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WELCOME Park View is a diverse and exciting local authority community school in Tottenham, North London, where your child will be safe, happy and successful. Our commitment to developing young people into independent, caring and high-achieving, members of the community is unwavering, and we are proud to be a beacon of excellence in our vibrant Haringey community. In November 2017, Ofsted yet again recognised our great work, re-confirming our ‘good’ grading and we are widely recognised as one of the most diverse and exciting schools in the UK. Throughout their time with us, your child will develop as a ‘Park View Learner’. This is someone who is an independent enquirer, creative thinker, reflective learner, team worker, self-manager and effective participator. We provide a broad and enriching curriculum where academic rigour is partnered with a strong love of the arts, music, dance, drama and sport. Park View’s world-class curriculum offer enables our pupils to explore exciting career paths and be well-prepared for a successful future beyond Park View. We welcome visitors to our school. If you would like to come and see what we have to offer you and your child, please contact us via our website:

Mr A Webster Headteacher

“Pupils’ attainment in GCSE results show a continuing trend of improvement” Ofsted 2017 | 03

OUR MISSION AND VALUES Our mission: Every pupil to realise their potential At Park View, we believe that the highest quality teaching matched with a broad and balanced curriculum is the only way to ensure that our young people achieve the success they deserve. To drive this ethos our curriculum is built around our eight Park View Pillars: Knowledge Our pupils remember more. Our curriculum design makes it almost impossible to forget. Skills We equip our pupils with the skills to navigate their learning and lives. Inclusivity We have a curriculum for all. Cultural Diversity Our curriculum is both a mirror and a window. We believe that all pupils must see themselves in our curriculum, while giving them opportunities to explore other perspectives. Enrichment Our curriculum is poverty-proof. All of our pupils are entitled to enrichment opportunities, embedded in the curriculum, which gives them cultural capital, regardless of their starting point in life. Ambition We adopt a growth mindset in all that we do. Coherence & Cohesion Our curriculum is coherent; it’s a unified whole. Our curriculum is cohesive; it sticks together. Love of Learning We value and live the benefits of education at Park View and beyond. These pillars guide our work as a school to ensure that all students, regardless of starting point, can succeed.

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“Pupils make rapid progress and achieve good outcomes” Ofsted 2017

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CURRICULUM At Park View School, we ensure our pupils experience an inspiring curriculum, designed to foster a lifelong love of learning. We build on the knowledge and skills that pupils have acquired in primary school and deliver a five-year curriculum that is focused on wider education not just ‘teaching to the test’. Pupils are stretched and challenged both academically and creatively from the moment they join us. Our teachers support and challenge all our pupils, set personalised targets, monitor progress and provide help and guidance in a caring environment. Every unit of work that we deliver has a bespoke progress map. This clearly outlines the skills and knowledge that your child will be learning from a Foundation up to an Expert Level. These maps can also be accessed by all Parents/Carers through our DPR platform (Dynamic Progress Reporting). This means that you will be able to check exactly where your child is at with each unit of work and most importantly, exactly what they need to do in order to improve. You do not have to wait until a Parents/Carers’ Evening to access this information and will be notified each time your child is assessed in a subject. Our pupils are well prepared to not only pass exams but for the rest of their lives. They progress on to a wide variety of destinations, closely matched to their interests and abilities. We use drama, music, dance and physical activity to build pupils’ confidence in a way that benefits all areas of learning. Pupils participate in regular creative workshops and productions around school and the community. We do not believe in contracting the curriculum and ensure that all children are exposed to the full range of the Arts subjects until they start their GCSE Options at the start of Year 10. Our Park View Learner skills are the foundations of all we do. We teach our pupils how to be independent, resilient, creative learners who have a love of lifelong learning and a respect for diversity, equality and community.

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PARK VIEW LEARNER SKILLS Independent Enquirers

• Plan what to do and how to do it • Take informed and well-reasoned decisions • Identify questions to answer and research

Team Workers

• Collaborate in a spirit of mutual respect • Listen to, and take account of, different views • Take responsibility for their own part of the plan

Creative Thinkers

• Generate ideas and explore possibilities • Try imaginative ways to tackle problems • Ask questions to extend understanding


• High standard of organisation and behaviour • Show initiative, commitment and resilience • Manage their own emotions, building confidence and relationships

Reflective Learners

• Set own goals with high aspirations • Monitor progress and adapt as required • Deal positively with praise and setbacks

Effective Participators

• Actively engage with learning in lessons and beyond • Play a full part in school life and wider society • Teach others what they have learned

“Park View is a positive learning environment which enables pupils to develop and consolidate the skills and attributes required of the ‘Park View Learner’’ Ofsted 2017 | 07

ENRICHMENT Our enrichment programme comprises a wide range of extra-curricular activities and visits. These include weekend and holiday schools, sporting, arts and creative clubs, coursework sessions including a homework club and breakfast club, where pupils can read, socialise and enjoy a complimentary breakfast. Outside curriculum time, pupils are encouraged to attend free instrumental lessons taught by a team of highly skilled professional musicians and to participate in a wide array of extra-curricular activities in Dance, Drama and Music. Pupils perform regularly both in and out of school and benefit from strong partnerships with professional theatre, dance and music organisations. We visit West End productions, participate in workshops with external organisations and deliver workshops and performances to our local primary schools. Pupils can also enjoy inter-school competitions, educational outings, foreign visits and sports tours. They relish our special theme days such as Park View’s international festival, ‘Parkstock’. Park View pupils know that their views count. With an elected school council and year councils, many are given the opportunity to participate in the wider development of Park View. Open to all years, our pupil leadership programme offers responsibilities as translators, supervisors, charity event organisers and participants in staff recruitment processes. Our strong house system encourages closer collaboration between pupils across the school and develops a sense of belonging. Every child and teacher is allocated to one of our four houses: Elm, Oak, Cedar and Maple. The sense of community and healthy competition between our houses, support all our pupils to strive for success.

“Pupils have the opportunity to enjoy inter-school and London wide competitions, educational outings, foreign visits and sports tours” 08 | Park View Prospectus

SUPPORT We provide a safe learning environment through promoting inclusivity and celebrating diversity. At the heart of our approach to supporting pupils is building positive relationships across our community, creating an ethos that builds security and where our pupils feel happy and empowered. Our relationship focused approach sets out to teach the skills a young person needs to make sense of their experiences, find ways to manage their emotions and feelings; create an environment of safety, connection, and compassion. Our systems and structures make a large community feel personal, providing the scaffolding for good learning, independence, and character building. Our BSafe Team is committed to supporting all pupils who report bullying by resolving issues quickly through a structured process which works with bullied and bullying students to arrive at a holistic understanding of their situation. BSafe aims to build the Park View community by working with students to communicate compassionately, helping them to become empowered to deal with issues independently and constructively. Our Aspire Team works with pupils to support them to overcome their barriers to learning through one-to-one mentoring and group mentoring, it is delivered through the mediums of Drama, Sport, Music and Cooking. Their work supports our pupils to tune into their emotions and problem solve solutions so they can manage their feelings and the behaviour which result from them. Therefore, improving their social and emotional competencies. Park View understands that pupils’ happiness and wellbeing is the key to achievement. Our social curriculum and personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) and citizenship education supports our pupils to achieve their full potential by promoting their wellbeing and addressing issues that can affect their ability to learn, such as anxiety and unhealthy relationships. It provides pupils with the knowledge, skills they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and produces pupils who can make informed decisions when faced with challenging situations at school and beyond. We nurture all pupils with personalised support – from induction for our new Year 7s right through to careers and further education guidance for Year 11s. Our support ensures our pupils know they are liked, listened to, and valued. They have high academic aspirations and are prepared for life in school and beyond.

“Pupils confirmed bullying is rare but it is dealt with effectively when it occurs’’ Ofsted 2017 | 09

COMMUNITY We work in partnership with families to ensure that our pupils make the best possible progress. Parents and carers are kept informed through various communication tools. All our staff can be contacted via the website, email, telephone, or in person at the school to deal with any concerns. By offering a range of extended services to pupils, their families and our local community, we contribute to the vitality of the neighbourhood and promote lifelong learning. We also have very strong partnerships with universities, local primary and secondary schools and foster links with a diverse range of businesses to secure visits and work experience placements. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate their cultural diversity and develop their global awareness. Staff and pupils participate in several projects with schools worldwide and we are proud to have achieved the full ‘International Schools Award’.

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“Staff and pupils participate in a number of projects with schools worldwide and we are proud to have achieved the full International Schools Awards”

TRANSITION At Park View, our Year 7 pupils and their parents benefit from the targeted support of a dedicated transition team who works closely with local primary schools, making visits and establishing relationships whilst the majority of our pupils are still in Year 6. Our transition process ensures that all pupils and parents feel supported in the critical move from primary into secondary. Upon entry into Park View, Year 6 pupils will be introduced to the different pupil-led programmes we have available such as Stepping Stones mentoring, House Representatives, Pupil Voice activities, and BSafe mentoring. Each programme is designed to support pupils throughout their time at Park View by offering mentoring, friendship groups and opportunities to share their experiences with others. Our Year 6 ‘Taster Day’ during the summer term and our Summer School during the holiday period, acquaints pupils with some of their teachers support staff and provides an opportunity to make friends before joining us in September.

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“At Park View, we provide a range of opportunities for our highest achievers to excels.”

ADMISSIONS Allocation of pupil places at Park View School is handled by the Haringey Local Education Authority in line with the Council’s Admissions Policy. Applications must be made through the Haringey website: under the secondary school admissions section. The closing date for standard applications is 31st October. Should you have any enquiries please get in touch via the contact page on our website:

MASTERCLASSES AND SCHOLARSHIPS At Park View, we provide a range of opportunities for our highest achievers to excel. Our pupils can engage in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to develop their skills and talents, including participating in whole-school drama, dance and music performances, writing for our school Journalism Club, learning how to create ceramics with our Art team, studying in The London School of Economics tutoring programmes, or attending science masterclasses with teachers from the London Academy of Excellence. The school also supports our disadvantaged higher achieving pupils to apply for the Springboard bursary programme, which provides pupils with full scholarships to boarding schools, such as Eton and Epsom College, for Year 12 and 13.

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PARENTS AND CARERS Park View takes care to ensure that parents and carers play an active role in their children’s education and in the life of the school. Close cooperation between home and our school is essential if our pupils are to gain the maximum benefit from their time with us. Park View’s strong staff and pastoral support system enables us to develop effective home-school relationships that are beneficial to all our pupils. There are regular Parents’ Evenings throughout the school year where parents and carers can discuss their child’s attainment and progress with all of their teachers. We also regularly communicate with parents and carers through letters, emails and our ‘Group Call’ text messaging system so that you are totally up to date regarding important school news and events. Finally, parents can also follow Park View’s news through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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INCLUSION The Inclusion team at Park View is made up of our Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) departments. We are a fully inclusive school where pupils have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential in all aspects of their development, regardless of their type of additional need. Our team is an extremely supportive one, which is committed to three core principles: Inspire, Nurture and Develop. Inclusion supplies an inspiring environment in which pupils can thrive and grow - both academically and personally. We are proud to offer pupils the opportunity to learn and develop through the pioneering Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) curriculum. ASDAN at Park View offers pupils programmes and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life. Our KS4 pupils have the option to choose courses such as FoodWise, Land-Based Studies or the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) Programme, as an alternative to, but supporting some traditional academic subjects. Park View sees every pupil as an individual learner and strives to support a range of learning approaches and contexts. The ASDAN curriculum celebrates this diversity and succeeds in making learning relevant and transferable. We also have a very successful Immersion Group, this group is made up of students who are new to the country and new to the English language.

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These students follow an intensive language acquisition programme for 6-8 week, their lessons are based on our existing curriculum. Once students graduate, they join their mainstream lessons, but with continued support in lessons from the EMA team, alongside continued small group intervention including reading and literacy. The ASDAN curriculum will also give pupils the chance to spend time in the schools very own EDEN (Emotional Development Environmental Nurturing) Project, which was set up and driven by Park View pupils back in 2014. The EDEN project is a green outdoor space which pupils and staff, alike, are immensely proud of their developing fruit trees, vegetable and herb gardens and a pupil made woodburning pizza oven. We are developing pop-up outdoor classrooms and have our very own chickens to maintain. The EDEN project is continually developing, with the help of Inclusion staff and pupil volunteers. We believe that Park View School is the destination for success for ALL pupils.

“Park View sees every pupil as an individual learner and strives to support a range of learning approaches and contexts”