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French Pond Orchard:  Brayden sitting in an apple box at French Pond Orchard in Henniker. This was his first visit to the orchard.  H. Hunt 19

Julia shucking the corn!  (top left)   thefairfam Silly faces!  (top middle)   NHmommyof_5_plus Jack at Newicks  (top right):  Six-month-old Jack at lunch with Great Nana. Perfect lunch on the water!  Janet Jewett ice cream on Dodge’s Porch  (bottom):  Good friends enjoying ice cream on Dodge’s porch in New Boston. A great day for it!!  Ellymcg Enjoying Watermelon  (opposite top left):  Grandchildren enjoying watermelon on the last days of summer.  Gretchen Higgins Oh what fun we have!  (opposite right):  Preschoolers having fun at Imagination’s Childcare.   tdbear An Ice Pop Moment  (opposite bottom left):  Sisters, Abbi and Beckett Gilbert, enjoying ice pops on the front porch in Belmont.  Nichole Clark Gilbert




playing in the leaves  (opposite):  After raking the leaves my son decided to jump in and play! Typical NH kid!  Gagesmom1027 Home from Kindergarten  (left):  Jackson just got home from kindergarten at Pembroke Village.  Christine Royer Grandpa’s Giant Pumpkin  (top right):  Grandpa and his grandson, Jacob, checking out the pumpkin patch before the Hillsborough County Fair.  Jim B. French Pond Orchard  (bottom right):  Brayden (6 months) enjoys his first visit to French Pond Orchard in Henniker.  H. Hunt


whatcha cookin  (left):  It was a beautiful day to take the kids to the local fishing/swimming pond in the area—Libby Pool in Gorham. The kids had a great time. There are tons of things to do and plenty of great people at Libby’s to spend it with.  ceandashleigh that’s not a newt  (top right):  My husband Adam, our 6-year-old son, and I live in the great little town of Chesterfield. We both enjoy photography, as well as spending as much time outside as we can. I am a stay-at-home mom, while my husband operates his own business here on our property. We have a great life here in Chesterfield. What a wonderful place to live.  slempel_77 Kiddos after enjoying their hot chocolate  (bottom right):  We had just come home and the kids were playing outside. I almost had them clean up their face, but decided to take the picture as it was. They really enjoyed their hot chocolate and had the chocolate lips to prove it. My son even had some on his forehead from tilting the cup as far back as he could to get the last drop!  tephywubba Looking for a prince  (opposite):  Daughter Sophie with her bullfrog.  24




Audubon Society Trails  (opposite left)    SEEUSA My boys Paolo and Joseph  (opposite top right):  Tedesco boys off to school in Hooksett in the early morning.   tina21 We Need A Nap, We Are Pooped  (opposite bottom right):  Meme and Papa took us to our favorite place today. Beans and Greens farm stand in Gilford. My cousin Charlie and myself, Skyler, love to feed the fish and play with the animals. We also like buying apples and other fruits that are good for us. Today the goats played together and one of them jumped over the fence and out. Wow was my Meme scarred. Papa he’s not afraid of anything. We had so much fun that we had to go home and take a nap.  meme56 Best Friends  (left)   Lisablue Finn wakes up  (top right):  Finn McCann when we woke up on 9/9/09 in New Hampton.  newhamptonresident fishing NH  (bottom right):  This is at Turee Pond in Bow. The kids and I took a little fishing time.  owe2much


this is the life  (top left):  This is what I look forward to each and every day of my life — being with my grandchildren. This is my grandson trying on his new hats to model them to see if he looks good. Well of course he looks good!!!  umesix Brielle and Avery  (right):  These photos are of my daughters Brielle and Avery enjoying the beautiful fall day!   mpothier mirror time  (bottom left):  My sons Ben (age 4) and Owen (age 2 months) playing with a baby mirror in our Sandown home.  Kate Bassett Winter 28

Prescott Park  (top left):  Son Robert at Prescott Park, Portsmouth. 


Julienne levitates  (right):  On September 9th, we had relatives visit from British Columbia Canada. They are on a cross country car trip from coast to coast. One prominent destination was New Hampshire. This day was especially enjoyable. We started with a walk around the conservation land in New Ipswich where my neighbor’s son saw a deer. Later we traveled to Odiorne Point after enjoying a fine seafood lunch at “Petey’s”. This is my great grandniece enjoying the ocean.  poltracknet Jumping rope  (bottom left):  Jumping rope after first day of school. 




Ab wishing she felt better  (left):  Here is our 7-year-old daughter, Abby, wishing she didn’t have a bad cold, and wishing she could go to school. She is watching out the window at the bus line outside, wishing she could be going to school herself.  marbo3 At the park  (right):  Kayla Sacks (5) from Rochester enjoying a day at the park. 



9-9-09: A Day In New Hampshire  
9-9-09: A Day In New Hampshire  

A beautiful coffee-table book from WMUR Channel 9 featuring photos submitted by the public. The book focuses on one day in New Hampshire ­ 9...