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civil and industrial technological plants

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“The professionality is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and do it�



Technology helps us to improve in our life also in the work environment. For this reason we set technology at the core of our company. We get inspiration by an increasilingly industrial cultur careful to listen to customer’s, in order to satisfy its needs with specific and customized products, with a professionalism designed to the research and innovation that place the man in the middle. We want a technology for the man.


Advanced Systems

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civil and industrial technological plants T


The professionality is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and do it. Frank Tyger

FC Ltd. since more than thirty years deals with the design, manufacturing, sales and installation in the field of air conditioning, ventilation and air filtration for the industrial use of any level and type, establishing in other areas such as electrical, fluid and fire prevention A story, ours, that has led us to make the hand-crafted knowledge an industrial practice that now boasts three sections of excellence: • Industrial and Commercial air conditioning • Design and Production • Maintenance and sanitization FC Ltd. guides the customers in all of realization phases;: from planning to construction phases, from installation to routine maintenance and repairs. The reliability, competence and punctuality in the maintenance services have strengthened relationships with customers resulting in full confidence of those in industrial sectors of particular technological importance.

FC Ltd.’s goals are: • INNOVATION in the research and development of technologically advanced products and the offer of qualified services, oriented to the total satisfaction of customer’s needs; • VALUE OF HUMAN RESOURCES through the conscious and motivated involvement of each “actor” inside and outside the company • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND INDUSTRIAL VOCATION for the development of safe manufacturing eco-friendly environment, and high production efficiency.

FC Ltd. Group: • is the reference qualified company to commit the design and the implementation of your plants. • with a team of competent, rehearsed and organized professionals guarantees, even with after-sales, consultancy and appropriate technical assistance.

philosophy PEOPLE Our most precious resource For us the most precious resource is the “person” because is thanks to the trust, proactivity and interaction that we can achieve important objectives. The existence of a work ethic that calls each other of their responsibilities both individually and as a team. Every person working in FC Ltd is an essential piece of the project and the company’s entire style.

KNOLEDGE Master craftsmanship that becomes industry The experience gained over many years is the knowledge that translates into products, quality services. Any technical and constructive element belongs to us and we are active of industry developments to satisfy customer’s ambitions.

FACILITY Reliability and competence are our winning mix We have increased our turnover in the years thanks to the customer’s offered services. A turnover of 80% from the realization of installations and 20% from maintenance. The pride of the company are our design office that enjoys the presence of engineers with years of experience in the field and the installation and maintenance department, with qualified staff constantly updated.

PRODUCTION Created according to the needs Replying with products designed for specific customer requirements, it means adapt skills and searching solution of specific problems otherwise not-solvable. This ability allows us to continually evolve the performace of our products and make them unique on the market place.



L.t.d. c i v i l a n d i n d u s t r ia l tec h n o lo g i ca l p l a n t s

APPLICATIONS In all areas to improve environmental liveable There is no hand-crafted or industrial sector in which our products are not applicable: metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical power, hospitals, extreme environments, data processing centers and more. Our pride is to be able, through our solutions, to make efficient and secure complex and uncertain environments or that need of specific and controlled environmental conditions.


who we are COMPANY High standards of competence and professionalism

F.C. Ltd. operates in the industrial service field mainly dealing in engineering, installation, maintenance and management of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). The ability to effectively manage the emergency, combined with the expertise of the technical staff, and the efficiency of its organizational system, has led F.C. Ltd. a reference point for a major slice of local industry. From the beginning of its activity, leveraging the expertise gained in the context of air conditioning in the industrial field systems F.C. Ltd. has specialized in the construction of turnkey plants for air conditioning, even in extreme environments, characterized by high levels of innovation . F.C. Ltd. deals of the maintenance and management of facilities making use of technicians trained toindustrial level with specific skills in air conditioning and electrical, constantly updated to new technologies and regulations thanks to our main Internal Training Department, but also with a strong predisposition to the use of advanced solutions for industrial automation oriented to the energy sector. The service activity is realized in the maintenance schedule, the ability to acquire task of plant management as Third Officer, and the ability to interventation even in critical situations.


Vision & Mission


Become a reference Company for services and niche products with high added value as part in district of installation spere, operation and maintenance of HVAC and industrial process.


F.C. Ltd. has always operated as a reliable partner in the marketplace, installation and maintenance of HVAC. The F.C. Ltd. guidelines-keys which guarantee the full satisfaction of its customers are: • the sharing of the customer’s actual needs and satisfaction; • reliability and professionalism of the offered service, in absolute compliance with the regulations; • respect of the deadline of the offered activities and services, in accordance with the real customer’s nreeds; • prompty and effective responses to emergencies and for emergency services.

... as Force The advantages of F.C. Ltd. are identified in planning capacity and activity of planned maintenance. Everything is combined with the expertise of the technical staff and to providing a promped and timeled programmed activity of emergency service prompt and timely activity of programmed plant maintenance. It is included their review through the checks carried out in the final testing phase in order to maintain high standards of energy efficiency and low environmental impact; in the specific ability to intervene even in critical situations.

... as Coherence F.C. Ltd. cares about high technological and organizational standards, identifying and implementing coherent behavior as a set of ethical values in order to building lasting relationship with its customers and partners Our business relationships are based on trust and loyalty pursued with continuity and unity of aim throughout the company. F.C. Ltd. entirely recognizes the rights, duties, responsibilities and rules which conduct governing relations with customers, employees and partners in all levels. F.C. Ltd. always intends to put the customer in the position to operate with continuously monitored systems, efficient and fully comply with current regulations, especially in the field of environmental respect.


Certifications guarantees for services and products

F.C. Ltd. develops his activity accordingly to UNI EN ISO 9001 for the installation, operation and maintenance of thermal plants. F.C. Ltd. has SOA certification In accordance with Regulatio n°207/2010 (Implementing Rules and execution of the Public Contracts Code) as qualified execution company of public works for the Class III Category OG11 - Technological systems (including the Cat. OS3 for sanitary facilities and OS 30 for electrical systems) and Class IIIa to Category OS28 related to heating systems and conditioning with certified personnel “F. GAS”. F.C. Ltd. performs maintenance and disinfection activities of air conditioning systems in compliance with the regulations (certified NADCA AIISA) F.C. Ltd. is Training and Evaluation Centre of RINA related to F-GAS” certifications F.C. Ltd. aims to guarantee with its own high standards of safety activities, reliability and cost-effectiveness in the implementation and management of plants. Moreover, the adopted completeness and the design of technical solutions and the commitment of the responsible staff for managing service are designed to minimize the energy and environmental impact and give maximum cost effectiveness of the investments made by the customer.



The company’s technical staff is structured to efficiently meet the technical requirements of the customer’s needs. The areas of intervention are divided between commercial sector, legal sector, design industry, productive sector, installation and maintenance industry. Thermo and electrical engineers, industrial experts, surveyors joined the staff which consists of figures classified as Idraulics, Electricians, Mechanical Installers Carpenters, plumbers, welders and welding/brazing certificated. The technical organization allows us to manage and adapt the workforce in the field according to needs.



The F.C. Ltd. can design, build and maintain civil and industrial installations, such as • • • • • • • • •

air-conditioning systems / heating and heat pumps; air ventilation systems; energy-saving systems for HVAC and ACS; thermal co-production systems and electricity cogeneration; piping with ferrous and plastic material; electrical systems security; fire prevention systems; ozone plants treatment for rooms, swimming pool, service water / washing, water purification; sanitizing air duct, HVAC systems with equipment and technical specifications pursuant to the provisions referred to NADCA protocol.

Attentive to technological innovation in the field, F.C. Ltd. is evolved by specializing on energy-saving systems in the field of air conditioning, tooling for the design and construction of geothermal, solar thermal, biomass and cogeneration.



Advanced Systems

Climatek industries is the production division of F.C. LTD and it manufactures HVAC systems of direct expansion, heat transfer fluid, air handling units - HVAC - and cooling systems to special execution for sites, industrial machinery, laboratory also according to ATEX regulations.


Trailered air conditioners for exhibition stands (sales and rentals) UTA productions tailored Industrial air conditioners for steel industries Industrial air conditioners for cement factories Industrial conditioners for potentially explosive ambience / container Restoration of air conditioning equipment

These conditioners have been designed specially for installation at overhead travelling crane, stages of maneuver, containers and shelters, located in environments with high temperature atmospheres, and very dusty. They are built with special technical devices to withstand extreme vibration and prolonged operation in demanding conditions. In industrial production processes is increasing the need to ensure at the same time, healthy and comfortable environments for workers exposed to heat laden atmospheres and pollutants, so also ensuring thermally stable environments and protected from polluting sophisticated type of electromechanical equipment or electronic.

Special versions of HVAC and all kinds of Air Conditioning



HICLEAN is born from experience of F.C. Ltd., establishing itself in the field of fluid handling, air conditioning systems, air conditioning in every field and level, progressively estabilished also in fluidistic level and is able to follow the customers in every step of production with a proper service of post-sales for the healthcare and maintenance. The HICLEAN team, thanks to the professionalism of skilled workers and experts for sanitation and maintenance, won the trust of customers in the industrial sector, by installing and operating on large systems, many destined to great distinction technology environments. HICLEAN is able to follow the customer in all phases of realization with an own after-sales service for the sanitation and maintenance.

Operating rooms


Large plants

Tourist facilities Strutture turistiche

Big companies



Public offices


HI CLEAN designs and manufactures sanitization and maintenance of civil and industrial installations: • Cooling/heating and heat pumps; • air ventilation systems; • Sanitizing air duct and HVAC systems with equipment and technical specifications pursuant to the provisions referred to NADCA Protocol; • ACS systems - Domestic hot water; • Ozone plants for treatment environments, swimming pool water, service water / washing, water purification.


Customers Among our customers



Main industrial facilities, construction and maintenance (Italy)

L.t.d. Air conditioning system at the service of the new electricity production facilities through the burning of AE BIO-8 CDR at the plant Appia Energy Massafra (TA) - Marcegaglia Group. Client: Eurocostruzioni Srl. Annual maintenance since 2004 of air conditioning units installed at the plant Appia Energy Massafra (TA) - Marcegaglia Group. Client: Appia Energy Srl. Central direct expansion VRF type air conditioning at the Management Palace MARICOMMI of Taranto and destined to the new offices of A.P.M. Client: Commissioner Direction Italian Navy. Direct expansion cadres ventilation/cooling to substations in Kv. 66 TNA, TNB, LAF, OSS, service AFO to the primary and secondary systems. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Local air conditioning system developer Cabins RX-L and RX-N at TUL2 Ilva of Taranto Spa. Client: Costruzioni Srl Square. Realisation of new air conditioning systems and direct expansion for the operators cabins relating to cabin chargers from n. 1 to n. 7 at the port area. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Construction of a new cooling/heating air/water system, with 1 chiller cooling capacity 370 kW, for technical office, store, real estate and SIL at the building TES / UTP. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Construction of a new air / water control desk conditioning system “OS / 4” electrical room and filing department offices rolls “DER / 2”. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Construction of a new air/water cooling system with n. 1 refrigerator of 400 kW cooling potentials, for sale and service Inverter PLC baked in spars and FAL4 TNA2. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Construction of a new plant with direct expansion cooling ventilation to 1 electrical substation and electrical room service chamfering the pipe mill “TUL / 2”. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Realisation of new air conditioning systems and direct expansion for the operators relating to the cabins of quay chargers from n. 7 to n. 9 and n. 10-17 at the port area. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Construction of a new plant cooling ventilation electric control cabins and heating / cooling air / water, with 2 chillers with cooling capacity 568 kW each. and n. 4 chillers with cooling capacity 411 kW each., For staff booths to the various users of the new galvanizing line hot ZNC / 2. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto.

Construction of a new cooling ventilation system for new premises for the air compressor and the new service turbines at the new facility “XII of industrial technical gas production units (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon). Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. New construction Air conditioning and pressurization of service to new cabins and cabin PLC Analysis Unit XII Oxygen Factory. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Construction of a new ventilation / cooling system service to cabins Electrical control and PLC control of rolls packaging line systems pickled-LID 1 LID-2. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Construction of a new ventilation / cooling Room Paintings of hydraulic controls Electric of ERW pipe mill. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Management, maintenance and operation of the air conditioning system at the Bari Operations Center, SIMI Palace of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Puglia. Client: Superintendence for archaeological heritage of Puglia. Air conditioning Cabin Gas Electric Candle Coke Battery 10 ^ c / o plant Ilva of Taranto. Client: G.F. Ltd. - Torricella (TA). Check, check, launch and maintenance of the systems of conditioning of offices Region Apulia headquarters of Taranto. Client: Regione Puglia. Realization sprinklers “White House” of the Swimming Yachting Club of Taranto. Client: Yachting Club of Taranto Realization central chilled water production process iron area control service laboratory spectrometers and laboratory quality control raw materials. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Modernization of ventilation / cooling system Cab Electric roughing TNA / 2. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. new plant construction for cooling refrigerator taphole “AFO / 5”. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. sanitation activities and installations of the Coke Oven Blast furnaces area. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Realization of control-conditioning system at the NES-CET / 1 of the Ilva plant in Taranto. Client: Semat Spa Artogne (BS). Realization of Coke Oven area pressurization systems. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Network construction aerolics Offices and Refectories CCO / 5. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto.

Replacing the vertical pipes (column shafts uprights) of the heating and cooling air / water management building. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto.

Realization of air conditioning and ventilation Call Center in Lama (Taranto). Client: Human Power Srl

New construction of air/water cooling system, with 1 chiller cooling capacity 400 kW, for electric cabin, computer room and new markers room oven spars FAL5 furniture TNA2. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto.

Realization of air conditioning c / o CONI headquarters Provincial of Taranto. Client: CONI Servizi Spa

Construction of a new expansion plant offices, synoptic, dining hall and control room RH-OB “ACC / 1”. Client: Spa Ilva plant in Taranto. Air conditioning Bunker RX cabin at TUL2 Ilva Spa. Client: Square Costruzioni Srl

Construction of a new treatment plant to service air hangar located on board the ship of the fleet Cavour of the Italian Navy. Commissioned by the Italian Navy Realization of VRF air conditioning system at the service of local offices and the operating rooms in the call center service Linkem headquarters of Taranto. Client: Linkem SpA.

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L.t.d. civil and industrial technological plants

Contrada Baronia - Z.I. 74020 Faggiano - SP 110 TA (Italy) (GMap 40.445155, 17.362813) Tel.: +39 099 4791435 Fax: +39 099 4776161 VAT 02454090735 REA - N° Company of the Chamber of Commerce: 147380 Fully paid-up registered capital Euro 200.000,00 Certification for Public Works SOA n. 34277/10/00

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English Brochure FClt 13 01 2017