trace solutions for packaging production. “GPA members want to offer their globally-active customers standardised, highly effective and cost-efficient ways to protect their products,” explained Hans-Christian Bestehorn, GPA spokesman and CEO of the Rlc Packaging Group, a GPA charter member. Counterfeiting was also on the agenda at the Making Cosmet-

ics event on 25 and 26 March in Coventry. Medica Packaging, a company within Benson Group, a UK printed folding carton manufacturer, described the use of a multi-layered method where a number of both covert and overt anti-counterfeit measures are used together for added security. For example, a holographic strip might be used alongside colour shifting inks, track-and-trace numbering, and micro-text. For counterfeiters to spot, understand and replicate all of these becomes an onerous and expensive task – hopefully sufficiently complex to make them move on to another, easier target. The trade off for the brand owner is obviously one of cost versus security. A range of detectable polymer technologies was announced in early March by Celanese, a US technology and specialty materials company, which can help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers reduce the

Wenlock Spring orders a Makro Wenlock Spring is one of the newer players in the UK water market with the first bottling taking place in 1989, from the source that has been supplying the old manor house and Wenlock Priory since the eleventh century. The privately owned company, run by Matthew and Bruce Orme, has won many accolades for their Still and Sparkling waters. Matthew Orme commented, ”We are very proud of our product, not only the quality of the water but we also take great pride in our packaging. The glass bottles are ideal for the dining table at home, in restaurants and hotels and our PET variants are especially suitable for leisure clubs, spas, cruise ships, airlines, professional kitchens and retailers. We bottle 330ml to 1 litre in glass and 330ml to 2 litre in PET, so when we were looking to up-grade our labeller, the Makro modular machine construction concept seemed perfect for our purposes as it offers us complete flexibility both now and in the future.” Richard Portman, Managing Director of Makro Labelling UK said, “Wenlock at present have an immediate requirement for hot melt label application and in the future for self adhesive labelling; therefore we will be providing them with a Makro Mak 3 24-platform base machine initially equipped with a holt melt labelling station. The machine has the provision to accommodate up to 4 labelling stations, therefore giving Wenlock the future possibility to interchange the Hot Melt labelling stations with three selfadhesive stations for their future PSL labelling requirement. The machine will be supplied with the new design Makro adjustable geometry starwheel type changeparts, which are specifically designed to reduce the number of changeover parts required when handling many different bottle formats. The machine will be supplied to label the eleven PET formats and three glass formats. Matthew really understands the concept of the flexibility of the Makro offering in that what is required in his production now may not be the case in the future, so when his production requirements change it is then a simple matter of just connecting different type labelling stations to alter the label application capability of the machine and not having to invest in a complete new labelling machine.” The new Makro Mak 3 is due for installation in May.

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risk of counterfeits in automotive visible barcode, such as manupart, medical devices, packaging facturer, batch number and raw and consumer electronics. material/batch. Other anti-coun“These technologies are espeterfeiting technologies include cially important today in light of X-ray detection, micro-tagging — several recalls due to inferior and invisible color coded small particounterfeit materials”, said Stecles — that can be identified via fan Kutta, global director, Celamicroscopy (10x magnification), nese Transportation industry. and optical verifiable pigments/ The anti-counterfeiting technolnanoparticles that are an invisogies include: Unambiguous part ible marker or “optical fingeranalysis based on unique engiprint.” neered material additives; ultraviolet-detectable technologies for enhanced quality control that are primarily used in the production of complex medical devices; and printing and laser marking technologies that allow CelaAnti-counterfeiting measures such as colour shifting nese engineered inks and track-and-trace were discussed at the recent materials to be Making Cosmetics event in Coventry marked with a <<< Continued from p5

tent to sell to whoever happened to be walking down that particular supermarket aisle at that moment, based on communications with a shopper’s smart phone, for example. It’s the kind of thing explored in sci-fi films like Minority Report but which is “not that far out”. If it does happen, the panel agreed, “it will probably hit the booze aisles first”. Speaking about personalisation, Aldhous said it would be an asset if it could be used to drive brand loyalty, but not if it meant you “spend money for little gain.” Hewitson wondered whether consumers would have to foot the cost. There were challenges to be faced with taking costs out of the process, and so the question of “is this a reality?” would at this stage have to be answered with “probably not.” Schofield added that Thornton’s have always personalised their products - such as the personal messages it ices onto its chocolate truffles. “It’s not digital print but it works for me.” Aldhous cautioned that attempts to address customers more personally sometimes backfire. When

Sugar Puffs seemed to speak directly to Newcastle residents in their advertising of a few years ago, sales reportedly plummeted in surrounding areas like Sunderland, he said. Leaving another “standing room only” panel session at Packaging Innovations, it seemed the organisers have no such problems understanding their audience. See page 8 for more on the show.

NOT personal enough? Opinions varied as to how far brand owners might want to go with the personalisation offered by digital print

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TAILS SHAKES UP THE COCKTAIL MARKET IN RPC PACK Stylish Tails cocktails are making a huge impact in the drinks world with their premium blends and innovative pack, which combines the design and engineering expertise of RPC Containers Market Rasen and Blackburn. Launched in early 2010, Tails allows consumers to enjoy bar-quality cocktails in less than 30 seconds and was initially aimed primarily at the at-home market. Now, in addition to being made available through retail giant John Lewis in-store and online, Tails cocktails are being served in London’s West End theatres, where the striking pack is displayed to create visual impact. The packaging is designed to look and function like an authentic cocktail shaker. Consumers just have to add ice, shake and serve. Designed by Small Fry Design Studios, RPC Market Rasen developed the four-part injection moulded lid, which allows the cocktail to be dispensed just as it would be in a bar. The lid is assembled and then printed with a four-colour design at the Market Rasen factory, using a semi-automated four-colour Tampo printer. RPC Blackburn manufactures the ISBM PET base, which is decorated with a shrink sleeve. The base is induction sealed after filling to give the product tamper evidence and shelf life. Tails inventor Nick Wall’s vision was to allow consumers to enjoy high-quality cocktails away from bars without needing lots of skill and a large drinks cabinet. Nick says: “The pack not only allows consumers to experience the rite of creating a high-quality cocktail, it also helps provide a visually-striking point-of-sale feature.” As well as being available in-store and online at John Lewis, Harvey Nichols and through Ocado, the cocktails are now on sale in Ambassador Theatre Group’s London venues including the Lyceum, Apollo, Piccadilly, Duke of York, Harold Pinter, Playhouse, Trafalgar Studios, Donmar, Phoenix and Fortune theatres.

RPC Containers Ltd Haslingden Road, Guide, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 2PX

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Tri-Star does the double with Essential Café Trade Awards success Tri-Star Packaging is celebrating after bagging a brace at the prestigious Essential Café Trade Awards.

Packaging Innovations Review At the NEC’s recent Packaging Innovations event, National Flexible showcased several of the latest developments for the flexible packaging industry including a number of revolutionary materials and advances in print techniques. New to the UK market, a way of embedding ‘invisible’ QR codes into printed artwork in a way that makes them unseen to the naked eye offers brands and marketers the opportunity to digitally engage end-consumers with their packaging in a way never seen before. With its own dedicated reader App available free via the ITunes store, the system allows for the broadcast of digital marketing content and promotions directly from the packaging onto the consumers hand-held device as well as collecting vital feedback about consumer engagement. This created a massive amount interest and National Flexible received an unprecedented number of enquiries from a host of big name manufacturers and brands, making them one of the busiest stands at the show. Also featured was National Flexible’s integrated design service – NXL Design – which offers clients a much accelerated speed to market by providing and project managing the design, repro and print processes from end-to-end in its entirety. A leaflet featuring the benefits of using NXL Design is available from National Flexible on request.

National Flexible, Battlefield View, Bradford, BD11 2PT Tel: 01274 685566 E-mail:

Samuel Grant offers customers new Samson Nano next-generation pallet wrapper – free of charge

The double success saw food-to-go packaging specialist Tri-Star win the coveted Distributor of the Year and Product Launch of the Year (Packaging) categories at the awards, which took place at Sandown Park in Surrey on 27 March 2014.

Packaging company Samuel Grant Ltd has launched a cutting edge pallet wrapper that requires no capital expenditure, does not attract hire costs and generates significant cost savings per pallet wrapped.

In the Distributor of the Year category, judges were impressed by Tri-Star’s tireless efforts to enhance its offer to café operators, and its commitment to investing heavily in improvements to service and product range. Recent innovations include the launch of Tri-Label, a service that gives cafés the ability and freedom to create and print labels from any PC and printer using the UK’s only cloud-based labelling software package – Tri-Label Online.

Companies using the Samson Nano stretch wrap system do not need to buy the machine or even lease it – which effectively means it is supplied by Samuel Grant completely free of charge.

Meanwhile, it was Tri-Label Online that ensured Tri-Star romped home with the award for Product Launch of the Year. The ground-breaking, but easyto-use cloud software package is flexible and updateable, eliminating the need to buy new software discs whenever labelling regulations change. Café operators access Tri-Label Online via a secure web portal, through which they can amend and self-print their labels as required to comply with the law. Tri-Star has depots in Glasgow, Manchester, Enfield and Bury St Edmunds.

Instead, a ground-breaking arrangement means they simply pay a fixed price per pallet wrapped on a consolidated monthly basis with no hidden extras, enabling businesses to budget more effectively. In addition, the machine runs at peak efficiency at all times, resulting in a substantial reduction in plastic and cardboard wastage. The Samson Nano is a semi-automatic pallet wrapping system that has been designed with the user in mind. It features the lowest turntable height of any pallet wrapper in the world, so there is no need for operatives to climb ramps to load it. It is fully compliant with all relevant EU regulations and features a 415% fixed gear power pre-stretch unit with pre-programmable locked out cycles to eliminate ‘fiddle factor’ and ensure loads are always safe. In addition, the Samson Nano’s gears cannot be bypassed. If an attempt is made, the machine will not operate and will present an error message. This means there is no risk of an unstable load, which can occur when film is not stretched to its optimum point of elasticity.

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NEC show works hard to profile the future of packaging

Sharp Iris won over the judges of the Lion’s Lair competition with a service allowing consumers to personalise their packaging

2013 proved to be the most successful year for Kosme new machine sales, totalling over Euro 5m. Mark Heath, Sales Director of Krones UK commented, ”Krones had a long association with Kosme and this lead to investments within the company, with Krones ultimately taking over full control in 2007. Kosme has two manufacturing facilities; one in Italy and the other in Austria where all of the blowmoulders are manufactured. Kosme is perhaps best known for its range of labelling machines and this year we will achieve double-digit sales of Kosme labellers in UK and Ireland. Equally gratifying has been the sale of other machines from the Kosme portfolio that include a blowmoulder for 5 litre bottles, a Kosme Blowfill bloc, packers, depalletisers and the last order was for a rinser/filler/ capper/crowner for a leading contract packer.” Mark continued, ”The Kosme equipment has many more competitors at the lower output range than our main Krones product range. Competition comes from other Italian suppliers, Chinese equipment, which currently has a poor reputation and machines from Eastern Europe and of course price is very important to all customers. What we have found in recent times are well-established very often private family concerns, which do not require the very high outputs, but want quality equipment and the full after sales and service support that we can offer here at Krones UK and from our Bolton base. When I look at the range of customers from this year’s sales, many of the clients have been established for over a hundred years.” Customers benefit when buying a Kosme machine in a number of ways, many components come from the proven Krones design and manufacture, which enables customers the peace of mind that the machines are built to such a standard they can run 24/7 for fifty two weeks a year. This consistent output can take customers to the next level, and they very often then become a Krones machinery customer as their outputs increase. Concluding Mark said, “The results this year have been very much a team effort, Cliff Salmons leads the Kosme sales particularly in the South, supported by the other members of the sales team. As we have moved more into projects then the full support team of Krones UK and our colleagues in Italy and Austria come in to play. The results this year fully endorse the philosophy of making the company purchase in the first place, as Kosme has added tremendous depth and breadth to our customer base not only in the Beverage sector but also Foods and Household Goods.”

For further details please contact


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THE Packaging Innovations show drew 6004 unique visitors through the doors of the NEC on 26 and 27 February, an 18 percent increase on last year. Among the exhibitors was Mark Baker-Homes of Intec Printing Solutions, who remarked: “It’s refreshing to see so much interest and demand for the packaging and labelling market. We had blue chip companies coming onto the stand, but also start-ups looking to get into packaging with genuine enthusiasm, which is great to see.” The event included a two-day free-to-attend seminar programme, with speakers from DHL Supply Chain, Iceland Foods, The Barts Ingredients Co, Recoup, Marks and Spencer, Wilkinson, Tesco, and Oloves. Topping the bill was packaging elder statesman Lars Wallentin, founder of, who spoke of the need for packaging to speak directly: “Your brand’s positioning determines what you are going to do. Clear positioning will help you define that ‘big idea’, otherwise you are only selling on price. Whatever we do - whether it’s telling a story through packaging or creating an opening ritual, such as Corona and lime or Oreo with its twist, lick, dunk ritual - it’s important to create a synergy between the brand and the consumer. In the world of packaging where creativity is endless, it’s essential to communicate your message, rather than using your logo to sell. Change the information on your packaging into real communication.”

In addition, the show featured the Big Print Debate (see report on page 5) and The Big Packaging Debate, where over 100 visitors gathered to hear a panel of packaging experts discuss: “Packaging - designed for the consumer or the supply chain?” This year’s panel, chaired by Kevin Vyse and including representatives from Echo Brand Design, DHL Packaging Services Europe, Alliance Boots and The Consumer Voice, held the general opinion that the supply chain may well be increasing in complexity, but so are consumers’ lives and the way we market to them. Perhaps there is a general need for packaging to reflect in-store and online demands more simply, with there being a real opportunity to reduce secondary packaging. Continuing to educate the consumer about the possibilities of reusing or refilling a product, rather than recycling, was also an underlying theme. The Lion’s Lair competition gave four companies an opportunity to pitch their most innovative products to a panel of fierce judges. Taking personalisation to the next level was Sharp Iris (see photo, above), which won the judges over with a new service, Smartflow. It works by creating printable artwork featuring various changeable details, including images, names and messages. Consumers can order a product, personalise their packaging and receive it direct to their door. • The next Packaging Innovations event takes place at the Business Design Centre in London on 30 September and 1 October.

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NEWS Software optimises production and packing systems

Sensor picks out individual packs FOOD and drink IT specialist CSB-System International has developed a new software programme that provides optimal planning, control and monitoring of production and packing systems in order to ensure consistently high levels of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The CSB linecontrol® software establishes an online link with all equipment on the line. This enables it to provide real-time information on current capacity utilisation and the performance of

individual machines. This data can be accessed on the production line or delivered remotely to a specific computer. The software can identify potential bottlenecks or other stoppages on the line. Any problems can be pinpointed to the exact machine for fast targeted troubleshooting that minimises unplanned system shutdowns or downtime. In addition, CSB linecontrol® helps companies to reduce rejects and the incorrect labelling of products.

SICK UK has announced the launch of the DeltaPac, said to be the first ever photoelectric sensor able to detect individual packs on a conveyor without a gap between them. The DeltaPac will help production teams achieve high levels of accuracy and throughput speeds whilst reducing the risk of pile-ups and stoppages. “SICK DeltaPac is a true breakthrough in sensing for packaging applications using patented technology to eliminate the need to separate packs on a FMCG production line,” explains Phil Dyas,


SICK UK’s industrial sensor specialist.“Up until now, a clear gap had to be left between packs in order for an optical sensor’s beam of light to be returned by the reflector positioned on the opposite side of the conveyor. “The DeltaPac differentiates between packs in a completely new way, detecting changes in their outline contours at speeds of up to 3 m/s and 200,000 units an hour. The result is more reliable upstream process control and downstream accuracy for printing, labelling and palletisation.”

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Getting serious about waste Jane Gaston of Peel Environmental discusses the likely impact of the Zero Waste Regulations, and their implications for the packaging sector. Private investment is needed to help Scotland realise its zero waste ambitions, she suggests. THE UK produces around 10 million tonnes of packaging waste every year. The pressure on businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle the amount of waste that is created shows no sign of abating as the UK Governments look to meet increasingly ambitious recycling and landfill diversion targets. Nowhere is the drive for resource efficiency as high as in Scotland. The publication of the Scottish Zero Waste Plan in 2010 and its subsequent passing through the Scottish Parliament as the Waste (Scotland) Regulations in May 2012 heralded a new era for the treatment of waste in Scotland. The regulations, which came into force on 1st January this year, place requirements on the disposal, collection and treatment of waste. Described as the “most significant development in recycling that Scotland has ever seen” the regulations are designed to maximise the value from materials that are currently thrown away and help Scotland reach its ambitious target of 70% recycling of all waste by 2025. The regulations apply to all businesses and organisations in Scotland, including packaging manufacturers. In short, businesses will be required to separate out key materials such as metals, plastics, glass, paper and card - for recycling, with an explicit ban on these products going to landfill or incineration. However, Scotland has further to go than its UK counterparts. In 2011/12, Scotland’s municipal recycling rate was 41.2% compared to 52% in Wales and 43.6% in England. When it comes to packaging waste in 2011 it was estimated that 50-52% of Scottish packaging waste was recycled compared to the total UK recycling rate of 5961%.

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Whereas the producer responsibility legislation across England, Scotland and Wales require businesses that handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging a year - and have a turnover of more than £2m - to recover and recycle packaging waste, the Scottish Zero Waste Regulations apply to businesses large and small. Infrastructure Issues Not only do businesses have to be aware of the new requirements, and ensure they have systems in place, it is also important to have the necessary infrastructure in place to separate out and treat this recycled material. Last month the Scottish Government launched a £3.8m fund to help Scottish businesses to develop or expand reprocessing and remanufacturing facilities in Scotland. The Scottish Recycling Fund is aimed at increasing the reuse and reprocessing capacity in Scotland for eligible materials, including plastics, textiles, industrial food & drink processing waste and glass, in order to help meet the new regulations. However, this fund alone will not provide the capacity needed to meet the regulations. Private investment into waste management infrastructure is needed to bring forward the facilities that can separate out recyclable materials and help businesses meet their zero waste obligations. In Scotland, Peel Environmental already has two facilities consented – the 24MW South Clyde Energy Centre (SCEC) in Glasgow (see image, above) and the North Clyde Recycling Centre (NCRC) in West Dunbartonshire, both of which include the front end separation of recyclables followed by Energy from Waste (EfW) technology to generate energy from the

An artist’s impresson of the South Clyde Energy Centre, which will separate recyclables at the front end in addition to generating energy from waste.

remaining waste. As a company, we do not operate waste infrastructure, but work with waste management companies, investors and contractors to deliver appropriately scaled and located waste infrastructure. The focus with SCEC and NCRC is to now bring together the right combination of investors and operating partners to deliver these facilities and provide a viable solution to help businesses achieve their waste management obligations. The waste management sector in Scotland represents a solid investment opportunity backed by a regulatory framework and clear Zero Waste policy.

We should, in the spirit of achieving a truly ‘zero waste’ Scotland, strive to continually move forward. Clearly, the main focus should be on waste prevention and the maximisation of recycling above energy recovery, but we also need to start viewing waste as the valuable resource it can be. In order to do this, we need to develop a modern, fit-for-purpose waste management system of which Scotland can be proud. • As a division of the Peel Group, Peel Environmental is responsible for the delivery and management of infrastructure for the waste, minerals and environmental technology sectors.

Glass recycling boost for whiskey sector PACKAGING and industrial supplies firm Scott Group has enlisted resources and renewables specialist Viridor to develop “the UK’s most advanced glass recycling centre” at its site in Newhouse, Lanarkshire. Scott Group says it has worked alongside the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and North Lanarkshire Council, to secure Viridor’s £25m investment in this new world-class facility, announced in late February. Robert Maclean, Group Board Director at Scott Group, said the facility “will undoubtedly revolutionise the way our country recycles and sources its glass” and as such will be a fillip to companies operating in the whisky and insulation sectors which will no longer have to rely on using imported glass for their end product. The deal marks a significant step forward for Scotland by placing it at the forefront of glass recycling and is revolutionary for all industries that use glass. The next generation facility will use what is said to be the most advanced recycling technology available, capable of recycling up to 200,000 tonnes of glass each year, with its “scientific eye” optical sorters, x-ray sorters, and half a kilometre of conveyor belts. The facility will be able to produce 99% pure glass which is necessary for premium product packaging used by the whisky and drinks sectors in Scotland.

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Report profiles disruptive technologies in flexible packaging

New from Logopak

Ultra-Compact. Clean. Water-cooled.

Smart and active packaging, based on technologies like printed electronics, will dramatically expand perceptions of the function of packaging (Photo courtesy of Scheider Group).

THE top five disruptive technologies in flexible packaging are forecast to be intelligent (smart) packaging, recyclability, packaging openability, biobased polymers and digital printing, according to a new report by Smithers Pira, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Flexible Packaging to 2023â&#x20AC;?. Because of growing consumer focus on convenience and sustainability, general flexible packaging use has been growing rapidly worldwide both in absolute and percentage terms. It is gaining market share from other packaging formats such as rigid packaging. This growth is projected to continue because flexible packaging, particularly pouch packaging, uses less energy and materials and has lower transport costs, environmental impact and carbon footprint than its rigid counterparts. The study states that innovation in smart and active packaging over the next 10 years will be the key disruptive factor affecting the flexible packaging industry. So far, these technologies have been retarded by high cost, consumer resistance to items such as sachets in packaging, and concerns about excessive packaging. However, the deployment of intelligent packaging is expected to become much more frequent with decreasing cost, increasing emphasis on food safety, anticounterfeiting, new regulations

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and brand owner/consumer demand. These technologies, particularly together with printed electronics and digital printing, will become more widespread in the years to 2023. This will lead to dramatically expanded perceptions of the function of packaging, beyond the traditional containment, preservation, protection and identification to include a wide range of monitoring, tracking, warning, remediation, authentication, communication and brand protection. According to the report, the second most disruptive technology in flexible packaging is recyclability. Because of the small amount of material used in a flexible package, it generates much less waste than other formats. However, it is not currently feasible to mechanically recycle postconsumer flexible packaging because of its thin film structure, multilayered composition and often contamination by food waste. This situation could create problems with the sustainability and recyclability goals of many major corporations or with the reduced or zero landfill policies of many governments. More easily recyclable materials and barrier structures, including monolayers, are expected to be introduced over the next 10 years, but this will not resolve the problem unless improved collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure is implemented.

The smallest 30W laser coder in the world.

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UK food industry warms up to robotics

Chris Sumner Managing Director FANUC UK and Vice President of FEC. (Below) FANUC’s M-2iA delta style pick and place robot withstands stringent IP69K cleaning protocols

The adoption of robotics over the last 10 years has rapidly increased in sectors where fast and accurate assembly has been a top priority, including the food industry. FANUK UK looks at their potential contribution in this sector. THE latest figures published by the British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA) also point to a recent acceleration in the deployment of robotics by UK food manufacturers, revealing a 60% increase in food sector adoption in 2013 compared to 2000. Reviewing the global industrial robot sales picture across

all sectors, the President of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Dr. Shinsuke Sakakibara, expresses his optimism for upcoming growth: “The robotics industry is looking into a bright future! The IFR Statistical Department expects that between 2014 and 2016 worldwide robot sales will increase by about 6% on average per year.

Enercon Industries’ employee elected to PPMA Board Enercon Industries’ sales manager, Brian Tyndall, has been elected to the Process & Packaging Machinery Association’s (PPMA) Board of Directors. He has taken over the role of Technical Director, with responsibilities including the organisation and running of seminars. The PPMA is the UK’s most prominent trade association for suppliers of processing and packaging machinery and represents more than 400 member and associate companies. Mr Tyndall has worked in the packaging industry for over 30 years. Before moving to Enercon in 2004, he worked with a wide ranging number of European manufacturers, including Caval Engineering, Dunns Systems, GEI Group, and Portals Engineering. “The packaging industry has given me an exciting and varied career, and the opportunity to work on the PPMA Board of Directors presents itself as a superb opportunity for me to give back to the industry I have spent the majority of my working life in,” he added. Mr Tyndall is the second Enercon employee to be selected as technical director. Richard Bull, managing director, held the title from 2008 to 2012. The PPMA’s principal objective is to promote sales of machinery, both nationally and internationally, by effective marketing and free technical support. The association is also a founder member of the Confederation of Packaging Machinery Associations (COPAMA) which provides an international forum and voice for all the world’s major machinery manufacturing nations.

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In 2016, the annual supply of industrial robots will reach more than 190,000 units.” Just ten years ago, global sales figures were hovering around 80,000. So, what’s behind this recent boom? Industry experts attribute it to three key factors - factory modernisation, increases in production capacity and rising demand from a number of emerging markets. Times are most certainly changing highlights Grant Collier at BARA: “The latest IFR World Robotics Industrial Robots 2013 Report* illustrates that Europe is still lagging behind Asia, where sales of robots were more than double Europe’s 2012 figure of 41,200. Japan alone sold more than 28,700 units in 2012.” Across all sectors in the UK, the number of robot transactions in 2012 grew to 2305. Stimulating UK interest in automation Engagement in robotics and momentum really began to pick up in 2010, when members of the Engineering and Machinery Alliance (EAMA), with support from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), commissioned an industry study. Having polled a broad spectrum of manufacturers in Spain, Germany, Sweden and the UK, the study concluded that the main reasons for UK manufacturers’ investment reluctance in modern manufacturing technologies linked to lack of knowledge, skills and confidence. Responding to these recommendations, the British govern-

ment initiated the Automating Manufacturing Programme. They put £600k on the table, giving BARA the funds to engage with UK manufacturers and provide impartial advice on the implementation of automation solutions. The programme ran for 18 months, attracting the interest of 366 companies, who took up the free operational audit followed by implementation support. Approximately 40% of those came from the food sector. BARA’s 2013 sales statistics now reveals a 60% uplift of robotic adoption in the food industry, indicating that confidence is at an all-time high. Shifting perceptions On the frontline, FANUC UK Managing Director Chris Sumner is also noticing a marked increase in uptake. “While high speed, accurate and agile systems are all key benefits of a pick and place robot, the most recent demands from producers relate to food safety and the use of robots to improve hygiene during the manufacturing process,” says Chris. “Although IP67K certified robots have been commonplace for many years, the very nature of a robot arm, with its many

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NEWS ANALYSIS crevices and less durable construction materials, has in the past prevented it from working in harsh food environments.” FANUC is one of the few suppliers in the marketplace right now that has an IP69K certified system. Its new M-2iA delta style assembly robot is capable of operating in high-pressure, hightemperature wash-down environments, meeting individual Retailer Codes of Practice (COP) and the latest hygiene and product line integrity requirements set out by the British Retail Consortium. Nowadays, robotic food systems are faster, and more compact and affordable. They have brains, often referred to as controllers, which can manage up to four robot arms from a single CPU, to improve production efficiencies. Some also have vision systems, which food manufacturers are realising is of great benefit, as the robot can mirror the hand-eye coordination of a human and accurately pick random products off a moving conveyor, reducing waste and leading to higher production efficiencies. FANUC has integrated its iRVision into the controller, which means manufacturers don’t need to invest in additional resources, such as third-party software or an external PC. Vision technologies like this also enable food companies to incorporate features such as visual line tracking and barcode reading into their robotic setups. Fewer moving parts The latest generation of pick and place robots often contain fewer moving parts - 20% in FANUC’s case. This has also contributed to the fall in prices, enabling manufacturers to recoup their outlay, often within 12 months. When you start crunching the numbers and consider that the lifespan of a FANUC robot is typically 25 years, it is an attractive return on investment. What’s more, because robotic systems can easily be updated with new software and a selection of different end effectors depending on the task, its occupation can be quickly changed to keep pace with packaging trends and product brand developments. Workforce injuries caused by

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The latest BARA statistics reveal a 60% increase in food sector robotics adoption in 2013 vs 2000

performing arduous and often repetitive tasks, often in cold environments, is another common issue that robots help to eliminate. Equipped with sanitised grippers and vision systems, robots provide improved placement and product integrity. By removing the human element, manufacturers can significantly reduce workforce ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Furthermore, in upstream processing, such as operating directly on animal carcasses, a robot can deliver consistent and concise cuts and won’t suffer from fatigue or lose concentration, which again significantly reduces accidental injuries. How robots affect workforce morale and the number of jobs available on production lines has been another sticking point for some. IFR General Secretary Gudrun Litzenberger comments: “Productivity and competitiveness are indispensable for a manufacturing enterprise to be successful in the global market ... and whilst certain jobs may be reduced by robotics and automation... more are created.” In fact, the latest study by the International Federation of Robotics forecasts that two million jobs will be created globally in the next eight years because of the robotics industry. What’s more, this study predicts that between 60,000 and 80,000 new activity jobs will be created in the food industry alone from 2012 to 2016.

Chris adds: “Re-training staff to operate robots, not only increases a worker’s skill set, it creates renewed vigour. It certainly provides a greater sense of job satisfaction, compared to completing the same task manually.” As with many UK companies, FANUC continually invests

in future skills and is tackling the skills shortages in the engineering and manufacturing sectors identified by City & Guilds in 2013. The company offers an apprentice and degree student ‘sandwich year’ programme and recently welcome four more young people. Several of their earlier apprentices have progressed internally - Michelle Bottrill was FANUC’s first and is now their Parts, Training and Service Sales Manager. While it has been on the radar for several decades now, it appears that the sector is really starting to warm up to the idea of robots in food manufacturing. Looking at this wider picture, it is clear that the intelligent deployment of automation can increase safety processes and decrease the chances of downtime or production shortfall. “Without robotics, it would be impossible to keep production and products in the food industry at a continuously high level,” concludes Chris.

Radnor Hills choose Krones again Over the past few months Radnor Hills have installed a Krones Contiform and a Krones Contiroll reel-fed labeller. Such has been the success of the first two pieces of Krones machinery going in to Radnor Hills that when William Watkins, Radnor’s Managing Director, wanted to buy a BlowFill bloc, shrinkwrapper and ancillary conveyors, he went straight back to Krones UK for a quote and shortly after this placed an order. Mark Heath, Sales Director of Krones UK commented, ”Radnor Hills were a new Krones customer when they placed the orders for the Krones Contiform and Contiroll machines and this decision has lead to a very strong relationship between the two companies. For the next installation William Watkins wanted a filler capable of filling high juice products which where prone to fobbing and opted for the Kosme BlowFill bloc. Radnor Hills’ business has been going from strength to strength these past years, winning many new retail customers, which has resulted in a need to increase production capacity.”  As soon as the first Krones Contiroll had been commissioned, which demonstrated to Radnor Hills the advantages of reel-fed labels as opposed to cut and stack, an order for a second Krones Contiroll was placed.

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PACKAGING AUTOMATION INCREASES EFFICIENCY AT SOUTHERN SALADS Southern Salads is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of freshly prepared salads, vegetables, slaws and fruit to the food service, food manufacturing and travel sectors. Packaging Automation has been a supplier to Southern Salads for a number of years when they originally bought a Vision 4000 machine. A good relationship developed and when Southern Salads needed to increase both productivity and efficiency in the packing of their salads they had no hesitation in returning to PA for new machinery. The decision was taken to purchase a high speed eclipse SL6 tray sealer. The SL6 is a high throughput machine capable of sealing up to 100 packs per minute and has provided Southern Salads with cost and environmental benefits combined with greater efficiency, minimum downtime and a consistent seal on all packs. For flexibility and long term value the eclipse SL6 can be easily converted to a twin lane machine to give speeds of up to 200 packs per minute. To save on critical downtime, tool changeovers on the eclipse tray sealers can be done manually in two minutes as a result of an inbuilt tool loading system. The ingenious top tool comprises single impression removable cartridges to enable continued operation during repairs and routine maintenance. Quick release cutting blades on these allow for replacement in seconds and spare cartridges are supplied to enable full capacity operation at all times.

Holfeld Plastics will be exhibiting a comprehensive range of fish packaging at the Seafood Processing Expo in Brussels May 6-8 Up to 90% recycled content with 20% less plastic bottles used in the manufacturing process, lowest carbon material, no drip pads, robust packaging, enhanced a-b de-nesting minimising truck movements by giving optimal pallet utilisation… … so what’s the catch? One of the most comprehensive ranges of fish and crustacean trays will be exhibited from up to 28 variable colours with customised colours on request. Holfeld’s ‘C’, ‘S’ and Crustacean ranges are available in recycled PET or PP. The ‘C’ range comprises C2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 with depths ranging from shallow to deep 32mm to 70mm. The ‘S’ range is an ideal crate fit in recycled PP or PET. Padded in line to be highly cost effective. Some of the trays have Holsorb delivering another environmental benefit because less material is used in the process by eliminating the traditional drip pad. The ‘S’ range is available in depths from shallow to deep 30mm to 80mm. And in the rPETeCO multi-application range of packaging Holfeld use 20% less plastic bottles to blend their eCOPET material. During 2013 Holfeld used 440,000 less plastic waste bottle to produce their eCOPET trays than they would have done using rigid PET. The blended material is a lightweight, low carbon, tactile packaging material reducing carbon footprint by up to 20%.

Daniel Birmingham, Operations Director at Southern Salads, said “I have worked with PA for many years and always found them to be proactive and supportive. The SL6 machine was chosen to increase productivity, seal integrity and reduce engineering costs. It has achieved all the objectives set out at the beginning of the project”

Meet Holfeld on Booth P4526 Packaging Automation Ltd, Parkgate Industrial Park Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8XW 01565 755000

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SHEPLEY SPRING ORDER TWO NEW KRONES LABELLERS Shepley Spring was established in 1996 and operates out of two plants near Huddersfield West Yorkshire. In the relatively short time since the company was founded they have become a leading integrated independent own label and contract water bottler. This fast growing company is well known for brands such as Ice Valley, White Rock, Pennine Valley and Greenmoor Spring together with their own label customers that include some of the major retailers and cash and carry outlets in the UK. Shepley Spring currently has four bottling lines with their own blowmoulding capacity along with a Krones Filler, a Krones Cwanmatic and a Kosme labeller – both hot-melt cut and stack - and two new Krones Contiroll hot-melt reel-fed labellers. The company’s Operations Director Charles Smith said, “We have been growing very quickly of late and the summer of 2013 was great for us. We wanted to explore reel-fed labelling as opposed to cut and stack hence our choice of the two Krones Contiroll Labellers. The savings in label materials to date has been staggering.” Mark Heath, Sales Director of Krones UK commented, “The recent orders from Shepley Spring are another example of a growing independent company that reaches critical mass and then opts to go for the best available equipment, as they have done with this latest order. We have dealt with Shepley Spring for many years, and they have recently started buying Krones adhesives for their existing bottling lines. The Krones Contirolls now account for over 80% of their total label production due to the significant savings that reel-fed plastic labels offer versus cut and stack paper labels. Having established an excellent reputation with Shepley Spring when the filler was installed, we were then thrilled when we were given the chance to supply the new Krones Contiroll labellers.

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Walsall Engineering upgrade prestige products packaging line at John Dewar & Sons The Walsall Engineering Group recently upgraded one of the existing, prestige bottling lines for John Dewar & Sons Ltd, part of the Bacardi Group in Glasgow, which has resulted in record levels of output. Walsall Engineering was contacted regarding plans to modify the existing bottling line and introduce a more up to date filling machine as well as a higher specification case sealer. Working closely as a team, the line infeed was repositioned and simplified mechanically to create space for a larger filling machine. This also allowed some existing bottle handling issues throughout the line to be engineered out by changing guide rail profiles, slat chain conversion and fitting additional drive units. A new control system and up grades were completed to the empty bottle conveyors and filler, providing easy access for operatives to make adjustments to meet future changes and also to meet current legislation. Within days of starting production record levels of output and efficiency on the line have been achieved and remain consistent, resulting in an immediate payback for John Dewar’s. This was a successful project for all concerned parties drawing on the extensive experience within the Walsall Engineering Group.

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NEWS Food manufacturers should get creative when rationalising costs DESPITE the anticipated negative impact of raw material price increases in the coming year, food manufacturers should avoid cutting corners for fear of generating more waste and thus potentially increasing costs, says KM Packaging Services Commercial Director Graham Holding. A survey by FoodManufacture. revealed a massive 88% of respondents fear the impact of raw material price increases in the next 12 months, with only 40% so far having been able to pass on these increases to customers. Food companies should avoid cutting corners and aim to minimise the impact of such costs without reducing the quality of the foodstuffs or packaging, says Holding. He added: “There’s an inherent danger in looking for the lowest cost supplier regardless of their attitude towards quality and performance. These companies are unlikely to have invested so heavily in product development, in-house technical expertise and testing as their competitors, so it

could well be a false economy.” A good hard look at less obvious cost bases is a better way to mitigate against raw material price increases, he suggests. That may mean working more closely with partners such as packaging suppliers to develop new, more appropriate and cost effective solutions. Some manufacturers have dispensed entirely with a cardboard sleeve or large label and are making the most of printed lidding film to provide purchasers with the necessary information whilst improving visual appeal. This not only reduces packaging material but also removes at least one process from the production line, improving efficiency. But most companies are still committed to NPD: According to, 62% of respondents claimed they would be spending more on product development in the coming year than previously, despite being sure that their customers were more focused on the price of the product rather than the quality.

Ready-meal tray brings cost efficiencies

Control by measurement Performance by design With over 50 years experience in engineering and automation, Agritronix is again expanding its range of weighing, counting and packaging equipment. Systems available now include checkweighers, metal detectors, X-rays or combination of the above. Counting solutions to suit your product. Weighing solutions from small throughput to high-speed linear and multihead weighing. Bagging equipment manual or automatic including Poly bagging and net bagging up to 25 kg. Paper bags up to 25kg. One tonne bag, box filling or dolav filling. VFFS up to 5kg pillow, block or dry pocket. Punnet filling and closing equipment. Products: Fruit, vegetable, confectionery, snack foods, powders, mixtures, semi processed foods, nuts, frozen foods, fasteners (plastic or metal) etc. A new high speed berry punnet weighing and correction system with very low labour requirement is now available. Turnkey solutions for the bakery and meat trades, vegetable and fruit packaging industries, frozen fish and shellfish industries.

OFFERING long shelf-life and ovenable up to 240°C, the new ConviTray® offers cost-saving opportunities for premium products in the ready meal market. It is the first ever PVC and EPOXY-free ready meal tray to enable in-container pasteurisation, extending the shelf-life of fresh products, and it can be re-heated to real gratination temperatures of 220°-240°C in conventional

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household ovens. Developed by Norwegian food manufacturer Fjordland in partnership with Swiss packaging development company Comvince, it is available from Staffordshire-based food packaging specialist Nicholl Food Packaging. With up to four weeks shelf-life for fresh products, ConviTray is said to bring superior cost efficiencies within the cold chain.

Should you have weighing or packaging requirements other than listed above, please give us a call: Agritronix Unit 16, Fife Food Centre Faraday Road, Southfield Ind. Estate Glenrothes, Fife, KY6 2RU Telephone: (44) 01592 775599 Mobile: 07860 212533

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t2e - smart, simple, safe trading Providing the UK’s PRN marketplace since 1998

A view from the PRN marketplace Now that the PRN compliance year is over, this article will review 2013 and look forward to what 2014 and beyond might bring. 2013 was a combination of the knowns and the unknowns. As anticipated at the beginning of the year paper, wood, recovery, aluminium and steel achieved their material specific targets with ease, the latter two with greater ease than expected. Equally the two materials that faced challenges were glass, now split between re-melt and other, essentially aggregate, and plastic. The challenges glass has faced are well documented. An underestimation of reprocessing capacity due to recurring fraud in earlier years, which has now resulted in prosecutions, and over-estimation of packaging placed on the market. The warning signs were flagged up in 2012 and 2013 confirmed those signals. The split between re-melt and other added to the complexity with reprocessors concentrating their efforts to achieve the re-melt target to the detriment of maintaining ‘other’ capacity. In the end the targets were met but as December moved into January it became clear that remelt had exceeded its anticipated element of the split but only at the expense of ‘other’. Faced with an Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) report that packaging placed on the UK market had been significantly overstated and a lack of overall growth in glass reprocessing, the Government issued a consultation reviewing the target, which has now been reduced to 75%. It is anticipated that as consequence Glass PRN prices will reduce, although to a great extent this reduction has been factored in already. Plastic faces challenging targets demanding year on year growth. As 2013 progressed it became clear that the Chinese ‘Green’ Fence restricting the import of secondary raw materials was having a significant impact on exports and the targets started to look increasingly challenging. Prices rose accordingly and maintained that level throughout, other than a sharp falloff at the end of 2013 as surpluses were sold off. Thereafter prices swiftly returned to earlier levels as tonnage was carried forward to 2014 and look to be sustained throughout 2014. As material specific targets increase so the general element of the target reduces. To date this has been met mainly through paper and wood PRNs with some room to spare. However the production of wood PRNs is reducing as more and more goes into the biomass market and collection rates for paper are reducing, although exports in the final quarter defied predictions by achieving a record. So while the targets in 2014 should still be met with ease there is just an hint that things may not be so easy which may explain the substantial increase in carry forward of paper PRNs. Few challenges would appear to face the metals targets, although a drop in aluminium reprocessing in the final quarter has raised concerns including a suggestion that all reprocessing should be reported regardless of whether the intention is to issue PRNs on it or not. Looking further forward a much needed review of steel and plastic packaging placed on the UK market is taking place in 2014, which could impact on their targets for 2015 onwards. Accurate data is key for not only the packaging directive but also overall waste management. The Commission are trying to establish if a greater level of harmonisation and accuracy can be achieved. This has already started in the transfrontier shipment of waste where a greater level of consistency is being sought. It is difficult to anticipate the impact of any changes to the UK at this stage but it is certain that there will be some!

Learn more about today’s PRN prices Contact the Trading Team: t: 0844 800 9943 e:

The Environment Exchange Limited Hudson House 8 Albany Street Edinburgh EH1 3QB

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Corrugated companies speak out on food waste approaches FOOD waste could be significantly reduced with the right corrugated packaging, according to the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) in a recent statement. Some may see packaging as contributing to waste, but FEFCO is resolute that this is misleading: far more resources are used in creating the product than the packaging. So product and packaging should be viewed together and appropriate levels of packaging, not less, should be used to protect food. FEFCO’s Angelika Christ said: “Downsizing packaging makes no sense if product loss occurs as a consequence. Packaging should be optimised according to the requirements of each and every product. Sometimes increasing packaging reduces impact on the environment.” Vitacress, a grower of watercress, asked for a corrugated packaging solution that would increase shelf life and reduce product loss in distribution. The result included a drain tray of crushed ice that sits

on the top rim of the pack and trickles melting water over the watercress to keep it fresh for up to 48 hours. Corrugated packaging can also be tailored to fit each product precisely and hold it securely during transport. It can be designed to ensure easy opening and handling without product damage. The flexibility exists to introduce bespoke solutions quickly, and cost-effectively. Corrugated protects 75% of European goods in transit. In Germany ethylene absorbing corrugated board is being developed for fresh produce to slow down unwanted ripening. Ethylene triggers the ripening process in certain fruits and vegetables. Food packaging ensures food security and safety, enhances both logistics management and product identification. Corrugated’s versatility, 100% recyclability and protective qualities makes it an integral part of the range of measures needed to solve the problem of food waste.

Well-defined pulp is recyclable/ compostable HIGH quality, custom-designed moulded pulp packaging from Plastique entered production in early 2014. The process known as thermoformed fibre or pulp thermoforming uses a technology called Cure-In-TheMould to produce what is said to be the highest quality, most well defined, smooth surfaced thin-walled pulp products available. These products will be manufactured at Plastique’s Poznan

April-June 2014 p17.indd 1

premises in western Poland under the name Fibrepak. Clients can choose from various recyclable/compostable materials which can be coloured and blended using food safe pigment dyes to provide a variety of finishes. These material options include a range of sustainable crop fibres and virgin pulp, all of which are well suited to Plastique’s thermoforming process.

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SPARKLING IDEAS FOR AN ALMOST-FORGOTTEN SPRING In the Swabian spa of Bad Überkingen, something quite out-of-the-ordinary has happened: two entrepreneurs who have been successfully selling contract-filled energy drinks and other “smart beverages”, have purchased the Überkinger company, one of Germany’s most traditionsteeped mineral water bottlers. They actually did this to install a new canning line for their own trendy brands, marketed by their IQ 4 YOU firm. But if you have a renowned brand like Überkinger in the portfolio, then you should definitely make use of it, concurred the two managing partners, Christian Becker and Stefan Tönnesmann, so they promptly started a relaunch campaign for this water. Christian Becker, who has since 1995 been developing and marketing his own beverages in his company IQ 4 YOU, had never once filled them in-house. He comes from a food and beverage wholesaling background, and started his career by taking over a new large filling station in Landsberg am Lech more than 20 years ago.

IQ 4 YOU CONQUERS THE MARKET Back in 1995, he came up with an energy drink he’d developed himself, “Vodka Energy”, which – as you can guess by the name – had an alcohol content and was contract-canned in a Bavarian brewery. “But when I took my first sip of a ready-to-drink mixture while skiing in Austria, I knew for certain: this is going to revolutionise the market”, is how he recalls his first-ever RTD experience. Christian Becker carved out a market for his energy drinks, for the variants both without and with alcohol, in the Middle East, and initially had the cans contract-filled in Austria, and as from 2007 at a German mineral water producer.


It was at this mineral water firm that he met his present business associate, Stefan Tönnesmann, who had previously worked in the spirits industry for 17 years. In the meantime, sales of the IQ 4 YOU beverage range had been steadily climbing, from two million cans in 2007 to an impressive 70 million in 2012. Slowly but surely, the time had come when it was proving problematic to have the quantities ordered actually delivered on time. This was why Christian Becker, together with his new business associate Stefan Tönnesmann, decided to look for a production facility in Germany, not least because the “Made in Germany” label was an particularly important consideration for them with a view to the export markets. It was more or less a coincidence that their ultimate choice fell on Überkinger, with company premises of 80,000 square metres and an indoor area of over 30,000 square metres.

NEW LINE RATED AT 52,000 CANS AN HOUR Even though IQ 4 YOU had not yet installed a canning operation when the plant was taken over in February, the company took a relatively swift decision in favour of Krones. Especially as the majority of the machines in the existing PET line rated at 32,000 containers an hour and in the 40,000-bph glass line were in fact from Krones. The new canning line, rated at 52,000 cans an hour, went into operation in mid-September 2013. “The line was running smoothly right from Day One”, says Stefan Tönnesmann. It has been equipped to handle 150-, 200- and 250-millilitre slim-cans, plus 250-, 330- and 355-millilitre sleek-cans, and 250-, 330-, 500- and 568-millilitre classic cans as well. Pallet by pallet, a lift takes the bulk cans from the raw-materials store on the ground floor to the first floor, where the complete line has been installed. A Pressant Universal 1A bulk can depalletiser unloads the cans from above, layer by layer. On this elevated level, a bulk conveyor with a spacing feature passes the cans first into a Cantronic emptycan inspector, and then into an inclined rinser, which takes them down to the filler infeed’s level while simultaneously rinsing them. IQ 4 YOU opted for a volumetric Volumetic VODMC can filler with a Ferrum seamer. After that, a Checkmat 731 FMX inspects the cans for the correct fill level by means of X-rays, before they enter a single-deck LinaFlex pasteuriser, standing upside down, so that the higher pressure prevailing inside the pasteuriser is able to reveal any leaks. Downstream of the pasteuriser, the cans are conveyed through a Linadry drier, after which they are passed through yet another fill level inspector, this time a Checkmat 707 FX. To complete the process, they are once again dried in a Linadry.

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MULTIPLE OPTIONS FOR AN ULTRA-VARIED RANGE OF END-OF-THE-LINE PACKS Absolutely dry, accurately filled and guaranteed without any leaks, the cans are now ready for packing. The two nonreturnables packers, a Variopac Pro TFS and a Variopac Pro WT, offer multiple options for this purpose. The TFS model produces 18-can or 24-can trays with or without film, plus four-can, sixcan and eight-can packs. The WT model places these small packs on trays without film when and as needed, or packs loose cans in wrap-around cartons. The finished end-of-the-line packs are prepared by a Robobox layer-forming unit for being palletised on a Modulpal 2A. Once complete, the pallets are wrapped, and then labelled and date-coded by a pallet labeller. This means they have now arrived at (and been registered in) the plant’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. What’s more, a production data acquisition system from Krones monitors and documents the entire line. VOLUMETRIC CAN FILLING

As the last step, a lift takes the pallets down to the finished-goods store on the ground floor. The line is supplied by a Contiflow four-component mixer, which can produce a huge number of different products. This machine is the Krones interface to the existing syrup kitchen, which has been upgraded to the latest state of the art and supplemented to include a water treatment system.

SECOND IMPORTANT EARNER On the ground floor, IQ 4 YOU has installed additional pressurised tanks, so as to be able to accept and fill beer or sparkling wine. Why? “Well, you see, we prefer filling our own beverages, of course, but we also want this second line of business: acting as a co-packer. Today, our annual capacity comes to around 200 million cans, 100 million PET bottles and 70 million glass bottles, and – if push comes to shove – we would also have room for a second canning line. Our aim is to become a contract-filler for beer and canned beverages over all of southern Germany”, says Christian Becker. Simultaneously, IQ 4 YOU arranged for Krones to modify the existing PET line so it could additionally handle 1.5-litre containers as well. And the two entrepreneurs are already busy planning their next step: the installation of a new, combined line for both returnable and non-returnable glass, to replace the existing line.

ONCE UPON A TIME … ÜBERKINGER WAS SYNONYMOUS WITH BOTTLED WATER IQ 4 YOU now has a new product in its range: mineral water. Once upon a time, Überkinger was synonymous with bottled water as such, at least in the south of Germany. The brand was completely revamped, given a fresh, uniformly structured visual appearance, and relaunched. IQ 4 YOU added the 1.5-litre and 0.5-litre PET bottle, plus upmarket 0.75-litre and 0.25-litre catering-trade bottles with wide neck and hot-foil-stamped, selfadhesive labels to its range of container variants.


01942 845 000

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PET production boost at AG Barr plant PRODUCTION of the other national drink gained pace recently with a 75% boost to PET production output, according to equipment supplier Sidel. AG Barr recently decided to renew its PET bottling lines by installing Sidel Combis in its Cumbernauld plant. The first is a high-speed Combi (48,000 bph) comprising an SBO 24 XS blower and a Eurotronica FM-C filler; the second combines an SBO 14 Universal and a Eurotronica FM-C. The order also included the respective conveyors, a cap steriliser and a Rollquattro F35 labeller. In both cases, the fillers have more compact chambers and therefore a smaller footprint. Despite the fact that the new machines in the first line had to be added to an existing line, work was scheduled to continue production during installation. To do so with a minimum number of stoppages, assembly was divided

Sidel says it was possible to add the new Combi machines to existing lines at AG Barr’s Cumbernauld plant without production stoppages.

into seven stages - alternating existing and new machines day and night until the new machines reached a speed that ensured the target output. AG Barr also wanted to create savings by using less material, says Sidel, and asked Sidel to take into account a number of key criteria: blowing pressure (reduced from 32 to 28 bar for 2

HERMA Provides Tamper Evident Labelling Grace Foods UK. Prestigious Caribbean Food and drink award winning ‘Grace Foods UK’, one of the 60 subsidiaries and associated companies of the $1bn global ‘Grace Kennedy Group’, recently chose HERMA UK to design and supply a new tamper evident labelling system to its ‘Dunns River’ production line of dry spices at its Corwen manufacturing facility in Denbighshire. Mr Erfyl Roberts, General Manager at the Corwen site, outlined the basis for the investment; “We chose the HERMA 152 Tamper Evident Labelling Machine as it provided us with a great amount of flexibility across our dry spice product range. Whilst being extremely simple and quick to set up, another key factor for choosing the HERMA 152 was the ease of integrating the HERMA machine with the original equipment in our production line.” The HERMA 152 applies a watchstrap seal to each of the products. Following the wipe down of the tails, the full body label is then applied over the top giving each product an extra resilient tamper evident seal. Currently running at the ‘Grace Foods’ facility at 50 products per minute the HERMA 152 has the ability to handle up to 100 products within the same timescale and application accuracy.

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litre bottles), filling temperature and the quantity of raw material used for preforms and caps. Sidel also redesigned the three packaging formats (250ml, 0.5L and 2L) for products filled on the two lines. This involved making the preforms lighter (from 24 to 19.7 g for the intermediate format) and reducing the thread of the neck (from 21 to 17 mm).

Standout choice AIMING for a premium positioning in the energy drinks market, Honesty Food has chosen Rexam’s FUSION® aluminium bottle for the launch of Teasy, a new on-the-go green tea beverage. Featuring a distinctive shape, the 250ml FUSION® bottle is intended to help Teasy stand out from 250ml slimline cans. The aluminium bottle also safeguards the liquid from harmful UV lights, whilst allowing impact pasteurisation, ensuring its taste is not compromised.

High safety cap for non-fizzy drinks THE 38 Proline cap from Procap is aimed at sensitive noncarbonised beverages that must be packaged in clean conditions, such as juices and milks. It was specifically developed to adhere to the stringent conditions in which such products must be bottled. It is said to offer high performance capping within these constraints. Highly efficient capping supports a reduction in stoppage time, which also helps reduce costs. The closure is also suitable for bottled waters. The 38 Proline can be used for any PET container featuring a 38-3SOT neck finish. The 38 Proline’s design also comprises a venting feature for enduser safety. Venting is permitted by the design of the closure’s interior, including the thread shape. The discontinuous thread allows pressure inside

the container to be released in the event of fermentation of the product. Relieving the pressure means the closure is unlikely to suddenly discharge (and “strike the end user”, as the press release suggests, alarmingly). It is said to make the closure extremely secure and reliable for consumers. Safety is also enhanced by the fact that the seal between the closure and bottle is lost only when the TE band bridges are sufficiently stretched or broken. This would be evidence of possible product sabotage as would the dropping of the TE band on first opening.

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Bag design keeps cakes upright PAPER packaging products manufacturer Dempson Crooke has come up with a new design of bag that allows delicate items or boxes of food to be laid flat in the bag, rather than risk being tipped up on their sides as with a traditional bag. The Dempson Bag is aimed at bakeries, delicatessens, takeaways and any retailer selling products in larger boxes or containers that need to lie flat when carried (for example: cakes, chocolates, sushi, pizzas and any other takeaway hot food). The technology behind the bag has made it possible to manufacture a paper carrier bag with a uniquely wide bottom in tailor-made sizes up to 350mm. While beautifully decorated or well-presented items are more likely to retain the “wow” factor on reaching their destination, says the company, the Dempson Bag itself is also

The Dempson Bag features a wide base, in tailor-made sizes up to 350mm, while also retaining a comparatively light weight and low carbon footprint.

said to be strong and visually impactful whilst delivering additional cost savings and environmental benefits. Unlike standard SOS bags the Dempson Bag has no bottom

Krones create a new range of fillers for the food industry Krones AG have for many years been the industry leaders in filling technology for the beverage industry, for Milk/ Dairy, Waters, Soft Drinks, Wines, Spirits, Beers and Ciders. During the course of last year Krones introduced a new range of fillers for the food industry, with the first of the new equipment being successfully installed at the world renowned Austrian jam maker, Darbo, who purchased the Krones Viscofill filler for their range of miniature jams and marmalades.

YPS & Hugo Beck Yorkshire Packaging Systems, the leading supplier of shrink wrapping equipment in the UK, for nearly 40 years, is pleased to announce a major tie up with leading German machine manufacturer Hugo Beck.

The Viscofill is a piston filler, developed specifically for viscous, thread-forming foods and those containing chunks. It is a classical piston filler that incorporates many of the design features that Krones have developed for their beverage fillers, making the Viscofill the outstanding filler for the food industry.

Hugo Beck specialise in high end, high speed shrink wrapping and mailing applications and occupy a leading position in this technically demanding sector. They have a wealth of experience built up over the last 50 years and are a perfect fit as YPS continue to strengthen and expand their ‘Systems Division’ where more and more automation is increasingly required in order to reduce costs.

The Viscofill effortlessly masters the tricky challenge of filling even hard to handle products like jam containing large chunks or whole fruit, without damaging the delicate product. Viscofill fills the jars without dripping or leaving behind any unattractive or unhygienic splashes on the neck of the jar.

Hugo Beck as a machine manufacturer has for many years recommended Bollore high performance polyolefin shrink films and so it is fitting that YPS has been the exclusive UK distributor for these films also, for the past two decades.

Andrew Wilson, managing director of Krones UK commented, “The Viscofill is a great addition to our range and now allows us the opportunity to sell complete lines to the food sector, whether that is for jams, preserves, honey, cooking sauces or coffee. We have all of the other elements required from depalletisers through to rinser, filler capper, labelling, cartoning and palletising machinery. Krones can also supply a complete range of inspectors, checkweighers and metal detectors with the ancillary conveyors, so we are in a position to offer the complete line.

As Glyn Johnson YPS Managing Director commented “This fits totally in line with our mission of only offering quality, reliable solutions that we are happy to put our name to and support for their lifetime and so it now provides customers with a best in class product coupled with best in class backup and service from YPS”

An example of the Viscofill will be on the Krones stand at Interpack in May.

For further details please contact April-June 2014 p21.indd 1

seam. It has been possible to reduce the weight of the paper used in the bag’s construction whilst maintaining its strength. In turn, this enables better stock density, bringing savings

on distribution and stock holding. These factors, together with the energy efficient production methods employed mean the Dempson Bag can bring a greener footprint than traditional paper carrier bags says Dempson Cook. The bag also appears to pack a powerful marketing punch with its large printable surface area, which maximises the potential for brand marketing on a bag. Printing can be in up to eight colours, including the four-colour process. The bag features a turnover top, which adds strength to the opening as well as the opportunity to extend the printed bag design around the inside edge for further aesthetic appeal. The Dempson Bag also has a streamlined look, which the company says “means it looks great from any angle”. A range of different handle options provides the finishing touch.

YPS will offer full spares and service backup to existing UK and Ireland based Hugo Beck installations.

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Precise in-line weighing for all FOOD packaging operations could reduce bagging costs by up to 75% and improve accuracy with a new in-line weighing system developed by a collaboration between bagging systems company Automated Packaging Systems and weighing systems provider Aja. Automated Packaging Systems, based in Worcestershire, positions itself as a provider of reliable and flexible bagging systems. Now it is collaborating with Middlesex-based Aja to develop in-line weighing for the FAS SPrint Revolution™ food bagging system. Designed to cater to small or medium volume businesses with multiple lines, irregular or hard to handle products, the system is said to offer an efficient, easy to clean packaging system, ideally suited for applications that require regular wash down. “By working with Aja and adding weighing capabilities to the FAS SPrint Revolution we can offer significant benefits to food packers” explains Malcolm Vale, food sales manager, Automated Packaging Systems. “The full system

will increase throughputs compared to conventional methods and also allow product give-away to be reduced by accurate weighing.” Both businesses are celebrating 30 years service in the UK this year and pride themselves on the speed with which they can respond to customer demands; the bagger/weigher project has been delivered in under a year. “Our aim, as always, is to increase productivity for our customers. With this collaboration we are not only demonstrating that we understand packaging needs but we are providing cus-

tomers with a total packaging system,” comments Mr Vale. Aja specialises in weighing and IT solutions for food packers, food processors and suppliers to UK Supermarkets, focussing on automation and raw material optimisation for hardware and software based systems. Commenting on the results of the collaboration, Andrew Crisp, Aja managing director, said: “You have to be a market specialist at the top of your game to provide the very best solutions. Working with a like-minded company can only be good for all involved, particularly for the customer.”

Resealing system supports quality and freshness AN innovative resealing system from Tesa had its first public airing at the Packaging Innovations show in February, and appears to be taking off. Lift & Reseal is said to provide consumers with an easy to use and effective resealing system, complete with a finger-lift strip for easy peel back. Designed to reclose packs more than 20 times, the tape remains adhesive-faced as fresh tape is available every time the pack reduces in size. Peter Spencer, Tesa’s Specialist Segment Manager, Manufacturing, commented: “Packaging and resealing solutions are key to winning and retaining customers of convenience food products. With factors such as quality, freshness through a product’s ‘life’, accessibility and ease of use influencing the purchasing decision, it’s easy to see why innovation in this area is so important. Lift & Reseal is already being used by a leading supplier of snacking, breakfast, baking and cooking products as part of its drive to provide healthy, nutritious and long-lasting products to the nation’s consumers, with one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains stocking its products. More recently, a second major retailer implemented the tape with its own bespoke brand name ‘Peel Back & Reseal’ on a selection of product ranges.

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Through the company’s “tesacohesion™” customer care programme, food package providers benefit from an end-to-end installation and commissioning service, including provision of tape dispensers on a loan basis at no cost to the customer. As part of this service, customers can be assured that the dispenser will be integrated into their packaging line within a day without any adverse effect on running speeds.

Web portal for sieving and filtration gets makeover

SIEVING and filtration specialist Russell Finex has launched a new website, intended to offer customers a richer insight into the company’s product range. New features include enhanced navigation, improved visuals (with product photos, demo videos and product animations intended to help people understand how each product works), extended product and after-sales information (details of the range of aftermarket products including spare parts, meshing and other services), and clearer access to contact information. An interactive map displays local representation. Available in 13 languages the launch of the new multi-lingual website reflects the importance of Russell Finex’s growing global customer base, says the company. Ray Singh, Managing Director, commented: “The new website launch reflects our international growth strategy as we continue to grow and increase our market presence. It is important for our customers, no matter where they are, to be able to readily access information on our products and services in their local language”. Singh continues: “The new website will provide a more informative experience with clearer information for customers, partners and the media”. The websites will be updated on a regular basis with news of new product launches, case studies, demonstration videos, events and business activity, ensuring users are constantly kept up to date. Those interested in these updates and recent developments should sign up to receive a monthly electronic newsletter at

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Direct print for PET bottles: Better than glue and labels? DORTMUND-based filling and packaging systems supplier KHS is among five companies nominated for the Hermes Award 2014 with its Innoprint direct print system for PET bottles. The Hermes Award is offered every year in conjunction with the Hanover Messe, the world’s biggest industrial trade fair, and recognises innovative technology. This year’s shortlist also lauds developments in electric current sensors, electric power distribution and factory automation. Matthias Niemeyer, CEO of KHS GmbH, said: “We’re very pleased, as direct printing is a milestone in the decoration of PET bottles.” Innoprint technology allows PET bottles to be directly printed all round. Compared to the plastic or paper labels commonly used to dress bottles to date, this process is said to be much more flexible.

In addition, neither glue nor labels are now needed and these thus no longer have to be shipped or stored in air-conditioned warehouses. Eco points scorer Besides generating potential cost savings direct printing therefore also scores points for greater eco friendliness. And not just because the around 42 metric tons of labeling material and corresponding amount of glue used in the standard labeling process are now superfluous (at an assumed capacity of 25,000 labels per hour in two-shift operation on 220 days of the year); doing away with the logistics also cuts down on CO2 emissions. Digital goes to press quickly All the KHS Innoprint needs are text and graphics files, which

Looks like an ink jet. Doesn’t smell like an ink jet. Meet the alphaJET mondo. The alphaJET mondo is a low-cost, German-engineered ink jet designed for food producers. With its stainless steel construction and IP65 rating, it withstands tough conditions to print crisp, clear codes on a wide range of packaging.

• Practically no odour with solvent recovery system • Long service intervals • Icon-driven touchscreen • IP65 rating for wet environments • Password protection and user profiles for management control

For more information visit or call 01962 761761

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The Innoprint system produces high quality colour images on PET containers while appearing to offer certain flexibility advantages over traditional labelling equipment

it quickly prepares for printing. In theory, the machine is thus able to print each and every PET bottle with a different motif – at a rate of up to 36,000 bottles per hour. Digital printing considerably shortens time-to-market intervals. For example, at the end of a soccer game bottles could be printed with the result and a picture of the winning team and find themselves in retail stores in a very short space of time. Suitable for food The KHS Innoprint deploys inks suitable for food use. Their low viscosity and the use of intermediate UV curing also enable motifs to dry quickly and ensure that the ink adheres to the PET bottles. Recesses in or projections on the bottles can also be printed on. The print quality is excellent; an outstanding optical

resolution of 1,080 x 1,080 dpi produces brilliant color images. The standard KHS Innoprint has five color carousels which apply white, cyan, magenta, yellow and black to the bottles in succession according to the CMYK color model. After printing very intense UV light reliably hardens the inks. To help save resources and make the process sustainable PET bottles which have been directly printed on by the KHS Innoprint are suitable for bottleto-bottle recycling. Here, the hardened inks can be completely removed from the shredded PET. KHS believes the technology holds great potential and expects that direct printing will quickly penetrate the market. The company expects that within the next five years around 5% of all PET beverages the world over will be printed on instead of labelled.

Web-based label printing service offers speed and peace of mind THE online label printing company has opened for business in the UK. The service is said to allow professional label users to quickly calculate, order and track the production of their custom-printed labels online. Professional self-adhesive roll and wet glue labels are available. The ‘Online Calculator’ that features at calculates professional label quotations instantly and is backed up

by both an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate 100-strong team and the latest software and machinery, according to the company. “Operating both HP Indigo digital offset presses and Heidelberg conventional offset presses allows to offer its excellent services and competitive prices on both longer and shorter label production runs”, says the company.

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Coding system meets space and performance challenges

ALLEN Coding has installed a number of labelling systems at Whyte & Mackay in Falkirk, including a specially developed split-head coder, designed for high quality, accurate printing on different substrates in a confined space. James Purves, Bottling Engineering Manager, explains the company’s requirements: “We were looking to improve on the quality and legibility provided by our coders and needed two machines, one to print on paper labels on a wet glue labeller at speeds of up to 100 bottles per minutes (bpm) and one that would code on both glass and self adhesive paper to the required standard at 340bpm.” Steve Ryan, UK Sales & OEM Manager at Allen Coding, was tasked with finding a solution for this customer. He says: “Restricted space on the labelling machines and a point suitable for applying the code were the main obstacles but with some creative thinking these were resolved. On the high speed line an extended head allowed access to a very small area to apply the code with full X & Y movement of the coding head for a range of 12 bottle sizes. On the wet label machines the code was applied on the label pallets ensuring 100% accurate coding on a wet glue label.” Allen provided a mix of systems, including the 10 watt, compact iCON non-contact laser coder and the 30 watt, high speed S3030PLUS SHS

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laser incorporating a split-head system for use where access was difficult. Steve continues: “The split head arrangement allows the bulk of the system to be fitted away from obstructions and the head itself, which is the exit point of the laser beam, to be mounted close to the physical print area.” The S-3000 laser system combines an incredibly compact design and an adjustable marking head, which can be installed on the most complicated production lines. Using extremely fast mirror tracking systems, the most up-to-date software, hardware and laser technology, it requires little maintenance and has minimal operating costs, while guaranteeing high quality and accuracy. Meanwhile, the iCON uses high performance optics, powerful hardware and low overhead software to enable its core laser to meet the high speeds of Whyte & Mackay’s production lines. Its compact design is ideal for use where space is limited and it is suitable for printing on a range of substrates from labels, cartons and plastics to glass, wood and textiles. Used on whisky, vodka and rum product lines, the Allen systems are installed on Whyte & Mackay’s labellers to print product rotation identity and date codes James Purves concludes: “Installation was tricky due to space restrictions but both types of machine are coping well. The reliability of the machines has been excellent to date and the quality of the code and ease of use has been beneficial to the operator technician and our operation overall. We have already recommended Allen Coding to others.” Whyte & Mackay produces alcoholic beverages such as Dalmore, Jura, Glayvar liqueur, Vladivar and Pinky Vodka. Allen Coding is part of the ITW Marking & Coding Division, which also comprises Foxjet, Norwood, Diagraph and Trident.

Labelling specialist Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) Ltd has been appointed exclusive UK distributor of a breakthrough range of automatic print and apply labelling systems incorporating several unique features that give users improved economy, problem-free operation and full machine availability. Built by Swedish company Autolabel AB, the new range takes ease of use, maintenance and integration to a new level. Thanks to a clean and straightforward web path, both the ribbon and label roll are quick to replace – it takes just 20 seconds to change the Label roll or ribbon rolls. The printhead, print roller and driving belt are also easy to replace without tools. Please visit our new website for more details. Industrial Labelling Systems Ltd

Unit D4 Brookside Ind Park, Greengate, Middleton, Manchester M24 1GS. Tel: 0161 655 4846 • @ILS_Print_Apply

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Digital cutter now has automatic loading

DIGITAL cutting systems specialist Zünd recently showcased new functionality for one of its most successful products, the S3 digital cutter. The S3 is a modular cutting system designed for 24/7 operation. At Ipex 2014 (Excel, London) in late March Zünd showed an automatic sheet feeder that further enhances the S3’s performance. Increased productivity and a

fully automated workflow are the main benefits that this new device will bring to the production environment. The automated loading system for sheeted materials is ideal for high-volume production. Loading, advancing and off-loading are said to be synchronised to deliver high precision and efficiency, allowing printers to quickly manage larger orders and stay competitive.

New coders set to make a splash New water resistant coding equipment is set to help fresh produce, snack and other food manufacturers keep production lines clean and safe with less risk of water damage to critical equipment, according to coding and marking specialist MarkemImaje. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of companies handling poultry, meat, fruit, salad and vegetables as well as fresh sandwiches that are subject to rigorous food hygiene and safety standards, the new SmartDate X40-IP thermal transfer coder has been engineered to withstand the water ingress that can result from frequent wash-down cleaning routines or humid environments. The SmartDate X40-IP is made from stainless steel with sealed ports to protect all electronic parts from water damage; the user friendly design means wash-downs can take place without removing connecting cables, minimising cleaning preparation time, whilst an integrated user guide makes the process quick and simple. Available as a series of kits providing protection to either the printer or the controller or both units, the SmartDate X40-IP kits are easily installed and can be retrofitted to any SmartDate X40 already in use. The 18 month standard warranty also offers unmatched reliability. Based upon the proven SmartDate Series, the new X40-IP features an intelligent printhead capable of printing high contrast codes at pack speeds of up to 600mm per second at 300dpi. With an extended 1,100m ribbon which cuts downtime and reduces waste, the SmartDate X40-IP is set to become the coder of choice on the most demanding of production lines. As with all Markem-Imaje equipment, the SmartDate X40-IP is available through a range of financing options, including the Smile programme which removes the need for capital expenditure on new equipment.

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Single-camera inspection endorsed by William Grant WHISKY producer William Grant & Sons has recently installed advanced camera inspection systems and a fill-level checking system supplied by Logics & Controls, with support from Evolution Bottling & Packaging Solutions. The two Logilook camera inspection systems and the Logilevel fill-level checking system are being used to inspect various bottle shapes including flask and book shaped, in both glass and PET. According to Evolution, the bottling sector has some unique needs that traditional standard cameras only partially solve. The technology employed by Logics & Controls is said to uniquely enhance the camera with a series of special optical units that revolutionise the camera inspection of empty bottles and full bottles. It means, for example, that even for long neck bottles the bottom of the bottle is completely visible for inspection and you can identify defects or foreign bodies down to 1mm x 1mm. Logilook is also said to be the only system that can fully inspect label quality using a single camera, and not dependent on the bottle’s orientation. It can directly acquire the complete bottle exterior in a single image. The technology eliminates the common problem of merging multiple images, instead capturing all the required detail in a single clear image. Logilook will locate and read bar codes, lot codes, label codes, and other graphical markings, printed in both inkjet and laser

Logilook is the only system that can fully inspect label quality using a single camera, and not dependent on the bottle’s orientation, according to Evolution BPS.

down to very small scales. Writing, images, and backgrounds of different colours or tonalities can also be verified precisely. A specialist in control systems for the bottling sector, Logics & Control’s products are said to be highly adaptable to the specific requirements of each user, with precision levels that, according to Evolution BPS, “consistently exceed customer’s expectations”. In addition, Logics & Controls can design and develop bespoke checks to address customers’ specific needs. The Logics & Controls range is said to be very user friendly and easy to operate, but where support is needed Evolution BPS is on hand to deliver UK based technical back up.

Moy Park appoints Sun Branding FOOD company Moy Park has appointed Sun Branding Solutions to provide a tailored project management system. Sun Branding Solutions will implement its bespoke software tool ODIN to help streamline packaging processes and support future growth and scale of the business. Sun Branding Solutions’ first task, which kicks-off next month, will be to implement the ODIN software into the Moy Park

business, along with training and support for stakeholders based in the UK and Ireland. These include the packaging development team, artwork coordinators, commercial managers, account managers and printers. Moy Park intends to use ODIN for a number of key applications, including managing the packaging artwork process, approvals, assets and commercial management.

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“Most sophisticated” Digicon line installed in Milan AB Graphic International has installed what it describes as probably its most sophisticated label converting specification ever, at the Milan premises of Italian label printer Roma. The Digicon Series 2 specification includes delaminating/ laminating in a semi-rotary web motion, multi-head semi-rotary flexo, flatbed foil stamping, inregister over-laminating, plus a web-splitting, multi-layer coupon device. “Bearing in mind we have around 750 Digicon installations worldwide, this is probably the most sophisticated label converting specification we have built,” says Managing Director, Mike Burton. “The design and configuration of the machine was agreed over some time with a large element of the final specification driven by the customer and the need to supply a highly complex range of labels to the market sectors Roma serves.” The laser label cutting line is

The laser cutting line includes the Omega fully automatic slitting technology, which allows non-stop production

the first Digilase system sold by AB Graphic International in the Italian market and includes a number of additional capabilities including semi-rotary flexo, over-laminating and a high degree of automation that includes the Omega FAST (fully automatic slitting technology) where the knives are positioned via servo motor and turret rewinder to

allow non-stop production. The Digilase is JDF compatible, requires no tooling and files can simply be downloaded from a database ready to start production. After cutting the labels are matrix stripped and rewound in the conventional manner. “The combination of digital printing and the Digicon and Digilase converting lines means we

are able to reach new levels of performance and offer a greater range of finishes,” says Marco Rossi, CEO of Roma. “We supply digitally printed labels, coupons, and booklet labels with a wide range of finishing options and the new equipment enables us to meet customer expectations. In addition, we are now able to produce variable data and die shapes that can be handled in one print run. Production costs have also been reduced through the laser cutting system that eliminates the need for expensive die tooling. Our customers are also benefitting from shorter on demand print runs, reduced stock inventory, no pre-press costs, greater flexibility in packaging design and of course, reduced lead times.” AB Graphic International operates on a world-wide basis from its UK headquarters in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, with global sales support through a network of distributors.

Denny Bros introduce Wraptac; the new print your own multi-page label Feature Packed Economical Labelling From Weber Weber’s Model 4300 Pro-Apply in-line systems combine high-quality label printing and application for economical, fast and accurate pressure-sensitive labelling. The Model 4300 Pro-Apply systems are designed, engineered and assembled by Weber, within their own manufacturing facility. Each unit features a fully integrated on-demand, thermal / thermal-transfer print engine from Datamax, SATO or Zebra to produce 203, 300 or 600 dpi text, bar codes and graphic images at speeds up to 400 millimetres per second. Labels up to 150mm wide and 150mm in length are printed in a cost-efficient, next-out mode, and then instantly applied to cartons or products on the production or packaging line. Using the tamp-blow method of application, a printed pressure-sensitive label is automatically peeled from its liner and retained by vacuum on the applicator’s tamp pad. The pad is then extended (adjustable between 50mm to 300mm stroke) and blown onto the package from a distance of approximately 6.0mm. Several standard tamp-pad sizes are available, and provided in quick-change configurations. In just a few seconds, the tamp-pad can be removed and another fastened in its place to handle a different size label. Standard features include durable anodized aluminium construction, an integrated user interface with LCD display, numerous inputs and outputs to facilitate the use of a product sensor or other optional accessories, and stepper motor-driven rewind. In addition, system components are readily accessible for ease of servicing and all units feature zero-downtime connectivity to ensure uninterrupted production. Options available for the Model 4300 Pro-Apply Systems include a variable stroke sensor, a label-on-pad sensor and an adjustable stand that enables the system to be oriented for top, bottom or side application.

With much more space than a conventional label and suitable for most container types, Wraptac from Denny Bros Ltd lets you print as many or as few labels as you need! The space comes from one of Wraptac’s core features – it is several times longer than the original label you might be using but wraps around itself, seals AND can be opened and closed as often as required. So, with limited product space on your container and for whatever reason you need or want to communicate more information, you can now say even more without changing your packaging.

The Model 4300 Pro-Apply operates with Weber’s exclusive Legitronic® software, which simplifies label formatting, editing and printing. Weber also manufactures a wide variety of stock and custom pressure-sensitive labels for variable imprinting, together with application-specific ribbons for thermal-transfer operation. For more information please contact:Mr Patrick Hughes Weber Packaging Solutions, Macmerry Industrial Estate, Tranent, East Lothian, EH33 1HD Tel: +44(0)1875 611 111

April-June 2014 p27.indd 1

Denny Bros Ltd, Kempson Way, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk IP32 7AR t: 01284 701381 e:

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Coding Q&A: Meeting the challenges of salty snacks production Matt Perkins, Snack Foods Industry Marketing Manager at Videojet Technologies offers his views on industry trends, coding, and how to prevent coding errors in the salty snack industry • What are the recent developments in the salty snack industry? As today’s consumers seek convenience and variety, the salty snacks industry is subject to rapid changes. Manufacturers must innovate and constantly come up with new products, new flavours, new packaging types and in different sizes. Today’s consumers are more health aware and demand a wider choice of snacks. This

trend is reflected in the Mintel US forecast volume growth projections (2014/2015) which predicts that the potato chips segment is expected to show a modest 1 percent increase, while the nuts category is expected to grow to 2.49 percent. This could be attributed to the fact that, as consumers are becoming more health conscious they switch to different snacks such as nuts which provide an excellent source of protein, dietary fibre

Do it the easy way... Reach new heights with EASYLABEL - the professional barcode labelling software that makes life easy. Versions to suit single and multi-users. Ideal for barcode and compliance labelling. Produce GS1- compatible barcodes using our helpful barcode wizards. EASYLABEL, from Weyfringe, offers date & time feature, database link, consecutive numbering and password security. Easy design of your labels including text, barcodes and logos. Compatible with over 200 printer makes/models including our own H Series barcode printer.

Contact Weyfringe Barcode Labelling Systems for full details

and EASYLABEL demonstrations - Tel (44) 01642 490121 email:

28 > packagingscotland p28, 29.indd 1

and vitamin E and are considered healthier. • What are the challenges faced by manufacturers in this industry? The market is competitive and fragmented with many industry players, large and small. The importance of code quality in the salty snacks industry is higher for brand-focused companies as poor code quality can detract from the overall package and brand. However, the nature of this industry means that high quality coding can be a challenge. Grease, salt, dust and other environmental conditions can affect code adhesion and lead to poor quality printing. As packaging formats and materials are becoming more innovative and diverse, it is imperative to choose the right type of ribbon or ink to help ensure the highest level of quality marking. Maintaining a high quality code is important to protect brand image and help ensure product traceability, but irrelevant if the code is not right. Ensuring that the correct code is applied in the correct location and on the correct product is essential. It will minimise the risk of costly product recalls, and reduce costs from product rework. However new products, new flavours and more bag sizes means more codes to manage and the potential for costly coding errors. In addition, codes have a tendency to be very similar, which makes it easy to get them confused. • How can coding and marking solutions help manufacturers in the salty snacks industry address these concerns? Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) technology is particularly adapted to the sector as it has been engineered to print on flexible films such as bags and pouches used in the salty snacks industry. TTO offers high resolution coding of 300dpi for near letter quality codes. We have carried out our own research on

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), which include salty snacks, and have seen that up to 70 percent of coding errors are caused by humans. To address this problem, our TTO printers are equipped with code assurance solutions, which virtually eliminate coding errors and allow manufacturers to remove human errors from the message setup process, helping them meet the requirements of retail and regulatory guidelines for accuracy and product traceability. Selecting a TTO solution also includes choosing the right ribbon. Not all ribbons are created equal. To understand the factors that affect code adhesion, suppliers have developed an advanced portfolio of high-quality TTO ribbons, and their expertise can help you get the most from your TTO printer. With variations engineered for optimal substrate adhesion in a wide selection of colors, snack producers are virtually guaranteed to find a perfect match for their application, packaging type and brand image. • What other advantages have printing and coding solutions for the salty snacks industry? Some snack producers now use laser marking systems to code on their products. A laser etches permanent codes with limited consumables and no solvents on select packaging materials. Also, in a manufacturing environment where eliminating downtime is critical, laser systems are relatively low in maintenance, with a typical month of production requiring few maintenance interventions, if any. For example, filters for the fume extractors must be replaced occasionally and waste residue from markings should also be wiped away from the laser lens periodically. Since lasers cannot work on all packaging materials, we would always recommend that manufacturers ask their coding suppliers for sample testing to assess the suitability of the technology for their particular application.

April-June 2014 08/04/2014 09:07


Water-resistant coding a fit with food hygiene practises WATER-resistant coding equipment is now available from Markem-Imaje. And it is set to help fresh produce, snack and other food manufacturers keep production lines clean and safe with less risk of water damage to critical equipment, according to the company, a coding and marking specialist. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of companies handling poultry, meat, fruit, salad and vegetables as well as fresh sandwiches that are subject to rigorous food hygiene and safety standards, the new SmartDate X40-IP thermal transfer coder has been engineered to withstand the water ingress that can result from frequent wash-down cleaning routines or humid environments. The SmartDate X40-IP is made from stainless steel with sealed ports to protect all electronic

parts from water damage; the user friendly design means washdowns can take place without removing connecting cables, minimising cleaning preparation time, whilst an integrated user guide makes the process quick and simple. Available as a series of kits, providing protection to either the printer or the controller or both units, the SmartDate X40-IP kits are easily installed and can be retrofitted to any SmartDate X40 already in use. They come with 18-month standard warranty. Based upon the SmartDate Series, the new X40-IP features an intelligent printhead capable of printing high contrast codes at pack speeds of up to 600mm per second at 300dpi. With an extended 1,100m ribbon which cuts downtime and reduces waste, the SmartDate X40-IP is suitable for the most demanding of production lines.

Sign of the times: Board delivers superior finish for digital print AT the Sign and Digital UK exhibition in April, Smurfit Kappa will be launching its specialist digital packaging board, DigiFlute 2000, that has been formulated specifically to deliver a superior print finish for the digital sector. DigiFlute 2000 will create new opportunities for digital and screen printers, says the company. This coated midflute is said to be lighter, more efficient and more durable than any other board with outstanding

April-June 2014 p28, 29.indd 2

printability making it ideal for transit, retail and POS packaging. Its print surface is designed for modern printing techniques, and its lighter physical weight delivers significant machine line efficiency, environmental benefits and savings, providing less wastage and significant carbon reduction through the logistics chain. Sign and Digital UK runs from 29 April â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1 May 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham.

innovative bottling & packaging solutions

t: 01721 724 296 e:

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Addressing the challenges of serialisation Soon-to-be-enforced EU serialisation requirements present a number of challenges on the software side. One solution has recently been announced by track and trace systems specialist Atlantic Zeiser. THE pharmaceutical industry is contemplating the implications of the likely introduction of an EU-wide serialisation requirement for drug packages by 2017. Small and mid-size pharmaceutical manufacturers in particular, but also their packaging service providers, are facing massive challenges in the search for suitable software solutions. How are existing hardware components to be integrated? How can maximum data security be ensured?

Can a fast-growing and currently inestimable data volume be feasibly managed? And what action is being taken to accommodate future requirements efficiently as well? As a supplier of sophisticated individualisation and track & trace systems, Atlantic Zeiser is presenting what it describes as a modular, easy-to-implement software solution for the forthcoming range of tasks at Interpack 2014. Medtracker, it says, is a flexible

CSL goes up a level in handling pharmaceutical products Following a successful working relationship with 17 separate contracts since 1998, a leading pharmaceutical company returned to Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL) for them to provide a similar narrow slat chain conveyor for handling very small containers in a controlled environment and transferring these to packing stations. The 28mm wide, specially designed bespoke manufactured chain slat conveyor transports small lightweight containers in single file at floor level, and then elevates them up to high level and through clean room operations at speeds of up to 120 containers per minute. A stainless steel control panel complimented the engineered solution, to enclose all the controls designed and installed by CSL. The whole system was fully tested with a pre-delivery inspection prior to despatch to ensure operational functionality and to avoid any possible disruption during a small installation period on site. The project was completed on time and within budget and has been successfully operating for several months.

01283 552255 |

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From 2017, all drug packages entering circulation in the EU must be unmistakably identified and seamlessly traceable.

solution for generating, distributing, printing, aggregating and tracking codes for all international regulations – and includes a full track & trace capability for e-pedigree applications. “We expect 80 percent of all drug packages sold worldwide to be subject to mandatory serialisation within the next seven years,” says Helmut Schneider, Group Product Manager Packaging at Atlantic Zeiser. “Pharmaceutical companies and packaging service providers are therefore eager to integrate future-proof software solutions without needing to invest in new machinery.” Atlantic Zeiser has developed the software architecture of Medtracker to be fully compatible with existing, even heterogeneous third-party hardware. Thanks to an extensive interface library, Medtracker can be integrated in all conventional business and process management solutions. If required, it can even take charge of all process management tasks. The modularity achieved by the flexible architecture, moreover, facilitates seamless expansion. Code aggregation The modular design also allows the implementation of track & trace for parts of a line, entire lines, production sites or whole enterprises – with a single product. Unlike conventional software, Medtracker is a generic database application in which all functionalities are dynamically programmed. Not only can this innovative software solution collect and aggregate data on the usual three levels of the packaging hierarchy (individual product, secondary packaging and pallet),

but the customer can also simply insert any number of additional levels, such as bundles, containers etc. Medtracker integrates the new processes of serialisation and verification into users’ existing, often fully automated workflows. This functionality can be combined with manual handling routines, including aggregation and re-aggregation, typically in the shipping warehouse. High-security architecture To ensure the highest standards of data security, Atlantic Zeiser draws on its wealth of in-house expertise. The company has already been integrating many of the new software solution’s fundamental components for more than ten years in securityconscious industrial sectors. Medtracker is now making an extended suite of applications available to the pharmaceutical segment as well for the first time. The software embraces effective, continuously refined defense measures against criminal hacking by outsiders. In addition, data are exchanged between production operations and facilities in an encrypted format as a general rule, which has by no means been standard practice in the pharmaceutical segment thus far. All product and logistic information is collected and stored for each individual medicine package. Proven and defined access mechanisms ensure the system’s auditability. Thanks to its real-time capability, Medtracker also complies with the extremely short response times demanded by packaging lines, which sets it apart from classic database applications.

April-June 2014 07/04/2014 14:27


Are people addressing the Falsified Medicines Directive? A recent poll of pharmaceutical sector companies gives an indication of industry progress towards meeting the requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). The poll was taken at a webinar organised by Essentra Packaging, titled: “Meeting the Packaging Needs of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive & Beyond.” Participants were taken through some of the key challenges facing companies looking to meet the demands of the FMD, in addition to the technologies on offer to address them. Three polls were taken during the webinar to measure the level of engagement with the issue, its challenges and possible solutions. In response to the question asking how many attendees’ companies had taken steps towards meeting the serialisation requirements of the FMD, only 50% said they were already engaged with this. Also when asked if they had undertaken activity to meet the tamper evidence requirements of the FMD, just 58% replied positively. Simon Wildash, Head of Marketing at Essentra Packaging, said: “Whilst we were delighted to hear how many of our webinar attendees were actively addressing the

requirements of the FMD and looking for packaging products to help achieve this, our polls showed there is still a way to go for many.” Polling also highlighted that the preferred products to achieve tamper evidence included closure labels, glued cartons and perforations as the top solutions being considered or implemented. Wildash commented: “At Essentra, we have a range of cost-effective tamper evident and authentication options which can deliver secure solutions for the healthcare market. “As our survey shows packaging really does offer a way to overcome regulatory challenges, ranging from gluing cartons and incorporating labels to a more integrated view of security options including elements such as holography, overt, covert and forensic technologies as well as security design and print.”

GERMAN company Sanner showcased its expertise in desiccants at Pharmapack Europe in Paris in February. In the effervescent packaging category, it presented new design concepts for tube packaging of effervescent tablets. Sanner also spoke about its position as the Asian market leader in test strip packaging. The company presented solutions for Eye Care and Ready-to-Fill Syringes. The main focus of Sanner’s booth was on pharma desiccant packaging. In this segment, the company introduced product solutions for capsules, sachets and tablet packaging. The company claimed to offer industry-leading expertise in desiccant integration. To maximise shelf life and enable usage in different types of climate, Sanner integrates the exact amount of required dessicant. This reduces weight and lowers costs, scoring points on sustainability. The dessicant is either integrated into the closure or attached to the bottom of the package, meeting the key criteria of pharmaceutical companies.

16 46 LL 16B A H D AN ST

Posimat Cosmetics & Pharmacy division: specialising in solving the specific needs of these sectors

Dessicant density detailed

In response to the increasing demand for POSIMAT unscramblers in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, the leader in systems for the handling of empty plastic bottles (unscramblers, orientors, air conveyors, silos and conveyors) created its Cosmetics & Pharmacy division, specialising in solving the specific needs of these sectors. POSIPHARMA®, together with the MICRO® and ACCESS® models, complete the range of the most suitable POSIMAT unscramblers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This full range of unscramblers offers the best handling conditions for empty bottles, flasks and vials, from the smallest to the largest sizes. Even those bottle formats which have difficult and unstable shapes can be handled at both low and high speeds.

You’ve spent a fortune developing it, You’ve spent fortuneyour developing it, now it’s time toaprotect investment. now it’s time to protect your investment.

POSIPHARMA® is the unscrambler for tablet containers with wide openings and caps with large diameters. This machine achieves production speeds up to 300 bpm and offers a very quick Changeover system.


The name behind leading brands You’ve spent a fortune developing it,in the beverage, pharmaceutical and food industries. now it’s time to protect your investment. Flexibility

MICRO® is for Bottles and flasks up to 140 mm height. This is a very compact model working up to 200 bpm. It has quick Changeover without the need for adjustments or tools.

The ability to produce quality glass bottles and jars from a few thousand to millions.

Posimat machinery, supplied in the UK by Krones UK, is tailor-made for each customer/project. For more information on the Posimat machinery range please visit www.posimat. com, contact Don Kelly – 01942 845014, don. or visit the Posimat stand at INTERPACK 2014 Hall 16 Stand 16B46.

Innovation Award-winning design facilities, developing exciting new concepts in glass packaging. Speed to market An extensice range of moulds and containers available from stock. Continuous Improvement Helping us to deliver difference for you in product choice, quality and service. D E l i v E R i n G

T h E

D i F F E R E n c E

T h E

D i F F E R E n c E

The Glass Works, Greasbrough Road, Rotherham, S60 1TZ

Tel: +44 (0) 1709 828 141 Fax: +44 (0) 1709 835 388

D E l i v E R i n G

BCZ_943_ads_vis V2.indd 3

30/9/10 15:16:41 D E l i v E R i n G

T h E

D i F F E R E n c E

BCZ_943_ads_vis V2.indd 3 BCZ_943_ads_vis V2.indd 3

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Product serialisation briefing document

THE increasing number of counterfeit pharmaceutical products appearing throughout the global supply chain has given rise to regulatory variations across different regions and countries. Weighing and measuring specialist Mettler Toledo has produced a white paper, “Serialisation: The Key to Success for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers”, which discusses the

challenges faced by manufacturers in addressing this issue. The paper also outlines the serialisation information required to maintain an effective and compliant production process. Also detailed are the data requirements of the first countries and regions to adopt the new regulations. Request your free white paper by visiting: uk-serialisation-whitepaper

Growth factors for the anti-counterfeiting market A new report by Allied Market Research, “The Anti-counterfeit Packaging Market in Food and Pharmaceuticals: Technologies, Applications and Global Forecast through 2020”, predicts the global anti-counterfeit packaging market in food and pharmaceuticals will reach a value of $142.7 billion by 2020 from $57.4 billion in 2013. This is equivalent to a 13.9% CAGR from 2013 to 2020. Technological advances and government initiatives to curb counterfeiting are expected to drive market growth. According to analysts Debbie Shields and Roshan Deshmukh: “Counterfeiting practices are rising for food and pharmaceutical products due to the globalisation of the retail sector and the dilution of the supply chain. The anticounterfeit packaging market in track and trace technology for

product tracking is growing and is expected to mature in the next few years. Emergence of e-pedigree applications in pharmaceuticals is changing the application of RFID technology from real-time tracking to real-time managing.” Cost is the significant factor in counterfeiting, although lower cost drug and food items appear to make a major contribution to this illicit trade, given the lower risks involved in terms of penalites. The increase in demand for over-the-counter drugs, via the internet, is raising the incidence of counterfeiting. RIFD technology in collaboration with e-pedigree software offers one solution. • To get the complete report visit www.alliedmarketresearch. com/anti-counterfeit-market.

Denny Bros Pharmaceutical Open Day to Address Labelling Challenges for the Healthcare Sector …...Providing the Solution Packline specialise in the supply, design and manufacture of a range of equipment for the Food and Pharmaceutical industries...

Denny Bros - manufacturers of the versatile multi-page label known as Fix-a-Form® - is staging a Pharmaceutical Open Day at its Suffolk headquarters on 14 May entitled ‘Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling – putting the patient first’. Led by keynote speaker, the BBC’s Dr Rosemary Leonard, invitations are being extended to delegates from the Pharmaceutical arena to examine the packaging and labelling challenges now facing the healthcare sector.  The day will include a mix of formal presentations and a tour of the key areas of Denny Bros’ pharmaceutically-accredited facility.   The event promises to be an education and will make clear requirements to help comply with global legislation, improve patient safety and streamline logistics.

Bespoke Design Service!

The four supporting speakers will include Omar Ali (NHS), Jim Kaye (Atlantic Zeiser), Paul Beamish (Ravenwood Packaging) and Stephen Jarrold (Denny Bros). Denny Bros has now invested in this technology for Fix-a-Form® multi-page labels and will be demonstrating how to add characters, barcodes, 2D codes, graphics and even Doctor’s Signatures in variable, sequential and alpha numeric formats to various on-pack media concepts. Denny Bros are the manufacturers of the versatile multi-page label known as Fix-a-Form® - well regarded in packaging circles as the ultimate tool in rolling out promotional and informational messages on-pack and relaying vital Pharmaceutical product descriptions.

Contact Us for a Brochure…. T: 01202 307700 Unit 28, Newtown Business Park, Ringwood Road, Poole, Dorset BH12 3LL Tel: 01202 307700 e-mail:,

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To book a place at ‘Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling – putting the patient first’, call Natalie Bonner at Denny Bros on 01284 701381 or visit

April-June 2014 03/04/2014 13:43


Glass bottles and jars: A few words on their use THE glass bottles and jars used by pharmaceutical companies play an important role in protecting the product inside and providing consumers with information. But they can also look good and reinforce a brand’s visual appeal. Charlotte Taylor, marketing manager at Beatson Clark, expands on the opportunities presented by glass in the packaging of pharmaceutical products. There’s a good reason why most pharmaceutical bottles and jars are made of amber glass rather than flint. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that can change the components of different products, but amber glass protects the product by blocking a minimum of 90% of UV rays and ensures that it is not altered or degraded in any way. Unlike plastic or PET containers, glass is also completely inert, which means there is no danger of any external toxins contaminating the products, or of leakage from the bottle itself. Not only is it a functional and flexible packaging material for pharmaceuticals, glass also carries with it connotations of quality and desirability. Some designs, such as Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture, are sold in a bottle whose iconic shape and labelling help the customer to recognise it on the shelf. More and more brands such as Gaviscon and Seven Seas are now moving away from standard containers and commissioning their own bespoke designs to achieve precisely this effect. Glass packaging designs can also be used to inform custom-

April-June 2014 p33.indd 1

PUT SAFETY FIRST WITH PHARMACEUTICAL AND HEALTHCARE LABELS It’s our attention to detail, constant investment in new technologies (we now boast that we are the only Scottish label company to be registered to PS9000 - 2011) and our focus on delivery that is earning CV Labels an enviable reputation in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, specialist food and drinks industries. If you want to discuss your labelling requirements contact us today.

Growing numbers of pharmaceutical brands are opting for distinctive bottle shapes and labelling, to make themselves recognisable on shelf.

ers about pharmaceutical products. Embossing can be used to convey simple but important safety messages: for example, our Gaviscon bottle has the words ‘Shake well’ embossed around the shoulder, while our TCP bottle carries an embossed triangle to warn consumers that the liquid is for external use only. Standard designs There will always be a demand for good-quality standard designs, however, and bottles such as Alpha Syrups, Winchesters and SS Flats are also commonly used to aid recognition and reinforce brand identity. At Beatson Clark our general sale range features more than 130 items, not to mention the many bespoke bottles and jars that we produce for clients. Beatson Clark is one of the UK’s only manufacturers of pharmaceutical containers and all our products conform to the US and European Pharmacopoeia and the British Standard BS1679 - Containers for Pharmaceutical Dispensing.



T. 01294 214402 E. W.

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3D prototyping: Getting a feel for it

Allied Glass now provides 3D printing as part of its design service, allowing customers to create a new bottle from scratch in a matter of hours. This article looks at what’s involved. AS before, sketches instigate the design process. These are then used by the company’s designers to begin modelling with Autodesk, the widely-used 3D CAD software suite. Modelling in 3D makes it possible to evaluate design ideas from different angles, and make immediate changes. But of course, you can’t touch or feel a 3D model, and it can be difficult to

get a true sense of scale. Modern product design needs to consider safety, ergonomics and cost viability – factors that can’t always be evaluated properly with a digital model. Defects may go unnoticed until the physical prototype stage. Physical prototypes let you investigate and interact with the product, and to perform testing

Allied Glass produces prototypes with fine feature details and the strength to withstand rigorous testing. It claims to be the first glass packaging company in the UK to make 3D printing available as part of its design service

and evaluation at an early stage. With increasing pressure to get products to market as quickly as possible, brand teams are required to make quick yet accurate decisions during the conceptual stage of design. With 3D printing, design processes can be optimised and repetitive product testing accelerated, meaning concepts worthy of development can be identified quicker. Not only can the design team review concepts earlier, but consultation between engineering and quality assurance at this stage al-

Crafting a container that says quality and integrity THE need for packaging to be kind to the environment while still catching the eye of customers has put glass right at the top of the list for many food and beverage manufacturers, as Lynn Sidebottom, sales and marketing director at Beatson Clark, explains. Glass is an extremely adaptable packaging material, it continues to be seen as a premium product, and the environmental benefits it offers are second to none. As it is 100% infinitely recyclable, glass is the ideal choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. At Beatson Clark we use up to 50% recycled glass to make our containers, and wherever we can we lightweight our bottles and jars. Lighter containers use less glass and reduce transport costs while the quality and integrity of the product are retained. But as well as being a green packaging material, glass is also ideal for showing off products and giving them appeal on the supermarket shelf. Bespoke bottles and jars can reinforce a brand’s identity and help consumers to recognise products instantly. A good, unique design can really help a product to catch the eye of shoppers. At Beatson Clark we have an in-house design studio that works with our customers from concept to production, much as an external design agency

34 > packagingscotland p34.indd 1

would. Our innovative team is continually developing new designs and fresh ideas to help manufacturers to create a visual differentiation for their products. One of the big success stories in food and beverage in recent years has been the growth of artisan food producers and independent craft breweries. These niche producers are all looking for packaging which says something about the quality and integrity of their brand, but they also want their products to stand out from the crowd. At Beatson Clark we have created bespoke bottles and jars for a number of high-end, independent food brands including Atkins and Potts, Cottage Delight and Mrs Darlington as well as beer bottles for Thornbridge, Meantime and Brooklyn Brewery.

lows the designer to make further adjustments throughout the process, which can be tested. By prototyping during the design process, you can greatly decrease the risk of product failure. Allied says its 3D printer can produce models with fine feature details, with the strength to withstand rigorous testing, which also gives the designer greater confidence. The 3D printing capability makes it possible to quickly refine form, fit and function. Development and production costs are slashed while at the same time the product gets to market quicker.

Recycling target tweak THE level of glass packaging recycling which obligated businesses must reach was reduced to 75% on 20 March, from its previous level of 81%. This target will continue to rise by 1% per year up to 2016, when it will reach 77%, according to DEFRA. Prior to this announcememt, businesses had to account for the recycling of 81% of the total glass packaging placed on the market until 2017, with 63% of this total recycled through remelt applications and 37% recycled through other means, such as aggregates. DEFRA has also amended the division between remelt and aggregate from this year, to 65% and 35% respectively. From 2015, the remelt target will then increase to 66%, and then again to 67% from 2016 onwards, with the aggregate target reducing by one percentage point over the next two years.

April-June 2014 07/04/2014 14:32

Allied - PACK - Ashley.indd 1

01/04/2014 15:35

erben - Steeped in tradition and investing in the future.

Moving forward from the building that the current owner and Managing Director Sasha Erben’s father built in the late 1960’s, the new building will follow the same standards and values.

“Our offices in Hadleigh, Scotland, Cape Town and California, are staffed with a great team of people.” says Sasha Erben, Managing Director of H. Erben. Moving into their new premises in Hadleigh, H. Erben has been able to focus even more on closure products, which include corks and capsules, aluminium closures, crowns and numerous speciality closures, as well as bespoke design services, premium glass and associated packaging machinery. The engineering division headed by Rino Ottaviano, provides a total service to clients both here in the UK and abroad. Growing and developing a highly successful business representing some of the largest European manufacturers has had its challenges. However, Sasha and his team have successfully achieved this

Erben - PACK - Ashley.indd 1

over the past decade.

applications at small to medium distilleries, microbreweries, English vineyards and cider makers.

“Rino and I see a great future in supplying a truly bespoke after sales service This part of the business is for the SME customers who engineer-led rather than do not have large budgets sales-led. A large sector of for capital equipment. With the customers do not have regard to machinery, we have huge budgets but do want an successfully allied ourselves engineering solution when with Scotserve - bottling and upgrading or modifying their packaging engineers who, lines. from their Dumbarton base add value to our profile by With a staff of thirty in the giving us greater coverage UK, Erben supply over 300 and allowing us to offer customers a year. Customers a higher level of service include names such and engineering “These facilities as Pernod Ricard, support. Having have been a Diageo, and Gordon staff both for real boon to the & MacPhail to name machinery growth of the a few and there are and closures lots more highly permanently business.” interesting projects based in Scotland in the pipeline. has vitally strengthened the company’s In order to support larger offering.” customers who require Erben to stock fast moving As well as building on products, the new facility in this Erben have installed Hadleigh offers storage for niche items of new bottling in excess of 1,000 pallets. equipment for various

08/04/2014 16:41


A Cavagnino & Gatti Labeller installed by Erben in the UK.

Scottish warehousing enables stock to be delivered at very short notice. These facilities have been a real boon, adding further to the value of the sales proposition.

Above and below: Some of the quality machinery now offered by Erben

proven highly successful in the market. There are wide ranging design options affording customers the chance to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

All Erben product Erben also sell premium consignments glass into the UK “Having staff come with the for the spirits, permanently based ability to track food and wine and trace and industries. Over in Scotland has the last year vitally strengthened samples of each batch are kept Erben have added the company’s and recorded for a number of other offering.” three years. products to their growing portfolio. The new premises have given Vinolok, a glass stopper, can Erben the space to make provide an additional touch a significant investment in of flair to products and is a new laboratory and lab ideal for small prestigious equipment. Shadowgraphs, bottlings. The vast range spectrometers and immersion of decorative enhancements tanks for pressure testing can add sophistication and bottles and closures are just elegance. some of the investments. Synthetic and technological Another part of the extensive corks have also become more services offered by Erben is and more popular . With a the new retail business. solution for everyone, the Tapi Synthetic and Altop (BJS) Technological cork have

Erben - PACK - Ashley.indd 2

Operating from Hadleigh, BJS can cater for the growing number of home-produce products such as jams, liqueurs and oils. Customers can order online and receive their bottles, jars and closures the very next day. In the year or so that this side of the business has been running, it has turned into an excellent regular business. Overall the investment by Erben is all part of the value added proposition and enhancement of service levels. Sasha and his two co-directors, Sandra Shand-Brown and Michal Szczygiel, feel that the current business model is working well at present and coupled with their investment in infrastructure, provides a solid platform for the future. With service as an absolute priority, reliability and quality linked to extensive customer support packages are key to the company’s success.

H. Erben Ltd Tel: +44 (0) 1473 823011

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Metal detectors leap ahead in salmon trade Reliability, ease of operation and a sales and service presence north of the border have established Loma Systems as Edinburgh Salmon Company’s supplier of choice for inspection equipment. AT its Dingwall facility, Edinburgh Salmon Company processes in excess of 100 metric tonnes of premium fresh salmon and trout every week and depends on Loma’s inspection equipment to ensure the quality is of the highest standard. Whilst most of the fish leaves the factory as skin-packed fresh portions, some is smoked, roasted and poached. So, although Edinburgh Salmon might sound like a one-product company, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Peppered hot smoked salmon, smoked salmon pâté, golden roast salmon, poached Scottish salmon, boneless stuffed butterfly trout and marinated salmon portions are just a few of the many product lines supplied to high profile customers, such as Asda, Prêt à Manger, Greencore, Bradgate Bakery and Donald Russell. The preparation of fish involves processes such as trimming, boning, gutting, skinning and filleting. To maintain best quality in the unlikely event of metallic contamination from knives and mechanical equipment, Edinburgh Salmon Company passes all of its products through Loma inspection equipment. It means

that even the tiniest particles are detected and removed. Metal mentor “Our relationship with Loma spans over a decade, quite simply because we cannot afford downtime as a result of unreliable or erratic inspection equipment, and because we strive to constantly exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of quality and safety. Loma’s machines have proven to be totally reliable and very user-friendly,” says David Leverage, Labelling Manager at Edinburgh Salmon Company. Edinburgh Salmon Company’s most recent purchase was a Loma IQ3 metal detector for its raw fish department. This is housed in an extension built in 2012 to facilitate an additional £20 million in sales. The IQ3, which combines rugged performance with true variable frequency operation, is deployed to check trays of 20 or so fish portions that are destined for retailer fish counters. Coping with foil trays A Loma x-ray machine is also stationed in the new raw fish department to metal check ‘cook

in the bag’ fish packed in foil trays with sachets of sauce. This packaging would ‘confuse’ a conventional metal detector, rendering it unable to differentiate between the signals emitted by the foil packaging and metallic contaminants. “The performance of x-ray machines isn’t compromised by metallic packaging because they work on a density basis; our xrays can easily and accurately find small pieces of metal in a product packed in foil trays.” explains Alex Learmonth, Loma’s Scottish Sales Manager. Metallised board, or ‘fish board’ as it is known in the trade, could present challenges for the two metal detectors in the neighbouring packing area. Integrated with checkweighers in a combination configuration, the detectors verify that packs of smoked salmon of various sizes, from 100g up to 5kg, are free of metallic contamination and comply with weights and measures legislation. Loma’s metal detectors achieve good sensitivities on these products by overlooking the signal from the metallised board. Screening retail-packed fresh fish in the dedicated packing zone are two further Loma metal

detectors. Operating at typical line speeds of 70 to 80 packs per minute, the sensitive Loma machines are capable of locating minute ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel particles. Rejected product is automatically removed from the line. With its remote location near Inverness, another factor that attracted Edinburgh Salmon Company to Loma was its regional sales and servicing offering; Loma has Scottish based sales and service personnel. None of its direct competitors have service operations in Scotland. “It takes four and a half hours to drive to our factory from Glasgow, so if we had to wait for an engineer to come from England it could potentially result in considerable costly downtime,” says David.

Exploring track and trace

Metal detectable cable ties

TRACK and trace soiutions provider Mettler Toledo is extolling the benefits of product serialisation in a new white paper. Designed to scrutinise every package manufactured, Mettler Toledo track & trace solutions offer full product coding, labelling and serialisation. This provides full verification and quality control, protecting both product and brand reputation. When fully integrated, these systems work in sync with existing manufacturing processes. Sophisticated pilot suite software provides full global transparency of product inventory.

THE new MDT range of cable ties from marking system and cable management expert Partex can be readily located using standard metal detection systems, making them ideal for use in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and similar applications where dependable detection of product contamination is an essential requirement. The blue-coloured ties are manufactured from high-quality nylon with a uniformly distributed metal content. This means that even small fragments of the ties can be reliably detected, irrespective of the part of the tie from which they originate. Competitively priced, the new Partex MDT metal-detectable ties are available in four sizes: 140 x 3.5 mm, 200 x 4.5 mm, 280 x 4.5 mm and 380 x 4.5 mm. All sizes are equally suitable for application by hand or with a standard cable-tie gun. The nylon material from which the ties are manufactured is selfextinguishing in line with the requirements of UL94 V2.

38 < packagingscotland p38.indd 1

The flexibility of this software enables manufacturers to maintain full compliance to local market regulations with upgrades that ensure future compliance. Real time production data and order information also enhance day to day manufacturing. Discover the full range of benefits product serialisation offers by requesting your free white paper. This also details the evolving regulatory changes between countries globally. You can request your free White Paper by visiting: www.

April-June 2014 07/04/2014 12:58

Advanced Solutions for Total Track & Trace Compliance Enhance manufacturing quality and reliability by integrating intelligent optical control systems seamlessly into your packaging process.

Reque your Fr st ee Poster

Ensuring full product serialisation and aggregation, METTLER TOLEDO PCE solutions maximise the integrity and traceability of your inventory throughout the global supply chain.

Download the Free White Paper Aggregation - Integrated Solutions for the Traceability of Products.

ď&#x20AC;´ Mettler-Toledo Ltd Tel: 0116 234 5095 Email:

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Request your free Track & Trace workďŹ&#x201A;ow poster

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04/04/2014 12:13

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04/04/2014 12:14


The true cost of wrapping pallets Aetna UK compares the economics of cost per pallet rental schemes with those of leasing a pallet stretch wrapper from a supplier. IN recent weeks there has been some debate on the pros and cons of the cost of wrapping pallets from the point of view of just paying a cost per pallet rental type scheme, which seems to be anything from 70p to £2 per pallet, versus 34p to 48p when owning your own pallet stretch wrapper either by buying the machine outright of purchasing it with the help of a finance house. Owning your own machine of course allows you to purchase the film from existing suppliers competitively. Paddy McCartney, National Sales Manager of Aetna UK Ltd and Becky Goy of First County Finance, who have worked with Aetna clients for many years, have made

the following observations on the subject. Paddy commented, ”In some ways the idea of simply paying a cost of 70p a pallet seems reasonable. However the more pallets you wrap the more it costs you. A part pallet and a film break during a cycle will also count as a pallet wrapped at 70p. 50 pallets/day is 12,000 pallets/year and the cost would be £8,400.00/year 125 pallets/day is 30,000 pallets/year and the cost would be £21,000/year You are, however, locked in to a contract. If your business grows then the fixed cost of rental can become a real burden for your

Strapping range revised to match more needs

PACK and pallet securement specialist Gordian Strapping is relaunching its range of semi-automatic strapping machines. Customers can choose from the i-10, the JK-2 and the D-53X2. All three machines have fixed parcel stops and a special soft tension mode for delicate packs. Also, the seal time can be extended on all three machines to seal heavier grade strap or springy packs. The i-10 runs strap from 5-15mm. It has direct drive feed and tension motors and is designed for medium usage. It is light (45kg), quiet (67dB) and energy efficient (0.25Kw), and is ready to operate in 45 seconds. Table height is adjustable from 755 to 905mm. The JK-2 runs strap from 5-12mm and is ready to operate in 45 seconds. Box section steel legs and a solid, 75kg body make it ideal for heavier packs. And the table height is adjustable from 750 to 850mm. The D-53X2 runs strap from 5-15mm. It has direct drive feed and tension motors and is designed for frequent usage. It is light (55kg), quiet (69dB) and ready to operate in 30 seconds. Table height is adjustable from 748 to 898mm. Daren Spice, Sales & Marketing Director at Gordian commented: “The JK-2 and D-53X2 have been popular models for a number of years. Adding the i-10 to the range makes it easier for customers to choose the right machine for their requirements”.

42 > packagingscotland p42,43.indd 1

DOING the sums: The cost per pallet quickly falls as yearly pallet throughput gets into the thousands. Leasing a stretch wrapper (inset, right) could be a cost-saving option.

business. Most financial commentators are saying that the UK economy is now on the turn after four long years of relative hardship, so to put yourself into a position of stifling growth could end up being a double whammy on your business.” Paddy continued, “I would like to outline some observations on the above. Costings For a customer wrapping 50 pallets a day this amounts to 12,000 pallets per year. If a customer takes a three-year lease purchase with an Aetna three-year parts warranty, this will cost £224.69 a month. The machine amortised on an annual rate of 12,000 pallets would then cost 22.5p per pallet with film costs of under 25p per pallet, a total cost is 47.5p per pallet. 12,000 pallets/year = £5,700.00 If the customer was producing 125 pallets a day, 30,000 per year, the same machine cost would reduce to 9p per pallet and even if you kept the film cost the same this would bring the cost down to 34p per pallet. 30,000 pallets/year = £10,200.00 At the end of the lease you own the pallet wrapper. Of course this means that no further payments

are made for the machinery and the cost per pallet falls to under 25p/pallet. Long term calculations As you can see from the above examples, continually paying a fixed fee of 70p per pallet can be very costly. Over the short term it may seem convenient but by making the comparison with leasing a machine and arranging your own supply of film the ‘pay per pallet scheme’ is very detrimental to cash flow and budgets. Furthermore the long-term costs of paying per pallet show that customers could actually end up paying for the machinery several times over. “ Becky Goy continued, “The computations clearly show the lease purchase option is of real benefit to any user, giving complete control over where you buy the film, in addition to after-sales and service support to a company that has todate produced 130,000 machines. We have worked closely with Aetna UK helping customers with Lease options, and it is by far the most cost effective solution for any business now and in the future.”

April-June 2014 07/04/2014 14:25


Savings with new wrap

A new machine-applied pallet wrap is claimed to save users up to 80 percent of their pallet wrap costs. The wrap - “Fusion 33” - is available from Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists (GVPS), “Fusion 33 represents a micro technology advancement that will deliver substantial stretch efficiencies in excess of any other substrate on the market which means less wrapping is needed to achieve optimum palletised load stability,” explains Martyn Sumner, managing director of GVPS. Golden Valley say that not only will Fusion 33 reduce costs per pallet wrapped, the material’s inherent strength means it offers exceptional pallet retention capability. “There are plenty of films available on the market that allow pallets to be wrapped cheaply but many of them will not protect a load which is subjected to more than 10 kilos of force,” says Martyn Sumner. An additional benefit is claimed to be a reduction in machinery downtime, given the greater yield per roll.

Strapper steps up on service MOSCA Direct, the UK subsidiary of the well-known strapping systems supplier, is adding further new features to its service and after sales care programme. Over the past 18 months the company has introduced flexible service contracts tailored to individual customer needs, in addition to ‘Service Spares Packs’ where a full pack of all possible parts that might be needed during a service visit are sent ahead of the appointment to ensure the engineer can deal immediately with any issues with a machine. Now with the introduction of its Protean software parts and engineering management system, Mosca is implementing Protean’s “parts to serial number tracking” functionality. This allows the company to identify the “most used parts” by individual machine type or serial number. Combined with Protean’s notification system which can proactively tell internal staff about service intervals, recurring faults

or machine birthdays, this will help Mosca to give customers an increased level of machine fix in a single visit as well as high quality preventative maintenance. In particular, it will minimise occasions when customers have to wait for parts to be ordered and a return visit made. During the first half of 2014 Mosca will also be introducing Protean PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) for all engineers, further aiding operational efficiency and speeding up the engineering service process as part of Mosca’s commitment to customer excellence. “The Protean system combined with the use of PDAs will allow us to further enhance our engineering service and parts management and make our planning even more efficient,” says Mosca Direct’s Managing Director, Gaye Tate. “This will take the quality of our service to customers to a new level not offered by any of our competitors.”

DELIVERING THE COMPLETE PACKAGE SOLUTION Adpak Machinery Systems Ltd established in 1987 are recognised as one of the leaders in packaging technology. Standard shrink wrapping machinery installations are our bread and butter and our reputation for these systems is well respected within the industry. The speciality of the company however, is in applying the latest technology and innovations to unusual and sometimes difficult packaging problems that arise due to the changing nature of today's consumer market. Adpak deal in both new and second hand machinery, and provide full after sales back up for all our systems. Adpak Palletising Ltd was expanded in 2000. Adpak market a range of innovative palletisation and pallet stretch wrapping systems, being based in a purpose built facility in

Nelson, Lancashire with 6,000 square metres of production, warehouse, demonstration and office space. Today, Adpak Palletising goes from strength to strength, currently supporting over 10,000 systems in the UK. We can provide full project management for your installation and our portfolio of products is ever increasing.

ADPAK STRETCH WRAPPERS The new extended Adpak range of Stretch Wrappers includes economically priced entry-level Pallet wrappers with core brakes to Power pre-stretch systems allowing savings on film usage. Our new range also offers solutions for wrapping

panels, doors and cabinets with our specially adapted wrappers. All of our Stretch Wrapping models can be pre-programmed with wrap configurations to suit our clients needs. Our full range is available for demonstration at our Head office in Lancashire, or alternatively contact us to arrange an on-site visit by one of our Machinery Sales Managers to discuss the possibility of an on-site demonstration. The new range also incorporates Orbital wrappers which are specifically designed for economically wrapping long products in polythene stretch films. All appropriate films for both our turntable and orbital wrapping systems are supplied from stock by the Adpak Films Division April-June 2014 p42,43.indd 2

packagingscotland > 43 07/04/2014 08:37

MANUFACTURING SUPPLYING SHRINK WRAPPING MACHINERY AND FILMS SINCE 1977 At Yorkshire Packaging Systems, we have been manufacturing and supplying shrink wrapping machinery and films since 1977. In this time we have acquired a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, allowing us to develop a true understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations. Our philosophy is to make it as easy as possible to deal with us. We pride ourselves on our total commitment to quality, reliability and service and believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. This approach has led us to our enviable position reputation within the industry for consistently providing the highest standards of product and service. Indeed, we can honestly say we do not have a single dissatisfied customer and many customers have been with us since 1977. Yorkshire Packaging Systems supply films, manufacture heavy duty, bespoke stainless steel shrink wrappers and design and install fully integrated packaging systems. As part of our “total solution” service Yorkshire Packaging Systems offer a versatile and comprehensive range of shrink wrapping machines for transit and display packaging. Yorkshire Packaging Systems have an unsurpassed level of expertise and support with one of the most experienced teams of specialist engineers in the UK. Over the years Yorkshire Packaging Systems have reached industry leading

levels of repeat orders from existing customers due to reliable equipment and incredible back up and support. Yorkshire Packaging Systems are the only company in the industry to provide a service contract as standard with every machine over and above the usual warranties. Yorkshire Packaging Systems can also offer full demonstration facilities to see your packs wrapped on the equipment. Yorkshire Packaging Systems can offer several types of machinery to suit any application including: Sleeve Wrappers for Transit Packaging • An extensive range of sleeve wrappers including inline, side feed and collation options for just about any transit packaging application. ‘L’ Sealers and Side Sealers for Display Packaging • A complete range from semi-automatic ‘L’ sealers through to high speed automatic side sealers for a variety of display shrink wrapping applications. • Complimented by a wide range of shrink tunnels depending upon the application. Packaging Automation Systems • Yorkshire Packaging Systems offers full packaging automation systems including 3D design, manufacture, build, test and installation. We have a dedicated systems division and as a result we

Do you need any advice on the right shrink wrapper or shrink films for your products?

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01924 441 355 | are able to offer customers a one-stop-shop for turnkey packaging solutions, including conveyors, convertors, palletisers, pick and place systems, lane diverters, and collation systems to compliment the shrink wrapping machinery. Yorkshire Packaging Manufactured Equipment • Yorkshire Packaging Systems is proud of its heritage and manufactures a highly successful range of heavy duty stainless steel shrink wrappers. These are specifically designed to meet the demanding conditions of the food and dairy industries. • These machines are built for total reliability, low maintenance and long-term durability in extreme conditions. • Yorkshire Packaging Systems have almost 40 years experience in the dairy industry. • We have successfully completed hundreds of installations throughout the UK and Ireland and are considered a trusted supplier to the major dairies. Yorkshire Packaging Systems offer a scheme whereby our equipment can be hired prior to any later purchase, where the hire charges are then deducted from the cost. Here the equipment is hired at the rate of 10% capital cost per month for a minimum period of three months. However, at the end of the three month period you can then purchase the equipment with the hire charges deducted from the final price so it costs you no extra than purchasing it outright in the first place. This is

offered to help facilitate machine sales and at the very least offers 12 weeks credit on the bulk of the cost. Because we hire new equipment we have to cover the effective depreciation which occurs when the equipment begins production. If the equipment comes back to us, we typically have to sell it for a discount of around 30% and so this option is designed to help facilitate machinery sales by offering 12 weeks credit on the bulk of the cost rather than operate as a separate machinery hire business. Yorkshire Packaging Systems supply market leading polyolefin shrink film. As the exclusive UK distributor for the rapidly expanding Bollore range of high performance polyolefin shrink films, supplying the correct grade of film for any machine and application from stock. The combination of Bollore’s worldwide reputation for reliability and quality and Yorkshire Packaging Systems status for outstanding service gives our customers complete confidence in their shrink wrapping solution. All of our shrink films are environmentally friendly with thermal stability. They are designed to give outstanding optics and have optimised shrinkage offering consistency, reliability and giving the maximum yield possible.

Contact our friendly shrink wrapping experts on 01924 441 355 or email for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation.

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Biggest packaging show to spotlight waste and sustainability A three-yearly jamboree for innovators at all levels of the packaging value chain, this year’s Interpack will include an area dedicated to sustainable packaging. The May 2014 event will also give particular emphasis to the global challenge of food waste. IT’S that time again: The world’s biggest trade fair for the packaging industry will be gathering at Düsseldorf fairgrounds once again in May. Several well-known suppliers in the packaging sphere will be making announcements at the show, and there will also be updates to the show’s structure, with areas dedicated to particular topics related to sustainability, as well as highlighting the contribution of components suppliers. Amongst those making new product announcements are pharma and food inspection specialist Loma Systems, which is unveiling a new portfolio of food and pharmaceutical metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray inspection systems. Marking and coding specialist Markem-Imaje will showcase its new thermal inkjet printing systems as well as the latest laser,

inkjet and thermal transfer printers and coders. Italian manufacturer PFM will be exhibiting a new generation of servo-driven pouch machines for the first time at the event. Food waste focus A central feature of this year’s show is a forum – the “Innovationparc Packaging” as it is titled, somewhat Germanically - exploring special themes on the wider horizon of packaging. Coming up for particular attention at the May event is an initiative called Save Food. This is a joint campaign instituted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nationals and the show’s organisers, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, to fight global food loss. The Save Food initiative aims to network stakeholders in industry, politics and research, encourage dialogue and help to develop so-

Plastics innovator showcases breadth PLASTICS packaging specialist RPC plans to use Interpack to give a sense of the breadth of its capabilities and expertise. At Stand D21 in hall 10, the company will, it says, “be demonstrating how its market-leading technologies and in-depth knowledge and experience have made a difference across a number of key sectors.” Examples include different solutions for single-serve beverage systems; the combination of design and technical skills that lead the market in airless dispensers, cream jars, deo sticks and lip care packs; the choice of barrier technologies to deliver extended ambient shelf life for food products and technical innovations in pharmaceutical dispensing and dosing systems. Among the brand new products on display will be Bebo Swing, developed by RPC Bebo Plastik to integrate easy-opening, reclosing and tamper-evidence, for a variety of spreadable products such as cheese, margarine and butter.

46 < packagingscotland p46,47.indd 1

lutions along the food value chain. One or two events at the show will highlight the work being done by the campaign and how developers on the packaging side can assist the effort. Another smaller exhibition within Interpack will explore sustainable technologies for compostable and bio-based packaging. The “Bioplastics in Packaging” event is co-presented by the trade organisation European Bioplastics. A “Bioplastics stage” at European Bioplastics’ stand 9F05 will feature a daily programme showcasing news regarding market, products, and ongoing research. A new addition to the main programme, the “Components for

processing and packaging” event brings in companies from the supplier side, organisations that might not otherwise be eligible for the main show itself. This smaller event will showcase the ideas and wares of companies specialising in motors and drive technology, control and sensor technology, products for machine vision, handling technology, industrial software and communication, and complete automation systems for packaging machines. It is also directed at manufacturers of machine parts, components, accessories and peripheral equipment and of components and auxiliaries for packaging means.

MULTI-SECTOR expertise: (Left) RPC Formatec’s inhaler with built-in countdown system and (right) the patented Bebo Swing container for spreadable products will both be on show

The patented design can be tailored for various shapes and is suitable for products both with and without lidding film. Bebo Swing can be manufactured in monolayer or multilayer PP where EVOH provides a barrier against oxygen ingress for extended ambient shelf life. A light barrier can also be incorporated for light-sensitive products.

April-June 2014 07/04/2014 14:30

Mould washing and drying for the baking and chocolate sectors

Beyond the pail

Mould washing machines will be showcased by Newsmith, a company with extensive experience in the baking and chocolate production sectors

l 4 9/0



p46,47.indd 2


April-June 2014

ID, a new type of machine. Developed for the packaging of soft, sticky, flexible or difficultto-handle products, the inverted horizontal flow wrapper transports the packaging film from below. To protect freshness and extend product shelf-life, it features long-dwell cross sealing technology. Bosch will also highlight its tailor-made after-sales services for enhanced hygiene and optimized overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The company continued growing faster than the packaging machinery industry in 2013, breaking the one-billion-euro sales mark for the first time. It increased its sales in fiscal 2013 from 914 million euros to 1.1 billion euros, a rise of 22 percent.


BOSCH Packaging Technology will launch several technological advancements at Interpack 2014 designed to meet global hygiene standards. The FVS auger filler and SVC 2620, a state-of-the-art vertical bagger, are both designed for enhanced cleanability, versatility and ease of use. The SVC 2620 is the latest addition to its new SVC platform, which has been designed with simplicity, versatility and cleanability in mind. Bosch will also introduce its high-speed Sigpack RN vertical sachet machine for liquid applications distinguished by its cleaning function to ensure thorough sanitation of product-contact parts. Interpack will also serve as the European debut of the inverted horizontal flow wrapper Pack 301

can be individually tailored to meet customer requirements and preferences, while at the same time occupying quite a compact space. Extensions or retrofitting can be implemented without any difficulty through the use of optional elements, says the company. The control system is nevertheless retained as a central unit and it is claimed to offer an intuitive operating structure.


Hygiene high five from fast growing developer

FEIGE Filling, which specialises in filling technology, will be presenting its “latest groundbreaking development for the effective handling of pail equipment” at a 500 m2 joint stand with its parent company Haver & Boecker and the associated companies Behn + Bates and Newtec. The equipment concept apparently offers a decisive advantage: The machine series has a modular structure and


benefits that will be recognised by all producers in the field,” says John Glover, Sales Manager at Newsmith. The manufacture and processing of chocolate and bakery products are also enhanced by the company through its recent acquisition of Hiley Engineering. The wellestablished name – particularly for conveyor systems – is now a key part of the Newsmith offer and will be represented on the stand by equipment that includes a latest generation product conveyor bend, straight conveyor and a flavouring and coating drum – the latter fully operational at the show.


INDUSTRIAL washing machines specialist Newsmith will be using Interpack to showcase its expertise and experience in the supply and installation of washing and automation equipment used across the baking and chocolate production sectors (Hall 04 C20). In the spotlight will be an upgraded version of the Batch Galaxy chocolate mould washing and drying system. “Providing highly efficient washing of chocolate moulds and other related equipment, the latest version offers lower energy costs, reduced water consumption and simplified operation and maintenance –

CODING AND QUALITY CONTROL SOLUTIONS INCLUDE FMD-READY SYSTEMS Product handling, coding and marking specialists Travtec will showcase a variety of equipment at this year’s Interpack, suitable for diverse end markets such as food and drink, and pharmaceutical. Equipment on show will include solutions for packing applications such as labelling and printing onto cartons and cases, coding onto jars, bottles or cans, and printing onto vials, tubes or cylindrical items. In addition, for the pharmaceutical sector, Travtec will be demonstrating its FMD-ready solutions to help manufacturers prepare for the requirements of the forthcoming EC Falsified Medicines Directive. Machine highlights include the Wolke m600 Advanced thermal ink jet printer and the Lixis PVS Vision System. Pack handling solutions include the TR-760-TT, which can handle cartons, boards, sheets, blister and credit cards and can also be used in conjunction with labellers and print & apply labellers for maximum flexibility; the company’s patented On-line Diverter for the base coding of bottles, jars and cans with continuous inkjet printers; and its Paratran II Parallel Transfer Unit for transferring bottles, jars and cans between conveyors as part of a base coding and labelling operation. Travtec Limited, Commonwealth Close, Leigh Business Park, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 3BD

Tel: +44 1942 677664 • Fax: +44 1942 261101 •

packagingscotland > 47 07/04/2014 14:30

Endoline launches industry’s highest speed case sealer


Manufacturers seeking to increase their production output will be given a boost at this year’s interpack show with the launch of Endoline’s latest machine - the servo driven 744 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer. The system is up to 50% QUICKER than current case sealing equipment making it the fastest of its type in the market. Achieving speeds of 30 random sized cases per minute this innovative new machine was designed and built as specifically for a global snacks manufacturer. The type 744 follows on from the highly successful Endoline 734 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer which is the dominant machine of its type in the market and is in service at major snack and biscuit manufacturers around the world. Boxes of various sizes moving through the new Endoline 744 Random Case Taper

Tel: + 44 (0) 1767 316422, Fax: 01767 318033

Hall 9, Stand 9F04 - Innovia Films is a major international producer of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose (Cellophane™) films with production sites in the UK, USA, Belgium and Australia. Our transparent, metallised and coloured films are sold to converters, brand-owners and end-users across the globe. They become part of the packaging, labelling or overwrap solution for some of the world’s best known brands across many everyday consumer goods. These include confectionery, perfume, cheese, tea, shampoo, tobacco, soft drinks and biscuits. At Interpack 2014 we will be showcasing some exciting new developments including the launch of a hermetically sealing film - part of our award winning, compostable, cellulose-based NatureFlex™ range. Visitors to our stand will also be able to discover more about the material partnerships we have established with key players in the packaging industry to enhance product development and increase awareness of possibilities. Tel: 01697 342 281 • Email: Follow us on Twitter: Like our page on facebook: •

14 2 ll A3 Ha nd a St

, 11 55 ll 1B Ha d 1 an


See a comprehensive range of product inspection solutions for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing on the METTLER TOLEDO stand at this year’s Interpack exhibition. Request your complimentary ticket worth 608 and visit us in Hall 11, stand 11B55.

Learn about the most recent changes to regulatory compliance in your industry, plus find out more about our latest product innovations including: • New checkweighing solutions to maintain weights and measures compliance • Advanced x-ray inspection for identifying foreign body contaminants • Innovative multi-frequency metal detection systems for minimum false rejects • Vision inspection technology for perfect labelling and package integrity • Serialisation solutions for track and trace compliance in pharmaceutical manufacturing • Data collection and process control software for improved efficiencies in production

Our solutions inspect a full range of quality parameters to detect and reject out of specification products from your production process for enhanced brand protection. As part of an effective programme of product inspection, our systems help maintain regulatory compliance to industry standards including IFS and BRC.

To receive your complimentary ticket, please visit:

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OCME of Parma, Italy, manufacture a range of automated filling, packaging, palletising and intra-logistics machinery for the beverage, food, petrochemical, liquid detergents, personal care and tissue sectors. Visitors to the stand, (Hall 14, A32), will see innovative new technology, including: New pack designs for OCME wraparound and shrinkwrap packers: ECO Packetto – a bundle featuring very thin film and low cost carrying handle SMART Packetto – a film pack with integrated carrying handle PARTY Packetto – a tray pack designed to be loaded with ice, perfect to chill cans or bottles for barbeques,

Simulators and Programmers – simple to use systems that are now available on OCME palletisers and robot systems. The new HMI software allows an operator to enter new product data offline and create pallet patterns. The operator can see the effective throughput that is possible on the machine and save the data ready to start production. ‘Auriga Driverless’ – a conventional forklift truck which can operate either fully automatically under laser guidance, or manually driven. Such a vehicle offers total flexibility in terms of the mode of operation and allows a driver to switch over to manual mode for certain tasks that can’t easily be automated. The new vehicle compliments OCME’s existing range of fully automatic Auriga LGVs. OCME DryBlock technology applied to filling lines for beverages, lubricants and liquid detergents. DryBlock is a new concept for integrating the whole dry end of a line into a single block. All machines are interlocked together without accumulating conveyors and operate as one. The key benefits of this technology are reduced floor space, fewer operators, higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.

For further information contact OCME UK Ltd Tel. 01635-298171

04/04/2014 14:35

A.M.P Rose, specialist supplier of machinery to the confectionery, chocolate, and snack food industries for over 30 years, will exhibit at its 11th consecutive Interpack show.

On display at the Interpack 2014 exhibition will be:

The New Super SealTM Max will be unveiled at the world’s leading trade fair for the packaging industry and related process technologies at the Dusseldorf Messe, Germany, from Thursday, May 8 until Wednesday, May 14. The machine is the second addition to the Super SealTM Touch range of equipment, which comes complete with a multi-language touch screen. Designed for use in a wide range of packaging applications, from food and beverage, to pharmaceutical, agrochemical and household, the New Super SealTM Max also comes with unprecedented power and control, increased productivity and an easier set-up. It can be used as a stand-alone production unit or be fully integrated into a continuous filling and capping line,w giving complete flexibility of operation. As well as presenting the innovative new machine, Enercon will also be displaying its Super SealTM range of induction cap sealers, including the Super SealTM, which was launched at Interpack in 2011, the Super SealTMJunior and the Super SealTM 100. Enercon, the global leaders in induction cap sealing, will be exhibiting for the seventh consecutive time at the show. The stand will be found in Hall 5 / Stand E19.

1. A.M.P-Rose will be presenting their brand new ‘AMP700’ Chocolate Moulding Line. The ‘AMP700’ moulding line can produce solid chocolate with or without inclusions or whole nuts, and offer one shot or marbled articles. The moulding line can achieve speeds up to 20 moulds/minute, with a capacity of up to 800kg/ hr. A.M.P-Rose are excited about presenting this machine, as they feel it will give customers a great performance/price ratio. 2. The ‘750LF’ cut and fold lollipop wrap machine. A.M.P-Rose’ specialist skill is the design and manufacture of cut and wrap machines, the ‘750’ range are versatile machines that have been designed for strength and durability, as well as ease of operation and low maintenance. A.M.P-Rose is one of the very few companies that successfully manufactures the lollipop cut and wrap style machine, it can achieve speeds up to 350p/m. As well as a fold style wrap it can also be set up to produce a twist finish. 3. Newly updated A.M.P-Rose ‘RS68’ rope sizer, and ‘BR46’ batch roller will be on show. New features on the units have improved the access to all the areas of the machine, assuring cleaning is easier and less time consuming. Both machines can be supplied as either left to right or right to left. The rope sizer is available vertical or horizontal The sizing roller boxes are from modular construction, allowing easy modification or future retro fitting. The modular construction will also allow A.M.P-Rose to construct the machine in a shorter time frame. The changes to the batch roller include increased capacity too 100kg (un-pulled). Heaters have been conveniently positioned in the side of the machine to prevent build-up of debris, and to allow easy cleaning and replacement.

Tel: +44 1427 611 969 •

01296 330 542 | |

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Kliklok showcases cartoning equipment at INTERPACK 2014

AMP - PACK - Ashley.indd 1

At the INTERPACK exhibition in Dusseldorf, Kliklok will be in Hall 6, stand D27, exhibiting the latest versions of their innovative CELOX and Certiwrap C150 machines, with improved operator interface and HMI capabilities and now with a choice of modular infeed options. The C150’s infeed system can be customised to suit a wide range of products, ideal for the prepared foods market where different shapes and sizes are becoming more popular. At Interpack, the C150 will be running twin packs of dessert pots at up to 150 wraps per minute using a ‘scroll’ infeed module. This particular machine will have a Siemens control package and HMI. For products like cereals, frozen ready meals & confectionery, Kliklok will be showcasing their award-winning CELOX end load cartoner. With ergonomic design, robust stainless steel construction and top speed of 325 cartons per minute, this innovative machine achieves new levels of performance in terms of efficiency, access, sanitation, size change, and reliability. Also on the Kliklok stand will be the Woodman APACHE continuous-motion bagmaker and the Kliklok TRANSFORMER lock & glue carton erector.

For further information contact: Michelle Newman, Kliklok International 01275 836131 • •

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Food inspection trailblazer to launch cutting-edge innovations at interpack Food inspection trailblazer to launch cutting-edge innovations at interpack - hall 17, stand B52. Loma Systems, winner of EEF’s* Innovative Operating Practices and Processes Award, will showcase a total of seven flagship systems on the interpack stand this year with Lock Inspection. Significantly Loma will unveil the ‘next generation’ IQ3+ ST (SureTune) metal detector. Packed with some incredible new innovations, it resolves challenges like user traceability, with a new Access Log supporting CFR21.Part 11 and storing up to 500 events. The new IQ3+ ST also addresses drifting of the head coil and reduces false product rejects caused by subtle variations in atmospheric temperature and product characteristics. Plus, an intelligent Product Validation System now memorises defined test intervals by product and individual retailer’s code of practice. These new features, and more, make it the ideal solution for high-speed food manufacturing co-packers that must adhere to different retailers’ test parameters. “interpack is always a great forum for people to view market-leading solutions that address the current challenges, Loma’s IQ3 range helps food manufacturers including industry inspection codes adhere to stringent retailer standards of practice, changes in packaging, traceability and product integrity,” says Marketing Manager James Chrismas. “Our focus at the show will be on assisting customers to understand the risks in their individual manufacturing environments and showcasing our ‘future proof’ inspection solutions. Our next generation technologies mean we are uniquely positioned to help every customer to increase product output whilst safeguarding against potential contamination.”

*2013 EEF Future Manufacturing Awards

Enercon will bring a touch of excellence to Interpack this year as it launches its latest and most innovative induction cap sealing machine.

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5 L 19 AL E H ND A ST The New Super Seal Max – A Touch of Excellence

A.M.P-Rose at Interpack 2014 T +44 (0) 1252 893300


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Pack additions stop things Analysers keep track of moisture and oxygen ingress drying out or going off GAS analysis expert Systech Illinois (Stand A29, Hall 5) will be exhibiting its range of water vapour permeation and oxygen permeation analysers which offer testing for many different packaging applications. The company says its oxygen permeation analysers offer reliable and versatile testing for bottles, packages and films, with its instruments delivering the fastest permeation results available. These permeability analysers are said to provide extremely fast purge down time, in addition to accurate readings at the lowest levels and the highest quality sensor on the market. Systech’s water vapour permeation analysers utilise the Proprietary Coulometric P2O5 sensor, the primary method for absolute moisture measurement of films and packages. Also, on display will be Systech Illinois’ oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace gas analysers for the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry, and oxygen analysers for process applications.

13 5 ll C1 Ha nd a St

Pouch machines offer extra-fast changeover Italian manufacturer PFM has extended the use of servo drive and servo format adjustment to horizontal pouch form-fill-seal machines for the first time and, at Interpack in May, will demonstrate how changeover times can be cut dramatically compared with traditional mechanical equipment. Further exhibits include SPS snack-packing and biscuitfeeding equipment, the high speed Solaris bagger for candies, equipped with an MBP 16-head multihead weigher and the Vetta bagger with ultrasonic sealing.

On the PFM D-Series, grippers that carry pouches through filling and sealing adjust instantly via servo for a change in width

For further information contact Alison Davies at PFM tel: 0113 239 3401

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AquaSense (left) uses “a unique absorbent pad”. The Re:Close Tape (right) lets consumers repeatedly reseal packs.

AMONG the products which Essentra Packaging will be displaying for the first time will be AquaSense™, a label innovation designed to help maintain and control the moisture content within packs, ensuring the goods do not dry out and are kept fresh. It gives consumers more control than ever over the products they buy, says Essentra. AquaSense (see image, above right) features a “unique absorbent pad” that is activated by the consumer on opening the pack or tub. The pad is placed under a tap and soaks up a specific amount of water which it then releases within the pack, keeping contents fresh, controlling humidity and reduc-

ing product waste due to goods drying out. Also to appear at the show, the company’s new Re:Close Tape™ is said to enable brands to maximise the combined benefits of resealability, consumer communication and product protection in an easy-to-apply tape. Developed in response to growing consumer demand, and durable enough to withstand repeated use, with Re:Close Tape consumers can keep the product in the original pack between uses. This adds to convenience, retains branding in the home, and can enhance environmental credentials by minimising food waste caused by spillage or leaving a pack open.

Plastic packs for meat and fish FAERCH Plast will showcase innovative plastics packaging products for the meat, fish & poultry sector. These include trays manufactured from MAPET® II, a specially developed mono material for top sealing of fresh meat, and the UltraZap® XtendaPak absorber pad which limits bacteria growth and helps extend shelf life by up to two days. There will also be a variety of eye-catching CPET, PP and APET containers for ready meals and cold foods & snacks featured. The company also aims to highlight its closed-loop, cradle-tocradle manufacturing process using post-consumer PET or rPET. MAPET® II (MONO amorphous polyethylene terephthalate) has been designed by Faerch Plast to facilitate easy top sealing of fresh meat or fish and to eliminate the risk of contamination from juices. It provides the same properties as multi-layer materials but offers better sealability and protection, as well as being easier to sort for recycling. has a very low environmental footprint. Also on display will be ‘Dual Colour’ CPET trays (see image, opposite), which are primarily aimed at the premium convenience food market and oven to table lines in particular. They feature one colour on the outside surface and another on the inside, offering retails and manufacturers a major point of difference, as well as maximum on-shelf impact and brand appeal.

April-June 2014 07/04/2014 14:24

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OCS Checkweighers shows its widest product portfolio ever at Interpack 2014 During the 20th Interpack edition (08 – 14 May 2014) OCS Checkweighers will showcase its most comprehensive product portfolio ever. Covering almost twice the size as the previous stand from Interpack 2011, OCS will answer every aspect of current and future application needs. With OCS’s broad range of inspection solutions for weighing, scanning and verifying, the highest requirements of the packaging industry are perfectly served.

Dynamic Weighing: 100% inline weight control up to 640 ppm OCS categorises its checkweighers in three product lines: Essential (EC-E), Medium (HC-M) and Avantgarde (HCA). Each machine is designed to be easily and conveniently integrated into existing production lines and stands for excellent performance. Whilst ensuring the highest reliability, these checkweighers are reading the individual product weight, verifying the reading against the set weight value and rejecting all incorrect weight units automatically. The HC-M and HC-A family offers a huge model variety which is driven by the market demands. The HC-MWD (protection class IP 69K) for example is made for intensive wash down cleaning regimes and strict hygiene requirements. Self-evidently it complies to the HACCP and IFS regulations.

OCS machinery leads the way with sophisticated servo drive conveyor technology, for perfect product handling. The technology in the servo drives is second to none and benefits from being practically maintenance free. Product handling is key to customer success. The unique Weigh Cells are based on Electro Magnetic Force Restoration, with distinct competitive advantages such as AVC technology. AVC (Active Vibration Compensation) allows the precise dynamic weighing in even the worst vibration affected environments. AVC is cleverly utilised to compensate for background vibration to ensure consistently accurate weight readings. This technology is not only beneficial in weak building structures or heavy forklift traffic, but even when running speeds over 400 ppm.

X-ray Scanning: much more than simple contamination detection

The application flexibility from the checkweigher range is also implemented in the comprehensive product portfolio of sophisticated X-ray scanners. The best possible product inspection is guaranteed by utilising a modular machine design and an intelligent but unique X-ray inspection approach. Scanners by OCS Checkweighers fulfill highest requirements with regards to precise detection and ensure best possible food safety. These scanners not only detect foreign objects and other contaminants such as stones, eventually glass , plastics and bones with a higher density. But furthermore, they detect product flaws such as broken, deformed or incomplete products and rejects them. The unique cameradetector-technology renders product © OCS Checkweighers pictures of stunning

sharpness and resolution (as high as 0,15 mm). Additionally with its modular design the OCS X-ray range helps customers with bespoke requirements. The X-ray is fitted with a closed water cooling loop. That is compact and safe.

The Track & Trace solution is called TQS Building on its experience with custom, high tech applications and with an eye towards the European Commission’s planned introduction of mandatory labelling of pharmaceutical drugs, OCS has expanded its product portfolio by the addition of an extraordinary, new product family. The Traceable Quality System (TQS) is a comprehensive Track & Trace system. It covers the serialisation of the individual packing units and their continuous aggregation. The requirement is to achieve a traceable product flow – from drug manufacturer, through the distribution chain, to the patient for optimal consumer protection and against life threatening product piracy. TQS is an intuitively operated system, which combines the greatest flexibility with easy handling. A fully integrated single software product manages the operation of all three functional units (product handling, coding, and camera inspection). This thorough

HC-M-WD Full washdown checkweigher with MD. integration continues across all levels of aggregation. The TQS system reliably prevents operating errors and interface problems, while delivering the maximum safety and the greatest ease of use.

Advantage built-in: Excellence by inhouse development & manufacturing The extraordinary manufacturing depth and the setup of all design and production steps under one roof guarantees the exceptional quality, flexibility and reliability of OCS Checkweighers’ whole array of products. OCS stands for direct communication, perfect customisation to individual needs and a future proofing investment with a guaranteed spare parts service where needed many years down the road.

Curtain Free X-ray SCW 3000 SCW3000.indd 1

OCS - PACK - Ashley.indd 1

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08/04/2014 10:17

More than an ink company: Coding and quality control Sun showcases “concept to including FMD-ready systems consumer” support PRODUCT handling, coding and marking specialist Travtec will showcase equipment for diverse end markets such as food and drink, and pharmaceutical. This will include solutions for packing applications such as labelling and printing onto cartons and cases, coding onto jars, bottles or cans, and printing onto vials, tubes or cylindrical items. In addition, for the pharmaceutical sector, Travtec will be demonstrating its FMD-ready solutions to help manufacturers prepare for the requirements of the forthcoming EC Falsified Medicines Directive. Machine highlights include the Wolke m600 Advanced thermal inkjet printer, and the Lixis PVS state of the art vision system, while models from Travtec’s portfolio will also be demonstrated on the King stand (Hall 8A, E17) and Lixis stand (Hall 7A, C31-5). The Lixis PVS is a highend OCR/OCV imaging system that offers reliability, accuracy and speed for a wide variety of inspection requirements throughout the packaging process. Its character recognition software reads both preprinted and in-line printing and it automatically detects shift or rotation variations.

Making a mark at Interpack Stand D29 – Hall 14 Interpack 2014 will see Markem-Imaje – the industry’s leading marking and coding specialist – showcase its new thermal inkjet printing systems as well as the latest laser, inkjet and thermal transfer printers and coders. Exhibiting printers and coders for the food, beverage, dairy and extrusion sectors, Markem-Imaje will display new equipment including the SmartDate X40-IP thermal transfer printer, the SmartLase C 350 HD laser coder and the very latest in coding technology: the TIJ (themal inkjet) 1050 and 1200. In addition to interactive displays for all coding and marking machines, Markem-Imaje experts will explain how new coding solutions such as the Mark & Read system offered with CoLOS networking software, in partnership with Cognex, can help drive line efficiency and prevent missing codes and code quality issues. The Markem-Imaje team will also demonstrate how unique promotional codes can be printed for marketing promotions with minimum impact on production, giving manufacturers the opportunity to explore new, more effective marketing strategies.

Markem-Imaje UK Ltd Astor Road Eccles New Road Salford M50 1DA Tel: 0161 333 8555

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The Verigard™ infrared coding solution is based on the use of chemical markers added to inks, varnishes or coatings.

SUN Chemical and parent company DIC will be using Interpack to showcase their support for all parts of the packaging development workflow from package design concept to prepress, conversion, brand launch, and ultimately the store shelves. Using the theme “Concept to Consumer” in Hall 7a, Stand C10, Sun Chemical will demonstrate its ability to be a global full service packaging solutions provider that can address the key packaging issues the industry is facing today, including shelf impact, brand integrity, food safety regulations, and costs. Ways of protecting brands Visitors to the booth will have an opportunity to explore brand protection options to ensure the integrity of their packaging. Sun Chemical offers a variety of security ink solutions including an infrared coding solution called Verigard™, a security system that adds a small quantity of taggants, or chemical markers, to inks, varnishes or coatings for use in any print process on any substrate. Sun Chemical’s brand protection experts will be on hand at the booth to discuss the variety of covert, overt and semi-overt options Sun Chemical offers brand owners to maintain brand integrity. On the food safety regulations front, Sun Chemical says it works with brand owners to ensure their packaging complies with the most stringent regulations in the marketplace, including the Plastics Implementing Measure, REACH, the Plastics Directive, and the Swiss Ordinance. Work-

ing with Sun Branding Solutions’ design-to-launch packaging development services, brand owners can take advantage of lifecycle management software. Sun Chemical says it leads the way in providing best practices for food packaging printing and offers materials for converters ranging from inks and coatings to adhesives that are specifically designed to ensure the low migration of inks on packaging. Packaging systems Sun Chemical and DIC together offer a variety of packaging services and materials and systems that are designed to improve a brand owner’s bottom line. From packaging systems which utilise barrier lamination adhesives and sustainable inks to coatings designed to lightweight packaging in a cost-effective, recyclable, biodegradable, and press-ready way. Additional costs can be saved by ensuring that brand colour maintains consistency on packaging substrates and utilising materials that can print variable data on each package. “We are a true global packaging solutions provider,” said Felipe Mellado of Sun Chemical. “We are more than just an ink company; we can manage a brand owner’s package from concept to consumer through the many packaging systems, materials and services that we offer. Brand owners that take advantage of all the combined packaging solutions we have to offer will benefit from the ability to differentiate their brands and improve their bottom line.”

April-June 2014 07/04/2014 14:32



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Lightweights for hotfill, aseptics and carbonated beverages Resource-economical, affordable packaging technology from Krones From the fields of plastics technology, container dress technology, plus packing and palletising technology, Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, will at the interpack 2014 be showcasing a whole series of innovations and design enhancements. All of them geared to creating even lighter, more attractive, consumer-friendlier packages, plus energy-economical, eco-friendly and affordable production operations designed to reduce the total cost of ownership. In the field of plastics technology, Krones has developed a new base design for PET containers that features better resistance to heat and pressure coupled with good stability during transport. In comparison to classical hotfill, filling this bottle in the NitroHotfill process enables lower bottle weights to be used, even at high line speeds. In actual operation, the NitroHotfill process, which is used with fruit juices and other sensitive beverages, enables bottle weights down to an exceptionally light 15.5 grams to be achieved. But it’s not only with sensitive beverages like fruit juices that the thrust towards lightweight containers is being progressed. For carbonated beverages, too, Krones will be exhibiting a true lightweight, one that weighs 30 to 45 per cent less than comparable PET containers on the market: the “PET lite 9.9 carbonated”, a prize-winning study based on the NitroPouch concept. This 500-millilitre bottle, weighing a mere 9.9 grams, scores highly in terms of low material costs and suitability for use at high line speeds. Deployment of a square 500-millilitre PET bottle weighing just 12.5 grams for product-friendly aseptic filling is made possible by the development of the innovative technology featured in the Contiform AseptBloc, and by the container’s own design, which is particularly persuasive in terms of the bottle’s haptics, and is based on a squarerounded cross-section and a lightweight 33-millimetre neck finish.

Digital direct printing

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AutoCoding Systems launches new entry level coding management solution at Interpack 2014



For non-returnable sixpacks, Krones has come up with what’s probably the world’s most space-saving packaging and palletising solution, with the lowest energy consumption, in the shape of the LitePac. Three EvoLite machines are already up and running successfully: up to the present date, 15 million LitePacs have hit the retail shelves. The EvoLite pack strapping machine creates packs with an integrated looped handle. In comparison to shrink-packs, and to other packaging systems on the market as well that operate with gluing, the exceptionally resource-economical production process for the LitePac (which comprises six plastic bottles) offers extremely high potential savings for packaging material and energy, with a cost reduction per pack of up to 74 per cent.


Cost reduction for non-returnable sixpacks of up to 74 per cent


For wrap-around labelling, Krones will be exhibiting a completely redesigned station. The new Contiroll ED station has an ergonomically optimised design, scores highly in terms of improved accessibility for label change-overs, and offers enhanced operatorfriendliness. In this series, a variant for pre-glued labels is being offered as an alternative.


In the field of cold-glue labelling technology, Krones will be presenting a redesigned Ergomatic station, excelling in terms of ergonomic and functional improvements, plus reduced complexity. The Ergomatic functions accurately and dependably, is easy to operate, and can be quickly changed over to handle different label formats.


In comparison to dressing containers in labels, direct printing on the containers themselves, using the DecoType direct printing system, offers significantly more scope for individualised, attractive design of the containers concerned. It is also ideally suited for supporting marketing campaigns and product launches. With the debut of the DecoType, Krones has expanded its product portfolio for container dressing to include an entirely new variant.

+44 (0) 1844 216838 |

AutoCoding Systems Ltd will be launching its recently developed entry level AutoCoding solution for coding and packaging integrity at this year’s Interpack exhibition. Visit Stand E59-03 in Hall 4 to see how the new web-based entry level product sets up and controls coding equipment and barcode scanners on a number of lines with speed and ease, either at the packaging line or remotely using either a simple PC, tablet or even Smartphone. Management of your coding and scanning equipment has never been easier – and all from one central point. Incorrectly coded or packaged goods can result in not only financial losses, but product and packaging waste, as well as the less tangible damage it may cause to a company’s brand and reputation. The new entry level AutoCoding product allows factories to acquire a cost effective solution to reduce downtime across all packaging lines, as well as eliminate the risk of coding and packaging errors. The solution maximises the opportunity to get things “right first time” by managing the deployment of coding data and the checking of packaging issued to the line before its use. Alongside this new product will be the Shoplogix real-time performance monitoring solution which enables companies to identify and evaluate where performance limitations and constraints exist within their processing and packaging applications. AutoCoding Systems’ reputation has now extended beyond the UK and their customer base is now expanding internationally across Europe and ROW. At Interpack we will be actively exploring opportunities to work with other Systems Integrators who are interested in adding our solutions to their product portfolio. For more information contact: Janet Harrison Tel: 01928 790444 Email: Web:

04/04/2014 17:09

INDUSTRY UNWRAPPED eco plastic REACHES LION’S LAIR FINAL at packaging innovations SHOW Holfeld Plastics was among the finalists in the Lions’ Lair competition at Packaging Innovations at the end of February with its multi-market rPETeCO packaging range. The rPETeCO range adds luxury to products where added value is required. A material applicable in several market sectors including meat, poultry, fish, fresh produce, catering and non-food markets, it is a low carbon, highly tactile rPET material available in a variety of colours with a blend of up to 90% post consumer recyclate. The material is fully recyclable, employing low carbon manufacturing methods exceeding Courtauld 3 objectives. It is also the result of a 3 year R&D programme supported by the FP7 European initiative. The rPET material has good insulation properties and is more temperature resistant than conventional rPET. Gas barrier properties are 20 times better than PP and the material demonstrates improved environmental qualities compared to PP as with most PP trays made from virgin polymer there is currently no recognised, universal doorstep collection.

FASTER PRINTING TURNAROUND FOR FILMS ONE-STOP-SHOP National Flexible has strengthened its offering of pre-printed films with the installation of in-house cromalin production facilities. The Yorkshirebased company was formed 20 years ago, initially as a distributor of plain, unprinted films, sacks, pallet wrap and various packaging sundries. It has since grown and now styles itself as the industry’s leading one-stop-shop for flexographic, gravure and digitally-printed films. National Flexible now provides flexible packaging to companies such as Premier Foods, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser and Nestle, who are among the most prominent FMCG manufacturers and brands in the UK. As its market share of printed films has grown over the years, so has the extent of its printing capacity. With presses based across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, the company offers fast turnaround on variable run lengths underpinned by its investment in its stock of base materials for printing, lamination and slitting. The latest installation of GMG proofing equipment gives National Flexible the ability to remotely print colour-calibrated proofs on-site which are matchable to any of the printing presses in its portfolio. The proofs can be printed directly onto a range of substrates including clear, white and metallised films, allowing for even faster turnaround of print jobs for customers. The company is the UK’s largest distributor of polypropylene, laminates and special films. National’s custom-built factory is compliant with the latest BRC standards for food-grade packaging and it has become well-known as a preferred supplier of packaging films for the food, bakery, snack, confectionary and contract packing industries. Tel: 01274 685566

FOOD SERVICE LABELS FROM THE CLOUD Tri-Star Packaging has set up a new business division called Tri-Label in a move that it says will revolutionise how foodservice companies create and print labels for their products. The company will offer foodservice operators, caterers and retailers the ability to produce labels from any PC and printer with Tri-Label Online, which uses the UK’s only cloud-based nutrient labelling software package. The ground-breaking but easy-to-use system is flexible and updateable, eliminating the need to buy or replace software discs whenever labelling regulations change. Users access Tri-Label Online via a secure web portal, through which foodservice operators can amend and self-print their labels as required to comply with the law. In December 2014, a tough new EU law will apply, changing the rules on allergen and nutrition labelling. Tri-Label Online is designed to take away the hassle and cost of complying with the new regulation, helping foodservice companies to amend their labels seamlessly and comply with the law with the minimum of disruption. The ability to update information instantly ensures future-proof labelling and gives caterers complete control over their business. The service is available for a modest monthly subscription fee (considerably less than £1 a day), which varies according to the size of a business. Whenever new rules on labelling come into effect, foodservice companies simply have to access their account on the Tri-Label cloud and make any changes required. No buying expensive software, no disruption or delays and no wasting time on staff training.

54 < packagingscotland p54.indd 1

FLEXIBLE PACKAGING INNOVATIONS At the NEC’s recent Packaging Innovations event, National Flexible showcased several of the latest developments for the flexible packaging industry including a number of revolutionary materials and advances in print techniques. New to the UK market, a way of embedding ‘invisible’ QR codes into printed artwork in a way that makes them unseen to the naked eye offers brands and marketers the opportunity to digitally engage end-consumers with their packaging in a way never seen before. With its own dedicated reader App available free via the ITunes store, the system allows for the broadcast of digital marketing content and promotions directly from the packaging onto the consumers hand-held device as well as collecting vital feedback about consumer engagement. This created a massive amount of interest and National Flexible received an unprecedented number of enquiries from a host of big name manufacturers and brands, making them one of the busiest stands at the show. Also featured was National Flexible’s integrated design service – NXL Design – which offers clients a much accelerated speed to market by providing and project managing the design, repro and print processes from end-to-end in its entirety. A leaflet featuring the benefits of using NXL Design is available from National Flexible on request. Tel: 01274 685566

April-June 2014 09/04/2014 10:11

INDUSTRY UNWRAPPED O-I APPOINTS RENS DE HAAN TO LEADERSHIP ROLE Leading glassmaker O-I has appointed Rens de Haan to the new role of Country Group Executive for the Netherlands and UK. Rens will be responsible for the overall operational and commercial functions of O-I in the Netherlands and the UK, comprising 5 plants and 1500 employees. He will take the lead in strengthening O-I’s capabilities and competitiveness in these countries to support the developing needs of customers for more sustainable and healthy glass packaging solutions. Vitaliano Torno, Vice President European Countries for O-I, says, “Rens’ strong marketing, business development and sustainability expertise, both in business and consumer environments, will be a great asset to our business.” Rens joins O-I from food processing company, Cargill, where he was marketing and communications director for Cocoa and Chocolate. Prior to this, he held a variety of European and global marketing positions for Philips. He holds a Business Economics degree from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Tel: + 41 21 703 4587

FRESH ROUND OF investment EXTENDS CONVENIENCE IN RETAIL SECTOR Linpac Packaging is to invest further in its Freshform division. In January 2013, the company launched its Freshware range of tubs, trays and containers for the rapidly growing chilled retail convenience sector following the installation of new highly flexible thermoforming equipment at the company’s headquarters in Featherstone, West Yorkshire. Fourteen months on and the division is operating at full capacity prompting a second phase of investment which will see an additional new flexible thermoformer installed to enable the company to continue to offer a fast turnaround supply of new designs for the high churn convenience and prepared foods market. It takes the total amount invested by Europe’s leading multimaterial packaging manufacturer in its Freshform division to approximately £2m since October 2012. The Freshware range comprises of packaging for prepared fruit and salads, dips, sandwich fillers, fresh pasta, pizza, prepared vegetables (e.g. stir-fry), chilled bakery, cooked meats and prepared fish, and is now being sold to customers across Europe. The largest order to date has been for 40m containers from a leading retailer in the UK.


Rigid plastic packaging manufacturer RPC Group has joined the SAVE FOOD initiative, a joint campaign organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH to highlight and fight global food loss and waste. Each year, worldwide, a third of all food is thrown away or lost, while at the same time around 842 million people are suffering from hunger. RPC says the initiative ideally complements and supports the company’s own comprehensive sustainability programme. “According to Incpen, food wastage in developing countries can be as high as 50%; whereas in the UK only 3% goes to waste before it reaches the shops,” comments Katherine Fleet, RPC’s Group Sustainability Manager. “This fact demonstrates both the challenges involved in reducing food waste as well as the crucial role that packaging can play in achieving this. And this is equally important in developed countries since, as the WRAP ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ campaign reports, of the 7 million tonnes of food and drink thrown away from UK homes every year, more than half could have been eaten. Tel: 01933 416528

April-June 2014 p55.indd 1

SLEEVES HELP TO MAKE BIG NOISE FOR SMALL PACK High impact sleeves from CCL Decorative Sleeves are helping to maximise onshelf presence for packs of the innovative Robinsons Squash’d super-concentrated squash drink. Designed for on the go, in the office and at home, the compact 7cm-high bottle of Robinsons Squash’d contains 66ml of liquid and can be held in the palm of a hand but is capable of making the same amount of squash as a standard one litre bottle. The pack can be carried in a pocket or handbag and squeezed to add the squash to a glass or bottle to make a drink. It features a valve and flip-top cap to avoid spills. The PET sleeve provides all-over coverage to maximise attention for the compact bottle shape. The sleeve also covers the cap to ensure effective tamper evidence. It is UV flexo printed in nine colours with a black background that features illustrations of the three fruit flavours currently available – summer fruits, apple & blackcurrant, and orange & peach. CCL Decorative Sleeves provided full technical support to the project to ensure the sleeve fits tightly around the contours of the distinctively-shaped bottle. Tel: 01553 769319

packagingscotland > 55 09/04/2014 10:12


bal sticks with rpc for adhesive

Charapak Group has appointed Helene Lyall as Business Development Manager for its Charapak Integrated Fulfilment division. In her new role, Helene will support the continued growth of the division, which offers a multifunctional fulfilment service, tailored to the precise requirements of each customer. Key services include design, co-packing, assembly, labelling and rework, and delivering bespoke fulfilment solutions to markets such as retail, manufacturing, food & drink, cosmetics & toiletries, household & automotive, DIY, pet care and entertainment. Helene has over 20 years’ experience in sales, key account and customer service management with particular expertise in the logistics sector, supporting customers in a diverse range of markets including retail, construction and shipping. She joins after six years with PD Ports, where she most recently held the post of Key Account Manager.

A renowned tile adhesive from market leader BAL is now better than ever – in a container from RPC Containers Oakham. BAL remains the only brand of choice for thousands of professional tilers, with a reputation built through a halfcentury of innovation. Market leader since 1963, it has created some of the UK’s most popular adhesives, including the trusted White Star. Now, following intensive research and development in conjunction with fixers and contractors across the UK, BAL has replaced its much-loved product with White Star Plus, incorporating new Fibre Strand Technology (FST). One thing that hasn’t changed is the robust, quality pack - an 11.3L PP 293SL standard container from RPC Oakham that users will know and trust from White Star. It uses a metal handle and allows plenty of space for the design offset printed at Oakham for maximum on-shelf impact.

Tel: 01773 835735

Tel: 01572 72377

BEVERAGES BENEFIT FROM BESPOKE GLASS EXPERTISE Leading container packaging specialist J&J Pont Packaging is focusing on the beverage and spirits industry with renewed emphasis on its bespoke glass bottles range, ideal for smaller run ‘specials’ or anniversary editions. Calling on years of experience, the company is reminding the drinks industry that an exciting array of custommade glass bottles is now readily accessible, with minimum order quantities from as little as just 5,000 units, depending on bottle size. With highly competitive mould tooling costs, drinks clients can also include embossing or decoration within their original bottle design, whilst J&J Pont Packaging will also advise customers on cap and sleeve options to create maximum presentation impact. Tel: 0141 423 3066



SICK UK has announced the launch of the DeltaPac, the first ever photoelectric sensor able to detect individual packs on a conveyor without a gap between them. The DeltaPac will help production teams achieve high levels of accuracy and throughput speeds whilst reducing the risk of pile-ups and stoppages. SICK’s Phil Dyas says: “The DeltaPac differentiates between packs in a completely new way, detecting changes in their outline contours at speeds of up to 3 m/s and 200,000 units an hour. The result is more reliable upstream process control and downstream accuracy for printing, labelling and palletisation.” The DeltaPac opens up new possibilities for the design of packaging machines. Pack buffering and separation mechanisms are no longer needed.

Linpac Packaging has received the prestigious ServiceMark accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service. The food packaging company, based in Featherstone, West Yorkshire, has been recognised for its excellent standards of service to its customers through its LINcare programme. LINcare comprises of a set of business standards which tell customers about the quality of service they can expect and makes it easy for customers to inform the company if it falls short of expectations. ServiceMark is the national customer service standard from the Institute of Customer Service and is achieved through a combination of three components; self assessment, customer feedback measurement and independent on-site assessments.

Tel: 01727 831121

APPOINTMENTS A NATURAL EVOLUTION EQUIPMENT supplier secures HEALTH AND safety seal Evolution Bottling and Packaging Solutions, a supplier of bottling and packaging equipment to many major brands within the UK and Ireland, has gained Safecontractor accreditation. Evolution says it takes great pride in providing first-class Sales, after-sales and service support to its customers and this latest accreditation is further testament to its ongoing commitment to continuous customer service improvement. Ewen Patterson, Service Engineer at Evolution commented: “Attaining Safecontractor status is a further endorsement of our commitment to placing Health and Safety competence foremost, giving peace of mind to our current and future customers.”

Peebles-based Evolution Bottling and Packaging Solutions has appointed two new Business Development Managers to support the ongoing expansion of its business. Based in Scotland’s central belt, John Tomlinson will be supporting Evolution’s business in North England, Scotland and Ireland. The appointment of Gareth Davies in the Midlands similarly supports the South of the UK. John and Gareth bring with them a combined total of 40 years’ experience in a variety of commercial and business development roles providing capital equipment to a range of sectors including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, household, chemical, and personal care. Speaking of the appointments, Director Colin Clelland stated: “These are exciting times in the development of Evolution. These appointments follow the expansion of the Evolution portfolio over the last two years and illustrate our commitment to fully supporting our extended portfolio and delivering a first rate service to new and existing customers.”

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Containers Label Services

Coding Solutions

Pallet Manufacturing Shrink Wrapping

Strapping Machines

To advertise in the classified directory please contact Linda Scott on 0141 567 6027 07/04/2014 10:36

directory DIRECTORY adhesives

acoustic control

STRATHBOND ADHESIVES LTD. 40-42 Buyers Guide chp version:Buyers Guide



STRATHBOND ADHESIVES LTD Willowburn Road, Willowyard Industrial Estate, Beith, Ayrshire KA15 1LN

Page 41

Caledonian Industries Limited Atholl Avenue Hillington Park Glasgow G52 4UA


Tel: 01505 502796 Fax: 01505 504040 Email: KOSME UK LTD.

CONVEYORS CODING &4691 MARKING Tel: 0141-882 | Fax:MACHINES 0141 810 3402 CONTINUED E-mail: Web site: Contact: Iain Gray

Imex Business Centre Shobnall Road Burton on Trent Staffordshire DE14 2AU Tel: 01283 523713/4 Fax: 01283 523757 E-mail: Website:

Manufacturers of adhesives & chemicals. Suppliers of Beardow Adams Hot Melt.

bottling machinery


Quality, innovative solutions for all bottling and food packaging sectors. 4 Cherry Court, Cavalry Park,


Tel: 01721 724296 FOR PRODUCT CODING AND MARKING Linx Printing Technologies Ltd Burrel Road, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 3LA Tel: 01480 302186 Fax: 01480 302609 Email: Website:

coding & marking

A Unique Range of Plastic Bottles, Containers and Closures for all Trades and Purposes ALL BOTTLES EX-STOCK CUSTOM MOULDERS ALL-FILL INTERNATIONAL LTD.

5 Gateshead Close Sunderland Road 2 Tanners Drive Sandy Blakelands Technical Treatments Ltd Bedfordshire SG19 1RS Milton Keynes Est.MK14 19465BN Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 5HD Tel:Lane, 01767 691100 (5 lines) Tel: +44 (0) 1908 327 200Station Works, Rye Fax: 01767 681406 Fax: + 44 (0) 1908 327 201 Tel: 01732 462656 Fax: 01732 742602 Email: E-mail: Web: Website:


label services




ForLTD. all your Labels and MASTERFIL Olympus House INDUSTRIAL CONTINUOUS INK JET PRINTERS Mill Green Road LARGE CHARACTER PRINTERS INDUSTRIAL CONTINUOUS INKJET PRINTERS Haywards Heath LASER CODERS West Suusex RH16 1XQ LARGE CHARACTER PRINTERS Tel: +44 (0) 1444 472300 FOR PRODUCT CODING AND MARKING Fax: +44 (0) 1444 472327 LASER CODERS Linx Printing Technologies Ltd E-mail: Burrel Road, St. Ives, FOR PRODUCT CODING AND MARKING Website: Cambridgeshire PE27 3LA Contact: Keith Burton Tel: 01480 302186 Volumetric, Flowmeter, Weigh Filling Fax: 01480 302609 and Capping Machines. Email: Linx Printing Technologies Ltd Website:

Printing Systems Labelling Software Label Applicators Print & Apply Barcode Readers & Verifiers Huge Stocks of Labels/Ribbons ● Demonstrations Nationwide

Binns Close ● Torrington Avenue Coventry CV4 9TB ● Tel: 024 7647 0074 ● Fax: 024 7647 1190 LabellingE-mail: Requirements ● Website:●

A full range of Automatic,

Semi Automatic, Print & Apply Tel: 01642 490121 Fax: 01642 490385 Email:

and Linerless systems.

SIGPACK SYSTEMS AG Plain and pre-printed labels. P.O. Box

Burrel Road, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 3LA Tel: 01480 302603 Fax: 01480 302609 Email: Website:

58 < packagingscotland 0.58-62 Directory.indd 1


CH-8222 Beringen Switzerland Tel: +41 52 674 7777 Fax: +41 52 674 6604 E-mail: Website:

Tel: 01444 239 970

Fax: 01444 246 609



when responding to adverts

Innovative and flexible automation and packaging solutions. Optimum productivity through the entire life cycle.

Web Site: Technical Helpline: 01444 237 804

April - June 2014 09/04/2014 10:17

DIRECTORY label services

Macfarlane Labels operates state of the art production facilities in Kilmarnock, Scotland and County Wicklow, Ireland - offering both Flexographic and Lithographic printing capabilities. In Helsingborg, Sweden, Macfarlane Labels has an R&D facility focused on the development of resealable label technology and systems. Our teams of industry experts have earned a strong reputation for the design, printing and supply of high quality self-adhesive and resealable labels. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers of FMCG products trust and rely upon Macfarlane Labels as their labels supply partner. As part of Macfarlane Group PLC, we have access to all the resources, knowledge and expertise of a well-established and fully listed UK public company.

For further enquiries please contact Clive Jackson on +44 (0) 1563 525151 Macfarlane Labels 22 Bentinck Street, Kilmarnock, Scotland, KA1 4AS






T. 01294 214402 E. W.

Barcode Labelling Systems, Axicon Barcode Verifiers, Print & Apply Systems, Labels & Ribbons

Accredited GS1 Solution Partner

Barcode Labelling Systems, Axicon Barcode Verifiers, Print & Apply Systems, Labels & Ribbons Label Printers Label Applicators

T: 01642 490121 Nationwide F: 01642 490385 Demonstrations 01642 490121 April - June 2014 0.58-62 Directory.indd 2


Alpress is your One Stop for... • • • • • • • • • •

Service & Repair Refurbishment & Resurfacing Machine Sales Contract Cutting Components & Accessories Cutting Press Swing Beam Press Cutting Pads Cutters Strip Steel

• • • • • • • • •

Forged Steel Hydraulic Values Hydraulic Oil Clicker Presses Beam Presses Balers Waste Compactor Waste baler Used presses

PHONE US ON: 0141 810 4547 Contact Karl Young


It’s our attention to detail, constant investment in new technologies (we now boast that we are the only Scottish label company to be registered to PS9000) and our focus on delivery that is earning CV Labels an enviable reputation in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, specialist food and drinks Industries. If you want to discuss your labelling requirements contact us today.

Macfarlane Labels is a leading UK based company specialising in the design, printing and supply of high quality self-adhesive and resealable labels. Macfarlane Labels have been supplying labels for over 40 years to FMCG manufacturers across a range of sectors including: • Food • Health and Beauty • Household Goods • Beverages • Pharmaceuticals

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directory DIRECTORY



8:31 am

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Online | Offline | End-of-line Suppliers of Flow Wrapping Machinery & 4 Side Seal Machinery We specialise in New, Rebuilt, and Servo Driven Conversions. Suppliers to the Pharmaceutical, Confectionery, Biscuit and Personal Care Industries.

Tel: +44 (0) 1603 893 987 Fax: +44 (0) 1603 893 988

Coding and marking systems for food, drink and other FMCG applications. New, refurbished, hire and hire-to-buy equipment available.


Argosy machinery is built in Britain

• High speed offline coding and promotional labelling system for sleeves, cartons, watch strap bands and crash lock boxes • Low cost IP65 rated alphaJET ink jet range for clear, crisp printing of dates, text and logos • Print and apply systems for outer case labelling We also supply thermal transfer, hot foil and laser coding systems.

For more information please call 01962 761761 or visit

Exclusive partner UK & Eire

packaging The new VEGA HT The new VEGA HT range of Shrinkwrap Packers let you reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint up to 30%.

30% energy saving !

This continuous improvement is an example of the every day effort that OCME delivers to its range of machines which include : Filling equipment, packaging systems, palletising & depalletising machines and automatic guided vehicles

30% energy saving !

k, Kingsclere, Newbury RG20 5NT – 01635 298171 – –


Bridgeholme Industrial Estate Bridgeholme Industrial EstateTel: 01663 750222 Charley Lane Industrial Estate Tel: 01663 750222 n Bridgeholme Charley Lane Bridgeholme Tel:01663 01663750333 750222 Fax: Charley Lane Industrial Estate Tel: 01663 750222750333 Fax: 01663 nChinley Charley Lane Fax: 01663 750333 Chinley Email: Chinley Fax: 01663 750333 High Peak Email: Chinley Email: High Peak Website: High Peak Email: SK23 6DX Website: High Peak Website: SK23 6DX The new VEGA HT range of Shrinkwrap Packers let you Website: SK23 6DX United Kingdom SK23 6DXKingdom United reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint up to 30%. United Kingdom n


United Kingdom

Based in the beautiful High Peak of Derbyshire, we are centrally located to

Based in the beautiful Peak of Derbyshire, wecentrally are centrally located to This continuous improvement isHigh anHigh example every Based ininthe Peak ofwhole Derbyshire, weare are located service our customers in the ofof thethe UK and abroad. Based thebeautiful beautiful High Peak of Derbyshire, we centrally located to to service customers inwhole the whole of the UK and abroad. service our customers the whole ofthe the UK and abroad. service ourour customers in the UK and abroad. day effort that OCME delivers to its range of ofmachines Established in the early 1990s we pride ourselves on our efficiency with a Established in early 1990s we personal pride ourselves on our efficiency Established thethe early 1990s we pride ourselves ononour efficiency with a awith a Established ininthe early 1990s weand pride ourselves our efficiency with which include : Filling equipment, packaging systems, friendly, flexible, service. friendly, flexible, and personal service. friendly, flexible, service. friendly, flexible, andpersonal personal service. palletising & depalletising machines andand automatic guided vehicles


The OCME new VEGA of Shrinkwrap Packers let Newbury you UK Ltd, HT Kingrange John House, Kingsclere Park, Kingsclere, RG20 5NT – 01635 – Please check298171 this proof carefully for errors– in style, content and layout. Although every care is exercised in preparing your advert, we cannot hold reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint up to 30%. This continuous improvement is an example of the every day effort that OCME delivers to its range of machines which include : Filling equipment, packaging systems, palletising & depalletising machines and automatic guided vehicles

OCME UK Ltd, King John House, Kingsclere Park, Kingsclere, Newbury RG20 5NT 01635 298171 – 60 < packagingscotland 0.58-62 Directory.indd 3

ourselves responsible for any inaccuracies you may overlook. SHOULD YOU REQUIRE ANY ALTERATIONS TO THIS PROOF PLEASE TELEPHONE BEFORE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ AND QUOTE ADVERT NO. _ _ _ _ _ extensive unique range highquality qualityplastic plastic containers containers includes: Our Our extensive andand unique range ofofhigh includes: OurOur extensive andand unique range of high quality plastic containers includes: extensive unique range of high quality plastic containers includes: • Bottles •


• Bottles Jars and Pots • •Jars Pots •and Bottles • Dispensing and Dropper Bottles Jars and Pots • •Dispensing and Pots Dropper Bottles • Jars and • Jerricans Dispensing and Dropper Bottles • •Jerricans • Dispensing • Drums and Kegs and Dropper Bottles • Jerricans • Drums and Kegs • Jerricans • Plastic Pails and Buckets Drums andand Kegs • •Plastic Pails Buckets • Carboys • Drums and Kegs PlasticBottles Pails and • •Carboys • Wash andBuckets Funnels • Plastic Pails and Buckets Carboys • •Wash Bottles and Funnelsand Cylinders • Measuring Jugs, Beakers • Carboys Bottles Funnels • •Measuring Jugs, and Beakers and Cylinders • Wash Plastic Dispensing Taps • Wash Bottles and Funnels Measuring Jugs, Beakers • •Plastic Dispensing Taps and Cylinders • Measuring Jugs, Beakers and Cylinders • Plastic information pleaseDispensing contact usTaps using the details above or • Plastic Dispensing Taps

Telephone 01206 506249 Fax 01206 500180 We reserve the right to charge for any alteration to this proof which For more visit our is a departure from the original copy For more information pleasewebsite contact us using the details above or visit our For more information please contact us using the details above or visit our website For more information contact us using the details above or visit our website website


April - June 2014 09/04/2014 10:18

rint it. PDIRECTORY it. . APpripnly it t To advertise in this t e rg o F it. ly p p A section please contact et t iton. orguScott bLinda aFo


t it. ou ab 0141 567 6027

Please mention PACKAGING SCOTLAND Consistently when responding Consistently the bestininprint print the best to adverts andapply apply and forfor over over30 30years. years.

print and apply labelling palletisers

pallet stretchwrapping

 Robotic palletisers, fixed &


 Gantry style palletisers  Layer palletisers with high or low level infeed,

single or twin lane  De-palletisers with sweep or pick up  Complete bespoke system design and installation  Servicing & spare

Introducing the worlds fastest rotating arm pallet wrapper With up to 400% power prestretch Why use expensive ring machines that are high on maintenance when you can get the same output with our rotary arm machine and get the added bonus of using less film ! We also supply Semi automatic machines Rotary table machines Ring machines Complete systems Service and spare parts from stock

parts of existing machines

3 Pendleside 3 Pendleside Lomeshaye LomeshayeIndustial IndustrialEstate Estate Nelson, BB9 6RY Tel: 01282 601444 Fax: 01282 612201 Nelson,Lancs. Lancs. BB9 6RY TelEmail: Tel- +44(0)1282 +44(0)1282601444 601444 Web— Web-

Suppliers of Vericoder

01904 692333

- the only integrated print & apply verifier.

01904 692333

sealing systems

33 Pendleside Pendleside Lomeshaye IndustrialEstate Estate Lomeshaye Industial Nelson, Lancs. BB9 BB96RY 6RY Nelson, Lancs. Tel+44(0)1282 601444 Tel- +44(0)1282 601444 Email- Web—

plastic/glass packaging


shrink wrapping machinery YORKSHIRE PACKAGING SYSTEMS

SHRINK WRAPPING solutions you can TRUST since 1977 MANUAL TO FULLY AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS L Sealers Side Sealers Sleeve Sealers Shrink Tunnels Shrink Film Spares & Service Packaging Automation

For our full range of cosmetic products visit our new website

April - June 2014 0.58-62 Directory.indd 4

01924 441 355

packagingscotland > 61 09/04/2014 10:18

directory DIRECTORY shrink wrapping machinery

thermoformed packaging

ME Limited Ad 60x80 Mar2014.pdf 1 26/03/2014 09:10:19

Marden Edwards Limited, specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of a range of wrapping machines globally. C



Multi Packing Shrinkwrapping




Ultra low cost in-house tooling Energy efficient, versatile manufacturing All types of Blisters, Clamshells and Trays Bespoke packs and stock ranges Product assembly, printing, HF welding & shrinkwrapping




Thermoformed Packaging Specialist

Product Handling Paper Wrapping


Tel: 0161 442 1642

Marden Edwards Limited 2 Nimrod Way, East Dorset Trade Park, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7SH, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1202 861200 Fax: +44 (0) 1202 861400

ISO 9001 Registered Firm

International Accreditation Board

ISO 14001 Registered Firm

International Accreditation Board

Certificate No. GB2003825

Registration No. 0044/1

Certificate No. EM2000715

Registration No. 0044/1

PACKAGING SCOTLAND CLASSIFIED DIRECTORY To advertise in this section please contact Linda Scott on

0141 567 6027 vacancies

vacuum packaging

LOOKING FOR Scottish distributor wanted for large packaging machinery company based in the UK. Successful applicant will have significant experience within the packaging industry. Huge potential and support provided.

Please call Keith on 01452 854445 for more information.

62 < packagingscotland 0.58-62 Directory.indd 5

Scotland Office: Neil Mills Mobile: 07860 596656 Email: Multivac UK, Multivac House, Rivermead Drive, Swindon SN5 7UY Tel: 01793 425800 Fax: 01793 616219 Contact us for:

Traysealers, Vacuum Packing Machines, Thermoformers, Convergers, Labellers, X-Ray, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, Robotic Handling, Mixers, Grinders, Fillers, Smokers, Ovens, Film & Materials, Integrated Packaging & Processing Line Solutions for Food, Medical or Industrial Applications.

April - June 2014 09/04/2014 10:18


Keepinformed... WebFiller - PACK - Ashley.indd 1

04/04/2014 12:18

Aetna MU M-A 2014_BMH 25/02/2014 16:44 Page 1


Aetna - PACK - Ashley.indd 1

01/04/2014 11:42

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