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Peddada Silver

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Distinct Metal

Peddada Design Duality and multiple fucntionality meet in a Shivaesque dance of creation, deconstruction, and reinvention that flouts conventional boundaries separating stasis and movement, literal from abstract, profound from commonplace. Reversibility and inversion are recurring themes as, for example, a vase inspired by Galileo’s telescope inverts to become an anthropomorphic serving pedestal. This seminal collection of silver accessories Or the Acrobat, holding up spheres with from Peddada, celebrates our human candles and flowers, then, reversing to a impulse to explore, transform, and tall stoic vase. renew the world. Where the Japanese Zen aesthetics searches for grace in the Some designs are destined to complement, accidental and incidental beauty -- Peddada others to command. Architectural in seeks beauty, in the deliberations of the scale, musical in composition, erotic in labyrinthine mind. Forms that reflect the their sensuality, Peddada accents possess seamless sublimation of socio-cultural an intrinsic power to carry us to another artifacts and achievements that represent sphere, with jazz like interplay of content our collective consciousness. Luxurious in context, texture, form and function silver finishes hint at the indelible heritage -- that become a focal point in any of the past, carried forth to the present, as environment, from high touch transitional everyday celebration of life. to high tech modern. All designs are passionately hand made in Italy, by 11th generation silversmiths. At the dawn of the 21st century, designer Raju Peddada’s expressionist vision challenges the orthodoxy of post-modern minimalism with a fantastic and soulful homage to western technology and the idealization of forms -- inspired by an eclectic selection of cultural artifacts and icons that range from the mythic to the mundane.

Design Patents and copyrights by Peddada, 2004. All rights reserved.

Give me the luxuries in life and I can dispense with the necessities - Oscar Wilde

Peddada Brand Nature’s highest achievement, is the capacity it gave us, to observe and create, and reflect on creation. Recognizing the universal human creative impulse that gives birth to all social and cultural change. Peddada home accents represent a quantum shift in contemporary furnishings, with design experiences that engage, tantalize, challenge and inspire the observer at an intellectual level.

The unique and paradigmatic aesthetic appeal of Peddada designs derive in large part from their configurability, which leaves the final act of creative expression to the end user. In a very real sense, no piece is finished until it finds its assigned role in the owner’s environment. As Pythagoras, Euclid and Da Vinci sought perfection in the mathematical proportions of commonplace objects and the human figure, Peddada designs explore the spiritual dimensions of technology, from antiquity to the present. Thematic designs are patented, and unique manufacturing processes are used to achieve the limited batch production of objects.

Peddada, as a brand, seeks to express and bring a chimeric melding of function and design, creating a n aesthetic paradigm never experienced before. Peddada product philosophy pursues a singularly satisfying reciprocal engagement with the observer, by inducing the individual to experience the myth, mystery and meaning At a time when technology is popularly denounced for it’s planned obsolescence of the object. of objects, Peddada isolates and celebrates only the passion and playful creativity that lifts the human spirit -- advancing the proposition that beauty lies not in the eye, but in the intellect of the beholder. This is the Peddada brand spirit!

I n v e s t

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D i v e r s i t y


An evocatively anthropomorphic neo‐ deco urn rising on a slender, tapered stem that appears to juggle four candle cup orbs. Inverted, the tapered stem becomes a stoic vase rooted by an intriguing network of rhizoid filaments. Size: 14” x 12” in high polish, 929 Sterling Silver. Handmade in Italy


An alchemical flask suspended on a tripod armature becomes a futuristic vase. Vase position adjusts to accommodate varying moods and floral stem lengths. Inverted, a domed sphere, like a spaceship, floats suspended between slender pylons that support a glass bowl. Size: 16.5” x 9‐7/8” in high polish, 929 Sterling Silver.


Inspired by the thrusters of the Saturn Rocket, nozzle like inverted scones project on three sides of the elegantly tapered vase, poised for that flight of fancy ‐ carrying a bowl‐platter. The stylized craft rotates to render itself as a space‐ age superstructure, in support of candles and flowers. Size: 12” x 10‐5/8” in matte finish, 929 Sterling Silver.


Candle stand‐vase, inspired by the mighty redwoods of California ‐ ‐ is a majestic tree of light that would fire up any romance. The inverted vase is like a tree trunk, rooted from a Banyan, that would support a glass platter. It’s a striking homage to the tree of life that pervades the creation mythology. Size: 12‐5/16” x 12‐3/4” in high polish, 929 Sterling Silver.


A metaphoric tree! As a bowl, it is a Mangrove tree with its tentacle like roots in the water. As vase it’s a tree on the land, with many branches bearing color. Every part of the object reflects onto the other, rendering it almost kinetic ‐‐ which was way is it inverted? Size: 13‐1/2” x 11‐1/2” in high polish, 929 Sterling Silver.


Delicate and fluid ‐‐ elemental forms cavort in a celestial dance of mutual attraction and rejection, as five slender tapers loft candle cups. Remove the center taper and invert to form a genetist’s model that serves as a pedestal for a bowl. Remove all metal tapers to form an molecular orb base, with a capricious cup for sweets. Size: 13” x 7‐9/16” in high polish, 929 Sterling Silver.


Futuristic pillars of luminescence! Tapering candle stems for wax-tapers create the sensation of falling meteors. Inverted, it becomes a free‐ standing sculpture, reminiscent of spinning balls on sticks, as a pedestal for a glass bowl. Stems can be unscrewed from the orbs, which can be inverted to form a quad base for a conical bowl. Size: 9” x 7‐1/2” in high polish, 929 Sterling Silver.


Something that appears to be a galactic satellite, conveying many purposes. The gyroscopic antenna from the center is a candelabra, which when removed and inverted, becomes a singular taper stand. The amphitheater like bowl also inverts to reveal a fantastic hive‐ like base for a glass bowl ‐‐ and the bottom pedestal can also be separated to form a solitary candle stand. Mixed signals or multi‐ purpose? Size: 13‐7/16” x 10‐1/8” in high polish, 929 Sterling Silver.


Dynamic and dynastic! A solitary sconce rises to echo the suggested form of a cast‐off Mongol helmet. Conical bowl base can be filled, or left empty to produce a kinetic display of spilled candle light. Inverted, it’s a pedestal for a glass bowl ‐‐ but, does it want to be inverted, is whole different matter. Size: 14‐1/4” x 12” in high polish, 929 Sterling Silver.

All Peddada designs are hand�crafted in Italy, by 11th generation silversmiths in the hills surrounding lake Como.

Passion always obliterates convention, conformity, compromise and mediocrity. -- Raju Peddada, Founder & Designer

Design Patents and copyrights by Peddada, 2004. All rights reserved.

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