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Editorial Dear Lions,

Seasons greetings & Best wishes to all of you. I and our club members thank Lion Dr.D.Ashok, Region Chairperson for choosing me as Editor for “Gangotri� Region Conference Souvenir. We are all proud to be members of Lions Clubs International. It is the largest service club organisation in the world with 1.35 million members in more than 46,000 clubs worldwide. Lions Clubs are everywhere. Lions men and women who are active in community projects in more than 207 countries and geographic areas. Lions Clubs are best known for fighting blindness. We thank our founder Melvin Jones for giving us opportunity to serve the poor and needy people in the community through Lions Clubs. During this conference all clubs together conduct good service activities like distribution of Sewing Machines, Tricycles, Artificial Limbs etc. Region Conference gives us a great opportunity to meet all club members together and exchange our views for a good cause. It is a good platform to recognise the services rendered by the dedicated & committed Lions by giving mementoes to them. All the clubs will get opportunity to speak about the service activities done by different clubs. Many nonlions are also invited to witness the function and to see the discipline maintained by the Lion members during banner presentation and other activities during conference. All Lions will enjoy the hospitality of the Host Club i.e. LC Hyderabad Ankit. Everybody will remember the conference for ever and carry the sweet memories. We are bringing out a souvenir during Region Conference. This is a good opportunity for people to know about the clubs doing excellent service activities, conducting Mega Health Camps, their permanent projects and the awards received by the club members. Region Chairperson Lion Dr. D.Ashok has formed different committees with dynamic & experienced Lions as team leaders to organise this Region Conference systematically. In this conference all the active clubs and other active Lions of our Region will be recognised for their dedicated and committed service. My Sincere thanks to all the advertisers, donors, all the committee members and all the club members for participating in large numbers will make the conference a grand success. I wish that our Region should stand 1st in our District with the co-operation of all club memebrs of our Region. Best regards

Lion P.Ramesh Chandra Babu Editor

Keynote Lion Dr.D.Ashok mjf Region Chairperson

Lions, Lionesses, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to address the Region Conference of Region-I, District 316 B, named ‘GANGOTRI REGION CONFERENCE’. Lions Clubs International is a vibrant International service organization which has a huge workforce, more than 1.3 million strong. It has the world’s largest extended family with an attitude: we serve. With an ethic of voluntary service as a duty, of compassion delivered with passion, it represent a vast repository of human goodness in a world where too much of the news seems relentlessly depressing. I am intensely gratified to be a part of an organization whose work, whose very existence, in fact, is a beacon of hope in a profoundly unfair, lopsided world of vast privilege, hoarded by the billionaires, the multi-millionaires, indifferent to the misery, the poor health, the early deaths from entirely preventable causes, of the bottom billion, the people who are down to the last cent. Graciously I am elated to chair the Region-I of District 316 B, which constitutes 14 Clubs and an enterprising network of four energetic Zone Chairpersons and four constructive Zone Membership Advisors. I would like to intensely thank Lion N N Murthy our esteemed District Governor for giving me this assignment. Region-I is proud to have eight Lions having completed 50 years service in Lionism. Another important appreciation to the region would be a positive growth in membership and enrollment of 4 new Lions as mjfs, which totals to 57 Lions holding Melvin Jones Fellowship.

I am proud that my home club Lions Club of Hyderabad Ankit stands no.1 in the Region in new members’ induction. Region-I stays advanced by upgrading itself by attending International Leadership Training at Advanced Lions Leadership Institute, held at Ghaziabad, on 5th of October, 2012. Ardently, the interesting thing about this program is, two of the three Lions of this District who took part in this training, belong to Region – I. Any advancement through this training solely credits to Lion P Ramesh Chandra Babu and Lion Y V Ramachandra Rao. Lion G K Ramana, former Region Chairperson and a dedicated Lion was given the assignment of Conference Chairperson. His rich experience in hosting the conference and an enthusiastic support from my home club Lions Club of Hyderabad Ankit, compositely shall win the hearts of all the Lions who eye witness the conference. I have to place on record the excellent contribution of my home Club President Lion Dr D Sarasija for her untiring efforts to make this Region vibrant with service activities and a concord team work. Finally I would like to thank the entire Lions’ team who has put in efforts in architecture and carving of this conference and make it grandeur raising the slogan ‘Nobility Nurtures Mankind’.

Lion Dr D Ashok mjf Region Chairperson

Lion Dr. D. Ashok, Lion Dr. D. Sarasija and Lion D. Rahul

Childhood photo of Lion Dr. D. Ashok

A word from Conference Chairperson Lion G.K.Ramana mjf Conference Chairperson Dear Lion Dr D Ashok, Congratulations on your successful journey as the Region Chairperson of Region - I, District 316 B. Being a one among this concord region, I am excited to celebrate the most looked forward occasion of the year. It is very important to ink all the achievements and activities of the Region on a souvenir, for the inspiration and learning of fellow Lions. I am happy to learn that in your focused guidance, the Region has performed in an energetic and constructive manner with a slogan 'forget "me" to project "we". However all this would not happen without your commitment, dedication and sincere thinking to be at your best. Region-I in our District has a distinctive composite of talent, serving the people who are down to last cent. Lions Fraternity coming from mixture of seniors and juniors. Region has created a converse environment with a blend of Lions with different abilities and aptitudes. Region-I under your capacity is well poised to show case a Region that will speak of Excellence, Commitment and Dedication towards Lionism. Having served the District as a Region Chairperson earlier I volunteered to take an active part in this Region and I offered my services. I am elated to actively participate and take up the assignment to chair the conference. I am certain that this wonderful event will win the hearts of all the Lions who witness it and inspire them to ensure a sincere and candid commitment towards Lionism. We would like to see Nobility Nurtures Mankind Lion G.K.Ramana

Message Lion R. Sunil Kumar pmjf International Director Dear Dr Ashok, Greetings! It is extremely delightful to watch your performance as a Region Chairperson of our District. Having observed your commitment to Lionism for over 7 years now, and the key support you had extended to help keep LC HYD Ankit active, I am glad that you are the Region Chair. You are a highly qualified professional and a leader who has seen various trends in Lionism. I believe you must take on the task of rebuilding the enthusiasm in Lions to passionately steer our organization. The strength of an organization is its members. Unless our members are motivated by the quality of programs we undertake; by the content of the activity they are associated with and the Leadership opportunities that are offered to them, they may not turn very productive members. We must all work towards enhancing the relevance of Lionism to be able to relate to its members and their needs. Let us create such opportunities. We are only known by what we give or by what we create! When we only participate, we often speak about others and their deeds. But when we play, others participating will speak about us. My compliments to the Clubs in your Region for the outstanding work they have done during this year and to the team of Zone Chairpersons for the contributions they have made. May this Region Conference spark off new avenues for members and Clubs to add glory to Lionism. With fond regards, Sincerely yours Sunil Kumar R

Advisors of Gangotri Region Conference

Lion Dr.S.S.Reddy pmjf, PDG Lion Dr.A.Ranga Rao pmjf, PDG LC Hyderabad LC Hyderabad

Lion P.S Bantia mjf, PDG LC Hyderabad

Lion S.S.Malhotra mjf, PDG LC Hyderabad Gems

Inner Cabinet Members of Our Region

Lion P V Sai, Dist. Cab. Secretary LC Hyd Prashanth

Lion K.Sai Baba, Dist.Cab.Treasurer LC Hyd Prashanth

Lion Y.V.Ramachandra Rao mjf Dist.Addl.Cab.Treasurer LC Hyderabad

Lion G.K.Ramana mjf, Dististrct PRO LC Hyderabad Health City

Lion Devender Bhandari mjf District Secretary - Peace Poster Contest LC Hyderabad

Lion P.Ramesh Chandra Babu Dist.Addl.Cab.Sect.& Chief Editor LC Hyd Pearls

Lion A.Venkatesh mjf, District Secretary-Convention LC Hyderabad Prashanth

Conference Leaders

Lion G.K.Ramana mjf Conference Chairperson

Lion M.Malleshwar mjf Conference Secretary

Lion Dr.D.Sarasija mjf Conference Treasurer

Editorial Board

Lion P.Ramesh Chandra Babu Editor

Lion D. Rahul Member

Lion Suhas B. Rao Lion Dr.P.Srinivas Member Member

Lion Sandeep Agarwal Member

Lion N.N.Murthy mjf District Governor

Lion Dr.P.Narasimha Reddy mjf First Vice District Governor

Lion Dr.D. Ashok mjf Region Chairperson

Lion Chittimalla Srinivas Lion Proddutoori Srinivas Zone Chairperson-I Zone Chairperson-II

Lion M.Prema Kumar pmjf Second Vice District Governor

Lion Malleshwar M mjf Region Secretary

Lion Sanjeev Lakhotia Zone Chairperson-III

Lion Sashi Nahata Zone Chairperson-IV

Our Region is proud to have 8 Great Lions who have completed 50 years in Lionism. All of them belong to Lions Club of Hyderabad

Lion NC Dalal

Lion B Vijay Reddy

Lion.PS Bantia

LC Hyderabad DOJ : 1st October 1958

LC Hyderabad DOJ : 1st October 1958

DOJ : 1st July 1959

Lion.Vasant C Dalal

Lion.A.Ranga Rao

Lion Ramesh K.Sawhney

LC Hyderabad DOJ : 1st October 1960

LC Hyderabad DOJ : 1st June 1961

DOJ : 1st October 1961

LC Hyderabad

LC Hyderabad

Lion I Surendra Luniya

Lion Raj Kishore Kapoor

LC Hyderabad DOJ : 1st July 1962

DOJ : 1st October 1962

LC Hyderabad

Melvin Jones Melvin Jones FOUNDER OF Lions Clubs International Melvin Jones was born on January 13, 1879, at Fort Thomas Arizona. At age 33 he was the sole owner of his own insurance agency in Chicago, Illinois and became a member of the local business circle. After two years, he felt that as influential businessmen, their talents could be better utilized in other areas of community life. In 1917 after pursuing this thought for four years they formed what is now known as LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL with 27 clubs from around the United States. The Association became international in 1920, when the Lions of Detroit chartered the Windsor Ontario Lions Club, in Canada, In 1950, Melvin Jones was conferred the title of SECRETARY GENERAL of LIONS INTERNATIONAL for life. Since that time Lions organizations have grown to over 1.4 million members in over 46,000 clubs in 207 countries. Melvin Jones the founder of this great service organization, died in 1961. His philosophy of life, “you can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else,” lives in our motto “WE SERVE.” In 1961 the International Board of Directors proclaimed January 13 (the birthday of our founder, Melvin Jones) as a day of memory each year through out the world of Lionism. Founders and Rededication month traditionally observed in January, shall thereafter be designated as Melvin Jones Memorial month.

Flag Salutation We salute our national flag and pledge our allegiance to the same. Its honour and its glory depend upon the zeal and assiduity with which each one of us will shoulder the responsibilities of a good citizen. Its history written in letters of gold inspires us to put in good work for the fair name of our country. We declare our unflinching loyalty to our national flag and maintain that its course shall be our course and that each individual amongst us shall make genuine efforts to add to its lustre and glory and make it fly proudly aloft in the commity of nations.

|ü‘êø£ e+<äqeTT eTq C≤rj·T |ü‘êø±ìøÏ e+<äq+ #˚dæ, <ëì |ü≥¢ uÛÑøÏÔ $XÊ«kÕ\qT yÓ\¢&çdüTÔHêïeTT. ñ‘·ÔeT bÂs¡T\ u≤<Ûä´‘·\qT ìs¡«Væ≤+#·&É+˝À Á|ü‹ ˇø£ÿs¡T Á|ü<ä]Ù+#˚ ÁX¯<ë∆dü≈£îÔ\ MT<ä <ëì Á|ü‹wü˜, ÁbÕuÛÑe+ Ä<Ûës¡|ü&ç e⁄HêïsTT. düTesêíøså£ ê\‘√ *œ+#·ã&çq <ëì |ü$Á‘· #·]Á‘· eTq <˚XÊìøÏ dürÿ]Ôì düeT≈£L]à ñ‘·eÔ Tø£èwæ dü\|ü&ÜìøÏ eTq≈£î Áb˛‘ê‡Vü≤, Áb˛<ä“˝≤\qT n+<äCdÒ Tü +Ô ~. eTq C≤rj·T |ü‘êø£+ |ü≥¢ n#·+#·\ $XÊ«kÕìï e´ø°Ôø£]dü÷Ô eTq+ nø£åsê˝≤ ‘·‘Œ· <ÛëqT>±eTT\eTì, eTq˝À Á|ü‹ ˇø£ÿs¡eTT <ëì ÁbÕuÛeÑ yÓu’ yÑÛ ê\qT Ç‘√~Ûø+£ #˚jT· &ÜìøÏ nqTyÓq’ n$s¡fi¯ ø£èwæ #˚dæ düu´ÑÛ <˚XÊ\˝À dü>s∑ «¡ +>±, düeTTqï‘·+>± n~ m–πs≥≥T¢>± #˚kÕÔeTì Á|üø{£ dÏ Tü HÔ êïeTT.

Message Lion Dr.S.S.Reddy pmjf Past District Governor

Dear Lion Dr. Ashok, I am happy to felicitate you and every Lion of your Region at your Region Conference scheduled for 17th February 2013 and wish you all a memorable Region Conference. Let us remember that we belong to the world wide largest service organization, the charm of Lionism is its capacity to transcend Nations and all barriers of colour, creed, religion and language. It is very necessary that we should believe in it and enjoy the feeling that we are proud to be Lions with a powerful motto We Serve. Region Conference show cases your Region Clubs various activities and brings the awareness in the community what the Lions are doing. This maintains very good public relations and the new entrant will be happy that he is a part of this largest service organization. Maintain good service activities and quality membership and enjoy Lionism. All the Best for your Region Conference.

Yours in Lionism Lion Dr.S.S.Reddy

Message Lion S.S.Malhotra mjf Past District Governor

Dear Lion Dr.D. Ashok, Region Chairperson, Region-I I am happy to know that you are organizing Region meet "Gangotri" on 17th Feb 2013. Dear Ashok leadership is actions and initiatives achieved with hard work and dedication. I have observed your growth bit by bit and step by step. You are a leader from grass root levels. Congratulations on your successful leadership growth and supporting Lion N N Murthy, discharging the duties and responsibilities as required from a Region Chairperson. I am happy to share your association when you were in my cabinet 2010-2011. Your hard work has been appreciated. With "Gangotri" you are bringing holy water of ganges to the people who need it.. Heartiest congratulations to your team Region Secretary , Zone Chairpersons, Presidents , Secretaries and other leaders of your Region in the clubs for their support and achievements by actively involving in service activities. Ours is a fantastic organization we must work for retention, bringing in fresh blood retaining the experienced leaders, by involving them, guiding them and motivating them will give desired results. I wish the "Gangotri" Region Conference a highly successful and one to be remembered for many years to come. I would also like to congratulate Lion Dr. D Sarasija and Lion G K Ramana for their support and hard work. With best regards, Yours in Lionism Lion S S Malhotra

Message Lion N.N.Murthy mjf District Governor

Dear Lion Dr.D.Ashok, It is great pleasure for me to note that Region Conference of your Region named as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gangotriâ&#x20AC;? is scheduled on 17th February, 2013 under your able leadership. Your clubs under your leadership are very active and performing well. I compliment all the clubs of your Region for doing good service activities, which are very useful to the community. Region Conference bring all Lions on one platform and they can share their experiences, views and exchange information. It is a good opportunity to recognise the talents of clubs and Lions for their dedicated services rendered during first half of the year. I congratulate all the Zone Chairpersons and the clubs in your Region for their good support for making this conference a grand success. I bring warm felicitations and greetings to all fine members of your Region. With regards Lion N.N.Murthy

Nobility Nurtures Mankind

Message Lion Dr. P. Narasimha Reddy mjf First Vice District Governor

Dear Lion Dr. D.Ashok, It is my great pleasure and honour to wish you a great success of your Region Conference. The Region Conference will bring all the Lions on one platform to recognise the clubs for their committed and dedicated services done to the community & also it is a great opportunity to recognise the talents of various Lion Leaders by presenting mementoes to them. The excellent Team has been formed by you for organising this conference systematically. All the clubs of your Region performing well under your able leadership. I am very glad to know that you are bringing out a good souvenir on this occasion. Congratulations to you. I wish that all clubs should continue their activities in remaining period i.e., from February 2013 to June 2013. I bring warm felicitations to you and your fine members of entire region on my behalf, my club LC Narayanpet and our District 316B.

With regards

Lion Dr.P.Narasimha Reddy

Message Lion M. Prema Kumar pmjf Second Vice District Governor

Dear Lion Dr. D.Ashok, My warm greetings and wishing your Region Conference â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gangotriâ&#x20AC;? a grand success. All the clubs in your Region are performing well by carrying out service activities regularly. My congratulations to you for enrolling 4 mjfs during this year. I am very happy to know that 55years old club i.e., Lions Club of Hyderabad in your Region. Your Region is proud of them. They also have 8 Lion members who have completed 50years in Lionism. LC Hyderabad running very good permanent projects. Region Conference gives a good platform to review the first half year performance of the clubs. It is a good opportunity to recognise the committed & dedicated Lions of your Region. Convey my best wishes to all the Club Members of your Region. Best Regards Yours in Lionism Lion M.Prema Kumar

Gangotri - Conference Committees Advisors Lion Dr SS Reddy pmjf LC Hyderabad Lion A Ranga Rao pmjf LC Hyderabad Lion PS Bantia mjf LC Hyderabad Lion SS Malhotra mjf LC Hyd Gems

Banner Presentation Lion YV Ramachandra Rao mjf LC Hyderabad Lion A Vijaya Bhaskar, LC Hyderabad Lion B. Venkatesh, LC Hyd Healthcity Lion M Diwakar LC Hyd, New Century

Co-ordinators : Lion Ch Srinivas ZC, LC Hyd Vision Lion P Srinivas ZC, LC Hyd Healthcity Lion. Sanjeev Lakhotia ZC, LC Hyd Lion Sashi Nahata ZC, LC Hyd Petals

Kits Committee Lion Devender Bhandari mjf LC Hyderabad Lion K. Shobhavathi LC Hyd Aadarsh Lion M. Shyamala LC Hyd Ankit Lion Ch. Prabhakar Yadav LC Hyd Stars Lion B. Venugopal LC Hyd Pearls

Registration Lion Dr.Y.Kiron pmjf LC Hyd Pearls Lion M Ambarisha LC Hyd Healthcity Lion D.Gangadhar LC Hyd Healthcity Lion M Venkateswar Reddy mjf LC Hyd Stars Lion Shobharani LC Hyd Ankit

Photo Exhibition Lion AB Kuppuram mjf LC Hyd Ankit Lion M. Shashinder Reddy mjf LC Hyd Stars Lion K. Sailaja Mohan LC Hyd Vision Lion Madhu Sudan Agarwal mjf LC Hyderabad Lion B.Sashikala LC Hyd Aadarsh

Reception Committee Lion Bhadresh C Baldev LC Hyderabad Lion Lakshmi Somayajulu LC Hyd Aadarsh Lion Sardar Santhok Singh LC Hyd Stars Lion GLB Srinivas LC Hyd Gulabicity Lion Syed Niloufer LC Hyd Ankit Lion P.Sujatha, LC Hyd Pearls

Venue & Stage Lion Komaraiah mjf LC Hyd Gems Lion Dharampal Singh LC Hyd Gems Lion Y.Rajesh Babu LC Hyd Fortcity Lion M.R.Sadanand Kumar LC Hyd Ankit Lion Gajanand Gupta LC Hyd Gems

Service Activity Committee Lion Dr.N.B.Ramaiah LC Hyd Ankit Lion A Venkatesh mjf LC Hyd Prashanth Lion Rajeshwari Malani LC Hyd Gems Lion S. Satayanarayana LC Hyd Stars Lion S. Mahender LC Hyd Pearls

Food Committee Lion Dinesh Baldev LC Hyd Lion Suresh Jagnani LC Hyd Lion Anand mjf LC Hyd Prashanth Lion Gopal M Mor mjf LC Hyd Lion Goli Naresh LC Hyd Vision

Advertisement Committee Lion Ch. Ganesh LC Hyd Healthcity Lion P. Rajashekar mjf LC Hyd Healthcity Lion M. Shravan Kumar LC Hyd Ankit Lion Y. Ravi Kumar LC Hyd Fortcity

Souvenir Committee Lion Ramesh Chandra Babu LC Hyd Pearls Lion D Rahul LC Hyd Ankit Lion Suhas B Rao mjf LC Hyd New Century Lion Dr P Srinivas LC Hyd Ankit Lion Sandeep Agarwal LC Hyd New Century

Awards & Mementoes Lion Dr.A Venkatachalam mjf LC Hyderabad Lion K. Jagadishwar LC Hyd Prashanth Lion Sharad Tapadia LC Hyd New Century Lion Poonam Jain LC Hyd Lion M. Archana LC of Hyd Ankit

Entertainment Committee Lion Sunita Gaggar LC Hyd Petals Lion Suman Nakhat LC Hyd Petals Lion Prabha Dugar LC Hyd Petals Lion Sangeeta Agarwal LC Hyd Petals Lion D Shravani LC Hyd Ankit

PMJFs / MJFs of Our Region S.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

Name Premraj Shantilal Bantia mjf Bhandari Devender mjf M. Bhagchand Gulechha mjf Satyanarayan Gupta mjf Narindra Khaitan mjf V. Ravi Kumar mjf I. Surendra Luniya Mahendra Mehta mjf Ashok Mishra mjf Gopal M Mor mjf Anand Kumar Naredi mjf MBS Purushottam mjf A. Ranga Rao pmjf R. Sudhakar Rao mjf B.S. Krishna Reddy mjf S. Sreenivasulu Reddy pmjf Vishnu Prasad Saraf mjf Pradeep Swarup mjf Ashok Singh Thakur mjf Ashok Kumar Tibrewalla mjf Balkishan P Trivedi mjf A. Venkatachalam mjf Y.V. Ramachandra Rao mjf Madhusudan Agarwal mjf S. Padma Ranga Rao pmjf YVS Rao mjf D. Ashok mjf A.B. Kuppuram mjf D. Sarasija mjf Lingampally Komaraiah mjf Surat Singh Malhotra mjf Surinder Kaur Malhotra mjf M. Srinivas mjf M. Malleshwar mjf Rajashkar Panditi mjf Goshi Konda Ramana mjf Anjani Kumar Agarwal mjf Suhas B Rao mjf

Club Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad (026532) Hyderabad Aadarsh (059892) Hyderabad Aadarsh (059892) Hyderabad Ankit (068806) Hyderabad Ankit (068806) Hyderabad Ankit (068806) Hyderabad Gems (111439) Hyderabad Gems (111439) Hyderabad Gems (111439) Hyderabad Gems (111439) Hyderabad Health City (108583) Hyderabad Health City (108583) Hyderabad Health City (108583) Hyderabad New Century (099455) Hyderabad New Century (099455)

MJF Completion Date 16/5/1977 23/5/2008 23/5/2008 16/8/1995 10/10/2011 16/8/1995 29/6/1994 08/08/1989 06/10/1993 22/5/2008 23/1/2007 23/5/2008 29/6/1994 16/8/1995 23/5/2008 09/04/2008 23/1/2007 23/1/2007 23/5/2008 23/1/2007 09/04/2008 29/6/1994 23/5/2008 30/6/2005 23/5/2008 09/04/2008 17/8/2006 31/8/2012 10/02/2007 23/1/2007 10/02/2007 09/04/2008 24/5/2012 13/9/2012 09/04/2008 09/04/2008 09/04/2008

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Y. Brinda mjf Y. Kiron pmjf G. Anand mjf K. Sai Baba mjf N N Murthy mjf A Venkatesh mjf PC Subbanna mjf PCS Balaji mjf Ramakrishna Kotla mjf G. Manohar Rao mjf Harikishan Rao A mjf R Ashok Reddy mjf M Mallikarjuna Reddy mjf M Shashinder Reddy mjf T Srisailam Reddy mjf

Hyderabad Pearls (059892) Hyderabad Pearls (059892) Hyderabad Prashanth (052218) Hyderabad Prashanth (052218) Hyderabad Prashanth (052218) Hyderabad Prashanth (052218) Hyderabad Prashanth (052218) Hyderabad Stars (100694) Hyderabad Stars (100694) Hyderabad Stars (100694) Hyderabad Stars (100694) Hyderabad Stars (100694) Hyderabad Stars (100694) Hyderabad Stars (100694) Hyderabad Stars (100694)

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Name L. KOMARAIAH mjf HARISH SETHI V. Ravi Kumar mjf

Designation District Cabinet Secretary District Cabinet Treasurer District Cabinet Treasurer

Club Year Hyderabad Gems (111439) 2010-2011 Hyderabad Gems (111439) 2010-2011 Hyderabad 1997-1998


Name Ramesh Sawhani R Sudhakar Rao mjf

Designation Past Deputy District Governor Past Deputy District Governor

Club Hyderabad Hyderabad

S.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Name Dr. Pradeep Swarup mjf Ashok Mishra mjf Dr. A. Venkatachalam mjf Vishnu P Saraf mjf Y V Ramachandra Rao mjf Dr. Y Kiron pmjf K. Sai Baba mjf N N Murhty mjf G K Ramana mjf

Designation Past Region Chairperson Past Region Chairperson Past Region Chairperson Past Region Chairperson Past Region Chairperson Past Region Chairperson Past Region Chairperson Past Region Chairperson Past Region Chairperson

Club Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Pearls Hyderabad Prashanth Hyderabad Prashanth Hyderabad Health City


A B Kupparam mjf

Past Region Chairperson

Hyderabad Ankit



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Clubs in the Region Zone-I Lions Club of Hyderabad Vision Lions Club of Hyderabad Prashanth Lions Club of Hyderabad Pearls Lions Club of Hyderabad Stars

Zone-II Lions Club of Hyderabad Health City Lions Club of Hyderabad Gulabi City Lions Club of Hyderabad Fort City

Zone-III Lions Club of Hyderabad Lions Club of Hyderabad Ankit Lions Club of Hyderabad Aadarsh Lions Club of Hyderabad Pancharatan

Zone-IV Lions Club of Hyderabad Petals Lions Club of Hyderabad Gems Lions Club of Hyderabad New Century

Lions Club of Hyderabad Vision Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 104019 Charter President : Lion A.Srinivas : 01-12-2008 Extn.Chairperson : Lion N.N.Murthy mjf : LC Hyd Prashanth Zone Chairperson : Lion Chittimalla Srinivas

Region : I Zone :I Members : 16

Lion Sailaja Mohan K

Lion A.Gouri Shankar

Lion Geetha Nolli




Fruits Distribution to patients at Fever Hospital on the occasion of Mother Teressaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday

Rakhi Celebration at Juvenile Home, Malakpet

Distribution of Plants on Tree Plantation Day

Teachers honouring at Govt.High School, Zamistanpur

Lions Club of Hyderabad Prashanth Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 052218 : 02-12-1991 : LC Bodhan

Charter President : Lion K.Sai Baba mjf Extn.Chairperson : Lion Nagaraju M pmjf Zone Chairperson : Lion Chittimalla Srinivas

Region : I Zone :I Members : 22

Lion Jagadishwar K

Lion Giri S.V.

Lion G.Anand mjf




STATUS QUO CLUBS Regular status quo: * Failure to comply with the objectives of the association or conduct unbecoming of a Lions club, such as failure to solve a club dispute or involvement in litigation. * Failure to fulfill any obligations of a chartered club, such as failure to submit monthly membership reports for six or more consecutive months, or failure to hold regular club meetings, Failure to pay district or multiple district dues, Verification of non-existing club, Disbanding, Club merger. The club can work with the District Leadership to return the club to active status, hold meetings only to discuss its future and ways to regain an active status, report progress toward regaining its active status to the District Leadership & the District and Club Administration Division, make payments to clear the existing outstanding balance of district, multiple district and international accounts, recruit new members when needed for the purpose of regaining active status, elect or confirm club officers for the purpose of regaining active status. It cannot conduct service activities or fund raising activities, participate in district, multiple or international functions, participate in any voting procedures outside the club, endorse or nominate a candidate for district, multiple district or international office, submit a monthly membership report, add new members, sponsor new clubs. Protective status quo: War, civil insurgency, political unrest, natural disasters, and other special circumstances, which prevent a Lions club from functioning properly. A protective status quo club shall be allowed to function normally.

Lions Club of Hyderabad Pearls Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 059892 : 06-08-1997 : LC Hyd Basheerbagh

Charter President : Late Lion K.Malini Reddy mjf Extn.Chairperson : Lion Y.V.S.Rao mjf Zone Chairperson : Lion Chittimalla Srinivas

Region : I Zone :I Members : 23

Lion S.Mahender

Lion B.Venu Gopal

Lion P. Sujatha




Distribution of Food Material at orphanage home at Cherlapally on 11th November 2012

Health Camp organised at High School premises at Tandur on 10th February, 2013

Birthday celebration of an orphan at orphanage home, on 11th November 2012

Distribution of Old clothes to orphans on 11th November 2012

Lions Club of Hyderabad Stars Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 100694 : 29-11-2007 : LC Amangal

Charter President : Lion G.Lokender Reddy mjf Extn.Chairperson : Lion S.Narender Reddy pmjf Zone Chairperson : Lion Chittimalla Srinivas

Lion Venkateshwar Reddy M mjf

Lion Samaleti Raju



Region : I Zone :I Members : 48

Lion C.Prabhakar Yadav Treasurer

Veterinary Medicines given to Goshala at Lower Tank Bund, Hyderabad

Food Items and Sanitary items given to Orphanage Centre, Jeedimetla

Food items and Sanitary items given to Orphanage Centre, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad

Distributed Books and Sanitary Items at Vandematharam Foundation B.N.Reddy Nagar

Lions Club of Hyderabad Health City Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 108583 : 10-06-2010 : LC Hyderabad

Lion Ambarisha Manchala

Charter President : Lion P. Srinivas Extn.Chairperson : Lion G.K.Ramana mjf Zone Chairperson : Lion P. Srinivas

Lion Raja Shekar Panditi mjf Secretary


Region : I Zone : II Members : 29

Lion Venkatesham Bugga Treasurer

Distribution of School Uniforms to Students

Distribution of School Uniforms to Students

Lions Club of Hyderabad Gulabi City Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 112149 : 07-09-2011 : LC Hyd Health City

Charter President : GLB Srinivas ZC : Ch.Srinivas Extn.Chairperson : Lion G.K.Ramana mjf Zone : II & Lion M.Prema Kumar pmjf Members : 14

Lion G.L.B.Srinivas

Lion G.A.Rama Raju



Lion K.Suryanarayana Goud Treasurer

GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP TEAM (GMT) GLOBAL LEADERSHIP TEAM (GLT) The Global Membership Team (GMT) provides a global structure for membership development which is continuous, focused, and integrated. In July 1, 2011, a Global Leadership Team counterpart was established. The Global Leadership Team (GLT) provides for an enhanced focus on leadership development, which is critical to the future vitality of our association. The GLT directs its efforts toward identifying and cultivating effective leaders through active training and leadership development initiatives, while providing necessary information, guidance and motivation. GMT MD/District/Single District teams and GLT MD/ District and Single District teams were established to replace the MERL program. This new structure was created to work in a highly interdependent manner from the international level, to the constitutional area level, the multiple district level, and to the district level for the benefit and success of the club. Members of the GMT and GLT work together to develop membership through service and engagement and also to support present Lions leaders and identify future leaders. The two teams operate as parallel structures and are connected and coordinated at the international level by an executive council The GMT/GLT executive council is led by the LCI international president, with the international first and second vice presidents overseeing and providing guidance to the GMT and GLT respectively. Both the GMT and GLT are further supported by two international coordinators and a joint operations committee composed of the chairpersons of the Membership Development Committee, the Leadership Committee and the District and Club Service Committee, as well as a team of appointed constitutional area leaders.

Lions Club of Hyderabad Fort City Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 103896 Charter President : Y.Rajesh Babu : 03-11-2008 Extn.Chairperson : Lion G.K.Ramana mjf : LC Hyd Mega City Zone Chairperson : Lion Proddutoori Srinivas

Region : I Zone : II Members : 17

Lion Y.Ravi Kumar

Lion Y.Pavani

Lion T.Thyagaraju




MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES Active - Entitled to all rights and privileges of a Lion, legal age of majority, has to pay entrance fee, is able to seek office, has voting privileges and can be a delegate at a convention. Member at large - A member who cannot attend on a regular basis but still wants to maintain membership, must be of legal age of majority, has to pay entrance fee, cannot seek office, has voting privileges in club matters only and cannot be a delegate at a convention. Honorary - An individual, not a member of this Lions Club, having performed outstanding service for the community or this Lions club, must be of legal age of majority, has to pay entrance fee, cannot seek office, has no voting privileges and cannot be a delegate at a convention. They will not be included in club delegate formula calculation. Privileged - A member of a club who has given 15 years or more of service but can no longer be an active member, must be of legal age of majority and has served in their lions club for 15 years or more, cannot seek office, has voting privileges and can be a delegate at a convention. Life Member - Any member who has maintained active membership as a Lion for 20 years or more, must be of legal age of majority and has served in their lions club for 20 years or more, is recommended by the club and approved by the International Board of Directors, has to pay US$500 application fees, can seek office, has voting privileges and can be a delegate at a convention. Associate member - A member who holds primary membership in another club and is a member in this club, must be of legal age of majority, has to pay entrance fee, cannot seek office, has voting privileges in club matters and in district matters where he/she holds primary membership and cannot be a delegate at a convention. They will not be included in club delegate formula calculation. Affiliate member - A member who is unable to fully participate as an Active member but desires to support their club, must be of legal age of majority, has to pay entrance fee, cannot seek office, has voting privileges in club matters and cannot be a delegate at a convention.

Lions Club of Hyderabad Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 026532 : 15-04-1958 : LC Bombay

Charter President : Lion M.Rama Rao Extn.Chairperson : Lion Noshir Pundole Zone Chairperson : Lion Sanjeev Lakhotia

Region : I Zone : III Members : 101

Lion Devender Bhandari mjf

Lion Poonam Jain

Lion R.Sudhakar Rao mjf




Seminar on Gandhian Philosophy for Better India

Distribution of Blankets

Distribution of Blankets

Service Activity at Cherlapally Jail

Lions Club of Hyderabad Ankit Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 068806 : 14-05-2003 : LC Hyd.Pearls

Lion Dr. D.Sarasija mjf

Charter President : Lion Syed Niloufer Region : I Extn.Chairperson : Late Lion K.Malini Reddy mjf Zone : III Zone Chairperson : Lion Sanjeev Lakhotia Members : 37

Lion M.M.R.Subramanyam Lion A.B.Kuppuram mjf


DLLI Programme

Distribution of Books to the School Children



Banner Presentation

Health Checkup Camp

Lions Club of Hyderabad Aadarsh Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

:111316 : 06-06-2011 : LC Hyd Ankit

Charter President Extn.Chairperson Zone Chairperson

: Lion G.Laxmi Somayajulu : Lion T.Naina Devi mjf : Lion Sanjeev Lakhotia

Region : I Zone : III Members :15

Lion G.Lakshmi Somayajulu

Lion B.Sasikala

Lion G.Sharada Murthy




Presenting Gavel to the President at Club Installation

Rakhi Celebration at Juvenile Home

Independence Day Celebration on 15th August, 2012 at Govt.Girls High School, Lalapet.

Distribution of Towels at Juvenile Home

Lions Club of Hyderabad Petals Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 103502 : 27-08-2008 : LC Hyd North

Charter President : Lion Shashi Nahata Extn.Chairperson : Lion R.Sunil Kumar pmjf Zone Chairperson : Lion Shashi Nahata

Region : I Zone : IV Members : 29

Lion Suman Nakhat

Lion Prabha Dugar

Lion Chanda Jain








Lions Club of Hyderabad Gems Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 111439 Charter President : Lion Harish Sethi : 21-06-2011 Extn.Chairperson : Lion Ramesh Kumar : LC Hyd Neo Elite Zone Chairperson : Lion Shashi Nahata

Lion Rajeshwari Malani

Lion Nand Kishore Bidad



500 steel lunch plates donation to Govt. Primary School, Kulsumpura, Hyderabad.

Permanent activity Homeo Clinic run by our club

Region : I Zone : IV Members : 27

Lion Maninder Singh Malhotra Treasurer

Donation of two Carpets to Govternment High School, Chintalbasty.

Honoring 12 teachers on teachers day 5-9-2012

Lions Club of Hyderabad New Century Club No. Date of Charter Sponsored by

: 099455 : 28-06-2007 : LC Hyd North

Charter President : Lion Hemanth Somani Extn.Chairperson : Lion R.Sunil Kumar pmjf Zone Chairperson : Lion Shashi Nahata

Region : I Zone : IV Members : 36

Lion Sandeep Agarwal

Lion Nishith Mehata

Lion Pankaj Sancheti




DGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Official Visit to Club at School Cultural Programme and Prize Distribution at HNCLC School

Donation of groceries and eatables at Rakshanadeepam (Rehabilitation Centre for AIDS infected)

Honouring of Teachers at HNCLC School

Donation of Braille at Devnar School of Blind

Vehicular Pollution

Lion P.Ramesh Chandra Babu

District Addl.Cabinet Secretary Introduction : The exhaust fumes coming out of the tail-pipe of vehicle, contains many polluting substances which is a major contributor for environmental damage and diseases. One research study says that 2.5 million people estimated to die prematurely each year from pollution related ailments. It is estimated that currently our country is losing over 10% of its GDP in costs associated with damage to the environment and degradation of the country's natural resources. Air pollution and other health hazards caused by vehicles have reached an alarming proportion in the country. The vehicle population in the country has grown from 0.3 million (1951) to 25.34 million (1993) and contributing now around 50 to 60% of the total air pollution in the cities. This is mainly contributed by cars. Two wheelers, three wheelers as they have old and ill-maintained engines, in which nearly 30% of the fuel remains unburnt. Vehicular Pollutants: The main pollutants emitted in the automobile exhaust gases are Carbon Monoxide (CO), Lead Aerosol, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulphur Oxides and heterogeneous group of Hydro Carbons. Apart from this, smoke (0.01 to 1 micron), Mists (2 to 200 micron) and particulate matter (1 to 200 micron) are also formed due to incomplete combustion and solid impurity contents of the fuel. In particular the diesel operated vehicles emit more toxic pollutants. The approximate composition of pollutants operated by diesel operated engines per km run would be, Carbon Dioxide 1 Kg/Km; Carbon Monoxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Hydrocarbons and particulate matter 0.1 to 20 g/km and hydrocarbons in micron g / km. Effects of Pollutants : Human Health 1. Carbon Monoxide : Hinders oxygen supply from blood into the tissues as it combines with the iron in the hemoglobin and thereby replacing oxygen in the hemoglobin, leading to variety of ailments. 2. Respirable particular matter : 0.2 to 10 micron size of particulate matter can go directly into the lungs causing bronchial problems and allergic asthma. 3. Lead : has a deleterious effect on the human health. It attacks blood, kidneys and the central nervous system. It can cause anemia, kidney failure, permanent brain damage and finally death also. Environment : The pollutants such as SO2&NOx from acid rain and affects some times vegetarian, soil surfaces; darken sky through formation of smoke leading to limited visibility; corrosion of metals. Plants may be damaged by acute injury in which pollutants attach the cells resulting in chronic effects related to disruption of chlorophyll synthesis and thereby affecting the net yield of crops / fruits. Sources of Vehicular Pollution : Vehicular emissions originate from changes in the driving cycle (transient or steady state), engine

conditions (injection and aspiration techniques, maintenance, total mileage), incomplete combustion and air / fuel ration. Main places where pollution originates from the vehicle include engine crankcase, exhaust system, the carburetor and the fuel tank. The emission of particulate matter increases with decrease in air/fuel ratio, increasing load and temperature. Malfunction of engine devices, especially fuel injection system, increases the emissions of the main exhaust components. Pollution Control Measures: Following measures may be adopted to reduce emission. Modification of engine design to improve fuel combustion efficiency. Exhaust gas re-circulation for ensuring complete combustion. Use of particle traps for removing particulate matter.

Importance of Vitamin D Deficiency Today Vitamin D ratio in human body has become an important factor in maintaining an healthy and fit body and avoid dangerous diseases caused by the deficiency of this vitamin. The researchers are still not sure why this is happening apart from the fact that we spend too much time indoors and when we go out into the sun, we lather sunscreen on ourselves. I think it must be more than that. But whatever the reason, the reality is we have a major epidemic on our hands. Diseases : Vitamin D deficiency has shown to play a role in almost every major disease such as Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, 17 varieties of Cancer (including breast, prostate and colon), Heart disease, High blood pressure, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases, Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Gout, Infertility, PMS, Parkinson's Disease, Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Alzheimer's Disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Periodontal disease and Psoriasis. Symptoms : There is no clear pattern of symptoms. In fact many people remain asymptomatic despite low levels. But some of the most common symptoms are Fatigue, General muscle pain and weakness, Muscle cramps, Joint pains, Chronic pain, Weight gain, High blood pressure, Restless sleep, Poor concentration, Headaches, Bladder problems, Constipation or diarrhea. Vitamin Sources : The vital vitamin sources of vitamin D are sunlight, healthy cereals, fortified milk, fatty fish, butter, margarine, cheese etc. Next Step : My peer request is to rush to your nearest diagnostic centre and ensure yourself a fit and energetic health. Yours Lion G K Ramana, M:9849031601

Stress Lion Dr.G.Mahendra Kumar Reddy mjf BAMS., M.Sc., (Psychology) Consulting Psychologist Past Region Chairperson

Introduction Modern Life is full of ambitions, aspirations, deadlines, frustrations and demands. For many People stress is so common place, that it has become a way of life. Stress isn't always bad. In small amounts it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best. But when you are constantly running in emergency mode, your mind, body and relations pay the price. What is Stress Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In otherwords. It's an omnipresent part of life. A stressful event can trigger the "Fight or flight" response. Causing harmones such as adrenaline and cortisol to surge through the body. Beyond certain point, stress stops being helpful and start causing major damage to ones health, mood, productivity, relationships and quality of life. Signs and symptoms : The signs and symptoms of stress overload can be almost anything. Stress effects the mind, body and behavior in many ways. Cognitive Symptoms : Auxious or racing thoughts - Inability to concentrate - Poor judgement - Seeing only the negative Constant worrying. Physical Symptoms : Hot flushes, Sweeting Headache, Chestpain - Rapid heartbeat - Diarrher or constipation Dizziness, Nausea Emotional Symptoms : Depression or unhappy -Short temper - Lonliness and isolation - Feeling over whelmed - Mood disturbances Behavioural Symptoms : Sleeping much or too

little - Isolating from others - Procrastination - Negligency - Prone to take alchohol, Smoke or drugs Causes of stress : What causes stress depends on ones perception of it. Something that's stressful to one person may not be stressful to others. There are external and inner causes of stress. External causes : Work load, major life challenges, Relationship problems, unemployment, Financial Problems, Being too busy. Children and family traffic and travelling. Inner Causes : Negative self talk, passionism, Inability to accept uncertainity, unrealistic expectations, perfectionism lack of assertiveness. Effects of chronic stress : Long term exposure to stress can lead to serious health problems. Chronic Stress disrupts nearly every system in your body. It can raise blood pressure suppress the immune system. Increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Contribute to infertility, and speedup aging process long term stress can even lead to some sort of cancers. Vulunerable to anxiety and depression. Stress management : Keep a positive attitude, Accept that there are events that you cannot control. Be assertive, instead of aggressive assert your feelings, openions or beliefs. Learn and practice relaxation techniques, meditation, Yoga etc. Exercise regularly. Eat healthy, well-balanced diet. Learn to manage your time more effectively. Set limits appropriately and learn to say no to requests that would create excessive stress in life. Make time for interests, hobbies, and relaxation. Get enough rest and sleep. Seekout Social support. Spend enough time in the presence, with whom you enjoy. Don't rely on alchohol, Smoke, Drugs or compulsive behaviours to reduce stress. Seek help of a psychologist or mental health professional, and discuss. Conclusion : The world in which we are living is full of speed and aspirations. Which leading to stress. To achieve, attain or to get some amount of positive stress is needed. To avoid the health problems, don't allow stress into your life.


Pace yourself with your ideas today, tomorrow will be too late. Develop Lions Leadership Institute to guide the Focus.


Live within your budget; donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use credit cards. Build castles but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t build castles in the air. Small or Big project serving the community proves our motto We Serve.


Never give up on what you really want to do.


Be honest to yourself. Strongly believe in your own potentiality. Have a high opinion of yourself.


Always walk through Lionism with pride and dignity with Lions lapel pin on you.


Always be a learner rather than say I know everything. The GOAL should be to drive the Need for Learning.


To increase Women Membership and Participation, avoid late night boring meetings and social drinking. This is the factor preventing women folk taking active part.


Bring younger generation into Lionism and to see Lionism live longer. Encourage LEO Clubs and youth activities including Lions Quest.


Bring in quality members. In quantity we have numbers in quality we have strength.

10. Listen to your inner heart and do as your heart says. Let us together successfully our first century a glorious century a century that will be remembered next century.



Lions Clubs International, District 316B, 2012-2013

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