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June 2013


News In this issue… •  Park Grandopening •  Meet your   Community League •  Meet Anthony •  South Campus Update •  Classified

Pro Inspired rider Sean Watson, park redevelopment volunteer Nora Begoray, and Mud   Sweat and Gears’ DJ Maxwell Peets enjoy the festivities at the opening of the new park.

New Park celebrates official opening Even the rain stopped for a couple of hours to let us celebrate the successful completion of this amazing project. The wet weather meant our BMX performance team from Mud, Sweat and Gears couldn’t do the performance they planned. Kudos to Sean Watson who came out with a crew of unicycle riders and bravely wowed the crowd with a scaled down,

but no less thrilling, demo. The sun peeked out briefly, just in time to shine on the excited kids waiting to see who would win the coveted $500 BMX bike, donated by Paul Burgess owner of Mud Sweat and Gears. Clarissa Choy was the lucky grand prize winner. Congratulations Clarissa! And congratulations to the winners of the $50 Moose

Factory gift certificate, Laugh & Learn kids package, and eight new basketballs donated by the University of Alberta’s Saville Centre. Don Iveson, ourcity councillor, and MLA Steve Young dropped by to see our new play space, built thanks in large part to grants offered through the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta. Don, who grew up in Parkallen, tweeted about

Parkallen News how this was where he made his first playground pal some 32 years ago. Super thanks to Angie Miller and her efforts to bring together this fantastic team of event sponsors: Planet Organic, Save On Foods, Safeway, Superior Propane, Bunches, Buns & Roses, Crown Star Foods, McDonalds, Fas Gas Plus, Servus Credit Union, and Costco. Thank you all!

2 City of Edmonton staff came out to play, and St. Johns First Aid attendants were on hand in case there were any biking mishaps. We recognized our funders and our longserving park redevelopment committee but, at the end of the day, it’s really all about getting together to share a little food, a little conversation and a little bit of our time together enjoying

June 2013 our community. To our burger flippers, cotton candy makers, face painters, ticket helpers, the ‘couldn’t-do-itwithout-you’ volunteers and our friends and neighbours: thank you for coming out and sharing this special occasion with us. Follow us on Facebook ParkallenCommunity

June 2013


Parkallen News

Thank you to every one that enabled us to create our new play spaces! Our Above and Beyond Leadership Donors

Our Valued Community Partnership Donors

YMCA of Northern Alberta

Happy Garden Restaurant

Jillian Builders Ltd.

Rick and Alice’s Grill

City of Edmonton

“The Tooth Fairy” at Pearls Dental Clinic

Government of Alberta - CFEP

Parkallen School Council

Parkallen Community League

Our Park Tree Donors

Our Valued Major Supporters

Our Park Bench Donors

The Straga Family

Our Brick Family Donors

Edmonton Community Foundation

All our generous anonymous donors and everyone who participated in our many design and fundraising efforts.

Government of Alberta - Community Spirit

Parkallen School’s Family Dance Molly Prokopiw, Grade 6 student at Parkallen School Many exciting things happened at Parkallen School’s Family Dance on April 26, 2013. The dance was western themed with great tunes, wacky dancers and a concession full of treats. There was also a mechanical horse, ice cream and cool prizes. Everyone had an amazing time and I know I’m looking forward to another great dance next year. Pictured from left is Danica, Leia (front), Kaia (back), and Ava.

Professional Piano Instruction McKernan/ Belgravia 15 years experience, B.Mus. Warm, creative, enthusiastic approach Exam, audition preparation at all levels Sound pedagogical and technical approach All ages and levels accepted




Parkallen News


June 2013

Meet your Community League so many of us know each other and choose to spend recreational time with each other beyond the borders of the neighbourhood. Families vacation together; go to the folk fest together. Not only do we come together as a community when building a new playground, supporting our school, or encouraging family-friendly development but we also come together and generously help when our neighbours face life challenges or to support one another in our businesses and goals. We are truly an extended family, or little village, working, living and playing together. Nora Begoray, Park Redevelopment

Where did you grow up? I grew up around the lower mainland in BC.

When did you move to Parkallen? A couple of years after moving to Alberta in July of 2000, we bought a little bungalow in Parkallen; we added a second story after we started having our children.

What do you like best about this community? I love the fact that this is such a tight-knit community;

Who inspires you? I was recently asked this question at a work function and my answer was the same then. For some it is great artists, spiritual leaders, feats of heroism, courage or parents. For me, it is the members of the neighbourhood. Those that have several children, or specific challenges and yet are still happy, caring, wonderful and kind individuals who continue to put so much of their energy into their family and their community. Such generosity to volunteer their time and talents in this busy 2013 lifestyle is deeply inspirational and

valuable to me. I consider them everyday heroes.

Why do you volunteer for the Community League? I volunteer because it is rewarding. It gives to my knowledge, talents, enjoyment, pride and feeling of personal connection and satisfaction with my community.

Tell us one thing that most people would be surprised to know about you. Most people know that I am all about action, on the go, planning, thinking, doing; sometimes I talk more than I listen, so there is very little I could come up with that would surprise anyone. Yup, pretty open, easily read book. What people might be surprised to know is that I recognize this trait of mine and that I endeavor each year to pause, be and listen more. Please consider yourself invited to remind of this goal me from time to time, and invite me to pause, be and listen with you.

Thank you Nora, for your incredible work leading the Parkallen Park Redevelopment Committee. Your efforts will be appreciated for years to come. Bravo!

Hall Happenings for June 2013 Parkallen Playgroup Tuesdays 10:00 am -12:00 pm

Parkallen Knitters Wednesdays 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

June 2013



780 756 7736 6523 111 Street

Parkallen News

Parkallen News


June 2013

Anthony at Your Service Finding a good and valuable life autism) it is rare for adults with autism to earn money through employment. “Anthony at Your Service is a very small business,” says Deborah, “but it provides Anthony with employment, an opportunity to know his community and to be a part of the life in his community.”

Anthony poses for a photo with a satisfied customer.

Deborah Barrett is pretty clear about what she wants for her son Anthony. She wants him to be visible and to have a sense of his place in the community. She wants him to have real work that makes him happy and provides some income for him. She wants him to have a good and valuable life. The kinds of things most parents hope for. The fact that Anthony has an Autism Spectrum Disorder doesn’t change that. We hear a lot about children with Autism Spectrum Disorders; it’s easy to forget that each of these children will grow up to be an adult. With access to fewer resources after children reach the age of 18, families have to be innovative and determined to help their adult autistic children. Deborah Barrett is both. Working with

Anthony’s assistant, Mike Hamm, she created Anthony at Your Service, a small delivery company operating out of Parkallen and serving all of Edmonton. “The Persons with Developmental Difficulties Program (PDD) here in Alberta wants to help adults with developmental disabilities participate in the overall life of the community; a big focus area is to find paid employment,” she explains. “Anthony at Your Service is but one example of the many ways adults like Anthony can make a real, practical, and remunerative contribution to the community.”

Anthony has a lot of help from his assistant Mike. “Anthony brightens up every day for me,” Mike says, “so we help each other.” To promote the business, Mike made a video called Meet Anthony. This sharp, fun video has nearly 180,000 hits. At the end of the video Mike says: “I’d love for Anthony to become a bigger part of the community. It’d be good for him and even better for Edmonton” Our community is certainly better for counting Anthony, his family and friends among us. Next time you need something delivered – why not give him a call?Anthony at your Service offers next day delivery, Monday to Friday. For more information, call or email: 780.800.9915 mike@anthonyatyourservice. com

While there have been some high profile exceptions (the German software firm SAP recently announced it would hire hundreds of people with

View Anthony’s promotional video here:

FAMILY FUN DROP-IN Our family fun drop-in program is a place for parents and their young children to connect with families in their community. We offer multisport equipment that will help to develop your child's balance, agility and strength through a variety of play activities. A guardian must be present at all times. PLAY EQUIPMENT  Basketballs  Puzzles  Bowling game  Scoops  Bean bag toss  Ladder ball games  Hula hoops And so much more, activities for every age!!! COST $8.00 including GST Includes up to two adults and two dependents under the age of 12 years old Additional dependents can be added for an additional $4.00 each SCHEDULE Please review our programming & events calendar on our website to confirm the days/times as they are subject to court availability

Parkallen News


June 2013

Looking for buyer Hello to Parkallen home owners. Those living here long will likely remember Ra, the gorgeous Silver Alaskan Malamute that had his own house. He took his last trip a few years back and his home is now going for sale. The small bungalow, completely renovated and very well kept, is located in the popularly known “Jewel of Parkallen,� 111 Street and 64 Avenue. The lifestyle is peaceful and polite, most homes with loved animal companions, most yard ecological, trees and and urban wildlife treasured. Outside the house, one can see the trees and shrubs, the full fence, the freshly painted decks, two large dog houses and a detached garage in very good shape. Inside there are the open style living room and kitchen, a total of 4 bedrooms with good closets, plus two bathrooms, including the ones in the fully renovated basement that offers great storage space. Additional details will be available for those with an interest. This will be strictly a private sale, for the purpose of finding the right match between the buyer and the area. Should any of you know someone who would be happy in this type of house and harmonious environment, please contact Thank you all in advance for your help. Paid Placement

June 2013


Parkallen News

South Campus Update Hello, everyone. I want to bring you up to date on the relationship between the University of Alberta and the communities that surround the South Campus lands, including us in Parkallen. As you might know, there are two joint committees that exist to enable the University and the neighbourhoods to work together: the University of AlbertaCommunity Committee (UACC) and the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition (SCNC).

for the UACC II. The following paragraphs are summarized from our final discussion paper:

After two years of discussions and facilitated workshops, the UACC is about to announce its new name and new raison d’etre. We’re just waiting for the final report of our facilitator and the University’s tabling of the Terms of Reference to define the new organization. At this point, we’re not sure what the new name will be; maybe UACC II or UAlbertaNeighbourhood Network. Or something else. For now, I’ll just call it the UACC II. Coming out of the workshop process, we have defined the following three main roles and responsibilities

It is beneficial for the University to have a group of informed community members with whom it is able to test ideas and gather community perspectives about issues that relate to community relationships. It is a primary tool for the University in its quest to be a good neighbour. In the role of a sounding board the UACC II will provide insights or community perspectives relative to operational or planning matters that may affect the quality of life for the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The committee will fulfill its mandate of fostering community relations by acting as: • a sounding board; • a community conduit or liaison; and • a think tank.

UACC II as a sounding board

UACC II as a community conduit or liaison


A key role for committee members is to act as liaisons between their communities and the University ensuring the flow of important information between the University and the communities in an effective and timely manner. The key is that the University and communities use the UACC II as the vehicle for the information exchange. Some examples of this role include specific issues such as noise, traffic, special events, and student interactions.

UACC II as a think tank The memberships of the UACC II are informed and involved community residents who bring a wealth of experience and local knowledge to the table. As such, they can effectively provide valuable perspectives in generating ideas, identifying solutions, resolving issues, or avoiding them through preliminary and proactive review of University initiatives.



What the UACC II will NOT deal with is issues regarding capital development or conversations about the implementation of the University’s Long Range Development Plan. These issues will be discussed and dealt

Parkallen News with by a different community group; namely, the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition (SCNC) for matters concerning the development of the South Campus lands and by a North Campus consultation group, whose exact model is yet to be determined, for matters related to development in their communities. So, in a nutshell for us in Parkallen, development issues will be the concern of the SCNC, and issues other than development will be the concern of the UACC II. This separation into two areas of interest, I think, holds great promise for both the communities and the University. We’ll see how this shapes up in the next little while. Now, we are fortunate to have two community volunteers to represent Parkallen on the SCNC. They are Donna White, our long-term representative, and Jarrett Orchard, who has just recently come on board. I am confident


June 2013

Donna and Jarrett will represent the interests and concerns of Parkallen through the often-difficult negotiations with the U of A concerning the development of South Campus. However, we don’t currently have anyone to sit on the UACC II, now that my term is coming to an end. This essentially-brand-new committee holds great potential for dealing with the University as our neighbour, for integrating the lives of “town and gown”, and for promoting the advantages of living beside a notable educational institution like the University of Alberta. We need two interested and committed volunteers to fill this r ole. If you might like to represent the Parkallen Community League on the UACC II, or if you would like any additional information, please get in touch with me at Respectfully submitted, Lawrie Seligman

Free evening swimming with your 2012/2013 membership! Queen Elizabeth (Sunday through Wednesday, 5-7 PM, from May 23 to Sept 18) Oliver Pool (Sunday through Wednesday, 5-7 PM, from June 1 to Sept 2) Mill Creek (Sunday through Saturday, 7-9 PM, from May 23 to Sept 18) Fred Broadstock (Sunday through Wednesday, 5-7 PM, from May 23 to Sept 18). • Please note that you are still required to use your current Community League Membership card to access the facility. • You are able to access the facility 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. • Except for guaranteed hours at Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool, pools will close for inclement weather or temperatures forecast below 18° C. • Community Swim times are not offered on Statutory Holidays at Mill Creek Outdoor Pool • Outdoor pool community swims are shared times with public swims. If you would like to take advantage of this great community benefit, you can still purchase your 2012/2013 membership! Please contact Sandra at

June 2013


Help keep the Parkallen Playgroup going! A new Playgroup leader is needed for the fall 2013. Interested or want more info? Please contact:

Parkallen News

Important information about off-leash use of the Parkallen rink The City of Edmonton is currently reviewing the use of community ice rinks as off-leash areas. Until this review is complete, off-leash use is not permitted. The Parkallen Community League continues to support off-leash use of the rink area in the off-season. We will be pursuing avenues with the city to make this official and available for community dog-owners once again. We appreciate your cooperation while the city reviews their policy.

Green circle preschool

+ Learn Through Play + University-Accredited Teacher + Parent cooperative + Full subsidy available + Centrally located near U of A + Small class size + Community feel

in Parkallen School 6703–112 Street Phone: 780.435.3129

The Parkallen Knitters would greatly appreciate donations of wool. Please contact   Lynn Welk at 780-434-3537 for more information.

June 2013


Parkallen News

Classified Parkallen resident since 1990 and pet/house sitting for 12 years. Will shovel walks, bring in mail, water plants, take care of your pets while you are away. Contact Michele @780.434.7871. References available on request. AdaptAbilities 5th Annual Walk for Abilities is Sunday June 23 at 10 am. Fun for all ages and abilities! Call (780) 431-8446 or visit

Your Parkallen Community League Executive: President: Alex Clifford Vice-President: Sam Guffey Casino: Christie Roy Irving Civics: Donna White Community Garden Coordinator:  James Goldman Graphics: Lindsay Erickson Groundskeeper: VACANT Hall Coordinator: Teresa Krohman Hall Maintenance: VACANT Housing and Development: Jan Hardstaff Membership Coordinator: Sandra Stessun Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator: VACANT Newsletter: Anne Pratt Park Redevelopment Committee: Nora Begoray Programs and Social: Leanne Kohn Rink Manager: Sal Blair Secretary: Allison Chevrette Soccer: Meghan Dunnigan Social Media Coordinator: Jessica Bateman South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition:  Lawrie Seligman & Donna White Transportation: VACANT Treasurer: Julie Beschell Website: Marc Pearce

June 2013  
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