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April 2012

Advanced Training Sports Pediatrics

Animal Soft Tissue



Q & A with the Provost

CLASS NOTES: Celebrate these milestones with your fellow classmates

From the

President Welcome to our second edition of ParkerLife in 2012! I am very excited to share this magazine with you four times this year – a first in Parker history! As another new initiative launched in 2012, Parker will take the chiropractic message outside the profession and increase awareness to millions of potential patients who have yet to realize the benefits of chiropractic care. Our first step in this initiative was hosting speakers from Hay House Publishing during Parker Seminars Las Vegas. We are very encouraged by the response. We received nearly 1,000 nonchiropractic seminar participants! In addition, my March 2012 appearance on the Dr. Phil show and April 2012 appearance on The Doctors show, marked the second and third steps in our journey, and a platform to share the chiropractic message with millions of viewers. We are encouraged by the positive reaction to our focused energies, and Parker will continue this newest mission throughout 2012 in honor of our commitment to the chiropractic profession. If you would like to support this effort, please consider giving to Parker by visiting www.parker.edu/giving-to-parker to learn more.

With love,

Fabrizio Mancini, DC President, Parker University

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After Hours Clinic Visit Update....................3

Re-Training the Brain: A Deeper Look at Soft Tissue Technique...........................4

GOAL! Helping Winners Stay in the Game with A.R.T........................................6

Holistic Family Health.......................................7

IDEAS Jasmin Adams Assistant Art Director

High Hopes for Animal Chiropractic..........8

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Stand Out in the Crowd................................. 10

Q & A with the Provost.................................... 12 Igniting Passion. Transforming Lives.

Parker’s Starlight Soirée................................13

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Alumni Upcoming Events



Summer 2012 Career Fair – Dallas Campus

Philosophy Night – Dallas Campus

Alumni Luncheon at TCA State Convention – Austin, TX

Alumni Gathering – San Antonio, TX

Alumni Gathering – Lubbock, TX


Alumni Gathering – Tulsa, OK

Alumni Gathering at Focus OKC! – Oklahoma City, OK


Alumni Luncheon at FCA National Convention – Orlando, FL

September Alumni Gathering at CCA Annual Convention – Denver, CO October

Fall 2012 Career Fair – Dallas Campus

Philosophy Night – Dallas Campus

Alumni Association Awards Luncheon – Dallas Campus

Oktoberfest at Homecoming – Dallas Campus

Visit www.parker.edu/alumni-upcoming-events for details.

Parker University Homecoming 2012

Octob er 26 -2


Something for everyone: • CE Classes for DCs, MTs, and CAs • Alumni Oktoberfest in the courtyard • Exhibitors showcasing the newest in technology and innovation

• Awards Luncheon to recognize this year’s greatest chiropractors • Connect with classmates and colleagues

Visit www.parker.edu/homecoming for a current list of classes and events

After Hours

Clinic visit update for 2011-2012

Thank you to our recent hosts of the successful After Hours Clinic Visit Program. • Amber Brooks, DC ’07 - Whole Child Wellness, www.mychildwellness.com • Jeremy Webster, DC ’06 - Complete Health, www.completehealthdallas.com • John Longenecker, DC ’92 - Longenecker Chiropractic Center • Nichole Snyder, DC ’02 - Texas Chiropractic Connection • Brandon Pettke, DC ’03 - Healthsource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab, texas.healthsourcechiro.com/city/burleson • Michael Rider, DC ’92 - Rider Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, www.riderchiropractic.com • Wendy Baxter, DC ’95 - Baxter Family Chiropractic Center, www.baxterfamilychiro.com • Elizabeth Spillman-Taylor, DC ’96 - Crossroads Natural Health, www.crossroadsnaturalhealth.com • Kirtland Speaks, DC and Lisa Speaks - Expressions Chiropractic and Rehab, www.expressionschiropractic.com • David Parkhill, DC ’95 and Jerrod Wright, DC ’96 - 180 Wellness LLP, www.my180wellness.com • Erin Van Veldhuizen, DC ’07 - Van Family Chiropractic, www.evvdc.com • Rahim Behdar, DC ’02 - First Choice Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centers LLP • Lynne Auerbach, DC ’96 - Uptown Chiropractic, www.uptownchiropractic.com • Kent Clark, DC ’11 - Wellness First Chiropractic & Family Wellness, www.wellnessfirsttx.com For more information about the After Hours Clinic Visit Program or to host the next visit at your clinic, visit www.parker.edu/after-hours.

Know someone interested in a career in chiropractic? Send them to the website with all the answers! Parker University recently unveiled our new website, dedicated to answering every question a prospective student might have. • Information about the chiropractic and massage therapy professions • Prerequisite and admissions information • Program specifics and campus life • Videos of actual students speaking about Parker Visit www.parker.edu/future to learn more!

Re-Training the Brain A Deeper Look at Soft Tissue Technique

Despite the intricate complexities of the human body, there is a simplicity to understanding the indispensable nature of soft tissue technique and its place in chiropractic.

activities are so common to everyday life that the brain no longer has to work through which muscles and joints to use nor how to complete the process. Other times, SMA can be more detrimental.

Jeff Rockwell, DC, a 1986 graduate of Life University and former educator at Parker University, provides a clear perspective on the paradigm of soft tissue technique and offers a down-to-earth take on the sophisticated character of musculoskeletal conditions.

Let’s say some 15 years ago, you were running and were caught off-guard by the beauty of the morning sun, missed a step, tripped in a pothole, sprained your right ankle, and spent the next two to three weeks gingerly limping around the pain. As time passes, the pain subsides and you are back to your version of normal, and you find yourself feeling better. But are you really?

The concept as it applies to chiropractic lies in patients affected by Sensory-Motor Amnesia (SMA)– states of muscle activity no longer sensed by the brain because they have become habitual. Certain instances of SMA can be beneficial, such as tying your shoes or writing with a pen. These 4

2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

Moving forward in life, you begin to experience discomfort in your hip. You attribute it to all sorts of situations: the long commute, the lack of exercise, aging…. And aside from it being the area

of concentrated pain, the significance of it being your left hip doesn’t register much with you. There is little thought given to those two weeks of pain-inthe-ankle hobbling you went through 15 years ago; after all, your ankle isn’t bothering you a bit and hasn’t in quite some time. However, even though you can recall the stinging pain of that sunny day and you fully recognize the current discomfort in your left hip, your brain long ago entered into Sensory-Motor Amnesia.

Bones (and joints) can only do what the muscles tell them to do, and muscles can only do what the brain tells them to do. It seems that during those two to three weeks you were limping around, your brain became so accustomed to contracting the muscles used to compensate for the shift in weight, that use of those muscles in that manner became habitual. Just as with learning to tie your shoes, during the time it took your sprained ankle to heal, you reached a point where you no longer had to think about what movements were needed to complete the desired goal (in this example keeping the affected ankle pain-free). And in effect, what happened with regard to your left hip is that your brain lost “conscious control” over your hip muscles. As Dr. Rockwell explains it, “Bones (and joints) can only do what the muscles tell them to do, and muscles can only do what the brain tells them to do.” Logic applies that if you are seeing a patient three times a week for months on end for the same complaint, the problem may be established a little higher up in the nervous system. “Chronic soft tissue pain, musculoskeletal pain, is a brain issue. Even with regular adjustments, a better diet, and more exercise, [with regard to holistic treatment] we are limited by not going to the source… the brain.”

Although soft tissue technique in itself is not new to practice, it plays an important role in the developing future of the profession. In clarification Dr. Rockwell notes, “The subluxation is not a single entity. There is a form of joint dysfunction, muscle dysfunction, and nervous system dysfunction. The subluxation is a complex, and all facets need to be treated.”

how soft tissue technique targets the model of innate intelligence, “When a patient comes into the clinic, and we take x-rays and view their posture, we are getting a snapshot of their nervous system. If we want to change the nervous system, we have to [help the patient] alter their brain. By targeting the brain, we provide our patients the ability to correct themselves.” Case in point: Dr. Rockwell describes a patient who can’t “feel” the muscles contributing to the well-identified pain in his back. By implementing soft tissue technique, slowing down the process, and actively engaging the patient with regard to identifying the affected muscles, he in turn helps the patient regain “conscious control” over the muscles and helps him re-train the brain to use them as they were intended. Although soft tissue technique in itself is not new to practice, it plays an important role in the developing future of the profession. Whether you specialize in the Nimmo or Graston techniques, Myofascial Release (a child of the marriage between chiropractic and massage), neuromuscular or laser therapies, or Active Release Technique, taking an in-depth approach has far-reaching potential for the lives of patients and chiropractors. And it is not just within chiropractic that this theory shows. Exampled in yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates (which call for ‘conscious control’ in exercise), EFT and EMDR techniques in psychology which draw on freeing the mind from ‘forgotten’ trauma, and an ever-growing population concerned with how well they will age, there is a growing emphasis on brain function as it pertains to overall improved health and wellness. As chiropractors, applying more attention to the chief component of the central nervous system makes sense. For those concerned with what happens after the patient experiences whole healing of a specific injury, like the left hip pain from the ankle sprain, Dr. Rockwell encourages, “The patient still needs chiropractic therapy. They still need work on trigger points and subluxations. There is a need to [help patients] improve the nervous system. We just need to keep asking ourselves ‘are we doing the best job possible’.” Dr. Jeff Rockwell will present a five-part series of Myofascial Release Seminars at Parker University on various weekends spanning from May through December of 2012. For more information please visit www.parker.edu/ce or call 800.266.4723.

Following the philosophy of the power that made the body heals the body, Dr. Rockwell describes 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu


Chances are, if you follow the sports world in any way, you’ve encountered the success of Dr. Troy Van Biezen DC, ART, BPE, NASM-PES, TPI-CGFI. In addition to treating active individuals at his Texas-based clinic, ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas, Dr. Van Biezen also treats an impressive list of competitors including National and Olympic ranked gymnasts and Track and Field athletes, as well as professional athletes from the NFL, AHL, NHL, NBA, MLB, PGA and Nationwide Tour. A former professional hockey player, Dr. Van Biezen understands the challenges faced by competitive athletes both on and off the field of play.

If a doctor [has experience with] what his patients go through, [they can] understand them better. Upon his retirement from professional hockey, Dr. Van Biezen, who comes from a family of traditional medical practitioners, decided to quit med school and pursue chiropractic as a career. A 1997 graduate of Parker University (formerly Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Van Biezen now runs a successful practice, travels the United States teaching health care professionals Functional Assessment of the Athlete, Injury Care and Enhancement of Sports Performance, and has developed an impressive list of clients as a result of his results-driven treatment programs.


A locally and nationally sought-after provider of chiropractic care, it is his motivation to help others with similar experiences drives his practice. Dr. Van Biezen understands, “If a doctor [has experience with] what his patients go through, [they can] understand them better.” That philosophy may explain his pronounced success with Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.) – a state-of-the-art soft tissue system/movementbased massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. Of course, having the experience of being bodychecked by someone traveling 20-30 miles per hour and wearing a full suit of protective gear may provide Dr. Van Biezen a slight edge at fully understanding what some bodies in motion can go through, but most anyone can ascribe to his philosophy. He calls for colleagues to “do what you are passionate about doing; follow a good work ethic/commitment; and be really good at what you do.” Sounds like sound advice from one who knows. To learn more about Parker’s CCSP® (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) Program or to register, visit www.parker.edu/ce or call 800.266.4723.


Husband and wife team, Drs. Jim Bob and Cindy Haggerton, run Lifetime Family Wellness Center in Hurst, Texas. Both are Parker University graduates and are enjoying life raising their son Harper, age three, and their one-year old daughter Ellington. What is most interesting about the Haggertons is the level to which they take a literal interpretation of ‘family wellness’. With advanced training received from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), the Haggerton’s have built a fairly unique practice, based primarily on treating pregnant mothers and children. By reaching the family where and when it begins, the Haggertons can help bring awareness to the many benefits of chiropractic, as well as natural preventive health care. It’s a great opportunity to introduce better health and wellness for a lifetime. Dr. Cindy, who is also a licensed midwife explains, “There is no other time in a woman’s life when she is more concentrated on caring for herself than when she is carrying the life of a child. She’s more focused on doing the best she can to have a good pregnancy and healthy children.”

Family Health

Plus, as Dr. Cindy puts it, “Moms talk! They typically head-up health care decisions for the family, they schedule the care, they often handle the money…and with rising cost-of-living and health care expenses, many are taking a more proactive approach.”

There is no other time in a woman’s life when she is more concentrated on caring for herself than when she is carrying the life of a child. Dr. Cindy and her husband, Dr. Jim Bob, focus much of their time on counseling patients on the importance of proper diet and nutrition, exercise programs, and healthy stress relief in order to help them make informed and educated decisions concerning the health of their families. And they put into practice what they prescribe to their patients. Knowing that not every chiropractor will find passion in practice with children and pregnant moms, the Haggertons encourage chiropractors to develop their own niche, but would like to draw awareness to this growing population of patients. With support from the ICPA through professional programs and their focus on educating chiropractic professionals, students, and the community, the Haggertons are able to join a growing holistic-family network as experts, educators and an everyday family doing all they can. To learn more about becoming certified in pediatrics, visit www.parker.edu/ce or call 800.266.4723.

2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu


high hopes In line with family tradition, Dr. Anita Carrere Chaisson has kept her hopes high since graduating as valedictorian from Parker University’s College of Chiropractic in January 2011. Returning to her home state of Louisiana, Dr. Anita immediately began her practice and started delving into the opportunities provided her by completion of the Animal Chiropractic program offered at Parker. Included with the rigorous program comes the prestige of graduating from the first animal chiropractic program offered by an accredited chiropractic school, the honor of joining DCs and DVMs in preparation of sitting for the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association certification exam, and the advanced-skills required to bring chiropractic care to animals ranging in size from the family dachshund to thoroughbred race horses. Following strict adherence to the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Anita has faced some challenges with regard to providing animal chiropractic care. Currently, the state of Louisiana only allows “collaborative practice” (chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, shiatsu and/or acupuncture, etc.) to be proffered by a licensed and practicing veterinarian. Thankfully, Dr. Anita gets to exercise her education regularly on thoroughbred racehorses because she falls under the only exclusion to the law – that of animal ownership.


2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

The law states that “An exception exists if the person providing the care is the owner of the animal receiving the particular service.” As part owner in her family’s High Hopes Farm which breeds and races thoroughbreds, she possesses a coveted owner’s license and is free to provide chiropractic care to the animals.

‘They exert themselves a lot and can easily break down,’ with many complaints coming from the cervical/ thoracic region and shoulder area (or withers), where jockeys are typically positioned for racing. In addition, her specialized education is compensating for the normally hefty fees for adjusting racehorses. “Adjusting [the family’s] racehorses will pay for itself 10-fold in a short time” she notes. In the case of racehorses in particular, Dr. Anita says, “They exert themselves a lot and can easily break down,” with many complaints coming from the cervical/thoracic region and shoulder area (or withers), where jockeys are typically positioned for racing. Whereas jockeys are usually smaller-framed individuals, “The exercise crew are often bigger

for animal chiropractic and ride in the same area as jockeys. That can cause the horse to become sore and tender, and to put the spine out of alignment.” When asked how one would determine a complaint from the animals, who cannot speak for themselves, Dr. Anita says a hands-on approach and visible cues are key. “They might be tender when running your hands down their backs, won’t want to turn in certain directions (like with barrel-racing horses), or the horse might not be extending its legs fully.” As is often found with people, these animals each present unique styles of required care. In the case of High Hopes Sunny, one of the racehorses, Dr. Anita got to experience the pleasure of watching her horse improve performance after several adjustments. High Hopes Sunny had been placing fourth and sixth positions in races, and after about four to five treatments, recently placed first in a race held at Evangeline Downs in Louisiana. Another horse, a colt who lost an eye due to cataracts, is learning to race strong even with only having use of his left eye. “He wants to turn his head to the left to see,” says Dr. Anita. That can put strain on the neck. “Chiropractic has helped him at the starting gate,” she notes, and goes on to say that the adjustments and getting him to run on the outside of the racing group are contributing to his progress.

Witnessing improved performance on the race track or seeing visible extension of the horses legs provide an easier assessment to the effects of chiropractic on animals versus those which are not currently racing, but those animals provide clear indication to chiropractors just like their human counterparts.

As is often found with people, these animals each present unique styles of required care. Dr. Anita also claims that regular animal chiropractic care can contribute to the prevention of injuries – whether hock, knees, or specifically the back-end, and maintaining hip alignments. It is not a replacement for regular veterinary care, but rather a complement to the overall health and wellbeing of the animals. She is grateful for the opportunity provided her by participation in the animal chiropractic program and looks forward to the day when all states honor animal chiropractors to practice without supervision. Until such time, Dr. Anita will be content to adjust her family’s racehorses and continue growing in her profession. “Business is great; and I love my practice!” To learn more about Parker University’s Animal Chiropractic Program or to register, visit www.parkeranimalchiro.com or call 800.266.4723.

2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu


STAND OUT Matt Eiserloh, CMO, Parker University Experts will tell you one of the most important steps you can take when marketing your offerings against others is to make sure your product or service stands out. Marketing professionals call this product differentiation and more and more industries are applying this technique to their products and services. Most people would not be surprised by this shift in the market. Over the last 20 years, there has been a strong movement toward specialized services. Take the auto repair industry for example. Used to be most people would take their car to their friendly neighborhood mechanic for all of their auto service needs. However, these days we typically look to specialists for auto repairs based on the type of work required. If we need tires for our vehicle, we take the car to a shop that specializes in replacing tires. The same could be said for brake jobs, oil changes, transmission or radiator repair. As consumers, we have developed a belief that through a specialty service provider, we will get the best quality work for the best price. After all, what service provider could possibly be an expert in every area of our car? Many successful chiropractors are following this trend as well. These chiropractors are making the decision to open or convert an existing practice 10 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

to one that focuses on a specific segment of the population or a specific health care need.

Successful positioning (and a lot of repetition) ensures prospective patients will think of your practice in a given situation. Practices that focus on specific segments of the population include family care, pediatrics, veterinary, women, men, and the elderly. Practices that focus on specific health care needs include maternity care, sports, and decompression. A focus on any of these areas allows practitioneers to not only differentiate their practice from general practices in the local area, but also provides a significant advantage when marketing the practice through effective positioning. Successful positioning (and a lot of repetition) ensures prospective patients will think of your practice in a given situation. For example, if you have developed a specialty practice devoted to maternity care, your marketing should work to position your practice as the expert in chiropractic maternity care. Your marketing should inform women that are expecting (as well as anyone they know that is also expecting)

IN THE CROWD that your practice specializes in this area and that you are the best option for care during pregnancy. Differentiation and positioning also help practitioners effectively market their practices. Marketing decisions become far easier when your efforts are concentrated on a specific segment of the population. Once again, taking the example of a practice focused on maternity care, the decisions of where to deliver your message and to whom becomes very clear. Obviously, this practitioner would look to deliver a message specific to expectant mothers through the channels that focus on this segment. Any marketing collateral would contain copy focused on the benefits of care during pregnancy, include pictures of expectant mothers, and might advertise special hours or parking that is convenient for shorter walks to the office.

When the picture of whom you are targeting with your marketing efforts is clear, the decision of what events to attend and what events to decline becomes far easier. This practitioner could also be selective on where to advertise and attract prospective patients. They might

choose to forgo the Chamber event, likely to be filled with a mix of business owners, for the mother’s-dayout expo attended by expectant mothers or soon to be expectant mothers. When the picture of whom you are targeting with your marketing efforts is clear, the decision of what events to attend and what events to decline becomes far easier. The first step is to determine what kind of practice you want to open, and experts suggest to first examine your personal interests and passions. If you are an animal lover, perhaps you should consider a veterinary practice? If you are active in various sports, perhaps you should consider a sports chiropractic practice? Once you have determined the type of practice, the next step is to become an expert. Advanced training is the best way to do this, and Parker University Continuing Education offers multiple programs to help you get started. Visit www.parker.edu/ce to learn more about the opportunities available. Matt Eiserloh is the Chief Marketing Officer at Parker University and Parker Seminars and has over 15 years experience in marketing and advertising products and services. For comments or questions, Matt can be reached at meiserloh@parker.edu. 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu 11


with the Provost

Dr. Gery Hochanadel came to Parker nearly nine months ago, bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge stemming from more than 30 years of experience in managing higher educational institutions. ParkerLife had a chance to sit down with Dr. H, as he’s lovingly called, the first provost in Parker University’s history. PL: What most interested you about making the move to Parker University?

PL: How will these programs support the chiropractic degree?

GH: I was at a point in my life where I needed to make a decision which direction to go – whether that be consulting, writing, or taking another position at a university. After speaking to Dr. Mancini and hearing his vision, where Parker was going, and its true growth potential, I knew this was where I wanted to be.

GH: Well, for example, a master’s degree in business administration could relate to health care. The courses that make up this degree could be congruent with the doctorate of chiropractic, allowing DC students to take these classes and, in turn, become better business managers.

PL: What is the best thing about Parker University?

PL: What makes you so passionate about what you do?

GH: The best thing about Parker University is the people. It really is a living, loving organization. PL: What are some of your short term and long term goals for the university? GH: My short term goal was to successfully complete the reaffirmation process. We just met with SACS and were in compliance with all issues – a perfect visit! So from this, we anticipate a positive action from the commission in December. Long term, I want the institution to realize its full potential become one of the finest comprehensive universities in the south. PL: What can you tell me about Parker University’s program expansion? GH: We have a five year plan to implement 12 new programs by 2017, and increase enrollment to 2,500 students. Of course, we’d love to achieve that sooner! 12 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

GH: I come from a large family – five brothers and six sisters. Our father grew up in the Great Depression era and had to drop out of school to work after the eighth grade. He was not able to finish his education, but he instilled in us how valuable it really is. All 12 of us went on to become college graduates. I know the struggles students face in getting an education, and it has been my goal to help them realize their dreams. PL: Ok, something on the fun side. In an alternate life, what would you be doing? GH: I would definitely be a farmer. I have always felt a relationship with the land and love to help things grow. PL: That seems pretty parallel to what you do now. GH: You know, I’ve never thought about it that way, but you’re right. It’s really about caring and nurturing.

Starlight Soirée Parker’s

Raises Nearly $33,000 for Chiropractic Research

Parker University held the Starlight Soirée, the premier chiropractic research event, on Friday, January 20, during Parker Seminars Las Vegas. The event raised nearly $33,000, including a generous leadership gift by CLEAR Scoliosis Institute, for chiropractic research. Parker Seminar attendees, industry professionals, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors attended the most elegant night in chiropractic to raise research funds for the profession and recognize chiropractic research accomplishments. The soirée featured heavy hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, dancing, and special wandering entertainment, including Las Vegas Show Girls, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe impersonators, a magician, caricaturists, and more. Event proceeds will directly support a research project that determines the effects of chiropractic care for scoliosis patients. Scoliosis affects the spines of many children, teenagers, and adults. Scoliosis can impact the quality of life with limited activity, pain, or reduced respiratory function. The proposed clinical research is designed to scientifically document the changes that result from chiropractic care of scoliosis. “If every chiropractor spent time, energy, and effort to reading research and financially supported research initiatives, imagine what that would do for our profession,” said Dr. Gilles Lamarche, vice president of Parker Seminars, clinics, research, and continuing education at Parker University. During the soirée, The Drugless Research Hall of Fame Award was presented to the fourth inductee, Dr. Gregory Cramer, professor and dean of research

and professor of anatomy at National University of Health Sciences. Dr. Cramer was honored with the award because of his dedication to chiropractic research and pursuit of excellence as a chiropractor to impact the health care of the world without drugs. He is particularly interested in both human and animal research designed to determine the mechanisms of action of chiropractic adjusting. If you’re interested in contributing to support chiropractic research, please contact Ben Hart in the Office of Development at 877.971.9525 or bhart@parker.edu. You can also support chiropractic research online at www.parker.edu/giving. 13

s e CLASS Not

Celebr ate these milestones with your fellow classmates.

ing the community

ary 17, 2012. He has been serv rated his 25 year in prac tice on Janu ration for the Kurt Adams, DC ‘85 celeb r anniversa ry, the office hosted a celeb . In honor of Adams Chiropractic’s silve th

on, of Silverdale, WA since 1987 back to his patients. The loca l publicati fee. It was a way for Dr. Adams to give . rdale day offer ing adjustments at the 1987 Silve in er ney as a chiroprac tor and business own Central Kitsap Reporter, highlight s his jour

s and rece ntly have prac ticed in Lew isvil le for 22 year 7 8 ’ DC oad, Byr k Clar and 9 8 ’ essfu l DC ding oad, Brenda Byr ad Chiropractic Student Scholarship to support Parker students and continue buil succ le resident established the Byro to Tri-2 student and Lew isvil presented the most recent scholarsh ip chiroprac tors. This past Dece mbe r, they Leader new spaper. ip was high lighted in the loca l Lewisville Gavin Wolf f. This awarded scholarsh


of Self-Healing, a manifesto about the rema just released his latest book, The Power tion cini, DC ’9to0heal Fabrizio Manhum how chiropractic allows the body to func itself. The Power of Self-Healing explains an body onli ne at ability of the er Share book store or cini ’s book can be purc hase in the Park opti mall y and to heal itsel f. Dr. Man www.parkershareproducts.com.

is described

r. Read this great article where he featured in the January issue of Avid Golfe en, DC ‘97 was ze there’s a new breed of Troy Van aBiez those at the top of the spor ts world reali new path for A.R.T. doctors, making sure as “bla zing d.” e in the lives of athletes around the worl chiropractor that’s making a big differenc

Born to Steve Brooks, DC ‘ 99 .. Parker Brooks!9lb, her Parker baby the birth ofd toanot d to announce We are proutiful 7oz. A happy and healthy baby... d on Febr uary 19, weig hing worl the ome welc was er Park , wife and his beau with a great name!

Katinka Van der Merwe, DC ’99

tum neurolog ist at who received the desig nation of quan visit to ns latio Congratu Merwe’s work and accomplishments, 2011. To learn more about Dr. Van der the QN Convent ion in Los Angeles in www.seeingyouwell.com.

Vincent Scheffler, DC ‘07

baby boy! Spencer Anthony, on the birth of his happy and healthy adjusted! Congratulations to well d ...an Mom, dad, and baby are all doing well weig hing 9lb, 7oz, was born January 29. ber in Kingston, Jamaica.

h award in Octo red with the prest igious Courtne y Wals ility, Neil Gardner, DC ‘09gnizwaseshono extraordinary qualities, including hum bits exhi the achievements of an athlete who ctic & This coveted award reco prac tic clinic, Gardner Chiropra in spor ts. Dr. Gardner opened his chiro Jama ica to open his clinic, integ rity, and discipline while excelling ed on, Texa s. He rece ntly mov back to ards Rich in 2009 r mbe Dece in ter, Well ness Cen in Kingston, Jamaica. Gardner Chiropractic & Neurolog y Ltd.

ned in September 2011, Aspen

WY. Ope the opening of her new clinic in Laramie, ll, DC ’11 celebd rated Mandy Jaireopra in the enti re state of Wyoming. ctors opra chir le fema e thre ctic is prou to have one of the only Fam ily Chir .aspenfamilychiropractic.com. For more informat ion, please visit www

To submit your own class note, visit www.parker.edu/class-notes.

14 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

Celebrating 10 Years of Growth Parker University Alumni Association Endowment Fund Growth When we reach $500,000 we will become the first organization to award a $5000 scholarship every trimester.


2012 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Parker Alumni Association Endowment Fund. One of the first endowed funds established in university history, interest generated from the principle is awarded as scholarship to a deserving student. Since 2008, $22,000 in scholarships has been awarded. Recipients of this scholarship have gone on to open clinics around the country. The Parker Alumni Association Board of Directors have set a new goal to reach $500,000 by 2013 which will then allow the fund to award one $5000 scholarship to a Parker University student. Consider joining as a Lifetime Member to help your alumni association achieve this historic goal.

can make this happen!

$500,000 $425,000 $351,614 $297,545

$265,970 $222,387 $164,713 $101,508 $49,697














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Projected growth

Fall 2011 Endowment Fund Scholarship Recipient Name: Corey Todhunter, Tri-5 Hometown: Chico, CA Future Plans: Move back to Northern California to open a practice. “I chose Parker because I was told by alumni that Parker had one of the best curriculums. Incorporating philosophy and business classes was at the top of my list. The scholarship allowed me to a chance to strengthen my adjusting skills through seminars that are normally out of my budget. The remaining balance went directly to my loans.”

Welcome to the Alumni Association! Recognizing our newest Lifetime Members from 2011 224. Dr. Judith A. Siebert 225. Dr. Brett Brimhall ‘01 226. Dr. Ronald J. Lehrer ‘94

227. Dr. Patrick Freud ‘96 228. Dr. Todd Watson 229. Dr. Gary W. Sanders ‘87

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Go New Technology at Parker University! Parker University recently unveiled their mobile version of MyParker, which gives students and faculty access to maps, recorded lectures, and course material from mobile devices. This is the first mobile site for Parker University! Check it out at go.parker.edu.

2012 Schedule San Diego, CA

May 4-6 Paradise Point Resort & Spa

Chicago, IL

In conjunction with California Chiropractic Association

July 12-14 Hyatt Regency McCormick Place

Toronto, Ontario

Las Vegas, NV

September 20-22 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Toronto Airport


January 10-12, 2013 Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino

888.727.5338 www.parkerseminars.com 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu 17

Parker University Continuing Education Check out our recent additions to the 2012 line-up! Chiropractic Sports Specialist Program (CCSP速) Program begins March 31, 2012

Practice Essentials Series

Obtain mandatory subjects in a variety of offerings

Series begins April 19, 2012

Myofascial Release Series Jeff Rockwell, DC

Series begins May 19-20, 2012

Webcasting and Online Course Series Obtain hours from the comfort of your home or office

Subjects include: Ethics, Medicare, Nutrition, SI Joint Pain, Case Studies, and Massage Therapy

Decompression Certificate Program Multiple Speakers

Series begins June 2-3, 2012

Functional Taping

Ken Thomas, MS, DC, CCSP

June 2-3 and October 13-14, 2012

Clinical Neurology Certificate Program Mike Hall, DC, DACBN, FIACN

Series begins June 9-10, 2012

Summer Relicensure

One stop seminar for relicensing

June 22-23, 2012

Scoliosis Correction Series Dennis Woggon, DC

Series begins October 6-7, 2012

Animal Chiropractic Mark your calendar now!

New program begins again in March 2013

SAVE THE DATE Parker University Homecoming 2012 Great speakers and exciting alumni events!

October 26-28, 2012

18 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

For more information call 800.266.4723 or visit us at www.parker.edu/ce.

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Parker Life: April 2012  

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