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Editorial Mission MilSabores takes the gourmet enthusiast into a deep look at the lives of professional epicureans around the world. How famous chefs enjoy vacations or what do they eat on their birthdays. Experiences related to people working with wines or wineries, new trends in cooking, baking or making pastries. Each story is presented by the experts in exclusive interviews for MilSabores. Each issue selects a group of top people from places around of the world; chefs from Spain, winemakers from Argentina. Colombian regional dishes, gourmet marketing in Miami, and Panama’s growing restaurant industry are some other relevant themes. The magazine includes stories written by people with intense knowledge about bread making, food and cooking books, children culinary, table decorating, gourmet communications and trends from New York, Barcelona and other relevant cities.

Backgroundwith MilSabores started as a Gourmet food blog,, written by a Venezuelan sharing her experiences as a wife, mother of three and a journalist in love with fresh ingredients, excellent food and information on renowned worldwide Chefs and their creations. It’s the first and only food blog in Venezuela written by a journalist. Two years later, reported continuous audience growth gives birth to a brand new magazine:

MilSabores en Papel.




OUR TEAM Editors María Luisa Ríos

graduated from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello with a degree in Communications. Magazines where always part of her life, until children came. Fifteen years later, she discovered a brand new great media: internet blogs. She started Nowdays she writes interviews to renowned chefs and writes some sections of the magazine as “Catering” and “Caprichazos”.

Art Director Patty Álvarez graduated from Instituto

de Diseño de Caracas in Graphic Design. Patty specializes in graphic editorial producness administration, University of Southern tion. She has been honoured with multiple Mississippi. He is specialized in marketing international recognitions as the Califorand new projects. nian Marketing Award AFCI Association of Film Comissioners, The Chilean “Theobaldo de Nigris” award in the VIII Concurso latinoamericano de productos gráficos and by many Venezuelan institutions.

Vicente Marturet is a graduate in busi-


Jeannette Salima

graduated from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello with a degree in Communications, always worked for renowned advertising agencies in Caracas, Venezuela. She supervises photoshooting and graphic design, advertising and pub- Juan Carlos Castillo studied at Escuela lic relations. de Cine San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba in 1992, later graduated from Instituto de Formación Cinematográfica Cotrain and from advertising and marketing production from Instituto de Nuevas Profesiones. He is also a frequent contributor for different successful magazines: Ocean Drive, Urbe Bikini, Exclusiva, and others.





TARGET DEMOGRAPHICS& CIRCULATION MilSabores Target Audience MilSabores readers are those who enjoy looking for the best in the market and require high quality products. They enjoy cooking because they’re aficionados or it’s their hobby. They’re chefs or work at restaurants. Readers find pleasure in responsible drinking and enjoy eating at the best restaurants, events, parties, or in their own homes. Travelling around the world is a must for them several times a year in order to know about other countrie’s regional dishes, their wines, restaurants and chefs.

Demographics Our readers are in the 30´s to 60 age band. They belong to the top earning income class. They are individuals respected by the community and succesfull in their profession.

Circulation MilSabores en Papel is a new magazine with high acceptance. Magazine circulation was 2.000 issues in the first edition. It’s second edition will be 5.000 issues, doubling its advertising space and growing from 64 to 68 the number of its full coloured pages.

MilSabores Magazine will be published every two months. The first edition circulated by mid July; The second one will be out by mid September and the third by November 2007. We expect, by the end of 2008, to distribute 20.000 magazines in Venezuela and another 20.000 in different cities around the world. Right now, the magazine is distributed nation wide by Diario El Universal, the most important and respected newspaper in Venezuela. It can be purchased at main newstands, some restaurants, wineries and delicatessen stores. Starting September, it will also be available at major cooking schools around the country. The magazine is printed on Dulcote 150 Grs. and its cover on Dulcote 250 Grs.


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FreeHand®, AdobeIllustrator®, AdobePhotoshop®, AdobeInDesign®. Preferiblemente para Macintosh. • Convertir fuentes a curvas. • Incluir imágenes en alta resolución, mínimo 400 dpi a tamaño (200 lpi), como .tif o .eps y en modo CMYK (no en .jpg, no en RGB). • Los avisos creados en AdobePhotoshop®, deberán seguir las especificaciones del punto anterior. • Entregar arte final en CD o DVD junto a una prueba impresa.

Tamaños Doble página Mancha: 45 cm. x 30 cm. + sangrado 0,5 cm.: 46 x 31 cm.

1 página Mancha: 22,5 x 30 cm. + sangrado 0,5 cm.: 23,5 x 31 cm.

1/2 página horizontal Mancha: 22,5 x 14,5 cm. + sangrado 0,5 cm.: 23,5 x 15,5 cm.

1/2 página vertical Mancha: 11 x 30 cm. + sangrado 0,5 cm.: 12 x 31 cm.

Miami Mrs. Maria Luisa Rios Ccs:14411 PO Box 025323 Miami Fl 33102-5323

Caracas (58) 412 2113311 / (58) 412 2113300

Milsabores Media Kit  

Brochure electrónico para soporte de ventas. (*) El logo MilSabores es propiedad intelectual del diseñador Luis Ramírez

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