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The Etoria’s 2012 Awards

Farah Sattaur Crowned Queen of Miss Guyana UK 2012


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Panache talks to Ethiopian Jazz legend, and the Father of Ethio-Jazz: Mulatu Astatke

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Miss Guyana UK 2012 exceeds expectations with class as Farah Sattaur is Crowned the new Queen

Features 18-21



PANACHE INTERVIEWS: Tanesha Coley Award winning makeup artist


PANACHE INTERVIEWS: Veronique of Veronique Designs Jewellery



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Photography by: Peter Branch Photography Taken at: Megashoot 6 Serpents Make Up by: Tanesha Coley Name of Snake : Ralph Snake Charmer: Andrew Robertson Model: Paula Souza

PROFESSIONAL Julian Hall is the author of the “BEST SELLING” e-book Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur - 100 Ways to up your Game . Find out more by going to : http://www.julianhall.

Avoid Procrastination, Make 2013 Yours!


t the end of each year millions of people look back at the last 12 months not having achieved what they’d set out to. Most of us fall far short of our new year’s resolutions and goals. But why? In my experience procrastination is a key issue many of us struggle with year after year. Let’s look at what we can do to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen in 2013! The best way to get something done is to make a start, simple right? So why is it that for so many of us we just can’t get around to working on that business idea we’ve been talking about for so long? I met , bumped into an old friend who I hadn’t seen for about 7 years on the way to see my publisher in the London Underground. So the ceremony begins where you try to summarise in 1 minute what you’ve done in almost a decade. I remembered he was always on about starting a business online selling computer parts which he’d got dirt cheap from China. It was going to be his ticket out of the nine to five hum drum he hated. I told him I’d been running my business for some time now and it’s had its ups and downs but I’m here smiling. He went on to tell me that he could never get round to getting his business online and was working in the same company. Now 7 years is a long time to procrastinate and

as we parted company there was a look on his face that I had taken action and had moved on...but he hadn’t, and he clearly now wondered why. Prof Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire reckons this problem affects about 25% of us and is based on three key things which we’ll explore in greater detail: 1. The fear of failure “He who never makes mistakes, never makes anything,” goes an English Proverb. The scientific term is Atychiphobia, and it is an extremely irrational fear. Fear of failure is one of the greatest fears people have. Fear of failure is closely related to fear of criticism and fear of rejection. The best way to overcome atychiphobia is to face it dead on and accept slowly but surely that failing is necessary for success. For those who know me they may not believe that I was afraid of failure public speaking. But because of the opportunities I could open for our business I almost forced myself into the lion’s den only to realise it was filled with playful kittens! The Law of Feedback says, “There is no failure; there is only feedback”. Unsuccessful people look at failure as long lasting and personal. Successful people look at failure as outcomes or results which they can learn from. Take these effective steps to get over yourself!

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One: Take bold, decisive action Two: Never give up, be persistent (my personal favourite) Three: Learn why it happened, how it could have been avoided and what to do next time – Learn! Four: Fail forward fast. Tom Peters, the management guru, said companies must fail forward fast. What does that mean? Well we learn from our mistakes correct? Therefore if we want to learn faster, we must make mistakes faster! Simple... The key is that you must learn from the mistakes you make so you don’t repeat them. 2. We’re perfectionists Perfectionism, Procrastination, and Paralysis – the vicious cycle, one leads to another. But how can we disrupt this cycle? Perfectionism = Impossibility! So don’t trap yourself because you’ll never get your product or service ‘right’ and in reality the perfection is a process not a destination. Think about all the companies and entrepreneurs who have done amazingly with a less than perfect product. Bill Gates and Windows, Steve Jobs and the iPhone,

Stelios and the Easy brand, Alan Sugar with Amstrad. 3. Mountain of work is too big, so better not to start Fast handling of things is the order of the day! Make a To-Do list with your tasks numbered in priority, importance, and scheduled dates and times of completion. You can use your phone, filofax (if you’re retro) or Outlook to organise your tasks Prioritise the importance of new tasks against the others in your list. Make sure you evaluate if it’s a real task or just distraction Review, Rinse and start again your To-Do list. This is a must; your review should be conducted every other day or every day. Beware the multi task trap! If something is really important then it will require 100% of your concentration so do not multi-task it will only slow you down and deliver poor results. The secret is as quoted by Prof Richard Wiseman, the 1 minute rule, which states, “If you start by spending 1 minute on a task you’re must more likely to finish it” See, there I told you it was simple! Good luck !

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n Hall


MARIE PARRIS If you have a question for Marie, please email info@ Marie will be speaking at the London and South East Landlords Day on Friday 7 December 2012 in Central London. Visit for more information of the event.


Resident agony Sister answers readers questions Q. My tenants have left my property and there are a number of items that have been damaged and I am not happy with the way they have cleaned the property. I have registered the deposit, but I did not do an inventory. Will I be able to recoup my losses from their deposit as the property is currently unoccupied? A. Since the introduction of tenants deposit in April 2007 any disputes are dealt with by one of three government approved scheme providers of which your deposit is registered/held with. The dispute process is dealt with purely via paper evidence. Now I am pleased that you registered the deposit legally, however, you did not do an inventory. Having a signed inventory of schedule and condition of all fixtures, fittings and items balanced with photographic evidence is crucial, especially when raising a deposit dispute – because it would show the condition of an item at the start of the tenancy and at the end. You do not say whether you or a managing agent was looking after the property, because you should have conducted some interim inspection visits which would of consisted of paper based evidence and photos. In the absence of an inventory do you have any invoices, for the items that you say are damaged? It really will be your word

against the tenants as you do not have a signed inventory or any interim inspection reports to rely on. With regards to the cleaning, I would recommend that you be very careful on this point, most deposit disputes are because of cleaning. This is very subjective and what one person may think is cleaned to a high standard there are many others that will disagree. Did you have the property professionally cleaned before these tenants took occupancy? When an adjudicator is assessing a dispute they are relying on factual paper evidence and the more you can produce will make your case more solid. In the end you will need to decide whether you want to persist with the time it takes to prepare to send the relevant information, or try to resolve it directly with your tenants on an amount to be deducted that can be agreed mutually. You would be better to go the latter route first and use your time to effectively re-let your property and this time please get an inventory. Q. I am considering renting my two bedroom property to a couple who has a dog, but I am unsure what procedures I should put in place?

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A. I think it is good that you are being open, 50% of the UK population are pet owners, according to Dogs Trust UK. Therefore you are opening up more of the rental market, as many pet owners struggle to find suitable accommodation and when they do they can stay for a long time. Firstly, you need to ensure you have a separate pet policy in place. This will outline the conditions under which the tenant may keep the pet. You also need to ensure that you have the tenant complete a pet form this will contain details of the pet, who their vet is, are they microchipped, neutered, breed of pet and any emergency contact numbers. I would highly recommend that you sought reference on the pet in particular (as well as tenants of course!) from their previous landlord. If you are satisfied with the information then ensure that your tenancy contract has a sufficient clause about the pet. I tend to advise landlords to take a higher deposit, which many pet owners are prepared to pay for their beloved pets. In addition, I agree from the outset that a specified amount is going to be deducted for professional sanitation cleaning at the end of the tenancy without question and this does not include any damages that may occur. You do not mention whether your property is leasehold or freehold. If it is leasehold you may need to seek permission from the freeholder or look in your lease first. If you follow these initial procedures and monitor closely with interim inspection visits you should be fine.

About - MARIE PARRIS Marie Parris is the Founder & Managing Director of George Ellis Property Services, a company that provides lettings, management, consultancy and training seminars to investor landlords. Marie is a specialist in residential lettings and management and for the last eight years has achieved zero arrears for all managed properties on behalf of clients. For the last seven years, she has been a speaker at the Landlord & Letting Exhibition Shows held nationally in the UK and has been on the judging panel at the Landlord & Letting Awards Show for the past three consecutive years. Her book, "The Simplified Guide to Letting & Managing Your Own Property" will be published in 2013. Marie, educates, inspires and empowers landlords who choose to self let and manage their property without the use of a ÂŹsub-standard agency. George Ellis Property Services are members of ARLA, (Association of Residential Letting Agents), APIP (Association of Professional Inventory Providers) and Property Lettings Ombudsman. Marie is a member of PSA (Professional Speaking Association) and is an accredited landlord LLAS UK LAP (London Landlord Accreditation Scheme) who continues to self let and manages her own property portfolio without any rent arrears and a cash positive income. She has over 18 years of property experience. Web: Email: Office: 020 7 763 7200

Dear Readers, Our resident Property Columinst & Agony Sister Marie Parris is available to assist any Landlord with your tenant dilemmas. Do not delay! forward your enquiry to: To purchase the DVD, book a place on this course, or find out more, please visit

CULTURE MUGABE, VILLAIN OR HERO? I, Lekan Olujinmi of The Klub International Management Company was put in contact with Mr Roy Agyemang by the way of the musical director for the said film Mr. Everis Pellius, so as to help them to reach out to the Diplomatic community, via the African and African Caribbean Embassies or High Commissions, I feel it is very important to get the facts out, and show the world that we can all work well together. This Screening is a must see.

By: Lekan Olujinmi


feel that it is time, more than ever, that we as Africans at home and in the Diasporas start to deal with our own issues, for we already know the contempt that those outside of the African continent have towards us. Now is the time for us to truly start working together with the African Union (AU) to help make Africa strong again. All I have to say is that whenever we stand up to the so called ‘powers that be’, we too will be treated just like His Excellency President Robert Mugabe. We do not need permission to do right by our people. It is we in the Diaspora that can really make a difference, by contributing to the Motherland, and showing the world what good we have to offer. I believe that His Excellency President Robert Mugabe is going through the ‘Process of Elimination’ the price one pays for dealing with your enemies taking the wealth from our land and giving it to institutions that will equally take it.

ABOUT THE FILM Synopsis: British/African filmmaker Roy Agyemang was in Zimbabwe attempting to make a documentary on His Excellency President Robert Mugabe at a time when all Western media was banned. What was intended to be a three-month mission, turned into three life-changing years. Roy Agyemang and his UK based Zimbabwean fixer, Garikayi, worked their way through the corridors of power, probing the cultural, economical and historical factors at the heart of the “Zimbabwean crisis”. In their quest to interview His Excellency President Robert Mugabe, Roy Agyemang & Gari were mistaken for the British Secret Service. Roy Agyemang narrates this personal epic journey, as they find themselves in H.E.

President Robert Mugabe’s entourage, on Colonel Gaddafi’s private jet and around a host of prominent African leaders. The film explores the relationship between African leaders and the West, in the fight for African minerals.

Roy Agyemang FILMMAKER Bio. Born in 1974 in London, Roy Agyemang was a child actor playing roles in well known television shows, such as Grange Hill & The Bill, to name but a few. He attended Ravensbourne School of Broadcasting gaining the technical skills behind the camera. He began directing and presenting current affairs stories for Kudos Productions youth channel, Rapture TV. With a growing passion for politics he put forward a youth manifesto as leader of Generation X in the buildup to the 1997 UK General Election. Anglia TV produced a onehour programme entitled Generation X: Election Special. Roy Agyemang became the face of newly launched Fox Kids in England, presenting a variety of other shows. He also went onto present a travel series for LWT and sports programmes for IMG. He made the transition to go behind the camera full time in the mid-2000’s. At the time reality television began to dominate the airwaves around the world. As a multiskilled camera-operator/director/producer, he built up his credits working on populist observational documentaries for British broadcasters.

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Roy Agyemang’s documentary credits include “Ferry up the Amazon” (BBC), Abi Titmus: A modern Day Morality Tale (Channel 4), Football Icon (Sky One), Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter (ITV 2). In-between productions, he developed his own projects. In 2005 he covered the Liberian elections. He gained access to George Weah, the former world footballer of the year, aiming to become President of Liberia. Mugabe: Villain or Hero? is Roy Agyemang’s first feature length documentary. It’s a realization of a long-term ambition to delve into the world of African leadership.

Director Statement “The perception of Africa and its leaders had a profound effect on how kids acted towards me in the playground for being of African heritage”. “So from an early age, I wanted to work in the media and show my friends that there was more to Africans than being killed by Tarzan”. “African politics was often discussed in our household. My parents left Ghana around the time of the coup that saw the ousting of President Kwame Nkrumah back in 1966 which was supported by Western countries”. “Since then, the relationship between African leaders and the West has had its ups and downs”. “H.E. President Robert Mugabe was part of a group of dictators described as the “axis of evil”. In the last 12 years the Western media has perpetuated that view”.

“From how I was seeing it, the case against President Robert Mugabe was overwhelming. What aroused my curiosity was that President Robert Mugabe had not been eliminated by the West and still remained in power till today. This was no mean feat, especially up against former American President George W. Bush and former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s era”. “Was there more to President Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe than what was being shown on our television screens? I got the opportunity to find out when I was introduced to Garikayi, a Zimbabwean based in England with good contacts inside his country Zimbabwe”. “I first arrived in Zimbabwe at the end of 2007, the country was facing the toughest period since Independence from white rule in 1980”. “The Zimbabwean government was hostile towards Western news crews”. Lekan Olujinmi: “And quite rightly so, for they should give us the same respect as they want from us. “On a production of this magnitude it would be unusual not to have a cameraman and soundman working with me but I was going into an unusual situation, so I had no choice but to operate as a one-man-band”. Would my view on President Robert Mugabe and the “Zimbabwean crisis” differ from those in the powerful western news media? I was about to embark on a journey uncertain of the outcome. What intended to be a three-month location shoot, turned into a three-year epic journey.

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Going to the Screening Description: - President Robert ‘Mugabe: Villain or Hero’? Time: - 2:00pm Date: - December Saturday 15th,2012 Production Country: - London, England Directed by: - Roy Agyemang Running time: - 117min There is ample parking under Hayward Gallery, Royal National Theatre, Jubilee Gardens. BFI Southbank Programme Details BFI Southbank Belvedere Road South Bank London SE1 8XT Tel: 020 7815 1350

The Source My work speaks of the ‘Beginning’ and the ‘End’, the stem and the leaves, the ‘root’ and the ‘fruit’ From the ‘Beginning’: the soil for the seed, the land itself. The foundation and structure, the substance and raw material The clay The earth and the deep earth, The clay that holds trees in soil. From the ‘End’; Objects in vessels such as flowers, water and soil recycling life’s essence - never ending. The ‘Source’ represents the start of every vessel I make; The inspiration, the ideology and the unspoken word, representing vision, feelings and cultural experiences. The transference of inspiration into invention, innovation into Art, through bringing dust to life and life, to imitate nature itself as a secondary essence of creation. The ‘Source’, like a tree, needs rain for constant feeding. The ‘Source’, like a tree, needs the sunlight to flourish. The fertile soil helps replenish its vitality, creates ripe fruit, sustains healthy leaves and strong stems. So does MY CRAFT AS AN ART FORM; It feeds off my culture and draws from its traditions as one would draw from a well to quench thirst. It has its roots in the language of my forefathers. The eyes feed off this rich abundance of heritage and adorns its splendour, as the mouth feeds off African food when cooked in its native clay furnace. It reminds me of the infusion between the village traditions and culture And the ethics which are passed down from generation to generation. This fusion has a silent voice and speaks of individuality, beauty and family. My silent voice being emulated through my craft; representing the continent revealing my contemporary fresh new light, life of Art, Every handmade ceramic I create tells a unique story of a rich measure, culture, texture, mixture and splendour; valuing a people indigenous to the motherland (Africa).

Expressions of Africa The root of my creation (the Source – the inspiration within) Like the roots of a tree is hidden And it reveals itself like the fruit on a tree (my Art) The sweeter the fruit, the better the creation.

Asan Ugborogho

Women4Africa 'Think BIG Conference' 2012

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THINK BIG Conference – Summary Held on Saturday the 17th of November 2012 At The NH Harrington Hotel, 5-25, Harrington Gardens, Kensington, SW7 4JW


by Sam Sam Onigbanjo FCIM Founder of Women4Africa

he “Think Big” Conference was organised by Women4Africa targeting young females between the ages of 10 and 22 to help them [re]capture the vision that is essential for them to lead fulfilled lives. The conference was well attended with participants including Males and females of all ages and professionals from different sectors (from education,Beauty,Academia health, to the entertainment industry) who had something to contribute to the conference. Equally pertinent to the conference was the speakers (the Big Thinkers) who were carefully selected to contribute their knowledge and share their inspiring life journey to success. What was most inspiring about the speakers was that they are all ordinary women with extraordinary stories to tell. It was a highly participatory conference with participants partaking through asking great questions and offering powerful solutions. The keynote speech by the hosts, Sam and Tola Onigbanjo gave a powerful entry-point to the conference. They spoke about their journey into making Women4Africa a reality and the vision to make sure that the efforts of women are highly recognised, as agents of change in their communities. Regardless of their age, class or qualifications. Most importantly for the host, with regards to a conference like this, is to begin now, to build great women of tomorrow by equipping the young girls of today. Women4Africa Ambassador, Jennifer Ogole made a powerful statement, “As a little girl, people don’t tell you what is coming. As a women, you find out”. This conference could not have come at a better time for young girls, especially to educate them about the possible challenges that they may face in life and equip them with the confidence to overcome. Dr. Anikpe Oyedeji highlighted how important it is for young girls to dream and most importantly for that dream to be nurtured. Parents have a part to play in positively changing how their children view themselves and encourage them to dream. She described dream in an acronym, “DREAM – Dream, Reach, Enthusiasm, Aim and Motivator (your helper). Atiti Sosimi also stretched the importance of a helper stating that ‘we need each

other to survive’ and that ‘impossible is nothing’. She encourages young girls to do something that is worth writing about and that there is no day to allow ‘mediocrity ‘ in their lives. Also present at the conference, were the Women4Africa award winners who had inspiring stories to share on how they turned their struggles to success. A section of the conference triggered a very positive discussion amongst participants after the presentation by Steve Murigi who currently works with AMREF in Uganda on maternal mortality. He carefully highlighted that fact that over 200,000 women die in Africa every year because they lack the required healthcare during pregnancy. However, he reiterates that midwives who manage to help pregnant African women in these tough conditions need to be recognised for their great work. Many participants discussed the need for Africans in general but especially in diaspora to develop the ‘spirit of volunteerism’ to help their continent. Points were also raised on the need for existing African NGOs or organisations to create the right environment for Africans to present the best solution for their continent’s problem. Global beauty Ambassador Eryca Freemantle ,spoke on the power of Inner and outer beauty. She emphasised the importance of beauty to women of colour and how an absenceof this confidence could steal the confidence and lower the self esteem of young African girls growing up. In all, the conference was a success in passing on great knowledge and information useful to participants and an excellent networking hub for all Interested in Specialising in African Women affairs . According some participants, “I task Women4Africa to do this again”, “This is exactly what I need”, “I have been inspired and I feel like I can do great things”. There were plenty of chances to network with great artistic and inspiring performances by BRies and Roucheou Illoyi in the fantastic atmosphere. The event was sponsored by Arik Air, Marcomms365 and The Voice

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Beauty Pageants By David F. Roberts of CaribDirect

Miss Guyana UK 2012 exceeds expectations with class. It has been a few years since the Guyanese community in the United Kingdom were treated to a show of talent, beauty and finesse. All roads led to the Brixton town Hall on Saturday (17th November 2012) as Kaieteur Entertainment Limited pulled out all the stops to stage a long missed, Miss Guyana UK Pageant 2012.

Farah Sattaur Crowned Queen of Miss Guyana UK 2012


ypical of Guyanese people the men were dressed in their Sunday best some looking more elegant than James Bond 007, while the women were not to be left out as they donned incredible dresses, single piece, two piece and even three piece outfits. It was truly a night to behold and the atmosphere was set for an event that has been long accustomed to very large expectant audiences given the reputation of the calibre of the show. The main organisers Tracey and Felicia Benjamin ably assisted by Lorraine Williams, Contestant Liaison and Mentor; Herman Nurse, Floor Manager; Ashane, Contestant Escort along with Gillian Bernard and Neville Johnson, the presenters delivered a show that arguably ranks among the best beauty pageants staged so far this year. With a strong and supremely experienced panel of judges the contestants and the audience were sure due care and attention would be exercised to ensure the most deserving contestant won. The panel comprised Angela Cox Director for Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK, Angel Sinclair Director for Models of Diversity, Beverley Fraser Miss Guyana UK 1996, Bonnie Lock International Super Model, Nick Reynolds International Award Fashion Photographer, Duke Chaudhray London Fashion Production Executive, Sherine Brand Director Brand-U, Dr Patrick Williams Adjudicator and Enjane Rhule Assistant Adjudicator. Adding to the splendour of the evening was a touch of regality as His Excellency the High Commissioner for Guyana and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Mr Laleshwar Kumar Narayan Singh graced the venue with his presence and delivered an excellent pledge of support to the organisers and the pageant while complementing them on a job well done. In spite of the many standees the general atmosphere was one of optimism and excitement as a sense of camaraderie between those seated and those standing saw some folks sharing seats

and taking turns to sit. In the end everyone saw and enjoyed the show and united in praise for a well thought out program. Though there were many segments that stood out for creativity and impact, the best by far, judging from everyone’s was the James Bond simulation section where the hunk like escorts of the contestants appeared dressed as the legenday Ian Flemming figure 007 and struck cheeky poses with their assigned contestant to the theme song of James Bond provided by the experienced DJ Shogun. This segment was incredible to watch and clearly showed the level of creativity and imagination invested in this ‘come back’ Miss Guyana pageant. Shows such as this cannot survive without corporate support with the main or title sponsor being Caribbean Airlines. Other sponsors include Panache Occasions, Grace Foods and M.A.H Bros Cash & Carry and SnowflakeGems to name a few. SnowflakeGems provided a special gift to the first runner up winner, Miss Zena Bland, at the end of the pageant. This bespoke design and gemstones used in this jewellery gift was specifically created to represent the land and people of Guyana . It is also meant to be worn with pride and used as a stepping stone for Miss Bland to speak about the attributes of Guyana when people ask about this jewellery as she wears it. She is a worthy contestant winner as during the question and answer segment of the pageant she stated that she wants to promote a more positive image of Guyana. After the pageant she was telling us that she loves speaking to people with every chance she gets about her native land. In summary a good time was had by all and the general consensus is that the event was a success and should return bigger and better in 2013. congratulates the team on a superior job and look forward to working with the team again next year!

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David F. Roberts of CaribDirect Phone: +447508 142 478

On the 15th June Caribbean Airlines launched non stop flights to Trinidad with onward connections to Guyana, Barbados and Tobago, and in so doing substantially improved the journey time and access to Georgetown. With thrice weekly flights, seamless connections and two pieces of luggage, Caribbean Airlines provides an excellent service to Georgetown, Guyana. Bags are through checked and passengers issued a single ticket for travel to Georgetown. Caribbean Airlines operates a 767 - 300 aircraft from the North Terminal of London Gatwick and offers prices as low as ÂŁ550.00 in Low Season and ÂŁ760.00 at Christmas. Caribbean Airlines is especially proud to sponsor Ms. Guyana UK and looks forward to having Ms. Guyana UK on board. We look forward to having you on board! For more information call 0870 774 7336 or email


Caribbean Airlines, the easiest way home.




Email: Call: 0870 774 7336

Exposing Black Truth

Body & Soul by ESTHER AUSTIN Intuitive Healer, Intuitive Reader, Soul Guide, Broadcaster, Speaker

Download Free E-Book by Esther Austin Freedom/Af426/ReflexionsSoulStirri




of Veronique Designs Jewellery

e often think or perceive that transformation and healing comes in generic forms I.e through the church, medical establishments, etc, yet there are many other forms through which healing can take place which may not always be so obvious. Throughout time, the healing property of stones has been experienced and now even in this modern day of technology and medicine, going back to nature and basics is the only real place where the raw elements of nature have true power, to transform, to heal to influence change. So therefore, I caught up with Veronique of Veronique Designs Jewellery to find out about her very beautiful and unique products and how in their own essence, they are transforming lives. Veronique Designs Jewellery is an amazingly eclectic fusion of her two cultures the sexy elegance of French influence and the bold brightness of African culture. Veronique’s pieces are large, bold and striking yet each have their own subtle magical charm which instinctively reaches out to all those who pass their way, enticing and drawing clients to them. The saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, rings true with Veronique’s works of art because whatever is going on in a client’s life her jewellery will instinctively call out to that place within and transform and even heal. I visited Veronique’s workspace to find out more about this dynamic woman whose creations are creating ripples in peoples lives. I found Veronique to be a calming oasis, determined, single minded, hard

working yet wonderfully open and willing to share, to engage with and her passion and love for people and her jewellery was clearly evident. I settled down to interview Veronique a cup of Redbush in hand, whilst she grabbed at some lunch. Veronique

Veronique, what is the ethos of your business and work? The basis and passion for my work is creating jewellery out of natural material. The history behind this is about 16 years ago I started buying and selling ready made jewellery with a friend which was made out of glass, carvings and wood. Eventually my friend started beading, I.e breaking necklaces and we thought we would see what would happen with this process. I had never really seen any jewellery I liked so we started making and selling. Eventually my friend went back to being a make up artist and I carried on with working with the wood and the shells, especially the shells which I had a special passion for.

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What was it about working with shells that were so special to you? I have a special love of working with Cowry shells because of their beauty. At first I was buying small Cowry shells then I discovered the larger ones. Slowly throughout the years I started to discover stones for their beauty, their healing properties and their power and in the last 7 years I gradually started working more with stones. You said something about the healing property of the stones that you work with which I feel is really important. Have you always been spiritually aware of the healing properties of stones or was it when you got into working with the stones that you discovered the properties? It was when I started working with jewellery. When I used to visit places when seeking out material for my jewellery I was always directed and advised to go to certain places where I discovered a whole world of wonderful things. As a result I discovered a place where there were a lot of stones and I started to educate myself about them because I didn’t know anything about them before. I am still educating myself because there is still so much to know. For example there are so many differences between the different grades of stones. The power is in the quality of the stone. The higher the quality the higher the energy. Over the years my customers have experienced so many different things which have happened to them as a result of experiencing my jewellery. It is not just a work of art. There is something special about the whole process and then about what they represent. I say the stones call the client. It is not the other way around. When people come to my stand at a Trade Show or Exhibition and they think that they choose a stone, they do not.

The energy that the stone has to offer is what the person needs at that time. It is interesting because people would choose a piece of jewellery and can stay around my stand for at least an hour looking at others and trying them on but more times than not they always come back to their initial selection. This therefore clearly explains the power of the stones. People have also experienced amazing changes in their lives by wearing certain stones and its wonderful when they come back and tell me because it makes me realise that there is so much more going on than just selling a piece of my art to someone. What are some of the challenges of working with stones and working on your own in this business? I try to delegate. This has always been an issue for me. I know I can’t do everything and I know I can’t grow if I do not delegate. I now have an administrative assistant and my mother also helps me but I need more people to help me with the jewellery side of things. This is a process which has been going on for years and the more demands I have for my products is the more challenging it becomes for me, as it is with most people. As a result of this therefore I’ve started working with Tony Fairweather which has been a fantastic experience because I am really learning more about how to efficiently

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and progressively operate as a business and part of that is how to share and delegate, apart from my partner and inner circle. Working with Tony is supporting me to grow in many ways and it’s great because I know and feel that there is someone I can trust and rely on, which is important and also I know my business is moving forwards. Also because this is an ethical business and I have certain ways of working I cannot just trust anyone. I need to make sure that if someone is part of my business it has to be in the spirit of which I want to work because it is very easy to get distracted and go into another direction which is not who I am. So Veronique, this brings us nicely onto the next question who is Veronique? Well that is another big question. In relation to the business. I want to create something that is not just a product. It’s not just about selling a piece of jewellery and getting money for it. It’s a lot more for me. It’s a whole experience. I do feel that sometimes I offer therapy as well because people come and they talk to me about their problems and then they will look at the stones and make a purchase, so it is a whole process going on. As a person who loves the connection with people, exchanging and giving, I am aware that I give through my jewellery. I had one very touching experience last year at a Trade Show. A lady came to my stand. She didn’t wear big jewellery at all and my products are not like anything she would buy as she likes small classical pieces. She stayed for half an hour and then she started crying. She could see so much in the jewellery that she was overwhelmed and she said that she had never seen jewellery like mine in her life. She couldn’t take herself away from the stand because she could see my journey in my jewellery.

I feel that who you are in essence comes out through the work that you create. Even the healing process to reach out and touch someone’s life, yes that is the therapy you offer and that does reflect your journey. Can you therefore share what bought you to this place to work with jewellery in this capacity? I’ve always loved art and fashion and unusual things. I grew up in Paris as the only black child in a white community so therefore I was always the odd one out in the French Community. For many years I was trying to be like a white woman, straightening my hair and doing other stuff until I became a teenager. My mother is white, French and my father is from West Africa. Of course I was mixing more with white people then. My father was not always around, so it was a little difficult but on a regular basis I used to go to my African family, which at the time I was not really interested in, yet I still was able to pick up influences from both sides, the European French elegance and the African elegance. After a while I was more drawn to the African side of me and I started mixing with them more. Then I went through a phase when I didn’t know who I was. I was drinking and smoking and then I came to London. For a few good years I continued to experience this feeling of being lost and not knowing who I was, even though I was very well surrounded by my family and my mother but on some level things were not right, I was not happy. At the time I believed that racism didn’t exist in France and denied so much of my experiences that I used to think that I was not a victim of it which was complete nonsense. In France there is a process where we think we are French first and then African afterwards – that’s how it is.

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Now when I go back to France I have some interesting discussions with them and I want to say to them wake up. It’s only when I came to England that my eyes were opened. It’s been something I really denied for many years and therefore I could not function completely freely. Then I met my partner who I am still with and my life changed completely. I’ve learned so much from her and we have been together for 14 years. To support my own growth and understanding of myself I’ve taken personal development seminars. My partner is strongly into personal development and this has greatly influenced me and I am still working on myself which is so liberating. I had a big hole in my heart and now I am stronger. Do you feel that creating and working on your jewellery has helped to fill that hole? Yes and it has also been a way of me expressing myself because I had difficulty in expressing my feelings. That is why I started drinking away my feels and smoking. Now I can express myself more and this is where the wealth is. I come from a family where we did not express our feelings and in France people do not really express feelings, and I suppose the same goes for here as well. Also it was not always easy for my mother to understand my experiences when I told her of the difficulties at school. She would say “But you are better than everyone else.” Yet sometimes it was not getting to the core and I know there were things going on at a deeper level but sometimes being bought up by a white mother, who was excellent by the way, she could only do what she could do. My father was not always around because he was off having relationships and producing other children. Yet the beauty now is that the whole family has had time to meet. I’ve just met a new sister this year and its wonderful.

Therefore, I have been through a lot of experiences and this is probably what comes out in my jewellery. Sometimes, I don’t even realise what I am creating. It is often the response of other people which makes me understand that I must be expressing myself and all the different emotions and stages that I’ve gone through. You talk about the stones you use to create your work. Are semi-precious stones what you use as a basis or do you use other types of material? I use coconut, mother of pearl, glass, silver, leather – all natural materials. clear quartz rings

Can you elaborate on the process of how you work with the stones from the start to create a piece of jewellery? At the moment because I don’t have all the machines, I have people who I take the stuff too. If a piece is raw, I tend to like to keep it as it is but sometimes it has to be sliced down. I go to a factory in Madagascar where I get the stones polished right from stage one. You get different levels of polishing. I also have another supplier who produces beads of different sizes. I tell them how I want them done. I also pay someone to do the drilling. Its costs quite a lot but I just don’t have the time and I am realising that the more I grow is the more I have to delegate.

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Model with Labradorite

You’ve mentioned where you draw your influences from I.e the French and African culture so what inspires your designs? Nature – that is the best way to put it. Even when I do my displays, I like to re-produce all the different aspects of nature. I love the power of nature and this is what I try to bring out in my jewellery.

– it’s beautiful to see how my jewellery transforms lives and how happy it makes them. My work transgresses class and race.

Aside from working on your jewellery and working on your business, where do you go to exhale and relax, what do you do to enjoy life? Well to be honest, most of my time is spent making jewellery or working for the business, but I love to be with my family, go on holiday and explore new places in the world. I love also to go to Paris to sell my work.

My advice also is you must know exactly what you love doing and follow your passion. You have to really believe in yourself and in what you are doing and this makes it a little easier to go through the challenges. I have huge challenges sometimes.

It is interesting that after 20 years of living abroad, away from Paris I now have the chance to go back with something to give and show the people. And what would you say to anyone who wants to start up a business. As we were talking before, it is great to do something you enjoy and follow your soul purpose, but often times it is a challenging process and a solitary journey. What keeps Veronique going? Self belief and love for what I do. Because what I do is the pleasure of creating something but also the pleasure of giving back to people. This is the best part when I see people coming to my stand and actually going away and being happy after discovering another side of themselves which the jewellery has revealed and a side which that they didn’t know about. I love to see the transformation in people. People from all cultural backgrounds, different social classes and all walks in society

Being mixed race has given me this great skill because I am always between different circles and communities, communicating and engaging with people.

I have very expensive bills for the material and sometimes business is not as fast as I want it to be. I often ask myself how will I pay this bill or not, but if you believe in what you are doing God always delivers to you at the right time. Sometimes the money comes through at just that last minute but you must believe and trust and persevere. I have been doing this for 20 years. Also Tony has been helping support me to work with more high calibre clients, inspiring me to take the business to the next level. I am working on getting my products into Boutiques in different towns across the country. Also having met my sister this year, who is very successful with her jewellery business she is also supporting me and therefore the business is at a very exciting stage. I am also creating a men’s range next year and I have been working on a US Tour. So 2013 is going to be a year in which I step up and with the help of Tony I know I will make it.

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In closing, is there anything else you would like to share about your business? At this moment as I mentioned before, it is a very exciting time because a lot of doors are opening and this is the moment of transformation for me now. My aim is to go all over the world and find my own material bringing things that no-one would think of bringing. The bigger picture is to have my jewellery all over the world because I know the power of the work that I do and if it touches someone’s life then that is what makes me happy. Email: Office Number: +44 (0)20 7738 4375 Mobile Number: +44 (0)7960 374 609 Website:

Turquoise model

FOCUS There are 27 Black and Minority Ethnic (BaME) Members of Parliament (MPs), in the House of Commons at present. The Labour Party who leads with 16 BaME MPs welcomed Chinyelu Onuwurah, Chuka Umunna and Yasmin Qureshi in the last election, but it’s not enough for a party that produced the first African MP in 1987.

by Juliana Lucas



t’s been 25 years since Diane Abbott, Lord Paul Boateng, Keith Vaz and the late Bernie Grant, took their seat, yet Parliament is still not reflecting the diversity of our wider society.

You’re right Mr Miliband, I believe Camberwell and Peckham can do with a black MP. It has a large percentage of ethnic minorities but for the past 30 years it has had a white MP. This is part of the problems we face at the moment. Black people are being over looked, even when it comes to safe Labour seats. It’s always been the case. In 1984 the Labour Party NEC refused to endorse, Russell Profitt, former chair of the Black Sections, in Lewisham East. He later went on to lose the marginal seat to Colin Moynihan in 1987. Martha Osamor, a Nigerian councillor at Haringey, wanted to stand as the Parliamentary Candidate for Brixton in 1989. She was democratically elected as the Parliamentary by-election candidate by the local Vauxhall constituency party, only to be removed by the powers that be in the National Executive Committee (NEC) for Kate Hoey who remains the MP till now.

25 years ago, The Voice Newspaper celebrated the year when Diane Abbott, Lord Paul Boateng, Keith Vaz and the late Bernie Grant, took their seat.

Only 6 African-Caribbean and 21 Asians have joined the black tribunes, as Abbott, Boateng, Vaz and Grant were dubbed. It’s sad. We should have more than 27 black MPs; in my view, Labour should have up to 40 BaME MPs by now. Even the Leader of opposition, Ed Miliband, recognises the impact of having a black MP. Miliband, said: “Hundreds of thousands of people will be encouraged and inspired to vote or even stand for election because they see people like David Lammy or Diane Abbott in parliament”

The most recent case was in Rotherham, where Cllr Marof Husain was kept off the shortlist. Strong black candidates who made the shortlist were not selected in Lewisham East and Manchester Central, and in Croydon North the area also happens to be the second largest Black and Minority Ethnic (BaME) community in London. It’s a shame that this is happening. 80 per cent of BaME votes go to the Labour Party but several article suggest things might be changing.

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An OBV article suggest “ Labour is in danger of losing Black Voters” Head of BAME Labour, Kameljeet Jandu, says, ‘There is a real danger that the Black vote will desert the Labour party if winnable Westminster seats keep by passing BME candidates by’. Black voters naturally feel their home is the Labour Party. Each and every time an election is called we vote Labour in droves. For instance in my own home, any election is a cross for the Labour Party, regardless of who the candidate maybe and I know a few others that do the same. But things are changing and the younger

generations are now embracing the fact that there are other political parties aside to the main three. So what can Labour do to keep our votes? RESPECT is vying for our support. And from what I have heard from a reliable source, David Cameron might be backing a black list for his own party. Sadiq Khan MP, once said, ‘A more representative parliament leads to better legislation and a better connection between politicians and citizens.’ I agree In 1983, a group of people comprising of Marc

Chuka Umunna.

Dr Chinyelu Susan Onwurah


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Wadsworth, Russell Profitt, Diane Abbott MP, Sharon Atkin, James Hunte, Paul Sharma and others, formed the Black Sections. They aimed to increase the representation of Black people (Black, the term used to identify black and Asians politically) at Parliament.

Diane Abbott MP is in support of an all-Black short-list and David Lammy MP has posed this as a potential solution in the past. I like many were shocked that it was not included in the 2009 equality bill. Instead Harriet Harman, then equality minister rejected it.

It was through the Black sections that we got our first four black MPs (Diane Abbott, Lord Paul Boateng, Keith Vaz and the late Bernie Grant) in the House of Commons in 1985.

The all-Women Short-list has been proven as the best tool to increase selection of women as party candidates. This makes the case for all-Black Shortlists dealing with the underselection of black candidates - both men and women - all the more stronger.

The Black Sections submitted a black list that got Lord Boateng his seat. The black list helped Dawn Butler win the same seat in 1995 when Lord Boateng’s seat was vacant.

Should we not ask Ed to adopt it?

Yasmin Qureshi


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jobs jobs jobs Panache has teamed up with:

Dreams Manpower C

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GUBA GUBA Founder & CEO- Dentaa.

George Ameyaw, Head of PR, GUBA.



by George Ameyaw

n every generation there is always one who sets themselves apart from the crowd, an individual who against all the odds achieves that which many can only dream of. Miss Gillian Appau is one of those ground breaking individuals. Now in her final year of university, Gillian has been a superlative student throughout the years, having managed to beat the odds by securing herself a place at the esteemed Oxford University. Her admittance into Oxford is not the only thing that sets the standard for other young people, but Gillian actively does so by helping other young people to aim higher. Gillian’s considerate and selfless acts coupled with her academic achievements led to her selection as the ‘Best Student Achiever’ for GUBA 2012 awards, surpassing all the other exceptional nominees. The GUBA Award for the Best Student Achiever is a highly sought after award which recognises students that have been academically dominant and consistent in their efforts to improve their communities. Gillian is a worthy winner and received her deserving recognition at the award ceremony which took place on the 10th of November 2012. After the awards, Gillian talks to GUBA in this insightful interview that demonstrates the very reason why she won the award.

Congratulations on winning the GUBA 2012 Award for ‘Best Student Achiever’. How do you feel about this accomplishment? I’m very overwhelmed by this accolade. Initially, I was unaware that I qualified to be nominated, so to find out that I had won was really amazing. I am very grateful that I have been recognised. The ceremony was brilliant! Genuinely one of the best nights of my life, as it made me realise that all the work that I’m doing isn’t for nothing. I’ve begun a very exciting journey, on which I know I will learn a lot, and hopefully, will use my experiences in a positive way. It was also amazing to hear the words of encouragement from my family, those who have supported me to get this far, and also from the ceremony guests. Such messages are invaluable, and motivate me to keep pushing forward. Since receiving this award I have been fortunate enough to be featured in FAB Magazine, The Voice Online and GUBA website. Friends and family in the UK and abroad have also sent me congratulatory messages. To top all this up I received a congratulatory message from the ViceChancellor of Oxford University!

Best Student Achiever _ Gillian Appau

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What is your view on the Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards? I think the idea behind the Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards is a brilliant one. I volunteered to help out with the awards this year because I think it is really important that Ghanaians are recognised in the UK. Ghanaians in the UK are doing exceptionally great things, but it had been difficult in the past to find these achievers because there was nothing like the GUBA Awards. I think the GUBA Awards is having a positive impact on our community and I hope that it continues to stay strong. You have been an outstanding student thus far, what motivates you to achieve these great results? Firstly, I would say that my family are my main motivation. My parents have worked extremely hard towards my education and have really sacrificed a lot for me. They have supported me emotionally, financially and in all areas, and I really feel the need to make sure that their hard work doesn’t go in vain and they are not, in a sense, “disgraced�. There have been times in the past when people disagreed with the decisions they made for my benefit, but they put my interests first and that motivates me to ensure that I can return the favour through my hard work. Also, I want to make a difference in my community and society, to show that young black people can achieve something and are not the stereotypical young, troublesome people that society perceives us to be. There are so many young people that are willing to work hard and achieve something with their lives and I want to be a part of that. Overall, I have a number of things that motivate me but my main ones are my family and my community.

How did you feel when you got your acceptance letter for the prestigious Oxford University? The Oxford application process was quite long. There was the initial UCAS application, followed by aptitude tests and a few interviews, then being offered a conditional place, then actually getting the results to secure my place. At each stage that I advanced to, I was in disbelief because, although from my educational past there was always a sense that I was smart, I was fully aware that this by no means guaranteed me a place at the university, so the fact that I got accepted still amazes me to this day. It is quite surreal. I am very grateful to God for bringing me here. What do you hope to achieve in life and what is your greatest goal? I have always said that I want to make a difference and contribute greatly to society. Although I am not yet sure what the difference will be and how I will go about it, I know that things need to be done, so I will continue to apply my skills in areas of need and make sure that I give my best. In as much as I can, I try to get involved in society and with programs such as the GUBA awards, and will continue to make an impact where I can until I find my ultimate goal. Aside from your academics are you involved in any other projects? One thing I have been very keen on is encouraging young people, especially young black people, to aim higher, and I believe being at Oxford University gives me the platform to do so because my story is testament to the rewards of ambition and hard work, regardless of background. Presently, I mentor young people who want to gain admission to Oxford University, and also people who want general university advice by, for example, reading

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through personal statements and offering advice where I can. I have been doing this through personal contacts and through Sponsors of Educational Opportunities London (SEO London). SEO London is an organisation that seeks to assist people of ethnic minority backgrounds in securing positions with the UK’s best employers. One of their latest initiatives is a scheme that supports young people in applying and getting into top universities. This organisation has helped me greatly with my career development and I support them by mentoring the young people that want to go on to higher education. What advice would you give to students who aspire to reach your level? I believe in God and I know that I would not be where I am without the kindness and favour of God. I would therefore advise others to aim high and work harder, in order to reap the benefits of hard work that God has in store for them. I was brought up to never let my age, gender, race or any other societal constraints hold me back from achieving my goals, and taught to always go after what I want because without trying, I have no hope of achieving my dreams. In the same way, I would like to encourage others to continue working hard, resist negative stereotypes, and take steps towards achieving great things and making our society a better place.

Gillian with GUBA 2012 Award.

Family Appau.

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Natalie Eastmond Kenneth Barlis

Just as the spotlights were finally dimming on the major fashion weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris, it was at last time to have all of the lights shine on Barbados for BB Fashion Week 2012. The fashion industry there has been making great strides therefore making Barbados the fashion hub in the Caribbean and is now looking to take its place within the world of fashion.

Kenneth Barlis


T Photography: Cullen Perrotte

hat being said, it was no surprise that Barbados was noted finally on the official Global Fashion Week Calendar and drew the attention of international media house Fashion Club and their host Jeff Rustia. With a slogan of ‘Fierce, Fabulous and Furious’ the premiere event was held on the weekend of October 25th - 28th boasting of a line-up which consisted of barbadian, regional and international designers to showcase their Spring/Summer 2013 collections. The opening ceremony was attended by designers, models, fashionistas and socialites who spent the night rubbing shoulders and talking fashion and climaxed with an after-party at the infamous PRIVA, an elite nightclub on the west coast of Barbados. After a night of social mingling, the next three themed nights of BB Fashion Week 2012 was all business for designers and models.

silhouettes worn by the local models as well as international model Candice Edwin who accompanied him. Close attention was paid to detail incorporating the use of innovative materials like rooster feathers and sea shells that received thunderous applause in particular for his red wedding gown. Adding a refreshing element to the night was Courtney McIntosh from the Bahamas and it was hard to ignore with her sultry swimwear collection. This designer had the perfect balance between daring and demure playing with stunning designs ranged from traditional swimwear to crochet pieces. The night then continued with designs from barbadian Joan White, she had an outstanding collection that showed skill and dedication with gowns and dresses accentuated with plenty of details, cutouts and hand paintings. Fellow barbadian designer Brandi Eswick presented her ‘Iman Estie’ collection that was stunning, sharp and fresh. She presented impressive edgy black and white designs for both the women and men making her a designer to watch in the future.

The first runway night dubbed ‘Glam Night’ was highly anticipated by the attendees as they looked forward to seeing the designers collections especially those of international designer Kenneth Barlis from the Philippines who is USA based, and barbadian Kesia Eswick who is benefiting from the Adopt-A-Designer program with international designers Oliver Tolentino and Romero Bryan.

The final designer of the night was that of promising barbadian Kesia Estwick, who produced magic on the runway as she showed great development with two collections. For her ‘Kiss The Girl’ collection, she brought ‘rude girl’ to the runway as she successfully married glam with punk as she used prints of hearts, lips and skeleton hands with a classy touch of leather in her collection. Kesia’s second collection, ‘Lilith’ was more elegant with minimalism chic designs that were very avant-garde.

Kenneth Barlis made a grand entrance on the runway with his one of the kind couture gowns and cocktail dresses. He showed full understanding of how to design for a woman’s body with structured

The second runway night was ‘Caribbean Fiesta’ and the attendees were thrilled by the collections of the neighboring countries of Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. The first designer to hit the runway was guyanese

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Kenneth Barlis

Joan white.

Kenneth Barlis.


m Stacy S Kesia Eswick (lilith) 1

Joan White.

Photography: Cullen Perrotte

Carol Frazer with a collection that had a sense of ease and comfort. The collection brought a reassuring and nice change from the usual expectations of the runway using hand painted designs and hand-made accessories that were warmly received by the attendees. Next it was onto the Trinidad and Tobago contingent consisting of seven recently gradated students from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. First was Anicia Brooks, who created a balance between punk and femininity. Her collection had fashion-forward visual aesthetics of feminine designs accentuated with spikes and studs for a more tough and rugged feel. Then it was onto minimal silhouettes and geometric construction with great emphasis on the shoulders and neck-lines exhibited by Linda Joseph. This designer gave a luxurious and feminine touch to the collection, effortlessly displaying simple but yet chic pieces. The night carried on with models donning pieces from a collection from Makisa Lewis of Trinidad. She mastered the use of ruffles bringing a nice contrast between sassy and elegance in very sophisticated ensembles. Another collection that was a hit with the attendees was that of Mark Eastman as he presented a very tropical collection highlighting his tailoring skills. Standing out as a pioneer was Natasha Lewis who despite of being wheelchair bound, showed she perfected the art of creating solid lines for her urbane designs comprising of elegant contemporary looks. The magnificence on hand was continued with Sharon Christopher as she designed for the power woman in mind. She tastefully used intricate pleats to created polished looks that gave the feeling of extreme femininity.

Closed the night was Stacy Smith presenting a collection of a wide variety of gowns and dresses employing colorful designs with flattering shapes. The third and final runway night theme ‘A Toast to Fashion’ saw two designers who the attendees were longing to see, Rykii de Jude and Charles Dieujuste. Barbadian Jude de Rykii revealed a modern all-male collection that made the male models looked like perfect gentlemen as they strutted down the runway. Jude’s eye for detail and passion for polish and well tailored designs produced menswear that was very versatile and could be worn both young and mature men alike. International designer Charles Dieujuste of the USA brought down the curtain of that night’s runway show with a very cohesive collection. He wonderfully manipulated the materials to create gorgeous flowing pieces as the designs moved gracefully and had an air of elegance about it as the models sauntered down the runway. His collection was sophisticated, chic and feminine and drew attention to contour of the body of a woman. At the end of the three interesting runway nights full of an electric atmosphere at BB Fashion Week 2012 produced by Unique Production Worldwide Ltd, one was left giddy with delight as this unforgettable night was definitely Fierce, Fabulous and Furious. Moreover, it was obvious that with the achievements made, the fashion industry is on the rise not only for the designers from Barbados but also that of the fellow Caribbean countries evident with the potpourri of designs showcased. With constant progress, in the near future we can look forward to seeing more from these incredible designers on international runways.

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Brandi Estwick

Kesia Eswick (kiss the girl)


Charles Dieujuste 2.

Kesia Eswick (lilith) 2

Anicia Brooks

Kenneth Barlis

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Photography: Cullen Perrotte

3 Kenneth Barlis

Courtney McIntosh 1Kesi Eswick (kiss the girl) Linda Joseph

Rykii de Jude Sharon Christopher. Kesia Eswick (lilith)

Mark Eastman Makisa Lewis

Charles Dieujuste 1

Carol Frazer. Rykii de Jude

Photography: Cullen Perrotte

Natasha Lewis

HATS OFF to Linda


inmiR designer Linda Mirembe was triumphant at the 4th BEFFTA award which recognises black and ethnic achievers in showbiz.

The colourful red carpet gala was held at The Hippodrome in Golders Green, London and was attended by celebrities such as Sir Trevor McDonald OBE who received a Lifetime Achievement Award, singer Lemar and the footballer Fabrice Muamba among others. The hat designer won the “Best Female Fashion Designer” award in which she was nominated alongside seventeen other designers. ”It was an honor just to be nominated. Receiving the award was a dream come true for me,” Linda says about her victory. Linda Mirembe was born and raised in Uganda. She relocated to Sweden in 1991 where she studied at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm specializing in Media Technology. She has also worked as a receptionist and a web developer until she moved to the UK in 2003 where she was employed as an IT Field Engineer for A-Z networks. Linda then became unemployed which is when she decided to enroll on a hat making course. Whilst at college, she managed to secure a lucrative modeling career for her son Jeff who was signed up by Sweden’s top modeling agency Stockholmsgruppen. Under her management, Jeff went on to model for many high-profile companies such as H&M, the cover of Gant Boys, Lindex NK, and many more. He also became a runway model in 1998 and 1999 at the Stockholm’s Mässan (Fashion Fair) which is when Linda soon realised that her dream of joining the fashion world had become a reality as she was privileged to be invited to attend a Jean Paul Gaultier show. Fully inspired, and after taking private lessons from a professional milliner, Linda founded LinmiR two years ago. Her hats have been ever popular and have been showcased at a number of both UK and international fashion events including the Young Achievers’ Awards’ Radical Awards; London Fashion Week’s Fashion Finest; The Mahogany Bridal Show; Maryland Fashion Week; Out of Africa in Dublin; ’50 Years of Fashion’ at Ug@50,UK to celebrate 50yrs of Uganda’s independence; and also her hats have been featured as part of the costume for the Miss Uganda UK 2012 contestants. To view Linda’s beautiful collection, or find out more about her services please visit:

Save the date !!! Thursday 20th June 2013 for

Ladies Day @


& There are few sporting venues that can match the rich heritage and history of Ascot Racecourse. For almost 250 years, Royal Ascot has established itself as a national institution and the centrepiece of the British social calendar as well as being the ultimate stage for the best racehorses in the world! The World's most glamorous race day. Ladies Day at Royal Ascot is renowned as the biggest day on the British social and sporting calendar. Be a part of it all on our fantastic day tour to Royal Ascot for Ladies Day on June 20. Get ready to dress up and join the regal tradition and pageantry on our fun day out.


“A Woman’s Hair is her Pride”

Emma Ola (CEO) Tel: - 07940 147 837 : BB Pin: - 2793A73A

The finest quality 100% Brazilian, Peruvian and Cambodian hair that is silky and lustrous in texture and is sold to you at an increadibly reasonable price. The hair is so natural that it can be styled, curled, flat ironed or even coloured as if it were your own hair. We also offer a variety of delivery options to suit your needs.

5% off If you place your booking

via Panache E-Magazine

Call us on

07951 308 379

Tanesha Coley Tell us about your background and what attracted you to becoming a hair and makeup artist? The real driving force behind my chosen career is based on the old principle “see a need, fill a need”. I discovered, as a teenager growing up in Jamaica, that I loved the effects of make-up artistry. My mum, Gillian Wedderburn and my Aunt were both in the hair and beauty industry and I suppose it was inevitable that I followed in their footsteps. As a hobby, I used to do the make-up for my family and friends. I soon realised that there was a need to empower women by revealing their natural beauty and remove the layers of products that mask their faces. I wanted to enhance my skills even more and went on to gain a diploma in Specialist Makeup: Theatrical, Media and SPX Makeup and Hairdressing at the prestigious and renowned West Thames College. I then graduated from University of Portsmouth 2008 with a BA Hons Media and Entertainment Technology and went on to study hair & makeup at West Thames college in 2011 What was your first job after attaining your qualifications? I worked for a photography studio booking makeovers over the phone and assisting other Makeup Artists. It was at this point that I made a decision that I should work for myself and with the help of my mum and a small team of wonderful women including my cousin Michaela Samuels. I started my own company called Zoli Esthetik. Running my own business allows me to work around my 3 year old daughter who is showing a keen interest in make-up artistry. Where do you take your inspirations from? I am inspired by human body art and visit as many exhibitions and museums as part of my research. Name a few artists that you admire? Sam Fine, Alex Box, Kevin Acoin and the Queen of Blending - Lauren YouTube Guru

What styles do you specialise in? I am qualified in all aspects of makeup artistry and hairdressing which includes Bridal, Fantasy, Fashion & Editorial, Media, TV & Film, Glamour, Airbrushing, Special Effects, Bodypainting , wig dressing & Styling and I recently did a course with Abi O BeauBronze so I am also a qualified Tanning Technician. You recently won a competition. Tell us about your experience. In August 2012 I entered the Olympia Beauty Art of Makeup Competition organised by Louise Page and I won in my category for Best Newcomer Award 2012. It was an absolutely fantastic and also a nerve wrecking experience and it wouldn’t have mattered to me if I didn’t win, because it was an awesome platform for me to showcase all the hard work that I had produced over the 3 years. My parents and my tutors from college where there to support me and assisted in creating the winning look for the Greek Goddess theme. I couldn’t believe it when my name was announced as the winner; my model Simara Dixon had to push me onto the stage to collect my prize. This competition catapulted my career to dizzy heights as I am working with the celebrities and gorgeous models. My work is captured by some brilliant photographers like Peter Branch, Jim Marks, Danny Bailey. What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? I get a great buzz out of transforming a person’s look through hair and makeup to increase their confidence. My Mary Kay Skincare and makeup parties bring me up-close and personal to my customers where they would have my un-divided attention. I love enriching women’s lives, helping them to find the beauty within whilst teaching them how best to enhance it naturally. I have made countless brides’ look and feel beautiful on their wedding day and most of all, with just a few strokes of a brush and a splash of colour I have made someone very happy.

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Photography by: Danny Bailey of Simply-Symbolic Taken at the Olympia Beauty Art of Makeup Competition. Theme Greek Goddess. Make Up by: Tanesha Coley Model:Simara Dixon

HEALTH & ADVICE Our mission is to raise awareness of cancer within the BME community and to influence the information, care and treatment of cancer to ensure it is appropriate and sensitive to ethnic and cultural diversity. by Expert Dr Frank Chinegwundoh

Dr Frank Chinegwundoh and the members of Cancer Black Care would like to wish the readers of Panache E-Magazine a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Cancer Well Being Survey We are interested in finding out more about the specific emotional, practical, social, physical and other impacts a cancer diagnosis may have. We would also like to look into the various ways in which individuals cope with a diagnosis, and the importance of outside support. Please help us to understand more by completing our survey. To take part, click on the following link https://www.

Donate to Cancer Black Care Cancer Black Care is funded from various sources. However, we always need additional funds to continue our important work in the community. One way of supporting our valuable work is to become a friend of CBC by making a single or regular donation via Direct Debit using the Gift Aid Form, or Donate online via our website. Please click on the following link https://rsm2. php

Cancer Black Care is a registered charity since 1996, supporting predominantly black and ethnic minority cancer sufferers and their families. We are looking for motivated individuals to join our board of trustees or to volunteer experience and skills in fundraising, grant writing, welfare rights, cancer awareness raising, newsletter production, administration. If you have some time to commit to four board meetings a year and would like to be part of a well respected, London based, forward thinking organisation, why not give us a ring. Speak to Natalie on: 020 8961 4151 or contact by email: natalief.

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Naturally You by Leah Salmon

Are you living a life that’s Naturally You? When I first become “The Naturally You Coach”, it was because natural remedies and whole foods, fascinated me and proved to me over and over again, that they had the power to transform people’s lives, by allowing them to take control of their health. Powerful stuff right! Visit www. to find out more.

Are you living a life that’s Naturally You?


milestone in my work came when I began to work with more clients who were getting great results with their health but couldn’t progress past a certain point. I couldn’t quite work it out until I joined a program that involved life coaching and that’s when it all clicked. As a complete sceptic of the pseudo science that I thought life coaching was, I never considered using it as part of my work until then. Here’s why I did. The main reason that people found it difficult to achieve their health goals and continue to make the progress I was seeing in them, was because other things in their life were causing them so much grief, pain, discomfort or distraction that it became almost impossible for them to focus on anything else. It was like trying to win a race with your legs tied, you can only hop with a smile of your face for so long, before you give up. From a holistic perspective, we know all aspects of you are connected and affect each other, so you can’t isolate any area of your life to fully focus on, without paying any attention to the rest of it at some point. But more than this, I found people weren’t being naturally them, they were out of balance and sync with their very nature, half of their life was a complete reflection of them that they loved and another big part was so unnatural to them, it was like trying to live as a square peg in a round hole. There is so much more to being natural than switching from frozen burgers to homemade ones, or replacing mountain dew with green juice, it has to do with making every area of your life natural to you. If your work, business or personal life aren’t in alignment with the real you, the essence of you, it will lead to a disconnection with yourself as you try and almost live out a life meant for someone else. Stress, disappointment, misery, depression and more will result, which are equally as detrimental to your health as frozen burgers and Mountain Dew. A huge consideration is that the mental conditions stated above are heavily linked to substance abuse and addictions which people develop just to cope with living their lives.

Don’t we all know someone, normally later in life, who’s worked a job, run a a business or been in a relationship that they loathed for so many years that the only way they can keep going is with something to drink or smoke in their hand every night or weekend? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out if you’re living a life that reflects the natural you 1. My job pays the bills, but does it bring me any joy? 2. Is my relationship with someone I really love and want to spend the rest of my life with? 3. Am running my business or is it running me? 4. Am I working this job or is it working me? 5. Are the foods I’m eating REALLY what I want to put in my body? 6. If I could create the life of my dreams in the next 6 months, what would it look like, exactly? 7. Am I truly happy going to work, coming home to the TV and chores, going to sleep then doing it all again the next day, not feeling I’ve made a difference to anyone, can’t I do more? Take a minute to think about these questions and answer them honestly. So once you’ve taken the time to look at your life and decide how you need to change it to make it more of a reflection of you, or work with someone to do it, if you’re diet is bad, then your fuel is bad, and to make the big moves, decisions and changes, mentally and physically, you need mental and physical energy. The benefit of eating a whole food diet made up of food that are best for your body, is that mental clarity and physical energy are 2 of the first benefits people receive. So ask yourself 1. Am I living a life that’s naturally me? 2. What could I change about my life to make it resonate and reflect the real me better? 3. When am I going to start making the changes? (Hint: the answer to this one is NOW, no time like the present) Here’s to becoming naturally you!

Body Fitness Tips We hope last month’s health tips were helpful. Here are some health tips to help you cope with your exercise routine throuhout the winter months. We all want to be fit, lose weight and look good. Lets put these tips to action and look forward to being much healthier. So Go forward and be healthy

by Patrick Lewis Your Fitness Guru

Christmas may be coming, but start your training regime now and don’t worry about the battle of the bulge


by Patrick Lewis Your Fitness Guru

hristmas should be a joyful time; an occasion where we get to spend some quality time with family and friends and relax, happy in the knowledge that we don’t have to worry about work, well, for a few days at least.

A training regime could be the answer to all your problems and worries. Start to exercise now and you may just enjoy Christmas that little bit more.

The problem is that many of us don’t find it relaxing.

Gym training can give you all the motivation you could ever need. make sure that you get the very best out of your fitness training regime.

We get stressed by the preparations, and are probably dreading the looming visit from the in-laws or the long-lost aunt who always has a glass or two too many.

If you really are determined to get fit in time for Christmas or get back into shape before the party season starts, to help you achieve this.

Some people even worry about their weight and are concerned that either they won’t fit the party dress they bought in the summer, or will pile on too many pounds over the Christmas festivities.

Boxing training will get you the best possible results. You never know, you might enjoy it so much that you keep it going well into next year. So if you want to lose weight or keep the weigh off, then how’s about making an early New year’s resolution?

The thing is though, most of these worries and stresses are easily sorted, particularly the worry about putting on weight. If you start an exercise regime early enough, then you can glide through Christmas effortlessly. Exercising has many benefits: it keeps you fit, makes you stronger, helps to keep your weight in check and releases endorphins, making you feel even happier still. It can take some effort of course, and a little application, but it’s worth it in the long run.

DON’T GO HUNGRY! HEALTH: Healthy eating is not always about eating less; in fact, by eating too little or too irregularly you may actually be training your body to burn less of the food you’re eating.

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By ensuring that you are supplying your body with good quality nutrition throughout the day you will see far better results in the gym and feel better for it too.


Exercising without adequate fuel is like trying to drive a car with no petrol. Food eaten before exercise should be relatively low in fat and fibre, moderate in protein and high in carbohydrate in order to maximize

maintenance of blood glucose (and therefore energy levels). After exercise your dietary goals are to provide adequate fluids plus protein and carbohydrates to replace muscle glycogen and promote recovery.

NUTRITION: Turkey is very rich source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6 and the amino acid tryptophan. Apart from these nutrients, it also contains

Abdominal Exercises to Lose Belly F

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zinc and vitamin B12. The skinless white meat of the turkey is low in fat and proves to be an excellent source of high protein. Skinless roasted turkey is low in saturated fat and total fat. It is also contains less cholesterol than chicken, pork or beef.

gym, try a smoothie prepared with a scoop of protein powder, a handful of fresh or frozen berries, milk, crushed ice and some ground flaxseeds.

An ideal pre-workout snack is a banana and a couple of oatcakes; this will give you a boost of energy without weighing you down. Post-

Need to lose weight and stay HEALTHY, SEND a blank email

Look forward to being at The Gym soon!

Fat Part 2

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FICTION A Jamaican Story Chapter 9 by Clayton Brown

A serialised story of a Jamaican boys journey from the hills of Trelawney to the golden streets of Brixton.


t is impossible for me to recount my childhood without mentioning the role the church had in my upbringing.

There are more churches per capita in Jamaica than any other country in the World. Therefore, it would be remiss of me to tell “a Jamaican’s story” without talking about the church and its impact on my development. My Mother was the Christian in the family and had made sure that I never missed a Sunday of church, unless I was very sick. I was accustomed to going to church every Sunday when I was in Jamaica; therefore, it was a comfortable familiarity to me. Plus there were lots of other young kids there to play with and as a young child you don’t want much more. My dad was not a church going man! However, whenever the prayer meeting evening was at our house he would always attend and get a little prayer and blessings at the end. The fact that my Mother was a Christian and practising member of the “New Testament Church of God”, and my Father wasn’t, did not cause a problem in the family that I could perceive. You had to get the “call” and it seemed to me that my Father was never going to get it. My mother was stoical about it. He was her husband, he had brought her to England, he went to work every day and he provided for his family. There was always hope on her part, that one day he would give up the drinking and partying and give his soul to the Lord. My Father on the other hand seemed happy

that he had a good hard working woman who made sure his dinner was waiting for him every day when he came home from work. This was a typical scenario in most families that I knew and it seemed natural to me. Therefore, I think we could be called a typical Jamaican family. There was no swearing in our house, even if my Dad was in a big fight with my mum he would not resort to swearing, name calling, yes but no swearing. “Shut yu mouth, yu mouth too big” is the phase that comes to mind when I remember the augments they used to have. I even try it on my wife now and again although; I have to say it with a smile on my face. When I listened to their arguments and heard my Dad calling my mum stupid, I use to wonder how he could call her stupid yet leave all the running of the house including all financial matters completely in her hands. I use to wonder why a smart person would entrust a stupid person with so much responsibility. I loved Sundays in our house, apart from my one designated task (dusting the staircase banisters) Sunday was cool! After the banisters I would have my bath and get my Church clothes ready. We would then have a nice breakfast, maybe an English fry up, but more often we would have callaloo with salt fish and fried dumplings or, if not fried dumplings, then the cooked dumplings from the yesterday’s dinner, cut in two horizontally and fried until they were crispy on the outside. My children and I still have them like that.

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After breakfast my dad, if he were in the mood, would make his “famous� Guinness punch. I say famous because it is the one thing about my dad that everyone in the family knew about him. He made the best Guinness punch. We have all tried to recreate it but all failed. I know all the ingredients as I spent many Sundays watching him make it. He reminded me of some ancient alchemist. His ingredients were many and varied. There was; guanines, whiskey, rum or brandy, condensed milk, egg, complan nutmeg and the ingredient that gave it that special something, roots. The first time I saw him get the roots I was amazed, because he actually dug it up from the back garden. I was amazed because although it is called roots it in fact a drink made by boiling several different plant roots, bark and leaves and is stored in bottles. I had never seen him bury the bottles, so when I saw this for the first time I was impressed. I wondered if this was the reason he was so fit and healthy, as I don’t remember my father ever having so much as a cold. When it came to tasting the elixir, he would pour some into a glass (and even though I was standing there making it with, well I was watching intently and would hand him ingredients as called for and bring it to my mother to taste. My mother never once gave a negative feedback. We were only allowed a half glass and would try our best to make it last so we could savour the wonderful loveliness of that nectar from Olympus. Church was in two sessions, morning and evening. Morning session was from

11 till 2 and evening was from 5 until 7. My mother, sister and I would go to the morning session and my mum would go to the evening session by herself. I have been to many churches of many different faiths and denominations but I have always enjoyed the Pentecostal, fundamentalist, old time religion church service. Going to church was like visiting your family. Everyone was glad to see you, everyone said hello and you felt a strong social bond. Our Pastor was a quite spoken man, however, when it came to preaching fire and brimstone, Pastor Rowe was up there with the best of them. Although Pastor Rowe was the head of the church the vast majority of the congregation were female, and these members were the real firebrands. When they preached it seemed as if they were speaking to the secret corridors of your soul. Church seemed like home life. Too much like home for my liking. When I thought about religion, faith and my spiritual understanding, I felt that unless I could live my life pretty much like Jesus, then I would not be a Christian. I could not see myself living up to that standard. Or even, being able to try. To me it was a serious step to take and if you took that step you had to be committed. As I said, church was much like home life. There was intrigue, sex, ambition and in fighting. Not many families could remain intact with all this going on and neither could the church. It fractured and broke, some of the congregation staying with Pastor Rowe, some going to another church with different doctrine.

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New Testament Church of God Charlton Tabernacle invites you to join with us in our Christmas Season Events:

NTCG Charlton 74-76 Charlton Church Lane, Charlton London SE 7 7AA Telephone: 020 8293 4862 email: Sunday School and Church Celebration Saturday 8th December, 2012 – 5:30pm Carol Service Sunday 16th December, 2012 – 6:00pm Nativity Play Sunday 23rd December, 2012 – 11:00am Christmas Mass Monday 24th December, 2012 – 10:00pm Watch Night Service Monday 31st December, 2012 – 10:00pm

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year


Faith Lift by Pastor Chidi Chidi JC Akunma is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Dominion Faith Ministries International, Southampton, England. A Church that is committed transforming lives, empowering people and raising a people of the Kingdom to fulfil their dominion mandate. He is a dynamic preacher, teacher, leadership mentor, business consultant, and motivational and inspirational speaker. His passion is to empower people. His belief is reflected in his passion for teaching and mentoring all those who come into his sphere of influence. Chidi JC Akunma is also the President of LeadershipLift International. An organisation focused on mentoring 21st century leaders at every level or position in their secular and spiritual lives. LeadershipLift International is committed to helping leaders lift their leadership quotient so that they can positively impact their generation, and positively influence the environment and the world around them.


hen God created man (this represents both male and female), He breathed into man His Spirit and man became a living soul. He then gave man dominion over the earth. I must quickly point out that God did not give man dominion over man; rather He gave him dominion over the earth. He put in man the ability to conquer his environment and rule over the earth. In other words, He gave man a champion spirit. He gave man a winning spirit. Man lost the authority to Satan through the first man (Adam) but this authority has been restored through Jesus Christ (the second and last Adam) And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual.  The first man  was of the earth, made of dust; the second Man is the Lord from heaven. (1 Corinthians 15:4547 NKJV) Now that the authority has been restored to us, we have been given the right to use our authority. When we exercise our authority properly, we are able to win in life. You can win in life no matter what circumstances you are in. Quitting or giving up in the face of life challenges should not be an option. Unfortunately, many people are still living a defeated life. Many are losing battles of life they should not lose. Many of these battles have been lost because of ignorance. Ignorance is disease that has plagued man. Ignorance is man’s biggest problem. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children (Hosea 4:6 NKJV) QUITTERS DON’T WIN Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit. Life is full of challenges and will always be that way. You have to make up your mind to face the challenges with courage. You have to decide that you will not accept defeat. Though you may encounter some setbacks but you should not allow disappointments and setbacks to permanently cripple you. The mistake people make in life is to focus on their past mistakes and failures. This is the greatest disservice you can do to yourself. No good driver reaches his

destination successfully by focusing behind. No matter how many times you have fallen, you can rise up again (Proverbs 24:16 –Amplified). Remember, it is not over until you say so. FAIL INTELLIGENTLY Mistakes and setbacks are part of life process. Therefore, it is only the ignorant that allows himself to be held down by past mistakes. Failures are designed to “process” you into a better and wiser person. It is designed to prepare and get you ready for your next level in life. So when you fail, learn from the mistake and decide to move on with your life. Do not sit down and do nothing! Get up and keep moving! This is not the time to call a pity party. I always tell people that when you fail, you should fail intelligently. Positively use your failure to strengthen your future. MIND WHAT YOU SAY What you say with your mouth works either positively or negatively for you. You cannot be talking of failure every time and expect to win in life. The confessions of your mouth are very vital to the direction your life takes. Each time you release words from your mouth, your spirit hears those words, and they either strengthen or weaken your spirit. The Bible says you are entangled by the words of your mouth (Proverbs 6:2). It also says that death and life are in power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Determine to always think and talk positively. Develop the habit of releasing words that are full of faith. Your positive and faith filled words are one of the weapons you need to win the life’s battle. YOU ARE BORN TO WIN When you are faced with challenges in your life, always remember that you are not the only one facing some challenges in life. The truth is that everybody has some challenges in their lives, though the degrees of the challenges may vary. Do not specialise your problems because there are no special problems in this world. Remember that in those challenges, God has already declared you a winner. You are more than conqueror (Romans 8:37). If you are born of God, the Bible says that you have the ability to overcome (1 John 5:4).

Dr Mike Murdock said that the size of your enemy determines the size of your reward. I dare say to you that the size of the challenge you are faced with determines the size of your reward. You need to settle in your mind that you are born to win. You can outlast whatever problems you are facing right now. Resolve today that you will not allow problems and the devil to keep tormenting you and causing you sleepless nights. Do not allow the enemy to rake your life, family and relationships. Do not allow the devil to take over your children. Do not allow him to control your finances. Stand your ground! Don’t quit and don’t give in. Learn to confront your fears and conquer them. Determine to take back what the enemy has stolen from you. You have all it takes to have your life back. It is worth the fight! You are definitely BORN TO WIN. LAST WORD You cannot fight and win the battles of life and win without the help God. Therefore, if you have not made the decision to enter into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, I would like to invite you to do so now by praying this simple prayer.

“Lord Jesus, I need you. Please forgive me for all I have done wrong. Please come into my life and begin to lead me. I pray this as sincerely as I know how. Amen” If you have prayed this prayer, you are now born again. Congratulations! I will like to hear from you. Please contact me and let me know of your decision. I have a free gift for you to help you begin your new life in Jesus. Email: Tel: +44 (0) 7749061345 Need Prayers? Please email or text your prayer request or call me: Email: dfministries@ Tel: +44 (0) 7749061345

CUISINE ‘Tis the season of goodwill to all men’ Cummin Up Caribbean restaurant opens its doors the 5th year, offering a free Christmas meal for for those who are living alone, elderly, mentally ill or homeless. by Jacqueline Brown

Cummin up Christmas Jesus free give away- Dec 2008 (1)

Cummin Up Christmas Jesus free give away- Dec 2008 (2)

Christmas Jesus FREE give-away 2012


t ’s that time of year again, that magical festive period. And once again, renowned Caribbean restaurateur Richard Simpson and his family will be opening up their doors to provide an intimate environment and a free plate of food for those who are living alone, elderly, mentally ill or homeless this Christmas. This hands-on demonstration of goodwill is in its 5th Year, and Richard continues to be overwhelmed by the amount of support, donations of gifts and local volunteers that are willing to help the community without question. Too numerous to remember, Richard recalls old Mr McKenzie who calls him every year to let him know that he will be donating a very large cabbage grown in his allotment in Sydenham that is the size of his head, the woman who donates a bag of clothes that she has purchased from Primark, and another lady who is proud to nourish guests with a magnificent fruit salad platter. ‘So much of this season has become about consuming and taking, but there is a beauty in giving to those who are outside of our circle of family and friends. Just altering your mindset slightly to see the joy that can be had from helping others and meeting people at the point of their needs is a joy. The need is great out there for

people to be shown and feel the love of God, and this is just one way of doing it. The climax of the whole experience came to light last year when I noticed a man outside the restaurant rummaging through the dustbins. Realising that he didn’t speak English, I beckoned for him to come into the shop and gave him the biggest plate of food. By the grace of God, he left that evening, content and not alone’. Date: Christmas Day – Tuesday 25th December Time: The first sitting will be just after 1.00pm and the last meal served at 6.00pm, with doors closing at 7.00pm. Venue: Cummin Up restaurant at 389 Lewisham High Street London SE13, opposite Lewisham Hospital. The menu on the day will include: Meat dishes Vegetarian, vegan & diabetic needs All Non-alcoholic drink Soda water / fruit juice Contact Richard or any staff member on 0208 690 9167 mobile 07831 423 163 to get involved.

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Just click San

The Gable School Choir Allstars Reggae Christmas

John Holt

Winter World Of Love

Carlos Malcolm Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

UB40 Holly Holy (Customized Extended Mix)


nta to listen!

The Silent Choir Silent Night/Jingle Bells

Alton Ellis Joy To The World

Barry Biggs I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Half Pint Christmas Vibes

EVENTS The nights may be closing in but there are still plenty of events to keep you occupied throughout the winter months. Find out what’s happening in December 2012 and in the New Year 2013


B E F O R E S U N D AY 1 S T



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British Reggae Indust 21st Feburary 2013


he British Reggae Industry Award (B.R.I.A.) was first established in 1981 to acknowledge British reggae artists for their dedication and contribution to reggae music. The mission has not changed, but has been revitalized because of the continuous interest for reggae music. B.R.I.A provides the ultimate platform for this music genre to be showcased to the world; cumulating in a prestigious Awards Ceremony.

the development of reggae music amongst the younger generation, and also honour the contributions of the more established Artists within the industry. There is a need for a unified approach, to the delivery and positive promotion of reggae music to its audiences and it is our aim, to assist where possible in this ongoing journey.

B.R.I.A proudly announces their desire to give back to the wider community and will be using the audience of the Awards The British Reggae Industry Awards will Ceremony to highlight a positive cause. take place on the 21st February 2013 at the 02 Indigo Arena; Tickets are now available B.R.I.A are supporting the Prostrate Cancer from The show Charity, this is an important charity to for will start from 6.00pm and finish at 11pm the Caribbean community to acknowledge, due to number awards and big headliner because black men are three times more acts such as “Tippa Irie” “Christopher Ellis” likely to get prostate cancer, then their “John McClean” “Lady Lex” and many white counterpart. B.R.I.A are thus urging more. for ALL men, of any ethnic background to get a medical checkup if they are The ceremony will see potential nominees concerned. from various categories, in the line-up to win this year’s much coveted B.R.I.A B.R.I.A is planning an ‘star studied’ event, Award. Potential winners such as Jimmy where reggae music can be appreciated Cliff and Freddie McGregor are up for this by all, this can only happen with your year’s ‘Life time achievement’ Award and support and we are encouraging all reggae the category for The ‘Best New Comer’ will fans to come and support UK reggae and see nominees, such as Miss Kjah and Claire also enjoying a fantastic evening watching Angel in the running to win. outstanding performances, by both our domestic and international champions. The endeavour is to make a lasting connection with the Awards, as an If you would like more information then annually recognised event; not only in the please visit the website: U.K but also internationally. The Awards will provide encouragement and enhance Send us your comments to: -

ted return of :

try Awards (B.R.I.A)             3, at The O2 Indigo

Big headliner acts such as “Tippa Irie” “Christopher Ellis” “John McClean” “Lady Lex” and many more.....


B.R.I.A and all of the Nominees would like to thank you for your support and taking the time to vote. We are pleased to announce that we now have the B.R.I.A finalists (the top five from the initial round). Now we need you to vote for your winner. The slate is clean, everyone is starting from a level playing field, which also allows those of you who may have voted for someone else the opportunity to cast your vote for one of the top five finalists. The initial round of voting resulted in 64,445 votes across all categories. We at B.R.I.A know that there are more people who care about reggae music , please spread the word and let’s see if we can get more then 64,445 total votes and show the music industry that Reggae Music is Number 1.


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YOUNG & FRESH Myself UK Dance Crew CeCe NaMa, Tanya ‘Princess’ Russell-Watson, Melissa Krystal Bravo, Aleta Thompson, Kloe Dean, Rosie Wilson Sidlauskas, Abiola Cbear Bello, Karan Kara-Dee Rai and Jazmyn Alicia Raikes.

Myself U Ready C

UK Dance Crew

y to party this


Photography by


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sports by Kieran Etoria-King This truly has been a stunning year for sport. With the Olympics, the UEFA European Championships, Wimbledon, and The US Open (golf), the summer was jam-packed, and we also had treats in the Barclays Premier League and the Paralympics. This is my personal award ceremony, for the heroes and zeroes of 2012.

The Etoria’s 2012 Awards Winners The Michael Bay Award for Spectacular Moments Manchester City The world’s richest football club has been the subject of much scorn and derision from the rest of the Premier League, due to the fact that their all-star team has been assembled at great expense over such a short period of time. However, few could deny that their last gasp Premier League victory in May must go down as one of the most amazing moments in football history. It was so perfect, that I am sure if it had been pitched as a film it would have been thrown out for being too unrealistic. The tension, the passion, the angst and desperation of all those fans that waited so many decades for a taste of glory. The stakes for their opponents on the day Queen’s Park Rangers, for whom defeat meant possible relegation. The sheer irony of taking down Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United - who were waiting anxiously for news on the pitch at Sunderland – so deep into stoppage time, a move trademarked by Ferguson himself. Aguero’s dying-seconds goal had supporters of other teams up and down the country (including myself) cheering as though they were bonafide City fans, caught up in the beauty and hysteria of the moment. This triumph over United was one that could be smugly enjoyed and shared by everybody. And of course, who could forget Martin Tyler’s legendary commentary. Just like 1966’s “They think it’s all over –it is now!” the phrase “AGUEROOOOOOOO!” will surely be etched into the memories of football fans forever.

The Ross Geller Award for Persistence Andy Murray Well. If you live in Britain and you went outside between June and August of this year, you know all about what Andy Murray achieved, but let’s just take a second to think about it properly. The first male, British Wimbledon finalist in seventy-four years. That is an entire lifetime. The frustration we all felt watching Tim Henman fall at the semis year after year, finally abated. After a truly epic final, Murray just could not quite overcome the mighty Roger Federer, but his real victory came afterwards, when he spoke to the crowd and TV cameras. Murray was often ridiculed for his apparently boring, uncharismatic persona, and tennis fans had struggled to really relate to him the way they had with Henman, but after his battle with Federer he practically broke down in tears as he thanked the crowd for their support and pledged to win a major one day. This sudden display of emotion was a revelation, and the public at large took him to heart. A month later he rode this wave into the Olympics and sailed to the gold medal. After Henman had let them down so

frequently, Murray makes this list for helping British tennis fans to finally love again.

The Rocky Balboa award for Inspiring Underdogs of the Year ZamZam Farrah & Mohamed Hassan

Somali Olympic Association president was killed in a Mogadishu suicide bombing in April. And yet, this brave young pair managed to train everyday, qualify for the Olympics, and do something to represent their homeland in a positive light. They received several threats from the Al Qu’aeda-linked group Al Shabaab, which controls much of southern Somalia, simply for taking part in what the Islamist militants see as ‘western’ activities. To illustrate the reality of this danger, in 2010 Al Shabaab executed at least two Mogadishu residents for watching World Cup football on television. Mohamed and ZamZam were always going to be at a disadvantage against their competition, but the odds they overcame to get to London represent a huge achievement in themselves. What a great example that if you have an ambition, go out and chase it.

The Rocky Balboa award for Inspiring Underdogs of the Year - As soon as we get onto the topic of the Olympics, there are literally dozens of people whose achievements deserve recognition. Usain Bolt. Mo Farrah. Jessica Ennis. Felix Sanchez. Michael Phelps. Chris Hoy. David Rudisha. Kirani James. However, word limits exist. Unable to choose between the phenomenal achievements of all the people listed above and more, and in the absence of some kind of ‘Guy Ritchie Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance’, I have left them alone and decided to recognise two athletes who were inspiring in a different way. ZamZam Farrah, 21, and Mohammed Hassan, 19, were the only representatives of the impoverished, war-torn nation of Somalia. The former colony has been without a government for 21 years, a situation which has left most of the country, including its sporting facilities, in ruin. Additionally, the

Losers The Ian Holloway ‘Sort Your Life Out!’ Award for Plonker of The Year Mario Balotelli Oh Mario, how we tire of your antics. Mr Balotelli arrived in the Premier League two years ago as a mercurial teenage talent with a crazy character to match.

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We could talk about his off the pitch nonsense all day – he set fire to his house in Manchester by setting fireworks off from the bathroom window, he was spotted driving around in his supercar handing money to people from the window, and he once famously drove into a women’s prison to ‘have a look around’.

However in 2012 he seems to have reached a slightly new level of lunacy. Although he had been brought in with a view to a long-term plan, it could be argued that the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas in March was justified, with the Blues languishing in 6th, playing unimpressively, and senior players being forced out.

While all this behavior may be amusing and charming, the Italian has enraged Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini by allowing it to spill over into his behavior on the pitch.

However, having established himself as a club legend by winning a Champions League and FA Cup double, his successor Roberto Di Matteo was dismissed halfway through November, the first time Abramovich has fired two managers He has been sent off several times in his two in a calendar year. But wait, there’s more: seasons, he often appears selfish in his play, his work rate varies, and he is known to throw Having baffled the world by dismissing a fan tantrums on the pitch. favourite and club legend, he then confounded disbelief by replacing him with a man who is He has fallen out with Mancini several times – practically the Anti-Chelsea, ex-Liverpool gaffer at one point last season, the manager declared Rafael Benitez. that he would never play for Manchester City again, and more recently branded him ‘Un- Whichever angle you come at this decision manageable’ because of his attitude on the from, you can’t see the logic. Was Abramovich training pitch, where he has started fights with unsatisfied with the style of football under di several of his teammates. Matteo? Benitez has always been a pragmatic Super Mario is one of the world’s most tactician, whose Liverpool team was often prodigious young players, and City would be accused of being boring. loathe to lose him, but at 21, if he continues to frustrate the coaches who try to help him Chelsea’s fans are practically in mutiny at improve, he will waste the opportunity to reach the appointment of a man who not only led his potential, and ultimately no-one wants to Liverpool to several famous victories over see that happen. them and holds legendary status with one of their biggest rivals, but also insulted them on occasions. Benitez, often known to The Michael Jackson Award several the Blues faithful as ‘Fat Spanish Waiter’, was for More Money Than Sense rather unsurprisingly met by roundly vitriolic boos from the home crowd on his first game at Roman Abramovich Stamford Bridge. I might as well have named this the Roman I suppose it is fitting that I end this piece with Abramovich award, for fairly obvious reasons. a small prediction for 2013. That prediction is that no good will come of this. The Chelsea owner has always been known for impatiently swinging the axe at managers who fail to immediately bring him silverware, in particular the coveted Champions League trophy. Send us your comments to: -

by Kieran


bout 10 years ago, I started noticing a slogan appearing all over London – on billboards, on the television, on the Tube. “Back the Bid”, it urged. Accompanying this were the simple but unmistakable Olympic rings. London wanted to host the Games, an incredibly exciting prospect. But 2012? That was so far away, I still thought we would have hover-cars by then. (Give me a break, I was 8.) Being a child, I was mostly unaware of how the bidding process worked. But I wanted so badly for it to happen. I had only ever watched one Olympics – having been only 2 in 1996 – but I had seen enough at the Sydney games to know that I wanted that to be happening all around me, and watching Athens 2004 as a more appreciative 10 year old only made me more sure of this. No-one thought we would get it. Paris’ bid seemed better in every way – for a start they weren’t planning to host it in the most notoriously crime-ridden area of their city – but July 6 2005 came and IOC president Jacques Rogge pulled our great city out of his envelope. (My naive 11-year-old self even theorized that the London bombings the following day had been the work of angry Parisians) Britain went wild, and 7 years of preparation began. Beijing 2008 came along, and with its typically Chinese chest-beating display of power and superiority, it was intimidating. How was little old London going to put on a show that would come anywhere close to matching this? It was a daunting task – not only had the opening ceremony been breathtaking, but the sport was fantastic, with Michael Phelps winning 8 gold medals with 7 world records, and Usain Bolt bursting onto the world scene with 3

astounding world record sprint times. How was little old London going to live up to a show like this? We didn’t start well – the Chinese handed us the responsibility at their closing ceremony and, after our bumbling mayor Boris Johnson had managed to mess that up by getting the Olympic flag wrapped around the pole while trying to wave it, we rolled out a red London bus, which opened up to reveal Leona Lewis and David Beckham standing in a garden designed by Alan Titchmarsh. Becks skewed a football into the crowd while Leona warbled from the roof, and then the bus closed up and was gone. A feeble showing, to say the least. We spent the next 4 years dreading the seemingly inevitable embarrassment that would be our games. But we did not disappoint. After Danny Boyle’s spectacular, awe-inspiring opening ceremony, there was plenty of sporting achievement to marvel at. Along with Bolt and Phelps cementing their legendary status’, we saw Mo Farrah win double gold in the 5000 and 10000 meters, Jessica Ennis dominate the heptathlon, and Chris Hoy become Britain’s most successful Olympian ever with more gold in the track cycling. Images of 35-yearold Dominican hurdler Felix Sanchez weeping on the podium, Somalia’s small team of two athletes receiving the support of the world, and Kenyan Maasai warrior David Rudisha powering to a new world record in the men’s 800m, will live with us forever. And then, after a 2 hour long concert – the highlight of which was Boris Johnson, ever the clown, dancing to the Spice Girls – we handed the flag to Rio di Janeiro, and just like that it was all over.

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n Etoria-King

And despite the great memories, I am left with a slightly hollow feeling inside. An odd feeling, like I’ve lost a part of myself. The only way to describe it is to compare it to how I felt after I broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago. That same feeling of loss, when you’re so used to having that person next to you. That feeling of wondering what to do with yourself now you don’t have them to fill your time anymore.

The legacy committee has been struggling over the white elephant of what to do with the stadium, while the rest of the venues are not expected to open to the public until at least 2014. While this is not acceptable, (I suppose it gives those moaners something else to complain about on the news) we must make sure it does not dilute the ‘Inspire a Generation’ mantra that drove these Olympics.

It’s not just me. The BBC now has an empty 15-minute slot in its news program which used to be filled with people bitching about the Olympics. After 10 years, what will those people moan about now? And how are the BBC going to fill that airtime?

As for the feeling of loss, I doubt it will ever truly go away. Hosting the Olympics is an opportunity that comes once in several lifetimes. The buildup has been a huge part of my childhood, and that of my friends and hundreds of thousands of other young Londoners, so I feel a similar strange blend of satisfaction and sadness now as I did when I left school, or at the end of the last Harry Potter film.

It’s a problem. For the last 10 years, London has been building up to this. From the beginning of the bid, we’ve watched the venues – particularly the now iconic stadium – spring up from the east end dirt, regenerating that whole area of the city. We’ve complained about the price tag, we’ve worried about our transport system, we’ve sat through every scandal. It’s become a part of our identity. I feel as though London has forgotten how to not be a host city. We have been preparing for this for so long – we bought some new clothes, put on our nicest aftershave, got a haircut, only to have a two week fling with the Olympics and then watch it run off with our more attractive dick friend Rio. What do we do now? We just go back to everyday life?

Perhaps when I am older and I have children of my own, this great city will have another opportunity like this. Perhaps we will launch another World Cup bid, (which won’t be bought out by oil billionaires this time!!!) and my children will get to grow up watching that come together, and it will mean as much to them as 2012 has to me. In the meantime, I will just have to make do with curling up in the corner with a Team GB poster, to listen to the opening ceremony soundtrack and cry.

There is only one thing we can do, which will make any of this worth it. We ensure that the legacy of these games lives on. We preserve the venues, we nurture young talent, we keep the success going, and in 2016 we go to Rio and smash it.

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D sports By Global Sport In Colour reporter

UK ATHLETICS has named Paula Dunn as the newly appointed Paralympic Head Coach.

unn was an integral part of the Paralympic coaching team who dramatically turned around the performance of GB athletes since the 2008 Paralympic Games, with the team finishing second in the medal table in the 2011 World Championships and third at the London Paralympic Games this summer. As a former 100m European bronze and Commonwealth silver medallist, Dunn is no stranger to the pressures of being a leading international athlete and her extensive experience in both competing and coaching on the world stage are a unique and valuable asset to the Paralympic team. Dunn, who takes up the post with immediate effect said: “London 2012 had an amazing impact on Paralympic sport in this country and we have a real opportunity to build on that over the next four years. I believe that there is more talent out there and I am looking forward to unearthing that talent and building on the success of 2012. “Working closely with Peter over the past four years has been superb, but I am looking forward to taking the reins and continuing what is in effect a long term plan to see further medal success in Rio in 2016. ”As a former European and Commonwealth Games medallist, I know the commitment, passion and sheer determination it takes to achieve the very best. I have used this experience to develop some of the best Paralympic athletes in the world and I can’t wait to take the team to the next level.” UKA Performance Director Neil Black said: “Paula played a significant role in the Paralympic team’s success at London 2012 and she is an outstanding appointment who will ensure continuity as well as further improvements in fulfilling this role. “Whilst the Paralympic team was excellent in London, finishing third in the world with 29 medals, 11 of which were gold’s, there is a great platform on which to build and I believe that we can still improve for Rio 2016.” Send us your comments to: -


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