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the drifter Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America

July 2009

On the Cover This 2008 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, 5 spd, 325 hp 3.6 liter is owned by Matt & Dorothea Casner who have been SVR members since June 2009. Carrara White with Sea Blue, full leather and Metropol Blue cabriolet roof. Photo by: The Casner’s

New and improved SVR calendar Go to the SVR home page at and take a look at the new and more functional calendar, which includes listings of regional, Zone 7, and national PCA events. You’ll like it.

Got Track? TrackMasters Racing is a leader in High Performance Driver Education events in Northern California, and invites SVR-PCA drivers to participate in our events.

Thunderhill - Friday August 21st Thunderhill - Friday September 11th

Come out and stretch your car’s legs on some of the finest tracks in the country! Fun, safe, and definitely . . .

No speeding tickets!

2009 Board of Directors President Cookie Anderson

Vice President Bill Keegan

Secretary & Niello Event Coordinator Kim Nelson

916.988.6534 916.415.1539


Treasurer Betty Silva


Social Director Babette Hatten


Membership Director Doug Klein




Drifter Editor JR Evinger


03 - SVR Saturday Breakfast Club

02 - Cookie’s Crumbs

04 - GGR - DE &Time Trials

07 - Drifting Back

05 - SVR Rib Cook-off

12 - SVR June Board Meeting


08 - SVR July/Aug Calendar

13 - SVR June Membership Report

09 - SVR August Dinner

14 - SVR Dummkopf Award

09 - Carlsen Porsche Concours

15 - SVR Goodie Store

11 - Zone 7 Concours

16 - SVR Classifieds

14 - SVR Mendocino Tour

Past President Mike Willis

Upcoming Events

In This Issue Columns and Departments

06 - SVR July Dinner

Competition & Safety Director Frederick D.Rauch 916.989.0580 Webmaster John Murphy

July 2009

Volume 47, No. 7

Information and Committee Directory

Zone 7 Representative Golden Gate Region Sharon Neidel

Autocross Chair Bob Peake


Goodie Store Tom Sisson


Drivers Education Chair Frederick D. Rauch


Rally Chair Helen Ashuckian


Charity Chair Tambra Kroetz

Technical Chair 916.989.1954 Roger Walker


Concours Chair Kent Brandon

G24 Chair 916.663.1702 Lee Deter


Dummkopf Chair Larry Wilson



Advertising Manager Mike Willis


Sacramento Valley Region, Porsche Club of America (SVR), publishes the Drifter monthly for its members. Written contributions and photos are welcome and should be e-mailed to the editor. The deadline for material is one month prior to the month of publication. SVR members should notify the membership director promptly of an address change to insure uninterrupted delivery. All material in this newsletter is protected by copyright. However, newsletter editors of others regions chartered by the Porsche Club of America may reprint any article provided that credit is given to the author and Sacramento Valley Region and that The Drifter is cited as the source.

the drifter


Cookie Crumb’s

by Yvonne “Cookie” Anderson, 2009 SVR President I would like to ask the question, “Should SVR have CRAB in 2010 or 2011?” I need your advice and input as members of SVR. With the economy in 2009 the board decided to hold off for this year. Do you feel the economy will bounce back enough to have CRAB in 2010? What I am asking you as members is to please send me some of your ideas and thoughts by emailing me at president@ It is really important that I get feedback from you. All your answers will be put before the Board and discussed. Here are some few questions that should be considered. Would you be interesting in helping on a committee? Are you burned out on CRAB? Do you think CRAB is too expensive for a 3 day weekend? What would you change if you were on the CRAB committee? What would you add or remove from the list of activities for that weekend? The past few months members from other regions have asked me, if we are going to plan CRAB in 2010. It is really a crap -shoot on how the economy has been, so I haven’t been able to give them a good answer. Please send me your ideas and thoughts, so the Board may decide on if CRAB 2010 or 2011 will happen.

that were given out during Saturday evening event. Thank you to Rich Walker for barbequing the tri tip and setting up the dinner planning for Saturday evening. Sunday was a beautiful day for the Concours. I would like to thank Ira & Carol Mckee for taking individual photos of the owners and their cars. I would like to thank the Concours Committee Bob & Elaine Cannon, Kim Nelson, Rachel Johnson, Jeff and Kim Kinder, Roger Walker and Jim McMahan for doing such a great job putting this two-day event on. Maybe next year we can make Niello’s Concours event a 3 day event like CRAB?

The two day Niello’s Concours Weekend turned out to be a big success. The Saturday night banquet had over 70 attendees. I would like to thank Niello’s and David Yamada from Vepa (Vehicle Enhancement Products & Accessories) for the door prizes


the drifter

want to see it in your rear view mirror? Call us, we can make it happen!

Pacific Power Motorsports

2330 Bates Ave, Suite D5 Concord, CA 94520 925/525-0470

Track & Race Preparation  Custom Fabrication  Street & Racing Parts Fire Systems  Chassis Set-up  Alignment  Chassis & Engine Dyno Tuning the drifter


Golden Gate Region Presents

Driver Education and Time Trial Saturday and Sunday, August 1st and 2nd Thunderhill Raceway Park Lots of Track Time - Saturday: four 30-minute run sessions planned; Sunday: three 30-minute run sessions planned plus time trial at end of day. Pricing - Both days: $415; Saturday only: $315; Sunday only: $225; Saturday night dinner at the track: additional $20. Student Pricing – Both days: $465; Saturday only: $365; Sunday only: $275; Saturday night dinner at the track: additional $20. To register, contact the GGR DE/TT Registrar at


the drifter

SVR Rib Cookoff Saturday, July 18TH, 2009 6320 Hickory Avenue, Orangevale 95662 Social Hour at 5:00 P.M. • Rib Eating at 6:00 P.M. Cost: $11.00 per Person Premier chefs from our club will be showing off their talents, a select panel will judge their creations, and you get to enjoy what they have prepared! Prizes will be awarded for best of show, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Bring a dish to share with the crowd; sodas and water will be provided. BYOB! Hosted by Susan Duvall-Serota and David Hoffman Please RSVP to or call 916.722.1936 no later than Saturday, July 11th. Space is limited. Cookie Anderson and Jerry Cupler have graciously volunteered their home for this event.

the drifter


July 2009 Dinner

1212 Galleria Blvd. Roseville, Ca. 95678

Across from the Roseville Galleria Mall (771-9463)

Hosted by Barry and Sue Maashoff Tuesday, July 14th 2009

Social Hour is at 6:30 PM, Dinner at 7:00

Family Style Restaurant

$26.00 per person dinner includes: Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, Penne San Remo (Pasta with Chicken, white wine sauce, artichoke, peas), Cheese Manicotti, Cheesecake, Soft drinks, Coffee and Tea. Tax and Tip included $15.00 Corkage Fee

Please RSVP by July 7th to: or 209.931.6657 The Social Director, per the SVR policy statement, may bill members for their meals if they cancel after the deadline or fail to show for dinner.

Be sure to bring a contribution to “Share the Wealth�


the drifter

Drifting Back – July 2009 by Larry Wilson

30 Years Ago (July 1979)

Under the heading of Welcome News was the July DRIFTER announcement that the Sacramento Camellia Festival Committee had named SVRmember Bill Nelson as “Mr. Camellia.” The value of Bill’s appointment can be explained best by those SVR members whose cars needed new clutches after they participated in previous-years stop-and-go Camellia Parades down Fulton Avenue (or, was it Arden Way?). Terry and Judy Zaccone, Golden Gate Region, joined us July 6, Friday night for the Potluck Dinner at the Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse thereby helping to fill out the T-Z Group (bread, chips, etc.). An additional sixteen guests from other Zone 7 regions (in town for SVR’s two-day weekend autocross) brought the total attendance to 70 PCAers. Bess Feil and her helpers were very clever by assigning dessert to the N-S Group, and as a result Marie Smith brought her world-class German Chocolate Cake. The July 7/8 High-Speed Autocross and Practice Session at Cal Expo chaired by Dwight Mitchell and Stan Breyfogle was an excellent, well organized event. Several casualties, however: Jim McDade’s 914-6 broke its front suspension and encountered a chainlink fence which unsuccessfully protected a small power station (not sure of the sequence here); Clint deWitt’s 356 “lunched” its engine, and Ken Moore’s 911 GTU car suffered a cracked brake rotor. Oh well, big-bucks racers can afford a few repairs every so often. The July 20 Missing Parts rally had the biggest turnout of the year with 44 rally cars. European Auto Parts donated the trophies. The rallymasters were Jim Karver and Carl Priess, and they had plenty of help from SVR members: Rich Farlinger, Nancy McDade, and the Pastas worked checkpoint #1; CP #2 had the Wilsons, Jan Matthews, and the Colberts; on CP #3 Rik and Lee Larson; and CP #4 handled by Sally Weddle, Stan Breyfogle and the Dunns. Lettie Larson did the start and Tom Matthews helped cleanup the signs. Rod and Lee Sorenson won the event with a score of 55, and second, with a score of 84 went to Jim and Denise Boswell. In the beginner class, Bud and Mary Ann Behrens

West, and Dick Williams. After furious calculations on his abacus, Bud of Behrens, declared to all that the Yosemite Demons got more track-time, which of course was true, by 88.1 royal seconds. Princess Mary Ann’s escort demanded the return of all awards. Sir Steven of Nieslony quite truly pleaded, “But yore royal personage, since when did slowe count in the medieval rules of Otto Kraus?” “True, verily,” murmured the crowd. Thus, Sir Steven kept the hard-earned Perpetual Trophye for the Huns. The July 16 Brunch and Towe Museum Tour, Herb and Jan Hoover tour directors, started with 20 people and gained another seven folks at Frasinetti’s Winery, the tour’s midway point. THE DRIFTER featured a photo of the event with this caption: “Randy’s Rowdies park themselves at Frasinetti’s. Most of the group is wandering around in the parking lot while this after-brunch bunch, obviously having taken in copious amounts of champagne, seat themselves on an old wine truck. From left to right: Sally Boeck cuddles up to Randy Vidmar, Randy is showing no pain, Jean Keith also tries to occupy Randy, Phil Keith cops a feel on Jean, Tom Kroetz looks on in disbelief, and Tambra Kroetz is just having a good day.” Wow, what’s not to like about this club?

10 Years Ago (July 1999)

Dan and Deb Catherwood chaired the July 24 Oyster Tour to Tomales Bay by way of the Marin French Cheese Factory. Yum-yum! You had the choice of oysters from Hog’s Island in Tomales Bay, or sourdough bread with Brie, Camenbert, or Schloss cheese and tasty wine, or all of the above. Sheila McDade chose all of the above and proceeded to eat more than her share of the 227 oysters cooked by Ira and Carol McKee who finished 7th with 1,161 points. arrived hours early to pick up the oysters and get the barbecues humming in advance at the picnic site. By the volume of her consumption, Sheila McDade was awarded the Hog Island T-shirt memorializing her 20 Years Ago (July 1989) “SVR Huns Crush YOS Demons,” was the DRIFTER headline for the impressive pile of empty oyster shells. Dan and Deb said Carol and Ira July 15th Yosemite Region (YOS) versus SVR Autocross report. Also were the heroes of the day. Everyone drank to that! known as “Ye Olde Hot Setup Gathering and Jousting Match,” the event pitted Lord Robert of Betz and his Merrye Demons from Yosemite-towne The Saturday, July 31, SVR Second Annual Salmon Fishing trip was for against Burgermeister Randy of Vidmar and his Dreaded Huns from true fishermen/fisherwomen. Arranged by Mike and Sue Ambrozewicz, Sac-valleye. The prize? The hand(ful) of Maid Marion and possession the advance publicity read, “We will leave Sacramento at 3:00 AM to of the Perpetual Trophye of Otto Kraus. PCA vassals of other fiefdoms catch the boat which departs from Sausalito at 6:00 AM.” What? 3:00 were pressed into service to Robert or Randy to achieve fairness as ruled AM, 6:00 AM? Don’t fish sleep? Are they up, yet? Mike had reserved necessary by Princess Mary Ann, the Lady of the Seventh Zone and her an entire boat which carried 24 people. Participants in the fishing trip faithful escort, Bud of Behrens. The tournament results? SVR Huns were also invited to a fish barbecue the next day on Sunday at Mike and (1,417.122 seconds) got the thrill of victory and the YOS Demons Sue’s house. Mike had all the bases covered by saying, “If the salmon don’t bite on Saturday, there’s always bratwurst on Sunday.” There was (1,505.223 seconds) the agony of defeat. no event report in THE DRIFTER, but that wasn’t unusual. Still, 3:00 SVR vassals were Mike Browning, Stieve Davidson, Nikki Duncan, Sandy AM, 6:00 AM? Englund, Steve Gilbert, Jim Johnson, Tom Kroetz, Rich McGlumphy, Sue McGlumphy, Steve Nieslony, Jack Samples, Randy Vidmar, Hank Watts, and Larry Wilson. YOS vassals were Carey Belz, Robert Belz, Oscar Berube, Larry Hall, Len Harrington, Dan Holly, Jim Mrazek, Justine Oehlert, Norm Swanberg, Randy Valencia, Robert Wagner, Anne the drifter 7

SVR July/Aug Calendar of Events July





SVR Monthly Board Meeting


Cookie Anderson 916.988.6534


SVR Monthly Breakfast

Waffle Square

Herb & Jan Hoover 916.424.5163


SVR Monthly Dinner

Buca di Beppo

Cookie Anderson 916.988.6534


Rib Cook-Off


Susan Duvall-Serota 916.722.1936


40th Anniversary Dinner: Redwood Region


Kurt Fisher






SVR Monthly Breakfast

Waffle Square

Herb & Jan Hoover 916.424.5163


Concours - GGR - Zone 7

Carlsen Porsche

Larry Adams


SVR Monthly Board Meeting


Cookie Anderson 916.988.6534


SVR Monthly Dinner

Evan’s Kitchen

Herb & Jan Hoover 916.424.5163


Driver’s Education


Frederick Rauch

Check out the latest calendar information available online at:

BMW • PORSCHE® • MINI Schatz & Krum – Independent BMW – Porsche®

FACTORY CODING & PROGRAMMING I Tune-ups I Brake Service I Transmissions I Electrical Repairs I Alignments Factory-Trained Technicians

Since 1985 8

I Fuel Injection I Computer Diagnosis I High Performance Upgrades I Air Conditioning


8460 Belvedere Avenue Sacramento, CA 95826 the drifter

PCA-SVR Dinner Meeting - Monday, August 10th, 2009

Evan’s Kitchen

855 57 Street, Sacramento, in Antiques Row. Easiest access is from H Sreet. 916.452.3896 Cocktails at 6:30 • Dinner at 7:00 P.M. th

The restaurant will be open only to us. Its capacity is 74 persons so only the first 74 people who make reservations will be admitted. There is a selection of three different meals: (1) (2) (3)

Wine Merchant’s Steak. Balsamic marinated NY Strip Steak, in shallots, garlic, red wine, Dijon mustard sauce, sautéed mushrooms w/sour cream potatoes & sautéed vegetables. $28.00. Cheese Tortellini w/chicken, prosciutto, and fresh herbs in parmeson cream sauce. $ 20.00. Burgundy Chicken w/ button mushrooms, pearl onions, smoked ham, w/sour cream mashed potatoes, and vegetables. $20.00

All of the above entrées include salad or soup, bread and dessert. Other non-alcoholic beverages are $1.00. All of the above prices include tax and tip. Beer and wine are available To make your reservations, call Jan Hoover at 424-5163 before August 7th. Please bring a check made out to PCA-SVR, or exact change. And make Herb’s day by bringing a Share-the-Wealth gift. Wine is good, car-related stuff is better, Porsche stuff is best. If you need to contact us just prior to the dinner, call our cell phone at 402.5163.

CARLSEN PORSCHE CONCOURS Presented by Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America

Sunday, August 2, 2009 Carlsen Porsche Dealership 3636 Haven Avenue, Redwood City, CA

Entry fee - $30.00 per car • Display 0nly - Free Entry fee includes a catered buffet lunch for two Entire proceeds from entry fee donated to charity Directions: From Highway 101, exit east to Marsh Road and turn left onto Haven Avenue. For information, call Larry Adams at (650) 345-2232. the drifter


, Loren Burgess cember 10th 2008

2:55 pm De

puts the finishing

touches on a 993

track car

w e know porsches Whether you’re looking for regular maintenance using Genuine Porsche Parts or planning your next track event, The Racer’s Group has the parts and race-seasoned technicians to keep your Porsche running at its best. • track-proven performance parts and accessories • professional service and maintenance for street and track cars • complete chassis set-up including corner balance and alignment • trackside parts and support at Thunderhill and Infineon • driver development and coaching services • your car or ours, racecar rentals available To get the very best performance from your Porsche, call, click or email us today. 707.935.3999 • • sales 1995 S. McDowell Blvd. Petaluma, CA 94954 10

the drifter

Sierra Nevada Region, PCA - Silver State Concours Weekend Concours #6 - Zone 7 Series Saturday, September 12 and Sunday, September 13, 2009 Tech Quiz/Hosted Meet & Greet Party Saturday, 4:00 to 6:00 PM Historian Inn, 1427 Hwy 395 N, Gardnerville, NV Meet and greet friends and members from other regions in Zone 7 (refreshments provided) Prizes awarded to Tech Quiz winners

Zone 7 Concours #6 - Sunday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Basque Dinner – Saturday, 7:30 to 9:30 PM JT’s Basque Restaurant, 1426 Main St, Gardnerville, NV Cost: $30 per person **$7.00 corkage fee to bring your own wine, otherwise wine included with dinner

Sponsored by Bill Pearce Porsche Lampe Park on Waterloo Drive, Gardnerville, NV Fee for judged cars: $25 per car BBQ luncheon served by Sierra Nevada Region • Cost: $15 per person BBQ’d on site by Gilbert Dayao from Gilson Auto Body **No alcoholic beverages, glass containers, or animals except Seeing Eye dogs with masters per Lampe Park regulations

For more information and registration form, visit the Sierra Nevada Region website at or For more information and registration form, visit the Sierra Nevada Region website at or contact Julia Lynn at 775.852.5329 or The Historian Inn, 1427 Hwy 395 N, Gardnerville, NV 89410, 877.783.9910,, is holding a block of rooms (Fri & Sat nights) for our event at a 10% discount ($88.11 per night). To receive the discounted rates, participants should tell the hotel that they are with the Porsche Group. The block of rooms will be held for our group until August 15th. *** Again this year - Participants in the Concours will be able to wash their cars in the back parking lot area of Historian Inn for free. Hoses and buckets will be provided.

the drifter


June 3, 2009 SVR board meeting by Kim Nelson, SVR Secretary

President Cookie Anderson called the meeting to order at night pizza party at Round Table in Stockton. The event was basi6:42PM. cally a break-even for the club. The Editor of 914 World Magazine contacted Bob to ask if SVR would be interested in putting Attending: Mike Willis, Emily Willis, Kim Nelson, Cookie An- on an autocross in Lake Tahoe next year. The board encouraged derson, Doug Klein, JR Evinger, Larry Wilson, Babette Hatten, Bob to get more details and investigate the feasibility of such an Helen Ashuckian, Bob Peake, Ray Silva, Jerry Cupler, Frederick event for our club. Kim presented an update on the June 13th Rauch and 14th Zone Concours at Niello Porsche and indicated that the Saturday Dinner now has 52 people signed up. The Concours Minutes: The April minutes were reviewed and accepted. committee has been meeting and all plans are in place for SVR to host another great Zone Concours. Helen updated the Board on OLD BUSINESS: None. our Rally activities and requested that we put announcements in the Sacramento Bee for our Rally’s. Cookie suggested that Helen NEW BUSINESS: should just go ahead and coordinate her events with the Bee. Policy Statement: SVR’s Policy Statement was approved as published and Mike Willis with his committee of Doug Klein and Advertising: Mike Willis Bill Keegan will meet to fine tune the document. In an effort to No report. keep the dinner meetings as reasonable for our club members as possible a motion was made, seconded and unanimously ap- Drifter: JR Evinger proved to round the actual cost of the dinner up to the closest JR noted that John Murphy is having difficulty receiving the edollar. This practice of “rounding-up” will be in effect for 2009 mail file of the Drifter so that John can post it on our website. It and be reviewed again in 2010. Also approved was a motion to may be that the file is too large for John’s server. JR noted that he keep the mileage reimbursement at $.20/mile. would get it resolved. CRAB 2010: Cookie noted that at the Zone Autocross several people asked if SVR was going to have CRAB in 2010. The Board concluded that there is still significant concern whether we could get enough sponsor support with the current economic climate to make the event feasible. Additionally, we have had difficulty in getting club members to volunteer to help put the event on. It was decided that Cookie would write a brief article asking for member input on a CRAB in 2010 and beyond. JR will also ask for member input on our website.

Financial Report: Betty Silva In Betty’s absence, Ray Silva reported that the club is financially strong and has money in the bank. G24: Lee Deter No report. Goodie Store: Tom Sisson Report received and approved.

Awards Banquet: At the January Planning Meeting a date in November was selected to have an Awards Banquet separate from the club’s Christmas Party. After discussion it was felt that the club’s calendar in November and December was too busy to accommodate a separate Awards Banquet. Therefore, it was decided to keep the awards presentation included with the Christmas Party but to present the awards after the social hour and before dinner.

Membership Director: Doug Klein SVR has 577 primary members with 473 affiliate members for a total of 1050. The club also has 4 dual members. We had 7 new members and 1 transfer-in. Doug reported that he had 75 extra Membership Directories printed, which will hold us through until our next Directory update in December. Doug also got a bid to set-up and print the next membership directory. JR thinks that he might have the software necessary to set up the database for Parade Zone Party in Keystone, Colorado: Cookie reported that printing so Doug is going to e-mail JR the membership data so the Zone is planning a Zone party for Parade attendees and has he can test the software. requested that each Region pay $10.00 for each person from their Region attending Parade to help off set the costs of the party. As Social Director: Babette Hatten this is a change from past practices the Board requested Cookie Babette indicated that more club members are attending our get more information on how the monies will be used before tak- Monthly Breakfast gatherings with 28 showing up last month ing a vote. and more scheduled for this Saturday. Cookie Anderson and Bill Keegan are putting together a wine Tour and Dinner on August BOARD MEMBER REPORTS: 9th. The Budget for the event was presented and unanimously Charity: Tambra Kroetz approved. Watch the Drifter for details. No report. Competition: Frederick Rauch Frederick believes that we will be getting the opportunity to have another Drivers Education event at Laguna Seca on December 18th. Bob Peake reported that the two-day Zone Autocross in Stockton was a success with 52 drivers each day and a Saturday 12

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the drifter

July Membership Report by Doug Klein, Membership Director The Sacramento Valley Region has 577 Regular Members and 473 Affiliate members (husband, wife, son, etc) for a total of 1,050 members. This past month, we had 5 new members, a transfer-in from the Shasta Region and another from the California Central Coast Region for a total of 8 new SVR members.

New Members:

Mike and Tia Choy Davis CA 95616 916-753-1668

Congratulations to the following on their:

One Year Anniversary: 2008 Cayman S Brown

Buddy Lant Lincoln CA 95648 916-543-0778 Jackie and Gayle Smith Gold River CA 95670 916-853-1893

2009 Boxster S Blue

Five Year Anniversary: 2003 Boxster Black

Transfers In:

Pat and Carol Barr Sacramento CA 95864 916-483-5790 1985 911 Coupe From: California Central Coast Region Curt Keen Gridley CA 95948 530-846-3159 From: Shasta Region, California


Doug and Delfina Gale Michael Huang and Emmaline Ju Rocklin CA 95756 Dave Simich Chirs and Christy Weissensee Sacramento CA 95816

William Gaines Bert and Susan Giannelli Chirstopher Merrill and Neal Bowker Tom and Diane Noonan William Phillips George Poppic Christian and Angela Simon

Steve and Meredith Kupferman Kayanne and Jerry Jackson Harve and H.B. Porter

Ten Year Anniversary:

Bill Williams and Lili Koumis

We are proud to announce that Dream Car Solutions has opened it’s exclusive detailing services to the public! This once members only service is now available to exceed your expectations. THE WORKS


Twenty Year Anniversary: Daniel and Carolyn Cooper

Thirty-Five Year Anniversary: John and Karen Hawkins

The new SVR database has space for two email addresses for each member. Want SVR emails sent to both your home and work addresses, or to another family member? Email the second address to, and I’ll include it in the database. When changing your mailing address, email address, phone or any other information, remember to update both PCA (the national organization) and SVR (your local club). The two databases are separate and independent. Update PCA by logging on to the national web site, Update SVR by emailing changes to Doug Klein at membership@svr.

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12)

Wash Vacuum Interior cleaned and Conditioned Stain removal and carpet repair Engine cleaned and dress Under carriage cleaned Removal of impurities in paint Paint restoration and repair Scratch Removal High speed polishing Paint sealants and waxes Custom matched paint touch up’s




the drifter


Ashuckian Lost, Gets Dummkopf by Larry Wilson, SVR Dummkopf Chair The March 29th SVR Poker Run was billed as a historic event, and historic it was -- in many ways. It was the first such event in many a year, and it garnered a big turnout of competitors to cruise the Rocklin-to-Coloma-and-return route looking to draw playing cards at each intermediate stop that would form a winning 5-card poker hand. The forward-thinking organizers, not wanting any lost cars to spoil an otherwise perfect day, decided to employ the sweep-car concept, which is commonly used in rallies to gather up lost cars and put them back on course. So, at the pre-event drivers’ meeting at Niello Porsche Dealership in Rocklin, Cookie Anderson announced that Helen Ashuckian, SVR rally chairperson and many-time champion rally navigator, would be at the controls of the official Poker Run sweep-car. The crowd cheered mightily knowing they need not worry about wandering off course. Mother Goose was on duty and she would guide her flock home safe and sound. Right. Well, safe for a while, because at about the midway point, Mother Goose got lost. Yes. It’s true -- the first time in SVR history. When the Official Sweep car reached the city-limits of Placerville, Helen was almost 9 miles off course. NINE MILES! Fortunately, like all other participants, Helen found her way back to the finish, but her exploits did not go unnoticed by the ever-vigilant Dummkopf snitches, and thus the friendly bunch at Carver’s Steakhouse on April 14, 2009 voted Helen Ashuckian winner of the SVR Dummkopf Award.

Mendocino 2009 Tour October 30th – November 1st (Three Days, Two Nights) This is a 3-day, 2-night tour to the Mendocino area. And because Hallowe’en occurs that Saturday, we will have a party. And then take an extra hour of sleep because it is also the end of daylight savings time. This is a very informal tour. We will have some kite flying (weather permitting), miniature golf, and some socials activities. We have several hotels/inns that we work with to house our group. The 2007 tour had over 65 cars. We manage a block of rooms at the Hill House (contact is Tom and Tambra Kroetz at 916.989.1954), the MacCallum House Suites (contact is Frederick and Susan Rauch at 916.595.3371) and the Little River Inn (contact is Rik and Lettie Larson at 916.481.6084). We suggest that you make reservations early as the coast area tends to fill up on the weekends (even during Winter). Schedule: Leave Niello Porsche in Rocklin on Friday morning; lunch stop in the wine country; social on Friday evening. Saturday is open for kite flying, golf, shopping, etc. followed a Saturday night party. Sunday is also open, with folks generally returning home in groups. Don’t miss out on this popular tour; we even have members from other regions join us for a good time. And remember: Don’t turn your back to the ocean.


the drifter

GO AHEAD AND SCRATCH…… by Tom Sisson, SVR Goodiestorekeeper


o you have an itch to display the SVR or PCA car badge at the upcoming SVR events? Well this is your chance! The Goodie Store has them all in stock along with a lot of other neat stuff like SVR Logo polo shirts and Porsche script T-shirts. We even have a bunch of stuff at special prices that are very reasonable; shipping is not but we will do it and you can gripe at the Post Office! You might wonder what, exactly, is an itch? Well, they don’t exactly know. An itch is still largely that which you scratch, one of life’s great secrets. It’s a stimulus affecting the nerve endings between the dermis and epidermis; scientists liken it to a form of pain. It’s usually caused by histamine released in the epidermis. Scratching stops it, either by interfering with the nerve impulses or by temporarily damaging the nerves themselves. If you want to become famous, solve the mystery of the itch. But you won’t get much help from research so far. You’ll just have to start from scratch. Now, aren’t you glad you asked! You didn’t ask? Oh well. For Goodie Store merchandise, go to your friendly Goodie Store people! See Tom Sisson or Cookie Anderson at meetings and events, or contact them (see the Drifter masthead.) Remember to allow sufficient time as many things need to be ordered.

June 3, 2009 SVR board meeting continued: Webmaster: John Murphy John noted that for the first time he is aware of, the SVR Website had photos contributed by a non-US National. These were taken during the May 9th Blackhawk Museum Tour hosted by Doug Klein. The photos were submitted by Mr. Stephen Andrews of Bristol, United Kingdom. His photos are included in the Gallery Section of Vice President: Bill Keegan Bill was out of town for the Board meeting but e-mailed all members the latest SVR Calendar. Past President: Mike Willis No report. President: Cookie Anderson Cookie reported that we had new tires and brakes put on the club’s Autocross Trailer. Meeting adjourned: 8:14 P.M. Next Meeting: RPM Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 6:30 P.M.

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1992 Carrera C2 Cabriolet

Parts for Sale Leather Steering Wheel and Airbag from ’06 Boxster S: will also fit Carrera. I’m told it will fit 986 and 996 as well; excellent condition, with no tears or scuffs. $600. Contact Tom Ware at 916.205.0444 or (01/09) ONLY 22,147 Original Miles. Yes, that is correct, 22,147 original miles. 

For Sale Piloti Drivng Shoes model DTM, size 11.5, color-navy, grey, & black. Brand new! $50 Dave Hoffman (916) 725-8727 or (02/09) 1988 944 TURBO-S

This is an exceptional example of one of the last air-cooled 911’s. Completely original, only 75,000 miles. Second owner since 2005. Guards red with tan leather interior. All the amenities, A/C, power windows, seats, etc. Factory stereo/cd player. New ZR rated tires, New top/boot, car covers (2).

Recent Timing belt, Mobil-1, Waterpump, Brakes/Rotors, New Bridgestone’s on 17” 993 wheels, $Thousands in Receipts. $25,750. Located in Seattle, WA

Immaculate Condition Completely Stock 1988 944 Turbo-S Limited Edition with Serious Inquirers Only Please ! All Records/Services since New including 425-210-3247 or craigrkoegel@comcast. $50K window sticker. Rare Deep Met Red net for more info and pictures! (03/09) on Special Order Light Grey.

Maintenance records available. Asking $23,000 Call Ken at (916) 342-2546 (06/09)


the drifter

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