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Public digital Innovation Space Shu Yang Lin, re:architect of PDIS (from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017)

We are a decentralized team in the central government. we work on opening the government from within.

Don’t ask why nobody did this, admit your are the nobody first.

Observations & Action Shu Yang Lin, re:architect of PDIS (from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017)

Observation #1

Old-school work culture in the government – such as asking for permission – slows down the process.

Action #1

Recruit passionate public servants and authorize fully.

“For this matter, I need to bring back to my supervisor.” “let me make a call to my supervisor.” PARTICIPATION OFFICER

Let the ones with power authorize, and the ones with knowledge contribute.

Action #2 Encourage 
 POs to be brave and ask for help whenever needed.



“Anyone here could help us spread out the news? We are looking for twenty people across ministries and idea on this interior petition platform.”

Observation #2 We are good at writing beautiful articles and politically correct responses.

“Come to my office hour, every Wednesday from 10:00 - 14:00 at this place, everyone’s welcome!”

Action #3 Listen.

The government needs to trust the citizens first so that they can return the trust back.

Observation #3

POs bring topics or subjects they feel needed to be discussed with the PO network.

Observation #4

“Let’s see which topics we feel like taking to our agenda next month.”

Those subjects often are discovered from a petition website and involves multiple ministries.

“Most important challenges we have right now are the ones don’t have a single owner. ” 
 – Bryan Boyer (cofounder of Dash Marshall, former Strategic Design Lead of HDL)

Action #4

Observation #5

Empower PO
 as workshop facilitator.

Some ministries have more chances to be involved in cross ministries matters.

“Congrats to Ministry of Transportation again. It’s been three months in a row for us to co-facilitate collaboration worksop. Exciting!”

“A citizen who works as a designer launched a petition titled ‘taxreporting system is user-hostile and abominable’ and that’s why we are here today.” “OK. Let’s get rid of this useless button.”

public servant

Contracted IT company rep

Action #5 Reproduce collaboration workshop in PO’s ministry.

Participation Officer

Workshop conductor

PDIS Facilitator

public servant

citizens and users

Action #6 Document everything. The process has to be open, transparent and accountable.

“We livestream all our collaboration workshops. Today we will have the 20th workshop, POs from 8 ministries are here with us. Others are online, at least I believe so.�

Civic Service Design

Prototyping Future Democracy

How did it happened? A movement that‌ rides on years of revolution of
 public participation in Taiwan

Public Participation in Taiwan


Public Participation in Taiwan



Demonstrating real deliberation: 
 Sunflower Movement

Sunflower Movement, 18th, March, 2014

Inside the Parliament

An experiment that‌ prototypes an open stakeholder consultation process for the civil society – vTaiwan

The launch of vTaiwan

We need to have a platform to allow the entire society to engage in rational discussion.

– Jaclyn Tsai, former Minister of Cyberspace

g0v (pronounced “gov-zero”) hackers hacking in hackathons

vTaiwan is a platform and consultation process for the civil society to come together and deliberate on public policies.


Consultation meeting


Consultation process

More about vTaiwan on cases, participants, and process

Insight #1

Every case is different, and should be treated differently.

How do we decide each step transparently?

Four common sessions in its process:
 1) online opinion collection, 2) face to face consultation meeting, 3) collaborative bill drafting, and 4) bill delivery. Participants in a hackathon

Insight #2

Participants are always different, and that’s good.

People have been participated as stakeholders on different cases.

Uber case’s consultation meeting

vTaiwan hackathon UAV case’s consultation meeting

Insight #3

vTaiwan is an ongoing experiment

Should it be institutionalized?

” fellowship model as 
 an approach for 
 open multi-stakeholder governance model

Moderators play a key part in vTaiwan’s model

Next Challenges‌




Next Challenges‌

Scalability Sustainability case


Diversity participant

More Experiments more inclusive, intriguing, and infectious


Experiment: holopolis bot Always available participation:

Experiment: holopolis MR Vote at virtually situated pop-up forums

Experiment: holopolis HiFi Participation in virtual commons

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