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333 Warner Milne Rd. Suite B Oregon City, OR 97045 www PAHcares com Oregon City s AAHA Accredited Hospital Voted #1 Pet Care Est. 1979 Dr. Teri Leichner DVM MS, DACVIM-LA Dr. Beverly Basham DVM Dr. Marianne Martin DVM CVA Wellness Care Acupuncture Herbal Therapy Spay & Neuter Digital X-Ray Ultrasound Surgery Pain Management Laser Therapy


Cancer patients now have a new beacon of hope in Oregon City. Thanks to donors who gave more than $3 million, the Carol Danielson Suzuki Cancer Center at Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center opened in March 2023.

As part of Providence Cancer Institute, the new center offers the world-class expertise and services Providence is known for. Here patients receive diagnosis, treatment – including immunotherapy and clinical trials – and follow-up care in one place, conveniently located in Clackamas County.

Expanded expert cancer care is a reality in our community because of philanthropy. Thank you!

Learn more at ProvidenceFoundations.org/cancer

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Carol Danielson Suzuki

In this issue 2023

Welcome to Oregon City!

If there were one word you would use to sum up the year 2022, what would it be? For me, the word would be “Recovery.” After three long years of fighting to survive a pandemic, we finally see a semblance of normalcy. Of course, the way of doing business will never be the same, but we are finally finding solid ground and continuing.

The foundation for recovery was, and still is, the Business Recovery Center initiative. Originating in late 2020 with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, the program focused on ensuring small businesses had every advantage possible to survive the pandemic.

Oregon City participated with seven Chambers of Commerce and contacted our community’s businesses. We provided answers to operational questions, assistance connecting to educational financial and technical resources, referrals to organizations and resources, and access to interpreters and translation services.

We are even more grateful to have secured funding through the American Rescue Plan Act to support local businesses through 2023. Recent programs include a workforce initiative helping prepare students for entry-level positions and a small grant program for businesses still recovering from the pandemic – with more programs

planned. Special thanks to our legislators, who helped procure this funding.

In 2022 we hired a Director of Chamber Services, Trieste Andrews, to assist with programs that support our Chamber members. Weekly in-person networking meetings, social media, weekly newsletters, social events, and fundraisers are only some initiatives we continue offering our local businesses.

I believe helping one another is the core culture of Oregon City. I am continually touched by our members’ generosity and kindness to others. I ask you to continue in this spirit of human kindness. Let us know if you see someone in need. Support events in your community. Give back to our community through the many nonprofits that pervade Oregon City. Shop local, employ local, support local.

I ask for your support as well. The Chamber cannot survive without you. Every charitable effort is deeply appreciated, from greeting guests at our chamber events to reaching into your pockets for a generous donation. Believe me when I say the Chamber would not be here today without you. So maybe there are two words for this past year. “Recovery,” yes, but more importantly, “Gratefulness.” Thank you all for your continued support and generosity.

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Thank you for supporting our schools.

Your vote for our 2018 bond is making a difference and is helping us build a better future. Here is your funding at work!

Reduced Overcrowding

Both of our middle schools recieved much needed upgrades and rennovations to create sustainable, engaging learning spaces that hold the current student population comfortably.

Innovative CTE and Maker Spaces

CAIS Expansion – New makerspace and expanded facilities for hands on learning

Oregon City High School – CTE expansion and modernization

Ga ney Lane and Redland Elemntary – Maker spaces for STEM learning

Secure Entries and Perimeter Improvements at: • Holcomb Elementary • Redland Elementary • Park Place School • Ga ney Lane Elementary • Jennings Lodge Elementary • Candy Lane Elementary • Oregon City High School • Beavercreek Elementary • McLoughlin Elementary • Oregon City Service Learning Academy (King)

Why a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a trade organization where businesses can combine their collective interests and address concerns and challenges for the business community. The strength of the Chamber is built on the integrity and commitment of local businesses and nonprofits to impact the larger community.

Chambers of Commerce come in many sizes and shapes: city, regional, and county - all with one thing in common: "member-driven." Member-driven describes the organization's member/ volunteer leadership, beginning with an elected Board of Directors. These leaders meet to address financial stability, determine policy and procedures, tackle crisis management if needed, and set short and long-term goals for the organization. Other teams are developed for a wide variety of purposes and come in two types:

1. Standing committees that meet monthly all year long. Oregon City has five standing committees: the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Government and Economic Affairs, and the Ambassadors.

2. Ad-hoc event or project teams. These teams meet, as needed, to develop a project or event. Once that is completed, the group disbands.

There are a variety of reasons to join a Chamber of Commerce. They include:

• Opportunities and Resources: A Chamber can provide invaluable opportunities for members to expand and grow through programs, partnerships, and initiatives. The new Business Resource Centers program is an example of one such occasion. Specifically developed for small businesses struggling through the COVID pandemic, it offers a myriad

of resources specifically designed for a particular company.

• Access to Information: Chamber members receive access to newsletters, indices, and business insights that keep business owners up-to-date and competitive in their industries. Especially in a crisis, disseminating current information is tantamount to a local business' continued success.

• Networking: Chambers offer members countless opportunities to get involved in the community, develop partnerships and support other businesses. Chambers provide members with business partners for mutual help and support. The chance to use another organization as a catalyst is invaluable. It becomes a win-win situation for both companies as they promote each other to their community.

• Publicity and Credibility: Joining a Chamber links businesses to potential customers through member-exclusive advertising opportunities. Membership affords businesses visibility and credibility. A Chamber of Commerce's public persona is one of trust and respect. Knowing that a business is a

member of a Chamber of Commerce affords that company an automatic level of confidence.

• Advocacy: Chambers across the country support their members by advocating community businesses on the Federal, State, and local level. A Chamber of Commerce gives businesses a voice to help them succeed.

• Whether it is an issue with local regulations or a need for government funding, a Chamber can go to bat for its members as an experienced, business-savvy, trusted organization.

The success of a Chamber can be seen in the working relationships between staff, its Board, and its members. There is strength in numbers, and the collaboration of many business owners working together to address business concerns can be mighty. A robust and connected business community can change the economic culture of a city, and its influence can be seen and felt throughout the city, county, and even region. Moreover, it can attract outside businesses to a city, help keep local businesses thriving, and even survive an economic crisis.

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Our purpose is to provide value to our members, support a thriving economy, and enhance the quality of life for the Oregon City community.


Oregon City Chamber is recognized as the preeminent, innovative leader through promotion, education, and advocacy to our business community.


• Model Integrity Honesty; Trust; Respect, Inclusive

• Positive Relationships & Mutual Support Loyalty; Community, Connector

• Develop a vital business community: Growth; Sustainability, Knowledge, Innovative, Diverse, Result orientated

• Work together with others: Service; Partnership, Advocacy, Equity

• Proactive Leadership: Advocate; Influence; Education, Transparency


We, the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce, stand against racism, inequality, and discrimination of any kind. As a business organization and community partner, we strive to create and maintain inclusive, equitable, and welcoming environments. We believe the power of diversity enriches all of us by exposing us to various ways two understand and engage with the world. After all, we are in this together.


You become a part of a like-minded group dedicated to helping business.

• When consumers know that a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 49% more likeyl to think favorbaly of it and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services fromt he company in the future.

• If a company shows that is is highly involved in its local chamber (e.g., is a chamber board member), consumers are 10% more likeyl to think that its products stack up better against its competion.

• When consumers know that a

national restaurant franchise is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 68% more likely to eat at the franchise in the next few months.

• When consumers know that an insurance company is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 36% more luckily to think favorably of the company. For more information, call 503-656-1619 or email us at chamberinfo@oregoncity. org

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IronGlove Studio PGE Pacific Office Automation



Past Chair of the Board Citizens Bank


Chair of Board

Grocery Outlet-Oregon City



Jolly Good Media



Wellness Vision – Health Markets


Executive Board Member

Wells Fargo Advisors

Double J Construction OC Geeks & Games

Pamplin Media

LADONNA COX Executive Board Member Geeks & Games


Executive Board Member Oregon City Adult Care Home, LLC


Board Member

Fairway Independent Mortgage


Board member

Community Foundation


Board Member

Downtown Oregon City Association


Board Member City of Oregon City


Board Member

Embold Federal Credit Union


Board Member

Clackamas Fire District 1

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our many Gold Members

The Business Recovery Center

The Small Business Grant

The Business Recovery Center of Oregon City continues to play an essential role in business recovery for local businesses. To meet the challenges of the pandemic, business owners have been resourceful and resilient during times of uncertainty. As we shift from response to recovery, the BRC has worked closely with business owners to connect them with the resources to help them recover, rebuild, and thrive in the post-pandemic economy.

One of the BRC's biggest triumphs thus far has been the success of the Small Business Recovery Grant Program. The Small Business Recovery Grant was designed to help small businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic recover some of their losses. These funds were allocated from the US Treasury's State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF) as part of the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). We are pleased to announce the BRC received grant applications from Oregon City, Gladstone, Canby, Molalla,

Mulino, Eaglecreek, Colton, Estacada, and Beavercreek. We hope this grant program will open the doors for small businesses to continue utilizing the wide range of resources the BRC has to offer. Services are provided in multiple languages, and depending on each client's unique needs, the BRC is the one-stop shop for business recovery. As we move towards the post-pandemic phase, now is the time to seize new opportunities and emerge even stronger than before.

Social media has been a primary strategy for business recovery at the BRC. In efforts to increase visibility for local businesses during a traditionally slow time of the year, the Love Local social media campaign was aimed to highlight local businesses during the month of February. On top of social media efforts, the BRC remains committed to providing resources that help small businesses move forward. In partnership with Lake Oswego and West Linn, the BRC has been honored to offer a 6-session series that focuses on building a strong recruitment strategy in 2023, free of cost to all those who attend. The BRC will continue to find ways to maximize opportunities for local business recovery.

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Colton, Oregon Canby, Oregon Molalla, Oregon

City of Oregon City

Welcome to Oregon City. Whether you are a visitor, new resident or have called this area home for years, you are part of a long history of people who see just how special it is.

Oregon City was the first incorporated city in the state, not to mention west of the Mississippi River. As the official end of the Oregon Trail, nearly half a million people made the months along journey on the trail to call this place home.

Our history goes back much further than that however. The area once served as a gathering place for countless generations of indigenous tribes. They came together at mighty Willamette Falls to trade goods and culture and to fish. You can still see tribe members beneath the falls harvesting lamprey much like their ancestors did so many years ago.

As Oregon City grew it soon became a city of industry. Mills tapped into the raw power of Willamette Falls to electrify their factories. That same power source was used to generate what was the first long distance electrical transmission, sent north to a burgeoning town called Portland.

Portland went on to become the largest city in the state, but Oregon City never lost its small-town feel. That connection to community and heritage is what makes Oregon City such a desirable place to live, work, and play.

Economy and Lifestyle

As the seat of Clackamas County, Oregon City has a diverse array of businesses. Still home to plenty of manufacturers, the city also has numerous health care, retail and construction companies coming

together to create a healthy economy. Those jobs support an average household income of just over $81,000 and a media property value of a little more than $382,000.

Conveniently located along I205, HWY 99E and HWY 213, it’s fortunately much easier to travel to and from Oregon City than it was in the Oregon Trail days. Motorists can make it to downtown Portland or Portland International Airport in about 30 minutes.

One element of Oregon City that residents and visitors love is its main street district. Downtown is thriving, filled with locally owned businesses, giving it that authentic feel that people today crave. It’s the perfect destination for a day of shopping and dining, with ample options for both.

From downtown head up the

8 OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN | 2023 | www.oregoncity.org

Municipal Elevator on the only vertical street in the world to the McLoughlin Historic District. Here you’ll really see the city’s history come to life, as homes well more than a century old, including the home of the “Father of Oregon” John McLoughlin line the streets. A pair of museums, The End Of The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center and the Museum Of The Oregon Trail, do an amazing job of sharing the stories of the earliest inhabitants of the region.

It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest is known for its craft beer scene, but what many people don’t realize is that the maker spirit extends beyond the large cities and thrives in Oregon City. The community is home to half a dozen breweries, cider makers and even a distillery. They create far more than just the standard PNW fare

of IPAs, making the community a favorite among craft beer lovers.

Nestled between the Willamette and Clackamas rivers, water plays an important part in the city’s identity. You’ll see scores of anglers during salmon season, and kayakers paddling to Willamette Falls during the spring and summer, not to mention the historic Arch Bridge crossing the Willamette, which just celebrated it’s 100th anniversary.

There’s always something to do in Oregon City. The City’s 26 different parks are popular spots for families, especially the free summer time concerts in the park and movies in the park. If you’re more of an indoor person, the library’s ample programming has something for everyone, from artist readings to Lego camps for kids and their parents.


Because community is such a vital part of life in Oregon City, there are more than 15 active boards and commissions comprised of residents who help steer the direction of everything from parks, development and transportation. From the Citizen Involvement Committee to the Historic Review Board, residents here take an active role in their City government. And it’s not just the adults; just this year the City Commission created a Youth Advisory Commission to help local high school students learn how city government works and also take a part in the processes themselves.

As you take some time to explore Oregon City and experience everything this community has to offer, you’re sure to find yourself right at home.

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Downtown Oregon City

Oregon City, Oregon’s Hometown™, Oregon City was the first Main Street in Oregon. With historic architecture and tree-lined streets, its small-town feel is unlike any other in the metro region. It is a convenient and relaxed destination offering quality dining, shopping, and entertainment that builds on its long history of industry, innovation, and culture. It is simultaneously the "living room" of Oregon City and a principal part of the Pacific Northwest's cultural heritage.

Over the past decade, Downtown Oregon City has become a thriving and vibrant mix of economically viable and unique businesses, activities, restaurants, and iconic structures that attracts residents and visitors and entices future residents and businesses to relocate into the area.

The Downtown district offers dining, shopping, entertainment, and various services; Oregon City Brewing, Mesa Fresca, End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Abernethy Center, Nick ThorneEdward Jones, Soulflags Art Center,

Oregon City Elks, ZCS Engineering and Architecture, Eternal Impact, Great Grins for KIDS creating a flourishing and lively community.

Main Street caters to its residents and visitors with regular fun-filled events. Managed and sponsored by the Downtown Oregon City Association, there is something for everyone, whether you are a family or an adult. These include First City Celebration, the spring and autumn wine walks, the spirits walk, and the Oregon Trail® Game 5k.

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Downtown Oregon City Association (DOCA) became one of three winners of the 2018 Great American Main Street Award (GAMSA) presented by National Main Street Center Inc. Downtown Oregon City is the first-ever community in Oregon and the first on the West Coast in the last eight years to win the Great American Main Street Award.

One of the landmarks Oregon City is most famous for is its historic and beloved municipal Elevator. Initially built in 1915, it transports passengers from the heart of Downtown to

Midtown. The upper portion contains an observation deck which accounts for its flying saucer appearance.

The Oregon City Municipal Elevator continues to operate as one of only four municipal elevators worldwide, and "Elevator Street" remains the only "vertical street" in North America. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2014. A ride in the Oregon City elevator should not be missed.

Looking to the future, downtown Oregon City is excited about the advent of the Willamette Falls

Restoration project and the potential for Courthouse redevelopment and the North End project. While the last few years have thrown a wrench into construction, they also gave some much-needed time for the new plans that were inclusive of both the Riverwalk plan and plans for the 22-acre Blue Heron site restoration are underway. Once home to the paper mill and a woolen mill originally, it includes stunning views of the nation's second-largest waterfall by volume.

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Midtown Oregon City

A free ride on the famous Oregon City Municipal Elevator takes you to Midtown Oregon City. Located on the bluff, 90 feet above Downtown, this historic area (the McLoughlin Conservation District) boasts vibrant businesses, historic homes, and most of Oregon City’s historic sites.

Step outside the Elevator’s Observation Deck, and you are on the Promenade. The land for this beautiful walkway was donated to the public by Dr. John McLoughlin. This Oregon City landmark features period stonework and outstanding views and was restored in 2010. Take a walk down the Promenade to see Willamette Falls from above.

Adjacent to the elevator is Singer Creek Falls & Grand Staircase. Singer Creek once ran above ground and formed a natural waterfall that powered

William Singer’s flour mill in the 188090s. The WPA built the stone steps in 1938, which replaced an old wooden set. Count the steps as you walk down beside five levels of falling water, beautifully lit at night.

Within a few blocks from the top of the elevator, you can visit all the historic sites in Midtown:

• McLoughlin House. 713 Center Street. Dr. John McLoughlin, Hudson’s Bay Company Chief Factor from 1825-1845 and founder of Oregon City.

• Barclay House. 719 Center Street, is one of a handful of houses in Oregon from the 1840s.

• Carnegie Library. 606 John Adams Street. The first library in Clackamas County opened in

1842 in Willamette Falls, now known as Oregon City.

• Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Willamette Falls. 710 6th Street. The church is on the National Register of Historic Places because of its unique gothic architecture and Povey windows.

• Ermatinger House. 619 6th Street. The first frame house in Oregon City and the oldest house in Clackamas Count.

• Stevens Crawford Heritage House. 603 6th Street. This charming 1908 Craftsman-style house was built for Oregon City pioneers Harley Stevens Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth Crawford Stevens.

12 OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN | 2023 | www.oregoncity.org

Steps away from these historic sites are 7th Street, the commercial heart of Midtown, and Main Street for shopping and dining. Take a break from sightseeing to enjoy some refreshments there, whether you’re in the mood for a rich and steamy cup of coffee or a delicious panini at Singer Hill Café, authentic Mexican cuisine at Super Torta, or snacks for traveling at Grocery Outlet. Midtown offers something for everyone.

And don’t forget the shopping and recreational activities Midtown offers. Browse for unique gifts at World HeARTs Fair Trade. You can learn to free dive or spearfish if you feel more adventurous. And for a less physical adventure, visit the Carnegie Library or explore the historic Fire Department. And beyond these activities, you can find many businesses offering professional services such as

Morrissey Financial, Gary Leavitt

CPA, COUNTRY Financial- Stacy

Spahr Insurance, and Luis’ Tire Service. For health-related services check out Natural Health Works, Function Performance Sport

Chiropractic, Health Markets, and Oregon City Acupuncture

Access to the Midtown area is easy. By foot, ride the free Oregon City Municipal Elevator from Downtown to the upper level, and you are there! Or, by car, take 10th Street up the hill, where 10th Street becomes 7th Street. And you can enjoy ample free twohour parking in Midtown.

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Willamette Falls Landings & Heritage Coalition

Explore the Willamette Falls & Landings Heritage area! Oregon City is a vibrant community that sits within the boundaries of a proposed National Heritage Area that follows the Willamette River for 56-river miles. The Willamette Falls & Landings Heritage Area Coalition is leading efforts to achieve National Heritage Area designation for the region and is working to help residents and visitors engage with the history and culture all around them.

Along the banks of the magnificent waterway there are ample opportunities to learn more about the state's history. The Willamette Falls & Landings Heritage Area Coalition is excited to present its digital heritage trail which provides an easy way to explore and learn about the whole Heritage Area. The Heritage Trail was developed in partnership with Clackamas County Tourism and lets users explore an online map with various heritage sites presented within. By viewing each site you'll find where it is located, see photos and read a brief overview, and find open hours so

you can plan a trip to visit in person.

Oregon City in particular has many sites that are worth exploring. The McLoughlin House, Stevens-Crawford House, and McLoughlin Promenade are all within walking distance of each other and offer different options such as guided tours or interpretive panels you can read independently. Or, you can head to the historic downtown Main Street to see living history as the past and present collide in this vibrant area full of shops and restaurants. The Heritage Trail also encourages you to go beyond Oregon City and features sites in upriver communities like Newberg and Dayton.

This Heritage Trail is a living project with many additions planned for the future. The Heritage Area’s culture and heritage is rich and diverse and the Coalition wants to explore and highlight stories from the region that have been historically untold or underrepresented. Currently, the Coalition is working with an intern to research and write about the history of Chinese and Chinese American communities throughout the region.

We know there are many other histories that need to be told and we want to invite the community to help us learn about and present these pieces of culture. If you have a story that needs to be shared, or know of a heritage site that should be added to our trail, please reach out to us. Send us an email at info@wfheritage.org.

We hope you’ll take the time to explore the Heritage Area for yourself. To find our Digital Heritage Trail, visit wflha.org and go to the Explore page. You’ll find a link to the trail along with other itineraries put together by Clackamas County Tourism. Happy exploring!

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Oregon City Farmers Market

From its inception in 2005, Oregon City Farmers Market’s mission has been to support local farmers by offering our community access to fresh, seasonal, and locally grown foods.

We operate as a year-round market, the only one in Clackamas County and one of the few in the state of Oregon. During the winter, our farms and vendors are dedicated to bringing nutrient dense vegetables every other Saturday between the months of November and April.

Our summer season begins May 6th, and we will return to our weekly schedule until the end of October. Plan on plenty of fresh fruit and seasonal

summer produce, live music, and special events.

We are excited to welcome back some programs such as our children’s Power of Produce club that serves kids ages 5-12 with activities and tokens to use to purchase fresh vegetables in the market.

Thanks to generous grant funding from the Farmers Market Fund, we can offer up to a 20.00 SNAP match for our EBT customers. This allows recipients to access an even greater amount of locally grown and made foods while supporting small businesses and farms.

Farmers markets provide an oasis for customers to come and gain both

physical and psychological nourishment. We were born for community, and we look forward to welcoming folks to our market.

Follow along by signing up for our newsletter at www. orcityfarmersmarket.com and through Instagram @oregoncityfarmersmarket

We are located at 2051 Kaen Road (at the corner of Beavercreek and Kaen Roads) from 10-2 every other Saturday November through April and weekly from 9-2 May through October.

We invite you to join us, pick up our market schedule and support local businesses.

See you at the market!

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Brief History of the Clackamas County Historical Society

Since 1952, the Clackamas County Historical Society (CCHS) has worked vigorously to share the history of Clackamas County. Their mission was to collect, preserve, and educate the public on the history of Clackamas County. The collection grew when founding member Mertie Stevens left her family's 1908 home and artifacts to the historical society in 1968. Soon after, the Stevens House Museum opened its doors.

The collection continued to grow, and members of the historical society realized that preserving and interpreting Clackamas County's history required a museum building with trained staff. In 1990, the historical society opened a museum, now the Museum of the Oregon Territory. The collection now holds over 30,000 artifacts, including 10,000 digitized photographs.



Museum of the Oregon Territory

Perched above the Willamette Falls, the Museum of the Oregon Territory (MOOT) provides a stunning view and a perfect window into Clackamas County's past. From the Indigenous people who first fished the waters to

the groundbreaking industries that harnessed the might of the Willamette, we invite visitors to experience the history of the Willamette Falls area and Clackamas County. Our goal is to captivate people of all ages, backgrounds, and learning styles through dynamic education programs, engaging events, and interactive exhibits sharing Clackamas County's stories.

During your visit, you will see an original 1850 Oregon City plat map, a piece of the Willamette meteorite, and hundreds of other objects, photographs, and documents that reflect Clackamas County's rich history.

Museum of the Oregon Territory

211 Tumwater Drive Oregon City

Open Wednesday – Saturday

10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Stevens-Crawford Heritage House

The Stevens-Crawford Heritage House (SCHH) is an American Foursquare home built in 1908 by real estate investors Harley Stevens and his wife, Mary Elizabeth. Restored to much of its original Edwardian splendor through donations of furnishings and textiles. The craftsman architecture makes this home one of the finer dwellings in the city.

A visit to SCHH transports visitors to

a world of Progressive Era innovation. Self-guided tours allow visitors to experience the family home as initially designed with elements of daily domestic life. Interpretation throughout the house offers insight into technologies of the times and how the family used the space. Whether it be a meeting, party, private tea, or wedding, consider renting SCHH for your next event. This unique venue captures what life was like for a family during the early 20th century.

Stevens-Crawford Heritage House

603 6th Street

Oregon City

Open Friday and Saturday

10:30 am – 4 pm

(503) 655-2866

CCHS has joined the Museums for All Initiative, a nationwide effort to make museums affordable for those at every income level. Through this program, families of up to four individuals receiving food assistance through SNAP/EBT can enter the museum at an admission rate of $3 per guest. Also, if you visit one museum, you have 30 days to see the other museum for free. Visit and experience

Clackamas County's history!

16 OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN | 2023 | www.oregoncity.org

Hours of operation are- every day –Sunday 10am – 5pm and Monday through Saturday 9am – 5pm! Please note – last admission to Interpretive Center is 3:30pm. We hope you can join us for crafts, activities and more!

Experience the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive and Visitor Centers https:// historicoregoncity.org

Enjoy daily history talks led by one of our interpreters, “Oregon’s First People”, and many other exhibits!

Visitors can stop by and check out our newest exhibits and activities: “Jewish Peddlers in the Oregon Trail & Territory,” curated by our Lead Interpreter specifically for our site.

Native Garden Planting: Learn more about the popular plants of the Oregon Trail era (and their impact on our contemporary ecosystems) while potting and planting your own native plant.

Salmon Activity: Roll the dice and figure out how far you would make it as a salmon in Oregon waterways. This activity will introduce guests to the difficult life cycles of salmon, and their crucial importance for Oregonians.

Animal Identification: Why were beavers so popular during the 1800s? What do beavers have to do with Abraham Lincoln’s famous Hat? Visitors will learn about the important native animal species real furs and hides of Oregon.

For complementary admission for the Interpretive Center, you may check out a Cultural Pass from the Canby Library, or one of the Clackamas County Library locations. Find out more information and details regarding our programs, events, and new exhibits, please check out our website: https://historicoregoncity.org

End of the Oregon Trail

Interested in history? Here are three video options: The End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center has produced virtual content that people can experience online. You can join Bethany Nemec, End of the Oregon Trail Interpreter, for an engaging presentation of Oregon Trail history talks, as well as historian Dr. Stephen Beckham.

1. Barlow Road on the Historic Oregon Trail — The Oregon Trail was a long and arduous journey, but the last stretch was the most difficult by far. Three enterprising men—Samuel Barlow, Joel Palmer, and William Rector—set to explore a new and safer route across the Cascade Mountains. They created the Barlow Trail toll road. Dr. Stephen Beckham, a historian of the American West, recounts the journey and explains how the road came about, how it was used, and what happened afterward.

2. That Long Looked-For Place: The Oregon Trail Journey — can be enjoyed by viewers of any age and is based on the school group presentation with new additional details, facts, and funny stories.

3. Women of the West: Pioneer Women on the Oregon Trail — Delves into the unique pioneer experience of women along the Oregon Trail, using quotes from real pioneer diaries to highlight the attitudes, responsibilities, hardships and ingenuity of pioneer women.

These videos contribute to the mission of the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center to preserve the heritage and interpret the history of the Oregon Trail in a way that is authentic, diverse, and inclusive. Trailers are viewable on our website, https://historicoregoncity. org and our YouTube channel: https:/ www.youtube.com/channel/ UCXyZx7kd7h6ohLfeWjZvufw. Full videos can be accessed on our website with a $10 viewing contribution.

Barlow Road on the Historic Oregon Trail — That Long Looked-For Place: These videos contribute to the mission of the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center to preserve the heritage and interpret the history of the Oregon Trail in a way that is authentic, diverse, and inclusive. Trailers are viewable on our website, https://historicoregoncity. org and our YouTube channel: https:// www.youtube.com/channel/ UCXyZx7kd7h6ohLfeWjZvufw. Full videos can be accessed on our website with a $10 viewing contribution.

Oregon’s First People – movie and new exhibits ready for re-opening in the Spring Candle Dipping & Butter Making: For almost every pioneer, candles and butter were an essential part of the overland journey. Students will also listen to a short presentation about the typical diet of pioneers before they make (and taste) their own hand-churned butter. Students will also learn about how daily tasks and chores were different without electricity, and then hand-dip their own candles. (Arrangements can be made for gluten allergies).

Heartstrings Music: Enjoy the musical presentation of Nancy and Rob Downie in “Heartstrings”. They play a variety of instruments from the Oregon Trail era including hammered dulcimer, fiddle, mountain dulcimer, Native American flute, acoustic bass, and banjo. Their 30-minute program includes a history of the songs and instruments and a sing-along musical performance (lyrics are provided) with familiar tunes such as “Camptown Races”, “Oh Susanna”, and more. *Advanced notice is required to book a Heartstrings performance.

www.oregoncity.org | 2023 | OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN 17

Oregon City School District


The Oregon City School District is a recognized leader in school improvement. We believe every individual’s contribution enhances our schools. By focusing on learning and growth for everyone, we create a dynamic work environment for our staff while engaging our students, families, and the community through innovative educational experiences.

During this 2022-23 school year we welcomed our new Superintendent, Dr. Dayle Spitzer, and have over 7,200 students attending our schools. Oregon City Schools employs over 900 full-time dedicated staff members who possess advanced certifications, degrees and share a passion for education and collaboration.


This year we embarked upon a strategic plan process to help recenter

and re-envision Oregon City School District. This strategic plan was guided by a robust steering committee made up of staff members, parents, students, district admin, community members, and business partners. It included multiple meetings and work sessions with the steering committee, district leadership and the School Board Members, a large comprehensive survey, and focus groups. During this process we re-examined our mission, and vision statements, as well as our values. These key elements help guide our district in each decision it makes.

We want to sincerely thank our community for coming out to support this process in the many ways they did. Whether it was by completing our survey, attending a focus group, or being a part of the steering committee, your support and contributions to this plan are helping us to build a better future for our students, and we couldn’t have done it without you.


In November of 2018, the Oregon City community overwhelmingly approved a school bond to address issues around safety and security, reduce overcrowding, and update and upgrade schools. In addition to creating improved learning spaces, the district has used this process as an opportunity to reimagine what education could look like in Oregon City.

Passing the bond gave our schools and community the opportunity to reconsider not just the structure of our school buildings, but also the education that happens inside them. As part of that effort, the district has worked with the community in developing a "Portrait of a Graduate". This process has been used to identify the skills we want our students to develop as they prepare for roles as workers and leaders in a complex and evolving society.

We have recently formed a Long

18 OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN | 2023 | www.oregoncity.org

Range Capital Planning Committee of members who understand the complexity of the district's needs, are able to review and analyze all options, can collaborate to develop recommendations, and serve as key communicators regarding the planning committee recommendations. The committee will work to assess our facility needs and to determine if a bond is needed to support current and future needs for the Oregon City School District.


Oregon City High School (OCHS): A Leader in College Prep

OCHS offers one of the best offerings of elective and Advanced College Credit courses in Oregon. The school offers a full menu of Advanced Placement classes. In recent years, several students have earned over a year’s worth of college credits prior to graduation. The campus was built after the passing of the bond back in 2000, considered phase one of district facility improvements.

Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences (CAIS): Career Relevant Education

CAIS prepares the innovative workforce of tomorrow for careers in engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Through business exposure, internships, and careerrelevant learning students earn industry certifications and degrees through Clackamas Community College.

Oregon City Service Learning Academy (OCSLA): Learning Through Service

OCSLA offers a small, personable school environment with access to Clackamas Community College Courses. Students that attend receive a comprehensive education that combines an academic classroom curriculum with meaningful work and community service experiences.


Gardiner Middle School:

The November 2018 bond focused on safety and security, reducing overcrowding and updating and upgrading our schools. The focus areas of the bond impacted every school in the district, none more so than Gardiner. This school built in 1954 was identified as needing to be completely replaced. Construction has been completed and the new school has been built on the same site. Gardiner fully reopened its doors in September of 2021.

The new construction in Gardiner not only brought in much needed relief to overcrowded spaces, but also national recognition in architectural design for learning spaces. Learning By Design awarded Gardiner Middle School a Citation in Excellence. You can learn more about this award by reading Learning By Design’s Fall 2022 edition, volume 31.

(www.learningbydesignmagazine. com/ learning-design-fall-2022awards-excellence)

Tumwata Middle School:

The 2018 bond included a complete remodel of Tumwata Middle

School (previously Ogden Middle School). The original building was constructed in 1965 and was in need of remodeling and systems upgrades. The fully renovated and renamed Tumwata middle school opened in September of 2021.

Our Elementary Schools

Our seven elementary schools are located across Oregon City, Redland, and Milwaukie.

Candy Lane school runs a dual immersion program called ¡Todos Unidos! The program teaches children to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural in both English and spanish. Families enrolling kindergarten and first grade students have the option of choosing the bilingual program for their children through an enrollment lottery. The program continues grade 6 through 8 at Gardiner Middle School.

Beavercreek, Gaffney Lane, John Mcloughlin, Holcomb, and Redland elementary schools serve between 400 - 500 students. Each elementary school across the district utilizes a similar curriculum aligned to the state standards. All our schools have behavioral expectations, caring school climate programs, and positive interventions and supports. Each school is a warm and welcoming place for all students and families.

For additional information about the school district visit ocsd62.org or call 503-785-8000. For additional information about our school bond visit ocschoolbond.org. For additional information about our strategic plan visit www.strategicplan23.ocsd62.org.

www.oregoncity.org | 2023 | OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN 19

Clackamas Community College

Clackamas Community College has been serving high-quality, affordable education and family-friendly events and activities to Clackamas County residents for more than 55 years. Nestled close to Portland, Mt. Hood and the Oregon coast, CCC’s main campus in Oregon City marks the end of the Oregon Trail. Our other campuses are conveniently located in Milwaukie and Wilsonville.

Get a jumpstart on your education. From high school students earning dual credit, to transfer students and those interested in getting a career technical education to enter the workforce, CCC is a great place to start. The college has the lowest tuition in the

Portland-metro area, hundreds of scholarships and a variety of programs for all interests. We offer a robust network of remote, hybrid and in-person classes, and student services like advising and tutoring are offered in person and virtually.

Clackamas Community College is proud to serve our veterans and military family members. We understand the unique needs of veterans and are honored to have helped thousands of people successfully transition from military service to civilian success.

Grow your business. Clackamas Community College’s Connections with Business and Industry (CBI) provides a

comprehensive business support network to help clients get the tools, staffing, training and resources they need to succeed. Whatever your business needs to grow and thrive, CBI can partner with you to find a custom solution.

Enjoy the great outdoors. The Clackamas Community College’s Oregon City campus spans 165 acres filled with trees, a sculpture garden, walking trails and more. Take a walk on the paved path around the perimeter of campus or enjoy a leisurely stroll on the trails surrounding the Environmental Learning Center (ELC). On clear days, you can even catch views of Mt. Hood.

The ELC is the perfect spot for nature

20 OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN | 2023 | www.oregoncity.org

lovers with shaded trails, a pond teeming with wildlife and an outdoor amphitheater – the perfect spot for a picnic! The ELC even offers hands-on nature camps and field trips for children, continuing education trainings for professionals and serves as a beautiful backdrop for your special event.

Immerse yourself in the arts. Enjoy art exhibits that feature the work of local artists, CCC alumni and students. The Alexander Gallery hosts fresh and inspiring exhibits from established and budding artists each term.

The CCC Music Department hits the high notes at its many concerts throughout the year. With performances like jazz, contemporary, acoustic and

chamber choir, our talented students, faculty, guest artists and ensembles will bring music to your ears.

Cue the lights! Clackamas Community College’s Theatre Department performs three main stage shows a year along with student-directed one-act plays, comedy and improv. Check out the stellar student performances throughout the year.

Cheer for the home team. CCC offers 11 different sports and we’re dedicated to the success of our student athletes in and out of the classroom. Whether it’s the track, mat, field or court, our all-star athletes bring their “A” game. Go, Cougars!

Take a class. Our community education classes have something for everyone. We team up with local partners to offer a variety of fun and enriching classes at schools and community centers near you. These low-cost classes range from fitness to art and everything in between. Follow your passion or find a new hobby.

Hold your event at CCC. Clackamas Community College offers a wide range of facilities to rent for your next event or meeting at very competitive rates. The Wi-Fi enabled campus has free parking, open spaces, dining options and more, making it a great place for conferences, luncheons, lectures and corporate events. Our spaces can hold meetings large and small, from 10 people to 300.

www.oregoncity.org | 2023 | OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN 21

Clackamas Water Environment Services

Clackamas Water Environment Services (WES) produces clean water, protects water quality and recovers renewable resources. We do this by providing wastewater treatment services, stormwater management, and environmental education. It’s our job to protect public health and support the vitality of our communities, natural environment, and economy.

What we stand for

• Protecting Public Health

• Investment in Our People

• Stewardship of Healthy Watersheds

• Responsive Customer Service

• Fiscal Responsibility

• Water Resource Recovery

• 2022 was a pivotal year for WES.

Some highlights:

• Our new, low-emissions biogas project at the Tri-City Water Resource Recovery Facility in

Oregon City transforms organic waste into renewable energy. This co-generation system, at full output, produces heat for five buildings at the site and an estimated 4,300 megawatts of electricity annually — enough to offset nearly half of the facility’s energy use.

• Through innovative, forwardlooking partnerships with cities in the WES service area, we are working collaboratively to reduce Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) in sewer systems owned by our partner cities. Keeping extra water out of pipes will save approximately $120 million over the next two decades – money we’ll use to better serve you.

• For the fifth consecutive year, we partnered with SOLVE, one of Oregon’s leading non-profit organizations working to improve our environment, for a

series of Summer Waterway Cleanups to keep local waterways and natural areas clean and healthy. For the past several years we’ve closed the summer cleanups at Clackamette Park.

• We treat wastewater, but did you know we recycle solids too?

Each year, we transport about 11,000 tons of biosolids to farms with non-food crops in eastern Oregon to be applied on their fields, which eliminates their need for expensive fertilizers. All of this recycling means less landfill waste, less pollution, and a healthier environment for us all.

WES values our customers. We feel privileged to be deeply connected to the cities and neighborhoods we serve, whether it’s partnering on projects or supporting community events.

We are proud to serve you.

Clean water for all.

22 OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN | 2023 | www.oregoncity.org 22

Accounting & Tax Services

Gary S Leavitt CPA CVA PC

1209 7th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 387-5480


Ledgers Bookkeeping, LLC

15675 SE Tidwells Way, Portland 97267 .. (360) 801-2418



17550 Springhill Pl, Gladstone 97027 (503) 757-3796



Oregon City Acupuncture

619 Madison St Ste 110, Oregon City 97045 (503) 653-1468


(See ad on page 23)

Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry

Forests Forever, Inc dba Hopkins

Demonstration Forest

16750 S Brockway Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-5524


(See ad on page 28)

Oregon State University Extension Service

200 Warner Milne Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8631


Architecture & Engineering

Greenbox Architecture

502 7th St, Ste 203, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 207-5537


ZCS Engineering and Architecture

524 Main St Ste 2, Oregon City 97045 (503) 659-2205


Arts & Culture

Clackamas Repertory Theatre

Niemeyer Center, CCC, S. Douglas Loop Dr, Oregon City 97045.................................................... (503) 594-6047


Soulflags Art Lit/Community Center 504 Main St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 405-9776


Three Rivers Artist Guild

Oregon City 97045

Venvino Art Studios


13329 SE Misty Dr, Ste D, Happy Valley 97086 (503) 342-8644 www.venvinoartstudios.com

WPolkArt (503) 752-4159


Attorneys & Legal Services

Barbur Law LLC

2100 SE Lake Rd, Ste 5, Milwaukie 97222

.............................................................. (503) 654-1773


Clackamas County - County Counsel

2051 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8362 www.co.clackamas.or.us/counsel

Solid Serve Legal 10824 SE Oak Street, #104, Milwaukie 97222 (503) 928-6362 www.SolidServeLegal.com

Tillmann Law Personal Injury Lawyers 101 SW Main St #1905, Portland, 97204 (503) 406-3883 www.tillmannlaw.com

It is a pleasure to work with the employees at the Gresham branch. Everyone is super attentive and nice. I had the opportunity to work with Rholonda for my auto loan, and she has been so helpful, sweet, and guiding.

It is a pleasure to work with the employees at the Gresham branch. Everyone is super attentive and nice. I had the opportunity to work with Rholonda for my auto loan, and she has been so helpful, sweet, and guiding.

employees and

I highly recommend Oregonians Credit Union!

I highly recommend Oregonians Credit Union!

Chaz M.

East Powell Boulevard Gresham, OR 97030

Business Listings
Category 619 Madison St # 110 Oregon City, OR 97045 503-653-1468 Free 30 min. consultations Call us today! Begin your journey to optimum wellness www.OregonCityAcupuncture.com REGON CITY ACUPUNCTURE Pain, Stress, Allergies? 503-653-1468 Free 30 min. consultations Call us today! Begin your journey to optimum wellness www.OregonCityAcupuncture.com Begin your journey to optimum wellness www.OregonCityAcupuncture.com 503-653-1468 Aroma Acupoint Therapy NAET Treatment NAET Allergy Treatment Electro-Acupuncture Call today
Automotive & Marine Hilltop Collision Center 275 Beavercreek Rd #125, Oregon City 97045 (503) 722-5885

Innovation Auto Body 17325 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie 97267 (503) 557-5509


Les Schwab Tire Center 1625 S Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-1235


Luis' Tire Service LLC 1022 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 518-0366


Paul's Mobile Auto Detail

Milwaukie 97222 (503) 887-0256


Banks & Credit Unions


* Citizens Bank 19245 Molalla Ave Ste 1 Oregon City 503-518-8808 citizensebank.com

(See ad on page 24)

Columbia Bank 19550 Molalla Ave Ste 139, Oregon City 97045 ............... (503) 723-5036


Embold Credit Union 270 Warner Milne Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-0671


HAPO Community Credit Union

17884 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie 97267 (509) 943-5676


Key Bank 1400 S Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 742-7008 www.key.com


* Lewis & Clark Bank 1900 McLoughlin Blvd Ste 67 Oregon City 503-212-3112 lewisandclarkbank.com

Bars, Pubs & Taverns

12 Bridge Ciderworks 19376 Molalla Ave #130, Oregon City 97045 (503) 850-4565 www.12bridgeciderworks.com

Business & Economic Development

Clackamas County - Business & Community Services

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 742-4344 www.clackamas.us

Clackamas County - Business & Economic Development 150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 742-4329 www.clackamas.us

Clackamas County Business Alliance Lake Oswego 97035 (541) 601-7272 www.ccba.biz

Clackamas Workforce Partnership 365 Warner Milne Rd Ste 202, Oregon City 97045 ........... (503) 657-6644 www.clackamasworkforce.org


OnPoint Community Credit Union 19753 S Hwy 213, Oregon City 97045 ............................. (503) 273-1700 x5680 www.onpointcu.com

Oregonians Credit Union 19360 S Molalla Ave Ste 110, Oregon City 97045 ............ (503) 239-5336 www.oregonianscu.com

(See ad on page 23)

Wells Fargo Bank 1751 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-2668 www.wellsfargo.com

Downtown Oregon City Association 814 Main St, Oregon City 97045 ...................................... (503) 802-1640 www.downtownoregoncity.org

Oregon City Business Alliance 606 15th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 701-9716 www.ocbusinessalliance.com

Oregon City Chamber of Commerce 1209 7th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-1619 www.oregoncity.org


• Local deposits are reinvested back into the community, supporting our local economy.

• On-site Loan Officers who are empowered to make local loan decisions, offering a variety of small business and commercial real estate loans.

• Access to modern banking technology supported by personalized care you expect from a locally-owned business.

Member FDIC Oregon
City Branch 19245 Molalla Ave. • 503-518-8808 www.citizensEbank.com

Business & Professional Services

Advanced Corporate Wellness

(801) 888-3361


Amicus Digital Sign Solutions

Communications Northwest

(503) 516-8618


624 McLoughlin Blvd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 232-9031


(See ad on page 25)

Imperium Electronics 3915 SE Spaulding Ave, Milwaukie 97267 (503) 680-3532


On Cue Interpreters

16285 Front Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 888-6860

Pacific Region Group, Inc PO Box 2586, Oregon City 97045 (503) 558-5200


Simply Cy Solutions

Stein Oil Inc

(503) 490-5798


13001 Clackamas River Dr #200, Oregon City 97045 ....... (503) 656-0375


Cannabis Dispensary

Kaleafa 19197 S Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 902-4221


Chiropractic Services

Complete Health Chiropractic Center, LLC

365 Warner Milne Rd Ste 105, Oregon City 97045 ........... (503) 557-9266


Function Performance Sport Chiropractic 502 7th St, Ste 100, Oregon City 97045 (503) 730-2788


Civic Organizations & Associations

Beavercreek Lions Club

Meets at Beavercreek Grange, 22041 S Kamrath Rd, Beavercreek 97004 (503) 342-6699


Exceed Enterprises 5285 SE Mallard Way, Milwaukie 97222 (503) 652-9036


Oregon City Elks #1189

610 McLoughlin Blvd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-5131


Oregon City Lions Club

Oregon City 97045 (503) 595-5379


Oregon City Optimist Club

PO Box 1301, Oregon City 97045 (503) 557-0897


Oregon City Woman's Club

19300 Sunnyridge Ct, Oregon City 97045 (503) 650-0450


Portland Rose Festival Foundation

1020 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland 97204 (503) 227-2681


Rotary Club of Oregon City

PO Box 1552, Oregon City 97045 (503) 785-8421


Clackamas County Government

Clackamas County - Administrator

2051 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8581


Clackamas County - Assessment & Taxation

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 .......................... (503) 655-8671


Clackamas County - Clerk

1710 Red Soils Ct, Ste 100, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8698


Clackamas CountyCommunity Corrections

1024 Main St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8603


Clackamas County - District Attorney

807 Main St, Rm 7, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8431


Clackamas County - Finance Department

2051 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 742-5400


Clackamas County - Juvenile Department

2121 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8342


Clackamas County - Public & Government Affairs

2051 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8751


Clackamas County - Surveyor

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 . (503) 742-4475


Clackamas County - Treasurer

2051 Kaen Road, #470, Oregon City 97045 .............................................................. (503) 742-5990


Cleaning Services

Brax Laundry 927 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 ....... (971) 444-5000


Expert Power Wash LLC 402 Beavercreek Rd, Ste 110, Oregon City 97045 (503) 403-6185



PuroClean of Clackamas 5882 NE Pinefarm Ct, Hillsboro 97124 .... (503) 820-5200


ServiceMaster Building Services 15790 SE Piazza Ave Ste 102, Clackamas 97015 (503) 657-3998


TLC Carpet Cleaning Gladstone 97027 (503) 595-5379


Coaching & Consulting

Adventurous Life LLC (503) 974-4933


L.Bell Consulting

(503) 805-7207

Womens Lifestyle Coaching LLC (503) 752-0558


Computers, Phone & Internet

BCT - Beaver Creek Telephone

15223 S Henrici Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 632-3113


Clackamas County - Technology Services

121 Library Ct, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8322


Clear Creek Communications 18238 S Fishers Mill Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 631-2101


Comcast Business 11308 SW 68th Pkwy, Tigard 97223 (503) 207-3865 www.comcastbusiness.com

Pacific Office Automation 14747 NW Greenbrier Pkwy, Beaverton 97006 ................. (503) 601-2369 www.pacificoffice.com

Construction, Equipment & Contractors

American Made Construction LLC

PO Box 30, Gladstone 97027 (503) 344-7666


Cutter Construction Co, Inc 21410 S Levi Rd, Beavercreek 97004 (503) 969-5116


Double J Construction Inc. PO Box 2213, Oregon City 97045 (503) 722-5295 www.djrenovates.com

Leftcoast General Construction, llc 15345 S Henrici Rd, Oregon City 97045 (971) 777-0085



* Parkin Electric Inc 14001 Fir St Oregon City (503) 657-4958 parkinelectric.com

(See ad on page 26)

Peace of Mind Construction Oregon City 97045 (503) 512-5156

(See ad on page 26)

CCB #35151


Dance Maralee's Dance Productions 13929 S Fir St, Ste G, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-6160


(See ad on page 27)

time-h ed values... inn ative s uti s parkinelectric.com 503.657.4958 NEW BUILD - REMODEL - REPAIR Complete Construction & Remodel Services Renovations, Additions, Restorations Residential Remodeling, Replacement of Windows & Doors, Siding, Framing, Roo ng, Decks, Fencing, Patios, Flooring, Cabinets, Bathrooms & Kitchens Drain & Water Pipe Repair or Replacement Water Filtration Systems Water Heater Installations Workmanship & Parts Guaranteed Repair/Sales/Installation Sinks, Toilets, Showers Tubs, Piping, Faucets Complete Plumbing Service Complete Construction Service 503-344-4705 service@peaceofmindplumbing.com www.PeaceofMindPlumbing.com 503-512-5156 service@peaceofmindconstruction.net www.peaceofmindconstruction.net ONE CALL, WE DO IT ALL! Licensed · Bonded · Insured | CCB# 215878 Locally owned serving Oregon City & surrounding areas

Dentists & Orthodontists

Great Grins for KIDS

911 Main St #140, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-0631


Strauss Dental

802 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-2139


Education & Schools

Alliance Charter Academy 16075 Front Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 785-8556


Clackamas Community College

19600 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 594-6000


La Salle Catholic College Preparatory 11999 SE Fuller Road, Milwaukie 97222 (503) 353-1424


(See ad on page 27)

Dragonfly Ranch LLC 15898 S Springwater Rd, Oregon City 97045

(971) 356-1715


Harmony Road Music 16703 SE McLoughlin Blvd Ste C, Milwaukie 97015 (503) 557-5151


OC Service Learning Academy

995 South End Rd, Oregon City 97045

.................................................... (503) 785-8250 x6136


Oregon City Community Education 1404 7th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 785-7993


Oregon City High School

19761 S Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 ................... (503) 785-8900


Oregon City High School Youth Transitions

19761 S Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 785-8988


Oregon City School District

1417 12th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 785-8000


(See ad on page 3)

Oregon City Schools Foundation PO Box 85, Oregon City 97045 (503) 557-2361 www.ocsf.org

The Pioneer Pantry 19761 S Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 785-8000 www.ochspioneers.org/pioneer-pantry

Elected Officials & Candidates City of Oregon City Commissioners 625 Center St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-0891 www.orcity.org/citycommission

Clackamas County - Commissioners 2051 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8581 www.clackamas.us/bcc

Friends of Mark Meek Gladstone 97027 (503) 451-0143 www.oregonlegislature.gov/meek

Emergency Services

American Medical Response - AMR 12438 SE Capps Rd, Clackamas 97015 (503) 231-6300 www.amr.net

Clackamas County - Communications - 911 .............................................................. (503) 655-8370 www.clackamas911.org

Clackamas County - Emergency Management 2200 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045

(503) 655-8378 www.clackamas.us/dm OFFERING: • Summer Camps Available • Family Discounts • Rental Space • Professional/Amateur Entertainment • POPdance Rec Classes www.maraleesdance.com • Family Owned Since1954 Located in Oregon City at 13929 S. Fir Street Ste G CELEBRATING OVER 69 YEARS IN BUSINESS NEW ONLINE REGISTRATION app.thestudiodirector.com/maraleesdance/portal.sd 503.655.6160 Maralee’s Dance Production : Ages 3 to Adult Family Owned Since 1954 • Located in Oregon City mara lees dance @li ve. co m www.m ara l eesda nce.com Tap • Hip Hop • Jazz • Urban/Street OFFERING: Tap • Hip Hop • Jazz • Lyrical • Ballet maraleesdance@live.com • Family Owned Since1954 Located in Oregon City at 13929 S. Fir Street Ste G CELEBRATING OVER 65 YEARS IN BUSINESS NEW ONLINE REGISTRATION app.thestudiodirector.com/maraleesdance/portal.sd

Clackamas County - Sheriff 9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd, Clackamas 97015 (503) 785-5000


Clackamas Fire District 1

11300 SE Fuller Rd, Milwaukie 97222 (503) 742-2600


Oregon City Police Department

1234 Linn Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 905-3501


Summit Cleaning & Restoration

402 Beavercreek Rd , #108, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 769-4333



Laurie's Books, LLC

358 Warner Milne Rd, Ste g-106, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-6586


Oregon City Children's Theatre

1625 Washington St, Oregon City 97045 .......................... (503) 351-2679



Greater Oregon City Watershed Council 500 Abernethy Rd Ste 201, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 374-8279


Events, Catering & Parties

Abernethy Center

606 15th St, Oregon City 97045 ............. (503) 722-9400


Ainsworth House & Gardens

19130 Lot Whitcomb Dr, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-1894


Chris Cakes Northwest (503) 374-1911


Everett Hall at Hopkins Demonstration Forest

16750 S Brockway Rd Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-5524


(See ad on page 28)

Holiday Light Solution

12879 Joys Dr, Oregon City 97045 (971) 347-0425


Lighter Than Air Balloons (503) 758-1664


Party Factory Events LLC

215 13th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 770-0435


ReliaBill Production Services 12749 Aspenwood Ln, Oregon City 97045 ....................... (805) 452-4283


The Tumwater Ballroom

The Museum of the Oregon Territory, 211 Tumwater Dr, Oregon City 97045 ................................. (503) 310-9975


Family Support & Community Services

Bloomin' Boutique

19376 Molalla Ave St 160, Oregon City 97045 (503) 320-0789


Building Blocks 4 Kids, Inc. 222 Park Dr, Oregon City 97045 (503) 780-3291


Children's Center

1713 Penn Ln, Oregon City 97045 .......... (503) 655-7725


Clackamas County - Health, Housing & Human Services

2051 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 650-5697 www.co.clackamas.or.us/dhs

DevNW 421 High St Ste 110, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8974 www.nedcocdc.org

Fill A Stocking, Fill A Heart PO Box 1255, Oregon City 97045 (503) 632-0577


Gleaners of Clackamas County 13821 Fir St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8740 www.gleanersofclackamascounty.org

OAKS Resources 19142 Molalla Ave, Ste A, Oregon City 97045 (503) 908-4854

Oregon City Together 18521 SE River Rd, Milwaukie 97267 (503) 708-6929 www.octogether.org

Providence Willamette Falls Community Center 519 15th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 215-3280 www.providence.org/pwfmc

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Foundation 1500 Division St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 650-6805 www.providencefoundations.org/willamettefalls (See ad on page 1)

VFW Post #1324 Three Rivers 104 Tumwater Dr, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-6969 www.VFW1324.org

Farmers Market Oregon City Farmers Market 2051 Kaen Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 734-0192 www.orcityfarmersmarket.com

Perfect & Peaceful
EVENT FACILITY • Weddings, meetings and more! • Quiet and secluded in 140-acre forest • Caterer’s kitchen and rock replace • Accommodate up to 100 guests • 75-space parking lot with handicap access • Close to Portland, just minutes south of Oregon City EVERETT HALL at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest
For more information and
rates visit www.demonstrationforest.org or contact Julie Handy at 503-655-5524 or email Julie@mapforester.com

Farming & Ranching Supplies

Coastal Farm & Ranch

1900 McLoughlin Blvd Ste 120, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-5780


Wilco Farm Stores

19224 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-0616


Funerals & Crematory Services

Hillside Chapel

1306 7th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-4285


(See ad on page 29)

Holman-Hankins-Bowker & Waud Funeral Service

715 7th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-2661


Garbage & Recycling

Clackamas County - Sustainability & Solid Waste

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 557-6363



Grocery & Food Markets

Grocery Outlet

878 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-7975


Heating & Cooling

Chase Heating & Cooling, Inc.

402 Beavercreek Rd, Ste 111, Oregon City 97045 (503) 254-1274


First Call Heating & Cooling

13150 S Clackamas River Dr, Oregon City 97045 (503) 231-3311


L&J Heating & Cooling LLC

1203 7th St, Oregon City 97045 (971) 266-6063


(See ad on page 29)

Holistic Health & Wellness

Milwaukie Spine and Sport, LLC 2100 SE Lake Rd, Ste 1, Milwaukie 97222 (503) 344-6711


Natural Health Works, PC 710 John Adams St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 722-7776


Home Improvement


* Oregon City Garbage/B&B Leasing

820 7th St Oregon City (503) 656-8403


Garden, Tree & Landscape Services

All Around Arbor 45233 SE 67th Ave, Portland 97206 (503) 730-3632


Buel's Greenscapes

PO Box 3315, Oregon City 97045 ........... (971) 409-1537


Clackamas Landscape Supply Co.

1795 Washington St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-2891


Green Bee Landscape LCB 9900

PO Box 1614, Oregon City 97045 (503) 446-7896


Sense of Place Permaculture, LLC

PO Box 2228, Clackamas 97015 (971) 344-0810


Glass Inc. 13665 Holcomb Blvd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 650-6373 www.dtglassinc.com McLarens Carpet One Floor & Home 24403 S Hwy 99E, Canby 97013 (503) 266-4095 www.mclarenscarpetonecanby.com Milwaukie Floors & More 16025 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie 97267 (971) 233-8969 www.milwaukiefloors.com 1306 7th St Oregon City www.hillsidechapelfh.com 503-656-4285 Planning ahead gives you peace of mind and removes the nancial burden from your family. Clackamas County’s Only Veteran Owned Funeral Home. 971-266-6063 portlandoregonheatingandair.com CCB #157050 Your Heating & Cooling Experts Quality, reliable, honest HVAC service, maintenance & installation of all types. REQUEST AN ESTIMATE OR SERVICE INQUIRE ABOUT OUR FINANACING OPTIONS

Insurance - Health, Home & Auto

Berry Insurance Agency, Inc.

311 B Ave, Ste Q, Lake Oswego 97034 (503) 635-3714


Bryce Jackson - COUNTRY Financial

8800 SE Sunnyside Rd, Ste 110N, Clackamas 97015 (503) 650-9573



401 Roosevelt St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 722-7011


Farmers InsuranceShannon Byerly Agency

845 E Berkeley St, Gladstone 97027 (503) 723-6800


HealthMarkets Insurance Agency/ Wellness Vision, LLC

516 High St, Ste #6, Oregon City, Oregon 97045

.............................................................. (503) 804-6237


Keith Watson - HealthMarkets Insurance

2419 SE Salmon St, Portland 97214 (503) 927-1298

www.healthmarkets.com/local-health-insurance-agent/ keithwatson

The Insurance Store (503) 705-1623


Investments & Financial Services

Borrow Smart Mortgage, Inc. 9450 SW Commerce Cir Ste 401, Wilsonville 97070 (503) 303-3600


Community Lending Works 421 High St Ste 110, Oregon City 97045 (541) 345-0446


Fairway Independent Mortgage

12817 SE 93rd Ave, Clackamas 97015 (503) 819-9911


Financial Investment Team

15350 SW Sequoia Pkwy #150, Portland 97224 (971) 263-0550



* Morrissey Financial 720 Center St Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-3305 morrisseyfp.com

New American Funding 14511 Westlake Drive, Ste 148, Lake Oswego 97035 (503) 459-6055


NFM Lending 12631 S Spangler Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 744-4414


Nick Thorne, Edward Jones Investments 702 Main St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-6082 www.edwardjones.com Root Mortgage 10151 SE Sunnyside Rd, Ste 220, Clackamas 97015 (503) 208-8220 www.rootmortgage.com 19200 S.W. Martinazzi Ave. Tualatin • On Fred Meyer parking lot • M – F 8 – 5 Veteran owned | Veteran operated | Proud to be an American Locked out? Lost Keys? Automotive •Lock Repair •Lockout Ser vice •High Security Keys •Transponder Keys •Lost Keys? Residential •Locks Changed •Locks Repaired •Deadbolts Installed •Patio and Window Security •Lost Keys Replaced Commercial •Re-keying/Master keying •Installs/Repairs •Store front door adjustment Commercial Hardware •Deadbolts – Entr y Locks •Blockers – Exit Devices •Door Closers Member #53964 Licensed, Bonded, Insured CCB#182427 23 ½ Hour Emergency Service www.DRDavisLocksmith.com 503-692-LOCK (5625) Member #9105 D.R. DAVIS Lock & Safe, Inc. Commercial Billing Welcome

Library Services

Clackamas County - Library

16239 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Ste 208, Oak Grove 97267 .... (503) 723-4888


Oregon City Library Foundation

820 7th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 679-6232


Oregon City Public Library

606 John Adams St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-8269



D.R. Davis Lock & Safe, Inc.

19200 SW Martinazzi Ave, Tualatin 97062

.............................................................. (503) 692-5625


(See ad on page 30)


Best Western Rivershore Hotel

1900 Clackamette Dr, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 655-7141


Manufacturing, Production & Wholesale

Benchmade Knife Company

300 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 .......................... (503) 655-6004


Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

Advertising Solutions

615 Railroad Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 404-4000


(See ad on page 44)

Buy Local Magazine

11810 S Partlow Rd, Oregon City 97045 .............................................................. (971) 409-2842


Flourish Marketing

Jolly Good Media

Massage Therapy

Massage Solace

19142 Molalla Ave Ste A, Oregon City 97045 ................... (503) 756-9365


Renata Vita Bodyworks

1678 S Beavercreek Rd, Ste N, Oregon City 97045 (503) 908-0647


Ricochet Body Solutions

619 Madison St #110, Oregon City 97045 (503) 318-9626


Medical & Health Care Services

Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine

PO Box 2592, Oregon City 97045 (503) 722-4400

We’re Moving Spring 2023 to Clairmont Hall located Beavercreek Rd entrance to CCC


(See ad on page 31)

Clackamas Women's Services

256 Warner Milne Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 557-5820


Kaiser Permanente

Oregon City Dental Office, 1900 McLoughlin Blvd #68, Oregon City 97045 (503) 798-8819 www.kp.org/thrive

Providence ExpressCare Oregon City

13428 Colton Place, Ste 102, Oregon City 97045 (888) 227-3312 www.providenceexpresscare.org


(503) 705-0317


716 Division St, Oregon City 97045 ......... (661) 965-3418


Logotek, Inc.

(503) 780-6990


My Effortless Marketing Oregon City 97045 (503) 765-9007


Pamplin Media Custom Publishing

6605 SE Lake Rd, Milwaukie 97222 (971) 204-7886


(See ad on page 35)

Our dedicated medical and community volunteers have helped us meet the needs of our patients since 2012.

• Appointment-based medical services

• Telemedicine/virtual appointments

• Follow-up care for chronic conditions

• Lab work

• Referrals to our network of specialists

* Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center

1500 Division St Oregon City ........... (503) 656-1631 providence.org/pwfmc

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Foundation

1500 Division St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 650-6805 www.providencefoundations.org/willamettefalls

(See ad on page 1)

Providence Willamette Falls Rehab 1511 Division St. Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-6747


Moving & Storage College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving 402 Beavercreek Rd, Ste 109, Oregon City 97045 (775) 303-4812


Trojan Storage of Oregon City 14178 Fir St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 444-8455


Museums & Historical Societies

Clackamas County Historical Society 211 Tumwater Dr, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-5574 www.clackamashistory.org

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive & Visitor Information Center 1726 Washington Street, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-9336 www.historicoregoncity.org

• Wellness and diabetic education

• Prescription assistance

• Spanish interpretation, other languages available by request

• Eye exams and diabetic retina exams

Providing free and inclusive medical care to the uninsured low-income people of Clackamas County.

Make an impact in your community. Visit clackamasvim.org to get started.
| Refer a Patient

Museum of the Oregon Territory

211 Tumwater Dr, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-5574


Stevens-Crawford Heritage House

603 6th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-2866


Music Education

Harmony Road Music Center of Oregon

16703 SE McLouglin Blvd, Milwaukie 97267 (503) 557-5151


Oregon City Music Academy

14319 Thurman St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 880-4880


Newspapers, Magazines & Media Services

Oregon City News/Clackamas Review

6605 SE Lake Rd, Milwaukie 97222 (503) 684-0360


Pamplin Media Custom Publishing 6605 SE Lake Rd, Milwaukie 97222 (971) 204-7886


Oregon City Government

City of Oregon City

13895 Fir St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-0891


(See ad on back cover)

Parks & Recreation

Clackamas County - Parks

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 742-4414

North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 742-4348


Oregon City Municipal Pool

1211 Jackson St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-8273


Oregon City Parks and Recreation

500 Hilda St, Oregon City 97045 ............. (503) 496-1201


Stone Creek Golf Club

14603 S Stoneridge Dr, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 518-4653


Personal Services & Care

Family Safe Training

1656 Beavercreek Rd, Ste C, Oregon City 97046 (503) 351-5728


Pets & Veterinary

FIDO Pet Food Bank

PO Box 3265, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-3663


Pioneer Animal Hospital

333 Warner Milne Rd Ste B, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 657-3171


(See ad on inside front cover)

Physical Therapy

Purely Primal Physical Therapy & Wellness

19115 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 744-0046


Plumbing & Electric

MP Plumbing 15330 SE 82nd Dr, Clackamas 97015 (503) 655-9161


We believe that if we put the time in to help our neighbors—through philanthropy, volunteering, or just plain sweat—the rewards are tenfold. Together with numerous charitable organizations, we’re working to make this the kind of place we can call home. And that’s the biggest return of all.

Why do we feel that investing in the community is so important?
Because of the sizable returns.

Peace of Mind Plumbing

Oregon City 97045 (503) 344-4705


(See ad on page 26)

Printers, Printing & Shipping

Buel's Impressions Printing

408 Beavercreek Rd Ste 407, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-7939


(See ad on page 36)

The UPS Store

2050 Beavercreek Rd #101, Oregon City 97045 (503) 650-5855


Public Utilities


South Fork Water Board

15962 S Hunter Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-5030


Real Estate & Property Management

Alexa Lachman, Keller Williams Realty Professionals

9755 SW Barnes Rd, Ste 560, Portland 97224 (503) 577-3020


Andrew Nordby, Principal Real Estate Broker

1200 Princeton Rd, Woodburn 97071 (503) 680-5291


Angell Realty

502 7th St Ste 201, Oregon City 97045 .. (503) 209-3282


Angie Hobson Realty- Windermere Realty Trust

20475 S Jasan Dr, Oregon City 97045 (503) 349-9410 www.AngieHobson.com

* Clackamas Water Environment Services

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045.....................

.........................................................(503) 742-4567


(See ad on inside back cover)

Northwest Natural 220 NW 2nd Ave, Portland 97209 (503) 226-4211


(See ad on page 32)


121 SW Salmon 1WTC0301, Portland 97204 (800) 542-8818


Avid Property Management, LLC 10121 SE Sunnyside Rd, Ste 300, Clackamas 97027 ....... (503) 320-6148


(See ad on page 33)

Avid Real Estate Executives

10121 SE Sunnyside Rd Ste 300, Clackamas 97015 (503) 320-6148 www.avidexecs.com/agents/sample-agent-three

(See ad on page 33)

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 20471 S Meadow Avenue, Oregon City 97045 (971) 381-1861 www.realestatebykirsten.net

Denise Goding-Premiere Property Group, LLC 10135 SE Sunnyside Rd Ste 150, Clackamas 97015 (503) 799-2970


John L. Scott Realty/Property Mgmt 16126 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr, Ste 112, Happy Valley 97086 (503) 656-6656 www.johnlscottpropertymanagement.com

Summit Development Group

13221 SW 68th Pkwy, Ste 401, Tigard 97223 .................. (503) 386-2025


Religious Organizations

Eternal Impact 900 Main St, Ste 104, Oregon City 97045 .............................................................. (503) 655-4500


Grand View Baptist Church 14855 S Leland Rd, Beavercreek 97004 .............................................................. (503) 632-8100


Living Hope Church 19691 S Meyers Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-7390


Oregon City United Methodist Church 18955 S South End Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-3433


Reformation Covenant Church 1201 JQ Adams St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-9444


503-320-6148 www.AvidManage.com 503-770-AVID (2843) www.AvidExecs.com Let a professional manage your real estate investment! Our professional team is ready to assess your property today! Free Quotes. No Transfer Fees. Free Market Value Analysis CONTACT MARK MEEK Over 20 years of experience in real estate & property management

Restaurants & Food Carts

Bugatti's 334 Warner Milne Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 722-8222


(See ad on page 34)

Jackpot Foods LLC 1401 Washington Street, Oregon City 97045 (503) 729-4333

Ligatich Inc. dba Biscuits Cafe 19273 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 929-3983 www.biscuitscafe.com

McDonald's Hilltop Oregon City 1450 S Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 558-8741 www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us/location/or/oregon-city /1450-s-molalla/5858.html?cid=RF:YXT:GMB::Clicks

Mesa Fresca 724 Main St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 344-4503 www.mesafrescaoc.com

Premier Sushi 1401 Washington St, Oregon City 97045 (971) 244-0806


(See ad on page 35)

Singer Hill Cafe 623 7th St, Oregon City 97045 ............... (503) 656-5252 www.singerhill.com

Super Torta 710 Washington St, Oregon City, Oregon 97045 (503) 722-2306


The Hive Catering & Social 602 7th Street, Oregon City 97045 (503) 908-8750


The Wild Hare Saloon 1656 S Beavercreek Rd Ste A, Oregon City 97045 ............ (503) 303-7963


(See ad on page 34)

DELIVERY AVAILABLE FROM DoorDash and other services. Please check our website 334 Warner Milne Rd. | Oregon City | 503.722.8222 | www.bugattisrestaurant.com OREGON CITY Reopening on Sundays beginning in April! Happy Hour Daily from 3-6 pm & 8 pm to close Closed Mondays

Veggie Bowl/TWS LLC

508 14th St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 750-5559


Wingstop Oregon City

358 Warner Milne Rd #G101, Oregon City 97045 (971) 377-5700


Senior Living

Asteria Gardens Senior Living

182 Warner Parrott Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-4955


CarePatrol of Portland

10117 SE Sunnyside Rd, Ste F #11, Clackamas 97015 (503) 885-3383


Gilman Park Assisted Living

2205 Gilman Dr, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-5700


Homewoods on the Willamette 17971 SE River Rd, Milwaukie 97267 ..... (503) 659-3600


Marquis Oregon City

1680 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-2588


McLoughlin Place Senior Living

1153 Molalla Ave, Oregon City 97045-4713 (503) 655-3337


Pioneer Adult Community Center

615 Fifth St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 657-8287


River Terrace Memory Care

950 South End Rd, Oregon City, Oregon 97045 (503) 387-5013


The Ridge at Oregon City

13669 S Gaffney Ln, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-7614


Shopping & Specialty Retail

Country Woodshop

28342 S Dalmatian Rd, Mulino 97042 (503) 759-4502

Geeks & Games Inc.

1656-C Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 650-5008


My Mother Knows, LLC

1105 Linn Ave, Oregon City 97045 (503) 518-1952


smALL FLAGs PO Box 2003, Oregon City 97045-0203 (503) 723-3456


World HeARTs Fair Trade Boutique

705 John Adams St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 451-5015


Shopping Centers


*Danielson Hilltop Mall 358 Warner Milne Rd Ste G-119 Oregon City 503-655-9141 www.danielsons.net

• Pamplin Community Websites • Pamplin E-blasts • Targeted Digital Display • Targeted E-mails • Website Design • SEO • and much much more We have more products to offer than just print Pamplin Digital Agency www.pamplindigitalmedia.com OCB - 1401 Washington Street, Oregon City 97045 Corner 14 - 508 14th Street, Oregon City 97045

Signs & Signage

Buel's Printing

408 Beavercreek Rd Ste 407, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 656-7939


(See ad on page 36)

Ramsay Signs Inc.

9160 SE 74th Ave, Portland 97206 (503) 777-4555


The Sign Guy

15635 SE 114th Ave, Bldg 3 Ste 106, Clackamas 97015 (503) 650-8052


Tattoo Services

Angel Ink Tattoo

508 Main St, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-4055



Clackamas County - Transportation and Development

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 742-4400


Travel & Tourism

Adventure Trading RV

14190 Fir St. #501, Oregon City 97045 (503) 756-5601


ATB Travel (503) 789-5487


Clackamas CountyTourism & Cultural Affairs

150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 655-8490


Cruise Planners - Katie Golden Beavercreek 97004 (971) 347-4977


Web & Graphic Design

IronGlove Studio

2050 Beavercreek Rd, Ste 101-103, Oregon City 97045 (503) 501-4645


Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries & Cideries

Forest Edge Vineyard 15640 S Spangler Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 632-9463


King's Raven Winery

11603 S New Era Rd, Oregon City 97045 (503) 656-6439


Oregon City Brewing Company

1401 Washington St, Oregon City 97045

.............................................................. (503) 201-5091


Trail Distilling 21553 S Hwy 213, Oregon City 97045 (503) 479-0003


Notes & Numbers



Community & Government

City of Oregon City www.orcity.org

625 Center St 503-657-0891

City Departments:

Building Division 503-722-3789

Business Licenses503-496-1519

City Manager503-496-1582

City Recorder 503-496-1509

Code Enforcement 503-905-3665

Economic Development 503-496-1552

Mayor and Commissioners visit: www.orcity.ore/citycommission

Municipal Court503-905-3675

Parks & Recreation 503-496-1201

Planning 503-772-3789

Public Library 503-657-8269

Public Works, Engineering 503-657-0891

Public Works, Operations 503-657-8241

For additional departments visit: www.orcity.org

Clackamas County www.clackamas.us

Public Services Building

2051 Kaen Rd

Board of County


Public Health 503-742-5300

Social Services 503-655-8640

Veterans Services 503-650-5631

Development Services

150 Beavercreek Rd #430

Parks & Rec 503-742-4414

Planning/Zoning 503-742-4500

Sustainability 503-557-6363

Tourism/Cultural Affairs 503-655-8490

Red Soils Court

1710 Red Soils Ct

County Clerk 503-655-8698

Passports 503-655-8323

Recording 503-655-8551

For other departments visit: www.clackamas.us


Oregon City School District ocsd62.org

1417 12th St 503-785-8000

Community Education503-785-7993

Oregon City Service

Learning Academy503-785-8250

Special Programs503-785-8000

Clackamas Community College


Oregon City Campus

19600 Molalla Ave 503-594-6000

Harmony Campus

7738 SE Harmony Rd

Milwaukie, OR 97222 503-594-0620

Emergency Contacts

Oregon City Police

1234 Linn Ave.

Oregon City, OR 97045


Administration 503-905-3501 Non Emergency 503-655-8211

Clackamas County Sheriff (Administration)

9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd., Clackamas Administration 503-655-8211

Clackamas County Fire 1

11300 SE Fuller Rd Milwaukie www.clackamasfire.com

Administration 503-742-2600

Fire Prevention 503-742-2660

For station information visit: www.clackamasfire.com/firestations

Relocation to Oregon City


Oregon City Garbage/ B&B Leasing 503-656-8403

Metro South Transfer Station503-234-3000


Oregon City News 503-620-9797

Oregonian 503-221-8240

Telephone and Cable Services

BCT 503-632-3113

Clear Creek Communications503-631-2101

Comcast/Xfinity 800-934-6489


Direct TV844-926-4801

Dish TV 844-372-2827


Portland General Electric

(PGE) 503-228-6322 / 800-542-8818

Northwest Natural Gas 503-226-4211 / 800-422-4012


City of Oregon City (inside city limits)503-657-8151

Clackamas County Water (outside city limits) 503-722-9220

Business Assistance

You need a business license to do business within the city limits of Oregon City.

City of Oregon City Business Licensing orcity.org/economicdevelopment 503-496-1519

Small Business Development Center bizcenter.org/centers/clackamas-sbdc/ 503-594-0738

Small Business Administration

620 SW Main St., Suite 313

Portland, OR 97205


Better Business Bureau

333 SW 5th Ave. Portland, OR 97204


www.oregoncity.org | 2023 | OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN 37

A-ZMembers Member Business Listings Alphabetically

12 Bridge Ciderworks (503) 850-4565

Bars, Pubs & Taverns

Abernethy Center (503) 722-9400

Events, Catering & Parties

Advanced Corporate Wellness (801) 888-3361

Business & Professional Services

Adventure Trading RV (503) 756-5601

Travel & Tourism

Adventurous Life LLC (503) 974-4933

Coaching & Consulting

Ainsworth House & Gardens (503) 656-1894

Events, Catering & Parties

Alexa Lachman, Keller Williams Realty Professionals (503) 577-3020

Real Estate & Property Management

All Around Arbor (503) 730-3632

Garden, Tree & Landscape Services

Alliance Charter Academy (503) 785-8556

Education & Schools

American Made Construction LLC (503) 344-7666

Construction, Equipment & Contractors

American Medical Response - AMR (503) 231-6300

Emergency Services

Amicus Digital Sign Solutions (503) 516-8618

Business & Professional Services

Angel Ink Tattoo (503) 655-4055

Tattoo Services

Angell Realty (503) 209-3282

Real Estate & Property Management

Angie Hobson RealtyWindermere Realty Trust (503) 349-9410

Real Estate & Property Management

Asteria Gardens Senior Living (503) 656-4955

Senior Living

ATB Travel (503) 789-5487

Travel & Tourism

Avid Property Management, LLC (503) 320-6148

Real Estate & Property Management

Avid Real Estate Executives (503) 320-6148

Real Estate & Property Management

Barbur Law LLC (503) 654-1773

Attorneys & Legal Services

BCT - Beaver Creek Telephone (503) 632-3113

Computers, Phone & Internet

Beavercreek Lions Club (503) 342-6699

Civic Organizations & Associations

Benchmade Knife Company (503) 655-6004

Manufacturing, Production & Wholesale

Berry Insurance Agency, Inc. (503) 635-3714

Insurance - Health, Home & Auto

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (971) 381-1861

Real Estate & Property Management

Bloomin' Boutique (503) 320-0789

Family Support & Community Services

Borrow Smart Mortgage, Inc. (503) 303-3600

Investments & Financial Services

Brax Laundry (971) 444-5000

Cleaning Services

Bryce Jackson - Country Financial (503) 650-9573

Insurance - Health, Home & Auto

Buel's Greenscapes (971) 409-1537

Garden, Tree & Landscape Services

Buel's Impressions Printing (503) 656-7939

Printers, Printing & Shipping

Bugatti's (503) 722-8222

Restaurants & Food Carts

Building Blocks 4 Kids, Inc. (503) 780-3291

Family Support & Community Services

Buy Local Magazine (971) 409-2842

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

CarePatrol of Portland (503) 885-3383

Senior Living

Chase Heating & Cooling, Inc. (503) 254-1274

Heating & Cooling

Chris Cakes Northwest (503) 374-1911

Events, Catering & Parties

Citizens Bank (503) 518-8808

Banks & Credit Unions

City of Oregon City (503) 657-0891

Oregon City Government

City of Oregon City Commissioners (503) 657-0891

Elected Officials & Candidates

Clackamas Community College (503) 594-6000

Education & Schools

Clackamas County - Administrator (503) 655-8581

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas CountyAssessment & Taxation (503) 655-8671

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas CountyBusiness & Community Services (503) 742-4344

Business & Economic Development

Clackamas CountyBusiness & Economic Development (503) 742-4329

Business & Economic Development

Clackamas County - Clerk (503) 655-8698

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas County - Commissioners (503) 655-8581

Elected Officials & Candidates

Andrew Nordby, Principal Real Estate Broker (503) 680-5291

Real Estate & Property Management

Best Western Rivershore Hotel (503) 655-7141


Children's Center (503) 655-7725

Family Support & Community Services

Clackamas CountyCommunications - 911 (503) 655-8370

Emergency Services

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Clackamas CountyCommunity Corrections (503) 655-8603

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas County - County Counsel (503) 655-8362

Attorneys & Legal Services

Clackamas County - District Attorney (503) 655-8431

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas County - Emergency Management (503) 655-8378

Emergency Services

Clackamas County - Finance Department (503) 742-5400

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas CountyHealth, Housing & Human Service (503) 650-5697

Family Support & Community Services

Clackamas County - Juvenile Department (503) 655-8342

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas County - Library (503) 723-4888

Library Services

Clackamas County - Parks (503) 742-4414

Parks & Recreation

Clackamas CountyPublic & Government Affairs (503) 655-8751

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas County - Sheriff (503) 785-5000

Emergency Services

Clackamas County - Surveyor (503) 742-4475

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas CountySustainability & Solid Waste (503) 557-6363

Garbage & Recycling

Clackamas County - Technology Services (503) 655-8322

Computers, Phone & Internet

Clackamas CountyTourism & Cultural Affairs (503) 655-8490

Travel & Tourism

Clackamas County - Transportation and Development (503) 742-4400


Clackamas County - Treasurer (503) 742-5990

Clackamas County Government

Clackamas County Business Alliance (541) 601-7272

Business & Economic Development

Clackamas County Historical Society (503) 655-5574

Museums & Historical Societies

Clackamas Fire District 1 (503) 742-2600

Emergency Services

Clackamas Landscape Supply Co. (503) 656-2891

Garden, Tree & Landscape Services

Clackamas Repertory Theatre (503) 594-6047

Arts & Culture

Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine (503) 722-4400

Medical & Health Care Services

Coastal Farm & Ranch (503) 657-5780

Farming & Ranching Supplies

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving (775) 303-4812

Moving & Storage

Columbia Bank (503) 723-5036

Banks & Credit Unions

Comcast Business (503) 207-3865

Computers, Phone & Internet

Communications Northwest (503) 232-9031

Business & Professional Services

Community Lending Works (541) 345-0446

Investments & Financial Services

Complete Health Chiropractic Center, LLC (503) 557-9266

Chiropractic Services

COUNTRY Financial - Stacy Spahr Insurance Agency (503) 722-7011

Insurance - Health, Home & Auto

Country Woodshop (503) 759-4502

Shopping & Specialty Retail

Cruise Planners - Katie Golden (971) 347-4977

Travel & Tourism

Downtown Oregon City Association (503) 802-1640

Business & Economic Development

Dragonfly Ranch LLC (971) 356-1715

Education & Schools

DT Glass Inc. (503) 650-6373

Home Improvement

Embold Credit Union (503) 656-0671

Banks & Credit Unions

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive & Visitor Information Center (503) 657-9336

Museums & Historical Societies

Eternal Impact (503) 655-4500

Religious Organizations

Exceed Enterprises (503) 652-9036

Civic Organizations & Associations

Expert Power Wash LLC (503) 403-6185

Cleaning Services

Fairway Independent Mortgage (503) 819-9911

Investments & Financial Services

Family Safe Training (503) 351-5728

Personal Services & Care

Clackamas Water Environment Services (503) 742-4567

Public Utilities

Clackamas Women's Services (503) 557-5820

Medical & Health Care Services

Clackamas Workforce Partnership (503) 657-6644

Business & Economic Development

Clear Creek Communications (503) 631-2101

Computers, Phone & Internet

Cutter Construction Co, Inc (503) 969-5116

Construction, Equipment & Contractors

Denise GodingPremiere Property Group, LLC (503) 799-2970

Real Estate & Property Management

DevNW (503) 655-8974

Family Support & Community Services

Double J Construction Inc. (503) 722-5295

Construction, Equipment & Contractors

Farmers InsuranceMichael Hotchkiss Agency (503) 723-6800

Insurance - Health, Home & Auto

FIDO Pet Food Bank (503) 655-3663

Pets & Veterinary

Fill A Stocking, Fill A Heart (503) 632-0577

Family Support & Community Services

Financial Investment Team (971) 263-0550

Investments & Financial Services

www.oregoncity.org | 2023 | OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN 39

First Call Heating & Cooling (503) 231-3311

Heating & Cooling

Flourish Marketing (503) 705-0317

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

Forest Edge Vineyard (503) 632-9463

Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries & Cideries

Forests Forever, Inc dba Hopkins Demonstration Forest (503) 655-5524

Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry

Friends of Lisa Davidson (503) 307-1461

Elected Officials & Candidates

Friends of Mark Meek (503) 451-0143

Elected Officials & Candidates

Function Performance Sport Chiropractic (503) 730-2788

Chiropractic Services

Gary S Leavitt CPA CVA PC (503) 387-5480

Accounting & Tax Services

Geeks & Games Inc. (503) 650-5008

Shopping & Specialty Retail

Gilman Park Assisted Living (503) 657-5700

Senior Living

Gleaners of Clackamas County (503) 655-8740

Family Support & Community Services

Grand View Baptist Church (503) 632-8100

Religious Organizations

Great Grins for KIDS (503) 656-0631

Dentists & Orthodontists

Greater Oregon City Watershed Council (503) 374-8279


Green Bee Landscape LCB 9900 (503) 446-7896

Garden, Tree & Landscape Services

Greenbox Architecture (503) 207-5537

Architecture & Engineering

Grocery Outlet (503) 655-7975

Grocery & Food Markets

HAPO Community Credit Union (509) 943-5676

Banks & Credit Unions

Harmony Road Music Center of Oregon (503) 557-5151

Music Education

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency/ Wellness Vision, LLC (503) 804-6237

Insurance - Health, Home & Auto

Hillside Chapel (503) 656-4285

Funerals & Crematory Services

Hilltop Collision Center (503) 722-5885

Automotive & Marine

Hilltop Mall (503) 655-9141

Shopping Centers

Holiday Light Solution (971) 347-0425

Events, Catering & Parties

Holman-Hankins-Bowker & Waud Funeral Service (503) 656-2661

Funerals & Crematory Services

Homewoods On The Willamette (503) 659-3600

Senior Living

Imperium Electronics (503) 680-3532

Business & Professional Services

IronGlove Studio

(503) 501-4645

Web & Graphic Design

Jackpot Foods LLC (503) 729-4333

Restaurants & Food Carts

John L. Scott Realty/Property Mgmt (503) 656-6656

Real Estate & Property Management

Jolly Good Media (661) 965-3418

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

Kaiser Permanente (503) 798-8819

Medical & Health Care Services

Kaleafa (503) 902-4221

Cannabis Dispensary

Keith Watson - HealthMarkets Insurance (503) 927-1298

Insurance - Health, Home & Auto

Key Bank (503) 742-7008

Banks & Credit Unions

King's Raven Winery (503) 656-6439

Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries & Cideries

L.Bell Consulting (503) 805-7207

Coaching & Consulting

L&J Heating & Cooling LLC

(971) 266-6063

Heating & Cooling

Laurie's Books, LLC (503) 655-6586


Lewis & Clark Bank

(503) 212-3112

Banks & Credit Unions

Ligatich Inc. dba Biscuits Cafe (503) 929-3983

Restaurants & Food Carts

Lighter Than Air Balloons (503) 758-1664

Events, Catering & Parties

Living Hope Church (503) 655-7390

Religious Organizations

Logotek, Inc. (503) 780-6990

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

Luis' Tire Service LLC (503) 518-0366

Automotive & Marine

Marquis Oregon City (503) 655-2588

Senior Living

Massage Solace (503) 756-9365

Massage Therapy

McDonald's Hilltop Oregon City (503) 558-8741

Restaurants & Food Carts

McLarens Carpet One Floor & Home (503) 266-4095

Home Improvement

McLoughlin Place Senior Living (503) 655-3337

Senior Living

Mesa Fresca (503) 344-4503

Restaurants & Food Carts

Innovation Auto Body (503) 557-5509

Automotive & Marine

Ledgers Bookkeeping, LLC

(360) 801-2418

Accounting & Tax Services

Leftcoast General Construction, llc

(971) 777-0085

Construction, Equipment & Contractors

Les Schwab Tire Center (503) 657-1235

Automotive & Marine

Milwaukie Floors & More (971) 233-8969

Home Improvement

Milwaukie Spine and Sport, LLC (503) 344-6711

Holistic Health & Wellness

Morrissey Financial

(503) 657-3305

Investments & Financial Services

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MP Plumbing (503) 655-9161

Plumbing & Electric

Museum of the Oregon Territory (503) 655-5574

Museums & Historical Societies

My Effortless Marketing (503) 765-9007

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

My Mother Knows, LLC (503) 518-1952

Shopping & Specialty Retail

Natural Health Works, PC (503) 722-7776

Holistic Health & Wellness

New American Funding (503) 459-6055

Investments & Financial Services

NFM Lending (503) 744-4414

Investments & Financial Services

Nick Thorne, Edward Jones Investments (503) 657-6082

Investments & Financial Services

North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District (503) 742-4348

Parks & Recreation

Now CFO (503) 757-3796

Accounting & Tax Services

OAKS Resources (503) 908-4854

Family Support & Community Services

OC Service Learning Academy (503) 785-8250 x6136

Education & Schools

On Cue Interpreters (503) 888-6860

Business & Professional Services

Oregon City Acupuncture (503) 653-1468


Oregon City Brewing Company (503) 201-5091

Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries & Cideries

Oregon City Business Alliance (503) 701-9716

Business & Economic Development

Oregon City Chamber of Commerce (503) 656-1619

Business & Economic Development

Oregon City Children's Theatre (503) 351-2679


Oregon City Community Education (503) 785-7993

Education & Schools

Oregon City Elks #1189 (503) 655-5131

Civic Organizations & Associations

Oregon City Farmers Market (503) 734-0192

Farmers Market

Oregon City Garbage/B&B Leasing (503) 656-8403

Garbage & Recycling

Oregon City High School (503) 785-8900

Education & Schools

Oregon City High School Youth Transitions (503) 785-8988

Education & Schools

Oregon City Library Foundation (503) 679-6232

Library Services

Oregon City Lions Club

(503) 595-5379

Civic Organizations & Associations

Oregon City News/Clackamas Review (503) 684-0360

Newspapers, Magazines & Media Services

Oregon City Optimist Club

(503) 557-0897

Civic Organizations & Associations

Oregon City Parks and Recreation (503) 496-1201

Parks & Recreation

Oregon City Police Department (503) 905-3501

Emergency Services

Oregon City Public Library (503) 657-8269

Library Services

Oregon City School District (503) 785-8000

Education & Schools

Oregon City Schools Foundation (503) 557-2361

Education & Schools

Oregon City Together (503) 708-6929

Family Support & Community Services

Oregon City United Methodist Church (503) 656-3433

Religious Organizations

Oregon City Woman's Club (503) 650-0450

Civic Organizations & Associations

Oregon State University Extension Service (503) 655-8631

Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry

Oregonians Credit Union (503) 239-5336

Banks & Credit Unions

Parkin Electric Inc (503) 657-4958

Construction, Equipment & Contractors

Party Factory Events LLC (503) 770-0435

Events, Catering & Parties

Paul's Mobile Auto Detail (503) 887-0256

Automotive & Marine

Peace of Mind Construction (503) 512-5156

Construction, Equipment & Contractors

Peace of Mind Plumbing (503) 344-4705

Plumbing & Electric

PGE (800) 542-8818

Public Utilities

Pioneer Adult Community Center (503) 657-8287

Senior Living

Pioneer Animal Hospital (503) 657-3171

Pets & Veterinary

Portland Rose Festival Foundation (503) 227-2681

Civic Organizations & Associations

Premier Sushi (971) 244-0806

Restaurants & Food Carts

Providence Willamette Falls Community Center (503) 216-3280 opt.1

Family Support & Community Services

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center (503) 656-1631

Medical & Health Care Services

OnPoint Community Credit Union (503) 273-1700 x5680

Banks & Credit Unions

Oregon City Municipal Pool (503) 657-8273

Parks & Recreation

Oregon City Music Academy (503) 880-4880

Music Education

Pacific Office Automation

(503) 601-2369

Computers, Phone & Internet

Pacific Region Group, Inc (503) 558-5200

Business & Professional Services

Pamplin Media Contract Publishing (971) 204-7886

Newspapers, Magazines & Media Services

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Foundation (503) 650-6805

Medical & Health Care Services

Purely Primal Physical Therapy & Wellness

(503) 744-0046

Physical Therapy

www.oregoncity.org | 2023 | OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN 41

PuroClean of Clackamas (503) 820-5200

Cleaning Services

Ramsay Signs Inc. (503) 777-4555

Signs & Signage

Reformation Covenant Church (503) 656-9444

Religious Organizations

ReliaBill Production Services (805) 452-4283

Events, Catering & Parties

Renata Vita Bodyworks (503) 908-0647

Massage Therapy

Ricochet Body Solutions (503) 318-9626

Massage Therapy

River Terrace Memory Care (503) 387-5013

Senior Living

Root Mortgage (503) 208-8220

Investments & Financial Services

Rotary Club of Oregon City (503) 785-8421

Civic Organizations & Associations

Sense of Place Permaculture, LLC (971) 344-0810

Garden, Tree & Landscape Services

ServiceMaster Building Services (503) 657-3998

Cleaning Services

Simply Cy Solutions (503) 490-5798

Business & Professional Services

Solid Serve Legal (503) 928-6362

Attorneys & Legal Services

Soulflags Art Lit/Community Center (503) 405-9776

Arts & Culture

South Fork Water Board (503) 657-5030

Public Utilities

State Senator Bill Kennemer (503) 936-5106

Elected Officials & Candidates

Stein Oil Inc (503) 656-0375

Business & Professional Services

Stevens-Crawford Heritage House (503) 655-2866

Museums & Historical Societies

Stone Creek Golf Club (503) 518-4653

Parks & Recreation

Strauss Dental (503) 656-2139

Dentists & Orthodontists

Summit Cleaning & Restoration (503) 769-4333

Emergency Services

Summit Development Group (503) 386-2025

Real Estate & Property Management

Super Torta (503) 722-2306

Restaurants & Food Carts

The Hive Catering & Social (503) 908-8750

Restaurants & Food Carts

The Ridge at Oregon City (503) 656-7614

Senior Living

The Sign Guy (503) 650-8052

Signs & Signage

The Tumwater Ballroom (503) 310-9975

Events, Catering & Parties

The UPS Store (503) 650-5855

Printers, Printing & Shipping

The Wild Hare Saloon (503) 303-7963

Restaurants & Food Carts

Three Rivers Artist Guild

Arts & Culture

Tillmann Law Personal Injury Lawyers (503) 406-3883

Attorneys & Legal Services

TLC Carpet Cleaning (503) 595-5379

Cleaning Services

Trail Distilling (503) 479-0003

Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries & Cideries

Trojan Storage of Oregon City (503) 444-8455

Moving & Storage

Veggie bowl/TWS LLC (503) 750-5559

Restaurants & Food Carts

Venvino Art Studios (503) 342-8644

Arts & Culture

Wilco Farm Stores (503) 656-0616

Farming & Ranching Supplies

Wingstop Oregon City (971) 377-5700

Restaurants & Food Carts

Womens Lifestyle Coaching LLC (503) 752-0558

Coaching & Consulting

World HeARTs Fair Trade Boutique (503) 451-5015

Shopping & Specialty Retail

WPolkArt (503) 752-4159

Arts & Culture

ZCS Engineering and Architecture (503) 659-2205

Architecture & Engineering

Notes & Numbers

Singer Hill Cafe (503) 656-5252

Restaurants & Food Carts

smALL FLAGs (503) 723-3456

Shopping & Specialty Retail

The Insurance Store (503) 705-1623

Insurance - Health, Home & Auto

The Pioneer Pantry (503) 785-8000

Education & Schools

VFW Post #1324 Three Rivers (503) 655-6969

Family Support & Community Services

Wells Fargo Bank (503) 657-2668

Banks & Credit Unions

42 OREGON CITY AROUND TOWN | 2023 | www.oregoncity.org
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Keep the Wipes Out

Please remember



all hand



wipes and other wipes in the trash instead of flushing them down the toilet.

water like toilet paper. The vast majority of these products stay fully intact, which means they can clog pipes and cause sewage backups. When wipes make it into the main

our wastewater treatment facilities or pump stations, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

No wipes are flushable, even if the packaging claims they are. Think about it: these wipes have sat in packaging for months, yet when you pull them out, they are still wet. The fact they don’t disintegrate while being removed from the

Please remember that toilet paper should be the only

Clackamas Water Environment Services (WES) produces clean water, protects water quality and recovers renewable resources. We do this by providing wastewater services, stormwater management and environmental education.

It’s our job to protect public health and support the vitality of our communities, natural environment and economy.

Learn more at clackamas.us/wes/education

Talent Ready Oregon City is a workforce development program that supports Oregon City employers and residents. Employers - Call the Oregon City Economic include FREE and customized recruitment support. Outreach to local workers. Connections to job training resources. CALL 503-974-5517 www.oregoncitybusiness.com/talentready Pipeline of Skilled Workers Retain Staff Longer Improve Your Bottom Line
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