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The Exchange A Note from the Executive Director: Happy New Year! With the backing of our members, commitment of our Board of Directors and the knowledge and dedication of the staff, the Merchants Exchange continues to serve our members and the maritime transportation industry with our mission

“To be the leading provider of information and related services to all stakeholders of the Pacific Northwest intermodal transportation system and to support related business interests for domestic and foreign commerce.” The Exchange shares the work being done by staff and the direction we are going, as well as reports from industry stakeholders that we hope our membership will enjoy! We look forward to each opportunity to continue to serve our members in 2018 and beyond. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Liz Wainwright Executive Director Merchants Exchange

Note from the Editor This edition of The Exchange is all about Marine Exchanges and the essential part they play in the infrastructure of our maritime community. I would like to thank MISNA for their invaluable input and resources when creating content for this edition.

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Merchants Exchange Board of Directors


Merchants Exchange Annual Meeting

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Merchants Exchange Grain Committee Golf Tournament From the MFSA Executive Director


Marine Exchanges: Essential Maritime Institutions


Port Reports


Association Updates

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Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

Cover Photo Courtesy of: Jim Horne, Columbia River Pilots All Rights Reserved.

Merchants Exchange Board of Directors Mark Jensen (2018) President TEMCO

Bart Goedhard (2019) Ports America

Ken Anderson (2018) Vice President Shaver Transportation Company

Carl Bertapelle (2020) Talon Marine Services, LLC

Mike Morgan (2017) Treasurer Columbia Export Terminal, LLC Ryan Statz (2020) Secretary Columbia Grain Inc. Kristin Meira (2018) Pacific Northwest Waterways Association

Doug Lenz (Ex Officio) Board President, Clean Rivers Cooperative Columbia Pacific Bio Refinery Andrew Holbrook (Ex Officio) Board President, Maritime Fire & Safety Association Kinder Morgan Energy Partners

Chris Cummins (2019) General Steamship Corp Todd Krout (2020) Port of Vancouver USA David Nagel (2019) Cascade Marine Agencies Ltd.

Capt. Steve Dobbins (Ex Officio) Columbia River Pilots Legal Counsel: Tyson Calvert Lindsay Hart LLP

Merchants Exchange Membership Our Industry Members:

Benefits of Membership:

Our membership makes up the core of the local marine shipping community. Our members include, but are not limited to: steamship operators, admiralty attorneys, customs brokers, tug and barge companies, freight forwarders, stevedores, ship repair service facilities and port authorities.

The Exchange is a provider of vessel and cargo information. It serves as a hub for local industry education as well as association management and networking activities. Our members enjoy a direct relationship with the Merchants Exchange and its services. Each member company is able to vote for Merchants Exchange board of director nominations and is eligibile for board membership. All of our services and activities are member focused. Vessel and cargo information services that are currently offered include: • Vessel Reporting • Communication Support Service

• Vessel and Cargo Statistics • Daily Grain Bulletin • Grain Committee Membership • Answering Service • Special Reports and Services* *The Merchants Exchange caters its services to the ever-changing needs of local industry. We are constantly working to develop new ways to help our members do business. If the service you need is not listed, ask us and we can work to develop it for you.

For more information about membership, visit our website. February- March 2018

The Exchange



Merchants Exchange Annual Meeting Registration is now open! Members and Stakeholders are welcome!

The Merchants Exchange is proud to announce the recipient of the 2017 Merchants Exchange Excellence Award

Mr. Rob Rich Shaver Transportation Company

Join us at the Merchants Exchange Annual Meeting to congratulate Rob!


Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

The Merchants Exchange Grain Committee *NOTE NEW DATE!!*

33rd Annual Invitational Golf Tournament *Friday, June 8th, 2018* OGA Golf Course 1:00 pm Shotgun Start * *Stroke Play (play your own ball) 5:30 pm Buffet & Reception SEEKING SPONSORSHIPS NOW! Contact Margerie with any questions at (503) 227-0234 OGA Golf Course 2850 Hazelnut Drive Woodbum, OR 97071 (503) 981-6105

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to 22828 to get started. February- March 2018

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Merchants Exchange

SCHOLARSHIP Have you demonstrated academic achievement & have exemplary qualities in personal character?

Have you chosen Maritime Affairs or International Trade as your field of study? Are you a current student pursuing a 2-year or 4-year degree at an institution of higher education?


Have you maintained a minimum 2.5 GPA?

Merchants Exchange

APPLY FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP photo credit: port of vancouver usa

Up to $2,000 January 1st - May 31st Maritime Affairs and/or International Trade Majors Apply at

OUR SCHOLARSHIP: The mission of the Merchants Exchange Scholarship Fund is to support the educational goals of students seeking careers in Maritime Affairs and/or International Trade, in order to ensure the future prosperity of the Maritime industry. The scholarship is awarded to those who have demonstrated academic ability and possess qualities in personal character that exemplify their drive to obtain their education goals.


Admiralty Law Tug & Barge Forwarder & Broker Pilot 4

Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

Agent Port Authority Stevedore Maritime Trade Groups

FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR I’m pleased to announce the promotion of Merchants Exchange employees Holly Robinson to Maritime Fire and Safety Association General Manager and Curtis Cannizzaro to Maritime Fire and Safety Association Assistant Manager effective Monday January 29, 2018. Early in 2017 the MFSA elected board held a facilitated workshop where they thoroughly reviewed the structure and roles of MFSA staff positions. The goal of the MFSA Board was to continue its commitment to safe and environmentally responsible operations, member service, and customer care, to maximize the efficiency and functionality of MFSA and to continue to provide services costeffectively. From that workshop a new organizational structure was established. The new structure will shift some of the responsibility from the MFSA Executive Director position to these newly created positions of MFSA General Manager and Assistant Manager. These two positions will replace the two Program Manager positions currently held by Holly and Curtis, with the MFSA General Manager having primary responsibility for the oil program and the MFSA Assistant Manager overseeing the fire program. The MFSA General Manager will assume certain day-to-day operational duties of the MFSA Executive Director in a gradual transition during 2018. The General Manager and Assistant Manager will provide back-up support for each other. As you may know, I serve as the Executive Director for MFSA as well as the Exchange. This modification reduces my day-to-day responsibilities and time committed to MFSA to a more manageable level while ensuring that the requirements of the organization are met cost effectively. Please join me in congratulating Holly and Curtis! These promotions reflect their expertise, performance and commitment in support of the mission and goals of MFSA and the Exchange.

Liz Wainwright Executive Director Merchants Exchange Maritime Fire and Safety Association

The leading provider and advocate of safe, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective response services to commercial vessels in the Columbia Willamette River Marine Transportation System.

Established in 1983 in the aftermath of the 1982 M/V Protector Alpha fire,the MFSA supports shipboard fire training and equipment for land-based firefighters from thirteen (13) agencies in Oregon and Washington. In 1991, oil spill response and preparedness was added to the mission of MFSA. MFSA coordinates shipboard fire and spill response needs between two states, fourteen cities and seven port districts along 110 miles of shipping channels. The MFSA has become a national model; the Revised Mutual Aid Agreements, signed by all participating fire agencies, enable those agencies to assist each other in the event of a shipboard fire on the lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

Holly Robinson MFSA General Manager

Curtis Cannizzaro MFSA Assistant Manager February- March 2018

The Exchange


Marine Exchanges: Essential Maritime Institutions Evolving from the 1800’s, when spy glasses, messengers, and semaphores were in use, the marine exchanges of today continue a tradition of “honest brokers” of information to facilitate safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sound maritime commerce.

Serving the Port Communities The national organization of marine exchanges: “MISNA” (Marine Information Services of North America), represents the marine industry’s shared commitment to work cooperatively with regional and national stakeholders including the U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies to ensure safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally sound operations. There are 13 Exchanges, and although the names of these organizations vary—Maritime Exchanges, Marine Exchanges, Shipping Associations, Merchants Exchange—all perform similar functions. Most maritime exchanges are membership-based, non-profit trade associations. Some have existed since the 1850’s, all providing maritime information. The Merchants Exchange of Portland was founded in 1879 and will be celebrating 140 years in 2019. On behalf of its constituency, MISNA has engaged with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Office of Naval Intelligence, MARAD, NOAA, and other government agencies on a variety of projects and issues—ranging from advance and real-time vessel movement monitoring to promote safe, secure and efficient U.S. maritime commerce to emergency response. MISNA ensures that maritime intelligence information is available electronically, on a need-to-know basis—in order to streamline flow of commerce as well as to undertake trend analyses and conduct effective risk assessment and targeting. Some of the products that MISNA and MISNA members provide to their respective communities include: - Advance Vessel Schedule Information, including ETA’s and ETD’s - Actual Arrival and Departure Data - Vessel Traffic Analysis - Historical Vessel Movement - Port and Terminal Utilization Studies - Expert Maritime Analysis and Assistance with Regulatory Compliance

“[The Exchange] helps us find information from a ship’s status to communicating with vessels and other concerned parties, 24/7!” Atsuo Utsumi Inchcape Shipping Services Photo credit: Jim Horne, Columbia River Pilots


Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

Vessel Tracking, Reporting & History Most Exchanges throughout the U.S. provide 24-hour vessel information services—relaying information between the ships in port and the shore-side service providers—and record the movements of all commercial vessel activity in their respective ports. The Merchants Exchange holds vessel information that dates prior to WWI in their maritime reference library, providing a repository of historical data to the community for vessel movements along the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers. Each Exchange collects data specific to their region, but MISNA members have identified 23 common data points including: estimated and actual arrival dates and times, vessel particulars such as length and breadth, type of cargo being carried, and other pertinent information. Both business and government agencies rely on this information and frequently contract for specialized reporting services and custom reports. For more information on custom reports at the Merchants Exchange or from other MISNA members, please contact Jonathan Nichol or Chann Noun. In the days following September 11, 2001, MISNA assisted federal homeland security initiatives by providing advanced vessel movement information to the Office of Naval Intelligence and others with a role in maritime security. In addition, some of the Exchanges (like the Merchants Exchange) provided a service through which vessel owners and operators electronically submit advanced vessel arrival information it the U.S. Coast Guard and other federal agencies before the U.S. Coast Guard National Vessel Movement Center was established. By centralizing this service in a port community, the instances of data entry errors are reduced.

Promote Maritime Interests Like a Chamber of Commerce, many—but not all—of the Exchanges advocate regionally and nationally on issues of concern to the international trade and transportation industries, typically focusing on programs and regulations surrounding Customs and Border Protection, Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard, National Ocean Service, and USDA. Exchanges, for example, support funding for critical security, navigational, and automation programs and oppose unnecessary, burdensome, or costly reporting requirements. MISNA as a national organization now serves a variety of government and commercial clients through an extensive network of information sharing and compilation amongst all MISNA members throughout North America—and producing numerous comprehensive reports.

Photo credit: Jim Horne, Columbia River Pilots

February- March 2018

The Exchange


Supporting Safe Waterways

Marine Exchanges are essential partners to government agencies and work closely with the U.S. Coast Guard. Marine Exchanges are identified as “key maritime safety institutions” in the policy brief, “The Coast Guard’s Role in Safeguarding Maritime Transportation: Selected Issues” by the Congressional Research Service. “To carry out its safety mission, the Coast Guard interacts with key maritime safety institutions: harbor pilots, vessel traffic services and marine exchanges, classification societies (independent third-party inspectors), the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and ship flag registries.” (Fritelli, June 2017) An example of the interaction between the USCG and marine exchanges was in the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2014 (P.L. 113-281, Section 228) in which Congress directed the Coast Guard to “establish a process for marine exchanges to send relevant navigation information to vessels via the Automatic Identification System (AIS), a short-range communication system among vessels for transmitting vessel headings and speeds, among other information, to avoid collision.” While each organization was founded independently of the others, the original purpose of maritime exchanges was to alert ship providers in port (i.e. agents, pilots, tugs, stevedores, longshoremen unions, terminals, U.S. Customs, and other vendors and government agencies) of a ship’s pending arrival. This information exchange is still a vital and central function of marine exchanges.

“As a major provider of ship assist services for the river, Shaver relies on the Merchants Exchange for its valuable call job management, as well as keeping us connected to agents and pilots after regular business hours”

“Having The Exchange handle all our after-hours pilot assignment calls is a huge benefit that we have used for many decades. Their professionalism and diligence in monitoring vessel movements is a tremendous service that COLRIP depends on.”

Rob Rich Shaver Transportation Company

Dan Butler, Dispatch Columbia River Pilots

“[The Exchange] is like having one-stop shopping. We really appreciate the ability to reach anyone we need at any time, day or night. They have very reliable after-hours service as well. ” Brad Fisk Cascade Marine Agencies Photo credit: Maritime Fire & Safety Association


Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

Marine Exchanges of North America

February- March 2018

The Exchange


The Merchants Exchange, Your Exchange.

Our History On December 6, 1879, the Merchants Exchange of Portland, born out of Boss Shenck’s Saloon, was formally incorporated. By 1914, the Exchange had grown from being just a grain and shipping information center to the region’s first official market for trading wheat before being acquired by the Portland Grain Exchange in 1923. Today, the Merchants Exchange still holds the trading rules for grain through the Grain Committee although it no longer acts as a grain trading association. Operating a Communications Center 24-hours a day, seven days a week, the Exchange is an integral part of the maritime industry of the Columbia, Willamette, Snake River basins. As a membership-based not for profit, the Exchange provides 24-hour vessel intelligence, answering service, cargo and vessel statistics as well as extensive association management for maritime industry associations. At almost 140 years old, the Merchants Exchange continues to grow, expand, and innovate in order to keep pace with the ever-changing maritime trade and advancing technology. Just as it was in 1879, the Exchange is still the premier destination for accurate ship information in the region.

Boss Shenck’s Saloon, birthplace of the Merchants Exchange.

Our Mission & Our Members Our mission is to be the leading provider of information and related services to all stakeholders of the Pacific Northwest intermodal transportation system and to support related business interests for domestic and foreign commerce. We are committed to that mission and supporting the maritime and transportation industries by providing our members with a wide variety of services. We want to work with you to tailor our services to meet your needs. As the leading provider of information and related services along the river, our membership is diverse and includes: ship owners & operators, vessel agents, tow & barge companies, freight forwarders, admiralty attorneys, customs brokers, facilities, terminals, ports, trade associations, and vessel service providers working along the Columbia-Snake-Willamette River System.


Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

The Information You Need: Vessel Tracking, Intelligence & Data As the local maritime information specialists, we have been monitoring and reporting vessel activity since 1879. Vessel tracking and vessel intelligence remains one of our most important services at the Merchants Exchange today. 24/7 access to real-time port activity and berth intelligence, enabling informed decisionmaking on the management of your vessel during a port call, is available to Merchants Exchange members. As collectors of data and statistics, we offer a wide variety of cargo reports and vessel statistics. Contact us for quotes on custom reports and data-gathering! Just like we are the first stop for information about the River, let us help you sift through the news and find the relevant information you need. The Merchants Exchange Daily News is a free service we offer to our community. Once a day you will receive an email with relevant regional headlines and news to your inbox. Join countless other subscribers by clicking here to subscribe or text ‘EXCHANGEDAILY’ to 22828.

Association Management Use our expertise to grow your organization. The Merchants Exchange has been heavily involved in Association Management for over 90 years and today, manages multiple organizations that are involved in maritime and or/international trade related issues. Utilizing Association Management services allows our client associations to have unparalleled flexibility and agility to achieve their long-term goals while we take care of the day-to-day operations. The Exchange is experienced in all management services from informal meetings to national and international association conventions. Full-service accounting, administrative and event planning services are currently offered to 10 Associations.

Communications Center & Answering Service John. Sam. Rindy. Thomas. Shauna. Robin. Mason. Those names are familiar to many of our industry partners because they make up our 24/7 Communications Center staff. Operating 365 days a year, they are always ready to take your call. Utilizing the vessel tracking and AIS systems at their fingertips, Comm Center staff members monitor ship movements and can provide accurate information to members at any time regarding their vessels. The Communications Center also offers marine channel radio communications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including phone patches via VHF Channel 18-A and monitoring Channel 16 (emergency). Can’t answer the phone? We also offer text and email updates about vessel movements.

February- March 2018

The Exchange


Grant Management & Administrative Services Grants, particularly federal grants, can be incredibly complex to apply for and work within. For the grant fiscal years 2007 Supplemental through 2011, the Merchants Exchange has gained direct experience in grant management and administration as the designated Fiduciary Agent and Direct Recipient for the Port Security Grant Program funds for the Columbia-Willamette-Snake River Port Area. The Merchants Exchange is offering our experience in grant management and administration as a service to all grant funding applicants. Our practices have been proven through the successful application and award to FY-2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 PSGP applicants.

Seize the opportunity to reduce the administrative responsibilities associated with being the steward of federal funds and focus on the core operations of your project or investment. The Merchants Exchange stays current on changing regulations, providing programmatic and financial compliance for grant recipients.

The Merchants Exchange’s grant services are not limited to the Port Security Grant Program, we also have direct experience managing Department of Transportation grants. The Federal grant administrative requirements and regulations can be uniformly applied to most all Federal and State grant programs. Additional opportunities include the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG), Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Grants (SAFER) and Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S) programs. Our knowledge and skill in grant management and administration is further evident in our FEMA Region X Financial Monitoring Reports that resulted in zero findings.

“As a small entity, we have appreciated the attention given to us from [the Exchange]during the administration of our Port Security Grants. Guiding our staff as well as greatly reducing the work load was well worth the investment. Cowlitz County Fire District #5 would have stumbled had we not utilized the partnership, for that we are thankful.” Victor Leatzow, Chief Cowlitz County Fire District #5


Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

THE PORT REPORTS The Columbia River Maritime Transportation System has 23 Ports over the course of 3 waterways. We are pleased to provide an outlet for local ports to share their news with our membership. Click on the names of each Port Leader below to be taken to their bio. Read on for updates on our member ports!

jim knight, executive director

juliana marler, executive director

curtis robinhold, executive

port of astoria

port of vancouver usa

director port of portland

Norman G. Krehbiel, Chief Executive Officer Port of Longview

Mark Wilson, Executive Director Port of Kalama

Doug Hayes, Executive Director Port of St. Helens

February- March 2018

The Exchange



A milestone for the Port of Portland’s Terminal 6--the first shipment of Western Star Trucks and containers were loaded onto Swire Shipping’s Shengking vessel on January 23-24. It was the ship’s first stop in Portland as part of a new, 35-day service call. The trucks, manufactured on Swan Island, are bound for New Zealand and Australia. The ILWU performed the loading operation and it went smoothly. Contact: Ken O’Halleran | Marine Marketing Director |

For more information about the Port of Portland or for questions regarding the content provided here, please contact Melanie Mesaros, Media Relations Manager--Marine and Properties at: photo credit: port of | longview Photo credit: Port of Portland, all rights reserved. 14

Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

Association Updates 15 Clean Rivers Cooperative 15 Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee 16 Maritime Commerce Club 19 Maritime Fire & Safety Association 20 Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association

Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee Recruitment is underway for the General Manager position at Clean Rivers Cooperative. Recruitment is being handled by Cascade Employers Association. A coverage plan has been implemented utilizing staff and outside contractors during the interim that is working very well. Business and services continue to carry on without interruption to our members. Interested parties can read the job description in it’s entirety on the Merchants Exchange website.

The Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committe is an open forum comprised of public and private stakeholders in Oregon and SW Washington with vital interests in assuring safe navigation to protect the environment, property and personnel on the waterways within the Lower Columbia Region. The first meeting of 2018 was held at the Port of Portland on January 10, 2018. The Elected Officers for 2018 are: Chair: Sean Clark, Port of St. Helens Vice Chair: Kate Mickelson, CRSOA Secretary: Susan Johnson, OBMP The next meeting will be held at Marine Safety Unit Portland on March 14th

Questions regarding Clean Rivers can be directed to Curtis Cannizzaro at

More information about the Lower Columbia Region Harbor Safety Committee, including how to become a member can be found at: February- March 2018

The Exchange



Winter Event and Old Salt Celebration Dinner Please join us as we celebrate the maritime industry through recognition of achievement and service. The Old Salt Award is presented each year to someone who, through dedication to service, has advanced the Willamette and Columbia River maritime industry. Don’t miss out on this honored annual tradition!

See our previous Old Salts from 1958 to present day here!

Thursday, February 22, 2018 Chart House Restaurant - Portland, Oregon Cocktails at 5:30 pm Dinner at 6:00 pm


$70 Member/non-member $500 Table of 8*

INCLUDES BUFFET DINNER & TWO DRINK TICKETS Seating for the event is limited, so reserve your table today! *Based on Availability - First come, First served

REGISTER ONLINE Cancellations must be received no later than Friday, February 16, 2018. No-shows will be billed. Questions? For more information about MCC events, please contact Aaron Garber-Paul at (503) 220-2092 or 16

Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

Thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors to make the 2017 Christmas Shopping Spree one of the best!

Melissa Beck Noah Jarrett Allison Brady Darien Loiselle Bekah Canfield Kristin Meira Nick Haindl Brande Miltenberger Patti Iverson-Summer Lewellyn Robinson



Deb Ward Lisa Whiles Rachael Withers Laura Yount

MCC hosted Fall Event at a Punch Bowl Social on October 26, 2017, where over 43 members and guests enjoyed bowling, nostalgic arcade games, and great food and drinks. Punch Bowl Social was a great location for guests to network in a casual and social setting.

February- March 2018

The Exchange


13TH Annual

MCC Golf Tournament & Member Meeting

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Stone Creek Golf Club Start Times 11:30 a.m.

Early Check-In

All Players Must be Checked In By 1:00 p.m.

12:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Putt for Dough Shot-Gun Start MCC Annual Meeting Dinner & Raffle

SAVE THE DATE HOST: Maritime Commerce Club 200 SW Market Street, Suite 190 Portland, OR 97201


Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

14603 South Stoneridge Drive Oregon City, OR 97405 503-518-4653

All-In-One Package Includes... • • • • • • •

Golf Fees Cart Rental Range Balls Hole-In-One Contest 2 Raffle Tickets 2 Drink Tickets Dinner

Other Contests! Putt for Dough, Shoot for Dough and Long Drive

Annual Meeting

The Maritime Fire and Safety Association held its 34th Annual Meeting on Thursday January 25, 2018. The event was well attended by members, fire agencies, USCG and other regional stakeholders. The group enjoyed the opportunity to network and learn about the MFSA’s activities during the past year from a display of photographs highlighting recent events. They also heard presentations by MFSA’s federal representative and United State’s Coast Guard District 13 Commander, RADM David Throop. MFSA Vice President, Mat Cusma, welcomed the attendees and reviewed 2017’s activities as well as covering the details of the official business meeting that was held immediately prior. The MFSA was honored to have RADM David Throop attended this year’s Annual Meeting. He addressed the group, reviewing the important and longstanding history between the MFSA and the USCG in Sector Columbia River. The Admiral explained in detail the 1982 M/V Protector Alpha incident and the tragic aftermath that resulted in the creation of the MFSA. In reflecting on the voluntary collaboration and participation by MFSA staff and members he communicated that “what you do prevents things from happening” both in similar events to the M/V Protector Alpha as well as the need for additional regulation. He continued by discussing the ability of the MFSA to be a conduit for advancing conversations and increasing readiness for the region without the need of a black swan event. “MFSA is surely a shining example of those partnerships.” Peter Friedmann of Lindsay Hart/FBB Federal Relations then spoke about the current climate in our nation’s capital. Peter provided an overview of the early years of MFSA and the creation of an organization incorporating bi-partisan, multi-state support to accomplish the mission of MFSA. He highlighted the need to maintain continuity and focus as MFSA continues forward and specifically thanked Liz Wainwright, MFSA Executive Director, for providing that consistency for two decades. The event ended with the presentation of the 2017 Partnership Awards.

Above: RADM David Throop, USCG Partnership Awards (from left to right) Vessel: Ross McDonald on behalf of Sause Bros. Community: Randy Clark, USCG Facility: Ashley Helenberg, on behalf of Port of Longview

February- March 2018

The Exchange


2018 Schedule of Events: 51st Annual Warehousemen’s Conference & Trade Show Coeur d’Alene Resort - CDA, Idaho February 14 -16, 2018

Coeur d’Alene Resort

5th Annual Southern Idaho Pesticide Conference Burley Inn & Convention Center - Burley, Idaho May 10, 2018 Best Western Plus Burley Inn &

38th Annual Country Elevator Council Meeting & Golf Tournament Couer d’Alene Resort - CDA, Idaho April 18-20, 2018

Convention Center

101st Annual Convention & Golf Tournaments Suncadia Resort - Cle Elum, Washington June 27 - 29, 2018

Clear Lake Country Club

Annual Idaho Trout Fry & Golf Scramble Clear Lake Country Club - Buhl, Idaho September 27, 2018

Suncadia Resort

2018 PNWGFA ANNUAL DIRECTORY LISTING & ADVERTISING For the past 69 years, the PNWGFA Annual Directory has grown into a 200+-page publication providing the most comprehensive agri-business directory in the region. The Directory lists 1,000+ member and non-member companies handling grain, feed, seed processing and allied industry suppliers in the Association’s four state region and beyond. The 2018 Annual PNWGFA Directory is available for purchase! $50 member $100 non-member Order your 2017 edition today Contact Margerie: (503) 227-0234 2018 Cover Image: Courtesy of Eric Weitze Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative In the heart of Palouse Country Offices: Genesee, ID. Colfax, WA. Rosalia, WA.


Exchange of Portland FebruaryMarch 2018 Merchants Exchange of Portland 2018 •Merchants • January

SAVE THE DATE! *51st ANNUAL WAREHOUSEMEN’S CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW FEBRUARY 14-16, 2018 This popular annual event provides necessary pesticide credits and awareness to warehousemen and pesticide applicators in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The conference also provides a venue for the industry to network, socialize and share ideas.

Coeur d’Alene Resort

The 2018 event will be held at Coeur d’Alene Resort, in CDA, Idaho. We will kick-off this year’s event with a 2-hour Safety Seminar hosted by OXARC (certificate of completion for all attendees provided), followed by two full days of seminars resulting in 9-10 pesticide credits for our attendees. Our industry Trade Show runs concurrently with the conference, further allowing networking and commerce within the industry. The PNWGFA Trade Show has grown into a leading industry trade show opportunity in the Pacific Northwest. We anticipate 38-40 exhibitors in 2018! *RETURNING THIS YEAR! We will again host PNWGFA “POD” sessions in the Trade Show area; 20-minute dedicated timeslots with selected vendors, designed to foster interactive small-group, hands-on learning and/or specific Q&A. A 51st Anniversary celebration cocktail cruise will also be held Thursday, Feb. 15th prior to dinner. Warehousemen and managers are encouraged to attend! REGISTRATION FORM HERE Contact Margerie at 503-227-0234 with questions.

February- March 2018

The Exchange




Merchants Exchange of Portland

February- March 2018

Save the date


& 2nd Annual Merchants Exchange Scholarship Fund Bocce Tournament

July 26, 2018 1700-1900 hours Food | Drinks | Networking | Bocce

February- March 2018

The Exchange


Contact Us 24/7 Communication Center (503) 228-4361

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The Exchange: February-March 2018  

A publication of the Merchants Exchange. Featuring: "Marine Exchanges: Essential Maritime Institutions."

The Exchange: February-March 2018  

A publication of the Merchants Exchange. Featuring: "Marine Exchanges: Essential Maritime Institutions."