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District Governor Dear Lion Brothers & Sisters, I am overwhelmed by your participation and contribution. It has been three months since I took over the Governorship of our District, we have very effectively and productively conducted four major programmes – The Engineers Day, Teachers Day, MERL Seminar and New Members Orientation apart from the District Installation nite which was one of the largely attended District Installation ceremony on our multiple. My sincere gratitude to the Installation Officer Lion Mehta, PDG and World’s single highest donor to LCIF Lion Aruna Oswal, District Governors and Vice District Governors of our Multiple 324C. Your contribution of participation has rejuvenated my strength and I promise that I shall not let it go fruitlessly. Our growth is on the fast track with 15 new clubs and 370+ new members in less than 90 days. Lot many clubs are also in the pipeline but I am not in a hurry since quality is as important as quantity. I pray to the almighty to shower us enough strength so that we carry on the same zeal and assiduity in all our endeavors. Amen. With many festivals at our threshold, I wish each one in your family and all in our hearts with my best greetings. Till we meet, also take care of others as the “Beacon of Hope” as there no better joy in practicing the mantra of “Living is Giving”.

Lion Dr G Babu Rao District Governor

Editorial Dear Lions, It is a matter of great satisfaction and gratification to watch the activities in leaps and bounds over the last three months. The spirit of Lionism particularly amongst the young clubs is highly appreciable. The participation of the Lions at District programmes such as Engineers Day, Teachers Day, MERL Seminar and New member’s orientation demonstrate our maturity, unit and sincere concern for our organisation. District 324C6 is in top gear. The extra-ordinary enthusiasms that our Governor Dr G Babu Rao has been receiving are overwhelming. The re-surfacing of the Senior Lions proofs has further boosted us. The active participation by the Lady Lions further gives us the confidence to buckle up for more programmes. Information also serves as the vital sources of encouragement to all others to get ideas to which they can further polish up. It should be short and crispy. We have designed a reporting format for all the Region Chairperson. It is extremely simple to fill as well as very useful. We are glad to learn that RCs too found it easy as it requires filling of information. Hence, some of them could do it right away while others for want of time deferred it. The 2nd issue of Lions Update is in your hands. Please shower us with your views at and I am sure you have some. Till we meet next, enjoy Lionism,

Vikrantt Mohan Chief Editor-Lions Update

Editorial Board Members: Lion P Badrinath Lion A Amarnath Rao Lion Kamal Kumar Rathi Lion SK Ram Mohan

First Vice District Governor

Second Vice District Governor

Dear Friends,

Dear Lions,

Once Hitler’s war commandant called up to inform that they are surrounded by enemy from all sides. Hitler said “That’s Good, you start firing at any directions no matter your aim is perfect or not”. Similarly, we have so much poverty around us that we need not look for the directions. We just need to have the power to serve.

“Life & Time as the world’s best two teachers - Life teaches us the use of time and Time teaches us the value of life” Last three months has been very informative and educative. From the programmes and meetings that have been lined up, I have made best use of it and hope that you must have too.

Our District Governor Dr G Babu Rao is an individual with a distinctive quality - his warmth and kindness is always in Under the District Governorship of Lion Dr G Babu Rao it’s abundance no matter how much he has already distributed always out of the ordinary. His motivation comes in many forms and from all directions. Having known him from close it. quarters, I must mention that he truly practices “Living is The last three months has been hectic and useful. The spirit Giving” . of our members is highly charged up and I do not see them weakening. I am delighted that we have members like you I must mention with underline – We have many faces to and please count me one amongst you all because working smile and many hearts to make them laugh. Let us together do it as for them, you are the “Beacon of Hope”. together is always powerful and fruitful. With best Lionistic Regards & Greetings,

With season’s greetings,

Lion D Pentaiah 1st Vice District Governor

Lion Kallem Penta Reddy 2nd Vice District Governor

District Cabinet Secretary Dear Lions, Swami Vivekanand said “Love me or hate me – because both are in my favour. If you love me, I am in your hearts and if you hate me I am in your mind”. Both ways I am there in you. It has been great time working with you all. The time and talent is in abundance in our District. We have more producers than directors. The unstinted support of the Inner Cabinet members, Region Chairpersons, Zone Chairpersons and club PST is available in plenty. The all-round inspiration by our District Governor Lion Dr G Babu Rao comes in the aroma that always lingers on. Ahead, we have to perform even better and improve our score card. We need to be like a lamp who introduces itself through its light. Achievers never expose themselves, but their achievements expose them. Keenly looking forward to working towards greater roles and responsibilities. With warm greetings and best wishes,

Lion Allam Panduranga Rao District Cabinet Secretary

Notes: 1. Please contact Lion m nagaRAJU, district cabinet treasurer on for any clarifications. 2. Membership figures and international dues are as per international records dated September 30, 2010

Region News

Change of Address LC NIZAMABAD INDUR VANITHA Lion Manula Venkulu – President 4-4-100, Amberpet, Opp. Delhiwala Sweet Home Nizamabad – 503001. M: 9949311011

LC NIZAMABAD FORT CITY Lion Datrika Parameshwar C/o. Vaishnavi Industries, D No. C2-25, Auto Nagar Arsapally, Nizamabad – 503001. M: 9247191837

LC KHANAPUR Lion Padigala Ashok 18-82, Vidya Nagar, Khanapur, Adilabad – 504203 M: 9441014100

How to Get Blood in Emergency!! Now it has become easier to get the blood we need. All you have to do is just type "BLOOD and send SMS to 96000 97000" (in India). EX: "BLOOD B-" A BLOOD DONOR WILL CALL YOU within minutes!! So please pass this message to all. It certainly would save many lives. It's a Must to Know & Share. Please do it now.... Forward this to all your friends whom you care the minute you spare to share this information can save somebody's life with rare Blood Group.

Region News

New Members Orientation held with Zeal & Assiduity A grand & befitting orientation for the new members was organised by the District at Sree Krishna Grand Hotel, Miyapur in the evening of 3rd October 2010. District Governor Dr G Babu Rao highlighted the importance of the seminar which was attended by mostly new members from the rural and urban Lions Clubs. The following Past District Governors (PDG) spoke at immense depth on their respective topics allotted by the DG Dr G Babu Rao effectively using the power point presentation. The following Lion Leaders excelled in their presentation for the topics mentioned against their names:PDG Lalitha Kameshwari (Objects & Ethics of Lionism) PDG Dr Ravinder Goud (Privileges & Responsibilities of Lions) PDG Sham Kumar (Philosophy of Lions) PDG Basaveswar Rao (LCIF grants) DCT M Nagaraju (History of Lionism) VD(1) 324C5 G Jithendra Kumar (Services rendered by Lionism) VD(1) 324C8 DS Kumar (Protocol & hierarchy) DG Dr Babu Rao (District programmes) As usual, DCT M Nagaraju conducted a rapid quiz for the participants and circulated books to the winners on the spot. The seminar came to end with the Honouring of the speakers that was followed by sumptuous dinner.

Region News

You should know!!! ALBERT EINSTEIN as not afraid to ask child like questions – what would happen if I could ride on a ray of light ? Which allegedly led him to the special “Theory of Relativity”. JOHN MILTON became blind at the age of 44 and later wrote “Paradise Lost” HNERY FORD failed five times before succeeding and he never assembled reverse gear in the car. WALT DISNEY was fied by a newspaper editor for lack of ideas. Later he was the creator of world famous Disney Cartoons. THOMAS EDISON found his laboratory destroyed in a huge fire accident but said “my mistakes were burnout” and after that he invented the electric bulb.



International President District Governor Vice District Governor – 1 Vice District Governor – 2 International Director Endorsee Region Chairperson Region Secretary Zone Chairperson District Chairperson Past District Governor Past President (Club) Club President Club Secretary Club Treasurer Chief Editor – Lions Update District Cabinet Secretary District Cabinet Treasurer Lions Club Chief Guest Guest of Honour Multiple Council Chairperson District Secretary

Region News

ReCon Update “ReCon” is a combination of two words “Region Conference”. It is short and sweet too. ReCon Date

Region Chairperson




V Suresh




Sanjay Choudhary




M Raghavendra Rao


Manikonda Gardens, Narsapur


V Sudhakar



S Yadgiri




K Samrajyam


Dr Reddy’s Lab, Miyapur, Hyderabad


Dr P Surender



P V Subba Rao




G Anand Rao Maiya




Raghu Ram Reddy


Region News Swarna Report RC Raghavendra Rao M Advisor PDG Gampa Ramesh

Stone Foundation: On 13.08.2010 Narsapur Snehabandhu members inaugurated a bus stop for the convenience of passengers.Gajwel Club President Ln.Uppala Mettaiah garu donated 900 sq yards for Club building place as the remembrance of his (Late) father.It will start on dasara.

HIROSHIMA DAY Lions Club of Siddipet Sripriya has conducted Hiroshima Day on Water Tankers: 08.08.10 at UPS School, Dharmaram. Dhubbaka members Constructed 2000 Ltrs water tank in Government School at Chervapur. Lions Club of Narsapur Snehabandu has conducted Awareness program for global Environment on 11.08.10. Excursion: On 21.08.2010 Swarnadhama club members has Visited Srisailam SCHOOL ADAPTION PROGRAM Temple with 36 members (Families) and Dyam also. Lions Club of Gajwel has distributed Uniforms, Plates and Note Books to 15 poor children at ZPHS, Vargal on 12.08.10 and Plates Independence Day: distributed to 120 poor children at SanguPally on 11.08.10. Gajwel All the Clubs members of Swarna region grandly Celebrated the club members adopted P.S in SC colony and arranging water Independence day. tank, furniture, toilets. Donations: Lions Club of Chegunta has distributed Uniforms, Plates to 50 poor Dubbaka club members donated Rs.2000/- for five IIIT Students and donated mangalsutams for four poor couples.Chegunta Children at PS Valloor on 03.08.10. mandal members sponsored Rs .500/- for 2 merit students in SSC Lions Club of Jagadevpur has distributed Note Books and Pencil kits exam and bronze medals for 9 students. to 64 poor children at Mandapur on 15.08.10 and Note Books and Clubs Extension: Pencil kits to 121 poor children at Dhrmaramapur on 28.07.10 Swarnadhama club decided to extend 2 clubs.Gajwel club members Lions Club of Hatnoora has distributed School Bags to 50 poor discussed with Local MLA Sri. T.Narsareddy to extend 3 new clubs. children at UPS DevuniPally on 04.09.10 They are trying to open clubs in Varlgal,Mulugu and Kondapakala. Narsapur members were installed Gummididhala Club. Many Lions Club of HYD Swarnadhama has distributed Sarees and Fruits member (43) were joined by Narsapur Snehabandhu in this to 160 Old people at old age home Musheerabad on 29.08.10. club.This credit goes to Narsapur snehabandhu only.Thupran Swarnadhama club members adopted Dhabilpur government member trying to extend one club in the next month. school and trying to develop. Thupran members adopted Vaddera basti school. Honoring of Teachers: Thupran members honored two teachers 1. Sri Panduranga Rao, BLOOD DONATION AND HEALTH CAMPS : H.M, UPS palata, and 2. Sri Devid, H.M, Ghanapur. Swarnadham Gajwel Club has organized Eye camp, in that 250 people were members decided to honour the teachers of Dhabilpur government tested and eye operations done for 114 people on the day of Guru school on 06.09.2010. Purnima.In July Jagadevapur Members conducted blood donation camp and collected 125 Units of blood, it was organized at YPR College. Narsapur snehabandhu Members has celebrated Mother Seva Report Theresa birthday by distributed Sarees to 26 Poor Women on 26.08.2010.This Club Conducted Blood donation Camp on RC Subba Rao P V 15.08.2010 and 231 people donated blood. Siddhipet Sripriya Advisor PDG Basaveswara Rao P Conducted Health camp on Dhumpalapalli.Eye camp was ZC Brahmam P organized in Siddhipet. Banswada Daimond Varni On 22.08.2010 Gajwel Club distributed Swin flue Medicine to 1000 Kotagiri students. Chegunta Club members conducted Mega Health Camp with the coordination of Medicity Hospital and tested 800 ZC Triyambakeshwar patients.In that they have taken 106 members for Eye operation. Birkur Tree Plantation: Narsapur Snehabandhu members organized a Ryali on 20.08.2010 to plant the trees.Siddhipet sripriya arranged 50 Tree guards and allotted those for tree plantation. On 15.08.2010 Swarnadhama club members planted 100 trees.

Banswada Madhunur ZC Narayan Reddy T Pitlam Bichkunda Bansawada Platinum

Region News

PDG P Basaveswara Rao is LCIF Multiple Coordinator The International President and board of LCIF appointed 324C6 PDG Lion P Basaveswara Rao (PBR) as the Multiple Co-ordination Upto 2012. Lion PBR broke the world record by inducting 1392 members during his governorship (91.82% net growth) achieved by any world District Governor in last 92 years. In honour of this distinction achievement, Lion PBR was called to the 93rd International Convention at Minneapolis which he in turned deputed Lion Dr G Babu Rao and Lion M Nagaraju to be there as the special guest. Lion PBR was unanimously endorsed as the International Director at the 2009-10 District Conference for 324C6. He is the founder of Lions Eye Hospital at Bodhan founded in 1999. The Hospital celebrated 10th year in the presence of Past International President Lion Dr Ashok Mehta. He remarked this unique permanent project as one of the best rural hospital being run efficiently by the Lions the world over. Past Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajashekar Reddy also visited this hospital and showered high praise by the works being undertaken by Lion PBR and extended around government support. International Director Lion V V Krishna Reddy paid his first visit to this hospital after being installed as the International Director. Lion PBR is the first Indian to have been bestowed with the “Helping Hand� award by the Chairman of LCIF & IPIP Lion Mahendra Amarsuriya. Lion PBR is a die-hard Lion and is also a workaholic. He has intensively toured and keeps a regular update of all Lions Clubs.

Region News Sahithi Region

PST’s & Ist VP attended First Zone Advisory Meeting at Dichpally on 26th Sept’10 under chairmanship of Lion D Narsimha Raju mjf Zone Chairperson.

RC Raghu Ram Reddy Advisor PDG Anand K V

September 2010 : Teachers Day : we have honoured 2 eminent teachers on teachers day at Hyderabad. Engineers Day : We have honoured Engineer on Engineers day at Hyderabad. PST’s & Ist VP attended First Zone Advisory Meeting at Dichpally on 26th Sept’10 under chairmanship of Lion D Narsimha Raju mjf Zone Chairperson. Essay Writing Competion : We have conducted Essay Writing Competition in Little Hearts School on behalf International Literacy Day Peace Pledge: We have conducted Peace pledge at Little Hearts High School, Nizamabad on 21st Sept’10.

ZC Sudheer Babu Armoor Navanathapuram Indur Vanitha Nizamabad Seva ZC Shaik Abdul Shafi Bheemgal Nizamabad Kalyani Nizamabad Fort City

ZC Narsimha Raju D July’10 & Sept’10 Clubs under my Zone are Lions Club of Armoor Sreeman, Dichpally, Lions Club of Nizamabad Kalyani July ’10 : Nizamabad, Nizmabad Kalyani. The following is my report from my zone. Club got Inagurated on 7th July’10 by our International Director Lion V V Krishna Reddy. Adopted Govt. School at Amruthapur Village Distributed July’10 and August”10 Books, Pens to the students. August’10: Lions Club of Armoor Sreeman Sports and other competitions: Conducted Competitions at Adopted MMR/WMMR Report: No Report to Till date. Govt. School at Amruthapur Village , Nizamabad on 12th Aug’10. Tree Plantation Program : 300 Tree Saplings were planted at Govt. July ’10 : Girriraj College, Nizamabad and at Amrutha Gardens, Nizamabad Treeplantation : 6000 Saplings Eye Camp : This club is conducting camp every Wednesday of the month at Independence Day : Distributed Sweets ,Fruits & Uniforms at Adopted Govt. School at Amruthapur Village , Nizamabad. Sreeman office and distributing medicines to patients. Tree Plantation Program : 220 Tree Saplings were planted at Abhangapatnam Village, Nizamabad on 24th Aug’10. August’10: Diabetic Camp: 14th Aug’10 conducted Diabetic Camp 400 people were Mother Theresa Birth Day : They have distributed fruits at Govt. Hospital, Nizamabad on 26th Aug’10. screened and distributed medicines to Diabetic Patients. Independence Day : They hoisted flag at their Sreeman office and September 2010 : st Honored 5 eminent Freedom Fighters on the eve of Independence Day World Peace : On 21 Sept we have conducted Rally and Peace pledge at Nizmabad. Celebration. Swinflu Awareness Program :They have conducted swineflu awareness Honoured Teachers, Engineers, Doctors &Advocates : We have honoured eminent Teachers,Doctors,Engineers & Advocates on 26th Sept’10 program by distributing Pamphlets and medicines in various villages. Eye Donation Propogation : They have involved with Government to at Dichpally, Nizmabad. bring awareness in public about Eye Donation. It’s a very big awareness program by the Govt. and Sreeman Club. Lions Club of Dichpally Dues : Not paid District & International Dues MMR/WMMR Report: No Report to Till date. July ’10 : Swinflu Awareness Program : They have conducted swineflu awareness program by distributing medicines in village. August’10: Distribution of Clothes: They have distributed clothes at RBC,Dichpally sponsored by Lion Shirshylam Secretary . Lions Club of Nizamabad Dues : District and International Dues paid fully. MMR/WMMR Report: Reports sent on time to District and Reported on time for July they have reported by 30th and August by 31st . July ’10 : Doctors Day : Honored Eminent Doctors on 04th July’2010 Installation Ceremony. Tree Plantation Program : 100 Tree Saplings were planted at Highway, Nizamabad and at Amrutha Gardens, Nizamabad August’10: Essay Writing & Drawing Competition: Conducted Competition on 14th Aug’10 at Little Hearts School, Nizmabad. 15th August’10 : They have hoisted flag at Adopted Village Chakradhar Nagar distributed sweets and fruits to the villagers. They have distributed prizes to winners at Little Hearts school, Nizambad. Mother Theresa Birth Day : They Hospital, Nizamabad on 26th Aug’10.

have distributed fruits at Govt.

Region News

4 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do

Grow with Lions

We are extremely delighted and encourage by your good wishes expressed on the 1st issue of Lions Update. We express our thanks For all the folks with cell phones. (This should be printed and in abundance.

kept in your car, purse, and wallet. Good information to have Lions Update has the highest circulation in our Multiple and covers with you.)

around 3300 homes across the country and has the readership of over 20,000.

There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. We have initiated the works on the 2nd issue of Lions Update and are expected to be released in September 2010. Here are the few new

Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an initiatives that the editorial board has come out with:emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you - District Chairpersons can get their newsletters published in the can do with it: Lions Update at Rs 1500 per page per issue. FIRST-Emergency The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find Yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile network and there is an Emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to Establish the emergency number for you, and in terestingly, this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. Try it out.

SECOND-Have you locked your keys in the car? Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys In the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their cell phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot.From your car door and ha ve the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock. Saves someone from having to drive your keys to you. Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles away, and if you can reach someone who has the other 'remote' for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the trunk).

A new column “greetings” is being launched wherein a Lion member can convey his/her best wishes to other Lion, his family member, friend on any occasion. We have dedicated one exclusive page for this and it’s free. Business and personal advertisements can be published and the rates are Back Page Rs 10,000 Inner Page Rs 07,500 Front Inner Page Rs 07,500 Full Page Rs 05,000 Half Page Rs 02,500

Terms & Conditions: -- 10% Discount on paying for 2 advertisement for two issues at a time -- All pages are in Colour and is subject to availability -- Matter & design to be supplied by the advertise -- Demand Draft in favour of “Lions Clubs International District 324C6” -- Cheque and cash not accepted -- The editorial board has the right to reject any advertisement. -- The rights to accept the advertisement is with the editorial board. Editor's Note: It works fine! We tried it out and it unlocked

our car over a cell phone!'

Looking forward to great and successful Lionistic activities,

THIRD-Hidden Battery Power Until than, enjoy Lionism, Imagine your cell battery is very low. To activate, press the keys *3370#.Your cell phone will restart with this reserve Lion Vikrantt Mohan and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery. This reserve will get charged when you charge your cell phone next time. FOURTH-How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone? To check your Mobile phone's serial number, key in the following Digits on your phone: *#06#. A 15-digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. If your phone gets stolen, you can phone your service provider and giv e them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless. You probably won't get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can't use/sell it either. If everybody does this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.

Important Note for Unpaid Clubs District Cabinet Treasurer Lion M Nagaraju wishes to alert those clubs to clear all outstanding International dues before 31st October 2010 failing which their club shall automatically kept under “status quo”. The dollar exchange rate for the month of October 2010 has been fixed by Lions Clubs International at Rs 45-02ps. For any clarification, please contact him at 9866411211.

Moral Values I thank Lion Dr G Babu Rao our District Governor for nominating me as District Chairperson for Moral Values. Day by day moral values are being diluted in this connection I would like to share my views with you.

New LCIF Partnership with Bausch + Lomb Early Vision Institute Aims to Prevent Childhood Blindness Sydney, Australia, June 28, 2010 – Lions Clubs International

According to Hindu mythology of all the four Yugas Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kali that follows one another in cycles, there is a Foundation announces a new partnership program with the progressive decline in moral standards and the age of kali is Bausch + Lomb Early Vision Institute. The partnership characterized by Sin and Impiety. program will be formally launched during the Lions Clubs We come across several instances in our great epics where in moral values and responsibilities were upheld. Sri Rama felt that it is his moral responsibility to go to Vanavas instead of occupying the throne of Ayodhaya to fulfill his father's Maharaja Dasharatha's promise to Kaikai. Laxmana thought it is his moral duty to follow his elder brother Rama into forest. In Mahabharatha we found several episodes in which Pandavas stood by Moral Values. What are Moral values? Moral Values is a wider concept covering various thoughts and actions of our day to day life, good character, self discipline, adherence to truth, non-violence, generous and kind mentality. Love and affection towards fellow beings are some of the elements of Moral Values. Our national leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabbhai Patel and social reforms like Raja Ram Mohan Rai, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa upheld moral values in their thoughts and deeds. For Gandhi God is Morality, God is Truth and God is Ethics. Lalbahadur Shastri resigned as Central Railway Minister owing moral responsibility for a train accident. Moksham Gundam Vishveshwaraiah the leading architect of our irrigation projects use to switch off office lights at the close of office hours and lit up his personal lamp for his own work. Such was the honesty, sincerity and commitment towards moral values of our elders. But unfortunately the present political and official morality and commitment to moral values present totally a different picture. In a society Human relations are built up on moral responsibilities and values. It is the moral responsibility of the parents to brought up their children in right direction, with moral discipline for their better and bright future. In the same way it is also moral binding on the part of the children to take care of their old aged parents' health and welfare. But unfortunately in the present material World Human relations are replaced by economics relations. In the olden day's student were imparted knowledge with moral values, adherence to truth, good conduct and obedience towards elders by their dedicated and committed Acharyas. But the present education system sans moral values. Students from their childhood should be given proper orientation on moral values like Truth, NonViolence and Honour towards elders, love and affection towards others then only morally sound and healthy society can be built. Therefore famous educationist Dr G S Kothari recommended the introduction of Moral Values in education system.

International Convention in Sydney, Australia during the first plenary session on Wednesday, June 30. Representatives from the Bausch + Lomb Early Vision Institute will join Lions Clubs International Executive Officers in announcing the new partnership program aimed at treating pediatric cataract. The Pediatric Cataract Initiative will seek out and fund innovative, replicable programs to prevent and treat cataract in infants and children and promote early childhood vision screenings. Bausch + Lomb is contributing US$350,000 in the pilot year to launch the partnership program. The Pediatric Cataract Initiative will utilize the resources of both organizations to identify, fund and promote innovative methods of overcoming this challenge for the long-term benefit of children, their families and their communities. “Lions Clubs International Foundation remains committed to saving the sight of millions of people worldwide,” said Al Brandel, Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation. “We’re excited about the prospects of the Pediatric Cataract Initiative and this new partnership with the Bausch + Lomb Early Vision Institute.” Pediatric cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens in children. Left untreated, it quickly becomes a critical cause of childhood vision loss and blindness. This new partnership program will help treat and prevent pediatric cataract. “Too many newborns afflicted with pediatric cataract have a lifetime of vision loss and blindness ahead of them – an untenable prospect in today’s world,” said Paul Sartori, corporate vice president, Bausch + Lomb. “With more funding and attention placed on research, prevention and treatment, we’ll be making an impact in the lives of children worldwide.”

The rate of pediatric cataract in Australia and other developed nations is one to four children per 100,000 births. In this context along with government agencies voluntary However, in underserved countries, the rate can be 10 times organization like our Lions Club should actively participate in greater. As such, during its first year, the Initiative will inculcating and promoting moral values in educational and social fields by under taking various activities in this direction.. primarily focus on aiding children within China, where an estimated 40,000 children suffer from pediatric cataract. Lion T Ehswaraiah DC- Moral Values

For additional information, visit

Be A Good Lion •

• • • • •

• • • • •

At the time of flag salutation all members must stand erect and face the national flag or in absence of national flag face the person rendering flag salutation. Any member wishing to leave the meeting before its conclusion should take permission from the President before the meeting start and may leave only when an item only agenda is completed and before another item is commenced. Such members should preferably sit in the rear so that their exit may not be noticed. Members joining the meeting after it has been called to order should preferably occupy a seat in the rear and in no case member for whom seat is kept at the head table need avail of the same if he comes late. It is not dignified to call for catering service after the meeting has been called to order. No food article should address every body in the head table and not by the subsequent speaker. They should only address as presiding officer fellow lions and friends. It is not good manners to indulge in cross talking while the meeting is in progress. It is courtesy to address the Chief Guest as Sir/Madam at the question time. It is not desirable to argue with the Chief Guest during the question time. When a member is on his feet it is discourteous for another member to interrupt him before he had finished. At the closed door meeting, where club matters are discussed, it is not proper for member of the Board to oppose Board decisions. Likewise, it is not proper for a member of a Committee to question the recommendations of his Committee at such meetings. It is not good manners to indulge in cross talking while the meeting is in progress. It is courtesy to address the Chief Guest as Sir/Madam at the question time. It is not desirable to argue with the Chief Guest during the question time. When a member is on his feet it is discourteous for another member to interrupt him before he had finished. At the closed door meeting, where club matters are discussed, it is not proper for member of the Board to oppose Board decisions. Likewise, it is not proper for a member of a Committee to question the recommendations of his Committee at such meetings. At the Club meetings, board meetings and committee meetings members should observe the courtesy of informing before hand in case it is not possible for them to attend. It is desirable to put on a lapel pin when attending Board Meetings, Committee Meetings and all Lions Functions. Of course it’s a must at the regular club meeting. If you want to put a suggestion or ask a question before the house whether a regular meeting or a Board Meeting, you should always first take the permission of the chair before doing so. At the time of visit of District Governor and its Cabinet, if any question is asked by him the President will either answer it himself or he will request somebody to give the clarification. One should not start answering of his own without being asked to do so.

Politically Correct Jokes The prime Minister of China called President Bush to console him after the attack on the Pentagon: “I’m sorry to hear about the attack.It is a very big tragedy. But in case you are missing any documents from the Pentagon, we have copies of everything.” Musharraf calls Bush on 11th Sept: Musharraf: Mr President, I would like to express my condolences to you. It is a real tragedy. So many people, such great bldgs... I would like to ensure that we had nothing in connection with that.. Bush: What buildings? What people?? Musharraf: Oh, and what time is it in America now? Bush: It’s eight in the morning. Musharraf: Oops...Will call back in an hour! Vajpayee and Bush are sitting in a bar. A guy walks in and asks the barman, “Isn’t that Bush and Vajpayee?” The barman says “Yep, that’s them.” So the guy walks over and says,”Hello, what are you guys doing?” Bush says, “We’re planning world war III” The guy says, “Really? What’s going to happen?” And Vajpayee says, “Well, we’re going to kill 14 million Pakistanis and one bicycle repairman.” And the guy exclaimed, “A bicycle repairman?!! !” Vajpayee turns to Bush and says, “See, I told you no-one would worry about the 14 million Pakistanis!” Pakistani on the moon: Q: What do you call 1 Pakistani on the moon? A: Problem... Q: What do you call 10 Pakistanis on the moon? A: Problem... Q: What do you call a 100 Pakistanis on the moon? A: Problem... Q: What do you call ALL the Pakistanis on the moon? A: ...... Problem Solved!!! A man is! taking a walk in Central park in New York. Suddenly he sees a little girl being attacked by a pit bull dog. He runs over and starts fighting with the dog. He succeeds in killing the dog and saving the girl’s life. A policeman who was watching the scene walks over and says: “You are a hero, tomorrow you can read it in all the newspapers: “Brave New Yorker saves the life of little girl”. The man says: “But I am not a New Yorker!” Oh then it will say in newspapers in the morning: “Brave American saves life of little girl” the policeman answers. “But I am not an American!” - says the man. Oh, what are you then?” The man says: “I am a Pakistani!” The next day the newspapers say: “Extremist kills innocent American dog”

MAGGI Taste bhi health bhi NESTLE INDIA LIMITED 6TH FLOOR SPENSOR PLAZA, 769 ANNA SALAI P.O BOX NO. 2789, CHENNAI-600002 MAGGI Taste bhi health bhi Greetings to you from Nestle! As you must be aware, Nestle are the manufacturers of renowned products like Milkmaid, Everyday Dairy Whitener, Nescafe, Sunrise, Maggi range of products and chocolates – to name a few. In the recent times our focus has been on culinary range of products, where cooking has become innovative and convenient. With a view to exchange these aspects of Nutrition Health and wellness, we are organizing a cooking demonstration with NESTLE products through our Home Economist / Culinary consultants, on a regular basis at selected clubs and organisations. These sessions have generated very good response in the past, as it is not only educative but participative also. We shall have a session on Importance of breakfast where we shall give some quick ideas for a healthy breakfast. Exciting games on health and Nutrition will be organized and a sale counter of Nestle products shall be put with attractive discounts.

Lions Club of Kaula Lumpur Vision City Website. International Relation Fellowship Dinner with Visiting Lions from India It is our club's honour to host a dinner from our guest Lion Mamidala Srinivas and his family and friends. The dinner was held at the Enak KL Restaurant at Star Hilll Galery, KL at 7:30pm. It is a Buka Puasa (Breaking Fast) buffet dinner to promote harmony of One Malaysia with multi-racial of cultures and the same time to exchange experience and information in lionism. Lion Mamidala Srinivas is from Lions Club of Siddipet Spoorthy, District 324 C6. Lion Mamidala is currently serving in the Cabinet as District SecretaryOrientation. He has been serving in the cabinet since 2002. Lion Mamidala also met our DG Dato' Yeow in the morning at the Region 3 & Region 4 Blood Donation and Organ Pledge joint project. President Mark Chua has presented our club's banerrette to Lion Mamidala and exchange of Pins. Lion Mamidala also presented District 324 C6 DG's & IPDG's pins to our club members and guests. 6 Lions from our club, 1 Leo, 1 Lion from New Century Lions Club of Segamat Baru and 4 FOLs attended the dinner. R3 & R4 Blood Donation Drive

Should you wish to provide us an opportunity for such a session, we This is the annual blood donation joint project that Region 3 would be delighted to organize the same in your organization at a & Region 4 Lion Clubs jointly organized the project together date and time suitable to your convenience, with a week’s prior with NGOs. A total of 26 lions clubs has participated in this intimation. Thanking you in anticipation and assuring you of our best services. Yours sincerely, Deena Ruparel Cell : 9440684384

project. The project was held on 29th August 2010 at Theam Hou Temple from 8am to 3pm. Total bags of blood collected was 678 and total organs pledege donors are 113. The Guest of Honour was the representative from National Blood Bank and our DG Dato' Yeow was the special guest. Our club has inivited Lion Mamidala Srinivas and his family to attend the project. Lion Mamidala Srinivas is the District Secretary Orientation from District 323 C6, who is our club's guest for the International Relation programme. He has met our DG Dato' Yeow and both of them exchanged PINs and mementos.


No Garlanding of any Lion Except Chief Guest / Dist. Governor.


Introduction of Lion Dignitaries should be made only in the beginning of the meeting and again before vote of thanks only.


Lions emblem, “Lions, Lions Club, Lioness, Leo and Lions Clubs International” should be used only on printing & Stationary and not on any other material or gift items until and unless purchased from authorised dealers.


Mail the copies of your circulars and letters regarding Project to District Governor, Vice District Governor, Secretary, Region Chairperson, Zone Chairperson and District P.R.O. & respective District Chairperson.


Mail the copies of your circulars and letters on Administrative matters to District Governor, Vice District Governor, Cabinet Secretary, Concerned Region and Zone Chairperson.

10. Do not call any person or Lion as a speaker when the District Governor is invited, without his consent. 11. General meetings should not last more than 45 minutes and special meetings such as Installation / Charter Night not more than 75 minutes in any case. 12. Meetings should be followed or preceded by hospitality. Nothing shall be served in between the meeting.

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations LIONS CLUB OF HYDERABAD GREEN LANDS Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations were conducted with the deaf and dumb children on 2nd October 2010 jointly with Anam Prem, Lions club of Hyd, East and Lions club of Hyd, Himayatnagar. Around 600 deaf and dumb children from schools of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh participated in the singing competitions and competion of expressions and cultural programs. Lion Ramesh Kosuri, Multiple Council Chairperson was the chief guest. Lion G. Babu Rao, District Governor, gave away the prizes. The children were also taken on a city sightseeing tour on 3rd October. We also arranged for the food and stay for 4days in the city for the children and their teachers.

Antim Yatra Lions Update expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and pray to God to grant eternal peace to the departed souls and strength to the families to bear with fortitude their irreparable loss. 04.08.2010 -Shri Badaraiah (90 yrs)father of PRC E Veeresham ( DCExtension) passed away at Nizamabad.

07.08.2010 -Mrs V Kameshwaramma RC Sudhakar's mother breathed her last at Hyderabad.

19.08.2010 -PRC P Badrinath's father Shri Puvvada Nageshwara Rao left for the heavenly abode at Hyderabad. His body was donated to Osmania Hospital to facilitate research students and also all his organs were donated. 29.08.2010 -Lion K C Rana Past President of Hyderabad East &Philanthropist passed away after prolong illness at his residence in Hyderabad in the morning.Lion KCR was a generous donor to the activities in and outside the District 324 C6 03.09.2010 –Dristi Datta PDG Dr P Ranga Reddy made a sudden exit from this world in the early morning of 3rd September 2010. He was the world record holder in conducting 324 IOL operations in one single day.

17.09.2010 –Shri Gampa Eswariaiah Father of IPDG Gampa Ramesh passed away at Siddipet after brief illness.He was an agriculturist,politician and served as village sarpanch for 18 long years.He was also the VicePresident of the State CoOperative bank. He is survived by wife Smt Annusuiya, three sons ( Lion Gampa Ramesh,Lion Gampa Mahesh, Shri Gampa Nagesh), one daughter Mrs.Meghamala and 10 grand children. Lion Sarangadhar Sepuri a 35 year old Lion Member, has left us on 5th October 2010. He was a senior Lion Member of Greater Anand Club and has served in the District Cabinet in various committees.

Mega Health Camp on World Heart Day

District Celeberates Giant Teachers Day

Lioness & Lions Club of Hyderabad East organised Free Mega Health camp on Sunday 26th September 2010 in collaboration with Mediciti Superspeciality Hospital, Swarup Eye Centre and Smilekraft Dental Clinic at Rajasthani Vidyalaya, Tagari-ka-naka, Hyderabad. The camp was inaugurated by Shri Ganeshlalji Mundada in the presence of District Governor Dr G Babu Rao, RC Sanjay Choudhary and DC (Eye Care) M Ravinder Reddy.

213 eminent teachers honoured

Many renowned Doctors were in attendance conducting checkups for Bone Mineral Density, Blood Sugar, ECG, 2D Echo, Cataract Surgeries, Dental care and procedures. Free follow-up consultation of camp patients were given for one month in Mediciti Hospital. Extra 25% concession on further investigation for the camp patients on OPD basis and 15% concession on admission in Mediciti Hospital.

In his signature style, Governor Dr G Babu Rao organised a grand and massive Teachers Day Celebrations in befitting manner. More than 100 teachers were honoured in the presence of the Chief Guest Dr K Lakhsminarayana IAS, Commissioner – Technical Education, Govt of AP on Sunday 5th September 2010 at JVN Gardens, BHEL X Roads, Hyderabad. Shri Nori Narayana Murthy MA, PhD was the guest speaker and DG Dr G Babu Rao presided. ID(E) P Basaveswara Rao, IPDG Gampa Ramesh, VD(1) D Pentaiah, VG(2) Kallem Penta Reddy were the guests of honour.

DCS Allam Panduranga Rao, DCT M Nagaraju and numerous RC, ZC, Inner Cabinet members, District Chairpersons, Club Presidents marked their presence. The event was organised under the The Club also honoured Dr Kedarnath Gupta, Dr Murlidhar Gupta, Chairmanship of DC Dr T Ramakrishna Reddy. Dr Usha Malpani, Smt Ranjana Gupta, Shri Shivshankar Agarwal, Shri Kailashchand Bhangadia and Shr Ganeshlalji Mundada in The teachers honoured were selected by a Panel of Officers recognitions of their support to the activities of their club. selected by the DG. Teachers from various schools of different levels were honoured with a shawl, certificate and a trophy by the The Club also distributed sewing machines to the deserving people DG Dr G Babu Rao and other District Officials present on the in the afternoon in the presence of District Governor Dr G Babu Rao. occasion. Club President Lion M Seetha Rao presided while Lioness Club President Lss Vibha Bharti and Programme Chairperson Lion Pushpa Boob monitored the activities during the day.

Elders Checked at the World Seniors Day

5th District Installation in International Style

Under the able guidance and mentorship of PDG Prof G Manoher Rao, the 4th annual joint District (C2+C6) activity was organised at AV College grounds on 2nd October 2010 in the most orderly and respectful manner.

The District cabinet members of DG Dr Babu Rao were installed by International Secretary & PDG Neville A Mehta on 18 August 2010 at a hugely attended ceremony held at Naren gardens, Hyderabad.

The attendance at this Programme by the elders has been increasing every year and this year was not exemption. It was estimated that around 800+ seniors attended and took the opportunity to get them checked for various ailments.

PDG & world’s single highest donor to the Lions Clubs International Foundation PDG Aruna Oswal (Mumbai) was capitulated with impressive gathering she saw it for the first time in South India.


Our DG Lion Dr G Babu Rao sponsored lunch to all the The fashion and technique with which the Installation participants which he is been doing continuously since the Officer Lion Neville Mehta inducted the cabinet with inspection of this celebrations by Lions.

his motivational true stories made him become instant hit like the old hindi super hit song “Bombay LC of Hyderabad Cosmo represented District 324C6 by conducting several games by PP Lion Kamal Rathi and Lion se aaye mere Dost, dost ko salaam karo” .His body Vandana Rathi. The club also served hot Nestle Noodles to all language, voice modulation, subject, small anecdotes and mirchi masaala was indeed worth the participants (Courtesy – PRC Lion Vikrantt Mohan). watching and listening. He inducted in his grand style the whole cabinet of DG Dr Babu Rao including the VD(1) D Pentaiah and VDG(2) Kallem Penta Reddy, DCS Allam Panduranga Rao and DCT M Nagaraju.

MERL Seminar – Unique & Creative

Become MJF

MERL (Membership, Extension, Retention and Leadership) seminar was conducted exclusive for the club’s President, Lion Gampa Bharat Kumar is now MJF Secretary and Treasurer on Sunday 3rd October 2010 at Hotel Sree Krishna Grand at 9am. District Governor Dr G Babu Rao Contribution to the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the major source of funds that is utilized for the multi-specialty inaugurated the seminar. PST from rural and urban Lions Clubs attended the seminar which was addressed by PDG OP Tibrewala, PDG Dr TVP Chary and PDG P Basaveswar Rao. They all enlightened the participants the importance of MERL for achieving the ideals and principle of Lionism. The participants were educated on MERL by the faculty through literature and power point presentation. The faculty who conducted various sessions included DCT Lion M Nagaraju, Chief Editor – District Directory Lion A Amarnatha Rao, DS (Leadership) Lion K Janardhan Reddy, DS (Membership) Lion Dr T Ramakrishna Reddy, DS (Extension) Lion E Veeresham, DS (Retention) Lion K Suneetha Anand, DS (Orientation) Lion Mamidala Srinivas and DC (MM Reports) Lion Vemuganti Srinivas. VD(1) Lion D Pentaiah and VD(2) Lion Kallem Penta Reddy also participated and encouraged the club leaders to enhance and implement their skills for further cementing the motto of Lionism.

service activities around the world. PDG Lion Aruna Oswal, who was the Chief Guest at our District installation, is the highest single donor to the LCIF by pledge around Rs 3.50 crores. By donating $ 100 or Rs 45,000, the LCIF confers Fellowship in the name of Lions Clubs International founder Melvin Jones to the donor, who can be a Lion or Non-Lion too. Even organisation can donate and receive the honour as MJF. Governor Lion Dr G Babu Rao acknowledges the generosity of Lion Gampa Bharat Kumar of Lions Club of Hyderabad Budhapurnima for being the first to have contributed to the LCIF. It may please note that our Governor Lion Dr G Babu Rao grants a personal donation of Rs 5,000 and the District Rs 5,000 to every donor who wishes to become MJF during 2010-11. For enrolling please contact DS (LCIF) Lion D Ramchandram (98666-60451).

324C6 Membership Growing at Turbo Speed

DS (Membership) Lion Dr T Ramakrishna Reddy announced the growth of District 324C6 by 376 members as on 31st September The seminar came to close with the address by the VDG(1) 2010. The District’s membership was 3191 members as on 1st July Lion D Pentaiah. Sumptuous lunch was served to all the 2010 and has swollen to 3567 members. District 324C6 also has the honour of having 760 women membership as on 31st September participants. 2010.

15 New Lions Clubs inaugurated – many in the pipeline

District Governor’s Dairy 28.07.2010 C2 Installation 31.07.2010 Hyd Cosmo 07.08.2010 C3 Installation 14.08.2010 RC/ZC Meeting 15.08.2010 Hyd Adrash 15.08.2010 Independence Day @ Lions Bhawan 28.08.2010 1st Multiple Council Meeting 29.08.2010 1st Multiple Council Meeting 05.09.2010 Teacher’s Day Celebrations 06.09.2010 ID Krishna Reddy visits our District 09.10.2010 RC/ZC meeting 10.10.2010 2nd Cabinet Meeting Host: LC Siddipet 15.10.2010 International White Cane Safety Day 22.10.2010 Hyderabad Capital 30.10.2010 Hyderabad Manjeera & Sabari 31.10.2010 Hyd West, Jansevak, Greenlands, Budhapurnima, Janani & Lion City. 13.11.2010 RC/ZC meeting 14.11.2010 Hyd Cosmo 14.11.2010 World Diabetics Day 27.11.2010 2nd Multiple Council meeting 28.11.2010 2nd Multiple Council meeting 02.12.2010 ISAAME at Dubai 03.12.2010 ISAAME at Dubai 04.12.2010 ISAAME at Dubai 05.12.2010 ISAAME at Dubai 05.12.2010 International Leo Day 11.12.2010 RC/ZC meeting 18.12.2010 Hyderabad Metro 25.12.2010 Hyderabad Rajdhani 27.12.2010 Patancheru 02.01.2011 ReCon Sneha Region 03.01.2011 Jubilee Hills 06.01.2011 Hyderabad East Charter Nite 09.01.2011 3rd Cabinet Meeting at Nizamabad 13.01.2011 Melvin Jones Birthday 16.01.2011 ReCon – Lion S Yadgiri 17.01.2011 All India Lions Meet 18.01.2011 All India Lions Meet 19.01.2011 All India Lions Meet

21.01.2011 23.01.2011 26.01.2011 29.01.2011 30.01.2011 04.02.2011 06.02.2011 06.02.2011 12.02.2011 13.02.2011 17.02.2011 18.02.2011 19.02.2011 20.02.2011 23.02.2011 25.02.2011 26.02.2011 27.02.2011 27.02.2011 27.02.2011 28.02.2011 02.03.2011 06.03.2011 09.03.2011 11.03.2011 12.03.2011 13.03.2011 16.03.2011 22.03.2011 26.03.2011 27.03.2011 02.04.2011 03.04.2011 06.04.2011 09.04.2011 09.04.2011 09.04.2011 10.04.2011 12.05.2011 13.05.2011

Hyderabad Elite ReCon – Lion S Yadgiri Hyderabad Greater Anand Hyderabad Sanathnagar ReCon – Lion Anand Rao Maiya Hyderabad Capital ReCon – Lion P V Subba Rao ReCon – Lion Sanjay Choudhary RC/ZC meeting ReCon – Lion V Sudhakar Bodhan Kamareddy Seva Sadan ReCon – Lion Samrajyam ReCon – Lion V Suresh Hyderabad Swarnadhama 3rd Multiple Council meeting 3rd Multiple Council meeting Honouring of PDGs of AP ReCon – Lion M Raghavendra Rao Hyderabad Blues Varni, Birkoor, Kotagiri, Banswada Daimond Mahila Utsav Narsapur & Hathnoora Hyderabad Himayatnagar RC/ZC meeting ReCon – Lion Raghu Ram Reddy Chinna Shankerampet Sangareddy Hyderabad king Koti District Governor Honouring Bodhan Siddipet Spoorthy Medak Manjeera RC/ZC meeting 4th Cabinet Meeting C6 District Conference C6 District Conference 4th Multiple Council meeting 4th Multiple Council meeting

MMR Update Month November 2010 Dear Lion Leaders

Dear Lions,

The following 26 clubs MM Reports have not received by the District I wish you all a very happy Dasara. for the month of July and August 2010: I take this opportunity to inform you through these columns that about 30 clubs in our district Region Clubs have not been sending their MM reports regularly, neither to the Sneha Green City district governor nor to the international office. The number of defaulting clubs is nearly one third of the total number of clubs in Sahakar Koti the district and this gives a poor image of our district. If only we had Harmony realized the importance of this vital administrative report, this Rajendranagar would not have happened. Swarna Gajwel Sneha In the case of some clubs, the monthly reports have been sent, but Jagdevpur they are either incomplete or erroneous. There are discrepancies in membership statistics in many clubs. Every variation in Shubham Chevella membership particulars means either an unnecessary payment of Sadasivpet dues or denial of facilities such as group insurance benefits to Zaheerbad Disha members. Seva Banswada Platinum To help you with the filing of the monthly report and to resolve the Bichkunda membership differences between the district and international Kotagiri records, I will be available at Lions Bhavan on every Saturday from Madnur 2 pm to 5 pm during the month of November 2010. Let us treat the entire month of November 2010 as MMR Update month Samatha Prashanth Nagar and resolve all pending issues. Yedapally Sahithi


Armoor Sreeman Bheemgal Dichpally Nizamabad Friends Nizamabad Kalyani Nizamabad Seva Bhainsa Diamond Kuntala Diamond Nirmal Parchsheel Nirmal Arts Nirmal Fort Town Lion Srinivas Vemuganti District Chairperson-MMR Cell : 9246538477

Secretary or any other member of the club may please visit Lions Bhavan on any Saturday and take advantage of the support. Living is Giving Lion Srinivas Vemuganti

Great India Renamed Indian states l Madhya Bharat to Madhya Pradesh (change effective from 1 November 1959) l Madras to Tamil Nadu (change effective from 14 January 1969) l Mysore to Karnataka (change effective from 1 November 1973) l Uttaranchal to Uttarakhand (change effective from 1 January 2007) l West Bengal to Bangla (not yet effective) [1] l Assam to Asom (not yet effective) [2] l Orissa to Odisha (approved by the Union Cabinet, awaiting Parliament’s nod)[3] Renamed Indian union territories l Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands to Lakshadweep (change effective from 1 November 1973) l Pondicherry to Puducherry (change effective from 1 October 2006) Renamed Indian cities Andhra Pradesh l Elgandal to Karimnagar l Indur to Nizamabad l Metuku to Medak l Paalamuru to Mahaboonagar l Ellore to Eluru (change effective 1949) l Waltair to Vizagapatam l Vizagapatam to Vishakapatnam l Bezawada to Vijayawada l Cuddapah to kadapa l Ongole Dist. to Prakasham l Nellore Dist. to Pottisriramulu Nellore Assam l Nowgong to Nagaon l Gauhati to Guwahati (change effective 1983) l Sibsagar to Sivasagar Gujarat l Baroda to Vadodara (change effective 1974) l Cambay to Khambhat l Bulsar to Valsad Himachal Pradesh l Simla to Shimla

l l l l l l l l l

Avantika to Ujjain Bhelsa to Vidisha Rassen to Raisen Saugor to Sagar Jubbulpore to Jabalpur Bhopal Bairagarh to Sant Hirda Ram Nagar, Bhopal Bellasgate to Bheraghat Ojjain to Ujjaini Mandu to Mandavgarh

Maharashtra l Poona to Pune l Kirkee to Khadki l Thana to Thane l Bombay to Mumbai (change effective 1995) l New Bombay to Navi Mumbai (change effective 1995) l Bassein to Vasai Puducherry l Pondicherry to Puducherry (change effective from 1 October 2006) l Yanaon to Yanam (change effective from merger with Indian Union) Punjab l Jullunder to Jalandhar Tamil Nadu l Madura to Madurai (change effective 1949) l Tinnevelly to Tirunelveli l Tranquebar to Tharangambadi l Trichinopoly to Tiruchirapalli l Madras to Chennai (change effective August 1996) l Tanjore to Thanjavur l Tuticorin to Thoothukudi l Cape Comorin to Kanyakumari l Coimbatore to Koyamutthoor (change effective 1997) l Ootacamund to Udagamandalam l Conjeevaram to Kanchipuram l Virudupatti to Virudhunagar l Potonovo to Parangipettai

Uttar Pradesh l Cawnpore to Kanpur (change effective 1948) l Benares to Varanasi (change effective 1956) Karnataka Allahabad to Prayag (not yet approved) l Bangalore to Bengaluru (change effective 2007), “Bangalore” still used by l l Agra to Agrabana majority of businesses and people l Mysore to Mysuru (change effective 2007) West Bengal l Gulbarga to Kalburgi (change effective 2007) l Calcutta to Kolkata (change effective from 1 January 2001) l Hubli to Hubballi (change effective 2007) l Burdwan to Bardhaman l Shimoga to Shivamogga (change effective 2007) l Chikmagalur to Chikkamagaluru (change effective 2007) l Bellary to Ballary (change effective 2007) l Bijapur to Vijapura (change effective 2007) l Hospet to Hosapete (change effective 2007) l Tumkur to Tumakuru (change effective 2007) l Kaup to Kapu (change effective 2007) Kerala l Trivandrum to Thiruvananthapuram (change effective from 1991) l Cochin to Kochi (change effective from 1996) l Calicut to Kozhikode l Quilon to Kollam l Trichur to Thrissur l Cannanore to Kannur l Cranganore to Kodungallur l Tellicherry to Thalassery l Palghat to Palakkad l Alleppey to Alappuzha (change effective from 1990) l Alwaye to Aluva l Verapoly to Varapuzha l Badagara to Vatakara l Palai to Pala Madhya Pradesh l Ahilyanagari/Indur to Indore

Lions International Peace Poster Contest Lions International Peace Poster Contest is one of the very rare drawing contests which are competed worldwide. Some children learn about war and strife first hand in their homeland. Many others view the unsettling images on television. That’s why Lions clubs around the world sponsor local Peace Poster Contests to give children a way to artistically express what peace means to them. This contest has been organized for the last 23 years since 198889. The Theme for the 2010-11 Contest is VISION OF PEACE In order to compete in the Contest you may follow the below stated guideline: a. Learn about the Contest from the Lions Clubs International Website After opening the website, click on ‘Our Work’, then on ‘Youth Program’ and then on ‘Peace Poster Contest’. Study the details carefully. Also see the Grand Prize Winners from the earlier 22 years contest. Also see the 23 Merit Award winners from the 2009-10 Contests. You will note that in 2009-10 Contest, out of the 23 Merit Awards, 3 were from India b. Purchase the Peace Poster Contest Kit from the Lions Clubs International. You may check with your District Chairperson Peace Poster Contest, in case the District has purchased some kits from the International. This kit includes the following: a. Details about the Contest b. Winner Sticker c. Certificate for Achievement Award d. Certificate of Appreciation c. The Lions Club need to sponsor the contest in a local school(s) or organized, sponsored youth group(s) such as YMCA, Scouts etc. Hence, your club need to identify the school(s) where it would like to organize the contest d. In the school the contest is open for students in the age group of 11 to 13 (both inclusive) as on 15th November. While the school needs to check the age of the participating students, generally they are students of class 5 to 7. e. The participants are required to: a. Artistically depict the interpretation of the contest theme in a poster format b. Write a line on what they have depicted in the posters f. Your club should explain to the school the Rules and Regulations of the Contest. This is important as noncompliance with the rules, may lead to rejection of the entry. The Rules and Regulations are given below: a. The Artwork must be no smaller than 13 inches by 20 inches (33 centimeter by 50 centimeter) and no larger than 20 inches by 24 inches (50 centimeter by 60 centimeter). Do not mat or frame artwork. b. All media are accepted. In case of use of Chalk, Charcoal and Pastel entries must be sealed with a fixative spray to prevent smearing. Do not laminate entries. c. The use of numbering or lettering on the front of the poster, in any language, is not allowed. All artists’ signature or initials should be written on the back of the poster. d. Artwork should be done on a flexible material, so that it can be rolled for shipping in a mailing tube.

Do not fold poster. Only one entry per student and each entry must be the work of only one student. f. All artwork must be the student’s original creation. Duplications are not accepted. The school must authenticate the entry by signing the application form. g. Three-dimensional entries will not be accepted. Nothing may be glued, stapled or attached to the artwork in any way. h. Lions Clubs International is not responsible for entries damaged, destroyed or lost during the judging process. i. Entries cannot be acknowledged or returned; they become the property of the Lions Clubs International upon receipt. j. In consideration of the opportunity to enter the Peace Poster Contest, participants agree to allow Lions Clubs International to use their names and photographs for promotional and publicity purposes. Also ensure that the participants have gone through the website and have studied the award winning posters from the previous year contest. This is to provide the students a fair idea of what is expected from them You need to fix the date of holding the contest in the sponsored school. However, the contest needs to be completed on or before 15th November. The best poster at the contest needs to be submitted to the District before 15th November. Before submitting your club entry to the District, you need to fill up the details on the ‘Winner Sticker’ received in the Peace Poster Kit and affix it on the back of your club entry to the District. You could hold the contest in more than one school and submit more than one entry to the District. The Stages of Judgment are as below: a. From all the entries to the District, the Best Poster will be selected and forwarded to the Multiple District b. From all the entries to the Multiple District, the Best Poster will be selected and forwarded to the International for the final contest. Hence, as of today from the 7 Multiple District in India, 7 entries will be sent to the International c. From the entries received from over 100 countries, the best 24 entries are selected for award While your club could provide the awards in the sponsored school, the Awards at the International Level contest are: a. One International Grand Prize Winner receives an Engraved Plague and Cash Prize of US$2500 at a Special Award Ceremony on Lions Day with the United Nationals in New York City with two family members and the President of the sponsoring Lions Club b. 23 International Merit Award Winners receive Cash Award of US$500 and Certificate of Achievement e.




j. k.


Wishing you the very best for sponsoring the Lions International Peace Poster Contest in a School(s) in your area. For guidance, please call RC Sanjay Choudhary (Pioneer on organsing Peace Poster Contest in our District) at 9246-376856 or DC – Peace Poster Contest Lion Ahmed Hameed Shariff at 801926226

Lions Update, Issue II Inner Pages  

Lions Clubs International, District 324C6, Issue II Inner Pages

Lions Update, Issue II Inner Pages  

Lions Clubs International, District 324C6, Issue II Inner Pages