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Lady Gaga: Fashion Psychic

In Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night” music video, released over a year ago in December 2011, she predicted via voiceover that mint would be huge in the future. While this Cassie Johnson incredibly freaks me out, Gaga spoke the truth. If clothes were food, mint chocolate chip ice cream would be the flavor of the season, and everyone would want a taste. You just can’t escape the mint sensation invading stores everywhere—but why would you want to? Just like its ice cream counterpart, mint is bright, enjoyable, and completely refreshing! Pantone recently released its annual color wheel of the year (see photo), and of course it includes the ever-popular mint shade, labeled Grayed Jade. The theme of the season overall seems to be pastels that pop in shades across the rainbow. Melissa Brower seamlessly incorporates not one, but two of the colors on the palate of the year, by donning Monaco Blue and Lemon Zest (see photo A). A f t e r spending much of spring break scouring stores across the wonderful metropolis of Minneapolis, here are the stores I believe are best incorporating this year’s top hues: 1. Francesca’s—Not only can you get a buy one, get one deal on everything in the store for spring, but most dresses are under $50 to begin with. On a recent trip, I was overwhelmed by their selection of pastel attire, especially in shades of nectarine, lemon, and jade. 2. Anthropologie—I apologize for singing my praises of this gloryland too often, but the ingenuity and whimsical quality of their

clothing is always on the cutting edge. Here is one of my favorite dresses of the season, which happens to incorporate almost every color of the Pantone wheel (see photo B).

3.—Union student Anup Singh first informed me of this website, which sells both men’s and women’s clothing at some

pretty great prices. They offer men’s sweaters in every color imaginable, including those on Pantone’s color wheel, for around $30 or less (see photo c). The ingenuity of Pantone’s color wheel is that it offers ten popular shades, rather than just a few hues. Mint may make you look like a washed out hospital patient (much like the actors in Lady Gaga’s music video), but Poppy Red could be your perfect tone. Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to experiment with color this season, using Pantone’s color wheel as a guide. Or Lady Gaga’s music videos. Did we miss one of the hot colors for spring? Let us know on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Peace Out!

Joellyn Sheehy

“Union College is a center for peacemaking just as Christianity is a center,” says Chris Blake. “We want to be God’s children just as Jesus said: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children

of God.’” The Amnesty and Tiny Hands International club will host Union College’s fourth annual Peace Week April 14-21. Events will focus on promoting personal and corporate peace and raising awareness about Tiny Hands International (THI), a Lincoln-based non-profit organization working to stop sex trafficking in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Activities throughout the week will focus on the four pillars of peace: dialogue, justice, forgiveness and reconciliation. Festivities begin with a pancake breakfast and open mic at the gazebo at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 14. Marked as justice day, Tuesday, March 16 will feature a screening of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls at 9:00 p.m. at the Rees Hall Chapel. The first part in a trilogy, Nefarious exposes the underworld of modern sex slavery through interviews with victims and

traffickers alike. The Christian-made film documents victims’ stories from recruitment to liberation and highlights trafficking’s influence, including in developed, affluent parts of the world. The following Sunday, April 21, activist Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical, will speakat 7:30 p.m. at CVC’s Heartland Hall. Founder of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner city Philadelphia connecting radical faith communities around the world, Claiborne has spoken about Jesus and peace around the world. From working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta to serving at a mega church in California, his mission centers on peacefully rejecting materialism and turning to Christ. “I think there’s a deep longing among all of us to live for something bigger than ourselves,” says Claiborne in an interview for The United Church Observer. “As much as we try to hide that with the illusion of independence and materialism, that nagging desire for love and community keeps resurfacing.” In his book, The Irresistible Revolution,

Claiborne challenges readers’ perspectives on poverty and wealth distribution. “He doesn’t try to sugar-coat anything,” says Kristen Vogler, senior graphic design major. “He’s a nononsense guy and doesn’t just make suggestions; it’s all from experiences.” For more information on events or how to get involved, contact Joellyn Sheehy, Amnesty and THI club Grand Pooh Bah, or Chris Blake, club sponsor.

Have you read Claiborne’s book? Tell us what you thought of it on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Notes from a Student Abroad Shelby Seibold left Union College as a sophomore English major to pursue a year in Spain at ESDES Adventist College. With a desire to learn Spanish while immersed in Spanish culShelby Siebold ture and with a camera in her hand, Shelby added a new section to her wellestablished blog for her adventures abroad. I woke up this morning to the sounds of fireworks in Sagunto—a true sign that the Fallas vacation has finally arrived! At last, finals are over and we enjoy five days free. Last Sabbath those of us “new” to Grupo E got to go eat at Ana’s house after church. Ana, like all the teachers here, works so hard at ESDES. On top of that, she also puts in many extra hours doing activities with students, inviting them over for lunch, running errands with them, or talking to them about how everything is going. Eight of us ended up going to her house and she made some fantastic food, followed by dessert, chatting, and infusión (tea!). She spent time talking to each of us about where we are from, what our lives are like back in the States, and what our parents do. Lunch with Ana was a great way to relax before finals week. Sunday was very busy with a potluck from the culture class, studying for

tests, getting our books read, and writing lastminute papers. Last August, I couldn’t even fathom writing a paragraph in Spanish. Now we write papers all the time! When we went to Ana’s apartment last week she told us, “Now you know where I live, so if you ever have any problems, you come straight here—unless it is between midnight and 1 a.m. Then wait until I’m awake.” Teachers here love sharing their food,

their families, and their lives with us. It doesn’t matter to them that our Spanish is grammatically flawed, or that we would rather eat dinner at six than at nine. They accept us with our awkward differences and show us what it’s like to spread love to a bunch of Americans that wound up in Sagunto. Shelby is just finishing up her year in Spain through the ACA program. To read about more of her adventures, visit


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What Would God’s Excuse Be? Does God have a standard of excellence in mind when He asks us to do something? I believe there are three relevant principles involved in answering this question. First, God Spencer Way does not have a timeline for our accomplishments. He does not need our work, but asks us to do things for our benefit. His love never demands or begs for our efforts. God will never love us for what we do. He hopes that what we do will help us to better understand His perfect love and perfect our ability to love as He does. Secondly, God calls us to perfection. Everything about God that is true is universally applicable. That means there are no examples of how to model God’s character that would be morally wrong in any instance, for anyone on earth, ever. Yet, there are plenty of tasks that, if we performed them badly, would constitute a moral error. Manslaughter is a vivid

This Week in Campus Ministries Wednesday Laboring Youth for Christ @ 8pm at Erin Schlenker’s home, 4931 Calvert St. Everyone is welcome. Hour of Power @ 7 in the Heritage Room of the church with Pastor Ron Thursday 9 O’Clock @ 9pm in Rees Hall Chapel. Friday People’s City Mission to feed the homeless. Leave at 4 and be back for vespers. You MUST sign up in Campus Ministries because spots are limited. Vespers will be a concert by JJ Heller. Plan to be at the church by 7:30 for the concert! Sabbath Many Sabbath Schools to choose from. Watch for signs! Our new SS- “Jesus at the center of…” with Tyler Morrison and friends. Be sure and check it out in the Rees Hall Club room starting at 10:30. CVC @ 9:15 and Noon will feature Pastor Ron Halvorsen Jr. V2 @ 8 in the church hosted by the Human Development Division

example. If I drive badly, but not illegally, and unintentionally kill someone, there are consequences for me. It could be said that I did my best, was driving for God, and had dedicated all my driving to God. But even the low courts of men will find me guilty of wrongdoing. Does this apply to activities that have little chance of reaping such a drastic consequence? Nobody is likely to die because I did not prepare for a badminton test. Is there a moral consequence then? I believe that, as we give ourselves more and more to God’s plan for our lives, we strive for higher levels of excellence. Striving the other way detracts from our relationship with God. The last principle is a question of standards. If we measure ourselves against each other, we risk losing sight of God’s higher purpose. If we measure ourselves against ourselves, it is impossible to be objective. It is the voice of God, heard through communion with Him, which sets our personal standards.

Yet, it is my responsibility to be observant. If there are clouds in the sky and a forecast for rain, but I refuse to carry an umbrella and become drenched, the fault is mine. I am on shaky ground if I rail against God for not speaking clearly enough to me about the weather. So, if I look at the world and, by comparison, can see that I am terrible at what I do and I look within and conclude that I could do better, I cannot look to God and ask why He has not shown me more clearly what standard I should strive for. I believe God is perfect in action and He has an idealistic end in mind for all that we do for Him. When we knowingly do less than we could have, we fight against God. I wonder, what would God say if He failed at something? What would his excuse be? What is mine? What do you do to give God your best? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

The Reunion “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” 1 Thess. 4:17 Ricky Melendez I have sometimes thought that it wouldn’t be as cool to just be “caught up” with those who are being resurrected; it would be much cooler to be resurrected from the grave and float all the way up to heaven. At least, that’s the initial indication of this verse. What greater miracle than to be risen from the dead? But for those who are alive, it doesn’t seem to be as exciting. Being caught up isn’t as luxurious as being resurrected. Fortunately, there is a hidden blessing in this verse. When Paul speaks of being caught up in the air with those being resurrected, he really means that we are going to violently and rapidly ascend to heaven. Why a rapid and violent ascension? I am reminded of a story told about a missionary couple. The husband has to go out as a missionary without his wife for a year. Their only means of communication is through mail and email. Can you imagine being away from your spouse for an entire year not being able to hold them, kiss them, or even talk to them? This is what they were about to endure. As the year progresses, the couple becomes saddened because of the distance between them. All they want to do is be reunited again. The year finally finishes up and the husband decides that he wants to come back and sur-

prise his wife. He doesn’t tell her that he is coming back, and instead shows up to church one morning knowing she will be there. As he walks into the church, those around him are joyous at the site of seeing him back. As he walks into the sanctuary he spots his wife as she awaits the service to start. A woman sitting next to the wife taps her on the shoulder and tells her, “Turn around.” She turns, spots her husband, and is completely overjoyed and runs to him. They both meet in the middle of the sanctuary and hold each other tight after such a long time apart. It is finally that time that they will kiss and hold one another once again. After such a long time away from each other, that’s all they yearned for. This is why I believe we are all rapidly and violently going to ascend to heaven. We have been away from Jesus for such a long time. All He wants to do is to hold us and kiss us once again. We are going to rapidly and violently ascend to Him because He will no longer want to wait for us to be reunited with Him. It isn’t going to be simply floating up to heaven. He has missed us so much that He will not want to wait another second to be apart. I can’t wait to be reunited with my God and Savior. I can’t wait to kiss and hold Him. Be blessed today and hang onto this hope. If you would like to share in your spiritual journey, go to


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Union’s Got Talent Union is full of talent. And Saturday night, “Union’s Got Talent” showcased some of its finest. The event was divided into classical and entertainment Anna Pongo categories with Micah Robinson acting as host. During the evening a silent auction was set up in the back of the gym, all proceeds going toward LOVE146. Competing in the classical category were: Carl Dupper, who played “Perpetuum Heyjude Mobile” on his accordion; Rayshaun Williams, AJ Valcin, and Ysabella Paredes who performed “Why We Do,” an original composition; The Brass Union who played “El Relicario”; and Keisy Garcia who played “I Surrender All” on the keyboard and harmonica simultaneously. During a brief intermission, the house band performed, complete with Micah Robinson rapping along to electric guitar, keyboard, violin, and drums. Then the entertainment portion was kicked off with performers Chelsea Zumwalt and her fiancé, Chris Daum, who flew to Lincoln just to perform with her, playing and singing, “I’m Yours.” Luis LaPorte followed, singing “I Have Nothing,” dedicated to a giggling Debbie Pinto. AJ Valcin, Ana Torres, and Elliot Moseley played, sang, and beat boxed “Rough Drafts,” followed by a Nepali dance performed by Sneha Shrestha, Katie Fry, Sameera Sigdel, and Jassi Shakya. Chiu Chiyabi and The Lord of the Strings followed with a catchy original piece, “Lost and Found.” A haunting rendition of “Barton Hal-

low” by Amilia Carlos and Jeremy Jensen followed and the night of festivities concluded with Duke Silver and Tommy White (a.k.a. Zach Posthumus and Jared Messinger) with an elaborate drum/saxophone/music video interpretation of “You Belong to the City.” While the judges compared scores and decided on the winners, guest performer Ben Lapps, played acoustic fingerstyle guitar, which prompted such enthusiastic applause from the crowd that Lapps chuckled, “I may have to move to Lincoln, Nebraska.”

First place in the classical section was given to Keisy Garcia; second was given to Carl Dupper; third was given to The Brass Union. In the entertainment category, first place was given to Duke Silver and Tommy White, second to Chiu Chiyabi and The Faithful Five, and third to Amilia Carlos and Jeremy Jensen. What was your favorite part of talent show? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

(L to R): Sneha Shrestha, Katie Fry, Sameera Sigdel, and Jassi Shakya charmed the crowd at talent show with their traditional Nepali dance.

Senate Update with Adam Neep I’ve heard random mentions of it. It flits through crowds like an elusive butterfly, never to land. student senate makes things happen. Step stools in Rees’ East wing to alChelsea low us to shave our legs with Zumwalt ease and donation bins to allow us to trade clothes and donate to others. I’m sure I’ve seen the results of student senate in more areas than these, and yet I feel like the actual senate is something I know nothing about. I do, however, know a senate member: Adam Neep, a liaison between the village students and the faculty. His definition of the senate was succinct: “It’s the students on campus and the voice of Union. I act as a middle man and bring your voices as students to the board.” Suddenly,

the senate seemed less like a secret society and more like a simple think tank where ideas could be brought up and dealt with. But what did they talk about? Adam mentioned, “Senators hear the students’ problems and talk about them. Their goal is to find ways to improve life at Union for the students, staff, and adjunct teachers.” He is able to create bills that turn student desires into reality. How can someone who is interested in getting more involved on campus become a senate member? In Adam’s case he was in the right place at the right time—“Someone nominated me. I didn’t even know about it until I was asked if I wanted to be the village senator. I decided to accept the position.” For those who don’t want to rely on chance, you can always ask your friends to nominate you or mention your name to Linda Becker. Even

if you don’t become a student senator, there are still many to get involved on campus. Job ministries, which helps people in the community, and UFC, which organizes worships, could use your help and input. It’s difficult to represent such a diverse and distant population, so Adam often relies on people coming up to him with any topics that are on their minds. If he doesn’t catch you at the cafeteria or class, he can be seen roaming around campus. He likes to “support his peeps,” so if anything is on your mind that you would like addressed or simply want to find out ways to get involved, go find Adam Neep—he will be more than willing to listen to you. What changes do you want to see at Union? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!


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The Studio Welcomes You to Neptune Night Are you a creative writer? Do you want to learn more about the craft, or meet other writers you can share your work with? Look no further than Neptune Night, hosted Brittney by the Studio for Writing and Lippincott Speaking. The consultants at the Studio came up with the idea for Neptune Night when they realized students often came in to receive help with research papers, but not with creative works. Wanting to foster an environment that encouraged creative writing and provided a place for writers to share their work, the Studio created Neptune Night. The very first Neptune Night was held on February 27 and featured a poetry reading and a discussion about character creation. On March 27, the Studio for Writing and Speaking hosted its second Neptune Night of the year, which featured a presentation on archetypes and

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down from the Clocktower Staff Amber –

to anything Cheetah!

Lexi –

to graduation!

Ruby –

to California weather!!

Katelyn – to spring finally making an appearance! Annie – America!

to the trip to Central

Chiu – to living more than 6,000 miles away from home.. :( Addi – Spencer –

to pictures of cats. to kitten pot pie.

Emily –

to eating pets :(

Steven –

to petting pets.

Pablo – to being offsides and the penalty box. Aphee – town!

to my old roomate being in

Brianna – to those popping juicy balls at Yogurtini. Cassie – shops!

to poppin those tags at thrift

stereotypes in fictional writing and how to utilize them properly, followed by sharing of creative pieces and getting acquainted with fellow writers. This March 27 Neptune Night was, in some ways, the true test as to whether or not the student population here at Union has any interest in writing groups or co-ops. Previously, Neptune Night had been hosted in conjunction with the Humanities Division’s poetry reading so it was widely advertised and sure to draw in a fair amount of people. At least 20 people attended the poetry reading, with a small group remaining to participate in the sharing portion of Neptune Night. However, for this Neptune Night, there were no crowd-drawing guest speakers or special events to team up with. All of the content was organized and presented by Studio consultants, and the only advertisements used were posters around campus. When 8:00 p.m. came and passed with no one in attendance, the consultants were not sure what was going to happen. Was anyone going to come? Approximately 5 to 10 min-

utes later, the first guests arrived, and Neptune Night was on. Though it did not garner a large crowd, Neptune Night was indeed successful as those who participated expressed interest in coming again. The consultants were left feeling confident that the event had potential for growth and began planning the next event. The next Neptune Night will be held on Wednesday, April 17 in the Studio (in the lower level of the library) from 7 pm to 8 pm. Snacks and drinks will be served. If you have an idea for a book or short story, but don’t know how to begin, this Neptune Night is for you. The discussion will center on outlining, and Jessica Perrone, who is in the process of writing a book, will lead out. Anyone is welcome to attend—whether you’re a creative writer or just someone who wants to bask in a little creativity. How would you sum up Union in one word? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

One on One with Cynthia Stokes

We have sad news on campus this week. Cynthia Stokes has announced this will be her last semester with Union College. Cindy Stokes has been a great to teacher to hundreds of Lexi Johnson students and we’re all very sad to see her leave. Over the last five years, Cindy Stokes has been a beloved member of the Union College family, working in the Fine Arts Division.. Cindy started in 2008 as a part-time teacher, becoming full-time in 2009. Ms. Stokes is heavily involved at Union: she teaches band, orchestra, conducting, technique classes, private lessons, music history and is in charge of the brass union. She is also responsible for starting a band at George Stone Elementary School, where students are now able to student-teach. Tommy Kennedy, a student of Ms. Stokes said, “I am going to miss her a lot. She inspires me to be more than I think I am able to be.” Ms. Stokes is engaged to be married and plans to move to Mississippi with her soonto-be husband. Union is Ms. Stokes Alma mater and she is very sad to leave her students. It has been her home for the last five years and it was a hard decision to make. However, Ms. Stokes is very excited to start her new adven-

ture with her future husband. Union hasn’t found a new teacher to take her place yet but is continuing to look. We as students trust in Union’s ability to select a great professor for all of us, but it will be a hard feat to find a teacher more loved than Ms. Stokes. Give your division a shoutout! Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Be sure to tell Mrs. Stokes ‘Congratulations’ on getting married!”



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chivalry’s Murder: Why Men Are Not to Blame Once upon a time on February 4, 1938, the first of many Disney princesses made her debut. Snow White initiated a string of “happily ever afters,” inducing the craving in little Brianna girls everywhere for their own Schenkelberg knights in shining armor. It’s no mystery that women enjoy being wooed, and if this tidbit surprised you, you may want to reconsider your approach to getting the girl. The romantic world has morphed since then. Rapunzel fends for herself with a frying pan and the princess-turned-frog rescues her own prince. Nowadays, Snow White is whistling while she works. Following equal women’s rights crept an ‘I don’t need a man’ attitude, causing a lot of confusion for the guys. Empowered with independence, some women misinterpreted chivalry for men asserting superiority of an alpha gender. When helping a girl carry groceries earned a blunt, “I can carry those my-

self,” guys got nervous. Instead of treading carefully to avoid stepping on toes, they took a new route. They buried chivalry. “Men let chivalry die and men did not have to let it die,” says Mike Mennard, M.A. with an emphasis in Women’s Studies. “Political incorrectness and fear killed chivalry. Somehow we need to remove that environment of fear.” Confusion and fear played a huge factor in the decline of chivalry. It also didn’t help that, with the desire to be treated equal with the guys, ladies became less lady-like. Men, whom would you open a door for, Nikki Minaj or Audrey Hepburn? Guys aren’t going to act gentlemanly unless a woman portrays herself as a nice, nice lady. McDonald’s has also worked against the knights in shining armor. Well, maybe not McDonald’s specifically, but the birth of a mindset of instant gratification. Romantic courting didn’t fit into our go-go, get-it-here, get-it-now society. Wooing someone takes time, which no one has.

Chivalry had many enemies working against it. When men became confused about expectations from women and afraid to offend them, they let chivalry fade away and earned the nickname “lazy.” “I think we’ve done a better job in the last 30-40 years of being open and honest about the unfair expectations on women than we’ve been on the unfair expectations of men. We don’t talk about the men,” Mennard states. Chivalry lies on the ground, battered and bruised, but still breathing. It has not died quite yet, as many think. There is still the desire in men to be the knight in shining armor and the craving in women to be cherished— yearnings that withstand the test of time. As Mennard says, “Men still want to be someone’s hero, and women want to be someone’s desire.” Does chivalry still exist? Tell us what you think on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

In Your Face: Public Displays of Activism

My friends are turning into pink equal signs. Every time I log into Facebook, a new notification of “[Insert high school buddy name here] has changed their profile picture.” Full of Katelyn Kovalski eagerness at seeing my friend’s beautiful face, I click the notification, only to be greeted with a large pink equal sign declaring activism. Profile pictures. Bumper stickers. Wristbands. T-shirts. There are numerous ways to display our devotion to a cause. In seventh grade, I wore a rubber yellow wristband to show my support for cancer research. A friend of mine in high school wore a bracelet inscribed with “TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms)” everyday to express her antisuicide stance. As I grew older and my naivete began to fade, I began to notice the negative impressions that these displays of devotions gave. I was accused of merely copying what others were doing in wearing my Livestrong band. Many believed my friend to be struggling with depression and self-mutilation because she so fiercely promoted TWLOHA’s cause. Neither of these claims were true. Same-sex marriage is the most recent cause many of my peers are supporting – thus the equal signs all over Facebook. But, as evidenced by my experiences with Livestrong and TWLOHA, many can take these actions the wrong way. Healthy discussion over differing opinions is either denied by a silent

bumper sticker, or very quickly turns into a heated argument on the Internet. Are expressions like this the best way for people to show their support? “I think it’s fine for people to state their beliefs out loud,” says Jordan Leddy. “Political bumper stickers and statements in your Internet profiles are totally fine no matter where you stand because we have freedom of speech . . . If you support gay rights, you have the freedom to say so. If you don’t, you have the right to speak your mind. If you want to be racist in what you say on Facebook or your bumper stickers, you have the freedom of speech to do so.” Jacob Wathen believes that some methods of expressing one’s opinion are lucrative, and some aren’t. “I’d say the equal sign does encourage discussion. . . . It’s a good way to get people to think about their beliefs. I think opinions should be ‘in your face,’ but you should be able to accept other people’s opinions as well.” Another factor in these public displays is that they become “the thing to do,” regardless of whether one cares about the cause or not. Of open demonstrations of activism, Ashley Walker believes, “That is technically the right way to get things out, but I feel like a lot of the people don’t actually know what things like that mean; they’re just doing what everyone else is doing. They don’t actually care about what they’re standing up for.” “I pick my battles,” says Jordan Leddy

about posting opinions online. “[For example,] I don’t post the equal sign picture on my Facebook because firstly, it won’t actually help the marriage equality cause and secondly, it would lead to more unnecessary fighting between my friends and I, and it’s not important enough to me to do that because the equal sign isn’t actually activism.” Many of these publicly displayed causes are good and they promote very good characteristics such as love, open-mindedness, perseverance, and acceptance. When showing your own activism, ask yourself, “Am I actually making a difference? What is the impression I’m making toward others?” Keep these questions in mind the next time you’re tempted to buy that wristband or change that profile pic. How publicly should we display our activism? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Has Sprung; Now What? With summer pre-season finally here, it’s time to pull out the tank tops and picnic blankets! There are so many different activities for you to do to prep for the summer. Here are Ruby Ruano just a few ideas. Picnics! Made infamous on campus by the blog, there is no better place to have a picnic than in Lincoln’s parks. Pioneers Park is a beautiful recreational area that has a small lake, volleyball courts, playgrounds, trails, reservable pavilions, and grills. It is located on the outskirts of Lincoln on 3201 S Coddington Ave. Homes Lake is also another fantastic place to picnic! Other than the fact that it’s just a few minutes’ walk away from our campus, it has beautiful grounds for any occasion. Holmes has grills and picnic tables available for use and a sparkly lake as background. It’s

also a great place to tan, take a short nap on the Sabbath, or go on a run. Wanting to take a dip? I found a little gem just 20 minutes outside the city called Pawnee Lake. It is also equipped with picnic tables and grills and a small beach that can almost make up for the corn surrounding us. There is no charge to get in and it usually isn’t too packed with crowds. The water is always fresh and, for the most part, clean as long as it isn’t too full of people. For the best route to get there or acquire their address, visit It is getting harder to focus on studying with the weather getting warmer, but don’t torture yourself. Take a break on the weekend with your friends by visiting one of these awesome places here in town! Where is your favorite summer activity? Let us know on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Even Union’s campus has perfect places for picnicking.

Catch Up on Summer Concerts We have less than a month of school left, which means summer is within reach! Do you have any cool summer plans besides working? If not, start looking to see if your faAmber Alas vorite artist is on tour this summer! Justin Timberlake just came out with his new album, “The 20/20 Experience,” last month, which sparked old fans to melt once more at his amazing voice and earned new fans with his hit song, “Suit and Tie” featuring Jay-Z. Justin and Jay-Z finally confirmed rumors that they’d be touring together this summer! They will perform in some of the most historic venues across the country including Fenway Park, Soldier Field, and the Rose Bowl. If you’re not in or around any of these venues, don’t worry. There are more options! Speaking of Justin, another popular Justin is on tour this summer. You already know: Justin Bieber. So all you Bieber fans (cough Laura Britton cough) should be ecstatic about his “Believe World Tour.” He’ll be performing in California, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Chicago and more! If you wish to go to a concert of screaming Justin fanatics, don’t miss out! bieber.php Another tour that you won’t want to miss is Rihanna’s Diamonds Tour! Rumors say that this is supposed to be her biggest tour ever. She has already started touring but still has many shows to go! This tour is primarily

based on her album that came out last November; “Unapologetic,” her seventh studio album. rihanna.php. If you’re staying here in good ol’ Nebraska Carrie Underwood will be here in Omaha doing her tour, “Blown Away!” Carrie herself has said this tour will be all-new and exciting. Additionally, her opening act is Hunter Hayes! For more information on the dates left on her tour, visit concert/carrie_underwood.php. Your girl Beyoncé is also touring all summer and, I can promise you, her performances will not let you down. You don’t want to go on with your life without going to see her in concert. If you’re hesitant about the oth-

ers that I mentioned, Beyoncé is the concert to take advantage of! Beyoncé announced her tour would begin this month, “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” Tickets vary from $140$4,000. beyonce.php If the people I mentioned didn’t catch your attention, luckily they aren’t the only ones touring this summer. Many different artists are doing tours this summer to make this summer memorable for you: Zac Brown Band, Maroon 5, Usher, P!nk, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars and much more! So gather your friends and start looking up concerts!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sports Venues Plus a Menu If you are anything like me, then watching sports is a sport itself. One cannot just casually sit down at any TV in any setting and enjoy a sporting event. The setting has to be right, and Tyler Ellis for me, creating the right setting also involves the right food. The other classic problem is that the sporting event may be Pay-per-view, and you best believe that us college students can’t afford that Pay-per-view lifestyle! So the next best option is to find a place to watch the event. Luckily for us, there are many good places in Lincoln where food and sports combine. Old Chicago is always playing sports and has some of the best food in Lincoln. There are two Lincoln locations, but the downtown location has the best vibe. It is a historic two-story building with seating for over 320 people. Large plasma TVs spread throughout the location, displaying almost every sports package available (including NFL Sunday ticket). Of course, now that baseball season has started, they have that MLB TV on lock. For all you carnivores out there, Buffalo Wild Wings is a great place to catch up on some sports. Lets start with the fact that, no matter what location you go to, there are at least 30 televisions thanks to their 30 TV guarantee! They play all sports, including extreme to MMA with baseball and football in between.

The last place that I like to go watch sports doesn’t necessarily market themselves as a sports restaurant, so I find that there are less people there and it can be a little more relaxing. Lazlos represents a local sports presence, since their only locations are in Lincoln and Omaha. They pride themselves on a great environment and even greater food.

If watching sports while eating good food is a passion, then these are the places for you. The atmospheres of the places listed above are like none other. And, most importantly, you will be fully immersed in sports! Enjoy. What’s your favorite setting for watching sports? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Getting Away with Murder It’s true that we put celebrities such as movie stars, sports figures and even business icons on a pedestal. We as “average people” watch and glorify their every move. But could we, by Joe Hofmann putting these people in high regards, be letting them get away with murder and other heinous crimes? February 15th of this year, authorities in South Africa arrested Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius for allegedly killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the evidence that has come out doesn’t look promising for proving innocence. Nevertheless, Pistorius was released on bail and his trial is pending. A large majority of people have come out defending Oscar Pistorius and claimed he wouldn’t hurt a fly. On January 31st of 2000 there was an apparent fight outside of a nightclub in Atlanta Georgia where now retired linebacker Ray Lewis and some friends were partying. When

the fight was broken up, two men were found stabbed to death. Ray Lewis and two other men were charged with the murders. However, Lewis got a plea deal and was only charged with a misdemeanor of obstruction of justice and 12 months’ probation. Lewis, to this day, defends his innocence. According to Sports Illustrated in 2010, around 125 college athletes had been charged with a felony or misdemeanor before the college basketball season had even begun. So what gives? Why are more and more athletes getting into trouble? I believe part of the blame is on us the consumers. We idolize these athletes and stars. We live vicariously through their achievements and their accomplishments. They can do no wrong because we don’t want them to. We don’t want to see our heroes charged for murder or given a misdemeanor. That makes them human—on the same level as us. And isn’t the escape from reality a part of why we enjoy sports so much? Don’t we just want to escape reality, relax, and

forget about the world and its problems for however long the game is being played? That’s just my theory, you may have another one. But the big question is, are we letting our athletes get away with murder?

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“Around 125 college atheletes had been charged with a felony or misdemeanor.”


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Bastille [Electro-Indie] I recently read that The Rolling Stone ranked MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular (2008) number 57 out of the 100 greatest debut albums of all time. No small feat. Those two Steven Foster hipsters really helped establish a place for electro-indie in the mainstream music world. If you turn on the radio these days, you’ll hear hits from Passion Pit, M83, and AWOLNATION. I hope you enjoy electro-indie, because it won’t be making its leave soon. If you’re looking for the next hit artist, point your radar to Bastille. Bastille started as a singer/songwriter project by lead singer Dan Smith, who in 2010 decided to add a few more members and become a full-fledged band. Rooted in London, England, Bastille has been fortunate enough that their most recent release, “Pompeii,” gained a bit of momentum on Spotify, and has since been featured in their trending music category. That is how I first heard about

them. “Pompeii” is an instant hit. Catchy “ayeoh” vocals open the song, which progresses into simple drum and bass, as well as electronic progression on top of catchy male vocals from Smith. Listening to it once won’t be enough. You’ll likely have the song on repeat for the rest of the day, and you definitely will catch yourself singing it everywhere you go. The cheerful melody makes this song perfect for studying or relaxing. Also released alongside “Pompeii” this year was the equally as catchy “Poet.” The piece opens with cheerful echoes of whistling before similar drum and bass and vocals carry the song through. Although Bastille has only released two songs this year, they were so unique that it inspired me to delve into their earlier works, and I liked every one of them. Remember reading about Young the Giant a couple issues ago (If not, come find me and I’ll get you a copy)? I know the article inspired you to go

out and listen to them and that you’re a huge fan of them now, but that’s not the point. If you liked Young the Giant, you’ll like Bastille a lot. Who is your favorite new artist? Let us know on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

New Girl...New Detective Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! If you haven’t beheld the snortinducing, awkward spectacle that is New Girl, log onto Hulu and get acquainted. Jessica Day (played by ZooEmily ey Deschanel) is launched into Syvertson the lives of Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris) when she breaks up with her dysfunctional boyfriend and searches for a new place to live. Jess finds their ad for a roommate on Craigslist, and the rest is history (or available on Hulu). Why should you start watching now? Let me rephrase that question: who doesn’t want to laugh so hard that they get an abdominal workout from watching 30 minutes of TV? For more incentive, the doubly forbidden friend-and-roommate romance between Jess

New Girl airs on FOX every Tuesday at 8 pm.

and Nick has broken out like a full-fledged chicken pox epidemic in a kindergarten classroom. Sprinkled within each episode are bizarre behaviors (like awkward moonwalking to avoid confrontation)—you may even learn a few moves you want to incorporate into your own repertoire. But most of all, New Girl represents something we can all relate to: being adults that simply aren’t ready to grow up. Five reasons why you should watch Elementary: 1. Its stars, Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes) and Lucy Liu (Joan Watson—that’s right, Joan), have great chemistry. Aphee Messer The producers insist the duo won’t go further than friendship, but they still share a few aww-worthy moments together. 2. This contemporary version sets Sherlock in New York City, where he consults with the NYPD and recovers from a drug addiction. If you’re a fan of the BBC Sherlock or the original books by Arthur Conan Doyle, you might want to check out Elementary for a new twist on the story. 3. Joan and Sherlock have a pet turtle. His name is Clyde. This reason alone should suffice. 4. For a show that revolves around solving homicides, Elementary is actually pretty funny. Much of the humor arises from the

interactions between Joan and Sherlock—the no-nonsense doctor and the eccentric detective play off each other well. 5. It’s back from a three-week long hiatus, it’s been renewed for a second season, and four episodes (including the latest two) are up for viewing on CBS’s website. So what show should you add to your must-watch list? It’s Elementary, my dear Watson.

What do you like to watch? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB. You could be published!

Elementary airs Thursdays at 9 pm on CBS.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The CT Staff

End of the year closeout happening now at Cooper’s Corner. Most things will not be re-ordered!!

Free picnic lunch A donor will provide a free picnic lunch for all students, faculty and staff under the Clocktower if 320 students pre-registered by April 20. There are currently 169 students preregistered. This is a stretch goal for the whole campus. It will take every one of us to help this happen. The picnic would take place on April 23. In addition to the free picnic, if you have pre-registered by April 20, you might win the following prizes 1. 2. 3. 4.


20 - $25 cash prizes – drawing will be at the picnic 5 - $50 cash prizes – drawing will be at the picnic 10 - $100 scholarships – to be put on your bill when you return next fall 5 - $10 gift certificates to the Mill


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13 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater Preview Days Gymnaires Home Show


12 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!", ADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater Preview Days J.J. Heller Concert


11 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre Poetry Reading, Indigo Bridge Books and Cafe "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater Preview Days

19 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater Grease, Haymarket Theater National Library Week Division of Fine Arts Choral Concert, Vespers National Garlic Day

20 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater Grease, Haymarket Theater National Library Week UC Band and Orchestra Concert, V2 EAP Zoo Trip ASB Food Extravaganza Look Alike Day


17 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater National Library Week Blah, Blah, Blah Day

18 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater 2013 Great Plains Regional Rodeo, Lancaster Event Center Grease, Haymarket Theater Youth Poetry Reading, Indigo Bridge Books and Cafe National Library Week National High Five Day




24 Grease, Haymarket Theater Administrative Professionals Day

10 "MOMIX Botanica", Lied Center National Siblings Day

23 Grease, Haymarket Theater CHAPEL SM/TF Dedication Take A Chance Day

15 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater National Library Week Patriot's Day

22 Grease, Haymarket Theater 11:30 Division of Humanities Picnic Lunch National Jelly Bean Day


16 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater National Library Week National Stress Awareness Day National Librarians Day

21 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre Grease, Haymarket Theater Union Scholars Senior Recognition Dinner


14 "Pageant- The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest!",TADA Theatre "Spoon River Anthology", Miller Theatre "The taming of the Shrew", Howell Theater Abuse Prevention Seminar with Deb Flowers, Piedmont Park Community Church Preview Days National Library Week ASB Spring Banquet International Moment of Laughter Day


UPDATE Hello everyone! We have three weeks left! We’ve had so many events this year starting with Handshake, then Dodge Ball, World Cup, Barn Party, Ice Skating, Splash for Cash, Talent Show, and now, this upcoming Sunday is Banquet! It is taking place at the Omaha Zoo starting at 6:30 pm, so be there! After Banquet we still have some fun stuff planned for the end of this year. One of them is a surprise, and the other is the releases of our yearbook and Yearlook video, both of which will be amazing and you should not for any reason miss! I hope that throughout this year you have become more acquainted with what ASB does, and that we have helped you make memories by getting your academics, Jesus, service, talent, athletics, and Union on. I have been immensely blessed to have been able to work with such an outstanding group of individuals whom I have the privilege to call my teammates and friends. I am also very excited to be passing the torch to Carl Dupper and his 2013-2014 ASB team. They have so much fun stuff planned for those of you coming back—and for those of us graduating, it’s

been a good run and I wish you all the best of luck in the working world. Have an amazing three weeks of school and good luck with all of your finals! Your friend and ASB President, Lupe Williams

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The Clocktower, Vol. 87 Issue 16  

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