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DESIGN PORTFOLIO branding · strategy · retail · editorial 2017 - 2022 Paula Ariza

The following projects are opportunities that I’ve been having for friends, family, and peers, some personal projects, and some student projects.

Visual design

4 portfolioDesign

Hello there! Thank you for opening this file, and having an interest in my work. This is a book with some of my last projects since 2017, you will find online and offline projects, and you will see I have a wide range of skills but most importantly, I put a lot of love into every project.

5 fieldsCreative Packaging & Merch08. Campo Viejo Rioja DriadaPlieEsoterikaTV Branding48. VII MadisonThePinkMounkaCohenHillsBrothersBijouxLadyBagbiasAvenue Details are significantly important to me, that’s why when I start a project focus all my knowledge and attention, on following design methodologies combined with my analysis, obsevation and research. I believe behind a every good project there is a great process of trial an error and improvements. converttolove“I reality”intoideas Content

6 historyMy

“Observation more than books and experience more than people, are prime educators”. Music is another important source of inspiration. Being surrounded by musicians in my early years when I was part of the local young Sym phony orchestra made me develop discipline, concentration, and atten tion to detail. Some of the teachers became people who influenced artistically my perspective in life.

I was born in Colombia, my visual sensibility and passion to create started in school when I enjoyed creating all kinds of arty activities and started taking inspiration from my colorful country: painting nature, and making school paper banners for my friends. Three main values I still carry until today: Constant curiosity WorkEmphatywith pursose

About me

7Curriculum Vitae here statementPersonal

Lastly, being adaptable and changing my input depending on what is needed of me is one of my strongest skills. I enjoy hands-on work as well as leading conceptually, creating ideas and designs and leading a team.

I am an experienced art director, with a sense of a global humancentered environment. As part of my previous role, I had a great track record in collaborating across teams. Providing creative campaigns and ideas, also taking them into production. My last role required me firstly the ability to bring others to the creative process, collaborate and produce smart, quality work with me. Secondly the ability to communicate clearly and confidently with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that teams will be set up to succeed.

Additionally, my fresh perspective would be great for a company like yours where this is valued to your design team that involves main design methodologies such as design thinking, (research, mapping, brainstorming) and the ability to face business challenges. As an overview of my strongest skills I would include creativity, branding development, and graphic design services online and offline. My biggest achievement to date was to win two design contests and see my designs on the market. You can see them here: Campo Viejo Wine packaging design, and VII Hills gin label design. I was awared to get a full scholarship in IED Barcelona after solving a brief and presented a project. And some of my projects has been recognized in the AIGA porfolio galley on Behance.

In retrospect my portfolio could highlight the branding and strategy development project of Valley, a backpack launched on Kickstarter with the startup Barner. I was in charge of the conceptualization of the brand, designing the logo and visual communication on multiple platforms such as website, reatail and packagings. Working with the team to develop a marketing campaign, social media ads, video ads, email marketing strategy and design of the newsletters.

Packaging merchandising& 8


TNOC E STDESIGNW I RENN 10 See it on the marketsRead de article here

Campo Viejo Crianza is a Spanish wine brand, they have a huge impact working with several emergent artists, this time they opened a call to all Europe artist to design the limited edition, the following creation was the finalist and chosen to produce 3.000 wine bottles in the Spanish market. Bottle sleeve and paclaging


Inspired by the artistic modernist movement ab stract painting I created a full bottle cover that is a collection of three, and the packaging for the six-pack bottle, aiming to express the values such as positivity, life, colorful, with the cam paign philosophy #decantalavida.


VII Hills Italian Gin, opened a contest to design the label to celebrate the brand’s century. The best explanation I can quote here is by Stefano Egidi (VII Hills Italian Dry Gin Art Director): “Paula Ariza best interpreted the spirit of VII Hills. Even if with a pretty common idea she portrays the peculiarities of the Brand excitingly. Label design

Read de article here See the interview here TNOC E STDESIGNW I RENN 14

A label of “abstractionist soul” that re members Vasilij Kandinskij and Jackson Pollock delivering the strength of mixolo gy at all, an original fusion of the different souls as the expression of the “mixology art” given by warm colors well melted. A careful mix of different layers that chro matically communicate the past, the present and the future of the Brand. Very interesting and remarkable use of pig ments and different gradients of blacks color. Considering how the Pantone and the shapes have been applied to the la bel, I think the Seven Hills bottle certainly would not be unnoticed on the shelf of a Boutique Distillery.”




Campo Viejo Crianza is a Spanish wine brand, they have a huge impact working with several emergent artists, this time they opened a call to all Europe artist to design the limited edition, the following creation was the finalist and chosen to produce 3.000 wine bottles in the Spanish market.

Illustrations for bag TNOC E STDESIGNW I RENN 20




Esoterika is an emergent music artist based in Barcelona. She has a fast, eclectic mixing, and energetic sound. The project aimed to create her brand identity, creative and graphic concept. Logo and graphic style



The concept was born through the idea of the non-visible and tangible elements that the artist uses to create music. Thoughts, intuition, coincidences, people’s energy, and at the end sort of magic. It’s represented by a lumi nescent asteroid that spreads the waves of sound. It’s something powerful and feminine.




29 StudioCreative


An Illustration was created for The End magazine, a Colombian film magazine, for an article dedicated to the film director The Cohen brothers. The idea was to unify the two characters as a single person, the digital halftone effect reminds us of the old photography film grain, and gives more color and texture to the shadows. Illustrations for a film magazine


Halftone details 32


This is the first edition of The Bias, an activist magazine, presented as a thesis project for La Fábrica (Madrid) in IED (Istituto Europeo Di Design) Barcelona. It’s about feminism, hu man rights, climate change, animal rights, and public opinions. Logo, imagerydesignmagazinelayoutand


The Manifesto: We want to be ‘the not so neutral in-between’. A bridge connecting divided opinions that make a lot of noise, instead of solutions. Surrounded by hate and chaos, we build our solid foundation that takes care of the planet and its people.


Everything is connected. Humans are con nected, but also with the world. We express ourselves to each other and to the bigger picture. When we feel disconnection, neg ativity or positivity, we show it and so does the planet. Where did we lose the connec tion to mother nature?






Plie.Tv it’s a new way to bring dance to daily life, through live/online classes, and events. The main concepts are elegance, joy, dynamism, power, and strength. The color palette has a wide variety of colors, using some gradients creating a powerful composition with typography and photography. The branding guide is extense and can be used in digital and print applications.

Logo and style guide






Branding merchandising& 48



This is a jewelry brand located in the french Caribbean Guadaloupe Island, the goal was to create a nature-inspired and femenine monogram and graphic, the watercolor illustrations were perfect for this project. Logo and stye guide




An Australian client contacted me via LinkedIn to create the image of his new btusiness which happen to be a new hair salon in Sidney. The mains concepts were elegance and sophistication. Logo and style guide






This is a winery that is going to launch a new brand of Cava which is produced in a sustainable process with organic fruits. Logo and label design





Thank you 62

A big hug! 63

If you scrolled until here, you deserve a huge thank you, it makes me happy. Of course, this is a compilation of some of my projects but not all of them, if you want to see more, get to know me, or discuss any doubt, don’t hesitate in letting me know. On top of that, if you still have enough energy I would appreciate any, comments, feedback, or just a hello, feel free to reach me out and contact me (details on the following page).

64 Contact /papaudesign@papaudesign/papaudesign

65 Paula www.papaudesign.comAriza Barcelona, Spain (+34)papaudesign@gmail.com08013(Poblenou)612424196

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