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Symptoms of Heart Failure Knowing when it’s heart failure A weakened heart does not pump blood as it should. Heart failure can make it harder for you to do the things you used to do. It may be mild or severe and you may have one or more of these signs: • swelling in your feet and ankles • swelling in your abdomen area • pain in your abdomen area, nausea • chest pain or pressure • being short of breath whether you are resting or doing something • feeling weak or being tired a lot • trouble breathing when you are lying down • a dry, hacking cough that stays with you and gets worse when you lie down • a weight gain of 3-4 pounds in 1-2 days of normal eating or 2 pounds overnight • trouble sleeping unless you prop up on pillows or sit up in a chair • bleeding or bruising easily

Testing for heart failure To find out how your heart is working, you may need to have one or more tests. These tests can help your healthcare provider set up a treatment plan to relieve some of your symptoms. ❐ electrocardiogram

• irregular heartbeat

❐ chest X-ray

• dizzy spells or feeling lightheaded

❐ echocardiogram ❐ exercise stress test

• having to go to the bathroom a lot during the night

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