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January 2013

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini ParkerLife recognizes his impact on Parker University, Parker Seminars, and the global chiropractic community

PLUS: Parker’s New Degree Program – MBA in Health Care Management

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Alumni Gatherings Held During


Class of 1987 – 25 Year Reunion Marking their 25th reunion, the classes of 1987 came together for a dinner at Cool River Café.

Class of 1992 – 20 Year Reunion The graduates of ’92 had a fiesta at Pappasitos Cantina for their 20th reunion.

Class of 2007 – 5 Year Reunion The class of ’07 mixed and mingled with their classmates at Cool River Café.

Parker University Alumni Association Awards Luncheon Again this year, the association was extremely honored to present awards to four special Parker graduates who exemplify what they have learned at Parker by promoting wellness and educating the community on the benefits of chiropractic.

Annual Alumni Oktoberfest The weather drove us indoors, but the Alumni Oktoberfest was a success again this year! Over 175 Parker graduates, students, faculty, and friends of Parker celebrated with German beer and delicious food offerings. A special thank you to the Mighty Mighty Bone Tones for entertaining us.




Graduate Events Reconnect with your fellow Parker graduates at a networking event near you! This year, the Office of Alumni Relations will be hosting events in:



If you could serve more patients without the worry of collecting payment, would you do it? What if you could serve ten times the number of patients, still be able to provide your family and staff, and offer your care at no cost? The Parker Alumni Association is proud to welcome every single graduate to the association effective January 1, 2013. All graduates of Parker University will receive complimentary membership to the association. This historic move will allow all graduates, not just a select few, to enjoy the resources, events, programs and benefits offered through the Parker University Alumni Association. • 10% discount on all North American Parker Seminars for all graduates and their entire staff



Live in Texas? We will be heading to Austin and hosting several alumni events throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Visit www.parker.edu/ alumni-upcoming-events for more details.

• Access to the Graduate Resource Center – New for 2013!

• 7% discount on items from Parker SHARE with special Double Discount days throughout the year

• Complimentary registration to Parker Seminars for three years after graduation

• 15% discount on all Parker continuing education courses – Increase for 2013!

• Special discounts from our Corporate Circle Members for products and services

• A complete list of benefits is available at www.parker.edu/alumni

Lifetime Membership is now the only dues paying membership level offered to graduates and friends of Parker University. This elite group of individuals contribute 100% of their dues to the Parker University Alumni Association Endowment Fund which generates interest for student scholarships. Since 2008, more than $24,000 in scholarships have been given to deserving Parker students on behalf of our Lifetime Members. To become a Lifetime Member, visit www.parker.edu/lifetime-membership.

Welcome to the alumni association! Recognizing our newest lifetime members

We would like to recognize our newest lifetime members to the Next Power, who continue to support the Alumni Association Endowment Scholarship Fund:

239. Dr. Douglas B. Cook ‘87

242. Dr. Mandy J. Jairell ‘11

• Kurt Adams, DC ‘85 LT#1014

240. Dr. Dar Griffeth ‘05

243. Mrs. Paula J. Robinson

• Vincent Scheffler, DC ‘07 LT#1352

241. Dr. Kevin S. Willhite ‘01

244. Dr. Jason W. Barnes

• Carol Watkins, DC ‘11 LT#2022

100% of a lifetime member’s fee goes to the Alumni Association Endowment Fund. Membership is available to any person who believes in supporting this fund. Future editions of ParkerLife will continue to recognize new members.

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Dominique Laroche-Walker, DC ‘89, MD has joined the Family Care Clinic team at Sterling Regional MedCenter in Sterling, CO. Read the online article about her broad background and education and how she plans to help the families of Sterling. www.journal-advocate.com/sterling-business_news In July 2012, Eric Mizuba, DC ’98 successfully swam across Lake Erie in 14 hours! View his interview immediately after crossing the finish line. http://video.goerie.com Brian Hooten, DC ’00 joined the team of Maximized Living chiropractors as they travelled to London to care for the US wrestling team for the 2012 Olympics. Dr. Hooten discusses the benefits of chiropractic for the wrestlers in the Dallas Morning News edition of “Neighbors Go”. View the online article at www.neighborsgo.com/blogs/9/85411. Congratulations to Alan Smith, DC ‘01 on the birth of his healthy baby boy. Mom, Dad, and baby are all happy, healthy, and well adjusted! Best wishes to Natalie Beight, DC ’04 and fiancé Jordan White on their engagement and forthcoming marriage. The happy couple will be wed this November in Columbiana, OH. Chuck Kobdish, DC ’06 was awarded the 2012 Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Award for his positive impact on his community. Read the full article at www.eastdallaschamber.com. Homero Cavazos, DC ’08 and Neil Gardner, DC ’09 were named among “Today’s Top Chiropractic Leaders of the Next Generation!” Read the full article at www.todayschiropractic.com. Jeff Feenstra, DC ‘10 and wife are excited to announce the birth of their second child, Quinn Olivia Feenstra, born October 26. Big brother is happy to have a baby sister, and Mom and Dad are happy to have a healthy family. In Memory: Daniel Zbichorski, DC ‘88 passed away on Thursday, August 23. View his obituary at www.legacy.com/NS/memorial-sites. Got married? Had a baby? Received an award? Opened a new clinic or celebrating an anniversary? The Office of Alumni Relations would like to share your successes! Submit your class note today at www.parker.edu/class-notes.

Proud Home of Those Who Have Served Our Country

Parker University is proud of the nearly 100 veteran students, faculty, and staff that have made the choice to serve our country. In honor of their dedication and service, Parker University was recently accepted into the Yellow Ribbon program – a program dedicated to providing financial help to veteran students interested in higher education. The Yellow Ribbon program offers numerous benefits to qualifying students including tuition assistance above the tuition cap set by the GI Bill. For more on Parker’s Yellow Ribbon program, turn to page 8.

Dr. Fabrizio

Mancini The Legacy that helped shape Parker and chiropractic Matt Eiserloh

Thirteen years ago when Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

began his presidency with Parker College of Chiropractic (now Parker University), the institution was in transition. With the passing of Dr. James W. Parker, the school’s founder and namesake, and the uncertainty in leadership that followed, Dr. Mancini emerged as a leader to take Parker to the next level and establish the institution as one of the premier choices in chiropractic education today. Dr. Mancini remembers those early years as if they were just yesterday. “When I started as president, Parker was in a very difficult place. The faculty, staff, and board of directors were all very concerned about what might happen to the institution. Some believed that it might be closed and many students were seeking to transfer. I remember walking the halls and seeing the faces of those that worked or attended Parker. You didn’t even have to ask. You could see the concern in their faces.”

It’s his servant leadership style that has formed the culture at Parker that still lives today Dr. Mancini credits his approach toward service as the key to success for Parker in those early years. It’s his servant leadership style that has formed the culture at Parker that still lives today. Walk the halls now and students, staff, and faculty are all happy to be a part of the Parker family. Hallway hugs and friendly conversations are a staple of the culture that is Parker today. Dr. Mancini credits Parker’s success with this service-minded approach. “Dr. Parker was an incredible leader and I learned so much from him,” said Mancini. “He was the one that helped form my foundation and deserves the credit for my success. However, those that knew Dr. Parker knew that he could be a strong personality. Parker was in desperate need of a compassionate leader, one that would listen and provide members of the Parker family with the encouragement and tools needed to be successful.” Dr. Mancini’s road to president of Parker University is a long and interesting story. As a pre-med student at the University of Dallas, he was exposed to chiropractic for the first time when he sought care after an accident. Once exposed, Dr. Mancini spent time interviewing more than 50 chiropractors to learn more about the profession. Convinced, he quickly

changed his career plans and enrolled at Parker. While his family was supportive of his decision, financial problems with the family owned business were brewing and Dr. Mancini received a call from his mother just one week before classes were to begin. She informed him that she could not pay for his tuition and encouraged him to return home to Miami until the financial issues could be resolved. Passionate about his choice of chiropractic and determined to make it work, Dr. Mancini immediately sold his brand new sports car (a graduation gift from his parents) for $8400, much less than what the car was worth, but enough to cover his tuition expenses.

...they had found the ideal candidate... when I asked them who it was, they replied by saying ‘You!’ “I knew I needed the money and the only thing I owned of any significance was that car. I really hated to sell it, but my roommate had a car and I knew I would be okay. His parents were very supportive in buying food and other expenses. My only priority was getting into Parker,” said Mancini. After graduation, Dr. Mancini opened a practice in Dallas and began to see patients for six years. However, shortly after the death of Dr. Jim Parker and the short tenure of Dr. Karl Parker as president, the chair of the presidential search committee for the board contacted Dr. Mancini to see if he would help with the process of identifying the new president from all the interviews they had conducted. Dr. Mancini had not applied for the position and had told the board he was not interested previously. “They called to see if I would help them build the profile for the ideal candidate. A profile that would detail the characteristics, the strengths, the weaknesses, and other attributes of the successful candidate,” commented Mancini. “So I spent a few hours with them discussing these qualities and they called me back the next day to inform me that they had found the ideal candidate. I told them how great that was and when I asked them who it was, they replied by saying ‘You!’ I accepted the position after a unanimous vote by the board the next day and the rest was history.” Mancini went to work immediately on the culture and morale at Parker, two aspects of the college seriously impacted by the uncertainty over the course of the previous year. He quickly realized that a servant leadership approach was needed. “Given the delicate situation and the healing that was needed with the entire team, I felt that compassionate

leadership was the best approach given the situation. Listening to their needs, identifying what resources were needed, and encouraging our people to succeed generated immediate results and began to turn the negative morale,” said Mancini. “Once we established a working relationship based on trust, everything began to fall into place. My servant leadership style set the tone and culture for Parker that is still felt today. Given the situation, it was the best approach for the time. Everyone was brutally honest as to what needed to occur so we could succeed. All the attention went on delivering the most comprehensive chiropractic program that was congruent with our principles, had plenty of business training, and most importantly, made you a great adjustor and chiropractor.”

While one chapter in my life is coming to a close, another exciting chapter is just beginning. My love for both this profession and Parker will never change The impact Dr. Mancini has had on not only Parker, but on the entire chiropractic profession worldwide, is difficult to quantify. Regardless of whether you are a Parker alumnus or attended a Parker Seminar recently, Dr. Mancini’s name has become synonymous with advancing the chiropractic profession. As Dr. Mancini comes to the end of his career with Parker, he has many exciting opportunities ahead. Dr. Mancini is involved in conversations with Hay House, his current publisher, and several other organizations about further spreading the chiropractic health care message. His commitment to this profession is strong and he sees many opportunities in the future to continue bringing this message to those not yet exposed. “While one chapter in my life is coming to a close, another exciting chapter is just beginning. My love for both this profession and Parker will never change. I love everything about this institution. The history. The people. The impact. I am proud of the legacy I will leave behind and I look forward to serving both the institution and the profession in the future. Parker is an important part of my life and I feel blessed and honored to have served with such an amazing team of people. I look forward to the exciting future the institution has to offer.” Find Dr. Mancini on Facebook to follow him on his journey ahead.

October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu


One Big Parker Family As of January 1, 2013, all graduates will become automatic members of the Parker University Alumni Association.

No more annual dues. Just lots of great resources, events, programs, and benefits for all alumni. Here’s just a few examples of what the Parker University Alumni Association offers all graduates starting January 1, 2013: Professional Resources • Graduate Resource Center (NEW) - online access to forms, templates, business documents, or job descriptions and more from your peers. Coming January 2013! • Access to 500+ DVDs, 33,000 e-books, and more at the Parker library. • Complimentary ads on www.parkerclassifieds.com, Parker’s job board and equipment/clinic sales section.

Involvement with Prospective and Current Students • Join the Ambassador Program to help refer and interact with prospective students. • Host an After Hours Clinic Visit for our current students.

Networking with Fellow Alumni • Volunteer for the Alumni Association Board of Directors or a committee. • Attend networking events around the country and at state conventions. • Attend events on campus like Parker Homecoming and Philosophy Night. • Volunteer to be a reunion leader for your class.

Recognition • List your clinic on Parker’s Find Wellness search. • Read about fellow alumni in our Faces of Parker profiles online and in the e-newsletter. • Nominate a fellow graduate for an alumni association award. • Submit and read class notes for short personal and professional updates.

Benefits and Discounts • 10% discount on registration for Parker Seminars in North America. • Complimentary registration for Parker Seminars for three years after graduation. • 15% discount on CE courses. • 7% discount on items from Parker SHARE, with special double discount days throughout the year! • The JWP Scholarship - offered to a new student whose parents or grandparents attended Parker. The student receives a 50% discount on tuition. • The Parker Legacy Scholarship - a $2000 scholarship awarded to a student whose immediate family member is a Parker alumna/us. • Special discounts from our Corporate Circle members for products and services you use everyday.

See the full list of benefits at www.parker.edu/graduate-benefits

Show your

Chiro pride!

Community of

Learning Curve Climbers Many IT (Information Technology) professionals languish in their jobs cranking out the mountain of work that needs to be done but never have the time or the training dollars to keep on top of the ever shifting and steep learning curve for their field. People trying to change technology platforms or that have lost their jobs need a handhold to start climbing that new learning curve. Most training classes for these technologies are two to four thousand dollars per class and you need many such classes if you are new to the field. Mike and Judith Hotek donate many of their weekends to facilitating learning opportunities for the local tech community. They organize a monthly lecture series and feed the community with both food and connections to each other. They support and encourage the group in obtaining professional certifications and career skills. When they host the big weekend classes, they get everything from stalwart IT veterans, to unemployed and searching, to over achievers from non IT fields who just want to know what’s possible. They foster an environment to learn and share experiences, connect with a mentor, a friend, or a potential co-worker. Above all, they make sure participants learn, then they try to give them a way to give back because that is often the place from where the deepest learning springs. You can learn more about the Fort Worth SQL Server Users Group and the kind of learning curves Mike and Judith belay for here: http://fwssug.com.

Demonstrate your love of chiropractic wherever you go with our polos, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.

Shop our new website at www.parkershareproducts.com. 800.950.8044


Returning Veteran’s Find a Home at

Parker University By now, most people are aware of the impact returning

veterans will have on an already fragile economy. With unemployment rates on the rise, the influx of returning veterans is certain to create employment challenges for even more Americans.

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2011, the unemployment rate of young male veterans who had served since 9/11 was 29%. This is 10% higher than the national average for that same male age group. Although employers are doing a far better job of hiring veterans, with some corporations employing recruiters specifically charged with hiring veterans, the challenges continue. In a report issued by the Center for a New American Security, nearly 60% of employers surveyed referenced difficulties in understanding veterans’ resumes, and struggled to understand how their military experience would be applicable to the position in question.

The culture here at Parker is very supportive of our veterans and their service. It is a great place for veterans to learn side by side with other veterans With so many veterans facing these challenges, many are considering entrepreneurship and the prospect of owning their own business. These future entrepreneurs are looking for an opportunity to continue in a service-minded career, but often lack the skills and experience needed to be successful. To resolve this challenge, many veterans are returning to school to add these missing skills. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 8

October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

440,000 veterans or family members have used the new GI Bill since it was enacted in 2009 – and Parker University is no exception to this rule! “The veterans community here at Parker University is strong and very diverse,” said Chris Cantu, president of the Parker University Military Association. “More and more veterans are finding chiropractic is a nice fit with their career goals, and Parker University is the best institution for these veterans to receive their education.” “And the best part is that with Parker now participating in the new Yellow Ribbon program, veterans taking advantage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill can attend with very little out of pocket expense,” said Cantu.

More and more veterans are finding chiropractic is a nice fit with their career goals, and Parker University is the best institution for these veterans to receive their education Parker University is proud to honor our country’s military veterans by participating in The Post-9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program for the 2012-2013 academic year. The Post-9/11 GI Bill will normally fund tuition up to the level of the highest public instate undergraduate tuition rate. The Yellow Ribbon program funds tuition expenses at private schools that exceed that rate. Parker University will contribute up to 50% of those expenses, and VA will match this additional funding for eligible students in the Doctor of Chiropractic program. “Veterans qualifying for the Post-9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program can dramatically reduce the financial

costs associated with the Doctor of Chiropractic program from Parker University,” commented Reggie Brazzel, Financial Aid Director at Parker University. “These students are finding an incredible career in chiropractic and taking advantage of programs offered by the federal government and the generosity of Parker University. “

We owe our military veterans a tremendous debt of gratitude and this is one way Parker can show our thanks Parker offers this program as a way of saying thanks to those that have so proudly served out country. “We owe our military veterans a tremendous debt of gratitude and this is one way Parker can show our thanks,” said Dr. Gery Hochanadel, provost of Parker University.

In addition to Parker’s participation in the Yellow Ribbon program, the veteran population has a strong presence on campus as well. The Parker University Military Association hosts multiple events throughout the year, including an annual Veteran’s Day recognition event. Military club members are treated to lunch and a presentation from a guest speaker. Previous guest speakers have included Roger Staubach, former Navy quarterback, Vietnam veteran, and Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer, Chad Hennings, former Air Force pilot and Dallas Cowboys player, and retired Rear Admiral Pat Walsh, who also serves on the Parker University Board of Trustees. “The culture here at Parker is very supportive of our veterans and their service. It is a great place for veterans to learn side by side with other veterans,” said Cantu. For more information on Parker University, and specifically regarding the Post-9/11 GI Bill Yellow Ribbon program, please contact the Parker University admissions department by calling 800.438.6932 or by e-mailing askadmissions@parker.edu.

President of the Parker University Military Association with former Air Force pilot and Dallas Cowboys player, Chad Hennings.

October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu


d r a w r o F t i g n i Pay p i h s r a l o h c S a h t i w

10 October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

Each of us can remember our days in college. Of course

there are the fun times, the hanging out with friends, finding out that you aced an exam, or the first patient of your very own in the university clinic. Along with all the good memories, most of us can also remember the stresses of being a student: never knowing if you had studied enough, trying to balance your school time with your family time, and possibly the most stressful of all, trying to balance your expenses: tuition, rent, groceries, and more. We can probably all remember worrying about paying our bills and making sacrifices to attend and stay in school.

I care so much about the future of the profession, and I know that this scholarship helps the profession grow one student at a time. Many of our Parker alumni and friends also remember those experiences and have decided to give back to our current and future students to help make their experience a little less stressful. “The scholarship I started for female students at Parker is very important to me,” says Dr. Rose Lepien, 1991 graduate of Parker University and former chairwoman of the Parker University Board of Trustees. “I care so much about the future of the profession, and I know that this scholarship helps the profession grow one student at a time.” “For me, it’s about helping students who are the future leaders of our profession,“ comments Dr. Phil Cook, who is a current member of the Parker University Board of Trustees. Dr. Cook’s scholarship specifically benefits students who are highly involved with the Texas Chiropractic Association. His scholarship fund also benefits students who are the child of current or former police, fire, or military personnel.

Receiving a scholarship can have a huge impact on a student. At a scholarship dinner honoring donors and recipients of named scholarships, current student Kyle Nix shared his feelings with the group when he shared a personal story about the financial burden on his family during his time as a student. “I owe a lot to my wife and my two daughters, who are four and seven, for the support they have given me during my career here at Parker. That is why I am so thankful for the scholarship that I received. It has allowed me to help take care of my wife who has been my rock and support during this stressful time.” Currently, alumni, friends, and corporate partners have established 18 named scholarships at Parker University. In the 2011-2012 academic year, 22 different students received financial aid from these scholarships. Establishing your own named scholarship is simple. Simply commit to making a gift of $3000 a year or more to Parker for the next three years. As the donor, we will work with you to establish criteria for the award that match your interests, such as a minimum GPA or leadership within student organizations. Scholarship awards of $1000 (or more, depending on your total scholarship commitment) will be distributed each trimester. Each semester, you will receive information about your recipient(s) and will have the chance to meet your recipient(s) at the annual scholarship dinner during Homecoming. To learn more about establishing your own scholarship with Parker visit www.parker.edu/namedscholarships or contact Amanda Rainey, vice president of institutional advancement at 214.902.3423 or arainey@parker.edu. Want to support scholarships but can’t establish your own? You can always donate funds to any of our existing scholarship funds. All of our existing scholarship funds are listed at www.parker.edu/existingscholarships. You can make your gift online via credit card at www.parker.edu/giving. October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu 11

12 October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

Building Your

Competitive edge with an MBA in Health Care Management

Matt Eiserloh

In today’s hypercompetitive environment, any advantage

you can gain over the competition is critical to your success. Helping your business stand out and remain profitable is important, and can mean the difference in many ways. Identifying and leveraging this advantage is the key to success, and many professions that have not focused on gaining an advantage are finding they must do so now to compete. Churches, municipalities, and health care practitioners are just a few examples of professions that are taking note of how they stack up against other businesses offering similar services.

Churches, municipalities, and health care practitioners are just a few examples of professions that are taking note of how they stack up against other businesses offering similar services And the challenges facing business owners today does not end with marketing. Financial planning, cash flow management, accounting, hiring practices, legal considerations, and many more business aspects must be examined by today’s business owner. However, most business owners did not receive the appropriate training to deal with these challenges and this can mean disastrous consequences if one of these issues becomes a problem. To address this need, institutions have recently introduced an MBA with a concentration in health care. This degree is ideal for practitioners, middle managers within health care organizations and insurance companies, researchers, and other professions interested in improving their business decision-making abilities and moving up within an organization. This MBA focuses on the issues facing health care businesses today, including coursework

in classes such as Health Policy, Marketing Strategy, Business Analysis, Health Care Finance, and Strategic Implementation and Development. “Whether you are an independent practitioner or a mid level manager in a large health care organization, the skills that one learns with a Health Care MBA are critical to the success of their business,” said Dr. Alias Konafine, interim Program Director for Parker University’s MBA program. “Today’s health care environment is extremely competitive and MBA programs like the one offered by Parker University can provide students with a distinct advantage.”

Today’s health care environment is extremely competitive and MBA programs like the one offered by Parker University can provide students with a distinct advantage Parker University offers an MBA in Health Care management in a fully online environment, an approach that working students find very useful given their schedules. Parker’s 42-hour program is built specifically for part-time students, with online courses that allow for flexibility and one month courses that allow students to focus on subject matter one month at a time. “The majority of students we see enrolling in these programs are part-time students juggling careers and family lives at the same time,” said Dr. Konafine. “Online courses and single course curriculum with only one course taken per month allow students the flexibility in their already hectic lives, and prevent course overload common to more traditional programs.” Parker University is enrolling students for their MBA with a concentration in health care now. To learn more, contact the Parker Admissions department by calling 800.438.6932 or visiting www.parker.edu/success. October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu 13

The Parker University Chiropractic Wellness Clinics in Dallas and Irving are dedicated to helping families and athletes in our community feel, function, and live better. Interns and doctors within the clinics are spreading the word through year-round community outreach events. The message? Teaching community members of all ages that chiropractic care can have a significant impact on limiting pain and improving overall function in the body. In an effort to reach the families and athletes in our surrounding area, our clinics provide a variety of complimentary services at several events throughout the year. Some of these services include free spinal screenings, taping and stretching services, and educational health talks that help members of the community learn more about how chiropractic care can make a difference in their lives. It is the goal of the Parker University Chiropractic Wellness Clinics to educate the community about the benefits of chiropractic, while providing top-notch patient care that helps patients live a higher quality of life. Parker University Chiropractic Wellness Clinics are proud to be a part of four major events – the State Fair of Texas, Susan G. Komen 3-Day, Dallas Marathon, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. At the State Fair of Texas, Parker University Chiropractic Wellness Clinics provide complimentary spinal screenings. Interns and doctors screen thousands of people of all ages and educate them on the importance of chiropractic care. This year’s State Fair of Texas was a success! The clinics brought over 286 patients to better health from the spinal screenings. Watch for Parker next year at the State Fair, September 27 – October 20, 2013. 14 October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

For the past eight years, our clinics have also participated on the medical team as the official chiropractors for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Race for a Cure. Interns and doctors work hand-in-hand with the medical staff to provide walkers chiropractic care, as well as taping, stretching, and first aid assistance when needed. Our staff meets with walkers at various points of their 60-mile walk to help provide comfort and support, and to relieve the aches and pains they endure during the three day walk. The Parker University Chiropractic Wellness Clinics are also proud to be a part of the Dallas Marathon. This year, our interns and doctors offered Dallas Marathon runners a complimentary running performance analysis during the Race Expo. Using Opto Gait analysis equipment, we can measure athletes’ stride angle, flight and contact time, propulsion, dynamic balance control, and lumbo-pelvic-hip stability– giving doctors measurable data that can help them create a customized treatment plan to enhance an athlete’s performance. The Parker clinics will also be performing the same complimentary running performance analysis test this spring at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Expo, March 23-24, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. Interested in learning more about our innovative facilities? Visit our website or stop in for a tour! www.parker.edu/clinics

PARKER Homecoming 2013 Save the Date! October 25-27 Join your friends, classmates, and former instructors for special events and exciting educational opportunities!

Parker University Vice President of Academics Appointed to Council on Chiropractic Education The Council on Chiropractic Education, the accrediting agency for US chiropractic institutions, recently elected Parker University’s Vice President of Academics, Dr. Kenneth Thomas to its council. The council functions as the policy and decisionmaking body of the CCE. It consists of members who are practicing chiropractors, program and institutional representatives, and a public member. The CCE strives to insure the quality of chiropractic education through accreditation, educational improvement, and public information.

October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu 15

Dr. Parker’s vision and vigor are the driving force behind all that Parker University has achieved and all we aspire to achieve in the future. To continue to grow, we need your support. Every gift helps position Parker for continued excellence in scholarship support, technology upgrades to our clinics and classrooms, research in the chiropractic profession, and professional development for our faculty.

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The cost of a chiropractic education is a significant investment. Though the rewards of the profession are great, the initial investment can be challenging for many students. At Parker University, we are committed to ensuring that students who want to pursue their education have the opportunity to pursue financial aid and scholarships. Parker is fortunate to have generous supporters who have established a number of named scholarships. You can make a gift to any of these funds to increase the amount of scholarship aid available to students.

Existing scholarships: Byroad Chiropractic Scholarship

Leander J. Eckard Endowed Scholarship

OTZ Health Systems Scholarship

Dr. Mark Charette Scholarship

Erchonia Scholarship

Multi Radiance Medical Scholarship

ChiroOne Wellness Scholarship

Foot Levelers Endowed Scholarship

CLEAR Scoliosis Institute Scholarship

Dr. Bernard Kunc Scholarship

Parker Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Phil Cook Scholarship

Dr. Gilles Lamarche Scholarship

Protocol for Life Balance Scholarship

DeShazo Chiropractic Scholarship

Dr. Rose Lepien Scholarship

Thumper Massager Scholarship

Drucker Labs Scholarship

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini Scholarship

You can also establish your own named scholarship! To learn more about supporting an existing scholarship or establishing your own, visit www.parker.edu/namedscholarships or contact Amanda Rainey, vice president of advancement, at arainey@parker.edu or 214.902.3123.

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Parker University Continuing Education Several of our CE programs receive global attention! These programs are unique to Parker and can help you reach higher!

Animal Chiropractic Program Begins March 2013

Decompression Certificate Program On-Going

Scoliosis Correction Series Begins in Spring 2013

We also offer the following popular programs: Acupuncture Certificate Program (100 Hours) Begins in Spring 2013

Summer Relicensure June 21-22, 2013

Chiropractic Sports Specialist Program (CCSP速) On-Going

ICPA Pediatrics On-Going

Functional Taping On-Going

Relicensure Specific Courses Includes: Ethics, Risk Management and Documentation

Online Courses Obtain hours from the comfort of your home or office

SAVE THE DATE! Homecoming 2013 October 25-27

Learn more about these programs by visiting our website: www.parker.edu/ce or call 800-266-4723.

Parker Seminars

2013 Schedule Montreal April 18-20

Hilton Montreal Bonaventure



Your PracticE.

June 6-8

Grand Hyatt Denver

Sydney, Australia June 21-23

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

New York October 17-19

Become a GTO Pledge by committing to three (3) consecutive North American Parker Seminars.

Enjoy a $635 savings! For more information, visit our website at www.parkerseminars.com or call 888.727.5338

Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel and Conference

Las Vegas

January 9-11, 2014 Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

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Parker Life: January 2013  

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Parker Life: January 2013  

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