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September 2016


News In this issue… • Electoral Reform • Little Libraries • Community League Updates • Vandalism • Summer with Sydney • Meet Jeremiah • Infill will have an impact

The empty lot at 10910 - 62 Avenue is all that remains of the planned Martin Estates subdivision.

Missing something? Removed antenna unlocks surprising origins of Parkallen By Niall McKenna As a former journalist, I consider myself to be quite observant. So how did it take me more than a month to notice a shack and large antenna had been removed from the southeastern edge of our neighbourhood? I realize that antennas and cell towers are the kinds of urban architecture most of us don’t pay much attention to. But as a techie guy, I wanted to know more: What did this mysterious antenna do? What happened to it? And what happens to the vacant lot left behind?

The first question was easy enough to answer, thanks to a Google search of the site’s address: 10910 - 62 Avenue. The antenna was part of the “outer marker” or non-directional beacon system that helped planes land at the City Centre Airport, which was closed three years ago this month. According to Jonathan Bragg with Nav Canada, the non-profit agency that owns and operates Canada’s airport communication infrastructure, a non-directional

beacon transmits a signal that airplanes can use to situate themselves as they approach an airport. The beacon in Parkallen was installed in the late 1950s or early 1960s, just as our neighbourhood was coming alive with homes, apartments, a school, several businesses and our distinctive circular road pattern. But the story of the land on which the beacon sits dates back much further. The clue to this heritage came when I looked at the land title for

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the now vacant property on 62 Avenue. The land is actually split into seven long skinny lots with the unusual plan number 5881AL attached to each one. Originally there were eight lots, but the 61 ave to 109 st road allowance took over the easternmost lot. That land plan actually dates back to the early 1900s. Strathcona — then a separate city south of the river from Edmonton — was booming, thanks in part to the founding of the University of Alberta in 1908. In 1912, Edmonton and Strathcona amalgamated and planners started to eye land further south of the river for housing. On Feb. 13, 1912, prolific surveyor R.K. Knight signed off on

2 land plan 5881AL, which gave this area the name Martin Estate, after a local farming family. The plan called for long, skinny housing lots and a grid system of streets, already familiar in Old Strathcona and, later, to be applied to Allendale and McKernan. But development plans for Martin Estate were scuttled by the First World War and then the Great Depression. As the Second World War came to a close and military families were desperate for housing, Edmonton city planner Noel Dant saw an opportunity to experiment with the “English Garden Model” of urban design. The Martin Estate plan was modified in 1950 to make way for Parkallen’s circular streets and central park. But one small chunk of Martin Estate was kept intact for the beacon. Now — almost seven decades after the birth of Parkallen — that small chunk could one day be back on the market. 

September 2016 Nav Canada says it removed the antenna and service hut in June. The property, valued at $1.6 million in 2011, is owned by the federal government but leased by Nav Canada. In an email, Bragg told me the agency has no plans for the land at the moment, but it must make a decision in the next five years — before the lease runs out. According to the City of Edmonton, the land is already zoned RF1, so a building permit is all that would be required to build a single-family home there. Even though the original land title contains eight lots, the land today is actually just one parcel and would have to be subdivided for more homes to be built. Public consultation would be required. But why wait for that conversation? Head to the Parkallen Facebook page to have your say on the future of 10910 62 Avenue.

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September 2016


Parkallen News

Top 10 reasons to join the Parkallen Community League

It’s that time of year. Canvassers will be knocking on doors selling Community League memberships. Why should you join the community league? Here are few reasons: Top 10 reasons to join the Parkallen Community League Connect. Meet your neighbours. Who knows? Maybe your future BFF is just down the street. Be Heard. Have a say in how we build Parkallen: our hall, rink, park and playground. Let the City know where you stand on infill, traffic management, transit, zoning and bylaws. Free things. League members enjoy free swimming at Scona Pool and at specific outdoor pools during the summer and skate for

free at ALL community rinks (with skate tags!) Save Money. Members get a 10% discount on multi-admission, continuous monthly or annual passes at ALL City of Edmonton Recreational Facilities Fun. Community Programs. including recreation, educational, health and wellness programs, social and cultural gatherings, pub nights, family movie nights, playgroups, special events for youth and seniors. We have two rinks, a new basketball court, dirt bike pump track, a fire pit and more! (Don’t forget Snowfest) Because ‘Soccer’ Membership is required for community soccer registration.

Fresh is best. Bring your green thumb, or your recipes to our Community Garden. Membership has its rewards! Get out and enjoy Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues’ special events. What are you waiting for? Email today: Want to help canvass? Let us know:

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September 2016

Deadline for input to the Electoral Reform Committee is days away – have you had your say? By Christine Watts With PR, voting is much the same as with FPTP, except voters have more choices. With some PR systems like Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) you have two votes. One for your favorite local MP and one for your favorite party. In addition, when you choose your favorite party, you may have the choice of ranking your favorite regional candidate in that party (from what is called an open-list of candidates).

The Federal Government’s Electoral Reform Committee (ERRE) has been busy meeting all summer ( ElectoralReformCanada). The ERRE encourages all Canadians to hold group dialogues and provide feedback by either submitting a brief or filling out an on-line questionnaire: http://bit. ly/ERRESurvey Most of the ERRE discussion is around choosing an alternative to our current, First Past the Post (FPTP) system. The two options under consideration are Alternative Vote (AV) or Proportional Representation (PR). The deadline for public submissions is October 7th. I am holding informal group dialogues in Parkallen up to this time. Meeting times are determined by the participants. Please contact me at for more information.

Alternative Vote (AV)

This is similar to FPTP. With an Alternative Vote system, voters have the option of ranking candidates on the ballot, indicating their first, and subsequent choices with numbers instead of just putting one X. If no candidate wins a majority on first choices, the candidate with the fewest first-choice votes is dropped from the race and the second-choice vote of those who voted for the dropped candidate are counted.

Proportional Representation (PR)

Most Canadians grew up with the First Past the Post system. Proportional Representation means thinking about elections and politics in a new way. Ninety countries world-wide use PR, many of them are amongst the most advanced and successful countries in the world.

To achieve PR, the ridings are bigger. While this may make it more difficult for a single MP to relate to all local issues, there would be more than one MP responsible for each riding making it much more likely that an MP would belong to the party that you favor, and would share your values. An MP may also be an independent. The intention and design of PR elections is to create a result that, as closely as possible, reflects the will and the choice of the people. How is this different from what we do now? FPTP and AV elections are designed to create a winner, even if the results do not reflect the majority of voters’ wishes.

September 2016 After a PR election, elected MPs must negotiate with each other to create coalitions and form a government. This requires discussion, cooperation and compromise. Elected politicians who are best able to do this, are most successful. The implications of this are far-reaching and what makes PR so intriguing.


Parkallen News

electoral reform dialogues in Parkallen. It is short notice, but please contact me before October if you are interested. Christine Watts

I hope you will join us in the

Christine Watts wants you to join the conversation about electoral reform.

Babysitting Want to learn how to be the best babysitter ever? There’s a course for that! Ages: 11-15 or turning 11 before December 31 2016 November 6, 8:30 - 4:30 Cost: $60 (cash only) Please contact to register.

We have an immediate and urgent need for volunteers in the following essential roles: Hall Coordinator Membership Coordinator Assistant Soccer Coordinator

Needs You!

Please consider joining The Executive. We would love to hear from you and welcome your unique talents and expertise!

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September 2016

Human feeders appearing in Parkallen the library encourages similar, let’s call it ‘inter-generational’ spontaneity!” The idea seems to be catching on. “An older neighbour knocked on the door recently to share a particular novel with me, and another couple, with limited mobility, suggested I move the library to the bus shelter. I’ll ask the City about that. I hope everyone feels welcome to stop by and take or leave a book or three.” “Little Free Libraries” is a nonprofit organization based in the US. Anyone can create an LFL, but if you want to ratchet up your literary community building you can register your unit, receive signage, and have a GPS locator assigned. Check out the website here: Thank you to all the free library owners in Parkallen. And remember – if you take a book – please leave a book. You may have seen them during your strolls about the neighbourhoods. Officially they’re called “little free libraries” and they’ve been popping up since 2009 in Hudson, Wisconsin. Todd Boll built the little school house shaped ‘library’ and installed it on his front lawn as a tribute to his mother – a teacher and lover of great books. There are now thousands of the small units, which some have likened to “human birdfeeders”, across the globe. Colleen Cassady St Clair put a free library on her property in Parkallen to share books, and to encourage community. It’s not the first time Colleen and her family have come up with ways

to inspire a little community fun. Ralph the bouncy horse has delighted dozens of youngsters who needed some cowboy time in the city. Now a free library offers more opportunities for imaginative excursions. “I’ve been calling it Ralph’s Library, though I have yet to make a sign,” says Colleen. (It was the children in the area who initially dubbed the little horse ‘Ralph’.) “I’ve been inspired by others who have made little libraries beside their houses. Books bring so much growth and joy, and sharing books is wonderfully social,” says Colleen. “I wanted to encourage all of those things. I’ve also noticed that quite a few older kids ride Ralph. I’m hoping that

September 2016


Parkallen News

Community League Updates will survive our winters, and provide a superior surface for our many dedicated basketball enthusiasts.

Next time you drop by the park, check out our new basketball court! After much debate and discussion, the Community

League opted to repair the old asphalt surface and install Flexcourt Tiles. These durable, flexible tiles are easy to replace,

We are also replacing our old sign. Why? Our existing sign has done its time! Placing text has become a very difficult and time consuming task, and the sign itself is showing its age. New signage will be provided by Images Signs and installed in the coming weeks.

YMCA daycare brings our garden to life Gardens need water – and this year the children in the YMCA daycare program made sure our circle garden never went thirsty! Thank you to each and every one of the 55 children in the YMCA program.








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September 2016

Thank you Martha McAuley! Long time Parkallen resident Martha McAuley has passed along a number of wonderful archival items. As a canvasser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Martha kept lists of homeowners and addresses, so we have historical reference for who lived where in Parkallen in the early 1970s. Martha also gave us an old Parkallen Community League membership list!

Thank you Martha! We will treasure these wonderful artifacts from our community’s past. Do you have Parkallen memorabilia? Let us know: Visit to see more.

Most charming of all are the calendars from Parkallen Hardware and the Big T Texaco. Both were once located at the 109 street and 70 th Ave.

The UPS Store®

• 3 months FREE MAILBOX RENTAL Street address • Private • Secure • 24/7 Moving? No lost mail! • Student Discounts • WORLWIDE PACKING and SHIPPING. • “Let us receive your deliveries!” 8507-112 Street • 780-757-6877 *w/12month contract

Upcoming Parkallen Events The Parkallen social commitee has been hard at work planning a number of fantastic events! More details will be announced as the dates approach. Please visit to learn more. Oct 21st Corn Maze (field trip event near Devon)

Jan 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd, 26th, 29th, Feb 2nd (8 learn to skate sessions for adults)

Oct 29th Movie Night

Jan 13th Pub/Game Night

Nov 18th Youth Night

Jan 27th Youth Night

Dec 2nd Movie Night

Feb 12th Snowfest (2pm-5pm)

Dec 22nd Christmas Craft

Mar 17th St. Paddy’s Pub Night

Jan 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd, 26th, 29th, Feb 2nd (8 learn to skate sessions for kids)

April 7th Lady’s Paint Night May 28th Parkallen Annual General Meeting (1-4pm)

September 2016


Seeking Nursery Staff ! Westwood Unitarian ! Congregation is looking g Nursery Staff ! for a responsible, open! nitarianminded, Congregation is compassionate ! ! individual who enjoys responsible, open-minded, ! spending time with ! ate individual enjoys babieswho and young ! children. The position e with babies and young ! would be for Sunday ! position would be for mornings from 10am! ings from 10am-12pm, 12pm, beginning ! the first Sunday in ! e first Sunday in September. September. ! r team! Come join our team! ! ct to ! ! Please contact interview. ! ! to schedule an interview. ! ! !

Parkallen News


Parkallen News


September 2016

Report vandalism Sometime this summer, on what was probably a lovely August evening, someone vandalized our community fire pit. These bricks were mortared in place, so it took time and energy to do the damage. Why? Who knows? Vandalism is something that benefits nobody and hurts everybody. While it’s not likely we’ll ever find out who did this,

or find a way to stop vandalism, we can report these events to the Edmonton Police Service. Each report helps the police understand where vandalism is occurring, spot patterns, and maybe even catch the vandals. Keep an eye on your community – report vandalism: http://www. OnlineCrimeReporting.aspx

Summer with Sydney Gabi McDonald didn’t waste time being ‘bored’ this summer. Thanks to the Parkallen Community League’s Summer Program, she and her friends had fun-filled summer at our own Ellingson Park. But don’t take my word for it! Here’s Gabi’s review of Summer with Sydney. “Whenever my friends and I were bored this summer, we

Sydney’s Farewell party at the park.

would walk over to the park and play with this year’s playground leader, Sydney. We played outdoor games and sports on nice, warm days, and board games and card games in the rink shack on cold, rainy days. Some of my favourite things were soccer, capture the flag, and aces. I also liked learning new card games and teaching new

ones to everyone. One thing my friends really liked was slip and slide baseball. It sounds like a lot of fun! I think everything we did with Sydney was awesome and I hope she can come back next year because we all had a really great time.” Gabi McDonald

Gabi McDonald

Bus #55 Service Reduction Starting September 1, the City reduced 55 bus service to weekday peak hours. The City made the decision because less than eight people an hour take the bus in off peak hours. Thirty other city bus routes now have reduced service or were cancelled. Please contact the City if you have concerns regarding the reduction in service.

September 2016


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Graphics & layout for Parkallen News courtesy of:

Children’s Karate Classes

lindsayerickson 780.707.0522 


Focused and Fun right in Parkallen

Parkallen Community League presents

Parkallen Pilates Parkallen Hall

6510 111 Street, Edmonton, AB Mondays at 9 am & Thursdays at 1 pm

For more information visit Parkallen Programs Passes Interested in registering for one of our paid programs? We are now offering 10-class passes to any Parkallen sponsored class for $120. Pilates is currently the only scheduled class, but watch for more great eligible programming in the coming months!

Dr. Mary Ann Kuharchuk, Dr. Jason Nijjer, d.d.s

b.msc., d.d.s

(780)434-7616 5534-111 Street, Edmonton

We provide a full range of comprehensive general services.

 Invisalign and Interceptive orthodontics.  State of the art in office professional whitening.

 Oral Sleep Appliances

September 2016


Parkallen News

Meet Jeremiah, our Youth Event Coordinator the young offender centre for five years. He has also worked with youth on a First Nations Reserve.  Jeremiah says he’s always wanted to invest his time and energy into improving the lives of others.  “When I came to Parkallen, I really wanted to get to know the people in the community.  I figured the best way to do that was through volunteering.”

Jeremiah Basuric grew up on a hobby farm near Edmonton where his dad raised cows, horses, chickens, goats, ducks, geese, sheep and alpacas. That’s right! Alpacas. One of Jeremiah’s biggest regrets is not riding an alpaca when he had the chance. Jeremiah went to Kings College to study environmental science.

He and his wife Sarah moved to Parkallen after they were married a year and a half ago; Sarah is studying nursing at the University of Alberta.

Jeremiah joined the social committee in 2015 and has created and delivered various youth activities like Mantracker, shopping cart races, Hide and Seek and Sort, movies and soccer.

Jeremiah has always enjoyed working with youth. He was a camp counsellor and, when he was in college, he volunteered at

Thank you Jeremiah – your work makes a difference to all of us!

In addition to all that – Jeremiah enjoys soccer and Tai Chi.

In 2015 we helped over 400 seniors maintain an independent lifestyle. Lifestyle Helping Hands Seniors Association We are a registered non-profit association whose purpose it to help seniors maintain an independent lifestyle, in their own homes, for as long as possible. We offer two programs: Seniors Home Supports – home support services referral LIFT Drive Happiness™ - door-thru-door assisted transportation To find out more contact us: (780) 450-2113 WWW.LHHSA.ORG

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September 2016

Infill WILL have a profound impact on Parkallen. neighbourhood. We want our longtime residents to look out their windows and recognize the community they built. We want our community to grow and thrive. And we want a say in how that happens.

What can you do?

• Complete the Parkallen Infill Survey • Attend a public session • Get informed – the City has loads of information online • Get involved – your Community League Housing and Civics committee needs volunteers Photo credit: City of Edmonton

You have an opportunity to be involved in determining the future of your community. Let the City know what you think about infill in Parkallen. Describe your vision! You can have an impact on the final decision.

• constructed with respect for neighbouring properties, existing infrastructure and landscape

Now is the time.

What we want

Let’s be clear – the Parkallen Community League supports infill projects that are: • designed to increase density and affordable housing

• build within the spirit of the original Mature Neighbourhood Overlay. We want more families. We want a diverse neighbourhood that is affordable and welcoming for new residents. We want our current residents to love their

Photo credit: Rogie 09 on

Mature Neighbourhood Overlay Review Public Events These engagements will gather feedback on detailed draft changes to the MNO. • Thursday, October 6, 4-8 PM - Chateau Louis Industry Workshop • TBD - Insight & Stand-alone Surveys

Photo credit: City of Edmonton

September 2016



A devoted and experienced team of leading acupuncturist, naturopathic doctors and massage therapists. We apply the traditional wisdom of Chinese medicine to the needs of modern families treating a broad range of ailments naturally and gently. Specializing in the treatment of children from newborns to teens since 2008.

780 756 7736 6523 111 Street Edmonton, Alberta

Parkallen News

September 2016


Parkallen News

Classified TREES PLEASE? Rebuilding? May I save your deciduous trees and transplant them to my empty yard? Please email if I can remove your trees before you excavate. Thank you!

Calling all knitters—Please join us in the Parkallen Community Hall Wednesday’s from 12:30-3:30 for an afternoon of knitting. Everyone welcome. Coffee and snacks included. For more info contact Helena at 780-435-1423 or Beth @ 780-434-2211

Congratulations to the Parkallen U12 Girls who won gold at the Inter-Cities Tournament in Calgary.

Your Parkallen Community League Executive:

President: Rahil Verma

Vice President: VACANT

Treasurer: Julie Beschell Casino: VACANT Membership Coordinator: Shara Wajih Canvas Drive Coordinator: Laurel Miyashita

Secretary: Matt Larouche

Past President: Leanne Kohn

Parks & Recreation Director: VACANT Rink: Sal Blair Soccer Coordinator: Meghan Dunnigan Hall Coordinator: Matt Larouche (acting) Hall Maintenance: VACANT Programs & Social: Leanne Kohn Programs & Social: Allison Chevrette Programs & Social: Jeremiah Basuric Community Garden Director: Marlene Wurfel

Communications Director: Anne Pratt Newsletter Editor: Anne Pratt Website: Marc Pearce Newsletter Delivery: Sherry Skagstad Social Media Coordinator: Lindsay Erickson Graphics and Layout: Lindsay Erickson

Housing, Planning & Civics: Gerry Montgomery Housing, Planning & Civics: Jan Hardstaff Housing, Planning & Civics: Edward Hudson Please note the Parkallen News includes paid advertising to offset the cost of printing. Inclusion of these advertisements does not imply endorsement of advertiser products or services.

Parkallen News September 2016  

News and information for the residents of Parkallen, Edmonton, Alberta

Parkallen News September 2016  

News and information for the residents of Parkallen, Edmonton, Alberta