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Clocktower Wednesday, September 12, 2012| Issue 87.2



Some students welcome Project Impact as a relaxing vacation day to sleep in and watch movies. But for hundreds of others, it means helping the people who live around Anna Pongo us. One such group, led by Hannah Jaster, departed Union College campus the morning of Thursday, Sept. 6. Their goal? Make a difference in the lives of some of the residents at Tabitha Health Care Systems. When asked what the most fun part of her day was, Jaster, who spent most of her time delivering meals on wheels, replied, “Probably wheeling the people from their rooms to the chapel. I liked the interaction with the residents.” Another of the group members, Marie Johnson, stated, “Painting the people’s nails, because it made their day and they don’t get the chance for a young person to come in every day and spend time visiting and talking to them.” When asked if she would go on Project Impact again, Jaster said, “If you don’t go, you are missing out on an opportunity to interact with the community and you are missing out on wonderful experiences.”

Hannah Jaster, team leader at Tabitha Health Care Systems

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My Adventure at the Humane Society

Ethan lifted the freezer lid revealing body bags. The identification tags indicated that one contained a Chihuahua. Wide-eyed, I looked to the mortified faces of Andrew, Josh Marshall Ethan, and my mom wondering about the freezer’s purpose. Though I slept through Project Impact in 2011, this year was different. Before the big day, I planned to join the Mad Dads group and write about the experience. But upon reaching the clock tower that morning, I discovered Mad Dads had been cancelled. After the group picture, I joined the Humane Society team. I’d never been to a Humane Society and wasn’t sure what to expect. I imagined a cramped, dirty, smelly building with screaming animals. I figured we’d probably be picking up poop all morning. We entered the building and met Alisha,

deputy director of operations, who divided us into smaller task forces. Andrew, Ethan, my mom, and I were taken to fold laundry. One wall was piled nearly to the ceiling with unfolded laundry. We spent over an hour folding towels, rags, blankets, and even a Huskers snuggie. Eventually we ran out of space to stack the folded fabrics and had to find other storage. We wondered if the deep freezer would suffice. But we found it already inhabited. Ethan and Andrew went off to clean doggy dishes while Mom and I filled up disposable kitty litter boxes. Others in our group completed different tasks: pulling weeds, emptying trash, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. After all the work was done, we got to play with and befriend the cats and dogs. Despite my negative expectations, the building wasn’t dirty. It didn’t smell terrible.

The animals made noise, but not the kind I expected. And I didn’t have to pick up fecal matter. Project Impact gave me a glimpse into what the Humane Society does, a renewed appreciation for animals and the satisfaction of knowing I served others. Tell us your Project Impact story! Post it to our Facebook or tweet #ProjectImpact and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

David Meier playing with kitten.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I’ve always been one of those nerds who loves “back to school.” Even in elementary school, the sight of multicolored ballpoint pens marked down to half price made my Addi Hudgins fingers tingle in anticipation of stepping back into the old routine. Beyond the stylish office supplies (half of which an eight-year-old has no use for), I have always loved setting back-to-school resolutions. New Year’s resolutions always seemed too trendy, too fleeting, too mainstream. September is my month for setting new goals. Of course, I’ve set goals that I’ve never reached. We all do. Inevitably, we repeatedly fail and disappoint ourselves, no matter how well placed our intentions. But time and again, when I look back on why I didn’t reach

those resolutions, I realize it’s because I was too hesitant to make the changes necessary to reaching those goals. This year at the Clocktower we’re making changes—setting goals. And we encourage you to do the same, whether you form new study habits, eating habits, money-saving habits, social habits, or spiritual habits. We all have areas in which we can strive to do better. Some people hate back to school. For some, the end of flip-flops, shorts and swimming pools screams suicide. But maybe we can find our own reasons to embrace change, no matter our favorite season. Recently I read a quote about change that made me pause and think: “If I were to tell you that your life was going to be exactly the same—good and bad—one year from now as it is today, would you be happy with that? “No? Then don’t be afraid of change.”

Whether you’re a back-to-school nerd or a summer vacation lover, don’t be afraid to set back-to-school resolutions—and then make the changes necessary to reaching them.

Kristen Vogler

Tim LeBard

Meet the Staff

Aphee Messer What did you want to be when you were younger? A bunny rabbit What superpower would you want? Super speed Favorite book? Habibi Favorite Disney movie? Mulan Favorite animal? Panda Nickname? Pocalandra

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For some, the end of flipflops, shorts, and swimming pools screams suicide

What did you want to be when you were younger? Olympic swimmer What superpower would you want? Telekinesis

What did you want to be when you were little? Professional basketball player What superpower would you want? Super strength. What is your favorite book? Desire of Ages Favorite Disney movie? Aladdin Favorite Animal? Panda Nickname: Tim

Thanks to @ajmorgan101 who submitted this picture, with the caption “Awesome UFC Vespers!”

@ellecorn “Oh you know, just hail in 90 degree weather. #hail #drought”

Favorite book? The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Favorite Disney movie? Cinderella Favorite animal? Chinchilla Nickname? Momma Kris

Pablo Colindres What did you want to be when you were younger? Garbage man… What superpower would you want? Invisibility Favorite book? The Grapes of Wrath Favorite Disney movie? Pirates of the Caribbean Favorite animal? Tiger Nickname? Pali, Pablito, Paabs, Petey Pablo

Club Events This Week! September 13-19 Thursday





15 ASB Pizza Machine





Tuesday Amnesty Meeting in the Cafe





Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Get Involved with Campus Ministries

When asked about her position in Campus Ministries, Angie Schebo replies, “I sit on the couch and yell ‘hi!’ to people who walk in.” “So, you’re a couch occuKatelyn pier?” Kovalski “Yes!” she answers enthusiastically. Surrounded by other Campus Ministries staff that were also lounging, I had to ask—what exactly does Campus Ministries do? According to Ricky Melendez, “The goal of Campus Ministries is to have an entire student body that ministers.” Melendez works with both ASB and Campus Ministries, unifying the two organizations’ efforts to involve students in ministry. “[Union has] the most student involvement-friendly setup of any Adventist college system I know,” says Steven Shafer, the reli-

gion division liaison. “It is an upside-down triangle system.” The entire student body’s ideas for religious activities on campus are valued. Campus Ministries listens to suggestions and works to make ideas reality. Shafer is a part of the liaison program that Campus Ministries has set up. Liaisons work with a specific division and organize Afterglows and V2s. So what exactly is a division liaison for? “Every student has a go-to person if they want to get involved in activities that Campus Ministries is setting up,” said Shafer. Liaisons will help any student who wants to get involved in religious activities on campus. As for Schebo, she does not only occupy the couch. Schebo works with a section of

Campus Ministries known as Collegiate Adventists for Better Living (CABL). She says the program “gives students tips for a healthy lifestyle.” CABL puts on an annual triathlon and other activities that encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. With so many opportunities, it’s easy to get involved—simply visit the Campus Ministries office. Find out who your division liaison is and let them know what you want to see happen on campus. If you find them crashing on the couch, don’t worry—sometimes that’s where they get their best work done. What ministries are you involved in? Post it to our Facebook or tweet #UCCM and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Upcoming Campus Ministries Events Wednesday – CVC “prayer meeting” called “Hour of Power” with Pastor Ron @ 7 in the Heritage Room. Wednesday – @ 8 in the Student Center join Rayshaun and friends for “Laboring Youth for Christ,” a time of Bible study and prayer. Everyone is welcome. Thursday – starts our first Power Pac weekend. We are VERY fortunate to be offering you the One Project. Our first presenter is Alex Bryan, senior pastor of the Walla Walla Church. Thursday – night “9 o’clock” in Rees Hall worship room with Mikey and friends. 30 minutes of singing – you figure out what time! Sabbath – CVC @ 9:15 and noon with Alex Bryan and the conclusion of our first installment of One Project. Sabbath – V2 @ 7 with Emily, and the IRR team- OUTDOORS- under the Clocktower- fire pits- smores- and worship. Sunday – the 16th- CABL Triathlon!! Branched Oak Lake in conjunction with the YMCA Triathlon.

Bottom Up

“No one works for me,” Pastor Rich reinforces to the team time after time. Onlookers may glance at campus ministries and see a hierarchy of ministries. A liaison works for Mollie a team leader, the team leader Cummings works for the student chaplain, and the student chaplain works for Pastor Rich—not true. The beauty in ministry is that no ministry is higher than another. Whether I am the CABL director, the

September 21st – Soup Supper and no Vespers Pastor Rich and Project Impact coordinators Kelli Vigil and Jayme Anderson.

nursing liaison or a team supporter, it’s all about Jesus. We work alongside one another and Christ is our boss. Our order of ministries resembles Christ’s method of ministry. Christ never put Himself at the top, even though He has every right to a power trip. He sets Himself at the bottom to serve us. We strive to mirror His example in Campus Ministries. I have the privilege of serving four beautiful liaisons and their ministries. I meet with them once a week and express support for them. It doesn’t get simpler than that. I am familiar with the spotlight—speaking for worships, forming small groups, making Sabbath lunch for students. I used to be in the habit of doing, doing, doing. This year I almost didn’t know what to do when I found out I was set as a team supporter. “What? I am not the one ‘doing’ the ministry? Then what do I do?” Then I realized, maybe the ministry God sets for us is to set ourselves at the bottom to serve someone else. Do you have any worship/ministry ideas? Post them to our Facebook or tweet using #NewIdea and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Compassion International Have you ever said, “Man, I am starving!” or, “I wish I had that outfit”? I know I am guilty of such comments. Rarely do I take the time to consider what I say before I say it. We tend to Amber Alas exaggerate and overlook how rich we truly are. We have food to eat every day; we have a safe place to sleep every night; we have the opportunity to get an education that we can tend to take for granted. Compassion International helps sponsor children all over the world. Sponsors send in a check every month along with a personal letter. In fact, this organization made it possible for some of our students to come to Union. We have an incredible opportunity to at-

Devon with his "adopted" child

Art Walk

First Friday Art Walk is a seasonal activity you don’t want to miss. As the title suggests, on the first Friday of every month, a display in downtown Lincoln highlights local artists. Ruby Ruano Photography, fashion, music, sculptures and paintings are a few of the treasures displayed by curators in downtown Lincoln. It’s estimated that over 50 different galleries participate in the event, including the Sheldon Art Museum, Indigo Bridge Books, and Crescent Moon Coffee. So come prepared to fill your mind with artistic imagi-

nation! A variety of appetizers are also served at different stops throughout your walk, so be ready to enjoy Lincoln’s local cuisine. Just in case you want to plan your route before hand, make sure to glance through the online map at firstfriday. The event begins at 5 p.m. on Friday in downtown Lincoln. The galleries stretch from 7th to 17th street. What is your favorite activity around Lincoln? Post it to our Facebook or Tweet it and use #DiscoverLincoln and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Indigo Bridge bookstore at the Haymarket adorned for the artwalk

tend college and pursue the careers and lives we choose. Unfortunately, many children worldwide don’t get the opportunity that we have. That’s where we come in! You can send a check every month along with a heartfelt letter for the low price of $38 to help someone in need. That might mean cutting back on shopping or eating out less in order to give a child an education they can use to create a better life. “I’m excited that I decided to sponsor a child. I’ll be making a difference in someone else’s life,” says Devon Kittleson. Along with Kittleson, dozens of other students have decided to support children in need. As Compassion International puts it, we are “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.” Did you sponsor a child? Post your story to our Facebook or tweet #CompassionUC and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down from the Clocktower Staff Pablo – Thumbs up to late night Hi-Way diner—1 a.m. pancakes! Aphee – Thumbs up to peach Izzes. Addi – Thumbs up to a homework-free weekend. Emily – Thumbs up to this year’s gymnastics team, full of hardworking talented people! Katelyn – Thumbs down to being attacked by flies while doing yard work for Project Impact. Josh – Thumbs up to fall-like days and pumpkin-spice lattes. Annie – Thumbs up to making people’s days while getting a day off school. Ruby – Thumbs up to attending the last Clyde Peters vespers. Amber – Thumbs down to pulling allnighters. Carl – Thumbs up to intramurals starting again. Tim – Thumbs up to all the creative costumes at the ASB Dodge ball tourney. Joe – Thumbs down to hearing construction at 6 a.m. Tyler – Thumbs up to sub-90 degree weather. Kristen – Thumbs down to sleeping in the office. Mike Mennard – Thumbs down to political posts on Facebook.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Union rolls out new Biomedical Major

One of the exciting new developments at Union College this year is the introduction of the biomedical program. Dr. Rose and fellow colleagues and students have been Tim LeBard working hard throughout the past school year to develop a curriculum for the new major. Originally, the idea was to create yet another option for students interested in pursuing the field of medicine. The difference between a biomedical and biology major is that the classes are specifically focused towards preparing students for medicine. In addition, students are able to choose an area of supporting interest to study. For example, students that are interested in majors such as international rescue and

Who is your role model and why? Guada Williams – My mom, because she is a sweet, kindhearted, strong woman. Chaz Spellman – Daniel, because he always stayed true to God in spite of persecution. Alex Johansen – My dad, because he went through a hard time as a kid but now he is successful despite it all. Ray Daugherty – Thomas Jefferson, because of his sense of duty. Jeremy Howard – Aung San Suu Kyi, because she never compromised her beliefs, even though she was under house arrest for almost 40 years. Taylor Roberts – Bill Fitts, because he has done so much in his life. He had a rough time in school but now he has his doctorate. Elena Cornwell – Moriah Peters, because she sings and lives wholly for God. Rachel Downey – My mom, because she is a very strong woman and she taught me everything I know.

relief or business are able to choose one and take up eighteen hours of classes for it. With this option, students can further expand their knowledge into areas other than science. Why not just be a business/pre-med major? Both majors are excellent choices. The difference lies in the number of science and business classes a student takes. I chose the biomedical program because I felt that I would be better prepared for graduate school by taking more science classes.

Looking back at last year, I would have never imagined that the biomedical program would have existed at Union College until after I had graduated. I even began looking at other schools that offered a biomedical major. Thankfully, it is now offered because of the hardworking faculty and students that helped shape the program. Now all we have to wait for is the new math and science building. Represent your division! Tell us which division your are in on Facebook or tweet #Mydivisionrules and tag @ ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

One on One: Darla Peterson

Have you ever just needed a smile? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. I know a place on campus where you are guaranteed a smile—on every visit. The creaky old math and Carl Dupper science building can be ominous at best, but I can assure you that the people inside have the warmest of hearts. In the center of the building works office manager Darla Peterson. Entering that building as a freshman can be daunting, but I learned quickly after meeting Darla that you won’t find a friendlier place. This week I needed a smile, so I headed down to Jorgensen to see what the division

is up to and to grab some Sweet Tarts from Darla’s signature candy bowl. Carl Dupper: How was the summer here in Math/Science? Darla Peterson: Busy yet quiet. Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Friedline were busy talking to students and getting them registered and preregistered. As far as the building process, it was exciting to see the big hole and say, “Look, look what’s happening!” CD: Were there any new additions to the staff this summer? DP: Yes! Dr. Richard Clark, a UC alumnus, and Brianna Payne, who just got her M.D. from Andrews University. CD: When is the new building scheduled to be done? DP: Fall of 2013, depending on weather and other factors. CD: What will be the benefits of this new building? DP: From my viewpoint I am so excited about having a lobby and my office will have glass windows so I can see people when they come in. It will be much more inviting. CD: Any final thoughts you would like to leave with the students? DP: If they are overwhelmed about coming into this ominous building – because I was when I went to college here – come see me. Come see the candy dish. (Laughs) (To hear the full interview audio, head to the Clocktower’s Facebook page and click “One on One: Darla Peterson.”) Who is your favorite teacher? Post it to our Facebook or tweet #FavTeacher and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!



Let me start by saying I love Union College! Now that my bias is clearly stated, I feel that we take much for granted at Union, the sports program being one example. Tyler Ellis One of the unique parts of Union is its small size. Small schools traditionally cut athletic and music programs first when setbacks arise. Union has not only taken large measures to keep the athletics program robust and active, but has far exceeded comparable colleges’ athletic programs. Not to insult other schools, which have strengths of their own, but Union has a clear strength. We have five out of the nine major sports that University of Nebraska-Lincoln has, including gymnastics and volleyball. For the students that do not participate in the varsity sports, Union also runs an intricate intramurals program. This year’s football teams were drafted last Wednesday, and teams are already facing off. Football, basketball, hockey, and even bowling are just a few of the intramural sports Union has to offer. If the smorgasbord of sports offered isn’t your cup of tea, you still have one option left. You can qualify for Union College Sports Officials Association (UCSOA). According to Union’s website, the UCSOA provides sports officials for intramurals at every level

College Football

Another season of college football has begun, and even though it’s still early in the season, I’m predicting the two teams that will compete in the National Championship Bowl Joe Hofmann game—Alabama and USC. Alabama – Alabama opened the season against the Michigan Wolverines at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Spectators worried that the Crimson Tide might struggle because of key players leaving for the NFL draft, but ‘Bama proved that wrong with a 41-14 beat down of Michigan. The Tide still has a stingy defense and added a new set of running backs on offense, so they look to pick back up where they left off last season. Alabama is playing in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and has to go on the road to face Arkansas (Sept. 15) and LSU (Nov. 3), their biggest challenges. Other than that, their schedule doesn’t appear to be too difficult. We could see Alabama back with the BCS national title, winning the first back-to-back titles since Nebraska’s claims in the 1994 and 1995 seasons.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why the Warriors are as good as the Huskers Ben Vasconcellos drives the ball at one of last year’s games.

and all sports. Joining the organization provides hands-on training, online resources and discounts on gear and special events. As if that wasn’t enough, being a member gets you higher pay when officiating intramural sports.

Take advantage of these opportunities; they are one of the many reasons that Union College is the best college around!

USC – USC is once again eligible to compete for a title after last year’s ineligibility due to sanctions. The Trojans began their 2012-2013 season by beating Hawaii 49-10. Quarterback Matt Barkley, who threw for 372 yards and three touchdowns, and wide receiver Marqise Lee, who caught ten passes for 197 yards, carried the Trojans’ victory. USC, who plays in the Pac-12, has a pretty easy schedule with their toughest test approaching on Nov. 3, a home game against Oregon. Like Alabama, USC has a tough defense and is currently ranked 18th for points against. This year USC has the chance to return to its glory days of Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush and possibly win a championship.

Warriors Volleyball Roster

Who do you think is going to win the BCS title? Post your prediction to our Facebook or tweet #BCSPrediction and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

What team(s) are you playing in? Post it to our Facebook or tweet #UCSports and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Hayley Essex Lindsey Parsons Lindy Elloway Shaina Adams Cayla Reid Janaya Cashman Mattison Jenks Alexandra Hirst Kate Marcotte Peri Sio-Hiles Anna Gilbert

Scores Grace University Lost 0-3 25-14, 25-13, 25-16 Central Christian College Won 3-1 25-19, 25-17, 11-25, 25-14

Last year's BCS Championship result. Will 'Bama return?

NE Wesleyan JV Lost 0-3 25-17, 25-18, 25-15


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The CT Staff

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Kid Hulk like Narwhal




We’re heading into our fourth week of classes and boy, does it feel like the middle of the semester already! Everyone I talk to seems to be buried under mounds of homework, yet Elena Cornwell we all seem to find the time to work, study, socialize and even sneak in a nap. You all made Clyde Peters’ Vespers a great success. Helicopters, parachutes, free ice cream and a fantastic talk from Pastor Paradise—can you begin the Sabbath any better

than that? I have to say that I was impressed with the first-rate sportsmanship we had Saturday night at our Dodge ball tournament. Standing on the line—sometimes in the line of fire— was unnerving, but everyone kept their cool and made me wish I could have played too! Coming up next we have the Amazing Pizza Machine in Omaha. I must admit that last year I did not go, and it became the one event I regretted missing the most. Don’t miss it, because I sure won’t!

Get Your Clocktower On

Back on campus this past week was Senate elections. Last year, I was at a loss for how much work Senate actually does for this school. Next Wednesday, our ASB V.P. and Senate Chair, Chappy Dube will give you the low down on what Senate does—and what your vote counted for. I’ll leave you now with a quote from C.S. Lewis: “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

Instagrammers! At the next ASB event, take a picture with your friends on Instagram and hashtag @ClocktowerASB. Your picture will appear on our Facebook and may be included in next week’s Clocktower! Happy picture taking!

The Dodgeball Tournament

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