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groups taking part meant there was a real breadth of sporting competitions for the young people to participate in. The sports program has developed in such a way that it has made it possible to offer quality competition at local, county and national level.

Exams begin soon Jack Petchey Award VORTEX VISIT

Youcef Harizi in Year 10 was amongst the shortlisted candidates for best sports performer in Haringey. On 29th November Park View was awarded the best sports school in Haringey, which was held in Alexander Palace. The award was presented to the Sports department where a range of high profile results were performed by a large number of Park View Sports Teams. The hard work and dedication of the range of student age

This was down to his outstanding level of performance in a range of sports. He won the 1500m in the Middlesex county schools event in June 2012. He has played a massive role on moving the culture of PV school sport forward. He only narrowly missed out in being crowned champion.

Football Legend Les Ferdinand visit Park View Striker Les Ferdinand encouraged FFC Haringey players to keep out of trouble by staying motivated and focus on football. The 45-year-old, who retired from football in 2006, played for Tottenham Hotspur for eight years until he moved to West Ham United in 2003. The event at Park View secondary school in West Green Road was to promote ex-gang member Robyn Travis’s book Prisoner to the Streets, which will be published on January 24 next year.

Winter Showcase On Wednesday 5th December the Music department presented the hugely enjoyable Winter Showcase. There was a wide variety of talent on show including PV Samba band, PV Strings, Year 7 Choir, a guitar duo, GCSE Music students, vocal soloists and the legendary Rhythm Sticks. The evening also featured the first performance of the PV Saxes. The whole evening was ably hosted by Bilal Hussain. All the students performed fantastically well and should feel proud of their work. Please keep an eye on our Youtube channel for highlights of the show. Ms Augustyniak Head of Music


21st December

Inset Day

7th January 2013

Term starts

Tuesday 8th January

12:15pm Finish 8.30am Start

Year 10 Parents evening

Thursday 10th January

5pm – 7pm

Year 9 Parents evening

Monday 17th January

5pm – 7pm

Half term holiday

18th – 22nd February

Inset day

26th February

Easter Holiday

1st April – 12th April

Dear Parent/Carer Welcome to our Winter term Newsletter! In the December 2011 newsletter I said that 2012 would be a fantastic year to be a Londoner and so it has proved. Our students returned at the start of term so inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games and determined to have a ‘Gold Medal Year’ themselves. All our medallists were wonderful examples of the school motto ‘Aspire – Achieve – Succeed’. The evidence shows that if you aim high and work hard you can succeed in remarkable ways. Our sporting prowess was demonstrated by winning the ‘Sporting School of the Year’ in the recent Haringey awards, well done everyone.

There is so much evidence around the school of how we continue to improve. In the last six months we have seen yet another set of record examination results, demonstrating phenomenal progress and a huge achievement by students and staff. Beyond that we have broken records in terms of levels at the end of key stage 3, student attendance, parents evening attendance and the number of books read as part of the Accelerated Reader scheme. Last but not least by the end of term 150,000 ViVOs will have been awarded by members of staff in its first term of operation. Please take a moment to ask your child every week how well they are

The purpose of the event is to encourage business to adopt a partnership approach to business engagement with schools and highlight the need for valuable

Our ethos has never been stronger. Those of you who attended the Black History Month event, the music concert and Much Ado About Nothing, will have seen great examples of this. Congratulations to all involved. Thank you for your support and have a great break. Term finishes at 12:15 on Friday 21st December and starts at 8:30am on Tuesday 8th January. Alex Atherton Headteacher

Former student Ama Rock, is planning a trip to Uganda in the summer of 2013 to help children effected with HIV & Aids. She will be working directly with effected children to create a library and teaching classes. Her target is to reach £1700 by March.

Business in the Community The school was privileged to take part in a ‘Seeing is Believing’ event through the Business in the Community programme. BITC is one of a number of Prince Charles charities working with the school at the moment, in conjunction with Northumberland Park.

achieving and to show you what they have been awarded ViVOs for.

investment in the future generation.

The school hopes to be allocated a high profile business partner who can offer our students a variety of opportunities and teach them about the world of work.


The students met and discussed their aspirations for their future with Chief Executive and Directors from companies such as Starbucks, Hitachi and Mace.

Starters: A warm welcome to the new Business Manager Chris Lambert

Thank you to Ahmed Nalla Maths Teacher and Tim Petty, Business Manager

Jack Petchey Award Fionn McGuinness-Maris has received the prestigious Jack Petchey Award for his thoroughly considered and intellectually engaging address to students and teachers regarding his current artistic pursuits. Delivered as part of a week of assemblies that presented a platform for Park View’s Gifted & Talented students, Fionn shared and expanded upon his thoughts, processes, influences and ideas concerning his project ‘Ordinary &/or Extraordinary’. Audiences were allowed a rare insight into his creative space and presented

with an outcome of subversive sculpture and video installation that sought to blur the physical and psychological behaviours, relationship and boundaries between man and dog. Fionn has chosen for his award to be invested in inviting an artist into the Art department to deliver a workshop and/or talk to students in the New Year. Mr A Costello Art Teacher & G&T Coordinator

Design and Technology The Autumn Term always sees the Design and Technology Department bright eyed and bushy tailed; full of exciting ideas to enhance our students’ learning experiences. This term, Miss Hill’s new USB lamp project has seen her Year 9 students using some of our state of the art equipment to make unique desktop USB lights from laser cut acrylic. Ms Beith’s group have been developing their machining skills making environmentally friendly ‘bags4Life’ with a digitally printed panel encouraging young people to reduce; reuse; recycle. The Year 11 btec fashion students are finishing off their skirts based on the theme of Hollywood Glamour. We hope to have the chance to show them off to everyone on the catwalk next term. Ms Patel’s Year 11 BTEC group are at the modelling stage of their furniture project which generally sees some incredibly creative and eye catching work. Her Year 10 GCSE group have been learning about batch production methods. Students have worked in production teams, manufacturing a number of identical products while making sure that the quality is uniform. Ms Akintunde’s Year 11 catering students managed to raise over £100 for the Helen Rollinson cancer charity with their cake sale. Both Ms Akintunde and her students are so committed to this charity that they all came in at 7am to make sure that the cakes were ready to sell at break time to the lucky staff and students who managed to get some. As the saying goes, they sold like hot cakes! Ms Patel and Ms Beith along with Busra Ozpalas and Hamdi Mohamed in Year 11 were lucky enough to have the chance to see the British premier of ‘A Man’s Story’, a film about the fashion designer Ozwald Boateng, at Haringey Sixth Form centre. He grew up in Haringey and went to Southgate College where he discovered a talent for fashion design. At 28 he opened his shop in Savile Row and went on to become a global star. After the film there was a Question and Answer session with the man himself. We got to hear about how he managed to achieve and then get his autograph! Happy Holidays from all of us in D and T

EAL London Trip On Monday 3rd December, Ms Jarvis led a group of students to welcome them to this country. They were shown cultural things they can do at the weekends that don’t cost anything and experience the delights of London during Christmas! Gergana Ivanova, Tonita Ivanova, Tonita Ivanova, Emili Miletieva, Elis Ahmed, Ibrahim Karaoz, Cansu Kadir, Gabriela Soares, Ting Li, Jiong Weng, Yuan Chen, Mevlut Gozukara, Serdal Dursan, Alen Rupa, Aasma Fattah who all speak range of languages including Bulgarian, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and Arabic. They ventured onto the top deck of a double decker bus in blizzard like conditions and saw sites such as Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Nelson’s column, Christmas lights, Marble Arch, Hyde Park, The London Eye, St Pauls Cathedral, Big Ben and the houses of Parliament to name but a few!

Year 7 Readathon We are aiming to improve the students’ reading ages and to develop their love of books, so we’ve organised a ‘Readathon’ competition. All that Year 7 students need to do is keep completing their weekly reading homeworks and then come into school and take a quiz on the books that they’ve read. The students who accumulate the most points will be rewarded with some fantastic prizes, and will obviously also make great progress with their reading! Please encourage your child to complete as much reading as possible and to really engage with the competition. We will let you know the results very soon! Ms L Smith Head of English

VORTEX VISIT Throughout October and November selected Park View students took part in a creative music project called ‘In The Round’. Offered and delivered by Good Move Music; ‘In The Round’s’ focused on musical improvisation and composition. It was a great opportunity for Park View students to develop their musical language and perform alongside members of the Loop Collective - one of the most important groups to emerge out of the UK contemporary jazz scenes in recent years. The project culminated in a performance of explosive musical creativity at the internationally renowned Vortex Club, Dalston. Congratulations to all the students who took part with such interesting and brilliant music making! Mr A Plummer Music

They are using what they saw and learnt on the trip to start making sentences in English. After our tour, we decided to celebrate Numeracy Week by visiting the science museum – we spent time on the maths challenges and IT section looking at a variety of puzzles and then visited launchpad where we all worked as a team to experiment with exciting materials. This was the first ever EAL trip and it was a huge success! More are planned in the future. Ms Jarvis (whose Bulgarian is improving daily!) EMA Department Access Park View’s MLE at home Username and Password are the same as the school system’s login What the MLE offers: PowerPoints & Videos Exam Papers Schemes of Work Competitions Quizzes & Tests Revision Areas Sports Pages School Events & Pictures Student & Teacher Email Google Docs

E-Learning Officer: Ms Panayi

Humanities Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of last year’s Year 11 students on their outstanding results in their Humanities subjects. Results like these are only possible through continued hard work by staff and students, attendance to classes and revision sessions and the outstanding teaching and support from their Humanities teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all students and staff for these outstanding results. Well done. It’s been a fantastic term so far. The Year 7s have made an extraordinary start to their life at Park View. Whilst the Year 8s headed off to the London Docklands to explore its history and redevelopment. This was a combined History and Geography fieldtrip, which enabled the students to research a plethora of sources to enhance their knowledge of the slave trade, whilst outside the museum students developed a range

of Geographical skills collecting evidence of change over time. Finally, the Year 10 BTEC Travel and Tourism students enjoyed heading into London City to explore the tourist attractions on offer. Students’ thoughts on the London Docklands trip: “Today was the best, we learnt a lot. I loved the enthusiasm from the teachers, although at times their jokes were poor, but funny the way they told them. I loved this trip. The best part was walking around the financial district, taking pictures and thinking what the future could hold.” Jaymie 8R “The geography fieldtrip was cold, but amazing. The area is beautiful and the story behind its development was incredible. Learning history indoors was a lot warmer, we learnt about different types of punishment for slaves and this was really sad and scary. I have really enjoyed myself and I really want to do it again.” Sephora 8R

and we took a lot of pictures. After the zoo we went to McDonalds to eat lunch. We got there during rush hour but still managed to get food and have a much needed rest! When we got to the London Dungeons some of us were really scared and didn’t want to go in but Ms Coley said we weren’t allowed to stay outside. Throughout the whole London Dungeons experience Paulina and Ewa were looking for fire exits and wanted to run away. Whereas other people in the group were having a lovely (if frightening) time. Overall we had an awesome day, even if it was a bit scary. Ms R Henning Head of Humanities

Ewa Weircioch thoughts of the BTEC Travel and Tourism Trip: On the 24th of October the Year 10 travel and Tourism class went to the London Zoo and the London Dungeons. The zoo was a fantastic experience, we got to separate in groups which gave us some responsibility and it was really fun. We saw many animals (my favourite were the meerkats and reindeers)

Modern Foreign Languages In September, to celebrate the European Day of Languages, students took part in the VocabExpress Language Learning Championships. More than 200 schools took part nationally and we were placed in the top 20, so we were absolutely delighted with the results. We are already looking forward to the National Championships taking place in February! In October, we were delighted at the success of the Year 7 homework project. Students had to research either a French or Spanish speaking country over a three week period and then present their findings in class to their peers. Students embraced the project wholeheartedly and we were thrilled to see the positive outcomes. For more information, please see the section on Lead Learning in this newsletter. In November, Year 11 students of GCSE French visited a local French patisserie, Belle

Epoque in Newington Green. Students were treated to a typical French breakfast and a tour of the patisserie’s kitchen, which supplies its pastries to a wide variety of outlets throughout London, including Selfridges in Oxford Street. French was spoken during the visit and students were enthralled by the success story of how the owner has built up his business. At a time when Year 11 are considering their post-16 options, this visit was thus beneficial on many levels. In December, selected students of year 9 French will be spending a day at the French Institute in South Kensington. This educational trip will include visiting the Institute’s mediatheque (digital library), followed by lunch at a French bistro and to complete the day, they will watch a French film. This trip will give the students the opportunity to develop their cultural awareness and explore different learning opportunities outside of the school context.

Finally, we would like to congratulate our GCSE students of French and Spanish who completed their final controlled oral and written assessments this term. Students worked extremely hard to prepare for these assessments (worth 30% of their GCSE grade) and we have been genuinely impressed by their commitment and effort and are very proud of them. At the end of what’s been a long and busy term for staff and students alike, we would like to wish all colleagues, parents, carers and students a peaceful and enjoyable break. Ms J Vann and the MFL team

Numeracy Week Numeracy week kicked off with a video on ‘My Dream Job’ prepared specially for this week. This video can be viewed in Mr. AhleHagh’s Numeracy corner on MLE. As part of Numeracy week, we were visited by Mr Andrew Jeffrey, Mathematician and author of Magic of Maths, to perform for Park View on 3rd of December. Year 9s & 10s were treated to his show, which they enjoyed thoroughly, and were engaged by Mr Jeffrey’s magic tricks achieved by using underlying mathematical principals, giving the children excellent insights into real life application of Maths. Magic of Maths Show! Year 8 took part in Maths Puzzle Challenge day. The students encountered a variety of fun, but challenging 3D hands-on puzzle tasks, which they had to complete in teams. Most challenges lasted for no more than a few minutes, but required each team to work together and carefully develop strategies in order to find a solution.

Maths Puzzle Challenge Workshop Year 7s took part in Maths in a Suitcase workshop. They had a fabulous time solving logical and creative puzzles including leaping frogs, building tetrahedrons and pyramids, and unlinking chains. Maths in A suitcase workshop Everybody learned something new, found something to be proud of, and were delighted to have taken part. Well done all students for a highly successful and enjoyable week. And finally many thanks to all staff who made the numeracy week very fruitful and rewarding for students and particularly Mr. Abdelmula, Mr. Salem and Mr. Mohamed for helping out organizing the events. Mr Ahle-Haugh Numeracy Coordinator

Homework Projects Year 7 have successfully completed 2 long-term homework projects on Space for ‘Lift Off’ and on a country of their choice for Languages. The languages project had a great completion rate of 94% of the year group. The students

Over the past few months we have organised a number of exciting events, for pupils from our local primary schools as well as our own students. It’s been an exciting few months for our local primary schools and Park View students. We ran Summer school during July, 60 children from across the borough attended and took part in a varied programme of Olympic themed activities. We organised a number of Taster Days and invited Year 5 pupils from local primary schools to take part in lessons and experience a Secondary school environment. Some of our Year 7 students and pupils from the Green CE School took part in our “Aspiring Minds” programme, delivered by the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust. Student took part in workshops based on the following themes. Students also spent with Martyn Bernard, High Jumper one of Team GB’s top athletes; who won a silver medal at the Barcelona Commonwealth Games in 2006. Martyn gave a very inspirational talk. Weekly drama classes are avaible on Fridays at Park View for children aged between 4 years and 13 years old.

Lead Learning ‘Lift Off’ Year 7 students! Year 7 students made an amazing start to their life at Park View in ‘Lift off’. They studied the theme of space across all their subjects for 3 weeks finishing in an exciting theme day. Students looked at Space within and outside the classroom, the planets, producing a scaled model of a playground or school and a time capsule. The final theme day allowed students to show their understanding of space in a mini lesson and making a board game. The day ended with a celebration assembly showing examples of their work, mini lessons and the whole of Year 7 sang ‘Rule the World’ by Take That with a live band.

Neighbourhood Learning Department

presented their finished project to their class who made the decision on who deserved a gold, silver or bronze award. Their presentations showed a broad and detailed understanding of their French or Spanish speaking country. Students included information on the countries, traditions, celebrations, cuisine, geography and population. Year 8 students have been completing English and History homework projects this term and next year even more subjects will be setting student’s long-term homework projects that last at least 3 weeks. Learning Awards are now linked to VIVO’s! We want to celebrate student’s achievement across the whole term. Therefore, at the end of this term the ‘Commitment to Learning’ Awards of bronze, silver, gold and platinum (top 3) will be directly linked to the number of VIVO’s students have earned. The more VIVO’s you get the higher the award! Students can still receive a subject certificate and 4 per year group will be declared the

Have a happy holiday! Ms France & Mrs Wroblewska Neighbourhood Learning Team

Lead Learner earning a badge for that subject. Thousands of certificates are being handed out in the final celebration assemblies before the holiday! Ms A Elsmore Lead learning

Year 11 Exams begin soon The next few weeks are crucial for all Year 11 students as we enter a crucial exam period. Mock exams started on the 14th December. They will be taking their actual GCSE exams in a number of subjects from January. The most important exam is English, where they will be taking their full GCSE exam on January 10th. In addition there will be GCSE exams in Psychology, Triple Science, History and Business in January or early February. All students have been given an exam timetable and information will also be on the school’s website. There are a number of things that you can do to help your child prepare for this busy period: • Make sure they’re in all their lessons (Year 11 is not a time to miss school). • Check with them if there are any after school classes they should be attending. If you’re not sure email me (see below). • Encourage them to work and revise at home. All Year 11s should be doing an average of 2 hours a night plus work at weekends. They have been given revision materials for English and their other

Comprehensive revision site covering all subject areas Centre ID:

N15PV Username:

DDMMYYII Password:


HOURS on SAM Learning = 2 increased grades

DDMMYYII Therefore if Mohamed Ali was born on 24th August 1999 he would log in as 240899MA

FOLLOW US AND WIN AN iPod touch! @parkview_school

subjects. They can also go online and use SAM Learning or get past papers from the MLE. • Support them through what is a stressful time for all students. Help them to maintain focus, by encouraging them in their work, ensuring they eat properly, get enough sleep, and drink enough water (this will help aid concentration). Finally, it is important that students get a rest during the holidays coming up in order to recharge their batteries, but it is also important that they prepare for their GCSE exams which will be starting the first week of next term. Please help them plan for this necessary balance of work and rest during the break, and if you are celebrating in any way yourself I wish you all well. Mr Power Head of Year 11 Year 11 Points of Contact: Telephone: Mr Power, Mr Wilson (Assistant Head of Year) or Mr Clarke (Deputy Head of Year) on 020 8826 9163 or e-mail: ;;

ADULT CLASSES Enrolment for our Adult classes start on Monday 7th January for two weeks Classes start on Saturday 19th January, we have several new courses starting. For more information about these classes please contact us on 020 8888 1722.

We are running a competition to reach 1000 followers. Once we reach 1000 followers we will randomly select a follower who will receive an iPod Touch. Everyone welcome to join in. For more details, please check the website.

Numeracy Competition Please give your answers to your Maths teacher, Mr. Ahle-Hagh (T9) or submit it on MLE. For instructions on how to access and submit Sudoku on MLE go to Mr. Ahle-Hagh Numeracy Corner. Remember to write your Name and Tutor group. The winners will be announced in the next issue of newsletter. Every winner will receive a WHSmith Voucher or a Cinema Ticket – come on have a go at this. Your name Your tutor group


There is really only one rule: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. You can’t change the digits already provided in the grid. You have to work around them. Every puzzle has just one correct solution.

5 9 1

2 3





2 6


1 5

6 3

3 9

7 6

8 4



7 3

9 1


5 8

K. Ahle-Hagh Numeracy Coordinator

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December 2012 Newsletter  
December 2012 Newsletter  

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