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Biodiversity – a Mosaic of Life

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Biodiversity is a dynamic concept that includes not only the number of living organisms but also their evolution over time and their inter-relationships and the role that they occupy in the biosphere.

Biological Diversity does not refer solely to the variability and the richness of species present in a location (species diversity) but also to the diversity between individuals of the same species (genetic diversity) that determines the uniqueness of each individual, and to the diversity of the biological communities and ecosystems present in that location (ecosystem diversity).

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Biodiversity can be viewed as the “mosaic of life”: the variety and variability of the living organisms of the planet, their organisation into different habitats, and their respective inter-relationships.

Biological diversity is the key to survival for every species, ecosystem, and the entire biosphere.

Photo archive "Mare Nostrum" , property of Fondazione Michelagnoli & Giuseppe Pignataro (international champion) English version translated by Dr Adrian Mallia - Adi Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd - Malta

Even man’s socio-cultural diversity is an aspect of biodiversity and they represent one of the solutions to the challenge of survival in changing environments.

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