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Supreme Award Winner

CrestClean is proud to have achieved one of New Zealand’s most prestigious business awards... the Westpac Franchise System of the Year 2021

The Supreme Award recognises excellence within a robust franchise system. The judges commented, “This is an outstanding, successful and very well-structured franchise system, with clear measures of business performance in all dimensions.”

CrestClean also won Business to Business Franchise System of the Year. These are great accolades to achieve in our 25th year of business, recognising how well we look after and support our team of franchisees.

Winning this award refects 25 years of great work, and the success of our 672 franchise teams working the breadth of New Zealand. It’s all about the people it’s a real team effort.

We have franchise opportunities all around New Zealand. Call now to be part of an award winning team 0800 273 780 or visit

Grant McLauchlan | CrestClean
Find us at @crestfranchises


The summer break is a great opportunity to think about new franchising opportunities, and your legal requirements.

Our award-winning team is ready to ofer industry knowledge and experience, saving you considerable time and money.

We will guide you through the process, giving you the confdence to get on with the business of doing business.

To us, being commercial lawyers requires more than just legal expertise. It also requires a commercial mindset, ensuring that all advice provided is realistic and practical.

For sound legal advice you can rely on –call us today.

Global Law Experts

Franchise Law Firm of the Year - every year since 2014

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• Recognised Leader in Franchise Law - every year since 2017

Franchising | Property | Intellectual Property | Employment | Commercial & Contract 09 973 7350
Goodwin Turner are franchise specialists with a team of industry leading legal experts. You can be assured of receiving practical commercial advice and individually tailored solutions that will add value to your business.

Refresh, revive, renew! That’s what summer is all about. It’s also a time for getting together with family and whānau and making plans for the future. If those plans include having a business of your own, you’re in the right place. In the following pages, you’ll find plenty of ideas, profiles, interviews and advice.

We recently carried out a survey of prospective franchisees and recent buyers to find out what their concerns were and what information they needed – you can find some highlights from that survey on page 44. We’ve then put together a series of articles in this issue to help answer some of those questions.

Planning to work with a family member? See page 68. Thinking of moving to another area to start a business? Page 52 will help you. If finances are a worry, read pages 76 and 80. Oh, and once you get serious about a particular business, there are useful questions to ask franchisees (page 59) and advice on using a lawyer (page 72)

One thing you’ll find is that there is a huge range of options. You’ll find opportunities in everything from agricultural drone services to personnel recruitment to travel, not to mention the more obvious categories such as building, lawnmowing, cafés and cleaning.

And if you want to find the best-performing brands in the country, read our full report on the 17 winners in the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards (page 24). Both the big winners came from yet another category – beauty.

There was another winner dedicated to making your search for a suitable franchise opportunity a success. Franchise New Zealand is dedicated to helping you make the right decision about buying a franchise, which is why we were named Service Provider of the Year for the second year running. As you refresh your life plans this summer, I hope the following pages will inform and inspire you.

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Refresh, Revive, Renew 6

Want to choose where you work, when you work, and who you work with? Make a new start in your own business

Where Do You Want To Be? 24 44 52

You Beauty!

Home-grown brands starred at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2022

What Do Franchise Buyers Want?

A new survey has lessons for prospective franchisees as well as franchisors

Ready to move? Regional businesses can be more profitable with less stress

Welcome to New Zealand's BUY YOUR OWN BUSINESS magazine

9 On Top Of The World

Young man creates business success through his V.I.P. franchise

11 People Power

Stihl Shop licensees enjoy a well-earned reputation for quality and service

13 Slow Food, Served Fast Big Fig is the wild success that’s taking Middle Eastern flavours throughout NZ

15 Right On Track

Pit Stop’s support, training, keeps customers safe and franchisees up-to-date

16 News From Our Website Our pick of the top stories from

18 Perfect Fit

Jim’s Test & Tag training turns novices into successful business owners

19 Put A Ring On It

There are no holes in Donut King’s business model 21 Say Hello To Travel Helloworld has opportunities for people with a passion 23 Drone Franchise Offers Sky-High Potential SkyTech set for take-off with agricultural drone services 31 Wind Beneath Your Wings What makes Rodney Wayne the top franchise in NZ?


Winning Attitude

Three Paramount Services franchisees were finalists in this year’s Franchise Awards 36 The Year Ahead Franchise Association plans more help for franchises 38 Life’s A Journey –So Get Packing

Turning freight into farming, thanks to Pack & Send 39 Sustainable Futures

Trident Homes franchisees build healthier, more costefficient homes 41 A Job Well Done MYGuy has massive demand for property maintenance and handyman services 42 Field Management Programmes That Deliver Dr Callum Floyd outlines strategies for success 43 Achieve Your Goals Help yourself by helping others with Pukeko Rental Managers 46 From Doubt To Delight A Buyer’s Choice franchisee enjoys a better lifestyle 47 Letting Off S.T.E.A.M. Bricks 4 Kidz is passionate about learning through Lego 49 Build A Better Future Landmark Homes offers a profitable opportunity

50 Kiwi Icon Still Growing

Palmers franchisees provide the garden experience that people love 55 Fresh Approach

Katsubi makes it easy to serve healthy food at busy times 56 Name Game

Commitment delivers stellar results for Anchor franchisees 57 Recruiters – Use Your Experience

Martin Personnel offers recruiters their own business 58 Always In Demand

Touch Up Guys allows people to build the life they want 59 Questions For Franchisees

Want to know what a franchise is really like? Ask the people who already know 63 The Voice Of Reason Is it viable, sustainable and profitable? Franchise Accountants will tell you 64 Guaranteed Income? How important is a work or income guarantee? 65 Perfect Mix

Columbus Coffee brings together innovation, technology and profitability 67 Making Law Work Botherway helps create the legal foundations for franchise success

Westpac Directory of Franchising

68 Working Together

Greg Nathan on building a good working relationship with someone you love

71 Help Kiwi Kids Get Ahead

NumberWorks’nWords is perfect for passionate mother and daughter team

72 Don’t Cut Corners Why you should use a lawyer when buying a franchise

73 Solid Investment

Mizin’s quality cabins offer a healthy semi-passive income

75 Income While You Sleep Speed Queen owners earn 24 hours a day

76 Seize The Moment

Sujam Ratnayake from Westpac explains how to get funding to buy a franchise 79 Thriving On Change

Pita Pit franchisees love the fresh approach to business that provides healthy returns 80 Understanding Numbers

Philip Morrison explains what financial reports can tell you about a business 83 Joining Forces

Black & White Coffee Cartel fans get into business together 98 First Class Coaches Awards – the field managers who help people succeed 84 Westpac Directory of Franchising

Comprehensive details and investment levels for over 275 franchise and master franchise opportunities. Also includes advisors and index to advertisers


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Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Over 275 different franchises Franchise and Business Opportunities 84 Specialist Advisors 95 Other Services 97


Want to choose where you work, when you work and who you work with? Buying a franchise allows you to make a new start in your own business


he start of the year is a good time to examine your life and decide what direction you want to go in next. What’s really important, and how are you going to make your life better?

If you’re frustrated with your current job, looking to improve your net worth or feel that there might be more to life, buying a franchise can provide excitement, adventure, opportunity and financial security.

A franchise can give you more time with your loved ones, more flexibility over where and when you work, and more control over your life. It will probably also give you greater challenges than you’ve ever faced before and involve a lot of hard work. If you’re prepared for that, now could be a good time to consider making a fresh start.

What skills do you need?

If you’re considering buying a franchise, be aware that you don’t necessarily have to have direct experience of the business – in fact, some franchisors may prefer that you don’t. A good franchise will provide you with everything you need to succeed and train you in how to operate the business in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

And it can be hugely successful – just look at the franchisees who won titles in the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards this year (page 24). Krista Coningham moved from financial management to appearance medicine; Adrian Kay from IT to kitchen renovation; Gary Camoin from retail management to commercial cleaning. Age doesn’t matter, either. With the right franchise, you can start young like Jesse Guscott (page 9), join forces with the next generation like Alison England (page 71) or plan a semipassive income like Andrew Cutfield (page 73)

Of course, you do need the right skills and attributes for the type of franchise you choose. Sales and marketing experience is always valuable, but so are other backgrounds: for example, policemen often do well in the hospitality industry because they are used to dealing with people and taking control. But they might not fare so well in a less sociable business that would suit others down to the ground. So consider your strengths, weaknesses and interests. What skills do you have, and are they transferable to a new career? For example, are you good with your hands? Are you good with people? Are you good with kids? Are you good at following systems?

Are you a team player or an individual? Do you want to do everything for yourself, or lead a team? Apart from your own experience and knowledge of yourself, you might talk to others who know you well.

Speak to self-employed friends about the reality of working for yourself, and decide whether it is for you. Only after you have gone through all these steps will you be in a good position to consider any specific opportunities.

The support of a team

One of the biggest advantages that franchising can offer you is that not only do you have a franchisor and professional mentors to help and guide you, but you’re also surrounded by other people – your fellow franchisees – who

face exactly the same challenges as you and are happy to share ideas and solutions.

As well as fellow franchisees, the franchisor and their field support team, it’s vital that your family understands what is involved and is right behind you (see page 68)

By the way, when you’re investigating a franchise, the existing franchisees are good people to talk to – after all, they’re already living the life you are considering. Read about the questions you should ask them on page 59.

What do you want from life?

Working with family is a common reason for starting or buying a business, but a desire to have more time for your family is more common still. A recent survey of prospective franchise buyers found that 40 percent are seeking a better life balance, second only to wealthbuilding (page 44). Other common reasons are about people, not profits. They include: ‘achieve a personal challenge’, ‘have greater control on how I do things’; ‘build something to pass on to children’; and ‘greater flexibility’.

Don’t think that owning your own business is going to give you all those benefits right from the start, though: at first, you’ll find the ‘personal challenge’ aspect is by far the major part of your life. The good news is that, with the right franchise, you’ll get the planning tools and support you need to make your goals achievable. So before you start trying to find the perfect business, you need to work out what you really want from it. Ask yourself:

• Where do you want to live?

• Do you want to work fixed hours or be flexible?

• What time of day best suits you?

• Who do you want to work with?

• What sort of work do you want to do?

• How much do you want to earn?

You also need to consider any genuine constraints that might stop you reaching your goals immediately. What’s realistic right now?

Can you work out some short-term and mediumterm steps that will take you closer to your longterm goal? For example, you might read up on franchising or learn bookkeeping. Or you might look at a part-time or low-investment franchise that will help you build capital towards the business you really want in a few years’ time.

In order to find an opportunity that suits both your personal and your financial goals, it’s a good idea to sit down and work out exactly what you are looking for in a business. Making a checklist is a great way to ensure you don’t get involved in an unsuitable business because you overlooked something or got carried away by enthusiasm. You’ll need to enjoy your business if you’re to get the best from it. If you choose a business that fits your needs and abilities, it can help ensure that your passion creates the results you want.

Seize the moment

As well as knowing what you’re looking for, you also need to prepare yourself so that you’re in a position to take action when you find what you want. If you have the freedom to move and are flexible about where you go, it means you’ll have a lot more opportunities to choose from. Franchisors might have good new sites available

in certain key areas, with customers ready and waiting. Equally, existing businesses come up for sale in all parts of the country. Operating outside the big cities can mean lower costs but not necessarily lower profits – see page 52.

One of the stories we often hear from new franchisees is, ‘We bought the business just before or after our first baby was born – good timing, eh?’ Well, in many ways it is good timing, especially if you have family support. The flexibility to work on accounts, rosters or sales at home can be a real boon for new parents. People can cope with incredible change and adrenaline will take you a long way for a while. It’s important, though, that the changes you make are in-line with your long-term goals, or when the adrenaline starts to wear off you may be disappointed.

Actually, if you choose carefully then owning a business can offer ongoing benefits when raising a family – especially if you work from home. Having flexibility allows you to juggle commitments and makes childcare easier – you can be there for school holidays or teacher-only days with less hassle, as well as being involved as a parent helper on outings or sports days. You still have to make times to focus on your business commitments, of course, but many people make it work.

The other thing to bear in mind is that if you really, really want to own your own business, there’s very rarely the perfect time to do it. If you wait for all the circumstances to be right, you might never make the change. Do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering?

Feel the fear, do it anyway

Over the years, we’ve talked to thousands of franchisees, and almost all of them have admitted to being quite scared when they took that first leap into self-employment. As one franchisor told us many years ago, ‘When you work for someone else, you have set limits within which you can operate, and people with whom you can consult. But when you operate your own business, the buck really does stop with you. Every decision, whether large or small, has to be made by you. Every purchase you make is spending your money. Every contact you make with a client affects your income. Some people thrive on that – others freeze.’

But buying a franchise bridges the gap between employment and total independence. You have the guidance and the training which helps reassure you that you really do need to spend money on this or that, and you also have a peer group of other franchisees to talk to and share experiences with – quite apart from the franchisor.

And once you’ve made the decision and you get busy creating and growing the business, the fear becomes part of the excitement.

No regrets

If your current job isn’t satisfying you, perhaps it’s time to Refresh, Revive, Renew. Buying a franchise can help you do that.

So as you sit by the beach this summer, think about what you really want for your future. 2023 could be the year when you start to create the life you want.


HB Laser Skin Clinics offers a unique and lucrative opportunity for franchisees looking to own and operate their own business in the cosmetic and aesthetics industry. Offering a range of services from specialist skin treatments to tattoo removal, HB Laser Skin Clinics uses only the most effective, cutting-edge non-surgical technology. Currently operating across 6 different locations, the HB Laser Skin Clinics business model is proven, after being refined over years of industry experience.

Franchisor Profile

Tracey Price is an industry-leading non-surgical cosmetician and trainer with 30 years of industry experience. Her husband Brendan is also a seasoned professional, and one of New Zealand’s leading tattoo removalists. After a career in the police force, he turned tattoo removal into a passion project, working with inmates to transform their skin and lives. Together, this incredible duo have changed the face of tattoo removal and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in New Zealand.

Franchisee Profile

• Someone well-presented and personable

• Must have a passion for excellent customer service

• Someone motivated

• Someone with experience or interest in the beauty/cosmetic industry

• Ideal for a couple or sole operator

• Someone whose values align with the brand

• Someone open-minded

• Someone who enjoys networking

• Someone eager to learn


• Access and exclusive offers to industry-leading equipment, training and products

• Ongoing and additional training from one of NZ’s leading non-surgical face and body practitioners

• Admin, Marketing & Website

• Equipment leasing options available

The unique elements of the HB Laser Skin Clinics product and services are:

• Opportunity to diversify into Tattoo removal services

• High efficacy in overall skin improvement & maintenance

• Highly targeted treatments for specific skin issues

Franchise opportunities available - NZ wide

For more information contact: Tracey Price 0273576272

8 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
specialists in business sales, franchise re-sales and recruitment and sales of franchise opportunities. All LINK offices are Licensed REAA 2008 Our statistics tell the story: 0800 546 528 LINKBUSINESS.CO.NZ Take control of your future. Buy your own business. Thinking of selling your franchise? 250k+ active buyers on our databases 300+ LINK business brokers worldwide SOLD Signage Franchise $280,000 SOLD Distribution Franchise $180,000 SOLD Pizza Hut Franchise $550,000 SOLD NZ Post Franchise $320,000 SOLD Muffin Break Franchise $340,000
cosmetic and aesthetics industry


Jesse Guscott says starting a new business is a bit like jumping out of a plane. ‘It’s scary at first, but then it’s just cool and you see the world in a whole new way.’ And Jesse would know – the young skydiving enthusiast was just 22 when he bought his V.I.P. Home Services franchise in Mount Maunganui two years ago, and says the business has more than exceeded his expectations.

‘I’ve built it to the point where I’m working a very full nine days per fortnight and turning over $12,000 a month. Everything that V.I.P. told me would happen has happened. It’s working really well and I’d do it again, absolutely.’ Why nine days? ‘The tenth day, I go skydiving,’ he grins.

Support from the start

Jesse went into the building industry after leaving school, ‘But I wanted to be my own boss and not have to run to someone else’s schedule,’ he says. ‘I looked at a lot of things, and I reckoned starting on my own would be a hard road. Good franchises have the platform in place for success, and V.I.P. seemed to be the best of the lot. They offer a customer base from the start, and an income guarantee after four weeks of paid training, which is really valuable if you want to get started in business for the first time.

‘I like the structure of V.I.P. and I reckon their franchise fees are very fair compared to other franchises. Also, they are very easy to talk to, and I’ve felt very supported right from the beginning.’

V.I.P. Home Services offers two different types of franchise: outdoor (lawnmowing, gardening and outside jobs) or indoor (all types of cleaning). Jesse chose outdoors and started with 80 clients. Like many V.I.P. franchisees, he found that the brand name and referrals from happy customers enabled him to double his customer base quite quickly.

‘I was quite lucky with timing as it was all during Covid, but I got my training in with local area manager Shane Barber just before the second lockdown. Shane made sure I was on top of all the tricks of the trade, was very easy to get along with and no questions were too silly. It was pretty smooth!

A great education

Jesse attributes his success to his parents, Jason and Vicky. ‘They farmed in the South Waikato for 30-plus years before semi-retiring to the Mount. Mum helped me with all the details of tax and things early on, and Dad has always been there with both practical and financial advice.’

Two years after launching himself into business, Jesse feels in a very different place. ‘It has been a great education – when I started, I was quite

nervous about quoting and talking to customers but I’ve gained a lot of confidence and it’s a lot easier than the early days.

‘I think the hardest thing to learn was juggling my time, coming home tired then doing invoices and taking calls – it’s not like working nine-to-five and being able to close the door! So I had to push myself a bit at the start, but the rewards are there once you get into a good routine.

‘Lawnmowing is the bulk of my business, but I’ve developed a bit of a specialist interest in hedges. ‘So one of my first questions when I’m asked to quote for a lawn is, “Do you have a hedge?” I wouldn’t say they are easy money, but they suit me as I enjoy creating a neat professional look. It’s quite lucrative, too.

‘If you have a good work ethic, you can build a big business from a small one with V.I.P, make a good income and enjoy a good healthy lifestyle. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it – the franchise has the platform, the support and all the tools in place for you to succeed.’

Jesse says he is very happy doing what he wants for the present. ‘This is going so well, so I don’t know if it will be a stepping-stone to another business, or to expanding and taking on employees. Maybe by the time I reach my 30s I’ll have a clearer idea, but for now V.I.P. is just right for me!’

Seizing opportunities

of the world Advertiser Info

V.I.P. has always prided itself on looking after and nurturing its franchisees, says Estelle Logan who, with her husband John, is the company’s national franchisor for New Zealand.

‘We love seeing someone like Jesse succeeding,’ says Estelle. ‘He is a great example of a younger man seeing the opportunity that V.I.P. offers to step into and learn about business, and he has seized it with both hands. It’s yet another example of how the tried and trusted V.I.P. system delivers to franchisees.

‘We have both indoor and outdoor opportunities available in most parts of the country right now, with a wide range of investment levels. No matter what your age or where you live, you can choose the level you start at and enjoy the security of a customer base and an income guarantee while you are getting established.

‘Give us a call and find out more!’

84 74

24-year-old jesse truscott has his feet firmly on the ground
Opportunity: Home Services
V.I.P. Home Services Contact Nationwide Enquiries P 0800
Young man learns to create business success through his V.I.P. franchise 96
Ecomist Integrated Pest Management Solutions make it easy to ensure your home or business stays pest free all year round. Our qualifed, local owner-operators offer bespoke consultation and customisable solutions at an affordable price. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and the enhancement of your environment are at the heart of everything we do. Visit our website to fnd your local operator or get in-touch on 0800 75 75 78 or YOUR PROPERTY IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY



Craig Burnham and Fiona White have years of business experience behind them, which is exactly why they bought a Stihl Shop outdoor power equipment business. ‘We chose the best brand in a great market to capitalise on our knowledge and experience for the future. Almost everyone needs to mow their lawn or look after their section, or pays someone to do it for them, which means everyone is a potential customer. And Stihl Shop doesn’t just sell equipment: they do servicing and repairs, too, making it a solid business which just needs a commitment to customer service to make it hum.’

Craig has experience with several prominent hospitality franchises, while Fiona worked for Air New Zealand. ‘When we moved to Tauranga from Wellington, I spent 18 months looking at businesses, even doing due diligence on a couple,’ Craig explains. ‘But the Mt Maunganui Stihl Shop was on the market after many years and I kept being drawn back to that. I’ve always loved the outdoors, I’ve done a bit of landscaping in the area, and I really liked the product.’

Stihl is one of the best-known brands in New Zealand and has been a successful supplier of outdoor power equipment since 1926. The brand has its own licensed network of specialist Stihl Shop stores to provide customers with the best possible advice and support, coupled with spare parts and servicing – additional revenue streams that Craig and Fiona see as a huge and rare advantage today. ‘In this industry, spare parts can be hard to come by – it’s often easier to buy something new, but that’s so wasteful,’ Craig says. ‘Better all round to buy quality and keep it in prime condition.’

Loyalty counts

Despite Covid meaning they haven’t had a “normal” year since they started, Craig and Fiona have found their Stihl Shop to be ‘all we hoped. The original owners had been there for a long time and are super people, so we bought a business and gained some great friends in the process.

‘Many customers have become friends, too. People come in and rave about our products, and we’ve even had customers selling equipment to other customers whilst they were waiting to see one of our sales staff! You know you’re selling quality when that kind of thing happens.’

And Craig says the whole Stihl Shop system reflects that quality, too. ‘This is a really professional outfit. Stihl are enormously supportive and knowledgeable, as well as being straight talkers, with very strong processes and guidelines. None of it happened by accident and the commitment to the products they sell and service is second to none.

‘I’ve noticed that many licensees and staff have been with Stihl Shop for a long time. There is a very high degree of loyalty, and I don’t believe that is an accident.’

Selected to succeed

Stihl Shop’s reputation for excellence has been carefully honed over the years by appointing the right people into the business. ‘Every licensee goes through a long process of due diligence, on both sides, before they join our family,’ says Mark Ballantine, Retail Network Manager for Stihl Shop. ‘This helps ensure everyone is on the same page from the very start. Once on board, we’ll train you and provide you with all the systems

you need to succeed, just like Craig and Fiona.’

Stihl Shop has over 83 outlets in New Zealand with more opportunities for licensees to open new premises and for existing retailers to convert their brand to Stihl Shop. The investment required is from around $400,000 +gst depending on location and store size.

‘If you’re looking for a hands-on opportunity with a top brand where customers really matter, you can create a very rewarding business with Stihl Shop,’ says Mark. ‘Contact us to find out more.’

Advertiser Info

Stihl Shop Contact Darryl Perkins P 0-9-262 4000 M 021 543 576

STIHL SHOP is a nationwide network of locally owned stores offering a wide range of high quality garden equipment, supported by fully equipped service workshops.


• Join a network of retailers committed to customer service excellence

• Be supported by a team of people dedicated to your success

• Reap the rewards of a well-established, profitable business model


Opportunities are available for new stores in locations across New Zealand.

For more information on the STIHL SHOP Network visit Own-a-store

Stihl Shop licensees enjoy a well-earned reputation for quality and service
Opportunity: Retail
craig burnham in his mt maunganui stihl shop
Business Consulting NewZealand BuildingBusinessSuccess BECOME A BUSINESS CONSULTANT Request a Franchise Information Pack Today. Visit Or contact Julius Bloem on 0277460073 or Use your knowledge and experience to help SME Business Owners improve the Profit, Growth and Value of their Businesses. Owning a Business Consulting New Zealand Franchise is a rewarding and highly profitable opportunity that offers freedom and flexibility, with a proven system and on-going support. DO YOU HAVE BUSINESS EXPERIENCE? FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE

Big Fig is the wild success that’s taking Middle Eastern-inspired flavours throughout New Zealand

Say the word ‘franchise’ to a lot of people and they’ll think of fast food. But what Big Fig offers is something rather different.

‘We’re all about slow food, served fast, bringing food cooked with love and great ingredients to the fast food world,’ says co-owner Chrissie Lahood. ‘It’s been a huge hit with locals and visitors – now it’s time to take this delicious concept to the rest of New Zealand.’

Big Fig was created in 2016, when Chrissie left a senior creative position with a leading multi-national advertising agency and her sister Shaz a role in corporate accounting to take over a small café on the Wanaka lakefront. They were soon joined by a third sister, Karen, whose background is in event management, and by Ashleigh Miller, who brought hospitality expertise to the table.

‘Our premises had a tiny kitchen, which was quite restrictive but it inspired us to think of home cooking and our Lebanese roots,’ explains Chrissie. ‘We decided to make slow food, concentrating on fresh, seasonal, local ingredients and using time to turn them into wonderful dishes.’

‘But at the same time, we wanted to provide the sort of fast service that meets the demand for takeaway as well as eat-in, so that’s what we created. Our hot and cold display cabinets are filled with delicious slowcooked meats, tagines, braises, pilafs, salads and more, all ready-to-go. Customers simply choose a plate size and tell us how they’d like their plate filled. Job done and yum!’

Shared, sustainable & delicious

‘The Big Fig name was inspired by a large fig tree in our backyard when we were growing up in Taranaki,’ explains Chrissie. ‘We encourage our up to 40 dine-in customers to feel like they are part of a big family sharing a meal.

‘From 8am until 8.30pm seven days a week, we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, barista coffee, local beers and wines, kombucha on tap and delicious fresh baking and desserts made in-house. We offer both plant-based and meat dishes, including such delights as hippy salad with tahini turmeric dressing, harissa butterbean stew, Moroccan pumpkin tagine and beef cheeks in pomegranate and red pepper paste.

‘More and more customers are choosing our delicious veggie options, which fits right into

big fig

our sustainability goals. In 2019, we stopped using single-use cups, encouraging customers to bring their own, drink-in or buy a fullyrefundable Again Again cup. We don’t have plastics in our takeaways, and our three plate sizes discourage food waste.’

It all adds up to a highly popular concept. ‘Takeaway accounts for around 50 percent of our business, and we also do catering for local events and businesses. The whole model is very successful and is generating very healthy returns.’

Professional business package

With their business backgrounds, it’s not surprising that the sisters are turning to franchising to spread the Big Fig name throughout the country in a highly professional way. Creating the franchise package and fine-tuning the business model and support systems was a two-year project, carried out in conjunction with Franchize Consultants, the country’s most-awarded franchise specialists.

Karen says, ‘A strong motivation came from customers visiting Wanaka and saying, “That food was totally amazing – you should open a Big Fig in my town!” Now we’re ready to invite franchisees to bring this unique, delicious eating experience to your town or suburb. Being new, we have opportunities available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, as well as smaller centres.

‘We’re looking for people with at least three years’ business ownership experience, or three years’ hospitality experience, or three years’ management experience at a senior level. You must be able to demonstrate that you share our passion and values of slow food, served fast , follow systems and procedures, be hands-on – at least initially – and also be committed to sustainability.’

New, fresh, delicious

‘We like to think we’re the country’s newest, freshest and most delicious franchise,’ says Karen. ‘To get in on the ground floor, total investment levels vary depending on location and size from around $150,000 to $400,000.

New franchisees will benefit from the combined experience of the four franchisors, with business support, training and other expertly-created systems and procedures. Big Fig has been accepted as a member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand. Chrissie ends, ‘If you like what you’ve read, don’t be slow – act fast and give us a call. All the ingredients are in place and we just need the right people to make the most of them. We’d love to hear from you.’

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Big Fig Contact Karen Lahood M 027 902 6593 Opportunity: Food & Beverage
Slow food, served fast
founders shaz
chrissie lahood

The synthetic grass industry is growing exponentially with the SmartGrass brand at the forefront. We are seeking to partner with driven people right now. Be your own boss and in total control of your financial future. We’ll support you to grow a solid, profitable business and you’ll never be caught short of work.

To learn more contact Jack Kennedy: 027 822 9006 /

Ready to take your career to the next level? The grass is always greener with SmartGrass SEE IF YOUR AREA IS STILL AVAILABLE The grass is always greener Entry level investment with finance options available No industry experience required, we’ll make you an expert Tried and proven business model. No guess work Benefit from our powe ul brand and years of experience


A fter three years as Pit Stop franchisees, Darryn and Elaine Sunnex are very happy with the decision they made. Throughout the turbulent Covid years, business for the popular vehicle servicing chain remained steady as people travelled more within their own country.

‘Warrant of fitness issues ensure a regular supply of work, of course, but we’re also picking up on a lot of delayed maintenance. And as people keep their cars for longer, that means more business for us, too.’

Darryn and Elaine bought Pit Stop Paraparaumu when they returned to New Zealand after 25 years travelling the world. Darryn had spent 40 years as a mechanic, latterly working in a management role.

‘We wanted to work for ourselves rather than other people,’ Darryn says. ‘Franchising appealed because of the assistance and back-up it provides –not to mention the big marketing benefits of a reputable brand. Pit Stop has a great reputation, and the Paraparaumu centre had been a very well-run business for more than 30 years.’

Elaine adds, ‘It shows the excellence of the system that so many franchisees have been with Pit Stop so long, and that the company attracted good people right from the start.’

So much support

Darryn jokes that, ‘I was born in Christchurch and I’d never been anywhere near Paraparaumu in my life! I knew nothing about the area, or the suppliers, or the customers, but the franchise was very supportive, the track record of Pit Stop meant the bank was prepared to lend against the business itself, and the systems were great.’

‘Pit Stop provides so much in terms of support,’ says Elaine. ‘Issues like health and safety, compliance, and all the HR requirements of being an employer can be a legislative minefield, but the franchise has got it all covered, along with the systems and software you need.’

Darryn says that the systems also help with two other key elements of running a busy and successful Pit Stop centre – building relationships, and staying on top of scheduling repeat servicing and warrants to keep customers’ vehicles safe and efficient.

‘Your customers are your business, so you have to look after them and keep them coming back. You also need the systems to book the right amount of time for each job and ensure neither you nor your customers are wasting valuable time. It’s simple, with the right training and tools.

‘Of course, the growing number of hybrids and electric vehicles means you need to stay up-to-date with new technology, and Pit Stop has had a big push to set us up for handling it with a lot of training. As a result, we’re already seeing a lot more hybrids through the door than we expected. That’s another benefit of being part of the franchise.’

In fact, the couple say they would happily invest in a second Pit Stop if one became available locally, ‘But they are so popular – the last one nearby was snapped up by one of the mechanics when the franchisee retired.’ That level of demand makes opening a Pit Stop even more attractive for new franchisees.

All sorts of opportunities

Les Seiler, Franchise Manager of Pit Stop says, ‘Darryn and Elaine have demonstrated how good the Pit Stop opportunity is and how solid the demand is for our services – whatever else is happening in the world.


‘Pit Stop has been New Zealand’s favourite one-stop-shop for all sorts of vehicle servicing since 1978. With more than two million cars on the road now, the company enjoys a big share of a growing market. This means we have opportunities in greenfield sites, existing outlets and additional outlets in established areas to satisfy demand, and the investment can be as low as $100,000 +gst.

‘We are looking for people like Darryn and Elaine who are highly motivated, have good management skills and some experience, and want to get into business with NZ’s leading automotive service. Wherever you want to be, give me a call – we have locations available in just about every part of the country.’


Advertiser Info

Pit Stop

Contact Les Seiler P 0-9-634 3666 M 027 222 7487

Pit Stop franchise

Franchise opportunities nationwide. Call Les 027 222 7487 for a chat. Visit

bought a
and I’ve never looked back
elaine and darryn sunnex: ‘pit stop provides so much support’
Pit Stop’s support and training keeps customers safe and franchisees
Opportunity: Auto Services


Our pick of the top news

Franchise New Zealand is much more than a magazine. To keep up-to-date with news about franchising in New Zealand and interesting stories from overseas, go to, sign up for our free newsletter and follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn. Here’s a summary of some recent stories – read the full articles on the site.

stories from

KidsCan cups earn cash for schools

Global franchise brands offered to NZ entrepreneurs

to launch the concepts here.

Together, they represent total global revenues exceeding NZ$5 billion and employ tens of thousands of staff around the world.

Every year, The Coffee Club and KidsCan collaborate on a special competition to design the seasonal takeaway cups used in The Coffee Club’s 65 cafés around New Zealand. This year, more than 300 entries were received from over 30 schools across New Zealand supported by KidsCan, and the winning artists’ designs earned a total of $12,000 for their schools. The new takeaway cups featuring the winning Christmasthemed designs were launched at The Coffee Club in November.

Stewart Germann, the Auckland lawyer and businessman who recently bought longestablished consulting company

The Franchise Coach, has announced an agreement with World Franchise Associates to introduce a portfolio of global franchising heavyweights to the New Zealand market.

The deal includes nine international franchise brands, including seven restaurant and two non-food brands, which will be looking for local partners

The portfolio includes the highly successful Earl of Sandwich chain – developed by the 11th Earl of Sandwich, whose ancestor gave his name to the food staple in 1762 – and relative newcomer Teriyaki Madness, which was labelled by Restaurant Business as the number one fastest-growing big restaurant chain.

Stewart says the deal represents a significant opportunity for Kiwis who would like to leverage the power of global brands with proven successful models for New Zealand customers.

Attracting migrant capital

Overseas investors can now invest in New Zealand companies that are not listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, and use this investment to obtain Residence in New Zealand.

This is one effect of the new Active Investor Plus (AI+) Residence category, announced by the Minister of Immigration and the Minster of Economic and Regional Development in September 2022.

The objective of the new policy is to attract skilled and experienced active investors to help build globally-successful New Zealand businesses that align with Government’s objectives by providing Resident visas to those who wish to participate in New Zealand’s investment ecosystem and make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economy.

While the scheme is governed by some quite complex criteria from both Immigration New Zealand and NZTE, it might offer some opportunities for franchise growth – for example, a franchisor could secure capital to fund expansion into further franchise outlets while a larger franchisee could use it to open multiple new units. See more at

First place in this year’s KidsCan Christmas Cup Artwork Competition went to nine-year-old Peyton Wells (pictured) from Auckland’s West Harbour School, who has won a $1,000 Westfield voucher for his design. Peyton’s very creative artwork showcases Santa’s friends in the snowing North Pole preparing for Christmas. It features Santa’s gingerbread house and a Christmas tree in the background, a reindeer, gingerbread man, and a baby polar bear among some scattered presents in the snow, as well as an elf making a snowman. Peyton’s artwork will appear on the medium takeaway cups.

Second place, and a $600 Westfield voucher, went to Rashi Solanki (10) from Waltham School in Christchurch. Rashi’s design has a Kiwi Christmas summer theme, with Santa (in boardshorts and jandals, of course) at the beach next to a Christmas tree, coconut palm tree and a sandcastle. Rashi’s design will appear on the large takeaway cups.

In Brief

At a time when many hospitality businesses are struggling to find staff, 700 people joined the McDonald’s crew following the chain’s first-ever New Zealand National Hiring Day, with a further 2000 people expressing interest. The fast-food chain held walk-in interviews at all of its restaurants, encouraging people of all ages and experience levels to apply. Rising sales and slower increases in wages have signalled an improvement in small business prospects, new data from Xero shows. Xero NZ country manager

Third place, and a $400 Warehouse voucher, went to Esme Malcolm (5) from Edgecumbe Primary School in the Bay of Plenty. Esme’s artwork added Christmas lights to Santa and a reindeer, and will appear on the small takeaway cups – a fine start to the budding young artist’s career.

Ten students from various schools across the country also received Highly Commended awards in recognition of the creativity of their design entries.

The popular annual competition aims to raise awareness of the work being done by KidsCan to support the education, health and wellbeing of Kiwi kids living in hardship.

The Coffee Club New Zealand has been a proud supporter of KidsCan since 2009 and has been involved in a number of campaigns and initiatives with KidsCan including The Big Night In telethon back in 2009, the Mystery Envelope Appeal, Christmas Crackers, Campbell Live Lunchbox Day Appeal and KidsCan Online Auctions.

The franchise has donated more than $100,000 to the charity, KidsCan partner schools and kids in that time.

Bridget Snelling said strong jobs growth in September was encouraging to see, and meant that small firms had the confidence to grow their teams and hire despite record low unemployment. She added that the small business economy remained ‘highly attractive to Kiwi employees’ and was ‘competing well with large businesses’.

Domino’s has added the option of a plant-based ‘beef’ topping from Impossible Foods to its pizza range. Australia/ New Zealand chief marketing officer Adam Ballesty said that the meat-substitute pizzas would be available every day of the week. ‘We know people

are actively seeking more sustainable food options, but it is also critical that these alternatives deliver on taste and a great pizza experience.’

The Domino’s launch comes just months after McDonald’s ended trials of its McPlant burger in the USA owing to disappointing sales.

The BurgerFuel franchise has teamed up with Citizen, the innovators behind an awardwinning circular solution to ‘rescue & upcycle’ unsold fresh supermarket bread to create a craft beer designed to address needless food waste. The resulting limited-run product was mostly sold online.

16 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04


Consumer behaviour and the retail landscape have significantly changed as a result of the pandemic. With government restrictions and work from home recommendations, New Zealanders have spent more time at or near home than ever before.

This has meant that there has been a shift in the types of precincts that New Zealanders are frequenting.

There has been the strengthening of the concept of ‘the local’, with consumers turning towards neighbourhood retail precincts as a result of greater levels of working from home. A similar pattern has been seen in Australia.

‘The uncertainty created as a result of the pandemic meant that consumers were more selective with their spend, and what brands they were frequenting – turning to those local brands and franchises that they know and trust,’ says Vanessa Wilmot from Geotech Information Services.

‘Consumers transitioned to local precincts as a result of being at home more often, and to support local and small businesses. Many local precincts also offer convenient and external access

for consumers, who were looking to minimise their touchpoints and movements during the height of the pandemic.’

These trends are expected to continue, at least in the short term, with many organisations adopting hybrid models of working. The shifts have meant that precincts reliant predominantly on more whitecollar, commercial populations (such as CBD environments) were more negatively impacted due to the pandemic, and still have a way to go for their recovery. That’s meant that if your business relies on location then finding the right site is more important than ever.

To see some maps of current hot spots in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and read more of this article go to www.franchise.

A Quinovic property rental franchisee who had his franchise agreement terminated after posting fake reviews on Facebook and Google now faces bankruptcy, according to Stuff. Akshaya Khera lost a bid to set aside bankruptcy notices over nearly $600,000 in unpaid court-ordered costs which had been awarded following the termination.

The franchise agreement between Quinovic and Khera’s company Exuberant allowed Quinovic to claim ‘actual and reasonable’ costs from the termination of the agreement. Quinovic was awarded costs of $683,201 after spending $860,862 trying to prove the reviews were fake, including legal expenses and witness costs, according to a High Court judgment in late 2021.

The case emphasises the dangers to franchisees of bringing the brand into disrepute, which can result in termination as the franchisor seeks to limit the damage to other franchisees. 17 – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS
FAKE REVIEW EX-FRANCHISEE FACES BANKRUPTCY Recognised in • Specialist franchise firm • Experienced business lawyers • NZ and international reputation • A proven track record • Quality documents • Outstanding references 09 308 9925 NZ’s Award Winning Franchise Law Team Khushbu Sundarji Partner Stewart Germann Partner


B rian Martin has been with Jim’s Test & Tag for nearly a decade and says, ‘I can’t fault this franchise. It’s been everything I wanted, and I now have a great asset to sell with even more growth to come.’

Brian got into Jim’s Test & Tag after taking redundancy from his banking career. ‘I decided it was time to look at lining my own pockets rather than someone else’s,’ he laughs. ‘I began to look at buying a franchise, and Jim’s was not just affordable but very attractive. So much of the work is already done for you – compliance, invoicing, H&S, and 35 years of experience. The manual would have taken me months to create myself. Furthermore, Jim’s charges a monthly fixed fee, which means the more you work, the more profit you make for yourself.’

There’s certainly no shortage of work for Jim’s Test & Tag franchisees, who provide testing and tagging services to electrical equipment in workplaces throughout the country. All Kiwi businesses are required by law to ensure their workplace is safe for everyone, and equipment needs to be inspected annually as a minimum. Building site or workshop equipment usually needs three- or six-monthly inspection, ensuring regular business (and recurring income) and franchisees also handle inspections and sale of fire extinguishers in full accordance with NZS 4503:2005.

No experience required

Brian felt he and Jim’s Test & Tag were a good fit. ‘You don’t need to be a qualified electrician, but I’ve done ham radio operating so I was comfortable around electrical gear,’ he says. ‘And it’s nice to know that

brian martin: ‘everything i wanted’

every time I test a product, I’ve potentially saved a life.

‘Jim’s training is second-to-none, and completely comprehensive. There was one chap on my course 10 years ago from an entirely corporate background – he picked up a drill and asked how it started! The fact that he went on to pass with flying colours highlights the quality of the training. And it covers business management too, including everything from coldcalling to book-keeping. It gave me all the right tools I needed to grow my own very profitable business in Wellington.’

A great family

As he gained experience, Brian also became a Regional Franchisor for Jim’s Test & Tag. ‘Due to health reasons my original franchisee business is for sale, but I will continue to be a franchisor to help others take advantage of this great opportunity. This has highlighted another aspect I’ve seen more than once in my time with Jim’s – my fellow franchisees have all supported me to service my customers when necessary.

‘It’s that spirit which makes Jim’s a great family as well as a great franchise. I know Jim’s Test & Tag is looking for additional franchisees and Regional Franchisors throughout New Zealand, so give Peter Mahon a call. The franchise fee of $55,000 covers everything bar a vehicle.’

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Jim’s Test & Tag Contact Peter Mahon P 0800 454 654

Autoblast is ready to take its vehicle underbody restoration and protection technology and systems to the rest of New Zealand, to protect Kiwi motorists from the damaging effects of underbody rust on vehicles. Be part of pioneering this new franchise group. Receive full training and ongoing support, mentoring and systems designed and developed right here in NZ.

18 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 NZ's Ultimate Hybrid Real Estate Marketing Service FRANCHISE IN YOUR HOME TOWN NOW SCAN TO LEARN MORE RUST REMOVAL + RUST PROTECTION
convert a combined passion for cars and people into meaningful work?
 021 328 435  (09) 443 6574 Glenfield, Auckland  @autoblastnz •
See for more info.
Opportunity: Business & Commercial
Jim’s Test & Tag training turns novices into successful business owners

There are no holes in Donut King’s business model, says new franchisee family

Winter, who opened her Donut King franchise in the South Island’s Richmond Mall in May 2022.

‘One of the most common comments by customers was that they couldn’t believe it had taken Donut King so long to get here,’ Kelly says happily. ‘We’ve had only positive feedback and our financial position is ahead of predictions. In short, we are doing nicely!’

Kelly trained as a legal executive but was determined to find an opportunity her entire family could be involved with. ‘Other than assisting my husband Jason in his contracting business, I had no experience outside my legal background. It was important for me to find an opportunity with lower risk as I didn’t fancy starting on my own, so a well-known franchise had obvious appeal. With my legal brain firmly in place I did a great deal of research and when Donut King came on my radar, I quickly felt it was the right fit.’

No experience needed

Donut King opened their first store in Sydney in 1981. Since then, the franchise has expanded to more than 300 stores throughout New Zealand and Australia and is a firm favourite with people of all ages.

‘To become a franchisee, you don’t need baking experience,’ says Donut King’s New Zealand General Manager, Bram Milne-Rodrigues, a highlyexperienced franchise executive who joined the company earlier this year to accelerate its growth here.

‘This system has been proven all over Australasia. We provide you with all the training you need to cook and present the product properly, with systems that make it a very easy business to manage.

‘Most franchisees employ a baker so that they can concentrate on serving customers and the financial side although some, like Kelly, love to do part of the baking themselves. But whether you bake, serve at front of house, or prefer the back office, the sweet simplicity of the business model means you can focus on growing your business. You will need good communication skills, though, as you’ll need to be able to switch roles, befriend customers and lead staff.’

Kelly found getting into her own business surprisingly easy. ‘Donut King promised a turn-key operation, and they delivered. I had thought the new Richmond Mall would be a great location, but the Donut King team counted the foot traffic from every entrance to confirm that and helped ensure the right site.’

Being in a mall did bring several problems that Kelly thinks would have been ‘difficult if not impossible’ to resolve without the franchise behind her. ‘The sheer scale of the documentation was staggering, and post-Covid delays made things even more complicated. Through all this, Donut King worked impressively hard on our behalf and have continued to do so ever since. I admit I had sleepless nights but you must take a risk in life and, thanks to the franchise, it has certainly paid off.’

Kelly speaks very highly of the training the franchise gave her at a Donut King outlet in Palmerston North. ‘I went there with my donut decorator – yes, that’s a role – who is also my mum. After a week we felt we knew just what to do when the big day came. Like any business it has been learning on the job ever since, and I can’t speak highly enough of the support the franchise has given us.’

Rewarding business

Has Donut King met Kelly’s expectations? ‘Oh yes, I never wake up thinking I don’t want to go to work in the morning! We are in a very good location, and the business is rewarding my entire family. Jason and I have four daughters between us, and all the family are involved, as I hoped. The two eldest work in the shop after school, the younger ones are learning all about business as they grow with it, Jason comes in and cleans at night and Mum is a crucial part of the equation.

‘I’ve done no advertising at all yet because the brand has done it all for me – another advantage of buying such a well-known name. Our customers know us well, and come to us in droves for our mouthwatering selection of donuts, coffee, cold beverages, ice creams, toasted sandwiches and hot dogs. I’d have no hesitation in opening another store tomorrow!’

Family-friendly, fun and profitable

Bram sums up the appeal of the franchise. ‘Everybody loves donuts, and Donut King has an extremely successful business model specifically designed for shopping centres. The investment for a fully equipped turn-key store including equipment, training and initial franchise fee ranges from $280,000 to $350,000 +gst, depending on site.

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kelly winter (right) and a friend celebrating gumboot day in her new richmond mall store

‘There are many opportunities all over the country and we are very keen to get Kiwis into the big gaps to reach this lucrative market. If you’re looking for a familyfriendly, fun and, above all, profitable business, call me right now.’

Donut King Contact Bram Milne-Rodrigues P 022 424 6528 Opportunity: Food & Beverage
The Coffee Club is one of the many New Zealand franchise businesses we’ve helped grow and achieve their goals. Talk to our experts today about how we can help you. Rohann Dobbin 021 942 178 Nick Knight 021 262 3622 Email for more information. Whatever your business, we’ll help you get one step ahead. ASB Bank Limited 56180 19981 1022


We’ve gone from famine to feast in a very short time,’ says Fergus Clark, Retail Business Manager of helloworld New Zealand. ‘Once the borders re-opened, everything happened fast and there is now an increasing demand for travel from people all over New Zealand. That means we have key locations available now for new franchisees.

‘Helloworld Travel was launched in 2016, and a large number of existing travel stores joined us to benefit from our large-scale purchasing power and extensive marketing,’ Fergus says.

‘A unified presence through TV, radio, print, social and digital channels, and direct customer eDM’s keeps us top of mind with customers. We’re the exclusive travel group for Flybuys, allowing Flybuys card holders both to earn points with their travel purchase and redeem their points for travel, and the exclusive travel redemption point for American Express Membership Rewards.

‘All our franchisees receive professional support including marketing, staff training, business mentoring and inspirational events.’

Personal service supported by technology

Fergus explains, ‘We have always invested heavily in technology as a group because that has been proven to drive our business and get the best for our franchisees and, ultimately, our customers. Our customer insights allow us to understand individual customer needs, then develop products, tools and services to meet them.

‘At the same time, one of the things that people learned during the pandemic was the value of personal service when it comes to booking long-awaited trips. Our website is rich in content with all the latest products for hotels, package holidays, cruises and airfares, and it’s designed to facilitate customer enquiries directly to the stores. In addition, each store has its own personalised micro-site with messaging from the store owner to their community and followers.’

That focus on their local market is key. ‘We encourage franchisees to be active within schools, sporting clubs, business associations, etc, and provide the sort of services that help their helloworld franchise become the recognised travel business in their town.’

The best decision I could have made

In New Plymouth, franchisee Bev Ellice has followed the formula with great success. ‘Helloworld Travel has made itself the brand of choice for a varied demographic, from the young solo traveller to families looking to make everlasting memories with their children, to retirees who like to indulge in a bit of luxury,’ she says. ‘The decision to join the brand four years ago is the best decision I could have made as a travel business owner.’

Leigh Feast, the helloworld franchisee in Masterton, agrees. ‘Helloworld is a great group of resilient, caring people who go the extra mile for their customers, resulting in a large percentage of repeat business and referrals.’

A better business

Helloworld is seeking people with a passion for the travel industry to join their network all around the country, especially in metropolitan areas such as Auckland and Christchurch, and regional towns in Canterbury, Marlborough, Whanganui and Northland. ‘We also have a fully-equipped outlet in the Auckland CBD ready to go, if you get in quick,’ Fergus invites. ‘These opportunities will especially appeal to someone who has been an employee in the industry and now has the desire to control their own destiny and profitability,’ says Fergus. ‘Our franchises also include multi-

store owners and investor owners who have a fondness for travel and put a manager in charge of their store.

‘Our business model is unique in the travel industry in that franchisees own 100 percent of their business: there is no shareholder or other commitment apart from the franchise agreement, and as franchisor we provide all the network and support material you need to run a successful travel agency. The result is better business, and better returns on your investment.’

There is no initial franchise joining fee, but new franchisees will need to cover all set-up costs, and a minimum equity of $40,000 to enable membership of the Travel Agent Association of New Zealand. ‘All up, your investment should be in the vicinity of $100,000, including estimated fit-out costs,’ suggests Fergus.

‘For anyone who loves the travel business, this is the chance to get in at the start as the industry takes off again. Contact us to find out more about helloworld.’

Advertiser Info

helloworld Travel Contact Fergus Clark P 0-9-307 1871


Keen to own your own business? We’ll help you get started! Travel is booming and we’re looking for great people to join our Helloworld Travel franchise. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of an award winning travel network and bring Helloworld into your local community.

Contact us in confidence at

helloworld has opportunities for people with a passion
22 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 Commercial buildings and business premises need regular exterior maintenance. Crest PropertyCare franchisees provide profitable services like Pure Water Window Cleaning, grounds maintenance and exterior cleaning. Our franchisees receive a high level of operational and administration support. We invoice the customers, remit contract payments twice per month, and look after your accounts and GST returns, allowing you to focus on growing your own successful business. Like working outside? A Crest PropertyCare franchise could be the key to securing your financial future To find out more call for an info pack on 0800 273 780 |

Around the world, state-of-the-art drone technology is creating efficiencies across a wide range of sectors – especially agricultural services as drones develop greater precision and carrying capacity. Leading this exciting new industry in New Zealand are Mark Lusby and Glen Daniel, who have drawn upon almost 60 years’ combined experience in international commercial aviation and training to create the SkyTech franchise.

SkyTech’s opportunities come in two categories: agriculture (rural work such as applying fertiliser, frost control and weed spraying) and commercial (urban treatments such as roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning and sanitation), while there’s also potential for expansion with national and local government work.

Mark says drones offer multiple advantages for farmers and horticulturalists. ‘Take weed spraying, for example. It’s currently a slow and laborious process involving expensive manpower, with all the health and safety implications that go with that. Drones can provide much faster, safer and more efficient outcomes, with a lower carbon footprint too – something that’s becoming increasingly important in agriculture.

‘Meanwhile, high-tech drones are also enabling the development of what is called “precision farming”. Crop health imaging uses high-powered infrared cameras to detect areas for treatment, enabling farmers to improve crop yields and crop management efficiencies.’

And in the public arena, drones offer great potential for sanitisation management in the wake of the Covid pandemic. ‘A drone can be deployed to safely spray and sanitise all manner of public spaces, from sports stadiums to schools to playgrounds. All that adds up to significant business for our franchisees.’

Based on experience

Having grown up on a dairy farm in South Auckland, Mark brings grassroots knowledge of the agricultural and farming sector to SkyTech, while his vast experience as an airline instructor ensures comprehensive training programmes for SkyTech franchisees. Co-founder Glen is a senior captain on Boeing 777 and 747 aircraft and has been flying drones for over seven years.

‘As a result, we provide a very high standard of oversight and training which enable the franchise to appeal to people from all walks of life. Franchisees might be former aviators affected by the airline industry downturn, people who have some drone experience but not the business background or marketing reach of SkyTech, or anyone who can see the potential of the drone industry but doesn’t know how to get started.’

While franchisees need a certain degree of hand/eye co-ordination as owner/operators, Glen and Mark say all necessary skills can be learned. ‘Computer literacy is important, as is flexibility and a reasonable level of management and organisational skills. Above all, what we’re looking for are people with a passion for drone technology who also have the ability and determination to grow a profitable business of their own.’

Perfect timing

The timing is absolutely perfect for a SkyTech franchise, Mark says. ‘With farmers dogged by rising production costs, extreme weather events and increasing legislation, drone technology offers affordable and infinitely more flexible solutions.’

SkyTech’s drones are leased to franchisees, meaning there’s no up-front equipment cost for franchisees and reducing the risk posed by changing technology. ‘Our drones already offer greater capacity (with tanks up to 72 litres) and performance than the drones of many one-man operators, and leasing means franchisees will be automatically upgraded to the latest equipment after just three years. With future advancements such as AI (artificial intelligence) expected to continue fuelling demand for drone services, it’s important not to invest in outdated machines.’

Up and running in three months

SkyTech agriculture franchises are priced at $85,000 +gst, while commercial franchises are $65,000 +gst. ‘We are in the process of building a company with a national brand and reach so, as an incentive, there’s a $20,000 fee reduction for the first two franchises sold in each division,’ Mark offers.

‘Each franchisee will have their own exclusive territory supported by the franchisor team, enabling them to work together with each other and with us to develop new services and handle national clients.’

Both Mark and Glen will be involved in training people in the comprehensive SkyTech business systems, with third-party operators handling all relevant licensing. Glen says the entire process should take three months, meaning you can be up and running fast. ‘We are totally committed to supporting you and helping you find your first customers as you establish a business of your own.’

Enormous potential

Mark and Glen say it will pay to register your interest in your preferred area early. ‘With awareness of drone technology higher than ever, demand for SkyTech franchises is expected to be strong. We invite enquiries from anyone passionate about building a sustainable and highly-profitable business in an exciting new hi-tech industry.

‘Reap the rewards of your own hard work in an aviation business with a difference. Purchase a lifestyle franchise with a great income and a future asset, and start your journey to a successful and rewarding career with SkyTech. ‘Contact us now to find out more.’

SkyTech’s exciting ground-floor opportunity is set for take-off nationwide with agricultural and commercial drone services Opportunity: Business & Commercial
franchise offers SKY-HIGH POTENTIAL SkyTech Contact Mark Lusby P 0800 SKYOPS M 021
Advertiser Info
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You Beauty!

Two home-grown beauty brands starred at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2022. Both were Supreme Award winners for the first time, while winning franchisees came from towns all over the country.

The 2022 Franchise Awards were presented at a glittering Gala Dinner after an online event in 2021 – and style and beauty were the theme for the winners, too. Krista Coningham of Caci Blenheim was named the 2022 Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year, while Rodney Wayne won the prestigious Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year title. Other winners this year came from industries as diverse as hospitality, maintenance, retail and business services, with finalists representing an even wider range. You couldn’t

have a better demonstration of the sheer variety of franchising.

In addition, the national reach of franchises was demonstrated by the fact that all of the winning franchisees came from the regions, from Moerewa in Northland to Christchurch, Blenheim and Rotorua. You don’t need to be in the big city to own a worldclass business.

And we’re proud to say that Franchise New Zealand media was named Service Provider of the Year for the second year in a row.


For over 20 years, Krista dreamed of having her own business. She often read stories about women just like her who went from corporate management to business owner, and she wanted to make that her story, too. Now the dream has come true – and she’s not just the proud owner of Caci Blenheim, she is the 2022 Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year in the $36.8 billion franchise sector.

‘The Awards are taking pride of place in our clinic, we’ve had flowers from clients, champagne from our accountants, a full page article about us in the local newspaper and all sorts of stuff online. The whole team is thrilled!’

Along with her husband Richard and two young boys, Krista moved to Blenheim from Auckland in 2016 for a better lifestyle. ‘We were both in corporate finance with big paying jobs we needed to pay big mortgages and expensive childcare. That wasn’t how we wanted to raise our children so we moved to Marlborough and reinvented our lives.’

Caci is New Zealand’s leading skincare and cosmetic medicine chain with almost 80 clinics around the country. ‘I’m an “all or nothing” kind of person and I had always liked Caci,’ says Krista. ‘I used to live upstairs from Caci Ponsonby and found it alluring, so when I saw that Caci was opening in Blenheim I got a job there as Treatment Co-ordinator. Since then, I have never enjoyed going to “work” so much, working alongside a team who are the best in the industry

24 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
krista coningham of caci blenheim

and so passionate about results and the sparkly eyes and warm smiles in the clinic.

‘Most rewarding of all is getting to know our members, seeing their results and their confidence grow. I had found my happy place!’ And in 2021, it did become ‘MY’ happy place when Krista bought the clinic herself. Since then, her business has grown substantially. ‘I am quite goal-oriented, and we are backed up by very good systems from the franchise. Every member of the franchisor team is as passionate and caring as the franchisees, and they give us a huge sense of confidence. They never rest on their laurels and are always researching and developing new ideas.’

As the judges said, ‘Krista is developing a successful business founded on good knowledge, experience and lots of energy. Her entry shows a strong commitment to business, culture and the people who work there – eg. having a process around staff treatment rights and training them to deliver the services respectfully and professionally. Well done on your outstanding achievements to date.’

Penny Chapman, Caci General Manager, says proudly, ‘Krista receiving this award really is an amazing acknowledgement of her desire to deliver the very best Caci experience. It is a result of her hard work and a constant focus on performance in all areas of her business. We love the passion Krista and our Caci franchisees have for each of their businesses and what we do for New Zealanders and their skin confidence.’


Winner: Rodney Wayne

Rodney Wayne is the most-awarded hair salon in New Zealand – and now it’s won the Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year Award, too. It’s fitting reward for the way the franchise has constantly re-invented itself over the years, adopting new systems and technologies behind the scenes to support its franchisees. As you’d expect from a franchise steeped in fashion, there’s also been a strong focus on training to ensure that Rodney Wayne salons are always up with the latest trends.

Founded by Rodney Wayne himself in the 1980s, the chain grew to six salons before appointing its first franchisee (Rodney’s sister Adele) in 1990. Today, there are over 50 franchised salons and Shampoo ’n’ Things retail outlets around the country.

The brand has thrived throughout the ups and downs of the New Zealand economy over the last 40 years, but Covid brought a new set of challenges with salons either closed completely or operating under severe restriction and vaccine mandates for many months. Led by CEO Julie Evans, the company took the opportunity to accelerate its online training programmes for staff, managers and franchisees to keep them engaged and ready for the massive demand when clients flocked back to the salons to lose their lockdown looks.

Julie likens each Rodney Wayne salon to a theatre: the team training room is back-stage, while the salon is the stage where the focus is all about client experience. ‘That’s where the magic happens,’ she explains. ‘It’s all about attention to detail, and making each client feel like they are special. That experience is the very essence of what makes our brand stand out from its competitors – and what makes it such a good investment for franchisees.’

The Awards judges were clearly impressed, commenting that Rodney Wayne’s entry was very strong and robust, with detail about the franchise system and its performance backed up by good substantiating data and examples. They concluded, ‘Well done, and keep up the good work!’

Accepting the Award, Rodney Wayne brought his team up on stage and thanked them in person for their huge achievement and contribution to the franchise.



Awards were presented for Franchisee of the Year and Franchise System of the Year in three industry categories plus a small business franchisee category:

Home & Lifestyle

Business to Business


Retail & Hospitality

Small Business Franchisee

The Supreme Awards winners were selected from these categories.


Category sponsored by Ecomist Home & Lifestyle Franchisee of the Year

Business to Business Franchisee of the Year Winner: Gary & Kirsten Camoin, Paramount Services Christchurch


Adrian Kay, Dream Doors Christchurch

Adrian Kay was one of the earliest Dream Doors franchisees in New Zealand when he started his Christchurch kitchen renovation business back in 2012, and he’s been setting records ever since. He was the first Dream Doors franchisee to break the $1 million turnover mark and saw even greater growth during Covid, when home renovation enjoyed a surge as people spent money within our closed borders rather than on overseas travel.

Adrian is no stranger to the Franchise Awards. He won the Home Services category in 2017, and the Award for Excellence in Customer Engagement in both 2021 and 2022 (see below). As well as being a top-performing franchisee, he has also been managing director of the Dream Doors franchise since 2019.

The judges commented: ‘They have done very well over the last 12-18 months: although home renovations were on the increase overall during that time, if you couldn’t pivot with the supply demands (eg. shipping and staffing issues) then you wouldn’t see the results they have seen. Well done to them.’


Home & Lifestyle

Franchise System of the Year

Winner: Carpet Court

Another well-known New Zealand brand, Carpet Court is the country’s largest flooring retailer with 65 franchised stores around the country. This gives it big advantages of scale over all aspects of business from buying power to marketing, product range to accounting packages. Founded as a buying group in the 1960s and later franchised, Carpet Court are leaders in both the retail residential market and the commercial office market. They have national relationships with insurance companies, group builders, retirement village operators and most other large commercial organisations, which means a ready market for franchisees, who also build relationships locally with trade customers and householders.

The brand enjoys a strong reputation, having won gold for flooring stores in the Reader’s Digest Quality Service Awards every year for the past five years. The Franchise Awards judges said, ‘Carpet Court demonstrated a good understanding about the impact of decisions on all stakeholders. The judges were impressed at the strong focus on supporting franchisees and helping ensure they are successful. Well done on a strong and wellrun business.’


• NumberWorks’nWords

• Altitude Pole & Fitness

• Dream Doors • Driving Miss Daisy

• Exceed

Gary and Kirsten Camoin of Paramount Services Christchurch repeated their success in this category in 2022, having previously won both the Business to Business and the Supreme Franchisee titles in 2021. They were also finalists in 2017.

The South African immigrants had no experience of the commercial cleaning business before buying their Paramount Services franchise seven years ago, but they learned fast. Today, the couple have eighteen staff servicing fifteen sites including bank branches, shopping malls and Government offices. Gary does the day-to-day management, while ex-teacher Kirsten manages the admin and payroll.

‘We love to be involved in the Awards – it’s good for our team and our clients,’ Gary says. ‘You have to dig deep into how your business really operates – some of the questions in the entry process really force that.’

And the judges found the questions well-answered, saying: ‘The sections on sustainably building the business and engagement of customers and team were answered with the detail required to achieve at a high level. Their success seems largely the result of careful analysis of what makes a good business as well as a focus on further improvement, better practices and development. They show they are thinking of staff needs, client needs and growing at the same time.’


• Emmel Yap, Clean Planet North Shore

• Pieter Baars, Aramex Tauranga

• Bernie & Peter Campbell & Feona Sheard, Paramount Services Wellington

• James & Sarita Rao, Paramount Services Auckland

Business to Business Franchise System of the Year

Winner: Cleantastic

It’s notable that the winners of the Franchise System Awards this year have all been well-established brands – perhaps showing the value of experienced leadership and well-developed systems during the turbulent times of the Covid era.

Cleantastic is another example. Founded in the 1990s, it is now owned in New Zealand by Greg Paget, who has been with the company since buying the Auckland regional master franchise in 2005. ‘With 280 franchisees already, our mission is to develop motivated individuals to become successful business owners,’ says Greg.

‘Our standards, motivation and commitment to cleaning are reflected in how we work with our clients, our franchisees and our support team. This includes great systems, performance expectations and genuine support. We want to be judged by the business and wider community as being fair, honest and trustworthy in everything we say and do.’

And the Awards judges’ feedback reflected this, saying: ‘A strong entry from a large and well-run business, reflecting the maturity of the brand. They demonstrate an excellent focus on people, culture and franchisee performance and are seeking ways to continually improve this.’


• Propertyscouts

26 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Category sponsored by Duncan Cotterill • Alison England & Chelsea Lyons, NumberWorks’nWords NorthWest Neel & Anne-Marie Thompson, Exceed Manawatu/Whanganui ian robertson of ecomist with adrian kay of dream doors the winning carpet court team gary & kirsten camoin, paramount services christchurch greg paget with the cleantastic team


Category sponsored by Franchise Accountants

Retail & Hospitality Franchisee of the Year

Winner: Krista Coningham, Caci Blenheim

Krista Coningham was clearly thrilled to receive the Retail & Hospitality Franchisee of the Year Award for her Blenheim business, and even more emotional when she was later named Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year. ‘I was so blown away I didn’t say all the things I wanted to,’ she says. ‘This really is all about my wonderful team of seven in Caci Blenheim. Our culture is based upon a deep sense of purpose and caring for each other.

‘In my previous career I did all sorts of leadership courses, but having my own business and my own team I’ve realised that what matters most is to be authentic, kind, generous and have fun. Select people with the right qualifications and skills, then trust and empower them.

‘The franchise allows us the flexibility to use our own ideas to improve the customer experience, so we’re always asking ourselves, “What do we need to do more of, or stop doing?” My wonderful team are always coming up with new ideas to improve the customer experience. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like work!’


• Sanjesh Ram, Mister Minit Bayfair & Papamoa

• Simarpreet Singh, Mister Minit Upper Hutt & Queensgate

• Rajnesh Ram, Mister Minit Glenfield

Retail & Hospitality Franchise System of the Year

Winner: Rodney Wayne

After all the challenges of the last few years, quality shone through as Rodney Wayne won its first Retail & Hospitality Franchise System of the Year Award.

At a time when many bricks and mortar businesses are struggling with online competition, changing consumer habits, workingfrom-home and staff shortages, Rodney Wayne has been reinvesting in training and systems to ensure continued success for its franchisees. That was clear in this entry – and that was only the start. By the end of the evening, the much-loved New Zealand brand had taken the top trophy home, too – and a third for Marketing Campaign of the Year (see below).

Read more about the support system behind Rodney Wayne franchisees on page 31.


• Mister Minit


Further Awards were made in a number of specialist categories. These winners were not eligible for the Supreme Awards. The categories were:

• Franchisees

• Franchise System

• Service Provider of the Year • Field Managers – see page 98


Regional Master Franchisee of the Year

Winner: Praneel Nair, Clean Planet Rotorua

This Award recognises the achievements of Regional Master Franchisees, who are responsible for the recruitment, training and development of individual franchisees within their own areas.

Praneel Nair has found his niche at Clean Planet. Having moved to New Zealand in 2003 to advance his career as a pastry chef, he worked in major hotels before striking out on a business of his own. That wasn’t as profitable as he had hoped, so he looked into franchising. After owning a courier franchise for a few years, he decided he wanted something stable and less stressful, so he joined Clean Planet. As Master Franchisee for his adopted home town of Rotorua, he brought a wealth of experience and attention to detail to the role which has helped the brand grow fast.

‘Hats off to Praneel,’ say franchisees Sheetal and Kritesh Kumar. ‘He’s always there for us. He’s helped us establish a customer base in Rotorua and expand to Taupo and Tokoroa, guiding us throughout our journey and still supporting us.’


• Ramandeep Maan, Clean Planet Hamilton

• Tony & Nicky Kramers, CrestClean Dunedin Award sponsored by Gaze Burt

Small Business Franchisee of the Year

Winner: Ben Coates, Green Acres Northland

This Award recognises a small franchisee business with no more than 2 full-time employees, including the owner.

It’s second year running for Ben Coates of Moerewa, who was also Small Business Franchisee of the Year in 2021. This year he got to collect his Award in person, which was probably less nerve-wracking than being interviewed by John Campbell on TVNZ’s Breakfast show. John was particularly impressed by the careful placement of Green Acres logos on Ben’s prosthetic leg, which he has had since a motorbike accident 30 years ago.

A former dairy farmer, Ben bought his franchise five years ago, wanting a lifestyle business that would provide not just a good income but also allow him time off for his volunteer work with Bay of Islands Animal Rescue.

‘The goal to work only a few days a week in no way represents a slowingdown process,’ said the judges. ‘The information provided shows a continual scrutiny of processes in order to reach the financial return goal within the desired time.

‘This franchisee exemplifies a small franchise – looking after his customers, adhering to compliance, doing what the franchisor asks and, importantly, building a professionally-run small business that suits the franchisee and his lifestyle.’



Craig Hausman, Aramex Northland Ken and Ling Xu, Epiphany Café Chartwell sponsored by Iridium Partners praneel nair, clean planet rotorua (right) with michael bright of gaze burt rodney wayne is one of the best-known franchise brands in new zealand the rural life: ben coates of green acres northland some of the team behind caci blenheim

Excellence in Customer Engagement – Franchisee

Winner: Adrian Kay, Dream Doors Christchurch

Adrian Kay was a double winner on the night, picking up the Customer Engagement Award as well as being named Home & Lifestyle Franchisee of the Year (see above).

The judges noted: ‘Well done to them. They have a good focus on repeat business and referrals, with exceptional customer monitoring, staff engagement and retention.’

Adrian’s team also make good use of the Dream Doors Franchise Management System, which brings together information from multiple sources to maintain constant contact with customers and collect feedback at every stage of the often stressful process of renovation. Award sponsored by Franchize Consultants


Marketing Campaign of the Year – Franchise System

Winner: Rodney Wayne

As we all realised during lockdown, good hair is important to maintain self-esteem. If their hair is right, people feel better and feel more confident. And if you want to change the way you feel, changing the way you look is a great way to start.

That was the thinking behind Rodney Wayne’s nationwide multimedia campaign inviting New Zealanders to feel the excitement and confidence that comes with fresh hair colour. The Change the Story campaign invited Kiwis to embrace the new and feel the confidence that comes when they reveal their beautiful best. They even applied it to franchise recruitment advertising, where Change the Story isn’t a bad message for people looking for a new business, either.

the marketing campaign of the year award went to rodney wayne for ‘change the story’

The judges called it, ‘A well thought-through campaign. It was good to note they undertook in-depth research to ensure their campaign was properly targeted. The campaign also served to remind franchisees that the franchisor was still investing. Very well executed, well done.’

Finalist: • Aramex

Award sponsored by Crank’d

Excellence in Community Contribution –Franchise System

Winner: Exceed

Exceed have always had a strong community focus, and this Award demonstrates that, although the franchisor company may have changed hands, the new owners share the same values.

launching exceed’s defibrillator programme

Exceed had observed that, while there are a number of businesses these days that have Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) on their premises, a lot of these are only accessible during business hours. With franchisees being mobile, they saw an opportunity for them to be equipped with an AED on-board. The idea grew from there, and Exceed has now promoted and enabled the installation of AEDs in locations around the country.

‘Their AED programme and training is terrific, and a definite example of going above and beyond the call of duty,’ said the judges. ‘Their entry

Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 28
dream doors christchurch
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shows that the charitable contribution in all areas is a big motivator for the whole group, and they appear very passionate and committed … a great example of helping in the community and a very compelling submission.’

Award sponsored by Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre Excellence in Sustainability –Franchise System Winner: Epiphany Café

Founded in 2015, Epiphany is best known for its pillow-soft donuts, which are sold throughout the country via Epiphany’s own franchised cafés and licensed distributors. The company believes in using the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards to measure progress, having won the Best Emerging Franchise Award in 2018.

It also believes that it’s important to operate in a sustainable way with an environmental focus on freezer technology, cover packaging, premises and supply chain. The franchise takes its responsibility to be a good corporate citizen very seriously.

‘Epiphany demonstrated a strong focus on social and environmental outcomes as a basis for their business success,’ the judges said. ‘Good to see community groups benefiting, and also helping with menu development. They are clearly doing excellent work in this area.’

Award sponsored by Excel Digital


Service Provider of the Year Winner:

Franchise New Zealand media

This Award recognises a service provider to the franchise sector which demonstrates a significant contribution to New Zealand franchising.

Franchise New Zealand – which you are reading right now – has been providing educational and promotional services for franchise buyers and the franchise sector since 1992. The company has a passion for helping people find out about franchising and make intelligent, informed decisions via its digital and print magazine, website, e-newsletter and social media. Franchise New Zealand has also supported events, conferences, surveys and collaborated with others on research to help inform franchisors and franchise buyers alike.

Having been named 2021 Service Provider of the Year in March 2022, Franchise New Zealand has celebrated 30 years in business with a double victory this year. The judges said, ‘This was a very strong submission presenting evidence that they are a well-run and wellmanaged business and that they have very strong knowledge of, and an absolute commitment to, the franchising sector.

‘Their dedication and commitment to the sector is commendable, and they offer a wealth of knowledge … an outstanding submission.’

Finalists: • Duncan Cotterill

Award sponsored by Paramount Services

service provider of the year – for the second year running – is franchise new zealand media

2022 marked the 27th edition of the New Zealand Franchise Awards, which have been held annually since 1995 (except for 2020). The 2021 Awards were held online in March 2022.

Daniel Cloete, Westpac’s Area Manager Commercial & National Manager Franchising, said, ‘We are thrilled to be associated once again with this prestigious event as principal sponsor of the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. Our support forms part of our long-standing partnership with the Franchise Association and commitment to driving business excellence in the franchising industry.

‘Westpac congratulates all the participants, finalists and winners tonight. The entrants had to be vulnerable and open their businesses to outside scrutiny after the Covid cycle, showing bravery and resilience. Thank you for being proud enough to stand up and seek recognition for your hard work and great ideas. Strong and prosperous businesses are the building blocks of a stronger New Zealand and we look forward to supporting our franchise customers over the years ahead as they prosper and grow.’

Judges’ comments

The judges had the following message for everyone who entered this year.

‘The judging team was really impressed with your commitment and passion for your businesses. Well done on taking the time to reflect on your business and write up the awards entry. We look forward to reading about you again next year as you continue on your journey.

‘To those who weren’t finalists this year, please take on board the feedback you received and use it to help in future.

‘To the finalists – well done on your great entries. You all deserve to feel proud.

‘And finally, to those of you who are winners, huge congratulations – this is an outstanding achievement.’


FANZ CEO Robyn Pickerell echoed the judges’ words, saying, ‘Nothing gives us more pleasure than to acknowledge your hard work and dedication in aspiring to excellence in franchising. ‘Without celebration, motivation can often wane, so congratulations to all entrants, finalists and winners, and thank you to all who have joined to celebrate with them. Thank you also to all the sponsors who make the Awards possible.’

The Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards are organised by the Franchise Association of New Zealand and are open to all FANZ members.

epiphany café
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the wind beneath your wings


Rodney Wayne is the Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year for 2022 – and their franchisees know why. As the Black Ferns proved on the same night as the Awards, winning teams need winning coaches –and Rodney Wayne’s support team is there to help ensure that every salon performs to its absolute potential.

Nobody understands this more than Lynley Bowen, one of the regional support managers. As a former salon manager and franchisee herself, she has a 30-year association with Rodney Wayne.

Lynley especially relishes her current role, which sees her providing advice to franchisees on everything from operations and recruitment to marketing and achieving business KPIs. She also helps train the whole salon team from manager to junior apprentice in new brand promotions and procedures.

‘There are special modules for managers; we train stylists in everything to do with hair and customer service; and we have a super apprentice programme,’ enthuses Lynley. ‘This job is vast, it’s varied, and I love it. Everything we do is to assist franchises in the success of their businesses, and things are developing all the time.’

Seeing both sides

Lynley knows the value of the support the Rodney Wayne team provides from her 10 years as a franchisee in Wellington. ‘Of course there were challenges, especially the economic recession after the GFC and the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, but with the help of Rodney Wayne’s fantastic support team, we came through fine.’

In more recent times, as regional support manager she has seen the challenges of Covid-induced disruptions from another perspective. ‘We kept all our franchisees and their teams close via Zoom meetings, used the opportunity to review plans and performance, carried out training and worked with L’Oréal to put together some fantastic education sessions for everyone, so we were all ready for the rush when the customers came back. Now we’re fired up for 2023 – which is going to be the best year yet.’

And who can doubt that the year will live up to its promise? Not content with taking out both the Supreme and Retail Hospitality titles (see our coverage on page 24), Rodney Wayne also received the Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year – demonstrating the brand’s commitment to driving new business into franchisees’ salons.

On-demand support

Rose Hibbert, who is the support team’s marketing and e-commerce manager, remembers the power of the franchise during the initial 2020 lockdown.

‘During our first of many Zoom calls, CEO Julie Evans was leading the meeting and answering questions from the franchisees. Seeing that unfold made me feel grateful to be working within a group that has such a close bond, such honesty and could offer such a high level of support.’

Rose Hibbert has managed multiple Rodney Wayne salons, having first worked for the company’s retail brand, Shampoo ’n’ Things. Together, the franchise has over 50 salons and stores around the country. Her role covers team training and induction, data management of the salon software, and marketing the brand on a local and national level through multiple channels including social media, the website, the e-commerce store and email.

‘My vast experience of working across many levels within Rodney Wayne and Shampoo ’n’ Things allows me to offer on-demand support for our franchisees and team members. Our franchisees regularly say they couldn’t do what they do without the back-up of the team – no matter what the issue, there is always someone available to help.’

A team that understands

Julie Evans says that the combined experience of Rodney Wayne’s support team means that whenever a franchisee is challenged, there is the knowledge on tap to guide them through. ‘Many, like Lynley and Rose, have on-the-ground experience so they truly understand the issues that can arise in running a busy salon, and have the tools and experience to help overcome them.’

With 2023 in mind, a recent meeting for franchisees at Rodney Wayne’s Viaduct Auckland support office introduced some exciting initiatives, including a programme for recruiting talented team members as well as a refreshed apprentice programme to develop new talent.

‘It’s always a great time when we get together with our franchisees for these meetings,’ says Rose. ‘Everything is open for discussion. The past couple of years have laid the foundations for more growth and opportunities, with refreshed training systems that, combined with new developments in professional hair products, will allow our salons to be more productive and service more clients.’

Looking ahead

Rodney Wayne has new opportunities available in many areas. Experience is not essential, as long as you have the personality and business nous to run your own salon.

Rose says, ‘Looking ahead, retail business will continue to grow – you can’t have your hair styled over the internet –and our award-winning Change the Story marketing campaign is proving very effective. There are some very exciting new launches planned, and we believe more clients and customers than ever will discover what a difference professional haircare makes.

Advertiser Info

Rodney Wayne


‘That’s why now is a fantastic time to invest in Rodney Wayne – officially the best franchise system in the country.’ makes Rodney Wayne the top franchise system in NZ? One reason is the outstanding support franchisees receive
rodney wayne
lynley bowen, rose hibbert and ceo julie evans

Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year 2022

Retail and Hospitality Franchisee of the Year 2022

Krista Coningham of Caci Blenheim comes out on top!

Krista with the help of her team at Caci Blenheim has been acknowledged as 2022’s top Franchisee.

Krista purchased the 1 year old Blenheim Caci clinic in 2021, having been part of the team awarded the ‘Fastest growing new clinic’ award at Caci’s annual awards held in 2020. With a goal to keep building a high performing team and meaningful connections with their customers the Caci Blenheim team were awarded Caci’s top Gold Clinic Award in 2022.

“My great love of the Caci brand started over 20 years ago when I was living in an apartment upstairs from Caci Ponsonby. Every day I walked past the clinic on my way to my corporate job, always allured by the brand. My pipe dream was always to be part of this brand, but I could never imagine how. I was stuck in the corporate finance trap. Fast forward a couple of decades and here I am in Marlborough, the proud owner of Caci Blenheim. Pinch me!”

“Becoming a Caci franchisee is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience I have had. I am living my dream!”

Well, Krista has a great reason to be pinching herself – coming out on top at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2022 held in Auckland on Saturday November 12.

From the judging panel: ‘This winner presented a robust, detailed submission with strong evidence of success, as well as commitment and enthusiasm. Krista is developing a successful business founded on good knowledge, experience and lots of energy. Her award entry showed a strong commitment to business, culture and the people who work there – eg. having a process around staff experiencing treatments and training them to deliver the services respectfully and professionally. Well done on your outstanding achievements to date.’

From Krista:

‘My heart rate went through the roof when the Franchisee of the Year for Retail and Hospitality was being announced and when I heard my name I went into a numb state! I managed to get on the stage, and accept my award and managed to get a few words out that I had prepared and memorised just moments before.’


‘I always get choked up when I think about my amazing team at Caci Blenheim so I had to take a few deep breaths before I started – the silence was deafening! I was happy to get back to the table to relax and enjoy celebrating with my amazing support team from FAB Group (Caci Franchisor).’

‘I have a world class brand, processes and systems that have stood the test of time and continue to evolve to be the best in the industry and support from an incredibly passionate team of experts within Caci.’

‘As a business owner and franchisee, I have the flexibility and creativity to run my own business and make my own mark with the power of the brand right behind me.‘

‘Winning the Supreme Award has really sparked another little fire deep inside that has given me even more determination and ambition than before.’

‘Most of all I am thankful for the incredible team of talented and passionate women who make up team Caci Blenheim. I thank them for giving me that moment. I would never have been there without them.’

From the Caci Support Team: ‘Krista has a courageous vision for her clinic and team, chasing goals with a real sense of passion and purpose.’

‘We are so proud of her taking home this win, it is very much deserved!’

Join NZ’s most business!

Caci is a home-grown, Kiwi franchise business with over 28 years’ experience, 80+ clinics throughout NZ that revolutionised the beauty industry and continues to lead the skin and appearance market today.

Chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you’re looking for a sign.... this is it!

Ditch working for someone else, be your own boss!

You could be Caci’s next franchisee. Keep reading as we give you the 101 on owning a Caci clinic.

What are the benefits of owning a Caci clinic?

Caci are proud to be NZ owned and operated with over 28 years of experience, Caci is New Zealand’s biggest group of skin clinics from Kerikeri to Invercargill! With Caci, you can feel confident investing in a household name that New Zealanders love.

Being a part of an established franchise also means you have access to systems that are proven to work, and you can enjoy the support of people who are there to make sure you succeed. With Caci’s unique and proven business model, more than 64% of clinics have sales in excess of $1million annually.

Results are largely determined by motivation, efforts and the abilities of Caci franchisees, but over the years, Caci have mastered what is needed to come out on top, and have built a support package that provides everything

needed to set up and maintain successful, beautiful businesses.

What kind of support would I have access to?

Caci franchisees receive dedicated support including marketing, sales, accounting, technology, and a purpose built Training Academy. The support team is committed to providing clinics with comprehensive training in the franchise system, helping clinics get established, maintaining open communication, negotiating ‘bulk’ deals, monitoring clinic success and offering human resource support.

What locations and opportunities are available?

With over 80+ clinics, Caci are well on their way to making their offering accessible to all corners of New Zealand. Caci currently have opportunities in Auckland, Rotorua, Thames, Timaru, Oamaru and Southland.

The team at Caci are always happy to discuss the potential for a franchise in other areas!

And from time to time, existing clinics may come up for sale. If there is a particular clinic or region you are interested in, you are welcome to make a confidential enquiry.

Okay, I’m interested! What’s next? Get in touch with the team at Caci. Visit or email franchisesales@ to find out more.

Winning Attitude

N ot one but three Paramount Services franchisees were finalists at the 2022 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards – and one was named Business to Business Franchisee of the Year for the second year running.

While there could only be one winner, all three stand out for setting and maintaining extremely high standards across their operations, and for their nurturing of clients and staff, as well as their commitment to the Paramount franchise – which itself has been named New Zealand’s Supreme Franchise System of the Year three times in the past 13 years.

It means Gary and Kirsten Camoin, James Rao and Bernie Campbell are among the best of the best. Who better to ask about the Paramount franchise opportunity?

Recognising teamwork

Gary and Kirsten Camoin were named Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year last year, and Business to Business Franchisee of the Year in both 2021 and 2022, proving they haven’t been resting on their laurels. The couple report that the past year has been spent totally focusing on their clients and ensuring that their services are meeting expectations every time. Client numbers are up too, mostly as a result of referrals, so they now have over 20 staff servicing a range of sites including bank branches, shopping malls and Government offices.

After seven years as Paramount franchisees in Christchurch, Gary is pleased to say that many of their existing clients go right back to day

one of their business, such is the strength of the relationships they’ve built and the professionalism of their services. ‘But it’s still good to have the support and experience of the franchisor to call upon when needed,’ he says.

Winning the 2021 Supreme Award was an absolute standout for Gary, who does the day-to-day management of their business while Kirsten handles admin and payroll. ‘Being a winner in the Franchise Awards two years in a row is a real honour. There are always so many great franchisees and franchise systems from various industries doing amazing things, and it’s an absolute privilege to rub shoulders with them on the night.

‘I know from my time on the tools that cleaning can often feel like a thankless job, so we recently ran a team meet-up to celebrate our Cleaners Day. Although the different sites and shifts mean most of them were meeting each other for the first time, there were lots of smiles and laughter. It felt so good.

‘This recognition shows our team that their work is noticed. I see how hard our staff work every day: the Awards confirm that they are delivering the best possible service for their clients and help encourage us all.’

Gary and Kirsten have some big plans for 2023. They’ve been working with a business mentor, and plan to grow the business further through coldcalling and referrals from current clients. ‘This has worked really well for us over the years,’ says Gary. ‘The Paramount name is so well-respected that people actually want to talk to you.’

34 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Paramount Services franchisees were finalists in this year’s Franchise Awards. What do they have in common?
the camoin family: an absolute privilege bernie campbell: it’s never too late to start in business


Thrilled to bits

He sees sustainability, automation and an enhanced digital presence as having a major influence on trends in the commercial cleaning space going forward, ‘Which is why it’s important to be part of such a good, forward-looking franchise.

‘Commercial cleaning is a great space to be in and working with a leading franchisor with loads of experience is really beneficial. I suggest that anyone checking out this opportunity for themselves should talk to Paramount franchisees and learn about their experiences.

‘And question yourself, too,’ Gary recommends. ‘What are you passionate about? The Paramount system is tried and tested, and with a bit of hard work it’s certainly delivered for us. Are you willing to put in the time and effort to get your desired results?’

Another finalist, Wellington franchisee Bernie Campbell, says that 2022 had a few surprises up its sleeve – notably the prolonged political protests in the capital which disrupted work, traffic and everyday life. Despite this, her business remained strong as she re-organised her business strategy to make it work better for herself, her staff and her clients.

‘My major initiative was to centralise our core business to clients within a city block of each other, which enabled us to be more pro-active and readily available,’ she says. ‘This worked a treat, reduced travelling time and freed us up to take on more business.’

Bernie was ‘stoked’ to be one of the three Paramount finalists in this year’s Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. She says she entered the awards this year as a challenge, supported by the Paramount family and encouraged by clients through their accolades and commendations.

‘I’m thrilled to bits to be a finalist,’ she says. ‘I see it as recognition for building our businesses into what they are today, for persevering through Covid and maintaining our outstanding services. It’s not only for me but for all my staff as well – this business is a huge team effort, and we’ve all been on our own journeys to get where we are today.’

Bernie’s own journey is proof that it’s never too late to start in business – as long as you have the right people behind you. Made redundant from her job at the age of 60, in September 2018, she says the encouragement from Paramount’s general manager to become a franchisee was one of the highlights of her life – as was convincing

Feona Sheard to be a partner in the franchise with her and husband Peter.

‘We now have a very successful and profitable business but I don’t think money was ever the primary motivating factor for us,’ she says. ‘We’re just so happy with what we have achieved. We’re continually upgrading our equipment and resources, helping people grow and ensuring our staff and bills are paid on time. Those are the biggest rewards.

‘I thank Paramount Services for all the opportunities, systems, courses, and staff training which have allowed me to grow. I simply took baby steps and learned the business from the bottom up.

‘I reckon Paramount is head and shoulders above the rest. The systems and support are outstanding and the people are so helpful. I encourage anyone to give it a go.’

Immensely proud

James Rao almost had to pinch himself to see if he was just dreaming when he heard his South Auckland Paramount franchise was a finalist. ‘I am immensely proud. I told all my clients, and they gave us so much support – in fact, it was announced on noticeboards across all the schools that our team is responsible for cleaning. How good is Paramount that three franchisees were finalists?’

Although he now lives on a lifestyle block with Sarita and is living the dream, he remains well-grounded. He reminds himself all the time that he started with nothing. He’s also adamant that he won’t be quitting the business any time soon, and with four grown-up children ready to step in where and when needed, he knows the future is secure for his family.

The last year has been a stellar one for James and his wife Sarita, with new retirement village clients and five additional employees coming on board. ‘And next year looks even better,’ he smiles. ‘People are more conscious than ever of the need for good hygiene, so we are looking for more retirement contracts, and with the borders reopening we’re looking to increase staff numbers, too.’

Looking back over his 16-plus years as a franchisee, he’s especially grateful for the impact that the initial school contracts, secured for him by Paramount, had on the growth of his business. ‘Paramount trusted my team to operate to the highest professional standards, and we worked hard to live up to that trust, setting high standards and maintaining a high level of integrity. If I start something, I’ll always finish it,’ he declares.

James has seen many changes during his time with Paramount, not least of which is the adoption of new technology. Communication has progressed from fax machines to smartphone apps, while constant contact with area managers helps to keep everything running smoothly. ‘It makes it even easier to get support and advice when you need it – and that’s what makes Paramount Services such a good franchise to be with,’ says James.

Time to shine

‘While there could only be one winner at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards, all three finalists have a lot to be proud of,’ says Murray Hamilton, Paramount’s National Manager.

‘Building a business that can operate at the very highest level takes hard work, determination and a willingness to listen to the advice and feedback from their franchise support team and clients.

‘Our finalists have done that over and over again, and reaped the benefits by building very successful businesses. We are delighted to see all of them shining on the national stage this year.

‘If you would like to follow in their footsteps, we have both day- and night-cleaning contracts available now in most parts of the country. We arrange the contracts and invoicing, and guarantee turnover, so you can focus on carrying out the work and building a reliable team around you that will work to the highest standards.

‘In return, you’ll be trained and backed by the award-winning Paramount team that has been servicing New Zealand businesses for over 40 years. You can’t get better than that, so give me a call to find out more.’

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Paramount Services

Contact Murray Hamilton P 0-9-376 7850 M 027 467 1688

Opportunity: Business & Commercial
and sarita rao: secure future


Franchise Association planning more help for franchisors and franchisees

While 2022 was the year we started learning to live with Covid, it has plenty of challenges as well. ‘Franchisors, franchisees and their advisors all over the country rose to those challenges, as we saw in the recent Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards,’ says Robyn Pickerill, CEO of the Franchise Association of New Zealand. ‘Now we are looking to the year ahead and planning events and activities to help our members learn, share, thrive and grow.’

The first date is the National Franchise Conference from 27-29 August. For the first time ever, the Conference will be held in Christchurch, and the theme will be Meeting the Challenge. Driving Opportunities.

‘Last year’s conference was attended by over 200 people, and we expect the 2023 event in the magnificent surroundings of Te Pae to be equally informative, thought-provoking and enjoyable,’ says Robyn. ‘Put the dates in your diary now and watch the FANZ website for more details as we release our line-up of stunning speakers and expert advisors.’

Having had two Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards in one year – one online, one gala dinner – it’s time for would-be winners to start thinking about getting in on the action for 2023. Are you proud of your business and team? Do you want to measure yourself against the best in the country? Could you benefit from some rigorous analysis of your model? Entries will open in May 2023, so start thinking now.

Ongoing sharing

In addition to the national and regional events, FANZ will be continuing its online ASSK sessions. ‘The sessions – standing for Affiliates Sharing Specialist Knowledge – are an opportunity to learn from some of the many franchise experts we have among our membership,’ explains Robyn. ‘Past events have included legal advisors talking about Fair Pay agreements, immigration specialists on visa changes, and accountants discussing subsidies and taxation – all with particular reference to franchising. The sessions are open to members only, making membership even more valuable.’

New members

The recent survey by Franchize Consultants and Franchise New Zealand media (page 44) found that 76 percent of prospective franchise buyers indicated it is important to them that their chosen system is a member of FANZ, and 67 percent felt it important that their advisors are members. The latest members to join are:

• Big Fig • Business Consulting NZ

• Fisbo Property • Kumon New Zealand

• Luxurious Spa & Nails

A new tiered fee structure has recently been introduced to reflect the difference between small start-up franchises, larger chains and multi-brand models. Contact FANZ (details below) for more information on the benefits of membership.

FANZ members are clearly marked in the Directory at the back of this magazine.

36 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Franchise Association News

New Life Members

At the recent Franchise Awards, FANZ Chair Dawn Engelbrecht was proud to honour three long-standing contributors to the franchise sector with Life Membership of the Association.

David Foster is a respected lawyer who has been involved in franchising for over 25 years. Moving to Tauranga in 2000, he was actively involved in setting up and running FANZ events in the Bay of Plenty region.

David has long been a strong advocate of franchising best practice and was a strong advocate and influencer in the development of the FANZ Pre-Entry Training Programme for Prospective Franchisees. He served on the Board for nine years, latterly as Vice Chair, and then Chair.

David also stepped into the role of FANZ International Representative, preparing for and attending both World Franchise Council and Asia Pacific regional meetings, as well as organising, facilitating, and providing a number of presentations both at FANZ conferences and international conferences. David is a well-deserved inductee into Life Membership.

The other new Life Members are husband-andwife team Karen and David Dovey, founders of Exceed – the nationwide window and door maintenance service. From small beginnings in 1990, they established an extremely successful franchise network across New Zealand.

Karen and David would be amongst the most widely recognised and enthusiastic franchisors within FANZ, travelling to events all over the country from their home in Tauranga. Both Karen and David have served on the Board and participated with speaking, panel, and round table roles at various Conferences.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to ongoing learning, improvement and best practice franchising, they have always been generous in sharing their wealth of knowledge and developing the interest of young people in franchising. Along the way, their franchise system, franchisees and staff have racked up an impressive tally of 10 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards.

David and Karen Dovey retired last year and are most worthy inductees into Life Membership.

0-9-274 2901

21 February Auckland FANZ Twilight 21 March Online ASSK session 10 May Auckland FANZ Twilight 27-29 August Christchurch National Franchise Conference 11 November
Franchise Awards
Events Calendar 2023 Join today! Phone 09 274 2901, or visit BECOME A FANZ MEMBER AND RECEIVE ���� CREDIBILITY ���� FRE E ONLINE TRAINING ���� SUPPORT ���� GO VERNMENT LIAISON ���� NETWORKING ���� FR ANCHISING EXPERTISE The Franchise Association of New Zealand is dedicated to supporting its members, proudly advancing excellence in franchising. Franchise support, where and when you need it. karen & david dovey with
New Zealand
The event calendar is regularly updated, so for the latest details of what’s on around the country, please visit the Franchise Association website at, email or phone
david foster

S tephan and Maulene Grove like an adventure. In the last three years, they have changed countries, changed careers, and built a hugely successful business in an industry they knew almost nothing about. Now they’re on the move again to realise their dream of owning a Kiwi farm.

The couple originally came from a farming background in South Africa, before developing an automotive business there including dealerships with three large manufacturers. After 20 years of that, in February 2019 they moved to New Zealand where Stephan worked in mechanics for a year to satisfy visa requirements.

But at the same time, they were looking to take charge of their own destiny again and were keeping an eye open for the right business opportunity on the way to fulfilling their farming ambitions. When Maulene heard that their local Pack & Send franchise in Hamilton was on the market, they decided to find out more.

Pack & Send is a one-stop-shop for sending virtually ‘anything anywhere’ – offering the widest range of courier, freight and packaging services in New Zealand. Franchisees are not couriers themselves; they operate from retail premises, with a van enabling them to collect items from private or commercial customers such as online retailers and galleries. The company also has a strong reputation for handling fragile, large, awkward, or valuable items – the things other companies don’t want to touch.

The very best option

‘In South Africa, we were constantly sending parts round the country so we were familiar with the freight business as customers and thought this was something we could enjoy and build. The potential was obvious,’ says Stephan. To prove it to herself, Maulene spent two months working with the franchise before they purchased it.

‘The hardest part was learning the geography of New Zealand, the pronunciations and Kiwi slang,’ laughs Maulene. ‘Thank goodness for Google! I also spent two very valuable weeks learning the accounting and business management systems at the flagship Pack & Send store in Christchurch with franchisor Matthew Everest.

‘As newcomers, we felt Pack & Send was the very best option to put our money into in our new country, and that’s certainly turned out to be true. It’s an easy concept that rewards the effort you put into it. The return on investment has been excellent and we’d recommend the franchise to anyone looking for a solid business.

‘Turnover was roughly $20-$30,000 a month when we started, and now it is around $60-$70,000 a month. Yes, we’ve worked hard, but the brand’s reputation for top quality service sells itself. We’ve done very little external marketing – it really comes down to dedication and building relationships, many through our salesman, Kurt Cameron, who is out there meeting new and existing customers all the time.’

A first-class, thriving business Maulene says that the keys to success as a Pack & Send franchisee are flexibility and communication. ‘Being the owners gives us extra leverage and we’ve built a loyal following of customers, many of whom have become friends. We have a stream of five-star testimonials demonstrating our popularity and dedication to our customers, and this year we were honoured to win Pack & Send’s Franchisee of the Year award.’

Now the couple are looking to cash in on their success. ‘Pack & Send has

been a marvellous stepping-stone for us and given us the ability to achieve our dream. Farming has been a long-held ambition, so we have available one first-class, thriving business within an excellent franchise. Do come and see us – we love talking to people. It’s how we built the business!’

Advertiser Info

Pack & Send NZ

Matthew Everest is sorry to see the Groves moving on, but says that their success has shown just what can be achieved by a well-organised and determined couple. ‘In addition to Hamilton we also have a number of opportunities available in attractive locations around the country, with investment levels from just $160,000. ‘If you’re ready to get packing to achieve your own dream, give me a call today.’

Contact Matthew Everest P 0-3-982 7252 M 021 799 783

38 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Opportunity: Retail
Become a PACK & SEND Franchisee PACK & SEND is one of the fastest growing franchises in New Zealand providing a proven franchise opportunity at a great investment level. • New Zealand’s Largest Range of Freight and Packaging Services under one roof • Solid New Zealand Brand & Reputation with Minimal Competition • Proven Business Template & Systems • Comprehensive Induction, Training & Support • Brand Lead Guarantee • Innovative Online Ordering Platform • Unlimited Profit Potential in the Lucrative Freight & Logistics Industry Invest in a Business THAT DELIVERS Top franchisees prepare to turn freight into farming, thanks to Pack & Send SO GET PACKING maulene grove: ‘it’s an easy concept that rewards the effort you put into it’ life’s a journey


Trident Homes is a New Zealand-owned company with a relentless commitment to excellence. Founded by the vastly-experienced David Pickles and Neil Hawker in 2013, the franchise has 11 thriving franchisees and is looking for more.

‘We pride ourselves on building innovative modern homes with customers’ needs front of mind,’ says Neil, ‘and we apply that same approach to our own business. There’s an increasing focus these days on carbon and waste reduction, both from customer choice and incoming regulation, so we have spent 18 months researching options that will not just exceed compliance standards – they’ll also give our franchisees a genuine competitive advantage.’

Trident have partnered with Formance, who produce their new range of Eco Spec Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) in their own factory in Christchurch. ‘These panels are highly suitable for Trident’s affordable designs and custom-made house plans,’ Neil explains. ‘They consist of two layers of high density facings bonded to a central section of highlyinsulating polystyrene. SIPs are light-weight, versatile – you can use them for walls, floors and ceilings – and very quick to assemble.’

Closed-in buildings in just two days

How quick? Neil says, ‘The Eco Spec SIPs come from the factory fitted with screw eyes so a Hiab can drop them in position and typically you can complete walls in one day. After putting on the ceiling and roof, you can have a closed-in building in just two days – that’s almost unheard-of in New Zealand!’

The panels have a much higher insulation rating than required by the legislation due to come in by April 2023. ‘This means Trident franchisees will be well ahead of the game, and will help the homes we build to use 50 percent less power, or better, over their lifetime.

‘Essentially, we are building much healthier homes for New Zealanders with a great and sustainable system – and it’s good for business, too. We’re making home construction faster and easier for our builders, and creating a new range of eco-spec homes that represent a huge step forward in performance, comfort and ecoresponsibility for our clients.’

Proven performance, reliable supply

Dunedin builder Brett Johnston, who has experience with the new SIPs, is already a fan. ‘It’s a good way of building. There is a lot of offsite manufacturing which speeds up the process on-site – the structure is much quicker to put up and then close in. And there’s no doubt that it is a good, high-quality product which is well ahead of the new codes. I’m convinced this collaboration between Trident and Formance will be of considerable benefit to franchisees and builders alike.’

SIPs have a proven record over 40 years in the US, Europe and the UK as an alternative construction material for homes and buildings. By replacing traditional timber framing, SIPS have upgraded insulation and energy efficiency levels. Formance panels have Code Mark certification which ensures compliance with the NZ Building Code, and peace of mind that they will meet the high performance standards.

And while materials and pricing have been a major issue for sole trader builders, Trident Homes franchisees have the backing of major suppliers in the industry along with access to their robust supply chains. ‘We’ve built an excellent relationship with Formance and can deliver SIPs all over the country without interruption,’ says Neil. ‘We are rocking already, and as the regulations change, I expect these panels will become the core of our franchisees’ businesses.’

Helping good builders grow

With many years of building experience behind it, Trident Homes is looking for skilled, experienced craftsmen with a good reputation who want to build a sizeable asset with a respected brand and see their business take off.

As Neil says, ‘Life can be hard for small traders: you have to organise marketing, quoting jobs, design plans, contracts and admin, chase unpaid invoices – all while managing contractors and suppliers and the actual building. Trident Homes has tried and tested systems for managing all these aspects, with exclusive software and specialised training for recruiting staff and bringing them up to speed.

‘We currently have some prime areas crying out for a Trident Homes franchise, including Marlborough/Nelson and the West Coast of the South Island, and Hamilton, Waikato, Kapiti, Wellington, Napier/ Hastings and Gisborne in the North. The franchise fee of $50,000 +gst gives you full training along with access to our unique designs and management systems that are as efficient as they are profitable.

‘Several franchisees have commented that our policy of “little and often” training made learning much easier, and helped them to cope with their businesses as they grew larger than they ever imagined. The Trident Homes brand is already a big asset in bringing in new customers, and our partnership with Formance will only increase the benefits we offer franchisees as we embrace new sustainable building methods to create healthier, low energy homes,’ Neil says.

‘Give me a ring to find out more, or talk to any of our franchisees about the Trident Homes opportunity.’

of the game Opportunity: Home & Building
new legislation
more franchisees
build healthier, more cost-efficient homes Trident Homes Contact Neil Hawker P 0275 321 191 Advertiser Info
new system means trident homes franchisees will
be ahead
kicks in, Trident
Built on the foundations of fne cofee and fabulous food freshly prepared on site, Jamaica Blue ofers you the chance to own and run an award-winning café brand. Established in 1992 and owned by one of Australasia’s top Franchise groups, Foodco Group, Jamaica Blue’s name comes from the famous Jamaica Blue Mountains themselves, regarded as the home of the best cofee in the world. Why Jamaica Blue? • Autonomy and fexibility, backed by expertise • Intensive training and feld support • Ongoing mentoring on business and operations • Contemporary, cool store designs • Award-winning cofee and fresh, seasonal menus • Year-round creative marketing campaigns to drive sales • Strong local and International growth AUCKLAND WAIKATO BAY OF PLENTY CHRISTCHURCH SOUTHLAND The Next Steps If you’ve always dreamed of your own café business, joining a brand like Jamaica Blue gives you the chance to own and run an award-winning café brand with a proven formula. Get in touch today! Maree Keane Foodco NZ M: 027 484 7301 | E: | Good food. Great coffee. Rewarding Franchising opp ortunities. New Café Opportunities SITES Available

Dave Bland had been working for Leon Allen at property maintenance company MYGuy for 10 months when they sat down for a coffee. ‘Leon asked me if I’d like to become their first franchisee,’ Dave remembers. ‘I immediately said “No” and then wondered why. I knew Leon was honest with what he says and does, so when I got home I told my partner Danielle and she said, “You’re an idiot!”

‘I realised I could work the rest of my life for wages and come out with nothing, or earn a good living and have an asset to sell at the end. So I changed my mind and, three months in, it’s going really well. I have more work than I can handle, I’m desperate to find my first staff member, and I’m looking forward to building a team of 2-3 people so I can spend more time on project management.

‘I’d been a carpenter since 1985, but I’m too old now to lift frames and build houses so this is a much better way to use my experience. I’ve done everything from changing a lightbulb to renovating a Ponsonby apartment, doing a lot of the work myself and bringing in plumbers, electricians or other specialists as required. The MYGuy franchise is brilliant, so organised, with everything in place including platforms for invoicing and pricing. Danielle came and learned them with me and once you’re trained, it’s a breeze.’

Nuts and bolts

It’s no surprise that MYGuy is so well-planned. Leon Allen used to work in IT as an infrastructure architect, and has spent 20 years developing properties on the side. In 2016, he quit IT to work alongside builders for two years with the vision of creating MYGuy.

‘I launched MYGuy as a one-man business in 2019. The man was me, so I could learn the nuts and bolts of the operation from the ground up,’ Leon explains. ‘I always planned to franchise, so right from the start I was creating systems that would make things easier to manage. Just as well, because things went crazy. In the first year I took on three people, and there’s now a team of nine.

‘The brand and the marketing are bringing in so much work from Auckland alone that we are having to turn down half of it. I had my fortnightly catch-up with Dave yesterday, and his only complaint is that he’s got too much work! So now we’re looking for franchisees, initially in Auckland and then all over the country, to help meet the demand for MYGuy.’

Off the tools and into management

MYGuy will appeal to people like Dave, experienced tradies looking to get off the tools, or anyone with practical experience looking to build a business of their own with the systems they need. ‘They need to be dedicated, hardworking, and excel at customer service,’ says Leon. ‘If they want a manand-a-van business, we can help them be very successful, and if they have a vision of leading their own team of staff and contractors, MYGuy has the formula for that, too.’

The investment starts from $42,000 +gst for a standard area, plus a signwritten van (which can be financed) and tools (which many franchisees will have already).

‘We provide thorough training in the business and sales management systems, plus paid time on the road to get you used to the MYGuy approach,’ says Leon. ‘Our aim is to excel at customer service, to be fresh and reliable and thoughtful, and we encourage customers to post on-line reviews – that’s really important for building the brand. We establish a marketing plan for the first 12 weeks, and then there’s constant contact as you start to build your own business. I am dedicated to helping franchisees do as well as they possibly can.’

Believe me, this is better

Dave Bland says, ‘Leon and the team have been really good at helping me get into this, with systems for everything from whoa to go. I’ve had a business before and, believe me, this is better!’

What advice does Dave have for anyone looking at the franchise? ‘Investigate it thoroughly to make sure it’s the one for you, and take good advice. I had a bad experience with my own lawyer, who said, “Do not under any circumstances buy a franchise,” but he didn’t know anything about franchising. I looked at a list of specialists and talked to Khushbu Sundarji, who gave me great advice and helped me understand the whole franchise package much better.

‘One of the advantages of the MYGuy franchise is that you’re not restricted to a territory, which allows you to do jobs for friends or family, or to benefit from referrals – it’s your choice whether you pass the work on to someone else. And the ability to employ staff and contractors means you have plenty of opportunity to grow.

‘If you’re interested and you have the skills, call Leon and get to know him. He’s a good guy and MYGuy’s good, too.’

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• Build a team or work alone • Exclusive territory • Ongoing training and support • Diverse work scope | Call Leon on 027 505 8236 You do not need to be trade qualified but you do need to be handy on the tools and well organised Property Maintenance & Handyman Make a profit on or off the tools MYGuy has massive demand for property maintenance and handyman services Opportunity: Home & Building A JOB WELL DONE
MYGuy Contact Leon Allen M 027 505 8236 P 0800 469 489 dave bland leon allen

Awell-structured Field Management Programme delivered by well-trained field managers can produce many positive outcomes for franchise systems, including:

• Great and improved franchisor-franchisee relations;

• Higher levels of franchisee satisfaction;

• Improved franchisee sales, margins, profitability and business value;

• A more consistent and valuable brand;

• Complete unit adaptation to needed systemwide changes;

• A more sustainable and valuable franchisor organisation.

By contrast, a poorly structured or executed programme can deliver the opposite – a huge shame and lost opportunity for all from an area that accounts for one of the largest operating costs for most franchisors. As Dr Callum Floyd, Managing Director of Franchize Consultants, notes, the benefits of an improved Field Management Programme derive from two key (and often under-appreciated) foundations:

1. Preparing the franchisor structure to underpin a successful Field Management Programme; and

2. Preparing, training and mentoring new and existing field managers to better execute the objectives of the programme.

Preparing the structure

One of the many key areas when preparing or upgrading the franchisor’s structure for field visits is developing a company standard which formalises elements such as objectives, roles, field visit focus, position descriptions, role KPIs and processes from preparation to follow-up. Key decisions and standards should be formalised within a Field Management Programme manual – particularly for organisations with more than one field manager. Like a mechanic, a field manager also requires tools. For a start, think manuals and training systems, franchisee business planning templates, local marketing initiatives, benchmarking, etc.

Preparing field managers

When recruited, field managers will need considerable upskilling and preparation prior to visiting franchisees. To be credible in the eyes of franchisees and impactful (in a positive way), field managers need to be properly inducted and trained in the specifics of the business.

They also need to understand franchising, including the business’s franchise history and structure, the franchisee business model, the roles and objectives of field management, approaches to franchise relationship management, and the franchisees’ development to date.

Finally, field managers also need to be able to work with franchisees effectively. This means having an intimate understanding of what drives the franchisee business model, as well as how to use all of the tools they have at their disposal for working with franchisees.

Worth the investment

‘As with most things in franchising, good results don’t happen by accident,’ says Callum. ‘Field visits play an incredibly important role in developing franchisee and franchisor performance and relationships. It follows that it is worth investing in a professional Field Management Programme to ensure the right foundations are in place.

‘Over more than 30 years, Franchize Consultants has worked with numerous franchisor owners, their teams (including field managers) and the franchisees that they represent to produce better outcomes for all stakeholders. Contact me to see how we can help you.’

42 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Franchize Consultants
Franchise Management Get the right advice. Talk first with New Zealand’s longest established, largest and most award winning team. Work with a company engaged on major projects with many of the biggest and best emerging names in the franchise sector. Find out why. Call Callum Floyd (09) 523 3858 or email Brilliant Commercial Cleaner Six times winner service provider of the year Choosing to franchise your business? Or improving an existing one Get award winning help at every step THAT DELIVER field management programmes Franchize Consultants Contact Dr Callum Floyd P 0-9-523 3858 M 021 669 519 Advertiser Info
Dr Callum Floyd of
outlines strategies for success


Rental Managers franchise

andrew williams: ‘it’s one of the best things i’ve ever done’

F or 12 years, Andrew Williams worked as a property manager and business development manager for a number of the top real estate companies in the Hawkes Bay. ‘It’s not an easy life – some people became totally burnt out from the workload,’ he recalls. Then he met David Pearse, founder of the award-winning Pukeko Rental Managers franchise. ‘The big difference with the Pukeko franchise system is that a numbers cap eases the workload on franchisees,’ he explains.

‘The beauty is that franchisees are totally supported at the backend when it comes to documentation, systems, and so on, there’s a massive amount of knowledge to draw upon from David and the team, and that knowledge is free. It’s a system that wraps around you in order to help you to develop and to grow.’

Intrigued, he talked to an existing local Pukeko franchisee whom he had known for years. ‘She simply said I’d be mad not to take it up – so I did,’ he recalls. ‘Two years later, I’m convinced it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I simply cannot speak highly enough about it.’

It’s my business

Ask Andrew about his favourite aspects of his Pukeko franchise and his response is swift. ‘It’s the fact that it’s my business and my focus is constantly on helping homeowners and tenants to create successful relationships. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping and advising people on property management matters. My mantra is if I can help enough people achieve their goals, then I can achieve everything I want, too.’

Andrew has tailored his franchise to fit a particular property portfolio, preferring to work with middle- to upper-end properties. A typical week includes receipting rents, setting appointments, pursuing new business, solving tenant issues and putting work orders in place, as well as conducting inspections and meeting new landlords.

‘This is a lifestyle business,’ he explains. ‘You can work when and how you want, as hard as you want, and there’s always the flexibility to take time off when you need it.’

Even when he’s away on holiday, Pukeko’s well-proven systems mean the business can still be easily managed on his laptop. ‘This business is paperless – all it requires is a smartphone, a PC and a vehicle. If I’m away for a few days, I’ll simply schedule my business accordingly. It’s just about having good planning.’

You’re not alone

Andrew’s advice to anyone weighing up a Pukeko Rental Managers franchise is to realise that, yes, there is excellent income to be made as long as you learn the business of professional property management.

‘This is where the Pukeko network excels,’ he says. ‘There is excellent sales training through an independent specialist, full systems training, and a good amount of “hand holding” in the early days when you are finding your feet. Support is always only a phone call away, and then there’s the insights you get from the other franchisees.

‘Most Pukeko franchisees are well-established and experienced, and are extremely knowledgeable and helpful to newcomers,’ he says. ‘We’re all about building this brand together.’

Another layer of support has also emerged in the past year, with David Pearse appointing six experienced franchisees as business coaches.

‘We gather groups of franchisees for a monthly round table Zoom meeting with these coaches,’ says Andrew. ‘It’s another way of introducing support structures to help everyone, newbies or not, overcome any issues that they may be experiencing, and makes everyone accountable for our overall success.’

The timing’s right

With the current real estate slowdown resulting in more homes being taken off the market and added to the country’s rental stock, Andrew believes it’s a great time to be looking at a Pukeko franchise.

‘Good rents are still being secured, and there’s no shortage of people looking to rent a home, so now is one of the best times to build a property management business. This is a serious cashflow business. Every day you can have cash going into your bank account.’

As a result, people from all walks of life have been joining the franchise, including an ex-airline pilot and people with admin, engineering and trade experience. ‘And if you’re already working for a property management company, it’s worth comparing the Pukeko offering,’ Andrew adds.

‘In addition to earning well into six figures annually and generating instant cashflow, you’ve also got the ability to build the business and sell it when you are ready – you’re not just an employee.

‘Frankly. Pukeko Rental Managers could suit anyone who is organised, able to build trust and relationships, and is prepared to get off their butt and do something,’ says Andrew.

‘If you’re the sort of person who likes to set a goal and go for it, give David a call and talk to some of the existing Pukeko franchisees. It really is that good.’

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Pukeko Rental Managers

Contact David Pearse

P 0508 785 356 M 0274 809 534

Opportunity: Home Services
Help yourself by helping others with a Pukeko



Where are you coming from?

We asked: What is your current situation, or was your situation prior to purchasing a franchise?

Most respondents are currently working, whether in full-time employment, part-time employment or some form of self-employment. Around 10%, said that they are not working and are ready to invest.


arlier this year, we got together with the experienced researchers at Franchize Consultants to explore the profile, expectations and decisionmaking journeys of prospective franchisees.

We surveyed visitors to the Franchise New Zealand website who had expressed serious interest in buying a franchise, or had already bought one. Thank you to everyone who responded – it was a lengthy online questionnaire with 29 questions, some of them quite intrusive, so it was a big commitment on their part. Here are some of the highlights from the results which we hope will help you, inspire you or reassure you.

Why buy a franchised business?

The top reason respondents gave for buying a franchise is greater income and wealth-building potential, followed by better life balance

Respondents identified other good reasons, too: more security; achieving a personal challenge; making a career change; having greater control; building something to pass on to the children; and more flexibility.

If you’re looking at buying a franchise, it’s important to know your primary motivation and to share it with the franchisor to make sure that your preferred business can deliver what you want and that your expectations of time input, effort and return are aligned.

This indicates that most potential franchise buyers will be actively comparing the pros and cons of their own employed situation with what a franchise may offer. Unemployment clearly isn’t a major driver at the moment, unlike some of the economic downturns in the past. Given current staff shortages in many industries, franchises therefore have to offer other compelling reasons for people to change tack.

The benefits of franchising

While a sizable proportion of our respondents had previous business ownership experience, the three main benefits of buying a franchise as opposed to starting an independent business were seen as:

• Having a proven business model;

• Using an established and recognised brand name;

• Having start-up and ongoing support and training.

It’s worth noting that while larger or more-established franchises will often have more to offer in these areas, that doesn’t mean that smaller or newer franchise brands don’t have advantages, too – for example, a greater choice of available sites or more opportunity for growth.

Where will you go?

Geographically, the location of prospective franchisees mirrors the country’s population with 55% of the sample considering operating a franchise in Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato. A further 17% are considering a franchise in Canterbury.

Bearing in mind the constant stories about people escaping Auckland, we asked: Did you move or would you consider moving to another region to take up the right franchise opportunity?

Half the respondents indicated that they’d prefer to operate a franchise in the area where they live. Of the other half, 31% indicated they’d be willing to move for the right opportunity, and 17% were undecided.

If you are willing to move or able to choose where you live, there are many good reasons to look at opportunities around the country – see Where Do You Want to Be? on page 52.

Who are you going into business with?

According to our survey, 30% of prospective franchisees are considering buying a franchise alone, while a high 60% are entering with someone else – either with their spouse/partner (39%), another family member (13%), a business partner (6%) or friend (2%).

The high 60% is really interesting. It means that the new franchisees will be a team with more skills and experience than a single individual, and may allow each partner to play to their strengths – for example, one may focus on customer relationships while the other handles operations. See more on this in Working Together on page 68.

Note also that some franchise models allow for the partner’s time to be variable, or to be phased in as the business becomes more established.

44 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
New survey has valuable information for prospective franchisees
A Franchise

Investment and income expectations

A small 17% of prospective franchisees expect to make a loss or breakeven during the first year of operation, while most (35%) expect to earn between $50,000-$99,999 in the first year.

Once established, 48% of prospective franchisees expect to earn at least $100,000 each year.

First year

Once established

Talking to franchisees

Nearly three-quarters of prospective franchisees (74%) indicated they will talk to at least one existing franchisee in the system before making a final decision and 19% indicated they will talk to at least five.

Getting feedback from existing franchisees in the system should be an important part of the due diligence process; however, 26% of the prospective franchisee sample have indicated they would not be talking to any existing franchisees. See 50 Questions to Ask Franchisees on page 59 for more information on why existing franchisees are an important resource for any buyer.

Sources of advice

As you might expect, accountants and lawyers are the key sources of advice for prospective franchisees while bankers, consultants and business brokers are also consulted before the purchase.

Whether these expectations are realistic or not will depend on a number of factors. Understanding the likely financial returns, particularly during the initial start-up period, is important during the due diligence process to ensure that buyers have realistic expectations and won’t get alarmed by initial losses or made overconfident by seeing the money come in. Consult a good accountant – preferably a franchise specialist – before purchasing the business (see page 80)

Expected owner’s income (profit and wages) by investment levels

As to how much prospective franchise buyers expect to earn, that varies according to the level of investment. In general, the higher the investment, the more you might expect to take out of the business, whether as profit or wages. That’s reflected in the following charts.

Remember, however, that there’s a third source of return on investment which comes from the eventual sale of the business. A well-run business within a respected franchise brand will generally be worth more on the market than an independent business.

Given the importance of the decision that any prospective business buyer is making, and the potential impact it will have on their family, their finances and their future, the figures of 70% for accountants and 63% for lawyers are a little disappointing. We would encourage all franchise buyers to take proper professional advice as part of their due diligence (see page 72)

Key reservations

We asked people what their biggest reservation was about buying a franchise. Not surprisingly, the most mentioned theme (by 36% of respondents) was the cost of the initial investment and funding. Here are some comments:

Cost of initial investment and funding

• “Cost to start”

• “Purchase price”

• “Financing the opportunity”

• “Paying for goodwill”

• “Increased barriers to get business funding from banks”

First year

Once established

New or established?

A majority (58%) of prospective franchisees were open to either a greenfield (new) or resale (already established) franchise outlet. Among those who expressed a preference, there was a leaning to an existing outlet or unit (25%) versus greenfield (16%).

Naturally, some people will prefer the greater certainty of an established operation, and be prepared to pay a premium for it. However, if you have the confidence and ability to start from scratch with the support of your chosen franchise behind you, a greenfield location does offer potentially greater growth and capital gain.

These concerns are understandable, which is another reason for getting good advice before making any decision about buying a franchise. Funding is available, but buyers need to make sure they have all the information they need before approaching a bank to improve the chance of getting what they need – see Seize the Moment on page 76.

Finally, one prospective franchisee made a comment that really stood out for us. They summed up their biggest reservation as, ‘I lack business experience. I’m worried about not running a good business, although I’m pretty good with money.’

Frankly, they sound like the ideal candidate for buying a franchise and getting all the systems and support they need. Their awareness of their lack of experience is a real positive if it leads them to ask good questions and get all the advice they need before making a decision.

About the survey

The online survey was conducted between May and August 2022 using a database of individuals who had indicated interest in purchasing a franchise opportunity using the Franchise New Zealand website. Questions covered a range of areas including motivations and appeal, interests and preference, investment and income expectations, the research and decision-making journey, and respondent demographics.

All information received from the 173 respondents was treated in strictest confidence and anonymised for the purposes of reporting

Dr Callum Floyd is managing director and Adrienne Heard a senior researcher with Franchize Consultants. Simon Lord is publisher of Franchise New Zealand media. Both organisations have over 30 years’ experience in franchising in New Zealand About the Authors

from doubt TO DELIGHT

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections

Nicola McDonald had her work cut out convincing husband Aaron that buying A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections franchise was what his body needed to escape heavy engineering work. But she managed it, and Aaron quickly went from doubt to delight. Five years later, the couple are now considering expanding their territory to give them total coverage of the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions.

‘I had a life-changing accident in the Huntly coal mines when I was 19 that means my right arm is now mainly metal and plastic,’ says Aaron. ‘When, in our early forties, daughter Charlie arrived, Nicola reckoned I needed to do something less physical and more flexible.

‘I hadn’t a clue she had been looking at A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, so my initial reaction to her telling me about the franchise was pretty lukewarm,’ he confesses. ‘Also, having no building experience would surely rule me out.’

But Nicola was a senior accountant in the corporate world, and had done extensive due diligence on the franchise. ‘She told me the franchise training and systems meant no building experience was required, and that being a work-from-home franchise where I could set my own schedule would enable me to focus on my Dad duties.

‘My belief in Nicola has always been strong so, after a quick think, I agreed to take things further. We met with New Zealand master franchisor John Goodrum, who told us all about the opportunity, on Christmas Eve 2017 and the following February we became franchisees for A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections in Hamilton West.’

High standards, thorough training

Established in Canada in 2005 and now operating in 19 countries, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections arrived in New Zealand in 2013. It quickly built a strong reputation here: while New Zealand has no legislation requiring building inspectors to be qualified, franchisees are trained to the same high standard as certified inspectors operating in Canada and the US.

‘Once they’ve passed key exams, each franchisee is qualified to carry out comprehensive inspections meeting NZS4306:2005 (Residential Property Inspection),’ says John Goodrum. ‘In addition, they carry indemnity insurance underwritten by Lloyds. This protects both the franchisee and the buyer should something need fixing that wasn’t in an inspection report.’

Aaron recalls, ‘I completed 400 hours training in a series of block courses, only advancing to the next after achieving a pass. It taught me to know what to look for and identify any issues. Franchisees are supplied with specialist equipment to check power outlets, moisture levels and all matters related to dwellings, but we leave the fixing of problems to qualified builders, plumbers or electricians.’

Multiple income streams

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is a low-entry cost, high-return opportunity. Territories are available for $72,500 +gst, with the potential to earn a six-figure income once established. The package includes an exclusive territory, full training, a personal business coach and ongoing support. The business is not physically demanding or weather dependent, and offers strong cashflow.

Franchisees also benefit from a number of potential income streams. While Aaron chooses to specialise in pre-purchase home inspections, others also do renovation deficiency inspections; maintenance inspections; healthy homes; safe & sanitary reports; new home warranty services; methamphetamine testing and asbestos testing.

aaron mcdonald: ‘it has given me everything i wanted’

Providing certainty

Now the owner of a highly successful business which has received international recognition within the franchise, Aaron has some tips for other potential buyers. ‘To be successful, you should enjoy meeting people and not expect work to come to you. But finding customers isn’t hard: after taking Charlie to school I often visit houses for sale or do leaflet drops in my area. Facebook and Instagram work for me, as does establishing relationships with real estate agents. A Buyers Choice Home Inspections has a good reputation, and taking the uncertainty out of buying or selling a house is good for everyone.

‘This is a great business which has given me everything I wanted – even if I didn’t believe it at first,’ Aaron smiles. ‘Give John a call to find out more.’

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Home Inspections Contact John Goodrum

Franchises available now. Do you want to earn $100,000+ per year? The amount will depend on your efforts.

Have you been thinking of a career change or owning your own business? Are you tired of making money for your boss instead of yourself? We are offering the right candidates the opportunity to invest in a turnkey franchise business focusing on the huge demand for home building inspections.

We provide complete training and qualification along with uniform, equipment, systems, marketing support and insurance. No formal qualifications or experience are required to join. Although certification is not yet mandatory in New Zealand all our inspectors will be trained and fully qualified to the same standard as the certified inspectors operating in USA & Canada.

We are seeking independent contractors to work in some of our franchises. Become part of an international franchise network of around 200 inspectors.

Call or email us now to request more information.

John Goodrum Regional Master Franchisor 021945140

46 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
franchisee enjoys a better lifestyle Opportunity: Home & Building
A Buyer’s


Children learn best when their minds are stimulated by curiosity – and if you can combine that curiosity with creativity and fun, you’re really on to a winner. So says Queena Lee, who is franchise manager for Bricks 4 Kidz in New Zealand. The company is an international award-winning educational franchise which uses Lego® bricks to teach children the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths (STEAM).

Bricks 4 Kidz was brought to New Zealand by Lorraine Yu in 2018 and already has 14 franchisees here, including Jessie Robieson. After 5 years as an intermediate teacher, Jessie knew she loved working with children but didn’t like the paperwork that is such a big part of a teacher’s life these days. She took a new direction, working as a learning innovation specialist at Te Papa Museum of New Zealand for 5 more years. ‘That was a wonderful step for me with great opportunities around project management and leadership. I knew I wanted to stay in education, so I asked myself, “Where do I take my career after this?” That’s when I found out about Bricks 4 Kidz.

‘My research was intense, and I spoke to as many people as I could, knowing it was a huge step out of the comfortable world of teaching. It was scary, but it was a calculated risk; I could see the franchise model was easy to follow and would help me grow as a businessperson. Although I’m only two months into running my own Bricks 4 Kidz business in Wellington, I’m loving it and things are going really well. I haven’t looked back!’

A global success

Established in the United States in 2008, Bricks 4 Kidz is the largest provider of STEAM-based educational enrichment programmes in the world, with franchises in over 46 countries. Classes are designed to be fun and educational, with the aim of teaching critical developmental skills to create future problem solvers and innovators.

As Queena says, ‘Everyone wants a profitable business, and Bricks 4 Kidz delivers on that, but it’s also important to be passionate about what you do – and Bricks 4 Kidz delivers on both counts. This unique franchise offers multiple income streams: after-school programmes, pre-school programmes, holiday programmes, in-school programmes, corporate

team-building events, Lego-themed birthday parties, robotics enrichment programmes and even senior citizens programmes.’

From banking to building blocks

While Jessie has a background in education, Auckland-based Mei Koh spent nearly 25 years in the banking industry before seizing redundancy with both hands. ‘I never thought I’d be in banking for so long,’ she laughs, ‘and when the opportunity came I thought, “If I don’t make a change now, I never will”. I thought about a new career in education, robotics or IT, and when I found Bricks 4 Kidz I was thrilled because it covers all of those things with the big bonus of working with younger children.’

Mei says it was the quality of Bricks 4 Kidz that particularly appealed. ‘When I looked at the franchise structure I was very comfortable, and the fact it is successful worldwide gives it even more credibility. With the support of a great franchise, this opportunity has potential for considerable growth.’

Mei began her new life as a business owner in January 2021 and has been impressed at how well the business bounced back each time after the various lockdowns. ‘During lockdown, we couldn’t run classes, which was frustrating, so Bricks 4 Kidz has developed materials to take all programmes online in the event of future disruptions. Now we are getting back to normal, I have doubled my class sizes this term and both holiday programmes are up in numbers, too.’

‘The programme itself still stands as well as it did when I started,’ Mei continues. ‘Lego® is an amazing toy and its design helps draw out children’s creative side from problem-solving to basic maths and much, much more. It is highly versatile and even used by engineers to check basic designs. Getting children collaborating imaginatively through this programme is highly rewarding to me.’

Opportunities for all

Bricks 4 Kidz is looking for people all over the country who are passionate about education and looking to operate a fun and profitable business.

‘Because the exclusive Bricks 4 Kidz Lego® Technic project kits are easily transportable, franchisees start immediately by operating in venues such as schools, kindergartens, community centres, libraries, youth centres and business premises,’ says Queena. ‘They can then establish a permanent Creativity Centre that can be used for classes, as a birthday party venue and for children’s entertainment events.’ Investment starts from $60,000 +gst.

‘Full training is provided, and there’s ongoing programme development and training, as well as access to operating and marketing systems, and constant back-up from the New Zealand franchise support office.

‘As Mei and Jessie have found, it’s a great chance to channel your energy and enthusiasm into something new,’ says Queena. ‘And you’ll never have another boring day at work. Contact me today to find out more.’

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Bricks 4 Kidz Contact Queena Lee M 021 463 778

Opportunity: Leisure & Education
Bricks 4 Kidz franchisees are passionate about creative learning through Lego®

Established in 1994, Muffin Break is one of New Zealand’s most loved bakery cafes. Owned by the Foodco Group, the brand has been serving local communities around New Zealand for almost three decades.

We believe that the ‘Good Goes In’ across everything we do. From our extensive product range and awardwinning signature coffee blend, to our comprehensive training and support for our franchisees, our philosophy is about producing the very best.

If you want to join a Franchise business, then join the Muffin Break family. Reputable, reliable and trusted for over 28 years, this is a fantastic franchise opportunity to run your own bakery café business and be part of a franchise brand that’s world renowned and recognised. Our stores are locally owned and operated by franchisees who are proud of the communities they serve and love nothing more than to see you leave with a smile on your face.

We’re always fabulously fresh

The good goes into each muffin – every Muffin Break café has its own kitchen and our products are baked fresh throughout the day. Our range includes Traditional flavours, as well as Gluten Free and Wholemeal Vegan, and we are constantly innovating to ensure we support our customers’ dietary needs. Nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly made coffee. Coffee is an integral part of our business; one we take very seriously. Our Head of Coffee carefully selects only the highest quality, 100% Arabica beans from five different growing locations around the world. We then create a signature blend which has won numerous awards.

We’re wholly wholesome

Our food is good for the soul. It’s simple, homely and delicious. We search for ingredients that are both satisfying and delicious.

We’re people pleasers

It’s the most fundamental part of our recipe – we make products that people love! We’ve been in business long enough to know that fads come and go. While we always adapt and try new things, we stick to the principle of making wholesome food that we know people love. Muffin Break is a nostalgic brand for many and a fundamental part of the New Zealand community.

Maree Keane – Foodco NZ e: | m: 027 484 7301 AUCKLAND BAY OF PLENTY MANAWATU CANTERBURY OTAGO SOUTHLAND NEW CAFÉ OPPORTUNITIES! SITES AVAILABLE Ready to own a Muffin Break bakery café? Get in touch today! BUILD A LIFE YOU LOVE


Do you have a strong association with New Zealand’s building industry and understand how it operates? Do you have a business mindset and a good understanding of business financials? Or are you a quality builder looking to ease off the tools?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, a Landmark Homes franchise could be just what you’re looking for. Now celebrating 45 years of ‘building landmarks’, Landmark Homes was one of the first home-building companies in New Zealand to embrace the franchise business model, and maintains an excellent reputation in the market.

Landmark Homes CEO Gary Woodhouse says there has never been a better time to invest in a franchise that’s well-known for building and selling quality, up-market homes. ‘The demand for new premium housing in New Zealand is still strong, and that’s reflected in the large number of enquiries we’re receiving from people looking to build lifestyle homes.’

Northland, Nelson/Marlborough, Central Otago, South Canterbury and Otago/ Southland are all regions that currently don’t have franchisees, and Gary is happy to discuss the opportunities available.

Support to help you grow

‘Our goal is to help franchisees grow in the fastest possible way by building outstanding quality homes.’

He’s happy to talk about the training and support the franchise offers: 100-plus customisable Ready to Build plans; access to competitively-priced materials and a secure supply chain thanks to negotiated national supply agreements; showhome support packages; access to leading administrative software and CAD programs; and the benefit of national marketing campaigns.

‘Our support team is here to assist franchise owners collectively and individually,’ explains Gary. ‘Everyone is committed to helping all our franchisees improve and grow their businesses.’

No cookie cutters here

Steven Painter, co-owner of the Landmark Homes franchises for Taupo and Hawkes Bay, might be managing highly successful businesses these days, but he still enjoys putting the tool belt on occasionally. Together with his accountant and friend Gerry Schumacher, he purchased a Landmark Homes franchise eight years ago when he was aged just 30.

‘This is no cookie-cutter housing group,’ he says. ‘Landmark has a reputable name and builds beautiful individual homes, and beautiful businesses, too. The systems, the support and the financial rewards have all been superb. I’m regularly in touch with the support office and utilising all the resources available as we’ve grown.’

Steven says the benefit of having a high-profile premium brand behind him has been particularly relevant during the past 18 months of industry-wide material shortages, price increases and labour shortages.

‘In this business, pricing is hugely important, so having the assistance of first-class systems and buyers has been a real bonus,’ he says. ‘Being part of the franchise means we have some size and grunt behind us, and very good relationships with suppliers, too.’

All on the same side

Such is Steven and Gerry’s confidence in Landmark Homes, the pair recently acquired the Hawkes Bay franchise after building up and selling the Rotorua/ Whakatane region to a new franchisee. ‘Given the resources and support that

we are able to tap into, there are so many opportunities for growth.’ His advice for anyone considering Landmark Homes is to do your due diligence. ‘Seek advice from your accountant, talk to other franchisees –you can trust them to be open and frank, we’re all on the same side – and formulate a solid business plan.’

A Landmark Homes franchise requires a $175,000 +gst investment, with an initial deposit of $50,000 and the balance addressed as the business develops.

‘You can rest assured that you’re joining a franchise with the highest standards,’ Steven concludes. ‘Landmark Homes always performs well at both regional and national level in the Master Builders House of the Year Awards, which are a true measure of client satisfaction and exceptional design and workmanship. To get started, contact Gary and find out more.’

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Landmark Homes Contact Gary Woodhouse P 0-7-578 2295 gary.woodhouse@

Want to join New Zealand’s premium building franchise?

Landmark Homes builds top quality, award-winning, architecturally inspired houses across New Zealand and is looking for highly driven, motivated franchisees to join our fast growing network with opportunities in Northland, Nelson, South Canterbury, Central Otago, Dunedin, and Southland.

Building Landmark homes for 45 years, our reputation is second to none - we provide our clients the best quality, design, service, craftsmanship and value for money, and our franchisees are integral to this.

49 – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION 07 578 2295 info@landmarkhomes. co .nz
Opportunity: Home & Building
Landmark Homes opens the door to a profitable home building opportunity
logan and carly stewart from landmark homes bay of plenty (left) with steven painter and gerry schumacher from landmark homes taupo and hawke’s bay


Name a home-grown Kiwi brand that’s over 100 years old. There aren’t many, are there? That makes the continued success of Palmers even more impressive. The leading garden centre brand recently celebrated its 110th birthday, and we talked to the owners of one of the oldest Palmers stores to find out more about the franchise as it looks to open new stores around the country.

Jonathan Harrison and his mother, Delma, share a mutual passion for food, gardens and landscaping, which have all come together in their Palmers franchise in the elegant Auckland suburb of Remuera. The pair have owned the business since 2006, but it has been established on the same site for over 50 years. ‘In fact, one of our team members has only just retired after working here right from the very beginning,’ says Jonathan.

Delma and Jonathan had previously owned hospitality businesses. ‘We were looking to move into something different, though, and we narrowed it down to health or leisure. People are living longer and have more leisure time, so they are spending more of their disposable income on their hobbies. When the Remuera Palmers came on the market, it seemed a perfect fit.

‘Our most successful hospitality businesses were the ones located on busy corner sites with big road frontages and high visibility, and Remuera meets all the criteria. It’s what an experienced retailer looks for. It’s fast-moving, high-volume, very profitable, but wonderfully varied and you aren’t stuck inside all day.’

The site also came with its own café, which was run under licence, ‘But

when that expired, we applied our own extensive experience to running it. Over the years, we’ve applied the same detailed customer service to the café as we have to the gardens, and that has paid off. It’s the same with our staff – we love them and treat them like family, and they have remained loyal and committed to helping our customers.

‘It’s a lovely business – people usually come to us because it is their passion. We have happy, enthusiastic customers looking to create a beautiful space or solve a problem – they aren’t coming in for an argument! Many are regulars who come in at least once a week – some twice a day for the shop and/or the café – and people follow their hobby with few restraints. If they are looking for privacy in their gardens, they will generally buy a three-metre shrub at a premium as they don’t want to wait years for it to grow!’

Big fans of the franchise

After 17 years, Delma and Jonathan are still big fans of the franchise. ‘While we’re a local business serving our local community, Palmers drives growth nationally through e-commerce, a loyalty programme, the new Palmers app, gift cards and online purchases. Our online presence through websites and social media always keeps us at the top of everyone’s lists, enabling us to focus on our customers.

‘We particularly like the flexibility of the franchise. The support has always been there when we needed it, and the group buying power from a list of preferred suppliers also gives us a lot of purchasing clout –that’s a huge advantage for new franchisees. At the same time, there’s the freedom to apply our own expertise and experience in our particular area – after all, every site and every client base is different.

‘There are many traditional houses and gardens in Remuera, and we’ve found from experience that residents want green foliage and white flowers above all else, while other franchisees might do big business in variegated plants with stripes or colours. We do have one of the biggest rose collections in Auckland, though – needless to say, the Iceberg is the best seller.’

I’ve baked you a cake

In addition to helping customers, Palmers Remuera sponsors a lot of the local schools in various projects, says Delma. ‘It’s wonderful because it gets them thinking about growing things

50 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Palmers franchisees provide the garden experience that people love jonathan and delma harrison

when they are young, and you hope they’ll turn into knowledgeable enthusiasts in the future!

‘Also, we recently completed a big landscaping project for our local Ronald McDonald House – a design package that would have been worth around $40,000 which we were glad to deliver and reinforce our contribution to worthwhile projects in the community.’

When Covid raised its ugly head, people spent more time on their homes and gardens but the various restrictions made life difficult for people to follow their passion. Palmers Remuera responded. ‘We operated out of the carpark for most of the lockdown periods,’ Jonathan laughs, ‘But that turned into great PR for us because our customers could see our dedication. News quickly got round and the phone never stopped: we had people coming in from miles around and if they couldn’t just “click and collect” via the Palmers website or app, we did our utmost to source what they needed.

‘One lady rolled up too early for a collection and I had to apologise and tell her she couldn’t come in for an hour. “It’s quite all right,” she replied. “You are all doing such a great job I’ve baked you a cake. I’ll be back in an hour for my order!”’

The support you need

Delma says, ‘None of this would have been possible without the work of the support office in securing financial packages and assistance that ensured our valuable employees were looked after. And the franchise came to our help again when our lease with Auckland Council was coming to an end. Renegotiating a lease is a process full of pitfalls, but the franchise brought all its knowledge and experience to bear and the place was secured for the next 15 years.

‘The franchisor has always been communicative, available and supportive. Apart from individual conversations, there’s an advisory council upon which three franchisees sit to ensure that everyone gets a voice. Sales have continued to expand with the technology, online purchases and loyalty rewards programmes, and the systems give us analysis of our sales figures in real time to show what is trending or performing best and help us see where we can do even better.

And it’s not all about numbers. Recently, the franchisor team pitched in to assist us with our annual stocktake which, given the size of our store, is a massive job. All these little things add up to make for a very happy franchise with a great working relationship between all the partners.’

Happy franchise – happy franchisees

As you’d expect from a garden specialist, Palmers has strong roots. The brand started as a nursery in 1912 and, as Murray Belcher, Group Business Development Manager, points out, the business has remained locally-owned and locally-operated ever since.

‘Delma and Jonathan are typical of Palmers franchisees in that they are passionate about gardening and creating beautiful spaces – whether it be in-store or in their clients’ gardens. We have experts on everything from roses to rhizomes, ponds to landscaping, all dedicated to inspiring and enabling customers to transform their home, garden, deck or office.’

Now Palmers are looking for experienced retailers who are used to a high-volume environment to open new locations all round the country. Some established stores may be available, too.

‘This is not an investor business to farm out,’ says Murray. ‘This is a great brand with a long and proud history, and each and every outlet is owned and operated by people, like Jonathan and Delma who have a passion for plants, landscapes, hospitality and problem-solving.

‘In turn, our franchisees are supported by a great team of retail, hospitality, operations and systems experts, as well as people who share the love of plants and have massive experience. They are all there to hold your hand and help you grow –in every sense of the word.

So if you know your retail and are interested in being part of the future of Palmers, give me a call – we want to hear from you.’

PALMERS.CO.NZ Join Does this sound exciting ? THE PALMERS FRANCHISE Proudly New Zealand owned and operated. • Brand name recognition • Scale and market position • E-commerce site and app • Long term leases • Experienced support office assistance • Innovative processes and up-to-date technology Contact: Murray Belcher Ph: 021 483 500 E: Opportunity: Retail Palmers
Contact Murray
P Advertiser Info
021 483 500

s Krista Coningham, the new Westpac Supreme Franchisee of , found, leaving Auckland for Marlborough offered many advantages, from financial freedom to family lifestyle.

And she’s not alone. All but one of the franchisee winners in the Awards came from outside our biggest cities (see page 24) and, according to Prospective Franchisee Survey on page 44, almost a third of franchise buyers would consider moving to another region to take up the right franchise opportunity. Another 17% are undecided, so let’s have a look at the pros and cons of making a fresh start.

According to Philip Morrison of Franchise Accountants, ‘For a number of years now, we have been seeing more and more clients looking to sell up property in Auckland and move further afield to start businesses. They see it as an opportunity to improve their financial position overnight, reduce debt and improve their quality of life, and if they want to have their own business then cashing in on their property can make it very

‘If they are concerned about leaving the Auckland property market altogether, then keeping their property and renting it out can be a good option. They can almost certainly rent something in the regional centres much more cheaply, so they are reducing the burden of debt that the new business needs to support. In turn, that enables them to pay off any borrowings and improve profitability more quickly.’

Big bucks or bright lights?

Regional locations can hold another surprise for business buyers, too –they may not attract the bright lights, but they can bring in the big bucks. In fact, some of the most profitable outlets in many franchise systems are located in the regions rather than the major centres.

The key word here is ‘profitable’ rather than ‘highest sales’. Regional centres might have a smaller economy but they can produce better results. There are four main reasons for this:

1. Regional businesses often enjoy far better rent ratios than urban ones. The property market and rates in Auckland mean that many businesses need to have a significant level of sales before they even cover their costs. That’s why so many of the outlets on Queen Street are increasingly open all hours – they can’t afford not to be.

2. Although sales may be lower, so are staffing costs. Rent and staff are the two biggest costs for most businesses, which allows for lower fixed costs and greater profitability. Wages may be lower in the regions, although minimum wage rates are national, and there may be grants available to help people get off long-term unemployment and into paid jobs. All these factors add up.

52 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
All franchise agreements put a lot of power Auckland Phone 09 303 3764 North Shore Phone 09 414 9800 FRANCHISE LAWYERS LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP Franchising is a powerful way of doing business, but the same forces that make franchising great also create vulnerability and risk. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to respond to the issues that arise. We help with: · Assessing franchise opportunities · Advising on franchise agreements and other contracts · Franchise sales and purchases · Dealing with difficult situations before you buy LISTEN Buying a Franchise WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE? Buying a franchise enables you to start a new life almost anywhere – and regional businesses can be more profitable with less stress, too


3. In many sectors, there is less competition both from other franchised brands and from independents. While some independent operators may be excellent, most will be average and none will enjoy the buying and marketing power of a franchise, and the operational support that goes with it.

4. It’s also important to realise that because other costs such as housing are lower in most centres, franchisees don’t need to take as much out of the business to cover their everyday living costs. This means they can reduce debt faster and re-invest as required.

All these benefits add up – and when you add in the double disadvantages of city property prices and all-day traffic jams, the appeal of regional businesses becomes obvious.

The franchise advantage

Of course, all these factors apply to non-franchised businesses just as much as franchised ones, but franchises have additional advantages. For a start, no matter what the size of the business, you’ll still get the same level of training and support from the franchisor, because that’s what franchises do.

Even if you have a small retail outlet in Whanganui, you’ll only be paying the same for your goods as an outlet five times the size in Sylvia Park, because that’s how franchises work – they pool their buying power. You’ll have more security of supply, too, and while regional locations can mean higher freight charges, many franchises have good national deals in place.

And you’ll have the benefits of combining a nationally-known brand with truly local ownership – something that creates an incredibly strong business profile, as Caci franchisee Krista will confirm.

Where to go?

Deciding to leave the city is one thing – deciding where to go is another matter entirely. Some people will choose to move to areas where they have family or other connections, which can be an important factor in feeling at home in a new community. Lifestyle preferences are also important: if you want to be near good beaches,

or good fishing, or ski fields or hunting, this needs to play a part, too.

As networking is an important factor in growing many businesses, it can be an advantage to know people in the area you are moving to, whether through existing family, children’s activities, sports or hobbies. On the other hand, as many franchisees have found, operating the local café or cleaning business can be a great way of getting to know people and making new friends.

Another good reason for selecting a particular area might be that the franchise you are particularly interested in has a good location available. Look through this magazine and you’ll find plenty of franchises which are crying out for franchisees in particular parts of the country, such as Trident Homes in Kapiti, Napier/Hastings, Gisborne, Waikato and West Coast, helloworld in Canterbury, Marlborough, Northland and Whanganui, Pita Pit in smaller towns throughout New Zealand, SkyTech drones in agricultural regions, and Landmark Homes in Northland, Nelson and Otago. And when franchisors say they have opportunities nationwide, they usually mean it – so if you like a brand, ask what locations are available.

Questions to Ask Yourself

• What do I want to put into and get out of life?

• What does my family need and want for a good lifestyle?

• What would I need to pay to rent or buy a suitable home?

• How much capital could I release from my home to put into the business?

• Does the region have a suitable market for my chosen franchise?

• What is the competition? Is there much opportunity for growth?

• Is there the infrastructure we need for education, sports we enjoy, leisure activities, culture?

• Are there work opportunities for family members if they are not involved in the new business?

• Do we have family members/old friends nearby?

• Would we fit in the local community? How easily do we make new friends?

• Is this a good time for children to change schools?

• What opportunities are there in the new area for lifestyle changes? eg. less time commuting, more time for family or favourite hobbies.

• Is this a region I’ve visited and thought ‘I could live here’?

Is it a good fit?

Finding the right location is always critical to the success of any new business, so if you are flexible about where you go and prepared to take an opportunity when it arises, you could find that it pays off.

That doesn’t mean that buying a franchise is a guarantee of success, though – you have to be certain that any proposed venture really is a good location on the right terms (see Understanding the Numbers on page 80). No matter how reasonable the rent might seem by city standards, you have to get the right number of people passing the door to make a business profitable.

And while many franchises, such as Caci, have different models for regional markets, such as smaller footprint or lower capacity stores, some don’t. While a small town such as Tirau might support a far larger café than the resident population would justify because of its massive traffic flow and popularity as a refreshment stop, other locations require more compact (and cheaper) designs.

How to get there

If you’re looking to make the change from city living, then, or want to move to another part of the country, buying a franchise may offer the opportunity you’re looking for.

On the left are some questions to help you make up your mind. Once you’ve answered those, turn to page 84 to see our Directory of over 275 different franchise opportunities. You’ll be amazed at just what’s available!


When you’ve got a hugely popular brand like Katsubi, you have to live up to it every day – and that means having great training and systems in place.

‘People love the fresh taste of our Red Bowls, which combine freshlycooked meat and healthy vegetables flavoured with our unique Katsubi Sauce,’ explains Zoe Park of Katsubi HQ. ‘This enables people to select their own mix of rice, salads and sauces, then add freshly-cooked hot meats or plant-based options to create the perfect combination for them.

‘We’re also famous for our Chicken DAK, crunchy fried New Zealand chicken marinated in a special sauce which gives it a delicious tangy, spicy flavour, and we have Katsubi’s own unique udon and ramen noodle options, as well as a variety of tasty snacks to suit any taste, any time.’

It’s this combination of exciting flavours that has made the home-grown Katsubi one of the fastest-growing food franchises in New Zealand, with over 20 stores in malls and high streets around the country, and 10 more opening soon.

Easy to follow

In any food business, delivering high standards during busy periods such as weekends and public holidays is a challenge, but Katsubi has developed clever systems based on 20 years of experience which make it possible for franchisees to maintain smooth workflows at all times.

Natisha Pualilo, manager of the Ormiston store in South Auckland, is a good judge of the efficiency of Katsubi’s operation. She had an impressive background across the hospitality sector prior to joining the company. ‘I studied hospitality and management at a tertiary institution, covering all areas from food and beverage to reception duties in highlyrated hotels,’ she says.

Natisha started at Katsubi working as front of house, and was pleased to find the step up to a manager’s position quite easy. ‘The training that I had gone through at Katsubi was precise, quick and always to a high standard,’ she recalls. ‘That’s typical of the brand – the systems are very well worked-out and easy to follow, and the support is incredible.

‘That’s what makes Katsubi so special, for franchisees and staff alike,’ believes Natisha. ‘It’s a 100 percent Kiwi-owned family business and the franchise team are always encouraging and accessible to address any questions – they are completely understanding of our needs.’

Turning customers into fans

A typical workday for Natisha covers a variety of roles. ‘All Katsubi managers are very much hands-on and must be knowledgeable in all areas of the restaurant,’ she explains, ‘from setting up the restaurant for opening and prepping fresh salads in the morning to helping cook fresh, hot meals and snacks during the day, serving customers, and closing out the till. I also manage tasks such as staff rosters and stock ordering.

‘There are systems for all these things and the chicken comes readyprepared from Katsubi’s own kitchens so we just have to cook it in the store. Because of the fast-paced service, you’re only with a customer for about a minute, but you have little conversations with people and see them more and more as they become regulars, which I really enjoy.’

And it’s that growing band of loyal fans who have helped turn Katsubi into such a strong franchise brand that it can stand proudly alongside any of the global franchises operating here.

All the help you need

Katsubi is looking for franchisees for new locations all over the country. Total investment levels vary according to location and size, ranging between $350,000 and $500,000. Katsubi’s track record over 20 years means that banks are supportive when it comes to finding finance for the right people.

‘It means the opportunity is open to anyone interested in the hospitality industry with a passion for business and a desire to succeed,’ says Zoe. ‘You don’t need a food background or a specific skill set as long as you have lots of energy and are willing to learn.

‘Initial training is held in Auckland or Christchurch, with on-the-job training to help you gain experience and independence as your business grows. There are regular visits from support staff, and contact with highlyexperienced specialists in operations, marketing and planning. These ensure that you are comfortable with every part of the business and able to make the most of the opportunities the franchise offers to achieve high levels of profitability and sustainable returns.

‘If you haven’t already enjoyed the fresh, healthy taste of Katsubi, visit one of our stores and try it for yourself. And if you’re already a fan, contact me – we’d love to talk to you about joining our franchisee family.’

APPROACH Food & Beverage Katsubi’s experience makes it easy to serve fresh and healthy food at the busiest times KATSUBI STORES Auckland Albany Browns Bay DressSmart, Onehunga Glenfield Greenlane Manukau NorthWest Orewa Ormiston Rosedale Silverdale St Lukes Sylvia Park Takapuna WestCity Tauranga Bayfair Hamilton Dinsdale The Base Christchurch Airport (Spitfire) Northlands Riccarton Places of Interest Auckland City Birkenhead Christchurch City Dunedin Hornby Napier Nelson Newmarket Tauranga Taupō Queenstown Whangarei Contact Katsubi for more options Katsubi Contact Zoe Park M 021 880 278 Advertiser Info


When Vaughan Petzer and Neil Cahill began searching for a business opportunity in Hawkes Bay in 2019, they found the local Anchor franchise a highly attractive proposition. Newly-arrived from South Africa, Vaughan and Neil’s previous business experience straddled labour law and industrial relations, medical education and strategic business management – but they knew nothing about franchising.

‘What we did know is that Anchor is a globally-acknowledged brand and a household name around the world,’ says Vaughan. ‘We wanted a business partner that was committed to us, to New Zealand and to product excellence – a business where we knew our commitment would contribute to the local economy. Anchor is a subsidiary of Fonterra, so there’s no better proof of that.’

Anchor franchisees sell and deliver 70 percent of Fonterra’s consumerbranded products such as Anchor, Mainland and Primo. With 38 depots throughout the country and over 175 trucks on the road, they service over 20,000 customers, including cafés, schools, bakeries, dairies, supermarkets and other locations.

Great outcomes

While they carried out thorough due diligence, and spent time with other franchisees to see what managing a regional distribution franchise entailed on a daily basis, Vaughan says their decision to invest in Anchor was also a ‘follow-your-gut’ process – and a good one.

‘It turned out to be the greatest choice. With a bit of hard work and commitment, we’ve enjoyed great personal outcomes and financial growth as well as a wonderful partnership with local businesses, schools and aged care facilities, as well as major national retailers.

‘An added bonus is that many of the dairy products we supply come from Hawkes Bay and the lower North Island, which makes us feel really proud of our local business.’

Value for money

Vaughan and Neil believe their franchise represents excellent value for money, backed as it is by a top-tier brand, first-class support, and a reputation that has been 136 years in the making.

‘Working with Fonterra Brands New Zealand, our team of drivers and staff and a network of extremely dedicated franchisees is inspiring. Every day is uniquely challenging, which makes the business exciting, but the sheer professionalism of it all makes success replicable and sustainable. Support is always only a call or mouse-click away.’

That support comes from a team including a business consultant, a regional sales manager and a business development manager. There are also dedicated franchise support specialists who cover sales, marketing, IT and customer support, depot management, health and safety management, and numerous other roles.

‘There’s also help and friendship from other Anchor franchisees, led by a very capable franchisee leadership team,’ adds Vaughan.

And in addition to the Fonterra products there are partnerships with 23 third-party suppliers to create a ‘full basket’ offering to retailers.

Both Vaughan and Neil say it speaks volumes for the Fonterra Brands partnership that they’re able to incorporate these other brands into their business model.

Grab it with both hands

There are currently a number of Anchor franchise opportunities around the country for people with the skills to operate a fast-moving distribution business. The capital investment required is over $1 million in most cases, but Vaughan says they found applying for finance easier than expected because the banks hold Fonterra Brands franchises in the highest esteem.

Shannon Davidson, National Franchise Manager for Anchor, says candidates must:

• Communicate effectively

• Have strong sales skills and experience

• Demonstrate solid business acumen

• Understand how to motivate and manage people

• Have a can-do attitude and be physically fit

• Show leadership qualities

For Vaughan and Neil, joining Anchor made the transition to a new country, new industry and their own business so much easier. ‘A massive shout-out to Dave and Trace, our right and left hands, and to the incredible team both in our business and the wider network,’ says Vaughan. And it’s the whole team that he credits with their having been named Anchor’s Franchisee of the Year, as well as winning the Sales, Marketing, Pricing and Distribution Award.

To anyone weighing up an Anchor franchise, Vaughan ends, ‘Be prepared to roll your sleeves up and grab the opportunity with both hands. If you do, the results can be amazing.’

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Fonterra Brands (New Zealand) Ltd Contact Anchor Franchise Recruitment Team

56 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
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Opportunity: Food & Beverage
vaughan petzer (second left) and neil cahill (second right) with the anchor team
Hard work and commitment deliver stellar results for new Anchor franchisees


Use Your Experience

Martin Personnel is one of New Zealand’s best-known names when it comes to hiring staff – especially in temporary and blue collar sectors like manufacturing and logistics. Now the company is looking for experienced recruiters to build a highly profitable business of their own by opening new offices around the country and taking over existing operations in Auckland and Christchurch.

‘With a known brand, proven systems and minimal overheads, this means some big opportunities for anyone with a proven background in recruitment and at least two years’ experience,’ says owner Mark Douglas.

‘Martin Personnel has built up a wealth of knowledge over 35 years, and we are known for our ability to understand our clients and become partners rather than just suppliers. Our candidates also become part of the extended family as we get to know their circumstances, preferences and unique personalities to ensure that the right person is put in the right job. That loyalty pays dividends – both ways.’

Ready-made customers with room to grow

Martin Personnel has high awareness among the businesses and corporates that make up its customer base, and its tagline All about people since 1987 is well-recognised. ‘Martin’ as a character helps create personality in communications which include regular newsletters, blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn posts. ‘That means we have national awareness already, and with many of our clients operating facilities around the country, there is business ready and waiting for new franchisees,’ says Mark.

There are opportunities to grow the business in other ways, too. ‘A franchisee can apply their experience in specialist areas of employment. Although Martin Personnel is best-known for providing temporary staff in roles such as machine operators or fork hoist drivers, you can expand into finding permanent employees and service both blue and whitecollar sectors all over the country. There are no territorial limitations –our systems ensure no internal competition.’

Supported with great technology & systems

Mark has drawn on 35 years of experience in creating operational and management systems that help franchisees maximise both efficiency and profitability. ‘I used to work in IT training, so I’ve invested heavily over the years in manuals and technology that take a lot of the time, cost and risk out of the process of recruiting and managing candidates. Our business depends on being able to find the right match at the right time, and candidates come to us because they know we will look after them.

‘Clever technology supports that and makes admin easier by, for example, integrating CRM systems with accounting and payroll, but it also keeps everyone out of trouble. Employment law, health and safety, certification – it’s quite a process, and if people don’t do it properly, they get burned. Our franchisees will have access to exclusive client and candidate management software designed specifically to work with our systems, and benchmarking to help you stay on top of your game.

‘It means that our franchisees can run their business on a tablet from wherever they choose, carrying out sales, interviewing and reference checking, then using the technology to make it all happen. It also keeps overheads down: franchisees can start working from home and grow to employ several staff without necessarily leasing office space at all.’

Low investment, six-figure income

‘There are a lot of bright people in the recruitment business, but it’s hugely difficult and risky to start up on your own these days. Martin Personnel has the reputation, the contacts and the systems to make it happen for you.

‘With the expertise of consultants Tereza Murray Franchising and legal specialists Goodwin Turner, we’ve created a business model that’s both profitable and sustainable for franchisees.

‘The upfront investment is $25,000 +gst, which is very reasonable for a business that can return well into six-figure incomes, and payment plans are available for the right people. That’s what it’s all about – putting the right people in the right places.’

How you can make a fresh start

New franchisees will receive ‘exceptional’ training and ongoing support, Mark says. ‘What we’re offering is a simple business framework supported by sophisticated systems and software. It means you don’t need to have run your own company before, but will allow you to concentrate on gaining your first clients and grow from there.’

An ideal franchisee is someone with business development skills able to develop strong professional working relationships, with experience in any sector: construction, warehousing or trades recruitment; specialist accounting and finance, executive, health or education. ‘It’s also important to have strong connections and networks within their local area or specialist industry,’ Mark says.

‘If you have recruitment experience, a drive to succeed and the desire to build your own business rather than make money for someone else, it’s time for a change. Contact our agent, Nicola Bow, today and make a fresh start with Martin Personnel.’

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Martin Personnel Contact Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747

Martin Personnel offers recruiters the chance to start their own business with a known brand and proven systems
Business & Commercial

W hat makes a good lifestyle business? According to Martin Smith, there are four key ingredients:

• Good income

• Reasonable hours

• Flexible timing

• Plenty of business

‘If that’s what you’re looking for, then Touch Up Guys is the business for you,’ says Martin, who has been the company’s New Zealand franchisor for over 20 years. ‘Guy or girl, young or old, come and talk to me.’

Touch Up Guys is a mobile service that repairs bumper scuffs, stone chips, scratches and other damage to virtually any vehicle. Car yards and private customers ensure ongoing demand – as Martin says, cars may be going electric but keeping them looking good and roadworthy is still important.

‘It’s a business that will get you out and about, and our specialist equipment and exceptional training means you can be up and running in a matter of weeks.’

A bloody good living

The model is so successful that many franchisees have been in business since the 1990s. ‘With retirement beckoning, that’s created a huge opportunity for new operators, so I’m looking for people all over the country,’ says Martin. ‘Make no mistake – these are solid businesses waiting for good people who can use a well-proven franchise system to build a bloody good living!

‘We’ll train and support you to handle as much of that business as

you want. Rather than working every day of the year, though, you’re encouraged to enjoy the good work/life balance that Touch Up Guys can provide, with high profit margins enabling you to make a very good living. If you put on an extra van and employee, of course, growth and earnings go up correspondingly – and if you have more work than you can handle, you can even split your area and enjoy a capital gain.’

All the help you need

The Touch Up Guys package includes training, launch marketing and all the equipment needed to operate your mobile workshop. The investment for a new area is around $81,000, plus the van itself which is available on lease or purchase options. Established businesses vary.

‘Franchisees spend three weeks in Australia for a quality intensive course, and then at least 7-10 days training on the job back in New Zealand before we set them up in their own territory with all the support and skills they need.

‘Our franchisees come from all sorts of different backgrounds. All you require is a “have-a-go” attitude, an eye for detail and the desire to get out there and get working for yourself. If you’ve got that and you follow the system, you’ll find you can build a great business that gives you the lifestyle you want. Talk to me to find out more.’

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Touch Up Guys

Contact Martin Smith P 0800 286 824 M 021 721 430

Compass Homes have opportunities in Northland, Central North Island, Waikato, Upper South Island, West Coast and North Otago.

Touch Up Guys has lots of opportunities for people to build the life they want Opportunity: Automotive Services ALWAYS IN DEMAND
YOU’VE REACHED THE TOP OF YOUR GAME... RE/MAX New Zealand Each Office Independently Owned and Operated. YOUR NEXT MOVE IS TO SECURE A RE/MAX REAL ESTATE FRANCHISE For a confidential discussion, contact: OPPORTUNITIES AWAIT YOU RIGHT NOW! Join RE/MAX, the largest Real Estate brand in the world. Recently being awarded the #1 Real Estate Franchise in the World in the Franchise Times top 400. Hemant Patel 021 1146 247 Don Ha 021 968 309 AN EXCITING FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY GROUP HOME BUILDER We are looking for partners to join the group as franchisees • Low entry costs • Ongoing sales and marketing • Admin support with optional accounting services
Construction experience not essential
Well-established and proven systems and processes
Having experienced recent growth, it’s time for us to share our successful business model.
and is
We have some unique points of difference that makes a franchise with Compass
more information contact Bronwyn Bindon
58 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Compass Homes is a
Home building company
expand nationwide.
appealing. For
Phone: 021 461


One of the best sources of information about any opportunity you may be considering is the existing franchisees in the same system. After all, they have already made that choice and are living the life. By talking to them either in person or on the phone, you can learn what that life is really like.

You will get a realistic assessment of the return that can reasonably be expected on your investment; the hours of work you will need to put in; the amount of service and advice provided by the franchisor; the general atmosphere and image of the franchise; and the everyday experiences of a franchisee. Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your research.

• Choose which franchisees you interview. You want to talk to a mix of established people who understand how the franchise works and its potential, as well as more recent franchisees who have been through the latest training. You especially want to talk to franchisees in locations or territories similar to the one you are considering.

• Don’t just accept a list of ‘approved’ franchisees from the franchisor – they are hardly going to point you in the direction of people who have had bad experiences. Get a full list of franchisees from the franchisor and choose from that. It’s fair to tell the franchisor who you want to talk to, as they may need to let your chosen franchisees know in advance that you will be calling and that you are a genuine prospective colleague, not a competitor fishing for information.

• If possible, talk to at least four or five franchisees. They will all have different experiences and the more people you talk to, the more realistic and balanced an impression you will get. There’s always a risk of catching someone on an exceptionally good or bad day so you need to be able to put that feedback into perspective.

• Interview people face-to-face or over the phone, rather than via email. People will be much more brief and more guarded when giving written responses and you won’t be able to listen to their tone or ask follow-up questions. Also, people can be reluctant to put something in writing if they think there is a chance of it getting back to the franchisor – even accidentally.

• Do prepare for interviews – whether in person or over the phone – in advance. Keep them as brief as possible. If you’re serious, franchisees will usually be happy to answer questions but remember, it’s not their job to tell you about the franchise. They have their own business to run so talking to you is taking them away from that. Be appreciative.

To help you prepare, here are some questions you might like to think

about. Don’t ask every franchisee every question – pick the areas that are of most concern to you and focus on those. How does it suit?

The first thing you want to know is what sort of person you are talking to and how they run the business. Ask:

• What was your previous experience before buying this franchise? What did you know about the industry? What skills do you consider essential for success?

• What do you enjoy about the business? What do you dislike?

• What hours are you open? How much time do you spend doing preparation, organisation or paperwork after hours? How much of this do you do at work and how much at home?

• What was the impact of running the business upon your family and social life when you first started? What is it now?

• How has your experience matched up to what the franchisor told you?


An established franchisee should be able to evaluate the training they received. Of course, no training can prepare you for everything, so you need to be certain that on-site and ongoing support will be available to help you fill in the gaps when you first start.

• How good was the training? How far did it prepare you for running your own business? How well did it cover day-to-day operations? How well did it cover business development, sales and other subjects? Has the training programme changed since you went through it? Do you think it has improved?

• What sort of support did you receive when you first opened? How helpful was it? Did you receive enough support?

• What sort of marketing support did you receive? Was it effective? How did you make the best use of the opportunities it created?


Once you are up and running, you’ll need a different type of support. You’ll be paying for it, usually through a flat fee, royalty or product markup of some kind, so you want to be certain you’ll get value for money.

• How good is the support you receive from the franchisor? What form does it take? How often does someone visit your business? How responsive is the franchisor to requests?

Want to know what a franchise is really like? Ask the people who are already there

Buying a Franchise

Founded in 1999, InXpress has a long history in managing successful businesses. This is combined with the expertise to train and support franchisees in running a sales business. With 460+ franchises globally, the multi-award-winning business continues to grow.

The InXpress Opportunity

Build your own successful and profitable start-up business with the security of the world’s largest franchisor of global courier services. We’ll provide full training, with ongoing coaching and support.

• Recession-resistant

• Low entry & ongoing costs

• Proven business model

• Full training & coaching

InXpress has established strong and lasting relationships with trusted courier partners around the globe and access to highly competitive rates. This leaves you free to concentrate on building sales, working towards your goals, and creating the lifestyle you want.

• No inventory, office or vans

• Unlimited passive income

• Work from anywhere!

• What marketing and promotional campaigns are provided? On the whole, are they effective? What additional activities do you have to carry out yourself?

• Are supplier relationships good? Are there restrictions on what suppliers you can use? Do the preferred suppliers generally provide good value for money?

• Have you had to have a re-fit within the term of your franchise agreement? How much consultation was there? Did it increase sales?

• If there is any specialist software provided, how good is it? Is it easyto-use? Is it reliable? Do all franchisees use the same system?

• Does the franchisor carry out benchmarking across the franchise network? Is this helpful? How do they follow up?

• If there is an exclusive territory, is it of a size to allow you a reasonable return? Have there been any disputes over territories with the franchisor or other franchisees?

• What level of competition have you experienced? Does the franchise offer real competitive advantages? What are they?

• How did the franchisor support you during Covid? How quickly did they help you react to changing alert levels? Was there fee relief for any period when you couldn’t trade? Did they help you apply for subsidies or negotiate with landlords?

• Has the franchisor met its obligations under the franchise agreement? Have there been any areas of dispute? How were these resolved?

today! +61 405 518 515



It might seem rude to ask strangers about what they earn, but if you want to choose a business that suits your needs then you need to know if it can meet your expectations. Here are some questions that shouldn’t seem too intrusive.

Own a tech-enabled business, working from home in an ‘essential service’ industry.
A respected partner to global carriers
If you have a passion for people, coffee and customer service, Hudsons could be just what you are looking for. We have business opportunities available across New Zealand. Initial investment from $250k. We look forward to taking the journey with you. WWW.HUDSONSCOFFEE.CO.NZ KHUSHBOO BADIYANI +64 21 786 685 KHUSHBOO.BADIYANI@HUDSONSCOFFEE.CO.NZ For the love of coffee

• Were the franchisor’s projections correct about the amount of capital and/or borrowing you would initially require? Did they include working capital? Have you had to increase your investment since?

• Were there any hidden fees or unexpected costs? If so, what were they?

• How long were you trading before you achieved break-even? How long before you started generating income from the business?

• Has the return been in line with your expectations?

• What has the single greatest effect upon your annual net profit? Technology

Technology is increasingly affecting all kinds of businesses. Is your intended franchise switched on to the opportunities and threats it offers?

• Is the point of sale or invoicing system easy to use? Does it provide you with information that is of help in managing your business? Does it allow easy benchmarking against other franchisees?

• What information about your business does the franchisor have access to? Does it enable them to assist you better?

• Does the franchise have a good website, and how does it affect franchisees? Does it offer products direct to customers? Do you get a share of sales to your territory? Do you feel you are in competition with the website or is it a good source of leads or business for you?

• Does the franchise have a co-ordinated social media strategy or do franchisees do their own thing? Are there guidelines in place?

• What was the last piece of technology introduced by the franchisor? How easily were you able to incorporate it into your business? How helpful was it? Was it worth the cost to you?


One of the most important aspects of meeting a number of franchisees is that it will give you a feel for the type of people who are attracted to – and who succeed in – the franchise. If you buy into the franchise, these are the people who will be your colleagues and your mentors. How comfortable will you feel with them, as well as with the franchise itself?

• How would you describe your relationship with the franchisor and other franchisees?

• Have there been problems between franchisees – eg, competing for customers? How did the franchisor manage the situation?

• Have there been significant disputes between a franchisee and the franchisor? How were they handled? Did you feel the franchisor acted in the best interests of the franchise as a whole?

• Is there good two-way communication with the franchisor? How does this happen? How often?

• How often do you meet or chat to other franchisees? In person? Over the phone? On-line?

• If you were starting again (without the operational knowledge you have now) would you buy the same franchise again?


Remember, although you want to find a business that will be a good financial proposition, you also want to find one where you will be happy. After all, a franchise is made up of more than a brand and a set of operating instructions – it’s made up of people.

By talking to other franchisees, you’ll gain an insight into the culture of the business, the type of people it attracts and how you might fit in. Talking to a variety of different franchisees should not only give you that knowledge; it should also give you a better understanding of what you need to do to be successful.

Do it right and it could be others coming to ask you questions in a few years’ time.

Give franchisees the local marketing support they


A self-service local marketing portal that lets franchisees: Create marketing content from flexible templates Order merchandise, printing and other items Download key marketing assets

See also the article 250 Questions to Ask Your Franchisor at


Automate and scale your ‘local social’ marketing: automatic publishing of content and ads to local pages set up a library of campaigns franchisees can fund monitor all local pages in a single dashboard

brand machine

More Info
7 reasons to talk to us BEFORE you sign up Comprehensive pre-purchase evaluation reports Business structures to minimise risk, maximise protection Proven solutions and systems to save time, money and tax Specialist advice complete with listening and understanding Specialist franchise mentoring and ongoing support The knowledge and experience of New Zealand’s premier dedicated franchise specialist A New Zealand franchise industry award-winning service Reduce the risk when buying a franchise. Use our new online pre-purchase evaluation platform to fnd out if buying a franchise is the right ft for you! Enter your details into our purpose-built platform and get a full, comprehensive report, including fnancial and lifestyle evaluations, that will tell you if buying a franchise is the right choice for you. Developed by Franchise Accountants, with specialised franchise experience, this platform is the only one of its kind that compares your data with like-for-like franchises and businesses, along with your personal expectations and fnancial position. 0800 555 8020 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Service Provider of the Year 2011–12 Winner 2015–16 Winner 2017–18 Winner 2018–19 Winner 2019–20 Winner Know before you invest! Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2019 Winner Service Provider of the Year

L ayamon and Laura Bakewell both had 18-year careers in the Royal New Zealand Navy before deciding the next stage in their lives was to buy their own business. ‘It’s no exaggeration to say that we looked at literally hundreds of possibilities and rejected the lot,’ Layamon laughs.

‘We weren’t completely green – both my parents had owned businesses in the past, and it was what I studied at University – but one of the best pieces of advice I ever received was, “Get the best advisors you can afford.” It was spot on – and it’s served us well.’

The couple felt that a franchise would be the best option for their first business. ‘Our research was extensive and involved reading lots of issues of Franchise New Zealand magazine, which is where we came across Franchise Accountants, headed by Philip Morrison. By June 2020 we had found a franchise we were seriously interested in – Pets in the City, the doggie day care centre – so we arranged to meet Philip to get him to check it out for us.’

Despite the distraction of the Covid lockdowns, Layamon describes Philip as being, ‘The steadying voice of reason and calm throughout the whole process. We hit it off immediately. Philip put together the first financial forecast for us, and we became the new owners of Pets in the City Silverdale. The advice and support he has given us ever since has been simply phenomenal – he has become much more than just an accountant, and we consider him to be a key business advisor.’

How do we do this?

With Layamon and Laura’s business doing well, Philip’s advice became more important than ever earlier this year when the opportunity came up to buy the whole Pets in the City franchise. ‘My initial reaction was, “We can’t afford it!” then I thought again and rang Philip and said, “How do we do this?” He then worked very closely with us to get us across the line.’ Layamon admits, ‘Although we knew how good the business was, we had a few cold sweats over it. Whenever I phoned Philip to ask one of many silly questions, he always explained things and reassured us, “Don’t worry, it is a sound business and the numbers do stack up.”’

As the new franchisors, Layamon and Laura plan to expand Pets in the City across New Zealand over the next few years. ‘Obviously, such expansion requires careful planning and Franchise Accountants will be a key part of building our growth strategy.’


Buying an established business

Glen Singleton and Victoria Rukuwai also worked with Franchise Accountants in the acquisition of a very different type of franchise. The couple are buying the joint Speedy Signs/EmbroidMe store in Kapiti which has been established for four years.

‘We felt that having two well-known brands and the support of such an experienced franchisor would be a great help, but as newbies in business, we wanted to be sure we were making the right move,’ says Glen. ‘It was the owners who recommended we look at the Franchise Accountants website, which is easy to follow and an excellent guide to all the possible traps to watch out for in franchising.

‘We contacted Philip in August this year and his wisdom hasn’t stopped since. He has a great way of making it easy for non-accountants to understand, and his advice has been totally independent. He took us through the documentation and has always been available to discuss details with us. The real clincher for us was his analysis of the figures and his deep understanding of the franchise model. He thought the outlet probably had unrealised potential so, with our new energy and an excellent accountant-plus-business-consultant behind us, we are looking forward to turning our new business into an even better one.’

Award-winning excellence

Franchise Accountants are five-time winners of the Service Provider of the Year title at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. In the last 10 years, the company has worked with more than 1,000 franchise businesses in New Zealand and evaluated over 250 different franchise brands, giving the company an unmatchable working knowledge of franchising in New Zealand.

‘If you’re evaluating a franchise business, make us your first port of call,’ Philip says. ‘We’ll help you to benchmark the opportunity and determine how it measures up in the three critical areas: viability, sustainability and profitability. Buying any business requires detailed examination, and we are experts in the small details that make all the difference.

‘We also love helping existing franchisees to find the weaknesses and opportunities in their businesses. We have a wealth of experience of due diligence in the franchising sector, and in these uncertain times, it is more important than ever for franchisees to have an accountant they can trust who really understands their business.

‘During the lockdowns we talked to every single one of our franchisee clients and over 95 percent of them came through in one piece. That’s where having the right advice can make a big difference. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.’


it viable, sustainable and profitable? Franchise Accountants will put your franchise purchase under the microscope, then keep you on track Managing A Franchise: Financial Matters
trust: a good accountant is a franchisee’s best friend
laura and layamon bakewell: ‘get the best advisors you can’ Info Contact Philip Morrison P 0800 555 80 20 M 021 22 99 657 pmorrison@ Advertiser

Anumber of franchises offer some sort of work or income guarantee, especially in the service sectors. If you are leaving a regular pay cheque behind for the first time, the idea of a guarantee can be an attractive one because it reduces some of the risks of setting up your own business.

However, having a guarantee is still not the same as being employed. The amount guaranteed is likely to be enough to see you through difficult times or the initial start-up period, but to get a real return on the time and investment you put in, you will need to make the business work. If you do not believe that you will be able to exceed the guaranteed amount and achieve your real goals, don’t buy the franchise. On the other hand, if you just want some reassurance while you get your business-building skills up to speed, a guarantee offers a safety net.

If the guarantee really matters to you, it’s important to know what it is and what it covers. In general, guarantees are divided into two types: work guarantees, where the franchisee is guaranteed a certain value of work that they must go out and do in order to generate income, and income guarantees, where the franchisee is guaranteed a minimum income. Income guarantees are less common, so make sure you find out which is being offered.

Whichever type of guarantee is offered, there are certain to be a number of conditions that have to be fulfilled before the franchisee can collect upon it. For this reason, franchise buyers need to be careful to confirm exactly how any guarantee operates before making their decision. Here are some questions that may help:

• What is the purpose behind the guarantee being offered?

• Is it a guarantee of work to an agreed value or of income to a set level?

• What is the guaranteed amount?

• Under what circumstances will it be paid?

• How long will it be paid for?

• What special conditions apply (eg. must I accept any work given anywhere? Must I contact the franchise office every day for work?)

• When is the guaranteed amount payable?

• What happens if the franchisor cannot afford to pay the guarantee for the specified period?

• What evidence is there that the guarantee has actually been paid out?

• If you take the guarantee out of the package, does the franchise still appear to be attractive and viable?

This last question is perhaps the most important of all. Franchising is generally a very low-risk way to go into business, but if you want to lower the risk even further, don’t rely solely on guarantees. Choose wisely, do your research and above all take advice from a franchise-experienced lawyer and accountant (see pages 72 and 80)

True success depends not only on the training, support, and systems provided by the franchisor but on the commitment and hard work you put in – and no-one can guarantee those. In the end, your success is up to you.

64 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
What importance should you place on a work or income guarantee? GUARANTEED INCOME? Buying A Franchise: Finance FRANCHISE CLEANING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT NEW ZEALAND 0800 526 454 Changing people’s lives, one business at a time

Perfect Mix

You don’t succeed for long in the hospitality business without offering great food and achieving consistent profitability. That makes Columbus Coffee’s success even more impressive. Over the last 27 years, the home-grown brand has grown from a single outlet on Auckland’s High Street to a major player, with 75 franchised cafés all over the country.

One of the people charged with keeping the franchise ahead of the rest is Executive Chef Sean Mackenzie. ‘Columbus Coffee has a very successful business model, which is what attracts our franchisees to invest. My job is to design menus that appeal to customers, keep abreast of trends and help franchisees achieve maximum returns while not sacrificing flavour.’

More than the basics

Sean has hospitality in his veins. ‘My parents ran a B&B and had tearooms for a while so we had lots of tourists and kept a big family table. As a teenager, I regularly cooked dinner and this started my passion for food,’ he says. ‘I trained then worked in various hotels, restaurants and cafés, until I realised that I have a passion for teaching young chefs who want to learn – which is how I ended up at Columbus five years ago.’

Sean says, ‘Most Kiwi cuisine is a fusion from all round the world, gathered in part by travelling Kiwis like me – my style has been influenced by working in Australia and training in Thailand and Vietnam. So that encourages us to be creative.’

To appeal to customers all over the country, the food team at Columbus Coffee looked at the top-selling items in each café then created a core menu of popular and profitable recipes while still allowing franchisees to add local favourites in their own cafés. ‘The important point was to get

our customers thinking beyond just the basic breakfast menu or coffeeand-a-scone.

‘As people began to realise that they could have a good lunch in their favourite café, so we saw turnover increasing steadily. Word got out, regular customers came more often, and new customers flocked in.

‘There’s now a core menu so customers know they can always order their classic favourites, plus cafés are able to add other items to cater for their customers’ preferences and use local produce according to the season. The result is better food, more consistency and better service, too: franchisees can spend more productive time listening to customers and helping staff grow.’

Good food builds loyal fans

Columbus Coffee supports franchisees and their staff with training from the food team in the kitchen. ‘It’s vital everyone understands what it takes to make beautiful food and serve it well,’ says Sean. ‘Our cabinet food is a drawcard for all our stores, so presentation matters, and good food builds loyal fans and increases average spend.’

The franchise is also using technology to encourage chefs to create and share interesting new dishes. ‘Columbus Coffee has a big pool of talent –perhaps the biggest group of connected chefs in the country – so now we can pass all manner of tips, creation and inspirations round the group and all learn from each other. Sharing interactive recipe cards and using new technology definitely sets us apart, and helps franchisees know they are part of an innovative and forward-thinking brand.’

Another innovation the food team at Columbus is clearly very proud of is the Kitchen Competition. ‘This is a terrific piece of fun we all look forward to. Two or three times a year we ask our suppliers to provide some ingredients, and the chefs compete to create a recipe using them. It’s inspiring, makes our chefs think outside the box and adds to their growth and creativity.

‘A successful food business is about people, product, place – and profit,’ Sean concludes. ‘That’s the formula that Columbus Coffee is constantly working on, and it’s exciting to be part of making it happen every day.’

Be successful wherever you are

Jon Hassall, the Chief Operating Officer of Columbus Coffee, says that there are opportunities for new franchisees in many parts of the country. ‘For an investment from around $350,000 +gst, you can join our remarkable family around the country. We’re as popular in heartland New Zealand as we are in city centres, and we support our franchisees and chefs to run truly successful businesses wherever they are.

‘If you want a new café business that you can have absolute confidence in, Columbus Coffee is the brand to have behind you. Talk to us to find out more.’

Columbus Coffee’s menus bring together innovation, technology and profitability for franchisees
Opportunity: Food & Beverage Columbus Coffee Contact Jon Hassall P 0-9-520 1044 M 028 8500 1300 Advertiser Info
latest menu
filming columbus coffee’s
executive chef sean mackenzie
As a cooperative-franchise, Paper Plus combines the expertise and support of a large, nationally recognised brand, with your entrepreneurial drive and a passion for retail, to create a successful, long term business. Paper Plus and its members are more than just business partners, together in towns and cities throughout New Zealand, we’re a key part of communities, schools and local businesses. Member opportunities available nationwide. Talk to us about whether a Paper Plus cooperative-franchise is right for you 100% behind Your Local Community & You Locally Owned. Friendly People. Great Advice.

Botherway helps create the legal foundations for franchise success

Making law


Justina Knox is a fan of franchising. ‘I’m all about relationships, and franchising is a very positive way of setting up businesses. As a lawyer, I love helping people to understand each other’s perspective. Get that right at the start and you create the foundations for success while avoiding the wrangling that can cause issues and costs later on.’

Justina is the franchise specialist with Botherway, a Hamilton-based commercial law firm which services clients all over the country. With nearly 30 years’ experience in franchising, she has represented new and existing franchisors and franchisees, helped franchisees develop multi-unit empires and worked with franchisees exiting systems.

‘In fact, I’ve often acted for people when they have bought their first franchise, worked with them as they’ve grown and then acted for them again when the time has come for them to sell and move on.

‘Being a smaller firm allows for that personal contact which builds longterm relationships and trust. If you are looking for a legal advisor who can combine that approach with specialist franchise expertise, give me a call.’

Working for franchisees

Here’s a memorable bit of advice from Justina for franchise buyers: ‘Franchisors don’t use non-specialist legal advisors – nor should you!’

‘Any lawyer can look at a franchise agreement, but it will take them twice as long as a specialist, they won’t know what the industry standard is, and they will argue for changes that are never going to happen.

‘When I’m helping people buy a franchise, I look at the agreement and the opportunity and my experience enables me to say, ‘This clause is a positive, this is quite normal, but that is a potential issue – let’s talk about it. It may or may not be possible to change, but at least you will understand why it’s in there and whether you can live with it.

‘For example, some franchisees get hung up on rebates paid by suppliers to the franchisor – they think they pay higher prices because of it. But how is that money being used to support or promote the franchise? Another example is the requirement for franchisees to use certain admin or accounting systems. They may be unfamiliar to the franchisee, but by having everyone on the same system the franchisor can provide better analysis or feedback.

‘We’ll help you find out these things at the start so there’s no frustration later on and you can concentrate on building your business.’

Working for franchisors

Understanding how the franchise relationship works makes a big difference, says Justina. ‘When we act for a franchisor, our job is to help them develop a good system. That takes leadership and firm foundations – but at the same time needs a framework that can take on board the skills and feedback of the franchisees. Franchising rewards a collaborative approach, and that’s what we try to create.

‘And when things go wrong, as they inevitably will sometimes, good leaders put their hands up and say, “We got that wrong and here is how we can fix it” and franchisees will respect you for it. It’s a matter of getting the right advisors around you to help the franchise move forwards.

‘Sometimes, new circumstances may force a change of direction that doesn’t suit everyone, or the franchise may have stalled for whatever reason. In that case, you need support to work your way out and release the franchisees in a positive way. We’ve facilitated that, and have been able to have it be a positive experience for all involved.’

Fixed fee quotes

Botherway may be a boutique firm, but the team of lawyers have experience across a wide range of areas: employment law; company, business and supply agreements; property and leasing; and trust law, which enables new franchisees to manage business risk and protect their family and assets.

‘We talk to our clients in depth to understand their business and family so we can do the best job for them,’ Justina says. ‘We like to provide a more personal service than the big city firms, and we’re happy to provide a fixed fee quote so there will be no surprises.

‘So whether you’re a franchisor, a franchisee or a franchise buyer anywhere in New Zealand, get in touch to find out how we can help you.’

Advertiser Info

Botherway Contact Justina Knox P 0-7-839 1122 M 021 721 549

Focus & Certainty

Legal Franchise Specialists

Buying or setting up your first or next franchise is a big decision.

Justina Knox and the Hamilton based team’s personalised approach is focused on understanding your motivations for wanting to own and run a franchise business.

This means the legal advice is not only commercially focused and pragmatic but is also aligned to your goals and ambitions.

Beyond this focused approach, Justina and the team provide fixed fee quotes to ensure that you have a certainty of budget.

Contact Justina on 07 839 1122 | or visit

For a personalised approach, with a fee that allows you to focus on getting your business up and running.

Legal Advice
justina knox


A ccording to our recent survey, 60% of prospective franchisees are planning to enter their business with someone else – either their spouse or life partner (39%), another family member (13%), a business partner (6%) or a friend (2%).

In fact, for many people, one of the key attractions of owning their own business is the opportunity it will give them to work together. For others, working together is the inevitable consequence of the choice made by one partner or the other to follow a certain path. In many trade-based franchises, for example, if the husband is out doing maintenance or installation work, it often falls to the wife to manage the invoicing, the GST and the accounts, among many other things. And whether the business is owned by the husband, or the wife, or by both together, it’s bound to be a regular topic of conversation over dinner and even in the bedroom.

These days, smartphones and Zoom meetings mean that it’s not easy to switch off, either. Your phone makes you a target anywhere and any time for customers, staff, supervisors, suppliers or anyone else who wants to have a yap with you. Too bad if you are shopping, fishing, watching the rugby, walking with your family, eating your lunch or sleeping (a particular problem with international contacts).

So one area which is particularly important in building a successful business is that of family support. Even when only one member of a family is directly involved in the business, they still need support and understanding from the rest of the family. In fact, research by the Franchise Relationships Institute found that family and social support is the second highest indicator of franchisee success. Having people in your corner who want you to succeed is critical.

Competing for attention

In some ways, a new business can be like having a new member of the family competing for care and attention. It is possible that the family members not directly involved in the business might feel neglected and become jealous that the business is stealing their partner or parent from them. Children, for instance, can feel angry that their mum or dad is not as available as they used to be.

On the other hand, if members of the family are tolerant of the care and attention the business requires, especially in the early stages, it can make a big difference to whether the fledgling business fulfils its potential.

In addition to the commitment, time and energy involved in building a business there are the financial risks and sacrifices. For instance, money may initially need to be diverted from the family into the business and the family home mortgaged.

If the rest of the family are not supportive or become resentful, it is unlikely that the person responsible for the business will be able to sustain the enthusiasm and commitment necessary for success. It

68 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Buying a Franchise
Is it your dream to run your own business with your partner or a family member? Buying a franchise can make it come true. Greg Nathan provides some tips on building a good working relationship with someone you love


will not be long before this ‘work/family conflict’ starts to become a serious barrier, not only to business success but also to the health and happiness of the family unit.

Problems in the family

Studies have shown that factors which make this work/family conflict worse include the following:

• One partner is involved in working unusual hours and thus becomes isolated from normal social activities.

• Extended regular periods away from home can leave the absent person on the periphery of the family while other family members might feel abandoned and angry.

• Enterprising women tend to feel more dissatisfaction than men with the lack of time they have available for family activities. The more children they have, the greater their dissatisfaction.

• The stress and long hours involved in running a business can lead to a lack of energy to participate in family activities during time off, which is usually needed to sleep and recharge the batteries.

• Other problems in the family such as impending divorce, or serious school or behavioural problems with children, can also become potential barriers to business success because of the time they consume and the negative impact they can have on a person’s energy and focus.

Enterprising couples

Where a couple are both involved in a business, the risk of work/ family conflict can actually be greater – but so are the opportunities. In summarising the extensive research in this area Dr Don Edgar, ex-Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, says, ‘Being married acts as an inoculation to many of the major physical and mental problems that beset the human race. What stands out from the research is that quality of life is best predicted by one’s relationship with a partner.’

In other words, working in a business with your partner not only provides you with an enhanced opportunity for success; it also potentially enables you to further enjoy the benefits that come from a positive supportive relationship.

However, no one said it is easy. Being in business together raises a number of issues that require careful consideration.

Tips for living and working together

Going into business with your partner raises a number of exciting challenges. Although some of these will be different for different couples, research shows that many of the stresses on working relationships come from remarkably similar issues. Here are some tips and questions to discuss with your partner in several important areas:

Risk – How much financial risk are you both comfortable with? Talk about the possibility that the business could fail and what this would mean for your family and your lifestyle.

Financial goals – How much money do you need to pull from the business to support your desired lifestyle? What sales do you need to generate to enable you to do this?

Vision – What is your vision of how you want your business and your family to function, including the goals you wish to achieve in both areas? These should embrace your most cherished values and should be written down.

Hours – How many hours are you each prepared to put into the business and what sacrifices are you not prepared to make? Also consider how the household chores will be attended to.

Children – How might the business impact on your children and what can you do to ensure their needs are being met? If you don’t put aside time to do the things your kids want to do, you cannot realistically expect them to support you.

Authority – Consider your strengths and areas of expertise. Who will have the final say on what issues and who ultimately is the boss? Also ensure there are rules and systems in place to guide how money will be spent.

Evaluation and adjustment – Things seldom go exactly to plan, so flexibility is vital. What process will you use regularly to evaluate how things are progressing and what changes are needed to accommodate emerging needs?

Tolerance – Working and living together is likely to magnify your strengths and weaknesses. What quirks do you each have that may get on each other’s nerves, and are you really prepared to accept these?

Support – You will need to cover for each other when one of you is under a lot of pressure and back each other up ‘for better or worse’.

Care – Don’t take your relationship for granted, even when business is absorbing a lot of your time and attention. Remind yourself, ‘It is good for our business, as well as our marriage, to take good care of each other’.

Conflict – Don’t let things fester and don’t push too hard to get your own way if you know it will create resentment. Where there are long-standing or serious difficulties, seek outside support.

Fun – Keep your sense of humour and make time to have some fun in the business.

Well-being – What can you both do to maintain your health and wellbeing in the face of pressure? Build a relaxation and personal health programme into your daily schedule.

Outside support – Encourage your extended family to take a positive interest in what you are doing, and seek friends who are supportive of your business venture.


There is no substitute for talking through these and other associated issues in an open and honest way. From these discussions, you are also likely to experience an enhanced sense of trust and interdependency which can only contribute further both to your relationship and your business.

The message is clear: don’t underestimate the impact of family issues on business success.

About the Author

Greg Nathan is the founder and director of Franchise Relationships Institute and author of five best-selling franchising books, including The Franchise E-Factor and Profitable Partnerships. For more information and ideas on how to succeed in franchising, visit

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get ahead


A lison England found NumberWorks’nWords when, as a frustrated schoolteacher, she was looking for external support for her students. ‘Unfortunately, our education system isn’t able to keep up with resourcing for students who need a little extra help to get ahead,’ she says.

NumberWorks’nWords after-school maths and English extension and remediation lessons provide individual, tailored support for students. Alison loved teaching but realised that if she was ever going to leave and build something of her own, the franchise offered the ideal opportunity. After working alongside the NumberWorks’nWords team for a few months, she decided to open her own centre in Henderson in 2008.

Alison’s daughter Chelsea discovered her own passion for children and learning while working in her mum’s centre as a university student. In 2020, they sold that first business and opened a new centre together as equal partners. ‘It started as succession planning,’ Alison explains. ‘Once Chelsea decided she loved the work, she started to get more involved in the business.’

The mother-and-daughter team have been so successful, they were recognised as finalists for Franchisee of the Year in the Home & Lifestyle category at the 2022 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards.

Perfect partnership

Job-sharing works well for the pair: Chelsea has two young children and is able to keep momentum in her career without sacrificing family time, while Alison can start reducing her commitments as she looks towards retirement. ‘I love knowing Chelsea is set up in her own business with plenty of opportunity for growth and good support.’

Their Northwest centre is the largest in New Zealand, with 27 well-trained part-time tutors and over 400 lessons delivered every week. How have they grown so big? ‘We’re not marketing specialists, but we don’t have to be because the franchise handles a lot of that for us. Instead, we focus on building relationships and being a part of our community, which leads to a lot of word-of-mouth referrals.

‘No matter where they live, people want better opportunities for their kids, and will spend their hard-earned money to give them the best chance to learn. They trust us to help. We’re always communicating, reassessing students and checking in with their progress at school. Even during lockdown, we provided online tuition and kept students engaged. Our parents were really grateful to have someone else to supervise their kids’ learning for a few hours a week.’

Everything you need

Alison and Chelsea firmly believe in the value of a good franchise system and NumberWorks’nWords has been recognised as one of the country’s best, being a finalist for Home & Lifestyle Franchise System of the Year

‘Being part of the franchise is gold,’ Alison says. ‘If you’ve done your research and chosen to go into a franchise, you have to trust the model. The system is what we pay for, and it works really well – why would we try to change it?

‘One of the most frustrating things about teaching can be keeping up with curriculum changes. NumberWorks’nWords keeps everything updated for us so we have the time and energy to invest in individual programme planning to help each child reach their true potential. There’s lots of other support too, in everything from software development and training tutors to business management. We love what we do and we’d absolutely do it all over again.

‘Sometimes, as a teacher, you look back and wonder how many kids you really made a difference for. This closer work is so fulfilling – you get to watch the breakthroughs and see kids’ lives change. There’s a real need for the service we provide, and the franchise provides everything you need to be successful.’

Not just for teachers

NumberWorks’nWords is looking to open new centres throughout New Zealand. The investment of around $100,000 +gst includes full training, as well as teaching and business software, furniture, fitting-out premises and computers.

CEO Sarah Simons says, ‘New franchisees don’t necessarily need a teaching background – we have successful franchisees from all walks of life. What we look for is strength in relationship building, being open to learning, having business acumen and passion for helping Kiwi kids reach their potential. If that’s you, contact us now.’

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NumberWorks’nWords Contact Jo Powell P 022 519 7632

alison england and chelsea lyons: ‘we’d absolutely do it all over again’
NumberWorks’nWords is the perfect business for
daughter team
Leisure & Education


ccasionally, disappointed franchisees call our office to ask for advice. Their message is almost always the same: ‘We’re in a bit of trouble.’ Sadly, the trouble often stems from their not having understood what the franchise involved before they bought it because they hadn’t bothered to consult a franchise lawyer. Well, to save you making the same mistake, here’s our list of the reasons why people don’t use lawyers, and the reasons why they should.

It’s such a good franchise. It might indeed be a good franchise, or it might just be a large franchise, or it might be a franchise that’s past its peak. A good reputation is important but it’s what’s in the franchise agreement that counts. Use a lawyer

I read through the agreement, it looks pretty straightforward. Oh really? You read all 40 pages of legal jargon and understood the lot? Do you know what the term is and what happens at the end of the term? Do you know who you can sell it to? Do you know what your obligations are and how many ways you can lose the business if you break them?

Use a lawyer.

I need all my money for the business, not to pay expensive lawyers. There are lots of expenses involved in starting a new business, but it’s easier to think of items such as equipment, advertising or even insurance as investments. Think of legal advice as a form of investment, too – it ensures that you are properly equipped with the knowledge to make the most of your new business. Use a lawyer

There’s no point in paying a lawyer, the franchisor won’t change the agreement anyway. Franchisors don’t generally change terms and conditions to suit individuals, that’s true, but some franchise agreements are more onerous than others. The time to find out what you are getting yourself into is before you sign, not after. Use a lawyer

The guy who handled our house sale looked it over. Franchising is a specialist area that requires advisors with knowledge of what should and shouldn’t be included, what’s reasonable and what’s unreasonable. They also know most of the players. Use a lawyer - but use a specialist (see the Directory on page 94).

I bought an existing franchise and the franchisee said the agreement What else was he going to say? He might have been desperate to get out of it. Use a lawyer.

There wasn’t enough time. If a franchisor puts you under pressure to sign a franchise agreement, take a big step backwards. You should get all the information you need on which to base an informed decision at least 14 days before having to sign anything. That gives you time to - yes

use a lawyer

I don’t trust lawyers. So you had a bad experience once? Get over it. You need a specialist on your side to help you make the right decision. Start by making a right decision now. Use a lawyer

Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Not using a lawyer when buying a franchise could be a big mistake


Andrew Cutfield admits that, despite all his banking and business experience, he is highly risk-averse. That’s why it took more than four years of looking for a ‘side hustle’ before he found Mizin. Six weeks later, he signed up and now, seven months later, is finding his Bay of Plenty portable cabin hire franchise in high demand.

For 10 years, Andrew was a rural banker. He then established an avocado orchard while being a management consultant, and now enjoys a semipassive income from his Mizin business, too.

‘I started by purchasing seven Mizin cabins and soon increased my investment to fourteen. All of them are let out at a weekly rental ranging from $85 to $150. The top rate is for one of Mizin’s recently-released 4.8 metre Rimu cabins, with a ranchslider door along the side. I’m soon going to take delivery of more cabins from Mizin’s manufacturing supplier and maintenance centre near Levin.

‘The product is good and the demand is certainly there throughout my territory, from Whakatane to Waihi Beach, with the Mizin website bringing in more enquiries every day. A Mizin cabin can be used as an extra bedroom, a home office separate from the house, a playroom for kids, a spray tanning booth, and a whole lot more. Once you’ve confirmed the hire, agreed the minimum hire period and sited the cabin, it’s out there working for you. There are very few low-risk side hustles which can deliver this level of passive income.

‘Going forward, I plan to focus on developing the franchise while my partner Fiona Syme handles customer service and we employ someone like a retired farmer to deliver and pick up cabins. This is a great opportunity for retirees or semi-retired, but equally it’s a highly profitable family business for younger generations. As you can imagine, with my background I did my due diligence pretty thoroughly and I think something like 100 self-funding Mizin cabins would generate income of $8,000 to $10,000 per week.’

Built to last Mizin was founded eight years ago by Mary and Gordon Green, who believed that there was a gap in the market for a better quality cabin than was being offered by other companies. They were right – today there are 600-plus Mizin cabins hired out around the country.

‘To ensure our cabins are warm, dry and healthy, each is built on a steel base with extra thick insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floor cavity to retain heat and reduce noise,’ says Gordon. ‘The construction is robust in every sense, designed to survive severe knocks and not deteriorate or warp over time. The external vinyl cladding has a 50-year life guarantee and the framing is built to housing standards.

‘High-quality carpets, thermal-backed curtains, two sets of double plugs, 10-year fire alarm and electrical certification all come as standard, and there’s even a rear gutter and down-pipe, with deck and canopy. Mizin is a WINZ-approved accommodation provider and during the Covid lockdowns was considered an essential service.’

Another stand-out for franchisees has to be the self-propelled trailer for deliveries and pick-ups. Andrew explains, ‘More often than not, siting a portable cabin calls for tricky reversing. All I have to do is drive in, unhitch the trailer from my ute, switch on its electric motor and, using the remote, steer the cabin into position. Electric rams at each corner lift the cabin then lower it on to four corner-levelling stabilisers – simple. In really difficult situations, Mizin portable cabins are designed so they can be lifted into position by a Hiab or crane.’

Comprehensive package

Andrew says that he was impressed by Mary and Gordon from the very start. ‘They’ve done everything right, using the respected consultants at The Franchise Coach to create a fair and sustainable franchise model, and joining the Franchise Association of New Zealand. The result is that Mizin is a very complete and comprehensive package that includes online and on-site training, ongoing support, and tools for routine maintenance.’

Mary and Gordon Green are understandably proud of Andrew’s success and say he shares their business ethos, with family values reflecting the trust that their customers have in Mizin.

‘Our business model is simple, and encourages growth and development,’ says Gordon. ‘We offer a range of entry levels depending on the size of territory. For example, you can start in a greenfields territory from $275,000, which will include 10 cabins, the self-propelled trailer and an initial launch package to get you going. We also have opportunities to invest in existing company-owned businesses. Right now, for example, we have 20 cabins in Central Otago which accommodate seasonal workers, with plenty of opportunity for a local to grow the business further.

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andrew cutfield (top) : ‘there are very few low-risk side hustles which can deliver this level of passive income’

‘We already have franchisees in place in many parts of the country, but still have opportunities available in key areas. This is a semi-passive investment opportunity which offers franchisees an excellent return. Contact us today to find out more.’

Mizin Contact Gordon Green M 0274 373 441

Opportunity: Home & Building
Mizin’s high-quality cabins offer a healthy semi-passive income to franchisees Solid


The hardest part of owning a Speed Queen self-service laundromat is deciding how you will spend your “work” day.

If you are looking for a truly passive income with an excellent return on investment, get in touch to fnd out more about Speed Queen laundromats.

0800 77 333 7 |

earning income WHILE YOU SLEEP

A sk Konnie Roeun what she appreciates most about her Speed Queen-equipped laundromats and she’ll tell you straight off: passive income. ‘My accountant calls them my gold mine,’ she laughs. ‘I’ve got two so far and I’m planning on ten!’

Originally from Cambodia, Konnie arrived in New Zealand 23 years ago with husband Sokha. The couple originally set up a bakery in Hamilton but, with three children at school and two in day care, found themselves making endless visits to their local laundromat.

‘We researched the laundromat business and discovered Speed Queen provides the most robust and best-designed equipment,’ says Konnie. ‘That’s what you need in a business that runs 24 hours a day, so we found a good site and set up our first laundromat with their help.’

A few years later, Konnie and Sokha decided to sell up and move to Northland, but they knew for sure they wanted another laundromat and it had to be with Speed Queen machines.

Today, the couple own a bakery and a café near the famous toilets in Kawakawa, both with managers as well as the two laundromats. ‘The laundromats really manage themselves,’ says Konnie. ‘We have someone clean them once a day and all I have to do is check my bank account.’

But rather than just sitting back and watching the money roll in, Konnie has followed her passion to become a real estate agent. ‘I always wanted to do this when I was younger but I couldn’t afford to – now I can, and I love it.’

Back in fashion

Laundromats are back in fashion. As apartments have grown smaller, domestic washing machine and dryer ownership has shrunk. ‘We’re following the trend that happened in America 15 years ago where selfserve laundromats became more and more popular,’ says Royce Little, Speed Queen’s head of laundromat sales.

‘In fact, as Konnie and Sokha have found, laundromats are almost the perfect business opportunity – cheap rent, no staff, potentially cashless and capable of being run remotely,’ Royce explains. ‘You don’t need a primary high street site – a less glamorous site with plenty of parking is ideal, although in the Roeuns’ case being opposite their bakery has worked extremely well for both businesses!’

Speed Queen is the oldest and largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment in the world. ‘Despite being founded in 1908, we’ve always been at the cutting edge of technology and trends, and that’s why our operators continue to make big profits,’ says Royce.

‘Our modern machines offer technological advances that have been big game changers for the industry. With cashless payment and remote

operation, laundromats have become even more attractive opportunities for owners as investors, and Speed Queen’s partners are reaping the rewards of us being ahead of the game.’

Speed Queen delivers

‘Passive income has been a driving force for us, and Speed Queen delivers,’ says Konnie. ‘They are very pro-active when it comes to helping choose suitable locations, because that is crucial to your operation. And the new cashless machines have made our business so easy-to-run. Everyone uses EFTPOS today, and I love seeing the money just arrive in the bank.’

Royce Little says that, ‘From an investors’ perspective, cashless payments offer a lot of benefits. For a start, all the security issues have gone – there is nothing to steal on site and no worries about cash handling, collecting and banking coins, either. New laws designed to prevent money laundering have made dropping coins into banks increasingly difficult, but the change has actually made owning a laundromat even more attractive.’

Never failed

Speed Queen is not actually a franchise – you operate under your own brand, but Speed Queen provides all the help you need to get up and running. Speed Queen has equipped over 50 outlets in the last two years and supplied 6 of the largest laundromats operating in the Southern Hemisphere. A medium-sized investment will be between $250,000 and $300,000, with a deposit required of $75-100,000.

‘The return on the total investment is in the region of 20-30 percent, and we’ve had some owners do much better than that,’ says Royce. ‘We’ve never built an outlet that has failed, and we’ve no desire to spoil that record. This is a near-perfect passive investment opportunity, and we are seeking further investors to satisfy the need.

‘One of our operators in Auckland didn’t even advertise when he started his outlet, and it grew exponentially purely by word-of-mouth. It’s all about location, and in his case the location was bang-on.

‘If you are interested in opening your own cashless, money-making investment, we have several areas with considerable potential, so give me a call and let’s start talking.’

Konnie Roeun has the last word. ‘You know how they say working hard brings the best results? Well, with Speed Queen, it’s the machines that are working hard instead.’

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Speed Queen Contact Royce Little P 0-9-528 5600

income from 24-hour operation means the money keeps rolling in for this Speed Queen operator Opportunity: Retail

In the current economic environment with rising interest rates, a red-hot labour market and high levels of inflation, there are many advantages in choosing to buy a franchise rather than an independent business. As an experienced banker, I can say that banks are still keen to lend to good profitable franchises in resilient industries.

For buyers, it’s important to know how to organise your business funding properly. Choosing a bank that understands the franchise model can significantly improve the chances of getting what you need. Common reasons for needing finance include:

• Buying an existing business

• Setting up a new business

• Asset finance – for expansion or growth

• Working capital finance

• Restructuring existing debt

• Management buy-out

• Rental or other bonds

• Fit-out requirements by mall or franchisor

Funding the purchase of an existing business may be straightforward, as there will be historical financial reports to support your application. But funding a brand-new business with no historical data can be challenging if your banker lacks proper knowledge of the franchise sector and doesn’t have the benchmarking information which enables them to assess the opportunity properly. An experienced franchise banker and accountant can assist you to overcome this barrier.

What information will you need to apply for bank funding?

When approaching a bank for funding, it’s good to be prepared with the information you need before your first meeting. Some of the basic requirements are given below: you’ll find that some of this is the same information that you will need to examine with your accountant as part of your due diligence process.

• For an existing business, the last 3 years’ financial reports from an accountant. If possible, look at pre-Covid figures as well; it may give a fuller picture;


Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
SEIZE THE MOMENT Buying a Franchise: Financial Matters
Ratnayake from Westpac explains how to get funding for buying a franchise FRANCHISE SALES SOLUTIONS Finding the right franchisee is a time-consuming challenge – a business broker with franchisor experience can MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE We will • Work with you to sell new locations and/or re-sales • Understand what you need in your franchisee • Respond to all enquiries in a timely manner • Screen prospects to agreed criteria • Negotiate and close sales Clyth MacLeod Business Sales has a 50 year track record with over 9,000 businesses sold Call NOW! Joanne Bush Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008 021 177 6009 LICENSED AGENT REAA 2008
Vanessa Henry 021
sujam ratnayake
204 3410
• Each JUST KIDZ centre is purpose-built, often within new developments where there will be a ready demand
• High quality facilities and resources are put in place right from the start • Investment level $700,000 plus, subject to location
Fun We are looking for people who are business
staff and share
BeachlandsSTOPPRESSopportunity availableNOW!
minded, ready to
a great team of
in our Just Kidz passion for
Early Childhood Education and Care.

• Up-to-date management accounts, if available.

• For a new business, a breakdown of the set-up costs;

• Business plan together with a financial forecast;

• Copy of the Sale & Purchase Agreement if available.

• Copy of the Franchise Agreement with terms if available.

• Copy of the Lease Agreement if available.

Some other important information to find out before applying for funding is:

• When does the franchise agreement expire? Does it have an option to renew? For how long? How much is the renewal fee?

• If there are premises, when was the last time the store had an upgrade? When is the next upgrade due, and how much will it cost?

• When does the lease expire? Does it have an option to renew?

• Do you need a rental bond for the lease? How much?

Finding a deposit to purchase a business

New Zealand’s housing market continues to drop, with the REINZ house price index suggesting overall prices are now down more than 11 percent from their peak in November 2021. Because many customers use the equity in their home as security to purchase a business, this can create issues.

This is another reason to use a banker who understands franchise business lending. It is possible to use your business equity to support funding up to a certain percentage of the purchase price, subject to the bank’s business lending criteria and approval. In this case, you will only need to bring in the balance of the deposit to purchase the business.

This can reduce your initial deposit requirement considerably, allowing you to improve your cash flow for the business. At Westpac, we have accredited many franchise systems and are able to assist you with these types of complex lending requirements.

Funding a growing multi-unit franchisee

If you are already a successful business operator, there are real benefits to be gained by growing your business through becoming a multi-unit franchisee. Many large franchisors are keen to provide opportunities to their existing franchisees to grow. This allows you to achieve improved economies of scale – eg. by splitting staff over multiple outlets – and potentially higher returns.

In this market, it can be a challenging task to fund multi-unit growth, but an experienced franchise banker may be able to lend up to a certain percentage against the new business, plus use the equity you have built in the existing business, to fund the entire expansion without you having to bring in any new capital. This is, of course, subject to the support of the franchisor; the profitability, affordability and performance of the businesses; and meeting the lending criteria of the bank.

Get in touch

While there are always risks inherent in economic cycles, keeping your finger on the pulse and ensuring you have the right financial advice could help you to capitalise on some golden opportunities right now.

The availability of system-wide data can make franchised businesses a very attractive and supportive option. Westpac franchise managers around New Zealand have been busy working with customers on both an individual and network basis, so don’t hesitate to contact your local specialist franchise banker for assistance.

About the Author

Sujam Ratnayake is a specialist franchising manager for Westpac. For more information, contact your local Westpac Franchise and Business Banking Specialist on 0800 177 007 or email: The information contained in this article is intended as a guide only and is not intended as an exhaustive list of matters to be considered. Persons entering into franchise agreements should seek their own professional legal, accounting and other advice.

Design Builders is a thriving, established business with an outstanding reputation for the quality of our work. If you have the right attitude and motivation to be a Design Builders Regional Partner, you’ll get the support you need to grow your very own successful business.

For more information and to see what regions we have available please contact Andrew Price on 027 601 6607 or at

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build specialists
Join NZ’s design and Contact our friendly team today to discuss your legal needs 09 308 8070 A fresh perspective We are all about you – our valued client We enjoy working hard to help both our franchisor and franchisee clients obtain the most benefit out of franchising. We provide experienced, quality and pragmatic advice.
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Thriving on


S aurabh Patel bought his first Pita Pit franchise 10 years ago after working in retail management, including a spell in a service station. ‘From that, I understood how much easier things were with a franchise behind you. There’s proper training, systems and support, and a whole pathway to help you own and run a business.’ Saurabh followed the pathway and today owns four Pita Pit franchises from Warkworth to Tauranga with a couple of partners.

‘I joined Pita Pit because I liked the fresh fillings, I liked the idea of a customised product, and I trusted the franchisors – there was a real family feel about the business. Today, there are 80 stores around the country but that same feel is still there.

‘At the same time, the brand has been very pro-active to keep customers interested. That’s brought us to a great position, and now it’s better than ever with two new sub-brands.’

The first of the new brands is Egg’d®, which provides a simple yet delicious breakfast and brunch menu with a spotlight on free-range eggs as well as free-farmed bacon, smoked ham, halloumi, smashed avocado, tasty cheese and more.

At the other end of the day, Bowl’d® offers a range of warm rice and salad bowls inspired by flavours from around the world, along with side treats such as kumara fries and sesame-grilled broccoli.

Healthy bank balance

‘Pita Pit was very clever,’ says Saurabh. ‘They first trialled the brands via UberEats during the pandemic, which gave them the chance to see what worked and what didn’t. Then they took the most popular options and trialled them in a number of franchisees’ stores, including one of mine, before launching nationally. It was very easy – there were videos and in-store training from the Pita Pit coaches, and we only needed the same staff and equipment so there was very little cost – and it certainly increased our morning and evening traffic.

‘In my Cameron Road store in Tauranga, for example, we’re still doing the same hours but sales have increased throughout the day. The bank balance is looking very healthy.’

Tremendous success

Gurmit Baidwan, who owns Pita Pit stores in Botany Hub and Manukau South, agrees. A pharmacy technician by profession, he found the Pita Pit training very thorough, practical and helpful when he bought his first store in 2016.

‘And it still is,’ he says. ‘I was speaking to my Pita Pit business coach earlier today – they’re

always available with suggestions if you have a problem or ideas to make things better.’

Gurmit was one of the first to trial Bowl’d in his Botany Hub store. ‘It’s been a tremendous success there,’ he says. ‘UberEats opened up new markets for us, and customers trust the new brands because they come from Pita Pit. All three brands can be prepared by the same staff and are produced to order, so there’s no wastage.

‘The next innovation is self-ordering kiosks, which are proving very effective – customers can order at their leisure while making staff more productive.’

An extra 1400 lunches a day

Both Saurabh and Gurmit are involved in Pita Pit’s other big innovation – the delivery of school lunches through the Government-funded Ka Ora, Ka Ako Healthy School Lunch Programme, which aims to reduce food insecurity by providing students with access to a nutritious yet tasty lunch in school every day.

‘This was another great example of the way Pita Pit responds to change,’ says Saurabh. ‘When the programme was launched, we were invited to supply samples. But schools felt that students wouldn’t want pita every day, no matter how good. As we make to order in our stores, though, we can do almost anything. The franchisor developed a special menu of sandwiches, burgers, wraps, rolls and pastas, all designed to meet Ministry of Education nutrition guidelines, and we were in. Last term we were producing 1400 school lunches a day! That makes a big difference to your bottom line …’

Gurmit says the same. ‘It’s really taken off. At the back of our Manukau South store we have a big kitchen. We start doing the lunches there around 5am and finish before the store opens so it doesn’t affect our Pita Pit customers. We’re delivering 1400 lunches a day to 6 local schools, and the kids love our menu – we’re making a difference in the community, too.’ Nationally, Pita Pit is now serving over 11,000 students a day at 75 different schools.

Good returns for hard work

Pita Pit is currently looking for new franchisees for new and established stores in many parts of New Zealand, with smaller towns proving particularly attractive. ‘They offer a great combination of profitability and lifestyle,’ points out director Duane Dalton. ‘If you thrive on hard work and are good at building relationships, Pita Pit can offer very good returns.’

Gurmit sums up: ‘You can’t build anything this big on your own, so talk to Duane. Pita Pit has a great team who are always behind us, always backing us, always listening and improving the offer. I am a very proud franchisee of Pita Pit and very happy with the business that I have built.’

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Pita Pit Contact Duane Dalton P 0-9-486 4664 M 021 355 880

Food & Beverage
Pita Pit franchisees love the fresh approach to business that provides healthy returns
gurmit and satveer with their daughters rhythm and eden gurmit baidwan is pita pit’s 2022 franchisee of the year


Philip Morrison explains what financial reports can tell you about the business you’re buying

People buy a business for many reasons: they want to work for themselves rather than someone else; provide employment for the family; live in an area they choose; enjoy a different lifestyle; comply with residency requirements or any one of a hundred different reasons. Ultimately, though, everyone wants to make enough money to support the family, pay the bills at home, put something away for retirement and have an asset they can build up and sell when the time comes or pass on to a family member.

But one of the biggest problems facing anyone buying a business is getting their head around the numbers. That’s true for many people who have business experience, so it’s an even bigger hurdle for newcomers. No matter what your background, though, it’s worth taking the time to read the financial reports and understand what they actually mean before you make your mind up about any opportunity. In fact, it’s essential to making an informed decision, especially when it comes to determining business resilience in the Covid environment.

And it doesn’t end there. The financial reports generated by your accountant and accounting software can help you evaluate how your business is doing, what it needs to grow and how you can make it perform even better. Learn to understand the numbers and you can build a better business.

In this article, we’ll talk about three key financial reports and what they can tell you about the business you are hoping to buy – or already own.

1. Profit & Loss Report

2. Balance Sheet

3. Cashflow Report.

It’s important to point out that this article won’t replace the need for you to get professional advice from a franchise-experienced accountant, but should help you to understand that advice when you get it.

How much money will the business make?

From a financial point of view, the first thing any business buyer wants to know is: ‘How much money is the business making, or could it make?’ The answer can be found in the first of our three reports – the Profit & Loss.

This report shows the sales revenue of the business, less the costs of providing the products or services the business sells, and less the overheads of operating the business. It then calculates the profit (or loss) of the business – the bottom line.

The Profit & Loss report for a typical franchised business might look like the table on the right.

Of course, if the business is an existing franchise with a trading history, the figures shown will be actual sales achieved and costs incurred, so you can see how the current owner has been operating the business and compare them to indicative figures from the franchisor. For example, is the current franchisee spending a higher or lower percentage of revenue on rent or staff compared to others in the group? Any significant differences may point to areas for improvement.

On the other hand, if the franchise is a new opportunity, the figures will be forecasts which may or may not be achieved. In general, franchisors are pretty good at forecasting costs based on their experience of other outlets. Where you will want to reassure yourself is in the sales area. What are the predicted figures based on and what are other franchised outlets in similar locations or territories achieving?

What to look

80 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
Buying a Franchise: Finance
for Test each income and expense line for reasonableness. Compare each of the income and expense lines against what you would expect from this
is a division of A multi-award winning team Franchising Law is a specialised field so it's vitally important to take advice from a firm with the right expertise The Franchise Law team has over 25 years experience in New Zealand, working with major Franchise brands Thinking of buying or selling a Franchise? Thada Chapman Senior Franchise Lawyer Thada is qualified to practice in New Zealand, USA (California) and South Africa. Franchising is her specialist area of law and she brings extensive experience. • We work with Franchisees • We work with Franchisors • We provide supporting legal services 0800 SOLICITOR (0800 765 424)

type of business – we call this type of analysis ‘benchmarking’. This will highlight any anomalies that will require further investigation. While any good franchisor will have such statistics available, because they are commercially sensitive the franchisor may not be prepared to make them available until you have joined the franchise. You should therefore ensure that your accountant has relevant experience across a wide cross-section of franchises. Some indicative questions you might consider are:


• Is there seasonality?

• What are the trends?

• Is this a cash business or does it offer credit terms? If the latter, what is the level of bad debts (people not paying)? And how long are customers taking to pay?

• What is the sales cycle? What is the average time between quoting a job and closing the sale?

• And, for a new franchise, how long will it take to reach the necessary sales levels to reach break-even (where the business is paying for itself) and to start to make a return on the money you are putting into it?

Calculating profit & loss

The first figure calculated is called Gross Profit, which is the difference between what you sell a product or service for and the direct costs for delivering that product or service: eg, if you buy a product from your supplier for $4 and sell it to customers for $10, then your Gross Profit is $6. This represents a 60% margin. Sounds good, yes?

But Gross Profit isn’t the ‘bottom line’– out of this figure, you still have to pay all the other things that you need to run your business: rent, rates, electricity, insurance, salaries and all sorts of other costs that you’ll be incurring whether you sell anything or not!

You also need to factor in the ongoing franchise fees. In some franchises, these may be calculated as a percentage of sales or as a mark-up on product, in which case they are directly related to the sales figure; in other franchises, there may be a flat weekly or monthly fee. You’ll want to be sure that the fee is realistic and allows for a fair return given the projected level of sales. And you also need to factor in the financing costs (how much are you planning to borrow to buy the business and what will the repayments be?), and a living wage for yourself and any family members.

After including all these items, you’ll end up with a much lower figure called Net Profit. This is the famous ‘bottom line’ that shows the real profit (or loss) for the business and will help you to decide where your future lies.

But I’m afraid that’s not the end of it. You also need to consider the fact that some of the assets essential to the business, such as a van or a shop fit-out, will wear out over time and need replacing. Remember you’ll need to pay tax, too.

Common traps

1. New franchise business earning projections are just that – projections. They are not a representation or guarantee of profitability; they are indicative only, and need to be analysed carefully in your due diligence process.

2. Do your sums – is the return on your investment adequate? Does the profit the business can earn provide an appropriate return, given the risk involved? For example, if you will invest $100,000 for an annual profit of $20,000, this would be a 20 percent return. Government bonds pay under 2 percent so this might seem a pretty good deal, but they involve a lot less risk (and work!). Again, consult your accountant.

3. Finally, it’s important to realise that the profit the business generates is not money you will be able to take out of the business. Profit does not equal cash! (see more about liquidity below).

Is the business worth it?

As we said at the beginning, people buy a business for more than financial reasons. If you’re choosing a franchise for its lifestyle options –eg, because it allows you to work part-time alongside an existing job, or it enables you to work flexible hours or start and finish early – you may not require as much income as you would want from a full-time franchise business. However, you still won’t want to pay more for a business than it is worth, and this is where you’ll need to look at both the Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet.

The Profit & Loss shows the performance of the business, while the Balance Sheet shows a snap-shot of the financial condition of the business at a particular moment in time. It is made up of three broad elements and formatted as follows-

– What the business owns less Liabilities – What the business owes equals Capital/Equity – The net worth of the business.

UNDERSTANDING THE NUMBERS PROFIT & LOSS FORECAST PROFIT & LOSS FORECAST Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15 Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Oct-15 Nov-15 Dec-15 Total $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ SALES Sales 35,000 40,000 35,000 35,000 40,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 500,000 35,000 40,000 35,000 35,000 40,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 500,000 DIRECT COSTS COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) 5,250 7,000 8,750 12,250 14,000 15,750 15,750 15,750 15,750 15,750 15,750 15,750 157,500 5,250 7,000 8,750 12,250 14,000 15,750 15,750 15,750 15,750 15,750 15,750 15,750 157,500 GROSS PROFIT 29,750 33,000 26,250 22,750 26,000 29,250 29,250 29,250 29,250 29,250 29,250 29,250 342,500 OVERHEADS Rent 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 5,417 65,004 Electricity 375 375 375 375 375 375 375 375 375 375 375 375 4,500 Gas 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 804 Wages -Staff 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 45,000 Wages -Staff 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 45,000 Local Advertising & Marketing 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 24,000 Ongoing Franchise Fee (Royalty) 5% 750 1,000 1,250 1,750 2,000 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 22,500 Group Advertising Levy 2% 300 400 500 700 800 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 9,000 ACC 267 267 267 267 267 267 267 267 267 267 267 267 3,204 Accounting Fees 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 1,944 Internet Cost 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 600 Interest 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 3,000 Computer Expenses 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 58 696 Business Insurance 417 417 417 417 417 417 417 417 417 417 417 417 5,004 Printing, Postage, Stationary 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 1,500 Telephone, Fax, Mobile 212 212 212 212 212 212 212 212 212 212 212 212 2,544 Vehicle Expenses - Fuel, Repairs & Service 483 483 483 483 483 483 483 483 483 483 483 483 5,796 Rubbish & Hazard Waste 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 1,896 Other 208 208 208 208 208 208 208 208 208 208 208 208 2,496 18,799 19,149 19,499 20,199 20,549 20,899 20,899 20,899 20,899 20,899 20,899 20,899 244,488 NET PROFIT* 10,951 13,851 6,751 2,551 5,451 8,351 8,351 8,351 8,351 8,351 8,351 8,351 98,012 * Note :- Net Profit before Owners Drawings, Bank loan interest, Tax and depreciation)

An example of a balance sheet is shown on the right. Assets are split out according to their order of liquidity – in other words, the amount of time it would take to convert them into cash. They go from Current Assets (such as cash in the bank, which is immediately available), Accounts Receivable (the balance owed by debtors –customers on credit terms who haven’t yet paid), and Stock (including raw materials, work in process and finished goods ready for sale) to long-term assets called Fixed Assets. These long-term assets are typically what generate the cash in the business: eg. Plant & Equipment, Land & Buildings, Motor Vehicles.

Liabilities are the opposite of assets. They are split out on a similar basis according to when they fall due for payment. Current liabilities are usually those requiring payment within 12 months such as accounts payable (balances owed to your suppliers for purchases of product & services). The ‘cash lock-up’ or liquidity of a business is measured by the difference between the current assets compared to current liabilities. Term Liabilities are those which can be paid off over a longer time such as a bank loan to finance the business, or hire purchase which financed some plant.

Capital/Equity is the funds that the franchisee introduces into the business. For example, the franchise business cost $500,000 to buy which is funded by a bank loan of $200,000 and funds introduced of $300,000. The accumulated profits the business generates are referred to as ‘retained earnings’, and added here.

So a Balance Sheet tells you a lot about the solvency of a business and the cash locked up in it or, put another way, the working capital requirements of a business (see below).

Can I afford it?

Whether you can afford to buy the business or not doesn’t depend so much on how much money you have as how much you need to borrow – and whether the business can afford to service the loan repayments on that borrowing. That comes down to the cash generation ability of the business.

It has been said cashflow is more important than profitability in operating a business. After all, you can own a profitable business and still fail if your cashflow is not managed properly, hence the saying, ‘cashflow is king.’ This where the third report comes in – the Cashflow Projection (above).

This is a report that you as a franchisee, your accountant and your banker will require in your assessment of any business opportunity. So what does it do that the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets don’t do? It adds a whole new dimension to the numbers in the Profit & Loss and that dimension is Time.

There is a timing difference between when you make the sales on your Profit & Loss report and when the cash is actually paid into your bank account. There’s a time difference between when you pay your suppliers for products and when you sell them to customers. There’s also a difference between when you collect GST and pay it (and your other taxes) to the IRD. Accordingly, you need to calculate how much cash will flow into and out of your business and, most importantly, when.

To fund you through the period between cash going out (eg, buying stock) and cash coming in (customers buying the items and paying their bills), you’ll need additional funds. This is called working capital and you’ll need to factor this in when you buy the business over and above the purchase price. After all, there’s no point in spending every dollar you have on buying the business if you can’t afford to run it (see our article on working capital at That’s why the Cashflow Projection is so important – it tells you how much you’ll need to have available as working capital as your business grows. This is also a key element to help evaluate the resilience of a business during disruptions such as lockdowns – another variable to consider and assess in your decision-making process. Here’s an example:


There is a lot to consider when buying any business and a franchise is no different. Although franchises have the advantage of benchmarking so that targets and performance criteria can be shared across the group, it’s still important for any incoming franchisee to understand the numbers that make their business work. Knowing how to read the three key reports is a vital part of understanding the viability, sustainability and affordability of your business.

The good news is that you are not alone. If you’re shopping for a franchise, make sure you consult a franchise-experienced accountant and get the help you need. That way, you’ll know that you’ll get all the information required to make a sound financial decision and set you up for success in your new business.

About the Author

Philip Morrison is Principal of Franchise Accountants, fivetimes winners of the Service Provider of the Year award. The specialist accounting practice has evaluated over 250 different franchise brands throughout New Zealand and worked with over 1,000 franchise buyers.

82 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
BALANCE SHEET FORECAST BALANCE SHEET FORECAST Opening Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15 Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Oct-15 Nov-15 Dec-15 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ FIXED ASSETS Fitout - Fixtures & Fittings 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 38,000 Plant & Equipment 70,000 70,000 70,000 70,000 70,000 70,000
Accumulated Depreciation 0 -1,260 -2,520
0 0 0 0 2,616 9,067 15,517 21,968 28,418 34,869 41,319 Stock 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 Debtors 0 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 25,333 5,000 30,333 30,333 30,333 30,333 30,333 32,949 39,400 45,850 52,301
71,652 0
LIABILITIES Bank 0 4,333 10,397 16,014 11,385 5,862 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Trade Creditors 0 7,026 8,637 10,245 13,467 15,075 16,686 16,686 16,686 16,686 16,686 16,686 16,686 Other Creditors 0 0 44 478 1,348 1,784 2,218 2,218 2,218 2,218 2,218 2,218 2,218 Provision for Tax 0
0 NET CURRENT ASSETS 5,000 18,974 11,255 3,596 4,133 7,612 14,045 19,603
0 TERM LIABILITIES Bank loan 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 0 TOTAL NET ASSETS 63,000 75,714 66,735 57,816 57,093 59,312 64,485 68,783 71,722 74,657 77,586 80,512 83,431 0 CAPITAL & RESERVES Capital 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 Retained Earnings 0 25,714 16,735 7,816 7,093 9,312 14,485 18,783 21,722 24,657 27,586 30,512 33,431 0 50,000 75,714 66,735 57,816 57,093 59,312 64,485 68,783 71,722 74,657 77,586 80,512 83,431 0 CASH FLOW FORECAST CASH FLOW FORECAST Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15 Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Oct-15 Nov-15 Dec-15 Total $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ RECEIPTS Sales 22,250 35,000 39,500 40,250 46,000 51,750 51,750 51,750 51,750 51,750 51,750 51,750 545,250 22,250 35,000 39,500 40,250 46,000 51,750 51,750 51,750 51,750 51,750 51,750 51,750 545,250 PAYMENTS Invoiced Costs 11,131 14,141 14,546 15,080 15,753 16,154 16,423 16,423 16,423 16,423 16,423 16,423 185,343 COGS 2,013 6,708 8,722 11,404 14,759 16,771 18,113 18,113 18,113 18,113 18,113 18,113 169,055 Wages -Staff 3,750
Accounting Fees 62 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 186
Bank loan Payments 4,601
4,601 4,602 4,601
Overdraft Interest 18
70,000 70,000 70,000 70,000 70,000 70,000 70,000
-3,780 -5,040 -6,300 -7,560 -8,820 -10,080 -11,340 -12,600 -13,860 -15,120 108,000 106,740 105,480 104,220 102,960 101,700 100,440 99,180 97,920 96,660 95,400 94,140 92,880 0 CURRENT
58,751 65,202
0 0 0 0 0 0 893 3,144 5,400 7,661 9,926 12,197
11,359 19,078 26,737 26,200 22,721 18,904 19,797 22,048 24,304 26,565 28,830 31,101
23,802 27,997 32,186 36,372 40,551
3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 3,750 45,000
186 186 2,108
4,602 4,601 4,602 55,218
61 110 113 72 17 0 0 0 0 0 0 391
0 0 44 478 1,348 1,784 2,218 2,218 2,218 2,218 2,218 2,218 16,962 21,575 29,448 31,959 35,613 40,469 43,264 45,291 45,292 45,291 45,292 45,291 45,292 474,077
675 5,552 7,541 4,637 5,531 8,486 6,459 6,458 6,459 6,458 6,459 6,458 71,173
BANK 0 675 6,227 13,768 18,405 23,936 32,422 38,881 45,339 51,798 58,256 64,715
BANK 675 6,227 13,768 18,405 23,936 32,422 38,881 45,339 51,798 58,256 64,715 71,173 71,173 Note:
inclusive figures

JOINING forces

Want to get into the café business but lack the time or the cash? Black & White Coffee Cartel franchisees found a way

Waiata Shores is one of the most recent residential developments in South Auckland. It’s also home to one of the best cafés in the North Island – Black & White Coffee Cartel. With micro-roasting on site creating the unbeatable aroma and taste that goes with fresh-roast, fresh-ground coffee, the café on the former Manukau Golf Course is in full swing, with a profit score card well ahead of target.

It’s all thanks to a creative approach from Stan and Joselyn Ang. The coffee-loving couple wanted to find a café franchise to boost their income while continuing their full-time careers. Stan is a production line manager, Joselyn works in retail IT. With three teenagers living at home as well, it wasn’t going to be easy.

‘It might be a bit unusual, but being only in our early 40s we didn’t think it would be a problem,’ explains Stan. ‘So we started looking at café franchises. None appealed, they were all a bit the same, until we came across Black & White Coffee Cartel – the country’s first micro-roasting coffee café franchise. They were already well-established in the South Island, and the brand name sounded intriguing and different.’

Joselyn recalls, ‘Stan emailed me to say he’d found a local coffee franchisee that featured a micro-roaster working in full view of the customers. I replied, “Go for it”, and about five minutes later Stan was talking to Black & White’s Raphael Garcia. The call quickly progressed, with Raphael inviting us to go to head office in Christchurch and visit some franchisees to experience the vibrant atmosphere and the microroasting process for ourselves. We discovered that the aroma is amazing – coffee made from freshly roasted beans just smells and tastes better and fresher.’

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Black & White Coffee Cartel was launched in 2014 by brothers Bink and Luke Bowler together with former All Blacks captain, Reuben Thorne. A year later, the business was restructured as New Zealand’s first microroasting coffee café franchise by Raphael and his business partner Alan Win, and today there are 13 funky and atmospheric Black & White cafés around the country, with 5 more already confirmed.

As Stan and Joselyn learned more, their enthusiasm increased – but there was a snag. Although Black & White’s successful track record meant the bank would lend more than 50 percent of the necessary funding, the couple’s original plan was unworkable. But they weren’t going to give up, so they looked for an alternative way into business.

The Ang family had arrived from the Philippines in 2008, settling in Flat Bush where they developed a close-knit group of friends. ‘It got us thinking that with so many shared interests, including loving good coffee, there may be couples keen to join us as hands-on investors in

Black & White Coffee Cartel,’ says Stan. ‘We had no idea if we could create a business entity to buy a franchise, or whether Raphael and the Chief Operating Officer, Tony Yin, would be open to the idea. Well, they were, and so were our friends. We had three discussion meetings before putting together a formal proposal and shareholder agreement.’

Making it work

‘What we have now is a team of eight couples, all with full-time jobs, who love being part-owners of a successful business, especially with the micro-roaster being such a popular and profitable point of difference.

‘One of our shareholders, who has more than 10 years’ hospitality experience, is café manager, and each shareholder is assigned to a team to handle social media, marketing & promotion, IT, operations, etc. This enables them to share their ideas and experience for the benefit of the whole business. We all trust each other and respect each other’s opinions. It means we all work hard but we can have a good work-life balance as well.

‘Black & White did all the organisation of the fit-out, trained us in operations (including the all-important coffee roasting), and even handled the initial staff recruitment – they know what they are doing and really did make it easy. Our café has seating for 48 inside and the same number outdoors, and we have a full kitchen which is kept busy – on Father’s Day, we prepared and served 200 meals! That shows how popular this franchise is.’

Affordable? Achievable!

The Black & White franchise model is not just popular – it’s highly profitable, too. ‘Micro-roasting on-site adds around $25,000 per year to a franchisee’s bottom line,’ says Raphael Garcia. That’s just one reason our combination of good coffee, good vibes and good profitability is worth investigating.

‘Another reason is the choice of locations. We have great sites available in both city and regional centres all over the North Island. The investment starts from $350,000 and we’re always happy to discuss creative options to get you into business, as Stan and Joselyn have proved.’

‘Black & White Coffee Cartel has unique appeal and a straightforward business model,’ Joselyn sums up. ‘Whether you go it alone or partner with friends, it can be achievable, fun and rewarding. Contact Tony to find out more.’

Advertiser Info

Black & White Coffee Cartel Contact Tony Yin M 022 630 6622

top: stan and joselyn ang (both fourth from left) with their co-owners
What’s available? What does it cost? What do they do? How many are there? Who do I contact? company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information Over 275 different franchises Westpac Directory Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 84 9Round Health & Fitness $200,000 Total body results in a quick, convenient kickboxing and functional fitness workout. 10 700+ M 0061 27 672 2312 AA Auto Centre Auto Services $150,000 Become a premier provider in the vehicle service, repair and inspection market. 37 37 P 0-9-966 8704 AA Driving School Leisure & Education $30,000 New Zealand’s leading driver training organisation seeks motivated driving instructor franchisees. 120 120 P 0800 723 239 A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections 46 Home & Building $72,500 Proven international franchise operating in 19 countries around the world. The house inspection industry is rapidly growing with pre-purchase inspections, P testing, asbestos testing, maintenance inspections, Healthy Homes and Safe & Sanitary reports. We are now looking for further inspectors nationwide. 18 200+ John Goodrum M 021 945 140 E W Accessman Home & Building $1,000,000 New Zealand’s leading hire company supplying scissor lifts, cherry pickers and knucklebooms. There are
Pole & Fitness Health & Fitness $125,000
Anchor Franchise 56 Food & Beverage $750,000$1.2m Market
sales and distribution of milk products and beverages
50 50
Anytime Fitness Health & Fitness $300,000$650,000 Leading 24/7 fitness franchise. Proven systems, voted one of the top global franchises. 46 4000+ P 0-7-974 4589 Aramex 98 Business & Commercial $20,000 Aramex, formerly Fastway Couriers, is an award-winning franchise system that provides local and national courier and freight services at competitive prices. Over 35 years’ experience, multiple industry awards and franchisees across New Zealand, Aramex is one of New Zealand’s most successful and trusted freight companies. 275 1600 P 0-6-833 6333 E W Armstrong Smarter Security Business & Commercial $150,000 Armstrong for smarter security. Retail and mobile locksmith and alarm specialists. 18 18 P 0-9-415 0585 ASWEFA Business & Commercial $145,000 ASWEFA provides industry training on forklifts, wheels, tracks, rollers, EWP and dangerous goods. Make a difference by creating “A Safe Working Environment For All – ASWEFA!” The perfect franchise opportunity for a team leader, supervisor, tradie coming off the tools, or someone with HR experience. 2 2 Treena Myers P 0800 279 332 E W At Your Request Franchise Group Home & Commercial $14,000 NZ’s premium home, commercial and lawn service franchise system. 200 200 P 0800 297 297 Autoblast 18 Auto services P.O.A. New Zealand franchise Autoblast has perfected a new method for vehicle underbody rust removal and rust prevention. We are seeking partners who firstly believe in customer service excellence, and who have an appreciation for all things automotive and their aesthetics. 1 1 David Kirkham P 094 443 6574 E W Baby On The Move Retail $350,000 Specialising in rental and sales of baby and toddler car seats and other products. 14 14 P 027 472 7040 Bakers Delight Food & Beverage $150,000$400,000 With over 30 years of experience, Bakers Delight is a successful franchise business with a growing network of over 700 bakeries spanning across four countries. Bakers Delight has a proven business formula which provides comprehensive training and on-going support. 27 700+ P 0800 225 388 E W BarberShopCo Health & Beauty $50,000 Join the fast-growing men’s grooming industry. Looking for people and leadership skills. 25 25 P 022 046 3372 Bay Air Home & Building $40,000 Bay Air provides commercial and residential solutions for all heating, air-conditioning and ventilation needs. The heat pump industry is forever expanding. Complete with low start-up and running costs, plus full head office support, you will be up and running quickly in your own business. 2 2 Anthony Goddard P 0800 229 247 M 027 212 1161 E W Bedpost Retail $150,000 New Zealand’s premium specialist bedding and bedroom furniture retailer with a focus on superior customer service, top brands and expert advice. Looking for motivated owner operators passionate about selling and providing a high level of customer service. 16 16 Graeme Doak M 021 665 923 E W Franchise and Business Opportunities A-B Franchise and Business Opportunities
exciting new franchise options available throughout the North Island. A unique opportunity exists for the right person to work their way into a franchise ownership role.
8 Lena Harrington P 0-3-341 3566 M 021 361 622 E W ActionCOACH
Zealand Business & Commercial
Be in control of your own future, with the ultimate in career fulfilment.
1000+ M 021 0286 9636 Active+ Health & Fitness $20,000 North Island-wide chain of physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, offering multi-disciplinary services of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pilates and exercise rehabilitation, ACC rehabilitation contracts, health and wellness services. Operating since 1990. Previous health services experience preferred. 22 22 Mike Bignall P 0800 224 486 M 021 1672 888 E W Altitude
Altitude Pole offers pole dance and fitness-based classes at professional, boutique studios around the country. Creating communities, confidence and strength. 11 11 Karry Summers P021 880 345 E W
leader in the
throughout New Zealand including
Primo, Zing, Mammoth Supply Co, Fresh N Fruity, De Winkel, Country Goodness, Mainland, Kapiti, CalciYum and Eon. National franchise structure operating since 1992 offering exclusive territories.
Shannon Davidson E W


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Franchise and Business Opportunities 84 Specialist Advisors 95 Other Services 97 Looking for a business opportunity but don’t know where to start? 85 Beds R Us Retail P.O.A. Join NZ’s largest independent bedding group. Franchise opportunities available with full support. 46 46 P 0-9-972 3022 BiForm Solid Composite Decking Home & Building $55,000 BiForm Solid Composite Decking offers an environmentally friendly, low maintenance, alternative to traditional hardwood timber. Strong presence in the industry in a market with growth potential. Offers composite decking, screening, and flooring solutions. Operating successfully since 2004. Full training provided. 4 4 Tau Aupa’au M 021 640 006 E W Big Fig 13 Food & Beverage $150,000 Wanaka’s hit eatery is seeking enthusiastic, smart people to take ‘slow food, served fast’ to the rest of New Zealand. Delicious food, a unique model, tight systems and continual support from the people who built the business. Every town needs a Big Fig – make it happen! 1 1 Karen Lahood P 021 902 6593 E W Bird On A Wire Food & Beverage $450,000 Bird on A Wire strives to be NZ’s number one local chicken restaurant where good vibes are free range only! Our Bird HQ team drives this culture by ensuring all partners and team members are trained and ready to provide the best customer service possible. 7 7 Brad Jacobs P
263 333 E
Black & White Coffee Cartel 83 Food & Beverage $350,000$450,000 Join the third wave of coffee today. Exciting opportunities to join NZ’s rapidly growing first micro-roasting coffee company franchise. Offering turn-key cafés with a competitive operational model. Full training and support provided. We have brought the independent coffee shop to the masses. 13 13 Tony Yin
BoatsmartHQ Auto & Marine Services $20,000 Unique franchise opportunity to manage a fleet of marina or drystack-based boats. 9
173 0938 Breakers Restaurant Food & Beverage $100,000$450,000 Relaxed, NZ beach-themed family restaurants. Fast and affordable dining since 1997. 8
0-6-834 0537 Bricks 4 Kidz 47 Leisure & Education $75,000 Be part of an established and globally awarded children’s education franchise. Over 10 years, Bricks 4 Kidz has developed a unique and inspiring business model. Make an impact on our future generations and receive the support of training, resources and expertise. Come build with us! 8 750 Lorraine Yu P 0800 LEGO4K M 021 222 6033 E W Brumby’s Bakery Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000 Brumby’s has been part of the New Zealand bakery market since 1995, serving local communities wholesome, natural baked goods. Brumby’s artisan approach to baking utilises only natural ingredients, with no preservatives or additives, and products handmade fresh from scratch every day to our exclusive recipes. 6 250+ Alistair Boyd P 022 165 6649 E W Bun Mee Kiwi 22 Food & Beverage $150,000$250,000 Turn your passion for delicious healthy food into your own business with Bun Mee Kiwi. Capitalise on this highly popular Vietnamese sandwich eatery with a Kiwi twist. Established, proven systems with a committed, passionate franchisor supporting you. Life’s too short for S#!t food. 1 1 Mark Isaaka M 027 265 8444 E W BurgerFuel Food & Beverage $500,000 BurgerFuel is a leader in the gourmet burger market, dedicated to serving high quality burgers in an atmosphere as charged as the food. Combined with fun and irreverent marketing campaigns BurgerFuel creates the perfect environment for franchisees to grow and enjoy their business. 56 79 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632 E W Burger Wisconsin Food & Beverage $150,000$250,000 At Burger Wisconsin, it’s always been about the food. Now is an exciting time to join us, with new sites planned throughout New Zealand and an existing store refresh programme underway It’s a gourmet opportunity for operators with good taste. 24 24 Brittany Jackson P 0-9-973 4559 E W Business Consulting New Zealand 12 Business & Commercial $68,250 Business Consulting New Zealand is seeking experienced and committed professionals who want to help business owners succeed. Highly profitable and flexible lifestyle opportunity with all training, systems and Head Office support provided. Enquire today to find out more about this opportunity. 8 8 Julius Bloem P 027 746 0073 E W Caci 32 33 Health & Beauty $150,000$300,000 At Caci we love what we do! Helping New Zealanders with what we call ‘skin confidence’. Now is your chance to join the team, become a Caci clinic owner and enjoy the benefits of being part of a successful New Zealand business. 63 63 Penny Chapman P 0800 266 119 M 021 959 933 E W Café Botannix Food & Beverage $480,000 Contemporary deli cafés serving organic coffee and organic food options in Palmers garden centres. 9 9 P 021 483 500 Café2U Food & Beverage $82,000$160,000 Follow your dream of business ownership with the support of the world’s largest mobile coffee van franchise in the fast growth coffee industry. Café2U provides opportunities for small business entrepreneurs to deliver great coffee and food to businesses, events, and functions. 11 240+ Andrew Morgan P 0-9-973 4823 M 022 419 3156 E W Cambridge Homes Home & Building $150,000 Offering driven, motivated people the opportunity to become a Cambridge Homes franchisee. 7 7 M 021 409 763 Carl’s Jr. Food & Beverage $1,000,000 We are looking for enthusiastic franchisees to join the Carl’s Jr. team. 18 1300+ P 0-9-525 8700 Franchise and Business Opportunities Franchise and Business Opportunities B-C
is supplied by
The symbol in the FANZ column denotes a member of the Franchise Association. You are advised to confirm the accuracy of the listing and the membership status of any entity. Neither the sponsors of this Directory nor FANZ nor the publisher accept liability for any omissions or errors.
027 W
M 022 630 6622 E W
9 M 021
8 P

Carpet Court Retail

Cartridge World Computer

Cash Converters Retail

$250,000 New Zealand’s largest flooring retailer. The size of the Carpet Court group means that Carpet Court franchise partners benefit from the advantages of scale when it comes to all aspects of business, including buying power, marketing, product range and other business support services.


The largest, most experienced printer cartridge refilling company worldwide. Franchisees operate from retail premises, refilling cartridges, retailing new cartridges and other printer consumables. Easily learned, full training provided. Includes stock, plant, training and licence fee. We stand behind our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

$650,000 Looking for an exceptional return on your investment? We’re New Zealand’s favourite place to buy and sell, the world’s largest second-hand dealer and market leader in short term credit services. With more than 700 stores internationally you’ll be buying a tried and tested, well respected brand.

Home & Building P.O.A. Landscape and garden supply yards providing bulk and bagged products. Pick-up and deliveries. Will suit hands-on owner operators with a passion for excellent customer service who take pride in customer satisfaction. Well-established Warkworth franchise currently for sale – enquiries welcome.

Cleancorp Home & Commercial $25,000 Cleancorp offers home cleaning and commercial cleaning franchises. Seeking committed people to deliver great service. We source and acquire commercial cleaning contracts for our franchisees who are provided with full training, ensuring the same professional standards are offered to all customers.

Clean Planet Business & Commercial

$20,000 Clean Planet, environmentally better for you and your customers. No selling, no invoicing, we do it for you. Well-established and growing strongly throughout regional New Zealand. Now looking for master licensees and franchisees. Work for yourself with the support of our proven processes and systems.

57 57 Colin Jones M 027 453 4876


43 1650 Craig Watson P 0061 1300 767 223


28 700+ Colin Mahoney P 0-9-281 7334


9 9 Mike Armour P 0-9-273 5352 M 0274 506 639


105 105 Loraine Fitzgerald

P 0-9-304 0599 M 021 944 636 E W

130 130 Tony Pattison P 0-9-622 0828

E W Clean

P 0800 101 216 Cleantastic

$14,600 An established, award-winning franchise with nearly 300 franchisees operating throughout NZ. This cleaning franchise offers quality cleaning at competitive prices. Franchisees utilise the well-developed systems and technical expertise to become successful business owners. Comprehensive training, equipment, uniform, business cards and provided.

280 1000 Greg Paget P 0800 800 055

E W Cobb

Food & Beverage $500,000 Welcome back to Cobb & Co., New Zealand’s original restaurant chain. With unbeatable brand recognition, enviable buying power, proven profitability and on-going support from Cobb Group, it’s not hard to see why owning a Cobb & Co. is a special opportunity.

Coerver Coaching Education $65,000 Globally recognised as the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method, our programmes enhance the technical skill level of players aged 3-16. Join the Coerver NZ journey and combine work with your passion! Full training and support provided from a coaching and business perspective.

Coffee Culture

Food & Beverage $350,000+ Coffee Culture is the South Island’s leading boutique group of coffee shops. We’re currently expanding and need passionate coffee lovers to join us. With over 22 years’ experience, we offer support and training that’s second to none.

Coffee News Business & Commercial $8,000$15,000 Local publication Coffee News has been a staple in our New Zealand hospitality venues for over 20 years. We currently have new opportunities in Hamilton, Gisborne, Hastings, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Masterton, Wellington CBD, Nelson & Timaru. Existing franchises available in Auckland, please apply.

8 8 Ben Gower

1 50+

20 20

P 0-7-281 1197 M 0204 1007 007 E W

Shannon Thomas M 021 861 671


Sacha Coburn P 0-7-855 3996 M 027 475 0390 E W

23 569 Rudy Kokx P 0800 22 77 82 M 021 421 346 E W

Coffix Food & Beverage $100,000 Offers exceptional Fairtrade coffee at a fair price. Ethical and environmentally responsible company. 15 15 M 021 287 2220

Colourplus Retail $200,000 At Colourplus, we’ve got your style. Your local store offers all the inspiration, expertise and advice you need to turn your decorating dreams into reality. With 30 stores nationwide, offering a range of top quality paint, wallpaper, curtains, blinds, giftware and decorating accessories.

29 29 P 0-9-818 9215 E W

M 029 C-D Franchise and Business Opportunities

Homes 58 Home & Building $120,000$150,000 Wanted - business persons with entrepreneurial flair and ambition. A Compass Homes franchise gives you all the advantages of owning your own business, being your own boss, but still getting all the support you need in all aspects to help you run and grow your business. 23 23 Sam Lewis P 0800 273 780 E W Crewcut Home Services $16,000 Crewcut is a lawn and garden maintenance franchise with businesses for sale. For over 26 years we’ve had operators providing lawn mowing, hedge trimming, section clearing, and gardening to Kiwis all across New Zealand. Buy a business with support, strong branding, and values.

Compass 708 708 Sam Lewis P 0800 273 780 E W Crest PropertyCare 22 Business & Commercial $15,000 Grow a profitable business and enjoy a flexible workday with a Crest PropertyCare franchise. Working side by side with CrestClean teams to provide quality outdoor maintenance services through our franchisee network, Crest PropertyCare offers a business opportunity with the flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

10 10 Bronwyn Bindon P 0-3-379 1111 M 021 461 1313 E W 260 260 Pauli Horgan P 0800 800 286 E W Cutshop Home & Building $450,000 Own and manage a Cutshop programming and production team, producing high quality cabinetry for kitchens, wardrobes, garage shelves and more. Cutshop franchisees provide bespoke products in a vibrant new-build and renovation sector where existing trade production can’t keep up with the growing market.

Cookie Time Food & Beverage $100,000 Business ownership plus support from an 4 4 André Hofer P 0-9-666 0632 M 021 879 413 E W Design Builders 77 Home & Building $160,000 Design Builders is a thriving, established business with an outstanding reputation for the quality of our work. If you have the right attitude and motivation to be a Design Builders Regional Partner, you’ll get the support you need to grow your own successful business.


distributing snacks. 45 45 P 0800 266 543 10 10 Andrew Price P 0800 456 456 M 027 601 6607 E W Diamond Fusion Home & Building $50,000 Seeking motivated people with great sales ability and focus. Full training provided. 8 8 M 021 234 4170 Donut King 19 Food & Beverage $280,000 Donut King is a speciality donut and coffee chain with over 300 stores throughout NZ and Australia. Seeking fun franchisees with a customer focus to serve our famous, fresh donuts daily. Proven business models and support systems to teach you everything you need to know.

McMullen 5 300+ Bram Milne-Rodrigues M 022 424 6528 E W DrainPro Home & Building $40,000 DrainPro specialise in residential new builds, tank installations and light commercial works, with franchise opportunities available nationwide. Whether you’re an existing business struggling or a tradesman looking to go out on his own, Drainpro have the experience to help you develop a successful business.

0800 804 4 4 Nathan Williamson P 0-3-342 1278 M 021 217 1616 E W W

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 company page number industry
information 86
investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more
Central Landscape & Garden Supplies
Home & Commercial $15,000$55,000 Home and commercial cleaning – no job is too big or too small. 21 21
28 Business & Commercial
iconic Kiwi franchise company
Cookright Kitchen Services Food & Beverage $70,000 Cookright, the kitchen hero, saving kitchens time and money. Deepfryer, overhead filter and hood cleaning. Cooking oil filtering. Oil and kitchen consumables product sales. Cookright has significant income potential with minimal competition for motivated, hard-working, practical operators who can sell and are well organised. 31 31 Steve
Columbus Coffee 65 Food & Beverage $250,000$450,000 NZ’s premium café franchise. Highly recognised and trusted brand offering customers exceptional coffee and chef-prepared food. Supreme Franchisee of the Year and Food and Beverage Franchise System of the Year 2015/16. Suit owners with passion for coffee, food and the value of customer relationships. E
71 71 Jon Hassall M 028 8500 1300 E W Corporate Cabs Business & Commercial P.O.A. Corporate Cabs is New Zealand’s most professionally driven cab service. 200+200+ P 0800 789 789 CrestClean 2 Business & Commercial $10,000 Get your work-life balance right with a CrestClean cleaning franchise. If you are looking for a simple business with low risk and a high profit margin, a CrestClean franchise ticks every box. Winners of the 2021 Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year award.

Dream Doors Home & Building $75,000 Design, manufacture and supply of made-to-measure kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for retail and trade customers. Seeking hard-working, sales-driven, computer literate go-getters who are willing to follow a proven dynamic international business model.

Driving Miss Daisy New Zealand Home Services $40,000$45,000

Driving Miss Daisy is NZ’s No.1 companion driving service. Currently we have 80 territories in operation. If you are interested in becoming the next Daisy in this growth industry, call us today. Our NZ franchises are an extremely affordable small business option.

11 100+ Derek Lilly M 027 213 5133


80 117 Jack Harper/Ange Mill P 021 503 325


Duo Photography Leisure $25,000 Seeking people with a passion for photography and a warm personality 7 7 P 0-4-972 2364

Ecomist 10 Home & Commercial $100,000$750,000

EduExperts Education

Ecomist is an exciting business opportunity, based on both website and face-to-face sales of automated insect control and odour control fragrancing systems and products, to both commercial and residential customers; accompanied by the provision of residential and commercial pest control services..

$100,000 EduExperts offers a variety of after school tutoring programmes for primary, intermediate and high school children

20 56 Ian Robertson M 027 433 4513


12 14 Jenny Jin

P 0-9-520 1800 M 021 229 5378


M 021 644

13 350 Sarah Archibald

P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123

E W Epiphany Café 36 Food & Beverage

Epiphany Café are seeking people who are committed to excellence. Our point of difference is unique products such as homemade artisan donuts. This is more than just a business venture, we work hard, enjoy what we’re doing, and know how to have fun while achieving our goals.

Esquires Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000 At Esquires Café our franchise partners tailor their food to the local market from our extensive menu library. We don’t dictate the menu, we allow the freedom for you to be a true entrepreneur while ensuring you have comprehensive support from our team.

28 28 Jeths Lacson M 021 337 329


21 100+ Andrew Morgan P 0-9-973 4823 M 022 419 3156 W

25 31 Tony Burnette P 0800 25 25 00


0800 628 463 W Express

1 850+ Mandy Jacobson P 021 0811 9114 E W

is New Zealand’s only hybrid real estate marketing company, replacing what agents do with our proven technology and marketing services. We are looking for like-minded people to grow the brand throughout New Zealand. Full training and ongoing support. No real estate licence needed.


Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

1 1 Ben Keehan M 021 738 769 E W

11 P 0-4-566 0297

get more information 87 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. TALK TO OUR FRANCHISE SPECIALISTS TODAY ON 0800 177 007.
page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ
of all nationalities, aimed at helping them excel in their education and overcome any learning difficulties they may have.
Seeking people with passion and ambition to be a specialist e-bike retailer 11 11
405 EmbroidMe Business & Commercial $100,000 EmbroidMe is New Zealand’s largest uniform and promotional products business. EmbroidMe focuses on the business-to-business market providing apparel for uniforms and branding them. Low stock, low staffing, high repeat, high margin, Monday to Friday business. We’re looking for business-minded people, no industry experience required.
Exceed Franchising Home Services $60,000 Multi award-winning Exceed specialising in fixing windows and doors, enhancing and extending the life of joinery. We are an innovative national franchise of over 29 years with well-designed systems to help support your journey with us.
Leisure &
Expert Maths Tuition
Education $30,000 Expert Maths Tuition has provided outstanding maths tuition to thousands of students. 7 7 P
Employment Professionals
& Commercial $170,000$275,000 With 850+ franchise locations worldwide, Express is an award-winning franchise opportunity with immediate market availability in New Zealand. Recognised as Global Franchise magazine’s Best White-Collar Franchise and in the top 25 brands on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, Express is a financially rewarding investment.
Fibrenew New Zealand
& Commercial $90,000 Home-based, mobile franchise - experts in leather, vinyl and plastic restoration. 10 245+ P 0-3-374 3366
Fifo Capital Financial Services $49,500 Provide working capital funding for small businesses. 6 60+ P 0-9-302 0949 FiSBO Property 18
Services $15,000 FiSBO
Design Home & Building $50,000 Retail flooring shops. Franchisees
as carpet and vinyl installers, with
Shoes Retail $150,000 Need
Companion Driving Services Home Services $32,000 Freedom
those requiring safe, caring transport. With the population of New
the next 25 years there has never been a better time to
20 20
333 499 E W
Fritz’s Wieners Food & Beverage $80,000 Exclusive bratwurst sausages served in a fresh baguette. Excellent return on investment. 7 7 P 0-3-789 5078 Generation Homes Home & Building P.O.A. We build houses for clients all over New Zealand for a fixed price and on a time guarantee. 14 14 M 0274 908 399 Giggle Entertainment Network Business & Commercial $100,000$175,000 Giggle boasts over 1,200 locations with over 1,000,000 people p/w past our screens. 16 16 P 0-6-355 3480 Gloria Jean’s Coffees Food & Beverage $300,000$500,000 Gloria Jean’s is proud to be an energetic, international award-winning café brand with a proven business model and support systems. We are searching for franchisees with the desire and drive to run a successful, fun business, partnering with us to grow the brand in NZ. 9 900 Stuart Howard P 021 800 769 E W Green Acres Franchise Group Home Services $24,000 Green Acres was founded in 1991 and is proudly kiwi owned and operated. With 30 years’ experience we are one of the longest running NZ-owned franchise systems. We have over 400 franchisees controlling their own future path. Ask about our Big Business model today. 400+ 400+ Jason Hill P 0800 692 643 E W Green Homes NZ Home & Building $20,000 Design and build sustainable, high performing and energy efficient homes for Kiwis. 6 50 M 027 255 0000 Guthrie Bowron Retail $250,000 The number one home decorating franchise in New Zealand, specialising in paint, wallpaper, custom-made curtains and blinds, flooring and decorating tools. Franchisees benefit from an established name, a strong support system, central purchasing negotiation and active national advertising campaigns. 45 45 Alan Heatlie P 0-9-306 1040 E W Habitual Fix Food & Beverage $185,000 Our purpose is to turn the world into fresh and healthy food fanatics. 10 10 M 027 442 9531 Franchise and Business Opportunities D-H
It Building Services Home & Building $5,000 This franchise takes care of everything from building repairs to renovation and additions. 11
Flex Fitness Health & Fitness $300,000$650,000 Flex Fitness is a New Zealand owned and operated 24-hour gym franchise. 35 35 P 0-7-850 5556 Flooring
come from within the industry, such
others from widely varying backgrounds. Full training, excellent systems and great support from a wide supplier base. Centralised systems create efficiencies and, as a result, a profitable business model. 21 21 Jeremy Yeoman M 022 602 8482 E W Footloose
a passion for fashion and the desire to own
own business.
19 M 021 934 080 Freedom
Companion Driving Services provides transport
65+ projected to double over
own a Freedom Drivers franchise.
Julian Smith

H-K Franchise and Business Opportunities

company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information

Home & Building $150,000

Home & Building $45,000 -$70,000

Home & Building $20,000 -$60,000

Harrisons Carpet & Flooring is one of the most successful franchise businesses in New Zealand and is experiencing very high customer demand across the country. We are looking for passionate people to join our nationwide Carpet & Flooring franchise network.

Love fashion, interior design, and have a flair for sales? Own your own business doing what you love, supported by the most trusted franchise network. We are looking for passionate people to join our 20 strong nationwide Curtains & Blinds franchise network.

Harrisons Solar Energy is one of the most successful franchise businesses in New Zealand and is experiencing very high customer demand across the country. We are looking for people passionate about sustainability and technical sales to join our nationwide Solar Energy franchise network.

HB Laser Skin Clinics 8 Health & Beauty $20,000 Have a passion for the beauty industry? HB Laser Skin Clinics offers franchisees the opportunity to receive state-of-the-art therapeutic laser training from one of New Zealand’s most recognised leaders in the industry. With six thriving clinics already, franchisees are supported to succeed.

50 50 Dan Harrison

P 0800 102 004 M 021 242 4131


20 20 Dan Harrison

P 0800 102 004 M 021 242 4131


16 16 Dan Harrison

P 0800 102 004 M 021 242 4131


6 6 Tracey Price M 027 357 6272 E W

Health 2000 Health & Beauty $70,000+ The Health 2000 group comprises members who have a passion for natural health. 52 52 M 021 655 920

Hell Food & Beverage $200,000 A brand with attitude that cannot be missed. Our damned fine gourmet menu, coupled with sophisticated systems and support, make this a wicked opportunity. Hell is looking for new franchisees with a passion for our brand and a willingness to learn. Opportunities available nationwide.

Helloworld Travel 21 Retail

$100,000 Join helloworld Travel, one of New Zealand’s premier retail brands offering fully franchised stores around the country. Combining national and local marketing support, helloworld Travel offers our franchisees ‘best in market returns’ and the opportunity to share our passion for travel with your community.

Heritage Homes Home & Building $25,000$50,000 Heritage Homes are NZ’s leading master builders specialising in brand new character homes built for the future and inspired by the past. We need passionate people with good business sense, goal driven, who have good communication skills and are ambitious. Building background not essential.

High Performance Training and Coaching Business & Commercial $60,000 Business training and coaching franchise opportunity, delivering the well-known High Performance programme.

76+ 76+ Mark Hohneck M 021 226 6669 E W

35 330 Fergus Clark P 09 307 1871 M 021 745 765


6 6 Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747


8 9 P 0-9-215-6525

Highmark Homes Home & Building $35,000 Benefit from proven systems and central office support, including designers and quantity surveyors. 6 6 P 021 388 626

Hire A Hubby Home & Building $32,000 New Zealand’s first choice for professional home maintenance projects, building and renovation services. Kiwi-owned Hire A Hubby has built a reputation for being the go-to solution for jobs around the home. Customers trust us with full project management. We offer customer payment convenience with Afterpay.

Hire A Maid Home Services $15,000$35,000 Hire a Maid is an experienced, fully supported and professional provider of high quality home and commercial cleaning services. We are seeking motivated franchise owners who have the drive to provide exceptional services to their clients and be your own boss.

Hudsons 60 Food & Beverage $250,000$400,000 Hudsons has been delivering coffee excellence for over 20 years with cafes across Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. We are seeking passionate franchisees to help us spread our love of coffee nationwide. Training is provided. If you are obsessed about coffee, please contact us.

60 60 Jason Hill P 0-9-845 2640


68 68 Ron Chauhan P 0800 110 095 E W

3 100+ Khushboo Badiyani M 021 786 685 E W

Humitech Business & Commercial $90,825 Simple, effective panels to reduce commercial chilling costs and improve performance. 8 8 P 0800 486 434

InXpress 60 Business & Commercial $30,000 Global logistics and freight sales consulting franchise. InXpress allows you to build a successful and profitable business with the security of one of the world’s largest franchisors of global courier services. Proven business model and training provided. Low risk with a strong return on investment.

Jamaica Blue 40 Food & Beverage $280,000$450,000

Bring your enthusiasm, ambition and passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Enjoy world-class training with ongoing support and together you have the ingredients of a successful Jamaica Blue franchise partnership. Opportunities nationwide with a brand you are proud to call your own.

Jani-King 64 Business & Commercial $22,000 Jani-King is known as the world’s number one commercial cleaning franchise company providing full operational sales administration support for franchisees. There has only been one name to turn to for quality and value in the commercial cleaning services - Jani-King, the king of clean.

8 460 Ryan Bohm P 0061 405 518 515 E W

8 169 Maree Keane M 027 484 7301 E W

380+ 13K+ P 0800 526 454 E W

14 40+ Tiffiny Begley P 0-9-557 3057 M 021 621 157 E W 54 54 Fenton Peterken P 0-9-889 8776 E W Just Cuts 96 Health & Beauty $170,000$270,000 Be your own boss and get all the support you need. You don’t have to be a hairdresser to own a Just Cuts, but you do need a passion for people and the ability to follow a proven system that has worked for over 30 years.

0-9-302 1536 28 200+ Zenardia Anderberg P 0800 100 114 E W Just Kidz Educare 76 Leisure & Education $400,000$700,000 Just Kidz is a leading early childhood education brand dedicated to providing high-quality preschool education and care. Franchise and partnership options available for people with passion and commitment to supporting families’ educational and care needs. Offering a vibrant, social, rewarding business within your community. W 7 7 Vanessa Henry M 021 204 3410 E W Katsubi 54 55 Food & Beverage $350,000$500,000 Make this your winning day, with a chance to join one of the most successful local franchised eateries in New Zealand. With more than 12 years of experience in the food chain industry Katsubi invites our potential partners to build your dreams and succeed with us.

0800 21 21 Zoe Park M 021 880 278 E W Kelly Club Leisure & Education $35,000 Make this your winning day, with a chance to join one of the most successful local franchised eateries in New Zealand. With more than 12 years of experience in the food chain industry, Katsubi invites our potential partners to build your dreams and succeed with us. 48 63 Paul Jamieson P 0-9-427 9377 M 021 409 241 E W

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 88
Harrisons Carpet & Flooring Harrisons Curtains & Blinds Harrisons Solar Energy
Jet Cleaning Services Business & Commercial $50,000$120,000 Jet Cleaning Services is one of New Zealand’s leading cleaning companies with specialist commercial cleaning crews throughout the country. Jet Cleaning is looking for highly motivated franchise teams to operate at some of our prestigious customers’ sites across greater Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Queenstown. 27 27 Danielle Scott P
Jim’s Mowing Home Services $20,000 Mowing/gardening franchise opportunity. Want more flexibility to achieve a better work life balance? Seeking self-motivated people who wish to succeed in running their own business. We provide help and assistance every step of the way to help them build successful businesses. 100+ 3000+ Rod Skelton P 0800 454 654 E W Jim’s Test & Tag / Jim’s Fire Safety 18 Business & Commercial $60,000 The leading provider of electrical testing and tagging services. Are you ready to be a part of this highly successful brand and create a new future for yourself? Jim’s Test & Tag gives you the training, support and systems you need to succeed. 35 185 Peter Mahon P
454 654 E W
Jesters Pies Food & Beverage $200,000$280,000+ Jesters Pies are offering new store opportunities on a turnkey basis. We will provide training, ongoing support and the tools required for you to maximise your investment. Seeking passionate franchise partners prepared to work in the business who are committed to excellent customer service. Just Cabins Home & Building $500,000+ Just Cabins provides portable cabins for rent which are just perfect as sleepouts, extra rooms, portable offices, or as storage at your home or business. Long-term cabin rentals provide a passive income, excellent growth and are easily run by one person part-time.

Kelly Sports Leisure & Education

$40,000 We offer you an opportunity to own your own business and make a real difference in children’s lives. Running before and after-school care, and holiday programmes kids just love. Our simple franchise model is easy to understand and we provide full training and support.

Kinetic Electrical Home & Building P.O.A. Professionally planned franchise system, fully documented to help you work smarter not harder to reach full potential of your company’s experience and expertise. Kinetic Electrical is a franchise for owners of existing electrical contracting companies with a passion to grow their business.

Kitchen Studio Home & Building $150,000 New Zealand’s kitchen design specialists. Designing and installing custom-made kitchens throughout New Zealand since 1984. Enquire now

36 67 Paul Jamieson

P 0-9-427 9377 M 021 409 241


25 25 Vicki Bambry M 0274 852 010


16 16 Simon Harkness

P 0-9-815 3000


16 178 P 0508 454 873

51 163 Thomas Felton P 0-9-846 2800


19 19 P 0-9-636 1357


available now for suitable candidates.

Kumon Leisure & Education $30,000 With over 3.5 million students worldwide, Kumon is the world’s largest provider of individualised mathematics and English programmes. Founded in 1958, Kumon has generous subsidies and low start-up costs. Join Kumon to make a difference in your community by developing students into confident self-learners.

KX Pilates Health & Fitness $300,000$350,000 Passionate about fitness? New to New Zealand, KX is a workout unlike any other. Combining traditional reformer pilates principles with progressive techniques, KX curates full-body workouts designed to challenge everybody. We deliver long-lasting results through small, continuous fitness improvements. Experience not necessary, full training given.

48 24,700

Leandra Exeter P 09 302 9172 M 027 512 9608


1 96 Kara Spice P 027 816 8604


4 43 Brendan Flanagan

P 0061 3 9460 6700


14 14 Gary Woodhouse

P 0-7-578 2295


16 165 Michelle Fazzolari


7 5000+ P 027 717 1284

0-9-909 6560 M 021 372 766 E W

Liquorland Retail $300,000 Looking for customer-focussed retailers with a passion for our industry 130 130 M 027 457 2210

LJS Seafood Restaurants Food & Beverage $190,000$230,000 The largest NZ fast-food chain of fish and chips and associated seafood stores.

13 13 Ben Frewin P 0-9-530 8090 E W

Lone Star Food & Beverage $400,000$700,000 Lone Star is New Zealand’s largest restaurant & bar concept. 25 25 P 0-3-374 3208

Lord of the Fries

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

89 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. FIND OUT HOW OUR EXPERIENCE CAN HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED, ON 0800 177 007.
for details of what location may suit. Join a motivated, professional, well established franchise network. Kitset Assembly Home Services $60,000 Kitset assembly is our business and demand for the service is extremely high. Kiwikrane Leisure $50,000 New Zealand’s crane amusement machine franchise. These stand-alone machines contain softtoys, chocolate and jewellery. Franchisees enjoy part-time, flexible work and operate machines in an exclusive territory. The Kiwikrane franchise also provides advice on how best to locate and operate machines successfully. Kowhai Roof Coatings Home & Building $20,000 The Kowhai guys have been restoring and recoating roofs in most regions of NZ since the 1980’s. We have a proven and exclusive Kowhai coating system. Experience in roofing or coating systems required. Limited number of areas
La Porchetta Food & Beverage $400,000 Join the largest Italian restaurant chain in Australia and New Zealand. You will love taking part in serving our guests quality Italian food, to order, using fresh ingredients. We are looking for passionate individuals with a strong work ethic and drive to join our family
Landmark Homes 49 Home & Building P.O.A. Landmark Homes is recognised as an industry leader in top quality, new home design and construction. We are searching for highly driven and motivated people (preferably with building industry knowledge) to join our growing franchise network throughout New Zealand. Laser Clinics New Zealand Fitness, Health & Beauty $375,000 Partner with an award-winning franchise. Laser Clinics New Zealand are proud to be the global leaders in our industry, providing laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, skin and body treatments at affordable prices. With a unique 50/50 business model, we are in this together! Laser Plumbing & Electrical Home & Building P.O.A. Our multi award-winning Laser Electrical and Plumbing groups have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 10 years. Laser Group’s market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service.
Homes Home & Building $150,000 A trusted national brand with a family feel and proven rewards.
9007 Lawn Rite Home & Commercial $15,000$65,000 Join the professionals taking care of residential and commercial lawns and gardens.
101 216 LCF Fun Languages NZ Leisure & Education $2,000 We offer language clubs for children in childcare centres and schools.
105+ 250+ Franchise
P 0800
LASER (2895 2737) E W Latitude
11 11 M 021 286
19 19 P 0800
Life Maid Easy Home Services $30,000$50,000 Are you looking to secure a guaranteed income and grow with a vibrant company? This is your opportunity to run your own business and be part of one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing residential cleaning companies. Visit our website for more information. 2 2 Grace Lao P
Food & Beverage $200,000 Seeking
Spa & Nails Health & Beauty
nail salon franchise system in the booming beauty market. Full training and support provided. Great return on investment, with opportunities for franchisees throughout New Zealand. 2 2 Aniket Kumar P 022 176 0919 E W Mad Butcher Food & Beverage $350,000$450,000 One of New Zealand’s best-known home grown franchises, trading since 1971. 20 20 M 021 725 458 Maintain To Profit Home & Building $59,000 Maintain To Profit is New Zealand’s leading property renovation and maintenance business. It is primarily a sales and project management licence business opportunity. A passion for renovating, property or trade background are advantageous. Contact us for your next business or career move with unlimited potential. 11 11 Mark Trafford P 0-9-929 4546 M 0275 736 688 E W Majestic Food & Beverage $250,000$450,000 Majestic is a premium boutique café brand creating exceptional experiences for locals across New Zealand. With a unique point of difference and a vast range of products available, take advantage of a brand that is bringing something fresh to the industry in so many ways. 10 10 Chris Cox P 0-3-423 9760 M 021 521 669 E W Martin Personnel 57 Business & Commercial $25,000 Hit the ground running with your own recruitment franchise under a brand that has been successfully operating in NZ for 30+ years. With minimal overheads and maximum profit, the Martin Personnel model has built-in systems, infrastructure and a Candidate / Client Management Software Programme. 2 2 Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747 E W McDonald’s Food & Beverage $1.5m Seeking highly qualified applicants to apply for our 12-month franchisee training programme. 170 38000 P 0-9-539 4300 MeloYelo E-Bikes Retail $13,500+ MeloYelo has established a work-from-home distribution channel for selling and servicing e-bikes. 18 18 M 021 728 875 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information Franchise and Business Opportunities K-M
people all over NZ to
us bringing our all-inclusive 100% vegan, halal- and koshercertified plant-based menu to Kiwis. If you have a passion for ethical business and making a real difference, are a natural-born leader and love interacting with people, we want to hear from you! 5 25 E W Luxurious
$150,000 Be your own boss with Luxurious Spa & Nails, a New Zealand-owned

M-O Franchise and Business Opportunities

Meticulous Home Services Home Services


$13,000 Full range of internal and external cleaning services. Exclusive territory for franchisees. 35 35 M 021 956 107

Mexicali Fresh Food & Beverage $375,000 Mexicali Fresh has led the Mexican evolution in NZ since 2005. With giant American-style burritos and Mexican beer in a colourful, casual atmosphere. We are recruiting energetic, enthusiastic franchisees with a passion for great food and excellent customer service for our turn-key restaurants.

12 12 Brittany Jackson P 0-9-973 4559


Mexico Food & Beverage P.O.A. Mexico is a well-established, strong and well-loved Mexican restaurant group. 12 12 P 0-9-520 1044 E

Midas Auto Services $100,000 Midas – New Zealand’s home of peace of mind motoring. Midas is an internationally recognised automotive repair and servicing franchise. We are looking for franchisees who are ‘drivers’ and truly love helping people. Automotive experience an advantage but not necessary.


12 2000+ Jason Wilson P 0-9-415 0235 M 021 955 969 E W

$20,000 Our franchisees work in partnership with the franchisor to build a rewarding business. 60+ 60+ P 0800 500 123

$75,000 Mike Pero Real Estate is a home-grown New Zealand company that takes great pride in delivering the highest level of customer service possible to its clients. 20 years’ experience helping homebuyers with their home loans. We now provide full real estate services with lower fees.

68 68 Champak Mehta P 0800 500 123


Home & Building P.O.A. Milestone Homes delivers a proven and smart franchisee package nationwide. and smart franchisee package nationwide. 8 8 M 027 220 1377

Mini-Tankers Business & Commercial $75,000$150,000 The only on-site diesel refuelling franchise in New Zealand. 70 70 P 0-9-622 2671

Retail P.O.A. Mister Minit is a shoe repair, key cutting and engraving business franchise specialising in corporate giftware solutions. Franchises are currently open to existing Mister Minit team members who are fully trained in the business. Franchise opportunities will be available in the future for outside recruitment.

Mizin 73 Home & Building $300,000 New Zealand’s premier portable room hire business providing recurring weekly income with limited labour input. Great extra retirement income and/or an opportunity to buy into an essential services business ripe for expansion, which provides you an immediate financial return via a proven business system.

Mobile Hand Car & Marine Grooming Auto Services $10,000$39,000

37 238 Maria Walton P 0061 2 9521 9100 E W

8 8 Gordon Green P 0800 46 49 46 M 0277 46 49 46 E W

Mobile grooming and detailing service providing professional, environmentally friendly valet services. 17 17 P 0800 803 737

Money Metrics Financial Services $50,000 A team of home-based chartered accountants who utilise technology to provide pragmatic accounting solutions to small business owners. Enjoy the support of working with like-minded colleagues with the best tried and tested systems for operating a public practice business.

Mr Green Home Services $20,000 Franchises available in lawn mowing and gardening, commercial and home cleaning, handyman services. Founded in New Zealand in 1992 and still New Zealand owned. Weekly earnings in excess of $2000pw. Low royalties. Many franchisees have been with Mr Green for over 20 years.

3 3 Cassandra Park P 0800 638 7427 M 0274 544 255


200 200 Mark McIlroy P 0800 MRGREEN M 021 196 2196 E W

Mr Rental Home & Building $600,000 Make the sale once and get paid over and over again. 17 89 P 0061 7 3622 2888

Mr Whippy Food & Beverage $50,000 Mr Whippy is looking for new owner/operators nationwide. 40 40 P 0800 494 4779

MTF Finance Financial Services $250,000 MTF Finance are looking for hardworking people with lending and business management experience to join our nationwide team of franchisees operating from Whangarei to Invercargill. Using MTF Finance’s system to market, approve and originate loans, you’ll manage your loan book using our web-based management system.

Muffin Break 48 Food & Beverage $250,000$400,000 Build a life you love with Muffin Break! Benefit from the comprehensive training and support from a reliable and trusted franchisor, growing businesses in NZ for more than 25 years. Muffin Break is expanding and we seek enthusiastic and customer-focussed franchisees throughout the country.

My After School Headquarters (MASH) Leisure & Education $30,000$35,000

MYGuy 41 Home & Building $41,950

47 47 Andrew Fergusson M 021 881 110 E W

34 271 Maree Keane M 027 484 7301


Make a difference in children’s lives today with our out-of-school programmes. 28 28 P 0-3-366 9408

MYGuy is New Zealand’s leading residential and small business property maintenance company, with a focus on quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and a healthy work/life balance. No business experience required with full training and ongoing franchise support included. Be your own boss today!

2 2 Leon Allen M 0275 058 236 E W

Narellan Pools Home & Building $50,000 Looking for highly talented and passionate people hungry for success. 19 80 P 0-7-846 8761

Navigation Homes Home & Building $125,000$250,000

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 company page number
information 90
industry investment from description number in
globally FANZ get more
Mike Pero Mortgages Services Mike Pero Real Estate Real Estate Milestone Homes Mister Minit
11 11 Aaron
Natural Ice Cream Food & Beverage
franchisor of the New Zealand Natural ice cream, frozen yoghurt, smoothie and juice parlours. Level of investment depending on store location and turnover history. 13 500+ Dipak Chhima P 0-9-274 6168 E W New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty (NZSIR) Real Estate P.O.A. New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty was founded in 2005 by Mark Harris and Julian Brown. Still privately owned, run and operated, the company holds the exclusive rights to the Sotheby’s International Realty brand in New Zealand. Franchise territories are available. 21 1000+ Bec Williams P 021 246 9260 E W Night ’n Day Foodstores Retail $300,000 The Night ‘n Day Foodstore franchise, NZ’s leading convenience store chain offers group buying, uniformed image, full staff training, assistance in shop layouts and designs, profit reports, assistance with staff rosters, group advertising and full accounting facilities. New sites and conversion of existing businesses welcomed. 54 54 Nicky Gibbs M 027 4737 919 E W Novus Auto Services P.O.A. Auto glass opportunity offers a proven business model with a nationally recognised brand. 58 2100 M 021 228 7395 NumberWorks’n Words 71 Education $100,000 Are you passionate about teaching but have had enough of the long hours and extra paperwork? A proven after-school tuition provider delivering exceptional results, is looking for education experts to join our expanding franchise network. 28 68 Jo Powell P 0-9-522 0800 E W NZ House Surveys Home & Building $26,000$39,000 Reputable, trusted house inspection business. Quality pre-purchase surveys and multiple income streams. 7 7 P 0-6-354 9194 Oil Changers Auto Services $150,000$250,000 Oil Changers provide the convenience of drive-through vehicle servicing. No previous experience required. 14 14 P 0-3-343 6080 Oncore Home & Building $50,000$75,000 Seeking professional people with transferrable skills to join our brand as franchise owners. 29 29 P 021 443 143 OPSM Retail P.O.A. You don’t need to be an optometrist to enjoy the amazing financial and professional rewards of running your own optical business, you just need strong business acumen and the ability to motivate and manage a sales team. Rachna Singh E W Oxygen8 Consulting Business & Commercial $25,000 Build your own portfolio of clients whilst working alongside a highly experienced consulting team. 20 20 P 0-9-215 7186
Navigation Homes are offering an opportunity to own and drive a profitable house-building franchise. Proven management systems, support, and the best national supply prices. Extensive range of designs to offer customers. Get off the tools and build an asset for yourself.
0-9-298 5972 M 021 477 506 W New Zealand
Zealand Natural Ice
is a global
network based out of Auckland, New Zealand. It operates as the

Franchise and Business Opportunities

$160,000 Pack & Send move and handle local and international freight through a network of retail stores with a professional custom packaging service. A one-stop shop for retail and business customers. We are looking to grant franchises to those who are prepared to embrace our ‘no limits’ culture.

$600,000 Palmers is New Zealand’s largest chain of standalone garden centres, with 12 stores across the North Island. Helping New Zealand grow great gardens since 1912. Proud to be locally owned and operated. Creating beautiful spaces – at our place and yours.

$350,000 100% locally owned and operated, Paper Plus is a co-operative franchise combining the expertise and support of a large, nationally recognised brand with franchisee entrepreneurial drive and passion for retail. We offer full training and support. Franchise opportunities available nationwide.


Iconic New Zealand retailer dominating the market in sales of foam, foam mattresses, rubber, mats, and Para pools. Looking for energetic people serious about customer service and looking to build a successful business through determination. Opportunities available in South Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Dunedin.

Paramount Services 34 35 Business & Commercial $30,000 A Paramount Services franchise is a safe and affordable way to own your own business. When you become a franchisee we will provide you with enough cleaning contracts to support a stand-alone franchise business. Established in 1979, Paramount Services has 160+ franchisees servicing 2,000 clients.

Auto Services $35,000 Mobile car grooming business servicing private and corporate clients. Franchisees need to be well organised and prepared to work hard. You will be trained by Paramount in how to clean a car efficiently and effectively, and how to run your own business.

20 140+ Matthew Everest P 0-3-982 7252 M 021 799 783


12 12 Murray Belcher

M 021 483 500


100 100 Carrie Welch

P 0800 727 377 M 027 570 7112


10 10 Vaughan Moss P 0-9-532 8794 M 021 921 976


160+ 160+ Bill Wu P 0-9-376 7850 M 027 588 3126


1+ 1+ Stella Blake P 0-9-376 7850 M 021 912 615


14 14 M 027 257 4500

2 2 Ian Kebbell

P 0800 50 80 30 M 021 629 626 E W

4 4 Andrew Cochrane

P 0800 438 7375 (GET PERL) M 027 616 0433

E membership W W

19 19 Alison Roberts

P 0-9-525 9563


Services $100,000 The largest automotive service franchise in New Zealand. Pit Stop is an automotive service and repair franchise which specialises in vehicle servicing, brakes, exhausts, suspension, WOF checks and general auto repair.


A Pita Pit franchise is the future in ‘better for you’ quick casual food service, serving the besttasting, freshest pitas and salad bowls in New Zealand since 2007. We have 80+ stores, with new sub-brands Egg’d and Bowl’d extending our appeal. Opportunities available nationwide.

45 45 Les Seiler

P 0-9-634 3666 E W

80+ 500+ Duane Dalton M 021 355 880 E W

Pizza Hut Food & Beverage $450,000$500,000 A new format is enabling franchisees to maximise returns from a smaller footprint. 109 1000+ P 0-9-525 8700

Platinum Homes Home & Building $100,000$250,000 Seeking people ideally from a construction or sales background. 17 17 M 021 535 031

Poolwerx Retail $89,000 Award-winning opportunity. Well known for its creation of the world’s first structured career path in franchising, enabling franchisees the opportunity to grow within a single marketing area or to develop a million dollar business with multiple vehicles, retail stores and marketing areas.

Prestige Home Groomers Business & Commercial $30,000$60,000 Prestige Home Groomers is a New Zealand-owned company. We are a cleaning business with a difference. We predominately clean only new premises cutting out the dirty work. The worst mess you will have to deal with is sawdust shavings and dusty windows.

8 350+ Mike Geddes P 0800 888 031 E W

8 8 Kim Buttery P 0-7-543 2090 E W

Prime Strategies Group Business & Commercial $27,000 Recognised leader providing world best-practice business management advice to NZ SME businesses. 40+ 40+ P 027 588 0576

company page number industry investment from description number in
globally FANZ get more information 91 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. WE TAILOR FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS TO FIT YOUR FRANCHISE. Get in touch on 0800 177 007.
Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at
P-Q Pack & Send New Zealand 38 Retail
Palmers 50 51 Retail
Paper Plus
Para Rubber Retail Paramount Vehicle Grooming
Pegasus Rental Cars Leisure & Transport $20,000$70,000 Offering the best value-for-money car hire in New Zealand for over 30 years.
PeopleCare Business & Commercial $195,000 New mobile workplace health monitoring franchise. Mobile clinics providing lung function, hearing, hand, arm, vibration and occupational vision testing on site at workplaces. Operating with a high standard of ethics is important for us, so naturally we will be seeking franchisees who share our values.
PERL Plumbing & PERL Electrical Home & Building $10,000 PERL is a professional franchise model for ambitious contractors looking to start their own business or supercharge their current one. PERL provides ongoing superior support and business education, exceptional supplier pricing and discounts, innovative integrated operating systems, and coordinated national sales and marketing.
PinkFit Home & Building $30,000 Licensees work with merchant partners to provide a total insulation service to new home builders and retrofit insulation to existing homes. Licensees generally operate this business from home, employing their own staff, and operating their own vehicles. This enhances potential returns to licensees. Pit Stop 15 Auto Pita Pit 78 79 Food & Beverage $300,000-
ProGroup Franchise Home & Building $39,950 Franchise opportunities offering five property transformation brands. GroutPro (tile maintenance and restoration), Deck & Fence Pro (outdoor timber maintenance and restoration), Garage Carpet Pro (garage transformations), Prep & Paint Pro (trade painting project management) and Grass Pro (artificial grass installation). Fantastic systems and support.
Property InDepth Home & Building P.O.A. Residential valuation franchise, customised technology, fantastic business systems, awesome nationwide team. 25 25 M
477 673 Property Service Franchise Systems Home & Building $16,500 Commercial cleaning business. Wide range of property services. Waikato based business with opportunities in Hamilton city, Cambridge, Te Kuiti and Te Awamutu. Basic package starts at $16,500 +gst. Enquiries welcome. 19 19
Propertyscouts Property Management Business & Commercial $22,500 Propertyscouts is 100% dedicated to providing end-to-end property management. In the industry for over 18 years, our franchisees benefit from clear systems, comprehensive training, uncapped support, and empowerment to achieve business success. There are still opportunities available throughout New Zealand, start a conversation today! 19 20 Ryan Weir M 022 657 9432 E W Provender NZ Food & Beverage $89,000$195,000 New Zealand’s leading supplier of workplace refreshment vending. New and established businesses available. 70+ 70+ P 0800 661 663 Provista Balustrade Systems Home & Building $25,000 Provista Balustrade Systems are New Zealand’s leading independent balustrade and pool fencing specialist. 18 18 M 0275 961 264 Pukeko Rental Managers 43 Business & Commercial $18,500 Specialist residential property management. Lucrative business model with coaching and training. Be the best property manager in your region with significant points of difference. Be a part of the award-winning Pukeko team. 21 21 David Pearse M 0274 809 534 E W Quest Serviced Apartments Business & Commercial $150,000$600,000 Quest Serviced Apartments is the market leading franchise in accommodation for primarily corporate extended stay travellers. Franchisees benefit from a high level of brand awareness, full training, and ongoing support. The Quest franchise also provide franchisees with computer systems and manuals which cover business plans. 33 150 Adrian Turner P 0-9-366 9680 E W
65 65 Duane Moul M 022
6477 E W
Michael Parton P 0-7-847 2737 E W

Quinovic Property Management Business & Commercial $50,000 NZ’s preferred national residential property management service since 1988. 29 29 Jess Moore P 0-4-801 7880


RaD Car Hire Leisure & Transport $25,000$250,000 Locally owned franchises providing car hire services nationwide since 1987. 23 29 M 027 257 4500

Home & Building $45,000 A re-spouting service franchise for new and existing homes and commercial buildings. Spouting on the Spot is the perfect franchise opportunity for franchisees who want to keep their hands on the tools. Become a Rainaway Spouting-on-the-Spot franchisee today

RE/MAX 58 Real Estate $55,000 RE/MAX is the largest real estate company in the world. Owning a RE/MAX franchise means incredible opportunities for your business with all the support and a big brand behind you all the way. We believe in working for yourself, but never by yourself.


10 10 P 0-9-265 2147


32 8600+ Hemant Patel P 0-9- 393 8478 M 021 114 6247 E W

Home & Building $35,000 The only ISO9001 registered, industry assessed brand providing Standard-compliant property reports. 7 7 P 0508 732 578

Home & Building $49,000 Red LBP is a property inspection franchise offering quick-turnaround, comprehensive reports using an online booking system and a report-building software. Minimal computer experience needed, building experience compulsory. Family-friendly, highly supported, a great way to use a builder’s knowledge without early mornings and bung backs.

Rodney Wayne 30 31 Health & Beauty $100,000 Rodney Wayne is the largest hairdressing franchise in New Zealand. You do not have to be a hairdresser but strong people skills combined with an excellent customer focus and management expertise are all critical elements that make a successful Rodney Wayne franchisee.

Rugbytots NZ Leisure & Education $7,500

Saddlery Warehouse Retail $300,000$460,000

11 11 Matt Jull P 0800113191 E W

45 45 Rod De Lisle P 0800 426 333


51+ 51+ Julie Evans P 0-9-358 4644


Rugbytots is the world’s favourite rugby play programme for 2 - 7 year olds. 7 50+ M 021 878 335

Leading equestrian retailer. Supplying all the items needed for horse and rider. 7 7 P 0-9-970 1058

Scratchpad Leisure & Education $120,000 Scratchpad is a new technology learning centre with the goal to help youngsters love, use, and create opportunities with technology including coding, robotics, 3D design and printing. We are expanding, and looking for future-focused people with a passion for technology to run their own centres.

5 5 Vijesh Nangia P 0-9-216 9400 M 021 431 930


Select Home Services Home Services $13,000 Select Home Services offers you the opportunity to be your own boss. 160+ 290+ P 0-9-278 4930

Shake Out Food & Beverage $400,000 Shake Out is a brand proudly developed in-house by the team behind BurgerFuel. Shake Out serves up a simple, yet premium fast food solution, combining quality ingredients and frictionless technology. Shake Out are looking for new franchisees to become part of their successful network.

4 4 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632 E W

Shed Boss Home & Building $95,000 Shed Boss are suppliers of high quality steel frame buildings. 10 37 P 0-7-579 1525

Shoe Clinic Retail $200,000$250,000

Shoe Clinic is NZ’s leading sports footwear retail store. Proven system. 19 19 M 0274 462 997

ShowerFix Home & Building $50,000 Manage your own bathroom maintenance business specialising in fixing leaky showers. Tried and tested model. Initial training and ongoing suppport provided. Good margins and low overheads. Would suit plumbers, builders, or a skilled handyman. Locations available throughout New Zealand.

Sierra Boutique Café Food & Beverage $250,000$450,000

3 3 David Howe M 0274 820 667 E W

Network of premium cafés specialising in gourmet coffee and freshly prepared food. 32 32 P 0-9-451 9102

Signature Homes Home & Building $150,000 Winner of the 2016 FANZ Supreme Franchise System award, we have 34 years’ experience building homes for Kiwis from 11 franchises supported by a National Office. If you have building or construction management experience and are looking for your next opportunity, please contact our CEO.

11 11 Paul Bull P 0-9-415 2468 E W

2 3 Mark Lusby M 021 0221 2683 E W 15 15 Chris Smith M 021 733 981 E W Snap-on Tools Auto Services $52,000 A unique opportunity to own your own business, built on a sound foundation of almost 90 years of experience. Snap-on franchisees are independent business people, controlling all aspects of their franchise and working flexible hours as needed to accomplish their personal goals.

SmartGrass 14 5000 Stacey Gilbert P 0800 762 766 E W Snap Fitness Health & Fitness $450,000 Internationally recognized brand that proves innovation is the key to brand agility 56 2000+ M 0061 435 841 811 Specsavers Optometrists & Audiology

Home & Building Retail $10,000$400,000 Specsavers New Zealand are leading optometrists and eye-care specialists. Now also offering audiology services. 52 1700+ Sinead Convery E W Speed Queen Laundry Services 74 75 Retail $75,000+ Enjoy true passive income with a Speed Queen self-serve laundromat. With our turn-key service, you’ll be up and running in your own profitable business in no time, backed by the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment.

synthetic grass industry is growing exponentially. The SmartGrass brand and solutions are at the forefront. Be your own boss and in total control of your financial future. We’ll support you to grow a highly-regarded, profitable business and you’ll never be short of great projects. 4 4 Jack Kennedy P 0800 887 369 M 027 822 9006 E 100+ 1m+ Royce Little P 0800 77 33 37 E W Speedy Signs Business & Commercial $150,000 New Zealand’s largest signs and graphics network uses the latest technology in an exciting industry with huge opportunity. Proven systems and sound business practices with a focus on high quality and excellent service set us apart in the signage market. No prior experience required.

27 850 Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123 E W Stihl Shop 11 Retail $400,000 Stihl Shop is a nationwide network of independent, locally owned specialist outdoor power equipment retailers. Every Stihl Shop is operated by friendly approachable people who are passionate about outdoor power equipment. Full training and on-going support. Sites with real growth potential available across NZ.

83 83 Darryl Perkins M 021 543 576 E W Stirling Sports Retail $340,000 We play to win by delivering world-class retail experiences, inspired by sport, executed with style. Stirling Sports will provide all the training and support to build and sustain your business. Opportunities available throughout New Zealand. Retail experience is an advantage but not essential.

55 55 Geoff Young M 022 417 3127 E W

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 company page number
information 92
industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ
Q-S Franchise and Business Opportunities
Rainaway Spouting on the Spot Realsure The House Inspectors Robert Harris Coffee Roasters Food & Beverage $450,000 Robert Harris Coffee Roasters operates New Zealand’s best-known and largest chain of retail café franchises. Proven success in cities and provincial centres nationwide. We look for team players with high standards in presentation who have customer service experience plus the ability to work with people.
sKids Leisure & Education $45,000 Out of school care. Established 1996. Now in 100+ schools. Before school, after school and holiday programmes for primary school children. Would suit people who are looking for a change in lifestyle and who enjoy the company of children. $120,000 The
100+ 100+ Chris Bartels P 0-9-576 6602 M 021 974 221 E W SkyTech 23 Busines & Commercial Services $45,000 Agricultural and commercial drone services. Enjoy the independence of your own business and be part of our nationwide team. Purchase a lifestyle franchise with great income and a future asset. If you have dedication and commitment join us in an exciting and growing market. W Smith’s Sports Shoes Retail $200,000 Smith’s Sports Shoes’ biggest strength is the relationship between franchisor, franchisee and suppliers. What you can expect from the Smith’s team includes integrity, fun, and profitability. We focus on team building and provide support and training. Seeking people with vision, great attitude and communication skills.

Franchise and Business Opportunities

Stonewood Homes NZ Home & Building P.O.A. We are now expanding and seeking builders and construction entrepreneurs throughout the regions. 19 19 M 021 595 582

Storage Box Retail $150,000 The preferred home and office organisation specialists providing solutions to New Zealand customers. 20 20 P 0-9-271 1025

Streetwise Coffee Food & Beverage $155,000 Every day thousands of coffee lovers buy a Streetwise coffee. Our designer coffee outlets have become symbols of coffee perfection. We’re seeking people nationwide who love the thought of selling fantastic coffees to appreciative customers. Site selection assistance, training and support is given.

24 24 Donna Ferrall M 027 552 2055


Stroud Homes Home & Building $95,000 Stroud Homes offer a fresh approach to building new homes for your customers. 6 36 M 027 606 0063

Subway Food & Beverage $250,000 The world’s largest quick service submarine sandwich and salad franchise. 250 46K+ W

Super Liquor Retail $200,000 With 130+ branded stores throughout the country, we are represented in many local communities, delivering to them real value and true convenience. We are New Zealand’s most trusted liquor brand offering market leading terms of trade and innovative national advertising and marketing programmes.

130 130 P 0-9-523 4064


Super Shuttle Business & Commercial $90,000 Super Shuttle has grown into New Zealand’s favourite airport transfer business. 120 120 P 0-9-522 5100

Swimart Pool & Spa Services Retail $50,000 Australasia’s most experienced chain of pool & spa specialists. Swimart commenced business in Sydney in the early 80’s and since that time has grown through the provision of expert friendly advice and superior customer service to be the market leader in the pool and spa service sector.

The Alternative Board Business & Commercial $83,000 The Alternative Board, a leading international franchise organisation, seeks franchisees to facilitate peer board meetings and offer executive coaching to local business owners. With a background as an executive, coach, consultant or business owner, you will help businesses achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfilment.

The Cheesecake Shop Food & Beverage $200,000 You don’t need to be a baker, our excellent training course teaches you how.

6 78 Brett Reading P 0800 928 373


13 300+ Alfredo Puche M 027 427 9172


33 220 David Reid P 0-9-475 9634 M 021 625 555


The Christmas Heirloom Company Retail $40,000 Providing high quality, luxurious Christmas decorations. A profitable seasonable business. 10 11 P 0-7-839 6209

The Coffee Club 99 Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000 One of NZ’s largest café and restaurant franchises, The Coffee Club have a comprehensive menu and offer relaxed dining experience. Take advantage of a proven track record, great training and ongoing support. Ideal if you are passionate about people and building customer loyalty.

The Coffee Guy Food & Beverage $55,000$120,000

The Coffee Guy is New Zealand’s largest mobile coffee franchise system. The secret to our success is ensuring our franchisees have the support that they need to operate a successful franchise. New and existing franchise exclusive territories are available nationwide. Join our team today.

The Interface Financial Group Financial Services $39,000 The Interface Financial Group provides debtor financing service to the SME business.

The Leather Doctor Home Services $80,000 The Leather Doctor is New Zealand’s largest mobile leather and vinyl cleaning, repair and restoration network. Leather Doctors are provided extensive training and can undertake an array of commercial and private work. No previous experience required.

The Pie Shop Food & Beverage $60,000$125,000 Joining Hemingways, The Pie Shop means instantly buying into a booming and successful family business, that is challenging the leading fast-food restaurants at a fraction of the start-up costs. If you value good character and honour, let’s build your wealth together now.

The Shed Specialists Co Home & Building $20,000+ Join a business that is cutting-edge, with a distinct advantage over competitors. Work directly alongside manufacturers and customers to construct custom-made, fit-for-purpose sheds. Highly profitable business model with excellent support systems in place, customers ready and waiting. Investment covers fees, tools and equipment are additional.

Wheel Magician Auto

$69,750 We have developed a system which provides mag wheel repairs to a very high standard in a short space of times. This means you have delighted customers and complete lots of jobs in a day. Well-established franchise opportunity available for the right person.

65 400+ Brad Jacobs P 0-9-304 0008 M 0275 26 3333


29 29 Andrew Morgan P 0-9 973 4823 M 022 419 3156


9 150+ P 0-9-302 7704

8 100 Kim Bennett P 0061 408 066 950


1 1 Andrew Hemingway M 021 040 9061


2 2 Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747


14 14 Alan Thomas P 0800 537 233 W

14 14 Liesle Corns P 0800 184 465 E W

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

company page number industry
FANZ get more information 93 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. SPECIALIST SUPPORT TO HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED. Get in touch on 0800 177 007.
investment from
NZ, globally
solutions with nearly 50 stores. We specialise in the design and implementation of the most water efficient irrigation and water management programmes for clients.
Tint a Car Auto Services $25,000 Experts in car, home and office window tinting for over 50 years.
Top Snap – Real Estate Photography Business & Commercial $15,000 Top Snap provide professional real estate photography, floor plans, video, drone, virtual tours 3D services, and more, tailored and delivered to our customers – real estate professionals, homeowners, builders, architects, interior designers, and property developers. 5 28
Touch Up Guys 58 Auto Services $88,000 New Zealand’s premier mobile paint and bumper repair franchise. High quality car paint restoration services to commercial and private customers. Professional, reliable, cost effective and convenient. No industry experience required. Comprehensive training and full ongoing support provided. Great opportunities are available throughout New Zealand. 13 120 Martin Smith P 0800 286 824 M 021 721 430 E W Toyworld Retail $200,000$500,000 Join New Zealand’s largest independent toy retailing group. 24 180 M 021 390 954 Transform Clinic Health & Beauty $80,000 Transform Clinic is a well-established, successful appearance medicine, laser and beauty franchise. 7 7 M 027 355 8115 Trident Homes 39 Home & Building $50,000 Trident Homes are offering the opportunity to operate a business which is 100% NZ-owned. Established, recognised and growing brand. Seeking trade-qualified builders or experienced business owners with good people skills who are passionate about home building. Full training and ongoing support. 11 11 Neil Hawker M 0275 321 191 E W U-Sell (Park & Sell Yards) Auto Services $100,000 U-Sell help members of the public sell cars in a caryard environment. 6 6 P 0-9-391 1339 Ultra-Scan Agriculture $80,000 An innovative mobile franchise whose core business is confirming the pregnancy of farm animals using real-time ultra-sonic equipment. Becoming a part of this franchise network enables the franchisee to run a low-cost, high return business in an exclusive territory, using a proven business system. 19 19 P 0508 858 727 E W Valentines Buffet Restaurants Food & Beverage $300,000$400,000 Iconic buffet restaurant seeking hospitality-minded franchisees with drive, passion and energy. 5 5 P 0-9-921 4032
Think Water Retail P.O.A Think Water is Australasia’s leading network of independently owned irrigation water services
8 133 P 0-9-442 4195
P 0508 867

providing flexible, multi-serviced businesses for 43+ years. Exclusive territories, paid training, established customers, income guarantee. Indoor and/ or Outdoor opportunities available nationwide. Actively seeking motivated franchisees wanting to succeed. Multi-award winning systems, ongoing support and business mentoring provided.

120+ 1200+ John & Estelle Logan P 0800 847 496


Wardrobe World Home & Building $20,000+ Buoyant market. Bespoke designs via 3D CAD design package. Full training provided. 21 21 P 0-9-270 0278

Wash Rite Home & Building $45,000$70,000 We are currently looking for hardworking and dedicated people around New Zealand. 31 31 P 0800 101 216


What’s Up House Inspections

Home & Building $25,000 Waterproofing with 30 plus years of proven dependability. With a profitable work from home opportunity, all you need is a suitable vehicle. Franchisees are fully trained and receive regular ongoing training and full support from our operations, technical, sales, marketing and IT departments.

Home & Building $69,995 New Zealand’s leading pre-purchase home inspection company.

6 58 P 0800 436 000 E W

7 7 M 021 952 397

Wide Span Sheds Home & Building $95,000 Custom design, supply and construction of pre-engineered buildings. Limited opportunities in the North Island. 7 450+ P 0-9-889 2044

Window Treatments

Home & Building $30,000 Sales and installation franchises available in New Plymouth and Gisborne. 21 21 P 0-3-343 1876

Winner Winner Food & Beverage $500,000 Owned by the BurgerFuel Group, Winner Winner specialises in the finest woodfired and crispy fried chicken. As it turns out, chicken is the fastest growing protein category globally which means there’s piles of opportunity right here, right now.


Home & Building $25,000$50,000 Woolgro is an all-natural, proven system to establish premium lawns using our innovative pre-seeded lawn mats, benefiting the customer and the environment. You don’t have to have a landscaping background – just be customer-focused and enjoy working outside, building a business based on excellent service.

4 4 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632 E W

6 6 Geoff Luke P 0-9-570 1985 M 021 957 600 E W


Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 94 Aramex See page 98 P 0-6-833 6333 E W Business & Commercial Aramex, formerly known as Fastway Couriers, is
provides local and national courier and freight services at competitive prices. Over 35 years’ experience, multiple industry awards and franchises across New Zealand, Aramex
one of
Zealand’s most successful and trusted freight companies. 1,600
CrestClean See page 2 Grant McLauchlan M 027 479 6415 E W Business & Commercial CrestClean regional master franchises suit administrators, sales people or managers with people, business and accounting skills who are interested in working in the cleaning industry. Must be customer-oriented. 625
Duck Donuts Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022 E Food & Beverage The fastest-growing donut shop in the US. Be part of the Duck Donuts family, bringing Duck Donuts to New Zealand. Duck Donuts are seeking a master franchisee who shares their vision and commitment of offering a welcoming, family-friendly, and delicious experience to continue growth around the world. Join the growing success story and create sweetness and smiles with Duck Donuts. 100+ P.O.A. Jim’s Test & Tag See page 18 Peter Mahon P 0800 454 654 M 021 859 222 E W Business & Commercial Entrepreneur required to take this fantastic opportunity with passive income and potential to the next level. We are looking to appoint regional master franchisees in Auckland, Wellington and Taranaki to assist existing franchisees increase sales and market penetration, and be responsible for opening up approximately 20 new areas. Full training facilities are provided and back-up and support from Jim’s Test & Tag. 200
Muzz Buzz Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022 E Food & Beverage New Zealand master franchisee required for Australia’s leading drive-thru coffee concept. Muzz Buzz have been in the coffee business since 2004 and have established a brand recognition like no other. Unrivalled support and leading technology platform make this brand stand out. 20+ P.O.A. V.I.P. Home Services See page 9 Estelle Logan P 0800 847 496 E W Home Services Regional master franchisees. Lawnmowing/gardening and home cleaning. Your desire to work with people and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will help you realise the potential of the business. A proven record of people management and sales experience together with sound work ethics honesty and integrity required. Suitable for couples or individuals. 1200
$200,000+ Ziebart Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022 E Auto Services Ziebart is the world’s #1 franchise in vehicle appearance and protection. Master franchise opportunity now available in New Zealand, backed by over 60 years experience. Ziebart promise to provide exceptional customer service and the highest-level quality products to exceed all customer expectations. 400+ P.O.A. company get more information industry description number globally investment required Regional and National Master Licence Opportunities - find more at • Due Diligence (should I buy this business?) • Budgets and Cashflow projections • Financial accounting and reporting systems • Benchmarking reports • Liaising with other advisors (banks, lawyers, consultants) • Tax Advice • Best structure for the business (company/trust etc) Inspiring You! Call us for a no obligation chat on 09 969 7450 | 021 309 309 | We specialise in Franchising and love to help Franchisors and Franchisees with: INSPIRED ACCOUNTANTS 7 Reasons to Call Us First Call Now 0800 555 80 20 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Service Provider of the Year 2011–12 2018–19 2015–16 2019–20 2017–18 You get pre-purchase inspection reports - we leave no stone unturned You minimise risk & protect your assets with the best structures for your business You save time, money & tax with our proven accounting solutions & systems You benefit from specialist advice – we listen, we understand You work with award-winning service provider 2019/20 - Westpac Franchise Awards You get specialist franchise mentoring and ongoing support You’re using specialist franchise accountants with the tick of approval – accredited members of FANZ & CAANZ company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information V-Z Franchise and Business Opportunities
Home & Building $40,000 A unique opportunity to be part of an iconic New Zealand company and build a real business of value. 16 16 P 0-9-913 4185
Home & Building P.O.A Your chance to own your own business without the challenges
35 35
481 5880
Home Services 9 Home Services $20,000 Professional home services
an award-winning franchise system that
it alone.
M 027
Find more info
Xpresso Delight Food & Beverage $51,995 Xpresso Delight workplace espresso machines provide a semi-passive income with life-style benefits. 17 155 P 021 875 431 Zambrero Food & Beverage $300,000 Serving fresh, healthy and flavoursome Mexican food in New Zealand since 2014. When you join the Zambrero family, you’re joining a fast-growing international Mexican restaurant with a mission to stop world hunger through our Plate 4 Plate initiative. 15 215 Grant Maycroft P
9594 E W Zexx NZ Food & Beverage $5,000$25,000 Providing a nationwide range of quality frozen fruit beverages and alcohol cocktails. 12 16 P 0800 556 022

South Island Jon Robertson/Dave McCone P 0-3-343 0599


National Tristan Will P 0-4-472 5850



a franchise, what should you pay for it? Is this franchise any good? How much money will I make? How do I set everything up? I need help from someone experienced. Ben Blackler can help you buy a good business, set it up correctly and run it effectively. Award-winner – Professional Services.

Greater Wellington Ben Blackler P 0-4-555 9090

E W Franchise

National Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020


National Craig Weston P 0-9-309 2561 M 021 309 309


National Hamish Smith P 0-9-363 3251 M 0274 450 977


National Scott Travis P 0-9-448 3232 M 021 414 569

National Jay Changlani M 0210 763 762




CONSULTANTS Franchise Accountants 62 63 94 Specialist advice on franchise system development, feasibility studies, recruitment, documentation, manuals, ongoing mentoring, strategic planning and partnering to grow your business.

Franchize Consultants (NZ) 42 Specialists in franchise development, strategic planning, legal briefs, systems and manuals, recruitment processes and documentation, ongoing mentoring and sound advice on franchising and licensing. Recognised as New Zealand’s leading management consultancy specialising in franchise development. Experience with many of NZ’s top franchised companies.

National Our Franchise Experts P 0800 39 40


National ASB Franchise Team P 0800 272 476


National Riaan Wilson P 0800 ASK BNZ E W

National Customer Service P 0800 456 687 E W

National Liam Popham P 0800 005 797 M 0061 402 816 809


National Trent Parkinson P 0800 443 334 E W

Worldwide Callum Floyd


Directory of Franchising
95 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. WE TAILOR FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS TO FIT YOUR FRANCHISE. Get in touch on 0800 177 007.
franchise purchases and ongoing accountancy and
ACCOUNTANTS Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Christchurch Limited Assistance with
in the franchise area. Over 15 years’ experience in
in the SME market, acting for both franchisors
With 16 offices, BDO is NZ’s fastest growing chartered accounting and business
offer bespoke services in due diligence; structure reviews; appraisals; agreements,
advisory and support services; raising capital and finance. Smart
advisory firm. Our franchise specialists
strategic planning; full accounting, audit, tax
New Zealand business, backed by BDO.
Smith & Co
Very experienced
approachable chartered accountants.
you’re buying
62 63
94 Save time, money and tax by benefiting from our specialist franchise advice and proven accounting solutions. Your success is our business. Ring now 0800 555 8020. Specialist franchise accounting solutions including due diligence, benchmarking,
valuations, business mentoring, tax planning, cashflow management and reporting software systems.
Inspired Accountants 94 We are chartered accountants who specialise in franchising. Having a look under the bonnet (due diligence) is key when buying a business. We do this and set up robust reporting systems so you know how the business is performing. Inspired Accountants – Inspiring You.
KPMG Franchise accounting and business advisory experts. We take care of your tax, accounting and business advisory needs so you can spend more time focusing on your franchise.
Nexia New Zealand Nexia New Zealand are franchise accounting and business advisory experts with broad experience in all aspects of franchising. If you own a franchise, are thinking of buying one, or want to franchise an existing business, we have all the expertise to help you succeed.
of experience.
Orb360 Orb360 provides franchise owners and prospective franchise owners with financial support from all angles, helping you stay on top of everything from cash flow and tax compliance to forecasting and future-proofing your business. Our franchise specialist accountants have over ten years
They have
developed a
of tools and
has a dedicated team of business specialists throughout New Zealand to provide support for franchisors and franchisees.
resources to make
franchising journey easier, including a free ANZ Franchise Guide.
ASB 20 ASB provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions for
both franchisees and franchisors including finance, insurance, savings and investment options, everyday banking and more. So if you are thinking of starting or buying a franchise, talk to our franchise specialists on 0800 272 476.
W BNZ Talk to us about our wide range of specialist services that we can tailor to meet your needs as a franchisor or franchisee. We’ll use our 145 years’ experience in business banking, giving your business the support it needs to grow and succeed.
CFI Finance CFI Finance provides leases, loans and other financial products that help our customers establish new businesses or grow and develop existing ones. With exceptional service and an easy application, we are faster, more flexible and more able to meet the needs of our customers. Prospa 64 Prospa is New Zealand’s small business lending specialist. By making the loan application process faster and easier, we’ve helped thousands of small businesses grow and take advantage of opportunities, with support from our friendly team of Business Lending Specialists. Silver Chef Silver Chef is the only dedicated hospitality equipment funder in New Zealand and we have been providing flexible equipment funding to the hospitality industry for 30 years. Preserve your working capital with Silver Chef, and fuel your growth through our various franchise funding solutions.
Westpac New Zealand Ltd 76 77 100 Artz
Westpac is New Zealand’s most experienced bank in franchising and the only bank offering dedicated franchise specialist managers throughout the country. Westpac has a high level of expertise in the franchise industry; this has been built up over the past two decades by working closely with franchisors, franchisees and industry specialists. The resulting depth of experience enables us to provide you with informed specialist advice regarding
funding and franchise specific transactional solutions.
- Mike Haigh, Sujam Ratnayake
Island – René
National Daniel Cloete P 0800 177 007
National Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020
Tereza Murray Franchising 70 We specialise in developing comprehensive and cost-effective franchise systems for small businesses needing a growth strategy that delivers profit, performance and scale.
The Franchise Coach 96 Comprehensive advice on franchise system development. Feasibility studies, manuals, documentation, legal briefs, franchisee recruitment, exporting and importing, mediation and ongoing mentoring to grow your business. The Franchise Coach has been a major contributor to the success of franchising in New Zealand since 1983. Consultants, trainers and speakers.
& Worldwide Stewart Germann
276 9898 W
ASCO Legal 77 At ASCO Legal we have a fresh perspective on the practice of law, a client-centred one. Our team is friendly, approachable and efficient. We enjoy helping both our franchisor and franchisee clients get the most benefit out of franchising, providing quality pragmatic advice.
National &
P 0-9-523
National Tereza
P 027 471
M 021
& Worldwide Alistair van Schalkwyk P
021 0274 2011
W Botherway 67 Commercial law firm specialising in franchising and related law. We work with you to give you the best possible legal support in your franchised or licensed business. Justina Knox is our specialist franchise lawyer and also has experience dealing with disputes and the successful negotiation of franchise exits.
Justina Knox
1122 Botting Legal Franchise and commercial law specialists. We provide practical legal advice in plain English for both franchisees and franchisors at very competitive rates. Preparation and review of franchise documentation, advice on structuring and IP protection, franchise operation and dispute resolution.
Bradley Botting
769 738 E Brookfields Lawyers Expert franchise lawyers. Fixed price packages. Urgent advice is no problem.
Deirdre WatsonBarrister 25 years’ experience in litigation, disputes, court cases and mediation. Franchise dispute specialist.
P 0-7-839
P 0-9-950
M 0274
National P 0-9-979
company page number description location FANZ get more information Specialist Advisors
National Deirdre
P 0-9-309 6988 E W


guide you

Lane Neave is a full service law firm with offices Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. We have a dedicated franchising team experienced in advising both franchisors and franchisees on all their legal requirements. Our clients include large nationwide franchisor chains through to individuals.

Experienced franchise and business law advisors focussed on helping clients to succeed. All areas of franchising, including franchise documentation, business sales, retail and commercial leasing, licensing, supply and distribution, brand protection, health and safety, immigration, employment and dispute resolution. Advice in Mandarin and Cantonese.

National Hamish Walker

P 0-4-499 7809 M 027 288 2339


National Thada Chapman P 0800 Solicitor M 021 309 233


National Michael Bright P 0-9-414 9800


Greater Wellington Claire Byrne P 0-4-916 7483 M 029 916 7483


National & Worldwide Scott Goodwin P 0-9-973 7350 M 027 700 7396


National Mark Sherry P 0-3-352 2293 M 021 524 890


National Darryl King P 0-9-300 6935


National Claire Evans P 0-3-353 8012


National & Worldwide Rory MacDonald/Tim Lewis P 0-9-307 3324


National & Worldwide Andrew Skinner/Steven Lee M 027 705 4598 M 021 728 892



Canterbury & National Kent Yeoman P 0-3-343 8453 M 021 517 601 E W

Australia Alicia Hill P 0061 3 8540 0200 M 0061 409 215 943


National & Worldwide Harshad Shiba P 0-9-302 0070 M 021 407 228 E W

National Richard Watts P 0-9-977 5182 M 021 895 931 E W

Auckland & Hamilton Patrick Learmonth P 0-9-306 6874 E W

National & Worldwide Stewart Germann / Khushbu Sundarji P 0-9-308 9925 M 021 276 9898 E W

National Phil Shannon P 0-9-486 9575 M 021 485 557 E W

National Katrina Hammon P 0-9-300 2647 M 021 221 8847


Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04 96 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. SPECIALIST SUPPORT TO HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED. Get in touch on 0800 177 007.
Duncan Cotterill Enterprising full service law firm with offices nationwide. Experts in franchise system establishment, network growth and international expansion. Covering all your franchise and broader business needs, including distribution networks, supply chains, intellectual property, employment, health and safety, property/leasing, acquisitions and sales, immigration and dispute resolution. Franchise Law 80 Drafting, amending and reviewing franchise agreements. Franchise sales and purchases. Commercial property leases, sales and purchases. Gaze Burt 52 Lawyers providing full legal services for franchisors and franchisees including advice and documents relating to franchise development, franchise evaluation, risk management, transactional management and dispute resolution. Our experience is extensive over many years and we understand the important and significant fundamentals required for quality franchising. Gibson Sheat Lawyers 96 Comprehensive legal advice for franchisors and franchisees. All franchise documentation. We’ll sort out issues at the outset, before they become problems. If things have already turned pear-shaped our mediation and franchise dispute specialists can assist. Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers 3 Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers aims to provide a modern, friendly, client-focused and efficient approach to your legal business requirements, with a genuine focus on adding value to your business. Harmans Lawyers A Christchurch based firm offering comprehensive legal services for franchisors and franchisees including franchise and disclosure documentation, employment, leases, financing, dispute resolution and business structures. Full service legal firm that prides itself on being solution driven. Franchise specialists with a proven track record. Jackson Russell Lawyers business needs specialist franchising advice and an experienced legal team that covers all areas of business law. Jackson Russell is a full service law firm that will get to know your business, tailor advice to your business objectives and through the process. Lane Neave MacDonald Lewis Law Expert franchise lawyers who specialise in fixed price packages for legal services. A specialist firm based in Parnell offering sound, practical and timely advice, we can assist with all business legal requirements. Martelli McKegg Lawyers Mortlock McCormack Law Christchurch-based franchise experts advising clients locally and nationwide. Specialist advice for franchisors and licensors wishing to set-up and operate, and for franchisees regarding all aspects of their franchise. Full range of associated commercially-focused and cost-effective legal services provided. MST Lawyers Full service legal firm established since 1975 acting for franchisors and franchisees in both preparation and entrance into franchises within Australia, dispute resolution and regulatory compliance with the franchising code of conduct and other Australian legislation. Well connected in the Australian market. Quantum Law 72 Specialists in franchise and business law. If you seek prompt and technically sound legal advice delivered to suit your commercial objectives, please contact us. With a wealth of franchise, business and corporate law experience, you will be in safe hands. Simpson Grierson Specialists in franchise systems including structuring, documentation, human resources, property, taxation and transactions. Stace Hammond Stace Hammond is a business law firm with offices in Hamilton and Auckland. Stewart Germann Law Office, Lawyers and Notary Public
Year – NZ and 2021 Global Awards – Leaders in Law – Franchising Expert of the Year in NZ.
17 New Zealand’s longest established specialised franchise law firm with over 40 years’ experience. Expert legal advice to franchisors and franchisees nationwide. Winners of 2022 Global 100 – Franchise Law Firm of
Turner Hopkins A full service firm who can help you with all your legal needs. If you are a franchisor looking to develop a franchise system or a new franchisee looking to purchase a franchise business we can develop fixed price packages to suit your exact needs.
Wynn Williams The Wynn Williams team understand franchising and have global experience advising brand owners/franchisors, master franchisees, investors and franchisees. We are known for our trans-Tasman expertise and can quickly assist you to assess and grow your business in the New Zealand market.
Claire Byrne | 04 916 7483 • Buying or selling franchises • Franchising businesses • Franchising disputes FROM CAPE REINGA TO BLUFF For 20+ years, Claire has advised on: You don’t have to be a hairdresser to own a Contact: Zenardia Anderberg 0800 100 114 Style a life you love The complete franchise resource Established 1990 We have helped over 150 companies develop their systems and pursue their franchising goals. Phone Stewart on 021 276 9898 We can franchise your business Find more info Specialist Advisors company page number description location FANZ get more information

Designers Engage Design for Marketers to obtain design resources for you to market your franchise brand effectively and consistently. Planning, creation and supply of resources for branding, advertising, promotional, recruitment, point of sale etc. Over 30 years’ experience with leading franchise brands. Be seen, be bought, be recommended.

National Steve Smith P 0-9-630 3004


National Andrew Mitchell M 021 801 115


National Joanne Bush P 09 630 9491 M 021 177 6009


National Steve Goldie P 0800 CRANKD M 021 977 979


National David Rayner P 0-4-802 0166


New Zealand & Worldwide Chris Hogg P 0-9-377 8885 M 021 345 690 E W

National Paul Donovan M 021 64 45 45 E W

National Peter Smythe P 0-9-577 4223


National Anneliese Theron P 0-4-499 0912 M 027 811 8285


National Robyn Pickerill P 0-9-274 2901


Franchise Infinity is cloud-based software that combines a range of effective management tools which enables you to manage all aspects of your franchise from one centralised operating system. These efficiencies are driven through a focus on communication, training, compliance and performance.

Franchise Media Training has two core services. It helps franchises grow their bottom lines by showing them how to generate their own news media publicity. Secondly it prepares franchises for possible negative media attention that can destroy entire brands overnight.

Franchisee selection systems, satisfaction surveys, recruitment and training for franchise management. Assistance with organisational change and restructuring, conference presentations on managing the franchise relationship.

Worldwide Shane Boulle P 0800 555 013 M 021 083 66253


National Pete Burdon P 0-3-420 0300 M 029 200 8555


New Zealand & Australia Greg Nathan P 0061 418 157 701


South East Asia Jeff Vassel M 0061 421 684 444


National Adam Kemp P 0800 003 752 M 027 202 5137


National & Worldwide Nathan Bonney M 0275


Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

OTHER SERVICES ABC Business Brokers Business Brokers Specialist business sales company selling franchises for 20 years with branches nationwide. At all times, we place the greatest value on confidentiality, professionalism and innovation. Your business is our business. Brand Machine 61 Marketing Brand Machine changes the way franchise brands do marketing. Our Brand Amplifier and Marketing Hub solutions allow online and offline local area marketing to be executed with scale and efficiency, while giving franchisees the tools they need to execute their own local activity Clyth MacLeod 76 Business Brokers With a 50-year track record, Clyth MacLeod is New Zealand’s longest-running business brokerage. We specialise in all sectors and are happy to provide a comprehensive advisory and sales service to franchisors, franchisees and prospective purchasers nationwide. Crank’d Brand Consultants We are brand experts, combining human-centered thinking and creative with emerging technologies to create exceptional brand experiences. We are a one-stop creative shop specialising in franchise systems and multi-store operations, providing strategy, brand, creative, web and marketing solutions. Crombie Lockwood Insurance Crombie Lockwood is one of NZ’S largest insurance brokers. We guide master franchisors on the complex insurance and risk management programmes necessary for successful franchises and provide face-to-face advice to individual members. Protect your business with SMARTpak, our smart insurance solution for franchisors and franchisees. Cumulo9 Email Branding Cumulo9, digital solution experts ensuring your company communication is consistently and securely delivered. A complete omni-channel solution offering marketing campaigns, transactional emails, compliance, audibility, tracking and data management. A suite of products providing a cost-effective solution for seamlessly branded and deliverable business communication. Design for Marketers EmbroidMe 4 Corporate Apparel NZ’s largest uniform and promotional products business. We supply and brand quality uniforms, including polo shirts, corporate wear, sportswear, hospitality wear, plus a range of corporate gifts. Contact our national accounts team to help you manage your brand on a national basis. Excel Digital Printing & Marketing Excel Digital enables organisations to optimise each step of the communications supply chain from strategy and ideation through to creative, print production, storage and re-order. In 2019 Excel Digital merged with Perception Group to become one of the largest digital-first printing companies in New Zealand. Franchise Association of New Zealand 36 37 Franchise Association The peak body representing the franchise community. Franchise members are required to submit their agreement and disclosure documents to ensure compliance with our codes of ethics and practice before being accepted into membership and biennially thereafter. Affiliate members are suppliers to the franchise sector. Franchise Infinity Software Management Tool Franchise Media Training Media Training Franchise Relationships Institute Franchise Research & Development
Geotech Information Services Network & Location Planning Founded in 2003, Geotech provides strategic network and location planning services to franchised businesses across South East Asia. Our particular expertise utilises data and science to help underpin location planning decisions across the retail industry. We have worked with many well-known international brands.
combination of HRIS and telephone advice can help every franchisee navigate around complex workplace matters with confidence.
HR Assured HR Management
growing focus on compliance in the franchise sector has increased the need for best-practice workplace management across a franchise system. HR Assured’s
Iridium Partners 68 Franchise Recruitment Unique in the NZ market. Experienced franchise recruitment, operational and HR professionals who connect franchise brands and potential franchisees. We work directly with a number of leading brands. Our networks are extensive, our proven expertise extends over commercial property, franchise growth, development and recruitment.
022 Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Retail Leasing Brokers Ranesh and Nilesh at JLL are specialist retail leasing brokers who can provide expert advice to secure a retail location for your business. They have vast experience dealing with national and international brands throughout the country.
W LINK Business Brokers 8 Franchisee Resales & Recruitment LINK we sell businesses in NZ, Australia, and USA. Franchised specialists in business sales, franchise re-sales, and recruitment and sales of franchise opportunities. We provide professional, practical franchise advice to our clients. Our statistics tell the story: 300+ brokers, 250K+ buyer database.
Nick Stevens P
9226 E W MYOB Accounting & Payroll Software MYOB offers easy online accounting software that has everything you need to take care of your franchise business, including POS and payroll solutions. Whether you’re a small or large franchise, or a franchisor managing multiple franchise sites, MYOB has the solutions.
Nick Fletcher P
39 66 38 M 021 940 921 E W Speedy Signs 4 Signs & Graphics With 25 years in business, Speedy Signs has the experience, expertise and reputation in nationwide franchise signage. Contact our National Accounts Manager for a complete signage solution, from design to installation, ensuring your franchisees are brand compliant, right throughout the country National Peter Smythe P 0-9-577 4223 E W The Mediator Mediation Franchise disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively via online or face-to-face mediations, saving your brand and business from potential harm. With 20 years experience in mediation and law, Trish Blyth, ‘The Mediator’, has been on the panel of Mediators for the Franchise Association for 10 years. Auckland & National Trish Blyth P 0800 02 MEDIATE M 021 677 950 E W Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre Conferences Hotel accommodation with fully integrated conference centre suitable for small meetings through to international conventions. Full food, beverage and leisure facilities complete the offering. “World famous in New Zealand”, Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre is an icon in the mid-range meetings and leisure market. Greater Auckland Area Michelle Gain P 0-9-526 3029 E W Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. TALK TO OUR FRANCHISE SPECIALISTS TODAY ON 0800 177 007. company page number service description location FANZ get more information Other Services
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excellent understanding of clients and strong evidence of structured planning and well-run visits. No doubt stimulated by his accountancy knowledge, there was a healthy emphasis on business plans backed up by a well-structured process including good documentation. There was considerable evidence of success amongst his franchisees.’

For many years now, the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards (see page 24) have included a category for Field Manager of the Year. This category recognises the work of those individuals who are the first point of contact for franchisees: coaching them, developing their business, working through problems alongside them, and helping them maximise the potential of their investment. They are the people who make a real difference in franchisees’ lives.

Entries were divided into two categories by franchisee turnover.

Field Manager of the Year – under $500,000

Winner: Brett Dennis, Green Acres Northland

Northland Green Acres Business Manager, Brett Dennis won the Under $500,000 category for the first time in 2019, and after almost five years in his role still loves feeling that he has made a difference to the franchisees that he supports. He enjoys the chance to help others using his skills in coaching, management, marketing, customer relationship management, health and safety, accountancy, business development and problem-solving

A few months ago he took on a new challenge, moving across from Green Acres to sister franchise Hire A Hubby to share his experience there. The judges appreciated his approach, saying: ‘There seems to be an


• Eddie Work, Clean Planet

• Chris Montgomery, Mister Minit South Island Field Manager of the Year – over $500,000

Winner: Brent Malone,

Aramex Napier

With the massive growth in online shopping and home delivery in recent years, companies like Aramex (formerly Fastway Couriers) have seen a huge increase in both parcels and pressures. Brent’s role is supporting the Regional Franchisees and Courier Franchisees around the country, as well as providing support for product and operation protocols.

According to the judges, Brent ‘demonstrated very good practices. Every visit has a structure to it and covers key areas based on a new service and/or a new release. He works to suit the needs and meeting times that are best for his couriers; and provides training to support their success.’


• Callum Bircher, Aramex Northland

• Tony Burnette, Exceed Awards sponsored by Franchise New Zealand media

98 Franchise New Zealand Summer 2023 Year 31 Issue 04
brett dennis, green acres northland brent malone, aramex napier
The 2022 Franchise Awards celebrated the people who help franchisees succeed

63 cafes in New Zealand & 450 worldwide.

Continued expansion plans.

Flexibility & life balance with an established brand.

Excellent training and ongoing support.

Preferred bank finance arrangements.

National marketing benefits.

6 time winner - F&B Franchise System Award.

2 time winner - Supreme Franchise System Award.

4 time winner - Supreme Franchisee Award.

2 time winner - Contribution to Community Award.

Winner of the Media Campaign Award.

Pinehill Central, Auckland

Rolleston Square, Christchurch

Fraser Cove, Bay of Plenty

Northlands Shopping Centre, Christchurch High Street, Rangiora

Ravenswood Junction, North Canterbury

Richmond Mall, Nelson

Omokoroa Village, Bay of Plenty

To find out more contact Brad on 027 526 3333 or
thecoffeeclubnz The Coffee Club Success Story: New Opportunities Available: New Zealand’s MOST AWARDED Café Franchise
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