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Where Amazing Happens: The 2013 NBA Playoffs kick off. Are you ready? SPORTS CULTURE



Freshman Advice to Graduating Seniors

Freshman Julio Vazquez and Senior Nikki Yoshida share in foosball

As Union seniors embark on a grand, new adventure called “adult life,” they receive an excess of advice from their elders. However, those who are younger may have some wisBrianna Schenkelberg dom to share as well. Seniors, what would the freshman versions of yourselves have to say to you now? Would “freshman you” be proud, disappointed, impressed? Since it is currently impossible (financially and physically) to travel back in time, we asked some underclassmen what advice they had for graduating Unionites. Here

are their words of wisdom: Nolan Baker: “Go big or go home.” Julio Vazquez: “Build your own dreams in life before somebody hires you to try to build theirs.” Natalie Bruzon: “Don’t be scared to not have it all figured out and remember that you only grow old when you stop playing.” Antonio Botimer: “Have integrity. Be honest with yourself, with people, and with God in everything.” Madison Wagnaar: “Remember: put God first, you gotta choose to be happy, and always keep some chocolate on hand.”

Kyle Smith: “God doesn’t only live at Union, take him with you! You can’t live your life if you don’t remember to eat from the bread of life. Don’t leave your relationship with Jesus in your dorm room.” Sarah Saxton: “Don’t be afraid to take chances. Live life to the fullest.” So, seniors, remember to leave your fears behind, take God with you, and never abandon your dreams as you journey on into the next chapter of your life.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Pablo Colindres

Writing this article is the last order of business as Clocktower Editor-in-Chief. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it was a year ago I was making huge plans for this newspaper. Tonight though, I have a different feeling. I’m staring at the walls of my office, a small cave that my entire year has been spent

in. On one wall I have pinned all the Clocktowers, and I love seeing the progression from the very first one to the latest one, and the final one being finished in front of me. What a great year. I could not have done this by myself. Everything the Clocktower accomplished came about thanks to a large team behind me every step of the way. This is as much their accomplishment as it is mine. I take no full credit for anything that we achieved. First, God, who got more than His fair share of prayers from me coming out my office. I’d like to think that it went this way: Holy Spirit: Hey, we’ve got another one from you-knowwhere. Father: Again? He just hung up. Holy Spirit: Seems that another article got turned in late. He wants us to be there with him. Son: I hope he realizes we never left. Father: Yeah. Well, take the call anyway. Jessica Reeder, last year’s editor, was probably one of my most valuable resources, too. Always there with encouraging words—bless her heart! Thanks!

My friends and family, who put up with me through the good times and the really bad times without ever reducing their love and support. I don’t know that would have put up with myself—bless their hearts! Michael Steingas and Mike Mennard, who were always available to give me advice, listen to my dreams, and make sure the paper actually happened. Greatest sponsors ever—bless their hearts! My designers, Chiu Chiyabi and Kristen Vogler, who were able to design a newspaper out of the crazy visions and ideas I wanted to see—bless y’all’s hearts! My editorial team, Aphee Messer, Addi Hudgins, and Emily Syvertson, because they were probably fed up with me by the time the first issue came out. What an amazing job they did—bless y’all’s hearts! Dr. Fitts, Dr. Robison, Ben Tyner, Ms. Mesnard—these faculty also always gave me their time, support and advice when I needed it. Bless their hearts! Mike Luke over at Advent Source, who printed all our issues at whatever time we sent it to him. Sometimes even when it was late and in short notice. Bless his heart! My writers, the most essential part of a newspaper. Need I say more? Thanks for putting up with me! Bless every one of y’all’s heart! Andrew Morgan. Enough said. Bless your heart! On that note, my ASB family: thanks for all the hugs, support, applause and love y’all gave me. Bless y’all’s heart! I would also like to thank the Union student body for reading, critiquing, commenting, and for being there for this publication. It was an honor and a privilege working for y’all. -Pablo Colindres

Next Year . . . Right now, there is one thing on my mind: summer. As I attempt to finish this school year without losing all motivation, I am distracted by the temptations of warmer weathEmily er (if it ever comes): traveling, Syvertson biking, swimming, camping, lying in the sun… anything as long as I can do it outdoors. But my summer activities are

going to include something new this year— planning for next year’s Clocktower. As the future editor, I have already started brainstorming with the help of other ASB officers. We plan on making news more accessible to you by not only posting issues online, but also creating web-exclusive content. A few more surprises may come as well, but I’m not going to spill the beans just yet. I hope that you are excited to see how the

Clocktower will change next year. I also think that your feedback is vital—after all, we do it all for you! So have a great summer, tan away the winter blues, and come back to Union ready to pick up an issue and dive in! What do you want to see? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Some Lettuce-Love Union College, I’m in the mood for a sandwich. A Lettuce-Love Sandwich. Here’s why . . . Next year as UFC/Religious VP, I am excited to bring ASB Tyler Morrison and Campus Ministries together in a fresh and revitalizing way. Recently, the current and future ASB team went on a retreat to bond and start planning this next year. I was amazed that as we began developing a new theme for ASB for this coming fall, it was sounding more and more like what I feel God has been putting on my heart for the spiritual atmosphere of Union College, which is a campus united in all aspects. As a spiritual leader, I feel that the key to being united begins with relationships. 1 John 4:19 says, “We love because He first loved us.” Our relationships with each other begin with our relationship with God. Therefore, in order to be united as a school I believe we need

to each be personally united with God. In the parable of the Vine and the branches, Jesus gives us a clear example of the importance of a personal relationship with God. “Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me” (John 15:4).

For the coming school year I want to help cultivate an atmosphere at Union College that makes a rela-

tionship with Jesus easy. While still doing my best to create deeper and more personal worship experiences through vespers programs, Sabbath schools and weeks of prayer, I want to begin making opportunities to strengthen more intimate and personal connections with our Vine, Jesus Christ. So Union College, lettuce love.

If you would like to share in your spiritual journey, go to


This Week in Campus Ministries Wednesday Laboring Youth for Christ @ 8pm at Erin Schlenker’s home, 4931 Calvert St. Everyone is welcome. Hour of Power @ 7 in the Heritage Room of the church with Pastor Ron Thursday 9 O’Clock @ 9pm in Rees Hall Chapel. Come sing for 30 minutes and be blessed in this worship time with your peers.

The Vespers

Friday People’s City Mission to feed the homeless. Leave at 4 and be back for vespers. You MUST sign up in Campus Ministries because spots are limited. Vespers will be outdoors as we celebrate this year at our final Friday night as a school family. Ricky and Tyler, this year’s and next year’s UFC directors will lead out as we transition between all that God has done this year and all we look forward to Him doing next year. Buell will be speaking so bring your blankets to the grass circle in front of the ad building at 8pm and let’s fellowship and worship! (Long range forecast, by the way is 70 for Friday and 75 for Sabbath!)

Lisa Clark-Diller

Terry Swenson

Phil Wickham

Afterglow will coordinate with the outdoor vespers so stay by! Sabbath Many Sabbath Schools to choose from. Watch for signs! Our new SS- “Jesus at the center of…” with Tyler Morrison and friends. Be sure and check it out in the Rees Hall Club room starting at 10:30. CVC @ 9:15 and Noon will feature Pastor Ron Halvorsen Jr. V2 @ 8 in the church

JJ Heller

The Passion Play


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


New, Online Financial Aid A new, easier way to apply for financial aid is here! No more making appointments on fifth floor; no more signing award letters. All you have to do is fill out an online quesAnna Pongo tionnaire! You will want to fill this questionnaire as soon as possible! This is partly because, for most students at Union, financial aid determines their ability to continue their education. But also, all students who complete their questionnaire by April 26 will be entered into a drawing for one of 10 scholarships for $100 toward the 2013-14 school year! Steps to filling out the questionnaire: 1. Go to and login. On the home page, look for the “My Financial Aid” link. 2. Complete your financial aid file: i. Complete the online “My Financial Aid” questionnaire at www.ucollege. edu/portal (use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). ii. Complete the FAFSA at www.fafsa.

gov. iii. Turn in all other documents Student Financial Services requests from you. 3. Once your financial aid file is complete, you will be evaluated for eligibility for all financial aid programs. You will receive an award notice, calculated payment plan, and prompt. On your “My Financial Aid” portal, you will be able to view your: i. Calculated monthly payment plan amount ii. Document status iii. Financial aid award eligibility amounts iv. Messages specifically pertaining to your record 4. When notified, accept your awards online in the “Take Action: Accept Awards” tab on your financial aid portal. 5. Make your first payment no later than August 1 If you have any questions about the new system, your financial plan, or your account, contact Student Financial Services at

402.486.2505 or

Newly appointed SFS director, Taryn Rouse

Take A Seat You see it while walking through the Atrium: the balcony. Also named the bell, it looks out proudly, regally, emptily. Inside the student center, a different scene is evident. BuzzChelsea ing with noise and activity, the Zumwalt student center provides Union College with study rooms for those who are intent on getting things done. For the students who have some time to spare—speaking to the lucky freshmen—you can play pool, foosball, and ping pong. Then there is the main hub of student life when the cafeteria just isn’t enough—Cooper’s Corner. Over the past few years, Cooper’s has changed by leaps and bounds. Decaf refreshments and minimal snacks were the status quo. The Cooper’s you see today doesn’t stop there. Extra refrigerators have been stocked with yogurt, coffee, and gourmet teas. Even laundry detergent is available for your hygiene needs. You may be wondering what my description of Cooper’s has to do with the unused balcony in the Atrium. This balcony will soon be used for something beyond a nice display rack—Cooper’s Corner seating. That’s right folks! Thanks to Tyler Ellis’ bill being passed, Cooper’s will have additional seating for your snacking needs. Before you drop this article on the ground from

sheer amazement, let’s consider the possibilities of what this seating can become. Looking out onto the tennis courts, you may be encouraged to drop the chips you’re currently eating and grab something to fuel your workout instead. If college has left you with empty pockets turned out (as it has me), going out for coffee could mean heading over to Cooper’s for a warm “cup of joe” and a sun-

Cooper’s Corner is always a great place to find a smile

set. Dating got you down? The bell provides a perfect vantage point of all the physical education, nursing, and even PA students. This new installment into campus life will be available soon so you can make all these dreams you never knew you had become reality.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


One on One with Jennifer Enos Getting joy out of one’s job is not something that should be hoped for, rather a requirement for staying there. Jennifer Enos has stayed at Union College for 34 years—something you don’t Carl Dupper do without getting at least a little enjoyment out of your job—and has recently announced her retirement. I headed up to enrollment services’ front desk to catch up with her and hear what she had to say about her time at Union. CD: When do you plan on ending your time here? JE: December 20 CD: What advice would you give your successor to be successful at this job? JE: You must love students. You must enjoy a lot of commotion because enrollment services is always busy. CD: After you end your time here, are you

planning on staying in Lincoln? Or, do you have plans elsewhere? JE: Lincoln is my home and I’m planning on staying here. CD: What things have you enjoyed most about working here? JE: It’s the association with the students. I have only one son, so being able to work around a perpetual supply of young ladies has always been fun. I get to do the mom thing over, and over and over. I love to bake so this is a ready supply of people that are more than willing to eat. CD: What the largest challenge you’ve

faced while working here? JE: I’m not a particularly “techie” person, and so I’m surrounded by all these young people who are very much into technology, and so the technology part is probably the biggest challenge. CD: If you had to sum up your experience at Union College in one word what would it be? JE: Joyful. How would you sum up Union in one word? Post to our Facebook at or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down from the Clocktower Staff Amber –

to making money this

summer! Joe –

to living, loving and laughing.

Ruby – to spending the summer with Lau Brittttttt :) Katelyn – Pablo – end

to thunderstorms! to a great year coming to an

Chelsea – to the blessings this last year provided and the ability to look back and see them. Chiu – summer!

to longboarding sessions this

Emily –

to next year’s Clocktower!

Steven –

to summer camp.

Addi – Lexi – way

mimicking grumpy cat. to warmer weather coming our

Brianna – Carl -

to imitating meme faces.

to the Nuggets beating the Heat

for their first NBA championship. Fingers crossed.

Jen Enos shows us her hip side

It’s Graduation Time! Our years in college are numbered; and it’s important to take advantage of them while we can. I’m graduating this May and my experience at Union has prepared me for the Lexi Johnson future. When this time of the year comes around it’s filled with a mixture of feelings and emotions: happy to graduate, sad to leave your friends, excited about to future, or scared about the future. This is a transition period in our lives and these emotions are all part of the process. It’s not a secret that college is hard. Late night study sessions and cramming, stress about papers and tests, emotional roller coasters, they’re all part of the experience. But no doubt, the good times outweigh the stressful ones. As I’m getting ready graduate, I can’t help but to think back to the years I’ve spent here. My opinion of Union now compared to where it was in fall 2008, when I arrived, couldn’t be more different. College isn’t just

a place to study and get a degree. It’s a community of people who come together to better themselves. Union gives students opportunities they wouldn’t have access to anywhere else. Up to this point in my life, graduating college is by far the thing I’m most proud of. All of graduated have worked so hard for four, sometimes more, years. We’ve been dreaming of this moment not just since we’ve arrived here, but also since we were little kids. Graduation from college is considered one of the most monumental accomplishments of our lives. As I go out into the world and begin my career, I’ll never forget all the things I’ve learned here at Union or all the friendships I’ve formed through the years. Because of my experience here at Union, I can head out into the world confident and proud of what I can do.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


What Happens Next? Graduation is fast approaching. The caps and gowns are purchased, and the invitations sent. A question that most, if not all graduates have surely been asked is: “so, what Katelyn Kovalski happens next?” For some grads, not much is going to change at first. “Immediately [after graduating], I’ll be going back to my job at Hy-Vee,” says senior Britni Grannan, “but I’m looking at getting an EMT job in North Platte.” Grannan is lucky to have a potential job available, as many graduates in the United States are not so lucky. How likely is it that jobs are going to be available to the majority of college grads? With the U.S. unemployment rate at 7.6%, and the unemployment of college graduates at 11.3%, it is easy to be discouraged about being able to find a job in one’s particular field of study. To increase the likelihood of finding a job post-graduation, “get as many internships as you can,” says Michelle Mesnard, chair of the division of Humanities. Internships help build experience, which looks fantastic on a resume. Mesnard adds, “I knew a girl who did four or five internships during her time at Union; she had a job when she graduated.” What about those who don’t have any job prospects or much internship experience? “Find a free place to live and volunteer somewhere that you’d like to work,” Tanya Cochran, Ph.D., advises. “If you can’t volunteer, look for a company that would allow you to intern or apprentice without getting paid. In the meantime, find a part-time job doing anything. I think the best advice is don’t assume you can start in a high position. I think it can be fun and humanizing to get a job doing anything you can. Interning or apprenticing allows you to learn for free without being paid. It should be a short-term thing, but it allows the company to see if you’re the kind of person they want to hire.” Having trouble finding a free place to live? Look for a roommate. “Pool resources with someone in the same position as you,” says Cochran. Speaking from my own life, my father graduated from Physician Assistant school in 2003. For a year, he didn’t find a job doing what he wanted to do, but instead did clinicals with an orthopedics clinic for a year. He disliked working in orthopedics, but it opened up the opportunity of working in neurosurgery, which he loves and has now been working in for 10 years. Cochran suggests, “Have an attitude of being open to many possibilities. Skills can translate into many different jobs. General

critical thinking skills, communication skills – you can do a lot with these skills. If you have the will to learn, you can do just about anything.” So, what happens next? Keep gaining skills and work experience, be open to all kinds of

Yafet makes use of the Career Center located in the atrium

new ideas and possibilities, and what happens next could be something amazing.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Candy Crush Your Life You have received the request on Facebook and your friends are all talking about it-Candy Crush. The sweetly addicting “Bejeweled”-like game is talking over lives everyRuby Ruano where. If you haven’t already been taken over by its addicting chocolate obstacles or sprinkle bonus balls here is a quick run-down. Just like Bejeweled, you need to match a minimum of 3 of the same “candies” or colors to pop them. Combining 3-4 candies makes a stripped candy that destroys more candies. Combining 5 or more candies of the same color creates a sprinkle ball, which will pop all the candies of the same color it is combined with. Combining two sprinkle balls clears the entire board. Confused yet? Makenzy Jean is one of the most enthusiastic players on campus. “I was browsing through games and I like destroying things,” he said, “it just made sense to download it and start playing.” It wasn’t long before he was hooked and past level 65, infamous for its difficulty. Not everyone is as big a fan of the game as Makenzy. Kyle Smith recently disclosed his true feelings with me. “I think that game is wack,” he said. “Temple Run 2 is where it is really at, Candy Crush is just like Bejeweled and I wasn’t a fan of that one.” It’s true, one can become bored with the repetitive move of switching candy, but every

level comes with a new obstacle. From multiplying chocolate that you have to destroy to obstructive jelly and timed bombs, they are all fun obstacles that people look forward to overcoming. “Stephanie Wilson was the one who introduced me,” said Yesi Andrade. “She was really addicted and plays it 24/7.” (She is putting

Stephanie on blast, but this is the majority of people who first begin to play Candy Crush.) This game does have a dangerous and addictive feature, so before downloading it make sure finals are over!

Just another of the many addicting games available

No Senioritis Here! Do you ever feel like all you do is study, do homework and go to work? Most of us as college students spend the majority of our sweet time cracking open the books for our future Amber Alas careers! According to a new Nationwide Poll, there are significant gaps in the amount of time students in different majors spend studying each week. In honor of the seniors graduating in a couple weeks, let’s see how much studying some of them have been doing their last year of college. Seniors that are physical science majors reported an average of 18 study hours each week. Students who are business and social sciences majors said they study an average of 14 hours a week. That’s an excessive amount of studying! I talked to a number of seniors and all tell me that they’re just pushing through until graduation. Giving up isn’t an option for because if they fail a class, they can kiss spring

graduation goodbye. In the 4 years (or more) that they’ve been here, they have mastered studying techniques and are on their way to mastering their new careers. Giving up is not an option! They’re finishing up one chapter of their lives and starting a new one. Here are a few seniors graduating this semester: Andrew Jones, Major: Elementary Education, Credits: 20, Studies: 15 hrs. a week. Cara Flemmer, Major: Biochemistry, Credits: 13, Studies: 22 hrs. a week. Guadalupe Williams, Major: Business Administration, Emphasis in Marketing & Psychology Minor, Credits: 17, Studies: 15-20 hrs. a week. Misha Sisodia, Credits: 14, Studies: 15-20 hrs. a week. Chavez Morris, Major: Theology, Credits: 15, Studies: 12 hrs. a week. Jared Henry, Major: Physical Education, Credits: 14, Studies: 20-25 hrs. a week.

Good Luck, Seniors!

Andy indulging in some “senioritis”


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


90¢ Summer Entertainment There are always a select few Union College students that love Union so much that they just can’t seem to get away— even for the summer. Well, either that, or they need to work Tyler Ellis to help pay tuition. Either way, summer entertainment needs to be found. And it can be found in the form of baseball–the Lincoln Saltdogs! Let’s start with a little team history. The Saltdogs were originally called the Madison Black Wolf. They were located in Madison Wisconsin from 1996 to 2000 until they were purchased and moved to Lincoln in 2000. The Saltdogs had fairly slow seasons until 2009, when they won the American Association Championship. The Saltdogs have also responded with their fourth berth in the playoffs over the past 5 years. The Saltdogs have established a rich history since moving to Lincoln 13 years ago, and this season will be no exception. Now that we know a little bit more about the Saltdogs, it is time to attend a game. The most you could spend on a ticket to a Saltdogs game is $15 for premium seats. For $5.90, you can buy seats on a large grass patch—which has a great view down the second base. The times that I went to a game, they give away a $5 Cherry On Top gift card to everyone there, essentially making the game $0.90! Not to mention the great atmosphere: the fans are extremely loyal to their team, and there is delicious food to consume during the game, including Valentino’s pizza. The first home game for the Saltdogs is Thursday May 23, at 7:05 p.m. and the last

home game of the season is Friday, August 30, also at 7:05 p.m. For those looking for fun and inexpensive entertainment this summer, the Saltdogs games might be just right for


What’s your favorite summer sports? Tell us on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ ClocktowerASB.

Three Story Lines to Watch for in the 2013 NBA Playoffs One: Can the Miami Heat repeat? If you followed basketball at all this season, you know how well the Heat did. They won 27 times straight before Joe Hofmann suffering their first lost since the All-Star Game. The Heat are definitely the team to beat and they seem to play at a higher intensity once they are in the playoffs. The chances are high for them to be back-to-back champs. Two: How will the Los Angeles Lakers do without Kobe? Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers biggest star got injured trying to get his team into the playoffs. Now that they Lakers are in the

playoffs, however, how will they fare? They face the San Antonio Spurs in their first series. While some have said that the Spurs will sweep the Lakers, this series could be closer than some think due to the late injuries in the Spurs roster. The Lakers could win this series or at least make it close, even with Kobe tweeting from the sidelines. Three: Are the Clippers LA’s new team? The Los Angeles Lakers have been LA’s dominant team for a while, they had a dismal season this year. By the way that the Los Angeles Clippers have played, they showed that they could well be on their way to being LA’s new favorite team. Watch to see if Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and company can make big waves in this year’s playoffs.

What do you think? Tell us on Facebook at facebook. com/ClocktowerASB or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB.

Who are you rooting for this playoff season?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Zedd This is it. We’ve made it through another year at Union College. As the end of my incredibly busy, yet equally fulfilling sophomore year, comes to a close, I’ve spent a bit of Steven Foster time reflecting on the current state of my young life. I can honestly say that I’m very content with the direction I’m heading and the person I’m becoming. A lot of my reflection occurs when I spend one-on-one time with music, and as of late, there is but one artist that I cannot go more than a day without experiencing. His name is Zedd. I’m immensely excited to share Zedd with you all, as I’ve been saving the best for last. Anton “Zedd” Zaslavski is a Russian-German producer, and he’s no older than you or I. He’s been around a few years now, but as of late he’s taken his game to another level. Signed to Skrillex’s record label after remixing Skrillex’s hugely popular “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” in 2010, Zedd’s skill level and popu-

larity has only advanced. Zedd has only one studio length album, Clarity, released in 2012. Clarity is arguably one of the greatest electronic albums ever released. Zedd seamlessly captured my soul with the release, with each song on the album chock-full of heart-throbbing emotion. It’s no wonder why, either, with artist collaborations from Ellie Goulding in “Fall Into the Sky”, Ryan Tedder of One Republic in “Lost at Sea”, and in one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard, Zedd collaborates with Foxes in his title track, “Clarity”. His dub-house anthems are starting a movement across America, as his infectiously soulful beats are entering the minds—and hearts—of more and more college students. Zedd is reminiscent of the recently disbanded Swedish House Mafia, and I predict that he will rise to even greater heights than they ever reached. The timing is right. If you like catchy house anthems, filled with emotion and a whole ‘lotta bass and

drops; if you like songs that will keep you coming back to discover more; and if you enjoy true talent, then Zedd is for you. Now go and look up “Clarity”, and enjoy.

Who is your favorite new artist? Let us know on Facebook at or tweet and tag @ ClocktowerASB.

Dressing For the Future Jennifer Lawrence was on spring break with her family when a stranger asked to take her photo. He took her mother’s phone number and asked the 14-year-old to screen for Cassie Johnson roles the next day. The rest, as they say, is history. Now, you can catch her starring in The Hunger Games or Silver Linings Playbook, all thanks to that chance encounter during her spring break. The talent scout that discovered Lawrence saw something in her—a spark that exactly fit the image of what he needed. Each of your future interviewers has a similar goal. Their initial assessment of you will determine whether you fit their image for the necessary position. Furthermore, you never know when a “stranger” will be placed in your path and could change your course forever. With that in mind, consider how you present yourself on a day-to-day basis. The teachers you come in contact with may one day offer valuable references for graduate school or future jobs. The opinions of your daily acquaintances and your overall reputation are invaluable to your success. That said, visualize where you want to be one day and how you’ll be dressed. Will you be in a business office in a suit? Start dressing in a professional manner today so others can visualize you in that career as well. Elementary education Professor Kathy Bollinger is a prime example of the variance

of appropriate dress by career. Her philosophy is “color,” and each day is a testament to that (see photo)

Every student’s wardrobe choices will likely differ based on the type of career they’re pursuing. Theology major Kyle Smith understands the importance of representing himself properly each day (see photo). Accordingly, he lives by a simple style philosophy: “Buy basic staples: oxfords, boots, brown leather accessories, and chinos. They

will always be in style. The awesome thing about classics is that everything will coordinate with each other!” When asked how he takes his future on the pulpit into consideration when choosing his style, he says, “I want to be versatile. I want to be able to present myself confidently to all genres of people.”

What do you think? Tell us on Facebook at facebook. com/ClocktowerASB or tweet and tag @ClocktowerASB.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013





12:00 P.M. Unionaires Concert at the Capitol

10:00 A.M. Sabbath School led by Class of 2013

10:30 A.M. Call time for all graduates

3:00 P.M. PA Graduation Reception

12:00 P.M. Baccalaureate

8:00 P.M. Vespers- Senior Consecration, with Stephen Carlile

3:30 P.M. Nurses’ Pinning 5:00 P.M. Teacher’s Dedication

11:00 AM Commencement Excercises CONGRATS, CLASS OF 2013!

Richard’s Tips and Tricks for Summer Summer is so close you can almost smell it. I know what you are thinking, “What is in store for me this summer?” “How can I carpe all the diem in these summer months?” Richard Young You are in luck friend, you have stumbled upon a goldmine of information on how to spend your summer. • Stay inside and play video games. Skin cancer is crazy and ain’t nobody got time for that. What you need is a dark basement, 14 bags of Fritos, and a PS3 or Xbox. Once you have these items, you need to start waking up between three and four in the afternoon. Once your body has adjusted to these hours you’ll be able to get all the potential out of this situation. Still, you can’t just start gaming after your shower at 5:30. That would be crazy. You have to prepare your mind for this adventure. What better way to prepare yourself than watching at least six hours of Netf-

lix? At midnight you start playing until you pass out with Fritos all over your shirt. • Social network like nobody is watching. I know some of you girls aren’t interested in playing video games this summer. Maybe you don’t have a PS3 or Xbox handy. I know what you do have though--a smart phone. Trust me; you don’t have to be smart if your phone is. In order to have an amazing summer, you need to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest for at least 14 hours a day. Things are going to get crazy in these next three months. There is only one way to stay privy of all the events, being social on the computer. If you go longer than thirty minutes without checking in to see what your friends are doing then maybe something amazing will have happened and you will be left in the dark like it’s 2004. Please don’t worry about being rude and checking your phone in front of people, they’ll understand that you have to stay current.

• The working man is a sucker. Summer is going to fly by. Each moment is infinitely important. One minute you are saying goodbye to your friends in front of Rees Hall and the next minute you are sitting in the first chapel of the year. Where did the summer go? Because it goes by so fast, you cannot waste any time that isn’t going to be 100% amazing. That’s why I say: skip the job. Sure, you have bills and you are attending a private school, but these things will take care of themselves. I know working might help you and your parents out, but is it going to be rad? I didn’t think so. You need to pamper yourself this summer. You deserve it. Follow those tips and tricks and your summer will be amazing. Keep updated on everything Lincoln while you’re away at


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UPDATE Dear Union, It has been an incredible honor to serve as your Religious Vice President this year. There are no words to describe how God has worked throughout our campus as well as through UFC. Looking back at the year, it is amazing to see how God’s hand guided every vespers program and individual ministries. I was lucky to have had a team that truly focused on being intentional about incorporating God into everything we did. Our theme for this year was to “Renew, Reform, Re-experience the Spirit.” We really wanted to create the opportunity this year for students to renew a relationship with Jesus. With fervent prayer over every program, God brought to life the opportunity for us as college students to do this. This year highlighted the UFC Blog, UFC prayer room (The Living Room) as well as the “Jesus at the Center” Sabbath school which was spear-headed by incoming UFC director Tyler Morrison. This year also included Pastor Donald Rolle and Pastor James Black, Clyde Peter’s Vespers, Meredith Andrews, Parents’ Weekend, Phil Wickham,


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week of prayer—which highlighted “Following the Story” and was summed up by communion/Passover vespers, and will end with a “Tear Down the Walls” vespers which will highlight the year as well as give one final opportunity for us to renew our relationship with Jesus. This final vespers will be held outside, under the clock tower on Friday, April 26th at 8 pm. Bring your blankets! I hope that this year has given you the opportunity to experience Jesus. I hope this year UFC allowed you to grow in a closer walk with Jesus. I hope that God has worked in and out of your life to guide you to Him. We hope and pray as a UFC team that God will continue to work in your life outside of this school and take what you have experienced this year and share it with the world. Go and give the opportunity for others to see and feel Jesus. It has been my honor and pleasure to serve you, but most of all, it has been the greatest of honors to have served God in this incredible school. Praise be to Him. Be blessed.


Ricky Melendez


The Clocktower, Vol. 87 Issue 17  
The Clocktower, Vol. 87 Issue 17  

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