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February 12, 2018



Amneet Mann / News Editor Henry Tran / Assistant News Editor


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February 12, 2018




Zach Siddiqui / Opinions Editor


February 12, 2018


Dogspotting at SFU Actual proof that the world is good Compiled and photographed by Nathaniel Tok, commentary provided by Professional Dog Experts ( The Peak staff)

Name: Isis Breed: Husky Spotted: January 8

Janis McMath: NEVER stop this, Isis. 10/10.

Gabrielle McLaren: Appropriately named after a goddess.

Yuri Zhou: Huskies are my favourite dogs, especially with those eyes.

Grace Rose: What a good frozen boof. *cues "Let It Go"*

Natasha Tar: Husky + heterochromatic eyes = <3

Henry Tran: The hidden blue in your twinkling eyes, mellow and warm yellow, that’s you <3

Name: Maisie Breed: Golden retriever Spotted: January 10 Fun fact: Her nickname is ‘Mai’

Janis: She’s perfect, she’s beautiful, she looks like Linda Evangelista . . . she’s a model. Everything about her is perfect! 10/10. Natasha: Aw. She looks like a happy doggo. I think I’ve seen her on campus before?

Name: Butter Breed: Australian shepherd Spotted: January 15 Fun fact: Butter has lived at SFU her whole life (since 2005), and she likes the trails here because there are less people. She always sticks close to her owner because of shepherd behaviour traits.

Amneet Mann: Magnificent. This dog has its shit together better than I do. 10/10 fur also. Natasha: I totally agree with Amneet. She’s a beauty. Gab: There is nothing not to like about this dog, oh my God.

Yuri: She’s so cute, like a bear. Grace: What a majestic doggo. I need her hair care routine. Henry: Butter looks so elegant and sophisticated here, especially with her posture and gaze!

Gab: Photographs like she knows that she’s going to be the cutest one on this list.

10 Arts

Jonathan Pabico Peak Associate

Alex Bloom / Arts Editor


February 12, 2018


12 Sports

Andrew Ringer / Sports Editor

SFU football takes huge step forward with strong recruitment period “We’re doing something that nobody else in the country is doing. We’re actively recruiting two countries. We’re looking for the best and the brightest on both sides of the border.” – Thomas Ford, SFU football head coach

Quarterback of the future? Justin Seiber, quarterback 6’3”, 185 lbs Last played: Kentwood High School Hometown: Covington, Washington

Meet some of the new faces for SFU football Written by Andrew Ringer, Sports Editor Layout by Gabriel Yeung, Assistant Production Editor

February 7 marked National Signing Day for National Collegiate Athletic Association football. While head coach Thomas Ford arrived relatively late, officially starting the job on January 15 this year, there are still many faces to be excited about for SFU football going forward, and many more to come. As stated by Ford in an interview with The Sports Network, SFU has already gotten 18 commitments from athletes on both sides of the border, and are hoping to add 12 more by the time the season kicks off. While there has yet to be an official release (as of Thursday, February 8), meet some of the recruits that stood out to us from the 2018 signing period.

One of the major positions that Simon Fraser was actively recruiting, it looks like SFU now has their quarterback of the future. Miles Richardson will be entering his senior season next year, and so looking towards the future made a lot of sense. Given the elite level that Seiber played at this past season at Kentwood High School, we may even be seeing some competition at the position as early as next year. Last season saw him boast a QB rating of 121.9, throwing for 299 yards per game with a .668 completion percentage. He also

threw for 36 touchdown passes and seven interceptions in 11 games played. One of the standout performances of his high school career came on September 29, 2017, where he threw for 526 yards (fourth best in Washington State’s history), four touchdowns, and zero interceptions, while getting the game-winning touchdown with 2.8 seconds left on the clock. He’s a good size for the position at 6’3”, 185 pounds, and will look to terrorize opposing defences on Burnaby Mountain for years to come.

Ward will bring a much-needed presence to the SFU defence, if his physical resume has anything to say about it. Just look at some of his physical attributes, as per Hudl:

In other words, don’t mess with this guy. The middle linebacker last played football at Sierra College in California, and has been brought to SFU on a football scholarship, just three hours north of his home in Spanaway, Washington. He should bring size and athleticism to the middle of the field, and help the SFU run defence along the way. Just don’t try to outlift him at the gym.

Photo courtesy of @JSeib16 via Twitter

Major defensive signing Shane Ward, middle linebacker 5’11”, 232 lbs Last played: Sierra College Hometown: Spanaway, Washington

40-yard dash: 4.8 Shuttle: 4.4 Bench: 370 Squat (lbs): 505 Deadlift (lbs): 495

Photo courtesy of @ShaneW253 via Twitter

Best name Tank Brewster, defensive end/ linebacker 6’2.5”, 245 lbs Last played: Mount Si High School Hometown: North Bend, Washington

You know the Wu-Tang Name Generator that everybody tried out when they were in high school? I imagine that Tank Brewster got his name after his parents took a whirl on the defensive lineman name generator. He is much more than just a name, however, and backed up the “Tank” part with a great senior season this past year. He had 55

tackles, according to Hudl, including 8.5 sacks and one forced fumble. For his efforts, he was an All-State game nominee, as well as a All-League defensive end. Brewster is also a tank in the classroom, with a 3.1 GPA.

While he will be moving to a city with the same name as the one he lived in across the border, Meadors was a strong presence on both sides of the ball for Heritage High School. His high school mixtape shows him scoring touchdowns on the offensive side of the ball, and making goal line stops on the other end. Granted, he will probably

primarily play as a wide receiver for the Clan, as he was named Second Team All League wide receiver this past season. He had 46 receptions, 729 reception yards, and eight touchdowns on offence, while making 79 tackles and grabbing three interceptions on the defensive side.

Photo courtesy of @BrewsterTank via Twitter

Most versatile Robert Meadors wide receiver/ outside linebacker 6’2”, 195 lbs Last played: Heritage High School Hometown: Vancouver, Washington Photo courtesy of @Meadors_47 via Twitter

Complete commitments (as found on Twitter): Justin Seiber QB, Shane Ward LB, Mason Glover DB, Casey Kendall DB, Robert Meadors WR/ OLB, Ethan Calapp OL, Tyler Oliver WR, Bowen McConville DL, Isaac Muckian LB, Nick Giffen DT, Thomas Bambrick DL, Michael Tupou TE/FB, Tank Brewster DL, Reace Mok RB, Lucas Sabau RB/MLB, Evan Currie WR


Andrew Ringer Sports Editor

Andrew Ringer Sports Editor

February 12, 2018


14 Humour

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Janis McMath / Humour Editor


February 12, 2018


16 Diversions

Yuri Zhou / Business Manager


Upcoming Events

Black History Month with

ASA Congo Crisis Lecture

Feb 19th Harbour Centre(1410), 5pm

Black Panther Movie Night:

Feb 20th @ Metrotown, 7:30

Black History in a Canadian Context Panel Discussion and Open Forum: Feb 24th @ Leslie & Gordon Diamond Family Auditorium, 5pm

Events to Celebrate Black History Month  
Events to Celebrate Black History Month