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Image by: The Woodlands Room | Silhouettes | Pre-K class | Mixed media on paper

DEAR FAMILIES, One of the strongest values of the Preschool is the faculty. When the Preschool was founded in 1959 by Mrs. Helen Shaw, the mission was to provide an early childhood program of the highest quality with the highest professional standards. The mission remains the same today. The Preschool has a co-teaching model and a collaborative style of working to plan and execute the work in the classroom. In about 75% of the classrooms, there is an inclusion teacher. Research shows that co-teachers provide a stronger and more consistent early childhood experience. The team collaborates two hours weekly on planning and projecting the classroom experiences. Everyone on staff at Peachtree is required to have 25 hours annually of professional learning - considerably above the state mandated standard of 10 hours. Continued professional learning improves the knowledge and skills of the teachers as well as keeps the faculty abreast of current educational research.


Calendar DECEMBER 5-6 Toy Drive

6 Prospective Parent Tour, 9:30 a.m., Lobby of the Family Commons




Last week of Session One After School Enrichment and extended stay for Pre-K and Five/Six

Chapel Service, 9:20 a.m., Sanctuary, Five/Six and M-F Pre-K classes

17 Chapel Service, 9:20 a.m., Sanctuary, MWF Pre-K, M-F and MWF Three-year-old Classes




School resumes. Session Two After School Enrichment begins and Extended Stay for Pre-K and Five/Six resumes

Prospective Parent Tour, 9:30 a.m., Lobby of the Family Commons



Prospective Parent Tour, 9:30 a.m., Lobby of the Family Commons

Visiting Days


Chapel Service, 9:20 a.m., Sanctuary, MWF Pre-K, M-F and MWF Three-year-old Classes

School Holiday


Christmas Holiday begins No School

Chapel Service, 9:20 a.m., Sanctuary, Five/Six and M-F Pre-K classes

30 First Aid for parents


Register at: First Aid: Wednesday, January 30 at 9:15 a.m. / Room 4303 CPR: Friday, February 1 at 9:15 a.m. / Room 4303 Childcare is available during the classes for children not in Preschool.

Image by: Georgia Barnes | Flowers | The Den Room, Pre-K Class | Pastel on paper

From Parents’ Council: Hello Parents! The Advent season is here! What a magical time of year, especially for children and families. The Parents’ Council would like to extend warmest wishes to each of you for a blessed Christmas season. We encourage each of you to participate in the Preschool’s Annual Toy Drive on December 5 and 6. This Christmas, the toys will be donated to LaAmistad, an organization supporting Latino families in our community. Thank you so much to Amy Clayton and Greta Schuler for organizing such a wonderful event. Save the date for Springtime at Peachtree on Friday, March 22 at The Foundry at Puritan Mill. This will be a Derby themed evening where we will gather to eat, drink, dance and support the amazing Inclusion Program at the Preschool! The Springtime Committee is hard at work collecting items for the silent and live auctions. Items needed include: vacation homes, gift certificates, concert tickets, airline tickets, and other unique experiences. Contact the 2019 Springtime at Peachtree co-chairs Emily Kaineg and Johanna Barnes at if you have auction items or any questions about the event. Springtime at Peachtree also needs more Sponsors—we have levels ranging from $500 $10,000, and this charitable donation will help change a child’s life forever! Please take a minute to visit the website to learn more about this amazing event. Any questions about Parents’ Council or interested in volunteering? Please contact me at I’d love to hear from you! Merry Christmas,

Alison Rubinas Parents’ Council Chair

Image by: The Den Room, Three-year-old class | Christmas Bell

TIPS FOR HOLIDAY PLANNING - WITH KIDS Stop stressing about getting everything done quickly, and involve your kids to make this December one to remember! 1. Make a list Managing time is the single biggest stress reliever when it comes to handling added pressure. 2. Create a plan of attack Put the list into action and decide in advance ways your children can help. Take advantage of times when children are at school and set appointments with yourself to knock your list out. 3. Make decorating a family affair Children love helping and especially love decorating. Show them how to space things out but give them the freedom to be creative and have fun. 4. Select gifts for others together Children may have suggestions of meaningful gifts, rather than pricey ones. Let them help with the process. 5. Let kids be crafty Crafts can keep your children busy while you accomplish other holiday tasks. Plus, some crafts can be useful like homemade wrapping paper or napkin rings. 6. Give little jobs to little hands Envelope stuffing, stamp sticking, setting the table are a few examples of jobs young children love to do.

Prospective Parent Tours Tours meet in the Lobby of the Family Commons at 9:30 a.m. Please invite interested friends and families to attend the tour. Upcoming Dates: Wednesday, December 6 Thursday, January 10 Wednesday, January 23 Tuesday, February 5 Thursday, February 21 Please contact the Preschool Office with questions. 404-842-5809

2019-2020 Priority Registration Registration for the 2019-2020 school year is underway for both current students and those who will be new to the program. Applications and the accompanying registration fee of $125 per child may be submitted online at Returning students and their siblings are guaranteed placement for the new school year if applications are received by noon on January 11, 2019. For new families, admission priorities are as follows: *active members of Peachtree Presbyterian Church *families from the community For those applying by January 11, 2019, enrollment status will be conveyed via email and letter on or before February 1, 2019. After January 11, 2019, admission will continue on a space available basis.

Teacher Appreciation Chef Richard Bradford, Executive Chef and Owner of True Fare and RSB Foods (and also a Preschool parent), delighted the staff with a wonderfully prepared lunch complete with smoked steelhead trout, assorted salads, herb roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables. The staff greatly appreciates Chef Richard as well as the Teacher Appreciation Committee Chairs Susan McArthur and Kristen Nelson for this treat! For more information on how you too can enjoy Chef Richard’s meals delivered to your home:

Teacher Spotlight

DECEMBER BLESSING Gentle Jesus born this day In a manger filled with hay. We your Christmas children be Help us now your love to see. Gentle Jesus, come today Be our Shepherd, Lord we pray. Gentle Jesus, come this hour Fill us with your love and power. You fell asleep in Mary’s arm God kept you safe from all alarm. Gentle Jesus, come today Be our Shepherd now we pray. Amen

This month we are spotlighting the Preschool’s new music educator, Libby Nation. Birthplace: Baton Rouge, LA Education: Georgia State University - Piano Performance, Music Recording Technology

Douglas Raymond Image below: November Chapel

Personal: I am a doting aunt to a precious four year old, Lauren, who calls me “my BB”. I perform in a bluegrass band with my family, The Chuck Nation Band. We have performed throughout the U.S. and internationally, including Carnegie Hall, Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, and most recently Inner Mongolia and China. Next summer, we have performance tours scheduled for Argentina and China. I have been a music educator in Atlanta for over 10 years, specializing in one-on-one instruction for piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, and singing. I have taught private music lessons to a full schedule of 50+ students weekly at Eclectic Music in Atlanta for over 7 years. I have also been very active at Eclectic Music as a summer music workshop leader/trainer/teacher and a curriculum contributor/developer. Claim to Fame: Family and music Favorite Quote: Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”

VISITING DAYS Thursday, January 24 and Friday, January 25 Children in the Three-year-old, Pre-K and Five/Six classes invite grandparents and special adults to participate in the daily life of the classroom during Visiting Days. Specific times will be communicated via classroom teachers. Thursday, January 24 Amstutz, Klitenic and Myers Arberg, Sewell and Somodean Beacham and Kirtland Bohntinsky, Gross, Purcell and Traynellis Justice, Williams and Wright Owens, Wells and Young Pope, Rhodes and Smith

Friday, January 25 Barnhart, Olivier and Quintana Bell, Fleetwood and Montana Bomar, Burke and Rackley Carroll, Leete and Sarajian Farr, Legg and Parker Fiveash and Lindler Hatfield, Rothschild and Underwood

Peace in the Classroom MOSAIC CLASSROOM

The concept of peace carries so much weight and depth and certainly something we all want and need in our lives. It sustains us, gives us hope, guides our actions and lightens our hearts. The children in the Moasic Room where asked, “What do you know about peace?” “Peace is when you’re thinking about something.” “Peace is just quiet.” “Peace is for thinking.” “Peace is being quiet, sitting and waiting.” “Jesus and God are peace. Everyone who likes them have inner peace.” “Peace is like love and love is like peace. It’s in your heart. It’s your love that is peace.” “Love is your heart and that’s how you get peace.”

“Peace is trying to be a little bit bad and a little bit good; like when you make mistakes.” “Peace is like your own space to someone else. There’s also underground peace. It’s like coal waiting for the miners.” “Peace is like when you’re waiting for someone to pick you up from school.” “It is quiet and we pray for God.” “God made everyone have different ways. God can change us with his magical things.” “Some people like peace alone and some people like peace with somebody.”

“You are born with peace.” “So if a friend is with you and you want peace for a little while and the friend doesn’t give you peace, then you go off somewhere where you can get peace.” “We can share quiet peace together. Peace is a happy thing.” “It makes me feel better.” “Peace is love. We need the world to be a little quieter and peace brings that. Sometimes you can share love and they can get peace. Peace can be inside and outside of your heart.” “You never forget peace. It’s in my heart.” “Peace is in my brain and heart.” “Peace is like loving your parents.” “Peace is kind to the whole world.” “ To show peace you need to share the quiet.”

Parents’ Corner KELLI FRANCIS

A few years ago, my parents showed up for Christmas with a few spools of holiday ribbon that featured the word JOY repeatedly. They wanted to wrap my tree in the ribbon, they said, because it reminded them of my daughter. They said that she radiates joy, and that she is “the heart of our family.” It’s the thing that people comment on the most, when it comes to Kate — they’re struck by how happy she is. I agree that it’s remarkable. Every day, my daughter works harder than anyone I’ve ever known. There’s not much that she can count on about how her mind and body work — due to her Autism, even skills she has down pat can vanish into thin air. As I write this, she is in the grips of a speech and language regression so severe that all of her expressive language — every single word she’d been able to say to that point — disappeared from her verbal repertoire eight weeks ago, on an average, uneventful Friday. While her team and I put her through a battery of tests and race to regroup and rebuild, she presses on. The truth is that Kate is living a big and exuberant life despite that little body she can’t count on. She pushes and loads a mini grocery cart, looking like 4 going on 40, exclaiming “HA!” throughout the store. She dances with abandon whenever she hears a song she likes — no matter where she is. She gives me a punishing look, in which she squints

and flutters her eyes mid-squint, when I’ve done or said something she dislikes. She hums Christmas songs in July. And she sings with the most exquisite passion. Most people will never know the Kate that I do because when we’re out, she’s occupied navigating the busy, noisy, unpredictable world around her. And most people will never spot the version of me that Kate knows in private moments: madly in love with her, silly, alive. What most people detect is our struggle. But Kate has taught me that life can be lived boldly and beautifully no matter what our struggles may be. So as another year winds down, my wish for all of us is that we choose, as Kate has, a big, exuberant life.

SUSTAINABILITY How to have a “GREEN” Christmas Reuse or recycle gift packing materials.

Bubble wrap can be stored for reuse or recycled. Since foam packing chips are not as easily recycled, if you do not plan to reuse them, take the chips to a shipping center who will accept it for their own use. Cardboard boxes should be opened flat and set out for recycling; storing and reusing these boxes is even more environmentally friendly and cost effective. Save any special gift wrap, ribbons and bows.

When unwrapping large gifts, save the paper for reuse; it can often be cut down for smaller presents. Ribbons and bows are easy to save and reuse. Recycle old electronics.

New flat-screen computer monitors, laptops, cameras, cell phones and other electronic items are common holiday gifts. Older models being replaced are usually still in working order and should not be discarded to a landfill. Visit: www.livethrive. org/charm for locations accepting hard-to-recycle items. Christmas trees can be recycled too.

Live trees that have been cut are a useful material for composting. Look for tree drop-off locations in your neighborhood. Artificial trees in need of replacement can also be recycled.



To donate online, visit: or place a check in your childs schoolbag.


“Bring your work back to the workshop twenty times. Polish it continuously, and polish it again.” NICOLAS BOILEAU, FRENCH POET 1636-1711

Educators from the Preschool participated in professional development at the national level by attending the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) pre-conference sessions at St. John’s Preschool in Georgetown and the Annual NAEYC conference in Washington, DC. Jane Montgomery, Patty Randall, Khadijah Tilgner, and Grant Troutman focused on topics such as Reggio-inspired work, leadership, rough and tumble play, child development, childhood illnesses, inclusion, and spirituality. In addition to attending the conference, the Preschool educators gave a presentation on educator dispositions. Our professional development aims at building understanding of the meanings and methods of education and the specific competencies of the various professional roles. One of the highlights was hearing from leaders in their fields, Lella Gandini (Reggio Emilia, Italy), Joanne Rogers (Fred Roger’s wife) and Nicholas Ma (producer “Won’t you be my neighbor?”).


Sunday, February 10

The Preschool staff is busy designing sets and rehearsing original and classic tales for an afternoon that is sure to delight. Inspired by Reggioanarra, a storytelling tradition from Reggio Emilia, Italy, the staff is working to stretch their creative boundaries to evolve as storytellers. The event is afternoon is free and open to the community. Anyone that would like to participate as a storyteller can contact Patty Randall (

for an afternoon dedicated to classic tales told in the oral tradition.

Afternoon of Stories February 10, 2019

4:00-5:30pm  The Preschool The Welcome Center


Discover DREAM




The Preschool will offer the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) class for families in January. This approach is about celebrating the greatness in children and avoiding making children conform to a set of expectations, which causes undue frustration for adults and children. One of the foundational elements of the approach is to avoid energizing undesired behavior while still holding the child accountable.

The Nurtured Heart Approach is a relationship-focused methodology, founded strategically in “The 3 Stands” for helping children (and adults) build their inner wealth and use their intensity in successful ways. The Nurtured Heart Approach is a powerful tool for awakening the inherent greatness in all children while facilitating parenting and classroom success. Dates: January 10 January 17 February 7

February 14 February 21 February 28

Class time: 9:15 a.m. Location: Studio Annex Duration: 1 hour Register:

AFTERNOON STORYTIME CREATE The Preschool offers afterschool opportunities, staffed by Peachtree faculty, for children ages 2-6. Pickup is at 1:15 p.m. in the Family Commons carpool line.


Session Two: Week of January 7 Week of May 13




“Some bugs fly and some bugs walk. Some bugs have different colors” - Max

“A bug flies and sometimes it has a little cover. Like their wings can cover them from the rain so that they don’t get wet. A ladybug has a cover. The cover is like an umbrella.”- Cameron

I know what nocturnal means. It means they sleep during the day and are awake during the night.” - Campbell

“Some bugs can take your food when you’re eating outside.” - Mary Elliot

“Some (insects) can sting. Sometimes they get mad at you if you mess with them. Sting bugs live in beehives.”Cameron

“The leaf house is his house.” - Alexander The Ivy Room, Pre-K

Sunday, December 15

Monday, December 24:

Christmas POPS Concert 7:00 p.m., Sanctuary

Young Families Service 10:00 a.m., Sanctuary

The Peachtree Music Ministry celebrates the Christmas season with choirs, organ, bells, piano, and orchestra featuring many special guests: Featuring: - The Peachtree Chancel Choir - The Peachtree Chamber Chorale - The Peachtree Chancel Bells With special guests: - Milton High School Chorus (Drew Bowers, director) - Indra Thomas, Soprano - The Vega String Quartet After the concert, be our guests for a “Homemade Sweets and Treats” reception hosted by our own Presbyterian Women in the Williams Center. The concert is free and open to the public; nursery is available for children 4 and under.

Sunday, December 9 A service of Lessons and Carols 4:00 p.m. - Kellett Chapel

Our Middle and High School musicians, along with scripture readers from the 2018 Confirmation Class, present a beautiful service of Lessons and Carols for Christmas in the intimate space of Kellett Chapel, which will include congregational candlelighting. This will be a very special opportunity to celebrate the Christmas season with Peachtree’s students. Featuring: - Peachtree Youth Choir and soloists - Peachtree Bell Choir - Student Instrumentalists

Sunday, December 23: Family Christmas Pagent 5:00 p.m., Sanctuary

Experience the story of Christmas. Hear the great story of Jesus’ birth. Join with the angels, shepherds and wise men as we worship the Christ child through song, word and a special candle lighting experience. Visit the nativity animals on the front lawn before or after the service.

Join us for this interactive service for families of toddlers and young preschoolers. This delightful telling of Christmas will capture hearts of children and parents alike. Sing your favorite carols and experience God’s story in a fresh way. Visit the nativity animals on the front lawn before or after the service. Communion Service 12:00 p.m., Kellett Chapel

Come and adore Him through instrumental music, the singing of familiar carols and Christmas communion. Traditional Candlelight Service 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., Sanctuary

The majesty of music and the message of Jesus’ birth fill these candlelight services. The Chancel Choir, accompanied by orchestra, leads us in our celebration on this Holy Night. Childcare for infants through preschoolers is provided during services in The Nest, Peachtree’s nursery, until 9:00 p.m. Visit http://www.peachtreechurch. org/connect/nest for more details.

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December 2018 Newsletter  

December 2018 Newsletter