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In this issue: -Green Ideas Competition 2018 Winners Announced page 1 -Quick facts on philanthropic activity in Albania April—June 2018 page 2—3 - “Books for Roses”, in Elbasan’s Public Library - “Shqiptarët për Shqiptarët” TV Show supporting people in need -“Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day“, supporting children suffering from blood diseases page 4—5 -”Love is All—Charity Gala” in support of Streha LGBT - “The Global Philanthropy Environment Index” - report on philanthropic environment in 79 countries page 6—7

Partners Albania organized on 28-29 June 2018 in Tirana, the national competition “Green Ideas 2018“. “Green Ideas” is an annual competition that Partners Albania organizes since 2012, in the framework of its work on promoting entrepreneurship and social innovation. Partners Albania, as part of its mission to support the non for profit sector in Albania and to strengthen the crosssectorial cooperation, works on developing philanthropy in the country. For the third consecutive year, Partners Albania is conducting the monitoring of philanthropic activity through the media, including social media, and information resources from the public and non-public institutions. The monitoring process is conducted on daily bases and the findings present the supported causes, the nature and value of donations, geographic coverage and the donor’s nature. They are presented as monthly short summary reports that aim to help on the understanding and identification of this activity. Data collection is supported by Catalyst.

This bulletin presents infodata on the monitoring of this activity, as well as featured cases of donations and support, in Albania and region.

During the two days of the competition, 20 individuals, civil society organizations and small business ventures presented their ideas in front of a jury of experts, who selected three best ideas: “Green Paths“, the idea of the Vjosa Explorer Association, which aims to increase the touristic offer in the Permeti area through the construction of the Green Paths, as an untapped potential that improves the visitor experience, increases the quality of their stay and influences in reducing the seasonality of tourism activity in favor of employment growth, social and economic development. “Aloe Vera (Aloe Saponaria) in Albania“, the idea of Albi Sulo, (individual), consists in the development of a new enterprise to grow the Aloe Saponaria plant (for the first time in Albania) in a suburban area of Tirana, aiming to turn the cultivation of Aloe Vera in a successful and lucrative venture. “Pana Souvenirs”, the idea of Pezana Rexha, which aims to create and develop a new line of products – the “Made in Albania” souvenirs. It also aims creating job and training opportunities, as well as a line of unique products that fully represent and identify Albania. Winning ideas will be financially supported up to 800,000 ALL, through a fund created with contributions from local companies and private donors. Co-funders are the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Balkan Trust for Democracy-A project of the German Marshall Fund, Credins Bank and Telekom Albania. ___ 1

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Quick Facts on Philanthropic Activity

Ch&Y—Children and Youth Mass Individual – A small or large group of people Mixed - Donations combined of more than one category / town. Specific Geography—Specific Geography Area Seasonal Giving - Donations made during the holidays season SME - Small and Medium Enterprises

NPO – Non-Profit Organization General Public - Groups of people or individuals who where assisted through economic and material aid in cases of natural recovery from disaster, or difficulties of living Poverty Relief – Donations carried out with the aim to mitigate poverty for individuals or families living in economical difficulties or during natural disasters W&Ch—Women and Children ___ 3

To popularize reading, the City Library of Elbasan organized a donation of books, at the beginning of June. In exchange for a book, all donors would get a rose. The event brought together book lovers of all kinds: students, citizens, local businesses, representatives of non-profit sector, Municipality of Elbasan and the University. Visitors also visited the exhibition of students’ works and all donations were exhibited on two stands on the pedestrian area of Elbasan, with the list of all book donors. All the respective names were displayed in the Library as well.

Source: elbasaninews.al|elbasaniplus.com|facebook.com

Elvis Naci, the founder of Firdeus Foundation, has started to broadcast his own TV Show on News 24 television. The show’s mission is to raise awareness and to collect fund for people with economic need, children without parental care, etc. Every Friday, Elvis, presents a case that needs an urgent assistance and makes a public call for donation.

Families and individuals have benefited from the donation carried out through this show; recently the Hospital for people in need was opened with the collaboration and help of the Doctor Blerimi from Germany. The Firdeus Hospital, named after the foundation, will offer free health visits for the people in need.

Source: firdeus.al|facebook.com

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For 10 years, Alpha Bank Albania has been organizing “Alpha Bank Group Volunteer Day”. This year the Bank supported “You are a Sunflower” Foundation, founded by Albana Osmani with the purpose to assist children with blood diseases. The Bank bought, for the entire staff, 419 T-shirts with the symbol of the Initiative and on May 18, the bank’s staff actively engaged by wearing these T-shirts during their working day, with the aim to raise awareness for children suffering from blood diseases. In addition, on May 20 was organized near the Artificial Lake of Tirana, a festival with the children of the bank’s staff, who performed in dancing and reciting, and sending a message of love and solidarity for their peers who are suffering from various blood diseases.

Source: oranews.tv

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On May 17, Streha” center organized for the fourth time the charity evening with theme “Love is All”, aiming at raising funds that will guarantee the continuity of services provided by Streha and the network of their partnerinstitutions. “Streha” center is a shelter that provides housing and reintegration into society for LGBTI youths in Albania. They also encourage individuals and initiatives to support LGBTI rights movement by distributing the Allies of the year awards. People from different domains gathered - civil rights activists, human rights defenders, representatives of national and international institutions, ambassadors and artists from various fields - all sharing the same goal: to assure that “Streha” center succeeds in their mission. This year the event reached the largest number of participants over the years. The collected contributions served to provide the basic needs for Streha’s beneficiaries.

Source: facebook.com

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The Global Philanthropy Environment Index is the only known research report that provides

comprehensive information about the philanthropic environment in 79 countries and economies around the world using a standard instrument completed by country-based experts. The report includes data for Albania, prepared by Juliana Hoxha, director of Partners Albania. The report expands knowledge by compiling and disseminating new comparative data on the philanthropic environment. This report provides contextual explanations for cross-national differences in the philanthropic environment, including government and economic policies, and legal and institutional factors, as well as social and cultural influences that shape patterns of giving. Importantly, the index comparatively assesses the extent of tax incentives and other regulations that can spur or constrain philanthropy.

Link: https://globalindices.iupui.edu/environment/index.html

Partners Albania for Change and Development Rruga Sulejman Delvina, N.18, H.8, Ap. 12, NjĂŤsia Bashkiake 5, Kodi Postar 1022, TiranĂŤ, ShqipĂŤri, Kutia Postare 2418/1 Tel. Faks: 04 2254881 Email: partners@partnersalbania.org http://www.partnersalbania.org

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View on #Philanthropy, quarterly bulletin, no.3, June 2018  

This bulletin presents the latest news and facts on the philanthropic activity conducted in Albania and abroad. As part of its work to promo...

View on #Philanthropy, quarterly bulletin, no.3, June 2018  

This bulletin presents the latest news and facts on the philanthropic activity conducted in Albania and abroad. As part of its work to promo...


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