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Message from the Executive Director

With the support and commitment of our members, Board of Directors and knowledgeable staff, the Merchants Exchange continues to serve our members and the maritime transportation industry with our mission, “To be the leading provider of information and related services to all stakeholders of the Pacific Northwest intermodal transportation system and to support related business interests for domestic and foreign commerce.” I am pleased to present the Merchants Exchange 2015 Annual Report. This report provides us the opportunity to recognize our members, client associations, Board of Directors and the endeavors of the Merchants Exchange staff. Furthermore, the Annual Report allows us to showcase our services and Five-Year Strategic Plan initiatives. 2015 was a very busy year at the Merchants Exchange! Some highlights of our year include: ▪▪

Welcomed a new association client to our association services group in January: Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee.


Wrapped up the 2010–2014 Five-Year Strategic Plan initiatives and held a Strategic Planning Workshop in January to start the process for the next Five-Year Strategic Plan.


Hosted the Maritime Information Services of North America (MISNA) Annual Meeting in October, bringing together the Executive Directors and operational and technical staff from the twelve member Exchange organizations.


Launched Shipping 101 - an educational seminar in October, realizing the educational component of the 2010-2014 Strategic Plan.

January 2015 marked the end of our 2010 Five-Year Strategic Plan and the beginning of the next five-year cycle 2015-2019. Our Strategic Planning process for 2015-2019 was initiated with surveys to members, associations and staff followed by a Strategic Planning Workshop. The workshop highlighted the achievements of the 2010–2014 Strategic Plan and built on our successes with a work session facilitated by Barbara Karmel of The Reed Company. Barbara led the Merchants Exchange through the Strategic Planning process in 2010. One of the ten 2010-2014 Strategic Plan items was to develop educational programs to meet the needs of our members and regional stakeholders. Acting through our Technical & Business Development Committee, we formed a working group of industry experts who identified an extensive list of potential educational offerings. The culmination of our research and outreach was the development of Shipping 101, a one-day educational seminar, which launched October 22, 2015. The success of the seminar has reconfirmed the commitment of the Merchants Exchange to strengthening our educational offerings to the industry. I am very pleased with the direction the Merchants Exchange is going, and all that we have accomplished – we continue attaining our goals and objectives, all which ensure sustainability of the Merchants Exchange, and our ability to continue to serve you, our members, in 2016. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Liz Wainwright Executive Director Merchants Exchange of Portland All photo credits (cover and interior) to Jim Horne, Columbia River Pilots unless otherwise noted.


Merchants Exchange of Portland

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Staff Contacts Staff Name



Bekah Canfield________________________(503) 220-2097_____________________ Carl Boelter___________________________(503) 220-2089_____________________ Chann Noun__________________________(503) 220-2041_____________________ Curtis Cannizzaro _____________________(503) 220-2084_____________________ Elizabeth Wainwright __________________(503) 220-2091_____________________ Ernie Quesada_________________________(503) 220-2087_____________________ Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle_______________(503) 228-4361_____________________ Hannah Zaayer________________________(503) 220-2092_____________________ Holly Robinson________________________(503) 220-2099_____________________ Jim Harrison__________________________(503) 220-2094_____________________ John Cordasco ________________________(503) 228-4361_____________________ Katrina Dahlke________________________(503) 220-2098_____________________ Margerie Sedam_______________________(503) 220-2093_____________________ Michael Moreno_______________________(503) 220-2095_____________________ Rindy Primeau________________________(503) 228-4361_____________________ Robin Wright__________________________(503) 220-2088_____________________ Samantha Steerman____________________(503) 228-4361_____________________ Sue Blomgren__________________________(503) 220-2043_____________________ Thomas Semrau________________________(503) 220-4361_____________________

2015 Annual Report


Heritage of Service - Celebrating 136 Years

In 1879, Boss Shenck’s Saloon, on the Portland waterfront, was an early gathering place for the maritime trade. News of ship arrivals was posted by patrons, and the establishment became the birthplace of the Merchants Exchange of Portland, Oregon. Since that time, the Merchants Exchange has grown and expanded in order to keep pace with the ever-changing maritime trade needs and advancing technology. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Merchants Exchange is an integral part of the maritime industry, providing the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers’ maritime and harbor communities with valuable information and services. Today, members of the Merchants Exchange include, but are not limited to: steamship operators; admiralty attorneys; customs brokers; tug and barge companies; freight forwarders; stevedores; ship repair services, and port authorities. In addition to providing 24 hour vessel intelligence, answering service and cargo and vessel statistics, the Merchants Exchange also provides extensive association management services. Through its association management, the Merchants Exchange has brought together a diverse group of organizations, and has promoted and enhanced the common business interest of the maritime community. The Merchants Exchange also has a long history of involvement in the grain industry. In 1914, the Merchants Exchange established the region’s first official market for trading wheat and created the Portland Grain Exchange, which became the Merchants Exchange’s first client association. Since that time, the Merchants Exchange has worked to meet the services and needs of its members and expanded its services to support the client associations that enter into a Merchants Exchange Association Service Agreement. These client associations look to the Merchants Exchange for accounting, administrative and management services, association history and guidance for their ongoing success. A complete list of client associations can be found on page 17. The Merchants Exchange continues to seek opportunities to serve its members and the maritime community as needs and government regulations change.

Membership Board of Directors Executive Director Exchange Staff


Merchants Exchange of Portland

Exchange Organization Executive Director Liz Wainwright

Accounting Department Controller: Chann Noun Accounting Specialist & Grants Administrator: Michael Moreno

Administrative & Communications Center Communications & Administrative Services Manager: Robin Wright Communications Specialist Lead: John Cordasco Communications Specialists: Rindy Primeau, Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle, Thomas Semrau, Samantha Steerman Communications & Computer Systems Administrator: Jim Harrison Communications & Administrative Services Assistant: Katrina Dahlke Executive Administrator: Bekah Canfield

Clean River Cooperative

Association Management

Ernie Quesada, General Manager Carl Boelter, Assistant Manager Curtis Cannizzaro, Administrative Coordinator

Columbia River Custom Brokers & Forwarders Assoc.

Maritime Commerce Club

Margerie Sedam, Association Director Hannah Zaayer, Association Administrator

Merchants Exchange Scholarship Fund

Margerie Sedam, Association Administrator

Margerie Sedam, Association Director Hannah Zaayer, Association Administrator

Columbia River Shippers Association

Maritime Fire & Safety Association

Sue Blomgren, Account Representative Liz Wainwright, Independent Administrator Hannah Zaayer, Association Administrator

Liz Wainwright, Executive Director Holly Robinson, Oil Spill Contingency Program Manager Curtis Cannizzaro, Administrative & FPAAC Program Manager

Columbia River Steamship Operators Association

Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association

Kate Mickelson, Executive Director Chann Noun, Association Accounting Administrator Hannah Zaayer, Association Administrator

Margerie Sedam, Association Director

Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee

Working Waterfront Coalition Ellen Wax, Executive Director Bekah Canfield, Association Administrator

Bekah Canfield, Association Administrator

2015 Annual Report


2015 Board of Directors Term expires (listed in parenthesis) in February of the given year Randy Click (16) President ACGI Shipping Company, Inc. 801 C Street, Suite 200 Vancouver, WA 98660 (360) 735-9083; fax (360) 696-4751

Garrett Costello (16) Vice-President Columbia Grain, Inc. 1300 SW Fifth Ave., 29th Floor Portland, OR 97201 (503) 535-5617; fax (503) 241-0296

Mike Morgan (17) Treasurer Columbia Grain, Inc. 15660 North Lombard Street Portland, Oregon 97203 (503) 978-2544

Mark Jensen (18) Secretary Temco 1923 N. Heron Dr. Ridgefield, WA 98642 (253) 222-9780

Mike Schiller (16) Port of Vancouver USA 3101 Lower River Road Vancouver, WA 98660 (360) 992-1104; fax (206) 375-1565

Wayne Yim (17) Cascade Marine Agencies 511 SW 10th Ave., #1004 Portland, OR 97205 (503) 226-4023

Sebastian Degens (17) Port of Portland P.O. Box 3529 Portland, OR 97208 (503) 415-6214; fax (503) 548-5851

Frank Burg President, Clean Rivers Cooperative Owens Corning (503) 273-1465

Philip Brotherton (18) Transmarine Navigation Corporation 1610 C Street, Suite 203 Vancouver, WA 98663 360-553-3920; fax 360-553-3922 Kristin Meira (15) Pacific Northwest Waterways Association 516 SE Morrison St., Ste 1000 Portland, OR 97214 (503) 234-8551; fax (503) 234-8555 Ken Anderson (18) Shaver Transportation 4900 NW Front Ave Portland, OR 97210 (503) 228-8850


Richard Vincent President, Maritime Fire & Safety Assoc. Port of Portland P.O. Box 3529 Portland, OR 97208 (503) 415-6236; fax (503) 548-5851 Capt. Rick Gill Columbia River Pilots 13225 N Lombard Portland, OR 97203 (503) 289-9925; fax (503) 289-9955 Legal Counsel: Tyson Calvert Lindsay Hart LLP 1300 SW 5th Ave, Ste 3400 Portland, OR 97201-5640 (503) 226-7677; fax (503) 226-7697

Merchants Exchange of Portland

Role of the Board

2016 Board of Directors Nominees Agent Position: Randy Click, ACGI Shipping Grain Position: Garrett Costello, Columbia Grain Stevedore: Bart Goedhard, Ports America

The principal role of a Board member is stewardship. The directors of the Merchants Exchange are ultimately responsible for the management of the affairs of the Merchants Exchange. This requires active participation. The Board must ensure that the organization is operated for a not-for-profit purpose; it may not be operated for private benefit. Proper stewardship requires that the organization’s assets be held “in trust” to be applied to its mission. One of the most important functions of the Board of Directors is keeping the resources and efforts focused on the mission. This requires the Board to have an adequate understanding of Merchants Exchange programs, staff and resources available to achieve the organization’s goals. As a starting point, every Board member should be familiar with the organization’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Role of the Board Policy and Administrative Authority of the Executive Director. The Board fulfills its role of stewardship through Board of Director meetings and participation in Board Committees. Standing Committees include: Customs of the Port Executive & Management Finance & Budget Grain Technical & Business Development The Board is not expected to manage the day-to-day activities of the Merchants Exchange - that is the responsibility of the Executive Director. It is the Board’s responsibility to hire the Executive Director and to oversee that person’s work to see that the organization is fulfilling its mission. The Board annually reviews and assesses the Executive Director’s performance. A related function of the Board is to set the compensation of the Executive Director. The compensation should be reasonable for the services rendered and compare favorably to similarly situated executives. The Board oversees the effective use of the resources of the organization. Policies should be adopted and large transactions approved to ensure that the organization’s assets are not misapplied or wasted. The Board should ensure that the assets are invested prudently, avoiding high risk investments and employing some diversification of investments. An action plan was developed with specific action items indicating membership growth and services, employee career development, financial sustainability, and development of a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan. At the 2015 Annual Meeting, staff reported on the process of the 2010-2014 Strategic Plan, and the process began for the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan cycle.

2015 Annual Report


Membership ACGI Shipping Company, Inc.

Inchcape Shipping Services

Advanced American Constructions, Inc.

Interocean Steamship Corporation

Alexander Gow, Inc.

Intertek USA, Inc.

Anchorage Launch Service

Jones Stevedoring Company

Blue Water Shipping, Inc.

JR Simplot

British Petroleum

JT Marine Inc.

BST Associates

Kalama Export Company

Columbia River Steamship Operators’ Association

Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals

Cascade General / Vigor Industrial

Kinder Morgan Energy

Cascade Marine Agencies

Kirby Offshore Marine LLC

CHS Inc / Temco LLC

K-Line America

Columbia Grain, Inc.

LD Commodities Portland LLC

Columbia Metal Works, Inc.

Lindsay Hart, LLP

Columbia River Bar Pilots

Lineboat Launch Service Company

Columbia River Pilots

McCall Oil

Crowley Maritime Corporation

McDonald - Pelz Commodities

CVT Tanker Brokers & Associates, Inc.

Mid Columbia Producers, Inc.

Degesch America, Inc.

Millennium Bulk Terminals

Durham & Bates Agencies, Inc.

Monarch Inspection Services


National Cargo Bureau, Inc.

Executive Security Service, Inc.

North American Shipping Agencies, LLC

Foss Maritime Company

Norton Lilly International

Fred Devine Diving & Salvage Fujitrans USA, Inc. General Steamship Corporation, Ltd. Geo. S. Bush & Co. Grain Craft Great Western Malting Co. Haglund, Kelley, Horngren, Jones LLP ICTSI Oregon, Inc.


Photo: Jim Horne, Columbia River Pilots

Merchants Exchange of Portland

Membership Olympic Tug & Barge

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.

Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality

TradeWest Brokerage Company

Overseas Merchandising

Transmarine Navigation Corporation

Pacific Coast Maritime Agencies


Pacific International Maritime Medical Services

Transversal International Corporation

Pacific Maritime Association

United States Customs Service

Pacific Northwest Ship & Cargo Services (USA) Inc.

United Grain Corporation

Pacific Ship Supply, Inc.

Western Overseas Corporation

Port of Astoria

Wilhelmsen Ship Service, Inc.

Port of Kalama

Williams Frederickson, LLC

Port of Longview Port of Portland Port of Vancouver USA Portland Lines Bureau Ports America Reuters Limited San Pedro Harbor Ship Supply

Welcome to our New Members!

Sause Bros. Ocean Towing

Durham & Bates Agencies, Inc. 720 SW Washington Street, #250 Portland, OR 97205

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Seaport Marine Surveys

McCall Oil 5480 NW Front Avenue Portland, OR 97210

Shaver Transportation Company Ship to Shore Water Taxi Southport Agencies, Inc.

T. Parker Host, Inc. 365 Canal Street, Suite 2500 New Orleans, LA 70130

Stevedoring Services of America T. Parker Host, Inc. Talon Marine Services LLC

Toyota Tsusho Amercia, Inc. 1618 SW First Avenue, Suite 220 Portland, OR 97201

Terra Hydr Inc. Tesoro Maritime Company Tidal Transport & Trading USA LTD

Williams Frederickson, LLC. 1515 SW 5th Avenue, #844 Portland, OR 97201

Tidewater Barge Lines

2015 Annual Report


Progress Report Five-Year Strategic Planning On January 22, 2015, the Merchants Exchange held a Strategic Planning Workshop for members, Board of Directors and staff. This workshop marked the end of a five-year strategic planning cycle, which started in February 2010, and the beginning of the next five-year cycle. The objectives of the workshop were to report on the status of the Merchants Exchange, including changes as a result of the recently completed planning cycle, report on actual action plan results and then look forward through a collaborative process amongst members, Board of Directors and staff. Together through this process, we set the objectives for the new strategic planning cycle for 2015-2019. The 2010-2014 Strategic Plan was hugely successful thanks to careful planning, the commitment of the Board of Directors and dedication of staff. Three out of the four “A List” objectives were achieved and integrated into our regular business process. Overall, we successfully addressed 70% of the ten action plan objectives.



Top priorities for immediate action planning and analysis 1. Grow membership by 5-10 members per year through new outreach programs and other methods. 2. Conduct pricing analyses for dues and all services to support potential pricing changes with goal of covering cost +10% (to build reserves). 3. Implement staff training, career development and workflow analysis programs; continuous improvement. 4. Develop Recovery Plan to protect persons, property and data in event of natural disasters or other business interruptions.

BOLD BLACK: Integrated Action Items into daily MEX process GREEN: Ongoing / Next Priority Action Lists for 2015-2020

BLUE: Long Term Action Item – planning

Important additional priorities 5. Expand revenue opportunities through data management and marketing – example: catalog of standard reports for sale with rationale for report pricing. 6. Develop and deliver educational programs such as Shipping 101, webinars, and orientation classes, starting with modest offerings. 7. Add 2-3 "independent" board members who have knowledge of the industry sector but no direct financial interest. Make changes to the bylaws if required for this initiative – 1-year time frame.


Priorities for Later Consideration 8. Marketing to and involvement with the tourist industry to improve maritime awareness 9. Opportunities for cost saving through automation of services 10. Revisit Appendix B list of potential opportunities, annually; general board review of strategies and action plans quarterly, in a dedicated time slot. BOLD BLACK: Integrated Action Items into daily MEX process GREEN: Ongoing / Next Priority Action Lists for 2015-2020

BLUE: Long Term Action Item – planning

The 2015–2019 Strategic Plan builds on the successes of the prior plan. Through the workshop collaborative process with stakeholders, Board Members and staff, we identified our strategic direction for the next five-year cycle. The focus points below exemplify our commitment to our membership, education and organizational sustainability: ▪▪

Building awareness of the Merchants Exchange


Understanding customer needs


Launching Shipping 101 and developing an expanded educational suite


Ensuring financial sustainability


Sustaining our workforce


Augmenting technological resources


Enhancing publication capabilities

As this strategic plan progresses, we will update our members through our newsletter and periodic meetings. As we transition from one strategic plan to the next, we continue to integrate action items into our business processes. Two of the highlights for 2015 addressed the Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan and Shipping 101.


Merchants Exchange of Portland

Progress Report Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan In 2015, we continued our commitment to being prepared for disruptive emergency events; we conducted a major update of our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan based on feedback from the November 2014 Incident Management Team Exercise. Additionally, we upgraded our individual staff emergency evacuation kits and shelter in place emergency supplies. Thanks to a Port Security Grant awarded in 2014, the Merchants Exchange continues a robust exercise and updating process of the Plan. During 2015, staff worked with Ronin Security Solutions and industry partners, Columbia River Pilots, Columbia River Bar Pilots, General Steamship, Norton Lilly International, Port of Vancouver USA, and U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River to plan a multi-agency emergency communications exercise. The exercise play will take place March 10, 2016, followed by a “lessons learned� meeting open to all members on April 28, 2016.

Shipping 101 We were excited to see our commitment to providing industry education come to fruition with the launch of Shipping 101. The process started in January and was directed by the Shipping 101 Committee of member experts and staff. The seminar was held on October 22, 2015, and consisted of a full-day course, including presentations on: Columbia River History; Import and Export Facts & Commodities; River Infrastructure; Columbia River Ports & Terminals; Columbia River Treaty; Vessel Types & Classifications; Cargo Types; Key Shipping Terms & Documents; Required Parties; Potential Service Providers; Regulators, Regulation & Oversight; Safety, Environment & Security, and Industry Associations. In addition, each participant received the presentation in digital and print, supplemental resource materials and a certificate of achievement. The October course was well attended, with forty members and six non-members. In response to the popularity of the first Shipping 101 course, the next class is scheduled for March 30, 2016, in the 200 Market Building Large Conference Room. Contact to register or with questions.

Grant Administration In 2007, the Merchants Exchange was appointed as Fiduciary Agent for the DHS/FEMA Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) by the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River. The role of Fiduciary Agent afforded us the opportunity to work closely with many members as well as meet regional stakeholders. We have gained valuable experience in federal grant management and administration that has enabled the Merchants Exchange to expand this service in 2012. Staff has taken the experience learned from administering the PSGP grants and offered services to our members to support their grant application and award administration needs. In 2015, the Merchants Exchange secured $1.2 million in federal grant funds from the PSGP for the port area. These funds support efforts to build and sustain core capabilities across the PSGP mission areas of Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery, with specific focus on addressing the security needs of the port area.

Grant Awards In 2014, the Merchants Exchange was successful with its application to the DHS-FEMA for three PSGP funded projects with a performance period ending August 31, 2016. This funding enables the Merchants Exchange to accelerate identified needs which previously had no or minimal funding resource. All projects were successfully implemented in 2015 and are scheduled for completion in 2016.



Federal Contribution

Local Match Contribution

Exercise of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan




Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment & Mitigation




Port-Wide Risk Mitigation & Trade Resumption/Resiliency Plan Update



$10,000 (In-Kind, Partial Cost-Share Waiver Received)

2015 Annual Report


Communications Center

The Merchants Exchange Communications Center is the maritime information center for the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers. The Exchange operates a Communications Center that is staffed at all times with a fully-trained and knowledgeable person. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer questions, provide updates, arrange for services, assist our members with their jobs, and help visiting vessels in ensuring a trouble-free arrival and stay in port.

Marine Intelligence ▪▪

24/7 Operation - always available for our membership


Tracking vessel movements between Astoria, OR and Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA


Industry notification of ship arrivals, moves and departures


Electronic filing of required documents with the National Vessel Movement Center & Customs & Border Protection


Coordinate filing of Ballast Water Reporting Forms for Oregon & Washington


Monitoring & Response Coverage for Maritime Fire & Safety Association and Clean Rivers Cooperative

Communications ▪▪

Communication with vessels transiting the Lower Columbia River


24/7 Monitoring of VHF Channels 18-A, 16 and 11


Cell phone rentals


Marine radio to phone patches (VHF)


Notification to Government Agencies on vessel arrivals


Resource to industry events

Answering Service ▪▪

Local to worldwide connectivity


Maintain weekend duty lists for industry


Emergency notifications




Cargo statistics


Vessel activity



Merchants Exchange of Portland

Maritime Intelligence Merchants Exchange of Portland AIS Web Viewer & Reporting  Merchants Exchange of Portland AIS Web Viewer & Reporting AIS Reports: available for members of the Merchants Exchange of Portland.

AIS Viewer Features:  Zone alerts on entry and/or exit  Alerts sent to email or phone  Track vessels real-time  View historical moves

Additional Features:  Check vessel ETA  Filter vessels by type  View vessel information  Additional user logins  Manage user logins

2015 Annual Report


Year-End Statistics Top 5 Vessel Agents (vessel calls) Transmarine Navigation General Steamship Wilhelmsen Ships Service Inchcape Shipping Service ACGI Shipping

2014 2015 2014 Rank 296 160 146 117 109

323 208 145 110 99

2015 2014


1 2 4 5 7

300 200 100 0

2014 Top 5 Cargos (vessel calls) Grain Autos Petrol Barge Logs Soda Ash

2015 2014 Rank 424 191 156 106 72

469 178 213 135 80

1 3 2 4 7

2015 2014

500 400 300 200 100 0

Grain Terminals (vessel calls) Kalama Export Terminal United Grain Corp Temco Kalama EGT, LLC Columbia Export Terminal Temco Portland LD Commodities LLC

2014 2015 2014 Rank 110 100 89 78 49 25 14

155 100 5 116 96 63 0

1 3 6 2 4 5 7



175 150 125 100 75 50 25 0


Merchants Exchange of Portland

Petrol Barge


Soda Ash

2015 2014

Year-End Statistics Top 5 Ship Types (vessel calls)

2014 2015 2014 Rank

Bulk Carrier




Vehicle Carrier Barge General Cargo Tanker

190 195 73 81

179 248 99 76

3 2 6 5

2015 2014






Average Stay in Port (days) Inactive/Repair Container Carrier Bulk Carrier General Cargo Barges Tanker Vehicle Carrier Passenger/Cruise

2015 2014 46 10 8 4 3 2 1 0

Bulk Carrier

Vehicle Carrier


General Cargo


2015 2014


3 2 8 4 3 2 1 0

45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

Vessel Calls by Port

2014 2015 2014 Rank

Portland, OR Vancouver, WA Longview, WA Kalama, WA Astoria, OR

641 311 252 215 33

790 303 317 178 30

1 3 2 4 6

Rainier, OR St. Helens, OR*

12 6

12 75

8 5

*Port Westward - Clatskanie combined with Port of St. Helens

2015 2014

800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0

2015 Annual Report



Merchants Exchange of Portland




2004 31,241,581 1989




2005 29,230,035 1922




2006 30,110,471 1983




2007 33,822,325 2100




2008 37,322,336 1958




2009 29,361,827 1511




2011 37,197,830 1557




2010 37,308,542 1647

Channel Deepening Completes 2010

* Metric Tons data are total combined Import and Export amounts from Lower Columbia River Region ( ** Columbia River Channel deepening project completed ( *** Arrivals include self-propelled vessels over 300 GRT plus barges carrying petroleum and non-pertroleum products

2003 27,555,313 2002



M.T.* Cargo Vessel Arrivals***



Great Recession


2012 36,778,187 1578




Metric Tons of Cargo compared to Vessel Arrivals Metric Tons of Cargo compared to Vessel Arrivals 2003 - 2015

2013 37,630,572 1611






2014 42,839,922 1707


2015 38,406,396 1486


Vessel Arrivals***



M.T.* Cargo

Year-End Statistics




2015 Annual Report



















Columbia River Vessel Calls by Cargo Type Columbia River Vessel Calls by Cargo Type 1999 ‐ 2015 1999 - 2015

Vessel Count












Year-End Statistics


Associations Association Management for Not-For-Profit Maritime Industry Associations The Merchants Exchange has been heavily involved in Association Management for over 80 years. Today, we manage multiple organizations that are involved in maritime and/or international trade related issues. The Merchants Exchange is experienced in all management services from planning informal meetings to hosting and conducting national and international association conventions held in the Portland area. Primary services offered include: full-service accounting, administration, and event planning. Specialized Accounting Services ▪▪ ▪▪ ▪▪

Comprehensive accounting services Budget preparation General ledger & financial statement preparation

Grants Administration ▪▪

Grants Administration

Administrative Services ▪▪ ▪▪ ▪▪

Specially designed services, ranging from a la carte to comprehensive administrative and program services Manage Board and Committee meetings and all correspondence Management of historical documents

Publications ▪▪ ▪▪ ▪▪ ▪▪

Brochures & Flyers Annual / Monthly / Special Reports Industry Newsletters Industry Directories

Event Planning ▪▪ ▪▪

Event service providers On-site Coordination

C U R R E N T A S S O C I AT I O N S : Clean Rivers Cooperative, Inc. Columbia River Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc. Columbia River Shippers Association Columbia River Steamship Operators’ Association, Inc. Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee Maritime Commerce Club, Columbia River Maritime Fire & Safety Association Merchants Exchange Scholarship Fund Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association, Inc. Working Waterfront Coalition 17

Merchants Exchange of Portland

Associations Clean Rivers Cooperative, Inc. (CRC) Association President: Frank Burg Owens Corning Sales 11910 NW St. Helens Road Portland, OR 97231 (503) 273-1465 General Manager: Ernie Quesada Assistant Manager: Carl Boelter Administrative Coordinator: Curtis Cannizzaro Clean Rivers Cooperative is an oil spill response organization comprised of 23 member companies with facilities located along the Columbia and Willamette Rivers (located in both Oregon and Washington). CRC provides spill response equipment and services for its members and their facility response plans. It is also the primary Spill Response Contractor to the Maritime Fire & Safety Association Vessel Response Plan for vessels transiting the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

Columbia River Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc. (CRCB&FA) Association President: Judy Haggin J.L. Haggin & Associates Co. 1225 N.W. Murray Rd., Ste 210 Portland, OR 97229 (503) 644-0311 Association Administrator: Margerie Sedam This association was organized in 1977 to further the business and interests of the customs brokers and/or foreign freight forwarders within our area. This association is very active in providing its membership with classes, seminars on procedural updates, speeches and forums on the current demands of the shipping community. Additionally, the association maintains a forum for open dialog with various governmental agencies and for solving local problems at a local level. CRCB&FA currently has 26 full members (voting members that are employed in the business), 16 associate members (non-voting members that are involved in businesses relating to the brokerage business), and eight individual members.

2015 Annual Report


Associations Columbia River Shippers Association (CRSA) Association President: Teresa Feliu Dolan Designs 2730 NW Front Avenue Portland, OR 97210 (503) 220-0799 Account Representative: Sue Blomgren Association Administrator: Hannah Zaayer Independent Administrator: Liz Wainwright The CRSA was established in 1988. Its mission, through the combined commercial strength and influence of its members, is to maintain and improve steamship service to Portland and to ensure stable shipping rates for importing containerized cargo into the region. Services specific to this association include: ▪▪

Negotiation of annual service contracts with three steamship lines


New shipping rates negotiated and contracts amended throughout the year


Members receive individual weekly tracking reports on all booked shipments and Member assistance with steamship line service issues.

Columbia River Steamship Operators’ Association, Inc. (CRSOA) Association Executive Director: Kate Mickelson 200 SW Market Street, Suite 190 Portland, OR 97201 (503) 234-8551 Association Accounting Administrator: Chann Noun Association Administrator: Hannah Zaayer CRSOA was established in 1922. Its area of influence includes the ports and waterways serving Oregon, southern Washington, and Idaho. CRSOA consists of members representing ship owners, operators, agents, towing, bunkering and launch service along the Oregon Coast and Columbia/Willamette River Systems. The goal of the CRSOA is to facilitate trade, provide business leadership, exercise principles of environmental stewardship, serve as an industry focal point, and promote operating policies and practices that are safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.


Merchants Exchange of Portland

Associations Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee (LCRHSC) 2016 Chair: Fred Myer Port of Portland 200 SW Market Street, Suite 190 Portland, OR 97201 Association Administrator: Bekah Canfield The Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee (LCRHSC) is an open forum comprised of public and private stakeholders in Oregon and SW Washington with vital interests in assuring safe navigation to protect the environment, property and personnel on the waterways within the Lower Columbia Region. LCRHSC stakeholders accomplish the mission by adopting or developing appropriate standards and guidelines that address environmental and operational elements of maritime operations unique to the Lower Columbia Region. The LCRHSC provides an inclusive, cooperative and equitable venue for addressing waterways issues to ensure the continuation and improvement of prudent management practices for our local waterways. Throughout the process, the LCRHSC strives to ensure reliable and efficient marine transportation. The Lower Columbia Region encompasses the Columbia River and its navigable tributaries from the seaward approaches to the Columbia River Bar to Bonneville Dam.

Maritime Commerce Club, Columbia River (MCC) Association President: David Boyajian Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt 1211 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 1900 Portland, OR 97204 (503) 796-2943 Association Director: Margerie Sedam Association Administrator: Hannah Zaayer The Maritime Commerce Club, Columbia River (MCC) was created to further the interests of individuals and businesses involved in maritime trade along the Columbia and Willamette River Systems. The club provides opportunities for social networking, keeps members informed of the events shaping the maritime industry, and participates in philanthropic endeavors that strengthen our community. Created from the merger of the Portland Shipping Club and the Propeller Club, Port of the Columbia River, the Maritime Commerce Club brings together members possessing a wealth of industry knowledge and history with individuals who have the vision to keep the maritime industry moving into the future. The club will continue to sponsor events that honor those who have been invaluable to the maritime community; bring awareness to issues shaping our industry; celebrate the impact our industry has had in developing our region; and give back to our community we live in. 2015 Annual Report 20

Associations Maritime Fire & Safety Association (MFSA) Association President: Richard Vincent Port of Portland 7200 NE Airport Way Portland, OR 97218 (503) 240-2236 Executive Director: Liz Wainwright MFSA Administrative & FPAAC Program Manager: Curtis Cannizzaro Oil Spill Contingency Program Manager: Holly Robinson


Established in 1983 in the aftermath of the 1982 M/V Protector Alpha fire, the MFSA supports shipboard fire training and equipment for land-based firefighters from thirteen agencies in Oregon and Washington. In 1991, oil spill response and prevention was added to the mission of MFSA. This association coordinates shipboard fire and spill response needs between two states, fourteen cities and seven port districts along 110 miles of shipping channels. The MFSA has become a national model; the Revised Mutual Aid Agreements, signed by all participating fire agencies, enable fire agencies to assist each other in the event of a shipboard fire on the lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers while the MFSA Vessel Response Plan provides oil spill contingency planning coverage to approximately 1400 ships each year.

Merchants Exchange Scholarship Fund (MEX SF) M

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Association President: Kevin Kilpatrick ITOCHU International, Inc. 101 SW Main Street, Ste 1810 Portland, OR 97204 (503) 227-6694


la r s h i p F u n


Association Director: Margerie Sedam Association Administrator: Hannah Zaayer In December 2003, the Merchants Exchange established a new entity, The Merchants Exchange Scholarship Fund, which is the successor to the Women’s Shipping Club Scholarship Fund, established in 1981. Their goals were to provide scholarships to individuals who had made a commitment to work in the marine transportation industry and international trade. We continue the work of this fund. The scholarships are awarded to those who have demonstrated academic ability and personal qualities that will permit them to benefit from higher education. The scholarships are awarded to students seeking careers in Maritime Affairs and/or International Trade.


Merchants Exchange of Portland

Associations Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association (PNWGFA) Association President: Daniel Bahr Grain Craft 501 SE Emigrant Ave. Pendleton, OR 97801 Association Director: Margerie Sedam Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association is a non-profit organization which serves and promotes the needs of firms involved in processing, handling, and merchandising of grain, feed, seed and other agricultural commodities within the four-state region of ID, MT, OR, and WA. Members currently consist of the local grain companies and exporters, the many cooperatives and elevators up river and eastward, as well as the vendors who serve these companies (contractors, engineers, suppliers, fumigators, insurance brokers, etc.). Information services include: an annual industry directory, a bi-weekly NewsBulletin, and annual social and educational industry events, including the Warehousemen’s Pesticide Conference & Trade Show, the Southern Idaho Pesticide Conference, the Country Elevator Council meeting, and the Annual Convention.

Working Waterfront Coalition Association Executive Director: Ellen Wax 200 SW Market Street, Suite 190 Portland, OR 97201 (503) 234-8551 Association Administrator: Bekah Canfield Established in 2005, the Working Waterfront Coalition (WWC) is an organization of businesses concerned about the environmental health and economic vitality of the Portland harbor. The WWC advocates for sound public policy that promotes environmental, social and economic sustainability. Portland’s Harbor is a vital employment area; home to thousands of valuable high-wage, high-benefit jobs. The WWC, with its extensive knowledge of harbor industry needs, active industry participation and record of effective advocacy, is dedicated to working with its partners to ensure an appropriate balance between environmental concerns and the needs of river related employers. The coalition’s activities include: ▪▪

Advocating with local, state and federal officials and agencies on behalf of marine-dependent and riverrelated businesses.


Working to broaden community understanding of: the importance of the Portland Harbor as one of the most impactful employment areas in the region, and the harbor industries’ dependence on a limited land supply suitable for business needs.


Providing up-to-date information and advice to coalition members regarding developments in the public policy and regulatory arena. 2015 Annual Report


200 SW Market Street, Suite 190 Portland, Oregon 97201 23

24-Hour Communications Center - (503) 228-4361 Merchants Exchange of Portland

Merchants Exchange of Portland 2015 Annual Report  
Merchants Exchange of Portland 2015 Annual Report