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In this issue… A Flight Jacket Returns Home

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2009 Contributing Writers: Greg Bodoh Tim Burch Scott Cahoon Robin Earl Amy Gable Dink Godfrey

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From the Publisher

That Time of Year Again… Can you believe we are already celebrating the fourth Best of Warrenton Awards? This year’s favorites were chosen by almost 2,000 readers who either took the time to complete a ballot online or returned a printed ballot from the magazine. We have asked our readers to tell us what they felt were the best of our great Warrenton area businesses, people, places and organizations in 85 categories. Your responses are as diverse as they are plentiful, and we applaud the time you took to call out your favorites. Our chief mission at The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine is to give greater exposure to our businesses and organizations to the people that live here, over half of whom are commuters, without promoting their competition from other tax bases. We continue to give background information on many of the winners, just in case they are new to you. In addition, we continue to publish runners-up that received a significant percentage of the votes because they demonstrate that we do have choices and they do not require us to drive far. National chains, family stores, new shops and long-time landmarks were all winners again. The Best All-Around Restaurant category received votes for 38 different restaurants. This is why we consider the Best Of list as just a “slice” of the thousands of wonderful businesses, places, and people we have to offer. People will debate the winners. The most important thing is that local residents have an opinion and get to display their passion for our great Town and region. In no categories were the winners anywhere near unanimous, although there were a few large margins of victory. In others, there were tightly contested races that came down to the final days. There were some great surprises, but in our opinion, no real disappointments. So, whether you agree or disagree with the voting public, please take the time to discover your own local favorites for next year. It might be somewhere you have not even heard of until today. And we are going to continue to explore our everchanging community with you. Thank you to our team at Piedmont Press & Graphics, especially to Mike Tedeschi who slaved away entering all of the paper ballots while managing the survey and to you, the readers of The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, for caring enough to vote. Drum roll, please….

Tony Tedeschi, Publisher August 2009

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The Past Recalled by a Flight Jacket by John Toler For over 60 years, my family had custody of Lt. Russ Ellwood’s flight jacket. But recently, it was returned to his family in Washington State, in time for Memorial Day 2009. My father, Cdr. John H. Toler, USNR (ret.) came in possession of the jacket honestly in 1945. He and Russ were friends growing up in Lincolnshire, outside of Chicago, and later roommates at Beloit College in Wisconsin. Everything changed on Dec. 7, 1941, as the Japanese the attack on Pearl Harbor launched America into World War II, and young men like Dad and Russ rushed to go to war.

A Casablanca-class carrier, the Gambier By was built by the Kaiser shipyards in Vancouver, Wash., and commissioned on Dec. 28, 1943. She was a “baby flattop” or “Jeep” carrier, with a capacity of 30 aircraft. Lightly armored, the “CVE” designation was sardonically translated as “Combustible, Vulnerable and Expendable,” but the small ships and their crews would acquit themselves well in battles on both oceans.

In his Grumman FM-2B, Lt. Ellwood prepares for take-off. Photo courtesy of Priscilla DeWolf.

At my grandfather’s insistence, Dad stayed in college to complete his degree requirements, graduating in May 1942. Russ went into the Naval Aviation Program, and was sent to fighter pilot school. Dad followed Russ into naval aviation, training in photoreconnaissance and air intelligence. Due to the extensive training and the different assignments involved, Dad did not get his orders assigning him to the USS Leyte in preparation for the invasion of the Japanese Home Islands until just before the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. That abruptly ended the war, and eliminated the need for what would have been a bloody, prolonged conflict.

The USS Gambier Bay Russ was sent into combat almost immediately after completing his carrier qualifications. He was assigned to VC10, flying Grumman F-2B fighters off the escort carrier USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73). 6

WL AUGUST 09.indd 6

After spending most of early-to-mid 1944 participating in the assaults on Japanese-held islands in the Pacific, the Gambier Bay was part of Task Force 3 (“Taffy-3”), and stationed in Leyte Gulf off Samar, Philippine Islands. On Oct. 24, 1944, the U.S. invasion of the Philippines was underway, and Lt. (jg) Russ Ellwood was in VC-10’s second division, orbiting the Tacloban area on Samar. The pilots unexpectedly encountered a group of Japanese “Sally”

and “Lily” bombers, most of which they shot down. Low on fuel after the fight, Ellwood’s division landed on one of the other carriers and refueled before returning to the Gambier Bay. Re-armed, the VC-10 pilots took off again, this time “mixing it up” with Japanese Zero fighters in a wild melee over the growing battle. Another group of 21 “Lilies” appeared, and in the ensuing fight, fighters destroyed 15 and five shot were down by the gunners on the ships.

‘Valor at Samar’ After a tense night, it became apparent that a large Japanese naval force had moved in, threatening the troop transports and shipping in a three-pronged attack from the south, center and north. In what would be called the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the ships of Taffy-3 were all that stood between the Japanese force– our battleships, six heavy cruisers, two light cruisers and 11 destroyers–and the U.S. soldiers preparing to land on the islands. Although vastly outgunned, the “Jeep” carriers and the destroyers and destroyer escorts of Taffy-3 fought valiantly. All available aircraft were launched to attack the enemy ships with bombs, torpedoes and strafing, while the destroyers fired their guns and launched torpedoes. The last plane left the Gambier Bay at just after 7 a.m. The fighters of VC-10 accompanied the dive-bombers and torpedo planes on their runs against the Japanese ships. Russ made repeated runs against the cruisers, braving intense anti-aircraft fire and strafing the decks of the enemy ships until his guns quit. He then made “dummy runs” at the enemy ships to draw fire away from the Jacket Continued on page 8 Warrenton Lifestyle

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Jacket Continued from page 6

two full days struggling to survive.

torpedo planes.

When they could get their planes into the air, Russ and the other pilots continued the fight, unaware of the fate of their shipmates. The Japanese lost two cruisers and suffered damage to several other ships in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, while the Americans lost the Gambier Bay and three destroyers. But most importantly, the U.S. invasion force was spared, and took the islands.

Down to 40 gallons of fuel, Russ headed for Tacloban, planning to refuel and return to the Gambier Bay. He immediately ran into trouble, as the runway was clogged with dozens of aircraft, many just pushed to the side of the field to make way for the others. But things were worse on the Gambier Bay. By 7:30 a.m., other aircraft seeking to return to the ship were told that it was under attack, and could not land planes. Over the next hour, the Gambier Bay was pounded almost continuously by the big guns of the Japanese battleships and cruisers. At 8:50 a.m., the surviving crew was ordered to abandon ship; at 9:07 a.m., the Gambier Bay capsized and sank. Then a second battle was fought by the crew, this time against sharks, privation and exposure, as they were not rescued until the morning of Oct. 27–after

And the jacket? Russ was given a new flight jacket after it was reported that his old one had gone down with the Gambier Bay. Not needing two, he gave my Dad his old one “for safe keeping.” Russ convinced Dad to join him in Naval Reserve Squadron VF-721, stationed at Glenview, Ill. Russ’ tour was up before the Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950, and since Dad was still in the squadron, it was his turn to go. VF-721 was activated in July, and spent most of 1951 off the Korean coast on board the USS Boxer (CV-21). They were the first USNR squadron to fly the Navy’s new F9F-2 Panther jets–mainly in ground attack roles– and fortunately everyone made it back home. The men kept in touch for several years. Our family moved to Virginia, where Dad was a federal government executive, and Russ’ family to New Jersey, where he was in real estate. Later, the communication stopped. Dad died in December 1997, as the “Greatest Generation” passes on. One day while exploring the Internet, I came upon the eulogy written for Russ by his daughter, Priscilla DeWolf. It was then that I learned that Russ had been stricken in 1990, and was bedridden as a quadriplegic until his death in 1996. “My father grew up during the Depression, so he naturally embodied the qualities associated with that era: hardworking, honest, loyal, frugal,” she wrote. “He also served in the Navy during World War II as a fighter pilot… so you can add to that the qualities of devotion, bravery and patriotism.” How true. Now having her address, I e-mailed Priscilla–who is married to a professor at Gonzaga University and lives in Spokane, Wash.–and told her about the jacket. I offered to return to her family, and she graciously accepted–telling me that when she received the jacket, it would be placed with his medals from WWII. The jacket meant a lot to me, but it means much more to Priscilla. Besides, I still have Dad’s jacket, the one he wore in WWII and Korea. Plus the memories we “Navy brats” all share.

The USS Gambier Bay is bracketed by shells fired by Japanese warships during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. From a painting by marine artist Carl G. Evers. 8

WL AUGUST 09.indd 8

John Toler is a writer and historian and has served Fauquier County for over 50 years, including 4 decades with the Fauquier Times-Democrat. He has written and lectured about many legendary characters in Fauquier County’s history. Toler is the co-author of 250 Years in Fauquier County: A Virginia Story.

Warrenton Lifestyle

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The Fauquier Health System Women’s Health Issues:

Less Invasive Alternatives to the Hysterectomy Each year, more than 600,000 women in the U.S. undergo a hysterectomy—a surgical procedure to remove the uterus. That makes it one of the most common major operations among women. But because of the invasive nature of the procedure, the recovery period can be lengthy. An abdominal hysterectomy typically requires between one and four days of post-surgery care in the hospital, and between four to eight weeks of rest for a full recovery. According to Dr. Thomas Myers, MD, a Fauquier Health OB/GYN, gynecologists can now offer less invasive solutions for treating nonemergency gynecological conditions. “Women have a lot more options today,” he says. “Especially to treat many of the conditions that can cause heavy vaginal bleeding.” Uterine Fibroid Embolization For most women, a monthly period is a minor inconvenience. But for the 20 to 40 percent of women over the age of 35 who suffer with uterine fibroids, the heavy bleeding and pain associated with the condition can affect quality of life. Hormone therapy and medication are often used to reduce the bleeding and pain caused by fibroids. If neither of these options provides relief, uterine fibroid embolization is the next option to consider before a hysterectomy. Uterine fibroid embolization is a nonsurgical procedure that can reduce the

size of some fibroids, stop their growth on the uterine wall, and provide relief from painful symptoms. During the procedure, the physician uses an x-ray camera (fluoroscope) to deliver small particles to the uterus and fibroids. These particles block the arteries that provide blood flow, which causes the fibroids to shrink. This procedure is regularly performed in the Interventional Radiology Department at Fauquier Hospital. Fauquier Health OB/GYN Jeffrey Bell, MD, says embolization is very effective at relieving symptoms in about 90 percent of patients. In addition, it requires no general anesthesia, patients stay in the hospital just one night, and most women are back to their normal activities in a week. Endometrial Ablation Endometrial ablation is another alternative to the hysterectomy for controlling heavy, prolonged vaginal bleeding, especially the kind that has not responded to other treatments. With endometrial ablation, the physician uses heat, laser or another method to destroy (ablate) the uterine lining (endometrium). (Note: This option is only available to women who no longer plan to have children.) “With this minimally invasive treatment, doctors often can eliminate a woman’s periods completely,” says Fauquier Health

New Women’s Therapy Program

Fauquier Health’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has launched a new outpatient program focusing on women’s health. The Women’s Physical Therapy Program addresses the unique physiology of a woman’s body throughout her life span and her unique musculoskeletal issues. Physical therapy services focus on: • Incontinence • Pelvic floor pain • Obstetrical dysfunctions • Orthopedics • Prenatal/postpartum

For questions about the women’s therapy program, call 540-316-2680. 10

WL AUGUST 09.indd 10

OB/GYN Gina Moore, MD. “The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, so the patient can go home the same day. And most women are back to work within a week of the procedure.” Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy If you and your doctor determine that a hysterectomy is still the best choice to treat your condition, there are several alternatives to explore: • Abdominal hysterectomy - the most common type. With this procedure, the surgeon removes the uterus through a vertical or horizontal incision in the lower abdomen. • Vaginal hysterectomy. With this procedure, the surgeon removes the uterus through the vagina, which results in no abdominal cuts or scars. The recovery time is typically less than with abdominal hysterectomy. • Laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy (LPH). With this procedure, the uterus is removed in sections through small incisions in the abdomen, using a viewing tube (laparoscope) inserted through one of the incisions for guidance. Less tissue is cut than in the abdominal hysterectomy, and the recovery time is typically shorter than with the other procedures. LSH is considered to be a partial hysterectomy because only the uterus is removed. The cervix and often the normally functioning ovaries are preserved. Since the ligaments that support the cervix and vagina are left intact, LSH leaves the patient with better pelvic support. Patients typically experience less pain with LSH, and in most cases, because the ovaries have been spared, there is no need for hormone therapy. Talk with your doctor Your gynecologist is the best person to diagnose and treat nonemergency gynecological conditions, such as heavy bleeding, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and uterine prolapse. He or she is also the best person to explain the various nonsurgical and surgical options available for treating those conditions. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Death, A Natural Part of Life

On Life

by Dr. Robert Bancker Iadeluca Physicians are dedicated to saving lives. Fortunately for those of us who love life this is indeed the case. When that moment arrives, and that illness or accident strikes, these skilled professionals are ready to return us to health and happiness. Physicians are optimists. In a hospital or doctor’s office the term “death” is rarely used when speaking to a patient. To them, death is viewed as a medical failure. And yet death occurs. It is an integral part of life. Both life and death are aspects of the mystery of creation. They are, if you will, part of a continuum of birth, death, and rebirth. People are born. People die. More people are born. In past centuries death was a natural part of life. Loved ones who died were “laid out” in the living room. Family members prepared the body. Those who had passed on were buried in church cemeteries or on one’s own property. Witness in this very area the number of farms where you can see as you ride by small plots with crosses. Death was as close as that nearby tree. In many other nations this identical approach continues to exist but in our “modern” western civilization, something occurred. Death became distant and, in the process, became fearful. The very mention of the word has become taboo. Our first reaction on hearing that someone died is stun or consternation. We avoid looking at the reality that this will happen. We use all kinds of strategies to soften the blow. In effect, we have separated ourselves from nature and now regard death as an intruder. Physicians are human beings also. They have chosen to spend their lives trying to prevent death. They often fear that recognizing the imminence of death may minimize a patient’s hope. They, themselves, may feel lost and out of place caring for dying patients. Recent studies have concluded that medical school and hospital residency cultures do not place enough emphasis on a physician’s ability to care for dying patients. Fewer than 18 percent of students and residents had received

formal end-of-life education. More than 40 percent of the residents felt unprepared to teach end-of-life care. Nearly half were not ready to manage their own feelings about patients’ deaths or help bereaved families. According to this research, medical students lack exposure to role models with expertise in hospice and palliative care, often called comfort care. Palliative care is primarily directed at providing relief to a terminally ill person through symptom management and pain management. The goal is not to cure but to provide comfort and maintain the highest possible quality of life for as long as life remains.

arise and I promise to be available to them. However, by far the greatest number of my patients come to me with life problems – lack of self-esteem, relationships with children, spouses, and jobs, varying fears and anxieties. We discuss the meaning of life and, in the process, the topic of death ultimately arises. We compare their half-empty glass with a possible half-full glass. Patients who had never before discussed death in detail do so in my office. As we do so, patients begin to think things through and sometimes come to the realization that human life goes through stages of experience, growing, suffering, and insight -- that death is not a liquidation but a summation -- that life and death are both part of a greater mystery -- that our view of death is affected by our understanding of life. If life is a pilgrimage, death is an arrival. Such was my personal experience two and a half years ago as I spent long hours with my 53-year-old son who was dying from a brain tumor. This was the boy who truly loved life. This was the boy who was always on the cutting edge of living. All of these hours were pain-free hours because he was under hospice care. He was able to think clearly. And we were granted those many hours because the physician who had diagnosed him as having a terminal disease referred him to the hospice shortly after the realization that he had only a few months to live. Unfortunately, some physicians, following their training to save lives and not accept the inevitability of death, wait until death is just a few weeks or days away. This deprives the patient and his family valuable time when serious end-of-life conversations could take place, often in the patient’s own home. My son spoke to me of his accomplishments, not the least of which was his constant devotion to his stepmother. He was proud of

Physicians are dedicated to saving lives.


WL AUGUST 09.indd 12

In a medical culture that emphasizes acute care and high technology, teaching about care for the psychosocial needs of patients and families are not among the educational priorities. In mainstream textbooks there is a lack of useful information about end-of-life care. Physicians care about the physical health of the patient. They are hands-on doctors – touching, palpating, medicating, anesthetizing, removing – and often fighting off death. Despite this, the term “death” almost never enters the conversation. On the other hand, I, as a clinical psychologist, care about the mental health of the patient. I am not a hands-on doctor and, as a matter of fact, almost never touch my patient. Yet the term “death” in various forms is often brought up and at times discussed in depth. Some of my patients suffer from the disease of addiction which is often described as “slow suicide.” I work with clinically depressed patients some of whom have suicidal ideations. When this is so, I bring out a suicide “contract” in which they promise to contact me immediately when such thoughts

End of Life Continued on page 48 Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:32 PM







t Pa









i ap










Wa l k w a y s





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••Anne (spring) qtrpgmagad_color:Layout 1

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2:52 PM

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Monthly Outreach to Nation’s Capital Gives Hope, Builds Relationships

By Scott Cahoon Most Fauquier residents probably wouldn’t call providing aid to the homeless in Washington, DC “visiting friends.” But, then again, they probably aren’t Debbie Sheehy or Ted Burns, leaders of the Warrenton United Methodist Church’s monthly outreach to the nation’s capital. After years of bringing food, clothing and conversation to the District’s displaced with the Warrenton United Methodist Church, their connection with the city’s downtrodden is unique. “We go to give people hope, not just material things,” Sheehy said. “We have really built a relationship over the years.” That relationship was evident as soon as she stepped off of the Church’s bus in Franklin Park in Northwest on July 5. When volunteers were greeted with hugs and rarely seen smiles, the scene looked more like a picnic than a soup kitchen. And while many of us were recovering from Fourth of July festivities that Sunday morning, Sheehy, Burns, and the other sixteen volunteers at WUMC were packing coolers, grilling hot dogs and folding clothes in preparation of yet another journey to DC. But it wasn’t always like this. Four years ago, Sheehy was looking for a way to give back to her community when a book gave her an idea. The book was “Under the Overpass” by Mike Yankoski. It was the story of two fresh college graduates’ account of five months spent choosing to live homeless traveling to major cities in the United States. The harsh realities of street life detailed in the book inspired Sheehy, the leader of the United Methodist Church’s youth group, to contact associate minister Ted Burns and begin reaching out. At first, Sheehy and her group began volunteering at shelters in Washington, but found it unfulfilling. “Shelters basically ask you to help prepare and serve food, then clean-up afterwards,” 14

WL AUGUST 09.indd 14

Within seconds of the WMUC’s bus arriving at Franklin Park, a line of people eagerly awaiting hot dogs, potato salad, chips, drinks and other cuisine began to form. Finding food is the primary concern for those living day by day without shelter. Sheehy said. “You aren’t really getting to know anyone. You just smile but there’s no interaction.” It’s the personal touch that separates the visits of the WUMC with other organizations active in the area, according to some of the people they help. “One thing we hear consistently is that we don’t just hand them stuff and leave,” Sheehy said. “We take the time to talk with them, pray with them. They want to feel like someone cares.” One of those people is John, age 48. John has been homeless for 3 years and currently lives in Northwest. “The help they give brings warmth to a man’s heart,” he said. Homeless Continued on page 16

Debbie Sheehy, coordinator of the WUMC’s missions to DC, takes pride in adding a personal touch to the aid she provides. Becoming involved in the lives of those she encounters helps establish a support system the homeless frequently lack. Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:32 PM



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August 2009

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7/22/09 1:32 PM

Homeless Continued from page 14

Posey Benchoff is a regular participant in the church’s monthly effort. She, like many others, can routinely be seen strolling the park’s perimeters, making herself approachable for those who would like to talk with her. Topics range from asking volunteers to pray for them, thanking them for their help, or merely small talk about the weather and life in general. After he lost his job and his drug addiction became uncontrollable, John continued to expend his financial resources until there was nothing left, forcing him to the streets. “Addiction is a powerful force,” John said. “There are so many tricky things in life that can get you.” He first sought refuge in various shelters in the city. However, every emergency shelter downtown has now been closed. In fact, Franklin Park stands directly adjacent to the former Franklin shelter, which was boarded up despite protest and public outcry in September of 2008, forcing over 300 people to the street. As a homeless man, John says other than obvious things such as clean clothes, showers and a place to sleep, it’s the little things that he often misses most about a stable life. “I can’t tell you what’s big on TV right now because I don’t watch TV,” he said. “I don’t know what the latest hit song is because I don’t listen to the radio.” Left to fend for themselves, most homeless people find their way to a park or other public property to find the essentials. “Being in the streets can be as important as anything,” John said. “I usually come to this park to find the things I need to survive.” According to John, however, those days may soon be behind him. Through LifeStride, a service contracted by DC mayor Adrian Fenty in late June to help chronically homeless and mentally ill individuals, he may be moving in to a small, rent-free apartment later this month. “When this apartment thing took place, I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I’m so happy to say that this is actually happening. I still 16

WL AUGUST 09.indd 16

have to take this step by step. Next I need to find a stable job.” In the District, there are 6,044 homeless persons and over 3,000 people living in supportive housing just as John has found. 19.1 percent of DC residents live below the poverty line. Wards seven and eight have been highlighted as some of the poorest living conditions in the country. In ward eight, 33.1 percent of families and 36 percent of individuals live at or below the poverty line. Needless to say, this scenario is far different from that of Fauquier County. But often, the homeless aren’t much different from those providing them aid. “I can see them standing where I stand,” said Posie Benchoff, a two year veteran of the monthly missions, an old town resident and the group’s most senior member. “There’s no difference between them and me.” Running the gamut from Benchoff to the youth on the trip, they all have been pleasantly surprised by the behavior, the appearance and the civility of those they’ve come to help, breaking many stereotypes sometimes associated with the homeless. “I was expecting dirtier people,” said first timer Colin Steeves, 14. “All of them were pretty clean and seemed just like us.” Nationwide, 56 percent of the homeless population is employed and nearly half are high school graduates.

Always in high demand in the homeless community, the availability of new clothing attracted a large crowd of people to the WUMC’s bus. Many recipients don’t have a washing machine they can access, making the clothing they owned previously wear out faster and soon become unwearable. “You never know what you’ll come across here,” said volunteer Barbara James. “Some of these people are more educated than I am. All of them faced different circumstances. You can’t judge who they are and why they’re here.” Looking down the line of nearly forty people anxious to receive food and clothing, everyone waited patiently for a little something to help them get by. “There is a set of rules here at the park that they’ve created for themselves,” Burns said. “As soon as we get here they form a line. It’s Homeless Continued on page 18 Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:32 PM

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August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 17


7/22/09 1:32 PM

Homeless Continued from page 16 kind of an understanding amongst everyone here. We’ve never had an incident.” After the food and clothes have all been given away, older members of the group venture off to converse with the inhabitants of the park. “You can give to this or give to that,” James said. “But instead of just sending money, here you get to interact, strike up a conversation and really get to know someone.” The similarities between volunteers and the displaced make those fortunate enough to have a home even more thankful for what they have. “I can very easily see how someone could lose their home,” said Cindy Gallagher. “With the economy the way it is, it can happen to a lot of us. It really changes your perspective.” As the group came back home to Warrenton, each member had their own memories and experiences, but everyone shared the same good feeling that they’d made a difference. “It’s really rewarding,” said rising senior and volunteer Deborah Yancey. “Just seeing the smiles on their face makes all of us happy.” Scott Cahoon is a graduate of Fauquier High School and a rising junior at West Virginia University where he is majoring in journalism. During the school year, he is a staff writer for The Daily Athenaeum, WVU’s campus newsletter. You can reach him at scott. cahoon@mail.wvu.edu

While rarely the exact same group of people, the church has built a strong core of volunteers dedicated to ease the plight of Washington’s displaced. The rewarding feeling of assisting someone in need keeps many of them coming back month after month.


WL AUGUST 09.indd 18

Student Describes Initial Shock The D.C. trip is an outreach program where youth and adults alike travel to our nation’s capital to feed the homeless. We go down the last Sunday of every month, and bring food, clothing and a peaceful conversation. We sort clothes the Saturday before and begin to set up to leave after the nine thirty service at the church. We always try to bring food that is good for the weather like chili in winter. When we get to D.C., we set up and watch as hundreds of people line up to receive the food we bring. It is a big shock when you first go on the trip and see how many people are without homes to live in. I remember the first time I went; I could not believe there were so many people. You tend to believe that these people must all be so sad and alone, but, as they walk through the line, they all make sure to thank you, and even ask how you are doing. During this past winter on a very cold day, I had not put my gloves on yet, and my hands were turning red from the cold. One gentleman noticed this and told me that I should go put on gloves. He stood there and waited for me to put them on to make sure that I just did not nod my head to humor him. What was so surprising was that he also was not wearing any gloves, and yet he wanted to make sure that I did not get hurt from the cold. All throughout the day everyone was like that. While we worried about them, they were more worried about us. Every single person that goes through the line is so appreciative for all we do. We do not just go down and give them food; we do what I believe to be the most blessed thing anyone can do: walk around and talk with as many of the people that went through our line as we can. Even though they are homeless, they are people with feelings and a heart, and having a conversation with them is what they love about when we come. I have heard it myself when many walk up and say that they can’t wait until our group comes because then they feel like someone really cares. They know we take the time out of our schedule to make sure they are doing well. I have met so many wonderful people during these trips, and I would never say it was a waste of time because these trips are changing lives. The D.C. program is one of the most amazing ideas to come from within Warrenton United Methodist and I am proud to say that we help so many. A conversation and a prayer can do more than anyone can imagine! Kallie Cromack is a senior honors student at Liberty High School. She is active in the school’s marching band and has a love for music. Kallie has been a member of the Warrenton United Methodist Church Youth Ministry for 6 years and is a member of the Youth Advisory Committee which helps plan the youth program. For more information on how you can participate, visit www. warrentonumc.org or contact Ted Burns, the church’s director of purpose driven programs, at pdc@warrentonumc.org Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:32 PM



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August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 19

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7/22/09 1:32 PM

Here are your favorites, the best of the best. And we are proud to add that they are all part of our hometown. Over 65,000 individual choices were made on almost 2,000 ballots submitted. Those receiving the most votes in each category are listed in red. The honorable mentions, those receiving a large percentage of the votes, are listed in alphabetical order. Celebrate with your favorites, try out others that your peers have chosen, and plan on voting next year for those deserving people and organizations that did not make this year’s list.

BEST FOOD Best Asian Food Faang Thai Restaurant

Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar took three awards this year as winner for Best Asian Food, Best Ethnic Cuisine and Best Take-Out. Opened in 2007, Faang offers customers the very best in Thai food using the finest ingredients, creating custom dishes, and offering a wide variety of choices. The kitchen boasts over 20 years of experience in dining, and the bar features California wines among other liquors. Make sure to check out their exquisite list of foods at Thai and American spicy heat levels. Their most famous dish is the Drunken Noodles. Faang is located on West Lee Highway near the Verizon Wireless store. Honorable Mention: China Jade, Osaka Top’s China, Waterloo Café

Best Business Lunch Claire’s at the Depot Honorable Mention: Applebee’s, The Iron Bridge Wine Company, Napoleon’s, Panera


WL AUGUST 09.indd 20

Best Bakery/Desserts Café Torino

For the second year in a row, Café Torino is the winner for best bakery/ desserts. Café Torino, an lively and delicious Italian restaurant located in Waterloo Station, is owned and operated by husband and wife Andrea and Amber Ferraro. Known also for their tasty Italian dishes, Café Torino features flavorsome baked goods ranging from cookies to cannolis and cakes. Café Torino is mentioned in several other food categories including honorable mention in Best All-Around Restaurant. Café Torino is an excellent spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Best Breakfast Place IHOP

The International House of Pancakes is back! After winning the inaugural award in 2006, IHOP fell to Frost Diner in 2007 and 2008 for Best Breakfast Place. This year, however, IHOP has been chosen by the readers as the winner for the place for breakfast. Don’t forget, they also serve lunch and dinner specials as well. IHOP is located on Lee Highway near Outback Steakhouse. Honorable Mention: Frost Diner, Panera

Honorable Mention: Safeway, Panera

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:32 PM

Best All-Around Restaurant - Claire’s at the Depot

For the second consecutive year, Claire’s at the Depot is the Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine’s big winner. Claire’s at the Depot has not only been voted Best All-Around Restaurant in Warrenton four years running now, but the restaurant has also been voted the winner of two other restaurant categories: Best Fine Dining and Best Place for a Business Lunch. Claire’s menu features delectable appetizers and an array of hearty dishes, not to mention an extensive wine list. To add to the impressive résumé, Claire’s has been voted the Best Caterer in Warrenton for 2009 (second year in a row), providing their clients and guests not only with impressive service, hors d’oeuvres, and platters, but also help with invitations, rentals and locations. To top it all off, Claire’s finished first in a new category, Best Wait Staff. Claire’s is located on South Third Street down from Christine Fox. Honorable Mention: Applebee’s, Café Torino, The Iron Bridge Wine Company, Outback, Ruby Tuesday

August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 21

Pictured left to right: Josefa Vasquez, Kirby Nelson, Kevin Bailey, Julia Kennedy, Guadalupe Gomez and Claire Lamborne Photo by Sunny Reynolds 21

7/22/09 1:32 PM

Best Deli Food Jimmie’s Market

Ruby Tuesday also won for Best Salad, which is easy to understand with a salad bar like this.

Best Casual/Family Restaurant Ruby Tuesday

With the second year of the Best Casual/Family Restaurant category comes a new winner: Ruby Tuesday. Located on Blackwell Road across from the CVS Pharmacy, Ruby Tuesday, known for their famous Ruby Minis, offers eaters a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. Ruby Tuesday is also our winner for Best Salad in 2009. Honorable Mention: Applebee’s El Agave, Foster’s Grille, Outback

Best Catering Claire’s Catering

Honorable Mention: Kidwell Caterers, Legends Catering

Best Fine-Dining Restaurant Claire’s at the Depot Honorable Mention The Iron Bridge Wine Company, Napoleon’s

Best Coffee Starbucks

Located on Main Street, Jimmie’s Market has been providing customers with the very best in gourmet foods ranging from Italian to Cajun to French. After receiving the award for Best Deli Food in 2007 and serving Warrenton for over 67 years, there was no reason to see why Jimmie’s Market wouldn’t be able to sustain their success. Owner/Manager Georgia Deardoff doesn’t limit Jimmie’s Market to deli foods, as she carries many imported and domestic wines and beers, and a variety of salads. Visit their exquisite tearoom while you are there. Honorable Mention: Fred’s Deli, Giant, Safeway

Best Ethnic Cuisine Faang Thai Restaurant Honorable Mention: El Agave, Mojitos and Tapas, Osaka

Best Grocery Store Safeway

Safeway is once again being rewarded for their superior service in the supermarket industry. After receiving the Best of Warrenton award for 2007 and 2008 for Best Grocery Store and finishing with the top of the competition for Best Deli Food, Safeway is presented with the 2009 Best of Warrenton award for Best Grocery Store again. Long-time residents are very loyal to the store where many of the employees have been serving them for decades. After undergoing its remodeling just recently, Safeway has kept pace, competing successfully with other supermarket chains. Honorable Mention: Bloom, Giant, Harris Teeter

You can’t have over 15,000 stores in over 44 countries if the service you provide isn’t up to standards. Starbucks Coffee, founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971, is rapidly expanding across the globe, providing customers with great coffee quickly. The ripples of this have obviously been felt in Warrenton with five Starbucks stores – one on West Lee Highway, one in Safeway, one in Giant, one in Harris Teeter and another on Route 29 next to Quizno’s. Honorable Mention: Gusto de Vita, Panera


WL AUGUST 09.indd 22

Manager Bill Carter and a group of Safeway employees were excited to accept the award for Best Grocery Store. Bill stated that it was approprate that the award came from the Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine as their recent remodeling was aimed to enhance the lifestyle of its customers.

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:32 PM




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Best Ice Cream Carousel Frozen Treats

The only thing still competing with the variety of choices available at Carousel Frozen Treats is the number of ways people spelled “Carousel” on their ballots (16 this year!). For the fourth consecutive year, Carousel wins the award for the best ice cream in Warrenton. Owners Dennis Bachetti and Carl Norskog have created a festive atmosphere to serve ice cream with all the modern toppings in a somewhat nostalgic setting. There is a reason why there are long lines on weekend nights (don’t worry, they move fast) – people are willing to wait for the reward at the end of the rainbow. Don’t forget they offer hot dogs, French fries, and, according to the Publisher, “the best corn dogs on the planet!” Carousel is located in Waterloo Station. Honorable Mention: Cold Stone Creamery, Effie’s

August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 23

Best Lunch Place Panera

Panera, which opened in 2004 and is located on West Lee Highway in between Borders and Pizzarama, has won numerous awards from The Warrenton Lifestyle over the last three years, and it isn’t any different this year. For 2009, Panera has been voted Best Lunch Place and Best Sandwich – both are repeat awards. Their menu ranges from hot and specialty sandwiches to soups, salads, breakfast foods, iced drinks and desserts. Honorable Mention: Café Torino, Mojitos & Tapas, Renee’s Gourmet to Go, Tropical Smoothie Café

Best Meal under $10 Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is our winner for Best Meal under $10 – an award they also won in 2008. The franchise operates like a small, family-owned business with all of its employees adding personal warmth to their service. Chick-Fil-A has managed to make a positive impact on the community as they brought with them the chain’s award winning drivethru service. Chick-Fil-A is located on West Lee Highway sandwiched (!) in between Walgreens and BB&T. Honorable Mention: Bistro on the Hill, El Agave, Panera, Tropical Smoothie Café

The full list of winners can also be found at www.warrentonlifestyle.com


7/22/09 1:32 PM

Best Mexican/Latin Food El Agave

For the second consecutive year, El Agave is our winner of this year’s Best Mexican/Latin Food award. El Agave offers Warrentonians an authentic Mexican atmosphere serving a full assortment of combination dinners, steak and chicken dishes, appetizers, and a variety of margaritas. Owned by the Villasenor family, El Agave is located next to Blockbuster on West Lee Highway. El Agave previously won the Best Ethnic Cuisine award in 2006 and 2007. Honorable Mention: Main Street Grille, Mojitos and Tapas, Tippy’s Taco

Best Pizza Vocelli Pizza

One of the most tightly contested categories in the four years of awards was this year’s battle for Best Pizza. Five extremely delectable pizza joints were neck and neck vying for the title. Only one winner was going to emerge, and this year it is Vocelli Pizza. Located on Blackwell Road, Vocelli Pizza has been offering Warrentonians quality Italian gourmet pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, salads, and more. Honorable Mention: Joe and Vinnie’s Pizza Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Spitony’s

Best Salad Ruby Tuesday Honorable Mention: Bistro on the Hill, Panera, Red Hot & Blue, Renee’s Gourmet to Go

Best Sandwich Panera Honorable Mention: Café Torino, Jimmie’s Market, Renee’s Gourmet to Go, Tropical Smoothie Café

Best Steak Outback Steakhouse

With its strong Australian theme and Creole influenced foods, Outback Steakhouse has become a favorite of Warrentonians since the day it opened. Patrons rave not only about Outback’s steaks but also its famous Bloomin’ Onion appetizer and racks of ribs. Outback is located on Lee Highway near Rick Hunt Ford.

BEST ENTERTAINMENT AND RECREATION Best Annual Event Old Town Warrenton Spring Festival

Winning the award for the third time in four years, the Old Town Warrenton Spring Festival is The Warrenton Lifestyle’s 2009 winner for Best Annual Event. Hosted every year on the third Saturday of May on Main Street, the fair offers an abundance of knick-knacks and crafts for sale, food to eat, and events to enjoy including music, small shows, or rides for the kids. The Spring Festival is operated by the Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce. Honorable Mention: Christmas Parade, Evening under the Stars, Fauquier County Fair, Virginia Gold Cup Old Town Warrenton Spring Festival

Honorable Mention: Ben & Mary’s, Iron Bridge

Best Take-Out Faang Thai Restaurant Honorable Mention: Outback, Renee’s Gourmet to Go, Top’s China, Waterloo Café

Vocelli Pizza employees Mike Settle and Eric Fraley. Vocelli’s inched just ahead in a tight race for Best Pizza.


WL AUGUST 09.indd 24

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:33 PM

FH Wound Center Ad Lifestyle 4.C1 1

Best Dance Studio For a Dancer, Inc.

A repeat win for Best Dance Studio, For a Dancer, Inc., which features instruction in dance ranging in theme for Irish, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Tot’s. Owned by Rachel Brown, the studio also performs in National competitions and annual events around and outside the area. Classes are offered to all ages of all experiences from young, interested beginners to advanced dancers. For A Dancer is located in front of Giant shopping center next to Dominos. Honorable Mention: Ballet Academy of Warrenton

Best Place to Watch Sports Molly’s Irish Pub

6/15/09 2:13:10 PM

Best Local Entertainer/Band Elizabeth Lawrence

Elizabeth Lawrence is a woman with many gifts and we are delighted that she shares her powerful, soulful voice with us at local venues. Elizabeth’s slightly eclectic repertoire includes Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi and Bob Dylan and she cites KoKo Taylor and Katie Webster as major musical inspirations. On stage, her performance is thoroughly engaging as she and her varying bands of extremely talented musicians have as much fun with the music as the audience. Elizabeth is appearing at both McMahon’s and Molly’s this month. www.elizabethlawrence.com Honorable Mention: Andre Fox, Piedmont Symphony Orchestra, Shields Brothers Band

Best Nightspot Molly’s Irish Pub

Molly’s Irish Pub loves its Best of Warrenton awards. Once again this year, Molly’s is holding strong to its champion title of Best Nightspot, winning the award for the fourth year in a row. They’ve also won the award for Best Place to Watch Sports – an award they previously held in 2006. Located on the corner of Main and 2nd Street in Old Town, Molly’s provides customers a social gathering to meet with friends, watch sporting events, enjoy live music, and eat delicious food in an Irish themed pub. Owners Laurie and Kitty Enright are wonderful supporters of all things Warrenton. Honorable Mention: Carousel, Iron Bridge, McMahon’s

Honorable Mention: Applebee’s, Fauquier High School, Great Meadow

August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 25


7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Saturday Night Date Spot Iron Bridge Wine Company

Congratulations to the Iron Bridge Wine Company on being voted The Warrenton Lifestyle’s Best Saturday Night Date Spot for 2009. This is Iron Bridge’s second Best Of award in addition to numerous Honorable Mentions throughout the years. This cozy wine restaurant is open for brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour, and late evenings. They also feature exquisite wines from the Virginia area. Owners Rob and Steve Wecker have created one of the most versatile and enjoyable restaurants in the region. Recently added manager, Bob Grouge, has already taken the service to a new height. Iron Bridge is located on Main Street across from BB&T.

Manager Bob Grouge, Tony Ruffo and Brittny Stives are only a few of many that make Iron Bridge Wine Company the Best Saturday Night Date Spot and Best Place for Wine in Warrenton. Don’t count out the other 6 nights of the week (or days), especially stop by on a Friday night for some great trivia fun.

Honorable Mention: Carousel Frozen Treats, Claire’s at the Depot, Mojitos and Tapas

Best Place to Have a Reception Fauquier Springs Country Club

Under the guidance of General Manager Angela Smith, Fauquier Springs Country Club has become an even more beautiful location to host an event. The Club received the award for Best Golf Course in 2006 and Best Place to Have a Reception in 2007 and 2008. The Grand Ballroom in the Clubhouse comfortably accommodates anywhere from 50 to 300 people for any business or social function including weddings, group meetings and parties. They also have a junior Olympic pool, tennis courts and fantastic food served daily in the Grill Room. Honorable Mention: Airlie Conference Center, Black Horse Inn


WL AUGUST 09.indd 26

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:33 PM

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Voted Best Dry Cleaners WA R R E N T O N WA R R E N T O N WA R R E N T O N

August 2009

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7/22/09 1:33 PM

BEST MISCELLANEOUS Best Artist/Photographer Sunny Reynolds

This race was one of the closest we’ve had in the four years of the awards. World-class photographer, Sunny Reynolds, has been voted as Best Artist/ Photographer by Warrentonians for the fourth year in a row. Sunny, a former Town Council member, has served our community in countless ways over the years. She also is a first-rate tour guide, offering unique excursions around the world with her BioTrek Tours. Visit her online at sunnyreynoldsphotography. com or by appointment at her gallery, Studio 19, located at Fourth and Main Streets. Honorable Mention: Kristen Gardner, Jordan Koepke, Karl Pittelkau, Palmer Smith

Favorite Local Charity Organization Fauquier Habitat for Humanity

Since 1991, the Fauquier Habitat for Humanity has partnered with churches, businesses, and volunteers to help reduce the impact of poverty housing. Since their inception in Fauquier County, the Habitat for Humanity has built over 37 homes and restored countless others. Describing what they do as giving a “hand-up as oppose to a hand out,” Habitat for Humanity is making families’ lives easier and successful through their programs. They are currently working on the construction of a 7 duplex subdivision at Sterling Court. In 2007 and 2006, Fauquier Habitat for Humanity was voted the Best Group for Volunteers.

Favorite Elected Official Mayor George B. Fitch

For the third time in four years, Mayor George B. Fitch has been voted the favorite elected official by Warrentonians. Mayor Fitch has been at the helm of one of his most ambitious projects since taking office. The plan is to build a plant at the county landfill that will convert waste into energy – enough energy to power the homes in Warrenton. His plan is to have this plant up and running before the end of his term. The project is receiving interest from domestic leaders and even foreign countries.

Best Local Journalist Don del Rosso – Fauquier Times-Democrat

Don del Rosso has been a journalism fixture in Warrenton as far back as anyone can remember. His work helped launch the Fauquier Magazine some two decades ago as well as the Fauquier Citizen. When the Citizen was acquired by Times Community Papers, Fauquier County remained fortunate that Don became the lead writer for their publications here. Honorable Mention: Alice Felts, Jennifer Heynes, George Rowand

Honorable Mention: Sparky Lewis, David Norden, Denny Sutherland, Jill Holtzman Vogel

Best Place to Work Fauquier Hospital

For the third year in a row, the Fauquier Hospital has been voted Best Place to Work by its peers. In 1925, Fauquier Hospital started with just 20 beds. Today, with over 1,100 employees and over 86 beds to accommodate, the Planetree affiliated hospital’s goal looks to maximize personal care and welcome family members. That means the Hospital staff pays attention to the little things, as well as the big ones. Don’t forget about the Bistro restaurant located in the Hospital. Honorable Mention: Carousel, Fauquier County Public School System, Old Town Athletic Club

Honorable Mention: F.I.S.H., Fauquier Free Clinic, Fauquier Family Shelter Services, SPCA


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Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:33 PM

William Simpson Lifestyle Ad 4.C1 1

August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 29

7/6/09 4:34:31 PM


7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Local Area School Fauquier High School

The oldest high school in Fauquier County and currently overseen by Principal Roger Sites, Fauquier High School (FHS) opened its doors to secondary school students in 1963. As a fully accredited high school, FHS lives by its motto to “provide instruction which will enable students to live productively in society.” In 2006 and 2008, Fauquier High School was voted Best Local School by the readers of the Warrenton Lifestyle. We think Roger Sites leadership of a superb staff is why so many readers once again chose FHS.

BEST RETAIL Best Antique Store Fox Den Antiques

For the fourth year in a row, Fox Den Antiques has been voted the Best Antique Store in Warrenton, and it isn’t difficult to see why. They arguably provide Warrenton with the largest variety of antiques and collectibles from their numerous merchants. Go visit their expanded showroom. Fox Den Antiques is located on West Shirley Avenue near China Jade.

Best Cell Phone Store Verizon Wireless

For the second consecutive year, Verizon Wireless has been voted as Warrenton’s elite cell phone service store and with good reason. Claiming to be “America’s Largest & Most Reliable Network,” Verizon has many options for businesses with communication needs while traveling and families who need to stay in touch on the 3G network. Verizon Wireless is located next to Faang.

Honorable Mention: Where the Hunt Ends, White Elephant

Honorable Mention: Wireless Jungle/AT&T

Honorable Mention: Brumfield Elementary, Highland School, PB Smith Elementary

Favorite Teacher Richard Deardoff

Henry Adams once said, “A teacher affects eternity; [he or she] can never tell where [his or her] influence stops.” For the second year in a row, Mr. Richard Deardoff, a World History and Government teacher at Fauquier High School, has been chosen as Warrenton’s Favorite Teacher. Mr. Deardoff has brought together his classes at Fauquier with such groups as Southern Fauquier Historical Society and the Civil War Preservation Trust, to not only educate students, but to get them involved outside of class. Honorable Mention: Joyce D’Urso, Bob Jacobs, Lisa Miller, Ron Pfeiffer

A husband and wife team of Best’s: Richard Deardoff (Best Teacher) and Georgia Deardoff of Jimmies Market (Best Deli Food).


WL AUGUST 09.indd 30

Coming into Fox Den Antiques (winner of Best Antique Store) for the time is a treat, you just won’t have the time to look at everything and you won’t want to miss anything!

Best Appliance Store Tolson’s Appliance Center

Best Electronics Store RadioShack

For the second consecutive year, Tolson’s Appliance Center is the winner for Best Appliance Store. Since 1964, Tolson’s Appliance Center has been professionally servicing Warrenton’s appliance needs in a quick and efficient manner. They display appliances from entry-level to luxury in their 4,000 square foot showroom. Don’t forget, Tolson’s Appliance Center also features delivery and installation. Tolson’s Appliance Center is located behind the On the Run Exxon next to A Sophisticut.

RadioShack is our repeat winner for Best Electronics Store in 2009. RadioShack previously won the award in 2008 and 2006. RadioShack provides the most advanced choices in technology needs ranging from MP3’s, televisions, GPS, cameras, and more. Their staff is knowledgeable and ready with solutions. Radio Shack is located near Rankin’s Hardware.

Honorable Mention: Home Depot, Rankin’s, Sears

Honorable Mention: Sears, Wal-Mart

Warrenton Lifestyle

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12:48 PM

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Thomas Myers Lifestyle Ad 4.C 7.1 1

6/19/09 1:30:23 PM

• iBraces – Braces on the inside of the teeth • Invisalign Premier Provider – A clear alternative to braces • Orthodontics for Children and Adults • No Referral Necessary • Flexible Payment Plans Available

Juliana Miller DDS, MSD

Robert Miller, DMD Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

361 Walker Drive • Suite 201 • Warrenton, VA 20186 540-349-1331 (Upper level of The Olde Town Athletic Club) www.millerorthodontics.com

August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 31


7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Flower Shop Designs by Teresa

A four time, repeat winner for best Flower Shop is Designs by Teresa. With a repertoire of products available including fresh flowers, plants, specialized floral arrangements & designs, and gift baskets, Designs by Teresa anchors the corner of Alexandria Pike and Main Street. Owner/operator Teresa Bowles knows how to get it done right with over 20 years in the business. Don’t forget to check out her daughter’s store upstairs at Tina’s Bear Loft. Honorable Mention: A Budding Affaire, Village Flowers

Best Furniture Shop Rankin’s Furniture

Rankin’s Furniture can hang its 2009 award for Best Furniture next to its awards from 2006, 2007, and 2008. Under the careful watch of Jim Rankin, Rankin’s Furniture has been a staple of Warrenton for decades. If you are in the need for a recliner, tables, chairs or other home furnishings, Rankin’s Furniture is located in the Waterloo Station shopping center. Honorable Mention: Brown’s Wood Stuff, Shelf Life


WL AUGUST 09.indd 32

Best Gift Shop The Town Duck

Supplying Warrentonians for over 25 years, The Town Duck offers an assortment of the very best in wines, cheeses, specialty foods, and a plethora of items from their gift shop. This year, The Town Duck has won the award for Best Gift Shop and Best Specialty Store. Owned and operated by Annette Johnson, the store takes pride in its customer service and offering the customer what it wants. Another successful venture from The Town Duck is their gift baskets as they will sometimes do over 60 in a day. The Town Duck won Best Place to Find the Perfect Gift in 2006 and Best Gift/Home Décor and Best Specialty Store in 2007. Visit them at their new location on Main Street, between 4th and 5th, near the Virginia Gold Cup office.

Best Hardware/Home Improvement Store Rankin’s True Value Hardware

Owned by the Rankin Family stockholders, Rankin’s Hardware has been a landmark in Warrenton for decades. For the fourth consecutive year, Rankin’s True Value Hardware has been voted Best Hardware Store. Located in the Warrenton Shopping Center by Radio Shack, Rankin’s Hardware is a favorite of Warrentonians for all their basic and difficult hardware needs. Ask them about anything from gardening to keys to outdoor tools. Honorable Mention: Home Depot, Gilliam Lumber Company

Honorable Mention: Piccadilly Ltd., Ribbons/Hallmark

While Mr. Rankin (Jim) takes care of the Best Furniture Store (Rankin’s Furniture), sons Glen (l) and Kent (r) take care of Warrenton’s hardware needs with Rankin’s Hardware (Best Hardware/Home Improvement Store).

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:33 PM

Community In Action


8634 MEETZE ROAD MONDAY thru SATURDAY 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. JOIN US AT THE FARM. CCAC shopping list for 2009 The following is a list of equipment and supplies we hope to have

DONATED in 2009:

Small tractor for farm

Compost and Manure

One hundred chickens

A front end loader for the tractor

10,000 gallon collapsible water tank

Fencing for chicken’s

PTO driven 48” rotor tiller

5,000 feet of drip irrigation pipe

Used Bobcat

PTO driven finish mower

20’ X 40’ concrete pad for compost

Used Dump truck

Utility wagon for farm

1500 Watt solar system

Used pickup truck

PTO driven grinder for compost

Solar water pump

Walk – In freezer

Manure spreader

48’ solar green house

Walk - In refrigerator

Farm Tools−shovels, rakes, etc.

Public mulching toilet

A 5000 gallon fish tank

Vegetable seeds

20 Tons of gravel for farm

A server for the main office

Vegetable and fruit plants

Trailers for chicken houses

20 computers for the main office

Please Contact: Tom Benjamin @ 540-347-7000 X 102 • tbenjamin@cwcap.org Or Mathew Robinson 540-270-2508 mrobinson@cwcap.org


August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 33


7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Home Interiors/Flooring Home Depot

Home Depot, located across from Wal-Mart, is the winner of a new category introduced this year: Best Home Interiors/Flooring. The Home Depot, which provides much more than just flooring, could be your one stop shop for carpet, tiling, rugs, wooden floors and more. They also provide a selection of blinds, draperies and shades. Honorable Mention: Colvin Floors, Fabric Emporium, Miller Carpets, Warrenton Decor

Best New Business Harris Teeter

With the newest of their 180 stores covering 8 states right here in Warrenton, Harris Teeter is the 2009 winner for Best New Business. Located in the store is a pharmacy, wine center, and also farmers’ fresh foods/meats and fisherman markets. Harris Teeter is located in the new North Rock Shopping Center off W. Lee Highway. Honorable Mention: Tuesday Morning, Warrenton Jewelers


WL AUGUST 09.indd 34

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Jewelry Store Hartman Jewelers

Hartman Jewelers has been voted the best jeweler in Warrenton for the fourth straight year. Owned and operated by David and Darcy Hartman, Hartman Jewelers takes pride in their unique, quality oriented jewelry. As a recipient of the 2007 Best of Warrenton Customer Service Award (they have a client list of over 5,000), Hartman Jewelers is happy to provide their customers with oneof-a-kind pieces (especially those from their Hearts on Fire collection), jewelry repair, engraving services, free jewelry cleaning, and more. Opened in 1994, Hartman Jewelers is one of Warrenton’s most stunning shops. They are located on Main Street near Jimmie’s Market. Honorable Mention: Carter and Spence, Marta von Dettingen, Warrenton Jewelers

Best Paint Store The Paint Shop

It may not be an original name, but it sure is working. Warrenton’s favorite place for their paint needs is still the same four years running now. What could possibly help set them apart from the competition? Readers tell us it’s their people. Owner Jim Timberlake leads a group of friendly experts with over 60 years of combined experience at The Paint Shop. Recently celebrating over 30 years of business, The Paint Shop provides customers with superior work in paints, window treatments, wall coverings, and coatings, along with that local touch Warrentonians expect. Honorable Mention: Home Depot, Sherwin Williams

Best Men’s Clothes Peebles

Peebles Department Store provides Warrentonians the latest in cosmetics, shoes, and, for the fourth year in a row, is Warrenton’s choice for men’s clothing. They’ve also received the award for Best Women’s Clothing – an award given to them in 2007 as well. The company has been around for over 100 years, providing experience and expertise to stay ahead of the pack. They have clothes for all ages from toddlers to teenagers to seniors and casual to formal. Honorable Mention: Chip Shot, A Formal Affair, Sears

Best Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy

For the second time in three years, CVS has been given the award for Best Pharmacy in Warrenton. CVS previously won the award in 2007. CVS aims to improve access to patients and promote better health outcomes with their service. CVS has two locations: one on Blackwell Road across from Sheetz and one in the Huntsman Town Center by Bloom. Honorable Mention: Giant, Safeway, Walgreens, Wal-Mart

Best Picture Framing Framing by Cyndy

Apparently Cyndy knows framing and knows it well (even if her store is much more than that). For the fourth year in a row, Warrentonians have voted Framing by Cyndy the best place for picture framing. Run by owner Cyndy Burnett since 1997, Framing by Cyndy gives customers the best in satisfaction and results with quality materials, and a lot of that has to do with how much they have given Cyndy and the store. Honorable Mention: Framecraft

Best Women’s Clothes Peebles Honorable Mention: A Formal Affair, Chip Shot, Christine Fox, Fashion Bug

Best Place for Wine Iron Bridge Wine Company Honorable Mention: Galloping Grape, Grapevine, The Town Duck Cathie Fox, Store Manager and Ruth Solsgiver, Assistant Manager of Ladies, accept their award for Best Men’s Clothes and Best Women’s Clothes.

August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 35


7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Specialty Store The Town Duck Honorable Mention: A Formal Affair, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, Galloping Grape

Best Thrift Store White Elephant

This year’s recipient of the 2009 Best of Warrenton award for thrift store goes to The White Elephant. The White Elephant also won the award in 2008. Opened in 1990, The White Elephant has supplied Warrentonians with beautiful doohickeys, forgotten antiques, and a dazzling store display to fill that empty niche in your home. The White Elephant is located in the Huntsmen Town Center

Best Auto Dealership Country Chevrolet

Operating for over 30 years in the town of Warrenton, Country Chevrolet has been voted the Best Auto Dealership for the fourth year in a row. Not just in business for the sale of new and used cars, Country Chevrolet provides a GM Certified Service Department, Parts Department, and Body Shop. Country Chevrolet is owned by energetic businessman, philanthropist and rising musician Andy Budd and is located at the crossroads Business 29 across from Sheetz.

Best Auto Repair Center Joe’s Service Center

Since 1979, Joe’s Service Center has been handling customers’ needs for all of their general car repair requests. Because of their hard work and dedication, they have been rewarded with their fourth consecutive win for Best Auto Repair Center. Operated by President Joe Grimsley, Joe’s Service Center is located at 116 Sullivan Street around the corner from Pizza Hut. Honorable Mention: Chick’s Services, Inc., Warrenton Foreign Auto, Waterloo Motors

Honorable Mention: Jim Harris Buick Pontiac GMC, Warrenton Toyota/Scion, Rick Hunt Ford, Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Honorable Mention: Fauquier Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop, Salvation Army

BEST SERVICES Best Accounting Firm Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C.

Working on your financial statements and tax forms can be a pain. That is why it is always nice to have someone do it for you, especially when they do it well. Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C. has been voted the best accounting firm in Warrenton for the fourth consecutive year. Beginning in Warrenton in 1983 as a small, three person office, the firm has grown to provide Warrentonians with some of the very best in accounting, taxation, estate planning, and consulting services. The firm celebrated its 25th anniversary last year! The office of Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards is located on Alexandria Pike next to the DMV. Honorable Mention: Marshall Consulting Group, PBGH, Thorpe and Helsley, P.C.


WL AUGUST 09.indd 36

George Scheulen, Wendy Edwards and William Patchett, winners of the Best Accounting Firm for four years in a row, celebrated their 25th Anniversary last year.

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:33 PM

Dr. Chun Lifestyle Ad 4/C 7.625x1 1

Best Bank/Financial Institution The Fauquier Bank

For the fourth consecutive year, The Fauquier Bank has been given the award for Best Bank/Financial Institution. The bank, which specializes in banking and financial, investment services, deposits and insurance management as well as online banking, has locations throughout the Warrenton and Manassas areas. Their main office location is at 10 Courthouse Square off of Main Street. The Fauquier Bank is led by President Randy Ferrell. Honorable Mention: BB&T, Middleburg Bank, Sun Trust, Wachovia

7/13/09 10:44:50 AM

Best Barber Shop Siggi’s Sports Barber Shop

Siggi’s Sports Barber Shop, conveniently located on Broadview Avenue next to the Wachovia Bank, has been providing quality haircuts to customers since its doors opened in 2004. This is the fourth year in a row that Siggi and her crew have taken home the award. Owner Siggi Crawford finds that her favorite thing about serving Warrentonians is its people, describing everyone as “extremely friendly.” If you’re looking for an old-fashioned, welldone clipper or scissor cut, make sure to check out Siggi’s. Honorable Mention: Lee’s Barber Shop, Kingdom Kutz, Northern Virginia Barber Shop

The full list of winners can also be found at www.warrentonlifestyle.com August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 37

Best Bartender Barry McMahon of McMahon’s Irish Pub

Honorable Mention: Tracy Lynn Prater of Mojitos & Tapas, Casey Ward of Molly’s Irish Pub

Best Chiropractor Dr. Douglas B. Smith at Advantage Health Chiropractic

Nobody likes to have a sore back. That’s why it is important to find a professional in the field to help and provide relief. For the fourth consecutive year, Dr. Doug Smith has been voted Warrenton’s favorite for chiropractic services. Dr. Smith practices at Advantage Health Chiropractic located at 225 Oak Springs Drive, Suite 101. Honorable Mention: Dr. Charles Nicolai


7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Computer Service Dok Klaus Computer Care

You don’t even have to be a regular reader of the Warrenton Lifestyle to have taken notice of Dok Klaus and his creative advertisements (many had been featured on our back page). From the Terminator clone to fitness aerobics, the Dok has made us smile while bringing attention to his services. Dok Klaus offers solutions to your computer woes from virus removal, data recovery and more. They also feature home and business networks and custom built PCs and notebooks. Visit them on Ashby Street right behind the new Red Truck Bakery. Honorable Mention: Comvergence, F1 Computer Solutions, Inc.

Best Contractor/Handyman Blackwood Construction

Congratulations are in order once again to Blackwood Construction for their repeat win as Best Contractor/ Handyman in Warrenton. The reason for the praise goes beyond their expertise in kitchen and bath remodeling. Locally owned and operated by Robert Woods and David Black, the company remodels all your interior space as well as installs windows, siding and roofing. Blackwood Construction is located on Shirley Avenue across from the Fire Department. Honorable Mention: B& L Builders, J.D. Eicher

Check out the Warrenton Business Directory at www.warrentonlifestyle.com


WL AUGUST 09.indd 38

Best Customer Service Salon Emage

One of the most important awards on the list, Salon Emage recaptures the crown it won in the initial awards contest back in 2006, coming in close behind Hartman Jewelers in 2007 and A Formal Affair last year. They are located on East Lee Street next to Drum & Strum in Old Town Warrenton. Honorable Mention: A Formal Affair, Carousel Frozen Treats, Fauquier Hospital, Holiday Inn Express

Best Day Care Center/Preschool Warrenton Baptist Tiny Tots Care Center

For over 25 years, Warrenton Baptist Tiny Tots Care Center has provided Warrentonians’ their young children a way for them to learn in a friendly and warm environment. Tiny Tots provides stimulation at each child’s development level, education in learning social skills, and help to build up self-esteem. They have programs for Early Preschool, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and school for up to 11 years of age. Tiny Tots is located at 123 Main Street. This is their second award in as many years. Honorable Mention: St. James Episcopal Preschool, Warrenton Christian Preschool

Best Dental Office The Office of Sentz, Griffin, and Tudor, DDS

This is always one of the most interesting competitions to look for in the Best of Warrenton awards because it involves family members. Once again, Dr. Susan Griffin, wife of Orthodontist Dr. Alfred Griffin and sister-in-law to Dr. Robert Flikeid, and her team at Sentz, Griffin, and Tudor have edged out the competition. Dr. Tom Sentz received the most individual votes and his other practice with Dr. Woodside received an honorable mention. The office is located on Main Street next to Dr. Sentz’ Berkeley Gallery. Honorable Mention: Griffin & Errera Orthodontics The Office of Dr. John Harre, DDS The Office of Dr. Robert Flikeid, DDS The Office of Woodside & Sentz, DDS

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:33 PM

Tommy Bahama knows how to dress the ladies

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74 Waterloo Street • Warrenton, VA • (540) 428-0066


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Kitchens & Bathrooms Custom Showers Cabinets & Countertops Tile & Flooring Windows & Siding Basements & Decks Roofing (all types) 86 W. Shirley Avenue • Warrenton, VA 20186

540•351•0600 www.blackwoodkitchenandbath.com

Visit our Showroom. We carry samples of cabinets, countertop surfaces, tile and flooring.



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Complete Plumbing Service Including Water Treatment & Softeners Well Pumps Boiler Installation & Repairs Drain & Sewer Cleaning Gas Line Installation & Repair Bathroom Remodeling

Water Heaters Toilets - Repair & Replace Faucets & Garbage Disposals Sewage Ejectors Water Main Repair & Replace Dishwasher Installation

MRC Plumbing & Heating Established 1987

Family Owned & Operated Licensed • Bonded • Insured

• SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS • Certified Gas Contractor & Master Plumber • Residential & Commercial Plumbing



Toll Free: 866-347-3013

Proudly Serving Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince William & Culpeper Counties August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 39


7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Doctor Dr. Steven von Elten – Piedmont Family Practice

Dr. Steven von Elten of Piedmont Primary Care has once again been voted Best Doctor by Warrentonians. He previously received the award in 2007 & 2008. Dr. von Elten went to Medical College at the University of Virginia and completed his residency in Blackstone, Virginia. He has been practicing medicine for over two decades in Warrenton in both the Family Practice and Emergency Medicine fields. Piedmont Family Practice is located on Blackwell Road. Honorable Mention: Dr. Michael Ackerman, Dr. Joseph David, Dr. Jae Lee, Dr. Amy Trace

Best Dog Groomer Gaila Grooming

For almost 20 years, owner Gail Berube and Gaila Grooming has been providing Warrentonians with the quality that our dogs (and cats) deserve in grooming services. Gaila Grooming is located at 8410 Lunsford Road off of Meetze Road. This is Gaila Grooming’s first Best of Warrenton award; Hound ‘N Hair had won the previous three years. Honorable Mention: Georgjean’s, Hound ‘N Hair, PetCo

Best Dry Cleaners Acclaim Cleaners

Sometimes, we just can’t get all of our laundry done. Between the washing, drying and ironing, we just need help once in awhile. Luckily, it’s right around the corner. Acclaim Cleaners has been voted the 2009 winner for Best Dry Cleaners. They had previously won the award in 2006, 2007 and 2008 also. Acclaim Cleaners is located next to A Sophisticut on Broadview Avenue off of Route 17. Honorable Mention: Country Cleaners, Waterloo Cleaners, Warrenton Center Cleaners


WL AUGUST 09.indd 40

Best Financial Advisor Tom Tucker – Edward Jones Investments

Winner of the 2006 and 2008 award for Best Financial Advisor, Tom Tucker of Edward Jones Investments is this year’s winner for Best Financial Advisor again being voted for excellent service and resources. The work Tom and the Edward Jones company puts together is amazing, starting with their hands on, face-to-face approach. Tom Tucker and Edward Jones investments are located on West Lee Highway next to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports. Honorable Mention: Dave Couk - MCG Investments, Brett Nelson - Nelson Financial Partners, LLC, Stan Parkes - Edward Jones Investments

Best Massage/Spa Service Salon Emage Honorable Mention: Ana Maria Siccardi, Blackwell Massage Therapy, The Natural Marketplace, PR @ Partners

Best Hair Salon Salon Emage

Voted Best Hair Salon for the fourth year in a row and second time winner of Best Massage/Spa Service, Salon Emage is Warrenton’s location for hair, skin, and nail care, makeup, and spa services. What may be even bigger news is that they have once again been voted Best Customer Service by Warrentonians – an award they won back in 2006. Honorable Mention: 68 MANE, PR@Partners, Sherpa Color & Design Studio, The Personal Touch

Best Health Club Old Town Athletic Club

Old Town Athletic Club has once again won the award for Best Health Club in Warrenton. Owned by Mike and Kim Forsten since 1996, OTAC features a wide variety of exercising and aerobics with an array of fitness and cardio machines, yoga and Pilates classes, and a stellar weight room. In case you were not yet aware, OTAC has moved onto Walker Drive in the same building as the dentistry office of Woodside and Sentz. Honorable Mention: Chestnut Forks, Gold’s Gym, Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:33 PM

Hot Summer Deals Hurry! Offer ends 8/31/09

Mullican Hardwood Starting at


595 sq. ft. installed

We carry all major brands! Carpet • Hardwood • Laminate Area Rugs • Tile • Vinyl

Adura Tile




65 oz. nylon carpet with 8 lb. pad Starting at

sq. ft.

3099 yard installed


COLVIN FLOORS, INC. 254 Broadview Ave. (Bowling Alley Shopping Center) 347-8507


GALLOPING GRAPE “Equine and Wine”

Promise Landscape LLC Custom Design & Installation of PATIOS . WALKWAYS . PLANTS


540 . 454 . 7826 Member of: American Society of Landscape Architects

August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 41

Western & English Tack Over 700 Different Wines Cigars & Imported Beers create your own 6-pack! Free Wine Tasting Every Thursday 5-7 and Saturday 2-5 65 East Franklin Street, Warrenton

Just two blocks from the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds



7/22/09 1:33 PM

Best Law Firm Howard, Morrison, Ross & Whelan, PLLC

The office of Howard, Morrison, Ross & Whelan are first time winners of the Best of Warrenton award for Best Law Firm. The offices, originally established in Warrenton in 1998, have established itself in helping the community in civil, criminal, and transactional law including family, real estate, and wills. Their office is located at 31 Garrett Street. Honorable Mention: Gulick, Carson & Thorpe, PC The Office of Mark B. Williams, PLC Walker, Jones, PC

Best Hotel/Lodging Holiday Inn Express

Best Insurance Firm Carr & Hyde Insurance

For the fourth time in as many years, the Holiday Inn Express has been voted the best of the best for hotel and lodging in Warrenton. Sporting 85 rooms, high-speed internet, fitness center, an outdoor pool, and laundry services (just to name a few amenities), the Holiday Inn Express exceeds guests’ expectations with the services that they offer. The Holiday Inn is located on Holiday Court off of Walker Drive.

Carr & Hyde Inc., located at 27 Culpeper Street, was voted as this year’s Best Insurance Firm. They also won the award in 2008. Since 1966, Carr & Hyde has provided its customers with quality insurance coverage from personal (home, auto) to commercial (business, bonds) to life and health. Wayne Eastham, an owner/agent of Carr & Hyde since 1978, finished runner-up in 2007’s voting for Best Insurance Agent.

Honorable Mention: Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn

Honorable Mention: Allstate Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, State Farm


WL AUGUST 09.indd 42

Best Mortgage Broker Jessica Furr – Northpoint Mortgage

The 2009 winner for Best Mortgage Broker is Jessica Furr of Northpoint Mortgage. Jessica has been helping people with their customer needs since 2001 working in the commercial and residential areas. Jessica and Northpoint are located at 32 Waterloo Street in the John Marshall building. Honorable Mention: Loretta Flynn – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Susie Browning – BB&T

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:34 PM

10% Off one of our extraordinary facials 10% OFF One 15 minute session of our Lyra i Leg Vein Laser 15% OFF One 30 minute session of our Lyra i Leg Vein Laser Complimentary consultations are available.

Lawrence J. Finkel, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist

For more information on our products and services call today!

360 Church Street • Warrenton, VA

Gift Certificates 540-347-2020 www.finkelderm.net Available

FH LIFE 2009 Center Lifestyle Ad 4/C 1 August

WL AUGUST 09.indd 43



7/15/09 3:13:37 PM

7/22/09 1:34 PM

Best Nursery/Gardening Meadows Farms

Meadows Farms, located just outside of Warrenton on Route 29, is the readers’ pick this year for Best Nursery/Gardening. Meadows Farms previously won the award in 2008 as well. Meadows Farms has a wide variety of supplies, plants, fertilizer, tools, and more for your everyday gardening needs. The people at Meadows Farms can help with answering your questions about gardening, planting, and the like. You can also shop online at their website. Honorable Mention: Home Depot, Warrenton Co-op

Best Opthamologist/Optometrist The Office of Dr. Samuel L. Weir, O.D.

Congratulations to Dr. Samuel Weir and his staff for getting the three-peat for Best Opthalmologist/Optometrist. The office of Dr. Samuel L. Weir, O.D. has been providing quality family vision care to Warrentonians since 1979. They specialize in eye examinations, contact lens fitting, eye infections/injuries, laser vision and correction, vision therapy, and more. The office is located at 528 Waterloo Road – two blocks from Fauquier High School. Who wouldn’t be happy to have Warrenton’s Best Pediatricion for a dad? Pictured with this year’s winner, Dr. Joshua Jakum, are his children Amelia, Ethan and Adam.

Best Pediatrician Dr. Joshua Jakum – Piedmont Pediatrics

For the third year in a row, Dr. Joshua Jakum of Piedmont Pediatrics has been voted Best Pediatrician in Warrenton. A graduate of Emory University, Dr. Jakum has been practicing medicine for over 10 years now. One of Dr. Jakum’s partners was our first winner, Dr. Rustom. Piedmont Pediatrics is located on Blackwell Road. Honorable Mention: Dr. Michael Amster – Warrenton Pediatrics, Dr. Dennis Rustom – Piedmont Pediatrics


WL AUGUST 09.indd 44

Honorable Mention: Dr. Alan Egge, Dr. Andrea Wallace

Best Physical Therapy Blaser Physical Therapy

Helping people’s rehabilitation needs since 1996, Blaser Physical Therapy has been given the 2009 award for Best Physical Therapy in Warrenton to go with their 2006, 2007 and 2008 awards. Owned and operated by Kendal Blaser and home to eight physical therapists and a full support staff, Blaser Physical Therapy is located on North Hill Drive off of Blackwell Road. Blaser Physical Therapy takes pride in being able to turn one person’s problems into goals and solutions. Honorable Mention: Blue Ridge Orthopedic Associates, Fauquier Hospital

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:34 PM

5x5 Warrenton Lifestyle Ad

5x5 Warrenton Lifestyle Ad

renton Lifestyle Ad



11:56 AM

11:56 AM

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11:56 AM

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5x5 Warrenton Lifestyle Ad


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251 W. Lee Hwy “Warrenton Village Shopping Center” Warrenton, Virginia 20186

ifestyle Ad


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5x5 Warrenton Lifestyle Ad

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(540) 349-8833



11:56 AM

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5 $ 5






RECEIVE $5.00 OFF FOOD BILL WHEN YOU WEAR YOUR FLOWERED/HAWAIIAN INSPIRED SHIRT ON WEDNESDAYS! Only one discount of $5.00 Off per table, cannot be combined w/ other offers or used towards lunch specials

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We help people with serious, progressive illness enjoy life.


10530 Linden Lake Plaza Suite 200 Manassas, VA 20109 703.392.6707

To request hospice care Visit our website at 1.800.869.2136 www.capitalhospice.org We help people with serious, We help people with serious, progressive illness enjoy life. illnessVirginia enjoy life. Serving Fauquier County andprogressive all of Northern since 1977.

en Lake Plaza 530 Linden Lake Plaza Nonprofit • Medicare/Medicaid certified • Tri-Care/CHAMPUS • United Way #8434 • CFC #39664 te 200 Suite 200 To request hospice care Visit our at at Manassas, VA 20109 To request hospice care Visit ourwebsite website as, VA 20109 1.800.869.2136 www.capitalhospice.org 703.392.6707 1.800.869.2136 www.capitalhospice.org 392.6707

With choices

LOVING CARE WHEN YOU’RE NOT THERE We helpWe people with serious, help people with serious, MID-DAY WALKS & VISITS progressive illness enjoy life. enjoy onprofit • Medicare/Medicaid certified • Tri-Care/CHAMPUS • United Way #8434 • CFC #39664 progressive illness life. Medicare/Medicaid certified • Tri-Care/CHAMPUS • United Way #8434 • CFC #39664 10530 Linden Lake Plaza VACATION/HOLIDAY 10530 Linden Lake Plaza We help people with serious, Suite 200 Suite 200 We help people with serious, progressive illness enjoy life.To request hospice care SPECIAL NEEDS Visit our website at Manassas, VA 20109 progressive illness enjoy life. To1.800.869.2136 request hospice carewww.capitalhospice.org Visit our website at Manassas, VA 20109 n Lake Plaza 703.392.6707 EXCELLENT REFERENCES 10530 Linden Lake Plaza

Fauquier County and all of Northern Virginia since 1977. erving Serving Fauquier County and all of Northern Virginia since 1977.

200 1.800.869.2136 www.capitalhospice.org 703.392.6707 Suite 200 careServing Visit ourCounty website at VA 20109Manassas,To To request hospice care Visit ourall website at VArequest 20109 hospice Fauquier and of Northern Virginia since 1977. BONDED • INSURED • LICENSED 1.800.869.2136 1.800.869.2136 www.capitalhospice.org 2.6707 www.capitalhospice.org 703.392.6707

Fauquier County and all of Northern Virginia 1977. NonprofitServing • Medicare/Medicaid certified • Tri-Care/CHAMPUS • United Way #8434 • since CFC #39664


Serving Fauquier County andVirginia of Northern Virginiacertified since 1977. ving Fauquier County and all of Northern since 1977. Nonprofit •all Medicare/Medicaid • Tri-Care/CHAMPUS • United Way #8434 • CFC #39664

Nonprofit • Medicare/Medicaid certified • certified Tri-Care/CHAMPUS • United Way #8434 • CFC #39664 Nonprofit • Medicare/Medicaid •#39664 CFC #39664 edicare/Medicaid certified • Tri-Care/CHAMPUS • United• Tri-Care/CHAMPUS Way #8434 • CFC

Blackwell Massage Therapy Graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy Over 1100 hours of training and 7 years of experience.

• Relaxation • Deep Tissue • Hot Stone • Hot Oil Wraps E FRErmint e peppt scrub foo h hour wit ssage ma August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 45

Vinyl Banners & Signs Indoor or Outdoor

Call today for an appointment

(540) 878-0875 ~Discount Packages Available ~Gift Certificates Available 32 Waterloo St. Suite 210 Warrenton, VA


7/22/09 1:34 PM

The plumbing staff at Appleton Campbell, Inc: Mike Appleton, Larry Armell, Mike Baker, Michael Appleton, Chuck Kritner, Jerry Schrader & Scott Wayland.

Best Plumber Appleton Campbell

Since 1976, Appleton Campbell has been serving the Warrenton community for all heating, plumbing, and air conditioning needs. This is Appleton Campbell’s second consecutive Best of Warrenton award for Best Plumber. Appleton Campbell is located on East Franklin Street in Warrenton. Honorable Mention: Foley Plumbing, MRC Plumbing and Heating

Best Real Estate Office Long & Foster Realtors

Long & Foster Realtors, winners of the 2006 and 2008 award, have won the award for Best Real Estate Office for 2009. Long and Foster has taken pride in their ability to help families in buying and selling of their homes. Office manager Dan DeMarchis leads the Warrenton Long & Foster team located on Blackwell Road that features such notable local Realtors as Archie Edwards, Charlie Ebbets and Anne Hall. Honorable Mention: Allen Real Estate Co, Ltd., A.R.M.I. Realty, RE/MAX, Weichert Realtors


WL AUGUST 09.indd 46

Best Veterinarian Dr. Elaine Lutz, DVM – Piedmont Pets

For the fourth year in a row, Dr. Lutz has been once again rewarded for her hard work and dedication to the care and well-being of our pets. Warrentonians have voted her Best Veterinarian. Dr. Lutz owns Piedmont Pets, located at 122 W Shirley Avenue. Honorable Mention: Dr. Susanne Cliver – Village Veterinary Clinic

Best Wait Staff Claire’s at the Depot Honorable Mention: Fauquier Springs Country Club, Iron Bridge Wine Company, Mojitos & Tapas, Outback

Congratulations to all of our winners and remember to think about who you would like to vote for next year in the Best of Warrenton 2010 Contest!

Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:34 PM

Providing Safe & reliable TranSPorTaTion for 30 YearS Corporate exeCutive Day CoaCh Corporate Outings & Events Social Events (weddings, funerals)

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Business and Residential

Warrenton, VA Serving Washington D.C. to the Mid-Atlantic Region

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24/7 Emergency Service

35 Rock Pointe Lane, Suite 200 Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Email: info@drhtechnology.com

Local: (540) 349-4499 Toll Free: (800) 308-1065 Fax: (800) 308-0625

Check out our web page for detailed information about our services.

Cell: 540-270-6250

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Antiques • Collectibles • Consignments WA R R E N T O N


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August 2009


355B W. Shirley Ave • Warrenton,VA www.foxdenantiques.com • 540-347-1162


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hamilton EquipmEnt 380 Church Street End of Life Continued from page 12 this and rightly so. He also spoke of what he considered his failings and I shared my failings. One morning he said to me: “You know, Dad, I’m dying.” From that moment it became easier for us to discuss death. We were able to see death as relevant to the question of the meaning of life -- that the duration of our lives has nothing to do with their meaningfulness. Roland had brought much happiness to his children and to his many friends. Throughout the months that he was under hospice care, he received daily visits from a social worker who checked his refrigerator and kept his home in good condition. A hospice nurse came regularly to his home to give him his necessary medications. A physician made periodic visits. When he was no longer able to walk properly, hospice made available an electric wheel chair. This, like the rest of the care, was without cost. Toward the latter part of his life, he spent much of the day sleeping and finally died peacefully without pain. I learned much from my son’s experience and from our conversations. We agreed that the finality of life does not make life meaningless. To the contrary, what makes our lives meaningful is finding the activities we engage in to be worthwhile. Knowing that for all of us there will come a time when our life 48

WL AUGUST 09.indd 48

Warrenton, VA 20186

on this earth will end. I learned also that such end-of-life conversations between us would not have been possible without his being at home under pain-free hospice care. If it should turn out that I will have a terminal illness, I will ask that my physician refer me to a medical hospice well in advance of my probable death. I want the palliative pain-free care that a medical hospice can give me. With the pace of life gradually slowing I want the opportunity to turn my thoughts inward. Then I want that period of time when I can spend hours with relatives and dear friends and resolve any differences. I have come to the realization that how we approach death has a lot to do with how we live. I am beginning to see death as a part of life. To the best of my ability I will hold to my ideals despite the fact that an individual human lifetime is a mere blink of an eye and that most of my accomplishments will be forgotten in just a couple of generations. The period of time as a patient approaches the moment of death is precious and can never be replaced. Tending to dying patients requires a complex set of clinical skills not taught in most medical schools. Addressing the emotional needs of patients and families is imperative. While to a physician death


may mean failure, to the patient and family it is the final opportunity to help patients leave a legacy. In a hospital death is the unwelcome, awkward visitor who stops conversation. A recent survey concluded that one-quarter of oncologists failed to tell their patients that they were suffering from an incurable disease. Nearly half of the physicians in another study rated themselves as “poor” or “fair” in breaking bad news to their patients. Teaching clinicians how to better manage end-of-life care issues and bring about a “good” death is an important tool. In my office where we discuss death openly, my patients and I have together learned that the fact of dying must be a major factor in our understanding of living – that we must create our own meaning for our lives and that facing death helps us to understand that meaning. Dr. Iadeluca holds a doctorate in Lifespan Developmental Psychology and a state license in Clinical Psychology. He is also a volunteer with Hospice of the Rapidan. Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:34 PM



LAWN & LANDSCAPING, INC. For your complete lawn care service


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We also provide, for commercial or residential properties, regular lawn maintenance, spring and fall lawn and bed clean up, mulching of beds, planting and pruning as well as application of nutrients and chemicals per your personalized soil test.

306 Lee HigHway -- warrenton -- 540 347 2533

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WL AUGUST 09.indd 49

Serving Northern Virginia & the Piedmont for 32 years.

Warrenton, Virginia 540-351-0211 49

7/22/09 1:34 PM

What would you do if you found a box of money in your garage? Change your Facebook status to “Hello flat screen...” or “Holy crap my dad’s in the mafia!”? No matter how you’d react, you’re going to love Winning the Clog Lottery by Libby Wilmore. Fast-paced, fresh, and laugh out loud funny, Winning the Clog Lottery is one of several stories penned by the talented young writers who attended the Fresh Ink Summer Writing Camp in June. I had the pleasure of working with these terrific wordsmiths, and all I can say is, move over, Stephenie Meyer. Look for more from this gifted group right here over the next few months. And in the interim, if you do come across a bunch of bucks in a shoebox, try not to trip and tan yourself with a garden tool. Susan McCorkindale is the author of Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl. She is currently working at the Fresh Ink Summer Writing Camp in Warrenton. Her website is www. susanmccorkindale.com.

WL AUGUST 09.indd 50

by Libby Wilmore 10th grade, Fauquier High School What’s the proper course of action when your dad has hidden dirty money in a shoebox in your garage? Whatever you do, don’t change your Facebook status to “Holy crap my dad’s in the Mafia!” The day started out pretty boring. My dad found me sitting on the couch with a bag of Doritos in one hand and my thumb frantically changing the channel in the other. He gave the “get-up-and-dosomething-or-else” look. “Don’t be so supine Leah, get up and do something constructive.” Hands on his hips he scowled at me. I giggled at his attempt at parenting. I couldn’t take him seriously standing like that; he looked like such a girl. I popped another Dorito in my mouth and chewed loudly. “In English, James Lipton. Besides, chewing is constructive.” But as I looked up he still wasn’t smiling. “Kidding,” I mumbled. “Supine, meaning inactive, and give me the bag,” he ordered with a hand out. Frowning, I crumpled the bag and handed it to him. I rolled my eyes, heaved myself up off the couch, and walked towards the door. I guess I could go outside, though with my vampire skin I’d probably die… “Leah.” I turned around to see him eating my Doritos. I was starting to complain when he said, “Do me a favor and clean up the garage a little.” I scoffed, “What? Don’t you have a big word for clean, too?” “Deterge. Now go.” Annoyed with my dad’s unfailing vocabulary, I walked outside and pushed the button to open the

garage. Its insides revealed a bigger mess than I anticipated. Unopened boxes from the move stood piled high. Muddy rakes and shovels were propped up against the unfinished walls and the shelf against the far wall was overflowing with old paint cans, camping gear and power tools. Deciding to start with the boxes, I reached on my toes but still couldn’t get to one on the top—a shoebox. Cursing my genetics, I grabbed a little step ladder from the corner, climbed up and grabbed the box. Holding it in my hands, it felt heavy. Noticing the label on the lid that read “Traditional Swedish Folk Dance Clogs: Mahogany,” I giggled. Clogs? No wonder my dad was hiding these in the garage. Coming down from the ladder I set the box on the floor and set to work on the rest of the garage. Two hours later, the garage looked a little bit more functional. I walked towards the sunlight but—next moment—and I’m still not really sure how I managed to do this—I was lying on the hard concrete floor. Turns out I had walked into the shoebox, pushed it into the rake which flew forward and smacked into what used to be my face. Seeing canaries fly around my head, I sat up and looked for the box. Heaven forbid I destroy my dad’s prized clogs. The lid to the shoebox had flown off in my fight with the rake and inside was something that looked like green bricks. Curious, I crawled over to it, peered inside and gasped-- inside were stacks of $100 bills secured with rubber bands. This had to be a joke. Ashton Kutcher must be hiding outside with cameras and this money in front of me was fake— Monopoly money. But Ashton didn’t come and the money I flipped through definitely wasn’t Monopoly money. Suddenly, I was thrilled to have found what looked like about $40,000 in cash. I thought about shopping, whipped out my

7/22/09 1:34 PM

cell phone, and typed “I’m rich! Hello flat screen…” changing my Facebook status. But abruptly the high of winning the clog lottery wore off. I stared at the box, imagining the money with those creepy googly eyes from those Geico commercials. I grabbed my rake for protection and started to pace back and forth, my cell phone in my hand. I thought about the possibilities of why I had a small fortune in my garage. Maybe the previous owners of the house had left it here. But where’d they get it? Were they famous Swedish folk dancers? Clog wearing bank robbers? The possibilities were endless. I stopped walking, took out my phone and again updated my status. “Do the Swedish rob banks with or without their clogs on?” Was it possible that the money belonged to my dad?

I closed my eyes, trying to wish away the clog lottery mess when the garage door clattered open. Panicking, I slipped the box onto one of the open shelves. To my surprise, it wasn’t my dad who walked in; it was a man I didn’t know. He was tall with gelled black hair, wearing a dusty leather jacket and black jeans. He had a long scar under his right eye and five o’clock shadow that would have been attractive if it wasn’t for the fact that he was a stranger who’d just wandered into my garage. My heartbeat sped up and just as I was about to scream, my dad walked in, looking almost as irritated as Billy Badass. “Leah, what are you doing in here?” My dad wasn’t looking at me; his dark green eyes scanned the room till they found the box. I gulped audibly. “You told me to clean out the garage,” I explained. Crossing his arms, Billy Badass cleared

Whatever you do, don’t change your Facebook status to “Holy cr ap my dad’s in the Mafia!” No, my dad and I didn’t keep secrets. Yet, he had been doing some sketchy “business” things for his advertising firm lately. Leaving at weird hours, not answering his phone when I called. Very sketchy. Then it hit me, the obvious reason smacking me in between the eyes like the rake. My dad, in order to make more money, had gotten involved with some people— sketchy people who dealt drugs and killed people with shovels (and rakes) and then sent them to sleep with the fishes. Like the Sopranos. Oh crap. I dropped the rake and frantically started to type, “Holy crap my dad’s in the Mafia!” changing my status again. I sank against an unoccupied wall. Really? My dad was going to choose gang activity to make money? He could have cut out my allowance—rented out the basement! But no, he chose violence that came with dirty money and bloody rakes. August 2009

WL AUGUST 09.indd 51

his throat. “I’m in a hurry here Jeff.” “Oh Leah, this is Chris Badman, he works with me.” Despite the hostile situation, I laughed. The guy’s last name was Badman? For God’s sake, if that’s not a giant, neon warning sign flashing “Sketchy guy, don’t leave me with your kids”, I didn’t know what was. Snapping back into reality, I introduced myself quickly and ran back into the house. Safely behind our mahogany door, (coincidence much?) I ran to the window nearest to the garage where I saw my dad pulling the shoebox from the shelf and checking to see if all the money was still there. He handed the box to Badman and walked towards the house. Not wanting to be caught spying, I jumped onto the couch and flipped on the TV. A few minutes later I heard my dad walk in and open the refrigerator. I scowled; he must have known I’d seen the money so why wasn’t he explaining himself?

I got up and walked into the kitchen to see my dad sipping on an ice tea and leafing through our mail. “Dad,” I griped, “What are you doing?” “Knitting you a sweater. You like green right?” I ignored his sarcasm. “You know what I’m talking about.” Still not looking at me he shook his head. “Nope, enlighten me.” I stomped over and slammed my hands down on the counter. “I saw the money dad. I know what you did.” He looked then. “You do?” “You’re involved with some sketchy people. All the evidence is there. The shovels, the rake, the dirty money, I saw it all. And that Badman guy came to collect what you’d gotten. How could you be so stupid? There are better ways to get money! You’ve put us both in jeopardy—” “Hold on,” he cut in, a dubious look in his eyes. “You think I’m some kind of…?” For once, my dad was lost for words. “Mafia hit man,” I offered. Surprisingly, he laughed at me. My blood boiled, what could possibly be funny at a time like this? Regaining his composure, my dad smiled at me. “Leah, I am not a Mafia hit man. That money you found isn’t real. Chris isn’t my collector; he’s a guy I work with— at my job. That money is some that I had to borrow from his building for a photo shoot for Geico.” He pulled out a copy of the ad from one of the envelopes and showed it to me. Sure enough, it was a picture of a woman throwing money in the air claiming she’d just saved a bunch of money on her car insurance. Even the little stack of money with the googly eyes was there. “But,” I started, trying to form a rational argument in my head. I stopped; there was no point in trying to explain myself. He’d just laugh again. Embarrassed, I walked into the living room and plopped onto the couch, my dad not far behind me. Cheeks still burning, I leaned away from him and stared at the wall. My dad laughed at me for the umpteenth time that day. “Leah, since when do you watch Inside the Actor’s Studio?” 51

7/22/09 1:34 PM


The Builder

Question: Peter M. from Broad Run asks, “How can I add curb appeal to my 1990’s home, we are in a development and all the homes look the same?”


Tim Burch Jr., CR - President, Burch Builders Group, Old Town Warrenton, VA. Chairman of the Board, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Metro DC.


WL AUGUST 09.indd 52

Peter, Many homes that were built in the 90s were constructed by production builders. Because of the number of homes in a development, builders had to keep many of the design options consistent. For starters, you can update your siding and trim. Because of material availability during the 90’s, builders manly used primed pine trim with vinyl siding. Primed pine rots and weathers poorly if not maintained, and the overall look of vinyl siding changes with age. Some great alternatives to this are using products like cement board siding and PVC trim material. Cement based siding not only has the look of wood siding but also comes in many pre-painted colors that are warrantied for up to 50 years. Once the siding is installed there is little to no painting or maintenance. PVC trim moldings look like wood and are available in many different profiles and styles, but they don’t warp and rot like wood. Windows are another product that can add curb appeal. By installing new high efficiency replacement windows you can give your home a makeover. Replacement windows will not only help with the look of your home from the street but will also save you money in the long run. New windows have a much higher energy rating than windows made in the 90s. There are many different companies that make replacement windows that come with great options for both ease of use and energy conservation.

Roofing is another option for you to consider. There have been many advances in roofing materials since the 1990’s as well. Architectural shingles are a nice replacement option for the old “three tab” fiberglass shingle and break up the roof line by adding shadows and interest to the roof. If you want the look of a slate roof many companies make synthetic slate shingles. The synthetic slate weighs the same as an Architectural shingle, so even if your home wasn’t engineered to accept the weight of a real slate shingle, this product can be used. Many of these products have between a 30 and 50 year warranty, they come in many colors, and add a classy look to your home. In terms of an addition to your home you can dress up your entry way with a portico or front porch. This building accent can transform the overall appearance of your home and give it a great formal external appearance. Entry ways have been described in the design field as the “welcome feature” of your home and set the aesthetic feel for the rest of the house. Many developments have Architectural Review Boards so make sure to check with your neighborhood guidelines before you start any project. Thanks Peter, hope this helps! Ask the Builder/ Designer is a monthly feature. Please submit your home owner questions to info@warrentonlifestyle.com or info@burchbuildersgroup.com and stayed tuned for answers in next month’s publication. Warrenton Lifestyle

7/22/09 1:34 PM


Jazzy’s Cleaning Service

Buy 1 Dinner & Get The 2nd Dinner 1/2 Price

Designed with you in mind

With Coupon - Expires 8/31/09

Residential • Apartments • Offices Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly One Time • Move in / out Special occasions and gift certificates available Free Estimates Licensed & Insured 25 Years Experience

Tuesday Lunch Special $4.10 all lunches 11am - 2:30 pm

Gift Certificates Available

Trish Herndon, Owner

(540) 272-3438 M (540) 727-7728 O

$50.00 OFF Your First Cleaning

Exp. 8-15-09

251 W Lee Hwy - The Warrenton Center


(your house here)


540-270-1795 www.BrendaE.com


540-270-5598 www.AudreyGraham.com

R&R Design

RemoDeling & ResiDential Design seRvices Ralph Crafts P.O. Box 202 • Orlean, VA 20128 540-878-0390 • dreamingtime@earthlink.net

Beautiful kitchens, baths, additions, decks, & new homes all begin with a good design! • Our designs meet YOUR goals & desires. • Powerful CAD tools provide fullcolor 3D renderings-- see your project before construction actually begins! • Conduct design reviews via e-mail, to help with your busy schedule. • HUD Certified 203(k) Consultant • Fast, friendly, attentive services for homeowners & builders.

Helping Homeowner Dreams Come True! August 2009

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This has definitely been the coolest summer I have ever seen in Virginia, and it is going to make it seem even shorter as we start to ready the kids to go back to school. If I have not sweltered in the heat, it can’t be August yet. Whether you are shopping for elementary school, middle school, high school or college there are some great sales going on right here in Warrenton, to get everything they need. While you’re out and about doing your errands why not stop by and pick up something yummy from the Red Truck Bakery. The grand opening is on August 1st and Brian will be serving all of his great, made from scratch items, along with coffee, sandwiches, soups and entrees-to-go, all of which will be made from local goods and produce. We also have a new shop in town next to Harris Teeter, Envy Nails & Spa is open and offering specials. On Main Street we now have a pair of new restaurants, the Black Bear Bistro & Sweeny’s Cellar, owned and operated by Todd and Liz Eisenhauer. Todd has been a chef in the area for several years, most recently at Napoleons and they promise a casual atmosphere with incredible food at an affordable price. Piccadilly Limited, which closed for the winter, has re-opened on Main Street with a fresh new look and many fun new products. The renovations are great and make for a wonderful shopping experience.

559 Frost Avenue • Suite 101 • Warrenton, VA

251 W. Lee Hwy., Ste 679 Warrenton


Another restaurant has closed in town; Cornerstone Café & Bistro appears to be the latest casualty of the economy. Ted’s Tack Shack, a landmark at Lee Highway and Vint Hill Road for many years, has also closed. And Friendly’s will be closing to make way for the White Horse Carwash, they have obtained their special exception permit from the town and plan to build their new facility and have it open next summer. Reginas Coffee & Cake on Main Street is having a moving sale and is hoping to find a smaller space that they can move into. While Buckland Farm Market has completed their driveway, planted a 3 acre corn maze, is stocking the inside and tying up a few other loose ends. Then it is on to the final inspection and the doors will finally open. They expect to have a great Fall Fun Festival and we can’t wait to see the new facility. Amy Griffin is the owner of inFauquier.com, a comprehensive online directory of consumer businesses located in Fauquier County. Maps to all the businesses can be found at inFauquier. com and check out the What’s New page for more business happenings in the entire county. You can reach her at (540)3474922 or amy@inFauquier.com with your questions or any tidbits you hear about local business. Warrenton Lifestyle

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BE THE ONE WHO RECOGNIZES THE SIGNS. BE THE ONE WHO PLAYS IT SAFE. BE THE ONE WHO RUSHES TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. BE THE ONE WHO’S STILL THERE FOR HIS FAMILY. Often times, the difference between life and death comes down to the decisions you make in an emergency. Should you ignore that sudden pain or seek help immediately? At Fauquier Hospital, we believe that you should always consult an expert. Which is why we’re here. Our state-of-the-art emergency department is staffed by specialists in emergency medicine who will diagnose your condition quickly and accurately, and then get you the treatment you need. And while you’re under our care, we’ll keep you and your family informed every step of the way. So when every minute counts, go to the hospital that’s right around the corner. The Emergency Department at Fauquier Hospital

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