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In this issue: -Philanthropy Award 2017 Winners Announced page 1 -Quick facts on philanthropic activity in Albania October—December 2017 page 2—3 - “Buddy Walk Tirana”, Down Syndrome Albania - “International Holiday Bazaar” supporting abandoned babies—OSAAB -“1 Day volunteerism at Zoo Park“, Green line Albania page 4—5 -”You are a Sunflower” the awareness raising campaign supporting children who suffer from blood diseases page 6 - Giving Circle- Partners Albania’s latest initiative and the first live Crowdfunding in Albania! page 7 -ECNL survey on the Regulatory Framework for Fundraising in Europe page 8

Partners Albania Organized the 7th Annual Philanthropy Awards Ceremony Since 2011, Partners Albania’s Philanthropy Awards recognize the effort and express gratitude to individuals, families and companies that contribute to life improvement in their communities. The 2017 event was attended by government officials, representatives of diplomatic corps, international institutions and donor agencies, representatives of the business sector, nonprofit and media.

Partners Albania, as part of its mission to support the non for profit sector in Albania and to strengthen the crosssectorial cooperation, works on developing philanthropy in the country. For the third consecutive year, Partners Albania is conducting the monitoring of philanthropic activity through the media, including social media, and information resources from the public and non-public institutions. The monitoring process is conducted on daily bases and the findings present the supported causes, the nature and value of donations, geographic coverage and the donor’s nature. They are presented as monthly short summary reports that aim to help on the understanding and identification of this activity. Data collection is supported by Catalyst. This bulletin presents infodata on the monitoring of this activity, as well as featured cases of donations and support, in Albania and region.

The winners of the Philanthropy Awards 2017 were: Award for Contribution at National Level was granted to TELEKOM Albania, for its contribution to supporting social, health care and environmental development in the country, in particular for the provision of artistic books to the public libraries in Tirana, provision of medical equipment to the “Shefqet Ndroqi” hospital and to the Neurology Service of University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”, as well as for the special contribution in the research for the fight against dementia, through virtual reality . Award for Contribution at Local Level was granted to HAKO sh.p.k, for the support given in the field of education, therapeutic services and development of children and young people with special needs in the city of Tirana. Award for Individual Contribution was awarded to Ms. Albana Osmani, for the special contribution to the reconstruction of the Pediatric Oncohematology Service at the University Hospital “Mother Teresa”, and the increase of citizen’s solidarity and awareness to help the children affected by blood diseases through the campaign “You are a sunflower”. Special Award “Pioneer of Philanthropy ” was granted (posthumously) to Mr. Kristaq Zografi for his outstanding activity in the field of education and culture, in particular for the construction of the first gymnasium in the village Qestorat in Gjirokastra, the allocation of scholarships for young people and the construction of several public works in and outside the country. Certificate of Appreciation was granted to Mr. Gjergji Renja, for the continued contribution in support of families in need in the villages of Berat, especially in support of education and integration of young ___ people in these areas.


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Quick Facts on Philanthropic Activity

Ch&Y—Children and Youth Mass Individual – A small or large group of people Mixed - Donations combined of more than one category / town. Specific Geography—Specific Geography Area Seasonal Giving - Donations made during the holidays season SME - Small and Medium Enterprises NPO – Non-Profit Organization General Public - Groups of people or individuals

who where assisted through economic and material aid in cases of natural recovery from disaster, or difficulties of living Poverty Relief – Donations carried out with the aim to mitigate poverty for individuals or families living in economical difficulties or during natural disasters W&Ch—Women and Children

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Buddy Walk TIRANA Down Syndrome Albania Foundation organized on October 1, 2017 the Buddy Walk Albania event, an awareness-raising march supporting individuals with Down Syndrome to have an independent and inclusive life in the community they live in. Buddy Walks are organized since 1995 in many countries around the world during October, the Down Syndrome awareness month. The marching was followed by a concert organized with the volunteer contribution of singers: Orgesa Zaimi, Kamela Islamaj, Landi Hysi, Lorenc Hasrama, Kristina Riri and Sign Off Tirana.

Source: Kohajone.com|facebook.com

1 Day at ZOO


On 5th December 2017 , with the occasion of the World Volunteer Day, Green Line Albania organized: "1 Day volunteerism at ZOO PARK" activity, where youngsters spent time, took care, fed and cleaned the animals in the Zoo of Tirana. The volunteers were trained by the Zoo Park staff on day-to-day work and animal care. They also contributed to cleaning the territory inside and outside Zoo Park.

Source: Shqiptarja.com|Sot.com.al|Noa.al|Gazetatema.net|Gazeta-shqip.com|Top-channel.tv|Kohajone.com|Gazetadita.al|Mapo.al

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International HOLIDAY


On December 10, 2017 OSAAB organized the 17th Annual International Holiday Bazaar, an annual sale event before Christmas, where part of the proceeds and 100% of the funds raised goes to ensure support to abandoned babies in the OSAAB Angel's Cradle Nursery at Queen Geraldine University Hospital in Tirana. The Organization for the Support of Albania’s Abandoned Babies (OSAAB) is a NGO created in 1996 with a mission to provide care to abandoned babies in Albania, as well as educate healthcare providers and expectant mothers in maternal and newborn health.

Since the program began in 1996, more than 700 abandoned babies have been provided care by OSAAB in the Angel’s Cradle nursery while they remain in the maternity hospital. For more information visit www.osaab.org

Source: facebook.com

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YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER is the awareness raising campaign aimed at fundraising to assist children who suffer from blood diseases and who have been hospitalized at the Pediatric Onco-hematology pavilion at QSUT (Mother Theresa University Hospital). The campaign was inspired under the idea, concept and care of Albana Osmani with the desire to help children and to improve their curing and treatment conditions. Aiming to facilitate the pain and difficult moments these kids are passing through, “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign accomplished its goal by selling products. The products were T-shirts, branded with the SUNFLOWER stamp, as a comprehensive symbol of strength, hope and life. All shirts were sold out in just 7 weeks and 4 days and “Mother Teresa” Hospital Center was equipped with respiratory equipment, chemotherapy beds, chemotherapy pumps, 20 portative beds for the accommodation and comfort of mothers while taking care of their children at night, 20 new TV sets in every room operational through a USB stick, the weighing devices for children and babies was replaced and the chemotherapy room was transformed into a mini-cinema. And this is just the beginning…the journey continues… Each of you who wish become part of this campaign, can buy products through the online e-Shop www.annawhitejames.com. YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER!

Source: youareasunflower.org

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Do you have an idea about changing and/or improving education or do you have ANY idea that would improve the life of people in your neighborhood or community? Are you an environmentalist and have an idea about the preservation, restoration or improvement of the natural environment? ...but you don’t own the money? Very soon will be the moment to put your idea in practice! Partners Albania as one of The Funding Network’s affiliates will organize the very first live Crowd funding event in Albania. This event will give people the chance to come together with a philanthropic purpose to support causes they care about and the opportunity to pool their time and resources to fund charitable projects that catalyze social change. The purpose is to enable lasting positive transformation for individuals, communities and/or society & the environment over the long term. Giving Circle is a new form of organization and involvement of local communities, in order to ensure sustainable development, and a more equitable distribution of benefits. Stay tuned for the newest upcoming event “Giving Circle”!

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The Regulatory Framework for Fundraising in Europe The study compares the legal framework for fundraising in 16 European countries. The research focuses on the regulation of fundraising by CSOs, defined as soliciting voluntary philanthropic contributions from individuals, corporations and grant-making organizations. This study examines options for both statutory regulation and self-regulation; draws upon international legal instruments, country laws and regulations, articles and studies, and maps out broad spectrum of issues affecting fundraising, from reporting requirements to penalties to restrictions on cross-border donations; and features case studies and provides concrete insights on the regulation of fundraising in countries from different regions and with different legal system and philanthropic cultures.


The report covers 16 countries from all regions of Europe; 21 international and regional documents; 65 laws and regulations; 101 secondary resources; 30 links and websites; 3 case studies. Link: http://ecnl.org/publications/regulatory-framework-fundraising-europe/

Partners Albania for Change and Development Rruga Sulejman Delvina, N.18, H.8, Ap. 12, NjĂŤsia Bashkiake 5, Kodi Postar 1022, TiranĂŤ, ShqipĂŤri, Kutia Postare 2418/1 Tel. Faks: 04 2254881 Email: partners@partnersalbania.org http://www.partnersalbania.org

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View on #Philanthropy, quarterly bulletin, no.2, December 2017  

This bulletin presents the latest news and facts on the philanthropic activity conducted in Albania and abroad. As part of its work to promo...

View on #Philanthropy, quarterly bulletin, no.2, December 2017  

This bulletin presents the latest news and facts on the philanthropic activity conducted in Albania and abroad. As part of its work to promo...