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October 2012

Leveraging Technology for Practice Success

Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology

PLUS: Parker’s New Degree Program – Health information management

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Join us to celebrate 30 years of Parker at th


ary s r e v A n ni


This year we invite you to join us in celebrating the many things that have contributed to making Parker the stellar institution it is today. This event focuses on the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic that have been the foundation of the school since it opened in 1982. Events planned for this year’s celebration include: • A continuing education program – that will support the science, philosophy, and art of your practice – up to 20 hours of CE will be available, including all the Texas mandatory hours. • NEW THIS YEAR: Philosophy Fest – A full day of invigorating speakers to stimulate your core foundation. Followed by an evening party. • Alumni Events – Network, catch up, and reminisce with classmates and faculty at the events below: - Alumni Association Awards Luncheon – recognizing the 2012 recipients of the Parker Alumni Association Annual Awards - Oktoberfest celebration – a casual evening gathering graduates and friends in our courtyard with food, drinks, and some of Parker’s finest student bands. - 5th, 20th, and 25th Class Reunions planned for Saturday evening - Donor and scholarship dinner • Shopping – Vendors and the Parker University Bookstore will be running Homecoming specials during the event. • Student club fundraisers – Car washes, chair massages, bake sales, t-shirt sales, and more!

REGISTER TODAY! 800.266.4723 | www.parker.edu/homecoming


Upcoming Events Local parties with Parker University – coming to a neighborhood near you! October 25 – 27, 2013 Homecoming October 25, 2013 Annual Alumni Awards Luncheon and Oktoberfest October 26 Class of 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, and 2008 Reunion Activities Regional events across the United States! RSVP and learn more at www.parker.edu/alumni

s e CLASS Not ! ates have been up to m lass r c u o Check out what y /class-notes Visit www.parker.edu

Welcome to the alumni association! Recognizing our newest lifetime members

We would like to recognize our newest lifetime members to the Next Power, who continue to support the Alumni Association Endowment Scholarship Fund: • David Hardison, DC ‘88 LT #584

237. Dr. James D. Powell ‘93 238. Dr. Damon H. Coffman ‘01

• Steven Brooks, DC ‘99 LT #1223 • Russ Rosen, DC LT #1303 • Jason Lamarche, DC ‘09 LT #1182 • Nathan Unruh, DC ‘99 LT #1932

100% of a lifetime member’s fee goes to the Alumni Association Endowment Fund. Membership is available to any person who believes in supporting this fund. Future editions of ParkerLife will continue to recognize new members.

Starlight Soiree Friday, January 11 at 7:30pm Voodoo Lounge @ the Rio, Las Vegas $75 per person until December 31st (Prices increase thereafter) RSVP to 214.902.3415 or www.parker.edu/vegas-registration Dress to impress for the premier event of Parker Seminars!

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Technology for the Next Level of Success

Through its five-year strategic plan, Vision 2017:

Redefining Health Education for the 21st Century, Parker University is preparing for academic expansion and advancement of the chiropractic profession. As part of this process, developing and furthering relationships with other industry leaders is crucial to realizing the vision. To further this initiative, in July of 2012, Parker University entered into a three-year Gift Agreement with Multi Radiance Medical, Inc. (MRM) – an international company with a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. For the past 20 years, MRM has been focused on the development and manufacturing of FDA-cleared therapeutic super pulsed laser devices for the treatment of patients suffering from ailments like bursitis, back pain, muscle strain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and other conditions.

Laser can be a useful adjunct with chiropractic As explained by Dr. Brent Ungar, vice chairman of medical and business development for MRM, Parker was selected as gift recipient for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it is the forward-thinking leadership of Parker University and its commitment


October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

to the progress of chiropractic that marked Parker University for the sizeable and significant gift. Dr. Ungar states, “As a company we see Parker University as one of the leading chiropractic organizations that is expanding in the U.S. and internationally; and we are in agreement with Parker’s leadership.” Explaining further regarding a visit to the Parker campus, he affirms, “I returned from the campus and told MRM, ‘We have to support [Parker].”

Research indicates that a combination of laser and chiropractic together provide more significant results than either treatment alone Concerning the academic environment, Dr. Ungar notes “Dr. Kenneth C. Thomas (Parker University dean of academics), was teaching laser in 2007. This showed us the forward-thinking and understanding of how laser can be a useful adjunct with chiropractic…. Adding to [Parker’s] offering [MRM’s] SuperPulsed technology to the faculty and students will enhance the future of chiropractic and with stabilizing and assisting the correction of subluxations.”

Adding Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to the curriculum and training of Parker students and alumni presents many advantages to patients and the profession alike. For the patients, Dr. Ungar explains “Research indicates that a combination of laser and chiropractic together provide more significant results than either treatment alone*. Laser can also be used when other chiropractic treatments cannot be used due to fractures or wounds and for decreasing sprains and strains.” In addition, Dr. Ungar advises that cold laser – which uses different configurations of light to stimulate cells to regenerate and heal – is “an excellent tool [for DCs] to help eliminate pain in their patients.”

DCs can increase the number and types of conditions treated and LLLT can help differentiate them from other DCs in their communities Also, “It is important for the DC to be on the cuttingedge of technology when treating patients. DCs can increase the number and types of conditions treated; and LLLT can help differentiate them from other DCs in their communities,” says Dr. Ungar. Included in the sizeable and significant Gift Agreement is in-depth laser training from experts in the field, equipment, and scholarship support.

Besides the specific Gift Agreement benefits, Dr. Ungar and the Multi Radiance Medical, Inc. team support the chiropractic profession worldwide. Their equipment is utilized by 80% of chiropractic schools across the globe and MRM is one of the top supporters for the Foundation for Chiropractic. With this understanding and their gift to Parker University, students can feel more confident about their future profession. 

The Gift Agreement Includes: • 11 – MR4 lasers to be used in Parker University academic and clinic environments (5-academic curriculum, 3-Parker University Wellness Clinic– Dallas, 2-Parker University Wellness Clinic – Irving, 1-Parker University Veterinary Clinic) • Training on MR4 lasers through teaching modules/sample methods for integrating MR4 laser technology developed for Parker University curriculum; twice-per-year training for academic clinic and research faculty; in-service training session at Parker University Clinics; Mid-Day Take Aways, and Homecoming events • Other monetary donations ($12,250.00) include provision of lunch for Parker University Mid-Day Take Aways and scholarship support. *www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21492750 For more information on how you can help support Parker University, visit www.parker.edu/support.

October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu


Theminisite A Simple Solution for Your Web Marketing Needs Matt Eiserloh

Twenty years ago, only a handful of people were even aware of the power of website marketing. Websites were developed for only the largest brands, such as Chevrolet and Nike, and most marketers were simply watching from the sidelines as the Fortune 500 companies battled for space in this new frontier. But as is the case with most technologies, marketers quickly learned how to make the World Wide Web available to everyone, regardless of the size of their marketing budgets. Development tools and other “do-it-yourself” applications were built and suddenly every business could claim a spot on the web. Those that chose not to expand into this arena were quickly written off as behind the times and missing out on a huge opportunity.

A mini site is defined as a site containing one, or sometimes as many as three, pages within the entire site Establishing a presence on the web is not only informative for both new and existing patients, but also establishes credibility for your business. The current expectation is that all businesses should be represented on the web, and if your particular business is not, then the products or services you are offering may not be considered valid. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 83% of consumers say they research products and/ or services before buying offline. For practitioners, those prospective patients may never become patients without a presence on the web.

Managing an Effective Online Presence is Difficult for the Practitioner Many underestimate the time, effort, and expense required to manage a successful website. Constantly evolving technology, changes with


October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

web hosting services, and the need to populate the site with new and relevant content is just the beginning of the challenges. Many practitioners elect to farm out web building and maintenance to professionals. However, those same practitioners quickly learn that this can be an expensive proposition. Other practitioners decide to manage the site “in house”, only to learn that this can take hours of time to manage, minimizing the time available to focus on treating patients or building the practice.

Mini Sites Offer a Unique Solution Mini sites can be the solution to many of the challenges presented here. A mini site is defined as a site containing one, or sometimes as many as three, pages within the entire site. The mini site concentrates on a specific product, service, or promotion and typically contains copy and graphics only related to one topic. Mini sites are often part of the main site, but may not show up in the navigation of the main site. For example, if your main site is found at www.bestchiro.com, then the mini site used to promote your presence at the Main Street Health Expo might be found at www.bestchiro.com/ mainstreetexpo. Any literature, signage or other marketing collateral used at the Main Street Health Expo would include a link to the mini site referenced above and not the main site. This allows you to funnel visitors into the part of your website that speaks directly to that audience as opposed to visitors being thrown in with all the other visitors coming to your main page. Traditionally, mini site visitors can click through to the main site to learn more about your practice, but visitors to the main site cannot find the mini site through the general navigation. This ensures your tally of visitors to the mini site truly visited as a result of your efforts.

Speaking of tallying, add Google analytics or another analytics package and you can actually track the number of visitors coming to that mini site. Because the mini site link was only shared with those attending the Main Street Health Expo, you know that each of those visitors came as a result of your presence at the expo. This adds a new layer of metrics to your marketing efforts, with the ability to actually track your impact.

Mini sites provide the practitioner with the ability to segment their audiences based on a number of factors Practitioners can quickly determine the power of a mini site by adding this level of analytics. With a mini site, a url unique to that event, and an analytics package in place, the ROI calculations become far easier to determine. The following example from the Main Street Health Expo illustrates the power of these analytics. Main Street Health Expo cost (Registration, brochures, labor to work booth, etc.)........... $1000 Total visitors to mini site (Tracked through analytics package).............................................. 842 Of those visitors to mini site, total new patients (ask at first appointment)............. 45 Total revenue generated by those new patients (6 months)............................$21,600 Return on Investment .................................4.6% Most practitioners would gladly invest $1000 to generate $21,600 in revenue. While this calculation is easily determined without the mini site and analytics in place, there are other analytics that quickly become apparent. For example, maybe you are interested in how well your employees are engaging prospective patients from the booth at the expo. In the case above, they drove 842 visitors to the mini site. If there were 50,000 people in attendance, 842 (1.6%) might not be considered a success. However, if there were only 2,000 visitors in attendance and you drove 842 (42%), most would consider this a success. This is a direct measure of their impact. Maybe you are interested in determining how well your mini site is engaging prospective patients when they land on the page. In the example above, 842 visited the site, but only 45 (5.3%) converted into new patients. Maybe the copy can be changed or incentives can be added to the next mini site so your conversion rate is closer to 10% or even 15%?

Mini Sites Can Be Used in a Number of Ways Mini sites provide the practitioner with the ability to segment their audiences based on a number of factors. They allow business owners to cater a message and direct it to a specific group, based on a number of factors incluing: Common traits or attributes: Let’s assume that a chiropractor is interested in treating more women during pregnancy, but their main website is already directed toward general family chiropractic care. Altering the main website would be timeconsuming and expensive. However, a mini site could speak directly to this population, pregnant women in this case, without disrupting the main site and content found there. Any literature directed to pregnant women would contain the mini site link, so you control the message and ensure your best chances for success. Promotion or event: Chiropractors often participate in local health fairs or expos and like to offer special deals and incentives to those in attendance. However, posting those deals and offers to the main website exposes everyone to same deal or incentive. Mini sites could speak directly to the audience and create a feeling that this is an offer done specifically for them. Common services: Take the same chiropractic family practice example provided above. Perhaps the practitioner has negotiated a deal with a local sports team. The chiropractor is interested in directing these prospective new patients to a website that focuses on treating athletes without disrupting the family care message found on the practitioner’s main site. A mini site with pages directed toward athletes can be the best solution. Mini sites can be a great solution for those practitioners interested in keeping their website nimble and flexible. Before you completely tear down your main site prior to the next event, consider developing a mini site for the effort. It will take less time and money and will ensure your message is directed to the audience. Add an analytics package and you might even learn a little more about your marketing efforts and how you might improve them. ď Ž Matt Eiserloh is the chief marketing officer at Parker University and Parker Seminars and has over 15 years experience in marketing and advertising products and services. For comments or questions, Matt can be reached at meiserloh@parker.edu.

October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu


Teenagers At Risk for


October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

TEXT NECK First was the threat of “Blackberry Thumb.” Then

– the risk of cancerous tumors from cell phone exposure. And now, adolescent smartphone users face the latest mobile health threat: “text neck.” Otherwise known as “forward head posture,” text neck has caused many mobile users to report neck strain, headaches and pain in the shoulders, arms, and hands. If the neck is stretched forward for a long enough period of time – as is the case for teenagers who hunch over their phones sending thousands of texts a month – natural curvature of the neck could potentially reverse, causing severe pain, discomfort, and the need for chiropractic care, said Dr. Nicole Lederman, associate professor at Parker University. Since the average head weighs around 10 to 12 pounds, the longer you strain your neck, the harder it has to work to hold that weight, resulting in extra pressure on the disc and ligaments.

What many parents don’t realize is that their children are hunched over their phones for a large part of the day, and that takes a very real physical toll on the child’s growing body. And since Americans don’t seem to want to stop texting anytime soon, that risk can only go up. U.S. texters sent out 196.9 billion texts per month in 2011, up from 12.5 billion in 2006 – a 1,475 percent increase. (The Wireless Association) A 2010 Nielson study found that teen females text more than any other group, sending and receiving more than 4,000 texts per month. Dr. Lederman says many of the cases they see are adolescent patients with neck discomfort. Lederman performs chiropractic adjustments on her pediatric patients, and says the neck is one of the most easily injured parts of a child’s upper body.

“What many parents don’t realize is that their children are hunched over their phones for a large part of the day, and that takes a very real physical toll on the child’s growing body,” Lederman said. “As I’ve told many of my patients and their parents, the best way to avoid the discomfort associated with ‘text neck’ is to limit the time spent looking down at their phone.”  The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) lists the following tips to avoid ‘text neck’: Sit up straight with your chest out and your shoulders back. Instead of looking down, bring your mobile device up to eye level. Rather than dropping your head forward when looking down, tuck your chin into your chest. If you use your phone for long periods of time, purchase an external keyboard. Resist the urge to use your mobile device while in bright sunlight. Straining to see the screen shifts the pressure from the spine to the muscles that hold up the head. For frequent texters, perform some simple hand stretches using a stress ball. October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu


BEYOND Kelly Pfiffner

Although the social world often seems to revolve

around Facebook and its nearly one billion users, there are over 200 other social networking services in the world. Furthermore, “regular” websites are adopting more and more social features, so there’s hardly a corner of the web now where it isn’t possible to share, tag, comment, and like content. But which social service is which? What makes each one different from the others? And which ones might you want to incorporate into your social media toolkit?

Twitter – Perhaps the second best known social network, Twitter is frequently referred to as a “microblogging” service. It consists only of status updates with none of the rich personal detail that Facebook requires and is especially good for realtime news and event commentary. Followers here tend to appreciate real-time updates, commentary on breaking news, and witty and topical observations.

YouTube – The most famous video sharing service by far, YouTube is more than just a place to watch funny videos of adorable cats. Experts, speakers, and professionals of all stripes have built channels on the site to establish themselves in their field. By sharing some of their knowledge for free and by building a following, they can attract new customers. 10 October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

LinkedIn – Known as the professional networking site, LinkedIn is frequently touted as “your rolodex on steroids”. This is a great place to keep your work-related connections, find new ones, and reach out to potential employers and employees. The site’s groups provide great ways to keep up-to-date on the latest industry trends and discussions and answering questions allow individuals to demonstrate their expertise. Pinterest – This relatively new “social bookmarking site” has been praised for its clean, image-focused layout and is particularly popular with women. It works by allowing users to bookmark (or “pin”) webpages onto boards representing different categories. Users follow other users and can repin other users’ pins to their account. Companies have just started venturing into this service and retailers have found it to be a particularly useful way of showcasing products. Foursquare – The most famous of many location-based social services, Foursquare allows users to check-in to places they visit using their smartphones. In doing so, users can compete for accomplishments, like the in-app designation of “mayor” for having the most check-ins at a particular

FACEBOOK place. Companies have taken advantage of these features by offering small discounts for check-ins, larger discounts for mayors, and even some bargains that are only activated after a certain number visits from a customer (like a virtual punch card).

Instagram – This photosharing service quickly rose to dominance, despite the fact that it was only available on iOS devices until April of this year when it released the Android version of its app. It makes sharing photos easy, fast, and attractive (offering many versions of its famous filters with which to touch-up pictures). Even social giant Facebook took notice: it purchased Instagram for $1 billion this year. Myspace – One of the first social networking sites, Myspace has undergone many changes since its heyday in the mid-2000s. After filing for bankruptcy and entirely reinventing itself, Myspace now serves as a powerful community for entertainment, especially for music artists and fans. Tumblr – Founded in 2007, Tumblr touts itself as the site that “lets you effortlessly share anything.” It has become especially popular with high school and college students who have become frustrated by Facebook’s privacy issues and the awkward social

situations that often arise on the network. In contrast, Tumblr makes it possible to share all kinds of content – text, video, photos, links – relatively anonymously.

Google+ – Faced with increasing pay-per-click ad competition from Facebook, Google launched its own social service last year. In spite of many exciting features like video chat, the service has not taken off as much as the company hoped. However, there is good news for business owners: Google Place pages have been updated with richer Google+ features, including larger photos and reviews. If you haven’t looked at your practice’s Google listing for a while, it might be time to check it out and make some updates!  Kelly Pfiffner is the e-marketing manager and social media strategist at Parker University and Parker Seminars. She developed Parker’s social media presence and supports the organization’s other online marketing initiatives. Kelly can be reached at kpfiffner@parker.edu and on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and many other social networks. Connect with Parker’s social accounts to stay in-the-know! Search “Parker University”, “Parker Seminars”, and “Parker Clinics” on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu 11

Earn CE credit online* with

Parker University! Parker University offers a series of online courses designed to conserve your time, expand your knowledge, and help you gain CE credit, all from the convenience of your home or office. Current course line-up includes: The Comprehensive Guide to Treating the Female Patient – Dr. Dyba Syed-Kalyani Explore chiropractic treatment of the female patient through various stages, including the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and postpartum. Dr. Syed-kalyani’s instructions will allow you to immediately be able to incorporate evaluation and treatment techniques into your daily practice. Nutritional Considerations for Patients with Osteoporosis – Dr. Jim Guest Channel Dr. Jim Guest’s expertise through such areas as what osteoporosis is; the role of protein and hormones; exercise and bone health; and, the effect of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, steroids, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. He concludes with recommendations for management of osteoporotic patients including diet, lifestyle, and supplement considerations. SI Joint Pain – Diagnosis and Management – Dr. Dyba Syed-Kalyani In this class, you review pertinent anatomy, the biomechanics of the sacroiliac joint, palpation of bony structures, diagnostic testing, and muscular imbalance. This course is designed to help you evaluate and treat patients of all ages. Boundaries with Patients: Confidentiality and Sexual Misconduct – Jesse Green, JD This is a necessary topic in today’s professional world. Mr. Green uses his legal expertise to point you in the right direction on matters ranging from HIPAA standards and confidentiality, to problem areas such as sexual misconduct, boundaries, and penalties for violations. Safety measures, preventative measures, and foresight assist you in making the correct decisions for your patients and your office.

And, we have something for the CAs in your office, too! The Role of the CA – Pat Atanas This eight-week 15-hour online training program is designed to allow CAs to analyze their current working procedures and evaluate methods to enhance them. Use the Internet to train your staff thoroughly, effectively, and inexpensively in areas such as telephone techniques, new patient procedures, and collections, just to name a few. *Not all states accept online programs – please be aware of your state rules and regulations. To register for these or other continuing education classes offered by Parker University, visit www.parker.edu/ce or call 800.266.4723 12 October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

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Mark your calendars and bring a guest! Parker Seminars is once again hosting the largest event in the chiropractic profession in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, January 10-12! This year we will be hosting you in an all-new venue – The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. This spectacular hotel is minutes from the airport and every room is a suite boasting breathtaking views of Las Vegas! The Rio also features the VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub, an indoor/outdoor, double-decker nightclub that will serve as the location of this year’s Starlight Soiree. Mark your calendars now because this is an event you won’t want to miss! Why wait? Register now! Seminar Highlights Include: • New speakers including Dr. Nido Qubein, Lou Cassara, and Dr. Marcus Manns • Cutting-edge topics such as the Globalization of Chiropractic, Financial Planning, ADHD, Cash Practice, and the Ultimate Business Crash Course • Parker University Starlight Soirée – the premier social event of the weekend! • Celebrity fitness instructors to get your mind and body in top shape • Up to 17 hours of continuing education (pending your state board’s approval) • The largest chiropractic expo in the world filled with products and services to enhance your patient outcomes and your practice success Parker Seminars is committed to providing you with the number one source of education, networking, and support so that you may return to your communities prepared to serve your patients at a higher level and to elevate chiropractic into the number one choice for health care worldwide. You are guaranteed to receive all of this and more at Parker Seminars Las Vegas 2013 – We hope to see you there!

Show your love of chiropractic wherever you go with our new polos, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. Shop our new website at www.parkershareproducts.com. 800.950.8044

To register, vist www.parkerseminars.com/lasvegas or by call 888.727.5338.

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Parker’s New Degree Program Combines

Health Care

& Technology

As part of a five-year strategic plan, Parker University

is poised to introduce three new degree programs in January 2013. These new degree programs were carefully selected based on a number of criteria, with the most critical being how well they compliment chiropractic. To be prepared for the reality of a hyper-competitive health care market, graduates are demanding additional training and skills and Parker has stepped up to provide these learning opportunities to future chiropractors and practitioners.

ensure effective communications between providers and the patients they serve and ultimately help the provider leverage technology to both maintain and grow their practices or institutions.

And the demand for these graduates is substantial. In Texas alone, experts suggest an additional 10,000 HIM employees will be needed by 2013. Additionally, 57% of practitioners and health care institutions said they were looking to add HIM skill sets to their teams and 76% of these respondents said they were experiencing difficulty finding qualified Health care employers are looking for employees that not only candidates.

understand the technology, but the business approach and unique characteristics common to a health care provider One of three new degree programs, the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Health Information Management (commonly referred to as “HIM”) is one of the most highly requested degree programs in recent memory. This degree program prepares graduates for the technology and data management challenges facing today’s practitioner and health care institution. Nam D. Vo, senior director of global healthcare strategy for Oracle says “Today’s health care providers are facing two primary challenges when it comes to technology – data integration and data aggregation. There is a high demand for skilled employees to help solve these problems for local practitioners and large health care providers alike.” HIM is ideal for those interested in a career in health care, but not necessarily the day-to-day interaction with patients. These “behind the scenes” experts

“Health care employers are looking for employees that not only understand the technology, but the business approach and unique characteristics common to a health care provider.” said Vo. “Health care is constantly changing and employers need candidates that understand how health care works.” Vo said that many health care providers are so desperate for skilled employees, that it is common practice for employers to look outside health care for talent, even hiring technology experts from retail and manufacturing. While these candidates certainly understand the technology, employers often have to spend time training these new employees on the business protocols associated with health care. Employers are looking for new graduates that already have experience in both the technology and the health care profession.

To prepare students, the curriculum will emphasize processing, maintaining, compiling, and reporting health information data for patient care, reimbursement, facility planning, marketing, risk management, quality assessment and research. The curriculum combines the knowledge of leading edge technologies and methodologies with an understanding of the everchanging, dynamic business environment. Students experience a balance of coursework and lab work, introducing students to computer hardware, software, system design, and communications, while helping students determine the current and future computer information needs of an organization. Finally, the degree program teaches students how to analyze how IT

initiatives will impact a company’s short and long-term business goals and how to effectively communicate plans and research to management. Upon completion of the degree, students will be poised to sit for the Registered Health Information Administrator exam to earn the professional credentials RHIA.  Parker University plans to offer this program through an online environment. For more information regarding the Bachelor of Science with a major in Health Information Management, please call the Parker admissions office at 800.438.6932, e-mail askadmissions@parker.edu or visit www.parker.edu/new-programs.

Parker University – Proud Home of Those Who Have Served Our Country Parker University is proud of the nearly 100 veteran students, faculty, and staff that have made the choice to serve our country. In honor of their dedication and service, Parker University was recently accepted into the Yellow Ribbon program – a program dedicated to providing financial help to veteran students interested in higher education. The Yellow Ribbon program offers numerous benefits to qualifying students including tuition assistance above the tuition cap set by the GI Bill. If you or someone you know has served our country and is interested in pursuing a chiropractic degree, contact the Parker admissions department today to learn how these benefits, in addition to the standard GI Bill benefits, can cover up to 100% of tuition and fees. To learn more, contact the Parker admissions staff by calling 800.438.6932 or visiting www.parker.edu/yellowribbon today! To make a gift to support Yellow Ribbon Scholarships visit www.parker.edu/giving.

Parker in the

news P

Parker University continuously works to grow interest and awareness of chiropractic, massage, and Parker University through various media outlets. Check out some of Parker’s 2011-2012 media success below

• Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker University, appeared on Dallas/Fort Worth ABC affiliate, WFAA – Channel 8, during the White Rock Marathon held in Dallas with an estimated 25,000 race participants and 75,000 cheering fans. He spoke about the value of sports chiropractic, specifically the benefits and importance of chiropractic care for runners. • Dr. Nicole Lederman, professor at Parker University, was featured on EmpowHER.com in an article about pregnant women benefitting from chiropractic. She informed their readers of chiropractic aiding in nausea control, reduced labor and delivery time, reduced back, joint, and neck pain, and more. • Chiropractic was featured on the popular daytime talk show—Dr. Phil when Dr. Mancini appeared in a segment of the show that airs on more than 200 television stations across the U.S. and in more than 40 countries worldwide. Dr. Phil received chiropractic care from Dr. Mancini for years while he lived in the Dallas area. Dr. Phil said he continues to receive regular chiropractic care from Parker graduate, Dr. Patrick DeFazio in Los Angeles, CA. • Dr. Mancini also appeared on the Emmy Award-winning show, The Doctors in a segment focused on chiropractic and a patient’s chronic lower back pain. During the segment, a video was shown of Dr. Mancini performing a chiropractic exam on the patient where he used the latest technology to evaluate exactly where the pain was coming from. After walking through the report of findings with the patient, the video also showed Dr. Mancini performing an adjustment on the patient. • Parker University was awarded as one of Dallas Business Journal’s 2012 Healthiest Employers in North Texas and was featured in an article about the honor in the Dallas Business Journal. The Healthiest Employers program recognizes organizations that are committed to creating a healthy workplace. • Parker University School of Massage Therapy was featured on local CBS11 News where Dr. Drew Riffe, director of Parker University School of Massage Therapy, provided his expert commentary about a client with cerebral palsy who received great results from massage therapy treatments provided by Parker students Bridgette Tryoski and Monica Castle-Steptoe. • Dr. Juan Sanchez, director of external relations of Parker University, was featured in an article in Al Dia, a local Spanish, sister newspaper of the Dallas Morning News, about Parker’s efforts in growing chiropractic in Latin America as well as Parker’s two student exchange programs in Mexico at the Universidad Estatal Del Valle de Ecatepec (UNEVE) and the Universidad Estatal del Valle de Toluca (UNEVT). Parker students Vanessa Morales and George Garcia, who recently participated in the exchange program at UNEVE, were also featured in the story about their experience in Mexico. • Dr. Lederman appeared on local NBC Nonstop Nightly in a story about “text neck” where she spoke about the strain texting puts on your neck, upper back, and shoulders and how a chiropractor provides relief. • Parker University made the front page of the Dallas Business Journal. The article featured Dr. Mancini and Dr. Gery Hochanadel and highlighted the growth and high demand of natural and preventative health care, the hiring of our first provost, expanding as a university, and more. Visit www.parker.edu/future/Recent_TV_Appearances or www.youtube.com/parkeruniversity to watch some of the media interviews. 16 October 2012 ParkerLife Magazine | www.parker.edu

Graduate Resource Center - Coming in 2013 Expanding a practice? Starting a practice? Looking to hire an associate? Why waste time and money searching for these forms when they will soon be a click away. Coming in 2013, the Parker University Alumni Association will be launching an online resource center to view or download common information all doctors may need. • Job Descriptions for associate, CA, MT, billing assistant • Patient Forms • Press release templates: grand opening, clinic anniversary, or relocating your clinic • Best of the Best of online videos • Audio files from Philosophy Night, Mid-Day Take-Aways (aka: Lunch & Learn) Submit your samples to the Graduate Resource Center at askalumni@parker.edu.

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