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the 10 commandments of healthy holiday eating!

All too often, special foods are full of fat. We know this, but still tell ourselves that “calories don’t count” over holidays—stop fooling yourself! When you have diabetes, watching your carb intake, weight and work out plan can mean the difference between Happy Holidays and Bah Humbug! 1. Thou shalt plan ahead and check thine blood glucose often. Plan ahead for parties and dinners. If grandma’s fudge is something you look forward to every year, add a piece into your diet plan. Also, check your blood glucose more often. Good monitoring can save a holiday mishap!

3. Thou shalt makest commitments to thine own self—and to them be true. Write down your goals for holiday eating and work outs, and review them each day. Don't be angry if you have a bad day—just try again (and put in a few extra minutes of exercise) the next day! 4. Thou shalt not deprive thyself! When you want sweets, it's better to eat a small cookie or share a piece of pie with someone. Don’t tell yourself you can’t have it at all. If you're always depriving yourself, you won't have a good time. You'll feel like you're missing out on all of the joys of the holiday. The key is to indulge—just a little! Keep in mind your carbs.

2. Thou shalt not diet! Keeping up with your weight this time of year is hard enough. Trying to lose 5. Thou shalt limit thine weight could make the season alcohol intake. When thy cup runneth over, harder and even more thou drinkest empty stressful. You’re more likely calories. And eggnog to break diet plans, too. Make has over 300 per a goal to maintain your weight serving! If you want and stick to it. a drink, have it only after eating. Choose light beer, white wines, and other low calorie drinks.

6. Thou shalt divide and conquer—thine plate. When choosing items for big dinners, fill 1/2 of your plate with healthy veggies, 1/4 of your plate with light protein (white meat turkey, for example—with just a touch of gravy), and 1/4 with starch (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice). Chew slowly and savor the flavor of all the foods.


10 commandments of holiday eating continued 7. Thou shalt snack! Eating a healthy snack or small meal before and after a party will keep you from raiding the buffet table when you go. Never go to a party hungry or starve yourself before a big meal. You're more likely to overeat with lots of things that are bad for you and your diabetes.

10. Thou shalt enjoy thy friends and family. Plan or attend parties that don't revolve around food. Instead, parties should have activities that revolve around your coworkers, friends and families. Remember what 9. Thou shalt sleep. Sleep is this time is all about. Dance, always good, especially during play board games, sit by the the hectic holidays. It relieves fire and share stories. No stress, reinvigorates your matter what, get away from body, and gives you time off the buffet! from everything that’s going on. If you're not stressed, you won't be doing a lot of stress eating, will you? 8. Thou shalt throw a party. When you host the party, you have control over the food and drinks. You can make sure that the food is lower in fat and calories and higher in nutrients.

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6 very strong suggestions of healthy holiday exercise!

1. Keep a routine — and stick to it. As you know, it’s easy to get out of the mindset that you need to exercise daily. Once you start finding reasons not to exercise, it’s hard to stop! 2. Do the Monster Mash, the Turkey Trot, the Jingle Bell Hop, the Kwanzaa Sowu and the Hanukkah Hava Nagila! Dancing burns 432 calories per hour and boosts your mood!

4. Park far away 3. Decorate! All of that when going shopping hanging, stretching, (as if you had a choice, untangling, wrapping, with the mall rush). And lighting, tying and decking don't worry about getting of the halls not only makes lost in the parking lot— the house look cheery and power walk to find festive, but burns calories, the car! too! Everyone will admire your effort. 5. Walk several times around the mall after going shopping. Balance the weight in your bags and do bicep curls as you walk! 6. Take a walk with the family after big meals to digest.

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10 Commandments of Healthy Holiday Eating  

A free guide to healthy holiday eating.

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