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Image by: The Yellow Room | More than a Scribble | Two-year-old Class | Oil pastel on paper

DEAR FAMILIES, One of the strongest values of the Preschool is professional development of the faculty. Researched based continuing education is key to providing the best educators for our children. The Preschool participates in study tours to Reggio Emilia for a first-hand look at their stellar early childhood programs and to learn directly from their pedagogical practices. During these study tours, big ideas are explored through presentations, school visits, dialogue with staff, and reflection on the experience. Additionally, the Preschool continues the learning of the study tour by “bringing it home� with further work around this rich professional development opportunity. In November, several members of the Preschool staff will offer a presentation at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in Washington, DC. This conference provides an opportunity to be in dialogue with early childhood educators from all over the world with the shared goal of the highest quality of education for our children.


Calendar NOVEMBER 1



T/Th Parent/Teacher Converstations, NO SCHOOL for T/Th Classes

Inlusion Forum, 12:30 p.m., Studio Annex

Parents’ Council Meeting, 9:20 a.m., Studio Annex



19- 23

Prospective Parent Tour, 9:30 a.m., Lobby of the Family Commons

Thanksgiving Holiday No School



Parent/Teacher Converstations, NO SCHOOL for ALL Classes

DECEMBER 5-6 Toy Drive

6 Prospective Parent Tour, 9:30 a.m., Lobby of the Family Commons


Chapel Service, 9:20 a.m., Sanctuary, MWF Pre-K, M-F and MWF Three-year-old Classes

18 Chapel Service, 9:20 a.m., Sanctuary, Five/Six and M-F Pre-K

Last week of After School Enrichment and Extended Stay for Pre-K and Five/Six

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Christmas Holiday No School

JANUARY 7 School resumes. After School Enrichment begins

From Parents’ Council: Hello Parents! We hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year with your family. We know how busy and exciting the Fall can be with little ones. Parents’ Council has also been busy this Fall with the Parent Parties, the second Annual Peachtree Pumpkin Patch, and the Stroller K. The community we have at Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool is just the best! Thanks to all who were involved in these wonderful events; we simply could not put on such fun activities without the help of our Peachtree parents. Thank you also to Trenton Chasteen for organizing the individual picture sessions for the children. Photographs should be available around Thanksgiving with time for re-orders for Christmas. I also want to thank our Outreach Committee, Amy Clayton and Greta Schuler, for organizing the food drive for Buckhead Christian Ministries. It’s always important to remember to give back to our community. Throughout the school year, the Preschool holds Prospective Parent Tours which are led by the Preschool administration and parent volunteers. I encourage you to let your neighbors or friends know about these tours if they are interested in the Preschool. The tour is a great opportunity to see first hand what an amazing program we have at Peachtree! Parents’ Council is open to new ideas and faces! If you’d like to become more involved in the ‘goings on’ at Peachtree, please contact me! Best,

Alison Rubinas Parents’ Council Chair

Image by: Cameron Moore | Fall The Ivy Room, Pre-K

LEAVING THE PRESCHOOL RECAP Families have so many choices for elementary schools when they leave the Preschool that it is often difficult to know what the next best step should be. On October 10, the Preschool welcomed Fontaine Draper and Barbara Levy from Education Connections to facilitate a discussion on this important issue. Fontaine and Barbara shared tips and strategies to use as you enter into the process of leaving Peachtree. Things to think about as you begin the process: . Reflect on your goals and values. . Consider geography, lifestyle, traffic and logistical elements. . Think about finances-factor in tuition and hidden costs-even public schools have hidden costs such as foundations and fees. . Tour public and private schools. . Compare schools-listing pros/cons. . Think about your school experience and what worked for you. Think about your child and what will work best for him/her. . Keep your own counsel. . Refrain from getting caught up in what others are saying. . Consult with school administration, and one or two close friends to determine what kind of school would be a good fit for your child. In addition to the tips, the group discussed the changes to education for the 21st century and the desire to see them in the schools: . Collaborative learning . Creativity and innovation . Interdisciplinary learning . Critical thinking skills . Digital literacy . Value of play For more information visit:

Prospective Parent Tours Tours meet in the Lobby of the Family Commons at 9:30 a.m. Please invite interested friends and families to attend the tour. Upcoming Dates: Thursday, November 9 Wednesday, December 6 Thursday, January 10 Wednesday, January 23 Please contact the Preschool Office with questions. 404-842-5809

2019-2020 Priority Registration Begins Registration for the 2019-2020 school year will begin on November 1 for both current students and those who will be new to the program. Applications and the accompanying registration fee of $125 per child may be submitted online at www.peachtreepresbyterianpreschool. org/admission. Returning students and their siblings are guaranteed placement for the new school year if applications are received by noon on January 11, 2019. For new families, admission priorities are as follows: *active members of Peachtree Presbyterian Church *families from the community For those applying by January 11, 2019, enrollment status will be conveyed via email and via by letter on or before February 1, 2019. After January 11, 2019, admission will continue on a space available basis.

Teacher Appreciation The Teacher Appreciation Committee treated the teachers to a wonderful Fall array of soups, salads and delicious desserts. Thank you to Sabrina Brautigan, Laura Cheek, Jennifer Little, Whitney Manning, Susan McArthur, Ashley Reinhardt, Allison Russell, Elise Tiernan, Erin Thomas, Katie Veal, and Sally Williams for your warm hospitality and a wonderful meal!

Teacher Spotlight

NOVEMBER BLESSING Thank you God for all that grows, Thank you for the sky’s rainbows,Thank you for the stars that shine, Thank you for these friends of mine, Thank you for the moon and sun, Thank you God for all you’ve done! Amen

Image below September Chapel

This month we are spotlighting Kate Wright. This is Kate’s fourth year as a teacher at Peachtree. Birthplace: Atlanta, GA Education: B.S.Ed from the University of Georgia. I majored in Special Education with a certificate in Early Childhood. Personal: My husband David (of eight years this November) and I have two children, Mackie (3) and Hank (18 months), as well as one on the way, due in April. I feel so blessed to be able to go to school with my children every day. We also have a wild and crazy Brittany Spaniel named Ernest. This is my forth year teaching at Peachtree. Before working here, I taught second grade in Athens for three years (while David was in law school). I also taught K and first grade children with special needs at Sope Creek Elementary for three years after graduating college. Peachtree feels like home, and I look forward to many years ahead at this wonderful school! Claim to Fame: I attended Peachtree as a preschooler! Favorite Quote: “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” - Lamentations 3:22-23

ARTIST MARKET CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Join the Artist Market at Peachtree Family Festival on May 4, 2019, 10am-2pm! If you are interested in signing up for a booth, register today to secure your spot and submit three to five images of the artwork and the price range to Elizabeth Abshire at Booths are a limited, and we will strive to have a variety of artwork. Deadline for art submission is March 1. The booth fee is $100 (two tables are included). Artists are expected to be present for duration of event and are responsible for taking their own payments. Please share this information with any talented Peachtree artists or craftsmen.

“Where in the Clouds” BLOSSOM CLASSROOM

Young children often notice what adults take for granted. Subjects that children notice can become the focus for drawing and topics of conversation. Recently, the children in the Blossom Room, a threeyear-old classroom, brought to their teacher’s attention the clouds in the sky, and the teachers seized the opportunity to build upon that interest. Drawing offers children an opportunity to communicate stories in a comfortable manner. Drawing is one way children communicate ideas, work on pragmatics of story (characters, setting, order, drama) which are important literacy foundation skills. The children have been interested in the sky and have had many discussions about what is in the sky (i.e., clouds, birds, airplanes, jets, etc). We read Little Cloud by Eric Carle which supported the discussion. Here are some of the children’s conversations from the past weeks. “Where are the clouds?” asked Merritt. “Maybe they are hiding from us or they may be gone home,” said Annabel. “They may be afraid of us,” said Leyla. “The clouds are not scary, they are nice silly. They are white and blue,” Heston reminded her. Miss Courtney asks, “Have you ever been up in the sky?” Merritt says, “I’ve been up in the sky in an airplane!” Leopold adds, “My daddy flies in the sky to his office and maybe we can go up in the sky on birds wings.” The children continued to look up in to the sky and Annabel asked,

“What else can go in the sky? I know helicopters, spaceships, and birds can go in the sky but it needs wings to go in the sky. If it doesn’t have wings you can’t be in the butterflies have wings!” While the small group had conversations about the sky, children sketched in sketch pads. Heston made a circle and said, “I am making a circle, and it’s a nest for the birds that go in the sky. The clouds don’t come at night. At night the trees grow bigger and bigger and get in the way so you can’t see them. In the day you can see them again.” Barnes drew lines on his sketch pad and said, “Maybe we need a ladder to get up to the sky?” This prompted some excitement, and Jane added, “Maybe it takes 200 ladders to get up to the sky?” Annabel asks, “Can you go up to the sky first; I will go too!” As we walked back to the classroom from observing the sky, Isaac said, “We can stop and say hi to Santa on the way up the clouds.” George replied, “I will bring a school bag, and we can put snacks in it for the trip!” Reading stories, telling stories and having conversations fosters all aspects of language development: vocabulary, complexity of language, syntax, grammar, pragmatics, and general knowledge building. In addition, it gives us a glimpse into children’s thinking about the possibilities they see every day!

Parents’ Corner KELLI FRANCIS

I will never forget her words: “Mom, how are YOU doing?” Just over a year ago, I was standing in my daughter’s first classroom at Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool. It was the introductory visit at the start of school each year, and my daughter’s anxiety level soared as it dawned on her that a major change was upon us - a new school. As she cried and screamed, I went blank somewhere inside. It is often difficult for me to understand the experience of raising a child with Autism – mysterious, winding journey that it is – let alone figure out what to convey outwardly. I felt my sense of anxiety envelop my face. And then that fellow mom appeared next to me to ask how I was holding up. It is one of the nicest moments I’ve experienced as a parent – but to my dismay, I can’t remember who that mom was or what I said to her in return. In a new school and a room full of new faces, brimming with the sounds of my child’s protests, I flattened out and focused on how to calm my daughter down.

In the months that followed, a few fellow moms felt comfortable approaching me to ask about Kate. Does she have a diagnosis? (Yes). Does she receive therapy? (Oh, yes). Does she speak? (Yes, some). Those brief moments in which another mom goes out of her way to connect mean so much to me. Parenting, I think, can be an isolating experience, one that sends each of us running in multiple directions all the time, using every minute to cover the daily array of needs for our growing families.

But that five-word question, and the warmth behind it, continues to stay with me. I wish I’d given something back to that mom that day; I wish that my face had lit up with a warm and simple thank you! And I hope that I’m able to spread some kindness to other overwhelmed, half-numb parents. because if I’ve learned one thing from being that mom, it’s that we should never walk this winding road alone.

Outdoor Classroom donation items The Outdoor Classroom donation items needed: feathers, seed pods, wood cookies, “pretty rocks”, moss, large dead bugs like cicadas, sharks teeth, interesting bark, metal spoons and fascinating nature items. Please send any items in a bag that says Outdoor Classroom, to be collected. Thanks for your help!

Professional Development

“Bring your work back to the workshop twenty times. Polish it continuously, and polish it again.” NICOLAS BOILEAU, FRENCH POET 1636-1711

Because we believe that ongoing professional development is both the right and the duty of each educator and the entire Preschool staff, we participated in several professional growth opportunities since the beginning of the school year. At the end of September, the Preschool staff made the trek to Greenville, SC, to join colleagues of Project Infinity in a day devoted to the topic of “Listening as a Premise for Every Learning Relationship”. Videos from Reggio Emilia, Italy, and presentations from the other schools served as the framework for study and discussion. Forecasting for the future of Project Infinity and touring First Baptist Day School was included in the day. In October, we continued the “Art of Teaching Series”, a professional development small group learning session focused on current topics in

education. This month the topic was the art of listening in an inclusive classroom. These small group sessions offer educators the time to engage in reflective practice. Visits to local elementary schools build understanding of the local community. The following schools have been toured this year by Preschool educators: Pace Academy, The Lovett School, Saint Martin’s Episcopal School, The Galloway School, Atlanta International School, Garden Hills Elementary School, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, and The Atlanta Speech School. Through professional development, the faculty continues to evolve as educators and to build understanding and awareness of early childhood education and grow in competencies as teachers.

Book Review Scott Gross, Five/Six Teacher

Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children BY: ROBERTA M. GOLINKOFF & KATHY HIRSH-PASEK

Becoming Brilliant is a fantastic read. I think every educator of young children should have this on their bookshelves. It is well organized and evidence-based. Becoming Brilliant offers educators and parents a realistic picture of public education in the United States. In addition, this book offers a powerful reminder that we are raising our children and teaching our students to be a future workforce that will require tremendous social and emotional skills. The

authors identify research-based practical activities to help children reach more advanced stages across six different skill sets: collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creative innovation, and confidence. The value of play is identified as a great opportunity for children to experience various stages of these skill sets as well as a chance to function in a democracy. Overall, I recommend this book to everyone.

Halloween Parades 2018

Stroller K 2018! The skies were gray and the air was cool, but that did not dissuade the Project Infinity teachers, administrators, children, families and the local community from coming out to support and participate in the second annual Inspired Practices Stroller-K. The local Fit4Moms group warmed up the participants as they assembled on the track at Riverside Park in Roswell. Children and families tackled the racecourse along the Chattahoochee river in many ways. Children in strollers, on shoulders, on bikes, on scooters, and participating as runners, completed the course with great determination and satisfaction. We are thankful to all who helped with this event and would like to recognize the sponsors: Bitsy’s , Kill Cliff, Chick-fil-A, Publix, and Fit4Moms. Together we worked to bring visibility to the beauty of childhood and had a great race too!

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November 2018 Newsletter  

November 2018 Newsletter