Paris Adriana Triantis

Hey! My name is Paris, and I am a current student enrolled in the Master of Architecture and Urban Design course at Swinburne University of Technology. I am currently the President of the Swinburne Architecture Students Association (SASA) and also a Lecturer in the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design at Swinburne; specialising in Innovation, Design Thinking, Collaboration and Creative Problem Solving. I have co-authored two publications to-date, one with the Australian Energy Foundation and another with Peter McCallum Cancer Centre. My passion lies within sustainable design and research, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in design, social/community lead and based design work and the progression of architecture in academia and education. I also care a lot about the student community and experience within the Architecture and Urban Design courses at Swinburne, hence with SASA we really strive to create a supportive, nurturing, fulfilling and social experience.